Secrets in the Walls (2010) Movie Script

We know it's a great girl
day for me and I will not be late.
And most importantly do not want
Uncle Marty was waiting for this moment.
Lizzie, we must
wake up. Mother would be angry.
Lizzie stood dumb.
That's not funny.
You should see the
Your face. Get out of my room.
The girl began to get angry.
Lizzie rose.
Come on, finally.
Her mother is struggling here
to survive. Oh it's a very nice girl.
Molly's mother side cabinet
not the entire cabinet.
You are very melodramatic.
And you benefit from,
I can not find anything that can be used.
You look beautiful sweetness.
I said you would say today.
Tell you what?
Can we talk about this later, because ..
Honey I'm very nervous
today so you know ...
Yes, that means no.
Not that ...
Just means no.
I just do not
exactly excited
because my 16 year old daughter
go to New York alone.
But do not be alone, with my dad.
Will you see father?
No, do not be sweet.
Your father's work,
works all the time,
I know that, what
What all day?
Exploring the city, go to
see. I am quite
more, go to
university and a half years.
What's the difference?
Honey is still lacking for
summer for me between the idea.
It's just complicated.
You perform complicated.
Honey only
I think it is important
we spend time
ok now together.
Well another summer is ridiculous.
The phone.
Alo. Yes we are out.
Your horror.
Sweetness should
begin to stop doing it.
I mean really
should work in a circus.
Well for me the circus is
to New York. Right?
Oh there they are.
Come on.
Hello Uncle Marty.
Hey you okay? Come on.
Hello Uncle Marty.
Thank you for taking
more. Listen if
presentation today will
ok there is no junk food.
Why not junk food?
Susan must have
reason to go to the game.
Marty ... Thank you How do I look?
Well there is no junk food.
Sold out.
Thank you, thank you very much.
I do not work in 8
years, I was nervous.
Well there is something
I tell you, even annoying.
How about a little optimism?
I am an independent woman here.
That makes us two.
I am sure he
will tell you all about it.
I love you, goodbye. It's good to see you, thank you.
Ok, are you sure
do not want a ride?
No, I'm fine bus.
Traffic will kill you back.
I love them, behave yourself ok.
Ok, running, no day
fun without Uncle Marty.
Mom panic.
Yes he is always busy.
Okay calm down girls
doing the best they can.
Who wants some
junk food now?
Wait, wait.
Thank you.
Once again sorry late
I had to transfer buses
delayed and did not expect much.
Where do you come?
Community center.
It to communicate.
It would be good now, I know
how long it will take.
Then they were like 5 years of archived
Patients need to be transferred
to the database
but if you have an electronic
problems or questions
do not hesitate to ask.
5 years, how many patients it?
As 5000.
But now there is peace in your spirit.
I do not feel discomfort in Eugene.
Can you tell us if
who are still sick?
There was no pain.
It is beyond this
world, is the messenger.
Excuse me.
Wait a minute.
Now do not worry, he
has found its way.
Yes, yes. Yes.
All right.
Thank you very much. Ok.
You're welcome. Now be careful.
I do not know, sorry.
Okay, I usually do not move
works but is a friend of the family.
My primary nurse,
You must be Rachel, right?
Yes, nice to meet you.
His father died last week
just wanted to know if you find your way.
Talking to spirits?
No, no answer.
Excuse me. Can you help?
I am trying to find
TELMET bus roads.
If you are only going down
one block and then wait.
Thank you.
Do you work here?
Yes, in fact today was my first day.
Oh good
beautiful environment. Am
Margo Stella, agents
Ms. Eastin.
I'm Rachel, Rachel
Eastin wants to meet you.
Outside the known did not do justice to
home, take, why do not you see?
It is actually a property
fab. Unique in its kind.
He knew my appointment plant 05:00
so if i want to look into ...
Oh, I'm sure it's beautiful
but far from my budget.
Oh really should look into
Rachel, you know the price is always flexible.
It never hurts to give
ojeadita. We What?
Yes, it can not hurt right?
Good, let's go.
We passed.
So it's like
The Bible was made in 1910.
As you can see there are 3
rooms on the 1st floor.
In front of the grand staircase, all
The original wood floors.
And here is the room.
That was beautiful.
What is true? Very majestic.
We just put
some light here.
There, all the better.
I have to get the rest
my furniture in the attic.
There are many things you can
do with quarter as well.
We will show the room
back. Did you like this?
Well come this way,
close to something real.
Now this is great
the atrium. Is not that amazing?
It's very special, right?
It was remarkable.
I told him, very good
Want to go looking?
Yes, I love it.
Then all
the original material. And this
is only open staircase
the whole environment.
That is good.
Oh and the decorations on the walls and
The original house lights.
and went to the house well,
This is actually a
UK central chandelier
the old one. Is not it beautiful?
Yes, go to the other.
The master bedroom is here.
As you can see in bright light and
lots of closet space.
And here the bathroom.
Oh, I love this. Girl does not want
left the bathroom for the next 6 months.
Oh you have a daughter?
Yes, two daughters. We are only 3 pm.
So you're divorced?
Well you know what
they say. Because we are mothers
is the first step to
become independent.
There is extra space in the basement
I have to show you, follow me.
This is the fourth
I'm talking about.
There is a very big closet here.
And there is even a toilet
functional pipeline
so you can put
bathroom if you want.
How long since?
Not sure if the original.
It is very long if you ask me.
It's funny.
But the room is not it?
What is it?
Good old home
how do you always
there are voices and rest
that comes with this.
Only part of the property.
Do we?
Yes, it's beautiful but distant
of space. Perhaps too.
Well in this market with
economy the way it is.
I'm sure you could have
home for much less than what is being said.
And in this case Rachel environment.
Things like this do not come very often.
Here, take my card and thought ok.
Well it is good to see you. Thank you.
See you later.
So how did your day?
That's good, many do
I think I can handle it.
It's good for me.
Also when I
walking down the
the environment. Looking for a bus.
I looked at the house.
Wait, do not we'll move it?
We are moving sweetly,
I just watched.
But why are you looking for
if you're not interested?
Is greater than the apartment?
Oh the sweetness of the largest.
Tell us about it.
Wait, Do we have to
moved school and everything?
Lizzie're not there yet
and even if we ...
Ok, but I'm Mom
in my campaign.
Unfortunately I know it's in your promotions.
Molly and I mean experienced
hard time making friends his age.
I do not care.
Ok, you do not know
what you are talking about.
But Mom is a big decision and
surrounds us all. Have you thought about it?
Of course I do.
You know more than Mother, farewell.
I can have my room?
Molly go.
So where is it?
It is a few blocks
I Frandel work.
Frandel, only a few
minutes is very close to us.
I like to see more girls.
And you must leave
your booth to call the department.
Oh so perfect child
and the beautiful trees on the road.
Type of house you dream.
Needs some work.
I'm not cheap.
But you can fix something, right?
It will be free.
Hey do not say now.
Oh do not mind all
the form. They should be
lower the price so
to think about it.
Are you still looking?
I do not know, maybe not.
I mean that with work and everything
I'll probably just
that determines the fate.
Oh pickles on a sandwich
Peanut butter is disgusting.
've Never even tried.
and I never will.
Wait a minute. The phone.
We must take
a game show.
Hi Rachel Stella
Margo property,
We already know about
last week at home.
Yes the house, hello, how are you?
Well, well.
Hey listen I know that the price is
problem so I just called to
You know that they have
significantly reduced.
Really, why is price down?
Well the property is co-ordinated
and the owner now lives in Florida and then
just want to sell quickly.
I see.
Then I thought to give
and make calls
is it possible with your
girls want to come to him.
You know, we'll go there today.
Beautiful, how in 2:30?
Perfect we are there, thank you.
Are you serious?
Simply we will see, and how you
say is what we will decide together.
Well I did not move.
Hey girl I would not do this alone.
Where is Erin?
I come with you.
He has a lot of work,
said he was sorry.
But that will come
then to see the house.
Tell him that even necessary
assistance with the interior.
I know it well.
Well you can tell
themselves and leave later.
In your new car.
Shut up.
Let us all together, have
new home, you have a new car.
It is used but still
This is a new car.
I do not know what to say.
What if you say thank you?
Oh God, thank you!
Wow, this is all yours.
It's mine.
I think you said that only
will a bit of work.
Did I say little? I thought.
If you say a little.
I do not know, you're a contractor.
Uncle Marty.
Hey Molly, where is your brother?
In. You must come and see.
Ok, here we go.
I can not believe you gave me the car.
Well you know how
You need a car.
You can not take the girls on the bus.
Look at this, Lord. This is very funny.
Hey Lizzie.
On the lower floor.
Ok, you can have a little care.
Go to the home.
Mom, this is my room. I can feel it.
Honey is a 3 / 4 with us.
I know, but, seriously
I want your own space.
Is far below.
It is amazing here.
Too good if this is what
You really want?
Really it.
I think it's horrible.
Well you can stay awake.
I think it's very cool.
Thank you.
And did you see the closet? This
a very large closet.
Here's shoes.
New shoes ...
Hey what's going on here?
What will?
The wall is really
perforation occurs.
Let me see.
Go see it. There seems to be
Another room in there.
There's something too.
It is very rare.
Come on.
I just do not understand this wall.
If they have used the dimension
original will be greater.
Then what is it?
Pipes must be something or something.
Can you fix it?
I can do more than improve it.
I can get off all these walls
and create new space.
Yes, what type of treatment
We're talking about here?
Let me think and I'll let you know.
Okay, go for the rest of the pack.
And I want to stay for dinner or not.
Can we order over the phone?
Oh you're so funny.
Have a nice day.
You know that you do not need to bring.
Hey is the first day of school
and wanted to give them a lot ok.
It is also good that you are nervous.
I'm not nervous.
Only one of the 2.
Hey Remember by
Your name Elizabeth?
For Elizabeth
located on the throne ...
This proud and strong
even need to read it.
I know.
And remember what I said about it?
She was a beautiful, strong and
are independent. Just read the book.
I think that you should name it Sponmasy.
It sounds a bit strange.
Listen to them, you just
and become great, ok, I love you.
Have a good day.
Mother goodbye.
You cover my back. Sure.
You close your mine.
So you end up in
move this weekend?
Oh that's easy, about 5 minutes of work.
And how is that you live?
Well, a beautiful home, I feel
that I could breathe again, you know.
I'm still trying to get used
the idea itself.
And what about the children?
Lizzie was the least disruptive.
So, you'll see it once a day
to achieve and universities.
If I have luck. In less than 2
years will come to your own room.
How is Molly?
He's good, good
in fact.
Only ... okay.
It's nothing. Only
I'm worried about them.
Yes, but your mother,
It comes with the kids.
Do not know when I get married
thinking so much worrying.
Want to go to see your Ex?
He moved to New
York opened we are not a lot.
We're close, I mean as
due to close on time.
This is a good man, only
does not work between us.
Never in a million years
I think it is a single mother.
I still wonder if I will get
what they need.
Well, they need to know that they
loved and I'm sure they do.
I know you're right is
it just ... Only
I'm worried about
It moves very fast.
You know, new schools, new home.
And I accept this job.
You do what you think is best for
them, you will only trust it.
I tried. But I have
to tell you is exhausting.
I'm sure he did not.
Rachel, Rachel hey.
Are you ready to
do some demolition?
I do not, the girls themselves.
Oh we have to do this.
Well cheerful.
That's what I'm talking about.
Beware, beware.
Well, 1, 2, 3 now!
That young, either.
Not bad, not bad is prohibited.
It comes with a spare. Please be careful.
This will come later.
I'm just saying that
that we exercise a little.
Many of the jobs.
Easy to say ...
Yes mother.
Hey What are you doing?
Hey I just
unload. What?
I just revisndote.
No need to check my mother.
It seems very far below.
You know once a close friend.
What happened on Mom?
I just ... I know
has been a difficult year and everything.
And you know that you will go to
college immediately y. ..
Within half a year.
I know just want to make sure
spend time together you know best.
Perhaps you might
You ready to go
here but I'm not sure
which can make you not.
Mom will be fine.
I know ... Do you still think
University of Utah?
Yes .. but also at YU.
Ok, yes, this also
a good college is
I think the only other
has a lot to offer ...
Ok, I understand. Only
promise me that is ok choice.
Of course I promise.
That was impressive.
I think it's time.
Know before you go to college
and then disappeared forever.
Funny, you're a girl
funny. That's why I love you.
I love you too.
I would go up if you need me.
Mother no towels.
Looking in my bathroom!
What happened baby? Are you okay?
What was still a baby?
I saw something.
What do you see?
This is a girl and she
was in the bathroom crying.
Ok, well we'll
Okay, okay.
So there's no one here.
You have a beautiful
but your imagination
stored inside.
Ok, you want to watch some TV
before going to bed? Let us go down.
Let's rush the baby.
I do not like here mom.
Listen honey is a great new home,
take some getting used to.
Ok, but as I said last night, you can not
let your imagination take you so.
But something does not feel right.
What are you talking about?
Molly was a bit scared last night.
That's not all.
What is the purpose
quarter alone, and you complain?
I'm not complaining.
Do you remember the last place where
live? Perfect, 3 women bathing.
Hey girl we should go, okay.
Talk to him.
Thank you.
Hey good morning.
We'll go to lunch again?
Very late last night.
No, it's okay, I
to do sleeping Molly.
Good morning.
He is a frightened little night, it
all. He thought he saw a little girl.
This is a big house, it
What he is just very sensitive.
You know sometimes I think he
worked as a fear.
Well, when I
This is a little girl
for my parents
described with precision.
But when I grew up I began to
realize that not only sensitive.
If you do not really
have the ability to
feel and see things that
others can not.
So you think that
Molly was a psychic or something?
All I'm saying
is that maybe he
afraid of something you
not necessarily understand.
So now you're suggesting
that my house haunted?
Rachel Frandel environment
very old. There are a lot of history there.
Do you prefer ghosts and all?
Only when they exist.
Look, I gotta go,
see you at lunch.
Yes, I live.
Is attention in class,
What about your teacher?
Well my teacher is a funny thing.
You know the kids
if you are good to them
be nice to you.
Do not tell everyone.
I know that smile,
What about children?
What about them?
What if there may be some
cute or one that you like?
They are a waste
very mature.
I know, but like
should familiarize
it. I mean in
never really mature.
Is it?
Who's there?
I saw the girl, who had previously.
I saw him he was there.
Molly scare you to stop ok.
Come on.
He was there.
Molly go!
Lizzie dear, what happened, you okay?
Yes, I'm fine.
What happened?
I do not know. I looked at
Lissie and I have to fall.
Ok, just do it quietly,
sat there for a second ok.
Honey see what happens? Moll.
I saw her mother again.
I do, when I saw Lizzie entered.
Ok honey.
But the mother was in the window.
Molly please.
Are you sure you can stand?
Ok just do it quietly.
Did you hear anything ...
Molly darling you okay?
Something is wrong.
Lizzie. I'm a baby!
Help me!
They let me out of here!
Lizzie opened the door sweetheart.
Someone please get me out of here!
Lizzie opened the door now.
Try to hurt me please
I'm out of here, please.
Lizzie, my dear ...
Come on baby.
Oh, God.
Honey is right, all right.
Well it started a few
nail and it will not be permanent.
You should have less pain
today but will be fine.
Why did he do that?
It seems you do not remember what happened.
There is the medical name for it,
I think Lizzie nightmare.
I do not understand.
Think about it
nightmares in his sleep.
He's never done anything like this before.
Are you experiencing stress?
Stress ? ... Well it
spend a lot this year, but
we talked and it seems
I'm fine with it.
Sometimes, teenagers tend to
keep things
in and handle it yourself.
They do not tell Mom or Dad
because they feel weak.
You can recommend a counselor if
is that like. Should decide together.
Yes I will discuss it with him.
Try not to worry it seems
as a very healthy girl.
Only time will probably be in
bed, this is accomplished alone.
He should be fine.
I can see it?
Sure, he was drugged so that
The best thing now is sleep.
and unless you do not have another episode
Please make us the information.
Hey, thanks Marty.
At least two were sleeping.
When your fingers will heal properly.
Well, what happens now?
Drs said it had
having night terrors.
They suggested going to see a psychologist.
Well you know who can help. Right?
Maybe. What I
frightening is that if he
so sad and worried
Why did I not know?
Why not tell me?
He has 16 Rachel.
Hey you did not say anything
Mom and Dad at that age.
Because they want.
You know how Mom always
trying to make everything look perfect.
Do not want to talk about
no. I think it would be
different with my children,
I think we can talk.
And say the things y. .. Knowing that
both will be the one to the other.
They know that.
What if this is my fault?
What are you talking about?
I do not know, what if I
pressed to continue with this?
If she
well from what I have done.
Ok, listen, do not
ok you've done nothing wrong.
Both of them are girls and that's great
just thank you.
Never said that.
Look you can cook
Rachel as a mother sauce.
Here you go.
Then you know love ...
If something is bothering you as
do not feel comfortable
talk to me.
You know we always can
find someone else.
Did you talk with a therapist?
But only if you want it.
I'm fine mom.
Ok, but you know sometimes we think that
we feel good when they are not.
It is sometimes difficult to know when you
o. .. stressed or confused or depressed.
I'm not depressed
I just had a bad dream.
Do you remember what it was?
No, it just happens.
Honey is actually
I think we should talk ...
Mom really
I appreciate the offer, but ...
I just want to forget.
Ok. I know all that will
love it, trust me.
You'll be fine.
Thank you for mother's tea.
Unfortunately we need to sleep angry now.
He wanted something.
The girl, he wants us to know something.
Come, come.
Remember when you were little
and used to believe in the Easter Bunny?
Yes. And now you're older and you know
Easter Bunny does not exist right?
I did not make
anything here, I know what I saw.
Okay dear, I promise it will improve.
And I'm here for both of them ok.
Ok, Mom.
Listen, move
here also scares me
I mean this
big step for everyone.
So that means
we need help, ok
just need to work
together and fine.
And I love you.
I love you mom.
Ok, look at my daughter to come here.
'll Be subtle.
Let me out!
Sorry I think Belle
I need to bring my other
the day. There are a lot of work
I have to do here.
Ok, how would she?
She's fine.
You know he sleeps most of the day
yesterday. I think he's nice, but ...
Last night something ...
... Happened to me in
I can not explain reality.
Tell me.
I do not know Belle fuse
been burned or something.
Because the light was acting
rare, and I thought I heard ...
What do you hear?
Belle I'm a rational person.
So do I.
It's just that Molly is still talking
who saw this girl and do not know.
Rachel every house has a
Finally, some worse than others.
Maybe you should start
to take Molly seriously.
Look, we can
talk about that later.
Sorry, I must go.
Ok, sure, sure, but ...
I'm here if you need me ok.
I know, by Belle.
Good morning, how are you?
Well. Mom you're okay?
Yeah, well Do you sleep well?
Yes, I'm fine.
How about you, you feel better now?
Yes, I think it's better than ever.
Did you hear if you want to take again
day without going to school right?
No, I'm fine I have a meeting
counselor and really should be there.
Well If you are sure?
But if you change your mind.
I know I'm fine, I love you mom.
I love you.
Mother goodbye.
Have a great day girls.
1519 Ludlow Street, Detroit
PAGE TO REGRE Required is not available.
Oh, God.
17-year-old girl disappeared
2 days ago.
According to her husband saying Jossep
left the house around 20:00 and never returned.
Police are investigating
all possible leads.
The researchers speculate
which may have escaped, which
contacting friends and
family for more information.
So far there are no witnesses
reported the suspect.
So the above is
The main bedroom
which has a shower and bathtub
and the Wardrobe is a big ...
Now you have 2 kids right?
Oh this would be perfect
home to raise them.
Now the house was built
in 1925. So in
kitchen you'll see that there is something
correct at the time.
That would be beautiful.
If that can be
apologize for a moment?
Mrs. Esten How are you?
His office told me
where to find it.
I need to make some inquiries.
Ok, well now
not the best.
So why not set something in
office where we can talk ok?
If either I want to talk now.
Ok then, if you do not mind going
watch and then catch up. Thank you very much.
Mrs Easten I work here.
Yes I know, and I'm sorry
severely impaired, but
I need to know if the previous
owner mentioned something about the house.
First of all I never knew the old
occupiers and as I said earlier that left and
must sell.
Ok, but I know a girl who
lived there lost in the 50's?
What to do with anything?
Well my daughter and I have
experienced some things.
Do you have things?
Yes, as we hear and
things we do not understand.
Ok I'm Mrs. Stern
sure what you mean.
An ok time.
Alo! Yes this is Rachel Stern.
I'm sorry, go see the house.
Yes, I'll leave soon, thank you.
This is a picture of Molly. This
very talented but as you can see
the object of your image ...
The good thing is a bit annoying.
I tried to discuss this Mrs.
Estern but it would be very disturbing.
He no longer speaks to me again. That is why
I think it would be better to talk to you
Sure, I appreciate it.
My concern is
the fantasy life
There's something very dark
and if the girl in
Molly's picture, they
feelings are wrong.
Of course, talk to him
immediately. Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
We need to talk about the pictures.
Am I in trouble?
No, honey I need to talk to me
It, Is the girl in the house?
Is the girl in the house, this is about?
Lizzie please.
I think not.
Unfortunately knew what I was saying ...
Molly you are too old
for imaginary friends.
He's not my friend, not imaginary.
Look this is not good for you.
Ok, listen, you let me
Please handle this?
Well, wait in the car.
Thank you. Molly can tell me about
picture, know what I'm saying
before but okay.
Ok, tell me you want to know.
Are you still seeing her?
Listen honey, I promise
not to be angry.
He was in a dark place,
trapped in a very frightening.
Y. .. I think he wants out.
Ok sweetness. Ok.
Thank you.
Now, is this house?
I do not know, all the time
I think it's my fault
by pressure from
spend a divorce but ...
I do not know I begin to think
that might be something in the house.
Can you tell me about the girl
Molly has been seen?
Molly said she was trapped and
try and I found this.
In the room she was in
box of an old music box.
They used to live at home. I have seen
many of the same picture in the paper.
His name is Greta, he
17 and emigrated from Germany.
Apparently her husband was an abusive
y. .. one day he just disappeared.
Police said he
escape, but never seen.
So what do you believe?
Even more important is what you think.
I think the night
do not believe in ghosts
but this I
get a little nervous.
Do you think she ran away right? Well
then what did he do?
What if something or someone
never let go?
Do you mean that the
he still remained in the house?
Whatever you believe it or not, you can not deny
what a girl and you are experiencing.
Belle I know, but ...
He called them to you and your family.
That depends on you that you chose to listen.
So what should I do?
Check the home.
Hey What is the big emergency?
Your good girl?
Yes, both girls Molly
Lizzie's bed and watch movies.
What happened?
Follow me.
So what is aired?
You say this is a review of the pipe.
Ok, then it is a review of the pipe.
So what?
So where is
that all the air it?
Where are you going?
I'll get my tools.
Will you go?
Go, go.
Do you see anything?
What, what?
There is a wall here, and so on.
Bring me the hammer.
I'll see if I could go.
Please be careful.
Take this take.
What, what? Is that bad?
Yes, this ... very bad.
Ok, I have to go from here.
Then I searched the library and
a girl who lived here in the '50s.
Do you think it might be him?
I can not say.
This should be seen
forensics to verify
but ... close
that and said yes.
This is close. Not
I go into more detail
but it seems that someone
locked in there life.
Oh my God.
Horrible way to die.
We will keep quiet
so there will be journalists.
What will happen to him now?
Good research will open many
individuals have been identified in
The first test performed.
Trying to contact
with relatives.
And what if he does not
have relatives?
Well we'll handle it, usually
cremation and ordinary burial.
If this is the girl who told me
I'll see it.
I appreciate it.
It's my number, if they have
questions give me a call.
Good night.
Well that was fun.
Oh, sorry Marty.
It's just that it is very
tragically he was very young.
Are you sure
This is the girl?
If Belle is correct,
then he should
in peace now and all
back to normal.
No, I never thought that you
from spiritual brother.
I also, heard there
said nothing to Rose, ok.
It's like a big secret ...
Marty scared ok,
ok do not need to know anything.
Just what will
behind and move on.
Ok, sure.
Goodbye Uncle Marty.
Thank you again. good-bye.
I hope you can pass
night again.
That was fun.
This is great.
Uncle Marty is the best, right?
So I think that
we can do something about girls.
What shopping, some
cool for school right?
And Molly did not want to do
the task again, as usual.
Well prohibited. spend
some money. Yes.
Sure girl, let's see what we have.
Hey I think I'll go try my heels,
I will be great in this dress.
Oh yeah ok, just come when
I want you to see end up together.
We love him, no
ok to be afraid. Come on.
I want to see your new
clothes in 5 minutes.
I have waited so
time for now.
And finally I would be free from this house.
Now it's my turn now.
So beautiful.
You are mine!
Molly What, are you okay?
I heard something.
Honey all is well now.
Do not you love?
Is not it beautiful?
You are beautiful.
Do I look very beautiful mom?
Yes it is a princess. It's fun.
Are you getting today?
This is from a friend. He loaned it to me.
Then you have to lend.
We shall see.
Let the Molly.
We sweetness.
HE ...
NO ... IS ...
Lizzy ...
Thank you for coming.
We passed.
Well, I found this last night.
What happens to Bell?
How long did you say
Greta when she died?
I think she already has. Go there
life does not have a chance to live.
But I think that we are dealing
this when they found the skeleton.
I know, I know sometimes things are not
works the way we want.
So, he's even still here?
Yes, I can feel it.
The spirit here is
patient and very annoying.
So what do we do?
Told him to go.
I think he said this is
and everything is back to normal.
Yes, I also think so
but he's ok.
Ok, I still think
You should tell them.
Marty says you do not
want them to know.
Should we not know what?
Did they find a skeleton in my room?
And I think we have ordered
but last night I realized ...
He even still at home.
Well ... we can not see it.
We must move
Molly Is that correct?
Do not want to live here now.
Fear of my mother.
Unfortunately I know, I know it's horrible
but we've been through a lot.
Almost over. Ok Bell
help us cope.
Is he there now?
Yes there is.
And free help
the spirit of the child?
I tried.
What if you could not?
Then we cross over and come to this.
The girl did not tell them sorry, I should
do, but this is our home.
And I want to fight to stay
but I can not do it alone.
We are a family, you are never alone.
Greta, I'm a friend.
I came to liberate.
You're stuck and I'll set you free.
You're gone and I keep the street.
It's time you let the
This family only.
And at that moment
ends tonight,
no spirit shown in this house.
You're scaring her.
Sorry Molly.
Molly's hair is so funny. I could
peinrtelo for you tomorrow. Do you want to?
Thank you.
We can not return to
Molly's house. Did you know that?
We have to move.
We must work
together to convince the mother.
Do you understand?
We will have a team.
I understand.
We begin this sweet.
Lizzie Lizzie did not,
Now we need to be angry at-home mom.
We're ready. Is everything okay?
Yes, I'm fine, I just really
Is it okay if the rest tired for a while?
I'll be down later.
Yes of course the baby.
You'll be fine.
Now, are you ready?
You confused Greta, you need
You find your way to the top.
Do not be afraid to Greta.
Molly go.
Rachel what?
He Marty.
Why did he do that?
I do not know.
Wait a minute. Did he say anything?
No, he is but ...
Oh, God.
Wait a minute. Where are you Rachel?
The spirit started, find your way.
Leave this house and go in peace.
I send you to a higher place.
I sent the spirit.
Please do not do this.
I send you.
Please do. Please.
There is a better place waiting for you.
You're not welcome here.
Alto, because I tell you.
To me!
Lizzie pushed hard.
Here you go.
Thanks, I'll be fine.
Are you sure? Are you sure you
emergency do not want to be angry?
No, no, I'll be fine.
You scared me something Miss
Sorry you hurt your head.
That's just the tap,
what i really want
young to know is why
You go home?
I do not want
send Lizzie to go.
Lizzie, your sister Lizzie?
He is the one that pushed.
I do not understand.
I tried to tell mom.
Yes you do baby, but
I'm listening now.
Lizzie Lizzie is not.
The girl he was with
Uncle Marty is someone
Lizzie deeper.
The spirit of Lizzie
here at home.
How do you know this?
Because Lizzie's mother told me before
You come here, you have to trust me.
Are you talking now?
She is a mother's fear
very afraid.
He did not want to get stuck
as Greta has.
And that is the spirit of Lizzie
that you send a message.
How, I thought you said ...
I know, I apologize.
I think that if he found the bones
freed. But for some reason not
have sufficient power
to bring Lizzie.
So what should we do?
Okay, Rachel looks
I know you're scared, but
There's something you can
used against him.
There are more powerful than not at all
bond between a mother and daughter.
You should use it to
Lizzie back.
Good morning.
How is Molly?
He is also sweet.
Where to go tonight?
We're just a small fight, but
we talked about it and all is well.
Then listen, I think that
You and I can spend the day together.
What do you think? We will
for some breakfast and
then ... Maybe look
some homes for sale.
Yes, I know what Bell says
Whether you're at home now.
But I began to
thinking that maybe you and
Molly is the reason
Time to start fresh.
Thank you, thank you very much.
Light sweet, was provided
when all of us happy.
What are we doing here?
Oh, I forgot to tell Uncle Marty
I borrowed an old suitcase.
It will only be a second, we have
to take, you helped me load it?
It's a bit heavy. Honey is also
will be a quick in and out ok.
Just take a second.
Come on.
It's upstairs in the room.
Honey, you remember
why you named it Lizzie?
Mother only.
Can you tell me?
Because ...
You do not know, right?
My daughter knows.
What are you talking about?
I love Lizzie.
I love you mom.
Honey I want you to be strong
for me now, can you hear me?
I was right in front of your mother.
I'm sorry to be delayed but is now
I need you to fight, I need your help.
I want you to fight to get back to me.
You made me the mother.
It's time for Greta and I'm not your mother.
Lizzie knew you were here my dear.
Lizzie, Lizzie, I need you to fight the baby!
Do not go!
Please I want you to fight.
Back'll never, never!
Leave my family
peace! Lizzie back!
Lizzie ?
O Lord, Lizzie!
Breathe love go, go
Breathing love honey!
Come, come!
Do not leave me, do not do this.
I'm not ready to go yet.
Lizzie ?
I named Elizabeth
because he was strong.
Nena so. He was strong, thanks.
I can not believe that
Banks bought it so fast.
Demand will put them in
obviously did not put me.
Yes, I do not want to get you.
Come on people.
We'll come.
How long will it last?
So excited
new place?
The only thing that matters is that
built last year.
Lizzie and I'll share
fourth again.
If someone must
caring for your back.
Is not it beautiful?
It has an excellent view.
Are you kidding?
Be nice.
Only they will know.
Excuse me can tell
for a second? Excuse me.
Why are you not going forward
after I reach them?
Hi I could talk for a second?
I know this may seem
I am a bit crazy but
family and I recently
have lived in this house
and I just thought it was just
let them know that it's haunted.
Haunted ?
Yes and I know how this sounds but ...
I am legally bound to forward it
know so there you have it.
But do not worry he'll live with it.
Really going to clean house.
If you clean, you know the release
spirit to a higher plane.
You should be fine now.
I appreciate the announcement but
do not believe in ghosts.
It should!
What happened dear?
Oh no it's just that I
I want to play with my mind.
I can not agree.
Of course.
Do you mind if I ask if they have children?
Yes, two teenage girls.
Well I think it would be great, this
perfect home to raise a family.
It feels like home.