Secrets in the Wilderness (2021) Movie Script

He... Help me.
do you want more wine?
-Oh, no, I'm good. Thanks.
You've been nursing
that one glass all night.
Come on, Tyler's in Aspen,
we won't tell
if you're hungover tomorrow.
Wait, let me guess, another
snowboarding championship?
Yup. The Devil's Summit.
Your husband's
a professional snowboarder?
Oh, no. He's there for business.
-He's selling Tiger Meat.
-Isn't that illegal?
Allow me.
That's Tiger Meat.
Lisa is the best graphic
designer in this town.
I'll second that.
Well, I do declare,
y'all are making me blush.
How did you come up
with the name?
Tiger meat is a Wisconsin treat.
It's raw ground beef
with fresh onions on rye bread.
Tyler grew up on it,
I saw him and his ski buddies
eating it once, and I thought
it'd be the perfect name
for the gear.
Love the gear,
but you can keep the steer.
Redneck steak tartar not really
my favorite thing either,
but it's big with the frat boys,
and so is the gear.
Aspen will be rockin'
this weekend.
-You didn't wanna go, too?
A weekend of schmoozing
with college kids
and playing beer pong? Thanks.
But I'd like to spend
a quiet evening
with well-aged wine
and well-aged friends.
Hey, speak for yourself.
This wineskin
is still very fresh.
-It is.
This is your
third weekend in a row alone.
-You seem a little off.
-I'm fine, Steph.
Honest. It's just
the winter blahs, that's all.
Well, if you need to talk,
I expect a call.
Okay. Bye.
-Great to see you.
-Hello! Anyone home?
-Hey, babe. How was it?
-Hey, hon.
What a weekend!
Yeah. Mwah.
-Got you a souvenir.
Oh, Tyler, they're beautiful!
Mm. Hold that thought.
I really need a shower.
Whoa, Lise. Well...
-When you put it that way...
-So, how was Aspen?
I-I got a guy who wants
to license the Tiger Meat brand
for an energy drink.
A-another dude wants to use it
for a snowboard line.
And a Bass Pro rep
wants to talk about
carrying the gear
in their stores.
Babe, that's amazing!
It's finally coming together,
All my hard work is paying off.
Tiger Meat is gonna be
the next megabrand.
-I can, I can taste it.
I've got some good news, too.
Oh, yeah? You-you got that gig
with the fruit store?
I pitch them tomorrow.
And it's not just a fruit store.
It's a big organic start-up,
Right. Okay, cool.
So w-what's the good news, then?
looks like I'm pregnant.
-Are you sure?
Six weeks.
But you're on the pill.
Well, I...
I may have missed a couple
'cause sometimes I forget
when I'm busy, but...
-You okay?
I'm not-not really, Lise. I'm...
I-I'm-I'm sorry, but this,
this isn't a great time.
-Why not?
-I-I-I told you.
There's a lot going on,
I got, I got deals to close,
big meetings lined up.
Well, can't you just do them
online like I do?
not-not with these guys.
You got to be there face-to-face
or-or someone else
takes your spot.
Okay, I get it.
You got to schmooze.
But I'm having the baby,
not you.
-We can work out the logistics.
-Oh, you...
You talk about it like it's
rearranging the fridge calendar.
No, I'm on the verge of taking
Tiger Meat to the next level.
I-I've got to be all in on this,
Lise, all in, no distractions.
So starting a family
is a distraction to you?
I mean, you're just gonna
have to deal with it
'cause it's happening.
Wait, you said you're six weeks.
It doesn't have to happen.
I am not having an abortion.
Just because
your mom's Catholic?
-I thought you were pro-choice?
-This is my choice!
Yeah, well,
what about my choice?
I know that you're upset.
This is big news.
Tyler, lots of people
start families and continue
to grow their careers.
Okay, we can make it work.
It's taken me two years
to build this momentum.
I'm just supposed to throw out
an anchor?
Oh, I'm an anchor?
You wouldn't have a business
if it wasn't for me.
Who designed the logo
and the wordmark?
Who set up the website?
Who came up with the name?
I've got as much invested
in this as you do.
Right, I just work for you.
What's happening to us, Ty?
We used to be one of those
opposites-attract couples,
now it just... feels like
we're headed
in opposite directions.
Yeah, it does.
-Wait, where are you going?
-I just need a minute.
Tyler, you can't just walk away
all the time!
You need to man up and own this!
Me? You need to own this, Lisa.
He was out super late,
slept on the couch,
and then left again this morning
without so much as a word.
I think
it might really be over.
Don't say that. Give him a few
days to get used to the idea.
You said yourself
you caught him by surprise,
and he's always cranky
and overtired
after these trips, right?
I don't know, Steph.
Maybe this baby really
is a deal-breaker for him.
And it just makes me feel
so stupid because I thought
he would have been excited,
that this was gonna be the start
of a new chapter for us
as a family.
Listen to me, if he lets you go,
he's the stupid one.
Oh. Hi, Steph.
-Hey, Tyler.
I better be going.
-Uh, say hi to Shawn for me.
-Will do.
Bye, Lise.
Look, I'm, I'm sorry
about how I've been acting.
I could have handled this
Uh, I've been doing
a lot of soul searching
'cause this is the kind of thing
that can
make or break a marriage, right?
So I-I was talking to, to Phil.
Well, he's, he's one of the
few happily married guys I know.
So I, I figured he'd be
a-a good guy to ask for advice.
Well, it turns out
he-he and Jackie went through
a-a rough patch last year, too.
And, anyway, he-he told me
about this counselor they saw.
He said that she's really good
and that the whole experience
saved their marriage.
I'm willing to give it a shot,
i-if you wanna try.
Yeah. Let's book it.
Thank you.
-Thank you.
Lisa, let's go back
to something interesting
you brought up last session,
about your growing feeling
of isolation.
Um, well,
Tyler has been away
most weekends this winter.
And I don't really like being
alone too much at the new place,
it just, the area doesn't feel
as safe as our last one.
Um, aside from that,
weekends used to be
our quality time.
We would go to a movie
or restaurants,
or see a band.
And... we used to talk.
I get lonely, too.
But you never wanna come along.
-I've gone with you before.
-Once. A year ago.
Yeah, and half the time
you spent on the slopes
and the other half
you spent at the damn expo
getting hammered
with your friends
while I was alone
at the hotel room.
You know, having a few beers
while networking
with potential clients
is not getting hammered.
Have you ever tried introducing
Lisa to outdoor activities
that weren't centered
around your business?
-Uh, I-I, not really, I guess.
Are the two of you familiar with
the idea of a marriage retreat?
It's not some kind
of religious thing, is it?
I have a winterized chalet
a couple hours drive north
from here.
It's a place
where I offer couples
a private safe area
to work on their marriage.
It would just be
the two of you and myself.
Why there?
Well, it's a getaway
that would allow you
to enjoy the outdoors
without the added distraction
of a business trip.
It would be
the perfect opportunity for you
to unplug and spend
some alone time together
like we discussed.
I like to think of it
as a, a boot camp
for marriage renewal.
I don't think Lisa could handle
a, a whole week in nature.
What, I just, I just mean
it's not really
your, your kind of getaway.
-Plus, with the pregnancy--
-I'm not that fragile.
No. You're not.
Quite the opposite, actually.
Lisa, I've noticed
over the course of our sessions,
you have shown immense courage
and strength.
I'd like to see that
even more if possible.
I think this could be a real
reset for your relationship.
But please, sleep on it,
let me know.
A wilderness retreat
to save the marriage?
-That's a bit extreme.
-I think it's a good idea.
It'll help you
step outside yourself.
-See the bigger picture.
It's Tyler who needs to man up
and accept his responsibilities.
For starters, he should've nixed
his Vermont trip this weekend.
Agreed. But there's two sides
to every relationship.
Both have to be willing to look
in the mirror for it to work.
You went to counseling,
didn't you?
After Filipe and I broke up.
-I was a train wreck, remember?
I needed to make changes
in my life.
-None of us is perfect.
-Fair enough.
But you're one of the most
thoughtful, genuine people
I know.
And I didn't need a wilderness
retreat to learn that.
Acid reflux again?
Yeah, it comes and goes,
same as the nausea.
I could probably ease off
the cappuccinos.
I don't like you being alone
in your first trimester.
Why don't I stay with you
this weekend?
Thank you for the offer,
but I will be fine.
Ah! No.
No, please! Ah!
I'm so sorry, Lise.
I should have been there.
Have you heard back
from the police?
A little while ago.
The thief thought no one was
home and I startled him.
Shawn's gone over
to clean things up
and wait for the guy coming
to replace the window.
Thanks, Steph.
For real, are you okay?
I sat there all night
until the sun came up,
afraid that he was still
out there waiting for me.
I kept thinking
about Alana's place.
and how a safe, private getaway
feels like a really good idea
right now.
That-that sounds like
a-a perfect idea.
-But what about your meetings?
-Who-who cares?
I'll push them back. We-we need
to focus on us right now.
Yeah. Yeah.
We're relaxed already.
I'm so glad
we're doing this, babe.
Wow, we're really
in the middle of nowhere.
Lost the signal.
-Shit. GPS is cutting out.
Wrong turn. Rerouting.
I think
I took the wrong turnoff.
Oh, what the heck?
Why does he have a gun?
Hey there. Uh, I'm-I'm looking
for Alana Dufresne's place.
You're on my property, not hers.
Right. Uh, sorry,
my-my GPS said--
Why do you need a GPS here?
You know where she lives.
Well, I-I don't, obviously.
I-I see you're out hunting.
It's for the wolves. They keep
scavenging my trap lines.
All right, well,
we'll leave you to it, then.
My wife and I'll be on our way.
Thank you.
Man, what a creep.
Why isn't he moving?
I wouldn't wanna
run into that guy alone.
-Hi, guys.
-You look cold already, Lisa.
We just ran into your neighbor.
I accidently went down
his laneway.
The old guy with a rifle.
Yeah, that's Tom. He's
a bit of a strange one.
I had some contract workers
out in the summer to help me
clear some brush, they got a bit
too close to his property line
and he fired a warning shot
at them.
God! Is he dangerous?
He's just an old bushman
who gets a bit territorial.
Don't worry.
Come on in,
get warm by the fire.
This place
is absolutely beautiful.
Thank you, Lisa. I've definitely
put a lot of work into it.
Should have seen it
two years ago. Yikes.
Okay, as per my last email,
please give me your phones.
Look, about that, um, can't we
just promise to leave them off?
It's been my experience
that the temptation
to check a few messages
turns into endless distraction.
You guys deserve each other's
undivided attention.
You gave my emergency number
to your friends and family?
-Then I got you covered.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
A sweet little treat
for the week's end.
Please make yourselves at home.
If there's anything at all you
need, just let me know. Okay?
How about
some fresh cannoli?
Oh, leave
the gun and take the cannoli.
-A Godfather fan! Okay.
And what's
the difference between a,
an elephant
and a-an Italian grandma?
Fifty pounds
and a black dress!
Okay, okay. Classic.
I've got some Sambuca.
Night caps for us
and a nice herbal tea
for you, dear.
Mm! Mm-mm.
So our outdoor activities
are aimed
at getting you to work together.
It all culminates
with a cross-country ski trip
by a well-deserved spa day.
Your goal is to forget
about the outside world
and focus on the now, okay?
I do have one additional rule.
I have two guest bedrooms.
I ask that for the first
three nights you sleep apart.
But, um, aren't we supposed
to be working on our intimacy?
We've talked about
how physical intimacy
is replacing emotional intimacy
in your relationship.
I would like you to find
other ways to show affection
outside of the marriage bed.
And not to worry, on the fourth
night you will come together,
and you will be amazed
at how much more magical
that moment will be.
I guess I won't be needing
hot water in my shower
the next three days.
That's the spirit.
I can hardly keep my eyes open.
Yeah, I know. Me, too. I think
that long drive did us in.
-Sleep tight.
-Yeah, you, too.
I love you.
I love you.
Rise and shine, sleepyhead.
-Time to get crackin'.
Oh, you're a...
Give me a second.
-Let's go. Up and at 'em.
Okay, I'm up.
You're cute.
That is your tea boil kit.
Now, you're not to use
any of the pre-chopped firewood
or firepits.
You have 30 minutes. Go.
Three matches.
Empty coffee can, a mug...
and a hatchet.
Yeah, we need some firewood.
Something dry.
Oh, well,
what about the branches?
Ah, no, pine boughs burn quick,
but kick up way too much smoke.
We'd end up with a signal fire
and probably a-a visit
from a ticked-off forest ranger.
-Oh, here.
This... birch should do.
Hey, watch yourself.
Hey, maybe we could use this
bark to help light the fire.
Hey. Smart thinking.
All right.
That should do it. Here.
All right,
let's boil some water.
What are we doing?
A watched pot never boils.
-You're a goof.
-You can't look at it.
All right.
We did it.
Well done, you guys.
You also beat the clock.
We should make a moonshine
still next.
I like how you think, Tyler.
For your next activity,
you are to utilize
only materials found
in Mother Nature's palette.
Collecting wood, stones,
whatever you can find,
I want the two of you
to collaborate
on the building of a mosaic.
In the style
of Andy Goldsworthy,
this design must be congruous with the ground you rest it on.
-What are you doing?
-It's art.
-No, not bad.
Give yourselves over
to Gaia today.
There we go, there we go.
I think this...
It's art, it's art.
And then
there's lots more hay here
and make it come all around.
-Oh, you're dead.
So, how are we feeling
about today's activities?
It was actually really fun.
Perfect. Today
was all about your creativity.
It was more focused
towards you, Lisa.
And tomorrow will be
a bit more towards Tyler,
be a bit more kinetic.
-Ah, ah, ah.
I wanna see you bring that same
level of enthusiasm from today
to tomorrow's activities.
Fair enough.
I am absolutely wiped.
Yeah, well, an epic snowball
fight will do that to you.
That and a mug full
of chamomile.
Why don't you sneak back later
and we'll discuss
your terms of surrender?
Well, it seems to me
you're the one
ready to surrender
her chastity belt.
I'll be waiting.
that's an offer I can't refuse.
Hey, Lise.
Lise, you awake?
He's at it early.
Yes, he, uh, he saw
the wood pile was low
and he grabbed an axe.
Chopping wood in the winter air.
He's in his glory.
I hope a dozen is enough.
-He will be hungry.
-It'll be enough.
I'll just have some toast.
-Morning sickness?
Not sleeping well either.
Try turning the thermostat down
in your bedroom.
Your side of the chalet gets
a lot of the late afternoon sun.
It gets pretty warm.
I absolutely love
those earrings, Lisa.
-Where'd you get them?
-Oh, thanks.
They were a gift from Tyler,
-A man of good taste.
How did you two meet, anyways?
You have
such different interests.
Um, well,
I was working at a T-shirt shop
as a graphic designer,
and Tyler came in
looking for softball tees
for his team.
And he had this horrible logo.
It was this really sad pirate
with baseball bats.
It was awful.
So I fixed it up for him.
And he thought
it was really cool,
um, asked me to go
to one of their games.
Next thing you know
we were dating.
I guess you could say
we're one of those
opposites-attract couples.
Well, people aren't magnets,
are they?
The attraction
doesn't always stick.
For today's activity,
a little snowshoe hike
along my property line.
All right.
-My lady.
-Thank you.
Here. Here,
let me help you with those.
I feel like Cinderella.
Uh, more like, uh, Goofy,
I'd say.
Shut up.
Yeah. You'll get the hang of it.
Um, show-off.
Okay. This is a map
I drew of my property.
Once you reach the midpoint
of the circuit, you can open
the backpack, there is an
activity in there for you to do,
as well as some refreshments.
And how long is this whole hike?
Not that long.
I'd say a couple of miles maybe.
You got beautiful weather for
it, too. Should be a good day.
-Time to blaze us a trail.
Go, Goofy.
Slow down. Wait.
-Slow down, Ty!
-Hey, you're doing great.
Just one foot after the other.
You'll get the rhythm.
Okay, but just...
Are we getting close?
Yeah, not quite. We're just
about a quarter there.
A quarter? Seriously?
-Oh, my thighs are burning.
-Yeah, well, I guess so.
Your-your shoes are too loose,
you have to tighten them up
so they're not
flopping around. Here.
It's not that much further.
It'd be nice if he slowed down
for us, wouldn't it?
Hey! Hey!
You wanna die out here?
Hey, hey! Whoa, whoa!
Easy, easy. Hey!
Where were you?
You just left me back there!
I was just scouting ahead,
and then I heard that shot.
it was that psycho O'Brien!
What? W-where? What happened?
I-I accidentally came up
on one of his snares
and he just shoots at me.
I-I think, I think we wandered
on to his property by accident.
All right, like she said,
he-he can be a bit testy
about that. He's probably out
checking his trap line.
I really wanna
get out of here, Tyler.
I get it, I get it, okay?
But it was just a warning.
All right, we're not
on his property anymore.
Hey, we're at the midway point.
Hey, come on, you just,
you just need a rest.
-All right? The...
The way back to the chalet is on
the other side of this clearing.
All right, we won't go anywhere
near O'Brien again.
Here. Let's see what we got.
Just what you need.
Ah-ha, the activity.
"Inspired by my neighbor,
you will build a rabbit snare."
-You got to be kidding me.
Look, Ty, seriously,
you're gonna build it? I just...
-I'd rather just go.
-Hey, hey.
It'll take me like two minutes.
I used to make them as a kid.
It actually brings back
fun memories.
Okay. Let's do it quick, though.
-See? There.
The wire's almost invisible.
Rabbits won't see it coming.
You're quite the boy scout.
Tomorrow if we get one,
I'll whip us up a tasty stew.
Unless the wolves
get to it first.
You know,
between the wolves and O'Brien,
I kind of feel sorry
for the rabbits out here.
There's plenty of rabbits
in the bush.
But all of a sudden
I came close to her.
What was she doing there?
-What is that? property line.
Do you wanna die?
-Oh, my God!
-Come on, babe.
You don't need to hear this.
Come on.
Okay. We're going
to see you again!
-What was that all about?
Apparently, there was some
confusion over property lines
today, Mr. O'Brien felt it
necessary to drive
all the way up here and share
his feelings with me about it.
I mean, I guess I ended up
on his land somehow.
But he was so aggressive.
I didn't do anything wrong.
No, Lisa, it's not your fault.
We've come to an understanding.
We will stay off of his land
and he will stay off of mine.
-Don't worry, Lisa.
we will stay close to home.
There will be no more run-ins
with Mr. O'Brien.
Yeah, I hope not.
Come on,
let's get you in that shower.
You're-you're shivering.
Come here.
All right.
Well, I was gonna save these
for the weekend,
but this definitely feels like
an emergency
chocolate situation.
Again, I am so sorry about
you running into Mr. O'Brien.
All right, apart
from the unpleasant run-in,
what was your experience like
Well, I liked it.
Yeah, it felt good
to stretch the legs
and just soak in
the natural energy.
Mm, good. Good.
Lisa, how about you?
Well, um, the hiking part
was challenging, I won't lie.
My quads hurt like hell.
Um... why that snare?
It's a typical wilderness
activity. Was there a problem?
No. Um, I just...
I felt a little guilty leaving
an animal to such a cruel death.
But it's not a cruel death.
The rabbit gets caught
in the snare
and struggles until it's tired,
hypothermia sets in
and it falls asleep.
It's very peaceful.
You in bed already? Oh, wow.
-You must really be wiped.
Can I interest you
in a foot massage?
You, sir, are an angel.
You know, I-I know
tramping around in the bush
isn't really
your favorite thing,
but I-I appreciate
you trying it.
It's all about
having a positive attitude.
You know, it might be cool
to have a kid
to do things like this with.
It feels so good.
My ankles are killing me.
I wish we'd thought about doing
something like this years ago.
Sorry. I'm just so tired.
My foot massages
have that effect.
You missed your calling, babe.
You know, I was thinking,
tomorrow if I have time, I'll go
and remove that snare.
I know it's been bothering you,
and, and you're right,
we can survive fine
without snaring wild game.
We'll have hot dogs instead.
-Good morning.
My room was freezing last night.
I turned your thermostat down.
I thought it might help you
sleep better.
Oh. Not really.
Lisa, I'm sorry.
I'll turn it up for you
this evening. How about that?
Did Phil and Jackie do
all these same activities as us?
Tyler's friends. Yes, they did.
They loved every activity.
Really? I just...
I would've thought
that Jackie's knee replacement
would have given her trouble.
Hm. If it did, she didn't say
anything to me about it.
I can't discuss other clients
with you, though, Lisa.
-It's confidential.
-Of course.
Please help yourself
to breakfast.
-No, thank you.
-Okay. Um...
I have yogurt in the fridge
if you'd prefer.
You should really eat something,
you won't have time
for lunch today.
-Is there toast?
I will make you some toast.
-Thank you.
I don't suppose
that today we could just
sit by the fireplace
and express our feelings?
Friday is rest day.
Today we invoke
the Finnish tradition of sauna.
As the body sweats,
the mind opens.
I'll be joining you
in this activity.
That sounds warm.
Yes, I thought
you might like that, Lisa...
seeing as how
you're always shivering.
Here. There,
come sit close to the rocks.
This is toasty.
The sauna can be a good space
to open the heart and the mind
to deeper truths.
This is some tea
made from wild sage.
It has spiritual
cleansing properties.
This air is so heavy.
Are you sure that this is safe
for pregnant women?
Totally safe.
You'll adjust to it,
just try to relax.
The sauna is a safe place
to speak your heart.
Tyler, what is your heart
telling you right now
about Lisa's pregnancy?
Well, to be honest, I...
-I feel deceived.
Please, Lisa, let him finish.
You, you stopped taking
your pill, didn't you?
You wanted to get pregnant,
so you, so you made it happen.
But you-you didn't tell me
because you,
you knew I'd push back.
No. No.
Uh, uh, that,
it wasn't like that at all.
-It just happened.
-Did it?
You admit that starting a family
is very important to you.
Yeah, so?
When woman are that
about getting pregnant,
it's very
unlikely they forget to take
their pills.
Could it be
that deep down you hoped
Tyler would be as thrilled
about the pregnancy as you were?
This isn't a space
for judgment, Lisa.
This is a space
to speak your truth
so that you can move forward
I thought
it was what we both wanted.
I knew it.
Coming to terms
with the truth
can be hard, as it is necessary.
Ty, I'm sorry that I wasn't
totally honest with you before,
but I just...
I felt so... alone
and I just thought that maybe--
You thought, you thought it-it'd
be better to beg for forgiveness
than ask permission?
I'm, I'm really sorry.
This is good.
This is really good.
I want the both of you to sink
deeper into these feelings
while I go to replenish
our hydration.
I, I need a minute.
I'm glad you admitted it.
Hey, uh, hey, guys?
I need to get out.
I'm gonna be sick!
Hey. Can anyone hear me?
Oh, my... Oh, my God!
Hey, Lise? Lise?
Come on, come, come on.
Are you all right?
Lisa? Hey...
All right, we're...
Here we go, here we go.
Jeez, what-what happened? Here.
I-I cou-couldn't get out.
I couldn't breathe, Tyler.
I don't understand. Why'd you
have to break my window?
Because the, that door,
that door doesn't open.
-What, this door?
It's not jammed, Lise. You just
had to give it a good push.
And I wish you'd waited a
minute, I was coming right back.
You've busted Alana's window,
Let's get you inside,
you'll be more comfortable.
Would you mind
turning off the heater, please?
-Yeah, sure. No problem.
Why don't you go on inside
and warm up?
I got to cool off
before I clean up after you.
Man, oh, man! Someone
can't handle a little heat.
Um, I'm sorry.
Yeah, oh, I can
clean it up. It's all right.
I can eat.
Yes, definitely. Me too.
Okay! It's ready!
Mm! So hungry.
Well, if nothing else,
that sauna experience
kickstarted my appetite.
-Well, a silver lining.
-I am so hungry, I could eat...
Mm! That hits the spot.
-Mm-mm, pure protein and fat.
Yeah, dig in, Lise.
Um... is there anything else?
Mm. This is it.
Is something wrong? I thought
you said your appetite was back.
Yeah, for something cooked.
-Not, not raw.
-Well, this is...
This is tiger meat, Lisa.
Oh, I-I know what it is.
I'm just...
I'm pregnant, remember?
So I-I can't eat raw meat.
Lisa, this isn't grocery-store
ground beef.
This is organic, grade-A Kobe
from a specialty butcher.
A small taste of it
at this early stage
in your pregnancy
is not gonna hurt you.
Look, I almost fainted
out there today.
Okay? I'm starving.
I need real food.
that's safe for me to eat.
I thought the both of you
would appreciate
the symbolism of this.
Tiger Meat is a brand
you've both worked very hard on,
it's a very important aspect
of your relationship.
The brand, yes,
but not the food itself.
Of course. My apologies.
I, um, I will warm you up
some leftovers.
-How about that?
-Thanks, Alana.
-That'd be great.
-Of course.
She meant well.
So, tomorrow is the big day,
the cross-country ski trip.
Yeah, look, about that,
um, I'm-I'm just not sure
I'm in any shape to do
a ten-mile ski trip right now.
I'm-I'm still sore
from the snowshoes.
Yeah, but skiing's easier.
You're, you're gliding,
not walking.
It's just five miles there and
you come back on the same trail.
Ten mile is ten miles.
I've never skied before.
My body is so tired
and the morning sickness
is really starting
to get to me. I just--
Yes, we know, Lisa,
you're, you're pregnant.
But physical activity is also
very good for the pregnancy.
Seriously, Lise, i-it won't be
that hard, and I'll be in front
of you packing down the trail,
you'll just glide over it.
Once you get in the rhythm,
the miles'll just fly by.
It's also the last big activity.
The final pushing
of the envelope.
Followed by
a romantic honeymoon night
and a full-on spa day.
Breakfast in bed, aromatherapy
and Swedish massage.
You get a good's night sleep,
and I promise, tomorrow
we'll blow right through
this ski trip.
Mm, speaking
of a good night's sleep,
why don't I top up your tea?
Nothing like a good chamomile
to relax those sore muscles.
All right. There you go.
You know, I think I'm gonna
get cozy in bed with this.
Good idea.
I'll-I'll come in soon
and say goodnight.
You okay?
No, not really.
Don't you find
that Alana's being
a little... unprofessional?
I, I guess her methods
are a bit out of the box.
-But I think, honey...
We're learning more about
than sitting in some office.
She's weird, Tyler.
-She fed me raw meat tonight.
-That was, that was just--
-Pregnant. Who does that?
It was just an oversight.
Well, it's no oversight
how she's flirting with you.
-F-fl-flirting? W-what?
Come on. It's obvious. I saw you
checking her out today, too.
S-seriously? Are you...
I-I think maybe
your-your pregnancy hormones
are messing with your
perception of things, Lise.
Can we, can we just
get through tomorrow?
And, right, a-and then we get
to the good stuff, right?
I just wanna bail and go home.
You-you just wanna quit?
W-w-what would that say
about o-our commitment?
Hm, about us?
Okay, I...
Look, I, I get
that this has been...
I get that this has been tough
on you.
I appreciate
you sticking with it.
It makes me think
maybe I-I could be sacrificing
more for you.
If I sleep in tomorrow,
just... let me.
-...metro girl has a...
...thanks to surgery
at the hospital
for sick children. Tracy who...
-Hey, Lise.
Stephanie, it's so good
to hear your voice.
Everything okay?
There's a psycho mountain man
trying to kill me.
I'm sick as a dog and they
expect me to go skiing tomorrow.
W-what? Back it up. You lost me
at psycho mountain man.
He's Alana's creepy neighbor.
But that's not even
the worst of it.
I think Alana might have a thing
for Tyler.
Something just
doesn't feel right with her.
She was so professional
back at the office,
but she's different here.
And suddenly it feels like
I'm a third wheel.
I mean, this trip alone,
just the three of you,
sounded kinda weird to me
from the start.
Listen, I can't get
a good signal here,
but I really wanna check
her credentials.
I'm opening my laptop.
-Perfect, thanks.
Uh, search under Alana Dufresne,
marriage counselor.
Okay. I found her on LinkedUp.
Five years state-certified.
Several endorsements.
Over 500 connections.
-I guess she is legit then.
-Must be.
Even got her psych degree with
honors from Rossmore College.
Hm. Wait, Rossmore?
That's where Tyler got
his marketing degree.
It's not a very big school, I'm
surprised that they didn't know
each other.
I'm searching her name
at Rossmore.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.
-What are you doing?
-They know each other.
-Are you on your phone?
Lise, you there?
I was just checking
some work messages.
I wanted to see if there was
any news from Orchard Mills.
Damn it, Lise, you think I
haven't been dying to follow up
with my contacts, too?
But I committed myself to this
a 100 percent.
-I'm sorry.
-Yeah, you should be.
-What's going on?
-I caught her on her phone.
That's a serious
breach of trust, Lisa.
I said I was sorry.
-Hand it over, please.
-I'm not a child.
Then stop acting like one.
Give her the damn phone!
I know this is upsetting,
but I think Lisa realized she's
crossed a line. She apologized.
Let's try to forget about it
and focus
on tomorrow's activity.
Fair enough, Lisa?
You awake?
I'm sorry about earlier.
Sweet dreams.
Hey, Ty.
Don't worry,
she's definitely out this time.
She better be.
A double dose of
hydroxyzine would knock you out.
Are you sure she was just
checking messages, though?
Yeah, sure. She's been
fixated on this new gig. Hm.
You seemed
a little fixated yourself today.
Did I make you sweat?
Always, babe.
Mm, easy, tiger.
Save some of that energy
for tomorrow.
You're not having second
thoughts, are you, babe?
No, no, of course not.
It just could've been so perfect
if that old coot had shot her.
It'll still be perfect.
City girl wanders off, alone,
gets lost,
temperature drops,
and she just falls asleep.
That easy, right?
Yeah, that easy.
Come on, come on, come on.
Lisa, what are you doing?
Lisa, where are you going?
Get dressed. She knows.
What? How?
We have to go after her.
Trust me, she knows.
Let's talk this over.
Just a misunderstanding.
Uh, we-we can all be adults
about this, right?
Lisa, think of your baby.
So, what do we do?
Nothing for now.
It's freezing out here.
She's on borrowed time.
Oh. Stephanie Pun?
It's Lisa's friend.
Her emergency contact.
I'm a friend of Lisa Hilborne.
She gave me this number
in case of emergencies.
-Oh, is something wrong?
No. I just need to talk to her
about something important.
-Is she there?
-Yes, she is.
But her and Tyler are having
some alone time right now.
And as you can imagine, I'd
really rather not disturb them
it's an absolute emergency.
Is there any chance
you can call back tomorrow?
Uh, sure. I'll do that.
Great. Have a wonderful night.
-I know they are.
-Thanks. Bye.
-Damn, you're smooth.
Something's definitely up.
-I'm calling the cops.
if you give me the address,
I can send an officer
to do the wellness check.
Well, technically, no,
I don't have the address where
she's staying. But couldn't you
trace her cell phone?
My apologies,
but we can't trace a phone
just because
your friend hung up on you.
You're not listening to me.
She could be in danger!
There are privacy protocols
we have to follow.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
It's light enough
to track her now.
You stay here in case
she tries for the car again.
You know there's no going back.
If we find her alive, we have
to take care of this ourselves.
She gave us no choice, Ty.
I know.
Oh, no.
-It's just some pine boughs.
-No, it's a signal fire.
-We have to put it out. Now!
-Yeah, yeah.
Think anybody saw the smoke?
Not likely.
We got to it in time.
All it's really done is let us
know that she's close by.
Where do you think she went?
-There! Follow her tracks.
-Okay. Let's go.
Real close.
Ty! She took the car!
Oh, she's getting away.
You know--
-Let's go!
-Let's go!
-Okay, stay on here. Come on.
-I'm going!
-Come on!
-Sit back and shut up!
You're making me anxious.
Just relax.
You know what you have to do,
It's okay, baby!
It's okay!
Hey, Lisa!
Hey, we can fix this!
You set me up.
The sauna, the break-in, it...
It was you under that ski mask,
wasn't it, Tyler?
I just didn't...
I don't understand
why you'd bring me here to die.
-For her?
-No, no, no, no.
No, not just her.
You and I were a mistake, Lisa.
I was never
who you wanted me to be!
Yeah, we-we-we had
some good times, but...
-But we can't have a future.
-Then just divorce me.
Oh, and then what? Huh?
You nail me with child support
for a kid I never wanted?
That you tricked me into having!
And you take away my future,
my freedom
while you walk away with
everything that I've worked for.
A company I built
from the ground up--
Is that all you care about?
You can have it.
Tyler, I don't want it.
I never wanted it without you.
-You're lying to me right now.
Yeah, you're,
you're lying to me.
-Yes. Just like...
Just like about the pills.
Just like..
-I told you--
-Just like about everything!
I told you I'm sorry.
Tyler, you, you can
have it all, I swear.
I swear, Tyler.
-I-I have to do this.
-No, I, I'm sure I have to!
-It's not, it's not too late.
-No, no, no, we-we both know.
-...don't have to do this.
We both know it's too late
for me to turn back.
-It's not too late.
-No, no.
D-don't, don't make this harder.
No, no, no, no, don't-don't.
No, no.
Don't make this harder
on both of us.
Don't make this harder
on both of us, okay?
You don't have to suffer.
-You-you don't have to suffer.
What the...
You know I helped him
pick those earrings out?
They looked better on me.
Oh, my gosh.
-Come on. Come on.
Hey! You!
Hey! Where are you goin'?
-Please, please, please.
Don't, don't, don't!
Don't hit me.
I-I, I'm not here to hurt ya.
Okay now. Let's go tie him up.
I've already tied her up
before I came to find ya.
-Yeah. Fine.
I-I thought you were gonna
shoot me, like the other day.
I wasn't shooting at you.
I was shooting at the wolf
tracking ya.
I'd have explained that
if you hadn't run off.
Well, you pack
a heck of a punch, missy.
He's still seeing stars.
Help me.
Good enough. Okay.
S-so you,
you came to the chalet to warn
me a wolf was tracking me.
but your friend threatened
to call the sheriff on me
if I didn't leave.
You know,
I'd seen your fella before,
back in the fall, with her.
I've been so blind.
When I heard you are his wife,
I, uh, I sensed
they were up to no good.
I mean, why else
would they bring you here?
I'm... assuming you built
that signal fire for help.
-Clever girl.
Well, help's on the way,
it sounds like.
Steph! Yeah! I'm okay.
To your new home,
may it be filled
with nothing but good vibes.
New home, new job as creative
director at Orchard Mills
and a seven-figure buyout
of Tiger Meat.
Lise, it's official,
you're on a roll.
And you deserve every bit of it.
Now don't forget, I'm driving
you to Lamaze class tomorrow.
Have you been practicing
your breathing?
Yes, coach.
I've got my vacation days
officially approved
to line up with your due date.
You know, I'm not sure
I would have got through
the last six months
without the two of you.
So thank you.
And to new beginnings.
To new beginnings.