Secrets of A Celebrity Nanny (2023) Movie Script

Hey, kiddo. Time for bed.
Mom's gonna be home in the morning.
Hey. You know you're the reason she works so hard, right?
I just wish she were here more.
Mm, give her a break.
She works so hard and stays so busy
so that you can have everything you want.
Everything she didn't have when she was a kid.
And besides, it's not easy being the biggest star
in the world.
get some sleep.
Thanks, Mia. You're the best nanny.
Okay, okay, you goof.
Gabby, it's for you again.
Start chapter three with Alice upset
instead of understanding.
But keep her strong.
She should come across as--
Someone that doesn't answer her phone.
I know.
It's the agency.
I know.
They've been calling all morning.
Maybe you should pick it up.
I can't take another nanny job,
or I'll never get my book published.
But rent is due, and one of us needs to be employed.
No go on yesterday's callback?
Apparently, I'm a very talented actress,
just not dynamic enough, or desperate enough?
I know it started with a D.
Well, at least you hear something back.
I've sent 47 query letters, and all I get is silence.
Someone will publish your book, but until they do,
what are we gonna do about money?
Maybe I'll see if there's any available shifts
at the Caffeine Hut.
Uh-uh-uh. You're too talented.
As a writer or a nanny?
Uh, Gabs, don't you know Justice Grayce?
I used to.
She and my mom were friends when they were young,
but that was before she--
Shut up.
She's right outside.
Ha ha, very funny.
Oh my god.
Uh, hello?
Gabriella, hi.
I don't know if you remember me.
I was friends with your mom.
Yes. Um, yes, of course I know who you are.
Can I come in for a minute?
In here? In my house? You want to come into my--
Yes, yes. Come in.
Thank you.
Jay Gray or Miss Gray or Queen?
I don't know what to call you.
Justice is fine.
I'm gonna shut up now.
Wow, this is so cute. You have your mother's style.
Come on, have a seat.
Thank you.
Watch your step.
Can I ask why you're here? I'm not trying to be rude.
- Oh-- - This is just so
outta the blue.
No, no, no, don't worry.
I just showed up on your doorstep.
But I figured if I came in person,
you might not be able to say no.
Say no to what?
You know, I'm, I'm just gonna go and weave a basket
or something.
It was really nice meeting you.
You too.
I'm sure you've heard the story about my last nanny.
I actually don't really keep up with that sort of stuff.
That's okay.
Apparently she was stealing from me, including my alcohol,
and then there was an accident and she drowned in my pool.
That's horrible. I'm so sorry.
Yeah, since then there's been a lot of media attention,
none of it positive, and it's scaring away
all the potential nannies.
Right when my daughter, Willow, just turned 13.
And I mean, she's an amazing kid, the most amazing kid.
But, you know, she can be a bit of a handful, like her mom.
You know, before she passed, your mom mentioned you babysit.
And then I was going through the list at the nannies agency,
and then I saw your name.
After all these years, I was like, "This must be fate."
So, I was wondering if maybe you would wanna take the job?
Wow. You want me to nanny for you?
Yeah. I need someone I can trust.
Someone I know will be good with Willow,
someone who's discreet.
I'm really trying to start a career as a writer,
so, I'm sort of getting out of the nanny business.
A writer. Really?
Oh. My ex-husband, he's a, he's a publisher.
So, I know how hard that is.
You know, this was stupid.
Your mom would be so proud of you.
I'm so sorry for the commotion.
Justice, wait.
Come to think of it,
I could actually really use a job right now.
That would be so great. Really? Oh, amazing.
Can you get your stuff so we can head out?
You wanna go right now?
I have a huge red carpet event tonight,
and I really need help.
You'll meet Willow, and both of you could come.
She's gonna love you.
Ah, I don't know what to say.
Just say yes.
Okay. Yes.
- Yes? - Yes.
Oh my god. - Let's go.
Miss Grayce, you have to let me know
when you leave the property.
- I know. - Jay, we're gonna be so late.
If there's one thing we cannot be right now,
it's so late. - I know, I know,
I know, but this was important.
Oh, this was important?
No, what's important is tonight.
Okay? What's important is you being ready.
What's important is the, the plans we made,
all the work we've done, okay?
You're not even ready. You're not dressed.
Do you know what time we have to be there?
Now that you're here, let's just get you inside. Okay?
We've got your hair, gotta get you upstairs,
and you are walking past the stairs.
That's confusing.
Now, I need you to go upstairs and start getting ready.
Vernon, please. We've done this a bunch of times.
Yes, we've done this a bunch of times.
But listen, this is a different team, a different venue,
and a different crowd-- - You know what you
should be worried about,
is that one picture I did not like posted on my Instagram.
I'm gonna need your phone.
My, what? - You know what,
you know, show me the picture, okay?
Ms. Grayce is a very private person.
You'll get it back once you've signed
the non-disclosure agreement--
Now, look at this.
Along with the background check.
Okay. Sure, I guess.
Hey, honey.
Gabby, Willow. Willow, Gabby.
This is your new nanny.
Another one?
Honey, please. Hey, why aren't you dressed?
We have to be at the club soon.
And we can't be late. Show's up at nine.
I'm not going.
Oh, Willow, don't do this right now.
And you know I don't like Ian. He's a tool.
Hey, this is very important to me, to our family.
Please. I'm trying the best I can here.
Okay? Come on.
That's my girl.
I'm not gonna like it.
Okay, hurry, get dressed.
Gabby, I'm so glad you're here.
I know it's a little overwhelming, but you'll settle in.
I need you to sign this.
What is this?
This is an NDA.
The number one priority of the household
is the privacy and safety of Justice, as well as the family.
Most importantly, please do not steal anything--
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Please don't do that, Damian.
I'm so sorry.
Our last nanny stole some jewels and a fur coat
right before the accident, so, he's a little cautious.
Justice, the clock is ticking.
I know.
I have to go and get ready,
but Damian is gonna show you around.
If you will please make sure Willow will get dressed,
I'm gonna be super thankful.
So down here we have our game room.
Over here we have our bar. Help yourself to whatever.
Just know that Ms. Grayce frowns upon any kind of drinking,
especially due to our last incident.
Have you always been in security?
LAPD, was undercover.
When I retired, I got with Ms. Grayce
and I've been with her ever since.
Must be crazy looking after the biggest star in the world.
Well, I like to think of Ms. Grayce
as a little more than just a high-profile client.
I like to think of her as family. Willow too.
Ms. McFadden.
Yes. Sorry.
This way, please.
All right, straight through here is the kitchen.
Feel free to help yourself to anything,
just make sure you don't leave a mess.
Our housekeeper is off indefinitely.
And, right through the hallway is your room.
Thank you.
So, should I sign this now?
I think that would be a good idea.
Do you live here as well?
I live in the back house.
I'm always here for the family, so I need to be close by.
Well, you know where I am if you need anything.
Thank you.
Hi, Willow?
Your mom wanted me to help you get ready.
Jay Gray always gets what she wants.
What'd she tell you about me?
Not much.
But, your mom and my mom used to be friends a long time ago.
So I figured maybe I could be your friend now?
Hm, that's cheesy.
Okay, just a little bit.
But I do need this job.
So, do you mind helping me out and getting ready?
Thank you. And let's plan on having a great time.
And, we're here.
This is it?
Okay, let's do this.
Okay, Justice, we sneak in the back
and it's like you've been here all along, right on time.
Are you coming?
I've seen it, like a million times.
But your mom said--
It's fine, I'm here.
I said I would come, I didn't say I would go in.
But your mom--
She doesn't care.
Trust me. I'll just stay with Damian.
All right, I'm gonna go in there and warm up the crowd.
I'll see you inside, love.
Vernon, I can't perform in here.
I haven't done nightclubs for years.
Justice, trust me. It is packed in there.
And, while I know Ian's fans are a little rowdy,
a little younger, but this is a whole new crowd for you.
This is a good thing.
So let's see that big happy superstar smile, and let's go.
There it is.
Are you coming, sweetie?
Okay. I'll go tell her you're staying in the car.
Who would bring their 13-year-old kid to a bar anyway?
That's what we said, we predicted that.
That's not what I did. In fact--
I need to talk to here.
Gabby, I can't hear you.
I need to talk to her.
I can't hear you.
Where's the kid?
She's with Damian.
Well hey, that's a funny way to say, "I'll go get her."
And she's needed.
I couldn't get her out of the car, so she's with Damian.
No. No.
Okay, the press needs to see the entire happy family.
Okay? All together.
Is that Samara?
No, no. No, no, no, she cannot be here right now.
Hey, everybody!
What's she doing here?
Vernon will take care of it. Don't worry.
This is bad.
Justice is gonna go ballistic.
Hello, Hollywood.
Go get the kid.
I'm here to see my good friend, Ian Pierce, perform.
Now she has to go.
Who's ready to have a party?
Hey, come watch my new movie, okay?
I know you've all been wanting us to do something
for a while now.
We started writing a new song.
I think you're gonna love it.
Whoo! Yeah!
But firstly, I got a little surprise for ya. Wish me luck.
Are you really gonna do this right now?
Damian said it was the right time. New song, new marriage.
Justice Grayce, I've loved you since the moment we met.
So what do you say?
Will you take the plunge and make an honest man out of me?
Well, what do you guys think? Should I marry him?
I do. I'll marry you.
Now, who's ready for some music?
He doesn't deserve her.
You're the new nanny, right?
How did you, do you work for Justice?
I know everything about Justice.
I'm sorry. Who are you?
You do know what happened to the last nanny, right?
What did you say?
Can you give Justice a message for me?
Get away from me.
[Ian]It was no big deal.
It's not a big deal. - It is a big deal.
No, it's not.
On stage, really? Without letting me know?
You're just being a drama queen about it.
This is what we signed up for. - Drama queen?
- Yes. - You're calling me
a drama queen? - Yes.
I'm calling you a drama queen. - Do you understand
what you just did?
- Yes. - On stage.
- I proposed to a drama queen. - You're out of your mind.
- No, I'm not. - I'm goin' to bed.
Thanks for another great night, Mom.
Thanks for another great night!
Honey. Honey, please don't.
You did that.
Oh god.
I'm so sorry this had to be your first night.
It was brilliant. Don't be so glum, love.
I need a drink.
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
Oh, of course you were thinking the same thing.
Of course I was thinking the same thing.
Welcome to my world.
I understand you wanna be a writer.
You are not gonna write about this.
She's overreacting about this.
- Yeah, you are. - It's just the fact
that your guys didn't share it with me--
I don't care anymore.
I stopped listening--
You can't just
go and do that. - Blah, blah, blah.
I do what I want.
Look, I know you had problems with the last nanny,
but I take this job just as seriously as you do.
Justice came to me and she asked for my discretion,
and I'm going to give it to her.
Hm. Well make sure you do.
Who was that man tonight?
You seemed to know him?
You mean Isaac?
Nut job fan. One of many.
Thinks that he knows her, but he's harmless.
We got a restraining order against him.
We notified the police that he violated it,
and they'll let us know if he's any more of a threat.
I got this under control.
I just wanna give you a little bit of advice, if I can.
I want you to keep your head down, your mouth shut,
and I want you to focus on Willow, okay?
Here's your phone back.
It's good to see you again.
It's good to see you.
Yeah, I'm sorry it's under
these circumstances though.
I'm sorry too.
I, I just, Rhodes, I just want you to understand
that I got this under control.
I don't wanna make this a thing, okay?
Dee, it's already a thing.
I'm doing you a favor and I'm gonna walk away.
But you gotta understand, if this keeps happening,
I'm gonna have to do my job.
I understand, Rhodes. I just, I want you to trust me.
Understand that I got this, okay?
Sorry. I was just--
Eavesdropping? Don't worry. I won't tell anybody.
You must be the new nanny.
I'm the ex-husband, Hudson.
I'm Gabby.
Nice to meet you.
Gabby, yeah. Justice told me.
I'm gonna trust you.
You take care, man.
She said that you were a writer.
I happen to be a publisher.
Yeah. Justice told me.
You any good?
I think so.
Yes. Yes. I am good.
That's what I like to hear.
Confidence makes a good writer.
I think I should know.
Maybe you could give me something you're writing
and I could see what I can do with it.
You would do that? Why?
You're taking care of my daughter.
Figured if she likes you and you stick around,
then, I could return the favor.
Speaking of taking care of my daughter,
it's mother of the year.
Hudson, what are you doing here?
Well, when I hear the news that my daughter was at a bar
in the middle of the night where my ex-wife was attacked,
I thought I needed to check and make sure she's okay.
It wasn't like that.
I wasn't attacked, and it was a special occasion.
Yeah, I read about that.
Congratulations on your new marriage.
I hope this one works out for you, Justice.
Look, I didn't know he was gonna propose like that.
Yeah, you could've fooled me.
Well, now that I see that everyone's okay,
I will be back to pick up Willow for the weekend.
I don't want her at any more of your Hollywood parties.
That was my ex-husband.
Huge pain in my ass.
I used to love that son of a bitch,
and I know he cares a lot about us,
which is what drives me crazy.
But what about Ian?
Ian's, Ian's hot, he's young. He's good for my career.
But you don't love him?
Love, love. Let's just say we have an understanding.
Like me, Hudson did not know I was getting engaged on stage.
Of course the fans wanna see you two get married. Okay?
- Well, yeah, the prob-- - The press eating this up.
Blah, blah, blah, blah.
You're all over the tabloids.
Yeah, well so, we can do something in private then, yeah?
This is insane. We don't even have the same fans.
And why would we do something in private
if we're doing it for the public anyway, right?
New fans is exactly the idea, for both of you.
They'd like to see you guys together, more for everyone.
Okay. Just picture it.
We'll start off with the classics,
and then we can go to the new song
you just made. - Yeah, yeah, whatever.
We'll figure it out.
But please, both of you, no more surprises.
It's all part of the plan, sweetheart.
Come on, you gotta trust me on this. Mm-ah.
Whatever. Just, out. Leave, all of you.
Not you.
I like your headband.
Do you need something?
Well, I have this interview tonight,
so I was wondering if you would make something to eat
for Willow.
Vernon fired the chef, so, we're adapting.
Sure. I make a mean quesadilla.
Oh, no, no. No cheese, not in this house.
Cheese, bad. Got it.
If that's everything, I'll just go unpack.
Well actually, there's one more thing.
We're having this little get together here tomorrow
and Willow is staying at her dad's.
Oh, so you don't need me then?
Well, actually I was hoping you wanted to come.
Oh, thanks.
Um, I was thinking I could use that time to write though.
With Willow and Hudson--
Can I be honest with you? It's kind of important.
And with all the staff being fired, I have no one.
I could really use your help.
Okay. Yeah. Um, it'll be fun, I guess.
Yeah, it'll be a nightmare.
All right.
One quinoa salad with kale and a drizzle of vegan dressing.
Great. Just what I didn't want.
Yeah. Didn't sound good while I was saying it.
You know what? I've got an idea.
Oh my god.
I know, I know.
I'm sorry. I'm supposed to be promoting the movie.
I'm just so excited for my wedding.
Look, we don't have to watch this.
No, no. This is some of her best acting.
And the tour starting this summer--
Actually, it's late.
How 'bout you get ready for bed before your mom gets back?
Can you do that for me?
Yeah, yeah, the fifth album
is coming out, so. - Yeah.
Hey, Gabby? - Hm?
Thanks for this.
A lot of things happening.
I never get to just chill and be a kid.
It's nice to have someone actually see me.
Good night.
Night, Willow.
I'll see you up there.
You're in trouble.
Don't worry, love. It'll be our little secret.
Sure it's one of many to come.
I didn't even know you were here.
I shouldn't.
You're relieved of duty.
Who's left to nanny, other than me?
Actually, I have some writing to do.
Anything I've read?
Not yet.
Wait, wait, wait, don't. Come on, just one. Please?
Good night, Nan.
Good night.
Alone again, naturally.
All ready for bed?
Get some sleep.
Hey, Gabby. Are you gonna stay with us?
Would you like that?
Maybe. You knew my mom, right? When she was still normal?
I met her once when I was younger than you are now.
My mom knew her really well.
You seem normal.
Oh, uh, thank you?
Mia did too.
You miss her?
Yeah, and she didn't steal from us.
She wouldn't do that. She was a good nanny.
Just promise me you won't leave like everyone else.
I promise.
Now get some sleep.
See you in the morning.
Goodnight - Night.
Desperate to leave.
Oy, bring that over here.
Put that there, but we need more towels in this part.
Don't forget.
What's all this? I thought this was a small dinner party.
Love, I don't really do small dinner parties, all right?
This is like a party, party. A real party.
Does Damian know it's bigger now?
Yeah, no need to worry. There's NDAs far and wide.
Everybody knows not to say anything,
otherwise they get the
Justice said all the staff was let go.
Then you should be thanking me.
Otherwise, you would be arranging the canopies.
What we got? What's, what's this here?
Bring that over here, I wanna smell it.
Okay, that's good, you can go.
Who are all you people and why are you in my house?
Gabriella, you're here.
Everyone, say hello to the new nanny.
Hello, nanny!
And this one is gonna stay.
Thank you so much for being here.
You know the proposal was for the press,
but this is the A-list, and I really need them to see
that Ian can behave around the new, hot nanny.
Is that the only reason you invited me?
No. No, no, of course not.
Oh, and guys, she's an amazing writer.
And I know you're all looking for screenplays.
So, here she is.
Go network. You'll thank me later.
But, that's not what I write.
Don't worry about him, Nan.
He just doesn't like being around this much fun.
We both have that in common.
Come on, where you going?
All right. Bye, Nan.
Party, whoo!
And I met, for the first time.
I was asking, I'm like, "Are you okay?"
He's like, "No, I'm not." I'm like--
Damian, Damian!
Get him!
It's the stalker, the guy from the club.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah.
Ian, get everybody out.
Everybody has to leave now.
You heard the woman, everybody out.
Party's over. Come on, tah-tah. Off you go.
For the last time, I have to vet every single person
who comes into this house, no exceptions.
Well, how am I supposed to throw a kick-ass,
trend-worthy party if Vernon's firing all the staff?
You think the help was expensive?
Wait until we get the price tag
to keep this out of the press.
And just so I know, what do you think the nanny is for?
You know what? Don't even answer that.
Excuse me. You all do realize that I am a nanny.
I'm not here to help you plan parties
or get ready for events, but I do need to keep Willow safe.
She's right. That's not her job.
And we all have to be careful. Okay?
So who is that Isaac guy?
Your stalker or whatever?
Isaac, the guy you're supposed to have
a restraining order against, he was here.
I caught him trying to go into my room
before the lady attacked.
Maybe they're, I don't know, maybe they're working together.
It can't be a coincidence. Can it?
Unless you're mistaken.
I'm not. He was here.
How many caterers did you hire?
Isaac makes four.
He was in my house? What if Willow was here?
Let's calm down. We don't know what he was after.
But we know he was in my house, Vernon.
I'm sorry, that's Damian's department.
Look, I'm gonna call the LAPD.
I'll get in touch with Rhodes, the parole officer.
He's got a restraining order.
We'll make sure that they take care of it. Okay?
Thank you.
Can we just keep it together until the damn show?
No more surprises. Keep it out of the press.
And Hudson cannot find out.
You're not gonna tell Hudson?
Whose side are you on?
Hers, of course. And Willow's.
Okay, so keep Hudson out of it.
And remember your NDA.
I understand the NDA.
I just think it's a mistake not to tell her father.
Gabby, he will take her away from me.
It's complicated, but there's a lot on the line.
Please. For me.
But you're gonna look into this, right?
Damian has friends at the police station, and I trust him.
I know he will keep me safe, and Willow.
[sighs] Now, everybody, let's get some sleep. Okay?
It's been a long night.
You gotta stop calling me with all this drama.
I told you, this isn't like Mia.
It'd be brilliant publicity, but no, we can't do that now.
You better not.
No, she doesn't know a thing.
No. I know, but we gotta wait or this is all worthless.
I don't know, she's pushing my full act, right?
Isn't she?
Yeah. So, not so very long then.
I gotta go. Um, I'll ring you later. Yeah?
All right.
That's quite the outfit.
Well, thank you.
I'm playing a saloon girl who gets attacked by zombies.
I'm just home for lunch.
there's a package for you.
Oh, yes.
Thank you.
Anyways, the production is kind of like, it's okay.
I'm a little bit bored by now,
but at the same time, this outfit though,
this outfit is so amazing, so sexy, I just love it.
What is? You seem...
I'm not gonna tell you about my cute date with the hot guy.
Why are you being so weird?
Okay, I need to tell you something,
but you cannot repeat it.
Promise me?
I went to this dumb Hollywood party
that Ian threw for Justice.
Oh my god, so lucky.
This crazy lady showed up with a gun
and tried to kill Justice.
I think something might've happened to the last nanny.
She was talking to someone,
sending them information about Justice and the house and--
She drowned in the pool. I read all about it.
I think she had something going on with Ian before.
Well, I hope you're taking notes for your future book.
I smell a bestseller.
[soft somber music]
Gabs, your little flip phone's on.
And, I have a date tonight.
- Beautiful. - Mm-hmm.
Somebody was warning her.
The last nanny.
About what?
I don't know.
I need to show this to Damian. Justice could be in danger.
Ugh, it's Ian. They need me at the club.
Ian Pierce is texting you and that's your tone of voice?
I have to go.
You have to go nanny now?
If Justice is there, Damian will be too.
After the party, I don't wanna take any chances.
Good luck.
Yes. Is this mine?
You can't seriously wanna go back there and play this out.
I mean, what if you'd been shot?
I told you, no choice now.
All the checks have already been cashed.
Imagine the press if I just blew this whole thing up.
Samara, you can't do that.
But what you and I have is real, isn't it?
Doesn't that make it so much better?
And we'll have that again.
I told you, just give it time.
You promise?
Course I do.
Don't lie to me.
I promise.
Oy, nanny. Glad you could join us.
I'm not joining you. Where's Justice?
Not here.
Who is this?
Who are you?
I've designated her, driver.
And I've gone and drunk over my security code.
You can give me a hand with that, right?
And I can see this is pointless. God.
Oh, she's a professional.
Well, that's two girls tonight.
Don't leave me, Nanny. Please.
I need you to help me get home, all right?
Fine. Let's go.
I gotta go to the little boys room.
I'll be right back.
Unless you wanna help.
That's disgusting.
Just go please. - All right.
Hey, still gotta pay for this.
Oh, he'll be right back.
Look, lady, we're closing up.
I got that.
So tell me, what do you do?
Spy in the shadows and lurking on people.
I wasn't spying.
Ian asked me to come. I thought Justice was gonna be here.
Well she isn't.
I wonder what you'll tell her.
It's none of my business.
But if you want it to be,
you know, you can make a lot of money in this town,
selling people's secrets,
especially when they're celebrities.
And you should call me.
Oh, do you need a nanny?
You're cute.
You know what? I like you.
Ian actually told me about your little book deal thing
you've got going on with Hudson, and I can't say it's bad.
You know, I admire it.
We're all just trying to get a little piece
of that Justice pie.
Well, I'm just here to look out for Willow.
Oh honey, you need to look after you.
You know, especially in that house,
where all the little nannies are dropping like flies.
Well, just make sure he gets home safe and untouched.
Don't have to worry about that.
Oopsie daisy. Your hair smells like cinnamon buns.
Right here'll do just brilliantly.
Glad to be of service.
Oh, lighten up, Nan.
Don't you know it's all a charade by now?
Ian, are you cheating on Justice?
Love, this is show business.
And as long as the show goes on,
business is good, for everyone.
All right, even as we speak,
Justice is at the stage, burning her midnight oils
and whatnot.
She has her process, I have mine.
Come on. Have a drink with me.
No, it's late.
No, no, no, no. Gabby.
Come on, just, just one. Come on.
Come on, please.
Come on, come on.
Okay. Okay. Just one.
Were you this friendly with Mia?
I'm afraid the truth is tamer than the tabloids,
though not for a lack of trying, on her part.
There's nothing wrong with an innocent little game.
Is there?
I'll give you that one, Nanny.
We should do it again sometime though.
- One year-- - One year, one year, yeah.
Hey guys.
Where's Mom?
Oh, she's not here. She's working on the show.
But hey, I made you breakfast.
Tell you what, how about after breakfast
I take you over to watch some of the rehearsal.
Sound fun?
I guess so.
I'm just gonna go put my stuff away.
Okay. But, come back and eat.
Is she okay?
She gets this way sometimes.
It's the back and forth, it's draining for her.
It only gets worse too when Justice is doing her whole
Jay Gray thing.
Why don't I take her back?
No, it's fine. It's good bonding time.
Well, I've got some important work I gotta get to,
which includes reading your book.
Which I noticed you haven't sent me yet.
Oh, yeah, sorry.
It's been busy so I didn't feel like it was ready to share.
I want it to be perfect.
Well, don't let the craziness of around here
get in the way of your real goals.
Why don't you send it to me right now?
Now, now?
Yeah. Let me take a look.
No promises or anything, but.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
There it goes.
All right. I'll see you next weekend.
Uh, yeah, I'll be here.
Well, this is exciting, huh?
Rehearsal for your mom's big show?
It's not like I've never been to a rehearsal before.
At least you get to see your mom, right?
But she's gonna be mad.
Why would she be mad?
Because nothing is more important to her than work.
That's not true, Willow.
Your mom hired me because you are the most important person
in her world.
She said that?
Of course.
But, we don't have to go in if you don't want to.
[Willow] No, I wanna go.
Wouldn't wanna miss this.
Stop, stop. Stop, stop, put me down, put me down.
[guitar riffs] Ian, what are you doing?
This is when my solo starts,
and then the fire can explode--
No, no fire.
I don't understand. I mean--
Of course we can't have fire.
Look, love, I've had 54 shows over fire.
My fans kind of expect it.
Well, mine don't.
Well, I don't care about your fans.
Oh my god, this isn't gonna work.
Vernon, I can't work like this.
It's not that big of a deal.
It is a big of a deal.
We can't afford to fire Ian.
Six mansions. It's like $15 to go boom once, love.
Come on. - What are you doing here?
Ah, can you hold
this for a second? - No. No, no, no.
You guys cannot be here right now. Okay?
She's busy. - [Justice] Just give me a minute, okay?
She's not really in a good mood.
We are working and it is tough--
What's wrong?
Nothing. No, uh, I'm sorry.
I just thought it would be a good idea
for Willow to see her mom at work.
Oh, Willow, sweetie, come here.
Hey, sweetheart. I'm working.
And as much as I miss you,
I really want this show to be perfect.
You always have to be perfect.
I know.
I know. I know. I know. I know.
Next time, call Vernon. Okay?
This is really not a great time.
Plus, it makes me look bad.
Sorry, I just thought--
I told you.
I'm sorry, Mom.
It's okay, sweetie. It's not your fault.
But now, scooch, 'cause Mommy has to yell at Vernon.
What are you thinking? Like--
Well, this is cute.
Yeah, it's got kind of a Vegas-y, shotgun wedding vibe.
That's right, I shouldn't have said gun,
after what happened at your little party the other night.
Mom, what is she talking about?
Nothing, honey. What are you doing here?
And how did she get in?
Your entourage is looking a little light lately.
I walked in.
How the mighty fall.
Samara, this is not how this is done.
Samara, I told you not to do this.
You look absolutely mental right now.
You told me a lot of things, Ian.
Here, why don't you tell everyone all the things
that we talk about?
Or maybe they would like to know what you and the new nanny
were up to last night.
She doesn't know what she's talking about.
Oh really?
'Cause you're only around to keep Ian
from running back to me,
and you sure go running every time he calls.
Justice, she's lying.
So you weren't at the club the other night?
It wasn't like that.
[Ian] That's enough, Samara.
Oh really?
You told me this little stunt
wouldn't last long. - Damian, please
just get her out of here.
Don't touch me.
What are you doing? - Bring my daughter home.
Get off of me. Get off of me.
You don't want your daughter to know
you're still banging her dad?
No. Don't.
She doesn't love you, Ian.
She doesn't love you.
Why can't you see that?
All she does is use people.
And I, I love you.
You promised me. So just come with me, okay?
I can't.
Screw you. Screw you.
You know what? Screw all of you.
If you won't come back with me,
I'll just find another way to ruin this wedding.
Just a mess.
What are you doing?
No. Get, get off of me. Don't touch me.
I'm leaving.
Justice, baby, you're gonna be so sorry.
So sorry!
Okay guys, come on. From the top, everybody.
Let's go guys. Let's go.
Five, six, seven, eight.
- She's mistreating us.
Everyone's just the same.
I'm not mental.
You're the nanny.
Gabby, yes.
And you found the body?
She sent me a text to meet her here,
that she had something important to tell me.
In the middle of the night.
Are you two friends?
Why you?
I don't know why, um, she asked me.
I just know that she was really upset
when she showed up at the rehearsal today.
She threatened Justice.
Threatened? How so?
She told her there was something going on
between me and Ian, and if she didn't break it off with him,
she was going to do something drastic.
Hmm. So is there something going on between you and Ian?
Do you happen to recognize this?
It's very unique.
I think that's my roommate's.
I borrowed it a long time ago.
Why do you have that?
We found it, in her hand.
Any idea how it got there?
I never wear those. I didn't even know I still had them.
Any idea where the other one is?
Rhodes, where are we going with this?
What are you suggesting?
Nothing yet.
It appears to be a suicide, so for now, we're done.
But don't go anywhere, Nanny.
I think I might have some more questions for you.
I'm gonna take her home.
I'll let you know if I have any more information
later tonight, okay?
I'm just trying to do my job.
- Yeah. - Okay.
Hey, Gabby, I'll take you home.
Thank you.
Hudson, hey. What--
Where's Willow?
You didn't think to tell me about the shooting
at my daughter's house the other night?
I had to hear that from Willow. She called me crying.
Justice told me--
Told you not to tell me? Of course she did.
Of course she did. Willow.
Hey, go pack your stuff. You're gonna come with me, okay?
Well, wait, no.
Willow's supposed to be with me--
I am her father!
She is coming with me. Willow, go.
Oh look, it's Super Dad.
How goes it, mate? What are you doing?
Go take another drink and don't worry about it.
Oh, a little hostile, aren't we?
No, what's hostile is this environment.
And that party that you threw the other night
that almost got Justice killed.
Oh, you told him?
She didn't have to tell me.
I'm taking Willow.
Well, you can go ahead and try mate,
but you gotta get past this.
You gonna stop me? Man of the house.
I got people for that, mate.
Oh yeah? Where's Damian?
With Justice, now why don't you back up a little bit.
- Hudson! - Dad!
Oh, okay.
I'm gonna sue your ass.
Wouldn't be very rockstar of you, now would it?
Gabby, you coming?
Oh, Gabby, come look at our fish.
Hey, kiddo, why don't you go play
while I get Gabby settled, all right?
Willow, backpack.
Thank you. Bye, Gabby.
Welcome to my house, Gabby.
It's like an oasis.
I'm sorry about what happened with Ian.
Thank you for coming.
For the record, I voted to tell you, about the attacks.
I just don't want my daughter at that house
without security.
You guys can hang out here during the day.
Damian's looking into it.
I just hate that you had to find out the way you did.
It's just scary not knowing what's happening
with Willow and Justice.
You care about her a lot, don't you?
Of course, she's my daughter.
I meant Justice. I've seen you two together.
That's complicated.
Justice and I split up because it seemed like her career
was more important than her family.
But I was stupid, she supported me when I was on my way up,
and I wasn't there for her when she needed me the most.
She just got so big, so fast that,
it was a bit overwhelming.
So I left,
even though I still love her.
Then why aren't you all together?
Why all the secrets?
She just has to keep playing this Hollywood game
to stay on top.
And sadly, I can tell that it's crushing her.
She's a strong woman.
Maybe if she knew someone really cared about her,
she wouldn't need all the charade.
But I mean, what do I know? I'm just a nanny.
You know Gabby, I didn't know what to feel about you
when I first met you,
but Willow absolutely loves you,
and you are a terrific writer.
You read my book?
I did. It's good.
I have notes, but, I think you might have something.
In fact, if you wanna look over those notes
while me and Willow hang out?
Yes, that would be amazing. Thank you.
Of course.
This view is spectacular.
Believe it or not, this is the first house that I bought
after I published my first book.
Justice and I lived here before she became a big megastar.
Willow was born in this house too.
Anyway, if you wanna look over the notes, you can.
That's not what it looks like.
Why do you have this?
To talk to Mia.
But it's not what you think.
How do you know what I think?
I've read your book, remember?
This is not one of your mysteries.
I can explain.
You leaked the stories about Mia and Ian.
Can you blame me?
You've been inside that hell house, Gabby.
You said you love Justice.
And I do.
What happened to Mia?
The story was about to come out.
I thought she might wanna get outta there.
Hudson, did you hurt Mia?
Hurt her?
Gabby, she was the only one actually caring for my daughter.
The only one that I could get any information from
except for what I could get from Justice
in between cocktails.
I was only trying to protect my daughter.
Daddy, Daddy.
No! Dad, Dad.
Drop the girl!
Okay, okay, okay. All right.
I'm so sorry I wasn't here.
How could you let this happen, Justice?
Thank God Ian told me where you all were,
so we got here in time.
I told you not to let her out of the house, Hudson.
You weren't even there. You were out with her.
Stop it.
Okay, we've got an APB out on the van.
Shame you didn't get the plates. Are you slipping, Gries?
My concern was for Willow.
Well of course, because that is your job.
Until we catch the guy, I suggest you all stay together.
No changes in your schedule. You got it?
Well, that's gonna be tough
because we got a big show coming up.
Well, if I were you,
I would advise her that she has a choice to make.
Oh my goodness. We've gotta stop meeting like this, Nanny.
Baby girl, we're going home.
You're kidding me.
You think you're safe in that Hollywood hell house?
My daughter was almost kidnapped, Justice.
That was the same woman from the party.
It was just an insane fan.
And who was driving the van, Damian? Who?
This is your fault.
This is my fault?
This is your entire life, Justice.
You know, I used to think that if I let this phase play out
with Ian, maybe someday you and I
might be able to have something again.
But that isn't real, because nothing is for you.
You will be hearing from my lawyers.
Hey, I love you sweetie. Okay?
And your mother's right for once.
There's more security at her house. Okay?
I am so sorry. This is all my fault.
I, I shouldn't have let him take her. I shouldn't have come.
I should have called Damian.
You don't need to fire me. I'll quit.
But you promised.
Willow, I'm so sorry.
I thought I could do this,
but with everything that's happened,
I couldn't bear to put you in more danger.
Come here.
It's okay.
Thank you, for saving my daughter.
Hey, Gabby.
Gabby, wait. I just wanna talk to you.
Peter? What are you doing here?
I came to see you. You think I can come in?
It's kind of late.
Hannah, no.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Let me in, let me in.
He's a stalker.
Open the door.
Get out. Get out. Get out.
Come on! Open up the door.
Please, please just let me in.
Is everyone okay?
He's dead.
I followed him from Hudson's.
I'll call the police.
I'm so stupid.
How did I not know this?
You're not stupid, Hannah.
He just came to set one day
and started flirting with me.
I guess to get to you.
He was so charming.
I'm just glad it's over.
Look at me.
You're okay now.
I don't get it. What did he want with you?
I have no idea.
Who are you calling?
Justice. I have to tell her what happened last night.
Won't Damian tell her?
I don't know. He has a lot of secrets.
They all do, even from each other.
Okay, I have to go.
Just, stay here and make sure you lock all the doors.
No more strange men.
I don't think I'll ever date a man again, ever in my life.
Be careful.
I will.
Why are you here? I thought you quit.
Are you alone? Where's Damian?
He's with Willow. Can't risk anything happening to her.
Couldn't live with myself.
He told me about what happened with you last night,
and I'm so sorry.
You know, your mom was right.
She always said that I was a mess, and...
She was an incredible lady. You know that, right?
- Yeah. - Strong.
Independent, just like you.
But hey, the show must go on.
I just wanted to give this to you.
I thought you should know everything.
What is it?
Mia was using this to talk to Hudson.
He was the one who leaked the stories about her and Ian
to the tabloids.
Can't blame him for it.
I would've done the same.
He's a good man.
A good father. Too good for me.
No, stop.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
You don't give yourself enough credit.
I feel like I'm holding the weight of the world
on my shoulders.
And at any moment, cracks will start to show.
Did you know I haven't had a real hit since Willow was born?
Hudson left me because I was so selfish.
It's not what you think it is.
You finally get what you always wanted,
what you always dreamed about.
And once you have it,
you can hardly stand it.
Some days I,
I wanna run screaming into the streets
and make it all go away.
But I can't, because too many people depend on me.
I'm Jay Gray,
I'm a star.
Once that star starts to fade,
you try everything in your power to hold onto it.
I did one, one stupid interview on a couch with Ian,
and all of a sudden, people cared again.
And now everything is wrapped up in this fake show,
that I hate.
So it's all just a show?
You can be standing in a room with thousands of people
and still feel like you're all alone.
You have Willow. And Justice, you have me.
You quit. Remember?
Okay, so what if I come back?
Would you?
Believe it or not, as insane as this has all been,
I do care for you, and I care for Willow,
and I think my mom was wrong.
You're not a mess.
You're Jay Gray.
- That's right. - Yeah.
- I am. - Yes.
Okay, Jay Gray, you've got this.
Let's give them a hell of a show.
Mom, you're killing it.
Thank you, sweetie. And thank you for being here.
It means the world to me.
Thank you, everybody.
You are the best fans in the whole world.
I wanna do something a little bit different than normal,
and I wanna dedicate the next song to my beautiful daughter.
Willow, could you come out?
This one is for you, baby. I love you.
Gabby, I had to call you.
I just read that Samara's death was ruled a murder,
not a suicide.
What? I'm at the show.
Samara was murdered!
What? By who?
Police don't know.
It just says her body was planted
to make it look like a suicide, total scandal.
Look, I didn't want to say it before,
but you gotta get away from that family.
The fame is not worth it.
Hey, real quick, did you take the earrings I loaned you
when you left?
- What do mean-- - You know, the blue ones?
Why would you ask me about those earrings?
Because I want to wear them for an audition.
I thought maybe that, you know,
Damian took them when he came over
to get some stuff for you. - What?
He was in our house, Hannah?
Yeah, he came by to pick up some of your stuff.
Uh, I thought Damian took them when he came over.
I know what you did.
You go to the police and she's dead.
Shooter, shooter, shooter!
Everybody get down!
Everyone vacate the premises, right now!
Justice! Justice!
Everybody out.
Call the police.
Where you going?
The house! It was Damian.
He killed Samara, and he's gonna hurt Justice next.
Call the police.
It's okay.
Come on. You're safe.
- No, please. - Just take my arm, okay?
I'll take care of her, I'll take care of her.
Okay, I just wanna rest you here.
Just lay down.
Okay, all right, okay.
There you go, there you go.
I'll take care of it, okay?
I'll take care of everything. Don't worry about it.
She'll be fine.
Get away from me.
Don't, no. Damian told me what you did.
He said you wanted to hurt me and my mom.
What? No, you, you have to believe me.
And why should I?
As soon as you got here, everything started going wrong.
You can trust me, remember?
I, I'm normal, right?
Please, I would never hurt you.
[gasps] You quit on us.
But I came back.
Willow? Willow?
Why did you scream?
- I, I got scared. - Okay.
And I don't wanna be here anymore.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Where's my mom?
I'm, I'm here to protect you, just a little longer, okay?
I'm here to protect you.
Relax, relax. You're okay.
I just need you to stay in the room
just for a little bit longer, okay?
They were actors.
Come here!
I need you to stay here, okay?
I'm here to protect your mother and you! Stay here!
Wait, wait, wait, wait!
Open the door!
Get in here.
No, no, let go of me.
Damian, what are you doing?
She tried to grab Willow. I'm taking her to the police.
He's lying.
Where's Willow?
She's in my room and she's safe.
No, she's not. Neither of you are.
He's the killer.
Oh, please don't listen to her.
How do you think the attackers got in?
How do you think they know where Willow's room was?
Everything started when she showed up.
He killed Mia.
He has your coat, your mom's coat.
Damian, stop!
He hired the attackers, Isaac, and he killed them too.
She's delusional.
She is so jealous of you, she will do anything to be you,
even kill you.
I didn't hurt anyone.
It was him. Justice, you were never in danger.
He just wanted you to feel that way, so you would need him.
He's obsessed.
I am the only one who can keep her safe!
And I'm the only one that was here for her!
All the time! The whole time!
You're sick.
You, you know how much I've done to protect you,
your career, how much I have sacrificed.
Everything that you have around here is, is 'cause of me.
Me, and I'm, I'm the only one that you need.
And you got all these, these skinny losers that come in,
one after another, after another, and they leave.
And I stay!
It just, I, I just thought that the person under your roof
would be the one that you would go for,
the one who's been here for you when they all leave.
And, she's, she's gonna destroy that.
No, Damian, give me the gun.
No, Ms. Grayce, no, no. You need me to protect you.
You need me to protect you.
I'm the only one that can do it
because they're gonna hurt you.
Every single one of them is gonna hurt you.
No. No one's gonna hurt me.
Now, give me the gun.
Damian, stop.
You ruined my life.
Are you okay?
Are you okay? Oh, it's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay, it's over now.
It's okay.
Ms. Grayce, I am Detective Rhodes
and I'd like to apologize to you and your family.
Damian was once a really good man.
Some people just can't handle celebrity.
We will be back in the morning to get your statements.
So please accept my apology.
Thank you.
He's gone, baby.
I am just so happy that you guys are okay.
And, I've got something you're never gonna believe.
Because of all the commotion at the concert,
you guys started trending.
I mean, now "Ride or Die" has been downloaded
more in one hour than any song in history.
It's a hit. You guys are back on top.
Oh, that's incredible, mate.
See, Mom, there is good news.
I love you.
Hey, Nanny.
I just wanna say thank you for looking after my friend here,
all right?
I'm not sure what I would've done without her.
We're friends?
Of course.
We're like the same person, you and me.
We just need to be loved.
Yeah? - Yeah.
Besides you're one hell of a star.
Come here.
By the way, uh, can I still stay in the guest bedroom?
Thank you.
--this out to?
Okay, here you go, Gabs. Do you need any more?
I think we're good.
Okay. This is so exciting.
Hope you enjoy it.
Hi. Who should I make this out to?
How about to my biggest fan?
You came.
Thank you.
Oh, I did write the forward. No?
Thank you, for letting me tell your story.
Look who's the star now.
So, still looking for a nanny?
No, not anymore.
Oh my gosh. You're all here.
Here I'll--one for all three of you.
- All right. - One.