Secrets of a Marine's Wife (2021) Movie Script

[female reporter]
the search is widening
for 19-year-old erin corwin,
who drove into the mojave
two weeks ago
and has not been seen since.
[radio crackles indistinctly]
[indistinct transmission
[jon corwin] erin was friends
with my little sister.
That's how I met her.
But then, one day,
I opened the front door
to let the little erin in,
There, instead,
was this beautiful girl
smiling back at me.
[chuckles softly]
I'm telling you,
right then and there,
I was done for.
She had me.
[chuckles sadly]
[jon] I didn't mean
to blindside you or anything.
It's just, uh...
Erin and I have been going
together for two years now,
and I was raised
that you should ask
the parents' permission.
[jon takes a shaky breath]
the bottom line is,
I love your daughter.
And, well...
Well, jon,
look, you know,
both bill and I think
you and erin are a great match.
[father] real good.
And you know we think
the world of you, jon.
[mother] oh, we do, absolutely.
I just wonder if maybe...
[erin] okay!
[erin giggles]
I'm ready.
I know we gotta get going.
I don't want to make us
late for our flight.
You look amazing.
thank you.
[shutter snapping]
what are you grinning at?
I'm just happy.
Why is that?
'cause I'm at a big fancy ball
with my guy.
You know,
I was talking
to your mom and dad
before we left.
What for?
I asked if...
If they'd be okay
if I married you.
are you being for real?
[laughs] oh, my god.
What'd they say?
You came downstairs so quick,
they didn't have a chance
to answer me.
I... I...
[both giggling]
is that a yes?
Yes! Yes!
That's a yes.
Of course, it's a yes.
Well, I guess we have
a wedding to plan then.
Well, you know...
We're in vegas.
[erin] not everyone
is lucky enough
to find "the one..."
...But somehow,
in this crazy world,
I found
my little piece of heaven.
You're my best friend,
my soulmate,
and everything in between.
can I kiss her yet?
I now pronounce you...
...Husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
[flash popping]
[horse neighs]
I'm happy for you and jon.
I really am.
It's just...
You're so young.
I'm an adult.
You're 18.
I'm being practical too, mom,
I mean,
married couples
get better housing
on the marine base.
- Did you know that?
- No.
I-I just hope
you understand, honey,
that romance and eloping
and all the pitter-patter
you're feeling now
isn't all there is to marriage.
I know that, mom.
[jessie] so, is it true?
[both squealing]
I will never forgive you
for getting married without me.
Can you believe that I'm going
to be living in california?
hey, neighbor.
Hi. Uh, erin.
- It's nice to meet you.
You too.
look at me! Look at me!
Your little girl is so cute.
Oh, that's liberty.
Actually, she's not mine.
Mine's taking a nap.
That one belongs
to, uh, chris and nichole.
They're right next to you.
[motor revs]
'sup, baby?
The boys are always so pumped
after they go four-wheeling.
If you want to get pregnant,
get your man
an off-road vehicle.
Oh, that's...
That's good to know.
Hey, honey.
- Hello!
Conor, this is erin.
How you doing?
Uh, her and her husband
moved into 119.
- Hey.
I'll, uh, I'll give you a hand.
Oh, thank you so much.
Yeah, we're just
right down that way.
[conor] yeah.
Thank you.
[chris] what's up, ash?
Hey. Chris, this is erin,
your new neighbor.
How's it going?
It's good, thanks.
Ahh! Yeah!
Hi, sweetie.
Watch me ride my bike.
Yeah? You wanna do that?
All right, go, go, go!
Hey, baby.
[chris] hey.
I thought I heard the truck.
Yeah, we revved her extra loud
just for you. Mm.
[nichole] you smooth-talker.
You bring me anything?
This right here
isn't everything?
Hey, nichole. This is erin.
Oh, hey.
- You guys must be
the new neighbors?
- Yeah, we're in 119.
Well, just let us know
if you need anything.
And, uh, let us know
if we're ever too loud for you.
- we share a wall.
[chris] wanna get loud?
Mm, wanna do that?
[nichole shrieks]
- come on, babydoll!
Let's go get loud!
[nichole shrieking]
here we go, princess.
[erin laughs]
[erin] you are so silly.
well, that's everything.
You hungry?
come here, marine.
- Are you ready?
- Are you ready? - All right.
Three, two, one!
- [shot fires]
[guys hooting]
[sunbathers yelping]
that was a seven out of 10.
I think you can do better.
hey. It's the newbies!
Hey, guys.
Hop in! The water's great.
Aw, I'm good.
I just ate. Thanks.
I'll save you
if you start to drown.
[guys laughing]
[chris roars and nichole yelps]
told you I could
deadlift 300 pounds!
okay, I'm gonna go in.
Okay, be careful.
Okay, here I come!
[erin shrieks]
- [sunbathers cry out]
[trumpet plays "reveille"]
what's the matter?
[erin laughing]
[erin] I know, mom.
I'm so excited.
I can't wait to tell everyone.
I can't believe
I'm gonna be a mom.
no! No, jon's not away
that much.
Plus, we have this amazing
community set up here
and all the couples kind of
help other couples, so.
Yeah, get dad. I'll wait.
hi, dad.
yes, it is.
[game weapons blasting]
[jon] no, I'm not saying
you can shut off fear
in a combat situation.
I'm saying that
you can use it as adrenaline.
That gives you hyperfocus.
So you seen
a lot of action over there?
Yeah. I've seen my share.
How many of the enemy
you take down?
Hell, how much time you got?
[guys laugh]
[erin gasps and groans]
[sobs with pain]
jon... jon?
Jon, something's wrong.
you didn't do anything
to bring this on.
I mean, the doctor said
that people miscarry
for a zillion different reasons.
Healthy people.
We'll just keep trying, okay?
everything's gonna be all right.
hey. How you feeling?
All right.
So what do you think?
How much was it?
Does it matter?
Well, it kinda does, yeah.
Our cards are about maxed out.
You think that's all me?
Just saying...
maybe we should slow down
our spending for a bit.
I'm not the one that just spent
$5,000 a dune buggy, jon.
It's called an atv.
I got myself one thing
so I could blow off some steam
out here
in the middle of the desert.
Where're you going?
- Out.
[footsteps receding]
Where are you headed?
Just grabbing
a little bit of fresh air.
Heading home.
Well, home's that way.
You keep going that way,
you won't see civilization
for two days.
Here. Hop in.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
Uh, ahem...
I heard about the baby.
I'm really sorry.
You all right?
I don't know.
Stuff's just been
really messed up,
and jon just
snaps right back to normal,
just like he always does.
I don't know, sometimes,
I think I just feel like
jon just doesn't need me
in a way that a baby
would need me.
You must really
still be hurting.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean
to dump all of this on you.
No. No, you can talk to me
about it.
So, what, you wanna be,
like, my shrink?
"dr. Chris will see you now."
someone said you had a horse
back in tennessee.
[horse whinnies]
yeah, well, isabel lets me
volunteer here twice a week.
Keeps me out of trouble.
We can always use the help.
Well, if you're ever looking
for volunteers,
I'm in.
I had two horses growing up.
Well, that helps.
But caring for your own horse,
it's a little different
from what we do here.
these horses are rescues.
Some of them were abused,
like cassy here.
well, I'm sure she just needs
a little bit of love.
[snorting and huffing]
Erin, hold on a second.
Okay, erin, uh...
I'm good.
It's okay.
I know
I'm not gonna hurt you.
There you go, sweetheart.
[erin] hey.
I'm gonna put these
in the fridge.
Could you straighten up
the room a little?
Yeah, in a little.
Well, they're gonna be here
in half an hour.
is tonight walking dead?
Yeah, and it's our turn.
I'm really not in the mood
for zombies and decapitations.
Oh, come on, just
close your eyes for those parts.
You know what?
I think
I'm just gonna go lie down.
We're hosting.
I don't want them
to think you're being rude.
I think everyone is gonna
survive the zombie apocalypse
without me.
[game weapons blasting]
[erin] come on.
Come on.
[door closes]
jon said you were in here.
Thought I'd come
keep you company.
You don't want to watch
the people-eating show?
I'm a couple episodes behind.
I gotta catch up online.
Prepare to die.
[scoffs, laughing] okay.
I think I can handle you.
Oh, honey, I am way more
than you can handle.
Oh. That's neat.
That's a nice trick.
[erin laughing]
oh, yeah, I see you now.
I see you now.
- You're right there around
the corner. - Don't cheat.
This is war!
Are you gonna be able
to behave yourself?
I don't think so.
I told you, I haven't seen her
since that morning...
I don't know where she is.
[detective woods]
jon, you can understand
why we might have
a little trouble believing you.
I'm the husband.
Cops always
suspect the husband first.
[nichole] oh, honey,
all you gotta do
is put peanut butter on it...
problem solved.
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
You know, anything green that
they won't eat... doesn't matter.
Oh, and, um, smooth or crunchy,
it doesn't really matter...
whichever one he likes best.
[ash] hmm.
Sorry, erin.
You probably don't want
to talk about this.
No. It's... Fine.
Liberty, you want
to go on the slide?
Jump off!
Let's go!
Nice one! Let's race!
Go, go, go, go, go!
[phone buzzing]
- [weapons firing]
[text alert chimes]
you all done with this?
- Thanks.
What're you lookin' at?
It's just damn near midnight
and you're still looking
like a million bucks.
You feeling weird
about the other night?
uh, I'm feeling weird
about not feeling weird.
I don't know.
Yeah, me too.
And we fully kissed.
I doubt
that little peck qualifies.
What exactly...
Is a kiss to you?
You want me to show you?
Absolutely not.
[chris laughs]
- no.
I don't believe you.
So here's what's gonna happen.
I'm gonna bring my lips
closer and closer to yours,
and if you are firm
about "absolutely not"...
...All you gotta do
is turn your head.
The point of no return.
Now that's out of our systems.
We can just be friends.
[chuckles softly]
[men hooting]
[shrieking and hooting]
Oh, chris.
I'm gonna hurl.
Let her out. I don't want her
to puke in my truck.
You gonna be okay?
Yes. Yes.
- You sure?
Come on!
You wanna go muddin',
we're goin' muddin'
come on, jon.
- Yeah, yeah, here we go.
All right.
[tires squealing]
told you it was safer
in the truck.
Ha, ha, ha.
Yeah, you're
a bucketful of laughs.
[nichole snickering]
say when.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, my god.
Okay. Okay.
Now would be good.
Now would be good.
All right, all right.
This ain't spring break, man.
Nice day for a...
Horse ride, isn't it?
whoa. Easy, girl. Easy.
That's right.
I'm you're friend.
You got the magic touch.
She's just a ball of stress.
I just want her to know
that anything
she's been through before
is over now.
Huh. I know the feeling.
Sometimes, I feel like I could
use a "human whisperer."
do you ever think that
being in the war messed you up?
I don't know.
When you see
that kind of stuff...
It changes you.
Sometimes, I think those scars
are even worse
than the physical ones.
Don't tell that to my buddy
who lost his leg.
Yeah, it can be tough.
It's funny.
I can talk to you
about this kind of stuff,
but I can't with my own wife.
She doesn't know
how to deal with it.
I hope you can talk to me.
I hope I... I'm able to say
something helpful.
last one back to the gate's
gotta eat a worm.
Come on, boy! Yeah!
Come on, we got this!
I can't take you anywhere, huh?
Told you... I did it on purpose.
Yeah, okay.
Falling off a horse
builds character.
[chris sighs]
nice underwear.
It's my lucky pair.
Yeah. Wasn't so lucky
for you today.
The day's still young.
[gasps] ow! Ow!
Oh, my god, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'm... I'm messing with you.
Stop it!
Don't do that to me!
Do not do that to me.
[both laughing]
hey! Uh...
So, there was this cactus
out on the trail...
I went down the hill.
Close call.
[erin]...And so, as soon
as I get him all cleaned up,
he trips and stumbles
into this other cactus...
but he's just...
Just playing around.
He's so silly.
Erin, what are you doing?
What do you mean?
I'm not doing anything.
You're totally crushing
on this guy.
Oh... Shh.
No. I'm... I'm not.
You can't fool me.
We're just friends.
We're just hanging out.
Well, that's all good.
Just remember...
You got a husband.
[shot blasting]
okay, this kid is, like,
nine years old,
and his mom
could not have cared less
about what he did.
I am telling you, ash,
it is a good thing
that there were other people there
'cause it would've gotten...
Mm, ugly.
hey, I think it is time
for a nap, huh, mister?
- oh...
Should we go in, baby girl?
Yeah? Okay. Let's go.
You go ahead.
Got your stuff?
Oh, hey, erin, um...
We're having dinner
at ash's tonight.
You guys coming?
Yeah, that sounds great.
- Yeah?
See you then.
- Thanks.
[shot rings out]
[tv playing]
- how are you doing?
- yeah?
Do you need anything?
- No, thank you, babe.
More chips.
ash, I'll take a beer.
Yeah? You got it.
- Thank you.
Jon, you're looking
a little low there, buddy.
You want another one?
No, thanks. I'm wiped.
- Okay.
I'm gonna turn in myself.
- Oh, really?
Yeah. I'm gonna go to bed.
Okay, buddy.
Goodnight, babe. Mwah.
Get that butt in there.
You wanna head on out?
Um, I think I'm gonna stay
and finish the movie.
Ash, is it okay if I stay?
[ash] yeah, absolutely.
Whoever's last,
just make sure you lock up.
- Thank you.
We should get going.
Oh, there's a half an hour left.
We can finish it?
I got a beer and...
I'm real tired.
- Sorry.
- Okay. Okay?
- Yeah?
See you at home.
Ash, thank you.
- Aw, thanks, buddy.
[chris] I won't wake you, okay?
- [nichole] okay.
Sleep well.
Bye, nichole.
[nichole] thanks, ash.
Yeah, I'll see you.
Goodnight, guys.
- Night.
[tv playing]
[tv playing softly]
[baby cries]
I got this.
Thank you, babe.
- Yeah.
I'll get your bottle.
[bangs door]
[bangs door]
[dish clanks]
[exhales tensely]
[sighs deeply]
erin? Hey! Erin.
[grumbles groggily]
oh, sorry.
Oh, sorry,
I must have just fallen asleep.
Don't b.S. Me.
chris was here five seconds ago.
I saw you two.
[clicks tv off]
I-I know
that you're still hurting
from losing the baby,
and, sometimes,
things like that can
make you go a little crazy.
But this kind of thing...
Not gonna help.
Yeah, I know.
We have
a really nice set-up here.
Okay? We're like a family.
It's good.
It's working.
Don't ruin it.
You're not gonna tell anyone,
are you?
only conor.
We don't keep secrets.
Hey, don't worry.
He doesn't want this out
any more than I do.
[quietly] okay.
Go home to your husband.
tell my mama not to cry!
[squad] tell my mama not to cry!
In the corps you'll do or die!
[squad] in the corps
you'll do or die!
Pin my wings upon my chest!
Pin my wings upon my chest!
Tell my girl I've done my best!
I gotta get going.
[faucet running]
[exhales deeply]
I know, isn't that just
the sweetest thing ever?
I mean, I know
it's a little bit goofy, but...
Oh, boy.
You're in trouble, girl.
[laughs] no, it's just nice
to have a little bit of romance
for a change, you know?
Jon's so... Not like that.
Oh, god.
Did anyone ever send me
a love note?
chris is just like...
This mysterious dark horse.
[erin laughs]
he just always seems to know
exactly where my heart is.
Yeah, your heart
and other things,
from what you're telling me.
You gotta put the brakes
on this thing.
I mean, what good
is gonna come from this?
It's not gonna go
any farther than it already has.
It's just...
It's nice
to feel good for a change.
[men singing call-and-response]
can you just be happy for me?
I'm happy for you.
All right, erin, your turn!
Ohh, I don't... I don't think so.
If she starts to win,
I want you
to gouge her eyes a little.
There's no rules in this.
Come on.
I got this!
Come on, erin.
It's time to fight the champ.
all right, here we go!
- [grunting]
- Whoo!
You didn't want it bad enough!
I did want it bad!
I told you to fight dirty!
How's that for dirty?
[chris] I brought you in
as a ringer.
You wanna do it again?
[erin] yeah, come on.
[chatter, indistinct]
- Hey.
you know, I...
I kinda go on about
the war stories with the guys.
I've never seen a day of combat
in my life.
I mean, I've seen a lot
of terrible things out there.
That's no lie.
I was...
a glorified security guard.
I've never fired a single shot
at a living target.
It's pretty lame.
You still served your country.
I think that's pretty cool.
You gonna give me a medal?
[nichole] hey, chris!
Time to go home.
Oh, come on, ma!
It's still early!
Ha, ha, ha. Very funny.
Okay! Let's go!
[text alert chimes]
[text alert chimes]
[breath shaking]
wake up, you son of a bitch!
I said wake up!
- Come on!
Did you really think
I wouldn't find out
about you and that slut?
What're you talking about?
You're sloppy
and you're stupid, chris!
Explain yourself.
Baby, this...
this is just us goofing around.
You have been caught, you moron!
Be a man, for god's sakes!
[panicked breathing]
look, nichole...
This really didn't go that far.
How far did it go?
We j...
we just made out a little.
Okay? It was just kissing.
You go to hell!
Come on, nichole!
- [nichole rages]
it just went
from one thing to another,
and I don't know...
I swear to god,
we never had sex!
We just talked about things...
things that, I don't know, that
I can't talk about with you!
Oh, so it's my fault
because you can't talk to me.
That's not what I'm saying!
- Well, what are you saying?
I'm just having
so much trouble adjust...
that is just
a goddamned excuse, chris!
No, it's not an excuse...
do not touch me!
Do not touch me right now.
[chris] what do you
want me to do?
[nichole] I told you,
I want you to go to hell!
[chris] I said I'm sorry!
I don't care if you're sorry!
I'm keeping your phone, chris,
and whatever this thing is
with her,
you're gonna end it!
And she better hope
that I never see her alone,
because I will kill her ass...
and I mean dead!
I told her
we barely did anything,
but, obviously, she didn't care.
Oh, my god.
We're caught.
It's over.
So what do we do?
What can we do?
I don't want this
to end my marriage
and I'm sure you don't want it
to end yours, either.
No. No. Right.
This goofing around...
It's not worth it, right?
I'm gonna to be discharged
any day now,
and we're probably gonna
move back to alaska.
Erin, this was fun, but...
It's gotta end.
Was what it was.
We always knew it was gonna
have to end eventually, right?
[water running]
[door opens]
[door closes]
what's the matter?
You sure?
Do you wanna maybe...
You wanna maybe go home
for a couple of days?
I've got
some time off coming up.
Why don't we go back
to tennessee,
see your mom and dad?
That sound good?
yeah, that sounds good.
show me your moves.
Let's go.
[lore, knocking]
honey? Can I come in?
Tell me what's wrong.
You were right.
Marriage is hard.
Talk to me, honey.
What's the matter?
[sobs] I don't know.
It's just tough.
[chuckles tenderly]
I know.
Do you still love him?
I do. I do, yeah.
Well, I know
that boy
loves you body and soul.
He would do anything on earth
to make you happy.
All the rest
can work itself out.
[faintly] yeah.
- Right?
Yeah. I'm sure.
I just needed to cry.
You know.
You know,
I'm probably just being stupid.
Aw, honey.
[crickets chirping]
hey. You feeling better?
I'm glad you kept that dress.
You're a five-alarm fire
in that thing.
I love you.
I'm all yours.
[woods] listen to me, jon.
Did you guys have a fight?
Nothing like that.
We were good.
We... Are good.
We're happy.
Was there
some big blow-up with erin
before she disappeared?
[man groans, disappointed]
come on.
[man] shoot it, buddy.
Aww, man.
I know it hurts now,
but, in time,
you'll see it made you stronger.
Yeah, yeah...
- oh! Ringer!
Stuff it, buddy!
- Oh, ho!
Babe, that was close.
- Watch this one.
You suck.
[chuckles incredulously]
damn, nichole.
Why don't you just
drink out of the pitcher?
Just giving myself
some liquid courage.
[ash] oh, crap.
Do I even wanna ask?
Why didn't you
tell me about chris and erin?
Chris told me you knew.
I thought we were friends, ash.
Listen, nichole,
it's none of my business,
and I-I didn't want
things to escalate.
[scoffs bitterly]
well, it's gonna escalate.
Okay, well, listen.
It's over between them.
Why dredge this up?
No one else needs to get hurt...
so I guess it's just wrong
to speak the truth around here?
Think about it.
Oh, I have.
Nichole. Come on.
Hey, hey, hey, nicho...
liberty needs a nap.
You think it'd be okay
if I had my daughter back?
Wait, one second.
- [erin] yeah, of course.
We're just playing.
- Yeah.
You like "playing"
with my family?
Hey! Hey, nichole.
Uh, I could...
- in a minute, ash!
I want to talk
to my friend, erin, here.
[chris] hey, nichole!
Why don't you and ash
come play doubles?
I thought
it was jon's turn next.
Don't want to cheat him.
That's okay. I'm good.
Oh, you're good, jon?
You're "good"?
He's good!
Well, I wouldn't want him
to feel left out.
Nichole, why don't you
come and sit down?
Here, babe.
Have your phone back.
You've been a real good boy.
Just no more lovey-dovey texting
with little erin.
Hey, jon.
Truth or dare?
[quietly] don't do this.
Definitely truth.
Truth is...
your wife
has been messing around
with my husband.
I dare you
to do something about it.
Oh, yeah!
For about a month or so,
she has been
sneaking around with him.
I guess you didn't know you were
married to a bitch-ass ho.
[nichole] if you ever
come near my husband again,
I will kill you myself!
is it true?
I'm sorry.
I don't know
what you want me to do.
Do you want me to leave, or...
I'm so sorry.
Please don't hate me.
just tell me what happened.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
[rapid gunshots firing]
I mean, dude,
what were you thinking?
Obviously, I wasn't thinking.
The little guy was.
Yeah, you mean the, uh,
you mean the really little guy?
Oh, is that why all the ladies
call me "kielbasa"?
No, they call you kielbasa
because of your breath, bro.
Come on.
Let's go.
[wood cracking]
- [groaning]
Mine shaft, buddy.
A thousand of 'em out here.
You gotta watch your step.
Thought I was done
with minefields
after afghanistan.
[thumps plank]
hey, so I think my mom
is planning a trip out
for my birthday.
She sent me
this monster grocery list,
so I think
she's planning on cooking
the entire time she's here.
That sounds good.
I just don't want her stuck
in the kitchen
the whole time, you know?
So I was thinking
maybe we could think of
some fun things
around town to do with her.
Do you have any ideas?
I dunno.
Come on.
You can't think of one fun thing
to do with her?
I mean, whatever you want to do
is cool with me.
god, I wish
you would just yell at me.
What're you talking about?
I wish you would
just yell at me.
It's better than
this passive-aggressive thing.
I'm just reading the menu.
You said you forgave me.
I did forgive you.
I just want to move on.
How are we supposed to move on
if we don't talk about it?
What's the point?
It happened.
I forgive you.
What's to talk about?
How about the fact that
I've been a horrible wife to you
and you don't seem to care
the least bit about it?
It makes me feel like
you don't love me anymore.
I could serve you
divorce papers.
Is that what you want?
Erin, come on.
I'm not giving you
the silent treatment.
I'm just trying to decide
on bacon or sausage.
That's it.
Take your mother on a hike
out in the desert.
There's plenty of trails
out there.
Hey, chris?
I just want you to know,
I believe in forgiveness.
I mean, I think
we all feel pretty rotten
about the whole thing.
Why don't we just say bygones?
Yeah, sure.
All right then.
[gravel crunching]
Saw you from over there.
Yeah, we walked right into it,
didn't we?
I don't think jon is
ever gonna trust me again.
He says he's gonna be
able to move past it,
but I don't know.
How's nichole?
Oh, who can tell with her?
Thank you for being there
when I needed you.
I could say the same to you.
I... I better get going.
Yeah. Okay.
[shots firing]
["reveille" plays on trumpet]
[erin] I don't want
to get too excited.
Why not?
You're pregnant.
You're healthy.
The baby's healthy.
I just get worried.
This is great news.
It's a fresh start.
This is our future.
[both chuckling]
[door opening]
what are you looking at?
I was just...
Scoping out some trails.
What do you think
of the name "sam"?
You don't want jon jr.?
[both chuckle]
nah, that's lame.
I don't know.
What if it's a girl?
Sam works for a girl too.
[jon chuckles]
[inhales deeply]
oh, hey.
Hey. I'm just leaving.
Be careful out there.
I love you.
Love you.
- Bye.
that was it.
Nobody saw her after that.
[woods] somebody
must've seen her, jon.
Young, pregnant women
don't just vanish into thin air.
[line ringing]
[voicemail greeting]
hi. This is erin.
Leave a message.
Who could that be, huh?
Hey. You haven't talked
to erin at all, have you?
Hi. This is erin.
Do you think maybe she got lost?
[jon] if she got lost,
she'd call me.
Maybe there's no reception
where she is?
hi. This is erin.
No one knows where erin is.
9-1-1. What's your emergency?
My wife is missing.
[dog barks]
[woods] you say you went
back to sleep that morning?
The morning she left?
Yeah, for maybe
another hour or so?
So no one saw you that morning?
I don't think
I left the house until later.
What were you doing all day?
Just gaming.
[woods] meanwhile, your wife
is out in the middle of nowhere.
You think that she had a...
Bad sense of direction.
You weren't worried
she would get lost?
What was I supposed to do?
Say "no, you can't go"?
She just did it.
And it got late.
She didn't come home and...
That's when I started
to get really worried.
Why'd you wait so long?
Well, you know,
cops don't even
consider a person missing
until they're gone 48 hours.
[det. Tabor scoffs dubiously]
I mean, I see that
on tv all the time.
But by the time you called us,
your pregnant wife was missing
for a full 24 hours
out in 2,000 square miles
of the mojave desert
in 110-degree heat.
Do you have any idea
how dangerous that kind of heat
is to a pregnant woman?
Yeah, nobody knew
where you were.
Everyone knew where I was.
I went to everybody I know.
I called up everyone I know.
[woods] yeah... You did.
Hours after erin went missing.
You made sure
that everybody you know
heard your worried voice
that day.
It's not like I was...
listen to me, jon.
This is the most important
moment of your life.
I know you want to tell us
and get the weight of it
off your shoulders.
I love my wife.
Then tell us where she is, jon.
Mr. Lee?
Yeah? Can I help you?
I'm detective tabor.
This is detective woods.
We're talking
to all the residents
and we were wondering
if we could ask you
a few questions about
your next door neighbor,
erin corwin?
Yeah? Uh... 'course.
[woods] you heard
that she's missing?
Yeah. I mean, everyone has.
Do you remember the last time
that you saw her?
God, it's gotta be...
A couple weeks ago now, I guess.
What's going on?
Well, we were just asking
about your missing neighbor.
You're mrs. Lee?
Did you guys ever talk?
Did she ever confide in you
about anything personal?
[laughs uncomfortably]
um, yeah, I mean,
we'd, like, hang out sometimes,
but they sort of do their thing,
we sort of do ours.
You and jon are both marines?
- Yeah.
Did you ever hang out,
just the two of you?
Me and jon? No.
[woods] so he never
talked about his wife?
Or how things were going
in his marriage?
I don't have
any useful information
for you guys.
- Sorry.
- Okay.
Well, if anything comes to you
that you think might help,
please don't hesitate to call.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
san bernardino county
sheriff's department
informs us that the fbi
and border patrol,
as well as los angeles
and kern county sheriffs,
are all participating
in the widening search
for 19-year-old erin corwin.
this is really hard for me.
I would never betray a secret,
but I'm getting really scared.
Their neighbor said
they'd hear them
fighting all the time.
If they were fighting,
it was probably about him.
"him"? Who?
I mean, if I had to guess.
Just tell me what happened.
Why would they fight
about chris?
Erin and chris had a thing
for a little bit.
all they ever did,
pretty much, is kiss each other,
and that's as far as it went.
chris and erin had an affair?
I don't know
if I would call it that,
but, yeah, they were
playing around a little bit.
But, after the wife found out,
they ended things,
and then that was that.
It got ugly for a minute,
but everyone got past it.
It ended.
Everyone got past it?
Even erin's husband?
I don't know.
Erin tried completely hard
to get over him,
but... That stupid poem.
So you don't forget about me.
[chris] don't give up
and I won't, too.
Hopefully, like me,
you still think I love you.
[jessie] the affair...
...It never ended.
[door thuds]
I knew she was headed
into trouble,
but I never thought that...
She had just fallen
so hard for him.
You're like a secret of mine,
so I can tell you
all my secrets.
I'm in love with you, erin.
and then she got pregnant.
Jessie, guess what?
I'm pregnant!
I know, I'm so excited about it.
I can't wait to tell chris.
are you sure it's mine?
Yeah. I'm sure it's yours.
We're gonna have our own family.
we got to a point when
we were talking about him, like,
god, we were 14-year-old girls.
- Hi.
I'm just leaving.
Be careful out there.
I love you.
Love you.
Okay, bye.
- Bye.
we should
call the police, right?
We brought you back in, jon,
because we now know
that erin's baby wasn't yours,
and you knew it.
It wasn't your baby.
It was chris's.
And you couldn't take it.
What are you talking about?
I never thought it was chris's.
Come on.
You're not stupid, jon.
You followed her out
to the desert that morning,
and you killed her.
I didn't.
We spoke to erin's mother
and her best friend.
We know that erin and chris
kept seeing each other
behind your back.
You want to tell us
that you didn't know?
[takes a ragged breath]
I didn't know.
Yes, you did, jon.
You did.
And that's why you killed her.
I did not kill my wife.
Your name is jon corwin?
Your wife is erin corwin?
Do you know where your wife is?
Did you have anything
to do with her disappearance?
Have you ever caused your wife
any bodily injury?
Did you kill your wife?
You got something?
A second set of tire tracks.
She wasn't alone out here.
You lied about
your affair with erin.
I don't know.
I didn't think it was important.
And I would say, right there,
you just lied to us again.
Anything but the truth
adds up to be
very bad news for you, chris.
That kind of thing is a crime
in the marines.
It'd get you court-martialed.
We're not
the marriage police, chris.
We don't care
who you do the macarena with.
But if your dance partner
goes missing...
especially if she's pregnant
with your kid...
well, in our profession,
that's what we call
an intriguing set
of coincidences.
It wasn't my kid.
[woods] you sure about that?
We never had sex.
Then why all the worry
about court-martial?
I mean, we-we messed around
a little bit, but that was...
[tabor] but you never went
all the way?
We know from erin's best friend
that you and erin
had sex, chris.
That's not true.
Okay, so walk us through it.
She had sex with you,
but you somehow didn't notice?
No, I mean that...
[woods] do you wanna
read through their texts?
Assume we know everything.
I got a wife and kid
that I want to keep.
You can understand
why I wouldn't want this
getting out.
Oh, we completely understand.
Matter of fact,
we could also understand why
you'd want this whole problem
to go away.
I never met erin that day.
We found erin's car.
And two sets of tire tracks.
One set that matches your jeep.
I never met erin that day, guys.
So why all the lies?
Where's her body, chris?
You don't know?
See, I thought
you knew everything.
Chris didn't ask you
to go with him
to the desert that day?
No, no. Not that day.
But you say, normally, he does?
So why was that day different,
do you think?
I don't know, I just assume
that he was out
looking for a mine shaft.
Mine shaft?
Yeah, there's...
I don't know, there's
millions of 'em out there,
and chris always had this idea
that he wanted to, uh...
Blow up an old mine shaft.
We'd go out there,
we'd shoot things, you know,
blow stuff up.
But chris had gotten this, um,
this propane tank,
and, um, was wanting
to blow up an old mine with it.
That's helpful. Thanks.
if anybody can find her,
it's you, doug,
but, regrettably,
this is no longer
a rescue operation.
It's now a recovery operation.
We're acting on a hunch
that our victim might be down
one of the old mines out here.
Well, hell, this valley here
has a hundred mines
all on its own
that haven't been marked.
It's endless.
Damn near.
So, basically, we're trying
to find a needle in the desert.
[chuckles] damn near.
are you ready, mom?
Yeah, baby, we're going soon.
we're not gonna miss this place.
These people are never gonna
let up on us.
None of it matters
anyways, babe.
Let's leave it behind us, huh?
By the time we get to alaska,
it'll be yesterday's news.
[engine starts]
all right. Lower it.
Nice and easy.
a little more.
Keep going.
Uh, we might have
something here, guys.
Tommy, uh, rotate left
a few degrees.
And a little closer.
Just a touch more.
[doug groans]
Okay. Bring it up.
Let's move on.
The grueling search
for erin corwin
has been ongoing
for seven long weeks.
Hundreds of people
covering 2,000 square miles
of the desert,
and, so far, not a trace
of the missing woman.
Authorities tell me
that they will
abandon the search
in 24 hours.
But you think chris did it,
don't you?
He's still a suspect...
And if she doesn't turn up,
that son of a bitch is gonna get
away with it, isn't he?
It's possible
we may never find her.
There's a few more mines
up in this region.
Tougher to get to,
but who knows?
Look, doug.
You did your best.
Oh, I ain't giving up.
[sighs heavily]
yeah. Yeah, this is it.
What's this?
Yeah. This is it.
Gotta be.
[siren wails]
the officer
didn't tell me the problem.
Was I speeding?
Christopher lee,
you're under arrest
for first-degree murder.
Are you kidding me?
[flash popping]
Where's this big surprise?
Hop in. I'll show you.
[engine shuts off]
I will admit,
this is a surprise.
So, is this place
really important to you?
I come here a lot.
[erin chuckles]
close your eyes.
[erin laughs]
what're you doing, goofball?
Hey, I have a quick question.
What do you think
about the name "sam"?
I don't like it.
Me neither. It's stupid.
[erin sighs]
okay, can I open 'em yet?
Uh, mr. Lee,
you have pled "not guilty"
to this crime.
Is that correct?
Yes, sir.
And you've, uh, you've taken
the stand here today
so that the jury can hear
that erin corwin
gave you no choice
but to do
what you admit you did.
That it was
a spontaneous crime of passion,
and not a cold-blooded,
premeditated murder...
is that correct?
She wanted to destroy my family.
Mr. Lee, uh...
...Why were you
driving with erin
out into the desert?
I wanted to talk to her
away from everything,
see if I could
talk some sense into her.
I wanted to tell her
that she and I were not
gonna end up together.
Were you, uh, able to get
through to her?
It's quite a long drive
out into the desert, mr. Lee.
God only knows
you had plenty of time
to make your case.
She was gonna destroy
me and my family,
and she didn't care.
She pushed me to a point
where I just snapped.
You blame erin?
If she just listened
to reason...
I did what was necessary.
would you show us what you did?
so what did you do?
[chris grunts]
you said you...
you pulled really, really hard?
only a few seconds have passed.
She was still alive... you
could've stopped there, right?
- You couldn't have stopped?
we're about, uh...
30 seconds in.
You could've stopped.
Now we're closing in
on a minute.
She couldn't possibly
still be kicking at this point?
You could've stopped.
- I couldn't.
Well, certainly,
once she stopped moving...
I couldn't stop.
- Why not?
Nothing could've stopped me
at this point... I was too angry!
[prosecutor] at this point,
she wasn't moving,
she wasn't struggling...
- She didn't see this coming,
yet you were still pulling,
and she's not moving.
one minute, 20 seconds.
You can let go.
please take the stand, mr. Lee.
You did
what was necessary...
To a 120-pound woman...
Three weeks pregnant
with your child,
using a...
that you just happened
to have lying around.
Then you threw
her lifeless body...
...Down a 140-foot
mine shaft
like she was nothing
but a piece of trash.
You then attempted
to collapse the mine
by using the propane tank
that you brought with you.
That would have definitely
destroyed the evidence,
but I guess you weren't
the marksman
you needed to be that day.
[shot rings out]
were you?
I did what was necessary.
That you said.
And what exactly
did you do, chris?
I killed her.
Prosecution rests, your honor.
[gavel bangs]
you know, the last time
the three of us were
in this room together...
...I asked for your permission
to marry erin.
You think I can be
alone with her for a minute?
Of course, you can.
I love you, erin.
I wish I'd have
told you that more.
[jon] "but then, one day,
I opened the front door
to let the little erin in, and...
so what do you think?
[jon]...There, instead,
was this beautiful girl
smiling back at me.
[chuckles softly]
I'm telling you,
right then and there,
I was done for.
She had me.