Secrets of an Undercover Wife (2007) Movie Script

Valerie: Why do you have to
go back to the city tonight?
Paul: Oh, I've got an EPA
meeting in the morning.
I got to get my notes.
I want you to stay.
No, no, no.
Val, I've got to go.
Val, you always do this.
I've got to go.
[sound of door closing]
[car door slams]
[engine starts]
[sound of receding car]
[sound of shower]
[door squeaks]
[glass smashes]
[more glass smashes]
[hand squeaks down glass]
Lisa: I couldn't do this
without you, Diane.
Diane: Do what?
Put on this gorgeous dress,
and live o
No... make this choice.
Am I crazy?
No, I'm the one who's
crazy... for being alone.
You go, my girl.
I have faith in no man,
but I do have faith in you.
[deep sigh]
Just do me a favour.
Look me in the eyes
one last time,
and tell me that you're sure.
I'm sure I love Paul,
and that I can be
a good wife to him.
And I'm sure I'm leaving
you in our gallery with
three showings while I'm off
in the Cayman Islands,
drinking Marguerita's
and consummating my marriage.
Priest: Do you take Lisa
as your lawful wife,
to have and to hold
from this day forward,
for better or for worse,
for richer or for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and cherish
until death do you part?
I do.
Priest: Lisa, do you take
Paul as your lawful husband,
to have and to hold
from this day forward,
for better or for worse,
for richer or for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and cherish
until death do you part?
I do.
Both: I take this ring as
a sign of my love and fidelity.
In the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.
I now pronounce
you husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
[cheers of crowd]
I don't know what I did to
deserve you, but I'm going
to earn it every day
for the rest of my life.
[cheers and clapping]
Lisa: All right,
here it comes. Ready?
[squeals of delight]
Munez: Mr. Wilder?
Paul: Yes. What is it?
Munez: Special Agent
Selena Munez, FBI.
- What's going on?
- If you had any plans
for this evening, I suggest
you cancel them now.
What are you talking about?
We're going on our honeymoon...
We have a warrant
for your arrest.
- What!
- I'm not going anywhere
with you.
This is my wedding day!
Lisa: Hey! Hey!
Munez: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Back off! Just back off, Lisa!
Or I'll charge you
- with obstruction!
- Paul, what's going on?
Munez: Come on, Mr. Wilder.
You're coming with us.
Lisa: Paul! What's happening?
Munez: Don't make this
any harder than it needs to be.
Just tell me what
I'm being charged with.
Embezzlement, wire fraud,
among other counts.
You must have the wrong person!
This has to be a mistake!
- I don't know.
Lisa: Paul, what
the hell is going on?
They're going to claim that
some money has gone missing.
Is this the same money
the FBI questioned you about
- last month?
- It's complicated, Lisa.
Yeah, it's complicated!
I didn't tell you because
you were stressed yourself.
You were busy with the
opening of the gallery
and with the wedding and
I didn't want to burden you.
You lied to me.
[click of door opening]
Frances: Mrs. Wilder...
if you'll excuse us.
[click of door latch]
Allow me to introduce myself,
Mr. Wilder.
I'm Frances Bracken,
Assistant U.S. Attorney.
I want you to tell me what
the charges are against me.
You were partners with
Clayton Darwin and Valerie
- Ross in Fission Recycling.
- Yeah.
Yeah, Clayton and Valerie and
I started the company
Ms. Ross was shot to death
just as the FBI were
to interview her about
certain questionable
- transactions at Fission.
- Yeah, I'm aware of that.
Now, more than ten million
dollars in investor funds
have gone missing
from your company.
And your signature appears on
slips transferring that money
to the Cayman Islands.
That... that's...
That's impossible.
[click of door opening]
Wilcox: Shame on you,
Ms. Bracken, speaking to
my client without
the presence of counsel.
Frances: Oh, don't get your
panties in a bunch, Wilcox.
Nothing improper about
defining the charges.
Now, there's very convincing
evidence against you,
but I'm going to make you
a one-time offer.
You have a window here
to cut yourself a deal.
Are you suggesting a plea?
If he's willing
to implicate others.
We've traced the missing
money to the Cayman Islands.
It disappeared from there.
We want to find that money.
I have no involvement
in any of this.
- This is absurd.
- Last chance.
If you cooperate, we'll
recommend low-end sentencing.
If not, we'll do it
the hard way.
Wilcox: The charges
are weak, Frances,
and my client won't be saying
anything further at this point.
Your decision.
Which means I'll see
you in court.
This is a nightmare, Richard.
You got to get me out of this.
- Lisa.
- What's happening?
Well, it's Federal charges
and if bail is granted,
- it's going to be steep.
- Well, the down payment
on the house took all the
available cash we had.
Paul, I could care
less about a house.
But I want you to just look
at me in the eyes right now
and tell me the truth.
Did you have anything
to do with this?
Lisa, I swear to
you, I am innocent.
You get him bail and
I'll take care of the rest.
Max: Yes, I'll have your
son's files posted with
the courthouse first thing
in the morning.
You're welcome.
[door chime]
Not necessary, Mrs. Marquez.
No, I love enchiladas.
Bye bye.
Lisa: Hi.
Max: What can I do for you?
I'm looking for Marty Macauley.
Ah, my late husband.
I haven't had the heart
to change the ad.
I'm Max.
I need to post a bail.
[rustling of papers]
Max: Ahem.
- Paul Wilder... your husband?
- Uh-hum.
This ain't small change.
What did he do?
It's irrelevant, he's innocent.
They all are.
How long you been married?
How long have you been widowed?
- Coffee?
- Thank you.
Max: You own any property?
We just bought
a substantial house.
Max: I can arrange bond
but you'll have to put up your
house for collateral, in case
your hubby decides to skip bail.
Oh, he won't.
I told you he's innocent.
He has nothing to run from.
Wheels of justice can
crush you some
I got a friend doing
time at Joliet.
I know he's innocent.
He had an alibi for the crime.
- What happened?
- Inept attorney and a judge
who should've been in a home
instead of on the bench.
Door swings both ways.
The guilty sometimes walk,
- and the innocent do time.
- That's encouraging.
With respect, how long
have you known this guy?
12 months before
we were married.
Love's a splendid thing.
Lisa: I'm not sure
if you're mocking me.
I don't know you.
But I do know my husband,
and I believe him.
Max: Want to know
what I think?
Love is blind.
Second, you never know the
stripes of any male 'til
he's cornered and desperate.
- Paul: I was set up.
- Who would do that?
That's all I can tell you.
Does it have anything
to do with Valerie's murder?
Now you're interrogating me!
I'm sorry, I'm just trying
to make sense of all this.
I'm sorry.
I'm just tired of being asked
questions that I don't know
the answers to.
Turn right here.
- Where are we going?
- To find some.
Lisa: Paul, are you sure
you don't want to just wait
til the morning?
Paul: There'll be staff
here tomorrow.
I need to see if somebody's
been into my computer files.
[swish, beep]
[swish, beep]
[swish, beep]
Lisa: What's wrong?
They must have
changed the codes.
[bam, bam]
I'm Paul Wilder.
I need to get into my office.
I'm Paul Wilder.
I need to get into my office.
Hey! [bam, bam]
Hey! [bam, bam, bam]
[bam] Hey!
[screech of tires]
Paul: Did you see him
come to the jail?
Or ask if he could help?
Lisa: He sent your attorney.
Paul: He sent the
company's attorney.
[clang of door]
Hey, buddy, aren't you
going to invite us in?
Clayton: Not that I'm not
glad you made bail,
but do you know what time I
Lisa, I've been
meaning to call you.
How come the codes are
changed at the office Clayton?
- Security.
- Which you neglected
to tell me.
And the armed guards?
I changed them as
a precaution because of the
bad publicity surrounding
your indictment.
All right, which means that
you have no desire to be
dragged through the mud with me.
Okay, okay, fine.
I am covering my own ass
because somebody has to keep
the company functioning, Paul.
Thanks for the support, pal.
What is going on here?
You guys are best friends.
- What's happening?
- I am as much in the dark
about what happened as you are.
Look, Paul, we have
a lot at stake here.
I am just trying to
protect our interests.
Oh, is that all?
All right.
Well, we'll see you at the
office eight at o'clock
in the morning.
We've got to talk about this.
Oh, uh... I don't think
that would be a good idea.
What the hell are
you talking about?
You're running around like
a loose cannon while
we're trying to promote
a new infusion of
investor funds, Paul.
Aw, come...
All right, you're on
paid leave until you get
- your legal problems resolved.
- You son of a bitch!
Lisa: Paul.
Diane: Paul, please!
Lisa: Forget it.
Let's go. Let's go.
TV Reporter: The noisy garbage
truck trundling up and down
city streets may soon go
the way of the dinosaur
if one local company
has its way.
That's right, Fission Recycle
has patented a revolutionary
green way to dispose of
and re-use our city's
household waste.
Paul: Plastics,
bio-degradable, even toxic
components, can be separated
in one easy process and then
expelled as raw material
that can then be recycled.
TV Reporter: With me are
the Co-CEOs of Fission -
Paul Wilder, Valerie Ross
and Clayton Darwin.
So, how long will it be before
your system is actually
up and running?
Valerie: Well, Phase One
is set to go online with
a capacity to accommodate
200 test homes.
Lisa: What else don't I know
about Valerie?
Val: After that, Phase Two,
for 10,000 homes.
Clayton: Look, the savings
in tax dollars, the benefits
to society, will be enormous.
Paul: We had an affair.
Clayton: There will be no
futher need for landfills
or garbage trucks.
Val: We'll be
turning garb...[TV mute]
Paul: We all have
secrets Lisa.
Please don't shut me out.
I love you.
After Valerie died,
it was a nightmare for me.
That's when everything
started to go wrong.
What can I do to help you?
What can I do?
[click of door latch]
Munez: FBI.
Is Mr. Wilder here?
Lisa: Yes.
What is this about?
Munez: May we come in?
Mr. Wilder, we have a warrant
to charge you with the
murder of Valerie Ross.
We've already been through this.
There's no evidence that I...
Munez: Photos were
discovered of you with
Ms. Ross at the lake prior
to her death, and a gun was
found near the cabin
where you stayed.
A gun re
Mr. Wilder.
You're under arrest.
Diane: How's Paul?
Lisa: He's great, thank you.
He's alone right now in a
jail cell - wondering why his
best friend hasn't bothered
to call him, let alone visit.
Lisa, Clay is in
his own bad place.
If the roles were reversed...
No, if the roles were
reversed, Paul would never
treat anyone the way
he's being treated.
After Paul acted so crazy,
Clay's felt uneasy around him.
Yeah, Paul's the
one acting crazy.
Diane: Lisa.
On my wedding day, Diane,
were you unsure of me
of me, or were you unsure
of Paul because you knew
something that you
couldn't tell me.
Lisa, I honestly have
no idea what's going on.
I don't even have faith in
my own choices in love,
believe me, there is
absolutely no reason
I would be judging you on yours.
Just have a seat.
Lisa: Paul thinks that
someone set him up.
And I think Clayton knows
more than he's admitted to.
- Do you?
- I know nothing about
Clayton's business.
To be honest, I don't
know what I know.
I don't know why love
starts or why it ends.
Or why it only feels
real when it's a mess.
Is he hurting you?
No, it's not about that.
It's you that I'm worried about.
Look, I thought about
what you said before,
about the gallery.
If I can get the money,
do you want to sell me
your half of the gallery?
Well, uh... yeah.
I mean the...
Oh, yeah.
It's um...
Yeah, no. That's good.
I mean I've probably lost the
house already, so I need the
money for Paul's legal fees.
I hate that it's come to this.
Come here.
It's just a gallery.
All right, I'm sorry, this
is all I can come up with.
We'll re-visit the rest
of the bill after the trial.
Thank you.
Richard, can I just get
something straight
in my own mind?
You're Paul's attorney
and Clayton's,
and you also
represent the company...
If you have any concerns,
any whatsoever...
Paul is free to seek other
representation at any time.
We're about to go to trial.
Well, I want you
to be satisfied.
Richard, this isn't about
me being satisfied,
it's about Paul
being exonerated.
Well, Murder One didn't help.
They have his DNA.
Well, he admitted to
being with Valerie Ross
- before she was murdered.
- After first denying it.
And then the photos turned up,
and Paul's gun...
Now, you're sounding
like the prosecutor.
we're counting on you.
Well, I've been known to
pull the occasional rabbit
out of a hat.
Is your plan to pull
a rabbit out of a hat?
I'll defend Paul
vigorously, Lisa.
But there are no guarantees.
Frances: Mrs. Yates, you
were assistant to the
Chief Financial Officer at
Fission, Valerie Ross.
Isn't it odd that you
didn't have access to the
accounts in question?
Mrs. Yates: When Mr. Wilder
and his partners started the
company it was small.
But we grew so fast...
So only Mr. Wilder had
access to the accounts
the money disappeared from.
A resolution was passed
changing that, but the
older accounts hadn't yet
conformed to the new rules.
Thank you.
Mr. Darwin, who were the
investors at Fission Recycle?
Some were retiries looking
to expand their savings.
There were also institutional
investors and corporate capital.
So, once the funds you
raised were deposited,
who had access to them?
Besides myself,
Valerie Ross and Paul Wilder.
Were you aware that
Mr. Wilder's signature
appears on transfers moving
a total of $10,200,000 to
five newly activated accounts
on the Cayman Islands?
No, not until charges
were filed against him.
We trusted each other.
A trust betrayed
by Mr. Wilder.
Is that correct, Mr. Darwin?
Yeah, I suppose so.
Thank you.
So you deny that these are
your signatures authorizing
transfers to off-shore banks?
I didn't sign any
transfer documents.
Three handwriting experts
have testified that each of
these signatures is
yours, Mr. Wilder.
Signatures can be forged.
Oh, so you're an expert
on handwriting analysis now?
Wilcox: Objection,
your Honour.
Could you please identify
which of these signatures
you believe to be forgeries.
[chair creaks]
Yeah, I don't know...
Maybe... maybe that one.
- This one?
- Yeah.
That doesn't look right.
Ah... Mr. Wilder.
This signature was taken
from your driver's license.
Nothing further, your Honour.
Lisa: So maybe you shouldn't
have taken the stand.
Paul: I wanted to, Lisa.
I have nothing to hide.
The prosecutor's
twisting my words.
Of course she twisting
your words, Paul.
It's what a prosecutor does.
Are you ready for her to
ask you every detail about
your relationship
with Valerie Ross.
Is that a legal
question from you, Lisa?
Or a personal inquiry?
Paul, I am not your enemy.
I'm the only one who
still believes in you.
And that's the only thing
keeping me going right now.
[distant traffic]
Frances: In this report
the city recommends not
moving forward with
Fission's Phase Two due to
environmental concerns.
Were you aware of this
document, Mr. Wilder?
Yes, but once Phase One
was successful that report
would have no merit.
We would have proven the system.
So, if Phase Two were
to not go ahead,
what would happen to Fission?
We would've had to return
the money to the investors.
And then what?
Well, we'd lose our patents.
We all would have been
personally wiped out.
Well, there's your motive,
ladies and gentlemen.
Mr. Wilder decided to take
the sure thing - ten million
dollars that was entrusted
to him, rather than face
the looming failure
of his company.
I didn't steal a dime
from anybody!
[gavel bangs]
Wilcox: Mr. Wilder, did you
embezzle one single penny
- from Fission Recycle?
- No, I did not.
Did you transfer monies
into accounts in the Cayman
- Islands or anywhere else?
- No. Never.
Thank you.
On the first count of
defrauding investors,
the jury finds the
defendant... guilty.
[spectators gasp]
On the second count of
embezzling money for personal
gain, the jury finds
the defendant... guilty.
Spectators: No, no.
On the third count of wire
fraud, the jury finds the
defendant... guilty.
[spectators gasp]
Frances: Mr. Wilder, when
Valerie Ross discovered you
were looting company funds,
did you lure her to
an isolated cabin for the
purpose of murdering her?
Wilcox: Objection!
- Overruled.
Answer the question,
Mr. Wilder.
No, I did not.
Frances: You lured Valerie
Ross there to shut her up
and stop her from
meeting with the FBI.
That is not true.
Frances: Well, your DNA
was left behind.
I've already admitted to
being with Valerie that night.
Didn't you first deny
being at that location
- with Ms. Ross?
- Yes.
- I wasn't thinking clearly.
- Really.
Time-dated photos taken by
fishermen show you were there
within an hour of the
estimated time of her murder,
and that your gun was found
buried near the cabin.
That gun went
missing from my office.
- It was stolen.
- By whom?
I have no idea.
It's a office.
People come in and out.
Ballistics confirms
it was the murder weapon.
It had your fingerprints on it.
Well, of course it had
my fingerprints on it!
It was my gun.
Nothing further, your Honour.
Wilcox: Tell me, how do you
explain your gun being found
- at the scene of a homicide?
- I can't.
You can't, and neither
can the prosecution.
After that gun went
missing, I never saw it again.
Wilcox: Mr. Wilder, did you
shoot and kill Valerie Ross?
No, I did not.
Judge: Has the Jury
reached its verdict?
On the count of Murder in the
First Degree, the jury finds
the defendant... guilty.
Lisa: NO! PAUL!
Frances on TV: We're pleased
with the con
Paul Wilder for the murder
of Valerie Ross.
Also, fraud and embezzlement
may be white collar crimes
but the U.S. Attorney's office
takes these crimes
very seriously.
Couldn't you have done
something to help him?
How was I supposed
to do that, Diane?
You know things.
Things that could get me killed!
Is that what you want?
Me with a bullet in
the back of my skull?
No, I...
[phone rings]
I just...
I was just about to call you.
Yeah, no... yup.
Next week's still on.
Could we maybe...?
[rustle of papers]
Next week's...
Next week's good.
Doing a little
light reading, Diane?
No, I was just wondering...
[phone rings]
- Diane?
- I need to see you
right away.
Meet me at the gallery.
- Are you all right?
- Please. Don't ask me
too many questions - you're
going to be in danger.
Just meet me.
[dialing beeps]
[screech of tires]
[frightened pants]
[screech of tires]
[car motor slows]
[squeal of brakes]
[car door clicks open]
Lisa: Diane!
[bam, bam, bam...]
[rattle of door handle]
[horn blares...]
[frantic scrabbling]
[doors slam][sirens]
Munez: Mrs. Wilder, when
was the last time you spoke
- to Diane Reynolds?
- I gave my statement
to the police.
You can talk to them.
Why don't you answer my question.
- Maybe we can help each other.
- I don't think so.
The police think her
death was a suicide.
Did you see the
bruises on her face?
She was your business
partner, right?
Lisa: We were dissolving
our partnership.
- Why?
- 'Cause I need the money,
that's why.
[screech of tires]
[phone beeps]
Lisa: So, did the police
talk to you about Diane's death?
Yeah, they stopped by.
I couldn't help them.
You're not much help to
anyone lately, are you?
You know, I'm sorry
but according to the
U.S. Attorney, Paul got
what was coming to him.
What are you hiding Clayton?
If I were you, I would
just get on with my life.
[engine starts]
[rattle of metal]
Guard: Coming
through on four-two.
Lisa: Listen to me,
I'm finding you a new lawyer.
- No.
- All right?
And you're going to tell me
everything that you know.
- Every detail.
- No!
No new lawyer.
Who are you afraid of, Paul?
Lisa, leave this be.
- It's my life.
- Your life?
I just buried by best friend.
Diane was murdered.
Carbon monoxide asphyxiation.
I think Clayton killed her.
Did you tell that to the police?
Tell them what?
That my best friend had
a compulsion for abusive liars?
Other than some bruises on
her face which the police
didn't seem to notice,
there was no proof.
- Did you hear what I said?
- Yes, I heard you.
Now you listen to me, Lisa.
You're digging where
you shouldn't be.
What do you know about
Ventures Investment Group?
Answer me, Paul.
You can't just cut me out.
- No, Lisa...
- If you don't tell me,
- I'll find out myself.
- Lisa, please.
It would kill me if
anything happened to you.
Paul, it's happening.
I'm just asking some questions.
Lisa, these people
are very dangerous.
- WHO?
- Stop what you're doing, Lisa!
- WHO?
- I'm warning you.
- Please, I...
Max: Here's your reconveyance
giving you back your house.
Lisa: Oh, great.
Fax it to the bank.
- They just repossessed it.
- What are you going to do?
Lisa: Let's see...
I have no house.
I'm drowning in debt.
Credit cards are maxed out.
I've got Paul's attorney,
squeezing me for the
- rest of his bill.
- Richard Wilcox?
- You know him?
- The word on the street is
he's the 'go to' guy for
people who are connected.
- What does that mean?
- Organized Crime.
So how do you figure Paul got
involved with a guy like that?
Well, he was Clayton
Darwin's lawyer
and he represents Fission.
Do you think he's the reason
the FBI's hanging around?
Maybe, yeah.
That Clayton's involved.
I know it.
But I'm not getting a
straight answer from anyone,
including Paul.
And yet you're still
hanging in with him.
I'm that crazy woman standing by
a convicted murderer.
That's me.
- Lisa?
- What?
Either way it could be dangerous,
and I don't like danger.
Well, that's kind of odd
coming from a woman who makes
a living around it.
[background music]
When Marty was alive...
life was one big
adrenaline rush.
[background music]
Skip tracing..
But Marty went too far,
and it killed him.
And I made a vow never
to cross that line again.
Take no chances.
Feel no pain.
Yeah, something like that.
Lisa: All right.
I'm going to take off.
Thank you.
Where are you going to go?
The nearest motel
that takes cash.
Oh crap, I feel like
I'm turning away a stray
kitten about to cross a freeway.
I can take care of myself
I've been doing it for years.
What about your family?
Uh... my mother died.
Father ran off.
Aside from a few bad choices
in men, I've done okay.
So Paul was someone
you could finally trust?
You know what?
The vows that I took that day
meant something to me.
It was a choice that I made -
to love him, to trust him,
to believe in him.
There's no back door for me.
Come here.
Now, you won't get no
mints on the pillow.
And the sheets won't get
turned down,
but you'll be safe.
And that's gotta count
for something.
Absolutely not.
It's settled.
Let's do some homework.
So, what were the
three words your friend
- texted you?
- Ventures Investment Group.
[clicking of keyboard]
Full service brokerage...
specializing in mergers
and acquisitions.
You didn't put any money in
the market lately, did you?
Now there's danger.
Look at that.
They've got offices in
New York, Miami and here.
I've got to find out what
this company is really about.
I have to get in there.
I don't like what your thinking.
I need a job.
Hey, coffee...?
Lisa: Oh, no thanks.
I'm shaking already.
That's better.
Use what nature gave you.
Try this.
Are you sure
that's not too much?
No, no, no. It's, uh...
It's corporate.
Receptionist: Ventures
One moment, I'll connect you.
You're late.
- Late?
- Personnel is through
the door...
the corridor on your left.
[phone rings]
Ventures Investment.
One moment, I'll connect you.
Higgins: I'm afraid you
don't have the skillset
- we're looking for, Miss, um...
- Lisa Crews.
But we had a Meredith
Roberts scheduled for
- this interview.
- You know, I'm new in town
I'm from Springfield and
I never want to go back there.
Have y
Have you ever been
to Springfield?
I wish I could help you, but...
Is there, like an entry
level position anywhere,
I might be right for?
You're one of those
"won't take no for an answer"
- people, aren't you?
- It's your lucky day.
Well, if you want to be
bored to death there's
an entry-level opening
at our associate company,
the medical care division.
- Clerk, office assistant...
- I'll take it.
- All right.
- Thank you.
Higgins: You'll be issued
a key fob which allows us
to log all the entrances
and exits to the building.
And from the lobby,
security will clear you
to the upper floors.
Oh, and we'll need your
- index finger.
- My index finger?
A Biometric fingerprint
reader learns your print
in case you need to go
into sensitive areas.
Oh. Yeah, I noticed all
the security cameras around.
Digital - all done with
software and motion technology.
Big Brother's watching.
Do they go 24/7, these cameras?
Motion detectors only kick
in after hours,
otherwise we'd use
too much disc space.
Oh, well, better be safe than
We live in troubled times.
Yes. Indeed.
Michael: No, no. Excuse me.
I'm sorry, I should've been
watching where I was going.
Oh, no... I'm looking
for... security office.
Do you know were that would be?
Down the hall, to your right.
Thank you.
Lisa: There was my mother...
Still not a day goes by
that I don't think about her.
- What happened?
- Who knows?
An apparent suicide.
But the circumstances
were suspicious.
The police never found any
evidence but they think that
my father could have done it.
Did you ever discuss it with him?
I was just ten.
He was a difficult man.
One day, he took off and
he never came back so...
- We didn't discuss it.
- Wow.
I went through
a string of foster homes.
Grew up, went through
a string of men.
And that was my life,
'til I meet Paul.
Then with him, it looked like
the stars were finally aligned.
- Can I ask you something?
- Do you want to hear more?
Hang on.
This mission of yours to
prove that your husband is
innocent - is it because you
honestly believe he is,
or because you need to
prove to yourself you didn't
screw up in marrying him?
- Honestly?
- Honestly.
I don't know.
I just want the truth...
wherever that leads.
[cell phone rings]
Hi. Li
Hi. Lisa.
Oh my...!
Is he all right?
Well, can I call?
Is there a phone number?
When can I see him?
Thank you.
- What happened?
- Paul's in the hospital.
He was attacked.
[background traffic]
[clatter of metal door]
[brakes squeal]
[engine switched off]
[click of door opening]
Lisa: Hi.
No, the prison hospital can't
tell me anything except that
he's n
he's not allowed visitors.
[beep, beep]
No, Richard Wilcox can't
seem to help me either.
Look, I don't know
if I can do this.
Max: There has to be a reason
why Diane gave you Ventures
before she was killed.
Search for it.
[beep, click]
Uh... all right, Mom.
Yes, Mom, I understand.
It's my Dad, his heart is...
- He's going to be all right.
- Well, that's good.
- I'm glad to hear that.
- Thank you.
Yeah, it is good.
- I'm Michael.
- Lisa.
We crossed paths the other day.
Oh, my gosh!
So sorry.
- Welcome to Ventures.
- Lisa: Thank you.
Could you...?
Oh, yes, of course I can.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, thank you.
- I think this is you.
- Oh, thank you.
Take care.
Ada: Every single word,
digit, dot and dash
needs to be entered
into new PC files,
then triple-checked
against the original,
then hard copies
made of everything.
All before lunch?
I don't have time for kidding.
O... kay.
I'm not getting anywhere.
You know, I have your number.
I'm going to go route with
my supervisor.
I'll get back to you.
Thank you.
You're welcome, please.
Ada: What the
hell are you doing?
This woman just had cancer
surgery and she's getting
the runaround from her
group plan, Tri-Med.
I thought we were
Equity Medical.
Tri-Med is a division of
Equity, and you are not to
engage in any conversation
with anyone who could be
a future litigant.
Is this absolutely clear?
I hope so.
[whirr of copy machine]
Don't they give
you a lunch break?
Just catching up
on some busy work.
Beside, I already have acid
reflux from dragon lady
who missed her day
at charm school.
Let me guess, Ada Chan.
I thought you
worked at Ventures?
I try to keep up
on personnel issues.
Sort of a roving ambassador.
Sort of.
And right now you're
admiring my work at this
copy machine, I can tell.
Hey, when I get this down,
maybe they'll give me
- a real job.
- You're pretty ambitious
for somebody who
just started here.
- I like that.
- Pass it along to whoever
makes decisions around here.
I'm so overqualified for
this job it's a joke.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Hi, how are you doing?
Lisa: Hi.
Making a small dent.
Listen, I just want to
apologize for being sharp
with you earlier.
And if I seemed callous or...
No, it's fine.
Ada: No, um... I didn't
know that you were friends
with Mr. Fallon.
Michael Fallon.
Here, let me help you with
these and if there's anything
that I can do,
you just let me know.
Max: So dragon lady had
an attitude adjustment.
Yeah, and his name
is Michael Fallon.
Anything good?
Max: Okay, it says he's
Co-CEO of Ventures Investment
Group, one of Chicago's
most eligible bachelors...
But slim on the usual
Where's he from?
Where did he go to school?
Well, maybe the guy's
private - doesn't want his
personal life laid out on the
Internet like everyone else.
Max: Ohhh... good-looking.
And you said he seemed
Hey, I'm still married.
Can you punch in on that
picture, right there?
- Richard Wilcox.
- Uh-huh.
Okay, so Wilcox connects
Clayton Darwin, Paul and Fallon.
And you found
a money tie to Fission.
You got to dig up more.
Lisa: I can't access
anything else from my station.
What about dragon lady's PC?
I can't get there
during the day.
What time does
the building close?
At six p.m.
But there's security cameras
at every entrance and
in the parking garage.
The inte
The interior cameras are digital
and they capture motion
- after eight p.m.
- Then you have a window.
Yeah, but you can't just
walk in, they log all entries.
Ahhh... but Marty taught me
a thing or two about
breaking down security.
The thing about most systems
is they only track
entrances, not exits.
But if you leave a back
door unlatched...
Ohh... so you sign out,
and then sneak back in.
Max: Bingo.
Well, have a good evening Lisa.
You too, Ada.
[rattle of metal door]
[door squeaks]
[squeak... click]
[clicking of keyboard]
Oh, damm it.
[clicking of keyboard]
Damm it.
[distant slam of door]
Michael: Now, Clayton,
I thought we had a deal.
Clayton: Michael,
I let you clean your money
but the Feds are still hovering.
I'm in danger of
being shut down.
Michael: In the meantime,
I keep asking myself,
what good are you?
Especially after I find out
you book a trip
out of the country.
Clayton A vacation,
a short vacation.
Michael: Really? You know
what it looks like to me?
It looks like after your
partner's trial, you figured
everything out of the way.
You could do whatever
you wanted to. [beep]
Clayton: Michael, for God's
sake, do you think I would
try to cheat you? Come on.
Michael: Clayton, come on.
You already have.
You've been skimming my money.
Clayton: No, no, no.
No, I would never
try to skim from you.
Michael: Look me in
the eye and tell me that.
Clayton: I didn't skim...
Michael: I said, look me
in the eye and tell me that.
Clayton: Maybe it was Paul.
Michael: Who
do you think I am?
Clayton: He ran with it.
I told him not to
get carried away.
Michael: You insult me.
Clayton: Maybe it was...
Okay, look, I know the shortages
you're talking about, right?
I told Accounting...
Michael: Clayton, Clayton,
start saying your prayers.
Just start saying your prayers.
Clayton: I was just
trying to protect Paul.
Michael: In nomine Patris et
fillii et Spiritus Sancti...
Clayton: I told him not to...
Michael: ...Amen. [CRASH]
Clayton: I know this seems
really funny to you but
I'm really trying to
make this clear.
It's not me, it was Paul.
dering and Clayton was
worried about the Feds
still hanging around.
Max: Michael's reaction
to that?
It was low key but
threatening, and he accused
- Clayton of skimming.
- How did it end up?
I don't know, I had
to get out of there.
- I was terrified.
- Well, you should be
if these guys are
who I think they are.
I made a call to a guy
who owed me a favour.
The SEC is sniffing around
Ventures, and I don't like
the sound of any of it.
What are they looking for?
The guy didn't offer
specifics, but the CEO of
Ventures - and has been for
19 years - is Gerald Woodward,
- not Michael Fallon.
- So the question is...
Who's Michael Fallon?
Ada: Well.
Only five minutes early?
Lisa: Traffic was... a bear.
Just come with me.
This will be your
new work space.
My new work space?
You're going to be
Mr. Woodward's new assistant,
- beginning today.
- Gerald Woodward?
Your hours will stay the same.
Just don't expect
a heavy workload.
And that would be because...?
Mr. Woodward doesn't come
into the office.
- He travels.
- Oh.
All right.
Michael: New digs. Nice.
- A mystery reassignment.
- You were the one who was
unhappy with her last gig,
Did I sound ungrateful?
Then we'll celebrate after work?
All right.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
[lounge music]
So you're from Springfield,
went to IU, and graduated
with a business degree.
All right, either
you're a mind reader or...
Or I pulled your personnel file.
Isn't that an
invasion of privacy?
Take it as a compliment.
- I had to go to a lot of work.
- Oh.
Well, actually, not a lot.
See, anything goes
- if you're the boss.
- Of Ventures?
- Ventures CEO.
- Okay. So boss asks new
employee out for drinks...
Am I entering
a hostile work place?
I promise I'll keep
a legal distance, okay.
- All right.
- But, I am old school.
Two people m
enjoy each other's company,
where's the harm?
Is that what's happening here?
I'd like to think so.
But, you're free to escape
the second I bore you.
- You're safe so far.
- Good.
All right, I'm fascinated
with this company.
Can you just tell me what the
deal is with Gerald Woodward?
- What about him?
- I mean he never comes in,
he doesn't even
check in for messages.
Am I ever going
to meet this man?
Gerald's the grand old man
of the firm.
Emeritus status.
He'll check in soon, I'm sure.
But more important,
let's talk about you.
- No.
- Yes.
Ever been married?
I detected a pause.
Well, I came close once.
I don't see a ring
on your finger.
Waiting for the right woman.
One who'll make my head
spin and my knees go weak.
And what about your heart?
Mr. CEO.
My heart.
My heart will know
when it's real.
[lounge music]
All right.
I said one drink.
- I should get back.
- Sure about that?
My limo can drop you
by your place later on.
I'm sure.
- Thank you.
- All right.
Then we'll just have to
do this another night.
Another night.
Thank you.
Oh... Michael.
So, how did you become
CEO of Ventures?
Long story.
One Irish kid... got my
education on the street.
Took down some cash early
on and turned it into
venture capital.
Hm, which backs all these
companies I push paper for.
Well, I was a born gambler.
Plus, with the luck of the Irish
and a knack for
revitalizing distressed firms.
Yeah, I'd say.
- Like Equity Medical?
- Like Equity.
We're new to the health care
trade, but it's turned into
a real cash cow for us.
Hm... like renewable
energy's becoming.
I notice this
company, Fission...
Whoa, what is this?
- What?
- Are you doing an interview
about me for the
Wall Street Journal?
I'm just interested.
Is that all right with you?
For now.
[traffic noise]
Lisa: Wilcox finally
pulled through.
They're going to
let me see Paul.
I'm on my way right now.
- Max: Are you nervous?
- Yeah, I'm nervous.
[distant train whistle]
[swish of curtain]
- Hi.
- Hey.
They wouldn't even allow
a phone call until now.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
Yeah, you look fine.
You know, you never
were a good liar.
You've changed.
Your hair...
your perfume's different.
I almost didn't recognize you.
I got a job.
You shouldn't
have had to do that.
- It's okay.
- I'm so sorry for the pain
that I've caused you, Lisa.
And I'm so angry at myself
for not being more
honest with you.
Lisa: Tell me
everything about Valerie.
My time with Valerie was crazy.
But I did not harm
her in any way.
- Who did, Paul?
- Do you see what they
- did to me?
- What who did to you?
Doesn't that tell you to
stop asking questions
and just to get on
with your life.
You have to help me help you.
Lisa, this is nothing that
any knowledge of, okay?
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
I know about the ties
between Fission and
Ventures Investment.
Did you ever have any dealings
with a Michael Fallon?
- How do you know about him?
- Shhh... it's okay.
- Shhh.
- I asked you how
- you knew about him!
- My new job is at Ventures.
Oh no.
Who's Gerald Woodward?
Woodward is a front.
They're paying him to stay
out of the way while they...
- Shhh...
- Lisa, listen to me,
we may never see
each other again.
- That is crushing me.
- Baby.
But I love you with
all of my heart and
I'm pleading with you.
stop what you're doing
before they stop you.
But I love you.
Munez: Mrs. Wilder...
Lisa: Oh.
I just want to speak with you.
Look, whatever you're doing
on your own at Ventures,
- it's not going to work.
- I didn't ask you.
If you find any evidence,
it's not going to
stand up in court.
You're risking your
life needlessly.
I have a long
drive back, excuse me.
Did you know that Michael
Fallon isn't his real name?
Your friend's a felon who
did time for manslaughter,
which in reality was a murder
that didn't stick because
the key witness vanished.
Later turned up floating
in Boston Harbour.
You want more?
Michael Donovan
is his real name.
His father was the Don of
New England's Irish Mafia
until he was indicted for
murder and racketeering and
took off to places unknown.
We now think he's responsible
for ordering the murders of
Valerie Ross and Diane Reynolds,
- and the attack on your husband.
- I've heard enough.
Ventures Investments is
a respectable firm but
they've been co-opted by
the Donovan crime family.
They bought into Fission and
other companies to help them
launder millions
in drug profits.
If you're aware of all
of this, why didn't you arrest
someone else besides my husband?
We wanted to flip him
to help prove a case
- against Donovan.
- Oh.
When Paul didn't cooperate,
he took the fall.
We want you to wear a wire,
Lisa, to try and get
Michael to admit
what we already suspect.
I'm not helping you.
You're wasting your breath.
Why not?
If I'm going to risk my
life, I'm going to do it
for my husband, not to
boost your career.
sa: She askedme to wear a wire.
Max: So Michael, the
venture capitalist, is
Michael, prince of
the Irish Mafia.
- If what she says is true.
- Lisa!
- What?
- It's a matter of record.
Father is Frank Donovan.
He's been on the lam for
racketeering and murder
charges for years.
Rap sheet longer
than a toilet roll.
You can lay odds he's the
real reason the Feds
- are hanging around.
- And not to arrest Michael?
You've got feelings
for him, don't you?
I just don't believe a
word these people say, okay?
- Okay. Okay, yeah.
- Fair enough?
But believe this, Lisa.
Michael's in their sights,
but the old man is
the big catch.
We are talking about
nasty people here, Lisa.
You've got to get the
hell out while you can.
Well, look.
If the FBI wants me to work
for them, then I must be on to
something that could help Paul.
[clink of spoon]
[lounge music]
Michael: Everything
at work okay?
[lounge music]
Lisa: Oh yeah.
You seem far away.
Maybe I am.
Then come back.
[lounge music]
That's better.
- So, how's your father?
- My father...?
- His condition.
- Oh, uh...
Much better, thank you.
Thanks for asking.
What kind of cardiac
problem did he have?
Blocked artery.
They went in, did surgery.
He's much better.
I keep a suite at the
Parkview, we could uh...
drop by for some
after dinner drinks?
[lounge music]
Not tonight.
Then what about your place?
That's no good either.
Are you hiding something?
- Hiding?
- Hiding.
Jealous boyfriend?
A roommate?
You're on to me.
I have a jealous roommate
and she works an early shift.
That must be inconvenient.
Sipping champagne on New
Year's Eve is as wild as I get.
Then we'll just have
to change that, won't we?
[lounge music]
Lisa: I feel like he
can see right through me.
I'm not stupid,
I know what he wants.
Of course you know what he
wants - to get you in the sack.
Only this one
kills people, Lisa.
I tried to access more
files, but I couldn't.
You're going to have
to get into Michael's PC.
I can't, it's locked
with his password.
- I'm in over my head, Max.
- Which is what I've been
telling you.
You've got to find out
what's there, or not,
and get the hell out.
- Lisa: I need help.
- You know, your best bet
is the one you
don't want to accept.
Make that FBI agent
your best friend.
I mean, when Marty chased
down a bail skip he must have
known some tricks of the trade
to get into a computer.
Come o
Come on.
You are so damn headstrong
you're going to get
- yourself killed.
- I just want the truth.
Max: Yeah,
Just a little more
information, Max.
Please, that's all I need.
- Meow, meow.
- Marty help me!
[clatter and bangs]
[rattle of stuff]
Keystroke logger - records
each stroke on a keyboard.
And the person
typing doesn't know?
No. It plugs in between
the keyboard and the PC,
where nobody will notice.
It has a chip that stores
everything entered,
including the user passwords.
So I'd have to get into
Michael's office to install it.
Back in later to recover
what's been recorded.
But all you need are his
access codes, which you
figure he'd use any
time he logs on.
What about the fingerprint
reader that secures his office?
Um... do it when
the door is open.
With him in the office?
Girl, use what God gave
you to get him breathing hard.
Then do what you gotta do.
[traffic noise]
What can I do for you?
I'm Lisa Crews, I'm
Mr. Woodward's new assistant.
I have some information
that Mr. Fallon requested.
Helen: I'm afraid he's busy.
Helen, it's all right.
Ms. Crews, please, come on in.
[phone rings]
Well, well, well.
Isn't this a nice surprise.
Now I'm going to have to act
all business-like so Helen
doesn't figure us out.
Yes, me too, Mr. Fallon.
What's this?
[rustle of papers]
Okay... I think that
can be arranged, absolutely.
Call for you, Mr. Fallon.
Clayton Darwin.
This will only be a minute.
- Lisa: Sure.
- Be right back.
All right.
Helen: What do you
think you're doing?
[flap of paper]
Dropped my file.
Michael: Helen.
No one was there.
Are you sure it
was a man's voice?
A woman's.
I assumed it was
Mr. Darwin's assistant and
that she would put him on.
Lisa: Thank you, Mr. Fallon.
I'll follow through
with that request.
Okay, fine.
Thank you.
[clicks of keyboard]
[jingle of door signal]
Lock the door.
So how'd it go?
Oh, well Michael was not
happy when he heard it was
Clayton was on the phone.
And I have to go to
dinner with him now.
But you got your business done.
Yes, it's in place and he
was logging in when I left.
But listen, I can't get
it back the same way.
His assistant is a hawk.
She almost caught me.
So drop in after hours.
We're back to the print reader.
I got another Marty trick.
[crinkle of plastic]
Gummy bears.
You got to lift his
print off something.
Then you hold the
gummy to the touch pad.
And voila!
Perk is - you can
eat the evidence.
[traffic noise]
[fragments of conversation...]
Clayton: I don't see why
we have a problem at all.
Paul's in jail and
it'll all blow over...
The money's not....
...I wasn't skimming.
There's just...
It's a book thing.
It's in the books.
I can straighten it out Michael.
It's not a big problem.
Going to say something
or just sit
Oh no...
No, it doesn't have to
be like this, Michael.
Michael, please, let me just...
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Um... we'll talk later, okay?
[Michael whispers into phone]
Lisa: Hi, Michael.
Sorry I'm late.
Hey, no problem.
I had some business
to deal with.
- I ordered you a drink.
- Thank you.
[Michael taps his knuckles]
- Having a rough day?
- You could say that, yes.
Some people they...
just don't listen.
Need a shoulder to cry on?
No, because I'm not the one
who's going to be
hurting tonight.
Lisa: Are we going to eat?
Uh... maybe later.
What do you say?
Let's get out of here, huh?
[flip of money]
Come on, then.
Michael: When I was a kid
I was doing errands for guys
with diamond pinkie rings.
I'd go to all the fancy
hotels where all
the high rollers were,
and I'd sit there and I'd say
to myself, "Self, someday
I'm going to live in
one of those places."
Three a.m.
You want a burger?
Room service.
Valet, laundry, dry cleaning,
anything, everything,
all taken care of.
Till you have a soul mate
who'll look after you,
it's very convenient.
[purring of vehicle motor]
If I had a soul mate...
If I had a soul mate,
I would not have her
looking out after me.
I would have her
up on a pedestal,
with everyone...
everyone waiting on her.
Someone like you.
[heavy breathing]
Ah, Michael, I can't do this.
Yes you can.
[cell phone rings]
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I should probably take this.
[cell phone keeps ringing]
[heavy breathing]
Damn it!
Just hold him there.
[knock, knock...]
Terry, pull over.
I'm sorry.
Just a sec.
[door slams]
[distant footsteps]
[clunk of door closing]
Is everything all right?
No, everything's not all right.
I have some business that
needs my immediate attention.
- What's going on?
- Why?
Michael, I'm just
asking you one thing...
Okay, forget it, forget it.
I've got to go.
Where do you live?
I'll drop you off.
You know what?
I can find my own way home,
- thank you.
- Lisa don't be this way.
No, it's fine.
It's fine.
Take care of your
business, Michael.
[door slams]
[traffic noise]
Lisa: Mmm...
I tried you all weekend.
You weren't returning messages?
No, I told you this
morning, I wasn't feeling well.
[deep exhale]
All right, I want to
apologize for leaving you
like that the other night.
It's okay, I'm a big girl.
I found my way home.
Home, right, right.
Just where is home, by the way?
I told you,
I'm bunking with a friend.
That's right, you did.
You told me with a friend,
but you didn't say where.
Well, why don't I invite
you over for dinner some time
and you can see for yourself.
I have work to do.
Why are you blowing me off?
I'm not blowing
you off, Michael.
I got work.
Are you upset with me or what?
No, I've got to work.
Lisa: He's suspicious.
I know it.
Max: Yeah, well, if you
don't get the key logger back,
- it's all been a waste.
- Well then, I have to go
back tonight... and there's
security cameras everywhere.
I don't do this kind
of thing any more, Lisa.
Tell me what to do
and I'll do it.
Oh God, I'm not ready.
I can't do this.
Look like phones but
they're linked transmitters.
Engage the red button,
it's a direct line to mine.
Green button switches on a di
- You following this?
- I'm following.
- You're going to help me?
- Yes, I'm going to help.
Don't get gushy on me!
It's also got a GPS tracking
chip that'll let me find you
in the middle of a snowstorm
if we get separated.
Lisa: Thanks.
- You ever use a gun before?
- Yeah, lots of times.
- Good. Just point and shoot.
- Okay.
Carry it on you
somewhere, just in case.
And if you feel threatened,
don't hesitate.
[traffic noise]
[clatter of metal door]
[squeal of brakes]
[clunking of van doors]
Lisa: All right, remember,
we're going to be on security
cameras wherever we go.
Yeah. Just act like you
know what you're doing.
The regular cleaning crew
might still be in there.
[sound of door closing]
[beep, click]
[screech of tires]
Max: Okay, so we have
spreadsheets filled with
figures and bank
routing numbers...
All right, look for Fission.
[clicking of keyboard]
And those are the dates
of the transfers Paul was
accused of making.
One... two... three... five
accounts, totaling...
- 10 million, 200 thousand.
- To five accounts
in the Caymans.
Max: Looks like from there,
it goes out of the Caymans
accounts to a holding
company in Luxembourg.
Then is routed...
To Singapore...
and back to the Caymans.
Washed money, into
a brand new account.
So the ten million that
disappeared from the Caymans,
is now back in the Caymans.
Max: Oh, the rest
of it's encrypted.
I'll need help from a
hacker I just bailed out.
- Do you trust him?
- Brother-in-law.
- Oh.
- Black sheep of the family.
Got busted for hacking
into the DMV to make
my tickets disappear.
[clicking of keyboard]
I am sending him the files now.
[cell phone vibrate hum]
- Is it him again?
- Yes.
It's the fourth
time he's called.
[cell phone vibrate hum]
You better answer it
otherwise he's going to
- think something's wrong.
- All right. [beep]
Hey, you're up early.
Michael: How're you feeling?
Ah, still a little
under the weather.
Michael: Well, let's
get some breakfast.
It'll make you feel better.
Tell me where your are.
- I'll come get you.
- Oh, I could not eat right
now if somebody paid me.
I'll see you in the office
in a couple hours.
Michael: Okay.
Okay, then I'll see you later.
All right, I'll see...
[dial tone]
[beep] All right,
he's not backing off.
Lisa, this ain't
playtime anymore.
You have to call your
friend at the FBI.
- And tell her what?
- Tell her we have
- Michael Donovan's files.
- And I'm not giving her
those files until I have
the evidence I need to
give Paul a new trial.
Well, then use the files
as a chip to buy yourself
some protection from the FBI
until we can get the rest
of the stuff deciphered.
There's a couple more
things you should know.
If you have any doubt about
who Michael Donovan is...
I found out he's married.
He has a wife and two
kids living in Boston.
What else?
Max: Go to the FBI, Lisa.
[traffic noise]
[screech of tires]
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car!
[squeal of tires]
Michael, what the
hell are you doing?
Your goon nearly
riped my arm off!
I'm sorry about that
but you weren't being
- very cooperative.
- What?
- Have you been following me?
- When you couldn't keep
your lies straight, I put
a tracking chip on your SUV.
You know Lisa, I thought
we had something together.
We still can, if you
come to your senses.
You're married, Michael.
A minor inconvenience.
I don't need to
know anything else.
Stop the car.
I want to get out.
You know, I'm not a very
big TV guy but let me show
you this little video that
came to my attention.
Female Reporter: Do you
have any response to the
serious allegations a
Paul: I have no comment.
Reporter: Mrs. Wilder,
how do you feel about the
charges against your husband?
Lisa: I support my
husband completely.
He's innocent of all charges.
Michael: Different hair,
but who could ever mistake
that beautiful face of yours?
Look, so we're both married.
Life is complicated.
But I believe in living
life fully while you can.
Now I don't know what your
motivation to work at Equity
was but I had to believe
it was beyond coincidence,
- wouldn't you?
- My husband's in prison.
I needed a job.
Michael: Survival,
I understand.
I had to learn that early on
from where I came from.
And loyalty to your husband?
It only raises my admiration
for you even more.
[GPS tracking beeps]
Where are we going, Michael?
We're going on a trip.
Someplace special.
[screech of brakes]
[idling plane engine]
Lisa: Michael,
I'm not going to do this.
I'm not going with you.
Michael: Anything you need,
we can pick up there.
I need to speak with
Special Agent Selena Munez.
Max: Hi, I'm meeting
a Michael Fallon.
I've got a package here for him.
Clerk: Sorry, you missed Mr.
Fallon's plane by 10 minutes.
Oh, damn, this is important.
Well, I suppose I could get it
Fed Ex-ed, if he didn't
change his flight plan.
Clerk: No, usual destination.
Max: Cayman Islands?
- Clerk: Right.
- Right.
Max: Oh. Did his manifest
have an address on it?
Yeah, sure.
It's right here.
[whine of landing jet]
Michael: Come on, let's go.
Lisa: Michael, this is insane.
Don't you think
I'm going to be missed?
Missed by who?
Your husband's in prison
You have no family.
Just re
Enjoy the weather.
It's a beautiful place.
Hey, Da.
You look good.
You look fit.
Zora takes me
to the beach every day.
Sea air... works wonders.
Dad, this is Lisa.
Lisa, this is my dad.
Hello, sir.
Make yourself at home.
After you've freshened up,
Zora will fix us dinner.
And then we'll have
business to discuss.
[whine of approaching jet]
[sound of a shower]
Don't you knock?
I'll be out when I'm ready.
You look hot.
[engine starts]
[squeal of tires]
You should have just
let things be.
this is not...
- Michael, stop.
- Lisa, I want you.
You're going to hurt me now...
Max: Excuse me. Excuse me.
Can you help me?
I think I'm just plain lost.
Now, I turned here, which
I thought would take me
to the main road.
But I think I should
have turned there.
What is this!
It's my cell phone.
Give it to me!
It's a transmitter!
And it's connected!
You even breath hard,
this will make a tunnel
where your brain was.
You were recording
what I was saying!
I want to go home right now.
Take me to the airport.
Michael: No.
No... we're going to finish
what we started!
Michael, stop!
[zoom! zoom! zoom!]
- DON'T!
Don't! Don't!
[sound of helicopters over
Well, I'll be damned...
Frank Donovan.
With Michael.
Everybody all right, Macauley?
Max: We're fine.
I'll just take these
gentlemen off your hands then.
Max: UH!
Not so fast, Agent Munez.
Excuse me?
Max: Oh, we'll be happy to
have you escort us back.
But in the meantime, escaped
fugitive Francis J. Donovan
and his son, Michael,
are legally in my custody.
Munez: I'm not following you,
Well, as you know,
Mr. Donovan is on the
FBI's Ten Most Wanted list.
And that one million
dollar reward?
It's ours.
My new associate Lisa Wilder
and I will turn Mr. Donovan
over to you at the Chicago
Federal Building, at which
time we'll expect you to
sign papers making us the
benefactors of such reward.
This way.