Secrets on Sorority Row (2021) Movie Script

(Exciting orchestral music)
All right. You ready?
They're not gonna
let me in, Mickey.
I mean, if the sorority
finds out what I did.
They'll never know about
the hospital, okay?
My mom would kill me
if she saw how I was
dressed right now.
She can't hurt you anymore.
You never have to see
your mother ever again
if you don't want to.
A new life starts
for you tonight.
What are you doing here?
Kelly, why'd you write this?
You break up with me without
talking to me about it first?
Why, Kelly? I love you.
But she's not
in love with you!
Kelly and I already
discussed this!
You're making
her decisions now?
I decided that she
should write you a letter
because I knew you would try
to talk her out of it in person!
You can be very intimidating!
- Are you afraid of me?
- Of course not.
Then why do you
want to break up?
Lucas, don't make
this difficult!
I'm talking to Kelly, not you!
Hey, get outta here!
This is pledge night, and unless
you are a really ugly girl,
I don't think you qualify
to rush the sorority.
Stay out of this!
This conversation has
nothing to do with you.
Lucas, Kelly came to college
so that she could
get a fresh start,
away from her mother
and away from you!
Is this what you want?
Hey, I said scram!
Get outta here before
I call campus security.
I... I do love him.
I know you would like Lucas
if you just gave him
a chance, Mickey.
Who is Mickey?
It's just a nickname
that Kelly's called
me since preschool.
Well we're not in preschool
anymore, are we Michelle?
What is your problem now?
I'm just nervous.
I've heard a lot of horror
stories about hazing.
If initiations were easy,
everyone would get in.
If you're really so
scared and insecure,
...maybe you should just go.
- Stacey!
I'm not trying to be mean.
I just don't think Kelly
should go through this
if she can't handle it.
The sorority is weeding
us out for a reason.
Come on. We need
to go to the house.
Don't listen to Stacey.
We can get through
this together.
(Both scream)
Yes, yes there's a
new world dawning
get dressed, quit
dreaming you're falling
take notes and I'll tell you
when you got it right
no, no you can
leave your attitude
you're the only one
it seems to matter to
count votes and
you'll see it
in a brand new light
the audience is listening
this is your christening
the audience is listening
Congrats, ladies! You made it!
To hell night.
Three more tests,
and you'll officially be
epsilon theta sisters.
But there's a catch.
You'll be competing
as a group, not alone.
So if even one of you
screws up, nobody gets in.
Don't worry.
It's gonna be fun.
(Laughing and screaming)
You gotta beat these girls!
It burns!
You're stronger than that! Come on!
(Girls screaming)
You gotta stay up!
Yes! Yes!
(Screaming and laughing)
Get up! You did it!
You did it!
(Laughing and clapping)
All right, everybody,
let the rating begin!
Sorry, Kelly.
Unfortunately you rank last
in who a kappa nu
would want to date.
If you leave now,
no one gets in.
Stop it, Kelly! Toughen up!
It's just a game to make
sure we really want this,
and I want this.
Come on, I'm always
there for you.
[Gretchen] You three
have five minutes
to finish this entire bottle.
Ready, set, drink!
Let Kelly drink first.
You and I will
finish off the rest.
You have done this
before, right?
I'll drink Kelly's-
no, no, no. That's
against the rules.
Everyone drinks or no
one gets in. Let's go.
It's okay.
You don't have to do it
if you don't want to.
[All] Chug, chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug, chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug, chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug, chug, chug!
(Chanting slowing
and distorting)
(High five)
You're in!
(All screaming with joy)
You guys wanna know a secret?
We were gonna let you in anyway.
Who wants to take
their oath first?
I do!
Let's go!
You're next!
I got in!
Look after Kelly.
She's really sick, okay?
What? Come on!
- Kelly.
Kelly, come on.
- Hello?
It's your turn.
- Kelly where are you?
[Girl] Kelly can you here me?
Oh you guys, she's gotta
be around here somewhere.
Oh my god!
[Michelle] Oh my god!
Oh my god!
She has no pulse!
Her heart's not beating!
[Michelle] Oh my god!
Kelly! You can't be dead!
Kelly, please wake up!
Please wake up!
- I can't believe she fell.
I told you to look after her!
I thought she went
to the bathroom.
God! (Sobbing)
Oh my god! (Sobbing)
Please wake up!
What are we gonna do?
Please wake up!
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
Hello? Professor
winter speaking.
Ty, what are you doing
bothering me at work?
It's the first day of
term, and I have so-
how am I supposed to know if
Quinn has your credit card?
I'm not our daughter's keeper.
Well, I'll ask her.
What else do you want me to do?
Ty, the devil herself
just walked in.
Oh, sorry, wrong devil.
They all look alike.
I'll tell Quinn you called.
Did you swipe your
dad's credit card
when you went to
visit him last week?
No! I won it when
we played poker.
Does he know that?
Fine. I'll fly to Vegas
tonight and return it to him.
Quinn, we discussed this.
Dad says I can be a dealer
at the casino he's managing.
Dealers have to be
21, which you're not.
Age is just a technicality.
We had a deal.
One year of college, and
if you still hate it,
then you can run off to
Vegas and ruin your life.
Ha ha ha. Very funny.
So you want to go
shopping? Dad's treat!
Dad's new
girlfriend's only 24.
Then again, I
do need new shoes.
Mm-hm. That's what I thought.
What's so funny?
Quinn, where's my hug?
Hey aunt Stacey.
I swiped these
flowers for your mom
from the epsilon
alumni luncheon today,
not that she deserves them,
since she failed to attend.
Oh, that was today?
I must have not forgot.
Now is no time to tick
off the alumni committee,
especially on the
Eve of rush week.
It could hurt Quinn's
chances of getting in.
You are still planning
to pledge, right?
I don't really plan
on staying in college.
I mean, my classes suck, and
I don't really know anyone.
That's exactly why
you need to pledge!
A sorority will give you more
friends than you can handle.
(Clears throat)
Michelle, back me up here.
This is Quinn's
decision, not mine.
It's a no for me. So...
Besides, do I really look
like sorority material?
Oh, honey, a good
hairdresser can fix that. (Chuckles)
Aunt Stacey!
It's almost 2:00.
History class?
It will get better! I promise.
Bet you five bucks it won't.
Bet you $20 it does.
You're on.
- You're on.
Do you have five
minutes to go for a walk?
What's wrong?
Are you really that mad
that I ditched the luncheon?
I went to the
doctor this morning...
To check on the
status of the ivf...
Chad won't be happy.
Do you remember Missy?
She graduated a
year ahead of us.
Oh yeah.
She's gonna be a grandmother.
She's gonna be a grandma,
and I can't even...
I will be fine.
I'm just so grateful I have you.
And if it wasn't for epsilon...
I'll go to the next meeting.
And run for alumni president?
Don't push it!
Think about it.
You are proof our sorority
did good for everyone.
I love you.
Love you.
All right, let's talk a little
general American
history, shall we?
What year did the Americans
join the Vietnam war?
Any other military offenses
that took place in the 1960s?
The bay of pigs?
The bay of pigs.
Do you know when
the bay of pigs is?
That's what this class is for.
Anything else of significance
that took place in the 1960s?
Anybody else?
- Um...
- "Um" is not an answer.
[Girl] Cuban missile crisis.
That's correct...
But it's not your turn.
Dude, why do you
have to be so mean?
It's just the first day.
Texas hold 'em was
first introduced to Vegas.
I suddenly remember now.
[Professor] All
right, let's move on.
1968, Nixon took office,
and the Neo-conservatism
movement took place.
Queen of spades?
The cards, I mean.
Are you like a magician or...
Card dealer.
Maybe one day, I hope.
Card dealer.
That's a pretty risky
profession for chick.
- Thanks.
- I'm kidding.
I'm Lucy.
Thanks for saving my
butt in history class.
That professor scares
the crap out of me.
Screw him.
Actually, this whole
college thing's
not really working out for me.
Works for those
sorority girls though.
I guess you gotta join the club.
I am. I'm trying, pledging.
I actually got my
pledge ribbon yesterday.
- See?
- Yeah, cool.
You just don't really seem
like the sorority type.
My mom really
wants me to pledge,
so I kind of owe her one.
The girls that I've met
this far are pretty cool.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. A little bubbly.
- Yes, but...
But they party hard.
- It's fun.
And not to mention the
guys that they bring.
Especially those
epsilon theta girls.
I don't know how they do it.
I mean they better,
my mom was one.
- [Lucy] Really?
- Yeah, and my aunt Stacey too.
She's not like
technically my aunt,
but she might as well be.
She's like the patron Saint
of the epsilon sisters.
Well then you have to come
with me to the party tonight.
I'm gonna get bonus points
if I bring a legacy.
My family sorority
lineage ends with me.
Then come for the cash.
You'll pay me
to go to a party?
You wish!
You know, those
rich kids, they'll
they'll gamble away their
parents' money like that.
- Yeah?
They'll pay.
- I'll go.
But if they asked me to
like make out with a goat
or spank me, I'm out.
All right, what do
you know how to play?
You have 18. You
sure you want to hit?
Yes. Hit me.
I got Blackjack!
All right, all right.
- Nice!
Beginner's luck.
- Good.
You must get her to pledge.
Ooh, I wanna play!
Ooh, a bust.
Did I win?
A bust means you
went over 21. Sorry.
Whatever. This is boring.
Come on, Cody. Let's
go, this is beyond lame.
Daisy, quit the attitude.
I'm having a good time.
Hit me.
You already have 17.
I know. Hit me.
But be gentle.
Are you kidding me right
now, is this skank pledging?
Other sister's boyfriends
are off limits!
Who's boyfriend
is she hitting on?
You broke up with me
before summer ended.
Well it was only a break,
and now our break's over.
Chill out.
I'm not stealing your boyfriend
or pledging, so it's okay.
Good, 'cause you wouldn't
get in. I wouldn't allow it.
Cody! Let's go!
[Daisy] Move!
Did I start drama?
Only the good kind.
Wait, was Daisy actually serious,
though, that Quinn can't pledge?
Or was that just like a...
- Oh...
No, Daisy doesn't get
to make that decision.
And just so you girls know,
Daisy's not what all
epsilon sisters are like.
Yeah, especially
not when I become one.
- If I get in.
- Wait, you're pledging?
Oh! You just told
Daisy that you weren't!
I know, but nobody can tell
me what I can or can't do,
especially not a girl like that.
I mean, if it's not
too late to pledge.
No, you're right on time!
We need a little more
spunk in this place anyway.
Can I tell her
about the ghost?
Oh! Ignore him.
[Cody] 20 years ago, some
sister died in the basement,
and now she comes back to
kill a pledge every year.
Be careful, Quinn.
You might be next.
Yeah, okay.
[Bridget] Ugh!
Okay, like all kappa beta guys,
Cody is really full of it.
Yeah, but did somebody
actually die in the basement?
Lucy, it's like
a stupid story.
There's not a
ghost in the house.
Is there?
There's only one
way to find out.
Come with me.
Let's go see.
He's so hot!
[Cody] Come on, come on!
I'll show you. Let's go.
Right over here.
It's okay to be scared.
I'm not scared.
It's just stupid.
You're trembling.
I can see it.
Nope. Feel my pulse.
Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
All right, all right.
I'll make you a bet.
If you can get all the
way through the basement,
I'll give you...
The money you
won at Blackjack?
I guess we can
start with that.
Good. You already won this.
See you on the other side.
Alrigthy then.
What's going on?
Oh, I'm so scared!
Hope the ghost doesn't get me!
Where's the stupid light switch?
(Breathing heavily)
(Noisy clattering)
[Roz] Goodnight, miss winter.
Goodnight, Roz.
[Roz] Oh, I left
your mail for you.
Thank you.
Is anybody there?
(Breathing heavily)
Is anyone there?
She what?
Excuse me! Quinn winter?
[Receptionist] Just past
the desk and down the hall.
- First door on your right.
- Okay.
You're okay?
I'm fine. It's just
a mild concussion.
And before you ask,
no, I was not drinking.
I was at the epsilon
house pre-pledge party.
- Lucy invited me.
- Nice to meet you.
What were you doing at epsilon?
You're not even pledging!
I changed my mind. See?
That's wonderful.
What happened to you?
Your mom called me.
I fell down in the basement.
Why would you
even go down there?
It was like a stupid
bet to go in the basement,
see if a ghost would scare me.
What ghost?
- Oh, the ghost of the girl that died
down there. - I think I found her.
- [Lucy] Come on!
- No, I'm serious.
There was someone down there.
And when I tried to get
away, this happened.
Congrats, ladies.
Sounds like you had
your first night
of some old-fashioned
sorority pranking.
Okay, a concussion
is not a prank!
You should not have gone to
epsilon without telling me!
Are you actually
mad at me right now?
Professor winter,
it was my fault.
I forced her to go.
No. No one forced
me to do anything.
I went because I wanted to,
and I'm pledging epsilon
because I want to.
Quinn, maybe
your mom is right.
Like, if she doesn't
want you pledging-
I don't care what she wants.
Oh, is that so?
I'll just leave you guys-
no! Stay!
Mom can leave.
Earlier today, you were upset
because I didn't like college,
and now you're upset because
I'm actually enjoying it.
I am not upset!
Then why are you
shouting at me?
Michelle, let's go get
something to drink.
It has obviously been
a stressful night.
I think some air would
do us all some good.
I'm just...
- Okay, that's enough.
Your mom is pretty...
I like Quinn's new friend!
How special is it that they're
gonna be rushing together,
just like we did?
I'm not letting Quinn pledge.
This afternoon you said
it was her decision to make,
not yours.
That was before I got this.
That letter's
addressed to Mickey.
Kelly was the only one
who ever called me Mickey.
You knew that.
You think I wrote this?
I don't know what
to think anymore.
With Quinn falling down
the steps in the basement
just like Kelly did.
No one knows that Kelly
was hazed by our sorority.
They all think she
got drunk on her own,
and that's how we keep it.
So you think I should
just ignore this?
Ignorance is bliss.
Looking the other way
is the only reason
why Chad and I
are still married.
Put that awful note away.
Let's get that drink.
Quinn's about
to be discharged.
Thank you...
Lucy, is it?
I'm sorry I got so
upset back there.
I'm actually glad that Quinn
went to the party tonight.
And I'm glad she had you
there to look after her.
We're also really happy
you talked her into pledging,
aren't we, Michelle?
- Yeah.
- I am too.
It's gonna be a great time.
I'm actually, I'm gonna
go check on her now.
I'll see you all later.
I'll meet you there.
[Stacey] Close your
eyes, close your eyes.
Quinn, you can come down now!
I said to close your eyes!
[Michelle] Okay!
You are not gonna
believe how Quinn looks!
Okay, Stacey! That's enough.
You hate it, don't you?
I just thought you were happy
with the way you looked before.
That's your problem, mom.
You always turn everything
into like a psychosis.
Is my daughter in there
or did my ex-husband
take over her body?
Right, so, we gotta go.
We're gonna be late.
What if nobody there
is like super into me.
Everybody loves you.
You were literally the queen
of the party yesterday.
I know, I mean,
I'm not nervous
when I have a deck of
cards to play with.
Without that, I feel like
I'm a walking freak show.
No, once we get to
the football rally
and start having fun,
then you will have no
time to be self-conscious.
The first rally of the season!
How I envy the two of you.
Wait, you're going
to a football game?
I just thought you hated sports.
Can I not change my mind?
Or does that not fit into
your great college
plan for me, mom?
I was just surprised.
Why are you trying to
pick a fight with me?
Don't use that reverse
psychology on me.
You're the one who's been
starting fights with me!
Lucy, when we get
into the sorority,
how soon can we
move into the house?
I think right away.
Then I'm gonna do
everything I can to get in.
Quinn, wait. Don't
leave like this.
She looked beautiful.
You should have heard the
things I said to my mom
when I was her age.
It's not just what she
said. It's how she looked.
Quinn just wanted
to look pretty.
But she also looked
a lot like her.
Those girls are
gonna eat her alive,
just like they did with Kelly.
Quinn has a much tougher
skin than Kelly ever had.
She acts tough.
But deep down she's still
that scared teenager
who's afraid no one's
gonna really like her.
It'll be okay.
Lucy is doing wonders
for Quinn's self-esteem.
Yeah, but can she protect
her from the hazing?
From the cliques?
Sometimes I wish
I was never a part
of that sorority to begin with.
That house was
important to us.
It's how we became best friends.
And didn't you meet Quinn's
dad at a sorority party?
Yeah. Look where that got me.
I just can't stop thinking
about that letter.
I know you don't think
it's serious but-
I was wrong.
Who's that?
Hey, stranger.
Gretchen, Myra! What
are you doing here?
Stacey called us.
I asked them to come.
It's time to find out
who wrote that letter.
Come in. Come on.
She was nervous. I mean...
And we got this one
to come out to the bar
eight months pregnant!
And it was very uncomfortable.
You were adorable. You
did throw up everywhere!
Yeah. I had to fix that.
We had to fix a lot
of things with Chad.
Do you remember what happened?
Yes, I remember what happened!
- [Stacey] Why don't you remind us?
- [Michele] No!
But I'm glad we
could all get together.
I've wanted us to get
together for a while.
Michelle and I
talk all the time.
Yeah? You two
were always besties.
I feel so bad.
I know you've been at the college for
like, what, years now,
and we never see each other.
Oh, how are you liking the
criminology department?
[Myra] I was up for promotion.
[Michele] Oh!
I didn't get it.
Do you have any club soda?
Oh, I'm so sorry. I
forgot you don't drink.
You know what? Maybe
none of us should drink.
So I can feel even
more uncomfortable
about still being in recovery?
Here you go.
That's for you.
Okay, well, now that we all
have something to drink,
cheers to the epsilon girls.
- Cheers.
[Stacey] About time.
I got one, too, you know?
A letter.
So did I.
Just because I didn't get
one doesn't mean I did it.
Why are you so defensive?
[Stacey] Because this
makes me look guilty!
Accusing yourself first so
that we rush to your defense
is a smart strategy
of shifting blame.
I am not accusing myself,
Myra, or any of you.
I love you all
like true sisters.
I've always been there for you.
Then where were you last
year when I went to rehab?
Oh, you made last
February or last November?
I can't keep track.
Myra, I'm trying.
My therapist thinks these
sorority experiences
are what's triggering
my relapses.
So did they tell you to
write these letters to us
as therapy?
I didn't write
anything to anybody.
Myra, why do you keep thinking
it has to be one
of us who did it?
Because the four of us were
the only ones who were there!
You're the psychological
expert around here.
What do you think?
- I think we should
go to the police. - Oh my...
Come on!
Michelle is right.
I can't live like this anymore.
I've lost everything.
My husband.
My boys, they won't
even speak to me.
I just sit at home alone...
Reliving that horrible
night and how I did nothing.
We didn't lie.
She was drinking
and she did fall.
That's not the whole
story and you know it.
We made that girl drink
after humiliating her!
We were kids!
We didn't make her do anything
she didn't want to do.
If we go to the
police, then we're-
they most likely
won't arrest us, okay?
Too much time has passed.
Not enough time to erase
the guilt for what we did.
We hazed her and
we lied about it.
You know that,
at the very least,
we would have gotten expelled
if we hadn't told the cops
that she got drunk on her own.
So, what?
We just keep this secret
for years? That's better?
I should never
have let you guys
talk me into going
along with that story.
Oh, cut the innocent
act, Michelle!
Nobody held a gun to your head
and made you lie to the cops!
Someone is threatening
our lives, Myra!
If we go to the police,
the publicity alone
will ruin all of us.
I don't care
about my reputation!
So what about
Quinn's reputation?
Once she finds out what
you did, she will run
right back to her father.
- She has her whole life
ahead of her.
Once the Dean finds
out, I'm fired
and can forget about ever
working in academia ever again!
How about you?
Chad will leave me for sure!
Oh my god!
Can none of you think about
anybody but yourselves?
[Girls] Chug, chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug, chug, chug!
Quinn is my daughter!
[Michelle] I'm also
thinking about Quinn!
Shut up!
(Overlapping shouts)
I am her mother!
You're pathetic!
You're pathetic!
- Stop it! Just stop it!
I can't take it anymore!
Oh my god, oh my god,
oh my god, oh my god.
I can't do this.
I can't do this!
I gotta go.
Nice get-together.
Let's do it again.
Is this the kind of sisterhood
you want my daughter
to experience too?
That is not fair.
Whoever is behind all this,
they're trying to tear us apart.
Just don't let
them win, Michelle.
Your dad sounds like a riot.
He is.
My mom can be fun too. It...
It just sucks when your two
favorite people in the world
can't stand to be
around each other.
Well, maybe you need a new
favorite person to focus on.
- Yeah?
- I like you.
I just don't think that
you're gonna be that into me.
Why not?
Because you like to gamble.
You don't have to bet on
me. I'm kind of a sure thing.
That was not good at all.
- I'm sorry. I tried.
I don't know.
Whoa, whoa, watch
out, watch out!
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm good. I just...
You almost killed us, you idiot!
Holy cow!
Come on, let's go.
[Lucas] Is
Michelle winter here?
Some guy's here for you!
Is Kelly really dead?
That's Kelly's ex-boyfriend.
I'm her ex because you
made her break up with me!
But the one she shouldn't
have been around was you!
I didn't expect
her to drink so much!
She never would
have been drinking
if she hadn't tried
to impress you!
I loved her too.
I am so sorry.
You took away the only
girl who ever loved me.
You're gonna pay for that!
You hear me, Michelle?
You have no idea
what I'm capable of!
Quinn? Is that you?
What are you doing
sneaking around my house?
We came to say we're sorry.
[Michelle] By
scaring me to death?
Stacey said I acted like
a real jerk the other day,
so I brought a peace offering.
It is the epsilon
mascot, remember?
[All] Ribbit, ribbit.
So can we pretend like
that day never even happened
and start over?
Only if you forgive me too.
Nobody made me lie about Kelly.
I take responsibility
for my actions.
Well, too bad
Gretchen isn't here.
We could really have a do-over.
She's not returning my calls.
She's probably still
sulking somewhere.
Come on in. I'll
make us some coffee.
I'm a woman of many
talents. What can I say?
We're gonna get started.
Are you ready for the
best day of your life?
Like a cry in the dark,
your sisters are always
there to heed your call
and to guide you to safety.
Are you brave enough
to rely on your sisters
for all of your help?
Do you not want in the house?
[Lucy] No, we do. We do.
I'll be good. I'm sorry.
This is what's called
the trust walk challenge.
Guess I'm wearing one.
Now, the only way to get
back to the epsilon house
is if you trust
your sister's voice.
[Quinn] Daisy!
And only her voice to guide you.
See you soon.
This way!
This way!
This way!
This way!
Over here!
- Don't worry!
Follow my voice!
Lucy, is that you?
- This way!
Over here! This way!
- This way!
This way, this way!
Over here, ladies!
Can you hear my beautiful voice?
[Stacey] I remember you
flirted with the bartender
every single night.
[Michelle] I remember
flirting with everyone!
[Stacey] Wow!
[Michelle] But do you
remember what he looked like?
We all do. We all do.
Wow, Michelle.
Nice hair.
What made you dig out all
these old high school photos?
I hoped they might
help us figure out
who's been writing the letters.
Growing up with the same
best friend all your life
must have been nice.
I tried to have more friends.
But Kelly's friendship
could be very consuming.
She certainly
got on my nerves.
You barely knew her.
I knew enough to see her practically
sucking the life out of you.
I didn't think she was so bad.
She wasn't bad.
Kelly had such a
gentle spirit...
Like a kitten.
Not like her mom.
Her mom was a horrible person.
I always just felt
so bad for Kelly.
Everybody's mom
can be a terror.
Not like Kelly's.
It got so bad that...
She tried to take her own life.
She slit her wrists
on Christmas day
our senior year of high school.
I told her that if she
would just hold on,
that a new life would be
waiting for her in college.
You were a good friend to her.
I was her only friend.
And god help me, I
resented her for that.
It could be downright suffocating
to be friends with her.
So I figured, if we
pledged the sorority,
that maybe she'd
meet some new people
and it would take some
of the pressure off of me
being her only
companion all the time.
Didn't she have a boyfriend?
Some guy who made a
scene at the funeral?
They met in the hospital.
Maybe he's the one
sending the letters.
Why now? I mean, Kelly's
been gone for 22 years.
Where is he today?
I don't know.
I don't even know where
to begin to find him.
Well, I do. Where's
your computer?
This way!
Are you experiencing this too?
- Where are we going?
- [Lucy] Daisy!
- I can't hear her anymore.
- Help me get this stupid blindfold off.
No, no, no, no, no.
Why did she tie it so tight?
We're gonna lose.
Who cares?
I already got what I wanted
from this stupid sorority.
Giving up so soon?
- No.
Don't worry, it's almost over.
Follow me! This way!
Little bit longer.
Little bit longer.
- Let's go!
- [Daisy] Follow me!
I think I found him.
Look familiar?
That's him.
He has quite the rap sheet.
Robbery, assault,
failure to appear.
What do you know?
He was just released from
prison one month ago.
What was he in for?
Vehicular manslaughter.
Killed his wife and son but...
I know he's
writing the letters.
We don't know that.
Michelle, he got out of jail
right before the
letters were sent.
He's obviously po-ed about
how his life turned out,
and he blames us.
I don't know.
He just looks so lost.
Well, I am gonna get in
touch with his parole officer.
Till I do, I just...
I want to make sure
we're all safe.
All right. Well,
I'll drive you home.
Come on.
Daisy, are you okay?
What happened to you?
I'm not sure. I ran
into a tree, I think.
Why am I so wet?
Oh my god! Am I bleeding?
Do you feel okay?
Not if it's gonna scar!
Come on, come on.
She's fine. Get her up, come on.
You're fine.
Shake it off, shake it off.
- You're okay, you're okay.
[Quinn] Let's get outta here.
- [Bridget] It's not even that bad.
Really? - It's not bad.
[Gretchen] What if
she's not really dead?
Gretchen, is that you?
I think she's still out there.
- Who are you talking about?
- I'm talking about Kelly!
She's come back to get us!
Myra, Stacey and I are worried.
Oh, of course you are!
You're worried that your precious
little lives are gonna be ruined!
But do you know what?
You know what?
- It's too late for me! - Gretchen...
Just tell me where you are... I can come and get you.
- No! No!
There's nothing you can do now!
This has to stop!
Michelle! Michelle?
Michelle. Michelle, don't leave.
Michelle, don't go.
I don't have anyone
else to talk to!
Please, just...
Don't leave, please!
(Gretchen crying)
(Breathing heavily)
I'm so sorry, I got to go!
Call your sponsor
and don't drive!
It's drab.
Shh, settle down.
She's almost here.
Okay, ladies...
It's time for roses and rumors.
(Snaps fingers)
(Snapping fingers)
- Okay.
Who wants to share first?
Roses go out to
pledges Quinn and Lucy
for making sure I got home safe
after a tree decided to fall
on me during the trust walk.
(Snapping fingers)
And now for a rumor,
also about one of
our new pledges.
One of them may start dating
the kappa beta president soon!
Is it love at first sight?
Is Cody just a scumbag
that's trying to make it with
all the sisters in this house?
Enough gossip.
Next week is the bake sale... raise money for
the house fund,
and I expect
everyone to pitch in,
including our new pledges.
Is there a problem, Quinn?
Actually, yes.
How much money can we actually
raise selling muffins?
Do you have a better idea?
Actually, I do.
Whenever I need
some serious cash,
I just play poker with
my dad and his buddies.
This is a sorority,
not your dad's man cave.
I think we have a
little bit more decorum
around here than that.
We could have a casino night.
Invite the kappa beta guys over
and take 'em for
all they've got.
That just sounds-
I like it.
One of the reasons why
I chose Quinn to pledge
is to shake things
up around here.
Let's have a casino party
two Fridays from now.
Roses go out to Quinn.
Okay, so tomorrow is our legacy tea,
and I still need some volunteers for-
Is Quinn in here?
Mom, what are you doing here?
I'm taking you home.
No, you're not.
Professor winter?
- What's wrong?
- This sorority is wrong.
(Breathing heavily)
It's dangerous.
None of you should be here,
especially my daughter.
What happened to your face?
Mom, it's nothing. Daisy just-
had an accident?
Another one?
Like when you fell
in the basement?
Mom, can you please go home?
We can talk about this later.
You're kind of
embarrassing me right now.
Why do you want to be
here, Quinn? This isn't you!
You have always
been my little rebel
who just makes her own rules.
Don't change who you are to
fit in with a group of girls
who don't even care about you.
Okay, I care about her!
No, you don't!
You don't even know her.
In fact, I barely even know
my own daughter anymore
since she decided
to join this group!
I wish she'd never
met you to begin with!
Mom, stop!
(Breathing heavily)
What's wrong with you?
She's crazy.
- Leave.
She's pathetic.
You're pathetic.
- You're pathetic.
She doesn't belong here.
Professor winter, I need to
respectfully ask you to leave.
I'm sorry for what I said.
I didn't mean to lash out.
(Crying softly)
I told you she and her
mom were whack jobs.
Where were we?
The legacy tea.
So tomorrow, I'm gonna
need some volunteers.
Ladies, does anyone
want to help out?
Why won't you leave me
and my friends alone?
It was just a stupid game!
Nobody told you to drink
the whole damn bottle.
Why did you do that?
I just wanted to
see if you could be
an epsilon theta sister.
(Snaps fingers)
Now my life is ruined.
Everything is gone.
I should have protected you.
I know, and I'm sorry.
Roses for Kelly.
I'll make it right,
Kelly. I promise.
I'll go to the police and
I'll tell them everything.
I just need you to...
I just need you to forgive me.
I just need you to
forgive me, please.
I just...
I just wanna...
I just wanna die.
I just wanna...
I want...
I wanna die. (Crying)
Who's there?
You stay away from me!
You hear me?
Stay away!
Quinn, just let me explain!
Stay away from me!
[Michelle] What are you doing?
Going to Vegas
to live with dad.
But we had a deal!
Yeah, you blew that deal
when you humiliated me in
front of all my friends!
Quinn, I said I'm sorry.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
Just stay away from me.
Quinn, I was just
trying to protect you.
From what?
What are you protecting me from?
From this.
You're running out of time
and so is your daughter.
What does this mean, "you're
running out of time?"
To tell you the truth.
The truth about what?
That I killed my best friend.
Her name was Kelly.
Kelly Oberman.
I talked her into
pledging epsilon with me
even though she didn't want to.
There was a hazing contest.
It was hell night.
And she ended up
getting really drunk.
And she fell down
the basement stairs.
And she died, Quinn.
I'm so sorry I didn't
tell you sooner.
Mom, mom, how was
this your fault?
Because she wouldn't
have been there
if it wasn't for me.
Mom, you've made a career
out of all this psychological,
self-flagellation stuff.
It's not gonna bring
your friend back.
And it's not protecting me.
So that doesn't
scare you at all?
It scares me more
that it scares you.
No one's gonna hurt us.
Who taught you how to
be so smart and brave?
Dad did.
I'm kidding! Obviously you did.
Do you still
want to move away?
Let's talk about
it in the morning.
Hey Gretchen, it's Michelle.
I saw you called. I'm
sorry I missed your call.
I hope it was to tell me
you're somewhere safe.
I'm gonna go to bed now, but
let's talk tomorrow, okay?
Just try not to drive
yourself crazy until then.
Quinn, honey, it's
time to get up.
Hey, you better get a move on
if you want to ride
with me to class.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Don't worry, okay?
Go back to sleep.
What are you doing?
There's no one in here.
You're making yourself
see these things. Stop it!
Is someone there?
Mom, mom! Stop,
stop, it's me, mom!
Stop, stop!
Calm down, calm
down! It's just me!
It's just me! I
was getting water!
- There's someone in the house!
- There's no one in the house!
There's someone in the house!
They were here!
It's just us,
mom. It's just me.
(Michelle screams)
Mom, mom, it's just me.
[Michelle] Oh my god!
You're okay,
you're okay. Shh, shh
oh my god!
It's okay.
- I'm losing my mind!
Hi, honey.
Don't you think you
should lay off the coffee?
You think I'm
delusional, don't you?
[Quinn] Maybe you took
too many sleeping pills.
There was someone
in this house!
Doesn't matter, okay?
I called dad.
I'm flying to Vegas tomorrow.
I see.
It's for the best.
All we do lately is fight.
I can't live like that.
Hi, Quinn!
You left your jacket at the
epsilon house last night.
Oh, sorry.
Thanks. You didn't have
to return this in person.
Oh yes I did.
Since you're no longer pledging,
you obviously won't be
coming back anytime soon.
Have a nice day.
What makes you think
she's not pledging?
Professor winter,
you said yourself
that our sorority
was too dangerous.
I was wrong.
You'll let me pledge?
If it means you'll stay, yes.
I'm afraid Quinn's
been disqualified.
I mean, after the way you
both behaved last night...
That has no effect
on her pledging.
In fact, uninitiated sisters
aren't even supposed to
attend chapter meetings,
and if they do, it's so
they can audit the house
and make sure that epsilon
is the right fit for them.
Don't test me, little girl.
I still know my pledge
rule book by heart.
I guess I was mistaken.
So I assume you'll
be very supportive
of my daughter's
decision to pledge?
I would hate to have to go
to the Hellenic
council with concerns.
I'm so glad you're
still pledging!
And now I see where you get
your unique determination
from your mother.
- Okay.
Oh, professor winter!
The legacy tea is
this afternoon.
Will you be dropping by?
I'd love to have an alumni
with your stature attend.
You don't have
to kiss my butt.
Yeah, I'll come to the tea.
I think that Daisy
just peed her panties.
- That was good!
- That was fun!
I do owe you an
apology though.
You need to go do
things on your own.
So do I.
I just want our
relationship to be okay.
I know your heart's
in the right place,
even if your actions
yesterday were not.
So you'll call your dad
and tell him you're
not moving away?
I never called him.
I told you I'm a good gambler!
Oh my gosh!
I love you so much.
I love you too, mom.
Did I miss the tea?
You haven't heard?
Gretchen's dead.
She was killed in a
car accident last night.
A hit and run!
It was a one-car accident,
not a vehicular homicide.
I got access to the police
report this morning.
No, no!
I told her not to drive!
You talked to Gretchen?
She called me.
She sounded drunk.
And I should have gone
to go look for her,
but I had no idea where she was.
There's nothing
you could have done.
You know what?
I bet Lucas followed Gretchen,
and he ran her off the road!
We don't even
know where he is.
He's living in town at a
halfway house on Chestnut.
Told you I had connections.
Why are you so calm?
He wrote those crazy letters!
- Stacey, stop!
Now he killed Gretchen!
- Stacey!
He's going to kill...
- I already told you...
The rest of us.
- It was a one-car accident.
[Stacey] Because Lucas
staged it to look that way!
- We can't prove that!
- So we force him to confess!
How, just walk right up to him and ask,
"are you the one writing these letters?
Oh, and by they way,
...did you drive our friend
Gretchen off the road?" - Yes!
Let's just give
him what he wants.
Maybe we should go
to the authorities.
What? We would have
to tell them everything.
Myra, you said yourself
your life would be over.
And look what has
happened to Gretchen.
What about Quinn? Do you
want to drag her into this?
Ty would take her away from you.
No, no cops.
If we do this...
We do it on our own terms.
The public is invited to
attend a memorial service
for Kelly Oberman.
For 22 years the details of her
death have been hidden away.
On Friday at 2:00 P.M.,
the truth will be told
in the campus chapel.
Those involved are prepared
to face the consequences
of their actions.
This secret no longer scares us.
[Myra] You think
this will really work?
Honestly, I don't know.
But we have to do
something, right?
Have you heard from
Gretchen's family
about when they plan
to hold the funeral?
Stacey, do you know?
I'll call her
brother and find out.
What's gonna happen
after we confess?
Have you thought about that?
Because when Chad finds
out I'm entangled in this,
he will leave me for sure.
He's already annoyed I
can't carry a baby to term.
I'm sorry, why do you
even stay with that jerk?
Because marriage actually
means something to me.
- Not like you'd know.
- Stacey, stop it!
What will we do if
Lucas does show up?
We just take the blame
for something that isn't
even our fault to begin with?
I mean, she drank,
she died, get over it.
Stacey, stop.
Michelle, let her go.
Maybe this is a horrible idea.
It's not.
Look, maybe we find out if
Lucas is writing these letters,
maybe we don't.
But at worst you are at least
putting together a memorial
for someone you once loved.
Besides Lucas, I wanted
to send invitations
to Kelly's relatives.
See if maybe one of them could
also be writing the letters.
She didn't have much family.
I mean, the whole
time I knew her,
her crazy mom was her
only living relative.
Not anymore.
Kelly's mother, Donna,
died six months ago.
"Donna was proceeded in death
by her only daughter, Kelly...
And is survived by her
granddaughter, Miranda"?
No, that's impossible.
Did Kelly have any
brothers or sisters
that you know about?
No, she was an only child.
Then is Miranda
Kelly's daughter?
I was Kelly's best friend.
I think I would know
if she had a baby.
Then why is this girl listed
as her mother's
only granddaughter?
Who the hell is Miranda?
I don't know.
God, I hope they do
this same sort of thing
for me when I die.
Yeah, I'll put
it in your will.
[Bridget] Hey!
Hey, ladies. This is
definitely the occasion.
Have you seen Stacey?
I don't think she's coming.
She's still mad
we're doing this?
Of course she is.
But we don't need her approval
to smoke this stalker out.
Aren't you all a little
over-dressed for a funeral?
It's not a funeral, you doof.
It's a memorial for some girl
that died over 20 years ago.
No one really cares.
It's more like a social event.
Well, I see you're just
as sensitive as ever.
I just can't wait to hear
what all this gossip's about.
- Me too.
- I'm gonna talk to my mom.
Yeah, okay.
Oh, honey!
I'm so glad you guys both came.
Did all the epsilon
girls show up?
Bridget's going mad trying to
figure out what this is about.
Yeah, what's this big secret
you've been keeping
from everyone?
You'll have to wait and
see with everyone else.
And I need to be the
one who tells it.
So now you want to
give big speeches?
Because yesterday you
didn't even want to do this.
No, I know.
But I need to take
some responsibility.
Hey, check out
who just walked in.
He actually came.
Are you gonna go talk to him?
Are you out of your mind?
I've got to thank
him for coming
and see if his handwriting
matches what's in those letters.
Should we go over there?
No, let's just
give it a second.
Hello, Mickey.
I didn't know she told you.
Kelly told me everything.
Like how you wanted her
to break up with me,
so she did, and she died.
I'm sorry. I was so naive.
So what is this
memorial all about?
Are you really
gonna tell the truth
about what happened to Kelly?
Isn't that what
you want me to do?
I really want to
know what happened.
Hold on, okay?
Would you mind signing
this guest book?
It would really mean
a lot to all of us.
[Lucas] Damn it!
It's okay.
Just try again.
It's no use.
I haven't been able to
write for the past 20 years.
Why not?
It's called a bullet, Mickey.
The one I put in my
head 22 years ago
when I found out Kelly died.
I can't function anymore.
- Myra...
Please, I'm okay.
Give us a minute, okay?
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
And I think I made a very
wrong assumption about you.
Don't worry.
I'm an easy guy to hate.
Is Kelly's mother coming?
Donna died six months ago.
Good. May she rot in hell.
She made Kelly's life
a living nightmare.
Her obituary's really
confusing though.
Maybe you can make sense of it.
They said that Donna
had a granddaughter,
but Kelly didn't have
any brothers or sisters.
She kept the baby?
Kelly had a child?
We had a child.
It happened right after she
got out of the mental hospital
her senior year.
Kelly's mother forced
Kelly to give the baby up.
I want to help you locate her.
It's the least I can do for
how I treated you back then.
Kelly would be very
proud of the amends
that you're making
for her today.
It's not him.
What do you mean?
How do you know?
First of all, Lucas
can't even write.
The man can't even hold a pen.
So he got someone to write them
for him, a guy from prison.
Stacey, just stop it!
I unfairly judged
Lucas for far too long.
I practically ruined
the man's life.
Had I just let him
and Kelly be alone,
Kelly might actually
still be alive.
Can we just get this over with?
We agreed that I
would speak for us.
Besides, you're a little
too emotional right now.
Today, we honor the
memory of Kelly Oberman...
A sorority sister who
died under circumstances
we've kept secret
for far too long.
We didn't tell the
truth 22 years ago,
because we were
scared and ashamed.
But the disgrace of
how Kelly died...
And our involvement in it...
Ends today.
Because the indignity of
underage drinking is a curse
that must be exorcized
from this campus.
If Kelly hadn't defied our pleas
not to drink so much that night,
she would most likely
be alive today,
and I personally...
Tried to stop Kelly from
drinking that night,
but she preferred the
comfort of the bottle
over the friendship
of her sisters.
Let Kelly's death be a daily
reminder to all students,
especially our fellow
sorority sisters,
not to follow in her sad,
self-serving footsteps.
Thank you.
You said that you
would tell the truth.
I did tell the truth.
That was a lie!
I will not let your
guilty conscience ruin us.
I'm gonna tell everyone
what happened right now.
You liar!
You aren't sisters,
you're snakes!
All you did was blame Kelly.
You were never her friend!
I'm gonna tell everyone
what happened right now, okay?
[Lucas] You had your chance!
Just give me a chance
to explain, please!
What does it matter?
Nothing you say
can't bring her back.
- Lucas, just give me a chance
to explain! - You had your chance!
Who was that monster?
He's not a monster. We are.
I used my key.
I told you I didn't
want to see you.
Myra was right about Gretchen.
She wasn't in a
hit-and-run after all.
Her blood alcohol
level was sky high.
I'm sorry that I
jumped to conclusions.
Have you received
any more letters?
No, I haven't received
any more letters, okay?
So that proves
that Lucas did it.
After getting arrested
for breaking his probation
at the service, he can't
send any more threats.
You just don't get it, do you?
Those lies that you spewed
last week at the service
were so atrocious.
(Quinn and Lucy screaming)
I got in!
Quinn, are you
okay? Are you okay?
We got in! We got in!
- It's not official, it's not official.
- Yes it is! It is official!
No, no, no. Think.
Why would Bridget invite
us to the private meeting?
Why would she tell us to
wear something special
at the kappa beta mixer?
The kappa beta mixer?
That must be a new tradition.
All we got to do the night we
got in was play stupid games,
right Michelle?
Yeah, I remember what happened
the night we got
accepted. Do you?
Mom, please don't
do this right now!
No, your mom's
right to be angry.
How can we make peace
with what happened
if I keep refusing to
accept my part in it?
I was a coward at the service.
I was scared my husband
would leave me...
If I told everyone the truth
about giving Kelly too
much to drink that night.
Chad left this
morning anyway, so...
I have no husband,
no best friend.
Life is great.
Have fun tonight, girls.
I still love you, aunt Stacey.
(Crying softly)
I can't imagine
what it's been like
to keep a secret like
that all these years,
but it's out now, and I want
you to know I understand
and that I changed my
mind about moving out.
I want to stay here with
you a little bit longer,
at least for the rest of the
semester, if that's okay.
[Michelle] Yes!
As long as that's
what you really want.
Nobody's more
surprised than I am
about how much I want to
get into this sorority.
Being a loner is overrated.
I mean, if I get it.
Of course you'll get in.
How are you feeling
about everything you
learned about us tonight?
Oh, I was so worried
about how Quinn would react,
I didn't even think
about your feelings.
This must be a shock.
More relieved, actually.
It's good to know that
people have problems.
It makes me feel a
little more normal.
And I love Quinn.
And I actually have...
Something for you.
"Thank you for being the
mother of my best friend.
This is a dream come true.
I'll never forget
what you've done."
Oh, I love this picture!
I'm gonna hang
this in my office.
I love it.
And I love you for making
my daughter so happy.
Here, you girls take this
and get some new dresses
for the party tonight.
I don't want your money.
This is not money.
This is credit.
I never expected you
guys to be so nice.
Thank you so much
for the credit card.
It's gonna be an
extra fun night now.
[Quinn] Yes.
Come on, let's go.
- Let's go!
- [Lucy] Okay!
I'm glad Quinn got in.
Do you want to go
to dinner tonight?
I mean, if the girls are
celebrating, we might as well too.
We could go to McWard's
bar down by college circle!
Oh my god.
I don't think we've been
there since our junior year.
Good beer, bad fries...
Hot guys.
- Hot guys.
This doesn't mean
that all is forgiven...
But I'm glad you
finally told the truth,
and I'm sorry Chad left you.
Just please don't
ever leave me, Michelle.
I swear I will never
let you down again.
Stop being such a sap, okay?
I'll see you tonight.
Just meet me at my office,
and we can walk to
McWard's from there.
I finally found it.
The birth certificate
of Kelly's daughter.
Miranda Lucinda Walsh?
But Kelly's last
name was Oberman.
Mm-hm. But her
mother's maiden name...
Is Walsh.
So Kelly's mom
didn't give her up.
She must have raised
her daughter herself.
Well, my sleuth work
is done. I'm late.
Jamie got us theater
tickets for tonight.
Oh, I forgot what today
was! Happy birthday, Myra.
Don't remind me!
These choices are never easy.
I must guarantee...
That the epsilon legacy...
Doesn't repeat the same mistakes
that other sisters have
made in this house.
Are you up for the challenge?
Do you ladies promise to excel
past those who came before you?
Then hold up your candle...
As you take upon the
vows and obligations
from which you can
never be freed.
Sisters now...
Sisters tomorrow...
Sisters for life.
Oh my god! Quinn!
She drives me crazy, crazy
Welcome to epsilon!
We'll all be sisters forever.
I knew you could do it.
Thank you.
Okay. Come on, ladies.
Ladies, I'd like
to propose a toast.
To sisterhood!
There's enough for everybody.
There'll be plenty to drink
at the kappa beta house.
Bridget's right.
Let's get outta here.
I haven't seen Cody all week.
Cody can wait for
one toast. Seriously.
You know how hard I
worked to get here.
Lighten up.
Come on.
Come on. What?
You scared you're gonna get too drunk
and fall down the stairs?
[Lucy] Ladies, drink up!
[Michelle] Quinn, call
me as soon as you get this!
And stay away from
Lucy! Do you hear me?
Stay away from-
- Michelle.
- Oh my god!
- What is wrong?
Have you seen Quinn?
No, I came to meet you
for dinner. Why are you-
I have to get
to her right now!
Okay. Why are you so upset?
My car is right outside.
I'll tell you on the way!
- There's no time! Hurry!
- Okay. Sweetie...
I think I'm gonna throw up.
I don't feel so good either.
Was the champagne bad?
Well it's pledge night, ladies.
Who wants to go
down to the basement
and see if my mother
is still there?
[Stacey] Lucy is
Kelly's daughter?
[Michelle] Yes, and her
handwriting matches exactly
what's in those letters!
[Stacey] Well then we
need to call the cops now!
We will, as soon
as we find Quinn!
Damn it! It keeps
going to voicemail!
Try again. It's gonna be okay.
I am!
Pick up. (Crying)
What do you mean, your mom?
Kelly Oberman.
Your mom's best friend.
But she never got the
chance to raise me,
because this
sorority killed her!
Your mom took my
mother away from me.
Somebody has to pay.
(Breath shaking)
Payback is a bitch.
Quinn, please just come out
so we can get this over with!
God, I can't tell you how many
times I've tried to do this.
But I realized how
much I liked you.
You were like this
little sister to me.
Just like my mom
was to your mom.
Mickey promised to protect her,
but she didn't do that, did she?
I thought it would be enough.
I thought it would be
enough that you got angry
and you made plans to move away.
I thought...
I wouldn't have to
kill you... (Crying)
To get back at her
for what she did.
Oh, but I realized you
would always forgive Mickey!
It's like my mom never
even existed! (Laughs)
God, that memorial service.
The memorial service.
It was a joke!
It was just...
No one remembers.
No one remembers my mom!
Oh, and I bet...
I bet...
That once you're gone...
She's gonna forget
all about you too.
(Wood clattering)
Lucy, please, don't do this.
You're my friend!
You're my best friend!
(Girls screaming)
- [Michelle] Bridget!
- Somebody help us!
[Michelle] Bridget,
what happened?
Lucy drugged the champagne!
She tried to kill us!
- Where's Quinn?
- She's still inside!
(Overlapping shouts)
Call 911 right now! Stay
here until help arrives!
I have to get to Quinn!
Call them now!
[Stacey] Okay, okay!
(Girls crying)
It's gonna be okay.
Please! Why are you doing this?
Lucy, please! Please stop!
Lucy, please stop!
Let Quinn go now!
I will kill her!
No you won't.
You're too much
like your mother.
You're the reason
my mother is dead!
And I had to be raised
by some monster!
Why didn't anyone come
and try to save me?
I didn't know.
What would you have done?
Would you have helped me?
How? How?
When my grandmother finally
died, I saw what you did.
I saw what all of you did!
You took my mother away from me.
I have to.
I have to take Quinn
from you. I have to.
This won't bring
Kelly back, okay?
And I'm so sorry
that you were raised
by that terrible woman.
I can't do anything
to change that.
But I can try to make
up for those mistakes.
Isn't that what your
mother would have wanted?
I don't know!
I don't know!
I never got the chance!
I never got the
chance to know her!
Please let Quinn go.
And I promise I will
get you through this.
I will do everything I
can to make sure you know
exactly how wonderful
your mother really was.
Let Quinn go now.
Let the pain end here.
Just let her go.
Let her go.
It's gonna okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay
for all of us.
It's gonna be okay.
(Stacey screams)
(Body thuds)
Stacey, what are you doing?
Saving you.
Just like I saved
us from her mother.
Kelly never hurt us!
I had to do it.
Otherwise she would
have destroyed
everything that we worked for.
I don't know why Kelly even
pledged in the first place.
It was obvious she was
only there because of you.
She was weak, Michelle!
Okay, one, two, three.
You said it yourself.
She dragged you down.
(Doorknob rattling)
What are you, a stray cat
hacking up all over the floor?
Get up.
I'm sick.
You're pathetic.
And no one wants you here.
[Kelly] But I got in!
Because of me and Michelle,
so just save yourself the
humiliation and get lost!
I'll tell everyone
about the hazing
and they'll kick you out!
You're not telling
anyone anything!
(Breathing heavily)
Were you in my house?
I wasn't gonna hurt you.
I only did it for
us, for the sorority!
Michelle, back me up here.
Tell me I had to do it.
Lucy? Lucy, can you hear me?
Mickey, I'm so sorry!
Don't get upset. It's okay.
We're gonna get you well in
every way possible, I promise.
I'll help.
(Lucy crying)
I'm sorry!
[EMT] Vitals are looking good.
Start a line here.
You're not gonna
tell anyone, right?
About what I said?
Sorority secrets or forever.
Roses and rumors.
(Snaps fingers)
Besides, you can't
prove anything anyway.
You're right, Stacey, I can't.
But you don't
deserve to wear this.
I just told the
police everything.
You can explain
yourself to them.
I don't even know who you are.
I am still me, Michelle!
Michelle, they're
gonna arrest me!
Michelle, I am still your
best friend! We are sisters!
You're not my sister.
You're no one.
[Police] You have the
right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and
will be used against you
in a court of law.
It's gonna be okay.
I just can't believe
they want me back
after everything that I did.
Don't doubt yourself.
You worked so hard
to get better.
You deserve to be
happy. We both do.
Thanks, dad.
"Dad". I'm still
getting used to that.
I like it.
I like hearing it.
Don't forget this.
Oh, Miranda, honey,
I'm so glad you're here.
I'm so glad to be here.
Thank you.
Do I look okay?
- I didn't know what anybody else
was wearing. - You look wonderful.
I can really go in there?
Yes, you really can.
Today is a fresh start.
- Thank you.
Let's go.
- Okay.
Everything looks so good!
Ooh, love the pink. Okay.
And these pillows are perfect.
Quinn, did you pick them?
Are you actually nervous?
Yes, I'm scared to death.
This is my first day as
president. What do you think?
Why did I let you all elect me?
You won by a landslide.
And this meeting should
have already started.
- I'll go get the girls.
- I can help you.
No, you won't.
Madame president, stay.
You have a friend here.
I'm so glad you're
here. All the sisters are.
You look really good.
And so do you, professor winter!
Thank you, Daisy.
[Daisy] You know it!
I hope this isn't weird.
No, not at all.
You're my friend.
I'm glad you're here.
I brought the photo of
my mom that you wanted.
I hope it's a good one.
No, this is perfect.
I am so proud of you girls.
The chapter room
is now officially
the Kelly Oberman room.
You think she'd like that?
She would love it.
Hey, it's our pledge, okay?
No cry in the dark
goes unanswered.
We're sisters.
Forgiveness is part of the deal.
Okay, we're ready. Yeah.
Welcome everyone.
We like to start
our chapter meetings
with a little tradition
called roses and rumors.
(Snapping fingers)
So today we have...