Sector 4 (2014) Movie Script

My name is Nash Olsen.
I am a PMC... a private
military contractor.
At least, that's what
they call us now.
People used to call us mercenaries,
guns for hire, soldiers of fortune.
Whatever they call us,
the job always stays the same.
When shit really hits the fan
and the military can't touch it,
they give us a call.
The commando team of four, been
together for about eight years
with dozens of missions
all over the world,
never lost a man.
We live and die by our motto...
no one left behind.
These words are really
important to us.
Just like any soldiers,
we know the risk of each mission.
But we also know and
trust each other
with our lives every single day.
That is until the day you wake up
and you realize
that you are in way over your head
and there is no one who can help.
This is our story.
Have a seat, Nash.
Let's get down to business.
I'd like to introduce
you to Mohamed Asan,
or T3, as the boys in DC call him.
Number three on the
Al-Qaeda most-wanted list.
Very well-trained,
very difficult to track.
CIA's been following
this guy for two years.
Every time they think
they have him...
poof, he just disappears.
The man's a fucking ghost.
He travels in small groups, often with
women and children to avoid air strikes.
We've currently got intel that
he's leading a small force
operating out of the lower
quadrant of Sector 4.
Sector 4, sir?
That a problem?
It's a mess down there, sir.
It's the red zone.
That's why they called us.
When do we leave?
ASAP. Get your team together.
Copy that.
Commander Reynolds on deck.
Confirming two souls on
board, dark-colored pickup,
traveling west-bound
towards village.
Keep your eyes on the target.
Do we have confirmation
Tango 3 is in the vehicle?
It's now confirmed
Tango 3 is on board.
We have visual on the target.
- Scramble the jets.
- Sir.
Countdown 55, space checker
at transponder setting
03 Alpha, 4750.
All right, target one
by the entrance.
- Three plus...
- I'm picking up a signal.
It looks like we've got some
friendlies in Sector 4.
Sector 4? We don't have
anybody in Sector 4.
We have guys over in Sector 5.
4 should be clear.
All right, what do you have for me?
Target one,
by the entrance.
Three plus down.
Target one.
Three plus down.
I am showing something
from that area, sir.
Those are our GPS signals.
A team of four?
- All right, let me contact I-Corps.
- Sir.
All right then. Wind,
three knots east-west.
The wind...
three knots east-west.
There's no way we could be
positive it's our guys.
All right, and target two...
four feet left to target one.
Target two acquired.
We have degree coordinates
on that target.
Confirming the grid, 68-niner 517.
This could be Al-Qaeda
trying to throw us off.
Understood, sir.
Proceeding with the strike.
All right, boss,
ready fur your call.
We've got heavy contact!
Oh shit! What was that?!
Air strike!
What the fuck was that?
Where the hell did all
these people come from?
- I'm on red! Cover me, Scott!
- I got it, I got it!
On the ground! I'm green. Clear!
- Ah!
- Copy that!
- Cover me!
- Watch out!
- Move into the cave!
- Go! Moving!
Go, let's get to the cave!
Roger that! Moving.
Let's go.
- Shit! Ahhh!
- Shit.
- We've got one man down!
- Nash, I'm hit.
- Nash, Nash...
- I got you, I got you.
Okay! Ahh!
Oh, shit!
Son of a...
- Put pressure.
- Shit!
I got you.
- Put pressure on that!
- Yeah, I can make it. Yeah.
We got heavy contact! Green 745.
- All right, let's go! Move move move!
- My leg!
Oh, Nash!
What the fuck was that?
Fuck Al-Qaeda.
Guys, what's your status?
What's your status?
I got contact left!
Contact right, contact right!
Allahu akbar!
They're everywhere!
Nash, what's your location?
Steve, what's your location?
What's your location?
Hold on, I'm coming for you.
Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!
No running in the house.
I like what you did with the house.
Thanks! I know I shouldn't
spend the money, but I get lonely.
He's gone for months at a time.
I have to find some way to
keep myself from going crazy.
Think you're going crazy?
It's been over three
months since Scott left.
That's how long it's
been since I've had sex.
Try living in the same house
as your ex-husband and his son
- and see how great your sex life is.
- Oh, no way.
I don't know. After
this mission's over,
I only want three things...
peace, love...
and sex.
Yeah, I want more sex.
- Pizza pizza!
- This is so good, guys.
Thanks, Mom!
It's 20 individuals.
Roger tally. Right door.
clear, anytime, come
in on that road.
I got individuals everywhere.
Alpha 4, we've got confirmation
of friendly in the area, running
north away from the village.
I love you, Dad.
Your son needs you.
Keep eyes on target.
Roger. What's your location.
Charlie 5, Charlie 6 has gut bingo.
Charlie 1 through
6, return to base.
7-India-53, one length to location.
You have the call.
They're on their way, sir.
All right, let's pump him up.
I have an update on
Operation Mikaela, sir.
- Let's have it!
- The enemy focused
most of their strength on
this area during the attack.
Much higher numbers
than we anticipated.
Okay, what about the target?
Unfortunately, the
target escaped, sir.
What's the status
of the contractors?
We received a friendly
GPS signal in the area.
We had no way of knowing
it was the contractors,
so we proceeded with the air strike.
We lost all of them but one.
- What the fuck just happened?!
- I just heard it myself.
I don't know all the details yet.
The details are simple...
you're in charge
of the private fucking contractors,
and they got in the
middle of a fire zone
when we launched an air strike!
We may have just
killed our own men.
It'll be taken care of.
Son of a bitch.
I'm hit!
Nash, I'm hit!
A knock would be more appropriate,
if you don't mind.
Roger that.
Where's Max?
He's out back playing.
You know, he asks about you a lot.
I'm running out of excuses.
When are you going to stop
blaming yourself for the past
and start being a better
father to your son?
It's not too late
for that, you know?
I'm working on it, okay?
- Dad?
- Buddy?
Do you know that the Grand
Canyon's over 6,000 feet deep,
and over 20 football fields
and 277 miles long?
No, I didn't know that.
- You didn't?
- No.
But you said we can go to
the Grand Canyon one day.
You know what?
I know I promised you we'd
go to the Grand Canyon.
You know? But I'm telling you...
I promise, okay?
Oh, I love you, buddy. Come here.
I love you, Dad.
You have a phone call, boss.
Thank you, Jacob.
Sir, I just received an
email, I don't know from who.
It's a video, sir.
Excuse me?
They're alive, sir.
I see.
And what exactly would you
like us to do about it?
We need to get them out, sir.
We don't have much time.
Mikaela was classified.
There's no way we can go back now.
Sir, you're telling me you
know my men are alive
and you're not going to do
anything about it, right?
You know what you're getting into
every time you accept a mission.
That's the life you chose.
That's why you're making
the big bucks, pal.
No one gets left behind, sir.
You're not soldiers,
you're mercenaries.
No one cares about a
team of hired guns
getting stuck behind enemy lines.
You know what?
The more I think back
to that mission...
the air strikes,
the men that were not
supposed to be there...
the more I think you're
covering up something, sir.
I'm sorry, Nash. There's
nothing I can do.
He going back.
This is Aisha Nasser,
reporting live from the
Afghanistan/Pakistan border,
a region now referred
to as Sector 4.
It is believed that many of
the top Al-Qaeda leaders
are operating out of this area.
Recently, the government deemed
Sector 4 to be a red zone...
an area too unsafe to orchestrate
ground assaults by US troops,
making many of the
top Al-Qaeda leaders
seemingly untouchable
by the US troops.
This is Aisha Nasser reporting
live from Sector 4. Back to you.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Do it!
Do it, you fucking pig!
Do it!
Chickenshit! Fuck!
You don't have the guts! Come on!
Come on! Gaaaah!
What the fuck are you looking at?
Are you all right?
- Buddy.
- Come on.
You doin' all right?
I can't take this anymore.
We're getting out of here.
We're not going to get out of here.
We're gonna wait.
I'm done waiting.
Nash will be here.
You'll see.
You know, in the war days...
I was in the same situation.
I lost some...
I lost some of my nearest friends.
They were left behind,
but I was told to stand down.
I did.
Not a day goes by I don't
think about those faces
or see them.
If you're going to go
to one of the craziest
parts of the world...
the most dangerous...
you're going to have
to fight the people,
the elements, the weather,
the desert,
the snow, skydive...
by yourself.
You need to get mentally strong
so you can survive
and see your kid.
Make sure you say
good night to him.
Let's do it.
We gotta get the fuck out of here.
How do you suppose we're gonna
get the fuck out of here?
We've been a team for
how long? How long?
Our wives hang out together...
we're a team.
Yeah, he's not going to
leave anybody behind.
I feel pretty fucking abandoned.
Been, what? 70-some
fuckin' days in here?
Ain't no one coming for us.
He's gonna come for us.
He's gonna be here.
Just trust him.
Trust him... he'll be here.
Dude, that's gonna get you killed.
We're gonna get killed anyway.
At least this is
going to be my way.
My kids are not going
to watch their dad
have his head cut off
and watch it on TV.
Nash will be here.
He'll be here. You'll see.
He'll be here.
You just gotta stand down
and be a little stronger.
He'll be back.
You're going back, aren't you?
You know,
I actually thought this time
was going to be different.
For the first time I believed
that you were going
to change things
and be a better father to Max.
I can't leave them behind.
What about Max?
You're leaving him behind.
All this week he's been
talking about the trip
that you two were supposed
to take to the Grand Canyon.
That should be your priority.
Jesus, Nash.
I know you could care less
what happened between us.
Lord knows I'm over it.
I really love those guys too.
But a real man,
a good father, knows
when to turn his back
and let somebody else
take care of the problem.
There is nobody else.
You're just trying to play hero
so you can feel better
about yourself.
Meanwhile I'm taking care of Max,
not knowing if you're coming back.
Which is why I divorced you.
We live in the same house,
and I am okay with that,
but don't go out and
get yourself killed.
Your son needs you
more than anyone.
I promise I'll be back.
I promise.
"Dear Max,
I want you to remember
how much I love you.
I promise that when I return
we'll go to the Grand Canyon
and visit all the places
that you can imagine.
I miss you already
and I love you.
Love, Dad."
- You ready?
- Shalom.
You know I can't teach
you how to fight.
But I can teach you how to survive
so you can come back.
Let's go.
- Hello?
- Hey, Kristoff.
This is Charlie.
How you doin', man?
Oh, my friend. How are you?
Very very very busy. Very busy.
Haven't spoke to you in ages.
Last time I heard you
were dead. Mm-hmm.
Sorry, buddy, I'm not dead yet.
Listen, I'm gonna go on a
little vacation pretty soon.
- I'm gonna need a couple things.
- Vacation, huh?
Are you going to visit your old
friends from last trip, hmm?
How do you know about that?
Facebook! What do you think?
So when are you planning
this trip of yours?
Very soon.
No problem, no problem.
Anything you want.
Make sure you take
care of me, okay?
Not like last time, okay?
Don't screw it up.
Charlie, come on, really?
Of course, no no.
Make sure you say hi to the wives.
I am honest Russian man.
Yes, boy.
Yak yak yak yak!
All right, just take
care of me, all right?
No problem, no problem.
All right, thanks,
I appreciate that.
All right, see you soon, okay?
Bye, ciao.
Clear clear clear, move!
Two-round hammer drill left target,
transition to the right target,
two-round hammer drill. Copy that?
- Copy that.
- Shooter ready?
- Ready!
- Stand by.
Two rounds all the way
around. Copy that?
- Copy that.
- Stand by.
- Contact front!
- Contact front.
- Move!
- Moving.
Contact front!
Check rear!
Contact front!
Contact left!
Contact front!
Contact front!
Contact left!
Contact right!
Contact front!
Contact front!
Contact left!
Cease fire!
We got visual on Tango 3.
So you want to buy
some firearms, right?
I have amazing guns
for you, my friend.
Love Americans so much,
especially your money.
So, um, you ready?
Oh my God.
Look at these, baby.
Mwah! Yeah.
Brand-new weapon.
Very good in combat.
Quite pricey, though.
Very expensive model.
What about that one?
How much for that one?
Oh, my friend, that one.
This one... a very good gun.
I'll cut you amazing deal...
500 Americans.
Great price for amazing gun.
What about I give you
$200 for the rifle,
I give you $200 for the handgun
and $100 for the...
for the ammo? How's that?
- Mmm.
- Good?
You son of a bitch, my friend.
I'll cut your throat
when you sleep.
Sounds good!
- We got a deal?
- We got a deal.
All right.
Euros or pound sterling?
Do you take credit cards?
Credit cards? Are you kidding me?
Credit cards! You most secret
in a desert and you
want credit cards?
Cash, my friend. Only cash.
Military caches are buried
all along this area.
Come here, come here,
I'll show you.
There's numbers.
60 up up and west,
and you can get whatever
you want there.
So many explosives... wow.
That's for you.
How do I get there though?
I need a car, so...
Oh boy, I have no cars.
No... no cars. No no no.
My... my cousin Tolia
is fuckin' great car dealer.
He has amazing cars. So good cars.
And great super-cheap
prices for you.
And I'm gonna call him
'cause I care about my customers.
And you're my favorite,
my best friend, even more.
And he gonna give you discount.
He gonna come here for you...
come right here for you,
deliver car, the one you want.
You enjoy the weather, mountains.
I give you sun lotion even,
so you can enjoy yourself.
All right?
And he gonna come here
and sell you cars, right?
Amazing? Oh, my friend,
pleasure doing business.
- Sure.
- My best friend!
My best friend.
My cousins do not speak English.
But I do.
They never let me
hang out with them
when they're doing their business.
They say I'm too young.
But they let me come today because
I learn English in school.
How nice of them.
So, listen, I have a long drive.
Do you think this car
is going to take me
to where I want to go?
He says it works like clockwork.
Hmm! Okay.
Yes, clockwork.
Listen, Kristoff told me $200.
He says, uh...
they want to know how much
you have in your wallet.
How much I have in my wallet?
Oh boy, I guess a
deal is not a deal.
The man who sent you... Kristoff...
they tell me he owes
them a lot of money.
Since you're his friend,
they want to take it from you.
Well, first of all
I'm not his friend.
And secondly,
I just have $200.
They have little time.
Opa! America...
Whoa whoa...
Check the safety, asshole.
Get in the car.
Get in the car!
Get the fuck out of
here, you bitch.
Allahu akbar!
Salaam alaikum.
This is Aisha Nasser,
reporting live
from the Afghanistan
Pakistan border.
Information regarding
the recent attack
on the Afghanistan Pakistan border
has just been released
earlier today.
It is believed that
following the attack,
three private US
military contractors
have been held hostage
by an Al-Qaeda group
operating in the area
led by Mohamed Asan,
number three on the
most-wanted list.
No demands have been
issued at this time.
This marks the fourth instance
in which several contractors
have been involved in the
red-zone area in Afghanistan.
Previous instances left
several contractors dead.
Reporting back to you.
I have some intel for
you regarding Sector 4.
About your captive men?
Not exactly.
It's about the one that
got out. He's going back.
After what happened
with that last mission,
you're going to send someone back?
And on government funds, no less?
No, we didn't orchestrate this
at all. He's doing it on his own.
And why would he do that?
Yeah, "no one left behind."
I think that's the phrase he used.
A mercenary that
gives a fuck. Great.
If your intel on bin
Laden is correct,
you may be privy to his location.
So what are you telling me for?
I'm just waiting for the right
moment to strike... a diversion,
a hole in their security.
Oh, I can personally guarantee
that once Nash is in the area,
a real shitstorm is going to start.
I want you to keep me informed
on every move Nash makes...
every move he makes,
you keep me posted.
Don't move.
Whoa whoa whoa,
don't think about it.
Whoa whoa, okay, easy.
You won't find
anything there anyway.
Who the fuck are you?!
- Daniels.
- Jones.
- Paulson.
- Fuck, you guys.
You scared the shit out of me.
Reynolds gave us intel
you'd be coming out here.
Didn't expect to see you so soon.
Got out here pretty quick for a
private military contractor.
Three of us have been out here the
past four months tracking Number 3.
We hear you created quite the
shitstorm a few months back
going after Number 3.
There were four. One
of us was compromised.
Heard the screams, but
we never found the body.
If you're looking for
weapons and explosives,
this is where you'll find 'em.
I hope you like to swim.
We hear you're going
back after your boys.
It's a suicide mission.
You know that.
- Any intel?
- Yeah, about 15-20 strong.
Packed up the village
a couple hours ago.
Heading to the hideout.
It's marked on your map.
Good luck.
Let's have it.
Sir, Nash has just made
contact with Delta
and the map's been delivered.
He's on track, just as
we were anticipating,
heading straight fur the cache.
His ETA to final
destination is 48 hours,
if he survives.
Don't forget... come
back alive to your son.
Yeah, sat work has it by 30 miles.
Keep your eye on the target.
Guys, it's me.
Let's move. Get the guns.
Pick up the weapons.
Get the weapons.
Get down!
Brad, watch the door!
Watch the door!
Brad, what's your status?!
For Scott.
Shit, let's go! Come on!
Nash, he's gone,
he's gone, come on!
He's not gone! Brad, Brad!
Let's go!
- Nash, come on!
- No, you're not dead. Stay with me!
- He is dead!
- Come on, Brad, stay with me!
- He is dead. He got hit! Let's go!
- He's not gone!
I won't leave anybody
behind, you understand?
God, look at him,
center mass! Let's go!
Come on! Get in the truck!
We gotta move now!
Stay with me, you understand?
- Stay with me!
- Get in the truck!
Nash, come on, get in the truck.
Get in the truck!
Are you okay, man?
I don't know.
What happened to Scott?
They killed him.
Salaam alaikum.
This is Aisha Nasser
reporting live once again
from the Afghanistan
Pakistan border.
As conflict continues to
rise in the Middle East,
the whereabouts of Osama
bin Laden are still unknown.
However, drone surveillance
has shown heavy activity
near the the Afghanistan!
Pakistan border,
AKA: Sector 4,
which the government
has recently deemed
too dangerous to engage in combat,
causing a stalemate in
the war on Al-Qaeda.
This is Aisha Nasser,
reporting back to you.
Hey, thank you.
From me and my family,
thank you.
You're welcome, buddy. You would
have done the same thing for me.
Yeah. I would have tried.
Raven, this is Echo 1.
DO you got the grid?
Did you copy that?
Yeah, sat work has it by 30 miles.
Roger that.
"Against our recommendation,
Nash traveled to Sector
4 via civilian means
and began a large ground assault
on Al-Qaeda forces in the area.
We intercepted contact
leading us to believe
that both Nash and the hostages
are unfortunately D-E-A-D."
- Hold on, Nash.
- Morning, sir.
Go on with your report. I can't
wait to hear what happened next.
Go on.
It is good to see you, Nash.
Is it?
So how are the men?
I got Steven out. Brad
and Scott are dead,
but I'm sure you already
know that, don't you, sir?
I'm sorry about that,
Nash. Really, I am.
But like I said, that's why you
guys make the big bucks, right?
You risk it all.
You are the one who
sent me that video.
You knew bin Laden's location,
knowing that I would
go back in Sector 4,
create enough chaos
so it would open the window for the
military to move in on bin Laden.
Am I correct, sir?
With less forces
protecting bin Laden,
the better chance we
had to take him out
- with safety to our men.
- What about my men?
You used them as bait.
You sent us on a
suicide mission, sir.
The only problem
is I am still alive.
Men like us don't operate
on nobility and honor,
so don't... so don't bullshit
with some hero act.
War has become a very
lucrative business
and made me a very rich man.
So how much will it take?
Nothing is going to change anyway.
So I want a proper military
service for my two men.
That's number one.
Number two, I want a big
check and I mean a big one.
And number three,
I want out for good, sir.
I'll miss you.
Okay, here we go.
That'll buy your kid a
nice shiny new bike.
Hmm. It's not only for me, sir.
I'm sorry to hear that, Nash.
I had a job lined up you'd
be the perfect man for.
I'm sure you did.
I already got a job, sir.
Thank you.
Damn, I thought he was dead.
No one left behind.
We lived and died by those words.
Turns out, maybe we did not
understand what that meant,
who was actually being left behind.
Many soldiers lose their
lives to save others.
Not everyone understands
why they do it,
sometimes not even
their own family,
because they are the
ones left behind,
the ones that have to deal
with the loss and the pain.
But now I'm making the same
promise to you and Max...
to never leave you behind again.