Secuestro (2016) Movie Script

Where is he?
He was found on the road
during school hours.
He's very scared, he doesn't want
to talk or communicate with anybody.
Any calls asking for him?
He's still unidentified.
No fractures or internal injuries
and we've ruled out abuse.
But he's still unresponsive.
Whatever happened
has left him in shock.
Hi kid.
I'm Ernesto Requena. This ugly guy
here is my colleague Carreno.
What's your name?
What happened?
It's okay, just tell me how
to take you home. Where do you live?
We'd like to help you, okay?
- Is that the uniform he was wearing?
- Yes.
We're checking it
against the schools in the area.
His name is Victor de Lucas,
he's in Year 6,
but he's been sick for several days
and he hasn't come today.
- Was he wearing the uniform?
- I don't know.
He hasn't attended classes today.
I don't know what else to say.
We have to find his parents.
The criminal court
number 2 that I chair
declares Mr. Ignacio Puerta Gil
absolved of the crime
of embezzlement of public funds
and money laundering
for lack of evidence.
- Happy?
- Very.
It's all over now.
See you in a minute, okay?
Mrs. de Lucas!
Does he have to testify again?
Are you afraid
that the prosecution appeals?
The prosecution and his Honour
have worked most effectively,
so it makes no sense to appeal.
It's impossible to find new evidence
because they don't exist.
Reality imposes to prove
that my client
has been wrongly accused.
Thank you all very much.
- Great job.
- I gave you my word.
- What now?
- The second part of the deal.
- Totally guaranteed?
- Absolutely.
Congratulations. You were
the opener of all news bulletins.
- Any news?
- Emergency meeting at 5.
Move it to 3:30.
Then I'm going home.
- Is Victor still sick?
- No. He went to school today.
And I promised him we'd finish
his spaceship this afternoon.
- Anything else?
- No.
- I'll see you later in the office.
- Very well.
507, please.
Hello? Yes, it's me.
Yes, I'm his mother,
is everything okay?
What was my son doing
on the street if I left him at school?
At the building's door
or at the entrance's gate?
- At the gate, like everyone else.
- Did you see him getting inside?
No. I always wait until he crosses it
and I see him walking to the building.
But today I had to get
to the court early.
- Does your son like going to school?
- He doesn't have those problems.
Would you rule out
that he ran away to skip class?
What about at home? Have you argued?
Have you grounded him? Or...
My son hasn't escaped,
something happened to him.
I'd also like to talk with his father.
- There's no father.
- Oh! I'm sorry. Did he die?
That's irrelevant.
Victor only has me.
Now he's asleep, but he didn't react
to anything, not a word.
Victor doesn't speak.
Well, he knows how to speak but...
he feels shy. He doesn't control
his voice volume quite well.
He was born deaf.
- Haven't you seen his hearing aids?
- He wasn't wearing them.
Hello, my love...
What happened?
Who has done this to you?
I want to go home.
First tell me why
you weren't at school
and then we'll go home.
- I cannot tell you.
- You can always tell me everything.
My love,
Patricia de Lucas, the prestigious
lawyer who successfully
settled her last case this morning,
is going through a difficult time
after the disappearance of her son
at the school's gate.
The little boy is in the hospital...
- I don't know how they've found out.
- I've called them.
I will not let my son's
disappearance go unnoticed.
Anything to say?
- How is he?
- He's okay, Alba. Don't worry.
And now with this,
he'll be even better, thanks.
Put them on.
Let's go.
Victor, breathe with me.
Very good. You're very brave.
We'll talk to the police
and then we'll go home,
I promise.
So, you didn't get inside the building?
Why not?
- What did he say?
- Tell him.
No, he says he couldn't get inside.
Why, son?
Why couldn't you get inside?
Did you feel sick?
You didn't want to go to class?
If you didn't want to go,
it's fine. Okay?
I won't get angry.
Was that the reason?
Then, why didn't you go to class?
- Someone didn't allow you?
- Someone didn't allow to get inside?
A man.
A man approached him at the entrance.
How was he dressed?
He dressed like the school gardeners.
What else?
He says that everything happened
so fast and then he fainted.
Did he hit you?
That's why you fainted?
Did he approach you facing you?
So, you could see his face.
Not that sign.
So, did you see his face?
Did you know him?
What else did he do to you, honey?
Please hold on a minute, ma'am.
How was the man?
He says he was an ordinary man.
Was he old like me?
Tall? Short? Fat? Lean?
He saw him briefly.
And then what?
He says he woke up
in a dark place and everything moved.
And didn't you hear anything
that could help us?
- Traffic? A train?
- He wasn't wearing his hearing aids.
Oh, right.
Did he took them off?
He says he must have lost them
when he fainted. He doesn't remember.
Don't worry, kid, you're doing great.
Just tell me what you remember.
Do you remember how the house
looked from outside?
He says there was a forest
and he saw the house,
but just briefly,
he doesn't remember it.
How did you get out?
Did you escape?
Many of these cases are solved
without our intervention
because families pay.
They don't demand a very high amount
and parents prefer
not to take any risk.
Your son is a perfect target.
This one?
Have you noticed any movement out
of the ordinary in your neighbourhood?
- Or in your workplace?
- You mean if someone followed me?
No, I'd have done something.
Has anyone unexpected
or unknown tried to contact you?
I don't have any call
like that in my cell.
Maybe your son tried to call you.
That would give us some clues
about the location.
Can we check your calls?
Why aren't we informed about all this?
We don't take on most of the cases.
We cannot report what we don't know.
And is it better not doing anything
and waiting for it to happen?
Chief, we have a suspect.
This is the photo fit.
And we have a profile
that is a 90% match.
Is it him?
Is it him who tried to kidnap you?
His name is Carlos Coronas,
aka Charlie.
He's charged for theft, assault
and breaking and entering.
He served time in prison, was released
3 years ago and since then, nothing.
But he has motives for wanting money:
his flat will be repossessed.
What happened to you?
Are you going to tell me?
Nothing. I went to a job interview
and it sucked, as always.
I don't know
what the hell people want.
Do they want me to kneel down
and kiss their shoes?
Something will come up, you'll see.
I just want to work.
Was it at the bar?
Where then?
With whom?
I just hit a wall, honey, that's it.
- Is this Carlos Coronas' home?
- Yes.
- Are you Carlos Coronas?
- What's going on?
- Come to the police station with us.
- Why?
We'll tell you there.
- Can I have a word with my wife?
- No, no, no, no. Come with us.
- What are you doing?
- Just wanted a kiss, damn it!
Come with us, please.
The kid made a mistake.
- What have you done this morning?
- I was with my wife.
Where? What have you done?
We stayed at home.
We went for a walk. The usual.
How did you hurt your hand?
Fixing some things.
With a rusted piping.
Am I arrested or not?
You're in my custody...
until you convince me.
- What have you told your wife before?
- That's personal.
You're not going to convince me
with that, you know?
A friend of mine is a lawyer.
I told her to call him.
I have nothing to do
with that kid! Nothing!
- So, you don't know what he said?
- With the fuss, I didn't understand.
Where was Charlie
between eight and one o'clock?
- He was with me.
- Doing what?
I got home after my night shift.
I'm a shelf stacker.
Charlie was sleeping. Then we had
breakfast and we stayed there.
- All day?
- Well, we went for a walk.
And how did he hurt his hand?
You weren't with him, were you?
I was. But I was in the shower.
He was fixing something.
What do you think he's done?
Charlie told me
he spent some time in prison,
but now he's with me.
We're good people.
Please, tell me what's going on.
They didn't want me to come down.
They just gave me two minutes.
Have you told them
we were together? Good.
- The kid says it was you.
- I didn't do anything to him!
You've done something. Tell me.
- Did you go to the job interviews?
- No, I didn't, they don't want me,
they wouldn't hire me
for any job, Raquel.
And what have you done?
I need a lawyer.
He hasn't even tasted it.
It's not your fault, dear.
It's looking perfect.
Does it have a name?
- Pegasus.
- Pegasus.
And where do you want to go
with spaceship Pegasus?
To the moon?
And won't you miss me?
You'll come with me.
My love, I cannot go to the moon.
I don't want to go to school tomorrow.
I'm tired.
Well, you'll stay home tomorrow.
But just tomorrow, alright?
Look at me.
Victor, look at me.
You're safe now,
I promise.
Hi, I'm Daniel's mother,
from your son's school.
We barely know each other,
but he kept insisting.
How is... Victor?
Well, it's difficult to say.
Listen, Daniel would like
to cheer him up in behalf of ail.
- Could he come and visit him?
- Wait a minute, please.
It's Daniel.
He wants to come and cheer you up.
- Inspector.
- Headmistress.
We're going to enclose
the school's perimeter.
Inspector Requena.
I think we've found something.
But we're taking all
we can to analyse it. And you?
Just the hearing aids. Nobody
remembers having seen the suspect.
The lawyer is here.
The pettifogger is here.
My client keeps arrested
without any conclusive evidence,
you've invaded his home
and confiscated all you pleased.
I demand an inventory
of everything you've taken
and a compensation for this poor lady
who's 8 months pregnant
and couldn't sleep in her home.
And of course, I demand
the immediate release of my client
or I'm going to bring
a big fucking lawsuit
against your police station
for rights infringement.
Carlos Coronas, the alleged
kidnapper of Patricia de Lucas's son
has been released this afternoon
for lack of evidence.
Although the suspect
has a criminal record,
police couldn't confirm
the tittle boy's testimony.
Mr. Coronas, Mr. Coronas.
Leave him alone.
He has nothing to say.
My wife is pregnant, damn it!
Do you have to testify again?
Anything to say?
They searched through all places.
If you're in trouble, let us help you.
Hold on a second.
Tell me.
I've seen you
in the fucking news bulletin.
All is sorted out!
Not everything.
- It is, really.
- No, sort it out.
- How? I have nothing to do with it.
- Sort it out or I will.
- What do you want us to buy?
- A game and a ball.
- Very well.
- And a dog.
A dog, I'm not so sure.
Are you happy
about not going to school?
Are we going shopping again tomorrow?
No, no, not tomorrow,
I have to work.
You're screwed and if you keep
messing around, you'll be more.
I just wanted to approach the kid
so he'd tell the truth.
I haven't seen him in my life.
It's his fault I'm here,
I already have problems, damn it!
Say you didn't follow him,
that you know nothing. Deny it all.
How was I supposed to follow
the kid if I was at home?
Are there any witnesses?
I was alone. But it's the truth.
You're going to become
a father soon, right, Charlie?
And have you thought
about what would happen
if you couldn't see your child
because you're in prison?
It'd be a shame, wouldn't it?
My son is in danger.
- You cannot release him again.
- Nor detain him without evidence.
He's lying and everybody
in this police station knows it!
Does anybody want
to do their job well?
We all want to do our job well,
including the lawyer
who's told the suspect
to lie to us in our fucking face,
because that's doing
a good job for you, right?
We'll assign protection to your son.
You'll have a bodyguard from home
to school until this gets solved.
Here. This will help you rest.
That man won't be able
to approach you.
Mum sorted everything out.
A police car will be watching
and I'll take you to the door.
Any teacher will leave you alone.
I'm scared at home.
No, my love.
You're safe here too.
Mum will leave the alarm on.
If you wake up,
you switch it off with this button.
With this one, you switch it on. Look.
Leave it there.
I don't want to go to school tomorrow.
Well, we'll talk tomorrow.
Give me a kiss.
Come on.
What's wrong? What's wrong?
Where have you been all night?
I don't know what you do,
where you go, you tell me nothing.
Don't worry, everything is alright.
There are 20.000 Euros.
How did you get them?
I'm fed up with this, Charlie.
They're for you and the baby girl,
so they don't take away our flat.
- What have you done?
- I don't want to get you involved.
I'm already involved.
If you don't tell me what's going on,
you can leave now.
I'm interested in the Russian, okay?
Alright, boys?
Well, off to work.
- What are you doing here?
- I need your help.
- Is she your daughter?
- Her name is Laia.
I thought your wife
didn't want children.
And I thought you didn't want
to know anything about me.
Why have you come, Patricia?
You don't know anything
about what happened to me?
On the newspapers or on TV?
I don't watch TV nor read newspapers.
I need to give
a wake-up call to someone.
You come here
after 10 years to ask me to...?
Don't be shocked,
it wouldn't be the first time for you.
There are other laws
at the port, you said.
I told you I'd change and I did.
- People don't change.
- I was going to leave Sandra for you.
But you disappeared
without giving any explanation.
Come on, Raul, I need it.
If you don't want to do it,
I'm sure you know someone who can.
- I'll pay well.
- Money isn't everything.
Come on,
don't look as if I offended you.
I've investigated you.
I know you owe a lot of money
to the union people.
I'll get it without your help.
You'd need a miracle
and I'm bringing you one,
make the most out of it.
I just want to put the guy who tried
to kidnap Victor in his place.
He's still free
and the police looks the other way.
Who is Victor?
My son.
Your son.
Why didn't you tell me?
Nothing would have changed.
You had to get on with your life
and I got in your way.
This world is not for me.
But now I feel hemmed.
And I don't expect anything else
from you, don't worry.
Why did you have him?
Why having the kid was okay?
Because I loved you.
Do you have a picture?
What have you told him?
I don't trust the police.
All I ask
is that the bastard who kidnapped
my son never gets closer again.
I just want you to scare him.
Thank you very much.
Where was Charlie the other night?
With me.
And yesterday afternoon?
With me as well.
You started work at 6.
Yes, but he was with me anyway.
Looking how you shelf stock, right?
Do you know he was
at the police station with us?
Hasn't he told you?
The kid's mother says
he followed them to their club.
At night someone got into their house
and approached his son.
What else hasn't he told you?
That he hasn't attended
a job interview in months?
Perjury is punished
up to two years of prison.
We can help you, but of course,
you have to give us
something in return.
On the morning of the kidnapping,
Charlie wasn't home.
But he says he hasn't done
anything to the kid,
he was betting on something
and he couldn't tell.
Dog fights.
Apparently you can make
a lot of money,
but people who manage them
are dangerous and if police
knew where they are,
they would hurt Charlie.
- Has he told where they take place?
- He's scared.
He says the kid has put him in danger.
Thank you for coming so soon.
I know this isn't easy for your son.
- I don't understand why we're here.
- We have to reconsider everything.
Charlie lied and his wife
has covered him up
but not for the reason we thought.
At the time of the kidnapping,
Charlie was in a dog fight.
- In a dog fight?
- We've been going after them.
We've located them
in the southern area.
And checking the traffic cameras,
we've found this.
This picture was taken at 9:03
on the morning of the kidnapping.
Charlie couldn't kidnap your son
and drive around this area
at the same time.
But Victor identified him,
it must be a mistake.
Your son's mistake.
We have to start again.
Honey, come in.
We just want you
to take a look at these pictures
and tell us if you recognise
the man who kidnapped you.
The man who tried to kidnap you.
Is he here?
As long as it takes, my love.
Let's move to the next one.
Who? This one?
This one? Number two.
Julian Oltra.
Are you sure it's him?
Are you sure?
No, no. Look at me. Is it him?
This man was in prison
until a month ago.
So, he's free now?
He committed suicide in his cell.
He was buried three weeks ago.
What's going on here, kid?
What are you not telling us?
What did he say?
- We have to tell him.
- Tell me what?
No one tried to kidnap him.
He made it all up.
- Are you okay?
- I need to go to the toilet.
Raul Losada. Leave your message.
It's me.
Stop everything, change of plans.
Why did you make it up?
We'll wait outside.
Tell me the truth.
Come on.
- Hey!
- No, Charlie, you can't get in.
- Fucking hell, man!
- The boss says you can't get in.
- Sorry.
- Listen, man. Listen to me.
- I need money for my family.
- Come in, come in.
5.000 for the pit bull.
This is the last time I see you here.
I'm tired of seeing you on TV.
I swear I don't have anything
to do with the fucking kid.
I don't care.
One round and get out.
And don't come back.
Pull! Pull!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Listen to me, you're a motherfucker!
You've made me lose 5.000 Euros
with the fucking pit bull!
What is this about?
Ask the lawyer.
Son of a bitch!
Are you angry?
I'm not angry with you.
But if you had told me before...
I don't want to talk
with the policeman.
He scares me.
Don't worry. I'll talk to them.
What's going on?
I cannot talk to you right now, but...
- Is it sorted out?
- They're working on it.
My client doesn't want
to carry on because...
It was a mistake,
he didn't do anything.
Did you get the wrong target?
Exactly. So...
there's no deal.
Damn it, Patricia.
I'm calling them right away.
Very well. Thank you very much.
He's told me that...
some kids have been hitting him
and insulting him for months.
They've even been filming him
to humiliate him.
Before escaping,
he pretended he was sick
for an entire week
in order not to go to class.
That morning, he also tried
to stay home but I didn't let him.
I was unable to notice that my son
was trying to protect himself.
Look at him. Look who's here.
Dumbo. Did you miss us?
Did you miss us?
Your hearing aids don't work or what?
Right, come on.
Fly Dumbo, fly.
Come on Dumbo, come on.
Come on Dumbo, come on.
Come on Dumbo, fly.
Don't resist yourself!
Come on. Eat it.
I said eat it!
Don't resist yourself, it's yummy.
Come on. Come on.
Don't resist yourself.
You like it, right? You like it!
He wanted to go back to school
at the end of the day.
He thought that having been ill,
if no one saw him getting inside,
nobody would miss him.
But he got disoriented.
And unintentionally,
he got away from school.
When he realised what he had caused...
He got scared and didn't have
the courage to tell the truth.
Victor is a very observant kid.
That's why he gave us
such a precise description.
He felt hemmed
and then those kids
started to pressure him.
They feared what would happen
to them if Victor told the truth.
They said to him that if he talked,
they'd go after him
and this time it wouldn't be a game.
They would kill him.
Raul has given us your number.
Your request got complicated.
Who are you?
You know Raul and we know him.
Besides, we know how you look,
we've seen you on the news.
Raul had to call you to tell you...
We were already up shit creek
without a paddle.
What's going on?
The target croaked.
We had to give him
a wake-up call as Raul asked.
He also told us it'd be an easy job
but he lied to us.
Son of a bitch!
Fucking hell!
We have a fucking corpse.
If you don't collaborate,
when the police finds it,
it'll have your name tattooed
on the ass. You understand me now?
That wasn't the deal.
Raul told me...
Forget about Raul!
He has nothing to do with it now.
We'll take care of the corpse,
but you have to pay us.
No, I can't.
You and your son
have involved us in this bloody mess!
Don't you dare
getting my son involved in this.
My friend and I
want six million to disappear.
What has happened is your business.
I just wanted them to give him
a wake-up call, not to end his life.
Why did you tell them
who they were working for?
How were they supposed
to pass the message then?
But you should have prevented them
to get to me. You should...
I asked your help
so you'd be my intermediary.
And now two stupid friends of yours
who haven't done their job well
are going to blackmail me.
They aren't my friends, just two guys
who owed me some favours.
Now they don't answer before anyone.
Now it's your business.
- Do it for Victor.
- I need to think about my family.
Don't destroy my life again.
You're involved in this
as much as I am.
I don't want to see you
again in my fucking life.
Leave me out
of all your shit, understood?
- B roads, Alba.
- Yes.
- No tolls.
- Yes.
- You've filled the tank up? Give me.
- Yes.
Thanks Alba.
See you in a few days.
Are you going
to be okay all by yourself?
Yes, but I'm going to miss you.
I love you so much.
- There are more, do you want to see?
- There's no need.
The same old thing, but now there are
mobiles, cameras, social networks.
Let's see what the Minors Brigade
can wheedle out of them.
Daniel is going to be a big fucker
if he doesn't learn his lesson.
Well, case closed.
Get the paperwork ready
for the Minors Prosecuting Office.
Inspector, Carlos Coronas' wife...
- When was the last time you saw him?
- Yesterday night.
He took the car
but he didn't tell me where.
- He doesn't pick up the phone?
- No. I've called the hospitals.
Then I thought he'd be arrested again.
Because of the kid.
Your husband never wanted
to hurt Victor de Lucas.
Charlie isn't a bad person.
What if he's hiding?
If he knows we're following
a lead on the illegal bets...
No, I didn't tell him we talked.
Charlie does what he can.
Are you going to help me?
Charlie's mobile is disconnected,
but we've triangulated the signal and
the last time active was around here.
- It coincides with the betting.
- And that's his car.
- And the motorbikes?
- We're working on it.
What about the building's owners?
They say it's in disuse but they lie.
The area is contaminated.
Tell me we have the CCTV recordings.
This is Charlie.
He went in but he didn't come out.
But he wasn't the only one.
These two arrived seconds later.
They went in
but they didn't come out either.
- Why would they leave the motorbikes?
- Because they expected to come back.
- We've found this.
- Take it to Forensics.
This is just the preview.
The toilet is the big show.
This door was blocked from inside.
Here we have some impacts.
On the restroom.
Charlie's fingerprints are everywhere
- and we're identifying some others.
- The bikers'?
Yes, that's what we think.
They fled through this window.
They took him out from here.
Carreno, your turn.
I want a team in the forest.
And tell traffic to give priority
to the bikers' identification.
Good job.
Samuel Garrido, "The Gunman".
He's always armed.
He's a criminal record
and he's dangerous.
Hector Duran, "The Heel Man".
He's even worse.
They didn't go home.
Their mobiles are off
and they use pre-paid phones.
But on the day
of Charlie's disappearance,
there was a call flow between Hector
and Samuel's registered numbers
with Raul Losada.
He works in the port
and he was absolved
of a crime of extortion 10 years ago.
Guess who defended him.
Patricia de Lucas?
They've been in touch since yesterday.
Are we good?
- We're good.
- Perfect, then.
Just a few more protocol details.
It's important that no delays occur.
There won't be.
Thank you very much for coming.
- Can I help you?
- Raul Losada?
What is this about?
We have to ask you some questions
about two acquaintances of yours
and your relationship
with lawyer Patricia de Lucas.
Of course. Could you give me
a couple of minutes?
I have to cancel a meeting.
Son of a bitch.
Are you at home?
I cannot tell you now.
Just do as I say.
Hey! Here!
Any calls out of the ordinary?
Think about the details,
it's important.
Movements in the building, the office,
calls, emails, whatever...
Will 4 pre-paid mobiles be enough?
What's going on?
Mrs. de Lucas.
This has just arrived. It's express.
Thank you.
- What are we doing with your schedule?
- Cancel everything.
- Everything?
- Yes. Allege personal reasons.
Are you sure?
Please, Ines, focus on what I've said,
in the details. Stay alert.
- Is this for Victor? Is he in danger?
- Do as I say.
We've just arrived.
Let someone bring you what you need,
but don't go out with Victor,
don't even mention him.
Are you sure
about what you're doing, Patricia?
I have everything under control.
Thanks Alba.
- Come with us.
- Where?
The Inspector will tell you.
- Come with me.
- What are we doing here?
Charlie has disappeared.
It happened before your son confessed
he'd made the kidnapping up.
We've found his car, his mobile.
And traces of his blood
in the restroom.
We've also identified
the alleged attackers.
Now it's only a matter of time
finding them
and relate them with Raul Losada.
Do you know him?
If you want to say
something to me, do it now.
Raul Losada called one
of Charlie's alleged attackers
just before he disappeared.
He ran out
when we mentioned your name.
He's disappeared with his family.
I want you to see something.
Give me, I'll hold this for you.
Do you recognise him?
It's Charlie,
getting inside that door.
Follow me.
He was buried in the forest,
near here.
Don't you have anything to tell us?
There's no need to prolong this.
You know we know.
But I want you to tell me.
Am I arrested?
Am I?
We'll find Charlie.
Take her home.
We'll take a 15 minute break.
Patricia, are you out of your mind?
Ignacio Puerta bought his freedom.
He bribed you and you made my job.
- His trial was a farce.
- A farce you set up.
I don't understand
where this is coming from.
The man that my son said
it was his kidnapper has...
And it's not a good idea
that police finds him.
- I need to be ahead of them.
- You need another kind of help.
- I want yours.
- I cannot stop the world, Patricia.
But you can make it turn more slowly.
If I find out what the police knows,
I could prevent whatever is necessary.
If this comes out,
you won't come off better than me.
Anything will be better
than being separated from my son.
Police came to see me yesterday.
They knew everything.
You've destroyed my life and
you're going to get me out of this.
We must act before they catch them.
I know where they hide.
You're going to help me leave
no trace of them or him.
You're no longer in charge here.
Start the fucking car.
You scared me!
Take a look at this.
They left this so we could find it.
They've traced a route
from where you were to here.
They know we're here.
Coming here
hasn't been a good idea, lawyer.
Tell Raul we'll settle
a score with him.
Please, let's find a solution
to all of this.
Sit in front of the laptop.
Do you see the red pen drive?
Those are the instructions
to deliver the money tomorrow.
Open the minimized window.
What have you done to him?
Don't worry. He's a good kid.
He keeps us company.
If you want to see him alive,
you know what you have to do!
There's no way back.
Come on,
let's get out of here right now!
Get out.
Sell the house, the bonds, the shares,
everything. In notes of 500.
I'll make a few calls.
She's just asked six million
for tomorrow.
Give her what she asks.
I'll call you later with instructions.
What do we have?
I've sent the blood samples to the lab.
Chief, I got confirmation.
The burned Opel Corsa was stolen
near the dog fight's venue.
We must find the corpse.
What did you find out?
They know it'll be tomorrow
and they want to catch you
during the exchange
in order to get to the missing man.
Tell me.
- Are you in the office?
- Yes.
You have to leave now.
- The target is on the move.
- Copy that.
We know where she's going.
Places, everyone!
Remember: we have to arrest her
when she delivers the money.
Come on, Vicky.
She's arriving.
She's here.
Is the GPS in place?
Yes, I've done everything you asked.
Activate it.
Chief, she's moving.
Nobody does anything.
She's ours now, understood?
What's going on?
Do you have visual contact on her?
She's going to the toilet.
- And now?
- She's still inside.
Vicky, go check what's going on.
The bird has flown.
Fucking hell! Give me details.
The tracer is hidden
behind the toilet.
There are no windows
or open ventilation circuits here.
Stay here and keep your eyes open.
She cannot have escaped.
- Has anyone left?
- Just 3 women, but none was her.
Have you seen this woman?
- I'm 10 minutes away.
- What about the police?
I've distracted them,
but not for a longtime.
Try to get
some more information from her.
Carreno, do you COPY?
We've got her secretary.
She's left her some clothes
and her car. I'm sending the data.
We got her, Chief.
Agent 348 has visual contact.
She's moving and carrying a briefcase.
What do I do?
Nothing, unless the delivery takes place.
We're there in 5 minutes.
She's getting in another car.
- With the briefcase?
- Affirmative.
- Copy, 348, follow her.
- Copy that.
- Do you have the money?
- We do.
Switch the GPS on.
Follow the programmed route.
348, we're here. She's ours.
By the way, you'll also have
to get rid of the corpse.
It's behind you.
Lawyer, follow the route
and you'll find the kid.
In the destination, someone
will take care of the corpse.
If something happens to my son,
there will be no place in the world
- where you could hide.
- Good luck, lawyer.
Where are the fucking reinforcements?
We're losing her.
Goddamn it!
Fucking hell!
Oh, my love!
Are you okay?
Here, come.
Did they hurt you?
No, he hit Alba.
next time you're scared, don't hide.
Tell me. Tell me always,
don't be embarrassed anymore.
If you don't know something, ask.
Learn to get help.
Because that's being strong:
knowing how to get help.
And now, you have to be strong,
because Mum
has to talk with the police.
You stay here, don't go out.
Give me a huge kiss.
- Mum...
- What, my love?
Don't leave me.
Look, even if you and I are apart,
we'll always be together.
Alba will take care of you.
He gave me this for you.
- I love you, honey.
- I love you too.
Tell me everything.
No, no, stay here!
I want you to see him.
What the hell is going on here?
Son of a bitch.