Security (2017) Movie Script

Eduardo Deacon.
Division at...?
Third Battalion, Fifth Marines.
2011, 2014.
Dates of leave?
Three consecutive tours.
Sangin, huh?
Was it as bad as they say?
Injuries? Anything you're not
physically capable of doing?
Anything you don't like doing?
I like it all.
You like cleaning toilets?
I'd do anything.
All of your psych evals
have been passed, correct?
Yes, yes, Ma'am.
OK, so here's the deal.
I have you on our database,
so the trip wasn't for nothing, OK?
We just don't have anything that
matches your skills set right now.
What about the job I came in for?
Filled a week ago.
But I saw it on the
website two days ago.
I know, there's a delay in our
system and it gets frustrating.
Listen, I have been home for a year.
I haven't worked a single day.
My piece-of-shit car is
literally falling apart.
My kid and my wife are two states away,
so when I tell you I would do
anything, Ma'am... I mean anything.
Listen, I go through this everyday
and it never gets any easier.
Just do me a favor: black minimum wage
into my profile there.
But you're a Captain so you're
entitled to be awarded...
I can't wait for what I'm entitled to!
I need this now.
Have a nice day.
Wait, hold on!
Minimum wage and
the hours are shit
and it's a least another
40 minutes away from here.
Oh, it doesn't matter.
The thing is, it didn't show up
because that box that says you passed
your psych evals, wasn't ticked.
Must have been a clerical mistake.
Must have been.
Thank you.
You start tonight.
I'm on it.
All-wheel drive as
requested, hard-armored.
Same as last week.
- Precious cargo?
- Back seat of car two.
Got it all, we're on our way now.
How's the witness? Over.
Sleeping like a baby.
We're not getting into Cedar
City for another hour and 40.
Not in this weather.
Great! It would be like if... hello?
Comm dropped.
Bry, check your phone, please.
I'm dead too.
Must be the storm.
1A is supposed to be locked down, right?
Affirmative. Why?
Be advised.
We got company back here.
Car One, this is Two.
On-coming vehicle on passing lane.
We got an ID?
Car Three?
Car Three, do you copy?
The radios are down.
Something's not right.
See that?
What the fuck?
Move, move, move!
Bry, cover me!
Get out of the car, now!
Listen to me!
When I say, you run into those woods!
Don't look back! Don't stop
until you find someone!
Now! Go, go, go!
We got nine out of ten.
The target's not here.
Clean this up.
Where are you?
Erm... listen, erm..
I may have found a job.
That's... yeah, that's so good.
- Where?
- It's not close...
I have to be here for a little bit.
Are you OK?
Erm... I'm good, yeah.
Because he's been sending...
I'm OK, really.
There are doctors here who can...
Val! Val!
I'm coming back.
Just have to work
through some stuff.
That's all.
Sylvia's here. She asks
about you all the time.
Just tell her that I love her. Bye.
Can I help you?
Eddie Deacon.
Here about the job.
Thank you.
It's $9.15 an hour, I'll start
with 60 days, no overtime.
Two 15-minute breaks per 8
hour shift, you got it?
- Yeah.
- OK.
So, Eddie Deacon,
this is Ridgeside Mall.
We're currently walking through
Montclair's Department Store...
Flagship location in all its glory.
Broke ground 1986...
Updated never, why would you?
It's got it all: Menswear,
Kid's Wear, Ladies' Wear,
Medics, crappy sporting
goods section...
Erm, some other shit...
Oh! Can's down the end, keep it clean.
Oh! command HQ. Eyes and
ears of the whole place.
We got a corner cubby set up
for you, right in there...
Lay when in your own time.
Weird, it doesn't do that.
Must be the weather.
Anyway, let me introduce to the team.
I'm Vance.
Chief Supervisor, overnight crew,
AKA: The Boss.
This happy little princess
here is Mason...
Don't bother learning
his name because...
he's too good for
the job, isn't he?
He's gonna go off for some
real estate or some shit...
- Appraisals. - Anyway, he's just
here to bring home the bacon...
As if there were any
other reason to be here.
No! That's why we call
him "Mason-Bacon"!
You're the only one who calls me
that and nobody thinks it's funny.
He gets it, man.
He gets it.
Hey, hey, girl, how are you feeling?
Touch me and I'll puke, Vance,
I swear to God.
Oh, thanks.
You need anything?
Can I get you a water...?
Cover me for one hour, please.
I wanna be dead.
That's good, you should just
lie down for a minute. Yeah.
That brings us neatly to the containment
facility we have over here and...
In your bed over there, that is Ruby.
She's done two double
shifts in three days
so we're gonna cut her some
slack, aren't we Bacon?
Like we have any choice! You could not
wake her up with a bullhorn! Like...
Not a fan of the thunder, huh?
- How d'you feel about the lightning?
- Oh, my God!
I'm showing him the thing!
Pretty cool, right?
30 days and a safety course, you can
get one of these of your very own.
Right. Until then, you're
gonna have to watch me.
Oh! There is one more person,
let me just give him a call.
Hey, Johnny! How you doing, my man?
Where you at, bro? Over!
In the balls, over.
That would be zone D, use the proper
nomenclature, or get docked. Over.
Yeah, yeah.
That's Johnny Changway, or as I like
to call him: "Can't stay away".
The guy freaking lives.
He makes the rounds.
- In the balls?
- Hm? Oh, erm...
Yeah, I mean, you know...
This thing that looks
like a cock and balls...
But obviously, it looks like a gun.
Yeah, anyway, we should
give you the tour.
Five zones, A through E.
Montclair's, that place you
came in through, that's zone A.
Other thing you're wanting to
do is get suited and booted.
Looking nice.
Get that on,
I'll take you through the rest.
First stop. Zone B.
Shopper's row.
D'you know why we call
it shopper's row?
Cos this is where all
the shopping happens.
You wanna buy something nice for your sweetie?
This is the place to do it.
Zone C, the food court.
Everything in here will kill you.
Seriously. Bring your own food.
Just around the corner there you got
a beautiful view of the car park...
The only thing that happens there
is America's finest come in,
they shine their lights around
like they're doing something
and then, they just
drive off and I do shit.
Zone D. Now, erm... this is usually my
least favorite part of the tour, but...
Recently they've just installed this
competition for this baby over here.
Best part of it is once a week we get to drive
it around so the battery doesn't go flat
so you play your cards right,
you might get a ride on "El Fuego".
That's not its real name. It's a
name I made up, pretty cool, right?
All right! You're ready for the
grand finale? Here it is...
Clyve's, the other department store.
The better department store,
this place is amazing.
You got designer clothes,
you got brand names here...
You got even as machine you put a coin in
it, it comes out with your name in it.
And in fact, they wanted to
have their HQ just down there,
but, Montclair's has built first so,
they were sent off down that way.
And they replaced us with this riot
barricade, if you believe that! Right?
Anyway, this is the tour,
pretty much so, you got any questions?
Just one.
Riot barricades, taser, five men
for the night crew, for a mall...
No offense but it looks
like you got stuck in 1992.
OK, I'm gonna stop you there, cowboy.
- You're not from around here, are you?
- No.
Can I ask you?
What exactly are you doing here?
I needed a job.
OK. Sure.
Anyway, down this way,
you've got the next town over.
It's got a population of 12.640 people.
Last year it had 48 murders. Right?
Over this side, you've got another town,
Population 25.328.
Last year had 81 murders.
A whole lot of meth.
Seriously and a really, really
nasty gang controlling it.
So, you got a whole
lot of people
stealing to feed habit.
You know what I mean?
You know what? You're catching up pretty
fast. You asked just two questions.
And if you don't mind me saying,
you are keeping in major shape.
So, I gotta know...
I get it. I got a sixth sense
for this kind of thing,
What were you?
Like a sergeant?
- Captain.
- Really?
Oooh, well. Not bad!
Erm, so...
The thing is, I've had some
experience with you people before,
and the main problem I got is
you just forget who's in charge.
No, no, no, I'm not
here to rock the boat.
That's what I wanted to hear.
See? I knew we were gonna get on.
That's probably hand on a guy.
- Hmm.
Sorry about that. OK.
Yeah, anyway, straight down
to business then, I guess.
So, you got your walkie, there...
You wanna be on channel
four the whole time,
and when you do your passes, you wanna
do two loops, the same as we just did...
I'll get you started right now
and if you do see anything,
hear anything kind of
strange, a little bit weird,
make sure you phone it in
before doing anything.
Can't stress that enough, don't want you
to do something stupid. You got it?
- I'm on it.
- All right, well...
Welcome to the team, soldier.
No, you know...
Just good luck!
You're not afraid of the
dark too, are you? Over.
Do the security cameras
have back-up power? Over.
- This guy... He's always thinking, man!
- Aha.
Yeah, we got it under control.
Just give it a minute.
You're good to go.
- Moving out, soldier!
- Roger that.
Guys, we've got something outside.
See something outside of the door?
No, it's a little girl.
I'm sorry. Repeat.
Did you say a little girl? Over.
She's scared.
I'm gonna let her in.
No, hold on, don't...
No! I'm not holding on.
Hold on!
Hold on!
Come one, come on,
orden, orden!
All right.
What's the...
Hey, hey, hey!
They're coming! They're coming!
They're coming!
- They're coming!
- There's nobody coming! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Who's coming?
- Whoa, whoa. - Who the hell is this?
- Don't even ask.
Guys! She's cold.
Bring something.
Right there!
So, where's her ID, huh?
She's like 12.
She's not gonna have ID.
What do we do?
We call the police.
- She's pretty screwed up.
- On our way.
I hope that's all it is.
The phone lines are down.
Johnny, you got a signal?
- Fuck, no!
- Weird.
Check it out!
That's the Montclair's entrance.
Great. Hey!
There we go!
You OK, Sir?
I'm looking for my daughter.
A little girl.
She's 11.
Yeah, we got her. She's here, she's OK.
Don't worry.
Oh! Thank God!
Thank you!
Hey Johnny, we got the Dad,
Bring her down, over.
Hey, hey, hey,
hold on, hold on, hold on.
She was scared when she got here.
She said someone was after her.
And Daddies are not
always the good guy.
Excuse me!
Is there a problem?
No, no! We're just... erm...
What is her name, Sir?
Her name's Jamie.
Just open the door.
Why was she running away
in the middle of the night?
We fought!
She ran off!
That's her!
Is she OK?
There were some kind of scrapes on
her arm but she's fine. She's fine.
She must have come through the woods.
Our house is over there.
When is her birthday?
16 April 2004.
- Color of her eyes?
- Dude, give it a rest. - Brown.
Does she have braces?
No, she doesn't.
- No.
- What's wrong with you, man? Come on!
He's new.
Your Dad.
- Nooooo!
- Whoa!
Go! Go get her!
Get her!
What the hell is that?
I don't know.
Jesus Christ!
That's 1.25 million.
In unmarked, untraceable,
American currency.
Hey, hey, hey!
You wipe the camera memory,
you say it was the storm.
You never saw me, the
girl was never here.
What you doing with her?
Nothing good, Vance.
- I can't do that.
- And why not?
Because she's just a little...
Because it's not right.
Which is the less right, Vance?
One pain-in-the-ass girl out of
your hair and you getting rich?
Or every last one of
you dying horribly...?
Nobody getting rich?
Oh, fuck me!
And when I say horribly,
my dear Lord...
do I mean horribly.
Back away, Vance.
You step away from this doors,
your answer's no, got it?
Are you in charge here or are you not?
He said no, so step away. Come on.
Let me break it down for
you, you're five mall cops
armed with tasers and
zip ties, you have no
cell signal or outside line in
case you haven't noticed...
And whatever regular nightly police
patrol you have, simply isn't coming.
You can't keep us out,
you can't keep her alive.
What's it gonna be?
What's it gonna be, Vance?
- Vance? Vance!
- Shut up!
I'm in charge.
They're not gonna let us live.
I'm not gonna tell you again!
They can't!
Just think about it!
All right, then.
Hey! What you doing...?
The real man in charge.
You should've let him take the blame...
For getting every man, woman and
child in this building killed.
Your country thanks
you for your service.
She's in the mall.
Call of the search.
You get everybody off the road,
What are we doing?
The are two hills overlooking
the in-coming routes.
There and there.
I want shooters on both.
Not backward, in-bred mouth-breeders.
Men you can trust.
I want a perimeter
around the parking lot.
All radios on the secure
band and no talking
unless it's into a walkie and
absolutely fucking imperative.
My name is Eddie.
I think I know what is happening.
You have to trust someone.
I think you probably know that.
You know what?
I have a daughter about your age.
Her name is Sylvia.
And that...
It was my mum's name.
I knew you were smart.
I need dry clothes.
- You got it.
- And food. - Done!
You don't cut me out and
don't talk to me like I'm a child.
May I turn around now?
Not even loaded.
One more thing.
You have to promise to protect me.
I'm on it.
Pinky swear?
I thought you didn't wanna
be treated like a child.
There's nothing childish
about a pinky swear.
Oh, my God!
You're the witness!
- What witness?
- Triple Six, the gang!
Her father was the money guy,
the accountant or whatever.
Until he got the brilliant idea to help
the Feds build a case against them...
They found out and they killed him.
- What you say...?
- She saw the whole thing!
She is supposed to testify tomorrow!
What? Am I supposed to
apologize for reading the news?
Maybe they'll think she's safe now.
And they're leaving...
Right, because they'll
take down an FBI convoy
but five dip-shits in a
shopping mall is too much.
They are coming back.
This guy had our phones jammed
before he even knew she was in here.
He knew how many we are,
he even knew where we were.
He came to the Montclair's door,
not to the food court like Jamie did.
How would they know that?
What about the police patrol,
he knows, he said they weren't coming.
- Fire arms?
- There is hardware in the laneways
So, we leave right now...
We get out and...
- Oh, my... - How many are there?
- Is there some place she can hide?
Wait... What? No way!
I don't get cut out!
- You promised!
- I also promised to keep you safe.
- I'm staying.
- We can't keep them out, Jamie.
Whoa, whoa, whoa... what?
No, no, those men are coming in.
It's just a matter of time.
- We have to hide her and we have
to do it now! - I know a place.
Now, now, come on.
Follow me!
Oh, my God!
It's just ahead.
I said it's not much
but it is hard to find.
Here you have a flashlight,
water and a walkie.
I know, I know...
But it's low frequency and
it still works a little.
That also means it doesn't
have a great range, so...
you know, don't get
scared if nobody answers.
I'm not gonna get scared.
Good. Now, is there anything
I could bring to help?
I don't know... a Teddy
bear or something?
- A Teddy bear?
- Yeah.
I thought you said you
have a daughter my age.
You don't have a clue, do you?
No, actually, we don't
see much of each other.
My parents are dead.
I've been in Witness
Protection for a year.
Even if I survive this
and testify tomorrow...
I still won't have
a family or a home.
- Eddie!
- Yeah?
- You got come and see this.
- Alright.
So, listen. Lock the door.
Don't make a sound.
Don't try to get out!
No matter what you hear. Right?
This is bullshit.
What? I promised to protect you and
that is exactly what I'm going to do.
Lock the door.
It is wrong.
- There! - Oh, Jesus!
- Where?
This is good.
Excuse me?
This is good.
- That's funny, I was just thinking this
is the worst night of my life. - Yes.
He's bluffing.
What do you mean?
If he knew for sure the
patrols weren't coming...
he would have his men drive in.
But what are they doing?
- Disabling our cars.
- Oh, my God!
- Oh, shit! They're gonna find Betty!
- What?
It's a 30.57 I keep in under my seat.
Like... conceal and carry?
What is the point of a conceal
and carry if you don't carry?
Rules! Bacon, you can't
have a gun on the job!
- We have to get out of here.
- No! We can't leave!
Of course we can! And should!
Because there are men coming
to kill us... right now!
And you know what?
Who are you anyway?
- You are not in charge.
- He is now. - What?
I, for one, do not wanna die tonight.
If you can do a better job,
let's see you hit it, yeah.
You're scared.
And it's gonna get you killed.
These guys are pro.
Hired under contractor.
You wanna get home to your wife and kid?
Stay in the building.
You don't wanna help us? That's fine.
Go, hide somewhere.
Nobody will judge you.
Tell me you have a plan.
The attack happened 45 minutes ago.
By now, the Feds know she's missing.
They'll come for her.
That, we don't know.
Right now, time is our enemy.
Let's make time our friend.
Come, go, go!
How do we get on the roof?
This place is shit.
Clear on Route Six.
Clear on the turn-in.
All clear, Sir.
- What the hell are we doing, man?
- Sending them a message.
Oh, my God!
Head out!
Move out!
Come on! We can't sleep out here!
Come on! Go! Go!
Get it cleaned up.
Come on, come on!
Go, go, go, go!
Come on!
Wait, I gotta go.
Vance! Damn it!
Wait for me!
No, no!
Come on.
Worst possible shit to be hung over for.
- Get the body back here.
- Yes, Sir.
- Get this truck out of here.
- You got it.
We get the stuff.
- Flashlight?
- Yeah. - OK.
- Power?
- Jesus! Tear the map down!
So, what's really going on here?
A girl showed up... Now this
psychopath is trying to kill her.
- We got a whole fucking
gang after us. Go! - Shit!
- The doors?
-They seem to be holding for now.
- Hair Heady? - Upstairs.
- I took care of that.
He's the guy?
Yeah, he's Eddie.
He's in charge.
- You told her what's going on?
- For the most part. - Hmm.
The girl and gang...
I'm with you.
We don't have a lot of time.
I figured maybe 30 minutes before
they get into Montclair's
and another five to ten before they
are into zone B. We need to be ready.
So, what's the plan?
Buy time.
Take as many of them
out as we can, so...
If you got the opportunity to
hurt them, do not hesitate.
- I can use a bow.
- I can make bombs.
- Wow.
- What?
Internet, man!
Let's get to work!
Ruby, you hide in the perfume store.
Vance, you go to the KitchenWares,
you're the first line of defense.
Mason, you head to the Home and
Garden Store. You are the look-out.
All we gotta do is spend enough time
distracting them til the Feds get here.
- All right.
- OK.
Easy. It's a bomb.
- Yeah. - OK.
- Now...
- We go round the side.
- OK.- Yeah? - Go, go, go!
You got it?
I got it, I got it. OK.
All right, let's go. OK.
OK, OK, come on.
All right. Vance says the
patrols come through the lot.
Now, if you see them...
do not go out.
Get them to come to you. Right?
Now, remember: SOS,
short, short, short...
long, long, long,
short, short, short, OK?
short, short, short,
long, long, long...
- Short, short...
- Johnny, Johnny, listen, listen to me!
Do as I say and you'll be fine.
Go, go!
- What are you doing?
- Watching out for myself.
What if you get scared, tells them where
I am? I'm screwed in that stupid closet.
If I'm gonna hide,
it'll be somewhere where nobody knows.
Plus, I can help.
No way! We talked about this.
- I have an idea.
- Really?
You got a lot to clear.
The car's ready.
Plug us in.
She's in the building.
Scorched Earth.
Nobody gets out alive.
They're in.
Channel 47.
47's open.
What do I call you?
- Eddie.
- Call me Charlie.
Last chance, Charlie.
The girl is gone.
An ordinary patrol
will be by any minute,
not to mention the Feds when
they realize she's missing.
And we have home court advantage.
I've a little announcement
to make to my guys.
Eddie... and seeing as
how we're chatting now,
anyway, I think it might
benefit your team to hear as well.
So, everybody on?
So, my guys, listen out...
I have spoken to our usual employer,
and after tonight's little snuffle,
there's now a bonus in place.
If we succeed and the girl dies,
each one of you gets
an extra $100.000.
Here's the problem.
If we fail...
If she lives to see another day...
Every last one of you will be
hunted down and killed...
Your family, friends, pets...
will follow in short order...
Needless to say...
I strongly recommend getting
Little Piggy tonight.
Let's get to work.
Team report. Over.
Yes, Eddie, it's Vance.
I'm OK.
I'm OK, it's Jamie.
I smell like a two-dollar
whore but I'm good. Over.
Mason? Mason, do you copy?
OK, buddy, I'm on my way.
Move out.
You better appreciate this.
Mason, it didn't work.
You gotta get out of there.
We got the County Sheriff
turning off the highway.
We got company outside.
Hold all fire.
Unless somebody tries something stupid.
Nobody do anything rush,
we are watching.
What the...?
Out the door...
- I'm going out there!
- Abort!
I'm going!
I have...
Nice try.
We're clear.
Clear the food court.
Listen, everybody. We just lost Johnny.
They are not joking.
All of you be very careful.
Whoever can, report. Over.
It's Vance.
I'm still stuck in Sun Tee.
I don't think I can move. Over.
OK, Vance.
Can you see the food court?
All right, all right.
- Ruby? Mason? Over.
I'm still in D-2.
Stop making advances at me, Van, over.
Are you still alive, Mason?
Mason? Do you copy?
All right. Listen.
I need some eyes on the food court.
What do you say, buddy?
Mason, if you don't move,
they will get you.
Are you still in Home and Garden?
Where are you?
I can't move!
It's Jamie.
I can help.
Can you take a look at
the food court? Over.
All right.
I need to know how many are they.
Got it!
All right, everybody, listen up.
We meet at Clyve's...
in exactly three minutes. Copy?
I'll be there.
There are five.
There's five.
OK. I'll take care of it.
- Follow it!
- Yeah! - Move!
- Are you OK?
- Yeah.
- I was worried.
- I'm good.
Watch out!
I got you! I got you!
Oh, shit! Oh, shit!
Come on, come on!
Oh, Jesus!
Stop, Mason!
Stop! God Dammit!
It's me.
All right, I'm coming.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
- We have to move!
- No, Sir!
We have to move. Come on.
I'll get your hardware.
Drop the gate!
Drop the gate!
If you want something done,
you gotta do it yourself. Fuck!
You saved his life.
You're doing not too bad yourself.
Come on!
Get it open.
Psst. Hey!
I have a present for you.
if you get in trouble and
I am not there, just...
- Press this button and...
- I know how to use the works.
My mum had one.
Nice place you got in here...
A little small but very nice.
It reminds me of somewhere.
My uncle Will's.
I used to spend the summers
there when I was a kid.
I loved it.
It was so...
Then, one year my Dad told
I couldn't go anymore.
Dads are not always perfect, huh?
Yeah, but at least some of them
are around once in a while...
They're no criminals.
It's like you're trying to
defend him or something.
I'm not defending him.
But it's hard to know why
people do things sometimes.
He might have not been around
much because he was afraid.
Afraid of what?
Afraid of putting you in danger.
Of being the one to hurt you...
Maybe he was afraid of...
I don't know.
Right now...
There isn't anyone I'd feel safer with.
Let's have a little chat, shall we?
So, now you're in Clyve's.
End of the road, nowhere else to go.
And only a single steel door...
separating us from you, so...
I'm gonna extend the
offer one last time.
Give us the girl,
one life or many...
Or I will huff...
And I will puff...
Well, we are two hours out,
from where you fucked up your hit and
let a child slip through your fingers.
Now, the Feds will be here any minute.
You are done, Charlie.
The patrol came and went, friend.
I would have thought your pal's
death would have made that memorable.
- Your answer's being received.
- Jamie! Come here.
Ready or not...
Come here,
come here!
Cops! Oh, my God! Cops!
There are cops outside right now!
There are cops outside.
- OK.
- Hold on, hold, hold on.
Communication truck.
We gotta get rid of it.
- Take care of her. - OK.
- Wait for my call! - OK!
Hey, how are we doing, Vance?
They're punching a hole.
It's made of solid steel.
This is not good.
Help is on its way,
come on, come on!
Let's play ball, compadres!
On the ground!
Hands up, now!
- Hey, hey! I am security.
- On your knees! - All right!
- He has a weapon.
- No, no, I don't.
Is the girl here?
Yes, she's here.
She's in the store, yes.
- Cos we're hearing gunfire in there.
- Well, yes...
Move! Move!
I need back-up now, Eddie!
Can we get to her?
Can I use this?
Go ahead.
Mason, bring the girl.
No, we're screwed. We can't move.
Mason, keep your shit together, OK?
Hey, Jamie, you're listening?
When I stand up...
I want you to run like a bat
out of hell, do you hear me?
What are you going to do?
Don't you worry about me, little girl.
But you, you're gonna get out of here and
you're gonna bring those bastards down.
You understand?
Promise me!
Let's do this!
It's gonna be OK.
Let's go.
Good girl!
What a shit night.
She'll trust you?
She'll come to you, right?
Jamie, remember...
You go down to your hole,
you get your Teddy bear.
Vance? Jamie? Copy?
I thought you were dead.
- Is Vance with you?
- No.
I think they shot him.
Damn it!
All right, listen.
They're in.
They are in the store.
You have to be very
quiet and very strong.
We can't let what our team did here
tonight be for nothing. You understand?
And you need to get home.
To your daughter.
That's right. I do.
So, what do we do?
Do you remember what we
did with Ruby's things?
Where we put them?
In the Bedroom Department.
I need you to get her walkie...
The real one.
The security one.
All right?
Now, it'll have emergency channels.
They'll be static at first...
but if I do my job, they'll go clear.
Now, when that happens, I need you to
find a place to hide and start yelling.
The good guys will be
listening and they'll come.
When you get through, wait for me.
I'll come for you, all right?
Pinky swear?
Pinky swear.
You got this?
Can I count on you?
I'm on it.
I'll see you soon.
You and me, kid,
you and me.
He's going for the radio jammer.
I know you're in the store, Jamie.
I know you can hear me.
We were on a 10-mile stretch
of Wooded Highway, Jamie.
The rain prevented skid marks,
we towed all the cars away...
They've no idea where
we hit your convoy.
Nobody's coming, Jamie.
Time to negotiate.
Fuck! Get the van out of here now!
Jamie? Jamie? Do you copy?
Jamie? Do you copy?
My name is Jamie Madderer,
Ridgeside Mall, guns, please help!
Don't shoot.
He's mine.
Nice to meet you, Betty.
Jamie? Jamie? Do you copy?
This is US Marshall's Office.
Jamie? Do you copy?
He's gone, Jamie.
He left.
Like all the rest. It's what people
do when things get complicated.
When I was about your age,
My father woke me one morning, told me
to pack a bag, we had a train to catch.
I was excited.
I'd only been away from home a few
times before, only for day trips.
I fell asleep...
When I woke,
my father was gone.
There was 50 quid in my jacket pocket.
I never saw him again.
So, I'm gonna make you a deal.
From one betrayed abandoned
soil to another...
There's no reason for you to die...
You just can't testify, so...
You come with me,
I'll take care of you...
Get you somewhere where
we're both safe...
You can start over, make your
own way, be your own boss...
I'll help you.
Maybe, I'll even teach
you a thing or two.
Who knows?
You have a really, important
decision to make, Jamie.
You can be the child
who waits for the White
Knight who never comes.
You can be immature, brave or stupid...
Make a run for it,
in which case...
I'll have no choice but to kill you.
Stand up...
We deal with this like adults.
What's it gonna be, Jamie?
That's the way you wanna play it!
No! No! No!
Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!
Eddie... Eddie...
You could've been a rich man, Eddie.
I told you...
Take the money,
turn a blind eye.
As you said, Charlie...
I am...
the man in charge.
You said...
You know how it works...
Let's go...
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on!
Look at me.
There she is!
We got eyes on Jamie Madderer, alive,
coming out of Ridgeside Mall.
Stop right there!
Hands where we can see them now!
Are they...?
You look like shit.
That's about how I feel... Argh...
I'm gonna be leaving soon.
I guess.
I just wanna say...
Thank you...
for your word.
You have nothing to worry about,
with your daughter.
She's super-lucky to
have you as her Dad.
Where are you going?
Some foster family or something.
They didn't tell me.
You're gonna be OK.
I have a good feeling about him.
Uncle Will!
Come on!