See Girl Run (2012) Movie Script

This boyfriend
was really cute...
handsome, always voted, like,
best eyes, best hair,
that type of thing in school,
so there's like,
a lot of butterflies,
a lot of excitement
for me because that's, like,
you know, it was just exciting
that somebody like that
would be, you know, so
interested in someone like me.
I just remember being
in this Italian restaurant
and we ordered, like, a pizza
to share
and the cheese was kind of
stringing out of my mouth
and, you know, there's just
no good way to handle that.
So, that was embarrassing.
And I thought,
oh, why did you order pizza
on your first ever date?
I mean, he really loved to shop.
And he really loved
to buy things for me.
And he lived with two
really... very out men
who, one time I came over there,
and they were shaving
each other's backs
for a drag contest
and I thought...
it's not typical to...
it's not a typical scenario.
Three years since I'd seen him,
and we were standing there
talking about nothing,
like something completely inane.
And my parents were
boring down on us.
And then completely
I put my finger
on his widow's peak.
Just out of nowhere.
Completely unconsciously.
I hadn't touched him
in three years.
And I remember very distinctly,
like, waking up
in his little twin bed
that he had that we would share
when I was visiting
and finding these long, black
hairs on the pillow.
Yeah, and... and I was sort of,
like, you know, "What's this?"
We broke up
and he gave me an Elvis doll.
It was really weird.
He was like, "I know we...
you're leaving. Here."
And I opened it and it was,
you know,
like a collector's item
Elvis doll
in a wrapping.
It was, like, the strangest
breakup parting gift
I think there could be.
If I saw him or I found out
anything about him,
it would destroy these
beautiful memories that I have.
'Cause there's something about
that first high school romance.
There's, like, a glow to it
in your mind,
even if it wasn't
really like that.
The second we got together,
I instantly stopped caring
about what other people thought,
because I had Jason
and he had me.
And for that last glorious
chunk of high school,
that freedom we shared,
it meant everything.
And then?
Uh, we went
to different schools.
Was it mutual or...
which one of you first decided
to end the relationship?
Mm... neither of us.
Neither of us ended it.
You told me things ended
before college.
Yeah, I suppose that's true,
but in reality,
we didn't break up.
We never have.
Come on.
Go on. Who needs a walk?
What about Sadie?
You took her a couple of
hours ago with Rico and Doc.
What about Molly?
She's getting picked
up in 20 minutes.
Alicia, did you give Moses
a bath like I asked?
I think all these rascals
are good for now, boss.
I think Primo and Doxy need
to learn to get along better.
I'm gonna take them out
I can take them. No, it's all
right, I got them. Come on.
Primo's being a dick
today anyways.
All righty.
See you in 45.
Come on.
I know. I know, Cocoa.
I'm going to be right there.
Come here, come here.
Are you ready to go?
There you go, sweetie.
I am not at all
the type of person
to try out for a reality show.
My show will be for
people who are curious.
People wonder, "What if?"
from time to time.
What about my old boy... Jason?
Are you gonna have to get to
know him, too, if we do this?
I've been in touch with him.
Wow, God, h-how is he?
The way I approached
it with Jason
is that we were doing a show
about past relationships.
I couldn't tell him I intended
to reunite the two of you
because if we were to film it,
it would need to be a surprise.
So when are we gonna do this?
unfortunately, after speaking
with Jason, it seems
you don't meet
the qualifications
as a subject for the show.
What qualifications?
I don't understand;
You said that
I was one of
the final candidates.
As he was sharing with me
some of his thoughts
about previous girlfriends...
Did he mention me much or...?
Emmie, why didn't you
tell me you and Jason
have been in contact
over the past couple years?
He sent me a couple
of postcards.
I never mailed anything back.
It doesn't constitute contact.
It was nothing.
Okay, everybody, now, for
your very first lobster ever,
you have to learn
one essential rule,
and that is that not only can you
be unafraid of getting messy,
but you have to love
being messy.
Yo, yo!
Like love it. Yes?
You promised.
Okay, I know.
I can't do it right.
Okay, I'm coming.
Well, when? Table six is almost
ready for their dessert.
Very soon.
Hurry up.
Sorry about that.
Who was that?
I don't even know who that was.
She doesn't work here.
She just likes the uniform,
so we let her, like, run around
and bark orders at people.
Okay, for the demonstration,
I am calling on the assistance
of my trusty assistant, lobster,
but there's a problem
with this lobster.
He doesn't have a name,
and I need him to have a name.
Is there a name
that you guys can help me with?
Please. Yes, what is it?
Bob? Are you serious?
You know, he actually
does look like a Bob.
So, this...
I'm in luck.
Thank you very much.
You know what, you should
help me name some of my frogs.
You have frogs?
I do have frogs;
I have a lot of frogs actually.
Once you guys are black belts
at this,
I'm going to tell you all
about what I do in real life.
Now, everybody,
grab your crackers.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Don't wake yourself up.
No, I'm up, I'm up.
I want... I want to,
I want to hear about it.
How'd it go?
# You're not the Pope
# You're not the Pope #
# You're not the president
# You're not the president #
# You might not even be
# You might not even be #
# A mean resident
# A mean resident #
# But your friends and
your family brought you here #
# To celebrate another year
# And stuff yourself
with shrimp galore #
# Chowder, clams and crab
and more #
# You overdose on
lobster tail...! #
# So then you'll forget
you're gettin' old as hell! #
Oh, my goodness!
Happy birthday!
You guys need anything else?
Is everything okay?
You're crazy.
Well, don't ask me
again tonight.
Okay, happy birthday.
Goddamn! Graham!
I said you have to flush it
before you're done.
I have to wipe a lot.
Fucking finally!
You really have to get
that thing taken care of.
I don't know what to do.
So, the guys want to put up the
money for another location or...?
Mm? What's... What's wrong?
No, it's nothing.
Ems, maybe you should...
maybe you should shower.
I... I just, you know how it is when
you work with the dogs all day.
...took a shower
after work.
I know. I... I know, but
it-it's, um... Graham,
I'm clean.
It's kind of...
Okay, you know,
I'll light a match.
No, it's just...
It-it's just...
It's unsanitary.
Don't you think?
I hate to break it to you,
but, um, my rectum
wasn't gonna factor into
tonight's activities whatsoever.
I know, I know.
I know. It's just,
it's the whole area.
It's bacteria...
It really bothers you.
Health safety?
Y- Y... Sure.
Do you remember
the thing... the places
you put in your mouth
when we first got together?
I know.
Whatever. Em, come on.
I didn't...
I didn't mean anything by it.
I... Oh, c...
Don't be angry.
I want the biggest
goddamn one you got.
Yeah. Just... you-you put
five of them together
if you have to.
Well, money is
absolutely no object.
Okay, is it gonna be
the-the biggest one
that you've ever made?
Well, check with your
co-workers. I'm totally serious.
I want this to be the biggest
one that any of them
have ever seen
going out the store.
That's right.
Wow, that is pricey.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
That's cool.
That's totally worth it.
Goddamn right I want
a note to go with it.
Yeah. Um...
Is that gonna cost extra?
Okay, good. Um...
Do you have a pen?
'Cause this-this
has to be exact.
Have a great day, baby.
You have about another hour.
I love you.
Why don't you let me
do the walks?
Our customers put faith
in us, all right?
They give us keys to their
houses and they trust us.
So what you saying?
I'm trustful.
You wouldn't be tempted to
snoop, just a little bit?
Just give me a blindfold
when I'm up in there.
Alicia, I'm sorry,
but I can't trust you.
See, why you gotta say
something like that?
Look at your personal life,
all right?
You disrespect Mickey
all the time. No.
It ain't disrespect unless it's
with somebody we both know.
You see, you haven't been
listening to me, girl.
It's still cheating.
It's cheating when two people
are doing something
that they're not permitted
to do.
You know what?
It's easy for you.
You can do whatever you want.
You don't even got kids
to worry about.
I'm married. All right?
I can't do whatever I want.
What's so funny?
Can I help you?
Where I can leave this?
Hey! Come on.
They're for me.
Alicia, give it.
Come on.
"A little birdie told me
"you were asking about me.
What if..."
That's it?
Damn, girl!
Who this?
Can I have you
sign this, please?
Come on.
Come on.
Go on.
Good boy.
Hey, Brandon.
How you doing, jerky?
Listen, call me back.
Or don't, it's okay,
'cause I'm coming home.
And I wanted to know
how you were doing,
and if I could stay
with you, maybe.
Mom and Dad do not know
I'm coming to town,
so don't tell them, all right?
I don't want them to know,
I don't need them to.
Okay? So I'm going
to be there at about
2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon.
Call me, jerky!
Is Brandon here?
Who's Brandon?
Who are you?
What, are you one of
Shannon's friends? I...
Don't even ask me
where Brandon is.
Is he in Damariscotta?
I don't know if he's
in the state of Maine.
You know, I don't know jack
about shit about Brandon
except that he's the hell
out of my house.
You're absolutely,
positively sure
you can't make an exception?
Oh, come on, you seem
like such a nice woman.
He's housebroken.
He is just a tiny little quiet...
You see our sign?
"Absolutely no pets.
That's right.
Why is there an exclamation
point if it says "period"?
Do you allow... credit cards?
Thank you.
Okay, hold on.
Wait, wait, wait.
What-what are you doing?
What do you mean?
Why are you doing that?
'Cause I know you like it.
You don't...
you don't like it? Okay.
Well, that's not
why you're doing it.
I d...
Why are you doing
that right now?
'Cause I've...
I don't...
well, it's...
It's your birthday...
Okay, you're weirding me out.
No, no, no.
Okay, okay, um...
When was the last time
you-you-you did...
you did that for me?
I don't know.
Just think about it.
I guess it's been a while.
It's been a while.
It's been 365 days.
No, it has, I-I swear,
I've... kept track.
It's been a whole year?
The last time that-that
you gave me head
was on my last birthday.
Okay? But if you think about
it, like, the first year
that we were, like, hanging
out or whatever, together...
you did it, I mean, probably
like a hundred times.
But, you know, ever since then,
like for the past couple years,
it's only been on my birthday.
Now, we-we've been together
off and on for, like,
three years. Right?
So that means that
if we stay together,
then I'll only get
a blow job once a year
until, you know,
who knows when?
See, that's why I don't want
you to do it right now.
Because if you give
me head right now,
that means I know
for a fact that
I won't get it again
until my next birthday.
But on the other hand,
if I don't let you
do it right now...
No, that's not what I meant.
I didn't mean "let you,"
I mean, like, if you choose
not to perform it right now,
then that means I can go about
the rest of our relationship,
you know, with the...
the outside chance,
the-the hope against hope
that I could get a-a blow
job on any given night.
I mean, who knows
when it'll happen?
You know? And that's
exciting to me.
That's an exciting way to live.
Like, I would rather live
with the minute possibility
that it could happen
at any moment
rather than the assurance
that-that it'll happen
just once a year.
What did you mean,
"if we stay together"?
I didn't say that.
Yeah, you did.
No. I...
I did?
Well, that's not the...
I'm... that's beside the point.
Don't call me that.
So... you know, I-I...
I really tried
to make this special.
This is the first time
since we've been together
I have even been to your town,
much less to your apartment.
Well, you're the one who's
always wanted to come here.
Oh, why am I always doing this?
Beck, why are you crying?
I'm crying 'cause I love you.
Why would you cry
about something like that?
'Cause you don't love me.
You love... frogs.
Let me just do the walks
for one minute, please.
She doesn't want you to.
Come on, Nilo.
Cut it out.
What do I have to do, huh?
I'm, uh, I'm Emmie's husband.
I remember you.
You're the one who
bought this place, right?
I- Is she here?
No, papi, I haven't seen her.
Well, do you, uh,
do you know where she is?
Or when she'll be back?
We don't know nothing.
Fuckin' shit.
Who's that for?
It's your mother.
Remember me?
Hi, Mom.
Grandma, it's Emmie!
Grandma? Hi.
Oh, hey, sweetheart!
How are you?
I didn't know you
were coming home.
Who was that
that dropped you off?
What brings you home?
I saw a man in the car...?
I was just out for an evening
stroll, all by my lonesome.
I just saw you get
out of the car.
Graham with you?
Hi, Emmers.
do you say we have a real drink?
I don't think we've ever
really had a beer together.
Since Brandon
came home, or...
I should say... when your
father dragged his butt
away from that girl,
we haven't kept any booze
of any kind in the house.
Brandon has a severe
alcohol problem.
I also think that he's
clinically depressed.
I guess I haven't talked to him
in a while.
I tell you what... when he
and your father get home,
you spend a little time with him
and tell me if you disagree.
Okay. I will.
You know, I'm not going to
ask you why you came home.
And I'm not going to ask
you why you left messages
with Brandon, specifically
telling him not to let
your father and I know that
you were coming up.
And I'm not going to ask you
why Graham isn't with you.
Thank you.
Thanks, honey!
Here you are.
It's okay, Marty,
I'll throw it on your tab.
Oh, uh...
That's fine. Thanks.
Oh, my God.
Why, in God's name,
would you take him
to a strip club, of all places?
Gail, we have been over this.
We've been over what?
I am free to go there
whenever I want to.
You may remember that you
agreed to this arrangement.
I never agreed to let you
take our alcoholic son
to a strip club!
I just thought he could
use some... stimulation.
I don't think he's seen
a girl in-in weeks.
You took our alcoholic son
to a bar!
It's not a bar!
It's a club!
They don't sell alcohol!
You expect me to believe
that they don't sell alcohol
at a strip club?
Do you think I'm an idiot?
Topless places, yeah,
as much booze as you want.
But this place is prohibited
by law from selling alcohol,
because it is not topless.
It is fully nude.
You can only order juice.
And they have tons of choices.
You do think I'm an idiot...
It's, like, any moment,
no matter what
I'm thinking about,
sometimes I don't think I'm
thinking about anything at all,
all of a sudden, I'm fuckin'
bawling like an infant
and I can't stop.
Mom thinks you're drinking
because you're depressed.
Yeah, Mrs. Web, MD,
has shared that theory with me,
like, a thousand times.
Well, what do you think?
I don't know, I mean...
Been having a hard time.
before Mom and Dad made me
move out of Shannon's, uh..., the only time I wasn't
crying was when I was drunk.
God, do they always
fight like this?
No, not really.
Only when he gets home
from the titty bar.
Does Grandma hear?
She's oblivious.
She's so into
some older than dirt dude,
I don't think she's
aware of anything else.
Grandma's got a boyfriend?
I guess.
That is so sweet.
It's gross.
God, it's so weird.
All they wanted was for us
to be happy.
Were they happy
when we were little?
I don't know.
I didn't think about it
like that then.
Is that why you're home?
You're unhappy?
I have some
unfinished business.
What? What?
That... that's what
"hometown" means.
This place is nothing but
unfinished business.
I guess so, yeah.
Are you and Graham the way mom
and dad were, you think?
I always thought that I would
end up with somebody
who made the world
feel bigger to me.
And Graham and I have been
together for five years,
I feel like he makes
the world smaller.
You think Jason Barrister
would've made
the world bigger for you?
He did before.
Well, that was
different, I mean...
You know, I was playing Ultimate
a lot with him, in the fall.
He's a little overly competitive
for my taste, but...
overall, he's a good guy.
He always asked me about you.
No way.
You like it?
Oh, man!
This is pretty sweet.
Do you think, uh...
do you think Karen will like it?
And be honest.
Are you kidding me?
She'll flip.
Okay. Awesome.
Let me pay you
something for it.
Pay me?
Are you kidding? No way.
This is very generous, Jason.
I feel like I should at least
pay you for the frame.
Well, it's a gift for you
guys and the-the, the baby.
Probably be worth
something someday, huh?
Well, I, in return,
have a favor for you.
As much as I'm gonna miss
seeing you every day,
I've gotten orders from on high
to transfer you to
our new location.
Where's that?
You believe that?
Well, um...
No, thanks. Jason,
did you not hear me?
No more hour and a half drive
each way for you anymore.
No, I heard you.
Um, you know, I'm good.
I don't get you, man.
The new place is
going to be like
five minutes from your
apartment, right? Yeah.
I mean, I do appreciate it,
but I-I just...
I mean, if I wanted to
work in Damariscotta... Why drive
all the way to work here...
I would work in
Damariscotta, Kyle, so...
You must be blowing a third of
your tips on gas. I am not.
I'm not, I'm actually... You told
me no one was hiring up there.
Well... it's, you know, it's a,
it's a more nuanced issue.
Thank you very much.
But no, thanks. I'm, uh...
I'm sorry, Jason.
The Campbells asked me
to send my very best
for the new place.
Then send Kate.
Or-or-or Dara, or Mike.
Mike's... getting pretty good.
Those guys live here,
Why should I ask them
to drive that far?
I won't do it.
Tracy, the manager
up there, she's cool.
She'll let you hand out your
business cards to customers.
Just think about it.
I'm not sure about this.
You are so good.
I'm not worried about
how I'll play, Em.
What if I start...
you know?
Are they dumb?
You look like you're
in a video game.
You look cool!
Like the Terminator.
Shut up.
You're an ass.
You all right?
Yeah, I guess.
Except what did you want
me to tell him? Nothing.
Look, I don't want him
to know I'm here.
Then why are you coming?
What, are you going to like,
hide behind a bush
or something, and spy?
Well, are there bushes
near the field?
Don't look at me like that.
Okay. Technically,
we never broke up.
Well, it wasn't ever said,
the-the words.
We never broke up.
So you're two-timing Graham?
Or maybe I've been cheating
on Jason all these years.
Got it?
Yeah. I think.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Yeah, yeah!
Good game, guys.
Hey, old buddy.
How you doing?
Good to see you, man.
Yeah, you, too.
Where you been?
Oh, you know, uh...
just needed...
you know, some time off.
Yeah? All right.
I'm glad you're back.
What's new with you, Jason?
Oh, you know, just
taking a lifetime to
become an overnight success.
Wh... What do you do for money?
Just my art.
That pays the bills and shit?
That's fucking cool.
Yeah, I'm lucky.
I mean, I'm not exactly
swimming in it yet,
but... you know.
I get along decent enough.
How's that girl
you were seeing?
Who, Becky?
Well, she's not the one.
Is there really such a thing?
Well, maybe not for everyone.
But... your sister
sure spoiled me.
Isn't that relationship
kind of an unrealistic
barometer at this point?
Wow, you are one
romantic son of a bitch,
anybody ever tell you that?
Maybe you and Emmie are lucky.
Me an Emmie?
Me an Emmie.
Did she say something?
All right.
Hey, what's her husband like?
Yeah, it's...
I don't feel comfortable
talking about him.
Sure, yeah.
Well, maybe I'll
get to meet him
myself one day, you know?
Does she ever
come to visit?
Are you crying?
I'm sorry, Brandon, I didn't
mean to, like, get heavy
or-or wh... whatever it is.
Hey. Why don't you and I...
like, get together and hang out?
You know, there aren't that
many people left around here
worth hanging out with
that don't have
little squirts, so...
I should be done with some
paintings I gotta work on
this afternoon around 6:00.
Swing by at 7:00?
You remember where
my folks live?
Em. Em!
Goddamn it.
Em! Wait up!
Em! Jesus Christ.
Em, fuck. You're gonna
fucking kill me.
I'm sorry!
Jesus, I'm sorry.
I just... at least just tell me
if she's okay.
If I knew, I would tell you.
Aren't you worried about her?
Of course, Graham.
If I hear from her,
I'll have her call you.
Well, I've already left her
about a million messages.
Obviously, she'll call me
when she feels like it, I...
Just please, just let me know
if you hear from her, okay?
I'm sure she's fine.
We all know Emmie can
take care of herself.
All right, tell her I love her.
If I talk to her, of course.
Hang in there.
# And stuff
yourself with shrimp galore #
# Lobster, clam
and crab and more #
# You'll overdose
on lobster tail, so... #
# You forget you're
getting old as hell. #
Happy birthday!
What's this?
It's for your transfer.
Now, wait a minute...
I'm done.
With... with what?
With the job?
With me?
It's not right, Beck.
None of it.
Hey, I gotta get back
in a little while.
Another rousing evening
of Scrabble with Mom and Dad?
Jason wants to hang out.
With you?
Were you going to maybe
fucking tell me? Ah!
Wouldn't you rather
go out with him?
Not yet. Come on,
I know you would.
Why don't you come with us?
I... I'm not...
ready to see him yet.
So why the new outfit?
It's for when I am.
When you're ready?
You know full well that
I'm not the kind of person...
But that's what
everyone thinks.
It's what everyone thinks.
Until they do the thing they
think they'd never, ever do.
Does Graham know you're here?
Okay, in all honesty,
tell me what you
really think of Graham.
In all honesty?
He's good.
Okay, I was a little surprised
when first you told me
you were engaged.
I mean, it had nothing
to do with Graham.
I just... I don't know.
I didn't expect you
to settle down so quickly.
Settle down or just settle?
I'm going to the bookstore.
Emmie Carey.
Tami Beck.
Yeah! Yeah.
Come here, cutie!
You look so good!
Thank you.
Yeah, you, too.
You know what, it's actually
Tami Ayers now, yeah.
At first it was Beck,
and then it was Highsmith.
Now it's Ayers, so... Yeah.
Yeah. Wow.
You look awesome!
Thank you. You, too.
Thank you. Yeah, yeah.
Buying some stuff?
Yeah, really cute stuff.
Did you see this over there?
Hey. It's Marty.
I thought Tommy and I were
perfect for each other,
you know.
Not just because of the
whole "Tami/Tommy" thing either,
even though that was
really fun.
Um, but no, we had the same
tastes in
a lot of different things:
Um, shoes.
We're both really
into shoes big-time.
We both loved the same shows.
That was important to me.
But I think, looking back,
that's how I knew
that we were not really
on the same page anymore
because I liked to
watch Housewives,
and, um, Tommy didn't,
which is fine.
He can have
his cable news shows.
That's why God invented more
than one TV set.
So we watch in different
rooms, no big deal.
We had, like, seven
TVs in the house,
you might as well use 'em.
But the thing is,
we both like Grey's.
And Grey's comes on
right after Housewives
and right after Tommy's show.
But instead of us watching
watching Grey's together
in the same room, we both just
ended up staying in
separate rooms
to watch the same show.
Which was nuts. And neither
of us noticed for weeks.
Once I figured out what
was going on, I kind of was,
like, "Oh, this is bad.
Yeah, this is bad.
We're doomed."
But it's okay. Things were
really getting stale anyway
up to that point, so...
Well, what did you do?
That's what I'm talking about.
Wow. God.
You didn't try anything first?
What do you mean?
Like, I don't know, counseling
or something like that.
No, no, we thought about it.
But no, life is too short.
And plus it's worked out.
I'm with Mark and I love him.
He's awesome.
Yeah, he's amazing.
That's great.
Yeah, it is.
But what about you?
How's your hubby?
How's your old man?
Well, you're married, right?
Somebody told me you...
I am.
I thought you were married.
I am.
You are?
I thought so!
It's like, "What, what?" Yeah.
Sorry about that.
Didn't Meredith
and Tory Cage get married
a couple years ago?
Yeah. Divorced.
Excuse me.
I don't mean to be rude.
Mm-hmm, yeah. I've been waiting
for a call from my brother.
But I've been doing
all the talking.
Tell me about yourself.
You're the one who lives
in the Big Apple.
I want to hear about city life.
Come on, come on, come on.
Not a lot, really.
There's got to be
some crazy stories.
It's the city.
The city that never sleeps.
You know what
your mom calls me.
The best lay north of Boston.
she used to, son.
She used to.
No. She calls me an enabler.
Now, every time
I've covered your rent
or bailed you out of debt,
it's always been because
I want my son
to have every chance
to follow his dreams.
Okay, all right, Dad.
But you know, it's not like
you just give me money,
like a handout or something.
Jesus, how many friggin'
pictures of frogs
do you think we need
in the house?
All right, look, um,
I'll pay you back.
You know I'll pay you
back when something...
You know what?
I had dreams, too.
You may find that
hard to believe, but I did.
I have supported you
because I always defend your
right to be what you want
because I love you
and believe in you,
and I want you to have
everything you want.
I know what you're capable of.
It's just that it's hard
to blame Mom, you know?
Because at some point
we'd like to be able
to see you take care
of yourself.
To see all your dedication
come to fruition.
Well, look, I know that
something is going to happen
soon. I know it.
I can feel it.
This is a new one.
Your mother doesn't
know about it
and she doesn't have to.
Don't abuse it, okay?
I won't.
I won't.
Necessities only.
Um... what about...?
Oh, I'll send Gary rent
for the next three months.
By then, who knows?
Maybe you'll be
the Thomas Kinkade
of amphibian paintings.
Thanks, Dad.
How long have you been
holding onto that stuff?
Most of it since high school.
But he's sent me a ton of stuff
in New York over the years.
And when I come home,
I... I bring it with me
and I leave it here.
Like the letters.
Are these postcards?
They're not places
he's ever been, but...
they're places he
wants to take me.
What's that?
This came two days
before my wedding.
This must have
kind of fucked with you, huh?
I shit you not,
I thought that Jason
was gonna show up
at the wedding and...
He was always that passionate,
kind of person, you know?
That would have been terrible,
If he showed up?
You have to promise that
you're not gonna say
anything about me, right?
I want it to be a surprise.
Just meet us there.
No! No, no,
no, no, no.
It has to be right.
It's got to be perfect.
I think he's here.
Oh, no.
It's Grandma's boyfriend.
What is he like?
He looks like
80 million years old.
Why doesn't he drop her off
in the driveway?
I think he's blind.
Oh, shit.
Oh, my God.
Uh, hand me the shades.
Are you sure they're
not in the car?
No, I know I brought them in.
Hurry up and get them before
Mom and Dad see him! Go!
Okay, sorry, sorry. I'm trying.
Go, go, go!
I'm trying! Fuck it.
You don't need 'em.
Yes, I do.
What if I start...?
Could you just suck it up
for once. Jesus.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
Brandon, I'm sorry.
I'm doing this for you.
I know. I'm sorry.
Go, go, go.
Remember everything he says
so you can tell me, okay?
Is Emmie here, by any chance?
You didn't tell
us you were going out.
It's cool.
I'll be home soon.
Nice to see you, Mr. Carey.
Hey, guys.
Hey, fucknut, how's it going?
Hey, do you know Brandon, JP?
How's it going?
All right.
You're with that girl,
Shannon, right?
My bad, dude.
You guys were together
for a while,
practically married.
And he is also a poet.
Get you two artistes
a couple of brews?
Sure. Two darks.
I'd rather get...
Ay, yi...
So embarrassing.
Look... on the wall
behind the register.
Oh, wow, that's cool.
They... they let you hang
your stuff here?
Well, I mean, it's not like
they let me, you know?
I gave him a discount,
but I gotta make a living.
You know what?
I gotta take a leak.
# Your father had it right
when he laid his eyes #
# Upon the fabric woven
in my ties #
# Don't go
# Oh, don't go with him
# He'll make you poor
# He'll make you poor with him
# I know
Run it back?
What's with the shades, man?
# Your mother had it right
when she took my coat #
I won't be needing them.
# Wrinkles on the sleeves
and a pocket... #
You're making your
mom and me feel
pretty damn guilty.
Don't be disappointed in me.
Come on. We love you
no matter what.
And we love each
other very much.
You know that, right?
I don't see it.
I don't think
I've ever seen it.
Don't you ever wonder "What if?"
I mean...
Well, yeah, yeah, I used to.
But you can live your whole life
with "what if's."
It'll make you crazy.
I mean, don't you sooner
or later have to start
to relish the choices
that you made?
Like the choice
that you and Graham made.
I have been 27 different people
in the last 35 years.
People change, that's all.
It's not about that.
It's about...
It's about expectations.
It's about... Isn't it?
It's about letting
your expectations change.
Your idea
of-of how thing should be.
When I was in
the air force, we had
these things called
cybernetic missiles, okay?
Now, when my dad was
in World War II,
he had ballistic missiles.
You know the difference?
'cause I'm gonna tell you.
Ballistic missile,
you know the target,
you fired the ammo,
and it never changes course,
Once a that thing leaves
the ground,
it's going to hit the spot
that you aimed it at
no matter what.
Now, the problem with that is,
that the targets got smart.
The targets learned to move,
and the missile didn't.
So, you fire the missile,
and that's all folks.
I mean,
it's gonna hit something,
but it isn't gonna hit the thing
that you aimed it at
because that's
not there anymore.
So, they invented
cybernetic missiles.
Now, cybernetic missile,
you program it at launch,
you let it go,
but if the target moves,
the missile changes course.
And it's constantly calculating
and recalculating
and changing course
to stay with the target
no matter what.
It knows its ultimate goal.
It has no idea what it's going
to take to get there.
It has no idea how difficult
the target is going to make it.
All it knows is it's committed
to making whatever adjustments
are necessary
to reach that object.
Have you and Mom
always been faithful?
We've been lucky that way.
Neither of us ever crossed
that line.
How is that luck?
You're a chip off the old block.
Do you ever...
Do you ever wonder if things
are going to work out?
Your art stuff?
Not at all.
I- I know it will.
H- How-how do you know?
It has to.
I got nothing else.
I'm not like the other kids
I went to college with.
You know, the artists
and actors and shit.
They all grew up
thinking they had
some God-given right
to be famous or
successful or whatever.
Like, they saw it on the tube,
so, you know,
they just assumed that's what
their life would be like.
Well, I guess I did the same
thing at a certain point, but...
I don't know.
Everyone else just
eventually got depressed
and gave up.
But I realized
that it was gonna
take hard work and sacrifice,
and nothing was gonna
be handed to me.
Yeah, but that doesn't
Like, that doesn't mean
it's gonna happen.
Fuck you, man.
Yeah, it does.
Sure, I figured it probably
would have happened by now,
but, you know, I felt that
way about a lot of things.
What the fuck are we doing here?
What the fuck is this place?
You ever been here?
I don't think
I knew it was here.
Well, this is where
I come to...
About what?
Your sister, for example.
My sister's married.
Yeah, my sister's married.
No shit.
Dude, come on, this is
the best you can do?
All the immaculate
coastline around here
and you come to this
shitty reservoir?
Look, everybody else,
they-they want the shore.
They can have it.
But this place...
This is me and Emmie's.
It's your special place?
Yeah, it is.
Dude, that, uh...
That, uh, parody
of The Graduat with the frogs,
that's some classic shit.
It's fucking hilarious.
Let me ask you something.
Would you be willing
to give up frogs for her?
Well, I don't just paint frogs.
I mean, it's my primary subject,
but I, you know...
You'd give up your
life's work for her?
Well, she would never ask me
to give up my work.
No matter what age I am,
or-or how much money
I don't have or if...
I still lived in the same
shithole I lived in
when I graduated from school,
she would never do that.
She would encourage me
to keep at it
for as long as I needed to,
no matter what.
And she would believe
that one day, it would pay off.
She's different.
No. She's different than
she was when you knew her.
No, she's not.
Of course she is.
I'm not.
And I believe
that she knows that.
Because I've been
sending her stuff, man.
I've been sending her cards
and postcards
and drawings and letters
ever since...
You broke up?
No, ever since she moved away.
We never broke up.
I admire you.
No, I'm serious.
I'm serious,
I admire you, Jason.
For not giving up.
I wish I hadn't quit,
but I did long ago.
What did you quit?
I don't remember.
Something great.
I think.
These letters,
this is not you and Mom.
Dad, this isn't you.
Who do you think wrote them?
Of course it's us.
I don't know these people.
I don't know.
It was a long time ago.
There's still some
of that in us.
What's going on?
These letters, I mean...
You and Dad,
you were so in love.
You were so passionate.
What happened to these people?
They're crazy about each other.
I mean...
I'm not crying!
I'm not crying.
Hey, Mama.
Look, I'm not crying.
Get in here; Come on, inside.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Dad, look, I'm not crying.
Hi, Mrs. Carey.
Yeah, I see that. Come on.
I think he might be
a little drunk.
You took him out?
Well, yeah.
Um, is Emmie here,
by any chance?
Have you... Why the hell
would you take him drinking?
It's so good to see you.
Well, it started out
as just a couple of beers.
See? What do you say you
go to your room, son?
No, no, I'm good, I'm
good. I'm not dru...
- I'm not even drunk.
- He's not supposed to drink.
He's wasted...
He's not supposed to drink?
Brandon is not supposed
to be drinking.
I didn't know that and I apologize.
"Brandon is no supposed
to be drinking."
"Brandon is not supposed
to be drinking."
Marty, would you please
shut him up?
Hey, that's enough.
But it's okay, I'm fine.
That's enough. I know.
I'm just playing.
- I was just...
- She's not here, Jason.
Well, I...
I saw a car
with New York plates.
Brandon, hey! Hey!
I'd really like you to leave.
Okay, well...
That's enough.
That is e-fucking-nough.
- Do you hear me?
- I really would like...
That is enough!
Hey, Emmie.
Is she... Okay.
No, she's not here.
Listen, listen, I just...
I need you
to just give her something.
Emmie, come on, Emmie.
Brandon, stop it. Stop it.
There you are; There she is, there she is.
If you give this to her,
I will leave. I will leave. I...
you're going to leave.
Okay, Emmie, I'm gonna leave something
for you. One way or another...
Emmie, Emmie.
Come on. Emmie. What?
Now you're crying.
But I'm not crying.
Brandon, go to your room.
It's not my room,
it's Emmie's room.
Grandma has mine, remember?
please, it's bedtime.
I'm not a little kid!
You force us
to treat you like one.
You're unhappy?
What do you have
to be unhappy about?
What the fuck do you have
to be unhappy about?
Hey! Huh? Brandon!
Cut it out.
I got a reason to be unhappy.
I got nothing.
My life is shit.
It's shit.
But you're so unhappy
with your life,
you got to come here
and live some fantasy?
Just tell me what the fuck you
have to be so unhappy about?
Tell me what the fuck you have
to be so unhappy about?!
Brandon, I...
Tell me what the fuck you have
to be so unhappy about!
Brandon, I am serious.
You calm down right now.
Just tell me. Tell me.
Right now!
Tell me. Tell me.
I mean, you got everything.
You got your own
business, your own life.
You got Graham.
You got the fuck out of here.
But it's not enough?
You expect more?
You need more?
Everyone disappoints,
huh, jerky?
Hey, I'm not crying.
But I will tomorrow.
Oh. Hi.
What's wrong, Mom?
I'm so pleased
you're both here.
Just-just let me speak, Gail.
There's something
I need to say to both of you,
and it's very hard.
Have a seat.
I'm not proud of this.
I'm not proud
of myself one bit.
But I can't keep
running around in secrecy
like a little teenybopper.
I'm going steady.
With a man.
And have been
for several months.
Evelyn, we've all known...
I know that it feels like
a betrayal right now,
but hopefully with time...
Mom, don't you know that
we'd be happy for you?
Well, I can't imagine
you'd forgive me
for cheating on your father.
Daddy's been dead
for over 15 years.
Jack will never
replace Edward for me,
and I don't expect him
to do that for you.
We understand, Mom.
You do?
Oh, thank you.
I can't believe
this is happening.
we're happy for you.
Does he make you happy?
Oh, he does.
And I know this is
a lot all at once, but
Jack's waiting right outside.
And, if you want, I'd like
to introduce him to you.
Please do.
Oh, my God, what a night.
My dears...
this is Jack Davison.
Well, it's a pleasure
to meet all of you.
My lady-friend here
has told me just
wonderful things
about all of you.
Very pleased to meet you, Jack.
Welcome, Jack.
Hi, Jack.
You must be Emmie?
What's this?
When's the last time you had
your hair done, hon?
It's been a pretty long time.
So, uh, this is for
something special?
I think so.
Got to hear about that.
There you go.
Thank you.
Hope it's enough.
If that don't do you,
I don't know what will.
Cash or credit?
Uh, credit, actually.
It's a beautiful day, isn't it?
I suppose it is.
Brandon, Dad and I
are going to go have
dinner in Wiscasset.
You want to come?
No. No, thanks.
We'll probably be home
around 9:00, 9:30.
All righty.
We're gonna live right there.
On that farm, right...
That's where we're gonna live.
I'm gonna, I'm gonna buy
that farm for you, Emmie.
We're gonna,
we're gonna raise alpaca.
How we doing?
This is breathtaking.
Wait, tell the camera
where we are.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you Niagara Falls.
That's right.
Over 12,000 years old.
I'm the one who told you that.
Are you nervous?
Why would I be nervous?
I'm a little nervous.
Will you please say something?
I can't believe it!
I- I can't believe it.
I love you, Emmie.
I love you, too.
You still haven't said yes yet.
Will you marry me?
Of course! Yes, of course!
Of course.
God, I love you so much.
I'm just making sure...
Yes, yes, yes.
Say it on camera.
You'll marry me?
I am gonna marry Graham Barker,
and I love you so much.
I can't believe it.
Turn it off, okay?
We need to break up.
Niagara Falls! Whoo!
We're gonna be married!
I love you, Emmie Carey.
I'm gonna marry you!
I want to marry you so much.
I really want to marry you.
This is Emmie Barker.
I think it sounds pretty good.
It has a nice ring to it.
# With all the trials
and tribulations #
# Whisper in the alleyways
# Secret lines we never said
# To anyone who walks
without a moon #
# I look for a time in which
# Everyone has made the switch
# 'Cause I will never jump
# Something lodged itself into
# The years that brought us all
to you #
# And pleaded to the night
# To take us home
# When the evening light
is fading #
# I'm still waiting
for your wayward kiss #
# In the belly of the lion
# I am trying to remember
# What we missed
# We collect rabbit's feet
# The... the land,
the salt, the sea #
# We found this place between
the border lines #
# We yelled our names
over the noise #
# Oh, save the girls
and drown the boys #
# We lay down
and we waited for a sign #
# When the evening light
is fading #
# I'm still waiting for you
# Here on this road
# In the belly of the lion
# I've been trying to
# Breathe through his...
# La, la, la, la, la, la, la
# La, la, la, la, la, la, la #
# La, la, la, la, la, la
# La, la, la, la, la, la #
# La, la, la, la, la, la
# La, la, la, la, la, la #
# La, la, la, la, la
# La, la, la, la, la, la, la
# La, la, la, la.