See prang (2008) Movie Script

Intersections prestige industry
In Marchary rent the total
978 Os putto death
The girl was Ionesome, certainly
needing to seek a handsome boy
True conscienceless arrived the vegetables
and then forget girl friend
Wait you back to tidy up again you,
Really will talk, beware of the
landlord east to accept rent
To lead, knock the along
while door, I managed
Can know once
Just want to know once,
don't so the feeling
Did we know before
Have no, but now not is know
You are male still female
Male of
You pull out the telephone of the
dozen and temporarily can't connect
Please wait for a while
to pull out again
How do you do
Day new information
How are you, at dry what
Be see the color of the night, and you
Be go to bed, like to what stuff
Do you get to the Internet
I have no computer
The place of my was too narrow
Is really of, if you sent letter
an interest to become irritable
We chat
I chat a with you all night
also can't vexed, and you
I also can't vexed of
My F through haven't chatted
with person so for a long time
I is one personal also exactly 100 days
Your indisposition
I pour, do of the private have
an car accident, almost dying
Beat 3 month gypsum on the leg
Hear, after pouring controled breath
and then come after to come
Came after to come
Have no, also not because of
Can make you knot I of photograph hair
That let's change photograph
with each other
Can, you deliver first
Probably didn't you think the
regrets are so beautiful
I didn't also you think of so handsome
Don't be bogus, this is I
just deliver to knot you
See careful, I am to shine
on with you of match
Check to seek a cellular
phone number information
You pull out the telephone of the
dozen and temporarily can't connect
The person depart from this
life 1 OO the diva telephone
He concluded own life finally
100 divas have an information to pass
The cellular phone of that
dead delivered east
Because his son is Ionesome
Or he has to make contact with stranger
I am also similar, a personal
exactly 100 days
You at what
Don't close a cellular phone,
so I will be angry
I pass by you there, I to see you good
Not good, my boyfriend will say my
You are a person, am
I follow you closely
My F through arrive your down stairs
I am just at up east
My F through arrive your room
We break up, I had new boyfriend
Did this walk? Haven't you
yet said "hello" with me
Tidy up him to hear my this time
Hurry, hurry
Walk, walk, hurry
You still want to go where? Come over
They are so whether a
little bit excessively
, What
They humiliate so he
whether excessively
excessively? Don't feel
Or calculate
Stop beat I, I. I
I want to be right away to go
to a hospital to see my father
See father
The good matter that you do, think
we are dismiss by the teacher
I, I really know
I just want to take to
return to my notebook
You need not hermeneutic,
you ask other people
You call so
You have to take your homework to take
Why secretive of
Want intentionally show teacher Be
But I really don't know to
have a teacher in my behind
Don't know?
execuse me, sorry
Tomorrow your still asking
for leave don't east
I don't want to see you so ugly face
Stop let me sees you
You hear understand to have no
You are a discard, understand, discard
The, the discard will
be burn down, understand
You hide what
Like to like to enjoy once
Burn where good
Want and want
Does stop let me see you, know
You thought to be good
The garbage will be so
True happy, should you
Don't really flop him
See frighten him
So true play
Don't play overdo
To 7
To 9
I lose
This time wager what
Return is really boring
Don't see nasty
Your good good parties card go and go
See how this time
, This is what card
Don't know
Which east of
etc., the business of the do you worry
You have no matter to lift him why
I feel and can't occupy of
he just asks for leave but F
You are all similar,
don't think so many
Receive scolding at most but F
Also to, have no east be have no matter
Speak of, I saw his car yesterday
At me is a way home top yesterday
The bicycle return at, the person
doesn't know to go to where
I depend
You ask for trouble
You want to take a beating is Be not
Last time also didn't great enough Be
enough again beat him true die
Take care of our business less
Your se eggs, all wanted
to die right away
Don't the confusion move, don't move
You did to us what
Isn't I, isn't I
Go away, go away quickly
Isn't I, isn't I
Don't stare blankly,
think a way quickly
Walk quickly, hurry, quick
Don't tidy up thing, walk
Go to which
Lose a hospital, hospital
Which hospital recent
Be recent at my house that direction
Good, walk, walk
The left side, go toward left
There, quick
Good of
Get off, hurry
Walk, quick
Want to don't tell father mother
We still tell a police, too terrible
What to die is our friend
This is what is the row
exactly, why will be so
How so unorthodox
The sees that book, frightenning
to just fall down suddenly
How to do, I come in sight
of, I come in sight of
You see what
I see him descend to curse
Be seen how to do by the person
What is your
If is a teacher how to do
Your what also do and become
You hear, this is what avouchment
I heard what
Stop a bottom first, you hear
Who ran this to chant
Buddhist scripture east
We are still don't so
We are still don't so
Who, I saw you
You of meaning Be, this
not is play trick
Be is not he wants to scare us
The father F of the through die
Difficult way
What is difficult way
The death-warrant uses those deads not person's
east of the purpose to descend to curse
If is depart from this life of person's
eyes see and then will die right away
Be on the curse to write
perhaps, for example
This is what
I saw you what of
I saw you
See me do what
Don't see it
I ain't intentional, I apologize
You aren't is call
Like, you say of these
Really make the person hard to believe
You say all of your friends is
because of a book but dead of
My F through contact you of guardian
of a minor, a short while is
You in this room etc., don't
run about aimlessly
While meet
To, what do you want to eat
To see a book, they believe
Yes, who will believe
Are they waiting you
I am follow you closely
Are they seeing you
We are seeing you
Don't think with them together
See here
Close my matter not and not
The death-warrant uses those deads not person's
east of the purpose to descend to curse
I didn't do what bad matter
Don't close my business
To, she just lookings at beside but F
That now, this also is show you but F
I see, I have never done a bad matter
Don't close my business
Ten rise her east of the head, see
You F through die settle
Don't the mistake our time
See, see, see
Head, head, someone commits
suicide in the toilet
Don't go in, see what to see
Gun bewared of you
Kid sister, here stay good, don't
Need not worry, so I had no matter
They grasp and walk I
I saw you
We sleep here, all right
Did you hear
Someone says being to sleep time
at the balefire meets to the ghost
Be, that you say the east hear
Someone goes to cookhouse, sleeping
a tent in, get dark hereafter
He hears have the footstep voice
Good elephant someone
walks more more near
Making the person shocked Be,
be he sees outwardly of time
Be a female ghost
Female ghost
Be standing on his in front
Pretty beautiful of,
but she, oh, nerve you
So not terrible, I return how to speak
It is said that female ghost, the hair
is very long, the face is very white
The body is very thin
Walk to him front of
That he how to do
He returns an ability to do
Be shut etc. is up eyes it is dawn
Time of wait, ask native son
Hear that takes someone's
sea of to die in the river
But leaf lie of the place
be his then position
Be there at you
Oh, chicken skin pimple
You say me why, good uncomfortable
Feed, etc., do you feel strange
The female ghost why must grow
the face of the hair pallor
See with movie of similar
Did you see ghost
Have never seen, you don't say good
Haven't you ever seen ghost?
That female ghost ride
in man's neck top
You dislike
Be true
Person's neck will be painful
enough, enough
Are you serious to have ghost
Before I a person came out cookhouse
Also nothing important it certainly is
Don't think so many
Have and don't know
I am frightened
Say for example, if we four persons
Had personal dead suddenly
Will you[would] be frightened
Someone dies me just not afraid
Wanting only what to die is not I go
Serious, we four persons
If leaf dies first,
is the most terrible
You see his face haven't
yet die me F through fear
You take me to play trick again
You stand up stem what
I feel sleepy in the center
You were silly, isn't true frightened
You also fear to sleep an outside
I ain't frightened, I am lazy
and have to understand
The is virtuous
The is virtuous you
are also frightened Be
I is what all not afraid, the ghost
Let me sleep in the center
Don't push me, go away
You hear me say, I wanted to
sleep, I was very because of
Be, we all very because of, sleep
If is I die, I come back here
Still need to sleep betwixt
The, make him true of go to
In-between person
From descend to want slowly 1:00 here
Beware of the goes to another place
Leaf, didn't you see map
This river keeps so a
You go toward to see and then know ago
The ability arrive where go to
I just am careful 1:00
Need not, you lay by
I am the king of the worlds
The, you deliver suddenly what nerve
express the affection but F,
did you see Titan gram number
The male leading role is a
station in the ship's bow
I am the king of the worlds
You are to want turn over a ship Be
Be not
Leaf, you don't tell me you know
The Titan gram number is to sink
I have never seen
You have never seen Titan gram number
Do you know, time owners
of the be over all cried
Very feeling person of
True of?
True of, this movieses were
all personal through 14 years
Be a Thai movie?
There is sound in your house
neighborhood be like a store
Ah, stimulate of the time arrive
Youth limitless limit
Beware of a point, beware of
Be willing to, someone be missing
Be the is virtuous
The is virtuous
The is virtuous
He is still in Shui-li
Which, the is virtuous
, Over there
Good heavens, the is virtuous
The is virtuous
The is virtuous over there
The is virtuous, the is virtuous
You caution
Help, Help
The is virtuous, the is virtuous
Have no matter
How to do, the is virtuous
The is virtuous, caution
Had no matter, have no matter
How about
, You which, you come out
We how to do now
Yes, how now do good
Don't you ever think so many, cry what
The hasn't yet die, true die
again cry is not late either
But we all sought to also have no
I feel we don't also think so many
Tomorrow go out, finding
a person here by that time
Seeking again an affirmation
can find out
Let's still sleep earlier
Believe me, will still need to
walk tomorrow a lot of roads
The is virtuous, still sleeping first
, How to don't sleep you
You why don't sleep original position
What original position
Be the position that you slept
Oh, sleep where isn't similar,
reflect very much
Do you dare to sleep in the
center, the may come back
You at blah what
The say if he die, he came
back to sleep in the center
Your father die, he hasn't yet die
You at blah what
The affirmation can find out of, sleep
If you aren't afraid,
you sleep in the center
, You of the hoof son
was also too smelly
I feel smelly
That you don't also put
the flank of my head
That I can put where
Your hearing this is what avouchment
What voice
The regrets is positive someone
to walk through east hither
Be who
Be a
Still think your F through die
You how
, Take the towel knot to wipe
You have no matter, brothers
Harm to where
Yes, where painful tell me
I am cold
Cold wipe first
Change clothes quickly, will
be uncomfortable otherwise
Seek your along while
Come back and then like
Oh, harm to all have no 1:00
True absolute being
You are still really enough lucky of
You go to which
, Go together
Not difficult smell
Still really take out
Do you feel very strange
What very strange
Feed, the small voice order
I am to say
Difficult way you saw
Fall into water so a little bit
and long harm to all have no
Isn't harming a good matter,
want to get hurt not
Your nothing important
, You return all right
,,,, What's the matter with you
, You come out stem what east
You smoke cigarette again
I started take out today
You are slowly
, The child also grew up
The is virtuous, you isn't
similar to what me think
You how exactly
But, if the is true of F through die
Your blah what, that tent in of is who
Haven't you ever read novel fill
That person dies and all doesn't
know the oneself is a ghost
Oh, you say this stem
what haven't I yet seen
I am to say if, is reasonable
Or he is to come back
to seek virtuous of
Be you let what him drown
You don't be ridiculous
Also Be, seek also is seek
you, he is you but dies
, Is who say he hasn't yet die
I play trick
Difficult way you really hope he die
Don't know, is I wanted
to have another all right
The, you certainly think too many
I arrive a part
You have how far walk how far
Difficult way still the non-
important person house die
I go with you together
The is virtuous, you look after good
You of the sweat is all right many
Your nothing important, not cold
Not cold good
Doom and doom
How, you hide what
The F through die
Believe me, the die
You say what
That is not, is walk through east
The is virtuous you do what
Believe me, the die, I saw a corpse
Do you really come in sight
of? Good frightened
At just, I see his corpse
float with the current
The is virtuous, you caution
You want exactly dry what
Don't make so many matters
The outside is very cold, you
don't make practical joke
Frighten to death me
Now how to should do
No matter how it is, all
of him is our friend
But his F through die
Became ghost and then
wasn't our friend,
You don't the east harass us
Your F through die, is not,
He, did he walk
Who have a look
, Why is I
Order carefully
He should be personal through walk
, Don't want east to seek me
Feed, how to descend to go to
We how to ascend east
Be who
Be who, you say
exactly is who you say
Be I, rather
Oh, your this guy frightenned
to death me
Be I, put on glasses first
You really frightenned to death me
The is virtuous
Really is you rather, shout
The corpse of the
, How to do
How to do
Whether we walk first or not
Will let managing person's
east tidy up tomorrow
You also think to walk
with corpse together, to
, Let
You how again, leave quickly
, You call he dry what
Feed, you how to do
not call your father
I am to let he to see a corpse
He knows his F through die
Can't again the east seek us
, I am seeking you
, Your F through die
Wanted east to sought us again
You of the corpse is here, you see
, The is virtuous, the is virtuous
You see
exactly we are persons or a ghosts
Difficult way we are all
personal through die
Our F through die
Also say with you, our whole deadses
In fact I have been wanting to tell you
All of our corpse are here
Let you recognize pure yourselves
We were again together to
Feed,, haven't yet get
up, do not bother you
Say still with boyfriend together
Didn't be dry what, also go
Still think you will go out
to date with boyfriend today
Will I also want to date
with boyfriend tomorrow
What matter do you have
Be so, you will have a
special service tomorrow
Be that foreign princess,
last year this time
The east Phuket degree
that that hope a month
Her roll call wants a last time
to serve for him of stewardess
Do you remember, she is an
east again, still in Phuket
Still remember
224 services
I am also strange she why wants
those stewardess of the last time
Princess this time is
one personal east of
It is said she divorce, now is a single
You ah had a new ring again
Be, but, I will have no time tomorrow
Do you seek other people generation
a class to is all right
This but the somebody has
a roll call in person
Really can't change a person
Only you flew with her
together in the past
Just I made a phone call to notify
to permit with you together
, That is all right
, Permit how to haven't yet arrive
The possibility is this time you a
Be that to permit, swam
to drown yesterday
Time I really canned not find a person
Honorific princess, being honored
very much can meet with you
My name is a
I is this time 224 services
multiply by a member
I feel be honored very
The ability is you service
in this service
The beverage sends to
for you right away
excuse me, the princess
wants a coffee or a tea
Bother once, princess
excuse me, you want a coffee or a tea
Princess, you want a coffee or a tea
Your coffee like
Need not, go to today of
the Chinese food take east
Okay, is right away
You of the arm has no matter
Nothing important, princess
You also have this kind
of precious stone ring
Strip off to show me good
In my country home
When there is woman to disobey morals
With have the man of the together hour
Do you know, there will be
what punishment wait for her
That woman will be grasp to rise east
Pick the light clothes is street
to exhibit to the public
Then let the common people batter
to death with the rock
But before dead
Want to be at that is hurt of
wife's in front kneel down
Beg humbly her pardon
Princess' his highness
Princess, your noon
I don't have this kind of rice
This is the noon that
the royal house specify
I don't eat this kind of thing
But in addition to this
we had no another thing
That you of lunch
embarrassed, what
I am to say, if I want
to eat you of noon
I am honored very much
Detailed regulations, princess
to shrimp allergy
True high-maintenance
The machine is long, did the airplane
want to land, need to be serve
Need not, thanks
Want to sing a water, princess
The Phuket airport(22 hours later)
Report a way today, the match Kingdom
is been second by princess Su
In last night ascend the 21 B4s died
in the cabaret of Thailand Phuket
enjoy a year 34 years old, die time
very quick, don't and the save
Thai government F through work well
to prepare to use a special service
Return to country a princess' body luck
We want in 15 hours in send
corpse to return to country
So we try in this period to land
Princess the body setting is
in the passenger compartment
You have to look after a
good body, before arrive
You prohibit to leave body
place passenger compartment
Also prohibit to let the irrelevant
person enter passenger compartment
Be, the machine is long
You also know that this
time mission later
You can rise ajob
The machine is long
The machine grows you to believe my to
What matter
How exactly
Nothing important, the machine is long
If the nothing important matter,
don't want east to disturb me
Be, the machine is long
Your lunch, the machine is long
What matter
The machine is long, you play trick
You the corpse lane which go to
You at blah what
The time of work commit tomfoolery
You want exactly dry what
The princess' corpse you hide where
If you commit tomfoolery again, I will
tell you toward the company hurl
The machine is long,
the machine is long
The machine is long, knotting me to open
a door quickly, the machine is long
The machine is long to open a door quickly,
the machine is long, the machine is long
Put me to go in, hurry
Put me to go in quickly, hurry
Release me, trust
Whether you go crazy or not
You are deliver what crazy
You put me to go in,
the machine is long
Whether you don't think or not was dry
You release me, release
Want, you release me quickly
Waiting to land me would be
good to like to tidy up you
The machine is long, you release me
You pass me, passing me
You how exactly
Beg you
I was wrong