See You Soon (2019) Movie Script

We talk
about David Beckham, Claudio
Caniggia, Pele,
world class players
in the MLS at their peak.
Well, it's time to add another
player to that list because
nobody's done more for the
profile of US Soccer
than Ryan Hawkes.
And now, what we are seeing is
just dominating the possession
for most of this half, and...
We all know if you...
Go, go, go! Go!
But he's got to be able to get
rid of the ball as well as
finish, and you know what
his choice is always gonna be.
we have to get going.
Come on.
Put your arm through here.
Good boy.
Practice your English.
Hawkes has got the ball.
You want to watch the game or
play in one? Huh?
What are you watching,
man? Give a card! Come on! Jeez.
Pass the ball
I was going for the tap in.
I'll tap in right now.
Did you see that?
He got another goal.
Good for him, and now we
have to go get you one, hm?
Record man yes!
He's now only three
goals away from beating
and Wright-Phillips' shared
record of 27 goals in a season.
With the playoffs coming up,
he's got to fancy his chances.
Why the sad face? Hm?
You can't score in every game.
Not even your hero
Hawkes can do that.
Where's Papa?
He had to work.
He always has to work.
But hey, I took so
many photos of you!
So he's gonna see what a
little soccer star you are.
Come on, let's go.
This is gonna send
you back to the laundry.
Billy? Billy, my man!
Club record!
I just got off the
phone with Lang.
Reminded him, this triggers
another bonus clause.
Ah, that's why
I love you, baby.
That's not the only good news.
See you in the
playoffs man!
Hey Chuck, what's going on?
Good game, man.
Hey Billy,
we should chat sometime.
Hey, what's
going on? Good game, man.
Arsenal called again.
Yeah and?
You like English food,
don't you?
I like wine country
and the beach Billy.
It's a good job I didn't
tell them that.
They want you big time.
Yeah? Well, what's the offer?
Well, it doesn't
include a beach.
They're talking about
doubling what you make now,
and that's without all the
extra endorsements.
Come on Bangers and
Mash it may be.
Who loves you, baby?
Hey! Oh, come on.
I got you, I got you.
Hey, come on here.
Nice to see you, man.
Thanks for coming out.
Oh, I'll come back,
I'll come back. Hey!
Hello! This is he.
Wait, what's that charity again?
Yeah, yes I got your invitation.
One second. Ryan?
Yeah, what's up?
It's the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
They want to confirm
your attendance for Sunday.
This Sunday? No, tell them I'll
see them in the summer, okay?
Whoa, man,
this is cold!
I got to focus
on the playoffs, man.
I want that record, Billy.
Tell them but um,
I can't make it...
I don't know,
throw some money.
Give them like a hundred grand.
It's kids, right?
Throw them two
hundred grand, okay?
one hundred's plenty.
Two hundred Billy and It's
gonna help with that whole
Sportsman of the Year
thing right?
You know what I mean.
You see it, you see it.
You know what I'm saying.
Hey, sorry about that.
Oh! Wait, wait, she's
with me. She's with me. Come on.
Hey baby, you made it!
You broke the world record?
Oh, club record, baby.
But, um, we'll get there.
We're gonna get it,
don't worry.
You better. Just don't
forget your inspiration.
How could I?
Oh that reminds me.
Here, come on.
All right. Listen up!
It's been a good night, right?
Been a good night, yeah!
But it's gonna get a
lot better right now.
Elise Martin, will you marry me?
There you go!
Let me get that on.
Let me get that on there.
Oh, too heavy for you?
I'm sorry, baby.
Billy's getting jealous.
I'll get back to you, all right?
Stay pretty.
Hey not bad!
I hope you know
what you're doing.
Really? I'll tell Elise you said
hi, huh?
There goes
moron... moron!
Mom, let's go!
So this is the ring.
Oh my god!
- It's so beautiful!
- -Isn't it amazing?
So beautiful.
Yeah so he proposed
just outside the stadium...
so he went down on one knee...
You see?
This one's almost done,
and that one's still developing.
- It probably needs another minute.
- -Yeah.
Just grab it right here
and pick it up. Careful.
Look! You see?
That's you!
Daddy's home
Danny, go do your homework.
I don't have any homework.
Oh my god, baby,
we have totally gone Kardashian.
Look, we are all over
ESPN, TMZ, Twitter, look!
No, baby, you're not
looking properly!
- Come on. Pay Attention!
- I am looking.
Hang on, hang on.
All right. Wow, that's not bad!
What's happened to my fianc?
She is fine Mr. Hawkes.
She is at home, resting.
Welcome back!
Hey Billy. You know something?
Something's happening to my leg.
What's this?
Banged it up a little bit.
Doctor here took good care
of you.
Don't pull that.
Little snafu with the law.
Me and the lawyers are
gonna--stop pulling it!
A little community service,
some don't drink and drive
PSAs, a few bucks to AA.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Don't worry about it.
Playoffs? The World
Cup, I'm not gonna make it.
Nonsense, Nonsense.
You'll be back again
playing before you know it.
I gotta get that record Billy.
You're gonna get it.
You're gonna get lots of records.
You're also gonna
get a DUI record.
What'd you try to do, redesign
the Pacific Coast Highway?
Who do you think xou
are, Frank Lloyd Wright?
What's the matter with you?
Billy, I'm scared.
You're scared?
You don't have to be scared.
You're you.
- I'll see you later.
- -Thanks, Billy.
I'm outside. You interrupted
my pedicure, you know.
- Love you.
- -Thanks Billy.
Ah damn it!
Now shift the weight.
- That's it!
- -Okay.
That's good.
You're doing great, Mr. Hawkes.
Look at you!
--I want to
apologize to my fans. I...
What I did, driving under the
influence was both reckless and
I would especially like to
apologize to my teammates,
as it appears that this injury
means, I will not be able to
play in the playoffs,
or the Summer World Cup
next year.
What is it, man?
I hope you're not watching
Fox Sports Center.
They're pulling your spots...
But we'll get it all back.
You just lay low.
Do your community service...
Go to rehab.
Once this is over,
they'll be right back to
kissing your ass.
European style. Two cheeks.
There's a lot of
teams that have friction.
You know your star players
have personalities and
people are gonna bump heads.
What we're worried about
right now is his health,
and maybe he could learn
a lesson from all this.
Guys look, Ryan Hawkes,
one of the great players ever
to play in Major League Soccer.
however this is a guy
who's behaving like a boy.
Drunk driving?
It's unacceptable.
So as far as I'm concerned,
Ryan Hawkes as a professional
soccer player, he's done!
How far away is Greece?
It's actually not that far.
Short flight south,
near Mediterranean Sea.
Are there pirates?
No, no pirates.
You'll make good money?
and I'll only be gone for
six weeks.
Six weeks?!
Excellence is a must,
and our guests expect it.
I demand it, and it is
your job to deliver it.
I assume most of you have never
been on a ship like this before,
Pay very close attention.
We have five sails, four diesel
engines, three decks,
two five-stars restaurants,
one casino, and...
absolutely zero
exception in quality.
Time to see the rooms.
These are the ocean view suites,
and this is your room.
You have an hour to unpack,
and after that, meet in the
ballroom for further briefing.
Hi I'm Sabine. I'm from Poland.
Angela, Haiti.
Do not touch my stuff.
I'm Lana,
I'm from St. Petersburg.
They gave you the
job in the piano bar?
Did you blow Zimmer
or something?
And this is Amanda.
She's from New Jersey,
in case you couldn't tell.
Oh, this one is free.
Thank you.
There it is.
There it is, that's my dress.
Oh my god,
it's amazing!
It's beautiful, huh?
So we're thinking either Jay-Z
or Kanye West for the wedding.
We just can't decide which.
Are you drinking without me?
All yours.
So are you coming back
inside or are you having
too much fun sulking?
I don't know if I could
do this whole thing right now.
What do you mean,
this whole thing?
I, I need some time.
I've been gone a whole month.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you have.
You have been gone a month.
I need time for me,
and not just, not with you,
but none of this paparazzi...
And you're telling me this
tonight? At our engagement
I'm sorry, but it's,
driving me crazy!
you do not get to be sorry!
I did not tell the world we're
getting married
so you can go and have some
pill-popping meltdown okay.
Because you could've killed
me in that car wreck,
and I could've sued
you for everything.
But I didn't.
I stuck by you,
and now it's your turn.
So man up!
Because we are getting
married this summer!
You must really love me.
Stop! Stop the car! Stop it!
Where are you going?
You said summer, right?
Get me out of here!
Give me that!
Whoa, whoa. Hey, hey.
All right buddy.
So what's up? Where we going?
Hey look, this is the last time
I'm gonna answer my phone
Billy, so you know make it good.
Ryan, where are you?
Oh, you know Billy,
someplace warm.
So am I.
It's called Hell!
What are you thinking?
You can't just leave.
we have major problems here.
That DUI put you in breach of
contract, you understand that?
That means Lang's not obligated
to pay you a dime
while you're injured, and now
he's even talking about
canceling your contract
altogether, and suing you!
This is most definitely not the
time to be taking a vacation!
Hello? Hello?
He hung up.
Don't stop.
Oh my god, Lana.
I snuck a picture of
him going into his room.
He is perfection!
I would do things to him that
are illegal in most countries.
Girls, he's engaged!
TMZ said they broke up,
and she isn't here, but I am.
If Zimmer even catches
you flirting, you'll get fired.
Zimmer's got to catch me first.
I'm gonna harpoon that whale.
Good evening.
Uh... Lana?
I'm Ryan.
Nice to meet you.
Ryan Hawkes?
Oh, goddamnit. Was there
like a memo or something?
Actually, there was.
Um, What can I get you, sir?
Umm, okay.
First two things...
don't call me sir,
and uh second, um, dirty
martini. Upside down.
Coming right up.
Very good.
It's good. Very good.
Thanks. Goodnight Lana.
- Goodnight!
- -Bye, Sam.
Oh, we closed this place down.
So, Lana, Lana. Talk to me.
Um, I wanna know things.
Where you from?
You from Russia?
St. Petersburg.
St. Petersburg?
Like Zenit St. Petersburg?
That's cool.
Pretty cool.
Is that all you know
about Russia?
There's Sputnik,
and it snows all the time.
There's giant um,
bears everywhere.
Yeah. I keep one as a pet.
You know you don't.
Um, I'm, I'm getting
the feeling that you don't
really wanna talk to me.
Okay, Mr. Talker.
So, what brings you
to this cruise?
Maybe I just uh, just
came here to drown.
Just know in case there
is an accident,
and the ship starts sinking,
we are the ones who'll be
manning the lifeboats.
You will manage a lifeboat?
The whole one?
Mm-hmm. It's my job,
to save people from drowning.
Of course, except...
I'm sorry.
Is it me or is this
ship spinning?
I'm pretty sure it's you.
And you should go to sleep.
All right, fine.
Because I like you, I'm gonna
go, but I'm gonna...
I'm, excuse me,
I'm gonna see you.
I'm gonna see you...
It's a small ship,
and this is the only bar.
That's a good point.
Yes. I will, um, I will
see you soon.
I'm just gonna...
All right, I'll think about you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
We're closed. We're closed.
Bye Lana!
So, what does a man worth
50 million dollars feel like?
Amazing, right?
I bet he's hard as a rock.
What? I meant his muscles.
Try no million.
I read he lost all of his
and his team is about
to sue him.
Girls, I made him drinks and I
talked to him because I had to,
but that's it.
'Cause that's you, Lana.
Sensible, like a pair
of nurse's sneakers.
What am I even worried about?
We all know that men like Ryan
don't go for women like you.
Don't listen to her.
No, she's right.
You are either blind or you
seriously underestimate
You're gorgeous.
Thank you.
Hey, it's my, um,
it's my lifeguard!
Come to save me. Too late.
I really think you shouldn't
drink anymore, Mr. Hawkes.
Fine. Screw it.
Thank you.
Grandma said you were
out earlier.
Were you playing soccer?
No. I play with Alina.
Who's Alina?
Just a girl.
You never used to like
girls before.
That was before.
Before you grow up?
Goodnight, mama.
Sorry about before. Uh,
painkillers and daiquiris
are a terrible combo.
That's all right.
That and most women,
when they meet me,
are just a lot flirtier
than that, no, like nicer.
No, um, different...
To... to you.
Oh, I'm not most women.
And I'm definitely not your
kind of woman.
Well, I don't know if
I'd say that.
Yeah. All right.
Good save, Ryan.
Oh, hey!
Wanna take a break with me?
You need to stop following me.
I'll get in trouble.
I am not following you.
Oh my ,
I am following you.
All right, come on.
I don't want you to get the wrong idea here.
Mr. Zimmer
Good evening, Mr. Hawkes.
Ms. Kalinina, a word, please.
This is unacceptable.
Uh, excuse me. Um,
she was actually helping me
decide which drink I ordered.
What was the one you
suggested again?
A dirty martini,
upside down.
That's the thing.
See, I forgot the upside down
part. Can I get one of those?
Certainly, sir.
You have to take Friday off.
Did I do anything wrong?
You cannot work four weeks
without a day off.
And goodnight to you, sir.
Now, where is my martini?
Okay, new idea.
Hear me out on this.
What if we meet up off
the boat? You're free now,
so are there rules against
meeting up on the island?
No, but that's not
going to happen.
Why not? Look, I mean,
I'm telling you, Lana,
I am a great tour guide.
I can Google pretty much
anything you need to know.
And you? You, you can
teach me Russian.
You want to learn Russian?
Yeah. I hear they have a very
cheery outlook on life.
Good night, Ryan.
Wait, was that a yes?
Okay, yes, but now be quiet,
Whoa! Did you hear that?
She said yes!
She said yes, everybody!
Hey, Ms. Kalinina,
the ship leaves tomorrow at 10
o'clock so be on the boat no
later then midnight.
Thank you.
What do you have here?
Oh, everything.
I like this one.
It's beautiful.
No, this would be
perfect actually.
Please go ahead.
Thank you.
Thanks a lot.
Good morning there,
my sweet surrender.
Oh, relax. It'll be our
little secret.
You're gonna follow me all day,
aren't you?
Well, now that you mention it...
So, I was thinking about
all those sorrows you say
you like to drown yourself from.
We're not gonna talk
about that now, are we?
Well, I'm Russian.
We don't do small talk.
All right. You like the
heavy stuff. Fine, okay.
Well, after not making peace
with the fact that my knee is
shot and my endorsements have
de-endorsed me and if I do get
to play again,
I won't be the player
I once was.
I guess what's there to
worry about? My life is
basically over.
Ryan, but I believe when
one door closes, others open.
Just don't stare at the
closed one for too long.
You sure you're not some kind
of undercover journalist?
You're way too wise to be
working on a boat.
Anyway, it's uh, it's not
really about seeing doors,
it's honestly, it's about
how people see me.
Are you afraid that people
are not gonna like you for
who you are?
Hell no. I know they won't.
When you're in the spotlight,
everybody wants to be your
But as I'm finding out,
when that goes away,
goes everybody else.
But now that you have time
to do something else,
you might make some
real friends.
If I'm, uh, perfectly honest,
it's the something else that
I'm most worried about.
I don't know anything else.
Lana, I wasn't always such
an asshole, you know.
I trained my whole life
to be the best I can be,
at one thing.
All this other stuff kind of
just came with the territory,
I guess.
It was a way...
Lana, without soccer...
I'm not really anything.
I'm sure you have many
more talents.
There's a whole world out there
waiting to be discovered.
But to
you discover nothing without
taking the first step.
Hey! Hey! Oh, that's it.
Now you're gonna get it!
Let's check it out.
Hello, sir.
Who are you, like the
local locksmith?
I'm not...
Oh, I... okay.
Ah, I get it.
The lock is the heart.
You give it to someone, then...
Throw away the key,
making the lock permanent?
That's beautiful.
It's very nice.
-Oh, no, no. No, no thank you.
-Oh. No, no.
- Thank you, sir.
- -I think you might have the wrong idea.
Thank you, thank you.
Hey, kid, your ball.
Your ball, kid.
You are...
Ryan Hawkes?
Yes. Nice to meet you.
Guys! It's Ryan Hawkes!
I think we should probably go.
No, no, no.
You're going over there.
Ryan, it's gonna make their
Yeah, I don't know about that.
Hey hey!
Come play with us, man!
Shut up, stupid.
He can't play no more.
Hey, I can play.
Not full speed,
but enough to teach you kids
a thing or two.
It's gonna make their year,
Well, their month.
Good enough. All right,
let's do it. Come on, kids.
Let's go, come on, guys.
Let's play, let's play.
Let's go, come on, run!
All right, go, go, go!
Yeah, yeah!
Oh man. I tell you one thing,
it's not fixed yet.
- But uh, you're right.
-It's gonna be fine.
You'll get there.
Sorry, no ice.
No, you're a lifesaver. Thank
you. Oh, so much better.
Ryan, that's a great thing you
did back there.
Stop it.
It was very cool.
I'll tell you something,
I haven't had that much fun
since I don't know when.
We should do more of that.
Thank you for encouraging me.
You probably get a lot better
What do you mean?
Your fianc?
You look so good together.
Yeah, don't we?
Good for the magazines,
good for the photos.
Not so good for each other.
Lana, I came out here because I
was uncertain about us, but...
things are becoming clearer.
Um, you know, before I forget...
Could you please sign one more
autograph, please?
Sure, of course.
His name is Danny.
All right, would you take pea
duty, please? Thank you.
He once had the tryout for
Zensin St. Petersburg boys.
-Yeah. But now just...
Plays for fun.
Ryan, you're his hero.
Poor guy.
Ryan... Hawkes.
Give that to Danny, and uh...
How do you know him?
Um... Actually, Danny is um...
Excuse me, sir.
Can I have a photo with you?
Sure. Yeah, absolutely.
Cool. All right.
Very nice. All right,
Thanks, pal. All right,
you have a good night.
Have dinner with me.
I'm serious.
There's this amazing place,
it's like five stars.
Best meal on the Med.
I don't think it's a good idea.
This isn't one of your silly
ship rules, is it?
No, Ryan. It's not against
ship's rules,
but it is against my rules.
It's just a dinner.
As friends.
Girls, please help.
I have a dinner
Oh my god, with him?
Look at me,
what am I gonna do?
Don't worry, baby.
We got you.
-Is it tonight?
I'm telling you, Lana.
I think he's the lucky one.
Wow. You look...
Uh, um...Sorry.
This is for you.
Thank you, Ryan.
Shall we?
Oh, no, that can't be it.
No, no, that--
Excuse me, excuse me, hey.
-Excuse me.
Hi. Uh...
This place is meant to be
five stars?
It is.
It is.
I'm so sorry, Lana.
This was meant to be nicer than
the Four Seasons.
We can go somewhere
fancier if you want.
Are you kidding me?
This is perfect, Ryan.
What are your specials?
Everything is special here,
Then two, please.
This can't be more than
two days old.
Come on, Ryan.
You sure you're okay with this?
I love it.
Oh hey, no, that's not fair.
It's my turn now. Come on,
hand it over. Come on.
I'm trying to take pictures,
not be in them, Ryan.
Aw, that camera doesn't know
what it's missing.
Gosh. All right.
Oh, whoa, whoa.
Hide your plate.
This might be its cousin.
You're right, you know.
This place.
It's perfect.
Is it? You didn't get exactly
what you wanted.
But I got something even better.
May I have this dance?
This is Tchaikovsky.
Tchaikovsky. All right.
How do you say ocean?
How do you say it?
Okean. Okay, that's not so hard.
You have this ability to make me
forget that I'm not.
And see only the good.
Ryan! Ryan, wake up!
We missed the boat!
So we'll get the next one.
I'm gonna get fired! Please.
Like hell you are!
I'll get you on that boat.
Hey. Hey!
Hey, got room for two more?
Yes, yes I do.
Great! All right!
Ms. Kalinina.
A word in my office, please.
Mr. Zimmer, I'm so sorry I
missed role call. I overslept.
Not in your room, you didn't.
Your identity card was never
scanned back in last night.
Your friends try to cover for
you, but I know exactly...
Where you were.
Amanda told me that you
absconded into the island
with Mr. Hawkes.
Highly inappropriate.
Mr. Zimmer,
it's not like that.
Then I suppose his guest ID card
was also never scanned back in
last night.
It's a pure coincidence.
Fraternizing with the guests.
It's an irreversible breach of
Mr. Zimmer, I need this job.
You should have thought about
that beforehand.
Pack your things.
I want you off of the ship.
Fired, what? He can't do that.
I'm gonna talk to the captain
right now.
No, Ryan, please.
I'm embarrassed enough.
What's this?
The company has rescheduled
to fly back home in a few days
and they said I can stay there.
Here? No, no, no,
Lana, you are not staying
at a place like this.
I have an idea.
Come with me.
Please tell me he's the reason
why she missed the boat.
We really are fairy
Not too bad, huh?
Hey, amigo.
How is the goal machine?
The leg is looking strong.
Ah, gracias. It's, it's getting
there, man.
It's getting there.
Last time I saw you would've
been that, uh...
That charity match at Camp Nou.
You know, I think you had me
in your pocket the whole game.
I didn't get a shot away.
I remember, in my pocket.
Oh, Carles, this is Lana. Lana,
this is Carles Puyol.
Barca legend.
Pleasure to meet you, Lana.
Nice to meet you.
She's been stranded for
a couple days
so I'm just keeping her
It's amazing here.
I come every year.
Yeah, I know.
I do miss it here.
You know what?
I think I'll stay.
You still have three days left
on the ship.
Eh, forget it.
I'll send for my bags.
I mean, what am I gonna
do over there?
All the cool people are here.
- Yes, they are.
- Hi, hi!
Me and my wife,
we'll be here all week.
We should grab dinner sometime.
That's cool, yeah. Let's do it.
I think that'd be a great idea.
Ms. Kalinina,
your room is ready.
That's you.
Very nice to meet you.
Thank you.
Well, here we are.
Well, I'm uh, right next door,
so just let me know if you need
Ice, wine, sponge bath.
Good night, Ryan.
And thank you.
For what?
- For being a gentleman.
Hi guys! What's going on?
How are you?
We got the money you sent.
Thank you.
How is the ship?
It's great. I'm in Halkidiki
right now but I'll be home
in a few days.
Halkidiki? Aren't you supposed
to be in Mykonos?
Yes, that's where the ship is.
Is everything okay?
Everything's great.
Room service.
You okay?
Well, I have something that
might cheer you up.
I uh went back to the beach
today and I uh...
Realized I forgot something
You know what you're saying by
giving this to me right?
Of course I do.
But you're engaged.
And my life is a mess.
I took this trip alone for
a reason.
Elise and I are not
meant to be together.
No, this isn't right.
What, what?
-Normal people don't do this.
-We're not normal, Lana.
You're not, but I am.
We come from two completely different worlds.
You gotta stop thinking like
You are more amazing than
any woman I have ever met.
-I have to tell you something.
-All right.
Legally, I'm still married.
I wanted to tell you earlier.
Why didn't you?
Because I know what this is
for you.
It's fun. It's recess.
No, it's not.
Now, I admit I was a confused
man, when I stepped on that
But I stepped off it a better
one. That's because of you,
-Ryan, please don't do
this to me.
-Do what?
You only know me for five days.
Five days? I've played soccer
for 20 years and in five days,
you made me forget it even
exists. We are meant to be
Ryan, no.
I realized, I got no way to get
in touch with you. I don't have
your email or your phone number.
Ryan, what if we go back to our
lives and you realize it wasn't
meant to be?
No, Lana, no.
It was. It is.
Then in two months, if you still
feel the same, then come find
What do you mean, two months,
Lana? What are you talking
We need that time to go back to
our lives, to do what needs to
be done.
And then, if you still feel the
same, then...
Come find me in St. Petersburg.
Alexander Column in Palace
Square. May 25th at 8 p.m.
Can't we just... email?
No. If we're there, we're there.
But if not, then...
This would...
Still be a great memory.
The Alexander Column,
Palace Square, May 25th, 8 p.m.
I'll be there.
That's for you.
I missed you so much!
Mom, I can't breathe!
What's this?
This? Um, do you like it?
It's pretty.
-Mom, look! We made for you.
-Thank you so much, Granny!
Well, how was it?
The good news is I don't have
to leave again.
Look, I've got something
for you.
I got you...
What? Ryan Hawkes?
He was on my ship!
What? Ryan Hawkes on your ship?
What was he like?
He's, um, kind.
Alina, look at this!
Come on, let's go.
I'm tempted not to
believe it, but your results
the soft tissue is fully
healed and the prosthetics
Is working as it should.
Your range of motion,
it's extraordinary considering
it's only been a few months.
So I'll be able to play again.
There's still a long way to go.
But there's a chance,
if you stick on your rehab
schedule and...
You listen to her.
Yeah. Whatever it takes
What the hell were you
You told me he was getting his
head right.
Now I see what you
really mean.
All right.
Look, when I get back on that
pitch, you are gonna beg me
to stay.
Prove it.
Let's get out of here, Billy.
You jealous?
Lang was right about one thing.
If you wanna go to the World
Cup, you can only prove your
fitness by playing.
You need Lang on your side for
that to happen.
For god's sakes why didn't you
tell me about those pictures
I couldn't done something that--
-I, I, Billy, I didn't--
-Could've contained the damage.
I didn't know about the
pictures, or that there was
gonna be any damage.
What's the point?
Who cares, anyway?
I mean, so I met some girl...
Lang! Lang wants you focused.
I want you focused.
Oh, come on, now.
You took a shot at one gold
digger. Last thing you need
right now is another.
Hey, hey, hey. You have no idea
what you're talking about.
Why are you doing that?
Don't bother calling for a
couple of days.
I won't be reachable.
Why? Where are you going now?
Atlantis? The moon?
Middle Earth?
You just make sure you're
back for your next session,
or it won't just be Lang that's
done with you.
Welcome to
Grand Hotel Europe, sir.
How are you doing?
- Alina!
- -Guys!
You know the rules.
No playing ball in the house!
Danny, if Granny was here,
she would kill you!
Does that mean we can
go play outside?
Okay, you can go but stay close
so I can see you.
Come on, Alina!
I'm going to kick your butt!
White nights.
Yeah, it's Ryan Hawkes.
Any messages for me?
How are you feeling?
I'm scared.
It's okay to be scared.
You had an accident.
I'm gonna need to
extend my stay.
Look, if I was trying to
find a woman...
In this city,
where should I start?
Red Light District?
Oh, no, no.
No, it's not like that.
I mean, I know this person.
I just don't know where
to find her.
I'm not even sure she wants
to be found.
You got a phonebook here
A what?
A phonebook.
You know, names,
phone numbers, addresses,
a phone book.
This doesn't exist in Russia.
You're kidding.
No, really.
No, no I didn't. I uh, yeah,
yeah I booked that flight.
That's uh, I know, I know.
I'm uh, I'm gone this week.
No, I mean it.
Yeah, I'm done here.
Thanks, man. See you soon.
Hey, hey, hold up.
Is that where Zenit plays?
Can we stop there, please?
Hi, baby.
Of course. And I have good news.
You'll be out of here very soon.
We're gonna go home.
Am I going to walk again?
Yes, you will.
I was hoping you could
help me find somebody.
Do you know the boy's name?
Danny what?
Do you know age,
We try out...
Hundreds of boys each year.
We keep some information,
but we are not KGB.
Danny's a very popular name, you
see. Without that information,
it's almost impossible.
May I?
This is Billy.
You know what to do.
Hey, Billy, uh yeah, it's me.
Look, I just want to apologize
for, um, skipping out on you
I'm in Russia, but don't worry,
I'm gonna catch a plane
back home.
Vladislav Radimov?
What is the great Ryan Hawkes
doing at Zenit?
Ha. Uh, look, it's kind of
complicated. I'll uh...
What about you?
Somebody's birthday?
No, this is for kids in
Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Join us.
Oh, uh, look I, I'd love to,
but I gotta get on a
flight soon.
It would make kids very happy.
It would probably make
their year.
Wait, what did you just say?
I said, it would probably make
their year.
Nice place you got here.
You spend much time in
St. Petersburg, Mr. Hawkes?
Oh, just a couple of days.
I was hoping to spend more
time, but it looks like I'm
gonna be heading home.
My colleague tells me that we
have a big fan of yours in a
neighboring ward.
Would you mind going first to
his room to say hi to him?
Knock-knock! Hey kiddo,
how are you?
You're... Ryan Hawkes!
Yeah, that's me.
Poster and everything.
Real fan, huh?
You speak English, huh?
It's gonna be a lot better
than my Russian.
Hey, um,
I heard you hurt yourself
playing ball. Is that right?
Man, I'm sorry to hear that.
I know how it feels, though,
believe me. How long ago?
A few days ago. May 25.
The 25th? Huh. No kidding.
Bad day for me, too.
Oh, not... not like you.
Never mind.
Hey, tell me something.
When you get better...
How would you like to come to a
game with me in LA, my treat?
Really? You invite me?
You bet. I would love that.
Oh, uh, yeah.
Um, sorry, I better get going,
but uh...
You rest up, get back playing
again, and these guys are gonna
get your details.
See you in LA, all right?
Oh, hey, you uh, want me to sign
your ball before I go?
Awesome. All right.
Okay, so...
Where'd you get this?
My mom brought it. She said
she met you on a ship.
Your mom?
What's your mom's name?
And you're Danny?
How did you know?
Hey, tell me something.
Where's your mom now?
Wait, you know her?
I've been looking for her, yeah.
Probably my whole life.
She left a while ago.
So she's probably crossing
the bridge, if she didn't get
to the Metro...
Okay, okay... Look after that.
Wait, Ryan. Where are you going?
I'll be right back.
I'll see you soon, kid.
Lana! Lana!
No, no, no. I have to get
across. You don't understand!
- I have to go!
Lana! Lana!
How... how'd you find me?
Danny helped.
Ryan Hawkes, a
literal walking miracle,
is taking the field for Team USA
for the first time since his
career-threatening injury.
Twenty-five goals last season,
I'm sure Hawkes will be
satisfied just to play
25 minutes of this World Cup,
and who knows if his leg will
hold out?
Hawkes still has
a lot to prove after that
leg break.
And until he starts scoring
again, the jury's out.
Come on, Ryan!
Go, go, go!
Do it!