See You Yesterday (2019) Movie Script

You sure no one's around?
This is perfect.No witnesses.
Okay, tap into the feed.
Okay. This is temporal relocation
test number 103.
The date is June 27th, 2019,
and this is our third test
on our Temporal Relocation Pack Mark Ones
or, as I like to call them, TRPs.
This is the finalized TRP Mark One.
We have officially finished
the time sequence calibrations
for the core of the TRP,
which is located here.
In this canister,
there is a solution of protons.
The canister is attached
to a rotor circuit
that generates the protons
to the speed of light,
which will then create
a quantum foam and open up a wormhole.
Once the wormhole opens,
the protons and the energy generated
will break down our molecular structure,
so we can pass through the wormhole,
so we can get to our time destination
with our molecular structure
fully reconstructed.
- Hopefully!
- It will!
Okay. Make it zoom in.
This is where
we'll put in our time coordinates
and where we'll monitor
the stability of the wormhole.
Our TRPs only harness enough power
to go back one full day into the past,
so we'll go back to yesterday,
4:26 p.m., June 26th, 2019.
- All right. Ready?
- Yeah.
Cool. Cool, cool, cool, cool.
Oh, boy. All right.
Ten... nine... eight...
Oh, and we don't measure time
by our concept of time.
- We measure it by the...
- CJ!
- Uh-huh. Mm-mm.
- Wha...
Okay. Sorry.
This isn't Star Trek.
Shut the fuck up.
- Whoa! I think it's working.
- Oh!
Oh, shit!
Well, that went well.
Sebastian, what the f...
No, no no
You don't love me
And I know now
No, no, no
Okay, have a great summer
and, uh, don't forget
the science expo starts July 5th...
Go to the beach. Coney Island.
Mr. Lockhart.
Miss Walker, you wanted to talk
about the science expo?
Actually, I wanted to talk to you
about our end-of-the-year presentation.
What about it?
We wanted to use
the presentation for the expo.
B+ is not the end of the world.
B+ is not good for judges, though, either.
I think you need
to reach a little higher.
Reach a little higher?
You gave Eduardo an A+
for his stupid circuit boards.
Our calculations indicated the behavior
of an electronically neutral
point mass that...
Let me ask you a question.
Why are you participating in the expo?
Full ride to MIT. Hello!
Oh, and Bash wants to go
to Morehouse, scholarships...
You and Mr. Thomas
are the smartest kids in this school.
Don't tell anybody I said that.
But you're missing the big picture.
If time travel were possible,
it would be the greatest ethical
and philosophical conundrum
of the modern age.
If you had that kind of power...
what would you do?
What would you change?
CJ, hey. Uh,
are you still tight
about the presentation?
- Come on.We'll kill 'em next year.
- Thankyou, Mr. Thomas.
Uh, if you guys wanna work
on your college applications,
I'm here for you.
That's more important right now.
- Cool.
- Cool.
Oh, oh, and guys,
Whatever it is you took from the lab,
just bring it back in one piece.
- Have a great summer.
- You too.
Time travel.
Great Scott.
Nice going, genius.
We just made Mr. Lockhart an accomplice.
- Messing with...
- Where y'all think y'all going?
Ooh, I see you two
went shopping in the lab! Ooh.
You decided whether you're coming
down to Puerto Rico with me?
My abuela's church is goin'
for the hurricane relief effort.
It'd be dope if you came. It's in August.
Yeah. All right. I'll ask my grandma
if I can make it. All right?
You know, you can come down, too,
if you want.
She's just upset with me because
I can't fit her in my schedule for a date.
You know, what can I say?
I'm popular with the shorties!
You're the last person
I'd go on a date with. You can trust that.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!
So, y'all gonna tell me
what the equipment's for?
Oh, okay!
I'll just turn back around,
get Mr. Lockhart.
Yo, I swear to God,
don't fuck with me.
Yo, I was just joking! Chill! Chill!
Get your stupid-ass friend.
What? What'd I do?
Hey up there
I'm on my way up
Tell the radio to play us
Blame it on the place I grew up
Hit that land mine then I blew up
I've been on my job too long
Damn right I know what I do wrong
Ain't no way that I'm gon' change up
Now everybody better pay up
Elevator on my way up
Penthouse, bad bitch put her feet up
Dolla need that new Bentley truck
They just mad they wanna be us, oh
- Pull out the window, foot on the gas
- Girl
Mixin' that Raf with the Kenzo
Sell 'em out fast
Yo, hit me up later
if y'all do something, huh?
And Bastian,
let me know about Puerto Rico.
- We need you down there.
- You bet, man.
So tired of him.
I mean, Eduardo's a good guy.
I think he likes you.
You think? If he makes another pass at me,
I'm finna throw up.
- I cannot wait to get to the crib.
- Hey, Carlito.
This shit is heavy.
- Carlito, what is up?
- You want me to carry it some?
Now that we're almost home,
you wanna help?
You would like to help?
No, I'm good.
- Oh, boy.
- I'm fine.
All right. I'll get the slushies.
- What flavor do you want?
- Red.
- That's a color.
- It's still a flavor!
I don't see a red label,
so your ass is getting blue raspberry.
Pshh. Red.
Didn't I tell you not to come in here?
- It's gonna cost you.
- Hey, asshole!
- What's in the bag?
- Nothing's in the bag.
- What's in the bag, yo?
- Yo, dickhead, step off!
Of course you'd be hanging with this herb.
Fuck you, Jared!
I do not know what I saw in you.
She ain't even on your level.
What? You used to be all about this dick.
I'm too tired of you lying on me!
- Get off me!
- You asshole!
CJ, stop!
Boy, you telling people
I'm not a virgin, huh?
- CJ, stop!
- You asshole!
- Someone's gonna call the cops!
- Get off me!
- Just 'cause you a girl, don't mean...
- Don't mean what, lil' nigga?
What it don't mean?
What you was about to say?
Bro, why you not talking?
What it don't mean?
- Hey, baby! Let's go.
- Get the fuck outta here.
You're a bitch ass!
Yeah, I'll smack the shit out you, nigga.
I come out of work,
I see some dude 'bout to swing on you.
Then what?
My black ass would've been arrested.
I don't need
you always playin' big brother.
Aight. I'm the only big brother you got.
You, too, Bash.
- Should've thrown a slushy in his face.
- Know what?
I'm done arguing with you, yo.
You figure out what to tell Mom
when she see you out here
acting like a hood rat.
All right. Relax. I'm not no hood rat.
That's what you look like to me.
Every time somebody says something to you,
you're just ready to go off.
No, I'm not.
- Well, you do...
- All right, shut up, Sebastian.
Yo, you're the fucking hood rat, Calvin.
You're the one Mama has to worry about,
not me.
- You know what?
- Guys.
You got a control problem, CJ.
You need to deal with that shit.
You need to deal
with your control problem.
- Always trying to control me.
- We're not the same age.
Oh, my God!
You are three years older than me.
Hello! Hey!
- We're good? You're a little loud here.
- Yeah. Everything's fine, officer.
Yo! Fair warning, I'm recording!
I'll send this shit viral!
All right. Uh, nothing's wrong, officers.
- I was just talking to my brother.
- I'm not asking you.
I'm asking him.
Are you deaf? We good.
Like my kid sister just said...
Let's see some IDs!
- You can't just come over here...
- Now!
- ...asking for fucking IDs.
- Starting with you!
Did you ask Francis Pierre
for his ID before you shot him?
That's right. Still rolling.
Babylon! Move away from them, Babylon!
Ya bun a fyah!
Y'all picked the wrong day!
Get away from them, Babylon!
We gotta go.
We got something on East 38.
I deal with no police brutality.
Yo, punching in the face,
andkicking them on the ground and ting.
- Ya bun a fyah!
- All right. Get out of here.
Ya's a fool, you know!
You okay?
I'm fine.
- You have a cut right there.
- I said I'm fine!
I am so sorry.
Stupid-ass Jared, lying on me?
Saying that he was my first?
No, I would never. Not with him.
You know, he got the jump on me.
'Cause had I seen him, I would've been...
Mm! Ooh, no doubt!
- I had to keep clean or whatever.
- For real.
No, but seriously, thanks for what you did
back there at the store. You have my back.
Now, unpack this shit.
We got a lot to do before the expo.
You're right. Mm. Okay.
It's gonna be a long-ass week.
Hey, boy. Hey, CJ. What's the business?
- Hey, Grandpa.
- Hey, Mr. Thomas.
Glad you got home.
Need help with the lawn today.
Yeah. We just got back here, um.
We have a lot of work to do.
Expo's next week.
- So we're on a really tight deadline.
- Hello, hello.
You guys just can't be hanging around
the garage like this all the time.
It's not healthy for your brain, you know.
Yeah, we know.
We've been working on this for a year.
- We'll just give it a bit more time...
- Listen...
It'll get us into college.
There'll be scholarships!
- Scholarships? Really?
- Yes.
Now, I like that. I do!
Or is it that you two just like
being together alone too much, eh?
Listen, Sebastian.
- Expo's next week, right?
- Yeah.
Yes, you have enough time to finish
whatever it is that you're doing.
After that, you're going to get yourself
a proper summer job, right?
Can't have you
in this garage all summer, boy.
Make sense? One week, story done.
What is that? What is that you do, boy?
You suck your teeth?
- Nothing.
- Eh?
Unless you want to get
a hole in your teeth, eh?
Listen, when we get this up and running,
we gon' be out of here.
MIT, Stanford, Morehouse, Spelman,
all begging for us
to come to their schools.
- Right? Okay.
- Right.
Just gotta put in this work.
That's what it is. It's the tubing.
Yeah, I mean, it looks like the force
of the protons were just too much.
Yeah. Told you
those extra supplies would come in handy.
All right.
Can I help you?
We heard y'all got the juice.
What kind of juice?
- Orange juice?
- With or without the pulp?
- With the pulp.
- Who sent you?
- Your boy Eduardo sent me.
- And Kimberly sent me.
Aight. Bet.
We got your screen protectors,
your lemon drops, your jolly chargers,
your sweet tooth headsets,
your hover-selfies...
I just came to get a new battery
for my phone, ma!
Yeah, and I'm just here
to pick up my auntie's laptop.
- Then why didn't y'all just say that?
- Y'all gotta speak up.
All right.
Tell her we completely refurbished it.
The RAM's been boosted
to a 16 gigabyte DDR3,
and we took out the optical drive,
and we replaced it with these new SSDs...
Uh, tell her it works like a 2015.
- Three times as fast.
- Word.
We rocks with Kim.
Family discount.
For real?
I'm family, too, right?
On the heels
of three nights of protests
mostly peaceful,
the community is still outraged over
the slaying of 17-year-old Francis Pierre.
Residents continue
to gather here on Church Avenue
demanding change and justice
for Francis Pierre and his family.
Whose street? Our street!
Whose street? Our street!
Protesters say
that those regularly targeted
by police harassment and violence
are overwhelmingly
the city's poor and minority communities.
- They pledge...
- Hmm. It's a shame how they shot that boy.
This shit is sad.
They really don't care about us.
Watch your mouth.
I knew him, too.
Good kid.
Claudette Josephine,
cutting it kinda close, ain't you?
You missed dinner,
but the pile of dishes are waiting on you.
It's still your night.
Oh, no. Not you, Mom. No, not you.
I just gotta...
I gotta put my stuff down.
- Hey, Kimberly.
- Hey, CJ.
Thanks for the upgrade
on my laptop, sweetie.
No problem.
Let me help my little sis with this.
All right. Damn.
I know you mad about earlier, aight?
But... I was just looking out for you.
Aight? I'm not trying to, like,
say you can't handle yourself
or come off all misogyny and shit either.
"Misogyny" is a noun defined
as the hatredof,
or contempt for,
or prejudice against women,
while "misogynistic"
is the correct adjective
you're looking for to describe you
as someone who professes misogyny.
I'm mad you really explained that though.
Like you just went mad hog for no reason.
I'm a little tired of people telling me
how I should act.
CJ, maybe if you listened more,
you would act right.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Calm down, aight?
What I'm... All I'm trying to say is,
you gotta learn to control
that temper of yours, CJ.
Well, I wonder where I get it from.
Yo, I'm just trying to look out for you
and make sure you ain't messing
nothing up for yourself.
Damn, what was dude saying anyway?
He was just talking shit.
Look, man, I told you,
these dudes around here...
they can't do nothing for you. Aight?
You going places, CJ,
and since Pops is gone,
I gotta make sure that you get there.
You could go somewhere, too.
We could go together.
Get back focus. Take your SATs,
start applying to colleges.
You know, we could do big things!
Two Walkers,about to...
Aight. It do sound better
than washing dishes
at the Texas BBQ, all right.
I ain't gonna hold you.
- Yeah.
- Word.
Damn, I hate it when you smart, man.
It's scary, but you inspire me.
So, are you gonna let me hold
dad's dog tags, or...
Dog tags? I ain't even remember I had
these on.You're talking about these?
- Yes.
- Oh, no. Yeah.
You only get these over my dead body.
- Oh, come on!
- What happened to the medal he gave you?
It's upstairs, but I can't wear
that every day. It might fall off.
I just miss him, yo.
Yeah. I miss him, too, you know.
Thinking about Dad?
You okay? Hmm?
I haven't checked in in a while.
I'm, uh, fine. I'm okay.
I know, babe.
Come here.
You're just like him, you know that?
You and you brother, but...
Boy, I never met anybody as stubborn
as your daddy till I met you.
- Get some rest. Love you.
- Love you, too.
Uh, are you going to sleep?
I'm probably gonna stay up
for a little while. Catch up on my show.
Waiting up on Calvin?
Who told you to be so smart, huh?
All right. This is
temporal relocation test number 104.
The date is June 29th, 2019,
and this is our fourth test on
our Temporal Relocation Pack Mark Ones.
If this works, we will time-travel
back one day into the past.
During our jump back, we have agreed
not to make any major changes
as to not break the time-space continuum,
possibly altering the future
in ways we could never imagine.
nine... eight... seven...
five... four...
three... two...
What the f...
- Sebastian, did you change the voltage?
- No!
Okay. Wait.
Okay. Check the time coordinates.
Oh, God.
Come on.
- Woo!
- We time traveled.
Look at this beautiful street
that I saw yesterday.
- Look, that wasn't there. Oh, Kim! Kim!
- Kim!
- Do you know what today's date is?
- What?
Do you know the date of today?
Look, I'm sending my niece Zora
to get my laptop later today.
You both look crazy.
Aren't you too old
to be playing with toys?
What's today's date?
June 28th.
- Oh, my God!
- Whoo!
Okay. Somebody else, somebody else.
Um, somebody else has to know the date.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Excuse me.
Miss, do you know what today's date is?
Yeah, payday!
Wrong! It's June 28th!
That's right. Oh, oh! Excuse me, sir.
- Do you know what the date is?
- Fuck out of my face!
- Wow. All right.
- You're right.
- You have a good day, sir.
- We'll move on.
- Sorry. Sorry.
- Are you sure this idea is necessary?
- I mean, we agreed that...
- We agreed no major changes.
- This is minor. I mean, itsy-bitsy.
- I guess.
Ay, Jared!
Oh, hell no!
Yo, CJ, I can't wait
to get back to the crib. This shit...
- You're soaking wet.
- What the hell happened to y'all?
What... What are you doing?
This is why I didn't wanna do this.
We cannot be seen by our past selves.
Yo, what is good with you?
Why you're always acting
like a wiling bitch?
- What you call me? Asshole!
- What the...
- What you call me?
- CJ, stop!
CJ! CJ, stop!
- CJ, stop!
- You asshole!
Get off of me.
Fuck you, Jared. CJ, stop!
- Just 'cause you're a girl, don't mean...
- What?
- That's my brother! What now, punk?
- CJ, are you crazy?
We cannot be seen
by ourselves in this timeline.
Time-space continuum, CJ.
Time-space continuum.
What you about to say?
I got an idea. Come on.
What it don't mean?
What you was about to say?
Got you, mans.
- You swear you tough.
- Yeah, got your stepfather, nigga.
- Got your stepfather.
- Bitch-ass.
- Your mother.
- Nah, your mother!
Your mother! You soft!
You know where I'm at.
Al B. Soft.
- What the... Crazy bitch!
- CJ!
Come here!
Yeah, I'm on you now!
Yo. Whoa!
- Jared, yo, get off of me.
- Watch out! Car! The car!
Oh, my God!
Is he...
- You all right?
- Ah, shit.
- What happened?
- Oh, fuck. Thank God.
Oh. CJ, what... Wait!
The wormhole's about to close.
But it's only been 10 minutes.
We can't jump here.
Let's go! Go!
There's too many people.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Put your fucking phone away!
You're lucky your grandfather ain't home!
Sorry, Grandma. We were, um...
We were doing an experiment.
What kind of experiment is this?
To mash up me house?
This place is a mess, boy!
We're gonna fix it right now.
Sebastian, if I hear one more explosion,
that'll be the last time you do
your experiments and ting
in me house. You understand?
Yes, Grandma.
And how are you, young lady?
I'm fine, thanks.
Good. Now help Sebastian
clean up this place!
They gon' make me old.
I used to be young.
They gon' make me so old.
Uh-huh. Okay.
Thank you.
He's at Kings County Hospital.
He just broke his arm. He'll be fine.
You got something to say,
my guy, then say it.
We didn't invent time travel
for you to get back at your ex-boyfriend.
I know that you're mad
that Jared got hit by a car,
but I didn't intend for that to happen.
It's not about intentions.
What if he had been killed?
Then what, huh?
It's about controlling something
we have no control over.
Everything great has the capacity
to be good and bad.
- Think of Arthur Galston.
- Science is bigger than us.
Dude thought he was inventing
a soybean enhancer.
Someone else turned it into Agent Orange.
Why are you so serious?
Lighten up for once.
We invented temporal relocation, CJ.
Temporal relocation.
Something Einstein spent his entire life
trying to do.
Yes, and when we win the expo,
we'll be on the cover of NASA Tech Briefs
because of it,
so what's the problem?
Wetty Beatz
- Tadow!
- Stadic
I love how you move your body
Come, come,shawty, work it for me
I'm here standing, nothing to say
'Cause your lips, them look so good
Like plenty cherry
You lift and you drop it for me
Oh, la, la, mama, fait tous pt
Saw you on the road yesterday...
Dominoes, motherfucker!
Eh, boy! But what is this? You...
you don't know how to play no dominoes!
What are you talking about?
I just put my last piece down, son.
It don't match, boy.
Boy, you don't know
how to play no damn dominoes.
Boy, move away from here!
You gotta learn before you play.
Y'all playing the old-head version
of dominoes, you feel me?
In the new generation,
when your last piece go down...
Bro, we gotta go, man.
This lame-ass nigga Jared here, man.
- It's a trap.
- Who?
- Yo.
- This nigga.
- Yo, don't do that shit here, dude.
- Watch out. Watch out.
- What you doing here?
- What you coming up to me for?
- Chill, bro.
- What you doing here, bro?
I'll lay your ass out right here.
I wish you would do something.
You play with my sister, bro.
Bullshit, nigga. You acting like
you 'bout to do something, nigga.
- You acting like you tough.
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Not today, boy!
- Don't let me see you on the streets.
- Watch your damn mouth!
- Aight, aight.
- Aight, bro.
- Bumbaclot!
I thought you said
you hit that shit already.
- Yeah, I did tap her.
- Lying ass! Look at your face!
You ain't hit shit. You know
she's gonna be there tonight, right?
Sure you don't wanna change that story?
Aight. Damn, nigga, I ain't hit it yet.
Imma hit it tonight though.
- Goddamn.
- You ain't gonna hit shit.
Yo, give me this. Let me show you
how to properly slide into them DMs.
What'd I tell you about grabbing
a grown man's phone, nigga?
Get the fuck out of here
with that bullshit, man.
Before I smack that jean jacket
bucket hat off your fucking head.
Always talking shit. Get the fuck...
Out of the way!
Where the fuck them niggas going, man?
- They slapped the shit out of my arm.
- You know them niggas?
Fucking Keith, man.
Nigga's always on some bullshit.
Hold on. What the fuck is this?
NYPD, don't fucking move!
Where you two coming from?
An unfortunate start
to the 4th of July holiday.
On Thursday evening,
Calvin Walker, a 19-year-old black teen,
was allegedly shot and killed
by an NYPD officer.
According to police,
Walker was attempting to pull something
out of his pocket when he was shot.
A woman who claimed to have
a bird's eye view of the incident
said that Walker was unarmed.
Now, all of this comes on the heels
of the Francis Pierre shooting,
and activists say this is yet another
example of overzealouspolicing
and mistaken identity.
Walker and his friend, Dennis Owens,
most likely mistaken for these two men,
who had just robbed
a bodega a few blocks away.
On Friday afternoon,
after a vigil for Walker,
violent protests erupted
in the Crown Heights neighborhood
of Brooklyn.
Those arrested were charged
with failing to obey the law
and illegally walking on a major roadway.
Those who did block traffic
on Nostrand Avenue were chanting,
"Black Lives Matter."
People power! People power!
People power! People power!
People power! People power!
People power! People power!
People power! People power!
Come on, baby,you should not be watching
the news like that.
It will only upset you.
Come on. Let's get you out of this dress
and get you to bed. Come on.
You still have a brother, my love.
He's your brother, too, you know?
Oh, baby.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry about all of this.
Your father...
and Calvin...
If I could go back and fix it, I would.
But I can't, CJ.
We still have each other, though.
- I'm sorry, what did you say?
- I said...
we still have each other.
Get some rest.
Claudette Josephine Walker...
we are here.
"TRP Mark Two."
You added another canister. Why?
Because in this canister,
we can now change the spin of electrons.
Change the spin?
But then they'll become positrons.
And if we introduce the new positrons
to the protons in the original chamber...
It'll be anti-matter
colliding with matter. Pure energy.
- It's good.
- Yup.
It'll give enough energy
so that it could power the machines
to two times faster
than the speed of light.
- Holy shit, CJ.
- Right?
But... But, CJ...
That could expand
the amount of time that we go back.
From a day to probably a week.
CJ, the expo was
the day after Calvin got shot.
We already missed it.
I don't care about the expo.
We can go back.
We can fix it. We can save Calvin.
No, CJ. No, we can't.
We go back and try something like this,
there could be bigger consequences
than Jared's broken arm.
- I don't care about stupid Jared.
- It's not about him.
It's about the unforeseen outcomes
that we could never predict.
There could be real-life consequences
for doing something like this.
Are you shitting me, Sebastian?
Look around you.
Look at where we are.
Look at my brother.
Look at my brother.
You know what?
What do you care?
He wasn't your brother.
I'll do it myself.
I'll pick up the stuff tomorrow.
Granny made it for us.
My uncle sent me that flag from Guyana
after my parents died.
He always says
friends are like your chosen family.
There's no "I."
There's just "we."
I loved Calvin, too, you know.
I know. I shouldn't have said that.
- It's okay. Don't worry about it.
- No...
It's not okay.
I really am sorry.
I know.
You're my best friend.
So, we cool?
Yeah, we cool.
I love you, Black Man.
I love you, too, Black Woman.
All right, look.
These all say the same thing.
Calvin was shot
four days ago on July fourth.
The police encountered him
and Dennis at 5:40,
and then Calvin's dead by 5:47.
So if we just go back,
get them out of there, he's saved.
We'll only have so many times
to get this right.
I mean, the machines will need
to be re-calibrated after every jump.
- We can only go back once a day.
- I know.
And based on our last jump,
wormhole stability's
only going to last for ten minutes
before it starts to collapse.
That gives us ten minutes to save Calvin.
Everything's gonna need to be
damn near perfect.
Sebastian, this has to work.
Ring the alarm, hey
Ring the alarm
Another sound is dying
Whoa, hey
Ring the alarm
Another sound is dying
Whoa, hey
Some sounds sound like a big drum pan
Listen this sound
It a champion
Ram the dance inna any session
Rock up the woman
And we rock up the man
Ring the alarm
Another sound is dying
Whoa, hey
Ring the alarm
Another sound is dying
Whoa, hey
We beat them all in a row...
Okay. Let's do this.
Ring the alarm
Another sound is dying
Whoa, hey
Ring the alarm
Another sound is dying
Whoa, hey
What in the blazes!
Yo, did it work? Are... Are we here?
Our time coordinates say it did.
Yo! Yo, yo, why you make so much noise?
What y'all deal wit?
I can't understand
these children today, no.
You'd better not light another.
You know these for the cookout later!
We did it.
Okay, set your timer clocks.
Ten minutes and counting.
Yeah, come on.
Did you bring Calvin's funeral program?
Ooh. What?
Shit. Let's dip.
Y'all herbs wish.
Listen, we're sorry about your arm,
but we really don't have time for this.
Yeah, I bet your asses are sorry.
And your brother ain't here now, is he?
So look, we're gonna square up on all this
and just figure...
Come on!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Hey, call me, call me!
- I don't want you!
Hey! What's going on?
Move! Move!
Hey! Tell your friends
not to mash up everything, man.
Go on! Now, man!
- Yo, yo, let me show you something.
- Give me my shit back, man.
Out of the way!
Yo, where the fuck them niggas going?
- You know them niggas?
- Fucking Keith always...
- Just fucking Keith, man.
- You know them?
- Nigga's always wiling, running around...
- Yo, what the fuck is this?
We're too late.
- No, we're here.
- We need to go back to the alleyway!
- We're here! We're right...
- CJ, he's gone!
He's gone.
We need to go.
Fuck! Stupid-ass Jared!
God! We... The whole day wasted!
God, we didn't even make it to Malcolm X!
CJ, calm down. We have another chance.
You calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down!
We'll get this right.
- Come on.
- Get off me. I don't need a fucking hug.
That's it.
We stop the robbery.
That's the only way
we can keep them from murdering Calvin.
CJ, those dudes were dangerous.
Probably on some shit.
I don't want guns in either of our faces.
To make sure the changes
that we make are effective,
we have to visit
as close as possible to the murder.
What y'all doing in here? Y'all working?
Yes, Granny. Thanks for the snacks.
Is everything okay?
- Yeah.
- Yes ma'am. We're fine. Thank you.
Listen, you need anything,
I am here. Okay?
You take good care of her.
No one said anything
about having any guns in our faces.
All right. Look...
Carlito's Bodega is here.
According to the news,
the robbery happens at 5:35,
and the 911 call comes in at 5:36.
All we have to do is call the cops
before the robbery happens. No robbery...
- Calvin's alive.
- ...Calvin's alive.
Okay, but we need to do something
about running into our past selves.
We're good. We were
at Bulletproof Comics that day, remember?
No, I mean,
we just did our first attempt, right?
And we're about to do another attempt,
right, during the same time frame?
Okay, so?
Our first-attempt selves still exist
in the ten minutes we jumped from.
And we don't wanna bump into
our first-attempt selves either. Yeah.
No, we do not.
We need something
that can direct a lot of energy.
You're not gonna like this, CJ.
You are not going to like this.
Sweetie, you are just too good to me.
- Better?
- Yes, it hurts less now.
- You sure?
- Yes. I'm good, my love.
Oh, the remote, where is it?
Right here.
Thank you.
Wait, sit down.
That CJ, she's very pretty, no?
Well, I'm really happy for you,
but I want you to be careful, because
she looks like she's a little rough, no?
Grandma, you have no idea.
Damn, bro, what took you so long?
Had to grab some snacks
for y'all ungrateful asses.
what's this about?
Y'all say you need some energy conduits?
Uh, yeah, we need something
that can handle large amounts of energy.
Why don't y'all build
a circuit board or something?
For our specifications,
we need something
with obscene energy capacity.
- Obscene?
- Yeah.
How obscene?
- Like... Uh...
- Like?
Like the quantum circuit boards
you built for the end-of-the-year project.
Nah! Nah! I'm sorry.
That ain't happening, B.
- Yo, listen to me.
- Sorry!
I wouldn't ask you if it wasn't important.
- This is the only thing that's gonna work.
- Really? And what's this for?
Some new shit...
that, uh, we can't talk about yet.
So, y'all need my shit
to make your new shit,
but you can't tell me shit?
Well, shit. That's pretty much it.
- Yeah.
- What?
Nah! Nah! Sorry!
Give us the quantum circuit board,
and I'll go on a date with you.
Yes! I've been waiting on you
since the fourth grade.
Imma treat you like a princesa.
Get your ass off my bed, please.
Thank you very much.
And turn that way, please.
Thank you. Thank you very much.
Come on.
So cool.
I just wanna touch it.
So, this is like giving
the TRPs a lobotomy?
Theoretically, we won't encounter
our previous time-traveling selves.
I mean, those quantum boards
should be able to route enough energy
from the gamma rays
to splice time entirely,
creating a virtual reset
of our previous time jumps.
Whoa, that's wild.
So, tomorrow?
Let's get some rest.
We'll get it right this time.
Hey, ma, did you eat yet?
On this, the third day of protests...
- I'm not hungry.
- the killing of Calvin Walker,
violence has once again erupted,
as community and city leaders...
That's not good, ma.
...remain calm and peaceful.
Storefronts and businesses in the area
have scheduled a town hall this week...
...tell me you've eaten that whole pie.
No wonder
you haven't been in the gym since '93.
- Look what you're putting in your body.
- Well, Tasha, Monique said...
This isn't about Monique, Jay.
She's working on herself.
Can you say the same? No!
- Sorry, Tasha.
- No more apologies, Jay.
You need help.
And I'm the one to give it to you.
- Now say the mantra.
- No...
- Come on!
- Say it.
- What the bla...
- What the blazes is going...
Hello? I want to report a robbery.
What time is it?
Where are they?
I called them five minutes ago.
They take a minute sometimes.
I called before it even happened.
How much head start do they need?
- I'm just going in.
- CJ.
You're gonna go into a bodega
we already know is gonna get robbed?
Look around. The NYPD ain't coming.
We can't waste this jump
or any more time.
- I... I know, CJ.
- I'm just going in to warn Carlito, okay?
Remember, the robbery doesn't happen
until 5:35.
I've five minutes to warn him and then
get the fuck out. Shouldn't take me two.
- CJ!
- Just wait for me.
What's wrong with you the other day?
Splashing people with slushies
in my store!
I really gotta tell you something.
I won't tell your mother,
but that's not cool.
You gotta listen to me, okay?
I don't wanna listen to you.
- Carlito, please...
- CJ?
- What the fuck?
- What are you doing here?
I thought we were meeting at Bulletproof.
You said 5:30, right?
Oh, jeez! Okay, um, I... I...
Just give me a minute.
What the fuck are you looking at?
Okay. Okay.
CJ, what are you doing?
Just... Just go, okay?
I'll meet you at the comic store.
You're wearing TRPs.
You doing it without me?
Just go, please, Sebastian.
Jesus! I'll tell you everything later.
Okay? Just go!
Don't move! Stay right there!
I know what you're up to, man.
- I ain't up to...
- Stay right there.
- Put the gun down, bro!
- Stay right there.
- Don't move.
- Put the motherfucking gun down right now!
- All right.
- Yeah.
Now what?
Put that shit down.
Now give us everything!
Give us everything!
Hurry the fuck up.
Y'all should give us y'all shit, too!
- Give us y'all shit, too, now hurry up!
- All right.
Now the shit on your arm
and the bag, too!
- Give me your fucking bag!
- No.
- Give me the bag!
- No! I need this!
Give me the bag and the shit on your arm!
- Stop!
- I need this. Get off me.
Move, move!
No! No!
No! Oh, God!No! No! Sebastian!
- Call 911, Carlito!
- Okay!
Jesus! Sebastian! Sebastian!
Fuck! No! No! Sebastian,please!
Fuck! Fuck!
Sebastian, I am so sorry.
I didn't know. I'm sorry. Shit...
Fuck! Fuck! You gotta wake up.
Come on, Sebastian.
You gotta wake up! Please!
Please, come on. Wake up!
Wake up! Sebastian!
Fuck! Shit! Come on, you gotta wake up!
You gotta wake up! Come on, please.
Please, wake up!
Jesus. Oh, fuck. Okay, I gotta go.
I'm... I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Okay.
I'm weary.
I'm weary, saints,
as I'm sure many of you are,
because here I stand again before you,
first for Francis Pierre,
and now for one of our most beloved,
Sebastian Jefferson Thomas.
A promising young man,
only 16 years old.
This was the summer
before his senior year of high school,
and he, he had dreams, saints.Plans.
Dreams that will now never be realized.
Dreams of going to college
and becoming a scientist.
Instead, we now all sit here
mourning his loss,
a young man in our community full
of endless promise and potential,
whose life been cut short.
And I have to admit
I, like so many of you out there,
have to ask, "Where is the justice?
Where is the justice for our sons,
and our daughters, and our communities?
When will it end, the grieving,
not just for Flatbush,
but for the whole nation,
and all the black
and brown communities within it?"
What does the Lord require of you,
but to walk just, and to be mercy,
and to love and live humbly
by your God?
And the peace,
that which surpasses all understanding,
will guard your heart
and your mind through Christ Jesus.
I remember God's promises.
- Mom?
- In the living room.
What happened?
She at the Kings County Hospital.
They said it's a nervous breakdown.
She can't stomach to see
Sebastian gone, so...
I don't know what's gonna happen.
- Claudette! I know you hear me talking.
- What? I just wanna be left alone!
- Jesus! Why doesn't anyone...
- Do not play with me right now,
- and I'm dead-ass. We need to talk.
- What? What?
This some sort of joke?
- Calvin, where did you get that?
- You know where the hell I got it from.
Now, explain to me what's going on.
'Cause ain't nothing been right
around here since Sebastian got murdered.
He was a better person than me,
and damn sure was
a better friend than you.
You know... I've been feeling like
this should've been me.
And then I find this shit?
So, you tell me, am I wrong?
I can't tell if I'm being punked,
or if I'm still trying to wake up
from a dream right now.
Time machines?
I don't think it's a good idea
for you to do anything right now, CJ.
But I know how to fix this now.
- I... I can handle it.
- You know how to fix it?
Explain to me exactly how.
I don't know. I'm just...
Imma jump back earlier or something.
You're gonna... You're just gonna
jump back earlier or something?
explain to me exactly
how you're gonna fix this,
or I swear to God, on Pops'... grave,
I'm destroying all them
little science experiments you got.
Calvin, I can't explain it right now.
How about this,
getting shot by police officers?
Or better yet, getting both
your asses killed by them damn thugs?
- Yes, but Sebastian didn't deserve this.
- No, he didn't.
None of us do.
He didn't, and none of us do.
I just need some help first,
and then I could devise a plan.
Okay, then. I'm going with you.
No, Calvin, have you been listening?
There's only one working time machine.
It has to be me. There's no other way.
What you need
to get it back up and running, man?
Not "what." Who.
Eduardo, who's knocking?
It's late!
CJ! Hey! How...
How you doing? Um...
Sorry about Sebastian.
Shit was crazy. It hit me hard, too.
I know. That's actually why I'm here.
Yo. You... Whatever you need.
You need someone to talk to
or a shoulder to cry on.
No, we need your help, okay?
Get dressed
and meet us outside in five minutes.
Yo, it's mad late!
My abuela ain't gonna let me...
Wait. "We"?
Your bro...
You brought your brother to my house?
Yeah, and we ain't asking, all right?
Five minutes, and bring your tools.
Temporal relocation? What... Time travel?
Man, this is...
This is stupid crazy! This is like...
This shit is...
Yo, what's going on?
Y'all gotta stop telling me
to be quiet, man.
My TRP took a beating
from the last two jumps.
I can upgrade it, but I think
it might fry the circuit board.
Can you fix it?
Of course, I got you.
Let me work my magic.
My quantum circuit boards,
the genius creation that it is,
that y'all tried to repurpose
without my full authorization,
will create
an individual time splice for CJ.
All she has to do is attune the frequency
to the TRP Three
to the TRP she previously used.
That time splice will allow her
to reset that moment in time.
This would seamlessly allow her to access
that moment
without Sebastian ever knowing.
You two then jump back to present day.
And Sebastian's alive!
Are you sure about this, bro?
Hell, yeah! I mean, as much as you can
theoretically guarantee anything
that has yet to be proven.
But the only way we can know for sure
is if we actually do it.
Thanks, Eduardo.
You know, I almost feel bad for you.
'Cause I'm still here, boo, princesa,
- mamacita, bae...
- Yo, yo. Yo!
- You gotta go, bro.
- It's okay. I'm cool.
- Give us some time alone.
- I'm cool.
You gotta, like,
really calm all that down.
- You getting a little too comfortable.
- That's cool. I'm cool.
But I'll never forget this, CJ.
Yes, you will.
Remember, none of this happened?
So close...
You good, though? You set?
Your rotor-gamma photon-circuit thingy's
connected and all that?
You got your radio station tuned
- to the right frequencies and shit, right?
- Yes.
All right. Look, go back, tell Sebastian
exactly what happened, aight?
Try to get to us
before we hit Malcolm X Court,
and then bolt out of there.
Do not stay there. I'm serious.
Stay far away
from Carlito's bodega and shit,
- and if you see Jared and...
- Calvin.
- What?
- I know how to avoid Jared
now that I've ran into him.
You're just stalling.
Hand them over.
- You're just loving this, aren't you?
- Uh... No. Well, yes.
But if there's any way to convince you
and Dennis, these are it.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Every second counts.
Take it.
Look, man, make sure you try your hardest
to convince me, all right? But just...
Just be safe, Claudette.
I don't want nothing to happen to you.
It's okay.
I'll see you yesterday.
What the bla...
What the blazes is going...
Yo! What y'all deal wit? Why you gotta
make so much damn noise and ting?
Where the hell is she?
What took you so long?
CJ, what are you... What's going on?
- No time to explain. Come on. We gotta go.
- What the fuck did you do?
Domino! Domino on ya tail.
What is this?
You don't know how to play no dominoes?
Hey, sonny.
You all right?
You look like you could use a drink.
No, I'm good. I'm just... I don't know.
I just feel a little off today, man.
You need a drink.
Yo. We gotta go, dawg.
This lame-ass nigga Jared here.
What's up?
You 'bout to do something, nigga?
What's up?
- Hey, hey, hey!
- Get the fuck out of here.
You better not light another one.
You know these are for the cookout later.
Where did you get that?
CJ, you're headed the wrong way!
We need to go to Carlito's! Come on!
Watch where you're going!
And y'all still look crazy.
She could definitely get it, huh?
Look at her!
Yo, don't let that Jared dude
get to you, son.
No. I ain't thinking about him, nigga.
It's just... I don't know.
Something about today is just off, bro.
- Word.
- Word.
Calvin! Calvin! Oh, my God! Thank God.
Come on, we gotta get out of here.
- What's wrong with y'all?
- What the fuck is y'all wearing?
Y'all like some Space Odyssey wannabes.
- Dennis, shut up! Look.
- We have to get outta here.
- Shh.
- Come on!
What is this? Some sort of joke?
This shit supposed to be funny?
It's a damn funeral program.
This shit got my face on it,
disappearing and shit.
I know. I'm sorry,
but you gotta listen to us, okay?
Can we go? The cops about to come.
Come on!
- Why would the cops come here?
- You're going to get killed!
Okay. Okay. Real funny.
Very funny, very creative.
Now y'all take that stupid shit
y'all got on off!
- Y'all look ridiculous!
- Look, Carlito's bodega just got robbed.
- We gotta get out of here.
- That's what I'm trying to tell you.
- Out of the way!
- Where the fuck them niggas going, man?
Okay, remember these? You gave
these to me. Remember what you said?
"Over my dead body"?
That's how I got these.
- What the fuck? You got my tags?
- It's what I'm trying to tell you.
- Something bad is...
- Look, stop!
All right? I don't know when you snuck off
and had copies made,
but that shit is bootlegged, aight?
- Yo, fuck y'all. We out, bro.
- Calvin! Jesus Christ!
- The fuck is wrong with you, bro? Move!
- Stop!
- This cannot be fucking happening!
- Yo, what's going on? What's going on?
CJ. CJ, be calm.
NYPD, where y'all coming from?
- Don't touch your pockets.
- Keep your mouth shut.
- Officer, the ones you want...
- Keep your mouth shut!
I'm telling them what's going on!
- What's going on?
- Stop talking! I'm serious.
- I need to see some IDs now.
- What's the problem, officer?
I said IDs, now.
- What you need to see IDs for?
- IDs, now!
What, are you tough?
- Calvin.
- Now!
Boy, you'd better shit me an ID, quick.
- You think I'm playing?
- Give it to him, dawg.
- Bullshit, man.
- Yeah, whatever. Stay put.
- We got the right to know what's going on.
- Everyone be quiet, okay?
If this got anything to do with Carlito's
getting robbed, we didn't do it.
- I didn't mention that.
- Calvin, no. Stop.
- On the ground!
- He didn't do anything!
Get on the ground! On the ground, now!
- He didn't do anything!
- Get on the ground!
- On the ground!
- CJ, let's go!
- Get the fuck down!
- Sebastian!
Stop resisting!
- Sebastian!
- Stay the fuck down!
It's okay.
I'll see you yesterday.
Why didn't we stick to the plan
and stop the robbers at the bodega?
How many times have you jumped back, CJ?
I'm not stupid! I...
You're wearing different clothing.
You got no right to hide shit from me.
- How many times have you jumped back?
- Once.
- Just once?
- Yes, just once, I'm serious.
We had a surefire plan!
And then you come a minute late,
and we don't go through with it. Why?
Why? I'm asking a question!
Because you died, Sebastian.
You died...
'cause the surefire plan fell through.
But remember, now that I went back,
it's like none of it happened.
No, no, no, CJ.
You just told me that I get murdered!
I know.
It's because we didn't do it right.
No, CJ, that's it. We're not...
We can't do this anymore.
I'm not willing to risk your life
or my life ever again.
You're giving up?
On me?
On Calvin?
I thought your friends
were like your chosen family.
You are.
I can't afford to lose any more.
You coming?
I'm sorry.
CJ! CJ! What the fuck are you doing?
Stop! Stop! CJ, don't do this!
Stop! CJ!
Where are the...
Where are the keys to the garage?
Boy, what is wrong with you?
I love you, Sebastian.