Seedpeople (1992) Movie Script

You guys gotta let me go.
Come on, stop.
You've injured your
head, Mr. Baines.
Stop struggling.
Let us help you.
You have to listen to me.
I've got to talk
to the authorities.
There's not much time.
We have to hurry.
You can't go anywhere
in your condition.
Come on, this'll help.
Special Agent Weems, FBI.
This man has suffered
a serious concussion.
Would you get out of
this room at once?
Listen to him.
Would you help me, please?
Help me.
You're Tom Baines?
The geologist with the state
geodetic survey office?
Yes, I am.
And please, help me.
You're interfering
with a medical emergency.
I'm a federal law
enforcement officer.
This man is under my care.
I have to talk
to him right now.
This is a matter of
national security.
If you interrupt again, doctor,
I'll place you under arrest.
All right, now what
did you give him?
DOCTOR: Just a mild sedative.
He's all right.
So you know about them?
That's why I'm here, Tom.
You've got to make sure
that I destroyed all of them.
OK, just start
from the beginning,
and tell me everything
you remember
happening from the time
you got to Comet Valley.
It's all right, Mr. Baines.
You see, there was--
there was only one way in
or out of Comet Valley.
The Comet Valley bridge.
When I arrived,
they were closing it
three days for repairs.
I remember thinking,
here I am again, in Comet
Valley with no way out.
Same way I felt
growing up before I
left for graduate school.
I didn't mind that this time,
my old girlfriend, Heidi,
had turned her family's home
into a bed and breakfast.
It was-- well, it
was the only place
on that side of the bridge
where I could rent a room.
Hi, Tom.
I never would've dreamed that
the next time you and I would
see each other, that you
would be the innkeeper,
and I would be the paying guest.
If you feel
uncomfortable about it,
you can always take Frank's.
He's got a place
near the orchard.
It's fine by me.
I mean, if it's OK with you.
I think we're both adult
enough to handle it.
Come in.
Very nice.
Oh, yeah, registry.
You're our only customer
while the bridge is out.
You pretty much got
the run of the place.
Except for Kim.
Very nice.
The place looks good.
You've changed the place a lot.
But you haven't changed.
If that's supposed
to be a compliment,
you missed by a mile.
Well, it is.
And you look great.
I'm not the complacent
little butterfly I was
when you and I were an item.
When Sally died, I not
only lost my sister-in-law,
I lost my best friend.
Yeah, I know it
must have been hard.
Yeah, it still is.
I mean, I'm the designated
mother for Kim now.
She's going through
a difficult age.
And I just take it
one day at a time.
So what's it like,
changing your home
into a bed and breakfast?
What's it like being
divorced, but still
living with your ex-wife?
Heidi, I don't live there.
I just haven't
moved my stuff out.
It's nothing personal.
I'm just telling you
what it's like to turn
your home into a
B and B. We serve
a light dinner early at 6:00.
Well, thanks.
But Thurman and I
will be tied up.
We've got a lot of
catching up to do.
Tell Thurman I said hello.
You betcha.
An old friend had
asked me back to give
a talk about meteorites.
He hadn't waned me
that they had become
such a controversial subject.
ED: Somebody's fooling around in
that orchard at night, Thurman.
Hell, Ed, I'm a county
agent, not the Sheriff.
Look, I got a crop
I got to get in.
Now something's got
to be done about this.
All right.
But even if there are people out
there, what harm can they do?
What harm can they be doing?
I can't believe you're saying--
- Tom!
- Hey.
Hi, Thurman.
I was worried you
weren't going to get
here before the bridge closed.
You're looking good.
Looking good.
How are you?
I was just trying
to tell Thurman
here, you fellas
ought to stop stirring
up these meteorite nuts.
All we're doing is asking
people to keep a lookout
for any unusual stones, Ed.
Yeah, and three
nights in a row,
I got lights out in
one of my orchards.
Damn bunch of rock collectors.
What's the problem
with that, Ed?
Ever since Thurmy found
this little old rock he claims
is a meteorite, I've got people
tramping around my orchards.
Aw, Ed, you're just
drinking too much
of that homemade hard cider.
You're just imagining things.
I'm going to be laying
for them till I catch one.
We'll see who's
imagining things.
TOM: It had surprised me when--
when Ed didn't shake hands.
The only person that
I'd expected that from
was Brad Yates.
We'd always been competitors.
He was the deputy sheriff now.
And still chasing Heidi.
What's the matter?
This isn't like you, Kim.
There's nothing wrong with me.
It's Mrs. Santiago who's weird.
Please make her go away.
FRANK: Kimmy.
I can't stand
to be around her.
FRANK: That's enough, Kim.
She's going to hear you.
She doesn't have to.
She reads my mind.
I'll video tape her when
she doesn't know it.
You'll see.
Just let her [INAUDIBLE]
few minutes, Frank.
Maybe she's finally
dealing with Sally's death.
FRANK: After five years?
HEIDI: She's a child, Frank.
Sheriff Yeats is here.
No, no, not yet.
Still just a deputy.
Hey, Frank
Hello, Brad.
Well, I got an
orchard to irrigate.
And don't worry
about Kim, Frank.
I'll help her work it out.
All right.
Depending on you, sis.
As always.
See you later, Brad.
- Take care, Frank.
Kim got some got a problem?
Yeah, she's just going
through a difficult age.
How's it going with the bridge.
I ran into Tom Baines
out there today.
HEIDI: I told you he was
coming in for a couple of days
to hunt meteorites with Thurman.
Yeah, but you
didn't tell me he
was going to be staying here.
I can always tell
when you're about
ready to take a stupid pill.
Have I said anything?
What's the big deal
about Tom staying here?
This is a bed and
breakfast, that's what I do.
I rent rooms and
I provide meals.
Look, what-- what
am I supposed to do?
Am I supposed to be
tickled pink to find out
that your old boyfriend
is going to be running
around here in his shorts?
You're right.
I'm sorry.
This is Frank.
Frank, this is Thurman.
You got a minute?
Hello, Frank?
Frank, you hear me?
I can't believe it.
Frank's pissed at me too.
You see, I didn't know it yet,
but they were already there.
But did I get them all?
I mean, what about Heidi?
And Brad and Kim.
What are you doing to-- to make
sure that I got all of them?
Here, let me make
you more comfortable.
Lift your head.
Now just try to remember.
Oh, I remember.
I remember everything.
What about Doc Roller?
Did Thurman take you to see him?
- No.
I didn't know about Doc then.
Not at first.
BRAD: How's it going, Gwinnette?
listen, I wanted to talk
to you about Doc Roller.
- Oh yeah?
About what?
Well, he tried to buy a case
of whiskey from me last night.
Now, I wouldn't sell
him but two fifths,
and he gave me
quite an ear full.
You did the right thing.
I'll keep an eye on out for him.
Thanks, Brad.
You keep an eye on
my liquor store.
BRAD: You bet.
All right, you have
a good time now.
Central, this
is substation 14.
8:00 AM comm check.
OFFICER (ON RADIO): Substation
14, this is Central.
Is that you Brad?
- Nope.
This is Fraser.
Deputy Yates just arrived if
you'd like to speak with him.
Tell him just because
the bridge is,
closed it doesn't mean
he's authorized to stay
shacked up with his girlfriend.
That's a big roger.
And Deputy Yates sends
his respects to you too.
OFFICER (ON RADIO): Roger that.
Central out.
THURMAN: So you came up
here when you were a kid?
TOM: Yeah, whenever I could
get some pretty little senorita
to come up here with me.
Wow, what memories.
500 or 600 years
ago, some Indian
stood right here with a stick,
a bit of iron oxide and pitch,
and drew the damnedest thing
he ever saw in his life.
Do you think that
Indian saw a comet sailing
somewhere out in space?
Well, I think what we're
looking at here is a--
is an eyewitness drawing of
some major, major meteor fall.
Almost everybody in Comet
Valley was acting a bit weird.
I didn't think that much about
it until the incident with Kim.
I was in my room
putting together
some slides for a talk I was
giving to the Fireball Club
that night.
- Kimmy.
KIM: Aunt Heidi!
Aunt Heidi!
Aunt Heidi!
Aunt Heidi!
Aunt Heidi!
Aunt Heidi!
HEIDI: Kimmy, what
is the matter?
Miss Santiago, she's--
Kim, what's the matter?
It's OK.
Can I be of any help?
A couple of days ago, Kim
starts this thing about Mrs.
Santiago being possessed.
- Possessed?
Possessed by what.
I mean, what are we
dealing with here?
The Exorcist?
I don't know.
I told her to go back home
with Frank this morning,
but no, she can't do
that, because he's
not really her father anymore.
He's one of them too.
- Heidi.
You're a paying
guest, remember?
You know, I went up
to Indian Canyon today.
Reminded me of when we
used to go back there.
It's all over now, Tom.
And if we're going
to clear the air, why
don't you tell me something?
Why haven't you and
Brad gotten married?
Because I'm still
waiting for him
to get his head out of his ass.
ED: Frank left the
irrigation system on.
The heck is that?
What in the ding dong
heckama doodle hell is that?
Looks like these two blossoms
have already gone to seed.
Not this one, Ed.
It's pollinated.
And see, I still didn't
know what was going on.
I didn't have a clue.
Nobody did.
It wouldn't have mattered
much anyhow though,
because the bridge
closed at sundown.
We were trapped.
What about Doc Roller, Tom?
Did you see him at
the Fireball Club
when you were giving your talk?
No, Thurman hadn't invited Doc.
He felt there was
too much skepticism
about the meteorites anyhow.
And then if people thought
the Doc was involved with us,
it would be even harder
to get their cooperation.
Doc had the reputation
of being the town nut.
Nobody considered him dangerous.
Everyone figured he was just a--
just a harmless old odd ball.
Oh, no.
No, don't.
Hi, everybody.
I think I've had a chance
to say hello to everybody,
but if not, I'm Tom Baines, and
thank you very much for uh--
for having me.
It's always been assumed
that this local rock
drawing depicts a comet.
Which is of course, how we got
our name here, Comet Valley.
When a meteoroid comes
into Earth's gravity field,
it's usually destroyed
by the atmosphere.
Those who survive the plunge
to Earth are called meteorites.
And this is a picture of
the meteorite Thurman found
about, oh, a mile from here.
- Whoa!
Which is why we believe
that there may be more
stones like this in the valley.
And it's possible that
what we've always assumed
was a comet in the pictograph
is actually a meteorite,
and that it may be out
there for one of us to find.
BURT: I'm Burt Mosely.
I don't want to say
anything in there.
I don't want people to
think I've gone crackpot.
We've already got one
crackpot in Comet Valley.
About what, Burt?
I've got a funny rock I
want you to take a look at.
I was digging a
trench with a backhoe
the other day, getting ready
to lay some irrigation pipe,
and the blade hit
something hard.
And I climbed out to take a
look, and here's what I found.
What do you think?
I have never seen anything
like this, my friend.
What do you say we
pull her out of here
and take it over to
Thurman's warehouse
so I can run some test on it
and get a better look at it?
Sure, whatever you want to do.
You think it looks
like a meteorite?
Yes, sir.
I sure do.
I sure do.
And even better than that,
you see this sediment
that she's stuck in here?
I can pull this and do
a carbon date on it.
I'll be able to tell
when she fell to Earth.
If it was about 400
or 500 years ago,
you may have the rock in the
pictograph there, my friend.
This might be the
Comet Valley meteorite.
Comm check.
Comm check.
Guess what?
- I don't know.
Something tripped the breakers
at the substation again.
Oh, great.
So how about I just go on to
the house after I reset 'em?
Yeah, that'll be all right.
You haven't seen Thurman
anywhere, have you?
Do you want me to
check on his house?
Oh, no, I just
came from there.
I'm gonna patrol around a
little before I hit the sack.
Yeah, fine.
I think I'll just stretch
out here for a minute.
Give me a call when
you get home, will you?
You crazy old fool,
what are you doing?
You don't understand.
I've got to stop them.
Give me the hat, Doc.
Now stay back.
You may be one of them.
God dammit, Doc!
So Burt saw this
out in [INAUDIBLE]
so what do you think?
Looks like a peach pit.
It does, doesn't it?
Thurman is gonna be surprised
when he finally shows up.
- But Mrs. Santiago killed him.
- Kim.
She hypnotized Dad too.
You promised that if I made
Mrs. Santiago take a week off,
you'd stop this nonsense.
She hasn't left yet.
Tom's going to think that
everybody in Comet Valley
is crazy.
But not Kim.
Here, look at it through this.
Thank you.
You're a pretty cool guy, Tom.
You're pretty cool
yourself too, you know?
That smile of yours
lights up the whole room,
like your Aunt Heidi.
We better get going.
Thanks for letting me see it.
You betcha.
See ya.
- Bye.
- Thanks.
I meant it when I said that
your smile lights up the room.
I know that--
Someone's POed.
Brad, what's wrong?
Thurman's dead.
Hit and run.
And I know the son of a
bitch that did it too.
There's only one
vehicle in Comet
Valley with hubcaps like these,
and it belongs to Doc Roller.
Oh my god.
BRAD: We got bugger problems.
I sent Fraser over to
check the relay switches.
I don't know where
the hell the guy is.
He said he'd call me.
I'll run over
to the substation
and check on it, Brad.
That's all right, Tom.
I can handle it by myself.
I was just about
to say how handy
I am with electrical stuff.
No, Tom, I can handle it.
Are you all right?
Are you hurt?
I'm OK.
Something strange.
Mrs. Santiago.
Is something the
matter, Mr. Baines?
Tom, what happened?
I don't know.
I'll have to let you know
when I figure it out.
It's not what you
thought it would be, is it?
Oh, you can't imagine.
You can't begin to imagine.
OK, take it easy.
Just take--
I'm bulletproof.
They can't get me.
None of them can get at me.
You're one of them, I bet.
Whose side are you?
Are you on the side of science?
Why don't you just
put the gun down,
and we'll talk about it, OK?
It's Doc, isn't it?
Jay Burl Roller, PhD.
Propagator emeritus
of planet Earth.
The question is, are you
one of them, or one of us?
I suppose you don't know
that what you were examining
is not mineral.
So why don't you tell
me what it is then, Doc?
This was the goal of
the leaf and the root.
This little grain is
the ultimate fruit.
For this did the
blossom burn its hour.
This is the awesome
vessel of power.
I'll tell you what it is.
It is testa.
And where there is
testa, there is a seed.
He's-- he's looking
for me, you know.
Yeah, I know.
All he wants to do is talk
to you about Thurman, Doc.
Oh, yes.
Yes, of course.
Go and fetch the deputy.
We'll do that.
We will talk about Thurman.
Watch the gun.
Just take it easy.
- Go on!
- Watch the gun.
Watch the gun.
He's inside.
Doc Roller.
He's got a gun.
Brad, just give him
a chance to come out.
And you stay the
hell out of this, Tom.
You're on my turf now.
Nice work, Tom.
You let him get away.
He indicated he
was giving up, Brad,
he asked me to come get you.
Given up?
Is that why he completely
demolished the communications
gear at the substation?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
I found Fraser's
patrol car too.
No Fraser.
He may have murdered
a police officer,
and you let him
walk out of here.
So what was I supposed to do?
Eat the gun and throw
him over my shoulder?
I don't know, Tom.
You're the guy that
went to college.
You should have been smart
enough to think of something.
TOM: Burt Mosely
had a big greenhouse
operation near Heidi's place.
I knew that Doc Roller and
Burt had worked together.
So I went up there to see if
Bert could help me find him.
Howdy, Burt.
Got a minute?
BURT: Phone's are out.
None of my workers showed up.
I'm busier than a one-legged
man in an ass kicking contest.
Yeah, I can see that.
Listen, I was wondering
if you could tell me how
to get to Doc Roller's place?
Just follow this road on
up to the top of the canyon.
You can't miss it.
What about my meteorite?
Well, I'm going to have
to do some more tests
on that at the university.
Why are you looking for Doc?
You heard about
Thurman, didn't you?
Yeah, I did.
You think Doc could
have done that?
Come on inside here.
I got to spray herbicide
before it gets dark.
Here's what I think.
Doc didn't do it.
Not on purpose, anyhow.
Well, you know, they
say he'd been drinking.
Doc's been drinking a
little lately, it's true.
But drunk or not,
he wouldn't leave
old Thurman laying in the road.
Sounds like you
know Doc pretty well.
He and I used to do
experiments propagating
stuff under ultraviolet lights.
Watch out around
that stuff, Tom.
Stronger than five
kinds of monkey piss.
You trying to help
him catch Doc?
Tell you the
truth, I want to talk
to him about your meteorite.
Well, you won't find
him up at his lab.
I was up there earlier.
One more thing about Doc
Roller, he may talk crazy,
but that don't mean he don't
know what he's talking about.
TOM: I waited until after dark
before I went to Doc's place.
I didn't find Doc,
but I found his lab.
The whole place was--
was lit with ultraviolet light.
And that's when
I realized Burt's
meteorite wasn't the only one.
My god.
Today, I have done it.
- Tom?
I just got back
from Doc Roller's lab.
What are you doing in here?
Heidi, he's got
another meteorite
there exactly like Burt's.
Where's Kim?
She's in the den sleeping.
You're going to wake her.
Listen to what I got to say.
Is this some elaborate
ruse to get into my bed?
No, Heidi.
I think that I know why Doc
killed Thurman and destroyed
the communication systems.
Just calm down.
All I need right
now is Kim waking
up and finding you in here.
The meteorites are seeds.
The meteorites are seeds?
And there's something
terribly wrong going on here.
Oh, is everyone going crazy?
He's already tried to sprout
one in a hydroponic tank.
It's all here in the book.
He's already sprouted one here.
And you know the piece that
I took from Burt's meteorite?
It's not mineral, Heidi.
It's testa.
You know what testa is?
Testa's seed covering.
Am I the only
sane person left?
Heidi, Mrs. Santiago.
This is the creature.
This is the creature I saw
in the room with her, Heidi.
If you say another
word, I'm going
to have a complete mental
breakdown and scream.
Heidi, I saw this in the room!
- Fine.
KIM: I'm looking at some
lights in the trees.
It looks like a bunch of people.
I can't really tell
what they're doing,
so I'm going to move closer.
Looks like they're
looking for something.
I can't really tell.
They move so strangely.
One of them just went by.
Here comes another one.
Oh my god.
It's going over me now.
- Kimmy.
What are you doing?
Come here, honey.
Daddy wants to talk to you.
You're not my daddy.
No, get in.
The seeds are coming.
Get out of here!
Come on, get out of here!
HEIDI: Kim--
KIM: Get in the car!
Come on!
They're coming!
They're coming, come on.
How's she doing?
I gave her a tranquilizer.
If I had another one,
I'd make you take it.
Why don't you just try to
believe in what she says?
I don't want to hear anymore
of this, especially from you.
Sorry about the camera.
The camera.
She incorporates the
fact that the camera
was run over into her fantasy.
What do you mean?
She says that she got
everything she saw on tape.
That works for her.
Camera's ruined, and I can't
prove to her that she didn't.
God dammit, Tom.
You were the only person
having a good influence on her,
and now she thinks
you believe that too.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to
leave her alone.
Heidi, this is
the journal that I
took from Doc Roller's lab
that I showed you last night.
Now I fixed Kim's tape,
and I want you to watch it.
It's a little screwed up.
But watch it with
an open mind, OK?
OK, that's what
she saw last night.
Tom, this doesn't
prove anything.
This is just darkness.
These spots of light
could be anything.
Just hold on a second.
That's what I saw in the
room with Mrs. Santiago,
and that's what's in Doc
Roller's journal, Heidi.
HEIDI: Oh my god.
That's one of them Aunt Heidi.
I haven't been making it up.
Tom, be careful.
Brad's right.
None of this stuff can be fixed.
We're going to have
to hike out of here.
That's crazy.
It'll tale days to hike around
the mountain to get to a road.
So what do you want to do?
Just wait here for
them to find us?
What about Brad and Frank?
Frank is one of them.
We can't be sure
about anyone anymore.
No one's been hurt.
Thurman's dead, but
Doc Roller got him.
Listen, why don't you stop
pretending that everything
is going to be OK, OK?
We've got to get
out of this valley.
Yeah, go ahead and run away.
That's what you
always do, isn't it?
KIM: Aunt Heidi!
Oh my god.
Is it Brad?
No, it's Fraser.
Jesus Christ.
Why are you going
after Doc Roller?
What difference does it make?
Listen, I'm not gonna
run away this time.
Doc's involved in this.
You showed us the journal.
Heidi, Doc didn't kill
Fraser, for Christ's sake.
Nobody human can do
something like that.
We don't know what
we're dealing with.
Doc knows something, Heidi.
He can help us.
Now I've got to find him.
You two stay here.
And don't let anybody in
here, do you understand me?
- Good luck, Tom.
TOM: Doc.
You're one of them.
Just like I figured.
Stay back.
I have my lights, haven't I?
My lights will weaken you.
And then I'll chop
you to pieces.
I'm not one of them, Doc.
Whatever they are.
I'm here to help you.
You-- you don't fool me.
They got you.
Just like they got Frank and Ed.
Now, they ran from
the ultraviolet.
Let's see how you like it.
Oh no, my batteries.
So that's what the
lights are about.
Let's see if you
bleed chlorophyll.
I'm human.
I don't go without a fight.
Put the hatchet down, Doc.
This one's got bullets in it.
A gun.
Then you're not one of them.
Yeah, and I'm asking
the questions now.
What'd you run Thurman over for?
They did it.
TOM: Who?
Frank and Ed.
But they had the seed
people inside them.
I was coming to warn you
before it was too late.
Yeah, and I was at
your lab last night
and you're trying to spread
another one, aren't you?
The tank was full of herbicide.
That one I killed.
There was only one
seed has produce.
TOM: Yeah, but the
stuff I've seen,
there's got to be more
than just plants there.
They're the most cunning
and savage of all lifeforms.
Yeah, but they're rooted, Doc.
What can they do?
But seeds, seeds
are travelers.
Creepers, hoppers,
parachuters, hitch hikers.
Seeds can chase us.
We are being chased by
seeds which were sown
on the winds of the universe.
This is a snapshot of their
arrival on planet Earth.
I thought they were
fossilized seeds
from giant prehistoric plants.
I had no idea that they
contained intelligent life
forms from another world, or I'd
have taken precautions earlier.
You know, when-- when
I was sprouting one,
I discovered that they
cannot tolerate heavy
doses of ultraviolet light.
If you are under UV, they
can't enter your mind.
Why would aliens
turn to seeds?
It's a perfect vehicle
for space travel.
Seeds can endure heat
and cold and time.
There are lotus plants
in the national arboretum
that was sprouted from seeds
found in King Tut's tomb.
You're no good
to me drunk, Doc.
I'm no good either way.
I have unleashed a
terrible thing on the world.
Listen, you kill this one, and
we can kill the one Burt found.
Now get over here and help
me take these lights down.
But there are still
three seed creatures.
Radiation may not work.
Listen, what is
living can be killed.
You said that.
Now help me get these down.
TOM: Oh my god.
Doc, you stay put.
DOC: It's Frank.
Don't go near--
TOM: Heidi and Kim are in
there for Christ's sake.
Shut up.
You stay put.
[INAUDIBLE] it's Frank.
Honey, please!
Please, Frank.
TOM: There was nothing I
could do but follow them.
AGENT WEEMS: You had a gun.
Why didn't you try to stop them?
Because I knew the creature
was alive inside of Frank,
and it would have done no good.
Don't you understand?
You can't kill a
cactus with a bullet.
You have to hack it into
thousands of pieces.
That's why you have to
get back up there now.
Maybe I didn't get them all.
Maybe there are hundreds more
of them still running around.
Let me go out of this thing.
Come on.
Take it easy, Tom.
We will let you up.
I just have to hear
the whole story.
TOM: What do you think I am?
Some kind of lunatic
or something?
You think I'm
hallucinating here just
because I got hit in the head?
Well I'm not.
This is true.
It's real.
I do believe you, Tom.
Now what about Doc?
Did he go with you when you
followed Brad and Heidi?
Doc was with me the whole way.
We followed them out to a
place past the substation.
We followed them to a field
near Ed Busta's orchard.
What the hell are
they doing, planting?
Seeds only grow in
deep acid-rich topsoil,
like the orchard.
They're digging up another one.
TOM: That's not a seed.
It's something huge.
Take a look at this.
It's a cone.
A seed cone.
A cone?
Hundreds of seeds.
They didn't travel here
as individual seeds.
They came as components
of a larger body.
Hundreds of seeds?
We can't stop them.
There are too many.
- Just wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
You just said that they can
only grow in the orchard, right?
They can't grow anywhere
else in this canyon.
There's not enough topsoil.
So they'll have to go
right by the substation.
Come on.
- Where?
What'll we do?
We aren't thinking
big enough, Doc.
Come on.
What the hell
is going on here?
We need you lights, Burt.
That's why they never got you.
The ultraviolet
makes you immune.
What the dickens have
you two been drinking?
Frank, Ed, and Mrs. Santiago
aren't people anymore.
They've been taken over
by some alien life form.
Come from seeds,
like the one you found.
You talking
about my meteorite?
Your meteorites
not a meteorite.
It's a seed, and that's
how they got here.
My meteorite's a seed?
TOM: You got it.
OK, that's it.
Both of you, outta here
before I throw you out.
- Burt!
- Get out of here.
Will you--
Now I mean business here.
I need your herbicides.
I need your sprayer.
Now you make the choice.
Make yourselves at home.
Mi casa es su casa.
Burt Mosely learned
a long time ago,
don't argue with crazy
people carrying guns.
Get behind the plants.
Get down.
We've got to get out of here.
Nah, can't.
We gotta have the care.
I need those lights, Doc.
Be careful, he's got a gun.
Where are they, Burt?
We're gonna have
to run for the truck.
TOM: Right.
- Stay low and behind me.
OK Doc, let's get a move on.
I'm going to need all this wire.
They don't even see us.
They see us.
We're just irrelevant.
They see the seed.
They don't like that
ultraviolet light.
Don't go, Tom.
I gotta get Heidi.
DOC: Tom, look out!
It's the light.
It's the ultraviolet light!
It's OK, Heidi.
DOC: That's it.
I think we made it.
Take that, Doc.
I want you to hook
these two up here,
and I'm going to
run up on the hill
and pull the electricity down.
If they discover--
If they discover that
we aren't like them.
When I look at Kim and Frank--
They have to think that
we're still like they are.
Don't show any emotion
and don't talk.
They're not going
by the substation.
Hold on.
I'm going for it.
TOM: Doc.
DOC: Yeah?
TOM: Grab hold of one.
You ready here?
Pull it.
Pull it.
I appeal to you
as a scientist, Tom.
Save one of the seeds.
We have to preserve one of them.
Don't start with me now, Doc.
I don't want to hear this.
I know how to control it now.
We don't let it pollinate.
Don't you see?
It will be harmless that way.
We don't let it go to seed.
Just one of them, Tom.
Haven't enough
people been killed?
Now when I throw this
switch, you get your butt
over [INAUDIBLE] lights.
Brad, they're still coming.
Turn on the light!
TOM: Brad!
MAN: Brad?
MAN: Brad, what's going on?
And that's when I went out.
And the next thing I knew, I
woke up here in this hospital.
The medication's wearing off.
Listen, I don't need
anymore of this medication.
I told you everything
that I know.
What are you waiting for?
What's happened to
Heidi and the others?
They're OK, Tom.
As a matter of fact, they're
waiting in the other room.
Heidi's here?
I want to see her.
Sure, Tom.
Just one more thing.
What happened to
Doc Roller after he
grabbed those power cables?
He was electrocuted.
He was burned so badly you
couldn't even recognize him.
Where's Heidi?
Everything's fine.
Doc Roller is dead.
Then we don't have
anyone else to worry about.
Do we?
AGENT WEEMS: Not anymore.