Seeing Evil (2019) Movie Script

Where you think you're going, huh?
Oh my God.
Do I know you?
Get outta the road!
Can I help you?
Can you get that?
Is there something I can help you with?
Yeah, the music, what is that?
It's Beethoven.
Is there anything else I can help you with?
No, it's.
Okay, then you're gonna have to leave.
You can't loiter here.
This store is for customers.
No, I'm a, I'm a customer.
Yeah, what're you lookin' for?
You wanna buy a keyboard?
Do you play?
Well, let's go try out this one.
Have a seat, give it a try.
Yeah, okay, time to go.
How long have you been playing?
Hey, wait, wait!
Come on, please, I just wanna talk to you.
I was just in the music store
and I heard you playing.
You're incredible.
What's your name?
Um, Will.
It's nice to meet you, Will.
I'm Ken Donovan.
It's all right.
How long have you been playing?
Just today.
You started playing today?
That's funny, but where do rehearse or practice?
I don't wanna sound rude, but
you're homeless, aren't you?
I got an idea.
I'm throwing a party Friday night at my house.
I already hired a pianist,
but I'd much rather have you play.
Hey, Will, there's gonna be a lot of people there
who'd love to hear you play.
Will, I'm trying to offer you a job.
I was gonna pay the other pianist $600
to play for the night.
So you wanna pay me to play piano?
Yes, yes.
Will, be at this address
Friday night at seven o'clock.
Yeah, seven o'clock, Friday night, yeah, okay.
Will, will, what are you gonna wear?
This is all I got really, this..
Here, come here, come here, come here.
Listen, take this.
Take this and get a shirt, some
shoes, and some pants, okay?
It's fine, take it.
Thank you, thank you.
All right, Will, Will, Will!
Friday at seven.
All right, listen, I'll see you there.
Will, hey.
Where you been, man?
Just doing my thing, you know,
and just, how's business been?
It's, it's good,
it's been kinda crazy the
last couple of months,
but finally making a little money.
You all right, man?
You don't look so good.
I just, uh.
Oh, I know what you need.
No, I um, I don't do that anymore.
Come on, it'll be just like old times.
No, I'm good.
Are you?
You good?
I'm fine.
Okay, suit yourself.
See you around in another two years.
Tyler, wait up, man, I'm sorry.
Look who I found.
Is that Will?
He's great, he's gonna be even better here
in a little bit.
Will, you remember Luna?
He better.
All right, it looks like
we're in for a wild night.
Let's get started then.
Thank you.
Hey, just like old times.
Welcome back, man.
They were building a wall in the sand
Between city and sea and my head
They all know it's a sin
But still the wall remains
Dirty and far beyond reason
I wonder what's the plan somewhere
They were talking 'bout us and our fame
In a closed room where no one can hear
But me, I'm not one who
puts his life in the hands
Of people who don't care for the danger
I wonder what's the plan somewhere
It was.
You know, I actually haven't
drank anything in a while.
So are you staying here tonight?
Probably should.
Do you ever count the stars?
I can never make it past a hundred.
That's what I got.
You counted that fast?
That's impossible.
Should we go back?
We could stay here.
I'm sorry, I, I can't.
Oh, it's because of her, isn't it?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, relax, don't worry about her.
I have something for you.
What is it?
Everything and nothing, my friend.
Let me, um, let me give you some cash.
Don't worry about it, put it away.
This'll fix you right up.
Glad to see you're keeping the party alive.
Hey man, there's a little bit left.
You want some?
No, I'm, I'm good.
Hey, you cool, man?
Yeah, I just need to sit down for a little bit.
Do you guys see that?
See what, man?
The, uh, the person.
Oh, you're tweaking, man.
You see, that's what I want.
What do you want from me?
I was waiting in the undertow
Set adrift with featherweight lifeboats
Unaware of where my heart would flow
I was waiting in the undertow
Can't touch the bottom
Set into a tumble
Waves that shake me out, out of my skin
Never been so easy
Losing my direction
Bearings have me south of home
I'm sorry, do you have a dollar I could have?
I was waiting in the undertow
Set adrift with featherweight lifeboats
Unaware of where my heart would flow
I was waiting in the undertow
And the water feels
Like a friend I've not seen in years
So familiar and strange at once
Like a lover who lost her touch
At first I was hesitant
Now it seems, oh, so curious
How'd I wind up so far from home
When I barely have left the shore
I was waiting in the undertow
Set adrift with featherweight lifeboats
Unaware of where my heart would flow
I was waiting in the undertow
And I was dreaming of the love I lost
I fell asleep within an autumn flow
I never knew I'd drift so far from home
But I was waiting in the undertow, undertow
Who is it?
Carrie, it's me.
What do you want?
Can I, uh, can I talk to you, please?
You know you're not supposed to come around here.
Look, can I just, uh, can I just talk to you?
I don't think so.
Didn't you read my letter?
You can't do this.
I don't have an address.
What do you want?
Something happened to me.
I don't have anywhere else to go.
Are you still using?
When was the last time?
It was last night.
I think you better go.
Wait, no, it's not like that though.
Yeah, you need to go.
Who's that?
It's nobody, baby.
Come on, let's get back into bed.
Mommy, will be right back.
I'm going outside for just a second.
That's not why I'm here, okay.
Then why are you here?
Do you need me to take you to the hospital?
You don't have anybody, friends?
Oh my God.
All right, you can come in,
but if you hurt my daughter,
I swear to God, I will kill you.
She's my daughter too.
No, let's get one thing straight, okay,
when you chose that life, you gave up everything.
Just because you helped make a baby
does not make you a father.
You got it?
We don't need you.
I know.
Do you still drink tea?
Here, come in.
I almost didn't recognize you with that beard.
Oh, it's still me.
There you go.
Thank you.
So what happened?
You don't wanna tell me.
I don't want you to think I'm crazy.
So you had nowhere else to go and you're here,
and you're still not gonna tell me what happened?
Are you gonna tell me anything?
I, I gotta job.
You did?
It's just a one day thing.
What kind of work is it?
Playing the piano.
You don't play piano.
I know.
Hey, I guess you do play piano.
Oh, shoot, I'll be right back.
Are you ever gonna tell me what happened?
Lightning, I was struck by lightning.
Oh, I'll be right back.
Here baby, you gotta get back in bed.
We gotta get up early for school tomorrow.
Okay, let's get under the covers.
'Kay, close your eyes.
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You'll never know, dear
Just a minute.
What are you doing?
I, uh, I thought,
I just need to use the bathroom is what..
Oh, it's right there.
Um, look I would really love to keep catching up,
but I have work really early tomorrow.
But you can stay on the couch tonight.
But tomorrow you gotta go, okay.
But let's get coffee
and then you can tell me
more about what happened.
It's really good to see
you're turning things around.
So, goodnight.
Hey, Carrie,
thank you.
Oh, goodnight.
What are you doing?
What do you think you're doing?
I was just, I was just checking on her.
Will, I am trusting you.
Don't make me regret this.
I know that you miss her, but this is not okay.
Good night.
Leave him alone, Annie.
Here you go.
You gotta blow on it.
Now go get your backpack.
Well, I'm going to work,
but you don't have to leave right now.
But I'd kinda like it if you
weren't here when I got back.
There's some coffee over there if you want some.
Do you have a computer?
I do, but the screen on it is broken.
I've been saving up for a new one.
I usually just use my phone.
But the library is, well, you know.
Let's still get that coffee sometime though, okay?
Okay, Annie, we better go.
All right, um, bye.
Hey, asshole, get the hell away from my car.
Great, thank you very much,
and Dr. Norman will see you in about 10 minutes.
Uh, hi, excuse me, can I help you?
No, that's okay.
Um, you're not allowed to just hang out here.
No, I actually wanted to get some books on music
and then use the internet
to do some research on computer repair.
Come on in.
Dr. Norman?
One second.
Hey, what's going on?
I don't mean to be bothering you,
but I was just wondering if you had a moment
for a medical question?
Do you have any experience with patients
who've been struck by lightning?
By lightning?
Wow, I gotta think about that one.
Lightning, actually I did have a guy
years ago in the emergency
room got hit by lightning,
left an awful scar.
I remember that very clearly.
The scar, it's actually called
the Lichtenberg figures.
It's very, very odd.
Let me look that up for ya.
Okay, I think I found it, here it is.
Take a look at that.
Oh, wow.
So what's going on?
Oh, um, my friend, he said that it happened to him
and I was wondering if you
had any experience with it.
Well, they call Tampa the
lightning capital of the world,
so we do hear about it.
But you know, has the guy seen a doctor?
I don't think so, no.
Mm mmm.
He really should, yeah.
I got a good friend of mine who's a neurologist.
He'd be perfect for that.
Oh, really?
Yeah, he's a great guy and we refer patients
back and forth for many, many years,
so I'll write down his number.
Let me look that up right now for you.
And if he needs to get seen,
definitely get him over there.
There you go.
And take that, tell him I referred you over.
I mean, it could be a pretty important thing
for him to go get seen.
Yeah, I can imagine.
Yep, I hope everything works out.
Thank you.
Yeah, thanks.
Sure, do I need to go over those charts?
Oh, yeah, these are for you.
All right.
Okay, thank you, Dr. Norman.
Thank you, oh, you're welcome.
(Foreign Language)
Are you okay?
Are you real?
Excuse me?
Are you real?
Is there somebody I can call for you
or somewhere you can go?
I'm fine.
So how was school, babe?
How was school.
So I was thinkin',
maybe we visit grandma and grandpa tonight.
Is that okay with grandma?
Yeah, and guess what they're having for dinner?
I'm a man named Melchizedek
He was a good man, a good man
Roaming lonely in the desert
He invited me to stay
Said I would learn to love this space
I know a woman name was Jezebel
She was a wild one, a wild one
She said come on, we can have fun
And then she wanted me to go
She couldn't stand getting too close
And I'm curious who I'll meet next
Who among them I will love best
That depends upon the context
Doesn't it, doesn't it
Oh, oh, ooh
Oh, oh, ooh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh, ooh
Oh, oh, ooh
Oh, oh, ooh
Oh, oh, ooh
Oh, I, sorry, I know you said shouldn't be here.
No, it's okay.
I know you said I shouldn't.
No, it's okay, really.
Um, I fixed your computer.
Yeah, screen, it works now.
Are you serious?
Take a look.
Oh my God, how did you?
Thank you.
Do you wanna go to dinner?
You don't need to do that.
Okay, I just, I wanted to do something nice.
Well, no, I'm, I'm taking you to dinner.
Plus, I really wanted to see you again
'cause my dad, he let me have these.
Do you mind if I took a shower?
Of course.
Can I have the uh?
Oh, yeah, sorry.
Thank you.
Do you like that beard?
Not really.
Are you sure you wanna do this?
If I could only fly
I would fly so high
I would kiss the sky
It'd be so, so right
So right, so right
If I could only fly
I would fly so high
I would kiss the sky
It'd be so, so right
So right, so right
You ready to go?
You know, you do look really nice.
Wait a second.
Stop the car.
I gotta do something real quick.
My man, lookin' all clean.
How you doin'?
I'm fine.
Good to see you.
What's up?
Where's the money, huh?
What're you taking 'bout?
The $80.
What money, huh?
I don't have $80.
The money..
I don't have the money.
Give me the money.
Dude, get your hands outta my pocket.
Man, what is wrong with you?
Give me the fucking money.
Are you serious?
Get off, Will, get off of me, dude.
Don't have it?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Is that a friend of yours?
Not anymore.
And dinner is on me.
Hey folks, how're we doing tonight?
Good, good, can I get you started off
with something to drink, maybe some wine perhaps?
I'm okay with water, maybe you can have..
Uh, no, I'm good with water too, thanks.
Would you like a couple of
more minutes with the menu?
Are we all set and ready to order?
Um, how 'bout you give us
just a couple more minutes.
Fine, not a problem, take your time.
We are the ones to pretend
But we are the ones to never give in
No matter what the world throws at us
You'll always have me
And I have you
I have you
Look, I just, I want you to know that..
You don't have to.
I mean, you don't have to say anything.
Look, I wanted to be the man
that you wanted me to be, okay, I did, I just..
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm fine, Annie's fine, we're happy.
Can you believe we're here?
Why, 'cause we used to come here?
No, no.
Right here, right now,
all the people that there are in the world right,
do you know how many people
there are in the world?
I don't know, a couple billion?
There are 7.5 billion people in the world, okay?
And we are right here, we are right now, right?
Amongst everybody in all the restaurants,
we're in the same restaurant,
we're in the same state, the same country,
the same universe amongst billions of stars, right?
If you calculated the odds of the chances
of us being in the same place,
the same time, I mean.
Kinda like the odds of being struck by lightning?
You're different.
Is that a bad thing?
It's just different.
I guess we're always evolving
at different various degrees of celerity, right?
Who are you?
What, what do you..
I'm sorry, do you, do you see that?
See what?
The woman in the parking lot?
I don't see a woman.
What, Will, what's wrong?
Did you get a chance to look
at our dessert menu by chance?
I'm sorry, we need, we need a minute.
Yeah, definitely.
Will, what's going on, what's wrong?
I keep seeing these, I don't know,
I keep seeing these things.
Well, what things?
I don't know, I can't tell if they're real.
I can't tell if I'm going crazy.
I didn't wanna tell you
because I didn't want you to think that I'm..
No, hey, hey, I still care about you.
I mean, I know you're not crazy.
I made an appointmnet at a
neurologist for tomorrow.
And I thought that maybe he
could give us some answers.
And it's no big deal, it's a friend of my boss'.
We don't even have to pay anything.
I'm sorry, behind you over there,
do you see a, do you see a man sitting
at the table by any chance?
I mean, don't make a, wait, don't make it,
try not to make it obvious though.
I do see him.
But that doesn't mean that you're,
you wanna get outta here?
Come on.
What Will?
What is it?
Sorry, I, uh..
No, no, no, no, don't, don't be sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
What do you want from me?
Answer me!
Will, it's me, please stop!
I should, I should go.
No, I shouldn't be here, this isn't your problem.
Will, no.
I should've been there for you.
It's not your fault.
I told you to leave
'cause I wanted you know
what you were losing, but,
we should've worked through it together.
Carrie, it's..
I don't wanna do that again.
7.5 billion people, right?
What time is it?
Between 9:30 and 9:35.
How do you know that?
Use the placement of the sun.
Okay, smart guy.
We gotta get you to your appointmnet.
Mm mmm.
Mm hmm.
Do you have a cell phone I could use?
Yeah, let's see.
Here, you get that.
Thank you.
Who you callin'?
Hi, Mr. Donovan, it's Will.
How are you?
From the music store.
Yes, sir, I am definitely
still coming tonight.
Is it the address on the card?
You have a pen?
A pen I could?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, let me go ahead and repeat that back to you.
It's over the Tom Stuart Causeway,
left on Bayshore,
then an immediate right on North Redington,
it's gonna be the third house on the left,
gate code is #346715.
I'm good, it's okay, I got it.
One more quick question, Mr. Donovan,
is it okay if, um, my,
my girlfriend comes?
No, sir, she lives in a house, yes.
Yes, sir.
I can do that.
I'll see you tonight, bye.
You wanna go to a party tonight?
Come in.
Hi, we have an 11 o'clock appointmnet.
Right on time.
I'm Carrie.
Oh, sorry.
Nice to meet you.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Must make you Will.
Yes, sir.
Oh, please call me Noah.
Come on in guys, have a seat.
Okay, thanks.
So struck by lightning, hm.
When'd it happen?
Three days ago.
Did you go to a hospital?
No, sir, did nothing, I didn't go to a doctor.
So I'm the first doctor you've seen?
All right, so what are we dealing with here?
How've you been feeling since it happened?
I have these bad headaches.
Um, seeing things that's not there.
Seeing things?
What kinds of things?
Mostly people.
Really, what kind of people?
And tell him about the other stuff.
I can do things that I wasn't able to do before.
What does that mean?
Like he can play piano,
he can fix laptops,
he can look out the window
and tell what time it is.
And you couldn't do any of those things before?
Mm mmm.
Carrie, would mind giving Will
and I just a couple of minutes?
I wanna run him through some cognition tests.
And I just wanna make sure he's not distracted.
Oh, yeah, yeah, are you okay?
All right, Will, I'd like to start out
by checking your eidetic memory, okay?
So what I'm gonna have you do is look
at this card for five seconds.
It's got all the digits of pi on it.
I'd like you to memorize as many as you can.
You ready?
How, how'd you do that?
I saw the card when you were sittin' down.
I, uh, I passed, I guess?
Uh, well, it's not really
a pass or fail kind of test.
Most people can memorize about seven digits.
you ever see one of these?
Do you know what it is?
Yeah, it's a Rubik's Cube.
You know how it works?
Um, I think so.
You're supposed to make every
side a different color.
Right, wanna give it a shot?
Not particularly.
Come on.
Mind if I time you?
For what?
Aren't these supposed to be..
That's amazing.
What's wrong?
What is it?
Are you okay?
Hey, it's okay.
I'm sorry, I.
Can we go?
Yeah, yeah, of course.
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
can I talk to you for a second?
Look, I need to be honest,
I've never seen anything like this before.
And I just think that the more
we understand what's going on,
the better help we can be for him.
So how soon can you bring him back?
Oh, well, maybe tomorrow,
but it's really up to him.
I get that, but you need to understand
that we need to start thinking
about what's best for him, okay?
I'm just sayin'.
Yeah, well, I'll talk to him.
What is wrong, what happened in there?
I'm messed up, all right?
That's what happened.
You're not messed up.
This isn't how things were supposed to go.
It was supposed to be different, my.
Will, you're not messed up.
Yes, I am, okay.
No, you're not.
We're gonna fix it, okay.
We're gonna fix all of it.
I mean, that's why we're here.
I think it'd be better if you,
if you just stayed away from me, all right?
Do you remember our first date?
What are you bringing up our first date for?
Everything went wrong, like
everything went wrong.
Good things came from that.
I mean, it's the same with this.
And I'm gonna be here with
you through the whole thing.
Also, kinda wanna do something fun.
And I think you could use it.
Oh, boy.
You ready for, uh, I got an idea.
You ready?
What do you think if we team up and get Mommy?
I'm not playin'.
Oh, yes you are.
Let's get her.
I need to save you.
One, two.
You got me.
You tired?
I'm tired.
It's getting kinda late.
We're gonna stay at grandma
and grandpa's tonight, okay?
We got a big party that we're gonna go to.
But I wanna stay with you.
I know, baby.
I'd bring you with me if I could.
But I'm gonna come get you
first thing tomorrow, okay?
Can we come back tomorrow?
Can we?
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
I'm almost ready.
Does it look okay?
You're perfect.
I got my clutch,
my keys.
I'm not gonna mess up again.
I know.
We gotta go.
You okay?
Hello, can I help you?
Hi, I'm Will, this is Carrie.
We're here for the party.
Sorry, this is a private party.
Did you wanna call him?
Will, you made it.
Look at you, I wouldn't have recognized you.
And who is this?
Hi, I'm Carrie.
Hello, Carrie, I'm Ken Donovan.
You have a lovely home.
Thank you very much.
Would you like to see the inside of it,
or are you more comfortable outside?
I'm just kidding Will, it was a joke.
Come on in, welcome, welcome.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
can I have your attention for a moment?
First of all, thank you for coming
and I hope you're enjoying yourselves
because tonight we have
a very, very special treat for everyone.
I met this man earlier in the week.
He was without a job, living on the streets,
and abusing drugs.
But now, he's gonna show you what's possible
when someone reaches their full potential.
You see, he has a gift,
and he's gonna share that gift with us this evening.
So without any further adieu,
please enjoy the musical stylings
of piano prodigy, Will.
Excuse me, sir, Mr. Donovan would like to see you.
Well, sure.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm good, I'm okay.
I'll be right back.
I'm so glad you're here.
Probably wondering why I asked you here.
I just wanted to make sure you get paid
for that amazing performance,
truly a masterful performance.
Thank you.
But you've gotta be honest with me, Will,
how long have you been playing?
Not long at all.
Okay, let's go ahead and get you paid.
Um, excuse me, my boyfriend,
he's the guy who's the piano,
someone took him to go see Mr. Donovan,
and we really have to get going.
Is there any way you could get him for me?
Let me see what I can do.
Okay, thank you.
What the hell are you doing?
Relax, Will, this will only take a second.
You can't just do this to me, okay.
Help, help!
Calm down, Will, I need you
to calm down and cooperate.
I don't wanna hurt you.
Look, just, just let me go.
Hold is arm.
Stop, stop, stop, just listen to me, listen.
All right, ladies and gentlemen,
unfortunately, the party is over for tonight.
Mr. Donovan would like to
thank you all for coming out
And have a good night, get home safe.
I'm just gonna go get my boyfriend
so that we can go.
You're not allowed back there.
I'm just gonna go and get my boyfriend
so that we can go.
I can't let you do that.
Look, why are you doing this?
You know, Will, I'm disappointed in you.
I would've thought now you
would've learned to use the gift.
What gift?
The gift I gave you.
You did this to me?
No, I was struck by lightning, okay.
Can you really believe everything
that happened that night?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, come on Will, don't embarrass me.
I hand selected you from several other candidates
for a human drug trial.
Human trial for what?
Celtrite, the drug that'll take us
to the next step of evolution.
The ability to double and triple
the brain's capacity to learn.
And you are living proof it works.
You see, it doesn't work, okay?
I'm having headaches, I'm seeing these,
I see these things, I'm changing, okay.
It doesn't work.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know about the side effects
and all that, Will, and I'm working on that.
But now I've got a sample of your blood
so I can continue my research.
Will, come on, you should be thanking me.
Do you realize how much people are gonna pay
to have what you have?
I'm busy.
Sir, the girl he came with is causing a scene.
I think you need to come speak to her.
What am I paying you for?
Come on, let's go.
You're not real.
Get your hands off me!
Let go!
Excuse me, excuse me.
Is everything okay?
No, this guy won't let me through.
He's just doing his job.
There are certain areas of the house
which are off limits to the guests.
Where's Will?
Will wasn't feeling well, so he has to lay down.
Well, he was fine a second ago.
Where is he?
He said he was getting migraines.
Actually, he says it happens quite often,
which is understandable for an addict.
He's not an addict.
Where is he?
I wanna see him.
Oh, I don't think so.
But I can assure you, we'll get him home safely.
Roger, show her to the door.
No, wait, Will!
Get your hands off of her.
Will, this is just a big misunderstanding.
Now drop the gun and let's talk about this.
We're not gonna talk, okay?
We're gonna leave.
You let her go.
Anybody got anything to say, huh?
Now clean this up, I'm going to bed.
Are you feeling tired,
depressed, alone, or helpless?
Are your day-to-day tasks
feeling overwhelming at times?
What if there was a way to change?
A way to take back your life,
the job you wanted,
the time you've been missing,
the success that always seemed out of reach,
what if you could change all
of it with a simple choice?
Celtrite is that choice.
Using state of the art technology,
Celtrite delivers the power
to expand the functionality
of the human mind.
Consult your doctor to ask
if Celtrite is right for you.
Celtrite may not be right for people
with dementia or thyroid issues.
Side effects include nausea, irritability,
irregular breathing, erratic behavior,
bad dreams, suicidal thoughts or tendencies,
and in some cases, death.
If any if these symptoms occur,
stop taking Celtrite immediately,
and consult your doctor.
The beginning of your life can start today
because with Celtrite,
the future is now.