Segunda mano (2011) Movie Script

You can't back out
from our plan anymore!
I can't leave my daughter!
I have to get her back.
I have to take Angel with me.
I can't leave her with lvan.
- I quit my job for you!
- I'll take her with me!
- Listen to me first, Owen!
- No, you listen to me first...
I gave up everything for you!
I will not go with you!
Yahoo! Merry Christmas!
On the first day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me...
A partridge in a pear tree...
On the second day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me...
Two turtle doves and
a partridge in a pear tree...
Merry Christmas!
On the third day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me...
Three French hens...
Two turtle doves and
a partridge in a pear tree...
On the fourth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me...
Four calling birds...
Three French hens...
Two turtle doves and
a partridge in a pear tree...
Help me!
What's that?!
Shit! Shit!
No! Have mercy! Please!
Help me!
Please help me!
Please help me!
Help me! Help me!
Help me!
Where are you going?
Samantha has a problem.
She wants to talk to me.
Daddy, I can't sleep.
- I suddenly woke up.
- Go back to sleep.
Daddy, have you called mommy?
Yes, but her cellphone is turned off.
Oh my God! He's staring at me!
Ana, you're the one staring at him.
You're only scaring yourself.
This place really scares me!
Why don't you just
sell this antique shop?
You're not making profit anyway.
That's not true.
Have you sold anything recently?
And why are you on sale again?
New deliveries are coming.
I have to dispose of these right away.
Daddy, please try to call her again.
Okay, I will.
- You're going to be late.
- Let's go, baby.
- Daddy, did you fight with mommy?
- No.
Why won't she come home?
I don't know.
That's enough. You have to go.
- Let's go.
- Daddy, please look for mommy.
Look at your bag!
You look like a bet collector with it.
How will you make a sale
with that image?
I'm selling antiques, not myself.
Why don't you just invest
in our business?
It's classy and has no ghosts.
Arert the owners of these stuff dead?
Ana, how about the stuff
you're selling?
Arert the owners of those dead, too?
Your bags are all second hand.
So you're telling me
you also believe in ghosts?
- Come back again tomorrow, lmelda.
- All right.
Samantha... It's lvan.
Yes, lvan?
Were you with Mariella last night?
No. Why?
Hello? Lvan?
Hello! Good morning!
- Hi!
- Good morning!
We're looking for Indian cabinets
with mirrors.
It should look like old wood
with sharp edges.
We have some at the back.
Please come with me.
- Okay!
- Let's go!
It's shiny and in good condition.
Why not buy everything?
See, it all looks brand new.
Brand new? It looks worn out!
- Just like you!
- What's that?
Take a look!
- It can be easily fixed.
- I have to go.
My friend and I are going out.
I'll take everything, except this one.
- All right.
- I don't like that!
Excuse me, is this your final price?
- Ma'am, do you like that?
- Yes!
- No problem!
- Please assist her.
I'll get back to you in a while.
Mabel, why don't you look
for a new bag?
Just look around
and choose what you want.
Just give me five minutes.
Daddy, is mommy coming back?
Go to sleep.
Daddy, let's look for mommy.
- She might be...
- Go to sleep. Please.
- Daddy, let's look for mommy. Please!
- Go to sleep! Sleep! Sleep...
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, baby
I'm sorry.
Mabel, you forgot these.
- Why don't you just sell this house...
- Thanks.
And move to a smaller place?
This place is too big for you
and your mom.
Even if the house is old,
you can get a good price for the lot.
All you think about is selling,
selling, selling.
I'm just being practical.
Good night.
- Bye, Mabel!
- Bye!
Have you eaten already?
Yes, mom. I had dinner with Ana.
I brought some food for you.
Never mind.
We'll bring it tomorrow.
Go to sleep.
We'll leave early tomorrow.
All right.
Happy birthday, Marie!
Picture! Picture!
- Blow! Blow!
- Hurry!
Happy birthday!
Thank you, Mabel!
Faster, Marie!
- Come on and catch me! Faster!
- Please give my doll back!
I'll take this if you can't catch me!
I'll take this! I'll take this!
Marie! Marie! Marie!
Marie! Marie!
Where is Marie? Where is Marie?
Where is Marie?
Marie, I'm calling you!
We invite your presence!
Your loved ones are here, Marie!
Give them peace of mind...
by communicating with them!
- Marie!
- Stop it, Letty!
Go on, Letty!
Marie, I'm calling you!
We want to feel your presence!
She's still not here.
In that case,
my daughter may still be alive.
It's possible!
Mabel, what if your sister
is still alive?
It's possible
since we didn't find her body.
Her spirit might be at peace already.
Let's not disturb her.
Her spirit might
still be trapped here on earth.
Sometimes, spirits remain trapped
in the place where they died...
like a prisoner.
How can she be set free?
Spirits may be set free once they touch
someone or something valuable to them.
If that happens, the spirit
will never leave that person or thing.
But we have always returned
to the place where we lost her.
- Mom, your blood pressure...
- Marie, I'm calling you!
Mom, you have to rest.
Let's leave, please.
We invite your presence, Marie!
We're calling you, Marie!
Let me have it.
Let's go.
Wait! You have to pay me
five hundred pesos.
Mom, please don't listen to Letty.
But I need to believe in something.
Mom, you have to accept that
Marie is dead.
She's not coming back.
If your sister is dead,
I still want to talk to her.
Mom, that's impossible!
It won't happen!
She's not coming back!
I love your sister so much, Mabel.
I love Marie, too, Mom...
but it has been twenty years.
What do you want me to do, Mabel?
Just forget everything?
I can't...
I can't do that.
- Sir, someone is looking for you.
- Good morning, Mr. Galvez.
I'm PO3 Toledo.
We want to ask
if you know Mr. Owen Alvarez?
Yes, I know him.
- Thank you, Jonathan.
- You're welcome, Ma'am!
Hurry! It's coming towards us!
I'm sorry!
I'm really sorry.
- I'm sorry, I'm late.
- Come, have a drink!
This one's different.
Follow me.
Miss, you're soaking wet.
Can I give you a ride home?
Let me make it up to you.
- Good night, Ma'am.
- Take care.
Sir, do you want to buy sampaguita?
I will. Come back later.
I was at your house.
Your mom told me
you're here at the store.
So, is this yours?
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Oh, my God! There are so many candles!
Can you blow all of them out?
- What do you mean by that?
- That you have to get married?
Why are you rushing your best friend?
Blow them out!
There's a smoke detector here.
Make a wish. Okay? Blow!
You can do it! Just one more.
- Last one... there!
- Yes!
Mabel's wish already came true, right?
- Mabel, this is for you.
- Thank you!
- Oh, how sweet!
- Happy Birthday!
Lvan, what is it that you like
about my best friend?
I'm sorry.
Let me rephrase the question.
What does Mabel have that I don't?
A lot!
She is simple...
down to earth...
and caring.
She's a caregiver to her mom.
And she really takes good care of me.
You really are looking for a caregiver.
Hey, watch it!
The food is here! Let's eat!
Ana, we'll go ahead. I prepared
a dinner for Mabel at my house.
We're not invited?
I want to be alone with Mabel,
along with my daughter.
Give Mabel a kiss. Okay?
Why? Is she my aunt?
Is she mommy's sister?
No, but she has something for you.
Look, she bought you a doll.
Here, Angel.
I already have two dozen dolls.
Angel, the more the merrier. Right?
It's pretty, and it talks.
I don't like it.
Angel! Angel!
I'll just give that to Angel, Ma'am.
Excuse me.
- Hello? Mom?
- Mabel?
- Have you taken your medicine?
- Yes.
I might go home early.
All right. Take care.
Thank you.
Tita, Dad told me to apologize to you
and to say, "Thank you."
Dinner is ready.
Have some more.
- Manang, the food is so delicious.
- Give her more food.
Thank you, Ma'am.
You're the only one
who appreciates my cooking...
unlike Ma'am Mariella,
who's always on a diet.
That's right.
Ma'am Mariella is so thin.
I'm sure Angel is as pretty as her mom.
That's true Ma'am Mabel.
They look so much alike!
Can we not talk about someone
who's not here?
Why not, Daddy?
Don't you love mommy anymore?
Excuse me.
That helper has such a big mouth!
She shouldn't have said those things!
Lvan, even if your wife left you,
she's still Angel's mother.
You can't keep the child
from missing her mom.
No! She doesn't deserve her love!
But you can't teach the child
to stop loving her mother.
Yes, but I know
she'll learn to love you.
I know that she will!
All I want is a complete family!
That's it!
And you're the one
who will complete my life.
Only you.
This is for you.
I know we still
can't get married because...
I'm still fixing my annulment
with Mariella.
Then why are you giving me
an engagement ring?
I just want to be sure...
because I don't want to lose you.
Daddy! Mommy will come back!
You don't have to replace her!
Angel, what are you doing?
Daddy, I don't like her!
I don't like her!
- I don't like her!
- Quiet!
I don't like her!
Daddy, I don't like her!
Make sure you go straight home.
Yes, I'm on my way home...
and I'll tell my mom about it.
All right.
I love you.
I love you, too. Take care.
Thank you.
Base, is Rosario flooded already?
Yes, it is.
Base? Base? Base?
Sir, why did we pass through here?
This is a longer route.
Better than to submerge...
Help me!
- Did you see that, Ma'am?
- See what?
The woman
who suddenly crossed the street!
My pals are right! There is a ghost
that appears in this place!
Sir, let's go. I think you're drunk.
I'm not drunk, Ma'am!
I don't even believe in ghosts!
Are you really serious with that guy?
Yes, Mom. He loves me.
And do you love him, too?
Of course.
What's that?
Mom, lvan gave it to me last night.
It's your sister's birthday
in two weeks.
What did your mom say
now that you're unofficially engaged?
Nothing, as if she doesn't care.
Ana, I know that she still blames me
for what happened to Marie.
She's just forcing herself
to show love for me.
Forcing? Your mom really loves you!
I know she still has grudges
against me.
It's not your fault!
Is it really not?
After everything that happened...
I've accepted that
she loves Marie more than me.
But you know what hurts the most?
That I know that she wishes...
that Marie is alive...
and I'm the one who should have died!
That's not true!
Then why is it that until now...
she doesn't even remember
that it's my birthday.
I'm still at the office.
Just wait for me.
- Ivan!
- Ivan, let's just meet there.
I don't want to bother you.
Are you sure?
Do you want me to pick you up now?
No, it's okay.
All right.
Good evening, Ma'am.
I'm sorry. It's hard to get a ride.
The traffic is so bad.
- Here's the menu.
- That's okay.
You're soaking wet.
- What happened?
- Let me do it.
- At least I got here, right?
- What are you saying?
I told you I should have picked you up.
I didn't want to bother you.
Why don't you
just close down your shop?
It's not like you're giving up
a successful business, right?
I just thought that it would give you
more time for my daughter.
I'm still supporting a parent.
That's why
I can't just close down my business.
Yes. Yes, I know.
But you will be my wife, okay?
And I will take care of you...
and your family.
Ivan?! Oh, my God! It's you!
How are you?
I missed you! How are you?
Mabel, this is Samantha.
Samantha is a friend of Mariella
and mine.
Well, I don't consider her
my friend anymore!
What kind of a friend will just leave
without saying anything, right?
Wait! How are you, lvan? I missed you!
I'm okay.
So how's New York?
I heard you're doing good in New York.
You know what?
They love Filipino designers there!
- Really?
- Yeah!
You know what...
I'm staying here for just two weeks.
I have a client
who wants her wedding gown...
to be made from pineapple fabric...
and I have to go all the way
to Batangas to look for that.
Can you come with me? Please?
How about this?
Why don't you design
Mabel's wedding gown?
Yes, but...
Wait! Lvan, are you allowed
to marry again?
Of course! Why not?
Of course, it can be fixed. Right?
That one is going to take
a long, long time.
Place your order.
Oh, I love your ring!
Thank you.
Oh, I love your ring!
It's going to take a long, long time!
I left my lipstick.
Just pick anything you want.
Ana, I promise to pay you
as soon as I make a sale.
Go ahead!
Have you picked one?
Is this what you like?
It's nice.
Are you okay?
It looks good on you.
I got it from Ana's shop.
I have to go to my store.
I'll help you.
No, it's okay. I'm fine.
You're my girlfriend's bestfriend.
Let me help you.
- It's okay. Thank you.
- Come on, Mabel. Let me help you.
No, it's okay.
You didn't see anything!
Do you understand?!
- Do you understand?!
- Yes.
- You understand?!
- Yes.
You better be sure!
Sir lvan, Ms. Samantha
is still waiting for you.
Tell her I have meetings all day.
I told her, Sir,
but she insists on waiting.
All right, I'll take care of it.
See, Mabel? I was right about it!
You just need to glam up
to make a sale.
How will you sell expensive antiques
if you don't look expensive?
You know what?
I'm happy.
I'm happy that you're finally happy.
You need a make-over.
I was drunk, okay? I was drunk!
You don't have to feel guilty
about what happened.
Your wife abandoned you.
You know, she called me that night.
Yes. That night,
she said she called you.
Yes. The last night you saw her.
She told me that if you called me
I should tell you...
That we had to meet up
because of this huge problem!
- So I had to see her.
- What else did she say?
Hey, don't you get it?
She was fooling around!
Look, Samantha,
I already have a girlfriend.
And she said that...
You didn't have to buy me this...
And you didn't have
to change your look.
But Ana says it looks good on me.
I don't like that friend of yours!
I think she's a bad influence on you.
And that bag!
Why do you have to buy that
when you don't need it?
Why, lvan?
Do you think I like your friend?
Don't tell me you're jealous with her.
You tell me.
Do I have something
to be jealous about?
Look, Mabel.
I love you just the way you are.
That's why you don't have to change
just because you feel insecure.
That Samantha, she means nothing!
She means nothing to me!
But you...
you mean the whole world to me.
So bring back my old Mabel.
Why do you have my mommy's bag?!
Angel? Maybe it just looks like
your mommy's bag.
Just give it back.
Give it back!
Angel, I said give it back!
Angel I have something for you.
I bought you a bag.
Yaya, she's hot.
She might have a fever.
- Indeed, she has a fever.
- Yes, she's hot.
Come, let's take her temperature
and give her a sponge bath.
Take her to her bedroom. Go on.
- Angel, go with them.
- Angel, let's go.
Flora, at eleven thirty,
give her another dose of medicine.
Then another one
if she still has fever in the morning.
Yes, Ma'am.
Ma'am, she's asking for her mommy.
Poor girl.
She misses her mommy so much.
Flora, do you think
her mom will still come back?
Ma'am Mariella loves Angel so much.
She will not just leave her.
If only Ma'am Mariella is alive,
she'll surely come back for her.
- But she doesn't even make a call.
- Alive?
Ma'am, I'll just eat first.
Is it okay watch over Angel for now?
Excuse me.
Lvan, what really happened
to your wife?
I told you a hundred times
that I don't want to talk about it!
I want to forget about Mariella.
- But I think I saw her.
- What?
Earlier, at Ana's shop
She went to the US
a long time ago with her lover.
What are you talking about?
- Are you sure?
- Just drop it!
- Ivan, I think Mariella's gone.
- Yes, I know she's gone!
- I meant she might be dead!
- What did you say?
Dead? What are you talking about?
- I saw her again earlier!
- You saw her again?
- Yes, I saw her.
- Are you sure?
In Angel's bedroom!
She was looking through the window.
No! That's not true!
- Ivan, I saw your wife's ghost!
- Bullshit!
Are you two fighting?
Mom, we're just talking.
Talking? Or arguing?
Good evening. We're just talking.
Mabel and I are okay
I'll go ahead.
I know everything
is just your imagination, okay?
- Maybe. But...
- That's enough. Mabel. Please.
Ivan didn't like your new look?
Ana, I have to tell you something.
- Let's go here! Come on!
- Girl, please believe me!
- Impossible.
- I know what I saw!
So, you saw the ghost
of your boyfriend's wife...
and you think that bag is hers?
I don't know!
What?! You're not sure
if you're really being haunted?
I'm not sure
if the bag belongs to lvars wife.
But it's possible,
based on Angel's reaction...
It's possible...
that the ghost left that bag
in our shop?
Come on, Mabel!
Come here.
You know what? Try this on!
This is the solution to stress...
Just pick another bag from our shop
so you don't have to worry.
I'll try this one, too.
Hello? Babe, I'm sorry.
- It looks good on you!
- What is it?
Dindo has something to show you.
Babe, how did you get that?
Give it to me.
Sir John is my friend.
He's the head of security.
Play it.
Hey! It hasn't even started!
Is it over? Is it a pirated disc?
Are you sure? Are you really sure?
Now I know why that bag
is not in our inventory...
it's the ghost's bag!
Lvars ex-wife.
Why is she following you?
Maybe she wants to be with lvan
and Angel again.
How is that possible
when she's already a ghost?
- How did she die?
- I don't know.
If she really wants
to be with her family again...
why is she haunting you?
Maybe she doesn't want anyone
to take her place.
Dindo, play it again. Please
- Why? Oh, my god!
- Just trust me!
You have the same dress!
Come here, Mabel.
- What are you doing?
- Just checking the...
What are you doing?!
I just want to make you want me again.
Come on, lvan. Please.
I'm leaving in a few days.
Look. It won't happen again. Okay?
If you just chose me
instead of Mariella...
Stop it! Please. Okay?
You know, when your wife
was cheating on you, I knew everything.
She'd tell me every single thing.
That you're...
- Stop it!
- So possessive. She felt imprisoned.
That you have a violent streak.
Obviously, she's just trying
to justify her infidelity.
I didn't have the heart to tell you.
Ivan, I'm sorry because I was the one
who introduced her to Owen.
Ma'am, wait!
Not you again!
Lvan, you're keeping secrets from me!
This Samantha...
what happened to Mariella.
Maybe your wife left you
because you're the one fooling around!
That's not true!
Your wife is haunting me
because of your infidelity!
Here you go again!
You don't want to believe me!
Watch this!
You're already dealing with a ghost...
Now you have to deal with a witch!
Mariella wants to tell me something.
I have to find out what it is.
She's telling you that she'll kill you
if you don't leave lvan!
But, Ana, I already love him.
Don't you regret losing him!
He's a two timer!
- Ana!
- Oh, my God!
What's going on?
Leave lvan! Leave him!
Those are her things!
Why are they in my car?
You saw me threw them away, right?
It's Mariella! She's after you, Mabel!
Even lvars girl is in danger!
My God! My God!
Oh, my God!
Help me!
- Are you okay!
- Of course not!
- Who's that?
- It's lvan.
Don't answer that!
- Hello?
- Ma'am, is Sir with you?
He's not with me.
- What's wrong, Manang Flora?
- Angel is still in the hospital.
Okay, I'm going there.
Who's Flora?
- Angel's nanny.
- What happened?!
- Her fever has subsided.
- Thank you, Doctor.
Ma'am, I'm sorry for bothering you.
No, it's okay. How is she?
The doctor says her fever has subsided.
Angel, this is Tita Mabel.
Where's Daddy?
He's just getting your things,
but he's on his way.
Flora and I will take care of you.
I want to go home.
Angel, the doctor said
you can go home tomorrow.
You heard that?
You better rest well, Angel...
- So you can go home tomorrow.
- Sir, thank God you're already here!
Daddy, why is she here?
because Tita Mabel loves you.
Mommy loves me more.
Baby, if your mommy loves you,
why did she leave you?
But Tita Mabel,
she will always be here for us.
She will never leave us.
She will make our family complete.
Daddy will not allow anyone
to destroy our family. Okay?
Tita Mabel...
Angel, I'll take care of you.
I won't leave you.
I'm here...
and your daddy is also here for you.
My child...
is that you?
Mabel, is that you?
Help me...
Help me...
Mabel are these yours?
Mom, why do you have those things?!
I felt your sister's presence tonight.
Lvan, please listen to me!
This is her bag! This is her dress!
She won't stop haunting me!
What are you trying to prove?
- That your wife has returned!
- She's not coming back!
She's not coming back
because she has another man!
Then where are they?
Didrt you look for them?
Don't you understand?
She has another man!
My stepmom fooled my dad!
I caught her... I caught them...
I caught her... I caught them...
I caught her! I caught them!
I caught her... I caught them...
I caught her... I caught them...
I caught her! I caught them!
Go to sleep.
I saw her... I caught her...
I saw her...
What's happening to you?
I don't understand you.
Joaquin, what are you doing?
I caught her here, in my house,
with her lover!
I sent her away!
She might be dead already.
Maybe she's asking
for your forgiveness.
Whether she's dead or alive,
I won't forgive her.
Mabel, please don't use Mariella
as a reason to leave me.
Mabel, my daughter needs you.
Mabel, I need you.
That's enough. Ivan, that's enough.
I need you, too.
That's enough.
I thought you don't believe me,
then why are you here?
My friend has gone desperate and crazy!
Help me!
Mariella's spirit was set free
because of you!
But you told me that
in order to set a spirit free...
she has to touch a person or thing
that is valuable to her.
I'm right...
Why would I be valuable to Mariella?
Because of your affair
with her husband. That's it!
Manang Letty, is there something
I can do to make her leave me alone?
Leave her husband!
Hold on! Don't let go!
Hold on tight! Hold on!
She will not leave you
because she's protecting something!
- What?
- What else? Her family!
Let's go! Let's go!
Manang Letty, I can't take this!
Leave these inside the church.
Mabel, God is the only one
who can help you!
Leave now! Leave!
Leave now! Faster!
- Let's go! Let's go!
- Faster!
Lord, I love lvan so much.
I promise I will love Angel, too.
Please take away Mariella's anger...
and let her soul rest in peace.
Let's go.
Thank you, Lord. Thank you.
Ivan, I know that even though
you were with me in the church...
you still don't believe me.
Do you know why
I don't believe you when you say...
that she has returned to separate us?
Because if that's true, why is it that
until now, you still haven't left me?
Because I love you.
Ivan, you're the only one
who showed love to me.
Not even my own mother did that.
We both have broken families.
Mine was broken when my sister died...
But, lvan, you made me feel that
I can have a complete family again.
- I'll go ahead.
- Take care.
I heard what you said to lvan.
I already lost
two important people in my life...
your father...
and Marie.
In spite of everything,
I thank God I still have you, Mabel.
I love you so much, my child...
but you can't keep me
from missing your sister.
do you blame me
for what happened to Marie?
What happened to Marie
was so painful...
but I never blamed you.
In fact, I blame myself.
And if I never showed you my love...
please forgive me...
My child!
For your protection...
Mabel, do you really think that
just because...
you have a rosary and that you left
Mariella's stuff in the church
your problem will be solved?
Ana, I know a lot
has changed in my life.
The biggest change is that
my mother and I are now okay.
And lvan is a big part of it.
We are talking about a ghost!
Is lvan being haunted by his wife?
I don't think so.
Why don't you take him to your Letty
so he can see Mariella?
But there are really some people
who can't see ghosts
no matter what the ghosts do,
they see nothing...
they feel nothing!
You mean, insensitive?
Or they have no conscience.
Babe, we're here at Palma Street.
Why don't you go here instead
since you're already near? Bye!
Mabel, where are you going?
What is it, Mabel?
Wait! Wait!
The woman who flirted with lvan!
- What are you doing here?
- My God!
Mariella killed Samantha!
The woman who flirted
with lvan! She's dead!
Mariella is killing
lvars women one by one!
You might be next, Mabel!
What happened?
Mr. Galvez, you're the last person
she called.
We need to talk to you.
Ivan, if something bad
also happens to Mabel...
you will have to face me!
What is it, Dindo?
I'm really worried for you.
The police said that what happened
to Samantha might be an accident.
It's possible.
But it's just a possibility.
For your own good, Mabel, leave lvan.
- You might be the next victim!
- Dindo, that's enough.
Just remember, Mabel,
I will protect you from that ghost.
Dindo, your godchild is waiting
for you tomorrow.
All right! Just prepare the drinks.
- All right! Take care!
- Okay.
- Dindo, you were transferred here?
- Yes, Sir assigned me here.
- All right.
- All right.
What a gruesome death!
- Yes!
- It was actually strange.
Who's that woman?
- I don't know.
- She's beautiful!
That bastard!
That's enough. He's already dead.
If he's alive, I would have killed him!
It's a good thing
I haven't given my donation yet.
Ana, I'm sorry.
That Dindo is a bastard!
- Dindo died because of me.
- Huh?
Last night he told me that he would
do everything to protect me.
That bastard! He even hit on you!
Ana listen to me.
Could Mariella have killed Dindo?
First, it's Samantha. Now, it's Dindo.
- I'm afraid you might be next.
- Why am I included?
I thought Mariella's soul
is already at peace...
but she seems to be getting more angry.
Before, it was only with the people
between her and lvan...
but now, she's hurting
those who are helping me.
Ivan calling
What do I have to do, Mom,
for lvan to believe me?
I'm really scared.
Mariella is killing everyone
close to me.
I know how much you love lvan.
You have to face your fears.
If it's just fear, I can take it...
but I can't take it if I lose you, too.
You can get through this. You can.
It's good that you're here.
I've been calling you,
but you're not answering my calls.
Ivan, I came here so we could talk.
You're leaving me?
I won't allow it!
I won't let you replace me
with someone else!
- Will you listen to me first?
- You told me you love me.
- You said you love me.
- Yes... I love you...
But your wife will only be at peace
if I leave you.
You said you're mine!
You said you're only mine!
What happened to you?
Lvan, innocent people have been hurt...
the people around me...
the people I love...
I knew you liked that Dindo!
That's not true!
That's not what I meant!
Lvan, what if my mom also gets hurt?
What you're saying is that
you have another man...
and Mariella is your excuse
to leave me.
That's it, right?
Lvan, I love you...
But I can't think of other ways
to find peace in my life...
to put your wife's soul at rest,
other than...
other than leaving you.
Tita, you're leaving Daddy?
Angel, I'm sorry.
Tita, don't leave us!
Daddy, ouch! Daddy, ouch!
You're feeling sorry for Angel?
Mabel, you did the right thing.
I support your decision.
I'm also safe now, right?
Now that you have left lvan,
I'm sure she will stop haunting you.
You have a new car?
It's just second hand.
I traded my old car for this.
That one has bad memories.
It was where Dindo and I would...
just get in!
The bag!
The dress!
And now the car!
- Give me that!
- Why?!
I've seen this car in the photo!
What are you talking about?
This is the proof
I need for lvan to believe me.
Hey, Mabel!
What's happening?!
Oh! You scared me!
I'm sorry, Ma'am.
Sir John wants to talk to you.
Mabel! Mabel!
Where is she going?
Mariella, is that you?!
Where are you taking me?!
Help me!
Stop this, Mariella!
Why did you bring me here?!
You're trying to escape?
No! Help me!
Help me!
- Ivan?
- I already fetched your mom.
I told her to have dinner here.
My mom is there?
You were right.
If we want to settle things right...
we should talk.
Let's talk tonight.
Ivan, can I talk to my mother?
Tita, Mabel is on her way.
What's wrong, Tita?
I think it's my hypertension problem.
You want to take a rest?
You can rest in my room
while we wait for her.
You see, the janitor
was in at eleven o'clock.
He did the same, ordinary routine.
Did you see that
someone grabbed the janitor?
Dindo investigated the noise.
He was looking at something.
He seemed to have noticed something
near the escalator.
Ivan, where's my mother?
Sleeping in my bedroom.
She has a terrible headache.
Where's Angel?
Not here.
I took her to her cousirs house.
I thought we're going to talk?
I'll check on mother first.
I did everything for you!
I'm not going with you!
You can't do this to me!
You're still alive!
Help! Help!
No, that's not the janitor.
He's taller.
That's the killer.
- Mabel.
- Mom, we have to leave!
I thought Mariella wants to hurt me...
but she's only protecting me!
Mabel, I saw
the security guards' video!
Mariella didn't kill Dindo!
It's lvan!
Mabel, be careful with that guy!
He has no conscience!
That's why he doesn't see ghosts!
What did you say?
- It's lvan! He killed Mariella!
- What?!
Yes! That's why she wants me
to stay away from lvan!
Mom, we have to go!
Where are you going?
- Ivan!
- We still have to talk, right?
Mom, run!
You're leaving? We still have to talk!
Come here!
You won't get out of here!
So you've talked to my wife...
you're lucky.
Me? I don't believe in ghosts.
How about her lover's ghost?
Have you talked to him, too?
You killed Mariella!
Why? Is it wrong to kill bad women?
Yes, I killed them. Dindo...
Didrt I tell you to leave?
You're so talkative! You talk too much!
You're all the same!
You're all going to die!
I love you, Mom!
I love you so much!
Mom, we have to leave.
Even if we haven't been with Mariella
for twenty years...
I'm happy that she had a good life
with the people who adopted her.
Your sister's soul
will be at peace at last.
- Ana, your car broke down again?
- Yes.
- Hurry! The food is here.
- Yes, I'm almost there.
All right. Take care!
Tita, I spilled the drink on my dress!
Thank you!
Don't worry.
I'll give you a bath when we get home.
- We'll wash this right away. Okay?
- Okay, Tita.
So slow!
Take care!
- Ivan...
- Daddy?