Self/less (2015) Movie Script

He's here.
Mr. Hale,
it's an honor.
When I was a kid, I saved
that Time magazine cover,
"The Man Who Built New York."
You're the reason I
got into this business.
Sit, please.
And congratulations on
the downtown contract.
Thank you. I didn't know
the word was out yet.
Hard to keep the word in on a
$200 million deal like that.
I hear you lobbied
Councilman Clark pretty hard.
Just a few steak dinners,
that's all.
I'm not talking
about the Kobe.
Look, Martin...
You called
the Hale Group a "relic."
I'm not sure if those
were my exact words.
No. Your exact words were, "The old
man won't be around for long."
At least, that's how
the Councilman remembers it.
You're getting the
contract, aren't you?
I don't want the contract.
You think $200 million
means you've arrived?
What I want is to offer you
a lesson from an "old man,"
free of charge.
We've spoken with
Simon and Cohen.
Between them, they control
seven seats on your board.
And they support me.
They've come to see the need for
someone with the wisdom of experience.
And someone
who might remember
that Councilman Clark's first
campaign, 30 years ago,
was bankrolled by
Mr. Hale here.
Try and appreciate
the irony, Mr. Baldwin.
You say I'm the reason
you got into this business?
Now, I'm the reason
you're out.
You son of a bitch!
You're gonna be dead in a year.
And then who gives a shit?
He's wrong.
I won't last six months.
It's metastasized.
Liver and lungs.
This morning the oncologist was
talking about hospice care.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
What you and
Judith went through,
losing a child,
that's a tragedy.
An old man dying. I'm supposed
to say, "That's life."
Still feels like
a kick in the nuts.
Have you told Claire?
I haven't had a chance.
Well, she won't
return my calls.
Jesus, Damian,
if she only knew...
She has every
reason to be angry.
Oh, peanuts.
I'll send...
I'll send it back.
Cancer's eating me alive, and
I'm worried about allergies.
Maybe I should
order a P...
You know, I wanted
to tear all this down
in the '70s,
replace it with condos.
And now?
Couldn't if I tried.
Mayor declared
it a landmark.
Oh, Martin, you ever hear about
something called "shedding"?
You mean like a snake?
Ah, it's nothing.
Forget about it.
It's just something
I was reading about.
Hi. You've reached Claire.
Please leave a message.
How many? Before me?
Less than a dozen.
Shedding is an
exclusive endeavor.
You mean expensive,
Dr. Albright.
Well, all of our
clients are wealthy,
but that's not
how they're chosen.
No, we cater
to the great.
The visionaries, whose loss
would be a blow to all of us.
Simply put, we offer
humanity's greatest minds
more time to
fulfill their potential.
If you think about it, your
homes, your yacht, your jet...
All custom-built by the
world's finest craftsmen.
And so will your
new body be as well.
Genetically engineered
for perfection.
Harvested to maturity,
so looks, athleticism,
every detail of
your new anatomy
will be designed to offer you the
very best of the human experience.
A reflex.
It's alive?
Only in the
most basic sense.
A bundle of organic tissue.
But right now an empty vessel.
If you can really do what you
say, then why the makeshift lab?
I mean, why all
the secrecy?
You're asking
the wrong question.
Oh. What's
the right question?
You've built
an empire from the ground up.
Worked every day to create
something from nothing.
Now, as you slip away,
people will call
your work your "legacy."
They'll insist that your buildings
somehow make you immortal.
What's your point?
Do you feel immortal?
Thanks for
supporting the cause, guys.
I'm gonna give
him a call, but...
that's what I was thinking.
sir, would you like a flyer?
Remember, we want everyone
at the rally to be respectful.
We're trying
to win people over.
Aren't you gonna introduce me?
I'm sorry to
show up like this.
It's the only place I
knew I could find you.
Well, I'm kind of in
the middle of something.
Let's take a ride uptown
to that place by Macy's.
You used to
love their sundaes.
Yeah, when I was eight.
Is something wrong?
You don't look well.
I'm fine.
Now, please
take a ride with me.
Look, it's just
a bad time, okay?
Maybe we can
meet up later.
Not later.
The revolution
can wait, Claire.
I don't get you.
Months go by.
Years even.
I'm at work, Dad.
This isn't work. It's a bunch
of children throwing a tantrum.
Look, I didn't come
here to do this again.
I came because I want
to make things right.
What does that mean?
I know you're short on funds.
Just take it.
You know, you can really be
a manipulative asshole.
Don't be a fool, Claire.
I'm trying, here.
No, you're not. You're
doing what you always do.
Showing up on your terms,
expecting your checkbook
to solve everything.
I am talking about a future
where the aged and infirm
can shed their prisons.
A future where...
Where the fate
of a healthy mind
is not determined by the fate
of a failing body.
Oh, my goodness.
I don't feel immortal.
If we do this, there's no turning back.
Your old life is over.
You see someone from your
past, you walk away.
Is that clear, Mr. Hale?
You have your conditions,
I have mine.
You get paid
after the procedure.
I may be dying,
but I'm not a fool.
Settle your affairs and fly
to New Orleans on Tuesday.
Your death needs to
be public, Mr. Hale.
Have lunch at Commander's. I
recommend the chicory coffee.
You've reached the
residence of Martin and Judy.
Please leave a message.
Sorry to bother you
at the ranch, Martin.
You mind meeting me for lunch
in New Orleans?
it's a three-point favorite,
and that just means a home field
advantage for New Orleans.
Well, you know, we've seen
this before, when these...
Are you going to stay?
George wants you to.
The Hale Group without Hale? No.
Thank you.
Judy's been spending most of her
time up the coast at the ranch.
I think it's time for me to cash
out and join her full-time.
I wish you could
drive out, come see the new place.
If the maids
would ever stop quitting,
we might finally be
ready for visitors.
Damian, are you okay?
What's the matter?
Call 911!
Do you have your EpiPen?
Do you have it with you?
He can't breathe!
ETA five minutes.
Mr. Hale? Mr. Hale?
The good news is you're not
going into anaphylactic shock.
You just feel like you are.
The bad news is
your body needs to arrive DOA
at Tulane Hospital
in about 20 minutes.
Open your mouth, please.
Have all your fillings been removed?
Have all your metal fillings
been removed, sir? Yeah.
The machine
is a giant magnet.
Any metal will
disrupt the process.
So you're sure we're
not missing anything?
One, two...
What's that?
It's something to
stop your heart.
I said it's something
to stop your heart.
It didn't work.
It didn't work.
What's your name?
It didn't...
It didn't work.
What's your name?
It will take a few days,
but it gets easier.
It has that
new body smell.
Are you all right?
Death has some side effects.
Here. The paper of record.
We can arrange
a visit to the plot
in a few months if it
holds any significance.
But right now...
Get some rest
if you can.
Tomorrow's your
first day of school.
So, how are you feeling?
Terrific. I have the physical
dexterity of a toddler.
Two hundred and
fifty million well spent.
A sense
of humor. Good.
It's important actually.
Helps to fend off despair.
Is that why I'm only
allowed plastic knives?
Suicidal thoughts
are not uncommon.
Inhabiting a body the mind regards
as alien can be pretty overwhelming.
And what is that? Prozac?
No, not exactly. No.
The "glitches" that
you've described to me?
That's your mind adjusting
to its new neural structure.
And you can expect occasional, mild
hallucinations for the first year.
Jesus. There's nothing
to worry about.
Think of it as
the anti-rejection drug
that you'd take
after any transplant.
And what does
rejection look like?
Well, migraine, nausea,
disorientation, and then...
Well, death.
Is that all?
An irrelevant hypothetical.
One a day
for the time being.
Hell yes.
I was born on September 20, 1980.
Phoenix, Arizona.
My parents and my older sister
were killed in a car crash.
My parents and my older sister
were killed in a car crash
when I was 10 years old.
I was home with a stomach ache
because I snuck in the kitchen
and ate a whole tub of chocolate ice cream.
I was born September 20, 1980.
I was born September 20, 1980.
I was born on September 20, 1980.
Phoenix, Arizona.
My parents and my older sister
were killed in a car crash.
I was home with a stomach ache
because I snuck in the kitchen
and ate a whole tub
of chocolate ice cream.
I haven't eaten
chocolate since.
My Uncle Frank
raised me in Chicago.
I went to Northwestern, where I
majored in Computer Science.
I never married.
I have no children.
I have never married.
I have no children.
My name is Edward Kidner.
My name
is Edward Kidner.
My name is Edward Kidner.
Mmm. What's this?
This is a
graduation present.
You'll live locally
for the time being,
just until you
get your bearings.
We've arranged
a house and car for you
and placed the money that you put
aside in a new bank account.
Not many in there,
are there?
You'll get refills at
our weekly meetings.
No. A leash wasn't
part of the deal.
I'm sorry. I admit
it's an inconvenience.
But with so few
undergoing the procedure,
every one of our patients
is a learning process.
It's just for now.
All right?
And how do I
get in touch with you?
You don't.
I come to you.
My privacy is very important
to me for obvious reasons.
Fair enough.
I'll tell you what.
In a couple of months,
we can talk
about wherever it is
that you want to be
relocated. All right?
But in the meantime, why don't you
just relax and have some fun.
After all, at your age,
I'd say you've earned it.
Move, move, move!
What's up, man?
Way to go.
Hey, NBA.
You see any scouts watching?
Uh-uh. I like to win.
Come back,
you'll be disappointed.
You're not from
around here, are you?
How'd you guess?
The locals prefer sucking?
I like that.
That's funny.
Gonna get a local
ass-whooping. I'm Anton.
How's the wrist?
My kids can dish
out more than that.
You got kids?
Yeah, buddy.
Let me show you my beauties.
Look at that. The oldest,
she just turned seven.
They're cute at that age.
Before they grow claws and
sharp-pointed teeth.
So what's
your story, Eddie?
What do you mean?
You know. You in town to catch
some jazz, chase the ladies?
No, no, no. I'm actually renting an
apartment about two blocks up there.
No shit. I'm just
around the corner.
Yeah? No shit.
Yeah, I'm right here.
It was nice meeting you.
Hey, I'm gonna
take you out.
Something like a little
welcome to the neighborhood.
I appreciate that,
but you got kids at home.
Yeah, but they live
with their mother.
I get to see them like once a month.
You know how it is.
Come on.
You'd rather drink alone?
No. No, I wouldn't.
You're on.
There you go.
Thank you.
What is he wearing?
Are you in line?
After you.
Eddie! What's going on?
How are you?
I'm Edward.
Please meet Leah.
Leah? Nice to meet you.
How are you?
This is Andrea.
Andrea. Pleasure.
How are you?
You have very nice
taste in friends, Anton.
Well done.
Thank you very much.
Now, what were we talking about?
They were asking me what
you do besides trying to play ball.
Nothing. I'm retired.
How old are you?
I was born September 20, 1980,
in Phoenix, Arizona.
That's specific.
That's specific.
Very specific.
Actually, I started a company, and
then I sold it later. Doesn't matter.
Are they giving something away in there?
What's with the line?
I love this song.
I love this song.
She's incredible.
She's a guy, isn't she?
Are you okay?
I am. I'm fine.
I just haven't seen anything
like that in about 52 years.
You're weird.
Where are you going?
Hello, Claire?
Yes, this is Claire.
Who is this?
You like it when
Daddy's home? Me, too.
Hey, baby.
She's sleeping.
I see this little girl. She
can't be more than five or six.
And somehow I know that she's
the daughter of this woman.
Something's wrong.
She's sick.
She's expecting
me to help her.
Well, you mentioned that you
missed taking your medication.
Just one?
Well, that would account for the
intensity of your hallucination.
No, this wasn't a hallucination.
I knew her.
Oh, yes, I understand that
it might seem that way
given your unresolved feelings
for your own daughter,
but what you're
experiencing is simply
a confused composite
of old memories
fueled by your own
very real emotions.
Now, for example,
this town with the water tower
with the pumpkin painted on it
is likely someplace
that you visited as a child.
And this Latina woman?
Well, a one-night stand long
since forgotten, I'm sure.
I never said
she was Latina.
I never said
she was Latina.
What is this?
A change of scenery.
Yes, I'm afraid I've kept you
cooped up in here for far too long,
and I'm sorry about that.
But for the week
that you're gone,
I'm doubling your
dose of medication.
Now you remember to take it,
and I assure you
these unpleasant episodes
will soon be behind you.
All right?
All right.
Heavenly Father, we
thank you for the glorious hope
and for the great consolation.
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Ghost.
Morning, Mr. Kidner.
May I?
Come on.
Come on.
Hi. How can I help you?
Change of plans. When's the
next flight to St. Louis?
St. Louis.
Destination 200
yards on the left.
Destination 100
yards on the left.
Put it down
and get out, now.
If you're looking for insurance
money, you're not gonna find any.
I don't want your money.
I'm gonna turn around now.
Please don't move. Please
just take a deep breath.
I'm gonna turn around. Okay?
Please try and relax.
Take your finger off the trigger.
Okay? Is that you?
Please take your
finger off the trigger.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Oh, my God!
How is this possible?
Try to breathe.
Take a deep breath.
How is this possible?
Put the gun down.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I don't
know what you're talking about.
Try to breathe, it's okay.
Oh, my God. It's okay.
Just try to take a breath.
Oh, my God. It's you.
It's all right.
It's all right.
How is that possible?
I don't know.
Hey! Are you
expecting somebody?
Did you bring somebody back to
the house with you?
No. No.
Did you bring anybody back?
What are you talking about?
- No! I don't... What are you...
- Mr. Kidner?
Okay, just...
What's happening?
Shh! Quiet.
Wait, Mark!
Mr. Kidner?
Shh, shh.
Mr. Kidner?
Open the door, please.
Mr. Kidner.
Could you open the door?
Mr. Kidner!
Put the gun down. Okay?
I'm just here to help you.
Argh! Get your hands off me!
Hands off me. Calm down!
Calm down.
Eddie. Hey, it's okay, man.
Let him go.
You work for Albright?
I'm still your friend.
Albright, me, we just want
what's best for you.
This woman thinks
her husband's dead.
They told me
the body was grown in a lab.
Why don't you sit down?
That was his choice.
It was the only way
to save his kid's life.
You gave them money?
Come on, man.
Insurance wouldn't step up,
so we took care of things.
It was the only way to get the
little girl back on her feet again.
You shouldn't have
come here, Eddie.
This doesn't concern you. Like hell
it doesn't! You took a man's life!
Hey, nobody took anything.
You're a businessman. Right?
You understand that.
The kid, Anna,
she's alive thanks to you.
That's bullshit.
I could have cut
that guy a check.
Really? But would you have?
Eddie, I get that
you're disappointed.
You thought you
were buying a new car,
and it turns out it
had a few miles on it.
How can you be so glib,
like nothing happened?
"A few miles on it."
You know that the Doc says
each patient is
critical to the program.
Yeah. Fuck him.
You don't
exist without us.
You took a leap without a net.
You really
believe that, Anton?
I warned you.
You know who I used to be?
You like to win. You're
gonna be very disappointed.
There's a car outside.
I suggest you get in it.
The woman?
She's not your problem.
It'll look
like an accident.
You okay?
I need to take the medicine.
Just relax.
I'm gonna use the bathroom.
That's enough.
Hey, Gary.
No! Put the gun down!
Put that down. Put that down.
He shot me!
The Doc wants
him alive, okay?
Go to the front.
Go in the front.
Hey, Eddie! Eddie,
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Eddie? Don't shoot, man.
Eddie, I'm putting
my gun down.
I'm not trying to hurt you.
I'm gonna come in.
I'm coming in. It's just me. I'm
gonna show you my hands. All right?
Touching the knob.
Look, look.
Do not shoot.
See, look.
You didn't have to do that.
We were on the same team.
Shoot him!
Light him up!
Hey, hey, hey.
Wake up! Wake up!
We're gonna burn you!
Burn them up!
Okay, okay.
Come on.
can you just stop?
Mark, just stop!
Madeline, not now.
Madeline? What
happened to Maddie?
I don't feel well, we gotta
keep moving.
Mark, you were just dead.
They told me you drowned.
What happened? Mark, we
need to call the police.
No! No. No police.
I made a deal for Anna.
was part of it.
In exchange for the money,
I agreed to do things.
Things only a dead
man could get away with.
Okay, we gotta keep moving.
Let's go. Come on.
You bastard! How can
you do that to me?
Hey! Just stop! No, I
thought you were dead!
Hey, Maddie! Hey!
I didn't want you to
have to make that choice.
At least I don't
think I did,
between your husband
and your daughter.
You bastard.
I thought
you were dead.
Oh, my God! Anna.
Anna's in school, Mark.
I hope she's strong
enough to blow them out.
You can
do it, Pumpkin.
Did you
make a wish, Pumpkin?
I wished for Daddy to
teach me how to swim.
You're not supposed to say.
Now it won't come true.
Hey, that's not nice.
Is that true?
No, Pumpkin. Of course not.
I'll teach you as
soon as you get better.
He didn't.
Daddy! I knew it!
I knew it! I knew it!
Mom was crying every night,
and I told her not to worry.
I told her you'd come back.
I love you, Daddy.
I love you, too, Pumpkin.
Okay, hey!
Time to go. Come on.
Daddy? Do you
like my hair?
Hey. Get in
here and spit it out.
You don't talk
with your mouth full.
What? Yes, sweetie.
Do you
like my hair?
Do you like my hair?
It grew longer.
It's beautiful.
Come on. Go get ready for bed.
What's with all
these nice clothes?
They made me remove it.
Listen, tomorrow morning,
you and Anna...
Is there someplace that I can take you?
A friend's house?
If you think I'm letting
my eyes off you... Mark?
What are you looking for?
Just tell me
what's the matter...
I just need
a gulp of fresh air!
Come on.
This guy...
I am talking about a future where the
aged and infirm can shed their prisons.
A future where
the fate of a healthy mind...
Son of a bitch!
This guy...
...failing body.
Yeah, Professor Jensen, do you
really think that old people...
This guy-
Hold on there, Mark.
You wanna say bye to Daddy?
Did I tell you what
Anna said to me today?
Pleased to meet you,
Mr. Bitwell.
Hello, Mark.
Mark! Wake up.
Lie down, please.
Mark! Wake up.
I'm fine.
You were on the ground.
I know. I'm fine.
Do you need a doctor?
It's over. It's over.
What's over?
Please! Talk to me!
What's going on?
I'm sorry.
So sorry.
I know you don't
have any reason to,
but you have to
trust me right now.
Where are we running to?
I need to get medicine.
I've gotta make
a stop in New Orleans.
You need to go
to the bathroom?
Are you feeling sick?
Of course not. No, why?
Then why are we
going to the doctor?
Is it for me again?
No, sweetie, it's not for you.
We're actually going to go
see the doctor's wife.
Daddy needs to talk to her.
You're okay.
Go back to sleep.
All right?
Mrs. Jensen will
see you now.
Thank you.
Up the stairs.
- Hi, Mrs. Jensen.
- Come in.
Thank you.
I'm sorry to bother you.
No, you're not.
Please, sit down.
I was a student
of your husband's.
Oh... Please.
You were a student?
I was, yes.
A student!
Mrs. Jensen, um...
I was wondering
if there was any way
I could gain access to
your husband's research.
I'm trying to
follow up on his work.
Oh. That's wonderful. That's
wonderful you would follow up.
Because that's what I told them.
I said follow up. Follow up!
But the university acts
like he never even existed.
They put his
research into boxes.
Boxed up his research? Is it
stored somewhere? Is it...
ls there any way that I
could maybe get to it?
Did Francis ever
tell you how we met?
He was such a romantic.
You know, you and the other one.
You're both so handsome.
He was another student.
I think he's a doctor now though.
He comes every Wednesday
and brings my
favorite butterscotch candy.
His name is Albright.
Maybe I have some...
Mrs. Jensen?
Hey, Mrs. Jensen,
look at me.
Do you know where
I can find Albright?
Please, think.
No. Of course not.
But his number's
right by the telephone.
Boxed up all of his
papers in such a hurry.
All right, Phyllis.
I'll be right over.
Now, Phyllis, dear,
what was all this...
Close the door.
Did you hurt her?
Your wife?
No. She's fine.
Now close the door.
I need pills.
Enough to last.
You shouldn't
have come here.
You shouldn't
have lied to me.
I gave you
what you wanted.
I never wanted
others to suffer.
You failed to mention that...
I'm trying to ease suffering.
Just think of all the great
minds that this world has lost
simply because their
bodies were failing.
Edison, Einstein, Steve Jobs.
Yes, what he could
have accomplished
with another 50
years on this planet...
My wife.
My wife was an incredibly kind
and decent woman,
and she could
still be by my side.
But thanks to the Alzheimer's,
there's no mind left to salvage.
And that's it?
That's your bullshit paper-thin excuse?
That's why you justify murder?
How do you justify
taking the pills?
What do you think they do?
Stop taking the medication, and
your mind fades into oblivion.
Madeline can have
her husband back.
But keep going, push on,
and each dose that you take
erases a little more of Mark.
His army training,
his instincts.
After a year or so,
they'll be gone forever.
You never asked
the right questions, Damian.
What do you want to do now
that you have all the answers?
Let's go to the lab.
Hey, pop!
Shh. Not here.
Take him to the car.
I need a word
with Mrs. Jensen.
Easy, friend.
Come on.
What's he doing here?
Pop the trunk.
Mark? Is everything okay?
Stop it!
I said stop it!
Let him go!
Damn it, Eddie!
First time I take it for a
spin, I get a scratch on it.
That takes weeks.
First one's the hardest.
After a few sheddings, you're
back on your feet in no time.
Your pills.
Give me your pills.
When are you
gonna tell her?
Shut up!
Why don't you
ask your husband...
Shut up!
...when your
daughter's birthday is?
Or when you
two love birds...
What is he talking about?
Mark, what's going on?
Come on! Let's just go!
Up here. Pull over!
No. Not yet.
I said pull over!
Get out.
Stay here, Pumpkin. Okay?
Daddy and Mommy need a minute.
Okay. So when's
Anna's birthday?
Can you answer that?
The hotel where
we got married?
What I'm about to tell you is not
gonna sound very reasonable.
I was sick. I
was a very sick man. I was dying.
And I took part in a procedure
that saved my life.
I was told something else.
I was told that it wasn't.
It took Mark.
Oh, my God, no.
I can't do this again.
I didn't know.
Your husband's dead,
and I'm sorry.
How do you mean,
you don't know?
How do you not know
where a body comes from?
I didn't know!
How do you mean you don't know?
I didn't know.
How do you not know?
I had no idea.
Are you okay?
I'm okay, honey, all right?
Daddy just forgot my birthday.
Will you go back
inside, honey,
and just wait in
the car for me?
No! Can Daddy come with me?
All right, look,
Daddy's not feeling well.
If you need anything,
you ask Mommy, okay?
All right, you know what, why
don't you go play on the horsey?
So, I mean,
what do I call you?
Who are you?
My name is Damian.
And I'm so sorry.
I want to help you.
Help me? Really?
You want to help me?
Huh? Why don't you start off
by bringing back my husband?
Okay, 'cause
the only help that I need
is to tell a six-year-old
and explain to her
that the man who looks and
sounds like her father, isn't.
How am I supposed to
go through it all over again?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I do know that if you push
me away, you won't survive.
They'll kill you both.
You manipulative asshole.
I know.
I've heard that before.
Look, if there's one thing I understand
in life, it's the bottom line.
And these people,
I know how they think.
They've built something,
and they won't let it go.
They'll spend
whatever they need to,
eliminate whoever
they have to.
They'll just
keep coming.
Now I'm not asking you to
understand all of this.
But I am asking you to grab your
daughter and get in the car.
I can take
you some place.
Safe. Where you
can start over.
My friend has a plane, and he
can get us out of the country.
There's an account in Geneva.
It's untraceable.
With more than enough money.
And Anna?
She can't know the truth.
When it's over,
I'm gonna disappear.
You can tell her
whatever you want to.
Mr. O'Neill?
I have a message from Damian Hale.
I think you'll wanna hear it.
I saw him die
with my own eyes.
You saw what
they wanted you to.
And this woman? Are you gonna tell
me she's my great-grandmother?
She's just a friend, Martin.
Somebody I need to help now.
What you're claiming
is simply impossible.
Do you remember in New York, when
I asked you about "shedding"?
I have never met you.
Me. Damian.
I don't know what kind
of con you're running,
but I'm not biting.
That's it. I'm
calling the police.
We need
to go, Pumpkin.
Judy, please put
the telephone down.
I'm starting to understand
why your maids keep quitting.
Where did you get this?
What is it?
The original deed to
144 Plympton Street.
The first building we
ever bought together.
Do you remember the night
we signed the papers?
We went to Charlie's Kitchen.
There's a brunette sitting in the corner.
I wanna talk to her.
She's been staring
at me all night.
But you stopped me.
"You already closed
one deal tonight."
"Don't get greedy."
Turns out, she's the dean's
17-year-old daughter.
How'd you know
to put this aside?
It's me, Martin.
I never do anything
without insurance.
It's done. But it could
take some time
to gas up the plane,
file a flight plan.
Thank you, Martin.
It's March 22nd.
Mom's birthday.
Try to remember next time.
All this will be over soon.
This running around.
You're gonna
have a new house.
A new school. New friends.
Maybe a new school uniform.
Would you like that?
How does the water feel?
About room temperature.
Room temperature.
I never got around to
teaching you, did I?
You left before
I got better.
You're feeling
better now, aren't you?
You want to
come this way?
You know how hard it would be to
swim with those on your feet?
There you go.
They make me
look like a chicken.
Kick hard!
Kick hard! Kick hard!
Look out Olympics 2020, right here.
And she's on her own!
And when did you start
professionally whistling?
When did you
go on tour?
Fast as you can!
Kick, kick, kick, kick!
I didn't go on tour.
I was just
walking into my room,
and I really wanted
to know how to whistle.
There you go, there you go!
So then I started
off like this.
Fast as you can!
Fast as you can!
That's good. Kicking me in the face.
That'll do.
All right.
How fast can you go?
Okay, watch out,
Michael Phelps.
Go, go, go, go, go, go!
You're not old yet. When you get
old, that's when you get soared.
Then I started
like this.
Go all the way.
You can do it.
Then I started like this.
And you're whistling.
I love you, Daddy.
Slow down, okay?
Do you need help, baby?
I'm not a baby!
You okay?
Just let me listen.
Are you okay?
Well, you're not
a bad kisser.
Well, I was aiming
for mediocre.
That's not
what I meant.
I know. I know.
Come on. I just...
I want to know
who you were.
I just need something,
to remind me that
you're not my husband.
For starters, you should be
thankful that I'm not your husband.
I wasn't much of
a father either.
You had children?
I do. I have one. I have
a girl called Claire.
Uh... When she was little,
I wasn't around much.
When she was big,
I was never around.
She turned
out okay though.
She runs a non-profit now.
That's something
to be proud of.
Depends who you ask.
Is she good at
what she does?
She's great.
She's really great.
Did you ever
tell her that?
Do you know where
you'll go with Anna?
I've never really
been anywhere before.
I mean, yeah, Mark and I used
to fantasize about hiding away
in some Caribbean
island somewhere.
Sure, yeah.
Turquoise water...
White sand beaches.
With this money, you'll
be able to do that,
and then some.
Yeah, I guess.
I guess I just never
imagined going without him.
No. I imagine not.
What is that?
It's nothing.
Be right back.
Where's Anna?
What's the matter?
Is everything okay?
Anna? Anna!
Oh, man! It just pulled over
to the side of the road.
I'm winning! Yes!
Who is this, Pumpkin?
This is Tony. He lives here.
Anna. It's time to go.
Say goodbye to your friend. Why?
Come on. Let's go.
What's the matter?
That's Martin
and Judy's son.
He died two years ago.
Who died?
Put the gun down.
You'll hurt someone.
Take Tony to our
room until this is over.
How much time do we have? What?
How much time
do we have?
You have to understand.
I owe them everything.
How much time do
we have, Martin?
The minute you
step off the property.
They called an hour
before you got here.
How could you do
that to a child?
We saved his life!
You wouldn't have done the
same for your own daughter?
No. Not like that.
One day, he won't even remember
what he used to look like.
That he was ever
sick to begin with.
What about the other family?
What other family?
He doesn't know.
How do you not know
where a body comes from?
A lab!
Genetically engineered.
Grown in a test tube.
That's somebody else's
son up there, Martin.
A son they thought
they buried.
God damn it.
The garage. I can get
to it from the inside?
You're gonna
take Anna.
- Wait, wait. What?
- You're gonna head through the fields
until you get to the highway,
and you don't stop.
And what are you
going to do?
Are you listening to me?
I'm gonna buy you some time.
You got a car that I can use?
Take the SUV.
The windows are tinted.
I'll take them. Through the
woods, there's a path.
I'll show you.
- Go. He's gonna help you.
- What? Mark?
Why do we trust him now?
We don't have a choice.
What? Why?
We don't have a choice.
There's a truck stop off 180. If you
make it, we'll be there till midnight.
Thank you.
Thank you.
They're heading your way.
I've got a visual.
He's alone!
There's no one in the car.
Go check
the back of that house.
There's a car!
No! No, wait!
Mommy! Mommy!
No! Anna! Anna!
Where are they, Martin?
I fell behind...
Where are they?
She and the girl rushed
ahead to flag down a ride,
and they ran
right into them.
He'll kill them both. He
won't think twice about it.
It was over before I could do anything.
I did everything...
How could you let them go?
So sorry.
Are you okay?
Albright's card.
"They can help you."
That was you.
Wasn't it?
I rode your coattails
for 40 years.
I thought I was repaying you
for the life you've given me.
I should never
have sent it.
I should never
have said yes.
So much for the
wisdom of experience.
God damn it.
How are the seizures?
Tony used to
get those, too.
This should be enough
to hold you over.
Until when?
I had the pills
Judy was scared
we'd run out,
and I couldn't stand the idea of
Albright having so much control over us.
A day and a half to Mexico.
A few grand for a pharma plant
to make you a six-month supply.
And you're home free, Damian.
A new beginning.
That little girl...
She's the same age as Claire
was when I moved out.
We have no idea
where Albright operates.
Even if you wanted to,
you'll never find them.
Twelve hours.
No pills.
No matter how bad it looks,
I need to stay under.
When Albright brought
Mark to his facility,
he brought him there to die.
No reason to hide it.
If I do this,
maybe I get a glimpse of
something, anything, important.
Bye, baby.
Blow Daddy a kiss...
Are you just gonna stand there,
or are you going to help me?
Pleased to meet you,
Mr. Bitwell.
We must have you
lying down, please, sir.
We're looking for an abandoned warehouse.
You have any idea how many of
those there are in New Orleans?
But how many of them
store Mardi Gras floats?
You still have the boat?
Leonard, where are you at?
We need you inside, man.
Copy that. I'm heading
inside right now.
You should have
seen him when I first met him.
He was torn to
pieces in a Russian prison riot.
I could have let him die,
but I saved him.
And I've resurrected him
three times since then.
And each time,
he's more loyal.
More grateful.
Where are they?
Well, we have a client that
Madeline is a perfect match for.
And the girl's
organs will not be wasted.
Yes, it was built to withstand
500,000 milligray of radiation.
It's quite bulletproof.
You know, Damian, every
medical advance has a cost.
These choices that you're
making and what you're doing,
they don't make you a savior.
You know that, right?
They make you a psychopath.
I understand that
you feel that way.
Initially, I tried for years to
grow the vessels. Of course I did.
But my failure
held everything up.
Eventually, I'll succeed.
And all this unpleasantness
will be seen
as nothing more than
birth pangs, I'm sure.
Now, as you can see, we had
prepped the body
of a 40-year-old
accountant for Anton.
But it seems that
Mark's comes hard-wired
with some very
useful instincts.
I'm sorry,
Damian, I really am.
But it's about time that
someone worthy made use of it.
Please, don't struggle.
As you can hear, Anton
doesn't have much time.
Can you hear me?
Can you tell me your name?
What's your name?
How many children do you have?
Just a couple of pictures I
downloaded from the Internet.
Carry on.
The woman? Where is she?
She's down the hall
in storage.
Give me your gun.
I don't think
that's a good idea.
I've had my legs torn off
and I've been burned alive.
Give me your gun.
Come on. Let's go.
No, no! Please!
Hey. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's time to go.
Yeah. Come on.
Who's Damian?
Hey, I'm just a technician.
Okay. It's okay.
No metal.
You see, sometimes I do listen
to the doctor's orders.
Well played.
If you kill me,
you commit suicide.
Because without
the full course of
those pills,
well, you relapse.
You relapse.
And we both know who
takes over, don't we?
You see, I'm the only one
with the answers, Damian.
You need me.
I'm the only one
standing between you
and oblivion.
25% promazine,
30% olanzapine,
15% Trileptal,
15% valproic acid,
and 5% phenobarbital.
Guess what?
Do you like boats?
Mmm-hmm. About a half
a mile down that way,
there's a boat
waiting for you.
White sandy beaches
and turquoise water await.
Aren't you
coming with us, Daddy?
I don't think so, Pumpkin.
Come here, baby.
Why, Mommy?
It's okay.
Why isn't
Daddy coming?
Are you still
mad at him?
He knows your birthday, Mommy.
Ask him. Ask him.
If you're
looking to volunteer,
there's a sign-up
sheet by the door.
I'm Ed Kidner.
I was a friend
of your father's.
May I sit?
I spent a lot
of time with him.
At the end,
in particular.
I know that you two,
you weren't always close.
If you could hear him
talk about you, he was
Um, I have something for you.
It's just, uh...
I think he regretted not being
around when you were growing up.
He knows that
he could never
make that right.
Sometimes I think
he made the mistake
of thinking his checkbook
could solve everything.
This is a letter.
Some things
that he should have
said to you
while he was alive.
To read, um,
Whenever you like.
Thank you.
Listen, I need to
get back to work.
Of course. You have
important work to do.
I should be going, too.
Good luck.
Hi, Mark.
Welcome to the Caribbean.
My name is Damian Hale.
And I'm the guy
who bought your body.
A let's happened
since you've been gone.
And you're gonna
find that out in time.
But I just want
to thank you for
these months that
you've given me.
I haven't taken
one of those in days.
I've been going through
withdrawals on that bed.
Behind you. Waiting.
Waiting. Waiting for
you to take over.
And I can already
feel myself fading.
And soon, I'll be gone.
Welcome back, Mark.
You take good care
of Maddie and Anna.
Yeah. Yeah.
It's you? Yes?