Selling Innocence (2005) Movie Script

MC: Does she have what it takes to be The Next Big Thing?
[music - luba, "let it go"]
(SINGING) Too many doubts.
Too much fear.
Too much danger.
When society constructs our human nature.
Welcome to the downfall of civilization.
Yeah, no kidding.
Like, is it scientifically possible for these girls
to look any skankier?
(SINGING) --into utter madness.
Let it go.
Let it go.
MIA: Oh, my God.
Is that Jen Wilson?
Hello, tart police!
I'd like to file a report.
(SINGING) Let it go.
Let it free your body.
Let it move your soul.
Let it go.
Oh, no.
We are made.
We are not born.
There was a time not too long ago
when it actually took talent to become The Next Big Thing.
Yeah, well, now all you need is bust and butt cleavage
and a mall full of dirty, old men.
(SINGING) Lift the sanctions that
restrict this woman's madness.
Amazing what some people do for a hit of that
15-minute fame drug, huh?
JEN WILSON: (SINGING) We are made.
We are not born.
So, uh, who do you think's gonna take the title?
Um, last time I checked, Information was
at the other end of the mall.
MC: Do you think you've got what it
takes to be The Next Big Thing?
MC: Visit our website.
NextBigThing.srv to cast your vote.
A click of your mouse can make a dream come true.
Angel DeSouza!
(SINGING) Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell.
Jimmy Rogers on the Victrola up high.
The boy could sing, knew how to move everything.
Always wanting more, he'd leave you longing for.
I'm this close to slitting my throat right now,
so let's just go do what we actually came here to do.
(SINGING) Black velvet with that slow southern style.
A new religion that'll bring you to your knees.
MIA: Oh, actually, I brought my resume.
I'll staple it to the application
after you fill it out.
But all the information you want is already on the resume.
I'm just trying to make your job easier.
You wanna see easy?
Fired before you were even hired.
My handwriting sucks.
I was doing her a favor.
I wouldn't worry about it.
She doesn't know what she's missing.
I'm not following you or trying to hit on you.
My name is Malcolm Lowel.
I run a modeling agency.
I'm here scouting talent.
I'd like you to come in for an interview.
You must really suck at your job.
Well, good luck with the fast food thing.
Jen Wilson would've slayed you for that card.
And he gives it to you.
That is so classic.
(SINGING) Black velvet, if you please.
Angel, Angel, fantastic.
I gotta take a break.
CAMERAMAN: We need some extra media shots.
Down here? MC: Beautiful girls.
Beautiful voices.
Tough choices, judges.
But you think you've got what it takes to be The Next Big Thing?
ABBY: Well, they said we're late on the goddamn mortgage
Well, what more do you want from me?
I-- I'm doing the best I can to hold things together here.
I've cut back on my shopping.
I don't even go to the club.
Don't you dare pull that custody crap.
Oh, really?
'Cause from where I sit, you only want Mia
when you wanna get back at me.
Just send the money tomorrow.
When did you get home?
MIA: Just now.
What's for dinner?
How'd it go today?
Did you apply for the job?
Uh, I said I was going to.
Just making sure.
What's this?
This doesn't look like your new work uniform.
I don't think I got the job. Okay?
Stop invading my privacy.
ABBY: Well, what happened?
I don't know the manager was an ass.
Mia, you didn't really make an effort.
I mean, you didn't get dressed up and your hair.
God, it wasn't a beauty contest.
ABBY: Whatever. Look, I'm sorry.
I've had a rough day.
I have to go now meet with the accountant.
Yes, again.
I really shouldn't go looking like this.
MC (ON RECORDING): --be The Next Big Thing.
Visit our website, NextBigThing.srv.
Angel DeSouza.
JEN WILSON: (SINGING) Black velvet
and that little boy's smile.
And, finally, I'd like to finish by reiterating
that school is a place of learning
and not every girl can afford to keep up with the latest
sexualized trend.
No one's saying they have to.
Case in point.
STUDENT: Oh, burn.
Justin, this is debating club, not practice
for your stand-up routine.
Sorry, Mr. Watt.
Mia's concern was sexualized trends.
Well, I'm bothered by sexist ones.
'Cause that's what dress codes are-- sexist
attacks on a girl's right to express herself.
That's every girl's right, and it's our obligation as men
and as women to respect that.
Thank you.
STUDENT: All right.
I can't believe he pulled the feminist card on you.
Why not?
He was right, and he's gonna kick
our asses at the real debate.
Liberal white guy approaches.
Good arguments today, Sampson.
Come on.
Your logic was great.
I have my work cut out for me.
Only you can make debating sexy.
You totally blew that freaky bitch right out of the water.
Mind me.
I'm just, you know, standing here.
So, Justin, uh, fast food run.
You coming?
Sounds good.
So, Mia, looking forward to the real debate.
[music - joy drop, "beautiful"]
[singing] Oh, the things I would do.
CHELSEA: You really have to get over that kindergarten
crush, Mia.
[singing] --crying out murder.
And I'd just laugh and get away with it too.
I predict the next big thing about Jen Wilson--
her fast food ass.
ABBY: Ooh, mom, let me tell you all about amazing day.
It wasn't amazing.
It was school.
All right.
How bout after school?
Did you reboot the job hunt?
Getting a job was your idea.
I'm not forcing you to do this.
However, if you want to keep going out
with your friends, and shopping, and stuff like that,
you are going to have to do something.
Then I won't go out with my friends anymore.
[scoffs] You won't?
I don't care.
Mia, this is not an answer.
So I've become a model.
I know, it's insane, right, because I'm
some ugly, disgusting monster.
Of course not.
That's not it at all.
Just that being a model means doing things
like wearing makeup and dresses that aren't black, you know,
things that I didn't think you really wanted to do.
Well, somebody wants me to.
You were scouted?
Is this something you want to try?
Well, it beats flipping burgers, right?
So are you an agent or a photographer?
You've probably seen it before.
Agencies ask for money up front for headshots.
That's a complete scam.
No reputable agency would do that.
But when I sign a girl, I do it because I
believe in her talent.
So I build her portfolio in house free of charge.
Any success stories?
Depends on how you define success.
My girls work print, runway, internet,
commercials, everything.
Mia, why don't you head back and get ready for a few test shots?
The makeup room is right over there.
And Simone's expecting you.
Go to my office.
[girls laughing and chatting]
MIA: Hi.
Uh, I'm Mia.
Malcolm wants me to get, like, test shots.
GIRL: Hi, Mia.
GIRL: Hi, Mia.
Hi, Mia.
So are you joining Malcom's beauty cult?
GIRL: You should totally join our family.
You'd make so much money with that face and that figure.
So Malcom's not some creep?
He's, like, totally respectful.
Some of us think he's gay.
He's not gay.
Mia, ass in chair.
Got a lot of work to do.
So have I passed your test?
Well, would you just let your daughter sign with a stranger?
Actually, I wouldn't.
Too many shady people in this world.
Well, you don't have to tell me.
Preying on people's dreams--
Well, I would rather make dreams come true.
Try this.
And this.
MIA: Are you a model or just a stylist?
Simone was Malcolm's first model.
She started all this, like, years, and years,
and years, and years ago.
I'm not neolithic.
I'm 19 and holding.
I'm only 22, actually.
Not a problem at all.
You know what?
Le me call you back. OK?
Have you ever been a model?
[scoffs] Please.
Come on, Abby.
Good bone structure doesn't fade.
Listen, I know that Mia's beautiful.
And I'm not just saying that as a mother.
But honestly, most agencies wouldn't have looked twice.
I have seen hundreds of girls, Abby--
pretty, beautiful.
But there has to be something more, something--
something that Mia just has.
She's going to be a star.
Malcolm, I so want a raise for this.
ABBY: Oh, honey.
[camera shutter snaps]
MAN (ON RADIO): We've got a temperature at the moment
of 15 degrees Celsius.
[rewinding sounds]
Right now the conditions at the international airport--
a mix of sun and clouds.
As far as the winds are concerned, not too bad.
They're at 28, and that's out of the west.
940 News.
Time-- 7:15.
Here's Jay Williams with the news.
MAN (ON RADIO): Police still have no leads
in the disappearance of Angel DeSouza, the teenager last
seen at West [inaudible] Mall's Next Big Thing competition.
Carmen Rosenberg of Webwatch.
CARMEN (ON RADIO): Angel DeSouza's whereabouts
is of great concern to us here at Webwatch.
We're currently assisting the investigations of city police
with a possible internet-related connection.
Every day that goes by becomes more and more worrisome.
[camera snap]
CHELSEA: Holy Jesus.
Mary, mother of God.
[laughs] Ooh-ooh.
[laughs] This is a joke, right, your little curly,
girly-girl thing?
It's a shirt.
Who cares?
Well, I care that it's pink.
Why are you wearing pink?
And why are you acting like my mother?
Remember not to blink.
Shoulders angled.
So is she doing OK?
MALCOLM: She's not bad.
It's a little raw, even for a dollar store flyer.
Listen, I know this isn't very glamorous,
but you start small so when the bigger campaigns come along,
you're ready for them.
And when will that be?
Well, I got a call today from a fashion
mag, a big European title.
And they're looking for a cover model for their annual cruise
wear issue.
Someone fresh, someone new.
KARL: Angled.
And you know what?
I think someone like Mia.
How does that sound?
KARL: I didn't tell you to put your arm up.
Just put it down.
Just put your arm down.
Just do what I say, and this'll go
a lot quicker for both of us.
Got it?
KARL: Yeah?
If you want Mia to do something, ask her,
don't bark at her.
Excuse me?
I think you heard me.
Yeah, all right. Take five.
That's a good idea.
Come here.
- Sorry if I screwed that up. - You didn't.
You're doing great.
Have a seat.
I thought maybe you could use an advance.
Oh, my god.
That's a lot of money to get up front so soon.
You know what?
It just shows my faith in your daughter
and her bright future as a model.
So my advice-- go celebrate, but not until you're through.
Of course. Thank you, Malcolm.
You're welcome.
KARL: Same thing.
[music playing]
We haven't been here forever.
I would love to see his face if he just,
like, walking in here right now.
He'd be shocked.
We actually don't need him.
Not that he'd care.
He does.
No, dad only wants me when he wants to hurt you, right?
Oh, my god.
I'm-- I'm so sorry.
You weren't supposed to hear that.
Hear what?
You tell the truth?
No, I was fighting with your dad.
You know, I was trying to hurt him, not you.
He doesn't always show it, honey.
But he does care.
Tiramisu or creme brulee?
God, how are we supposed to decide?
Um, Justin.
Uh, the debate?
You need some help.
Hey, look, I know we're on opposite sides of the argument.
But you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, right?
[laughs] Maybe.
I mean, about the help, not the back-scratching thing.
[chuckles] Right.
Well, if you want to discuss, then
you know where my locker is.
See you around.
Let's go, slick.
You wash your hair one day, and suddenly
your whole life changes?
Paws off, Pygmalion.
Did she just make a literary reference?
Maybe she's not as dumb as we thought.
Mia, what's going on?
No more bullshit. Just the truth.
You called that guy from the mall?
So? It's a way to make money.
[sighs] Well, I mean, models market their sexuality.
Like, you're-- you're objectifying [inaudible].
It's not like I'm posing for Penthouse.
It was a joke.
Ha, ha, ha.
Whatever, ho, ho, ho.
MIA: [chuckles]
But that's it, right?
I mean, you're just doing it for the money.
What else?
Pleated poly-blend slacks?
What are you pushing here, Sampson?
[music playing]
That's great, Mia.
Change into your jeans and T-shirt.
Come on, Malcolm, don't hold her back.
She's not a nun.
Sex her up.
She's not ready to sex it up, Simone.
How do you know?
OK, that's enough.
Well, you asked for sexy.
I'm giving you sexy.
No, you're playacting.
It's got to come from inside.
Are you sure you're ready to do this?
Will it hold back my career if I don't?
Well, if you want to do anything other than flyers,
then yeah, eventually, you're going to have to show me
that you can deliver the goods.
You know about the cover opportunity, right?
Do you think you're ready to do a sexy beach look?
I want to be.
Start by thinking about a boy.
Someone who makes your insides feel like molten lava.
Don't be embarrassed.
Close your eyes.
Just think about him.
He's there just out of reach.
Before he walks out of your life, you've got to get him.
Open your eyes.
This is that boy.
And it's going to take every illicit,
erotic, forbidden thought or desire you've
ever had to make him yours.
Can you do that?
I can try.
MALCOLM: Show me.
[singing] When you get blue, I feel it too.
And if your done, the blood will run.
Don't let no one come near--
consciousness goes.
Here you go.
OK, I wasn't this good today.
MALCOLM: That's not for today.
Malcolm, all we've been doing is working on my portfolio.
I haven't been on a real job since the flyer.
And I haven't been on one of those looksies.
[laughs] Go-sees.
And that money is from your website.
My what?
MALCOLM: Yeah, I told you we have
a website component, just like all professional agencies do
these days.
Yeah, but I'm making money, and I haven't even seen it yet.
Well then, come here.
Ad execs and scouts pay $25 a month to access your portfolio.
They keep track of your career and watch you evolve.
I'm nobody.
It's industry standards.
Every model has one.
Just like actors do.
There is an email account, so that people
can send in feedback.
Like, let's look at this one.
"Beautiful, a rare talent, a great smile,
and a great figure.
Awesome potential."
People are saying that about me?
Mia, you have triple-digit membership already.
Do you know how amazing that is?
Sure, but I mean, it's the internet.
Models are a dime a dozen.
We have to do everything we can to get
you known in the industry.
Today was indescribable.
And I want everyone to see that.
You have a user ID number.
Make up your own password.
And don't worry, no one gets into the site
without getting through me first.
OK? - OK.
We're good?
Off you go.
[ominous thud]
[eerie music playing]
MIA (VOICEOVER): "Mia, you're an angel.
With wings like yours, the sky's the limit.
Sincerely, Gabriel."
Any luck?
I'm getting nothing over here.
Would you ever put a pic of yourself
on the net for, like, a personal ad or something?
I thought your heart belonged to Justin.
And my liver, lungs, and spleen.
Come here.
If this involves you and a horse, I don't want to see it.
What's this?
MIA: It's like an online portfolio.
It's for execs and industry people.
It's another way to get my face known.
What are you doing?
CHELSEA: Well, I want to see your pictures.
What's you password, Mia Model?
Oh, forget it.
It's jabberwocky, isn't it?
It's always jabberwocky.
But out of respect for your fragile ego, fine.
So be honest.
Do you think it's freaky or not?
All the models have one?
Then no.
Looks professional to me.
[ominous music playing]
CHELSEA: Now, I know we all look like big dorks asking
our fellow students to support a dress code,
but it's either that or I'll be staring
at ass floss and plumber butt till the day we graduate.
So just give me your petitions, and we'll see how
many more signatures we need.
If this wasn't an assigned debate topic,
I wouldn't even want to be talking about this anymore.
It's so boring.
The Mia I thought I knew would have found it important.
It'll be full tomorrow.
I promise.
[cash register chimes]
CHELSEA: So now you're not eating?
I am eating.
A salad.
If this is about the petition, I already told you.
I know.
But no one's signing it.
So maybe we should let it go.
It's a great thing to debate, but there
are way bigger problems.
I don't know.
Underfunding, class sizes.
Yeah, a student petition's really going
to sway government funding.
Look, this is something we can actually change.
I mean, it affects every girl in the school,
including you, including me.
OK, fine.
Just get me a water.
Where are you going?
I'm, um, collecting names for a petition.
Well, I'm trying to get names for a petition
in favor of the proposed dress code.
I don't think so.
Now, just imagine how much fun you could have
watching us break the rules.
[nervous stammers] - Heh!
[excited laughter]
BOY: Yeah!
BOY: Yeah, all right, where do I sign the stupid thing?
Right here.
BOY: Yeah, me too.
Give me that [inaudible].
Does this help?
Yeah, sure, great.
Hi, Abby.
Malcolm, hi.
Listen, I was thinking, before I went and spent
my entire savings on DVDs, I should ask
you out for a cup of coffee.
Is now a good time?
MALCOLM: So how long have you worked there?
Not too long.
Mia's dad and I split up a couple years ago.
A mortgage doesn't pay for itself.
You ever thought of selling the house?
Huh, every day.
The divorce was pretty hard on Mia.
So you don't want to uproot on top of everything else.
I understand.
Well, I hope the past few weeks have
been a good change for her.
She doesn't dress like a funeral director anymore.
MALCOLM: Well, that's always a positive sign.
She's got more, I don't know, pride in herself.
Still mouthy as hell.
And she's all right with the website?
Because she was a bit concerned at first.
Should I be concerned?
Mia didn't tell you?
Yeah, I have a website for my agency.
Showcases all the models.
Think of it like a headshot, only digital.
It's industry standard.
I will give you the web address, and you
can check it out for yourself.
I'll have Mia show me.
Thank you for being concerned with her.
It's very decent of you.
20 minutes has turned into 30.
I've got to get back to work.
Please, yeah.
Let me get your coat.
Oh, thank you.
So tonight, what are you up to?
Well, It's Friday, so me, Chelsea,
and a few friends are getting together for Vampire--
The Masquerade.
It's a live-action RPG.
A role-playing game.
Sounds fun.
But how bout you join me at a live-action party instead?
Uh-uh-uh, I guess I could get out of it.
Maybe Chelsea could come too?
Actually, I can't get out of it, so, uh, have a good time.
I'll pick you up at 7:00-ish then?
JUSTIN: All right.
[phone ringing]
WOMAN: Hi, this is [inaudible]
JAMES: I did that search for Angel you wanted.
You're not going to believe what I found.
I mean, where are these girls' parents?
Their daughters are up in their rooms,
telling every perv out there with a modem,
here I am, come get me.
Yeah, parents are Luddites.
I want a full report on that site, James.
Oh, I wanted to tell you, Malcolm stopped by work
just to check on.
We had coffee.
- Was it a date? - No.
Wish it was a date?
Come on.
He's hot.
It would drive dad crazy.
Anyway, he mentioned to me about your website.
Are you worried about it?
No, I've just got to get used to seeing my picture anywhere.
And so do you.
Oh, honey.
MIA: See?
Nothing to be worried about.
ABBY: You look beautiful.
Well, I'd have to stay and chat,
but I've got to get ready for my date.
Am I crazy or does it seem like things
are actually going our way?
You're crazy.
ABBY: [laughs]
JUSTIN: Wow, what's your mouth composed of, Teflon?
Here's to eating Japanese food in a Japanese car.
Good spicy sushi.
Cold, hard metal around us.
Clouded sky above.
It's a haiku to go with all this.
I think you got the beats wrong, but domo arigato, Mia-san.
Could I taste it?
You know your user ID and your password?
- Yup. - OK.
So go ahead and type that in.
So a couple of ground rules, Mia.
One, always looks like you're having fun.
They can't hear you, but they can see you.
Two, never give out any personal information about yourself.
Not where you go to school, not your last name, nothing.
And three, if anyone asks for nudity, you tell them
you're under-age, you don't do that,
and you'll report any more requests to the place, OK?
Why would anyone ask for that?
I thought this was all industry people.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Commercial production companies, modeling execs,
magazine editors.
That looks great.
You know who called today?
The fashion editor of that European glossy.
He's going to be on this chat tonight.
It's pretty good, huh, a good opportunity?
MALCOLM: A chance to build your profile, your career,
your fan base all at once.
You never mentioned anything about talking to fans.
Do you think Cindy Crawford's never
done a live chat before, huh?
Come on.
If it builds your public exposure,
then it is good for business.
OK? Trust me.
I've been doing this for a while.
OK. Are you ready?
- Yup. - Yeah?
Let me see a smile.
You're on.
I don't know what to do.
OK, type what I tell you.
Hi, everybody, exclamation mark.
I am so excited.
Lots of O's.
[punches key]
[snaps fingers] Come on.
Hey, hey, smile and look straight ahead.
you're so gorgeous and hot.
Thank you.
Star, blush, star.
BOY (VOICEOVER): Mia, do you have a boyfriend?
No, not at the moment.
Sad face.
Give a little sexy sad face.
BOY (VOICEOVER): What do you look for in a guy?
Shy, quiet, smart, funny, no muscle-bound jocks.
- That's not exactly true. - It doesn't matter.
They don't know that. Keep smiling.
Keep smiling.
There you go.
BOY (VOICEOVER): Hey, that's me exactly.
BOY (VOICEOVER): Mai, I am so your type.
BOY (VOICEOVER): Will you marry me?
MIA: [laughs]
They worship you, Mia.
[message pings]
Can I do that, kiss?
Yeah, they would love that.
Do you have lipstick?
- Yeah. - OK.
So put some on.
And then just blow the guy a kiss.
BOY (VOICEOVER): Oh, my god!
BOY (VOICEOVER): That was awesome!
BOY (VOICEOVER): I think I'm going to faint.
MALCOLM: You've got an exam coming up.
Yes, what are you going to do?
You gonna fail? Who's in trouble?
Who's got detention? Yes, you do.
[music playing]
MIA: [inaudible] so they can go back to this clown.
MALCOLM: Someone's throwing sand in your face.
OK, there's a shark in the water.
A shark!
[chuckles] Excellent.
[music playing]
SIMONE: "Mia, you should be in Hollywood."
[laughs] "You're the first thing I think about when I wake up,
the last thing before I go to bed."
Mia thinks someone needs to get a life.
God, how many members do you have?
I broke the 1,500 mark after my last chat.
Word must be getting around the industry.
Sounds like somebody's getting hot.
Membership numbers go up and down.
It's no big deal.
Oh, my god, somebody's requesting an actual interview?
SIMONE: Oh, it's bogus.
How many professionals spell "professional" with two F's?
It's called a typo.
It's called a cyber troll.
Gabriel contacts all the new girls
around here and then goes psycho, completely
gets off on scaring us.
Well, he hasn't been psycho with me.
Look, a little word of advice.
Keep your contact with Gabriel and the rest of your members
strictly virtual.
I was wondering how you lost all your members.
Have fun filling out the restraining order.
[ominous music playing]
All right, this is starting to get scary.
How much longer do I have to do this?
Calm down.
It's only been 20 minutes.
[sighs] Ah-ah-ah!
[laughs] And--
Happy birthday.
You get a massage, a facial, a manicure, and a pedicure,
a complete new makeup regime, and after, you get
to rest overnight at the hotel.
And for dessert, two rounds of Botox, not that you need them.
[exhales] Honey, this is, uh-- this is amazing.
But how could you possibly afford it?
Uh, I just did a bunch of stuff for this cruise
wear thingy. ABBY: Thingy?
Like a magazine or a catalog.
Oh, Malcolm mentioned that.
You never told me you got that job.
So when do we get to see something?
This is big.
I know.
The tear sheets have to come in from Berlin.
It takes a while.
And Malcolm helped out with this too, you know?
He gets discounts at all these places.
And I owe you for everything, mom.
So just--
This is so sweet.
Thank you.
So go have fun.
I know I will.
Oh, hey, uh, no parties.
Mom, stop stressing.
Worry lines-- not good.
[messages pinging]
[phone ringing]
[baby crying in background]
Uh-uh-uh, hi, it's Mia.
Is my dad there?
Well-- uh, hold on, Mia.
[phone ringing]
JUSTIN (ON PHONE): Hello? Justin.
JUSTIN (ON PHONE): Hey, I'm just about a block away.
I'll be right there.
[dial tone]
[rattling downstairs]
[doorbell rings]
[doorbell rings]
JUSTIN: Oh, I gotta go.
Is everything OK?
I'm fine.
Just, uh, give me a minute, OK?
Nice. All right.
That's it for the day.
Before you all go, though, I have a couple
announcements I want to make.
First, next Saturday is our annual company party.
Costumes, as usual.
And as usual, I've invited a few of our most loyal customers.
Do you mean we have to meet these guys?
It's no big deal, Mia.
I only invite a select few who I've
gotten to know over the years.
They're totally nice.
Don't worry.
MALCOLM: There you go.
And second, a new record has been set.
Mia now has-- drum roll, please--
[slapping thighs]
2,145 paying members.
It's a testament to all your hard work and dedication.
Congrats, Mia. - Thanks.
GIRL: Good for you.
MIA: Thank you.
MALCOLM: Listen, don't worry about next Saturday.
Don't worry?
I have something to show you.
Oh, I've dealt with this guy, Mia.
[inaudible] Just ignore him, OK?
He was threatening me.
MALCOLM: 'Cause he gets off on scaring you.
He wants a reaction, Mia.
It makes him feel like he's a part of your life.
But if you ignore him, I promise he'll go away.
Look at it this way.
Every famous person has a stalker.
Stalkers, ultimately, means you've made it.
Do you know how long it took Simone to get
the kind of numbers you get?
This is crazy.
I've never seen anything like it.
And that's the tip of the iceberg.
I see magazines, TV commercials, acting if you want.
You're a star, kid.
So start acting like one.
[music - shawn desman, "shook"]
[singing] This girl, she got me shook.
BOY: Is that Mia?
[singing] Sexy little thighs, the way that she moves
just gets to me.
Keeps shaking that thing and making me sing.
She got just what I like.
Every day of the week, my baby's so sweet.
BOY: Oh.
Hey, Mia, what are you-- what are you doing later?
[singing] We'll do it all night.
Your game is so tight.
This girl, she got me shook.
[wolf whistle]
I'm a guy.
A dress code really won't affect me,
but it will affect you, Chelsea.
I don't understand why you support that.
For the hundredth time, Justin,
socializing girls our age to wear revealing clothing
is actually more oppressive than a dress code.
I'm not saying that every girl should dress like Britney.
You have the power to choose.
It's a free country.
Just ask your partner.
GIRL: What?
I hope there's a point to this, Mia.
BOY: Yeah-eah.
GIRL: Yeah-eah.
Yes, I take off my coat and all Justin
can do is stare at my breasts.
JUSTIN: Well, when you're wearing that--
And you're right.
We should be able to wear what we want.
Well then, I'm glad you agree with my argument.
I'd agree with you if we lived in a utopia,
but we live in a society where girls are constantly
under pressure from magazines, from music videos,
from television, from boys. We're surrounded by it.
And the message is always the same-- if you
want to fit in, look sexy.
If you need validation from your male peers,
then dress like a porn star.
And you're right.
Girls sometimes like to dress sexy.
But be prepared, because if you do, you're a slut.
It's contradictory, it's unfair, and it's a reality that girls
are faced with every day.
GIRL: Yeah!
We get enough of it in our malls and in our homes.
It has no place in our schools.
BOY: Yeah!
Oh, my god!
Chelsea, did you see that?
We had them eating out of the palms of our hands.
Yeah, 'cause the guys are trying to figure
out how to get into your pants.
All my research, all my preparation.
I shouldn't have bothered.
I should have just dressed like a stripper.
Well, I thought the point was to win.
Being a little whore is not the point.
OK, I'm a whore? Fine.
But you?
You're invisible because what guy
would even look at some bitter, ugly, backstabbing nun?
What are you trying to hide? - Nothing.
Just a mushy email from Justin.
None of your business.
Hey, so wow!
Look at you!
Can't frown and half my face is numb,
but if it makes me look 10 years younger, I'm not complaining.
Eh, let me just see one line.
Honey, come on, it's c--
Mom, I'm serious.
Must be some email.
I'll meet you downstairs You have to be at Malcom's at 7:00.
OK, guys.
I want you on your best behavior tonight.
Now all of our clients are important, of course,
even the ones halfway around the world,
but our guests tonight very special.
They paid a lot of money to be here.
So I want you guys to be polite, be charming, be cute,
and make them feel welcome.
Why do I have to be a devil girl?
I'm Catholic.
MALCOLM: Bridget, it's just a question.
Just how welcome do we have to make these guys feel?
Well, as, uh, welcome as the people who
pay for all the little toys you've been buying lately
deserve to feel.
Smile, Mia.
[music playing]
I'm the one who did that request for you
to dress up like that one?
I wouldn't have guessed that.
Take my picture.
My frat bros are going to be so jealous, dude!
Are you comfortable in that thing?
Not too cold?
No, I'm fine.
This must be a little embarrassing.
Well, that's part of the job.
So have you ever done any nude photos?
No, I don't do that.
- Not even like artistic ones? - No, I don't do that.
Why would you make it easier on me to satisfy?
Oh god, this is awkward.
You're just a kid.
Aw, you must think we're a bunch of disgusting, repulsive toads.
You know, I'm never going to be with a beautiful woman, Mia.
I'm too poor, too fat.
But when I look at your pictures,
it's like your smile is meant for me and me alone.
So thanks for that.
You're welcome.
The time will take the sea will rise and time will rape--
Black black heart why would you offer
more, Why would you make it easier on me
to satisfy, I'm on fire, I'm rotting to the core,
I'm eating all your kings and queens,
all your sex and diamonds.
I-- I thought maybe you wanted me to?
Maybe I should just go?
If I put out, I'm a slut.
If I don't, I'm sending out mixed signals.
I'm an evil tease, right?
A whore.
Whoa, I didn't say that!
You didn't have to.
You're right. Maybe you should go.
Thanks for the ride.
We're a volunteer organization that aids police in fighting
child exploitation on the net.
We know it been fun and money is good,
but Malcolm Lowe does not have your best interest at heart?
Please contact us, Edmonton's Web Watch.
Jabberwocky backwards!
I was out of line with you the other night.
So-- maybe we could give it another try you and me?
Give me three strikes before I'm out?
Look, I don't want to pressure you or anything, all right?
We can take things as slowly as you want.
I know.
The other day, let's just forget it happened.
I overreacted and you overreacted.
I saw your site.
Your site.
You know, the one where you're a--
a porn star.
That's for my modeling.
Yeah, and it's 25 bucks a month, Mia.
And don't try to tell me it's art you're doing.
I'm not listening to this.
Look, stop being really retarded and open your eyes!
You're not a model!
You're a goddamn pinup!
I should've stayed in bed this morning.
Today was absolute shit.
It's like one of those days where everything goes wrong.
I think my mom is suddenly going deaf!
I want to know how you made almost $30,000.
Did you open my mail?
That's not the point.
That's illegal!
That's an invasion of privacy!
I don't care.
I want to know where all this money came from, Mia!
Everyone in my life treats me like crap.
You, Dad, Chelsea!
You go to your room, you're going to stay in there
until I get some answers!
SIMONE (VOICEOVER): Sounds like somebody's getting hurt.
MALCOLM (VOICEOVER): You're a star, kid.
So just start acting like one.
CHELSEA (VOICEOVER): You're not a model!
You're a goddamn pinup!
CARMEN: I-- I know.
Um, I got to go.
You must be Mia.
I'm Carmen Rosenberg.
I'm-- I'm glad you called us and, uh,
I think you will be too.
I started this agency--
hoo, almost, uh, five years ago now.
My niece, the young woman working over there,
she was my inspiration.
Well, when she was your age, she
was, uh, lured by a man over the internet, assaulted,
and, uh, and was killed.
But she got away.
And I vowed to do whatever I could
to stop this from happening again to other girls.
Girls like you.
Hey, there is nothing to be ashamed of, OK?
Now you're the victim here.
MIA: You were at the party!
I didn't freak you out too much, did I?
CARMEN: James has been undercover at Malcom's
for over a year now.
So what are you guys, narcs?
The last few years has shown an explosion of child exploitation
on the internet.
Laws and law enforcers are scrambling to keep up.
MIA: That's the girl from the mall!
The Web Watch is a nonprofit organization.
We help the police to fight and shut down these criminals.
Given how busy the police are, they need our help
to help them enforce the law.
JAMES: Translation-- we're superheroes.
Well cool, but Malcolm's not some child porn perv.
No, we're not technically.
He's repackaged it as modeling.
It's very clever.
These kind of teen modeling sites
are growing exponentially.
But I have modeled.
CARMEN: What, once?
We've been watching Malcolm like a hawk, but he never slips up.
Which is where you come in.
You're on the inside.
You're privy to things we're not.
So you want me to rat?
Malcolm's my friend.
CARMEN: What kind of friend would sell you
a phony dream like this, Mia?
We just want to know if he's done anything illegal.
Has-- has he given you drugs?
Has he had any sexual relations?
Has he ever crossed any line?
But you wish he had?
Oh man, no!
No, of course not!
That girl from the mall?
They found her body yesterday.
Is this worth the money?
She was a model just like you.
You know, I'm going to go.
MALCOLM: All right, that's very good.
A little more, just like that.
Your best smile, Simone.
Excellent, you're lava!
Couple more just like that.
There you go.
Keep that smile.
Let me see that smile, Simone-- there!
Very hot.
There, you see that?
Here it is.
SIMONE: Is it possible to get some goddamn privacy in here?
Get out of here, Mia, I don't want to hear it.
What were we doing?
I'm over 18, Mia.
It's legal.
Besides, I can't keep letting my membership slip, right?
Simone, you're a model, not a--
Wake up, Mia!
None of us are models!
It's a scam!
Malcolm's never made anyone famous and he never will.
But all those magazine covers.
SIMONE: [scoffs] It's called Photoshop.
So all this just leads to porn?
Leads to porn?
Mia, what do you think you're doing now?
No legitimate agency would make you pose online.
So your members, they're not talent scouts or modeling
agents, they're just guys.
Gross, greasy, perverted guys with calluses on their palms.
God, even Bridget figured it out faster.
Yeah, well at least I don't spread my legs for web geeks.
Not yet.
Hey, Mia!
That was Simone's decision, OK?
Not mine.
So you need to calm down,
At least Simone knew she was doing this.
MALCOLM: Hey hey hey hey-- that is not fair.
I've never made you do anything you didn't want to do
or anything illegal, have I?
Have I?
You're going to quit?
Is that what this means?
I don't know.
I need to think.
Yeah you do.
Long and hard.
Because you are really talented, Mia.
I never lied to you about that.
Malcolm, I can't do this right now.
Can I give you a ride home?
No, I'll just talk to you tomorrow.
[cell ring]
Who is-- who is this?
[cell ring]
Try a 1-900 number, freak!
[cell ring]
What do you want?
MALCOLM: Hey, Mia, it's Malcolm again.
Listen, I'm just checking in to see how you're doing.
Nothing to worry, cause that was Gabriel last night,
but listen-- that could've been anyone.
- Did you do this? - No, I--
Who else knows about it?
Did you tell anyone?
Well who else could have seen it?
I-- I don't know.
No one was around, I--
I was.
Me and my credit card.
Best 25 bucks I've ever spent.
Just say charge it to your under-aged whore cam.
Which is more MIa, the blue or the pink?
She doesn't wear scarves.
Are you here to explain?
Look, I don't know who the guy was, he just took off.
But Mia was never in any danger, OK?
What are you talking about?
Abby, trust me.
It's all under control.
What's under control?
First there's all this money and now she's in danger?
OK, you know what?
We'll continue this conversation once you've calmed down.
Wait a minute!
What is going on?
What is Mia doing for you that she's making all this money?
And why is she refusing to tell me anything?
You better start telling me the truth
or I'm going to go to the police!
You know, Abby, maybe you should
have asked all those questions before you
went and got your face paralyzed on your daughter's dime.
Let me guess, you saw them.
Who hasn't?
Well, I thought you were all girls can wear what they want?
So you wanted to dress like a slut and do soft porn?
You know-- hate me all you want,
but before I started dressing like this,
you wouldn't even talk to me.
That's not true.
Well one thing's for sure, you never asked me out.
You're no different than any of those creeps
trolling my site.
This is the Mia you want.
Not anymore.
Where are you going?
Came to see Malcolm.
He's busy with a mom right now.
Well, a new girl's getting a tour.
We all get a bonus if we rope her in, so just play ball, OK?
Come on!
SIMONE: Alysha, that top is way too slutty.
Mia, just sit down and pretend to read.
OK, you guys know the drill.
Um, Malcolm told me to come here?
ALL: Hi!
I'm Stephanie.
ALL: Hi, Stephanie!
SIMONE: So, you're joining Malcolm's Beauty Calls?
BRIDGET: You should totally join our family.
You'd make so much money with that face!
Oh, and that figure?
Is Malcolm OK?
He's like totally respectful.
Some of us even think he's gay.
SIMONE: He's not gay.
Stephanie, come sit in my chair, we have some work to do.
What do you think of Malcolm?
Ask Simone.
She knows the real Malcolm better than anyone.
I do, so, um, ask away.
Your daughter really has something--
We need to talk now.
Mia, you can see I'm with somebody.
I don't care.
This would just take a second, Mrs. Walker.
There's some magazines out here.
I quit.
Surprise, surprise.
Did you get my messages?
This isn't just about Gabriel.
You lied to me and you lied to that girl and her mother
and I don't want to be part of it anymore.
I will send your last check in the mail.
That's it?
You're not the only pretty girl out there.
I will survive.
And my website will come down today.
Mia, you signed a contract releasing those photos to me.
For my career.
Where does it say that?
Well, then I'll ask you as a friend.
I'm not your friend.
I'm your boss.
And I'm a businessman.
I've got your CDs, your videos, and I will still charge
people to access your archives.
Yeah, but the people at school have already seen them.
Not my concern.
Well, it will be if I call the cops or Web Watch.
Go ahead.
I haven't done anything illegal, they'll tell you that.
Malcolm, please!
You think you can make this girl
go away because you suddenly decided to be respectable?
This girl has been copied, traded, bought, sold, cut
and pasted, faxed, and emailed.
She is out there in the ether.
And when you are 70, when you have grandchildren,
she'll still be out there.
Like to debate?
Want to go into politics, huh?
Well she will haunt you.
So go back to your baggy sweaters and strong opinions,
but the fact is, you let her out of the box.
You can spend the rest of your life trying to bury her
or you can become her, like Simone has.
It's what the whole world wants for you, Mia.
To be rich, and envied, and admired.
It's not a bad thing.
Now I have a guest waiting.
Thank you for your services, Mia.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Walker. Come on in.
What the hell's going on?
I just had a bad day at school, that's all.
No! I want the truth.
Oh my god!
I can't look anymore.
Mia, you're better than this.
How-- how could you possibly have let this happen?
Well how about you?
I mean, didn't you think it was strange how many nights
I was working on my portfolio?
How much money I was making?
I mean, I did one stupid flyer.
You're right, honey, you're right,
I wasn't paying enough attention.
I should've looked at that website the minute
I heard about it.
Mom, I feel like an idiot, OK?
Honey, I don't understand.
I've always trusted you.
I was making money and life was
getting good for both of us.
You were nice to me for once.
Mom, all you used to do is complain
about my hair and my clothes!
And then you and everyone else started to like me.
Mia, what other people think doesn't matter.
The only thing that matters is what you think about yourself.
OK, you are the last person who should be telling me that.
That's it, I'm calling Malcolm and telling him that you quit.
And I want this website down immediately.
And I'm going to finish by giving that lying creep
a big piece of my mind.
I already tried to quit.
We signed the photo rights order to him.
We trusted him to help you become a real model.
I'll go to the police.
Well, he didn't do anything illegal.
I already went to this internet watchdog Web Watch.
They work with the police and they can't do anything
because he's too smart.
Oh honey, I'll do whatever it takes.
I-- I work two jobs, I'll sell the house
to pay for a good lawyer--
I'll even get your father involved--
This website is coming down--
No, Mom, don't tell Dad!
I'm serious, Mom, if he found out?
I can get through to Malcolm, I can.
No no-- no way!
And I feel totally responsible for all this,
so just let me try before you go waste all that time and money,
Then we can go to plan B.
You have until tomorrow.
One chance.
And then I am going to take care of this.
Life's going to really suck for a while.
What, really?
You know, In a couple of weeks,
they'll find someone else to crucify.
I mean, I'm the original social outcast, I should know.
I was a total bitch to you.
You were.
It was just so easy to pretend that--
that what I was doing, what--
that everything I was doing was OK.
It's going to be all right.
Look, all you gotta to do is make
that creep take down your site.
Tell me how and I will.
So, what do you all think?
Think I can be a model like Mia?
If you show off more of your ass.
Thanks, Christina.
How's this?
So Justin, which one's your fave?
Is it this one?
Or maybe it was this one.
CHRISTINA: Ugh, you're a bigger slut than Mia!
Actually, Jen, that's the pose that you're famous for.
Can I have a chip?
That's great!
Smile at me, Stephanie!
Show me that sweet girl's everyone's
going to fall in love with.
There she is.
Stephanie, I still got film here.
You know what?
Let's call it a day.
That was great. - Bye.
You here to beg for your job back?
Or you just going to deliver another threatening message
from your mom?
I want you to take down my site.
I'll give you all my money.
I'll give you everything that's in my bank account.
You're serious.
Please, Malcolm.
2000 members, 25 bucks a month.
You do the math, Mia, that's like over $600,000 a year,
so your offer?
It's like pocket change.
You won't do it.
I want it down!
You know, somebody made an offer,
an obscene amount of money for nude photos of you
the other day.
And of course, I said no.
Well you'd better have said no.
But if you agree to this, I could
make a fortune on a one time only
Mia Revealed like cam show.
Select clientele only.
You do 15 minutes online and the site goes down for good.
15 minutes, rest of your life--
What's it going to be?
Whoa, wait a minute-- he asked that?
So we can get him, right?
It's your word against his and right now, all you word
is saying is that he asked.
Yeah, which is against the law.
There's no proof.
So unless you were actually to go through with it,
you can do a sting--
You think I should do it?
Well-- that decision is up to you.
All I'm saying is that it's a surefire way of-- of getting
him and closing down-- - No!
I can't.
It would be--
I mean, what would happen?
Well, uh--
OK, um.
Malcolm's going to be overjoyed at your decision.
And this is going to make him a lot of money.
Mia, this is going to be nerve wracking.
Yeah, I sort of got that.
But don't worry, we're here to support you.
But I'll nervous!
I don't know if I'd even be able to do it.
So be nervous!
I mean work with it!
If you're to calm, Malcolm will suspect something.
And the police and I will keep tabs on your performance
from our computer.
Nothing bad will happen.
You can promise that?
You'll be out of there before you knew it.
And way before Malcolm got what he wanted.
Now, the cops can't just bust into a private business
or a home without a search warrant
unless a crime is in progress, and this would be a crime.
So you need to pace yourself.
Draw the performance out and just keep your eye on the door
and it'll time itself out perfectly.
There's no other way to do this, is there?
ABBY: Mia, I did some checking today.
I-- I talked to the police and I talked to a lawyer
and you were right.
There's not much we can do.
Well-- no, you don't have to worry about it.
Malcolm's taking down the site tonight.
He saw how upset I was.
He grew a heart and he agreed.
Honey, that's amazing!
We should celebrate!
I already am with Justin.
Oh, OK.
Yeah, you should go.
Have fun.
I'm really proud of you.
OK, I'll be downstairs.
If you don't stop shaking, I'm going to blind you.
Piece of paper releases the photos back to, Mia.
When you finished, of course.
Of course.
So how much are these pervs paying for this performance?
Well, more than enough to make up
for the loss of your membership revenue.
Your archival stuff has some shelf life,
but, uh, our new next big thing will offset that loss.
Until she figures out she's working for the biggest
perv of them all.
We're using live streaming video today.
No one can record it, including the police.
I know all the men.
And seeing how they want this site up
and running as much as I do, they'll stay quiet.
I'm protected.
You're protected.
We'll see you in 10.
You don't have to do this.
What would you do to make this all just go away?
Come on, you must have dreams or something?
I think you need a bit more blush.
MALCOLM: So, don't take your clothes off all at once.
Five, four, three, two, one.
I said slowly, Mia, not paralyzed, come on.
There we go.
Take the tie off.
And we'll take the braids out, give your hair a little shake,
all sexy like.
Is Mia around?
She's supposed to be with you!
You're doing great.
You got a bra underneath there?
We'll take the top off, give them a taste.
Mia, look at me. Smile.
Great. Good.
Now-- hey hey, no, look-- M-- Mia!
Hey, come on!
Face me!
This is OK! Good.
Mia, look at me.
And then you're going to act surprised
and you cover it up, OK?
Come on!
This is acting!
Fall out of your cup, let it slip out, let it slip out.
Good, and now act surprised and cover it up.
Cover it up!
Crying ain't sexy, Mia.
Should be easy stuff.
Just take the skirt off.
You'll be in your bra and your panties.
Mia, come on!
Hey, hey hey-- not your socks!
Malcolm, maybe we should just wait.
These guys have waited long enough, OK?
Take the skirt off.
We'll be in our panties and-- and our bra,
we'll do the big finale and it'll be over.
Mia, look at me.
Stop crying, Mia.
Drop the skirt.
Drop the skirt. Now.
(CRYING) I can't do this.
You know what? Get out of here.
Get out of here.
Get the hell out.
Get out!
What happened?
The cops didn't show up!
JAMES (ON PHONE): Mia, just calm down.
Just take a cab here and I'll explain everything.
JAMES: It's possible the police didn't have enough manpower
to follow up on all the tips.
I mean, it happens.
Maybe you should have told me that before I
went and did all this.
Do you ever read the news, Mia?
Seems like every day another girl goes missing.
Sometimes they find the girl, sometimes they don't.
Sometimes they catch the guys, sometimes the guys get away.
No, the guy always gets away.
Feels like that to you, huh?
Oh, Mia, you know, that doing what I do, after a while,
you begin to see a pattern.
You begin to see the truth.
So you can say that men are the bad guys all you want,
but who's tempting them in the first place?
Who are they tangling with?
You see, it's not the men who are evil, Mia.
It's the girls.
I'm going to get going, James.
Thanks for everything.
You're not going anywhere!
You're not going anywhere.
And don't even think of trying anything.
It didn't work for Angel.
You know Gabriel, Mia?
He was one of the seven archangels.
God's hero.
The Angel of Judgment.
You were sent to me as a sign.
I thought you were different.
But you failed.
Just like angel before you.
Another false prophet.
Now we're going to finish where you left off.
SIMONE: What do you think you're doing?
ABBY: Where is he?
In his office?
Where is my daughter? MALCOLM: I don't know.
I didn't put a microchip in her.
Answer me!
Calm down.
She left.
About an hour ago.
Well what was she doing here?
What-- what have you done to her?
OK, you know what?
Your daughter came to me and tried to bribe
me into taking down her site.
I said no and I sent her on her way.
Well, Malcolm, I can't find her anywhere,
so would you please, just please help me.
Not my concern.
Let's go.
If I was Mia, I would go to the police or Web Watch.
I don't hear any sirens, so it's probably door number two.
Simone, thank you!
JAMES: The lipstick behind you.
Pick it up.
Spread it on your lips.
Now walk up to the camera and kiss
it, just like you did that first night.
Do it!
That's a good girl.
Just lean in and kiss it.
ABBY: Mia!
Can you breathe?
Oh god!
Just breathe!
Oh, sweetie!
Oh, Mia!
What happened to me?
Oh, Justin!
It's OK.
POLICEMAN: Your attacker's in custody.
There will be a trial, of course,
and you'll have to testify, but we got a strong case
against him, not to worry.
ABBY: What about Malcolm Lowe?
POLICEMAN: He was arrested, his computer seized,
and his business temporarily shut down.
Simone has agreed to testify against him.
Say what she saw that night.
So we'll at least get one count of child pornography
against him and against all the men who watched.
Well, this all sounds good.
It's really good.
And hopefully we'll be able to shut down Mr. Lowe's
website once and for all.
Thank you, officer.
Thank you.
CUSTOMER: An apple pie and a diet soda.
No, no.
An iced tea.
OK, that'll be $15.45. There you go.
Hi, can I help you?
Yes, I'd like a veggie burger, uh, hold the hairnet.
And a double burger combo with the extra hairnet on the side
You're both going to get extra spit if you don't shut up.
I have a hairnet!
I'm starting to think flipping burgers is so not worth it.
Well it's better than the alternative.
I know.
Am I paying you to chat with your friends?
I don't think so.
Well, I better go.
I've got a cow to fry.
Oh, uh, don't mind me, I'll just be over there
rearranging the straws.
Do you want a donair?
You saved my life, I don't mind getting it for you.
You softened him up.
He was half over when I got there.
CHELSEA: OK, I'm this close to hurling,
so before you're fired, we'd better go.
That's wrong?
I'll see you tonight.
Yeah, I'll see you tonight.
[music playing]