Sema (2018) Movie Script

'Good times around the corner'
'Auspicious days will favor'
'A new innings and fresh beginnings'
'Joys to bloom anew
All your dreams will come true'
'This house will soon revel
fame and fortune as well'
'Lo and behold!
Auspicious events will unfold'
Near a temple and a lake... Goddess Lakshmi, a spouse
for the prince of this house
The perfect bride
In case she doesn't show up...
...bad events should follow
So says our own Delphi, Jakkamma
'A canopy should be raised
in front of this house'
Food should be served
to one and all
'Whether the future holds
good or bad for the family...'
'...rests in the hands of
the lady of this house'
'It is the oracle of Jakkamma'
'Happy days are round the corner'
Aravalli akka, what's news?
Last night I believe
our local soothsayer...
...predicted good events will follow
or else misfortune will fall upon you?
Were you eavesdropping?
As if that's my occupation
all the time!
I come from a better
lineage than that
The wind just carried
his words into my ears!
Good event means a wedding
What does he mean by misfortune?
My funeral!
Why are you cursing yourself?
As if it can't be your son
Kuzhandhai's wedding?
I know of a girl
in a 'cow dung' family
Why don't we finalize
that alliance for your son?
I want to ask our astrologer
if wedding bells will ring for him
- Good idea
- See you
'Please come and sit here'
- Give me the horoscope
- Greetings, sir
5th house is occupied
by sun, moon and venus
7th and 8th houses
[mutters under his breath]
Horoscope is like Lord Krishna's!
You can find him
amidst girls always
No, it's the opposite
Girls make a beeline to him!
'We have arranged item-wise'
'Please come and buy our tomatoes'
Don't you have Bangalore tomato?
We don't buy from a state
which denies water to us
Buy fresh ones
from Tamil Nadu
Don't start by
getting into trouble
Come, madam
Pure and fresh
red tomatoes
Tomatoes, dear
Full of cheer!
He has to be on a job
At the same time
he won't stick to the same job
True, he gets bored easily
Cat fish, Butter fish
Indian spiny loach
'Please come
ATM also available'
Cat fish
Indian spiny loach!
1st cater to the men's needs
They've been waiting for too long
'They won't look at me!'
I know why your brain
is working this way!
You guessed
So do it
He has business acumen
to even sell stale stuff
You bet! In case
he's unable to sell the fish-
Dried fish...dried fish!
'Dried fishes of
all sizes and shapes'
Dried anchovy, dried ribbon fish,
dried tilapia fish
So smooth, you won't feel the fish,
beer, rice or your life slip by!
You can even use it as dowry
With guarantee and warranty
How can you offer
warranty for dead fish?
Business tactics
He can't read and
I can't tell the time
Bro, 1 tea
With one vada
Don't lean on me, you mop-head!
'As if he's Shakespeare
Pretending to read!'
He'll read newspapers in Telugu,
Malayalam and Hindi word to word
Telugu, Sachin-
Bro, finished seeing the photos?
No cool news to relax
or hot news to drool!
You must read only
Malayalam news
You read so many papers daily
On the whole what is the news?
The same news is expressed
by all of them creatively
No variety, huh?
8 hours ago...
...what we read in Facebook,
Twitter, WhatsApp is refurbished
8 hours later they print this
Newspapers were the
source of news for us
But now we feed news to the Press!
Where is the country?
- He beats uncle Scrooge hollow!
- Bang on!
Won't even extend his hand to anyone
Bro, how are you?
I don't shake hands
I'll lose my power!
- How is business?
- You're bad at this, get lost
Not only bold
but also brave
I'm worse than hero Kamal Haasan!
- What do you mean?
- In bravery!
If I lose a nail,
you'll lose your arm
His stars will make his tongue run
He'll spin yarns too
He has been going in circles
Around the same girl
for the past 3 years
(humming a film song)
Stop, Gayathri
- Wait
- Why are you hounding me?
I don't know why I'm in love with you
But I love you
I hate seeing your face
Please go away
Just a minute
You hate the sight of me
But don't find me repulsive, right?
My folks find me offensive quite often
I turn a deaf ear to even that! you go!
What about his wedding?
Generally people face problems
only after marriage
But for him...
...marriage is the vortex
of his problems!
Will any untoward incident
happen because of this?
He has to be on his guard
He is likely to get married
only for the next 3 months
He crosses that, he won't
marry for another 6 years
So he has to get married
within 3 months?
1 minute, wait, Gayathri
Gayathri, please stop
- Gayathri
- Yes
- Someone is following her
- Yes
How many times to tell these boys
to flirt with a pretty face?
Gayathri, wait
Smart Alec, stop!
How long have you
been hounding her?
3 months
I've been in love and
following her for 3 years
I saw her on January 1st
On 14th wished her
'Happy Pongal' and smiled
She walked away silently
and next day wished me
That was my friend's birthday
On April Fool's day she claimed
she had never loved me
My friend Omagundam chided me
and told me to ditch her
- I broke up
- With me, not her!
Breaking up with your best friend
is the worst thing to go through
The day I apologized to him...
...was Telugu New year's day!
Told her I'll never
trouble her again
1 week...!
I couldn't take it
Though I went in so easily
I couldn't come out
- Were you locked in?
- On April 14th I met her again
She was mad at me, I said,
'Be angry, but don't hate me'
- He praised my dialogs
- Me, huh?
After that, Labor's day,
Ramzan, Independence day
- Lord Krishna's birthday
- Ganesha's birthday!
All the festivals in our calendar
He greeted his girl
even for your grandma's funeral!
Why make him babble?
Even Diwali, Milad un-Nabi,
and Christmas-
The festival of lights in Tiruvannamalai
He goes quite often
Even on Children's day
I am running behind her like a kid
So she is my girl
Looking at her, ogling,
spying on her, drooling
...making a pass, honking
Don't try any of these with her
- That's my job
- We are jobless anyway!
Whose side are you on?
- You
- Then hit him
Hey! Why tell me all this?
How dare you retort!
Why did you hit me?
Punch him
Get lost
- Like it?
- No
Is that why you stuffed yourself?
Hunger knows no taste
- Did you see my horoscope?
- Yes, I did
You told everyone, if I don't
marry within 3 months
...I won't get married
for the next 6 years?
Yes, I said so
You should've told me first
Now I've wasted 6 days
Only 2 months
and 24 days left
Why ruin my life, ma?
You were following a girl!
I thought I'll clinch that alliance
That won't work
Shall I try talking to her?
You've been in love or what?
To find a bride for you
I don't have to fall in love
Being a girl is enough
But she should be a girl, right?
I sent men to hit you?
Who is your son?
How can you ask me this?!
- Don't you know my son?
- No
Hey, come here
He's my son
Hey, if you like him say 'yes'
Otherwise say 'no'
Don't laugh derisively
I can't help laughing
looking at your son!
Does she think she is
God's gift to mankind?
Hey! Who the hell is he?
Hey, I have no clue
who he is
2 or 3 fellows followed me
One of them must have hit him
For your stupid face,
2 or 3 chaps hit on you?
Don't pick a fight with me
Ask whoever hit him
Don't you dare yell at me
My son-
Why do you interrupt
our conversation?
Let me 1st talk to her
Then your turn
Do you love my son or not?
3 chaps are interested in me
Which is your son?
My son has been in love with you
for 3 years, don't you know him?
I know chaps who are in love
for 4 or 5 years diligently
I don't know them
This bashed up face
is also one among them
What is this, son?
Kuzhandhai, come here
Find out what's in her mind
This chap, huh?!
If you're disrespectful
I'll clobber you
All that's fine, do you
love my son or not?
I don't love him
nor anyone else
Okay, you don't have to
be in love at all
Why get into that unholy mess?
Also time is running out
We'll fix the wedding
straight away, pick a date
Are you deaf or what?
Didn't hear me?
Are you a mother or a mack?
Don't be so offensive, Gayathri
Get lost!
- Why are you begging her?
- She just insulted me
Instead of defending me
you're pleading!
- Poor amma!
- Get lost!
'Amma, where are
you rushing to?'
'Don't do anything drastic, ma'
Why are you yelling?
- This is my house
- You run and save her
I'll hang myself to death
Please come out, ma
This isn't our house
A female insulted me
in the most vile manner
Instead of slapping her cheek...?!
I can't live hereafter
I'll die
Why do you hurt me like this?
I am worried for her
- Old lady, move
- Clear out
I'll just hang myself
Why should I be insulted
because of you?
Why should I live
having given birth to a son like this?
Take out the tiles
Why are you removing the tiles?
To give cable TV connection!
- She's about to hang herself
- Commit suicide, huh?
Gayathri, if that lady
commits suicide...
...I'll make sure you vacate
Go, bang the door
Have you gone
to the police station?
Ma, why are you doing this?
'Don't come this side
Sit over there'
This has become a routine for you
You come out
- I can't cut it, get down
- I'll hang myself
Don't untie it
'Narrow escape'
Why do you do this, ma?
This is the 93rd time
You try to commit suicide
every 2nd day
Trying to pacify you
is real torture
Your silly prank will end
in disaster one day
If any door is open...
' step in with a rope
to hang yourself!'
- Brother?
- What...?
93rd time, huh?
She does this often?
Not often, uncle
All the time
That's her entertainment
She'll do it twice a month
Usually in a relative's house
But this time, lucky you!
That lady is mad as hell
and running
That's a different lead
We'll know tonight
What lead?
Nosey parker!
You'll go deaf if I hit you!
Step mother!!
'Why is she hogging like this?'
Looks like I won't
have any dinner left
- 'Let me taste 1 dried fish'
- Take your hands off
'No wonder she's relishing it'
What happened to you?
Why did you want to die?
You should deep fry
dead dried fish
And be alive to cherish us
eating it with relish!
'She cares two hoots!'
Why did you want to die?
I'll hit you with my broomstick
Let's go see that girl from
that 'cow dung' family at least once
How can I set my heart on
another girl right away?
I fell so quickly in love
I can't come out that easily
Just open the door
and step out
What silly excuses!
- Ma, what happened to you?
- Junk fellow!
'Are you a mother or a mack?'
'Ma, why are you doing this?'
Ma, why are you sleeping at night?
Spoiling my sleep!
I don't know what you'll do
We'll meet the girl
you suggested
Fix that alliance
and I'll marry her
'What happened to him?'
'Keeps changing his mind!'
We haven't seen the bride
You're talking of dowry!
What's wrong with my son?
Then why don't you
bring him on a horse?
Where are both the grandmas off to?
To buy coconut
Why has this maid
caked her face with make up?
We are seeing a bride
for my son Kuzhandhai
I am so glad to hear this
Wish you luck
I am still a bachelor
This bride has a sister? dear?
- Come, dear
- Kamal Haasan is waiting!
She is coming
Why keep nudging me?
Do you have the habit
of going to the gym?
- Did you notice?
- Yes, I did
You like this 'Miss Bun', huh?
She doesn't seem the right catch
for you, kindly avoid
Why are you saying so?
Beautiful girls are like lightning
They will vanish in a flash
She is like a lamp
She will light my life steadily
Who can change your fate?
Go, stick your head
on the rail track!
Keep quiet!
Where does the groom work?
He's a commando in the army!
- I was just being funny
- Shut your mouth
He's a vegetable dealer
'He is very sincere in his job'
His job changes
according to the season
He'll sell fish
He'll dry left over fish
and make money in that too
- Retail business?
- He's such a big scientist!
I told you to reject her
right in the beginning
She's rejecting you
It's such a shame!
Forget it
We are thick skinned when
we get insulted, that's all
Some are lucky in
their 1st attempt
Others may have to
try 2 or 3 times
Will take off in
course of time
Keep try
Keep on try
What do we do next?
Look for the next bride!
What a lousy job
Like a roadside Romeo!
Please come and buy
Fresh orange orange
1 kilo is Rs 50 but we give you
a discount, only Rs 40
Hello, Ranjitha
How is Swami Nithyananda?
Malgova...ripe mango, exotic!
Make up your mind
Are we selling oranges or mangoes?
Aunty turned our orange into mango!
Her husband is coming out of jail
Want him to go back?!!
How much longer will we
yell and sell, road to road?
To sell tomatoes for 5 and 10 bucks,
is a back breaking job
Let's plan something
I agree
Even if we earn
no one respects us
That's why I can't even
find a bride easily
Let's take a magnificent shop
in a market for lease in Chennai
Get into wholesale business
Let's do it
Long live India!
- Trust your mother to call
- Pick up
Tell me, ma
'We are seeing a bride in Ponmalai'
'Come home early'
Only you can do this, ma
Only yesterday a girl rejected him
That scar hasn't healed as yet
Won't he feel bad
if you see another girl?
I won't feel bad
Give me the phone
No scar or bar, ma
All that's healed
Let's go tomorrow, ma
Only 2 months left
Please mom
'Okay, let's go'
I'm feeling giddy
Give me an orange
Look who is coming
Our dear motor-mouth!
Hello, Aravalli akka
Where are you off to
with son and monkey?
- Wine shop
- Coming?
'Seeing' a bride for my son
What is this?
If it's just once, it's alright
But does it look good if you keep
announcing you're bride hunting?
'Charcoal' is going overboard
What about the girl from
the 'cow dung' family I suggested?
That girl did not like
my son selling vegetables
- Really?
- Don't disturb amma and that ghost
Her walk reminds me
of a pumpkin rolling
Let her keep rambling
If we say we are vegetable vendors
we will be looked down upon
Say it as 'market' in English, no-
Add 'ing' to 'market' and say
he is into Share Marketing
What if they ask details?
From the market, we share
Keep it simple, okay?
I'll do all the talking
Follow me silently
'Malliga, when did you come?'
Hey, don't forget
my improvization
Zip your lips, eh?
Come and greet our guests
'She's hidden like the heroine
in Bharathiraja's films'
'Show your bright face soon'
Greet everyone, my dear
Icing on the cake!
She has powdered
her face with coal
Even I don't like her
Let's scoot
That's alright
Color can be corrected
She has good features
Like my mother
- He's insulting you!
- How could you?
Keep quiet, ma
Just 2 months left
for me to decide
Or else I must wait for 6 years
I can't be celibate for so long
- Leave it
- Let me say 'yes'
You'll resort to Family Planning!
What's the groom doing?
We are busy talking
I wanted to know your profession
- We are into marketing
- Yes
- What is that?
- You nitwit!
Share marketing, huh?
- Yes...yes
- Exactly!
He isn't dim at all!
Share marketing is dicey
Suddenly rises
Fluctuates a lot
Is it an elevator?
'Many big shots have invested heavily
and committed suicide'
In the last 6 months
25 suicides in Tamil Nadu
216 in India
In the global level, 989 victims
died because of this share market
- Beautiful!
- Clap for him
I've invested in millions
Lost every single penny
And now renting
this run-down house
You didn't die, huh?
'It's like gambling'
The groom I'm looking for...
...can even be a peddler selling
vegetables or even dried fish!
'Traitor! You used
big sounding words'
Even if he earns Rs 200 a day
...he should stand on his own feet
He should be self sufficient
And work hard
Head is spinning, eh?
I'll smear dung on your face
when we step out
Trying to add fuel to the fire?
Get up, let's go
Let's escape
Listen, God often tests
only the good hearted
Why did he target you?
Bad God
This too shall pass!
It went above my head
If tomorrow I become like Ambani
...such experiences will be useful
for my autobiography
I should fill at least 250 pages
A book with only 65 pages
will be a damp squib!
My autobiography
shouldn't be a song book
It must be part of
the school syllabus
Call her, unable to bear this insult
she's planning to hang herself
Don't try suicide again, ma
We can't rescue you
from the rooftop, ma
Listen to me
If we save her
we are in for a dried fish feast!
High five!
Please pump water for me too
Yesterday she had such a long face
'What is bothering you
Aravalli akka?' I asked
'Not 1 girl wants to
marry my son' she said
Who will fall for her son?
Don't you agree?
Thinking he's Mr World or
something, she is so damn picky
That black pot will
only get a matching kettle!
Kuzhandhai, don't be upset
There's someone for you out there
100% she will be devoted to you
She will love only you
till her last breath
We just have to find out
where she lives!
Why are you staring at me?
Come here
What happened?
My wife beat me up, sir
That's common in most houses
Tomorrow is our MLA's wedding
Make all the arrangements
I'll come and collect the payment
"Cash, dough, dollar, rupee, money
Peso, pound, paisa, paper money"
How can they waste that cake?
Why are you back so soon?
What's this decoration in aid of?
Head deep in debts and
you show off with false prestige!
What about the catering order?
MLA cancelled the wedding order
He fixed a big catering firm from Madras
Whether local or out-of-towner
the basic recipe cannot be changed!
But no one can beat my flavor
I'll get my daughter married in this
same town with a feast to remember!
Shelve your daughter's wedding aside
You haven't paid interest
for 2 months
You settle that first
If not this MLA, some other
politician, if not A, then B
I'll fleece someone
and settle my debts
Let's play a game of cards
"Don't look down upon girls, buddy"
"Don't you have sisters, tell me?"
'Rotten tomatoes!'
Not a single girl in this town
is suitable for us
I've received an alliance
40 km from here
Let us go and look up that girl
We have done this so often, ma
How many girls will reject me!
Usually a video is shot of the wedding
But I have shot my life
in all possible angles
And I have a portfolio
You show my photo and
I'll come once they agree
I've crossed that stage with them
You just have to decide
Let's just see her in person
She's right
Tomorrow is a holiday
We'll make it a jolly trip
Let's go with a mindset
she'll reject and humiliate you
How will you be upset?
Am I being funny?
I'm ridiculing him
and he's laughing
I don't like this formality, ma
You tell the whole world about it
When every girl I see rejects me
I feel so humiliated, ma
So do we!
I won't tell a single soul, dear
- Swear on a stack of betel leaves
- I'll go and get it
What new nonsense is this?
What is this promise?
Go freshen up, sleepy face!
Like father like son!
She pampers him and
dances to all his tunes
Promise me now
- You too
- I promise
Regarding formally 'seeing'
a bride for you, I swear
- We won't blab to anyone
- We will blabber!
What did you say now?
His hearing is sharper than a knife
We won't blabber
Listen to my idea
to keep this under wraps
Got it? Go now
So tough to get
1 square meal here
Ma, I'm going to Trichy
for my friend's wedding
'He's so depressed, he is
forever in a groom's attire'
'We should also be
on our guard I think'
'Why is this pregnant pig
coming towards us?'
Why are you walking
without 'Kuzhandhai'?
If I was married
kids would tag along
- You don't wave your wand
- Fat hopes!
He thinks he is funny
Not 'Kuzhandhai' as in 'kid'
but your friend
Don't know where he is
I'm off to the market
You're wagging your
tongue too much
I'll stuff and snuff you in this sack
You and your amphora-mouth!
- She's a bad influence!
- He called me a frog-mouth, huh?
Akka, in this same way
my mother-in-law ridiculed me
She hinted I croak like a frog
I lost my cool one day
I mind my own business, no?
She provoked me
I picked up the grinding stone
and smashed it on her head
And closed her chapter
Now she smiles at me from a photo!
Hey! Paechi
I'm off to the temple
Keep an eye on my house
Okay , akka
Pray for me too
Wonder whose head will roll today
New trick, huh?
Akka, something fishy
in their stories
All 3 of them are spinning
different tales
Maybe they are seeing
another bride for him?
As if the stink of a dead fish
can't be sniffed!
How are you, Aravalli'ka?
Where are you going?
Got the ticket?
The chap in the next stop
who gets in will buy
Let me add the BGM here
'I hate your face
Turn away'
'Look at your face in the mirror first!'
'They are sitting very casually'
Sister, is he the one?
3 tickets to Allur
The chap in the next stop
who gets in will pay
3 tickets
Rs 18
You are a group of 3
Why sit separately?
We have a vow to fulfill
for Lord Ganesha
- Mind your business
- You look like Ganesha!
How much farther?
My legs are hurting
Will you ask that man?
- Which is Balu's house?
- 'Attack' Balu, huh?
The yellow house over there
'Attack' Balu
Even the name spells danger!
'MLA's son is coming'
Greetings, brother
'Who is he?'
'Looks like a computer graphics toy!'
'Why has he covered his face
with a moustache?'
The mother looks like she will
take good care of our daughter
But his friend looks
like a boogeyman
Looks like this is a decent family
Even after looking at the father's face?
Don't joke
How are you?
I'm fine
Buddy, your search ends here
How are you so sure?
Obvious from the parents' faces
The girl will be sad
she was born to them
Imagine how my sister
will look, if I had one
'How will his sister look?'
Beyond imagination
Same with your bride now
Magizhini, serve coffee
to our guests, dear
You can sniff the aroma of
my daughter's coffee 10 towns away
Is he your real father?
Did you take a good look?
You bet I did
She's soooper
How can I even express my joy?
Click a snap, quick
I'll need it later for 1st look
I'll make it a teaser!
Just ensure her father's
wild face doesn't butt in
She looks good
Why are you fiddling
with the phone?
Uploading aunty-virus
You go inside
To hit on another man's wife is a crime
- Another man's wife
- Of course
She'll anyhow reject you
Then she'll marry someone else
Let's scoot before she chases us out
I'll go first
You follow next
'Attack' uncle, I'll step out
to take a call from USA
No rush, take
your own sweet time
'I am unable to bear your torture!'
She's a stunner
She'll reject me for sure, huh?
It's a feather in your cap
if such a stunner rejects you
It will add to our family pride
I'm okay even if she rejects
Hello, buddy, buy a big bottle
of booze for tonight
'What's the occasion?'
So-so looking girls
reject him left and right
This one is a chic chick
She'll surely say 'no'
Call the gang and be ready
- 'For what?'
- To lament as usual
This groom should say 'okay'
God...somehow make her say 'yes'
'God, make her agree
I'll light a special lamp for You'
Do you like the groom?
- I like him
- Shall we agree?
I like him as well
- What now?
- Wait patiently
Let them open up
We can fix the date
My daughter-
We think so too
Even you like her?
She likes me?
We can fix an auspicious day
next week for the engagement
He is agreeing to this alliance?
Fix it on a day
the market is closed
We run a wholesale business
We will be slightly busy
Heavy loss even if we shut
our business for a day
Yes, uncle, very soon we intend
opening a branch in Chennai
So we get vegetables
delivered daily
Sure, aunty
You just need to pay
I just committed a big order
Can be settled next month
Don't turn up at my doorstep
He's asking for some money
These chaps thrive on bad timing!
You should be in the right state
of mind to give money, right?
Buddy, did you notice?
Of course, I did
Looks like we hit the jackpot
This will be our personal bank
You get married first
We'll usurp everything
We are very happy
Have a safe trip back home
I don't normally shake hands
I will lose my power, right?
He will give his hand only to
our daughter, note that point?
Of course I did
Thank you
Uncle, wake up your mother
She's fast asleep
'Simpering idiot!'
- Wait
- Why?
Turn back and see her
I think of you as Cupid
Don't lose your touch!
I know the girls from our village will
hide behind a window and eye the groom
Are you sure?
My dear lad
"With her 'squid' eyes she caressed me"
"My heart most willingly
set itself on fire soulfully"
"Her waist tempting
Her bosom tantalizing"
"My head and mind went a-reeling
with this enchanting feeling"
"Was she created from clouds cottony?"
"This temptress makes
my mind spin dizzy"
"I am her 'kumkum' red
on her pretty forehead"
"She devoured me whole
heart, body and soul"
"She kills me, this darling
without any warning"
"I've lost myself; helplessly
Let me know if you find me"
"Butted by her bovine eyes
shall I die with a happy sigh?"
"Bewitched by this darling
shall I scorch in her breath sizzling?"
"Like spinach her silken tresses"
"This warrior has fallen defenseless
for the eyes of this princess"
"She is the soothing
smoke in my beedi"
"She is the froth in
my beer spiritedly"
"She's the heroine I
every film I see"
"Daughter-in-law is she
on TV soaps soppy"
"If she comes home you know
thunder storm will also follow"
"If she stands near me, my dear
like the 'bachelor button' flower"
"I need soda sprinkled on me
for I'll faint in sheer ecstasy"
"Like a lithe banana
stem is this lassie"
"I befriended her to
make her my lady"
"She's no 'dosa' ordinary
But roasted crisp with ghee"
"Trust me
She's so tasty"
"She is sweet watermelon juice
I'm just a lame, useless piece"
"No one can hold a candle near
my darling angel here"
"You're my yearning daily
like the 1st sip of morning tea"
"With her dove eyes, she touched me"
"My heart lit aflame spontaneously"
"Her dainty waist tempting
Mountainous curves tantalizing"
"My heart and mind a-reeling
I'm left with no other feeling"
"Was she woven from clouds cottony?"
"This glamdoll makes my mind spin wantonly"
"I am her 'kumkum' red
on her fair forehead"
"She swallowed me whole
heart, body and soul"
"She kills me, this darling
without any warning"
"I've lost myself; hopelessly
Let me know if you find me"
- Rasathi is missing?
- Kuzhandhai's wedding
That's the talk of the town
Aravalli akka, you think
we are here to watch a film?
You went to see a bride
for your son
We are very keen to know
what was the outcome
Why don't you give us
a detailed account?
As if you are letting me talk
The girl we saw is
like an angel!
She is highly qualified
A daughter-in-law
who goes camping?
It is 'comp-ooter'
Are you still stuck in this village?
What are you old cronies doing
sitting here on this porch?
Hey Kuzhandhai
We are happy
you're getting married
You should be wearing
a silk shirt like a groom
You're wearing a shirt
that looks like our skirt!
Okay, I'll wear your skirt as a shirt
or cover myself as a bedspread
Forget that, grandma
Why do you have
a traffic signal on your forehead?
- Sooper
- What rubbish!
All the chatterboxes and old hags
go and do something useful
Hey old football, clear out
Sweet is ready and so is
Gayathri's rivet to nail her!
Blaze of fire, bro
Close in on her, go
Get down now!
Why are you following me?
Didn't like your face
So following your back!
I told your mother
I don't want to marry you
- Now what?
- Bro, pass the sweets
Sweet, huh?
- Take 1 and share 50-50
- Birthday, huh?
Be blessed
Who are you to bless me?
Thank you for rejecting me
I've seen a girl
who resembles an angel
Imagine, waiting for you to reciprocate
Then taking you out on a date
'He loves going blah blah blah'
Get married and walk
with our kids on the road
Bah! Disgusting to even
think of all that
Is your head spinning?
If you talk like this
even my body will spin!
It has to spin
How often I've circled you!
99% of the boys run behind girls
more than the earth rotating
This is his own dialog
Look here with
your eyes wide open
Take a good look
Don't grimace
Get lost!
Why waste our time!
Anyone will be scared
seeing your face!
"Into my life walked an angel
No more hassles, only miracle"
Who is our next target?
Coal powder face Karunkuzhali
Looks like Trichy bus stand
Gate is missing
Karunkuzhali's father
Come out
Why are you sleeping
at such an odd hour?
- That's routine
- Is that so?
- Hey, come out
- Make it fast
Don't we have other houses to visit?
Whole family is dark
Come out, you wig head!
What brings you here
so late, with a trousseau tray?
I told you right then
I don't approve of a groom
working in the share market
Did you know the shares of
most companies are rock bottom now?
We haven't come
to finalize this alliance
- We are here to thank you
- Why?
I have found a girl
like an angel
Hey Pig-face!
- Don't call him that in front of me
- Sorry, bro
He thinks he is Bill Gates
Sharing news on shares
Look at this pseudo-nerd face!
You invested in the share market
Do you have the receipt?
3 coffees, 6 fritters
Totally Rs 54
We came the other day
Take it
You missed out
2 bottles of water
- 2 bottles?
- Yes
- Rs 94 then
- Tips Rs 6, huh?
Let them share
Rs 3 each
Don't go near her
I told you not to go near her
You never listen
Take the flower
out of your hair
Bro, this spirit-face is
my mother-in-law to be?
This fritter face
my father-in-law?
Aiyaiyo! Disgusting
to even imagine it!
He is taking a royal dig at you
You're standing like a buffalo
Take this and
make juice for your family
- Become fair at least then
- Charcoal family!
Who is she?
1 minute
I never rejected you
I thought this tin-box was
the groom and said 'no'
If I you are the groom...
...I am 'double okay'!
- What a crappy family!
- My 9 planet-mascot!
I was wandering
with Saturn by my side!
I must thank my friend and not you
Thank you, bro
You saved me
Now that you've seen
my best friend, see you!
Didn't you shoot
my 'making' trailer?
Show it to her family
Trailer isn't necessary
'First look' will do
Take a good look
This is my bride
Look at it as long as you want
She'll soon belong to me
'Show it to her father'
Had your fill?
She is an angel
- He's deriding me, ma
- Get lost!
Crowd, disperse
'Show is over'
'Why are they both hitting on him?'
What's with you, huh?
Kuzhandhai is 'sold out'
Don't get it?
Kuzhandhai is no longer
available, clear out
Jobless females!
- I want to dance now
- Is it so?
- You should join me
- Show me
This is too tough for me
Will you follow me?
"My mother's earring, 'jumki'
my father stole discreetly"
"My mother guzzled quid pro quo
my father's beer in toto"
That vegetable vendor
has got an angel for a bride
Yesterday his mother Aravalli
was sitting on her porch
Bragging away to glory she has
found an angel for her son
What gives her so much joy
rubbing salt on others' wounds?
Let's see how long
she will keep bragging
'Torture started, huh?'
'200000 loan shark!'
Why don't you pick that darn phone?
As soon as 5th of every month dawns
all the loan sharks call me
- Switch it off
- Is it okay if they come home?
I want my breakfast soon
I'll shower and eat
Inform 'Attack' Balu
the headcount from our side
Hello uncle,
it's me Kuzhandhai
Hello, Kuzhandhai
Is it aunty?
Aunt, where is uncle?
Uncle is in the restroom
- Hello
- Hello
Your voice is garbled
I'll give you another number
Note it down
I don't believe this!
I can't hear
- Hey stupid fellow
- Stupid huh?
Who is it, dear?
Our relative
What happened to your voice?
Money lender
Don't tell him I am here
Bro, aunt is a little weird
Wants me to call her in another #
Won't you talk
to her hereafter?
How can I?
You think she is testing me?
I should be extra careful now
Your sister has to be present
- What do we do?
- Too late now!
No one wanted to marry me
Won't anyone volunteer
to be my sis?
Shall I bring my girlfriend?
She is like a sister to you
We can all go in a van
Why hire a van
for the 'flower' ritual?
Ask them to come
by bus directly
Then your guests won't turn up
Is that okay?
Keep quiet
We should spend
for our function
She beats Uncle Scrooge hollow!
Aunt is calling from her # now
It's wrong only if she calls from
another number, talk to her
- I'll talk later
- Pick up the call
What are you both whispering about?
- Nothing, ma
- Write down the list
Rosa akka
What weird names!
Are they even worth inviting?
I feel like pelting them
What is sir's name?
- Omagundam
- 'Fire pit', huh?
Your phone is ringing!
'Your hobby is to take a dig at me!'
- Hello
- Hello, what?
Why didn't you call me?
- Matter of respect, aunt
- Aunt, huh?
I'll clobber you
I am Magizhini
- Bro, Magizhini it seems
- Then continue
Yes, don't shout
How many guests
for the 'flower' ceremony?
About 50 of us
Why so many guests
for this simple ritual?
We will bring many flowers!
No need
Just call 20 people
We can't organize
a feast for so many
- Okay
- What, 'okay'?
- Say 'Okay, di' affectionately
- Okay, dear
Don't talk in a husky voice anymore
- Why?
- I am getting goosebumps
Good night
Even I am feeling odd
You are already looking dazed
Clear off!
[devotional song]
- 1 minute
- What?
I am getting engaged formally
2 days from now
Don't follow me
That's it
[indistinct chatter]
Why did this politician call me?
Is the MLA in?
He's in a resort in Koovathur!
Bro, 'Attack' Balu is here
Hello, Balu
Please come
'Welcome seems too hearty!'
- Good morning
- Please sit
Sit down, Balu
Good morning
Greetings, Balu
'Why are all these
money lenders trooping in?'
'Do they plan to
beat me to a pulp?'
'Bonus, huh?'
- Why did you want to see me?
- Where is the groom from?
You've arranged everything
without a word
What is his profession?
He is a wholesale business man
He supplies vegetables
to Andhra, Kerala and Karnataka
According to the season
he changes the items
Expect me to believe this?
Only what can't be sold here
you'll trade outside
Your daughter has
a groom right here
What are you saying?
Our MLA's son Gemini Ganesan
is in love with your daughter
Love, huh?
My daughter?!
He insists he will marry
only your daughter
My daughter and
this politician's son?
He cancelled my catering
for his daughter's wedding
And brought in
caterers from Chennai
How will he accept me
on equal terms?
Which youngster listens
to his parents these days?
Think about my proposition
Your groom-to-be
is just a middle man
But this lad here
owns 100 acres
He is a big shot
He is just a mediator
- What, man?
- Leave all that
'Isn't this God's will?'
He cancelled your catering order
a few weeks ago
But now he is at the mercy of
your daughter for his 3 meals a day!
Why are you serving tea?
Serve juice
Whatever it is, my son-in-law
must be on his way for the engagement
How can I stop him or the guests?
So many weddings have been
stalled in the last minute
This is just an engagement
'We'll tackle him'
'He seems a good choice'
Balu, drink this mango juice
25% of your loan has been
paid by our bro here
Imagine how he will
pamper you after the wedding
You wanted a sister
for the ritual?
- My girlfriend
- I can see for myself
What can you see?
He is jealous of our combo
Has everyone left?
- Shall I ask uncle?
- Call him
He is not even worth calling
Shut up! Otherwise he will
create a ruckus
Uncle, we left
What about you?
Akka, have you left?
We saw 23 girls for him
No one was the right catch
'Sivaraj from Chennai'
'You asked for a shop on lease
That's finalized now'
'Come next week and
pay up the advance'
- Okay, anna
- Hey bro
We got the shop in Koyambedu
- Really?
- Magizhini is our lucky mascot
- Thanks to my girlfriend
- I'll clobber you
Buffalo! I'm praising you
Don't stamp my foot
He has finally found a girl
What twisted logic!
What are you saying?
Our guests are on the way here
How can you change
your mind now? Don't, dear
It's our daughter's future
This is a prestigious alliance
Go inside
- Don't keep chatting
- Uncle is calling
We will be there
in half an hour
Don't come, my wife's brother
doesn't like your profession it seems
Not only that
He wants his son
to marry my daughter
So this function is cancelled
What do you mean, uncle?
We have already left
How can you stop-
- He is asking us not to come
- Let me speak
Anna, let's discuss it in person
We are close by
It won't work, madam
I am cancelling this alliance
If you still come
I'll resort to violence
Don't be angry
Go inside
Why are you doing this?
Why did he change his mind?
Call everyone and
tell them not to come
- Uncle, where are you?
- Outside the bride's house
Don't go inside
I heard about it
Can I go in and talk to them?
Not necessary
I don't mind falling
at their feet and pleading
We don't have to
lose our self respect
Please leave
I think we have a puncture
Amma, please stop
'Let's see how long
she will keep bragging'
'Are you a mother
or a mack?'
'Does it look good if you keep
announcing you're bride hunting?'
'Who will fall for her son?'
'He is likely to get married
only for the next 3 months'
'He crosses that, he won't
marry for another 6 years'
We said 'no'
They came forward and agreed
Call and give her
a piece of your mind
She is dead meat, man
I thought you're beautiful
It won't work for me
'I wanted to reject you'
Only your father said 'yes'
Now why are you
giving us some lame excuse?
'Yes, I am only a fish vendor'
I am a shameless fellow
Are you an angel?
'Can't I find anyone else?'
You will marry someone
worse off than me
Your parents will watch you suffer
My mother and I pleaded
and fought with my father
They have brainwashed him
'I understand your situation'
After seeing me told the girls who rejected you
...that I'm an angel
'I heard you were so happy
and you derided them'
Tomorrow, you will land up here
I am marrying a girl
who is an angel
You'll yell at me, right?
I won't step inside
a temple hereafter
If I go, I will pray to God
for you to get a better bride than me
What can girls like me do?
We can only cry
without anyone's knowledge
Or we can upload our feelings
as status in WhatsApp
Our freedom is limited
She feels really bad about this
Amma is running over there
- Amma, please stop
- Stop, amma
'Please stop, ma'
- Amma, wait
- Listen to me, ma
'Let's go back home'
Ma, please
Amma, wait
Don't run
Bro, give me the phone
Wait and watch
what I do to him
- Tell me
- Yov! Balu
You cancelled my wedding
all of a sudden
'I won't forgive you'
My mother tried to end her life
and is in a critical condition
Just like how you humiliated us...
...I will do the same to you
I will make you regret
missing such a good groom
I'll insult you
in front of everyone
I want to see you suffer
Hey! Listen
'She and her damn apology!'
- What is it?
- Nothing, ma
Here...drink this
Royal pain, I swear!
Watch your step, ma
Slowly, you can make it
My legs are killing me
Open the door
Sit down gently
Lift her feet
Ouch! Careful
Ma, let's stop all this 'looking' at brides
and matching horoscopes for a while
If you don't get married
within the next 2 months have to wait
for 6 long years
I don't believe in astrology
Instead of being rejected all the time
I would rather wait for 6 years, ma
As if my 'wife' is yet to be born!
As far as I know
this scheme is over
I know she is already there
Fine but where?
Let's go to Chennai and focus
on our wholesale business
- Okay
- That's all
Stay with me
for just 2 months
Go to Chennai
when I am on my feet again
Okay, ma
Take some rest
We'll be back soon
Don't keep your feet
in the edge, shift a bit
I'll get you fresh mutton soup
We'll tell Sivaraj we'll come
to Chennai 2 months from now
Hey! Why is she sending me
'Good morning' messages?
Going overboard
enquiring about amma
Don't get hyper
It's a big deal getting
a message from a girl!
Reply adding 'very'
in good measure!
- What 'very'?
- Very very good morning
Be generous!
How can we blame her
for her father's misdeed?
Let's go
Let's eat here
'Take your hands off your armpit'
God knows where he's fiddling!
Banana leaf substituted by paper!
She's asking if you ate?
Hey! You're bang on
Bro, when a girl is pining
for you day and night
...means you are in her heart
None of my business, but check her
WhatsApp status and display picture
Bro, check this out
I told you so!
Serve me some 'sambar'
When an angel smiles
at you, don't ignor-
Hello...what are you up to?
What does she think of herself?
How does it affect her
if I eat at the right time or not?
She asked you...?
You messaged and she replied, right?
Yes, bro
"What happened, my precious?"
Why is Tamannaah upside down?
Do I resemble Tamannaah?
Buddy, I'm missing her terribly
- Let's go see her
- To be attacked by 'Attack' Balu?
I'll be buried alive, no way
Son roams like a street dog
Mother is sleeping like a log!
I love your mole
Why did you come now?
- Go
- I came to see you
My father may show up
I want to talk to you
This evening we are 'seeing'
the minister's daughter for you
- No way
- I'm talking to you
I'll only marry 'Attack' Balu's daughter
I'll clobber you!
Still pining for her?
Not now but always
she is my sweetheart
You spurned your love
for money and power
You married a minister's sister
I can never be like you
If you force me to marry
the minister's daughter
My mother is no more
I'll denounce my bond with you
And walk out of this house
Will you come over
to meet me now?
You want me to get
beaten up by your father?
How about a 20-20?
What is that?
You come 20 km to meet me
I'll come 20 km to meet you
We'll meet half way
in the usual lovers' haunt
I'll be there
"My firebrand darling"
"Your beauty zaps me;
I'm floating"
"Lost track of nights and days"
"Floored, on the ground
I lie in a daze"
"Girl who fights with me"
"In your laughter lovely
I crumble to dust dizzily"
"I'm a coin tossed on
the wall, I fall flat"
"I am your cheerleader, howzat!"
"Benumbed seeing you
my limbs don't move"
"Though night creeps in
I can't sleep even a wink"
"You made me swirl in a whirl
full 360 degrees circle"
"You collided into me
with mother's love unconditionally"
"I don't get it, dear
I'm in a haze, unclear"
"Your eyes mesmerize me
Lifting my spirits to infinity"
"My fiery girl dazzling"
"Your beauty bewitches me;
I'm floating"
"Lost track of date and days"
"Floored and dumbfound
I lie in a daze"
You do all this for your mother, huh?
Why don't you talk to your husband?
Maybe he will consent now
You try talking to that man
But still
I try
Try my level best, okay?
"If you stand before me unexpected
I become a string of flowers scented"
"Without a goodbye if you leave me
like a cowrie shell in mancala I'll be"
"Hey! My innocent princess
I feel like a coconut crushed to pieces"
"I'm crumpled in thoughts of you, dear
for our love to merge sure and sincere"
"Tempting teenage-girlie
I no longer feel hungry"
"Since our 1st hug
I'm bitten by the love bug"
"Think of you 24x7 wherever
I'm not fibbing, I swear"
"I'll die if you leave me
I'm not kidding, sweetie"
"I'm not joking, dear
Not teary eyed either"
"Till this moment, according to me
There is no one like you, absolutely"
"My firebrand darling"
"Your beauty zaps me;
I'm floating"
"Lost track of nights and days"
"Floored, on the ground
I lie in a daze"
"Hey! Girl who fights with me"
"In your laughter lovely
I crumble to dust dizzily"
"I'm a coin tossed on
the wall, I fall flat"
"I am your cheerleader, howzat!"
- You know Aravalli madam
- what?
She asked our daughter's hand again
I'll murder you
And say you died of a heart attack!
I anticipated this
Only if he doesn't object
it's a problem
Let me 1st become financially strong
and then fix our wedding
Okay then
"I was a stony terrain, arid and bare
I turned into a pond thanks to your care"
"Your lotus-red eyes alluring
bring the best feast in me recurring"
"Like slicing a palm fruit deftly
in your eyes you've imprisoned me"
"I stood tall, touching the skies yonder
With just a whisper you made me surrender"
"Your love turns me into a bunch of keys
dangling on your waist to do as you please"
"You made a bull out of me from a mere deer
Why do you hoard me like a treasure, dear?"
"You make up after a fight
You flirt with delight"
"You offer yourself to me
Day and night selflessly"
"Your beauty zaps me; I'm floating"
"Lost track of nights and days"
"Floored, on the ground I lie in a daze"
'Kuzhandhai Wholesale Vegetable Shop'
Why isn't he picking the call?
Why aren't you
picking amma's call?
She's jobless!
Talk to her
Bro, don't pretend to work
How are you, son?
No complaints
Top of the world!
Don't beat around the bush
Come to the point
What is Magizhini saying?
Same old story
Her father dislikes me
How does that matter?
She likes you, right?
Ask her if she's okay
with a register marriage
We have just 6 days left
as per our astrologer's prediction
We must get you married by then
I'll try to convince her
- Hang up now
- Sneezing smell!
If lovers want to get married...
...the parents won't accept
or bless them
Only if we get married
they will come around!
Pack your bags and come away
So I will just walk
out of my house
I'll get the 'idli'
You prepare the chutney
We can run a mobile eatery
and survive, okay?
- We can add 'parotta' to our menu
- By all means!
First talk to my mother
How can you throw such a bombshell?
There are no auspicious dates
in these 6 days
Isn't the date fixed based on
the auspicious time usually?
Why don't we change it
to an ordinary day?
How can we break tradition?
Once in a lifetime event
We should be choosy
8th and 9th day after New moon
are considered inauspicious
But those days also have
certain auspicious hours
'It's just our mindset, aunt'
Somehow with your weird logic
you've convinced me
How many guests on your list?
May be around 40-50
In that case from our side
will it look good...
...if only Magizhini and I
show up for the wedding?
You have a point
Then listen to me
Should you invite everyone
without uncle's knowledge?
What are you suggesting?
I can't believe how wonderful
a son-in-law we have got!
Buddy, this Friday I'm getting
married at the temple
- You must come
- Super news
The wedding may or may not happen
What nonsense is this?
- I fell in love with a girl
- I know
- Her father is a holy terror
- Then?
In case he gets wind of the venue...
...and brings the police to stop it
Don't get upset
I've arranged the feast
at a hotel, nearby
If we get married bless us and eat
Otherwise enjoy the feast!
Inviting me for
your wedding or a riot?
My wedding is almost a brawl
Our astrologer has predicted it
I can handle it, come
The alliance that clicked on both sides
was cancelled at the engagement stage
She loves that boy it seems
Clobber you
What audacity!
Tell her I will
butcher and bury her
Brother, don't get tense
She's ready for the last resort
She's adamant
she will marry only that boy
Yesterday she tried committing suicide
I stopped her
in the nick of time
And promised her
I will find a solution
I have arranged their wedding
this Friday in a temple in Chennai
As her uncle and aunt
You are my brother
So as her uncle you should...
...conduct the wedding for me
Keep this news a secret
Especially my husband should not know
You should take that responsibility
Shall I take leave?
My dear, our daughter has to
attend an interview in Chennai
How long will she sit idle
and jobless at home?
Why don't you let her
attend this interview?
I realize she has a point
Will she get a fat salary?
It will be a lump sum
Then this Thursday and Friday
We can send her
for this interview
Listen, the company
sets the interview date
- How can you decide?
- You are outdated
Astrology is trending
as a fashion now
This company owner
is into karma-astrology!
As per her horoscope should tell which day is good
Thursday or Friday?
You are an almanac maniac!
I meant you can refer it
'Rohini' star
Taurus sign
Wednesday, Thursday, 8th and
9th day from New moon day
Both the days are so-so
Friday seems okay
- Ask her to go on Friday
- You think so? Okay
This will be her 1st trip
to Chennai to get a job
How can she go alone?
If you accompany her... will be her lucky mascot
Mandharai...come here
I'll be back
Are you mad?
Why do you botch things up?
Imagine if he comes with me!
You don't know his psyche
If I say 'yes'
he will say 'no'
Trust me
Only I'll be coming
with you to Chennai
Oh no! Mandharai
These interviews are a pain
You accompany her
I told you so?!
All of you should be
in 'action' mode
Remain alert also
And most importantly
If you see any policeman
The signal is 'B'
Then all of you must hide...okay?
Hey...come here
Are you attending
a Party meeting?
Give it to me
He looks like Sellur MLA
How did he come here?
[Kalakeya language in 'Baahubali']
Give me the sacred ash
Long live Magizhmadhi!
'Baahubali' I and II!
Mix this sacred ash in the lake
Pay attention
Don't stick together in 1 spot
Spread and be alert
Only then it will be easy to escape
Go now
Still they are in threes
like cricket stumps!
Priest, did you overhear
our conversation?
As long as you didn't, it's fine
[Holy chant]
Where is everyone?
'She isn't picking my call'
'What is she up to?'
- Chant faster
- Auspicious time is nearing
Bride, groom, friends & co
Oblivious and obvious, please come
Sit down, quick
Priest, will you speed up?
Stop your singing
Bless the sacred thread
Don't be a pain
Finish your chant fast
How many 'Swahas' will he recite?
Good lord! This man
is calling me nonstop
Pick up, you lazy lump!
- Give the sacred thread
- Good time is yet to start
Forget time and tide
Do the needful
- Whom should I give?
- Give it to me
Son-in-law, catch!
'I tie this sacred thread around your neck
O maiden with auspicious attributes'
Knot it 6 times instead of thrice
for a very strong bond
Thank God, we didn't
face any problem
So you think!
This is just the beginning
If my husband gets to know of this
blood bath it will be
He's calling me again
I'll be back right now
How long I've been
trying to reach you
Don't you know to answer?
We just came out of the interview
Is that so?
How was the interview?
Lower your tone and chant!
'Both of you stand-'
Everything went off well
Only grievance you were not here
Why don't you
congratulate our daughter?
Of course, let me wish her
Dear, your father
Go ahead, talk
My warmest wishes
My dear, even if I am
not with you now...
' blessings are always with you'
From now on,
your future will be bright
- Thank you, pa
- 'Let me talk to your mother'
Yes, dear?
How's the company owner?
He's a wonderful boy
Why don't you wish him too?
Why should I wish him?
He is the one who has given
our daughter a bright future
Just express your gratitude
Our daughter is in his care, right?
Fine, I'll wish him
1 minute, hold
Your father-in-law
Talk to him
Please, for my sacred thread's sake
My dear boy
- Good morning, sir
- Thanks for giving my daughter this job
'You should only take
good care of her'
She's young and innocent
Make allowances for
any mistake on her part
Her life is in your hands
Don't worry about all that
I'll take care of your daughter
much better than you, sir
Just watch how she will
blossom in the future
Hold on a minute
Your voice sounds familiar to me
Meet me in person
My face will be familiar too!
'Let me talk to my wife'
I'll ask aunty to talk
Yes, dear?
What is her salary?
He's asking about her salary details
Tell that madcap
it's around Rs 25,000/-
Rs 25,000 it seems
Starting salary is Rs 25000?
He wants to know
if starting salary is 25000
Why is he such a pain?
Tell him it is incremental
'Why is he such a pain?'
'Tell him it is incremental'
- 'Whaaat?'
- Nothing
I meant the salary
will increase gradually
Then let her keep around
5000 for her basic expenses
'Ask her to deposit the balance
20,000 in my account'
We've borrowed left, right
and center, we can repay now
Sure, I
ask you something?
Shall I stay with her for a while?
I can help her settle down
Ensure she's comfortable, right?
Supervise everything
and then come home
I'll talk to you later
My dear son-in-law
On the 1st of every month you must
deposit 20000 in his account it seems
Rs 20,000?!
Head is spinning
'Attack' Balu has nailed us solid!
I paid Rs 650 for this
Lift your hand
For my dear friend Kuzhandhai
to make babies
I'll lose my power
Eat some almonds
Aphrodisiac it seems
Bro, what do you have in mind?
You are so wrong
She is really young
I want to discuss our future
whole of tonight
I won't even switch off the light
Bye, huh?
Even I feel like eating this
How helpful is that!
Let me store its potency!
Bride has gone inside
Let me see what his move is
I'm feeling shy
and kind of weird
Are you feeling shy?
I'll switch off the light
He switched off the light!
He said he intended
discussing their future
Seeing her face
he changed his mind
Let me see how he faces me
in the morning!
Why did you switch on the light?
- No need all this?
- Which 'all'?
- Canoodling, huh?
- All these
- Why?
- Hey Kuzhandhai
Are we ready to have babies?
Think about it
My father is such a terror, he will
force me to marry someone else
Anything might happen
Until my father knows about
our wedding and consents...
...let's not indulge in
all these hugs and kisses
Is it so?
They didn't do anything?
Good lord!
My darling child
Why are you doing this?
Give me a grandchild
in 7 months, zip zap zoom!
If we have a grandson...
...and he pees on your father's lap
that man's temper will cool down
How can I do all this in 7 months?
I want you to conceive
and you try to convince me!
Your father was a premature baby
The trauma of being
married to your father can erect a statue
for me on Marina beach!
Ma, appa can do anything
at any time to ruin our lives
That's why I firmly think
this should happen first
Please give me a grandchild, my dear child
- Let go of my hand
- Come in fast
In daytime, huh?
Did we follow the tradition
of auspicious dates?
Usually it is 1st wedding night
Let's change history today!
It will be interesting
- Get out
- Why are you chucking me out?
"My heart so disobedient
beats erratic in excitement"
"My heart loaded with passion
looks for you in anticipation"
"Just a fleeting glimpse of you
I became light as a feather, it's true"
"Head felt dizzy, I flew
completely without a clue"
"My heart so headstrong
runs a marathon"
"My heart brimming with emotion
looks for you with expectation"
"One brief glance at you
I'm light as a feather, your beau"
"Head felt giddy, my princess
I flew completely clueless"
Where are you going off in a huff?
Don't they need their privacy?
Now you're talking!
"The whole town looks
up to the sky above"
"Your love for me is beyond that I know"
"Hearing you speak words so sweet
my heart fills up with joy complete"
"In the sweep of your lashes intense
canals turn into green fields dense"
"Like the clouds drizzle prolific
without anyone asking specific"
"You come along too
to live as a couple true"
"To live and love without fear
as my wifey dear"
"Trust me, no one can hinder
Come, let's make out together"
Look here, boys
Every month you must pay
your interest promptly
I am 'Attack' Balu's daughter now
I've removed my sacred thread
- First pay my father
- Take
Only after she started working
look at the glow on her face
Then what? Her boss
takes good care, right?
Accept it
Apple phone it seems
"If biting cold wind blows
over you, dear"
"I'll protect you like a flower sincere"
"Your scent like a lingering lullaby
makes my mother pamper you like a baby"
"I was like the Aloe vera plant thorny
You made me a mirror smooth and shiny"
"You love like a swing tranquilizing
will comfort me always revitalizing"
"Won't sleep take a nap too
along with us to refresh anew"
"Me and you, you and me
We will play till eternity"
"Happiness stays always with us
Shower me with your caress"
"My heart so disobedient"
"Beats a tattoo in excitement"
"My heart loaded with passion
looks for you in anticipation"
"Just a fleeting glimpse of you
I became light as a feather, it's true"
"Head felt dizzy, I flew
completely without a clue"
How many months
since you were married?
- 3 months
- 3rd month in 3 months, huh?!
Why is he calling me now?
Good news for you
Even I must share
a piece of good news
First let me tell you
MLA has consented for the wedding
He has agreed, huh?
- Aunt, what happened?
- My head is spinning
Hello, are you there?
I am here
Even I must tell you
this good news
Our daughter has been promoted
Her boss is right here
Please wish him
I should thank him, not wish him
That's what I meant
Please tell him
Just a few words
Talk to my husband
You kept your word and
promoted my daughter so soon
Just wait and watch
I'll take your daughter
to a totally different level!
Even now your voice
sounds so familiar
Come in person
I'll look familiar too
Okay, son
Let me talk to my wife
Hello, dear?
He says he'll take her to another level
Will he hike up her salary?
Er...I don't...1 minute
He is asking if she will
get a salary hike?
Even this 20,000 is tough
Only rise in position, that's all
- Salary won't be hiked
- Your father is jobless!
- Obsessed with money
- This is a prestige post
Like a minister's post you mean
- Exactly
- I will come soon
'One Month Later'
God, till my baby is born, my father
should not find out I'm married
'I grow old making dosa'
Please protect me
Twenty two
- Come here
- What?
Ever since she came
I've been noticing
Hasn't our daughter become plump?
She hasn't put on weight
Just expecting
Expecting pizza, burger that she eats
in Chennai here, butter-fingers!
She licks butter off her finger
and so she's glowing
Ask her to be on her guard
Her boss might promise her a bonus
and give her a baby instead!
That's bound to happen
He is himself a baby!
For past few weeks
you're sounding like a parrot
He is suspicious now
[dialogs from 'Vaaranam Aayiram]
'I must tell you this'
'You are so beautiful'
I am asking you to marry me
'Go wherever you wish'
'Go to Paris or wherever'
'But marry me and then go'
'I want to clobber the man
who invented Dub Smash'
What has upset you?
This fellow bugs me with
his photos and dubsmash
Give me your mobile
I'll handle this gurkha!
'I don't love you'
'I don't like you'
'I don't think you are beautiful'
'But I'm scared
all this will happen'
'Think and tell me'
'Sambar' Gemini!
Bro, act like Kamal Haasan
to this Gemini Ganesan
Apple phone?
'How do I operate this?'
Who is it?
- Hello
- 'Who is speaking?'
This is 'Attack' Balu here
'Attack' Balu?
Basket ball, huh?
- Give the phone to my daughter
- Who is she?
There is no one by that name here
Hang up, I say!
Hey! Listen
I called our daughter
Some random man is talking
'Aunt, this is the right time'
Atleast now tell him the truth
Wrong timing
Did you think he is a holy terror
because his name is 'Attack' Balu?
Nothing of that sort
He has suffered
2 heart attacks already
Just once more and the doctor said,
'We have to send him up'
I'll give you an idea
If you break the news point blank,
he'll be shell-shocked
Either he will have another attack
Or I will end up in prison
3rd option he'll take a stone
and crack your skull into 2!
Then it will be a 'gone case'
So what you do is
go straight to uncle
Simply say 'Maybe Magizhini
is in love with someone'
Our daughter hasn't come home
for the past few weeks
May be she is in love
with her boss?
Look here, if something
like that happens
I'll make them stand before me
and split them into two
Dust to dust, ashes to ashes
I will bury them
Don't get tense, dear
Our daughter is not so gutsy
My crooked brain
came up with this doubt
Lean back and chillax!
'Lips are like roses?'
This village Romeo
tortures me no end
Why are you obsessed
with your phone?
Hey! You started the ball rolling
Looks like very soon
I'll fall in love with him
He impressed me too much!
'My sweetheart'
Read this message
I love you today
Hey! Chee
What are you doing?
Shall I tell you something else?
I can see only his face
even when I sleep on my tummy
What a turnip-face!
All this won't work out
What does your daughter think of herself?
I've called her past 15 days
I think you were bang on
about her boss 'banging' her
Let's go, only you know her address
She has too much work
in her office it seems
Only now she told me
Why will our daughter deceive us?
I didn't imply she will deceive us
I don't want to get deceived!
I'll book our tickets
Be ready
I feel really tired
Let's go next week
- Where did you go?
- Get ready
Gone case, huh?
I knew the station master
So I got the ticket on loan!
'That loan shark is here'
'He will badger me
for his dues'
Hey Balu!
Come here
Where are you off to?
To Chennai to see my daughter
- I'll be back soon
- Wait, man
2 years you were paying interest
Past 2 months not even that
This won't work
Settle your account
Let my daughter
marry our MLA's son
After that I'll repay
my loan and more
Hey Balu
Your daughter has married
someone in Chennai already
Don't you know?
Whole town is aware
Don't you dare
malign my daughter
You don't want
this wedding to happen
You'll lose face
Don't paint her out
to be virtuous
Your daughter has loose morals
You're spitting fire at me!
If you dare deride my daughter
I'll slaughter you
- Yes, aunt
- Son-in-law
On the way back from
booking our tickets...
...he picked up a fight
with that loan shark
'Chopped his hand in a fit of rage'
His brother-in-law is
a high level police officer
My husband is now in jail and
we can't even take him out on bail
'What do we do now?'
Listen to my idea, aunt
My husband chopped a man's hand
So he is in jail for 15 days
on a non-bailable offence
My son-in-law asked me
to ask you for a favor
If you grease the required palms
I'll bring him out tomorrow
We will give any lump sum you want
But instead of a fortnight
My son-in-law wants to know
if he can be kept inside for 4 months, sir
Tell me, aunt
The lawyer says
4 months isn't possible
'He says the only provision
is for 6 months!'
Magizhini will deliver the baby
We will manage somehow
Okay, I'll do as you say
"Dreams unfulfilled in life's journey"
"Patterns of multi hued 'rangoli'
blown away by the wind heedlessly"
Don't worry, uncle
I'll bring you out
in 2 days, mark my words
'Fat hopes! We ensured
you're in for 6 months'
[song from 'Neengal Kaetavai']
"Boats heading to the shore unbidden
considering even oars to be a burden"
'My dear, even if I am
not with you now...'
' blessings are always with you'
Coming, dear
I would've been happier if you had
chopped off that jerk's neck!
'How dare he malign our Magizhini!'
I am stuck here for the past 2 months
Magizh doesn't want to
visit me even now?
How can her work be so important?
She has got a promotion
Her work load must be heavy
What about her salary?
It will be credited
in your account on the dot
'Time's up
Please leave'
- Do you need to be told specially?
- See you, dear
He doesn't behave
like a politician's son
Sends childish messages
He isn't even letting me sleep in peace
He is really desperate
Let me reply
Can we both go on a honeymoon?
Thanks to this phone
I only see 'terrace' moon!
That's it, switch off
He is killing me, I swear
Don't plague me with questions
One of you tell me
Your husband has done
something wrong
Hey! You there!
I thought you'll be out
only after 20 days
How did you come out so soo-
Are you asking how
I came out early or why I came?
Just a general knowledge question
They released me earlier
as an ode to Annadurai
My daughter never visited me
even once when I was in prison
Even that is okay
He made my daughter
work damn hard
And he hasn't even paid her
for 2 months
I feel there's something fishy here
Let's go to Chennai right away
Why go right now to Chennai?
Why get so worked up?
Did I call you to Pakistan?
Get ready, I'll borrow
some cash and come
What will I do now?
She will deliver in another 15 days
We know that already, doctor
Will it be normal or Caesarean?
How can you even ask me this?
Obviously Caesarean
Then why can't you
deliver the baby now?
Why are you in
such a tearing hurry?
Today is Tuesday
It isn't an auspicious day
That's okay, doctor
You can fix the surgery
for 12:01 a.m, Wednesday
'Hurry' must be your middle name!
'Attack' Balu will attack me, doctor
Please save me, doctor
I'm ready to pay any amount
Its okay
Risk is yours
Admit her right away
Thanks doctor
'Chennai Koyambedu'
Finally in 1 piece
Get down
Don't hassle me
Change your saree
and come out fast
Only if you push a bit
it will start
Hello, son-in-law
We had breakfast
and coming to your place
I just admitted Magizhini
in the hospital
Surgery is only tonight
So take uncle on
a tour around Chennai
Let's meet tomorrow
Is that the plan?
Okay, done
Watch how I take him
for a soooper ride!
He's here
I'll hang up
Made me push
the moment I land here
Is it a bullock cart or mobile cart?
Which area?
It's either Anna arch
or Kalaignar arch
Akka, 1st one is Arignar Anna arch
I'll take you straight there
Will you know
when we reach there?
I know, I'll show
Insides are shaking!
- This is the area, let's get off
- No, not this one
I's Kalaignar Nagar!
- You mean K.K.Nagar?
- That's the place
Good catch! I'll take them for
a solid ride and line my pocket
Why has our daughter
switched off her phone?
She must be at work
Don't bother her
My chest is paining
'Aiyo! 'Attack' Balu will convert
this auto into an ambulance!'
- 'Akka, what's your name?'
- Just shut up!
Drive slowly
'Can't go on'
This time I'll find
the right address
This area doesn't seem familiar at all
Bro, go back to
the spot we got in
The point is-
Don't point here
You took me for a ride, huh?
I'll rip your insides out
Take me to a decent hotel
- How much?
- 5050
- Whaaat?
- Rs 50 discount for you
- Give only Rs 5000
- I have only 5000 on me
See you, bro?
- Give me at least 1000 back
- Come along
I didn't walk away
just to fight with you
I thought you both
needed some privacy
Shouldn't both the families
get united or not?
That's the only reason
Don't get me wrong
My darling daughter-in-law!
Good luck
Go slowly
Don't rush
Slow down
I can hear a baby crying
Baby and mother are safe
Who is this darling?
Look at me
Look at your father
Why is my son-in-law
calling me at this time of night?
Aunt, you're now a grandma
Please talk a bit louder
I can't hear a word
You're a grandma now
Special status
Are you asking for uncle?
Hey! Hag of a grandma!
- My ear is blocked
- You have a grandchild
I'll return your money
with interest, get lost!
He's a royal pain!
Am I a grandma now?
I'm soooo happy
Then we'll both come home
tomorrow morning?
No, aunt, she'll be discharged
only tomorrow evening
Bring him the day after
Until then show him
the rest of Chennai
Okay then
- Sister!
- Bro, good morning
- Are you back?
- Please come
Sir, please push my auto
Hey, get down
You'll listen to this chap
and not me, huh?
Then how do we find the address?
Look, I arranged a car
- Get into the car
- Akka...akka
Roam around the city
with your wife!
How did he get here?
Don't go, akka
Aren't you familiar with
all the places in Madras?
Why are you worried now?
The 2 men seated behind
are my left and right hand
They know all the routes
Like Google Map
Aunt, there are too many alleys in the city
Very tough to find any address
Why don't we directly
go to Magizh's office?
Give me the address
This is why we need
our son-in-law with us!
Lord Rama! Save me
Both the ex-chief ministers
saved me yesterday
Who will save me today?
I thi...think it is-
Office is some Denmark or Dominoes
Where do we go, boys?
Boss, I'll give the right directions
Driver, turn left
Driver, take this right
Are you mad?
We must go left
Bro, turn left
Anna, take this right
How dare you rough me up?
Left...take this left
Take a sharp right
What is this nonstop left and right?
Stop the car
Get down
'I'll run for my life'
This is a left
and right for you!
Go straight and dash
your head at that dead end!
Bro, please stop
Where are these IT companies?
In OMR and ECR roads
Heroes SSR and MGR, huh?
Go straight and take the left
...then right
Left and right
Again another left
What's wrong with him?
You carry on
We'll take care
Oh my goodness!
Is my daughter working
in such a tall building?
- Let's go inside
- Hello, who are you?
All because of you
I'll tell my dad
I'm really bugged
Go back to the hotel
If you don't show me the place
I'll push you under a speeding bus
- I'll go back home alone
- Wait...driver
Can you see that tall building
on the right side?
Stop the car right in front
I think that's the one
Son-in-law, is that the one?
Why are you standing here?
'God, please save only me!'
Please come
This is her house
Come inside
Didn't you tell me
she's staying with some girls?
I see only men's clothes here
- Uncle
- Don't interrupt!
Nowadays girls wear men's clothes
- Why be suspicious?
- Underwear also?
- Uncle
- Shut up!
If you keep asking me questions
like bullets off a gun can I answer?
Give me some time to think
Why is a baby hammock here?
With a baby in it!
That do I tackle this question?
There's an aunty next door
Could it be her baby?
Let me take a look at the baby
This baby is such a sweety-pie
I feel like becoming a grandma too
You look at the baby too
'Oh God!
Help me'
- This baby resembles our daughter
- Let me see
You are so right
Carbon copy
of our daughter
I have this sudden doubt
Maybe our daughter
has married her boss
Could this be their baby?
Hey! Magizh
Don't get in my way
'Magizhini, come out fast, dear'
We did this without
your knowledge, forgive us
I am so sorry
Please forgive me too
I was the one
who conducted her wedding
Who is our son-in-law?
That...that is someone you-
Who is our son-in-law?
Is it her boss?
Say yes...say yes
Yes, pa
Why is he here?
Hello, 'Attack' uncle
Good lord!
Is he our son-in-law?
- Yuck!
- Why can't I be your son-in-law?
You raised a parrot
and gave it to a bear
How dare you!
I'll have you pounded to a pulp
Come out fast
He's calling me a bear
Come out fast, I say
I've seen you somewhere
I came home to ask
for your daughter's hand
What are you doing here?
I'm the husband of your daughter!
- I'm also with them
- Yes, dear
Didn't he swear he will humiliate me
in front of all our friends and family?
Please note down this address
Aunt, take money from his pocket
for hospital expenses
'He's tight fisted
even during an attack!'
So you didn't get any attack?
If our friends and family find out
about this wedding...
...imagine the disgrace I'll face
Except you everyone is aware
- For that loan shark
- He knows from A to Z
- Was he speaking the truth?
- Yes
We have been tricked royally
- You marry some other girl
- Don't go, pa
Are you angry?
By the way, I wanted
to ask you something
Who cooked for her wedding?
We arranged it in a good hotel
I was planning to cook
16 different dishes
I couldn't cook for
my own daughter's wedding!
- Uncle, Magizh?
- Grasshopper!
Where did you buy this mobile?
Yov! How did you get this?
It's been with me from day 1
Hangs often
If you text me
I'll chop your hand
'No girl
No mobile'
I wanted to conduct
the 'talk of the town' wedding
You've humiliated me in front
of all my kith and kin, Mandharai
Function, huh?
'Wonder who is the caterer here'
Why are you here?
Your wife said you wanted us
to come for a catering order
What function?
Look over there
You'll know then
Naming ceremony of Jr Kuzhandhai
presided by 'Attack' Balu
Please come, bro
Move...give way
VIP baby is coming, right?
You sleep here, my darling
Hey, what's happening here?
How many more bombshells
will you throw?
3 days since the baby was born
- Let's name the baby, hurry up
- Fine, 'Hari'!
Give way...move aside
Who is this blocking the way?
Go back
You invited everyone
and made me look a fool
- Lunch is ready
- Stuff it down your throat!
Name the baby after my father
Muthukaruppa Ponnambalam
Not possible
Why not?
You didn't agree to my choice of groom
Don't I have the right
to name the baby?
Rights, procession, palanquin,
turban, all intact
Can we conduct a 'Jallikattu'
with a Jersey cow?!
Our grandchild is a girl!
- Granddaughter?
- Then what?
Name our granddaughter...
...after my mother Muthaayi
- 'Mutaai', you mean candy?
- Muthaayi as in pearl!!
Shall we name her Muthaayi?
Don't agree
- Tell your father
- How can I?
He is coming up with
names like popcorn and biscuit
Sounds terrible...Muttayi!
- I told you not to call him
- Sounds like a bakery item
- You like the name or not?
- Not 1 bit
What's the big conference in aid of?
Name her Muthaayi
- Okay
- No need!
Muthaayi alias Divya!
- Why Divya?
- Sri Divya!
Muthaayi sounds old fashioned
Muthaayi at home
Divya in school
Don't I have a right even in this?
You are the sole cause!
My precious grand-princess!
Come son-in...bro, please come
Gift for the baby?
Take it
Let's go eat
Don't want our guests
eating a cold lunch!
'Real life, Kuzhandhai & Magizhini
Ramu & Vijaya'