Seminole (1953) Movie Script

By order of the President,
I Colonel Zachary Taylor
convoke Court Martial.
Public minister,
specified in the indictment.
Lieutenant Lance Caldwell please get up.
Lieutenant Caldwell, you are
charged under the military code
Direct disobedience to orders
of insubordination
and deliberate murder.
You heard the accusations, Lieutenant?
What answer? Are you
guilty or not guilty?
Not guilty.
You have something to
say in your defense?
Yes, sir.
But I request the Court to let me
tell on my on way, just it's happened.
Request's granted.
But I must warn you that what you say
It can be used against you.
There is owed by this Court
a serene and impartial trial,
but if it will find you guilty,
the punishment that the law imposes
if so, it is death.
Do you understand it?
I do.
Very well.
Take a seat in that seat
and give your version.
I will try to narrate
the facts as they unfolded
from the first day when
I came back in Florida.
Costeggiavo large swamps
ten miles from Fort King.
It was a bright morning, and I
was happy to return to my homeland.
I had just had his appointment
as Lieutenant of Dragons...
and I felt very important.
The four long years of
Academy already seemed remote.
Yes, for a while those
Indians make continuous raids,
They steal food and weapons.
One of them attacked me on the
street maybe it was the same gang,
I find it strange, the
Seminoles are peaceful.
Other than peaceful, they
stole horses for the army.
The Seminoles on the
warpath? It's impossible!
There are now more than three months,
It's about time you military
you discovered what they want.
I'll find out for sure
knows to Fort King.
ALT! Who goes there?
Lieutenant Caldwell,
assigned to this presidio.
- Welcome to Fort King, Lieutenant!
-Thank You, Corporal.
- I'il to your horse.
The orders.
Hello, I'm a Lieutenant Caldwell.
Ah yes, the More you are getting.
Lieutenant Caldwell, bound
in service to Fort King.
Lieutenant Caldwell,
have you noticed your appearance?
Well, I just got into a
skirmish not far from here...
I am a stickler to the
dcor and the property,
from the harness of horses
at the officers ' uniforms.
Listen, call me when you order.
You have heard?
Into the wild.
Come in.
Lieutenant Caldwell.
Welcome to Fort King, Lieutenant.
Please, sit down.
Take a seat.
I had mentioned in a skirmish.
Yes Sir! I jumped a Seminole.
Must have been part
of a band of marauders.
Ah! Ah!
Did you catch him?
No ladies managed to escape.
Call skirmish is a bit over the top.
The Seminoles, major,
were a peaceful people.
They had never acted like that before.
You have been assigned here
because you know them thoroughly
and Florida, but times have changed.
Come here.
La Florida, Lieutenant, wait
to be ploughed and cultivated
to become an essential
factor in production.
But there are some obstacles.
The Cherokees go, the Choctaws here,
and the Seminoles here.
Deal with them almost all the good land,
and this land will go to waste because
the Indians don't know the value.
So the Government decided
to transfer them to the West,
in reserves rich in
rivers, abundant hunting,
where they will learn to work the land.
Most of the tribes is already playing,
except for some bands of rebels.
But the Seminoles No.
Only the Seminoles defy my orders.
How come?
Why have a leader.
the mighty Boss called Osceola.
Believed to be his this land
and is fighting to defend it.
But the Seminoles living in swamps,
are lands that whites don't need.
I'm a soldier, not a politician.
And remember that you
are a soldier, Lieutenant.
A second lieutenant before being
appointed, orders are orders, you know?
And I've got the order to
dismiss the Indians to the West.
As soon as I have enough
forces is what I propose to do.
But I know their
language, their customs.
Could I speak to this Osceola.
Get this through your head:
The time for talk is over,
they had no way off peacefully.
I will give you a little info
that will be useful as long as
you stay with me here at Fort King.
At the Academy, Lieutenant Caldwell,
I was always the first in my class.
The first, do you understand?
Familiar manuals and regulations
and apply it to the letter,
both in peace than in war.
And I will not tolerate any
breach of those standards.
We have entrusted them to do
realistic, exploratory tasks
You patrol service
until I'm ready to move against Osceola.
You can go.
Yes Sir.
If the major permits
I would ask permission
exiting the Fort tonight.
For personal reasons.
Sign the register in the
Office of Sergeant Smiley
and be back to the Fort by midnight.
Thanks Mr. major.
Sgt. Magruder!
You will be under the command of
the new officer, Lieutenant Caldwell.
Run exploratory tasks,
is from around here.
Could use one that knows the Seminoles.
And know them enough, but you
have to know if it is their friend.
It seems that the Lieutenant is
not very convinced of the goodness
our methods in dealing with Osceola.
Watch him closely and
riferitemi everything.
Sgt. Magruder, that's an order.
Mr Spears!
Miss Revere!
How long I haven't seen you.
For five years.
Oh but let me look at bene,
Why don't you write to arrival?
Well, I brought with me the
letter, my horse runs more mail.
It doesn't matter if you read it.
It just says that I'm on my way
and my feelings for you are the same.
Mr. Lance, have you made man.
And you're a soldier now as
you had always dreamed of.
Seems like just yesterday
when you and little John
played together for war.
Mary Sue, why don't you go
make something from dinner
for Lieutenant?
No thanks, I've eaten at the Fort.
And then do something else.
Have you been to Fort King today?
Will I have to pay service.
I fear that you will
see me often from now on.
But Fort King is only a small garrison,
that must make other officer?
It was a small garrison, not anymore.
If the Seminoles do not obey the
order to relocate within the month
the army slogger them.
But the Seminoles are our friends.
That's what I said to the major.
But they have a leader who is
our enemy, a man named Osceola.
It seems that incites
war to hold on to power.
But what a brilliant Officer I showed.
Since I arrived here I
talked about than politics.
Is really not very romantic.
Did you get your woman you know!
It grows quickly to live alone.
And we changed maybe?
See things differently and people?
Aren't you answering?
Remember when we were kids, Lance?
What lovely happy times!
You mean all three?
Tell me what happened?
You need to know.
Speak to John?
One day he disappeared, that's all!
But why?
There was no reason.
For years we had dreamed of
being admitted to the Academy.
It was our ambition.
When the day comes he doesn't show, why?
John was different from us, we
both knew this from the beginning.
Always showed to be very responsive.
And I'm sure he had a strong
reason to leave as well.
Sometimes I thought it was
because of his family, relatives.
Maybe he was afraid
to reveal his source.
No Spears! John boasted
of his Indian mother.
And so it could also boast
of being the first Indian
admitted to the Academy.
Why he refused this honor?
Maybe someday we'll know, but
you don't have to worry about it.
How not to worry about my best friend.
And someone even more important.
I have a lot of nerve to
torture yourself like that.
How had we seen only yesterday.
Give me time.
Until you meet again.
Then I guess I'll accept
dinner that you offered.
I've come a long way.
Mary Sue!
Mary Sue!
Mr Spears isn't changed, he's hungry!
I'm glad you're back.
When will I see you again?
As soon as I have a spare minute.
I meant to tell you
that I couldn't say...
but I always think.
Ah, thanks.
Goodnight Lance!
Goodnight Revere.
Why did you come?
Be patient Kajeck.
Kulak, I need to see your boss.
It's not safe for you to be here now.
I bring a very important message.
I don't trust you.
Hold your tongue son.
He held Council with its
leaders, come and find him.
You missed the promise.
You were supposed to come
here only if I was calling you.
John, I couldn't wait that long.
I came because I have important news.
The army is beginning to be tired.
As I told my bosses, soon
the troop moves westward.
No John!
Prepares to expel you from the marshes.
How did you know?
I talked to a young officer.
His name is Lance Caldwell.
Ah yes!
Games to meet the rebels Cherokees?
Speaks clearly.
Miss is our friend.
We leave in an hour to
meet the rebels Cherokees.
Soon we will have enough
weapons to liberate our lands.
Umm... and live always in war!
I don't understand, this
meeting was your idea.
My idea is the freedom of my people.
In Exchange for the weapons promised
to the rebels Cherokees rebels
in welcoming them into the swamps.
I haven't seen other choice then.
What now?
The Lady gave me a news story.
A man I know from childhood is
now among the officers of the Fort.
I have confidence in him.
I will invite him to meet in Council.
We take the rifles
before, then you will meet.
What do you want to do?
Go to deal with the rebels.
But not commit for now.
Ms. will return to the
Fort to find my friend.
And if this man does not want to hear?
Then we will find the guns.
Soon will come the rains.
And if there is no peace we
have to stay in the swamps,
Let us not be under any
illusions, what we've been raiding
It is not enough, many will die.
We must seize this opportunity.
I'm for the war.
We elected our head, you
say that there is hope,
I will execute your order.
You will remain in the village.
I'm going with my father.
You'll stay here son,
seeking peace is not easy,
When hatred blindfolds.
The vehemence of youth
we don't need now.
You father.
Listen, avoid white soldiers.
You should not shed more blood
as long as the hope
for peace is not lost.
I'll do as you say.
You will rest until dawn,
then I'll take you home.
Goes straight to him and
rivelagli my identity.
...Lance, will want to
talk to me, don't you?
I am sure, John.
Forget the sad things, everything fits.
What is it, John?
I was thinking about Lance.
Our dream is over Lance
is back, you belong to him.
I belong to you dear.
Needless to say what I
feel, but Lance is good.
A perfect gentleman and army officer...
and it's white like you.
And you're half-Indian,
leader of a persecuted people.
Also you could be
official, but you stay here
to benefit your people.
What if I fail?
Are you ready to live in a
muddy village like my woman?
But it is said that should go
as well, if you will do the rest.
Do you think white people will
welcome me as your husband?
Revere, I'm thinking about your future.
You and Lance have the same way of life.
Give them the opportunity to show
you his world before deciding.
Okay, John.
I'll wait.
No Revere, I wait.
We have seen several,
I left in place Taft
to come looking for you.
- Thank God you arrived.
I had seen, I opened fire.
One hit him and three others fled.
Four against one and fled?
Yes Sir!
Out of touch, how was it really?
As I told Lieutenant, were...
They were in four and you were
alone, yet he was hit from behind.
I had been identified, I'm sure.
And when I saw them move I had to shoot.
Behind? How did you get it?
Sorry I have been afraid, is a boy.
They saw and were
changing Street, isn't it?
I don't know I don't remember a thing.
They went without a fight and
you're afraid you've killed one,
the others fled, they?
Yes Sir!
That's what happened.
Well, join your classmates.
Yes Sir!
Maybe I would have done the same
myself Lieutenant, could be a trick.
The trouble is that this man is
a leader, we understand how robe.
Maybe it is Osceola.
The drums will alert a
my warrior to meet thee,
will give you one of our horses.
Mean for my message.
The rest is up to Lance.
Herr Major!
Lieutenant Caldwell, I wish to
speak about that incident now.
I read your report and I would
have to ask you a few questions.
Yes Sir!
I would like to know for example,
Why do you think the
Seminoles don't give us battle?
Because just like last time I
told you is not warlike people.
And await the opportunity to
fix everything for peaceful way.
For this you have scolded a
man who has done his homework?
I heard about your demeanour
towards the soldier Taft.
He admitted that the Indians
did not want to fight,
they turned their
backs after having seen,
they could have killed
him, but they harassed.
This is a sign that they plan peaceful.
Maybe even their thefts are
a sign of peaceful intentions?
You were sent to the Fort
with tasks of Explorer.
So you have to provide
me with information,
don't tell me why or how to fight.
And decoded, don't allow
a soldier to my addictions
being scolded for killing an Indian.
Do you understand?
Yes Sir!
You can go, Lieutenant.
- Sergeant Smiley.
Come and write.
Officers to report tonight at
eight. Sit down, I have to dettarvi.
The war Office.
Object, Second
Lieutenant Lance Caldwell,
information note.
I summoned for duty because it was time
to lead a stronger campaign
against the Seminoles.
The news brought by
our patrol convinced me
who Osceola now has
neither men nor weapons
to sustain a long campaign.
I then decided I move against him
with a small Department, immediately!
Sure, Osceola holed up in his village.
consider the great surrounding
marshes as its natural defences
He believes that we cannot reach it
Well gentlemen this is
exactly what I want to believe.
Why a sudden attack our and his capture,
You can shake the Seminole
before the other tribes
and the rebels can help you.
...some of you gentlemen are
unaware of this territory,
our new officer, Lieutenant Caldwell
He grew up in Florida, and therefore he
will explain the nature of the terrain.
To those officers who do
not accompany me tomorrow
will need this information
in future endeavors.
To you Lieutenant the word.
If I may I would like to
talk to you later in private.
But Lieutenant Caldwell,
I would like these
reports to all officers,
What would you say to
me they can hear it.
As you like.
I ask respectfully to major
to revoke the order to March
against the Seminoles.
I consider extremely
risky for men entering
in this season.
It takes a special training
for war in the swamp.
Lieutenant Caldwell...
...I have a question to ask you.
When you say supremely
risky, you mean impossible?
- No, Sir.
-That's enough!
The tasks of individual officers
will be set out on the agenda.
Men and horses ready for you,
provisions and supplies for seven days.
Gentlemen at liberty.
Lieutenant Caldwell, you want to stay.
To us then, as there is
thinking of staging that Sham?
I asked for a private meeting.
And I ask you with what authority
used suggest to revoke my order.
In a few days the rains
and the Seminoles will have
to move into the Highlands,
then it will be easy to beat them.
And in a few days they will have
accumulated a lot of weapons and ammunition
from frustrated this campaign and
nothing every protective measure.
Give your words I believed
it my duty to warn you.
According to your words is not
impossible to cross the jungle
and capture Osceola, will be a
tactical surprise, a calculated risk.
You just tell me how to get
there and I will do the rest.
Lieutenant Caldwell...
...prepared a map of
the route to be followed,
send it to take in an hour.
Come in.
I was sent by major, expect that card.
Here Sarge.
Been with the major long?
For ten years, I made the
campaign against the Comanches.
The largest has a brilliant past.
You'll be proud to serve with him.
I am in fact is a good officer.
The fact is though that by three years waiting
for the appointment to Lieutenant Colonel
so you must be patient with him.
Of course, I understand.
In the war against the
Comanches had an officer,
did not come from the
Academy, but from the bottom.
Gold had to give to
the Indians our plans.
We lost many men before you find out.
Do you think I alarmed?
We are fighting the Indians.
Admit of giving him cause for alarm.
It may be.
I swear to you the secret on
this interview, good night!
For one!
In March.
For row dest, ahead by two.
Corporal of the guard,
approaching someone.
Who goes there?
They Revere Muldoon,
I need to see the
Lieutenant Caldwell soon.
You will not see any time soon, his
Department has started more than an hour ago.
You know when you return?
I have no idea.
And I don't think you could reach it,
your horse is exhausted.
You're not miss having that stock?
Yes, it's me.
I advise you to go home
tell the Lieutenant that you
want to see it just falls.
I recommend is very important. Via!
Go on-call officer tell him I've seen
one of our horses stolen.
And I was an Indian.
Front! For one!
Next Sgt. Magruder.
Sgt. Magruder!
Come in!
The orders.
Two men guarding the horses.
Then take the men
necessary for that wagon.
To do what?
To tow it, sarge!
I intend to carry ammunition
and cannon at destination.
Can I order the men to make
no noise but not as animals.
Dismount and rest.
Ready to dismantle.
Get down!
It is not in my habits to
explain what I intend to do.
This time the whole
way I'd rather tell you.
I'll stick the Savages
with this small detachment
Why do I propose to overcome
them through the surprize
instead of using the power of number.
From now on nobody will talk
If not whispering.
This is an order.
Lieutenant Caldwell,
dates the start list.
Yes Sir!
Come in!
Thank You, Lieutenant!
Broke his arm More.
Put him on the wagon.
Let us continue the March, Lieutenant.
You know what, a bit of spit and Polish
they're making ambitious.
You ambitious, but what
the hell can you tell me.
Yes, I would like to be official
for walking in the jungle
boots lustres.
How are you corporal?
Has a high fever.
About Corporal.
I regret exceedingly... I screamed so...
but I couldn't figure
out what I was doing.
Certain son.
After hearing Lieutenant,
you want to do this to men
that any further incident
that distract our attention
may cause harm to the security
of the whole operation?
Sgt. Magruder.
The orders.
When men will have
to clean their rifles,
you want to ensure that people
may eat and sleep properly?
Yes Sir.
One more thing.
Tell the troops that the commendation.
Thank You, Major.
Lieutenant Caldwell.
The orders.
How long does it take to get
to the village of Seminole?
We kept pace...
As I asked?
Other briefcases at best.
I would like to point
out that so far this March
It went precisely according to my plans.
Realize that the Indians of the swamps
are no different from wood's Indians.
And I have a lot of
experience... killing them!
Can I authorize men
to unfasten her collar?
But you must know the regulations.
- Help! Help! Quicksand!
-Soon! Get them out!
- Help! Help!
-Save the cannon.
Guts guys!
Save the cannon!
Throw me that rope.
To you Lieutenant.
Take heed to arm, beware of the arm.
He's alive?
Yes Sir!
Lieutenant Caldwell!
I ordered to save the cannon.
I believed it more important
to save a human life.
And put at risk other
winds? Is one thing strange.
That gun was the best protection.
All right...
There is a long way to go.
Quickly recompose your
Department to resume the March.
The Department is ready.
I'm really sorry for having
to fight these Indians.
Vi weighs increasingly this advanced.
I wasn't asking you to
attempt a peaceful settlement.
You'd be pleased at all.
At least almost at all.
I've done several campaigns,
but this is the most terrible.
But there's an advantage, we
can choose the kind of death.
Drowned, exhausted, skinned!
And who told you that we would
have at least the opportunity
to see the face of an Indian.
The fever gave delirium,
you have to gag.
Gag? But with a high fever that has...
I know that can be fatal, gag him!
How to fight against the swamp?
Lieutenant Caldwell!
Lieutenant Caldwell!
You will not be far now?
No, sir.
We will send a patrol.
Magruder, two Scout you and another.
Yes Sir.
Lieutenant Caldwell, tell the
men to clean up the weapons.
Yes Sir.
Lieutenant Caldwell!
Would you like to sit?
You allow.
Before Savage, is the sharp cutlass?
We found, were holding
a sort of Council.
Were they, we saw them in the flesh.
A great time!
Lieutenant, we want to
take a look at the enemy?
What do you think?
It's not a war dance,
looks like a big party.
- You see that ignore that we are here.
-I'm sure.
Wait for sleep,
then we will attack the village
and we will destroy them.
At dawn we will be on the way back.
Everything is ready.
Well! Well!
Of the corporal?
I gather after the action.
They escaped.
They escaped!
Why don't you go back to beat you!
Because you don't...
They're saving, they
rescued the Lieutenant.
Better for him.
Now get out if we want to
save ourselves we three.
You are the boss?
Are you Osceola?
Don't move Lieutenant.
The leaves and the mud will
absorb the poison from your wounds.
Because you saved me?
I do the same question, why?
Maybe to have a hostage.
Or maybe because the
veins of my powerful Boss
white man's blood flowing.
Why is save this man?
I'm your boss doesn't
owe you an explanation.
It was for having trusted this
man that my father was killed.
I ask vengeance!
If my actions offend my people
I will reply to the
Council. Now get out!
How you feel about Lance?
Ah, why didn't you let me die
with my men, like a soldier.
I don't know, I don't
know why I didn't kill you.
The blood shed from my is on your hands.
Are you responsible for this massacre!
Yes, I wasn't looking for that alone!
Your began the war.
Did you expect that
you braked my warriors,
After you've decided?
Because you don't have
listened to Revere?
Went here when it was to
expose my plans of peace.
I haven't seen that once.
And he didn't say anything.
you and Revere...
Who knows, who can say anything,
rest we will talk later.
Come on in.
The report does not
satisfy me captain, at all!
But it has increased the
efficiency of all ranks.
The men worked hard, major.
Not quite, doubled the training.
You've never given similar orders.
Doubled the training!
Yes Sir!
- Lieutenant.
-Yes, Sir.
Miss Muldoon?
You are welcome.
Miss Muldoon, I have here a
copy of a letter that I sent
the war Office before
a recent expedition.
Some songs may be of interest to you.
Lt. Lance Caldwell
showed an attitude of
opposition to this command.
And been reprimanded on
several occasions for his...
...reckless judgments
about what he calls
the unfair treatment to the Seminole.
The letter says that
the Lieutenant Caldwell,
was seen in the company at
a certain Revere Muldoon.
And my informants report that this woman
He visited the camp of Osceola.
It is true that Miss Muldoon?
I don't know what you're talking about.
When you come to seek
the Lieutenant Caldwell,
the horse that you mounted was
of those rubatici from Seminole.
Do you have any comments
to make about it?
Major, I was taken here
without explanation,
I want to know the
reason for this treatment?
I suspect the Lieutenant Caldwell and
you... of understandings with the enemy.
It is absurd!
Sit down.
Sgt. Magruder.
...I present Miss Muldoon.
- Very pleased.
Tell Lieutenant Caldwell.
The Lieutenant he participated
with us in an expedition
where were wiped out of Seminole.
The eldest, the Trooper Scott and I are
the only ones who could save himself.
And Lieutenant Caldwell?
Strange thing miss even before
we left the Lieutenant...
Facts! Facts! Facts!
He's alive, Miss, I think. He was
wounded while covering the retreat.
Was spared! I saw him
as they carried him away.
And that you know of others,
were spared the other injuries?
No Sir, as I said he was
the only one to survive.
Miss Muldoon, a commander
must know adapt tactics
the various military situations.
Now I decided to compose all this
controversy with the Seminoles
man to man, for peaceful
way with Osceola.
You are the only one who can
get to their village, go for it!
If you and Lt. Caldwell
can persuade Osceola
to come here under the white flag,
This will eliminate my
suspicions about your loyalty.
And what will become of Osceola?
Miss Muldoon, will
protect the white flag!
And if I say no.
What would happen to you?
Other troops would arrive at Fort King?
Along with a new Commander?
It may be.
It would probably be the destruction
of all my military career.
But your refusal would
also mean jail for you
and court martial for
your Lieutenant Caldwell.
When will make you comfortable?
Go away tomorrow morning.
I will impart the
necessary instructions.
John, I'm sorry to have failed.
It was shed much blood, many are dead.
But I bring you news from the Fort.
They make a peace offering.
John, I know Lance is here.
I have to talk to you both.
It's in my hut.
Which will heal your
wounds, but no pain.
Revere, I told him everything.
I will go to him.
I will come later, is better than
in the first moments stay alone.
Dear Lance.
Hi Revere.
I'm glad you're getting better.
I thought my injuries would be
able to benefit you and John,
I had to die.
There are certain things
that only time can fix.
Says you sent to warn
me, why didn't you come?
You were party to an
hour when I arrived.
It's done!
There's nothing more to say.
Lance... the Fort they know
you're alive. -At The Fort?
How do they know?
Sgt. Magruder and Scott and Maj. fled,
the Sergeant saw the Indians save you.
So they think I'm a traitor?
I told you it was better if I died.
For no one is better to die my friend.
Lance, listen to me.
Major wants to end
this fight, so I came.
Asks you to accompany
John with white flag
to conclude an agreement.
To conclude an agreement...
But you don't understand, you
have to go back to the Fort.
It's time to face reality.
Has gone too far, there
can be no more peace.
But I have hope in the possibility
of peace for both our peoples.
We will go to the Fort.
...There is much resentment
between us and the white man.
We cannot easily forget.
But now he says he
wants to negotiate peace.
Will try again to shake
his hand in friendship.
Their hand is full of
weapons to betray us,
as they did before.
I have the word of their
leader. I meet him at Fort King.
Pray that everything goes well.
I'm Lieutenant Hamilton,
I come from the major.
Once you have worn the uniform
waiting for you at the Office.
The boss will go with me.
Thank You Lieutenant.
You'll be fine.
At your disposal.
That Indian Osceola have
beaten and thrown in jail.
- Osceola is in prison?
- To whose orders? Of Degan?
- Get out of the way and
open. I can't Lieutenant.
I told you to open! -But...
Let down that ladder.
John, what have they done to you?
They wanted me to sign a document of
unconditional surrender of my people.
I declined.
Six seriously injured?
I think of you.
...think I betrayed you?
What does it matter who betrayed me.
Your Major is crazy, Lance.
This fact will make my people
even more decided the war.
A time Lieutenant, you must be...
Major Degan!
It is customary that the subordinates
be announce before entering.
I have conducted Osceola
here with the white flag.
I invite you to make your
comments in more polite tone.
Did you use a woman to
weave a Web of deceit.
Osceola has violated the truce,
I gave him the chance to
make peace and refused.
He turned down an offer
of unconditional surrender.
I must remind you that an entire
Squad of soldiers was destroyed.
I suffered a disaster
because of this Osceola.
The first disaster of my career.
Now became my prisoner.
You have lost all sense
of honor and dignity!
Your sense of honour and dignity
is not shared by this command.
You can go.
Osceola came because he had faith in me.
Will restart the same way
you came, with full honors.
You can go, I said.
Give him an honest and peace sign.
I didn't buy anything!
We must remember that this is
the territory of the United States
and that I have the
mandate to protect him.
And now get out of here
before you put under arrest.
I saw slowly mutate
your sense of duty to a hatred
that upsets me every honest man.
I intended to blame an
entire people for a defeat
that you yourself, and now this.
Osceola Released!
Exit through the door.
I demand that you drop it.
You pretend orders Mr Lieutenant,
Since you are here you give orders,
you're not fit to be the officer.
Let me repeat once again,
here I'm in control.
And I will continue to
operate in spite of all.
Are you ill, major, very sick!
I know that you would like to...
...but not raise even a finger on you.
Give me one shoulder strap.
You can't grab them out
through the court martial.
All right.
I will return, and I will
also have a court martial!
Following Smiley!
Lieutenant Caldwell, sorry major orders,
I regret to inform you
that you are under arrest.
The rains began.
Come and Lieutenant, let's go inside.
We've waited long enough
again the white man lied to us.
Kajeck I'm your boss.
I'm the boss now, I do not obey
more the man who let us down.
Listen To Me Kajeck.
Hurry up, I don't think Osceola
will live until tomorrow.
Who's on call out?
Don't worry, everything is fine.
You have to believe
you got to have faith.
Words, they killed my father,
destroyed you! Look at you!
But don't destroy my people.
I can't wait any longer.
Kajeck! Let him go!
Lieutenant, I thought
you were under arrest.
That Indian killed the guard?
No Sergeant! Osceola is dead!
I hope you to think what you
say, so don't stay that you.
Don't rest I.
Gentlemen, everything
I've said is the truth.
Lieutenant Caldwell, this
Court is required to judge you
with justice and impartiality.
But the offer a few
items worth consideration.
I realize that.
You say that the
Kajeck killed the sentry
in order to enter the prison
and get rid of Osceola?
Yes Sir.
But we are informed that Osceola was
loved and respected by his people.
The medical report said that
Osceola died by drowning.
And how do you explain that he
didn't die at the hands of Kajeck?
I was fighting with Kajeck,
trying to protect the head.
The testimony of Sergeant
inspection he found there,
declares that there was the shadow
of an Indian when he arrived.
You have no way of laying this Kajeck?
No, no Sir.
No way, I wouldn't
know where to find him.
I confirm what I said,
but I have no proof.
Major Degan, elevaste you the
charges against Lieutenant Caldwell?
When I had reached the proof that the
infringements of Lieutenant Caldwell
the military code, had led
to the murder and betrayal,
became my duty to remind
you of the attention
the Ministry of war.
The letter that I am
holding is copy of that sent
by major Degan in Washington.
It is a report on the unruly
conduct of Lieutenant Caldwell.
Before sending the letter
nothing happened that gave
reason to the action of major?
Yes, Sir.
Before you call me the higher
had the Lieutenant in the Office.
He was chiding for having
punished a soldier on patrol.
It seems that the Lieutenant had
ordered not to shoot the Indians.
The show that Lieutenant Caldwell
had arrangements with the enemy?
- It is not easy to answer, I...
-answer Yes or no.
I said yes or no. -Yes, Sir.
Were you the watchman
was killed when Inspector?
Yes, Sir.
How she was killed.
Stabbed from behind, twice.
And two could get that knife?
You Sir, I ended up in jail
with Lieutenant Caldwell.
Just so sarge.
The prosecution rests.
Well gentlemen, it's up to us to decide.
Write the verdict on
these sheets of paper.
Guilty or innocent.
The defendant please
rise and come forward.
Lieutenant Caldwell, the
Court finds you guilty,
and I sentence you to death
by firing squad in the chest.
Mr. Caldwell.
Allow me, Sir.
Look out!
It is not necessary.
Executing the judgment.
II Fort is encircled because
you listen to my voice.
Let me in.
Lower your weapons.
I come for the body of Osceola, and to
speak for those of you who have the command.
I here I have the command, speak.
I am Kajeck Chief of the Seminole.
The white woman Muldoon came to me.
Told me about this officer.
I killed the Sentinel, I
wanted to get rid of Osceola.
He was blinded and undermined
by your promises and fraud.
A leader must be strong,
strong enough to face the enemy on
the field without fear talking faith
in the false white
flags that it does fly.
Mr. Caldwell.
You say.
This is the Warrior of
which we were speaking?
Yes, Sir.
Kajeck, why did you come
here to blame yourself?
Us Seminole are a people proud.
No white man or red must pay for me.
Now we take our boss.
Take your boss.
And when the weather will have treated
wounds, maybe we could riparlarci.
By virtue of my powers, I will
provide your complete rehabilitation.
And I assure you that I will
investigate the conduct of major Degan
According to your statement.
Thank You, Colonel.
So okay!
Attention, company!
After Hearing Lieutenant.
The orders.
This perhaps is the beginning
of a new way of living.
I hope so.
I know this people deeply,
and I am convinced that
want to live in peace.
Melt the lines.
Melt... the lines.
It was a noble heart...
...and he loved his people.
He loved all people, this made it great.