Semmelweis (2023) Movie Script

- Gotcha!
- No! No!
Stop! Stop!
Get in!
Stop it!
No! Please, no!
I won't set a foot inside
that death factory!
It will be fine.
No! Let me go!
Let me go!
- Keep quiet or I'll have to punish you!
- You're breaking my wrist, brute!
What is all this damned noise?
This scamp was going into labor
on the street.
- What should we do with her?
- Let her go!
- But she'll run away.
- Then let her.
Didn't you hear him, you swine?
Sorry, but she can't give birth
on the street.
The regulations forbid it.
I don't care about the regulations.
Either you let her go
or you handle the birth yourselves.
You silly little bitch!
Leave her alone.
- Would you let me to examine you?
- Are you trying to keep me here, too?
Not in the least.
I've seen how you can kick.
I'll just feel your stomach.
After that, you can go where you like.
How old are you?
So you could still have children.
It's a pity you won't live to see that.
- What do you mean?
- The baby is in the breech position.
It can't be born without help.
If it was born,
you'd both freeze to death
on the street within a couple of days.
I don't believe you.
That's your business.
Gentlemen, please show the lady out.
I have patients waiting for me.
No! Let me go!
Let me go already!
God bless you, Doctor!
- That's not necessary.
- Thank you.
Please wait!
Where have you worked before?
In Saint Rokus Hospital.
Me for five years and my sister for two.
Mainly in the maternity ward,
but we assisted in operating theaters too.
Yes, but we speak German well.
And where did you come from?
From the Midwife College.
I worked there for three years.
Where is your reference letter?
I didn't get one, sir.
But while I was there, my work was valued.
She was sacked.
I decided to leave.
This woman is Dr. Berger's lover.
Does no one want to work here
other than fallen women and Hungarians?
You two may go.
Miss Hoffmann can stay.
On a probationary period for now.
However, I should warn you that
I will not stand romantic affairs
in my hospital.
Yes, Professor.
I don't care if she's a servant!
Do you want her to give birth
in the corridor?
Her excellency can wait.
What are you staring at? Do your jo--
Then I think we're finished.
Is there anything else?
Yes. I have a sister.
She's 13 years old and works as a servant.
I would like to bring her with me
if I may.
We're not a hotel of ill repute.
You'll be working
with Teaching Assistant Semmelweis.
Go and report to him.
How will I recognize him?
From his voice.
Thank you.
Doctor, may I ask,
how many have got a fever today?
- What's it to do with you?
- Well, those with a fever today
tend to be my clients the next day.
It's good to know
how many loads I can expect.
Don't you go calculating.
Good thing you don't order
the coffins in advance.
To be honest, I was thinking about that.
- Clear out of here!
- What would you do without me?
- The corridor would be full of corpses.
- The people here are alive, Meyer.
They're alive.
Who permitted you to come to the ward?
Professor Klein.
I don't care what Klein says.
Don't let me see you here
until I send for you.
Dr. Semmelweis?
What do you want?
Professor Klein assigned me to you.
Doctor, the young street girl
has begun giving birth.
Dr. Kollr has taken over.
What are you waiting for?
Fetch a basin and follow me.
Call the doctor who admitted me!
Do you think you can choose,
like in a sweet shop?
Just be happy you aren't giving birth
on the canal bank.
- Forceps!
- Don't touch me!
You didn't protest
when you got knocked up.
Strap her down! Strap her down!
What are you doing
with the forceps, Kollr?
I could save at least one of their lives.
Stand aside.
You know what?
You can have this slut
if you want her so badly.
I can hardly feel her pulse.
Listen to me.
When the pain comes,
I am going to press on your stomach.
Don't worry, it'll be fine.
When I tell you,
push with all your might, all right?
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me.
You can do it.
- What will the child be called?
- I don't know.
You better think quick.
Looks like you have about two minutes.
Come and stand here.
Tell me how many centimeters
it's dilating.
Once its leg is out,
gently begin to pull it.
But not too hard.
This isn't my first birth.
It is your first with me.
Now. Push.
Now! More!
So? Have you decided on a name for him?
Little star.
Nice name.
Not very manly, though.
Are you waiting
for the christening as well?
Hurry up.
Get a move on and wash the baby,
help the mother into bed and come.
The day isn't over yet.
Go on. I'll do it.
Have you been at an autopsy?
- No, sir.
- Here's your chance.
But I was signed on as a midwife.
I don't deal with dead people.
Pity. Then I'll find someone less choosy.
You mean in my place?
Wait, you can't just throw me out
like that.
I'm qualified, hardworking
and I'll learn anything.
Good. I'll see you Wednesday
in the dissecting room.
Mrs. Haller's fever has leapt up again.
You'll sleep here.
You may have to share with someone else.
- Nice.
- If you say so.
But at least there are no rats.
The bathroom
is at the end of the corridor.
There's no heating.
So hurry when washing.
We don't want you taking up
a patient's bed.
The wake-up call is at 6:00 a.m.
I will knock on your door.
You must be in the clinic by 7:00 a.m.
You're not allowed visitors.
We close the gate at 9:00 p.m.
If you come after that,
you can sleep on the street.
Thank you.
Who are you looking for, miss?
- Sabina Hoffmann.
- The blind one?
She's upstairs.
Ouch! This hurts!
Ouch! No!
- Did you get the job?
- Yes.
- Will you get me out?
- Not yet.
But I will soon save enough money
to rent a little flat somewhere,
all right?
Where are your glasses?
They broke.
Sabina, they cost a fortune.
Can't you look after them better?
One of the girls stepped on them.
I couldn't see well with them anyway.
All right, don't make a sad face.
- Look at what I've got in my pocket.
- Sweets?
These three are honey, this--
- What is this?
- Nothing.
Have they hurt you again?
I accidentally knocked down
the butter dish
and Frau Gruber got very angry.
I'll take you away from here
as soon as I can,
all right?
I can't wait.
Are you coming like that?
The Hungarian company in the Prater.
We have to be there by 8:00 p.m.
I can't go.
Two more have got a fever.
- Kollr's on duty, isn't he?
- Yes.
He's sleeping in the doctors' room.
You have a life to live.
After the theater,
we're dining in the Musktli.
Their roast duck is heavenly.
At least make it there.
Have fun.
Up to you. But I don't want to be late
for Rza Laborfalvi.
Dr. Kolletschka is right.
You'll ruin your health like this.
If you want my opinion...
I don't.
Go and change the compress on Mrs. Mller.
I said go and change the compress on her.
Sadly, three more mothers
have got a fever.
When did she give birth?
Two days ago.
Am I going to recover?
We are all in God's hands.
What are you doing with that hanky?
Get a wet sheet
and put it over her whole body.
- Change it every ten minutes.
- What for?
Anyone can see she has had it.
I'll wring your neck
if you don't do that right away.
We'll bring your temperature down
and you'll feel better.
Hang in there.
Thank you.
We start at 7:00 a.m.!
I thought you could at least
remember that.
Sorry, Matron, I sent the new girl
to the laundry for fresh sheets.
Don't dump your work on others.
Now hurry up.
- Jlia.
- Emma.
You saved me.
From her, for now, yes.
But Semmelweis will have your head off.
He's through the roof
since this epidemic has been raging.
- Where the hell have you been?
- I asked her--
Get me a cloth!
Stuff her mouth so she can't bite
her tongue but can still breathe.
Febrile seizure?
You're too late.
Another patient has a fever.
Why did I ever listen to you?
You're all charlatans!
I don't want to die.
Get back into bed.
You're not helping yourself.
They'll bury me without a priest,
like a whore.
Try to get some rest.
Please, miss, find a nurse for my son!
If he isn't nursed,
he won't survive the orphanage.
Please don't let him die, please!
All right. But try to rest a little.
I promise.
Are you out of your mind?
Why did you make a promise you can't keep?
She has only minutes to live.
What else could I say?
You haven't come here
as a Sister of Mercy.
People die here. Get used to it.
I worked in the Midwife Center
for three years.
I've seen enough of that there.
And did you adopt every orphan there?
I didn't need to.
Not so many died there as they do here.
It is going to the paupers' grave.
Good morning.
How much would a separate grave cost
if a priest is called out?
Five gulden.
If you're paying for the ceremony,
it's six.
Are you having fun, Meyer?
Would you allow me to sort this out?
Take it and tell me when the funeral is.
Godforsaken nutter.
I've always said so.
...besides periods, frequent intercourse...
ratio of body fluids,
I see two causes for the epidemic.
One is the position of the planets,
which has an unfavorable effect
on the patients.
Many more die at the full moon
than at the new moon.
The other is fear.
If a mother is afraid,
that saps her strength
and makes her defenseless
in the face of the murderous disease...
Sorry, Professor,
could you spare a minute?
Semmelweis, in Budapest
do they not teach you to knock?
- Can't it wait?
- No.
Continue studying the next chapter.
- What do you want?
- Professor,
I would like to look at
last years' dissection records.
- Can't you sleep?
- Can you?
Two or three patients die every day.
Do you think this epidemic leaves me cold?
If it is an epidemic.
What else could it be?
What kind of epidemic is it
that only rages inside the clinic?
- There are casualties elsewhere too.
- But not as many as here.
Professor, if I could compare
the mortality details for the clinic
and the Midwife College,
perhaps it would show
what we're doing wrong.
Surely you are not suggesting that we go
to the Midwife College for medical advice?
If it helps us save lives, why not?
Because it discredits me.
If you can't stand death, Semmelweis,
find a different career.
And don't go bothering me
in the middle of teaching again.
Come on in. I'll be finished in a minute.
- Well done, surviving your first day.
- Thanks to you.
I suspect the Matron "forgot"
to wake you up.
Don't take it personally.
She doesn't like pretty girls,
especially if--
If what?
- Nothing.
- If they have a bad reputation?
They say that at the Midwife College
you were the director's lover.
They do say that.
Don't worry, I don't care.
I have a suitor too.
An officer.
He once took me to the Prater,
and then took me out to dinner.
Don't worry about the Matron.
She'll leave you be.
She's just afraid you're danger
to her Semmelweis.
She can have him, for all I care.
He's hated me from the start.
He's like that with everyone.
At least he says what he thinks.
Can I smell it?
We only get laundry soap here.
You can keep it.
Thank you.
You can cook for yourself
if you're so fussy.
I made your favorite
and you haven't even touched it.
- Just leave it here. I'll eat it later.
- It's not worth eating cold.
And besides...
...I don't want to interfere, no,
but you are a doctor... and you look,
no offense, like a sleepwalker.
You don't eat, you don't sleep.
You could at least go to a barber.
Tell me, Gertrd,
what do they say about the clinic in town?
that there are a lot
of knowledgeable doctors there.
But I reckon they look after themselves.
Would you give birth there?
What are you talking about?
Men don't look at me anymore.
If it was your daughter,
where would you send her
to give birth?
If you forgive my saying so,
to the Midwife College for sure.
Why not the clinic?
They say that women who go in there
are brought out in a coffin.
Good night now.
Don't work all night again
because you'll ruin your eyes.
Get a move on, Meyer.
Baumgartner is coming shortly.
All I need is for a cart full of corpses
to welcome him.
Tell that to this old nag.
Professor. With respect.
He comes now of all times.
Don't worry, Baumgartner doesn't know
anything about medicine.
But he knows about politics.
And at present,
our reputation is pretty poor.
We only have two patients with a fever.
I've placed them in a separate room.
If they don't die right under our noses,
everything will be fine.
I hope so.
Otherwise, my support is all gone.
Greetings, Councillor!
Good day.
- Good day.
- Good day.
You can see that our patients
are in good hands.
With the odd unfortunate exception,
the mothers leave the clinic
with their babies in their arms.
Our doctors, especially the Austrian
specialists we have, are excellent...
What's the name of that daredevil?
Who do you mean?
The Hungarian
who everyone wants when giving birth.
Semmelweis? He mainly handles autopsies.
And where is this Semmelweis?
In the dissecting room.
Where else?
But I wouldn't advise going there
after lunch.
Don't you worry on my behalf.
The cause of death
is inflammation of the lymph glands,
pus-filled metastasis and meningitis.
She was healthy when she arrived
at the clinic,
I examined her myself.
After she gave birth came the usual fever,
stomach pains,
and finally a state of shock.
Please continue,
as if we weren't here.
Do you see?
The uterus is full of pus.
The question, of course, is why.
Hold it to your nose.
It will take away the unpleasant smell.
Are you all right, young lady?
- Pull yourself together.
- Sorry.
Sit down before you faint on us.
Why are you torturing your colleagues,
Why don't you use wax dummies
like everyone else?
When wax dummies come to us
to give birth, I will take your advice.
Tell me, Semmelweis,
what did this poor creature die of?
Puerperal fever.
There isn't a hospital
that doesn't suffer from it.
Blast this epidemic!
They say that more are dying here
than elsewhere.
This is just idle talk.
We do not know the mortality figures
for other hospitals.
But we do know that in the clinic
deaths are double
what they were four years ago.
If we compared the mortality figures
for the clinic and the Midwife Center...
What's the point of that?
For example,
we could stop the idle talk, right?
Continue with your research, Semmelweis,
and report to Professor Klein.
If the councillor so wishes...
Old chap, you know how to make
the management angry.
Did you have to shame the poor wretch
in front of Baumgartner?
Would you rather that
I watch every tenth patient dying?
Look at it this way. Nine survive.
You can't do anything about the others.
At university,
we dreamed about working here.
Ignc, don't you remember?
I dreamed about saving lives.
Oh, Ignc.
We're in Vienna. The restaurants are good,
the girls are beautiful.
And you can work with your friends.
Why can't you enjoy yourself a bit?
Because every night I dream
about those mothers who died in my hands.
If you get yourself kicked out,
you won't save a single life.
How dare you chop open my wife like that?
- I had to find out what caused her death.
- You did! You caused it.
First you killed her,
now you cut her up like a piece of meat?
We do autopsies,
so that less mothers will die.
I hope you rot in hell.
What you're doing is a crime against God!
- Let me go!
- Calm down! Calm down!
Murderers! You're all murderers!
I'm coming back to find you, Semmelweis!
Do you hear?
A pretzel, miss?
Miss Hoffmann!
Fresh and crisp!
Are you feeling better?
Of course. I just got dizzy.
It won't happen again.
The dissecting room is no place
for a delicate lady like yourself.
Did you know that it takes days to wash
the stench of corpses from your hands?
So, how do you get on with Semmelweis?
I'm rushing because of him.
It's hard to meet his expectations.
No need to be polite,
we all know he's a troublesome character.
I'd rather say dedicated.
Anyway, I hope he won't be here for long.
I can foresee a fine future
for you here at the clinic.
Even as matron.
I've only been here for two weeks.
Don't be so modest.
You're a clever girl.
Professor Klein saw that too.
That's why he's asking you
to keep an eye on Semmelweis.
What do you mean by that?
That I should report on him?
Why? Is there anything to report?
I am not an informer.
No, of course not.
I'd merely want us to help each other.
You help me and I help you.
- Like two good friends.
- We aren't friends.
But we still could be.
I think you'll like me if I tell you
what I've managed to arrange.
I know your sister lives
in difficult circumstances.
I can arrange for her to move
into the nurses' hostel.
Indeed, if she's up to working as well,
there might be a little pay for her too.
In return, all you have to do is tell me
if Semmelweis does anything crazy.
Is there anything you'd like to
share with me?
You broke into the archives?
I needed the dissection records.
And you don't even deny it?
We could sack you for that.
- I'll pay for the damage.
- It's not about the lock,
but the fact that
you went against my orders.
What are you trying to achieve?
To see what we are doing wrong.
We're not doing anything wrong!
And you'll realize this soon enough.
Off you go and dig around
at the Midwife College,
since you've already sorted this
with Baumgartner.
Thank you, Professor.
And rein in your spending.
I'll have to suspend your pay
for the next two months.
The mourners here...
accompany her on her last journey
on this earth.
For this journey is one we must all make.
A journey we tread that leads
to a grave soaked in tears.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
May you wear the cross
of our Lord Jesus Christ.
What are you doing here?
Nothing better to do?
And you?
Have you found a nurse for the child?
There is a woman on Herrengasse.
She gave birth recently
and has plenty of milk,
easily enough for two.
But I can't afford that on my pay.
Add this to it.
It should be enough for a while.
And if possible,
don't mention this at the clinic.
Why? In case they think you have a heart?
It's none of their business.
It's not yours either, but you're here.
Tell me,
why do you care about a stranger's child?
I know what it's like
growing up as an orphan.
You have no relatives?
A sister.
And you?
Why are you here?
I have almost as many patients here
as ones that are alive.
It's not your fault.
Nature makes women this way.
Giving birth is what we do,
even if it costs us our lives.
And if this isn't nature's way?
If we're making a mistake?
Everyone says...
you can get used to death.
If only I knew how.
Who is this Dr. Kollr?
A doctor at the clinic.
Look where you're going!
And why is he helping us?
Sabina, if you don't want us
to be thrown out of here,
you mustn't talk about this to anyone.
- Is he courting you?
- What? Of course not, for heaven's sake.
Is he handsome?
Be quiet!
I'm already regretting bringing you here.
Will it be just us two here?
Can I sleep by the window?
Only if you don't talk any more today.
Gentlemen, what would you like?
Three set lunches, please.
Just two. And a coffee.
Bring three. I'll eat the third one.
And a bacon omelet with toast.
I recommend
the house sausage with it, sir.
We might as well go the whole hog.
Let's have a strudel as well.
Coming right up.
Talking of hogs, Jakob, you've become one.
You don't know what's good.
Actually, we do.
That new girl is a looker.
What's she called?
Save your energy.
She's an echt Austrian
and won't waste her time on Hungarians.
Do you think she likes Czechs?
I don't know about Czechs,
but Czech Jews, maybe.
Let's bet on that.
Don't you have anything better
to amuse yourselves with?
Do you fancy her, Ignc?
- I don't go for nurses.
- They say she was Berger's lover.
I certainly don't go for nurses
of ill repute.
But those are the best.
Lonely, in need of comforting,
but they know the ropes.
Kollr isn't so fussy.
Are you coming?
Since you left,
Berger has become even more unbearable.
Barbara, this is Dr. Semmelweis.
Professor Berger asked me to show you
around and answer all your questions.
How long do you intend to be here?
Until we are finished.
The wards are in the right wing,
the storage room and offices are that way.
How many patients are on a ward?
Ten, twelve.
Roughly the same as at the clinic.
The beds are further apart.
By at least half a meter.
And there are curtains between them.
Yes, same as at the clinic.
But here they are cleaned every two weeks.
At the clinic, once every two months.
True. Make a note of that.
How often do you wash the sheets?
Weekly, but the quilts are only aired.
Why is this important?
I'm not sure yet.
How often do you change the water
in the basins?
After every ward round.
The rooms are sunny,
generally 18-20 degrees.
Each ward is heated by its own stove.
Just like at the clinic.
Any more questions?
What make of scalpel do you use?
The Weber make.
- What do you stuff the duvets with?
- Quill or hay.
- How do you bring down a fever?
- Cinchona.
- Where do you take the dirty linen?
- To Grass's, on Leopoldstrasse.
For how many days do you keep the corpses?
Two, at most.
How often do you air the rooms each day?
Once in the winter.
We keep the windows open in the summer.
Well, this is our delivery room.
- What do you use for pain relief?
- Opioids.
Ether to anesthetize,
but we rarely do that.
The director didn't give permission
for this.
Does he think I've never seen a dead body?
When do you do the autopsies?
We don't.
We only use wax models to demonstrate.
And those?
They're waiting to be taken away.
Please don't take it wrongly,
but we will be closing up soon.
Is there anything else?
The mortality records.
- For this month?
- For the past ten years.
There must be something
we're not thinking of.
Are you taking the whole archive?
He's only borrowing from it...
It's fine.
We have nothing to hide.
Did you spend a fruitful day here?
We'll see.
- But thank you for letting us come.
- And give my regards to Professor Klein.
If he ever wants to study a well-run
hospital, we'll be happy to see him.
Miss Hoffmann.
Didn't you say you'd never come back?
If you employ those who we dismissed,
is it any wonder your standards
are falling, colleague?
If you let your best staff leave,
I don't foresee much of a future
for your hospital,
Thank you for defending me.
I dislike it when people insult women
in my presence.
Are you really satisfied with my work?
Let's just say I am not dissatisfied.
But don't get too confident.
Thank you for accompanying me.
I assume you don't need me any further.
Actually, I do,
but I can't force you to work at night.
You don't want to start browsing
through these today?
There's no time to lose.
I'm sorry,
but I'll get up early tomorrow.
My sister is waiting
and my hours finished long ago.
I understand.
Off you go.
Good night.
At last, the doctor has arrived.
- Good evening, Gertrd.
- I see you're not alone.
Good evening...
Miss Hoffmann is a nurse
on the department--
I don't care what she does,
but this is not that kind of a house.
The room is let out to one person,
and that one person owes rent.
Excuse me.
There was a slight disagreement
between me--
If only the Lord would give me
half as many years
as you had disagreements.
- A little patience--
- I have patience,
but it will cost you.
Precisely one month's rent.
Will this cover my debt?
The pawnbroker will decide about that.
And don't you wake the whole house!
I'm her favorite tenant, by the way.
Last year, 3354 children were born,
of which 459 died of puerperal fever.
That is more than 13%.
In the Midwife College, in the same year,
the proportion was just 4%.
Yet we are doing the same thing.
Except for autopsies.
I can't see how those things
are connected.
Nor can I.
But since this is the only difference,
it's the lead we have to follow.
Write down how many autopsies
they carried out in the clinic
in the past four years and when.
The dates may be important.
Now? It is almost 6:00 a.m.
I have to get back to the hostel
before the morning alarm.
You're right. I'm sorry.
- Would you like me to accompany you?
- No, thank you.
And could I ask you not to mention
to your colleagues that I was here?
It would put me in a bad light.
Don't worry.
I suspect I don't have
a very good reputation.
I have no time for hospital gossip.
I just wanted you to know that gossip
doesn't always accord with the facts.
I simply... don't want you to think--
My thoughts are focused on my patients.
"My thoughts are focused on my patients."
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Did you make progress
at the Midwife College?
I made notes of everything
that could be important.
Very promising, young lady.
Very promising.
I hope that half-wit didn't embarrass us.
Not at all.
Dr. Semmelweis is loyal to the clinic.
Thank you, young lady.
You may go.
On the right foot
is thrombophlebitis superficialis.
Go on.
The coloration of the pulmo means
it is probably pleurisy.
Purulent transfers in the muscles...
This is clearly puerperal fever.
When you haven't looked at
the most important organ?
Too late.
Jakob, would you be so kind
as to show Herr Braun
where that uterus is?
What are you doing
with that amputation knife?
Leave it, Ignc. I'll do it.
How are you going to be a surgeon
when you still don't know the instruments?
- Look out, you miserable man!
- Sorry!
Is everything all right?
- Show me.
- It's nothing, just a scratch.
In an autopsy, we cut the corpses,
not the colleagues.
Let's look at this diagnosis of yours.
The uterine tissue is completely average
and there is no sign of enlargement.
There are no placenta remains to be found.
This woman was never pregnant,
nor could she have been,
as we operated on her
for a uterine tumor a week ago.
What if the epidemic is attacking those
who haven't given birth as well?
I didn't ask you to solve the riddle.
I just asked for a simple diagnosis.
But you didn't manage even that.
Get out of here and don't come back in.
Let me see.
What's the matter?
You're crying your eyes out over nothing?
Is it the officer?
He hasn't been in touch for two weeks,
and today at the market, I saw him
chatting up some fancy trollop.
If he is stupid enough to do that,
then you're better off without him.
Then why do I feel worse off?
Do you know what?
It's the ball soon.
Do yourself up and you'll see
you'll have ten officers for every finger.
Ah, Semmelweis!
I heard that you failed a medical student.
That's right.
The student in question was the nephew of
our very influential patron, Herr Braun.
Sadly, that's his innate ability.
It doesn't make him fit
to practice medicine.
I wrote to the Herr Braun
and said there'd been a mistake,
and that he can continue his studies here.
Dr. Semmelweis will lead today's round
instead of me.
He has acquired indispensable experiences
with the midwives.
Let's hear what you found out.
Nothing so far.
I need some more time.
And you're tarnishing
the clinic's reputation for that?
The mortality rate started to deteriorate
exactly seven years ago.
Since I have been running the clinic.
You've got a lot of nerve.
Not only do you disobey my orders,
but you also claim that I am responsible?
I merely say
that the cause lies here at the clinic.
Then continue your search
in the dissecting room.
Your obstetric work is suspended
until you hear from me.
Perhaps you'll do less harm
among the dead than among the living.
Semmelweis is the best obstetrician.
How sweet that you stand up
for each other.
Do you know what?
I am suspending all the Hungarians.
Come, gentlemen!
I don't care if you want to get sacked
but I'm not going to be kicked out
because of you.
Sorry... but I won't give up this research.
What research?
- What have you discovered exactly?
- I have ruled out six misguided theories.
And how many are there to go? A hundred?
Then I will rule out ninety-nine.
But I'll find the cause.
Why do you think there's just one cause?
There's one simple cause for everything.
It's just us doctors who always look
for complicated explanations.
But you haven't made
any more headway than Klein.
Why do you expect us to back you?
- Because we're fellow countrymen.
- But we aren't blind followers.
Don't you see this is what Klein wants?
To set the Hungarians on each other?
If we let them divide us,
we deserve what we get.
You're even snappier than usual.
A little dancing will cheer you up.
The ball is almost upon us.
Will Baumgartner be there?
I'm sure you can find
a prettier partner than that.
I need to talk to him
so that everyone gets their job back.
You're going to wind up Klein again.
Wait a little for things to calm down,
and until then, have a little fun.
Invite that pretty nurse.
Sure she wouldn't say no.
- I'm honored to be asked, but...
- But?
I don't have time for entertainment.
This isn't entertainment.
Participation is compulsory
for all the clinic's staff.
And is it compulsory to accept
all doctors' requests?
Only mine.
I won't be much of a partner.
I have two left feet on the dance floor.
Then we will forget the dance
and find some better entertainment.
I have nothing to wear.
You don't have to wear anything.
- Is that pike perch or trout?
- Gently does it, Jutta, gently.
Frau Baumgartner...
You're not just the patron of the ball,
but also its prettiest mother-to-be.
I've noticed, Professor,
you always want something from me
when you chat up my wife.
There he is.
Is it important, Semmelweis?
We're celebrating today.
I'd like to talk to you
about the Hungarian doctors.
Another time.
I hear your research
hasn't brought much success.
Not yet, but I'm not giving up.
Excellent, keep it up.
Now, if you'll excuse me...
The Hungarian doctors
can't be expelled from the department!
Tell me, Semmelweis,
why are you burdening the councillor
with your problems?
I am certain that if there is any problem,
Professor Klein will solve it.
Good evening.
Will you honor me with the next dance?
The lady promised me the whole night.
I didn't ask for the whole night,
just a dance.
I accept your request.
One dance.
Do you know what I like about balls?
They're filled with pretty women.
Miss? May I?
I thought you couldn't stand
this kind of entertainment.
You thought right.
You, on the other hand, seem to enjoy
the company of certain Austrian doctors.
Yes. Especially because no Hungarian
doctor thought of inviting me.
Maybe because Hungarian doctors
don't like to compete.
Especially for those of ill repute.
If you asked me to dance just
to offend me...
Darling, I told you not to overdo it.
Ma'am, what's wrong?
It's stuck too deep!
Break this!
We'll get the fish bone out
in the hospital.
You don't have to walk me home.
I know. We're going to Jakob's, not yours.
He was unwell this afternoon
and he didn't show up at the ball.
Maybe he didn't want to.
He'd never miss the fried pike perch.
And what do I have to do with this?
You're my right hand.
I need you.
Is this how you apologize?
Usually, I don't.
But you're an exception.
Maybe he's asleep.
No way. Jakob's a night owl.
I hope he's okay.
There's only one way we can find out.
I'm eighty kilos.
I've lifted heavier things.
You cannot possibly imagine I'm going to
step into your hand with my muddy boot.
All right, I'm climbing then.
Well? Is he there?
He was fine yesterday.
What could this be?
We'll try to draw blood.
Emma, bring me a fresh compress.
One damned little accident
and there goes a life.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
The symptoms...
The same as with puerperal fever.
I didn't even give birth.
There's some money in the drawer,
give it to my parents.
I'm going to heal you.
Not me.
But don't you give up.
Was Kollr here?
Why do you think so?
I saw him. What was he doing here?
What Berger did with you.
I've never been Berger's lover.
You should have been.
He wouldn't have sacked you then.
I won't end up on the street,
that's for sure.
You don't even like him.
Who said so?
Anyway, Ferdinand is nice.
And he promised to take me
boating to the Prater.
You can't be Kollr's lover
just so you won't be sacked.
What should our kind do then?
We're nothing to doctors!
Don't you think it's strange
that the infection on Jakob's arm
was like what the women
who died of puerperal fever had?
What do you mean?
I'll only find out if I dissect him.
Your best friend?
Wouldn't you be sacked immediately
for this?
No doubt.
But only if anyone else found out.
Doctor, you know that
I cannot give you the body.
Of course, we know that, Mr. Gassner.
But would you mind making an exception?
I'm sorry.
I got orders from Mr. Klein personally.
I can't risk my job.
We understand.
I'll leave this here anyway.
It's a gift.
I told you the wine wouldn't help.
The wine won't, but the sleeping pills
I've put in it will.
I wanted to make sure.
I didn't know you were so cunning.
Thrombophlebitis superficialis.
Pulmo on the pleura.
There are thousands of people
cutting their hands every day,
without any further harm.
Jakob's death...
Jakob's death was not caused
by a wound infection either.
But cadaverine?
The only question remaining is,
how does cadaverine get into the womb?
Maybe it spreads through the air.
Then we ourselves would be infected.
Not to mention that patients
never come near the morgue.
What transfers it then?
Or who transfers it?
Tell him to come help!
Come here!
It's him!
He cut your mother into pieces!
Oh my God, what are you doing here?
What happened to you?
I can't let you in.
If they see you, I'll be expelled.
Of course, I wasn't thinking...
Come with me.
But keep quiet so no one sees you.
Take your shirt off, I'll clean the wound.
I can't go back to the clinic.
Rest for a few days.
I've caused enough damage.
What's the bigger sin?
If you do your job, or if you give up?
You have hardly any skin left.
Why the scrubbing?
Leave me be.
- I want to rest.
- You've been resting for three days.
And I'm not planning anything else
in the coming days either.
Fine by me.
But that young lady is here.
Did you bring it?
I stole it from the medicine cabinet.
Lean back. Don't inhale it.
This doesn't work either.
The smell cuts through everything.
Have you eaten today?
Come on.
Come on.
Ward three?
Two cases in a week,
a little servant girl and a courtesan.
And ward two?
Nothing there for days.
Klein is very pleased.
He says the decrease is noticeable
since Hungarians are not allowed in.
Yes, because Austrians
barely do autopsies.
This just proves my theory further.
If you're so certain about this,
why don't you publish it?
There are no results to publish.
But there are partial results.
Imagine how many lives
you could save with them.
For now, I can only think of
how many I've ended.
Ignc, you have to come back to work.
Klein thinks you have a cold,
but if you're away for too long,
he'll have a reason to sack you.
What's the strongest drink you have?
All the way from Paris.
Seventy-four degrees.
Can I bring you a shot?
Bring me the whole bottle.
There you go.
Good morning.
- What's in this?
- Bleach powder.
What are you doing?
You're ruining those shirts!
It's gone...
- It's gone...
- What's gone? Your shirt?
The dead body smell!
The dead body smell!
It was better when
you were consumed by sorrow...
at least for my back...
- It's gone...
- What's gone?
The dead body smell.
Where are you going?
I must tell Miss Hoffmann right now!
Look here!
Carefully. Gently.
The way a violinist
treats their instrument.
The birth canal and the pudendum
are even more sensitive areas.
Gentle movements
significantly increase
the birthing woman's chances of life.
Dr. Semmelweis
has closed the maternity ward.
He won't let anyone in.
- What's going on here?
- Semmelweis won't let us in!
I can see you're better, Semmelweis.
You're already holding up your colleagues.
Whoever's scrubbed up can go in.
everyone is scrubbing up.
Soap is worth nothing against cadaverine.
But if we wash our hands
with bleach water,
no one's going to die.
Hand washing as a scientific discovery?
For example, there is Dr. Kollr's
fetus loop used at stillbirths.
Now that's a real medical invention
that has saved many a mother's life.
But with bleach powder, we can
preserve the life of mother and child.
It also helps if you're not rummaging
around in corpses.
Can you prove all this?
Soon, yes.
But for now,
everyone must wash their hands.
In this.
How can you assume we're going to
clown around like this?
Professor, what have you got to lose?
It's worth a try.
I'd be surprised if this wasn't said
by a Hungarian.
Step aside, Semmelweis, and let us work!
- Gentlemen!
- Give me three weeks!
If I'm wrong, I'll hand in my resignation.
But if I'm right,
we'll save thousands of mothers.
It's not too much fuss, is it?
Go back to dissecting bodies, Semmelweis,
or I'll be forced to have you removed!
Don't you understand?
- This is about lives!
- Come, Ignc!
Don't make it worse for yourself.
You just keep...
Fetch the mopping bucket!
If you're looking for Jlia,
she has a day off today.
Your job was to report on Semmelweis,
not to go to bed with him.
- I--
- Come on, cut the act!
I don't care who you're sleeping with.
What do you want from me?
Don't worry.
Nothing anymore.
If you choose that fool,
that's your business.
But I won't let you
disrupt the order in my hospital.
In your hospital?
Who do you think will manage this place
after Professor Klein?
Use your position
and report something useful,
or you'll be out on the street,
along with your sister.
She's doing more harm than good!
Thank you, Matron.
Leave the disciplining to me.
This girl doesn't belong here.
She can't see beyond her nose!
In my department,
I'm responsible for my colleagues.
Forty-two, 78, 21...
Other eye?
Forty-two, 78...
Have they taken Dr. Kolletschka yet?
His parents got stuck.
Show me the body!
Yes, Professor. Here.
You think because you're Baumgartner's
liebling now, you can do anything?
Even if you were the Emperor's liebling
you couldn't dissect a colleague!
The infection on Jakob's hand
was just like the ones
on the deceased women's pudendums.
And what does this prove?
That we're the ones bringing in the
causative agent from the dissecting room.
You've lost your mind!
My daughter...
died in my arms, along with my grandchild.
Are you telling me I killed them?
It's possible.
You are deranged.
You call me and your colleagues murderers,
and you expect me to pat your back?
I expect you to help me prove my theory!
Prove it!
But somewhere else.
You're unable to recognize
the damage you're doing.
You're dismissed.
All the best!
Mrs. Herbert has five-minute contractions.
Markusovszky can conduct it.
She insists on you, Ignc.
Klein's sacked me.
With immediate effect.
Gassner couldn't keep his mouth shut.
He couldn't have done this.
It was my fault.
I shouldn't have encouraged you.
If you hadn't encouraged me,
I'd have never found the solution.
So, what now?
Do you always have to bang your head
against the wall?
If you've nothing better to do
than to pester me,
I'd rather not have your help.
Actually, I do.
Guess who I've just seen
on Philharmoniker Strasse!
Mrs. Baumgartner in the Sacher.
Should I eat a Viennese cake with her?
I think it's time for you
to call in a favor.
Prepare Kolletschka's body.
To dissect?
I've just dressed him.
His parents could arrive at any moment.
Tell them to wait.
Yes, sir!
How long has he been rotting here?
The symptoms are similar.
Semmelweis's hypothesis
is accurate.
Kolletschka died of the same thing
as women giving birth here.
Obviously, he is a victim of the epidemic.
What else could be behind this?
I honestly hope you're right, Kollr.
For what reason could he dismiss
such a gifted doctor?
Isn't that right, Vilhelmina?
Men always quarrel, darling.
This Klein has lost his mind.
Don't worry, young man,
my Karl will talk to the professor.
I'm sure he'll be happy to admit
he was wrong.
Tell me, Semmelweis,
do you think it will be a boy or a girl?
I'm not sure.
But it's certain that if the baby's
anything like you,
it'll be fine.
From today on, the department
will be divided into two parts.
That's why I called you here.
Even though I had disagreements
with Dr. Semmelweis in the recent past,
out of professional curiosity,
I decided to...
give him a chance to prove his theory.
So, the department
will be divided into two parts.
One of them will be led by Dr. Kollr,
the other by Dr. Semmelweis...
Excellent idea!
This will prove my theory
at the same time.
Well, well. You have theories now?
I am convinced that certain Hungarian
doctors examine patients boorishly,
then they wonder why
the death rate increases.
- That's offensive!
- Ridiculous, more like.
You behave like sailors in my hospital.
I give you three weeks
to prove your theory.
Not a day longer.
Dr. Fuchs,
your wife will soon give birth in here.
Please make a decision
on whose department you would like to
admit dear Clara to.
From now on, these can only be disinfected
with bleach powder.
But that will cost a lot more.
Who's going to pay for that?
All right.
Thank you.
Doctor, any patients with a fever?
Go to Kollr's department.
By the fourth day,
the number of patients with fever...
decreased by 87% in ward three,
and exactly 90% in ward four.
You won't let me into my own clinic?
Not until you wash your hands.
We're not even examining anyone.
Now, now, gentlemen,
it's only some hand washing.
Who's first?
All right then.
This comedy will only last
two more weeks anyway.
I hope there will be a result.
There's one already.
Eight women gave birth last week
and everyone's healthy.
Ignc, please help.
Clara's been in labor
since yesterday morning.
She can't push the baby out.
In Kollr's department?
Bloody hell, does it matter
whose department it is?
It's about my wife's life!
You can do it, ma'am!
Gather all your strength.
Step aside!
What is it, Semmelweis?
- Can't you find your own patients?
- Please do what he says!
Bring ether! Quick!
Doctor, please save the child!
Do you want to operate? Are you mad?
The baby is too big,
she won't be able to push it out.
If you let him cut her,
she'll bleed to death.
If we don't operate, they won't survive.
Jlia, give me ether
and call Miss Hoffmann!
Albert, disinfect the scalpel
and the needles with bleach water.
Give her more ether.
It's okay.
Stay calm, please.
We have enough space for everyone!
I want to give birth
with that miracle worker!
Me too! Me too!
You take this, love.
Their yolk is as big as--
Go to the back of the queue!
I was here first.
You two, get your things!
The nurse will see you upstairs.
Her Ladyship would like to
give birth here?
Well, if Semmelweis is not coming to me...
I can send Kollr to you.
Where can my girl unpack?
I do apologize,
but Dr. Semmelweis only lets absolutely
essential belongings into the ward.
I can assure you, ma'am,
that you will have first rate treatment
in my section.
Of course you can bring your belongings.
Please consider, Councillor.
I am vouching for Dr. Kollr's expertise.
Semmelweis saved my life once.
I trust him.
Take these back, Vilma.
Only the small trunk stays.
- Lead the way.
- This way, please.
- Have you no shame?
- What do you want?
You're breaking the rules,
reaching over Professor Klein's head,
throwing me out of my department
and tricking Mrs. Baumgartner?
Don't tire yourself out, Kollr.
I'm not plagued by guilt.
Are you really incapable of
being thoughtful of others?
I'm only being thoughtful of my patients.
I see you're so self-important
you don't even notice who's your friend
and who stabs you in the back.
Who do you think told Professor Klein
that you dissected Kolletschka?
Don't take it to heart.
That's women for you.
Is it true?
Are you reporting to Klein about me?
Answer me.
- Is this why you climbed into my bed?
- Is this what you believe?
It was easy for you
in the Midwife College too.
You have no idea about anything.
You know nothing about me.
Did you fake love to get my trust?
I didn't fake it.
Not about how I feel, Ignc!
For you, it's Dr. Semmelweis from now on.
Take your things
and get out of my department!
This is my department too.
Nurse Mandel will take your place
from tomorrow on.
Get out.
That's it! One last one!
Last one!
Deep breath.
Good! Good!
It's out.
Thank you, Doctor.
Thank you.
Mrs. Baumgartner has given birth.
- Is she healthy?
- Yes, and her baby boy as well.
Thank heavens.
- What happened?
- They have a fever.
That's impossible!
- How many of them?
- All of them.
Two of them are in a critical state.
Mrs. Emmerth died last night.
Bring ice, quick, and keep changing
the compressions on them!
We don't have enough people, Doctor.
- If I leave, who's going to help here?
- I'll take over.
- What do you want here?
- To help.
Go back to where you belong!
It's impossible to look after
this many patients alone.
Do you know what's impossible?
Winning battles with traitors.
Leave my department, young lady.
my head is going around!
Help me.
Compression, quick!
Unfortunately, we couldn't save them.
Be damned, Semmelweis!
Your experiment has failed.
I'm taking over your department.
The three weeks aren't through yet!
We've waited long enough.
But nobody died for two weeks...
Has anyone been here without
washing their hands?
I oversaw everything.
Nurse Helga stood in the door at night.
We did everything
according to your instructions.
Washbasins, instruments, bedding...
You could at least admit your mistake!
I'm also to blame for allowing
this charade to go on.
Leave this hospital
at once!
And you better know
you can't avoid being impeached!
A gentleman is looking for you.
Ignc, we need to talk.
They want to initiate
disciplinary proceedings against you.
Could you leave us?
As you wish.
They say you broke the rules
on multiple counts.
- They're right.
- The hell they are!
Your theory is good, but not perfect.
You have to continue your research
somewhere where they appreciate you.
What theory?
My theory has failed.
I got you a boat ticket to Budapest.
You'll get home in two days.
- I'm not running away.
- Don't you get it?
Just once, listen to me!
You could be indicted.
So be it.
I was weighed in the balance...
and found wanting.
Have you heard that
disciplinary proceedings are being
initiated against Dr. Semmelweis?
You haven't?
My husband told me.
They say he's not
a miracle worker after all.
Yes, he is.
He saved both of your lives.
Can you give it, please?
Thank God that damned smell is gone.
What smell?
I don't know what they washed it with,
a few days ago, it corroded my skin.
My back was full of red spots.
Semmelweis is here!
In the name
of the Public Health Council of Vienna...
I hereby open the disciplinary hearing
of Ignc Semmelweis,
licentiate senior lecturer,
assistant lecturer.
The charge:
Ethical and disciplinary offense
on 25 counts.
Five of these against
the administrative protocol of the clinic.
Four against
the collegial behavior protocol.
Two for the impairment
of the clinic's ready assets,
as in one padlock and one lock.
As well as...
disrespect towards the management
and his superiors
in the scientific hierarchy.
In addition...
necromania, discrediting medical science,
misleading women in labor,
Can I help you, miss?
Do you recognize this?
I know the bedding of every hospital
in Vienna, even with my eyes closed.
Then you know that this belongs
to the clinic's obstetrics department.
Have you an objection
about the cleanliness?
Why are you not using chlorine?
We are using it.
Sheets washed
with chlorine have a pungent odor.
This doesn't.
Good nose you have there, lady.
Dr. Semmelweis ordered it
specially with a councillor's permit.
Why did you stop?
Have you been skimping
on the bleach powder?
You stinky thief!
I haven't.
Do you see, miss?
No one's been skimping nothing.
Good day to you.
Who asked this of you? Dr. Kollr?
Do you think doctors and gentlemen
come down here?
- I know you're lying.
- Enough!
Leave at once,
before I stop asking politely.
Not until you tell me who's been here.
Escort the lady out.
Looks like she likes us so much,
she doesn't want to leave.
Would you still laugh if you knew
that nine women and four infants
have died because of this?
How can you prove your theory?
The smell of cadaverine
has been all over my hands for years.
Soap did not remove it,
but calcium hypochlorite did.
Your experiment still failed.
More people have died in your department
this week than last month altogether,
is that right?
That's right.
Can you explain why?
Regrettably, not yet.
Is it possible
that bleaching powder added to
the decline of the state of the patients?
Not possible.
Puerperal fever is caused by cadaverine.
Professor Klein, can you confirm this?
Unfortunately, no.
That's not true.
You saw it, acknowledged it.
Now you're denying it?
Calm down.
You're only making your situation worse.
In the first few weeks,
there was some improvement.
There weren't any patients with fever.
But then the epidemic broke out again.
We've experienced
similar fluctuation before.
Which means the theses of Dr. Semmelweis
were not verified in practice.
Let's make a note of this.
After the interval,
we'll continue with hearing the witnesses.
Miss Emma Hoffmann.
How long have you been working
beside the doctor?
For over two months.
During this time, you've seen a lot.
For example that Semmelweis broke
into the archive, is that right?
That's right.
Even though hospital protocol
prohibits it,
he dissected one of his colleagues,
Dr. Kolletschka.
Yes. I helped him.
What kind of a person
do you know Semmelweis to be?
The kind who does not adhere to the rules.
Whose angry outbursts...
terrify midwives and medics.
And the kind who...
does everything for his patients.
And doesn't kill them.
Like any doctor at the clinic.
I wouldn't say so.
How do you mean?
Do you think there's someone
who intends to cause harm?
The one who's stopped cleaning
the bedding with bleach powder.
Dr. Kollr.
The number of deaths increased after this.
This woman's gone mad.
What do I have to do with laundry matters?
The first symptoms
appeared Friday afternoon.
New laundry arrived Thursday morning.
But that was not washed with chlorine
as had been ordered by Dr. Semmelweis.
Because someone ordered the laundry man
to do otherwise on Wednesday.
You don't think I'm going to
the laundry place like a servant?
- Ridiculous!
- Henry Grass's laundry service.
It's from your office.
I can prove that I'd spent the Wednesday
shift here in the department,
and never left.
I have several dozen witnesses!
Please, take into account
that this woman
is Dr. Semmelweis's lover!
Is that true, young lady?
It was.
Word goes to the director.
Unfortunately, I was the one
who hired Miss Hoffmann
in spite of her ill reputation.
But it looks like blood
is thicker than water.
She persisted
in her immoral behavior here too.
Decide who you believe.
A spoiled woman
or the clinic's best specialist?
Dr. Kollr is telling the truth!
Thank you, young lady.
He really didn't leave the clinic
for one minute
because he sent me to the laundry service.
He entrusted me to cancel
washing with bleach powder.
And I was the one
who gave him the receipt.
This is a monstrous lie!
Surely you won't believe this servant?
Why not?
Or is it always doctors
who have indestructible authority here?
And the midwife is just a woman
with a dubious past,
who can be seduced
and thrown away like filth?
Dr. Kollr,
tell us the truth.
Did you stop washing with bleach powder
or not?
What if I did?
We had complaints
about itchiness and rashes.
I just wanted to improve
the mothers' well-being.
Washing with bleach powder's
also expensive!
This is about five kreuzers,
which can save the lives
of exactly two birthing women.
Do you think that's expensive?
Ten kreuzers.
This is how much you saved.
Dr. Kollr.
I, along with the patients,
have trusted you.
And you took advantage of that.
Councillor, I recommend
the acquittal of Dr. Semmelweis
and Dr. Kollr's immediate impeachment
in the severest way possible.
Not enough!
Dr. Semmelweis needs justice!
Thanks to him, we're both alive!
He saved my life!
He's the savior of mothers!
- Congratulations, Doctor.
- Thank you.
Thank you for everything.
Not now, Gertrd.
Fine by me.
But someone's looking for you.
May I?
I once started out in a room like this.
My father was a poor miller,
he couldn't support me.
I also had big plans then.
I assume you didn't come
to tell me about your youth.
You're right.
I would like to apologize.
I should have believed in you.
I would also like to appoint you
to be the Head Physician
of the Obstetrics Department.
Thank you.
But I won't accept it.
The work will continue
somewhere else for me.
In Hungary.
Do you want to leave
Vienna's most esteemed clinic?
Working here was all I'd dreamed of.
But I want to heal.
Not to fight wars.
You don't have to fight wars.
I'm resigning.
You could manage the clinic.
You could choose your colleagues.
Why are you resigning?
I used to do autopsies myself.
And when I delivered my daughter's baby...
I infected her with my own hands.
It's not your fault.
I still have to deal with my conscience.
As do we all.
We've infected hundreds
of women and children.
Think about those you could save,
not the ones you couldn't.
And where are they now?
I have no idea.
I don't follow
what the dismissed staff is up to.
I know where they are.
As soon as I find a job,
I'm coming back to get you.
I don't want to stay here.
At least you have a roof over your head.
- And where are you going?
- Don't worry about me.
I'll figure something out.
Why are you here?
To thank you for what you did.
I owed this much to you.
Maybe... I haven't judged your situation
with the required prudence.
Are you going to continue your research?
but I'll return to Pest.
And you?
I hope I can find a job
and take my sister in.
who knows
if we'll ever see each other again?
I'm glad
to have met you.
I've learned a lot from you,
Dr. Semmelweis.
What is this?
A letter.
To you.
In which I explain...
why you have to come with me.
"Have to"?
Why I want you to.
Along with your sister, of course.
I... don't know...
I don't know what to say.
Do read it though.
My boat leaves tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.
Dearest Emma,
if you knew how many clumsily written
sentences testify that
for a scientific man like myself,
it appears an impossible task
to talk about matters of the heart.
Come, sir, or you'll miss the boat.
We're about to set off.
And in the meantime, I think,
if you were here,
you'd help,
and we'd solve the impossible.
Like the way you supported me many times,
stood by me and kept me going,
even in my darkest hours.
You must know how sorry I am
about every hurtful word I said.
Maybe the words I'm even more sorry about
are the unsaid ones that
would have made it clear to me...
that I need you.
You are important to me.
And I believe we belong together.
Please, if you believe it too,
come with me.
Excuse me.
I thought you weren't coming.
I might have been late,
but I never let you down.
Thank you for that.
"Please, if you believe it too,
come with me.
If not, still come
and I'll prove to you I'm right."
I took it too far...
- didn't I?
- You didn't.
I had these made for you.
Thank you.
How are they?
I can see!
More than ten years passed
before Louis Pasteur announced
his discovery on bacteria
at a scientific conference,
which finally proved
the accuracy of Semmelweis's theory.
After going back to Hungary,
Semmelweis continued the fight
at Rokus Hospital,
which was managed by him,
and where he saved the lives
of thousands of mothers and children.
At the end of his forties, Semmelweis
started to show signs of psychosis.
He passed away in a mental hospital
in Dbling.
But his name will endure forever:
Ignc Semmelweis, the savior of mothers.