Senior Year: Love Never Fails (2023) Movie Script

(smooth music)
Yo I know it's been
a little while
But I gotta let 'em know
Yeah, gotta let 'em know
If you ever been down
opportunity to grow
Yeah, opportunity to grow
I know you having trouble
understanding it, yeah
If you trust in god he got
his hands in it, hands in it
I promise he'll protect you
like it's laminate, I promise
He don't get the glory
if the man did it, no
You gotta stand with him
I know
Yeah I know yeah
Life gets hard and it
feels like it's no way out
Yeah, no way no way
I promise if you just keep
going it'll all work out
All work out
'Cause that's my god
He won't let you go by far
All you need to
know right now
He gone pick you up
give you love right now
Yeah yeah yeah
(serene music)
- I know, right?
Oh, slap.
- Oh my god.
This is cold.
- Okay, ready?
You ready?
I'm, I'm gonna throw you in.
Yes, I am, look.
- No, no, stop it.
- Okay.
- Okay, that was cold.
- Yeah.
- Insane cold.
- That was fun though.
- It was fine, thank you.
- We haven't been to
beach long time.
- I know.
What is it, like?
- Cold.
- It was fun.
- I'm not even cold.
- You're not?
- No.
- I'm freezing.
- Where do you wanna go next?
- Um.
- Bora Bora?
- Yeah.
- Woo!
It is a beautiful day today.
You know, I can actually
see us living here together.
Walking on the beach every day.
- I mean, that would be
nice, but it's not realistic.
Have you thought about
what we're gonna do
after we graduate?
- Marcella,
I know you're not seriously
thinking about that right now.
I mean, come on.
We, it's a nice beach today.
The, the ocean, the, the sky.
People walking around.
We're here to have fun.
Lighten up.
Look, we still got some
rides to get on.
Come on.
- Walk off too fast?
- No.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Faith
Happy birthday to you
- Yeah!
- Yay.
- Make a wish.
(dramatic music)
- All right.
- Yay!
- Where's daddy?
(dramatic music)
- Yeah, this is the one.
- You made an excellent choice.
So, we can get this all
wrapped up and ready for you.
How would you like to pay
it today, cash or card?
- Um, I don't have all
the money right now.
- Oh, no problem.
We have financing.
All I need is your id and
we can get you pre-approved.
- Yeah, I kind of don't want
to go into debt with this.
- Hey, I totally respect that.
You know, we also have
a layaway plan.
This way you don't go into debt.
There's no contract,
no interest fees.
All you need to do is
make your payments
and once you finish paying
for it, you take it home.
- Seriously?
This is great.
Oh, I gotta go, bro.
- Oh, here, wait.
Take my business card.
Call me if you need
anything at all.
- Okay, thanks.
Ain't nothin' in this
world gonna stop me
My run, y'all run,
your odyssey
Your odyssey, your
your odyssey
- That's clean.
Aye CJ, you see that?
- What?
- The dunk.
- Nah, did I miss the cake?
- You missed everything, bro.
- Check up.
- My ball.
I broke it off 'cause
I'm not settling
- Daddy!
- Hey!
Happy birthday.
- You're late.
- Yeah, um,
just had to run a quick
errand to pick up this.
- A basketball, seriously?
- CJ, I saved you
a piece of cake.
- Thanks, mom.
- Such a mama's boy.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- It means I need somebody
who can step up
and show up for me and Faith.
(melancholy music)
- What you thinking?
- Man, your sis is tough.
- You bought Faith a basketball?
Bro, little girls like
princess toys
or something sparkling
with diamonds.
- Nah, trust me, bro.
Faith is a baller.
And she gonna be just
like her dad one day.
- Okay, okay.
I know, I know, she
loves basketball.
How you gonna show up this
late to your daughter's party?
- Honestly, don't tell anybody,
but the only reason I was late
is because I went looking
for a ring.
- A ring?
Like, like a hoop?
- Nah, a ring for Marcella.
I'm gonna propose.
- You sure you're
ready for that?
- I think so.
- Because I don't want
my sister getting hurt.
- I just wanna make her happy.
- Make her happy or
your folks happy?
- Look, I get it, Hector.
Marriage is important.
And my dad is a reverend,
so in the eyes of the
church, marriage is forever.
When you get married
in front of your,
your parents, your family, god,
I don't wanna mess that up.
- Well then the first thing
you have to ask yourself is,
are you doing it for love?
- Come on, man.
You seriously asking me if
I love Marcella and Faith?
I'm her dad.
- Yeah, and you know our dad
walked out on me and Marcella.
- I'd never do that to Faith.
- So you're not doing
it out of obligation?
- Obligation?
- Your dad and your mom, they
can be pretty domineering.
- It's not like that, okay?
They just care, that's all.
- Yeah, I know they do.
- And so do I.
- I guess so
if you're wanting to give
something sparkling
in my sister.
- You think she'll say yes?
- Don't ask me.
Ask her.
- I don't even know if
Marcella wants me to ask her.
I just feel like maybe Marcella
doesn't want me to ask.
- I think you're
overthinking it.
If this is how you really
feel in your heart,
then just go and ask her.
Or you'll never know.
It's called a proposal
for a reason, ese.
- What if she doesn't?
- What if she says no?
- That could ruin everything.
- If you don't ask, it could
ruin everything anyway.
You definitely will not find
out unless you take the shot.
- Okay.
You're right, you're right.
I will.
Just gotta find the
right moment.
- But seriously though, you,
you gotta step up your game.
A ring alone is not gonna fix
whatever problems you
have in your relationship.
(phone dinging)
I, I gotta go.
Remember, don't fake it.
Take the shot.
- Take the shot.
- Oh, so cute.
(upbeat music)
- CJ, let's have a word.
Oh, my love can
take me higher
Wait here with them
Oh, my love can
take me higher
- Hey, mom.
- Hey.
- We have a class
project tomorrow
and we're meeting up at
Emma's house to finish it.
- [Mom] In the middle
of Faith party?
- Mom, the party's almost over.
Besides, don't you and
dad want us to get all A's
so we could get into good
colleges, right?
- Okay, who's picking you up?
- Emma and her dad.
- Be back by nine.
- Okay.
- Oh, and text me when
you get there.
- Okay.
- Hmm.
A basketball though?
(lively music)
Hey, Peter,
do you mind watching
Faith for a sec
while I put these in the car?
- Yeah, I got you.
- Thank you.
- Faith, you wanna play?
(lively music)
- Hey, bro, stop staring.
- Hey, chill out, bro.
I'm not staring.
(smooth music)
- I, I mean, there's gonna
be ups and downs, right?
That's what.
- Yeah.
- Makes it fun.
- Where's CJ?
He should be the one bringing
these bags to the car.
- Oh, Marcella, you know what?
I will get the rest
of the packages
and find out where CJ is, okay?
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Hey, what are you boys
talking about?
Marcella's waiting for you.
- [CJ] Okay, I'm coming.
(lively music)
- Oh, there you are.
It's getting late and we
still need to take mom home.
- Oh yeah, we do have to go.
I got team practice
tonight, too.
- Really, tonight?
- CJ, I brought you
some leftovers.
- Thanks.
- Oh, be careful.
- Thank you, mom.
- Oh my god, of course.
- Thanks for hosting, okay.
- Yes, of course.
- Dad.
- Yeah.
Remember our talk.
(tense music)
(tense music swelling)
- What have I told you?
You know you should never
run into the road like that.
- It's okay.
I got you, okay?
- Nice gift, it almost
got her killed.
(dramatic music)
- I can't wait till we
finish unpacking.
Feels like ever since
we signed this lease
we've been living in
a moving truck.
- I thought you were happy that
we're all together finally?
- [CJ] Of course I am, Marcella.
Look, I didn't mean
it like that.
I'm just-
- Mommy, can you read
me a bedtime story?
- Okay, did you brush
your teeth?
Good girl.
Go jump into bed and I'll
be right there, okay?
- Hey, give daddy a kiss.
- Goodnight.
- And happy birthday.
Listen, uh, about today.
- You promised you'd
be there, CJ.
- I know.
- Look, I don't wanna have
to raise Faith on my own,
but you're not giving
me much of a choice.
- [CJ] How about I
make it up to you?
- How?
- Well, how about a
little masculinity, huh?
Come here, come here, come here.
- You're a mess.
- Please forgive me.
I'm sorry.
- You know what this
will lead to.
I don't wanna hear your
mouth complaining
about how you feel guilty later.
- You sound just like my dad.
- Oh, what did he say this time?
- Don't kill the mood, please.
- I knew it.
He dragged you off to
that dungeon study of his
to give you another private
sermon, huh?
- He uh, he said that
we should do counseling.
- Counseling, like marriage
But we're not even married.
- A relationship counselor.
- Okay, fine.
If you have time for
it, make an appointment,
add it to the board.
(dramatic music)
Grow, you will never
let me grow
Never let me down
- [Coach] Come on!
- Come on, son, don't
be scared of the ball.
Never let you down
All right, team.
Get that energy high.
- Yeah!
- I want you all going
the extra mile
for the next series of games.
I know we got it in us
to take home the title.
So give it all you got.
Leave it all on the court.
- Yeah, let's go.
- Let's go.
(team clapping)
- I think we can actually
win it all this year, Coach.
- If you believe in that,
CJ, I'm sure we'll win.
- We're not gonna fail,
as long as you keep
praying for us, Captain.
(team laughs)
- Get back out there, y'all.
- All right.
- Let's get it.
- Okay.
- Let's go, guys, go!
- "And they lived happily
ever after."
Like me, you and daddy?
- Uh-huh.
- Like the Bible verse says?
- Which one?
- Hmm?
The one you just read
me, Dinosaurus.
- First Corinthians 13:8.
"Love never fails."
Yes, mija, just like that.
(dramatic music)
Amazing grace
How sweet
- Daddy, do you like my dress?
- Oh, I love it, Faith.
It's so beautiful, just
like your mom.
- Come on, let's go.
We're gonna be late.
Praise god
Praise god, come
on, praise him
Praise god, he is
worthy of praise
Praise god, there's
nobody like our god
Praise god, he is worthy
Praise god, so we
lift our hands
Praise god, and
we praise god
Praise god, praise god
Praise god, praise god
Praise god, praise
god, praise god
- Hallelujah.
Praise god, praise god.
Thank you, choir.
Thank you very much, choir.
Didn't you feel the
anointing from today's song?
Bringing today's message is
our very own Rev. Chuwkumah.
(congregation clapping)
- Thank you very much.
The Lord tells us in
Matthew chapter 5, verse 30,
that if your right hand
makes you stumble
and leads you to sin,
cut it off for it's better
to have one part of the body
than for you to lose
your whole body in hell.
So whatever it is that
makes you sin, cut it off.
Be it a job, cut it off.
Be it a habit, cut it off.
Be it a relationship,
cut it off.
The question to you, my
brothers and sisters,
is what do you have to cut
off from your life today?
That is the question.
Cut it off.
(congregation clapping)
- You're going to grandma
and grandpa's house today.
- Where you mommy going?
- We're going on a date.
I can make it through
the storm
I can
I can make it through
the storm
I can
(romantic music)
I just wanna say that I
love you and I want to ask,
will you make me the happiest
man in the world and marry me?
No, no, no.
I don't like that.
Marry me?
Will you be my wife?
Will you accept this
gumball machine ring
I got on the way here because
I can't afford the real one?
(toilet flushing)
(light romantic music)
You okay?
There's something I've been
meaning to talk to you about.
- Is it about these menu prices?
We can barely afford
rent and daycare.
Can we really afford this?
- This is just a once in
a while type of thing,
and plus my dad's allowance
covers it, so.
Yeah, with strings attached.
- What strings?
- CJ, you need to stop
taking money from them.
We said we were gonna
be independent.
- I know, I know.
Look, they're just trying
to help, that's all.
we finally moved out together,
the three of us, like a family.
- Yeah, but we still hardly
spend any time together.
- You're right and I'm
trying to fix that, okay?
I know that.
- Hi.
- How's your meal?
Just making sure everything
is okay.
- Everything's good.
- Please let me know if you
have any questions or concerns.
(phone dinging)
- Oh, we should probably
head out.
It's gonna take a
while to get back
and we still need
to go grab Faith.
- Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
I'll just tell you later.
(light romantic music)
- So you had fun today?
- They always wear you out, huh?
- It's your turn for story time.
- Okay.
There you go.
So do you want me to
read you a story
or do you want me to teach
you some basketball moves?
- Basketball moves.
- Okay, okay.
So I'm gonna teach you
about your stance, okay?
So first you're gonna
put your feet like this
and then hold your arms
up and spread 'em out
like you're ready to
catch the ball, right?
And then you'll keep
your head up
so it don't hit you in
the forehead, right?
Yeah just like that.
And now you're gonna be ready.
So those-
(Marcella clearing throat)
- This doesn't look like
reading a book.
- Busted.
- Go on into bed.
- The fun police has arrived.
- [Marcella] Goodnight.
- Why do you and dad don't
sleep in the same room together?
- Um, you're gonna have
to ask your father that.
- It's complicated.
- What's complicated
about sharing a bedroom?
- You really have to ask that?
Where's this go?
- Over in the corner.
So I'm asking you,
do you really think this
experiment of ours will work
with you in a separate room?
- This isn't a lab
test, Marcella.
This is a relationship.
- CJ, why can't we
share the room?
- Because I don't want to
be tempted, that's why.
Look, I can make
this work, okay?
But it has to be at the right
time and at the right place.
So let's just,
let's just go to bed for now
and unpack the rest of
this another day.
(light dramatic music)
Oh, you had me worried.
- CJ, you didn't get my text?
- No.
What text?
- I don't feel good.
- I don't have anybody else
to watch her this late.
- I'm sorry.
- Come on.
- Why can you not watch
me, Miss Chrissy?
- I just don't feel
good right now.
I'm sorry, Faith, but
in a few days I'll,
I'll see you when I
get better, okay?
- Get better.
- Thanks.
- Guess it's just us today.
Come on.
(smooth music)
- Daddy, how long are
we gonna be here?
- I told you, Chrissy
isn't feeling well,
so you gotta come to
class with me, okay?
- Okay.
- Won't that be fun?
- What is love?
To understand the meaning,
let's explore the three
concepts of love
developed by the early
One, eros, passionate desire,
Philia, friendship.
- Teacher.
- Yes?
- My mommy and daddy really
love each other so much.
(class chuckles)
- I bet they do.
And three, agape, the
highest form of love.
The love for humanity.
Any questions?
- Yeah.
- Hi, mom.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Smells good.
- How was it today?
- Well,
I don't think she's ready to
go to college anytime soon.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
But she loved basketball
So uh, how was lab?
- Hm, so so, nothing special.
I talked to my mom about
watching Faith
for the rest of the week.
- Oh, great.
Yeah, my folks said they
watch her one or two days, so.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- And don't forget,
we have that appointment
with the counselor tomorrow.
- Come on, Faith, time
to hop in the bath.
- Aw!
(light upbeat music)
- [Receptionist] Hi there.
How can I help you?
- Hi, uh, we have an
appointment with Ms. Patty.
- Oh, okay, um.
Is that Chukwumah O?
- Okafa.
- Okafa, perfect.
Okay, please have a seat.
I'll let Dr. Patty
know you're here.
- Okay.
- Dr. Patty, your next
appointment's here.
- CJ.
Hi, it's so good to see you.
And you must be Marcella.
- Hi.
- Hi.
So look,
I would prefer to speak
with you both individually
before speaking to
you as a couple.
Is that okay?
- Okay.
- All right.
We can go get you first.
So CJ, how's your father?
- Oh, still the same.
- Yeah?
What on earth were you thinking?
- Um?
- Moving in with
your girlfriend?
Come on, CJ.
You should know better
than that.
- Well, we have separate
We don't sleep together.
- How's that working
out for you?
- We're managing, it's not easy.
We have to constantly
juggle our schedules,
figure out who's picking
Faith up.
CJ's basketball practice
and work schedule.
And there are some issues
that we're working through
together, privately.
To be honest,
we're only here out of
respect for Rev. Chuwkumah.
- Okay.
So it's been about six years
since the two of you first met,
is that right?
- Yeah.
Yeah, we met our freshman year.
- Oh wow.
That's wonderful.
My husband and I were
high school sweethearts.
And then after your,
your child was conceived.
- Uh.
- And this baby was born
out of wedlock, yes?
- Yeah, yeah.
Well, we weren't married.
No, so.
- And how long have you
two been living like this?
- Well, we moved in
with our parents, well,
my parents for a while
after Faith was born.
- And then we saved
up enough money
and we got our own apartment.
We've been been there
about six months.
- But you are still
unmarried, correct?
- Yes.
- Take a look at that
right there.
"Flee from sexual immorality.
All other sins a man commits
are outside his body,
but he who sins sexually
sins against his own body."
- What does this mean?
How does this apply to us?
- CJ, would you like
to respond to that?
- Well, bible, the bible
doesn't specifically say
that we can't live together
as an unmarried couple,
but it does say that
premarital sex is wrong.
- You are right.
Living together by itself
is not a sin.
The bible doesn't have
any specific verses
saying that you can't share
apartment, for instance.
However, the problem
is the temptation
and what's happening
behind closed doors.
So if you two can honestly say
that living together
doesn't create
an easy environment
for temptation.
- I mean, I wouldn't
call it temptation.
We love each other and
we have a happy family.
- But you must know that
it's unbiblical
to live as though you are
married when you're not.
- Well, yeah, but I,
I just feel like-
- That's the problem here.
- Excuse me?
You don't know anything
about us.
- I do know that you're
having some problems, right?
And maybe that's due to the fact
that you two haven't fully
committed to one another
in the eyes of god.
- Well, I don't want to be with
anybody else though, right?
I love Marcella.
- Love has nothing
to do with it.
- Love has nothing to
do with it, really?
CJ, let's go.
- Wait, wait.
So what are you trying to say?
- I'm saying that you
either get married or.
- Or what?
- Live separately.
- Live separately?
You're talking about
splitting up a family, a home.
That's your solution?
CJ, are you coming?
Can you believe that lady?
I thought she was supposed
to fix relationships,
not break them.
She wants to rip our
family apart.
- What if, what if maybe
she has a point?
- Are you kidding me?
Can't you see this is just
another attempt from your dad
to control our relationship.
- He's just trying to help.
- Help?
You call that helping?
- Marcella, wait.
- They're using god
to separate us
and manipulate our happy lives.
- Are we?
- Are we what?
- Happy?
- If you're not happy, CJ,
maybe you should listen to her.
- I don't know.
- CJ?
- Daddy!
- [CJ] Hey.
- [Faith] Do you like
my picture, grandpa?
- Yeah, I love it.
You're so good at that.
You know that?
- Going somewhere?
- I, I think that for now
it's best if I move out
at least into the time is right-
- Best for who?
You're really gonna let
him do this to us?
- I'm not doing it for him.
- Then why don't you talk to me?
Help me understand why
you're doing this.
- It just feels like
the right thing to do.
- That's not good enough, CJ.
You're abandoning us.
- I don't wanna do this.
- Then why are you?
(CJ stammers)
Typical CJ response.
- Wait.
Marcella, please, wait.
What do you mean by that?
- You're just gonna pack up and
leave without talking to me.
I thought we were a real family,
but here you are sneaking out
like you don't care about us.
You're treating me
like a baby mama.
Is that what I am to you,
CJ, just a baby mama?
- Come on, Marcella.
You know it ain't like that.
- Isn't it?
- I love you.
You know that.
- Then tell me, answer me.
Who am I?
Who am I to you?
I thought we were real partners.
Guess I was wrong.
- Marcella, Marcella, please.
- Don't sweat it, CJ.
You know what?
Maybe I'm not your baby mama.
- What?
What are you talking about?
- Wouldn't that be easier, huh?
Then you can just leave.
No regrets.
Walk off for good.
No looking back.
Go then, just go.
Leave, bye.
- Wait, wait.
When you say that I'm
not Faith's dad,
you said I was the only
one, remember?
You remember right?
I'm the only one, right?
- You'll figure it out, CJ.
- Mommy, stop.
Don't go, Daddy, don't go!
Hey, hey, listen, listen,
okay, daddy's gotta go, okay?
But I'll be back,
I promise you.
- Go.
- I will be back.
I promise I'll be back.
- Go.
You're not her real father.
(dramatic music)
- Daddy!
(dramatic music)
Don't go.
For the longest time I've
traveled on this narrow road
Where it leads honestly,
only heaven knows
I may run into obstacles
that might slow my growth
But I'm eager to press on
because I'll never fold
Perfect is something I
wish that could truly be
Anytime I fall to the
ground, I hear god telling me
Get up, don't give up
Rise up from who you are
to what you will become
It's your chance
to start again
For a new day has begun
- Hey Dad,
would it be okay if I come
home and stay for a while?
- Are Marcella and
Faith with you?
- No, just me.
- Your mother and I are
at the country club today.
You still have your key, right?
- Yeah.
- Just use it.
- All right.
(dramatic music)
(upbeat music)
- So uh, how about a vacation?
- Yes and yes and yes.
- To Jamaica maybe?
- Yes.
- Where we can sing that
song live with them.
- Yes.
- Don't worry about a thing?
About a thing
Every little thing
'Cause every little thing
Is gonna be all right
That would be amazing.
- Yes.
- What do you think,
what do you think?
Come on.
- Yes and yes and yes.
- Come no, yes.
- But, yes,
thinking about CJ,
what are we gonna do now?
- So what else can we do?
- I don't know.
We can tell him to go
home and work things out.
- Veronica, you know this
could be for the best.
- For the best?
CJ's a father now, he
has responsibilities.
- He also has responsibilities
to us and the church, to god.
- Okay.
So this is what you
were talking about
in the office at Faith's party.
- Maybe I mention that
they should get married
if they're going to continue
living together as a family.
- So this is your handy work?
- Not really.
Look, I'll talk to CJ in
the morning and see if I,
we can iron all this out, okay?
- Okay.
I mean,
but only if you can
keep your nose
out of their personal business.
And you promise?
- Yes, I promise.
- No, you promise.
- I promise.
- You promise.
- Come here.
I promise.
- Okay.
(doorbell ringing)
- Marcella, what are
you doing here?
I did a big mistake.
- What happened?
Here, come on.
Come on inside.
Come inside.
Mijita, come inside.
And you, my little chula,
are you already miss me?
Come on, let's go inside.
What happened?
And you said that to him?
- I was mad.
I wanted to give back at him.
- You were outta line, Marcella.
You don't just mess around with
people's emotions like that.
- Butt out, Hector.
I'm talking to mom.
- I'm just saying.
- Oh, now you're on CJ's side?
Don't forget,
you were the one that was
against him from the beginning.
Just saying.
- Well I'm telling you,
if my girl kicked me out
like how you did him.
- I didn't kick him out.
He already had his bags
packed when I got there.
(whimsical music)
What do you think, mom?
I don't know, Marcella.
Is he the father?
- I, I need to see Devon.
- That's that one guy
that you told me about.
- He was a basketball
team captain.
- You woke up on his couch?
- Yeah.
- Marcella.
- But it wasn't like
I could stop it,
(doorbell ringing)
- That's probably
CJ right there.
You need to try and
straighten things out, okay?
Marcella, try and fix things.
- Hello?
- Um, hi, can I help you?
- Is Ana at home?
- Mom, it's for you.
- You, you are not welcome here.
- Hector.
Who was it?
- It was nobody?
- A man looking for you.
- A man?
(visitor knocking on door)
- Make him go away.
What did I just tell you?
- Javier?
- Ana, it's been a long time.
- Yeah, 20 Years.
- Papa?
- Don't call him that.
- He gave that up.
- I expected that.
- Mom, are you okay?
- Just a little surprised,
and angry.
You left us!
Do you know how many
times I waited,
staring at the door every
night for you to come back?
I thought you were dead.
I thought you were dead.
- Mommy, who's that?
- You, you have a daughter?
- You would know if
would've around long enough
to still be in our lives.
(Ana speaking in Spanish)
- I think you better go.
- Yeah.
(Ana speaking in Spanish)
- I get it, I get it.
In case you want to reach me.
(melancholy music)
(smooth music)
- Lord, we ask that you watch
out for us on the court today.
Give us the speed, the
strength, the stamina,
and the spirit to overcome
all obstacles
that we may face in spirit
and with grace,
in victory and defeat.
- Amen.
- All right, let's go y'all.
Team on me, team on three.
One, two, three.
- [Team] Team!
(lively music)
Always wanna talk but
you never smoke
If you flash and
if you flash
Goin' live, you would choke
Came close and never
thought it
You would never ever
grow, grow, grow
(whistle blow)
- Red captain, blue captain,
come to center court, please.
- All right, have a good game.
- Yeah, same.
- Great game.
Show some good sportsmanship.
Make sure you uh, control
your teammates.
If you guys have any questions,
please refer them to us
at a dead ball situation.
All right?
- All right.
- Let's have a great game.
Here we go, gentlemen.
Let's have a great game.
- Good to see you.
- You too, good luck.
(whistle blowing)
- Here we go, here we
go, here we go, come on.
We got this, come on.
- Let's go, baby.
- All right.
(whistle blows)
Blue's going that way,
red's going that way.
Let's have a great game.
(players chattering)
(lively music)
- [Player] I got ball, I got
ball, I got ball, I got ball.
- [Coach] Hold your lane!
(fans cheering)
- Time out!
- Yeah!
- Let's go!
- Let's go, let's go.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Hey guys, this is what
we trained for.
Keep it up.
- What'd I tell you
on that back pick?
We've been working on this.
- [Player] My bad, coach.
- Let's go.
Come on, take us out, big man.
- Team on me, team on three.
One, two, three.
- [Team] Team!
- Be out here and finish this.
Just the beginning, let's go.
- Let's go.
- Yes sir.
- Come on, y'all.
- Let's go.
- Come on, come on.
- Let's go, let's go.
- Work on three.
One, two, three.
- [Team] Work!
(players chattering)
(lively music)
(fans cheering)
- Get here, get here,
get here, get here.
(players chattering)
(lively music)
- Hey, hey, hey.
(players chattering)
(lively music)
(fans cheering)
- [Players] Good game,
good game, good game.
(lively music)
- Good job.
- Thank you.
- All right.
- Good luck to you.
- Coach.
- What's going on, CJ?
How you doing?
- Man, I'm good.
- Good, good.
It's good to see you.
I see you still got
everything I taught you.
- Oh, you know, I learned
it all from you.
- Okay.
- I'm actually better
than you now.
You didn't know?
- Love you, boy.
So take care of that family.
It's good seeing you.
- All right, man.
- Good luck to you.
- Sure.
- Hey, how you feeling?
- I'm good, uh,
listen Coach,
I don't know how to
tell you this,
but I need to step away
from basketball.
- If you need more time,
I can get another player
to fill in as captain.
- I already got my mind made up.
Look, I gotta step away
from the game.
And it's not just about
with me and Marcella,
it's more than that.
I'm not a top ranked player,
so I'm not gonna make it
to the NBA or the G League.
I just feel like it's time
for me to focus on my future
and see what the Lord
has in store for me.
I hope you understand.
- I, I understand, understand.
You gotta do what's
best for you,
but also recognize what
you bring to this team.
I'll let you step down
on one condition.
- What is it?
- You become team chaplain.
- Chaplain?
- I've seen your faith
come into play on the court
and in the locker room.
Your teammates listen to you.
It would help if you can
stay around and mentor them,
council them and pray for
those who need prayer.
- I'll think about it, okay?
- Okay.
Appreciate you, Coach.
- Thanks, I appreciate you.
I gotta admit, Marcella,
I didn't know what to
think when I got your text.
- Yeah, I know it was
out of the blue.
- Yeah.
I was guessing CJ would be here.
Let me guess you.
He's at practice?
Well anyway, how's Faith?
- Good.
She's good.
- Cool.
You got any pictures
of my goddaughter?
- Yeah, of course.
- Let me see this little girl.
Oh my gosh, she's so beautiful.
She looks just like her mother.
Look Marcella,
I know I haven't been
the best godfather.
In fact, I think I forgot
her birthday.
- Yeah, she's five now.
- It's been five years?
Man time flies, wow.
Well it was a nice gesture
of CJ making me the godfather,
by the way.
- Devon, if it wasn't
for you driving CJ,
he would've missed her birth.
- How's CJ?
How's things between you two?
- Actually, Devon, that's
why I need to talk to you.
- Yeah, what's up?
- That night, back
in freshman year.
- Marcella,
what's this about?
- It's about us.
(phone ringing)
(smooth music)
(CJ knocking on door)
- What's good, baby daddy?
- Hey Shante.
- Yo, it's been a minute.
How are things?
- Oh, you know how it is.
You know, you graduated,
still grinding.
- Yeah, I remember
my senior year.
That's another story.
How you been?
Just come in, sit down,
make yourself at home
in my studio.
- So how many followers
you got now, Shante?
- Just hit my first million.
- Really?
You know you always been good
with the social media stuff,
you know?
Now you getting paid
for it, huh?
- I'm blessed.
Hey, somebody's gotta
show everyone what's hot.
But yo, what's up?
How you been?
You mentioned something
on the phone
about freshman year from
like five years ago.
- It's Marcella.
She hasn't been returning
any of my phone calls.
- What, you two had a fight?
- Way worse than that.
- Was there someone else?
Bro, don't tell me you've
been playing around on her.
I told you, once your
team captain,
these girls are like flies.
- No, no Shante, I
haven't been unfaithful.
- But she has?
- I don't know.
- Wow.
Man, I thought you
guys were tight.
- I feel like I've just
been losing my mind, bro.
Like one minute everything
was good and then okay,
things have been kind
of stressed out lately.
But for her to tell me
I'm not Faith's father.
Like how could she-
- Wait a minute.
Bro, she said that?
- Listen, the reason I came here
is because I need you to tell
me what happened that night
at the freshman year party.
I know you said something
about her walking out with
Devon or something, right?
Look, I need to know whether
I'm Faith's father or not.
(lively music)
Yeah, yeah
(lively music)
I don't know, I don't know
All I know is shorty
bad though, bad though
Look I'll be on the block with
all my jewels on, jewels on
I'll be in the spots with
all my jewels on, facts
Tell your homie not to
move wrong, don't do it
Wolves with me, he'll
get moved on
All about my paper this
that New York Times, right
All about that money this
that New York grind, right
Went to school with a man
and I think he facing nine
So when she feeling lonely
she gonna hit my line
She fell with it
That's how they all do
And when she hit the
homie I'm a follow through
I ain't got no time
for that boy
And you can't judge me
'Cause I know you
did it before law
I be faded homie, I
don't know, I don't know
All I know is shorty
bad though, bad though
I think I met her by
the studio, studio
Said she working by
the (censored)
Faded homie, I don't know,
I don't know, I don't know
All I know is shorty
bad though, bad though
So it's true?
- Can I be straight with you?
'Cause you know we
roomies for life.
Word is, Faith may really
be Devon's kid.
As it looked like he and her
had a little thing the
night at the party.
But you trust her, don't you?
- I did.
- You two gonna work it out?
- I don't know.
I gotta go.
- All right.
- Appreciate you, bro.
Thanks, bro.
(melancholy music)
- Nice to be back in
your own bed, huh?
And you like the new
Teddy from your godfather?
- Uh-huh, but where's daddy?
- Well mommy needs to
talk to daddy first.
- Can you call daddy
to come back home now?
(calming music)
- Tomorrow, I'll call
him tomorrow.
Not really, I do
have a fight man
I get by, barely surviving
We just animals, the
human in your nature
Boy, says we're too noisy
They be on that joint
- Monica?
Monica, I can see you.
Where you going?
- Out.
- Uh, out where?
Does mom and dad know?
- It's none of your
business, CJ.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What is this?
Why are you dressed like this?
You going to the club
or something?
Start shit
Said I do to much
Oh no, don't tell me you're
going out with this weirdo.
- Hey, Derrick's a rapper.
- Rapper?
Yeah, wannabe rapper.
Hey, keep it rolling, man.
- Yo man, first off,
hands off the car.
Secondly, yo, who is this?
- It don't matter who I am.
Just keep it pushing.
- Yeah, all right, goofy.
Monica, who is this?
- It's my brother.
- Yo brother?
The same one that knocked up
that cheerleader freshman year?
That brother?
- Monica, you been talking
about me like that?
- Just don't tell mom
and dad about this, okay?
- And why shouldn't I?
- Hey, I didn't call you out
when Marcella got pregnant,
so don't act all holier
than thou with me.
(rapper rapping indistinctly)
Curly hair, copy that
And the corduroys with
the snap back
- How old are you, 19, 20?
- Does it matter?
- All right, well don't
touch my sister, okay?
- CJ.
- Yeah, all right, big bro.
We won't do anything
you wouldn't do.
(boyfriend chuckles)
(tires screeching)
(phone ringing)
- Shante?
- [Shante] Yo, CJ.
- This is not the time, bro.
- [Shante] I know you've
been stressed.
That's why we gotta blow
off some steam.
- What?
- [Shante] Yo, we going
out tonight, VIP style.
(smooth music)
- Here you go, love.
- You have a lovely place.
- It's aight, you know?
But having a nice spot with
nobody to share it with,
it can get lonely.
You didn't have to go
through that trouble.
You know, I like a nice
cocktail or two.
After a long day, I can unwind.
But I was hoping, I was
hoping that you can join me.
- Is that why you asked
me over today?
- Marcella, after
seeing you again,
I realized that I, I
never got over you.
- Over me, what?
What, what do you mean?
- Marcella, we always had
a connection in college,
but then when things
happen with you and CJ,
it just changed everything.
But now, but now I feel like
we got another shot, love.
- Devon, I,
I think I gave you
the wrong idea.
- Marcella, you don't want this?
- I came here looking for
clarity about the past,
but it's in the past.
Do you understand?
Well, Marcella, if
it's not this,
what is it you want?
- Well.
Fallin' in love
Oh yeah
But you can, falling again
- Ain't this the spot, bro?
It feels like I'm
falling in love
It feels like I'm
falling in love
Taking chances now, I
can fight this feeling
Been there, I just
wanna be loved
Excuse me.
Can I get the usual?
This feeling
Hey, this gonna be good
for you, roomie.
Nothing like bottle service
and hitting the dance
floor with some hotties.
Take your mind off
your troubles.
You were the only
one I regret
(audience applauding)
- The usual.
- That's you.
- Nah, I'm good.
You know me.
(people chattering)
- What you drinking?
- Oh, this is just water.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I'm not really too big
of a drinker, you know?
And I'm honestly, I'm not too
big on the crowd scene either.
I'm just here to, to, to sing.
- Honestly, I'm not really
into the club either.
My friend kind of dragged
me out here, so.
- Oh okay.
So it's a guy's night out.
- I guess you could say that.
You have an amazing voice.
You did great.
- I mean, I, I don't know,
I don't think I really did
that good today, to be honest.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I don't think this
was my best night.
- Well, I don't know,
but I feel like you
looked amazing up there.
- You know, you don't
look too bad yourself.
- Appreciate it.
- Yeah.
- Um, I would love to get
to know you some more.
Maybe I could grab your number.
- Sure.
You know, my friends and I
are having a kickback tonight
if you and your your
friend wanna join,
maybe we can hang out.
- I'm sorry.
I, I can't, I kind of
gotta study tonight, so.
- Oh, okay.
Well maybe we'll try
it another time.
My name is Millie, by the way.
- CJ.
- Nice to meet you.
Enjoy your night.
- Excuse me.
Are you Shante?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Can I take a picture with you?
- Oh, sure.
Yeah, let's do it.
- Thank you for taking
a picture with me.
- Hey, no problem.
- Me and my friends
are a big fan of yours,
You're so hot.
Thank you.
- Have a good night.
We will be taking selfies
with them later tonight.
My IG's about to be lit.
- Uh, listen, Shante.
I really appreciate this, I do.
I feel like this is a bad idea.
- Bad idea?
- I don't wanna hook up
with anybody else, man.
- Who said anything
about hookin' up?
We are here to party.
- I don't know, man.
I can't do it tonight.
- Really?
- Sorry.
- Hey, nah, all right.
You know I worry about you.
- Thanks.
Have fun, all right,
and be safe.
- Always.
That boy got it bad.
Hey, my guy!
- What's good with you, bro?
- I'm good, pull up.
Excuse me?
Can we get the bottle?
(friends chattering)
You feel me?
I refuse to sell my
soul for a little deal
Tell 'em nope, I won't
compromise and gloat
I will do it and let Jesus
tell open up the door
I don't need 'em, I don't
need 'em, I don't need 'em
Tell 'em get out my
way I don't need 'em
I don't care what they say I
don't need 'em, I don't care
I go straight from the
bay I don't need 'em
Got them closer there's no
need to put 'em this hour
How you go right to the bump
a keg at your mama house
He don't want no bars
No way, not at all
- Derrick, Derrick!
Can we go?
- Well we can go to the
after party at my house.
- Are you good to drive?
- Good to drive, for sure.
Let's go.
Now he prayin' for it too
Get it going, I look up,
'cause my god is on the move
(dad knocking on door)
- It's late.
- Yeah, I have a project
due in the morning.
- Mind if I come
in for a minute?
- It's your house.
- It's a shame they
don't hand out trophies
for most valuable father.
- You know, Faith got me one
for Father's Day one
day, a trophy.
It said "Best dad ever" on it.
I mean, it was made
out of plastic,
but still pretty cool, right?
- Have you had anything
from Marcella?
But she can't keep you
from seeing Faith.
- It's complicated, Dad.
- I don't understand,
she's your daughter.
It's your right-
- She's not mine.
- What, what are you
talking about?
- Marcella said Faith's
not mine.
- So who's the father?
- It doesn't matter.
It's just not mine, okay?
- That's it then.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- If she's not yours,
then it's probably for the
best that you didn't propose.
- Is that all you care about?
- You won't be getting
married now, will you?
- Why not?
I still love Faith.
That much hasn't changed.
And even though what
she said was messed up,
I still love Marcella.
We're a family.
- But you said you're
not her father.
- You're not listening.
I am her father.
- Because she gave you a
plastic trophy on Father's Day?
- Because I earned
it, that's why.
And nobody could take
that away from me.
Look, I don't even know
why I'm telling you
about any of this
like you some father of
the year or something.
Come on.
- I don't need a trophy
to tell me who I am.
- You don't even know where
your daughter is right now.
- It's midnight.
She's in her room asleep.
- I don't think so.
- Dad.
- Go to bed, Peter.
- I know where Monica is.
- What's that?
- [CJ] It's a snap map.
- For some reason
she's been in the same place
on the freeway for hours.
- What's she doing there?
- Well, I, I saw her get in
the car with some guy earlier.
- Are you telling me that
she's parking up with some guy?
(doorbell ringing)
(dramatic music)
- What, hi, what?
- Is there a problem, officers?
- Hey Rev. Chuwkumah,
I'm afraid so.
- Wait, where's Monica?
- We responded to a 911 call
about a car that swerved
off a road.
- One of the occupants was
identified as your daughter.
- No.
- Relax, baby.
- Is she okay?
- She was taken to the ER.
(dramatic music)
- [Intercom] All doctors
to the ER.
All nurses to the
nurses station.
(dramatic music)
- Hi, can I help you?
- We'd like to see your
daughter, please.
- Hey, you can't going there.
- What's happening?
I want to see my daughter.
- The doctors are doing
it all they can
to help treat her injuries
from the crash.
- What is it?
What's wrong with her?
- [Nurse] I'm sorry,
that's all the information
we have right now.
Dr. Johnson will
see her shortly.
- [Nurse] Please take a seat.
- [Doctor] She's bleeding
on the right chest.
- [Doctor] Clamp.
- [Doctor] Don't go yet.
We may need to cross
clamp the aortas.
- Let's go.
- Open it all the way.
- Let's go.
- All the way up.
Come on.
- The clamp's making it-
- Open it wide.
- [Doctor] Use the big
clamp for the aorta.
Let's go.
(dramatic music)
- Please father, watch
over my little girl.
- Amen.
Monica's gonna be
okay, isn't she?
- We just have to
trust god, son.
I just want her to open
her eyes again.
You know, see her looking at me.
You know, I owe you
an apology, CJ.
- Me?
I was the one that was
outta line, dad.
- No, I was judging you and
chastising you about your life
and, and your family.
You know, like Matthew 7:4,
where the man was trying
to pull a speck
out of his brother's eye,
forgetting that he had a
big old log in his own eye.
What a hypocrite I've been.
How could I have missed
what was happening
in my own daughter's life,
right under my own roof?
What kind of Father am I?
- one of this is
your fault, dad.
- I've lost my children.
- No.
- If I can't keep them safe.
- Dad.
- If I haven't shown them how
to make the right choices.
- No, dad, listen.
- And how to follow
the right path in life,
I've failed them.
- No, you haven't.
Dad, you're always there for us.
That that's what counts.
When I came to you and told
you Marcella was pregnant,
you were there for me then.
And you're here now for Monica.
To me, that's what being a
good father is all about.
Being there no matter what.
Even if your children
make mistakes
or go in different paths
that maybe you didn't expect.
Look, I, I didn't mean
what I said before.
You are the father of the year
because you're always
there for us, Dad.
Don't worry.
Look, I know that she's
gonna be okay.
- Dad, they're ready for us.
(tense music)
- Mr. And Mrs. Okofor,
hi, I'm Dr. Johnson.
- Hello, doctor.
Could you please tell us what's
going on with our daughter?
- Is she all right?
Like, is she okay?
Because nobody would
tell us anything
and I just don't wanna
see my baby.
- She is stable, but not
out of the woods yet.
A piece of metal lodged
into her lower abdomen,
but we were able to remove
it and stop the bleeding.
The game plan now is for
us to monitor her overnight
and get you guys a status
check in the morning.
- Like, is this serious?
Like is this life
threatening or?
- Listen, I'm not one
to give false hope,
but thankfully admit
her vital organs
so she should be fine.
But with any type of surgery,
you have to be cautious.
- Okay.
Uh, can we see her now?
- No, no, no, not right now.
You can see her after
she's out of recovery
and moved into her room.
- [Rev. Chuwkumah]
Thank you, doctor.
- You're very welcome.
- Yes.
- Hang in there, okay?
- All right.
(light dramatic music)
- We're all right.
- [Marcella] So where
did you come from?
- [Javier] I came
from out state.
- [Marcella] Okay.
It's a pretty day.
- Yeah.
I'm surprised you called me.
- Not as surprised as I am.
I didn't think I'd ever
see you again.
You know, I barely remember you.
Just little flashes of memory.
Like you helping
me ride my bike,
taking me to the swimming pool.
- And now you've got a
beautiful daughter of your own.
- She's your granddaughter.
- I think a man has to
earn those titles.
How about her dad?
Is he still in the picture?
- Not all men run away from
the responsibilities, Papa.
- Ouch.
I guess I asked for that.
- Until recently, we
were a family, but,
I'm not sure he is gonna
be there for us anymore.
- Is he a good man?
- Yeah, he's a great dad
when he's around.
- He makes you happy?
- He does.
But I've hurt him.
- And the real question
is, can he forgive you?
That's how you'll know when
you found a truly good man.
- It might be too late.
He's already left, like you did.
- Well then ask yourself, can
you forgive him in return?
You don't want to
end up as I did.
If I can impart one
piece of wisdom
of which I have firsthand
experience it's this,
preserve your relationship
with your child's father.
Listen to me.
You can end the curse in our
family of a fatherless home.
- You have no right, no right,
coming here and pretending
like everything is cool
when you walked out on us
like we meant nothing to you.
- I wanted to talk to him.
- Don't waste your
time, Marcella.
He's just gonna get up and go
as soon as he gets
what he wants.
What do you want this time?
What do you want from us?
- I wanted to see my boy
and my girl one last time.
- What?
- You're sick?
- Doctors say 50/50
chance of survival.
- So what, you were just,
you were just gonna come here
and play dad for a few days
before you're stolen
from us again?
- Hector, it's not like that.
Back then,
I was too much of a coward
to say goodbye
and also too much of a coward
to stay and be a real father.
- No, no, you gotta go.
- Hector.
- Go!
Go back to wherever it is
you were hiding for
all these years.
- Well, it's okay.
I deserve that.
Not all men are good fathers.
That's no excuse.
But I didn't have a role
model when growing up,
so I made a lot of mistakes.
I was out of my league.
- So you just quit.
Quit on your whole family.
- I know I wasn't there
for you then or now,
but I'm trying to be
here for you right now.
I don't want to see history
repeating these cycles.
They're meant to be
broken, Cella.
I love you both.
It wasn't right that I left.
I can't undo that now.
But I wanted to let you know
that I am sorry for
letting you down
and I hope that you can
find it in your hearts
to forgive me one day.
(somber music)
- I couldn't think
of anyone else
I could talk to about this.
- I'm glad that you reached
out, Marcella.
This is a safe place.
Okay, so tell me what's
been happening.
- My dad who abandoned
us when we were kids,
he showed up again wanting
to be in our lives.
- Hmm, that must have
been a shock.
How are you coping with that?
- Not too well.
It dredged up a lot of
feelings and confusion.
- Confusion over?
- CJ and what could have been.
From what Devon told me.
Pop pop the cash,
pop pop the cash
Pop pop the cash,
pop pop the cash
Puff puff money,
puff puff money
Puff puff money,
puff puff money
Pop pop the cash,
pop pop the cash
Pop pop the cash,
pop pop the cash
Puff puff money,
puff puff money
Puff puff money,
puff puff money
(smooth music)
(people chattering)
Pop pop the cash,
pop pop the cash
Pop pop the cash,
pop pop the cash
Puff puff money,
puff puff money
Puff puff money,
puff puff money
Pop pop the cash,
pop pop the cash
Pop pop the cash,
pop pop the cash
Puff puff money,
puff puff money
- So nothing happened
between you and Devon?
- No, he just protected me.
I slept on his sofa
alone, thank god.
But I did something stupid.
Really, really stupid.
I told CJ that he wasn't
Faith's father.
- And how, how did
he react to that?
- How do you think?
He left us just like
my father did,
tearing our family apart.
- Did he?
I mean, just, just
hear me out, okay?
What if this was actually
the opposite?
Okay, what if CJ's decision
to move out
was based off of his faith
to make things right,
to save his family.
(phone ringing)
- CJ?
Why are you whispering?
- Hey.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm okay.
- How's Monica?
Any news?
- She just woken up and they're
monitoring her situation.
- Can I sit in with her?
- The doctor said she
needed her rest,
so I don't know about visitors.
- Remember dad?
They said it's okay as
long as his family, right?
- Right.
She's down the hall to
the right, Marcella.
(dramatic music)
- She's gonna be a great
doctor one day.
- Mm.
You two should probably
have a talk.
- [Marcella] What about
the boy who was driving?
- He um, he wasn't so lucky.
He uh, he's in a
coma in the ICU.
- Mom, I'm so sorry
for sneaking out.
- No.
- I am.
- Oh my god, no, no, no, no.
You don't worry about that.
We'll talk about that.
We'll talk about that at home.
You know what you focus on?
You know what you focus on?
You focus on getting better.
Looking good.
(dramatic music)
Your heart rate and your
pulse look great.
- Who knows?
I should be outta here
in a couple of days.
- That's great, Mon.
Mind if I borrow Dr.
Marcella for a second?
I don't know how I'm
supposed to feel right now.
You tell me I'm not Faith's dad.
You disappear on me.
You make it hard for
me to see her.
You don't answer my phone calls.
- CJ, I'm so sorry
for what I did.
I was angry and I lashed out.
I didn't mean what I said.
I love you so much and
I don't wanna lose you.
Faith is your daughter.
- What?
You lied to me?
- Seeing you leave us
brought back old memories
and feelings.
I grew up in a broken home
and I didn't wanna repeat
the same story for Faith.
Look, I'm not justifying
what I did.
I realize I hurt you
and I was wrong.
I went to see Patty.
This whole situation
made me realize
that I have so much
unresolved trauma
I still need to work through.
I wanna be better for
you, for Faith, for us.
I understand if this is too
much to deal with right now.
- Okay, but Marcella, that
isn't anything to play about.
As much as you know I
love you and Faith,
as many years as we put
into this family.
I mean, you can't even imagine
how much pain I've been put
through these past four days.
I thought I lost
my own daughter.
Look, you could have called me.
You, you could have
texted me or something.
I, I understand what you're
going through with your dad.
I really do, but I'm not him.
I'm me.
I don't get it.
This is just, this is just
a lot for me right now.
You know, I can't pretend like
I don't miss you and Faith.
Look, I know that I
walked out on you,
both of you and I
could be better.
And honestly,
I haven't handled the
situation the best either.
It's just that I've been
trying to juggle so much and I,
I haven't really thought about
the needs of you and Faith.
Maybe, maybe I need
some healing, too.
I want to be there
for you and Faith
but I need to see her.
I need to see her.
- I understand you
and I hear you.
And maybe this is an opportunity
for us to start counseling
for the sake of our own
healing and our family.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I think you're right.
(hopeful music)
- Daddy!
- Hey!
I missed you so much, Faith.
- I missed you too, Daddy.
Thank you for bringing
him back home, Mommy.
- I told you I would.
You wanna go to the park?
How you been?
- Uh, hanging in there.
You know, missed the family.
Oh, I ran into Shante.
- Shante?
- Yeah.
Still as crazy as ever,
but he got a million
followers now.
- A million?
- Mommy, can I go play
on the playground?
- Okay, go on.
Just make sure I can
see you okay, okay?
- Okay.
- Sounds like things have
been pretty crazy, huh?
So what's the story
with your dad?
- The short version is
he found the lord.
- Mm.
- He's putting his
house in order
just in case something happens.
- How do you feel?
- We're getting to know
each other again.
- That's good.
You should uh, you should
keep doing that, you know?
Try to fix some of those
daddy issues.
- Daddy issues?
Who has daddy issues?
- You know what I mean.
You know, I want to get
to know him too one day.
- Ooh, that reminds me.
We were supposed to
meet up with him today.
I'm gonna text him to cancel.
- Nah, don't cancel.
You say you don't know how
much time you have left, right?
- Is daddy coming home with us?
- Um.
- We'll see, sweetie.
- Mommy says love never fails.
(hopeful music)
- Grandpa, you got my
favorite ice cream.
- I remembered.
It was your mommy's
favorite, too.
You must be CJ.
- I am.
Nice to meet you finally, man.
- Yeah, nice to meet you.
- Yeah.
Tell me all about you.
(hopeful music)
- Marcella, you're home.
A letter came for...
- [Hector] What are
you doing here?
- He came to see me and Faith.
- It's okay, I should
probably go.
I don't want to overstay
my welcome.
I really cherish these
moments reconnecting.
I just hope that one day, Ana,
you can find it in your
heart to forgive me
for what I put you through.
I just wish that I
realized my mistakes sooner
and had a chance to rectify it.
- Javier.
I'll never forget what you did,
but I've already forgiven you.
Without you, I wouldn't
have Hector and Marcella.
- Hey babe, that's mommy's.
She's been ripping open every
envelope since her birthday.
- What is it?
- Oh wow.
- You got approved?
- I got it.
It's my scholarship approval.
CJ, you called the school
to testify about my
scholarship application?
- Um, what are you
talking about?
- Here, read this.
It says your affidavit
weighed heavily on their
decision making.
- Okay, okay.
Don't make such a big
deal about it.
We need a doctor around, right?
- Oh my god.
- So medical school, huh?
You deserve this, really.
New Mexico.
- Leaving after graduation.
- I'm so proud of you.
- We all are.
- Way to go.
(upbeat music)
- Are you excited?
- [CJ] You worked really
hard for this.
- I couldn't have done
it without all of you.
- I know.
(family laughs)
- Thank you so much, doctor,
for saving my daughter's life.
- You're so welcome.
And you have such a
beautiful family.
- Thank you.
- You guys take care, okay?
- Thank you, yes.
- Hang in there.
- All right.
(hopeful music)
- [Rev. Chuwkumah]
Love is patient.
Love is kind.
Love does not envy.
- [Congregant] That's
right, Pastor.
- It does not boast.
It is not proud.
- Is that right, pastor?
- That's right, pastor.
- [Rev. Chuwkumah] Love
does not dishonor others.
- [Pastor] Yes.
- [Rev. Chuwkumah] And it
keeps no record of wrongs.
It is not self seeking.
Love does not delight on evil
but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects.
Always trust.
- Yes.
- Always hopes.
- That's right.
- Always perseveres.
Love never fails.
Love never fails.
Say it, love never fails.
Audience, if you could
join us, please.
- [All] Love never fails.
- One more time, please.
- [All] Love never fails.
(congregation applauding)
- Junior, you ready?
- Actually, Dad, I'll
meet you guys there.
There's something I need
to pick up on the way.
- Welcome class of 2022.
You all have made it this far
with the help of your
family and friends.
And now we will start
with the School of Biological
Connor Hopkins.
(audience applauding)
Marcella Rodriguez.
(audience applauding)
Blair Chatel.
(audience applauding)
And graduating in the
School of Social Sciences,
Angel Brumfeld.
(audience applauding)
CJ Okafor.
(audience applauding)
CJ Okafor.
- Where's CJ?
- Yeah, he's um.
- CJ's late to his
own graduation?
- Is he here?
CJ Okafor.
- He's um.
(audience applauding)
- I can't believe he
almost missed it.
- Can I, can I say something?
You mind?
Thank you.
What's the point of an education
if it doesn't prepare
you for life?
My college years are an
experience that I'll
never forget.
But some of the greatest
lessons that I learned,
they didn't come from studying.
They came from living.
And falling in love.
I fell in love my freshman year
and in my senior year
I got my heart broken.
But that's cool.
That's how life teaches
us what we need to learn,
even if it hurts.
It helps us to learn how to
grow and push past our mistakes.
To grow and become
better people.
To become a better son,
a better brother,
a better father,
and a better husband
to my future wife.
Marcella, will you
please join me?
Marcella, I'm ready.
I'm ready to keep
learning lessons with you.
I promise to put our family
above everything else.
I love you and Faith with
all of my heart.
will you marry me?
Yes, yes.
(audience applauding)
If I could win
I, I can see from
there stairs
And you hold me closer
in your arms
I feel like loving you again
Anything better, you
Make me feel so brand new
- See, it's just like
mommy told you.
Love never fails.
Anything better
Sometimes I can get
so lonely that
I forget about the love
that keeps me there
And I don't know what
makes me feel this way
When I see in my whole day
This is the day
When I ask you to be mine
No other way
I could ever see my life
Can't live without you
Girl, you are what I desire
Can't live without you,
can't live without you
So take my hand
I promise to treat you right
I'll be your man
And girl, I will love you
like there's no tomorrow
There's no tomorrow
It's just you and me in here
You and me in here
And it's the best
day of our lives
Da da being together da da
You and I da da
Be forever
Best day of our
lives da da da
Be together da da
You and I da da
Be forever
Da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da
I fell in love
The moment that I saw
you that first time
Don't go back, don't go back
I don't mean to rush,
don't rush
But I can't explain it,
it just feels so right
It feels so right,
don't go back
You make me better,
don't turn back
Oh, don't turn back
You make me better, you
make me better, yeah
This is the type of
love that's in movies
More than I say it
I'm a prove it
More than I say it I'm a
prove it, I'm a just do it
And it's the best day
of our lives da da
Be together da da
You and I da da
Be forever
Best day of our lives da da
Be together da da
You and I da da
Be forever
Best day of our lives,
don't go back da da
Be together, don't
go back da da
You and I, don't
go back da da
Be forever, don't go back
Best day of our lives,
don't go back da da
Be together, don't
go back da da
You and I, don't
go back da da
Be forever, don't go back
Best day of our lives,
don't go back da da
Be together, don't
go back da da
You and I, don't
go back da da
Be forever, don't go back
(dramatic music)
For the longest time I've
traveled on this narrow road
Where it leads honestly
only heaven knows
I may run into obstacles
that might slow my growth
But I'm eager to press on
because I'll never fold
Perfect is something I
wish that I could truly be
Anytime I fall to the
ground I hear god telling me
Get up, don't give up
Rise up from who you are
to what you will become
It's your chance
to start again
For a new day has begun
Get up, don't give up
Rise up from who you are
to what you will become
It's your chance
to start again
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
For a new day has begun
I'm a sole survivor,
made it out the trenches
Quitting was never an option
Cherish and grace
given to me
Owning all my problems
Running never ever seems
to solve them
But I know the
problem solver
Every day I'm evolving
into someone better
Homies in the coffin
I mirror Christ
to the letter
I know I'm not perfect, yeah
But I was so fed up of
living life with no purpose
This second chance
I treasure, yeah
Get up, don't give up
Rise up from who you are
to what you will become
It's your chance
to start again
For a new day has begun