Sennenbi (2004) Movie Script

Produced by the Film
"Sen Nen Bi" Production Committee
Look, it's floating.
Stick it in.
Where's the octopus?
It went back to the sea.
It's gone.
Here comes a wave!
It'll come up to here.
Daddy, swing me around.
Hold me tight.
Do it some more.
I'm back.
You must be hungry.
I'm starving.
We still have curry.
Not again!
We've been eating that curry for 4 days.
You always do this
when you're painting.
What do you think?
Nothing really.
At least say you
like it or not.
I like it, ...maybe.
He's your son,
always so severe.
When will you finish today?
I've only one sign to do.
I'll be home by evening.
No more curry, please.
Alright, I know.
Let's eat out tonight.
Take care.
You did well, boys.
Next Sunday is the tournament.
Don't stay up late
and keep in good condition.
You got that?
Especially you.
Do you have any questions?
If not, dismiss!
Thank you, coach.
Hey, Sugita.
I hate to say this,
but you haven't paid for 3 months.
Can you ask your father?
He's just a useless painter.
What did I do?
Whafll I do?
No, she's dead.
Where are you going?
Off to dancing practice.
Satoshi, what's going on'?
Oh, sorry.
Take this.
Don't be so shy, boy.
Where are you off to'?
Don't just pass by.
I must say hello.
Take this.
Go on, take it.
Back, back.
More, closer.
Too much!
I want to go back to Tokyo.
I really do.
You're so slow.
Why not use your thumb?
Shut up.
It's too big.
OK, it's done.
I'm sending it.
That's fast.
It's there now.
Yeah, right.
Your first e-mail.
Keep it as a souvenir.
What an untidy house!
Hey, I'm back.
It's such a messy house.
You're early today.
I had a poor catch today.
Where's Satoshi'?
Wasn't he at the beach?
He's been there again, has he?
Did you see Dr. Okina'?
What did he say'?
He told me to bring Satoshi,
so we'll go tomorrow.
I wish he'd start speaking again.
Oh, another watermelon.
And some fish, too.
Yukio, how is Satoshi'?
Still the same.
I hope he recovers by the
Thousand Year Fire Ceremony.
Is it that close?
I totally forgot.
You've had such a hard time.
I understand.
it's definitely coming.
Satoshi, hurry up.
Hello, Fusako.
Where are you off to'?
To Dr. Okina...
I know.
You don't have to tell me everything.
See you later.
Is that lad Ryuichi's son'?
Well, yes.
We must go now.
So long.
Alright, alright.
I know everything.
I totally understand
how you must feel.
Here's medicine for 3 days.
- Take care of yourself.
- Thanks.
Doctor, your medicine is best.
Very effective.
Is it that good?
I was quite sick,
but I'm well now.
So it's effective.
Now I know.
- Hello, there.
- Hello.
We'll go now.
Thank you, Doctor.
Take care.
Come in, please.
Good to see you, Satoshi.
How are you?
No headaches?
Satoshi, do you get tired'?
Will you open your mouth?
So you have a mobile phone'?
Give me a look.
Well, well.
Why don't you talk'?
I see.
So you hate your voice?
That fire has been burning
for a thousand years.
It's a special one.
It has strange powers.
Welcome home.
Hello, Ayumi.
This is Satoshi Sugita.
He's eleven, same as you.
Satoshi's fighting against
anxiety and loneliness.
He spoke only once after
Ryuichi died.
He said he wanted to be
back in Tokyo with Ryuichi.
He said he'd come here,
but didn't want to.
Then he swore he'd never
speak again.
He said he didn't want his dad
to be sad again.
He believes...
Ryuichi died because of him.
I want to go home.
I want to go home.
I want to go home.
Can't you sleep?
Come and sit here.
- Put one more on there.
- One's enough.
- Why?
- This looks much better.
There it is.
Dolphins look really cool.
A dolphin?
There's only two of them
in the world.
Only two?
Only we have the same ones.
Nice strap.
Pretty, isn't it'?
Did he sleep?
What did Dr. Okina say'?
Same as the doctor in Tokyo.
He's a traumatic mute.
Does it take long to cure?
The doctor said it will.
Ayumi is the same age as Satoshi.
Same age, is she?
She also had a hard time,
but she's fine now.
Will Satoshi recover, too?
Of course.
We will cure him.
I'm sure of it.
Where are you going?
Hello there.
Back, back.
Hey, Satoshi!
Do you recognize the island?
I don't know.
We went there with your mother.
How old was I'?
About four years old, I guess.
The ceremony called "Hiwatashi."
In summer, the local
boys swim from the island.
How far is it'?
- About 3.2 km.
- That's tough.
After you do it,
you're recognized as a man.
I once did it.
- No way!
- It's true.
- You liar.
- No, I'm not.
Satoshi, take this to Dr. Okina.
It's an offering,
so don't drop it.
Hi, Satoshi.
You've brought an offering, have you?
Do you like fire'?
Give it to them, please.
Ayumi, time to cook the rice.
You don't wash rice,
you grind it.
Use your palm as if
you're grinding it.
Want to try?
Your cooking is much better.
I'll have seconds.
You've done a good job.
I've seen him around,
who is he?
No idea.
You came from Tokyo, didn't you?
Have you seen live soccer?
Hey, wait.
Don't ignore us!
What an idiot!
Too many things in this house.
It's impossible to keep it tidy.
Hello, anybody here?
Good morning.
Hello, Ayumi.
Is Satoshi home?
You came to see him'?
Wait a moment.
Ayumi is here to see you.
Come in.
I'll get you a drink.
Satoshi, Dr. Okina has
invited you to the island.
The island your father painted.
Where you goin', Doc'?
The island, to see patients.
- That's good of you.
- Hello.
It'll soon be Chitose-bi.
Do you know about it'?
It's where we take
the fire from our hearth,
and distribute it to the
- It's hot today.
- Off to the island, Doc'?
- To see your patients?
- So you're going, eh'?
- I want to go too, Doc.
- Really?
Just you and me.
- A date, huh'?
- Doctor!
- You'll miss the boat!
- I'm coming now.
Take care of yourselves.
Ayumi, I will...
I know,
you'll see your patients.
We'll take a walk.
Satoshi, do you miss your father?
D'you know what happens
after we die'?
We all become stones.
All these stones are
dead people.
My mother is here somewhere.
Where's your father?
No idea-
He ran away and left us.
Take care of yourself.
Thank you very much.
Take care.
Goodbye then.
Take care.
Miss Teacher.
I hate her.
She looks so confident,
so controlling.
Don't let she fool you!
That's him!
Why did you ignore us'?
Come with us!
Come on!
Hello boys.
The new boy from Tokyo'?
You're playing together?
Yes, ma'am.
We're showing him around.
Good boys.
See you all in the new term.
Be good to him.
Yes, ma'am.
You really sucked up to her.
I hate that.
I couldn't help it.
Hey, wait!
Don't put on airs
'cos you're from Tokyo.
Always with a girl!
I can beat him.
Come with us!
He's got a mobile phone.
You went too far.
Come and have your dinner.
You must be hungry.
Why don't you eat'?
- How is he?
- He won't come out.
Can't his mobile phone be fixed?
According to the shop,
no hope at all.
Oh, no.
Then what shall we do'?
Hello there.
Anybody here?
Hello, Ayumi.
I'm glad you came.
I was going to visit you.
Satoshi has locked himself
in his room since yesterday.
Since yesterday?
His mobile phone got broken.
It seems he had a fight
with some boys.
It's a memento from his father.
Wait a moment.
Satoshi, Dr. Okina wants
you to cook rice for him today.
Can you hear me'?
Satoshi, can you hear me'?
Sorry, Ayumi.
Not at all.
I'll see you later.
That's nice, isn't it'?
I've something to show you.
Will you come?
Come on.
Never tell it to anyone.
Promise me.
Strange forest, isn't it'?
What's up?
Something in the sky?
I get it.
Your father painted this tree.
Hear that? The tree is
taking water from the soil.
I always come here
when I feel sad.
Great, isn't it'?
You broke Satoshi's mobile
phone, didn't you?
Let's go.
Bad boys like you can't get
That's not good.
Then apologize right away.
I'm sorry.
He got that phone
from his late father.
Will you forgive them?
- Delicious.
- Good.
- It's the best!
- Watermelon season!
Eat more boys.
I'll make shaved ice, too.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Take care of yourself.
- Doctor.
- Yes, what?
- What are you doing?
- I'm searching for something.
There's a Chitose-bi meeting
Besides, you have patients.
No, not this one.
Not this one, either.
The boats in charge this year
are as follows.
You'll be divided into groups.
Follow your group leaders.
Doctor, ready for your speech?
Yes, of course.
Thanks to your great assistance,
we can once again hold
the Chitose-bi,
the 1000 year fire ceremony.
As a representative of
the Okinaka family
I thank you from the bottom
of my heart
In celebration of Chitose-bi,
let us begin the party from now.
Please, show your appreciation.
Let's go.
Looking fon/vard this
year's, huh'?
For sure!
Will Satoshi do the swim?
I don't know.
It's too tough for him.
Don't worry.
He's your grandchild.
He will be okay.
It's a very important task.
Delivering fire to the locals.
Only those who swim
can be selected.
I'll go to bed now.
Here, from Dr. Okina.
What is it?
He told me to show it to Satoshi.
It's labelled "Chitose-bi",
so it must be from an old film.
That's Ryuichi...
Daddy, what should I do?
What do you think?
- Nothing really.
- Nothing?
At least say you
like it or not.
Here's your lunch.
I'll head out now.
What's up?
Hey, Satoshi.
Will you come fishing, too?
Don't be a coward.
Stand up!
Come on, stand up.
Roll your body with the waves.
Swing your body like this.
You're doing well.
Hearken the flames!
Hearken the flames!
Alright, Satoshi.
Let's try from here.
Don't worry.
You'll be fine.
It appears they've all
started swimming.
We still can't see them
through the binoculars.
I think we'll see them quite soon.
Good pacing.
Satoshi, you're doing fine.
Good boy.
Take it slowly.
They've swum halfway.
The pace is a little faster
than most years.
Satoshi looks like
he's in trouble.
I know.
Satoshi, don't overdo it!
Come up!
Stop now.
Come on board.
You did well.
You've done very well.
Satoshi, that's enough.
You can try again next year.
You've done so well.
You almost did it,
next year you'll be able to.
Hey, Satoshi.
What are you doing?
What's with you?
Satoshi, stop it!
He really shouldn't...
The top swimmer is...
We! Come him with a big hand!
I wonder who will be next?
Yes, it's young Yamazaki.
He's full of beans.
Ayumi, he's getting close.
Hang in there.
Last one is Satoshi Sugita.
Well done, boy.
Give him a big hand, folks.
Satoshi, you did it!
Your phone is ringing.
Let's prepare for the party tonight.
Come and give us a hand to prepare.
Happy birthday, son.
You're my pride and joy.
Too flattering?
From your Dad.
my birthday is the day
after tomorrow.
He's speaking.
Doctor, Satoshi spoke!
I leave Chitose-bi to you.
Yes, sir.
- I leave it to you.
- Sir.
Sacred flame.
- Yes, sir.
- I leave it to you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Where's Satoshi'?
He's with Ayumi.
They're good friends.
Finally, I'm relieved.
Starring Tetsuro Tanba
Kazuko Yoshiyuki
Shingo Tsurumi
Kikuo Kaneuchi
Shohei Murata
Directed by Naoki Segi