Sennosc (2008) Movie Script

- What if he flunked?
- I don't want to see him.
He passed!
No wonder. My blood!
Why is this house here?
Good question. It's been built,
that's why.
- It wasn't here last time.
- No. You're as observant as Dad.
It wasn't a big deal - so we had
it built.
For the doctor!
- You don't like it?
- Don't be silly, woman.
Our boy's so impressed
he's speechless.
Come on!
It's picture perfect. From a catalog.
Ready in three months.
Here you go! The dining room,
the living room and the kitchen.
Two bathrooms, here and upstairs.
The stairs are solid, comfortable.
Come, I'll show you the upper floor.
This can be your office...
Master bedroom with a back door...
Children's room - when you get
married at last...
And this will make a perfect guest
room - spacious, nice view.
I'm sure you and your wife will
entertain a lot of important people.
It's Internet-ready and all.
What's the problem?
The house can wait until
you decide to come back.
Let him learn the ropes in the city.
- Find his Miss Right.
- I'm sure he will.
Let me tell you something, my boy.
She doesn't have to be pretty.
A horse has to be pretty.
A woman has to be pure breed.
We've got pretty horses.
You just need to bring us
a pure breed woman.
You're sensitive and too trustful.
You do need a good match.
- Men like you are easily hurt.
- Quit cooing.
He's no longer a child.
For the mother her son stays
a child forever.
Alright, we've had enough.
Let's have a man-to-man conversation.
Come with me!
- We want the best for you.
- I understand, Dad.
- We just hoped to have you back soon.
- I know, Dad.
- But it's not the way things work.
- No, Dad.
Most children leave and start on
their own.
Even the Bible says a man will
leave his father and mother
and will be joined to his wife.
- Right?
- Yeah.
Our neighbor's got new dogs.
You want to see the freak?
Come on!
Could I have it back for...
Oops! Where am I?
It's the archive, miss.
I'm totally absent-minded today.
It's the wrong floor!
- Hello?
- You're in the car?
- Yes.
- Have you been to the pharmacy?
- I forgot. I'll go now.
- Don't. You'll get stuck in traffic.
- There's plenty to do at home...
- I may lose you under the overpass.
There's not a single cassette
left and it's about to begin!
Serves you right - for showing up
on the wrong channel
and refusing St. Mary's Network!
I'll tape it anyway!
On your pilgrimage video!
Because you annoy the hell out of me!
Where's that cassette?
You'll never find it. I lent it out.
We played it at our church and
the priest loved it!
Shit! It's beginning!
Good afternoon.
My guest is Mr. Podwieyski,
a member of Parliament.
- Of the Fourth Republic.
- We don't want labeling...
It's to avoid confusion.
I'd rather make my allegiance clear...
Your dinner's in the kitchen!
...for it might turn out that we not
only represent conflicting outlooks,
but live in two different worlds.
Be quiet, Father's on TV!
- Let's get to the point.
- I consider these things essential.
I had a sneezing fit again.
Are you sure you did the vacuuming
We'll have to check under
the bedroom furniture -
there may be some dust left
and it irritates my nose.
You were to get me the new pills.
You forgot, right?
So pricey? You shouldn't have.
Go get some briquettes from the shed.
The nights are going to be cool,
they say.
Just be careful not to bring back
more dust, or I'll sneeze even worse.
Your preaching manner is better fit
for the pulpit than the Parliament!
The Third Republic you miss so much
made this country the Augias stable.
- That was a good one, eh?
- Too mild. Look at your pant leg.
Rolled up! And they will zoom in
on it on purpose.
To punish you for your retort.
That's very true. Manipulation!
This room is a disaster.
The books gather dust
and worsen my allergy.
Moths, dust mites... Why don't you
get rid of those you've read?
It's my study. You've no business here.
It was your study when you wrote.
Now it's more like a memorial hall.
Our savings are dwindling, we'll
have to borrow from my parents.
Don't stick in here if you won't write.
Go get those briquettes.
Oh, and the shed roof leaks.
Come out, will you?
Maybe I'm allergic to you?
Perhaps you secrete toxins,
smoke in secret?
I think... you're allergic to yourself.
It's so dusty in here.
The sun brings it out.
When are you coming back?
Why? I'm fixing the roof.
It's a few hours' work.
Don't take too long.
My anxiety is back.
What do you mean?
Like when you were invited
to give lectures.
I don't want to be alone.
I left the sharpener behind
in my office again.
They used to call me Sharpener
back home, did you know?
You see? She's asleep again.
Watch your mistress, OK?
- Did I sleep long?
- I'm not sure. I was working.
A few moments, as usual.
Fifteen minutes or so.
Then you don't know what happened?
- What upset me so.
- No idea. I wasn't even there.
I was in my study.
Perhaps you were watching the news.
I don't remember anything.
- My neck's bothering me.
- Because you slept on the floor.
Let me make an appointment with
the doctor for tomorrow.
It's been quite a while since
he last saw you.
Who were you texting?
I was setting the alarm, that's all.
- You've changed the password?
- Darling, give me the phone, OK?
I need to know who you texted.
You should take your pills.
Why are you cheating on me?
Am I not good enough?
Please take your pills.
I don't want to fall asleep.
I never remember the moment
I go to sleep.
And when you wake up, do you
sometimes feel unable to move?
You asked me that last time, doctor.
Yes, you're right.
Sporadic cataplexic episodes
immediately after waking up.
May I see your knee?
Normal reflexes.
I recommend peace and quiet,
and a well - ordered life.
Try to avoid extreme emotional
- No peace, no improvement.
- I'm sick and tired of peace.
I'm grounded here round the clock!
I want to live, go back to work!
No such option yet, I'm afraid.
You're too vulnerable.
You might fall asleep again at
the least desirable moment.
But I want to be among people.
- This silence is head-splitting.
- The time's not ripe yet.
Please be patient.
It's a shame you succumbed to
You have a caring husband,
a wonderful home...
is it normal to have a recurring dream,
again and again,
even though you don't want it?
And it's so very real?
That happens.
What kind of dream is haunting you?
That my husband is a goddamn
son of a bitch.
We must bring her body clock into line.
She should sleep all night.
I make sure she takes her pills.
If she fails, I give her a shot.
Proceed with caution.
Narcolepsy is still a bit of a mystery.
Your wife's peculiarity is that
she has no recollection of
the moments prior to falling asleep.
It's rather embarrassing.
She does experience strong emotions
only to wake up with a blank mind.
Thus she's always thrill-hungry,
but once she satisfies her desire
she goes to sleep and the cycle
repeats itself.
If this persists, she'll never
come back to the stage.
- How could I possibly help her?
- Showing patience.
Sorry I'm late. Shooting pool
took longer than I thought.
Was it worth it?
- I played a sucker.
- Cool.
- Been here long?
- A while.
OK. Let's bounce.
- I want this toy, Mommy!
- I said no. Let's go.
- Please!
- No.
Thief! Thief!
Get him!
That's ridiculous!
- It's a hospital, right?
- I need his ID.
- He's in pain!
- Any document.
I'll take care of it.
Hang in there! We'll wait.
- Does it hurt?
- No.
Was it worth it?
You've got to live, right?
Having a high risk job
you should get insured.
We'll put your arm in a cast,
bandage the broken ribs.
No partying for the time being.
A cast? Fuck!
I have a tournament next week!
- Pickpocket championship?
- Fuck you!
- So you're out of practice, right?
- Whatever, man. Peace!
What the heck are you doing?
In broad daylight! Bastards.
No respect for public property.
- Got a cig?
- I don't smoke, I'm afraid.
Where's this one from?
Watch out! They don't like
strangers on the block!
- How are you, Mom?
- Adam! Father has buried the hatchet.
We agreed to respect your choices.
The house can wait until you're ready.
Now tell us when we could come
to see you.
We'd bring you some goodies...
I'd do some cleaning, ironing...
I'm sure you have no time to take
care of that. Just tell me when.
- Adam?
- But...
- When can we visit you?
- Mom, I don't really need anything.
Adam? Are you there?
I'm reading.
- We can't have sex, you know.
- There you go again...
Pregnancy would kill me. I'm ill.
No, you're not.
Besides, there are ways
not to get pregnant.
- But none is 100% sure.
- Christ!
You're the limit.
You're such a nag. And all talk.
Have you written anything today?
I can't concentrate.
Oh yeah? What else is new?
Ever since I started sleeping with
you, I haven't had dreams.
Are you sure you're all right?
You're not quite yourself.
- A life without sleep is pointless.
- Quit philosophizing, OK?
You're not sleepy - don't sleep.
Try to write something!
- Even animals have dreams.
- I'm tired. I want to read in bed.
Be quiet, OK?
- Robert! Are you asleep?
- No, Mom. I'll be right down.
Good morning.
I'm quoted again.
How come they left out your name?
My dear, certain messages are better
voiced anonymously,
so that people can accept
them as their own.
- How's your writing?
- Big zero.
- No inspiration.
- That's poets' problem.
- Are you short of ideas? I can help.
- It's not that.
- I can't write, pure and simple.
- What?!
Don't be a crybaby! Get a grip
on yourself and get to work!
Or else we'll have to support you.
I'm sorry, I can't.
My words have worn out.
Wrong floor again?
No. I just want to tell you
that I know your books.
Oh yeah? And specifically?
I mean...
- I've read them secondhand.
- Excuse me?
I've read about you.
There was a lot in the papers.
By the way, what do you do
in this basement?
You're writing something?
- Did he pay you at least?
- What? Who?
My father-in-law, who else?
For spying on me, huh?
To hear that I peek at ladies'
panties instead of writing.
He's done that before, to check
if I'm working.
What really matters is finding
a good vantage point.
Do you see this window?
For two years I've been eyeing
the world through it.
What do you see?
Not much. Somebody's legs?
- Did you see who passed by?
- How would I know?
She's going to an exam.
In a navy blue high school skirt.
It's her third attempt.
Her friends are already done,
so for the first time she's alone.
Her gait is usually like this.
She'll plant her heels down first.
Clickety-click, atop the sidewalk.
When she flunked, her gait
became uncertain.
A drink or two to forget?
What about this guy?
Walking back from work?
Four, five, six... Too slow.
Unemployed or another underdog.
- In a suit? With a briefcase?
- Yeah. He lost his job recently.
When he worked, he walked
twice as fast.
His shoes were shiny.
Now they've lost their luster.
I bet his shave is uneven.
Please give it to my father-in-law.
It's my new novel.
What is this?
I didn't have to make up stories.
I watched and drew conclusions.
As time went by, the apparent chaos
began to fall into patterns.
Some legs would pass by always
at the same time.
I started to recognize people
by their gait.
Details became important:
shoes and pants, runs in pantyhose.
It seems that human lives
resemble one another.
I learned to tell people's ups
and downs from their legs.
I started using index cards to
keep my records in order
and not to leave out any pair of legs.
I substituted numbers for letters,
symbols for words, graphs for sentences.
The idea was not to miss anything
and to elaborate on it sometime later,
at leisure.
But I've lost my zeal.
You'd better go.
Go, Poland, go!
What a disaster! Unbelievable.
- I'm ashamed to be Polish.
- How can you say that?
Ignore those bunglers, that's
all they deserve.
- If someone heard you...
- Where's Robert?
- He's not into sports.
- Big deal!
Twenty-two men running around
and thousands of suckers cheering!
Those twenty-two make money.
And yours?
Some mathematician!
You know what my IT guys said to this?
Blah! A pile of shit!
I found him this cozy job - for what?
He chooses to scribble in a pad
to kill the time!
What's his idea of providing for you?
You wanted a creative son-in-law!
And forbid me to shack up!
Don't talk to Father like that!
We take a beating from everybody
on this planet.
We'll screw up every game!
It's in our genes!
Robert! The bulb!
It needs to be replaced!
Are you hiding from me?
You should see a doctor.
How are you today?
Like newly born.
- What about this?
- I'm brushing up on my lines.
Not learning, brushing up.
Everything's there, in my mind.
I just need to access it again.
I'm hungry like a dog.
Better pour in some wine.
I didn't say open. Pour in.
The carafe is on the table.
Is it good?
Excellent. What is this?
Cream of blusher soup.
Aren't blushers poisonous?
Not when cooked.
So if undercooked...
Don't worry.
Have I ever made you sick?
Are they the red kind with white
dots on the cap?
No. That's the fly mushroom,
slightly toxic, but hallucinogenic.
The ancient drug of shamans -
it put them into a trance.
- Delicious.
- Not available in any restaurant.
Nor in any store.
- Self-picked, as usual?
- As usual.
A patch of forest can feed
a division.
And poison an army.
I can't. I'm already home.
Don't you get it?
I can't talk now. I'll call you.
- Upset? Was it her?
- Who? It was job-related.
- I keep dreaming you have a lover.
- Am I to apologize for your dreams?
- I have work to do, excuse me.
- Wait!
- Swear that you're faithful to me.
- Geez!
- Swear!
- You're crazy!
I swear I am!
Never do it again.
See? You shouldn't have.
You're not supposed to get upset.
- It hurt me. You mustn't...
- I'm sorry. I love you.
Only you. Please calm down.
- Who called?
- I don't know and I don't care.
Quit snooping around.
It's silly.
Stay with me!
I don't want to fall asleep!
Does it hurt?
No more.
I'm working long hours today.
Lock the door if you want to go out.
Your emergency money, Mom.
Hey, mister!
Ouch... It hurts...
- Help...
- What happened?
Muggers. They beat the living
shit out of me.
Help me up!
Ouch! I can't.
I only had small change.
- They broke my nose and took my watch.
- Hi. Dr. Cieslik speaking.
Please send an ambulance, 1 Highroad.
- Are they coming?
- Yes.
- They'll be right here.
- Yes.
Try again, OK?
No! Better not.
- It's for the doctor on duty.
- Sure.
- Setting a new duty hours record?
- I found him on the street.
- Accident?
- Beating.
Alright, let's go!
Are you sure it's here?
This is what I have.
What a slum house!
Adam, my boy!
We've been told you're off today,
so we're here with some goodies!
Good morning!
O! You've started a private practice.
You have a patient...
It's OK, we'll come back some
other day.
- He's not there, let's go.
- How come? Maybe he's asleep...
He's not there, I said.
- What about your watch?
- Watch?
You bought it or you stole it?
You go through my pockets?
I bought it. Why?
Why are you lying to me?
Your gang beat a man badly.
I should report it to the police!
Hey, what's your problem?
What the fuck do you want?
The news isn't good.
I warned you last time the problem
was serious.
The only option left at this stage
is intensive chemotherapy.
There's no knowing if it'll work.
Your immune system is weakened.
But you must fight,
whatever it takes.
I don't want my family to know.
I've been covering up well.
That therapy...
Would it be on an outpatient basis?
I should hospitalize you right now.
Is there any point?
What's there to win?
- A few months? Years?
- You mustn't say that.
Is there any chance for me
to get well?
I feel... like I've slept through
I was silly enough to marry a toxic
woman I probably never loved.
For money maybe... I don't know.
I hoped that I had at least
half a lifetime to go.
That I would make a new start
And now this bolt out of the blue.
I didn't live the way I wanted to.
Maybe at least I'll die my way.
No rush, take your time.
How long will I live without
Not too long.
And mostly morphine-aided.
I'll have to prepare her for my end.
My wife suffers from hysteria.
She can hardly tolerate my not
being around. I need to prepare her.
You need to have the will to live.
But all I see is the will to die.
Rather curiosity. It's going to be
an extreme experience.
Final, to put it bluntly.
If you need anything...
You're sneaking around like a ghost.
You woke up early.
Whose scent is it?
Who was here? What's going on?
Calm down. Don't ruin the day.
I can smell her.
Another woman!
I'll be late for work. Cool off.
You might pass out and I must go.
Why are you doing this to me?
You insult me and don't even
remember it later on.
That's what they call getting up
on the wrong side of the bed.
Have a nice day. I'll be back
as usual.
Your order, ma'am.
- Your dog will have a feast.
- It's for my husband.
Have a good day.
Love Recipes - Aphrodisiacs
Darling, it's me.
Please listen and don't get upset.
I'm stuck in the office.
My meetings took forever.
I may be very late, sorry.
Don't wait with dinner.
I see.
Now I can see through it all.
I didn't sleep all night because
of you.
What's the matter with you?
I filled in for you yesterday, but
that's it - you've got to come back.
Are you there? Adam!
You motherfucker,
get the fuck out of here!
We've got to talk.
What you're doing is wrong!
Better watch out, or they'll
fuckin' kill you!
Come back to me.
It's going to work out, you'll see.
Fuck off!
Please... Don't let them see us together.
Fuck off!
What are you up to, doc?
Beat the shit out of him!
Fight back, you faggot!
To the basement!
Come on, faggot!
Will you go on snooping? Fight back!
Why did you fuck around with us?
- OK, quit it.
- Quit? Why quit?
Enough! Let's get out of here!
I didn't mean it, really.
I warned you, didn't I?
I warned you...
Believe me, I couldn't do anything.
If they found out about us... Fuck!
If they'd seen us together...
I'll help you out.
You hear me?
We'll move away.
- Where to?
- Somewhere else. Someplace livable.
Adam, I'm sorry!
Forgive me.
Do you have to slump like this?
- Have you seen the doctor?
- Uh-huh.
- And?
- I'm all right.
I'm dying.
What did you say?
I'm dying to fix that shed roof.
- I'll just get some rest first.
- You look exhausted.
- Didn't the doc say that?
- Yes, he did.
OK, lie down for a while.
But don't fall asleep.
We're to visit Grandpa's grave
with my parents.
It's his anniversary.
I'm not going to sleep, don't worry.
Add two candles.
We're already late!
Can't you have the money ready for once?
It's OK.
They feel offended. I told you!
- What's this?
- What do you mean?
- My name on the tomb.
- I told you, didn't I?
It's Dad's gift for us.
That's what people do.
They just add death dates
when the time comes.
Then I'm standing over my own tomb?
We're all mortal.
Thanks to Dad we'll be resting together.
You're always taking things
so personally!
Excuse me!
- Where can I find the boss?
- Over there.
Holy cow! Robert!
- Donkey's years!
- Yeah.
- So you're running a business!
- It's a bit slow, though.
Corporate events keep me going.
And what do you want? To fly?
- Yeah. Good guess.
- We'll have to wait.
I don't mean today.
Just promise you'll fly with me.
Oh my God, are you all right?
I'm out of breath. It'll pass.
- Could you just get me some water?
- No problem.
Are you sick?
When my husband comes back
he can give you a ride.
- I'll be OK in a little while.
- Good.
I'm not supposed to get upset.
If you fainted...
Alright, alright...
Long time no see...
You remember me from the theater?
That's nice.
I know where you work, but...
I've never been there.
Frankly, it's the first time
I can see all of you.
That premiere must have been a success.
You walked happily, barefoot,
shoes in hand,
accompanied by the same man as usual.
It was...
the last I saw of you.
I dozed off and crashed my car.
Amazing how much you know.
- More coffee?
- No. I've got to go.
Please stay until my husband's back.
I'm always alone,
isolated from the world...
It's good listening to you.
The man who kept you company...
Is he your current husband?
What do you mean current?
Have you seen him again?
You know something about him?
Come on, tell me!
Please, be honest with me.
At least you.
Robert was passing by and felt ill.
Let's drive him home.
- I don't want to inconvenience you.
- What if you collapse again?
Right. I'd better drop you off.
Wait! I'll just get a coat.
It's hot...
And humid and all. Excuse me.
- You're not supposed to go to town.
- Stop nagging.
We're not alone.
My husband believes I shouldn't
leave this place.
It's no joke, honey. You're not well.
Apparently nobody's that well.
It's OK. I'm not asleep.
The rebel is back.
Excellent. As usual.
Interesting taste.
What spice did you add?
Poppy seed?
Some henbane. It grows outside.
You're one of a kind.
- It's some sort of weed?
- Yes.
Do we have any cold soda?
Very hot, that dish.
Your mucosa is drying up.
- What did you give me?
- Stinking nightshade.
- You heard of the truth serum?
- Serum?
What wine goes with it?
I love your cooking.
- If Ann could cook like you!
- Ann?
What did you give me, Ann?
Sweet Ann, I'm your man!
You've met her, though
you don't remember.
She's jealous of you.
She can't believe that when you get
aroused, aaarrghh, you go to sleep!
She rushed in once, you froze.
What are you doing here?, I ask.
Resetting her.
You did fall asleep and couldn't
remember a thing!
I'm tired of you sleeping and
her making scenes.
It's hell.
I wish I could get away from it all.
I've no time for myself!
It's either you or her.
Plus I'm not to stress you.
If only I could live my way!
Have one sweater, sail the oceans,
fish for marlin...
I'm wasting my breath - you're
asleep again!
I must get some fresh air.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
...that when you get aroused,
aaarrghh, you go to sleep!
What are you doing here?, I ask.
Resetting her.
You did fall asleep and couldn't
remember a thing!
She rushed in once, you froze.
What are you doing here?, I ask.
Resetting her.
You did fall asleep and couldn't
remember a thing!
You've met her, though you don't
You witch! You wanted to kill me.
That small dose was only
supposed to stop you lying.
- How come you can listen to it?
- How could you do it to me?
You're listening and don't get
upset and drowsy?
How come?
I probably don't love you anymore.
We'll take the last bus.
Just out of town it gets empty.
Hey, give us a break!
- We're going to the tournament.
- With this fag?
We've played the same game for years
and you fuckin' change sides?!
Who the fuck is he?
- You hang around with a fag!
- Leave him alone!
Can't do that!
Leave him the fuck alone!
Chill out!
With a blade? You crazy?
Leave it!
- Let us walk!
- I'll fix your pretty face!
What happens now?
Cops! We're out!
You were talking in your sleep.
I had a dream.
Really? You never have dreams.
Who did you dream about?
You, who else?
Rose isn't my name.
Apparently you were in my dream
as another woman.
What about your wife?
- Aren't you happy with her?
- I am. Since I met you.
Soon she'll have to learn to
live without me.
- I care for you.
- Likewise. A lot.
My lot, your lot.
What a sonorous overlap!
I dreamt about your shoes next
to mine.
With you around me I feel
I'm living again.
It looks like your fits were caused
by denial and not amnesia.
You wouldn't admit that
you were cheated on
and used the illness as a crutch.
This way, you felt, your husband
would stick around longer.
That turned out to be
a no-win situation.
You have my sympathy.
But I'm also glad - the worst
should now be behind us.
You can live with narcolepsy.
Depression is more of a problem.
How do you feel now?
Like I've coughed up a stone.
- All packed up?
- Yes.
Give me the keys.
- You sure you want it?
- Go.
I'm sorry.
I know I don't deserve forgiveness.
But be aware that I regret it.
I forgive you for being unfaithful.
But not for lying to me.
Let's keep the door open...
Is that all you came up with?
What's this?
Are you going somewhere?
To kingdom come.
Trying to be funny?
Honest in any case.
What are you talking about?
What's the matter with you?
You're out all Saturday,
without my permission.
Now you've packed.
- What is it all about?
- I'm leaving.
You think it's as simple as that?
Pack and go?
You think I deserve it?
I'm not leaving you.
How do I explain?
I'm leaving everybody, for good.
You must be out of your mind.
I intended to do it for ten years
- to radically change my life.
To pack my stuff and leave.
But there was always a reason not to:
I pitied you 'cause you loved me,
I thought I loved you too,
I felt guilty, I was too lazy.
I kept postponing my life day
after day.
Robert! lift Mr. Podwieyski's immunity
due to charges of sexual harassment
lodged by his former secretaries...
Stop him!
What's going on here?
What are you up to, moron?
Even if he wins the case, his
political career is doomed.
I've got something for you.
Wow! At long last!
Is this for real?
We were losing hope.
Perfect timing!
We'll make it big: message boards,
a promotion tour...
With you in the spotlight again
it'll be a bestseller.
Don't worry about promotion.
I'll handle it myself.
I'll be in the stable.
- Any bowel movement?
- Yes.
Please write it down.
- You're getting better.
- Thank you, doctor.
Thank you.
- You still need me?
- No. Thank you, nurse.
- How's our celebrity doing?
- All he needs is peace and quiet.
I don't want to go to hell.
First thing in hell, they show you
all your missed opportunities.
How your life would have been
if you had made the right choices.
Then you see the moments of happiness
wasted when you were asleep.
And what your life would have
been like had you wakened in time.
Then you're left alone for eternity.
There's nobody and nothing.
Only you and your guilty conscience.