Senso (1954) Movie Script

Come! The Temple offer us
the joyness of a chaste love!
Come! The Temple offer us
the joyness of a chaste love!
Ah! Chaste love
Ah! The Joyness of a chaste love
Chaste love
Chaste love
Chaste love
A Gipsy woman!
-Look! In the pyre!
-Oh, God!
The pyre is on flame
by the hands of those barbarians
Oh, God!
My legs are trembling
A clowd darkness my sight
-Are you trembling?
-How am I not?
You should know
that I am
-Her son
LIBERATION WAR IS IMMINEN The flames of that terrible pyre
inflamed and consumed all my being!
Pitiless men, put it out,
or I will shortly
do it with your own blood...
I was your son before I began to love you,
Your torments won't stop me
Unhappy mother, I run to rescue you
or I shall die with you!
or I shall die with you!
or I shall die with you!
I shall die with you!
To arms! To arms!
Here we are
To arms! To arms!
Here we are
to defend you
Or we shall die with you
To arms! To arms!
Here we are
To arms! To arms!
Here we are...
to defend you
or we shall die with you
To arms!
To arms!
To arms!
Foreigners, get out of Venice!
Gentlemen! It's the time of liberation!
Viva La Marmora!
Viva Italia! Viva Italia!
It's so amusing!
This is the war Italians
enjoy the most
Confetti rain, accompanied
with a mandolin
You are a coward!
And I am willing to show you
that Italians want to fight
If you were a gentleman...
Let me go!
You have no right to touch me!
Long live to Italy! Long live to the Italian nation!
Long live to the Italian army!
-Where are you going?
-I am going outside for a while
It's so hot in here
I don't believe this is the
right time
Leave me alone!
You already know that I do what I want!
However, I won't let you
walk around
Everything started last night
It was May 27th
My cousin, Roberto Ussoni...
was one of the organizers
of the demonstration
and one of the main members
of the clandestine movement
in Venice
I was really worried
because he had shown himself unnecessarily
by challenging that officer
I was thinking how
I would help him
That was insane!
You shouldn't had exposed
yourself in that way
It was wrong.
You shoudn't had done that!
I don't know whether it was good or bad,
I just lost my head
when that scoundrel
said those words, I...
-And now, what are you going to do?
-He has accepted the challenge
At least, it seems like he has...
We are going to fight in a duel
No. That's impossible!
An officer and you...
In your situation
There will be consequences..
We have to do anyting
Come on...
You have to leave the
theater right now
Go to my house
Go there or go to Marsenza's.
anywhere you want
Don't rush. I have
something to tell you
I beg you, Roberto!
Be wise!
for everyone's sake
I know. Don't worry
But, have you realized something tonight?
There's so much to do,
but they are awakening.
Let's go Roberto.
Let's walk by the docks.
Goodbye, Roberto
-Let's go!
-Goodbye, Livia!
-See you soon!
We are sorry to give up music,
dear Count
but we can not allow,
in any way, that LA FENICE...
becomes a place
for revolutionary manifestations
Gentlemen, I am the first to
regret it
But your Excellence has to believe me
that this was made by
a provoker.
There's no doubt about it!
Ah, Countess Serpieri!
There's going to be a duel!
I mean it!
Someone has challenged Franz Mahler.
We are going to see a war
between Horaci and Curiaci.
You know pretty well the man who
made the challenge, Countess
I beg you, Excelence...
Let's speak no more
of this unpleasant incident.
This young men is a
but we seldom see him
Besides, the most unfamiliar people
-are relatives
-I know him perfectly well
There won't be a war
between Horaci and Curiaci.
My cousin doesn't care
about politics.
He is the most indifferent
and apathetic person..
when it comes to these issues,
I mean
He must have other reasons
That lieutenant Mahler...
I heard a lot about him
I don't doubt it.
All women in Venice
talk about him a lot
Oh, sure! Women talk a lot
and invent lots of stories
Am I right?
Is he an officer under your command, Excellence?
That's right. He is.
You know, I really would like to
meet him
Since all women in Venice
talk about him,
I also would like to speak with him
Countess, that's a favour
you shouldn't be asking to an admirer
Lieutenant Mahler is a very
dangerous rival
Please, would you like to sit here?
No, thank you, Excellence
"Il Trovatore" is no novelty
to me
And you Austrians
love music
On the other hand, we Italians,
come to the theater for very different reasons
We finally get here
This is the tower
where prisoners cry.
Oh! I'm so unhappy!
Go away! Leave me.
And don't be afraid for me
Maybe I can save him
I am scared
My defense is secure and ready.
In this dark night
-Countess, Lieutenant Mahler
-Countess Serpieri.
I am next to you, and you don't know it
-Would you like to take a sit?
-Thank you
Breeze that mouns
and sorround us
-Can you watch it?
-Very well, thank you.
Dou you enjoy opera, Lieutenant Mahler?
Yes, I like it very much
Countess Serpieri...
as long as the opera is good
And you, madam?
Yes, I like it very much.
But I dislike it
when it's performed out of the stage
I dislike people that act like heroes..
from a melodrama...
that don't think about
the consequences
of an impulsive act
or that are dictated by an unforgiveable lightness
May I talk to you with absolute sincerity?
I beg you
It's the only way I appreciate
If I am well informed,
there's going to be a duel tomorrow,
Isn't that so?
And it depends on you to accept or not
that challenge
I am curious.
You are more curious than I am
Don't accept the challenge.
It's not fair to risk your own life
just for a
Why are you worried so much
about my life?
It's a matter of principles.
Don't worry
Nor my life
...nor your principles
are in danger
That stupid incident
will finish quickly with an arrest
What do you mean?
Bring back the memories
Wonderful music
Promise me you'll come tomorrow night
Would you allow me to see you again?
I'm not well...
I have to leave right now
Please, don't move
Good night, Excellence
Countess, are you going to leave us?
I'm not well
I am so sorry
Good night.
Let's go!
If you don't feel well, maybe we
should wait some time.
-Let's go. I beg you
-As you wish.
Roberto has been arrested,
when he was leaving LA FENICE.
That's impossible!
He was with Donai and Meneghini.
Unfortunately, they have been arrested
We have to do something,
right away
Why don't you tell it
to your husband?
-If he wants to, he can..
-Leave that to me!
You must go. Go to Marsenza's house.
I'll let you know
Go right away!
Be wise!.
-Good night.
-Good night.
Have you heard?
Roberto has been arrested
I have never asked you for anything
but this time, you have
to do something
to free Roberto.
If you want to... have influences,
He was denounced by that lieutenant.
I am sure!
-He didn't want to fight the duel
-It's obvious
Can you imagine an Austrian officer...
accepting a duel with an
Italian civilian?
It is absurd
If your cousin had more common sense
Don't you understand what this means?
Yes, I understand
I understand it perfectly
and I don't want anything to do
with it
They've done very well arresting him
And you want me to mix myself
with all that nonsense
that I don't even care about?
I am sick of this! I don't want to talk
about it anymore. Do you understand?
Foolish things!
Do you even know what you want to do?
Roberto was condemned
to a year in exile
just as many others.
I have this dark feeling
about what his absence
could mean.
to me.
-Roberto Ussoni
We will meet soon,
guardian angel.
Try to go to the train
as soon as possible
Tell it to Cavalletto, please.
We need a safe contact
with the two sides
I expect to come back soon.
Garibaldi is at Desenzano.
Livia! Salvation
is coming
See you Italians!
Take care of yourself
But when I met that
I realized he was the reasons of my worries
and that, for days, I had been afraid
of that encounter
Countess Serpieri
What do you want?
May I scort you in these streets?
No, thank you, Lieutenant Mahler.
But Venice is in curfew. It's late already.
Are you going to make me arrest
for being in the streets?
I have never made an arrestment
for such a little infraction to the rules
What do you think of Roberto Ussoni's arrest?
Ah! Has he been arrested?
A change of air would have done
him good.
He has been sent to exile.
You know it well
You think it is my fault
But you are wrong
I hope you believe me
Besides, it seems that Ussoni
will be satisfied.
It seems like the man was born
to make sacrifices for any noble cause
And what you were born for?
To be what I am
To be what you are!
Good night.
Don't you think it would be better that.
the other night at the opera, you
had told me
that Ussoni was your lover,
and that you were willing to do
anything to keep him in Venice?
A men with a minimum education
wouldn't take advantage of the fact that
I am alone to insult me.
-I told you not to follow me
-I am not following you.
-Ah, you dont!
-Think of me as your shadow.
Thanks, I can manage with my own.
But mine will protect you better
Please, stop following me.
-Is he dead?
What do we do now?
Come on!
Come on, quick!
Thank you
You know one thing...
it's not nice to be part of ...
an occupation army.
We are forced to live
with men that hate us.
And we, young men, alone, away from home,
start to court their wives
and girlfriends.
Yes, I understand.
Good night, Lieutenant.
I am not afraid anymore.
Please, don't bother.
Good night.
I'd like you to know something,
before I leave:
Roberto Ussoni is not my lover.
He is my cousin.
He is the person I admire
the most in the world
More than
your husband?
See, my husband and I have
very different opnions
about Austrians
He is wiiling to accept them. He
even ask for favours.
I am like my cousin:
a real Italian.
Good night.
Countess Serpieri!
I am very grateful...
We walked a lot...
by the empty streets.
My fear to him had dissappeared.
Time didn't seem to exist
The only thing that existed...
was the unconfessed pleasure...
I felt when he spoke...
when he laughed...
and when I heard the sound of
our steps,
in that silence city.
Where are we going?
Anywhere you want.
The truth is I don't even
know where we are
We are in a god place
That is my house
I live there.
Not alone, with other officers.
We usually dressed informally,
drink beer
and talk about women.
-But, now everything will change.
Because I have met you.
-What is that?
-A piece of mirror.
Why do you look at yourself
in that way?
-Do you enjoy watching yourself that much?
-Yes, I do.
I never walk in front of a mirror
without looking at myself.
Why do you like it that much?
To be sure that It's...
It's the only time you are sure to be yourself?
Also, when I see a woman...
looking at me the way you are doing right now.
"It's the End of the Days
and dead men come to life...
to face eternal glory...
or eternal pain.
We keep hugging each other
and don't care about nothing else
nor paradise, nor hell."
Do you like those verses by Haine?
Why not?
I don't like what it means.
It's a shame!
The imminence of a war...
Do you think ther will be a war?
Oh, yes.
Even though is inconceivable...
that people can kill themselves
for things they don't even care about.
Do you believe in wars?
I do believe that the freedom of
a nation...
must be defended...
even by sacrificing freedom itself
or life.
Then, we are enemies,
isn't that so?
I don't think so
suppose it's a big mistake...
not to be interested...
in war...
in politics...
in territorial exchanges and occupations.
in all that serious things..
that men are willing to die for .
You see, I think that...
the fact that some men were born...
on the side of that river
and other men in the side of that mountain...
doesn't mean that God had made
rivers and mountains
to separate people.
You speak like a child.
I don't understand how that way of thinking
makes you a militar
It's ridiculous you are an officer
I agree with you.
It's ridiculous
Everything is very ridiculous
I have to leave now.
There's almost daylight.
That is your name, right?
When can I see you again?
-That's impossible!
I will wait.
It was almost morning.
The city was coming back to life...
and then I felt ashamed.
How could I had spent the entire night...
with an stranger!
An Austrian officer!
Me, an Italian married woman.
A woman that never care for
However, after four days,
four days waiting to see him,
it was me who was running to see him.
I convinced myself ...
that he was the only one who can save Roberto.
And it was my duty
to ask him for help.
Hey! Do you want to play?
I've waited for you days and days...
and you finally came.
We don't care for anything,
nor paradise, nor hell!
Since that day, we see each other
We met in a room
that Franz rented at la Fondamenta Nuove.
You must realize.
that in rooms like these
there are always little noises:
the movement of a courtain
the buzz of a fly hitting the window.
Have you notice it?
No, Franz.
You'll notice it later, in the memories.
Just then, you'll realize what you heard..
all the time we have been together.
Is that so, Franz?
By remembering, all we heard continously
will be discovered
It's afterwards...
that those little details become important.
A detail...
is so important
The sensation of adventure is
as important as...
As what?
As the color.
the perfume of her sweet hair,
over the pillow.
Have you ever realized that my love?
No, Franz. Not until now.
Oh! I always forget...
I always forget...
that for Countess Serpieri,
there's no past.
It's just the present
or the future.
Just the present, Franz.
Just the present?
Not tomorrow?
Can you give me that comb?
Franz, if someone told me
that there's only present,
that there won't be a tomorrow...
that it will never be a tomorrow
after this moment
I would feel...
as if a Doctor
had told me...
"You are about to die...
you only have a few minutes of life left".
And I know it is true
There's only the present.
The present, Franz.
Without a future
Everytime you left, you said:
"Goodbye, Franz.
We won't see each other again".
But I keep on waiting for you
You might think you
won't see me,
but I will be always here
waiting for you.
Maybe you will.
But you had lived so many
in those rooms, where you had heard
the buzz of a fly hitting the window, the sound of a courtain
Those sounds that you remember afterwards
Then you had waken up
and liberated that trapped insect,
with the same elegance
you liberate yourself from the heart of a woman.
But don't worry.
in this adventure...
you don't have to bother at all.
I will do it for you, Franz.
I will wake up from the bed,
open the window,
and liberate your heart
as a butterfly
Would you please pass me
those hairpins?
I'm sorry, Madam. But you musn't forget
that I am not at your service.
You'll have to pick up the hairpins
take this as a present to remember me by.
What a beatiful medallion!
Here, on your heart.
Now, I'm leaving
I'm leaving
-Franz, are you letting me leave this way?
-No, my love,..
I knew you wouldn't leave like that
One afternoon
I spent waiting for him,
in that room,
I realized, frightend,
for the first time,
that I didn't control my feelings,
as I have always believed
I have to leave from a moment,
and there's no one home.
What shall I do? Shall I leave
the door open or you'd open?
Are you sure that
that the Lieutenant
didn't let me a message?
-A letter?
-I'm sure, Madam
Perhaps you went out
and there's no one at home.
What do you want me to tell you?
He must have left.
A Captain
that came often
was suddenly trasnsfered
to some other place
By the way, Madam
Do you know someone who can help me?
Do you know what they want to do?
They want to confiscate my house,
because I lodge officers.
Can you believe it? As if this
were a headquarter!
Madam, I hope you can help me.
I also mean this for you, you know?
I know you can do it all, Countess
I know you pretty well
I have a sister
that have worked for years...
What? Are you leaving?
What if the sir returns?
Listen, Countess...
What if the Lieutenat
had really left?
Who is going to pay me?
I've never said anything,
because I know you well, but...
you must understand all the hard work,
my lady
Thank you very much, madam.
That's much better.
Excuse me...
Is Lieutenant Mahler
at home?
Is he in Venice?
Yes, he is in Venice
Do you know if he's going to come back?
I don't know that, madam.
-I'll wait.
Sit down, miss.
Do you like our place?
She doesn't say she likes it...
but she comes anyway.
The trousers...
the shirts...
two shirts...
and two bed sheets.
Here it is!
My Lord will go tomorrow
to pay the bills
Listen Lieutenant,
-Didn't he tell you where he was going?
-How could I possibly know,
...since he hasn't came last night?
Has he been out
-All night?
-Not all night
But, didn't he return in the morning?
Didn't you see him?
I didn't. Maybe he went to Katia's...
or Nena's.
Why are you laughing?
Well, if you want to wait,
But, are you sure he's not near?
-Perhaps in the headquarters
-I'm sure he's not anywhere near.
I guarantee it.
And that's the only thing
I can guarantee.
But, if you are patient...
and since you are a friend of Franz,
I'm sure you are.
Ludwig says he left
Franz an hour ago
They were playing bililards.
But we don't know where
he might have gone
Why don't you just shut your mouth?
Don't listen to him.
He doesn't know what he is saying
Why don't you just sit down?
Franz will be back soon.
Though we don't know
what he does or where he goes
He's always around...
without a direction.
What can we do?
That's the way he is!
We used to live togheter...
for three months,
in the same apartment.
In Innsbruck.
I spent the days, attending
girls that visited him.
And, even when he was home
he didn't want to see him.
- Countess!
-What do you want?
-We are leaving!
-Who has ordered that?
The Count has ordered
to prepare the luggage.
You must have misunderstood him
What is going on?
You could have told me!
Or I'm not important here?
Prussians have occupied
the Austrian Holstein.
That means that
the war has begun.
I think we better leave
That's impossible!
In that way, so soon?
-What do you want?
-Receive orders from the Countess.
There's time, Laura.
There's time.
My husband's decision scared me...
but I convinced him...
to delay our trip,
at least for 24 hours.
Lieutenant Mahler, please,
Eighth Battalion.
They are not here anymore, madam.
They are at the Misericordia headquarters.
Oh, Countess! I was going to
bring you the umbrella.
The Count sent me.
But I didn't know where to go. My lady didn't
tell me where she was going.
I'll be at the house of Countess Marcello,
or at the Marquese...
You are so wet!
What a weather!
It doesn't look like Summer
Even the wind is insane.
It's because of the war
I remember vividly
that in 59...
The Count was worried
He must have been busy,
you know, with the travel.
A men came to see you.
Someone I never met before.
No, I didn't tell anything to the Count.
He told me is urgent,
He said you have to see him right away.
You must go to 349 Plaza San Jeremas
and call at the door three times...
-When did he come? Who was him?
-I don't know him
The Countess had just left,
as I said before
He wanted to look for you
I'll be right back. Give me the umbrella
What should I tell the Count?
Whatever you want!
I don't care!
I don't care at all, you know
Tell him everything
Tell him!
It's not necessary to follow me and to spy me.
I would tell you myself.
I don't want to keep on lying.
It's true. I have a lover
And I love him, and I want to
live with him. Do you understand?
Livia! Finally!
We were waiting for you. Come in!
Livia! I'm so glad!
Ah, it's you! I didn't know
you came back.
You could have told us
Livia, we crossed the borders
this night.
I need to contact my friends
in Venice
There's no time to loose
Besides, considering how things are...
Why haven't you trust me?
You wanted to make me believe...
You can't understand...
You can't understand.
I talked with Livia clearly.
I guess I must tell you
what I already told her
I have no intention
to accept the position...
that recently and
the Austrian government has offered me.
I was born in Venice, I grew up here
And you know perfectly that all my assets
and affections are in this city
And it's clear that whatever the results
of this war were,
Venice will certainly go to the
Italian government
The Emperor of France
has garanteed it himself
Considering this,
I want to help you.
You can trust me.
As you see, my proposition
is very practical
and is not dictated by
ideals and enthusiasm..
which I don't believe in.
I understand
And what do you want in exchange?
I already told you: something
very simple
I want to stay, no matter what,
in my country
-I can't promise you anything.
But, in time
you can testify in my favour.
((...a ring with a jewel))
A golden chain
with a clock...
Are you willing to leave tomorrow
early to Aldano?
It couldn't be better for me.
I've been telling this to
Livia for days...
It's been my fault. I wanted to
wait for you
I was sure...
you came back.
It's OK, Livia...
but we can't loose more time
I'm also leaving Venice tomorrow.
I will try to reach the Italian headquarters.
They will instruct me
with the recruiting of volunteers.
The contacts, as I'll explain to you later,
are well organized
Luca is already in Aldano.
In four or five days,
I'll be there, if everything goes fine.
You have to take the money,
if there are no inconvenients for you.
Give me that Andrea! They need it
Our volunteers live from charity,
like hermits.
It's a big amount.
Certainly, you might had help with
the contribution.
We've been waiting so long
for this moment to come.
And it seems as if ...
it surprises you, doesn't it?
What a thing!
Each one of us must act...
as if the lifes of all the combatants
depend on us.
We don't have rights anymore
just duties.
We must forget about ourselves.
I'm not afraid to sound rethoric.
Italia is at war
Our war!
Our revolution!
Roberto's words...
and his confidence...
help me walk away.
The first days...
I spent in our quiet
villa in Aldano...
made me remember...
the recovery...
after a child illness.
-Yes, I'll open. A minute
Somebody is there!
Dogs have started to bark.
I saw someone walking around there.
Is the window open?
-I haven't heard anything.
-I'm sure that..
Stop the noise!
The Countess is sleeping.
Who's that?
It's me Laura.
What's wrong?
I'm sorry, Countess.
The guard says...
he saw somebody in the balcony.
He says there's someone
in the balcony.
Yes, it was me.
-But, are you insane?
-Yes, I went insane in Venice,
when you left. Is the door
Oh! The door...
-Yes, Countess.
It was me
Go to your room.
That stupid!
How can he bother people like that?
-Have they seen me?
-How could you do that?
How could you?
Why are there so many dogs?
To defend yourself from the enemies...
or from lovers?
Why are you here, Franz?
I just wanted to come.
Suddenly I felt the need to see you.
That's why I am here
Do you prefer that your dogs eat me?
No! No!
In the back!
Hide there!
I don't believe...
you risk your life just to see me
I would've believe you before.
Not now.
those dates you never arrived
Before those awful days...
I couldn't reach you
I am younger than you
Countess Serpieri...
and I'm not that wise as I seem.
When I realized that I felt in love with...
a woman that will never
able to love me...
I thought I must dissapear.
That's why...
you didn't see me againd.
But it was useless.
when I realized...
that it was you was running away...
that you left Venice...
There's only one thing in my mind:
To see you again.
There must be another reason
I don't understand.
Is there any other reason
a man risk his life to come here?
Don't you realize?
We are at war!
At war!
I'm so tired...
I just want to look at you,
be with you-
I just came for that,
I don't want to think of anything else.
I could have believe you before!
If you don't believe me,
I'd better go.
No, wait!
Don't laugh, Franz!
-Stay here!
Don't make noises.
I beg you.
-Countess, what's going on?
Shut up, stupid!
Ah! Countess.
It's so scary!
I couldn't sleep all night because of the fear.
-It was you in the balcony?
Search everywhere!
Try to find some trace!
Be careful! Maybe he is
in the garden.
Great Simone! Keep on
Do you need me, Countess?
No, I don't need you
-Go! Go to bed.
-Keep looking.
He must run away, when he heard the
-I am going to bed.
-Good night, Count.
I am sorry.
You must forgive me
We are not in Venice anymore
I have changed
I have no option but think things over.
I recover my lucidity.
-Livia, listen, my love
-No! We are not in Venice anymore.
You made me...
lost modesty
and dignity
-But, why...
-Yes. That's true. Dignity
lost by a sad and guilty love
full of shame.
Livia, my love...
We are not in Venice anymore.
It's fine. We are not in Venice.
We agree on that
May I sit down?
Yes. You cant' leave...
before the dogs are chained
Thank you
I'm so sleepy...
I haven't slept in three nights
I like the smell of the summer
I like the smell of the
piled up wheat
Here the smell is intense
I am so tired
There's a sweet perfume in the air
What did you say?
The dogs had been chained
Your voice is so delicate
I can't understand what you're saying
Have I heard the wrong thing?
I thought you said
my dear Franz...
I'm so lonely
stay with me
You heard the wrong thing
I'm sorry
I misunderstood you
I said you must leave
Must leave,
must leave
What are you saying mow?
I said there's no danger at all
You can leave now
How long long haven't we seen
each other, my love?
I've dreamed of you telling me that...
I told you to leave
leave, leave, leave
Are you really saying that?
Is that what you want?
I thought you were going to ask
me to stay.
Yes, Franz...
please, stay
Franz... love.
It's already sunrise
and you told me you have to be
in Verona before sunset.
Who are you?
It's me, Livia.
Wake up! It's already the morning
What do you say?
You must leave soon.
The sun is coming up...
and if they see you...
Close your eyes
-I haven't closed them all night.
I've been watching you
while you were sleeping.
That's why I had slept so well
I dreamt I was at home
I was a child
and play a soldier
with a wood sword
-I have to go.
-I wish you could stay
I wish
-I could...
I wish I could stay...
embraced to you, as tonight,...
for all my life
Good bye, my love.
-I must leave
The sun is coming up
It's already too late
You don't want them to see me
descending by your balcony, do you?
No, no!
Not yet
I'll hide you
I'll have you
one more day
Another day with me. Wait!
Let's go fast
Come, fast
Stay with me for a little while
No, the maid must find me
in my bedroom
It's too early. There's time
Don't speak so loud
I'll say no more
You know, this is not that bad
I's stay here forever
Then, why don't you stay?
Have you forgotten I must go to war...
-in order to be a hero?
-No No!
Try to forget
I wish I could
A friend of mine did something unbelievable
A friend
An officer
What did he do?
He bribed a doctor
and he was discharged
from the Army for medical reasons
He made a medical exam,
and, following my friend's orders,
he found a
heart failure
that a calm life and rest
And so, he was sent
home, with a license
How is that possible?
I told you. He paid a lot
of money to a doctor
I didn't know those things
were possible at all
But, after all
the men from our generation, are like
spoiled children
We love elegant uniforms
because we look well wearing them
Golden galloons,
shinny medals,
the sound of the band...
that escorts our walk.
And, there's the other side of the coin:
being away from our women,
coldness, fatigue.
Yes, when it comes to
toasting for our future victories...
, everybody would be willing
But we don't want to pay the cost...
of this victory
Losing an arm
-...a leg..
-Stop it!
A horribly disfigured face
-Or something worst...
-No, Franz, no!
Why not? That's war!
Thousands and thousands of men...
ready to kill
themselves, just for the sake of it:
no final purpose, no reason
Reason has nothing to do
with wars
That's war:
a confortable method...
to force men
to act and think...
in the most convenient way
for the rulers.
Why don't you speak, dear?
What are you thinking?
It's awful! War is awful.
I'll come back, as soon
as I can
Last night, a lot of troops
had passed around here.
Even heavy artillery.
All the house was trembling!
They are coming from Insbruck
in their way to Verona.
-Ah! They are going to Verona...
Should I dennounce
the episode of last night?
We'd better not.
I bet someone is spying on us
because of the wheat...
and want to cause troubles.
None of the men have spoken.
They'd better not
-Everyone is compromised.
-Anyway, someone...
must guard this at night
Look! Isn't that Le Ronghe?
Yes, it's Le Ronghe.
What a fire!
It's Le Ronghe!
A fire! It's so big!
Let's see!
Look, Count...
a dense cloud of smoke,
Over there
It looks like
the barn is burning.
We must send someone!
It's in Le Ronghe! Le Ronghe!
Look how that is burning!
It looks like the house in Mancini.
No! It's the house after the hill!
It's so far away!
I guess it's the
estables in Piovenne.
Come on! Let's see from the barn.
Maybe someone is burning underbrush
Can't you see, Countess,
that big cloud of smoke?
That's preciselu Mancini's house!
Yes, I can see clearly from here.
Maybe it's a military camp.
We'd better watch.
You two, come with me!
This shouldn't have happened!
Let's go to the window.
How did you come here?
Laura. Isn't that the
name of the maid?
I thought you sent her.
Extraodinary! She looked for me...
brought me here and
gave me something to eat.
How does Laura know you're here?
What's wrong with that?
Maids are for those sort of things,
aren't they?
Countess, the Count
is looking for you!
We are leaving!
Don't expect me for dinner
That's fine!
I said that's fine!
Excuse me, Lady Countess.
Good bye!
What's on your mind?
I was thinking about something.
Tell me what it is.
This morning in the barn...
you told me about this friend of yours...
that was sent home...
because the doctors
found a heart failure.
Yes, and?
Couldn't you do the same?
Yes, Franz, you.
Do you want me to
start faking a limp?
to bribe a scoundrel...
or to pass a sick person?
Do you think...
I am able...
to do such despicable acts?
Besides, it's not just that...
A lot of money is needed.
How much?
2.000 florins.
2.000 florins? That's impossine!
-Is it more than I worth?
-Only if I could...
if there were a way.
Ypu could stay here,
near me...
-maybe in Trento, no?
-No, no!
The regulations clearly say
that the disabled officer...
must stay near his
own regiment
Franz, Franz!
-Franz, If I could...
-I must leave
If I'm not back in
Venecia by tomorrow...
-I will be declared a deserter.
They might even execute me!
That way, all od our troubles
will be resolved
-I can't stay any longer!
-Wait! Wait, Franz!
Close the door!
Come here, quickly!
-My dear, is this yours?
-No, no.
-Your husband's?
-No, no.
Who's this, then?
I can't tell you!
You'd think I'm crazy!
And I am! I am crazy!
Oh, my dear! My dear love!
My poor and desperate love!
My treasure...
my treasure...
my poor and desperate love.
Who is it?
It's me, Countess,
May I?
Don't come in!
But Countess, I just...
I said no!
Did you count it?
Do you think it's enough?
Livia, I know you gave me
your heart...
and not only yours.
By accepting this, I won't
feel guilty
I'd feel guilty,
If I wouldn't accept it.
Do you believe me?
Countess! Countess!
-The Count is about to return.
-Yes. That's fine.
Tonio just saw him in the
-and I told him...
-Yes, yes...
I told Tonio
to wait in the kitchen.
I called the gardiner too, with a pretext.
The terrace must be avoid
because Ada is doing the laundry.
I tried to call her, but
Luca came.
He is in the living room
-He is waiting.
-Yes! That's fine!
Write me as soon as you can,
I wrote some signs in
this paper
You gave the letter to any civilian
It must be sent to Luca.
They will deliver it right away
-I must hear from you!
-Yes, I'll write.
Do it, as soon as you can
Go, now
Tell me when everyting is settled,
Call me,
so I can meet you.
I can't live like that
You shouldn't love me!
No one should!
I depended on him
For him, I forgot...
and betrayed all the people
that were fighting..
trying to achieve...
what they've been dreaming
for so long.
Marquis de Ussoni!
I recommend you to
meet our troops.
When you leave the quarters...
you will find a lot of trouble.
It won't be easy.
Thank you
Good luck, Marquis..
What is the best way to Orione?
All the ways are blocked...
There's fighting everywhere
Try to go by the mountain.
Turn left.
you will find a farm.
It's called Ca' Pasquale.
-It's there.
then, go to the left...
Yes, it's a shortcut
we always use.
By avoiding Orione,
we'll get to Santo Ambrogio.
Thanks, lieutenant.
-Are you from the South?
-I'm from Naples.
Good luck, lieutenant!
Give me the reins!
I'll take the horse now.
Yes sir
I've got to get to the other side of the mountain.
I need to pass!
I have a permission.
Here it is!
I received a letter from Franz.
He was discharged
and now he is in Verona.
But he asked me to stay home.
He was afraid...
I could get hurt in the trip
The battle has begun in every front...
and the news that arrived...
confirmed that the Italians were winning.
Shut up. Here comes Luca!
Let's see what's new!
They are running away!
-Viva Italia!
-Viva Italia!
Good morning, Countess.
Is it true that Austrians are leaving Verona?
Yes, Countess
it seems that our soldiers
are winning every front...
and that Austrians are going to Trento.
That's why they are leaving Verona.
And it's also true...
that Austrians are leaving forever.
Viva Italia!
Aren't we going to fight?
It's the time to act in our own interest.
And the Marquis de Ussoni?
Nobody knows about him.
There are no news.
No, we can't act.
We must wait the orders.
But, Countess...
we can't wait any longer...
even though we don't know a thing...
our troops must act and occupie the zones.
There's no time to waste!
We won't be a part of this.
Garibaldi will come here!
Countess, Garibaldi!
Can you imagine?
What's the matter? What are you doing here?
What's the matter?
Where are you going?
We have orders to retreat.
Sargeant! Do we still
have amunitions?
-Who are you? Are you hurt?
-It doesn't matter
Everybody is leaving, Lieutenant!
And we?
-It's true.
-It's a retreat.
Lieutenant! There's an order to retreat!
-Let's go! All of us!
-It's OK, Lieutenant!
I decided to go...
before sunrise.
Before Aldano...
was occuppied by the patriots.
And before the Italian troops
get to Verona.
I knew I was leaving my house forever...
my country...
However I dind't feel nostalgia
or remorsements
The walls of the carriage were burning...
and I felt suffocated...
with that heavy atmosphere.
I have the letter that Franz sent me...
I read it over and over, even though
I already memorized it
"Beloved Livia ...
you saved my life.
So far, the money has been usefuls,
at least...
to satisfy the greed of doctors.
I am stuck in Verona.
I have a beautiful room
in front of the Adige river...
149 Santo Stefano street.
I wish you were here with me...
day and night
But, don't come now.
Don't move. The trip
is too dangerous.
Love me forever...
as I love you".
Do you have a permission...
to enter Verona
at these hours?
No, but...
I am Countess Serpieri.
My husband is an Austrian officer.
I came to see some relatives.
That's fine! You may pass, Countess
But I must warn you, tonight
the streets of Verona...
are not that safe
for a Lady.
Thank you.
Hurry! 149 Santo Stefano St.
-Good night, Countess.
What a lovely surprise!
-Oh, Franz!
I am here.
-Something has happened?
-I am here, Franz.
I sent a letter
asking you not to come.
-Haven't you received?
-Yes, but I have to come.
I couldn't keep on living with
this anguish
For all the things that could
happen to you.
You knew I was on a safe place.
And you knew how:
with your money.
You knew I bought my impunity...
my tranquility...
and welfare...
peace, pleasures...
Franz, I wanted to be sure...
See it with my own eyes.
Well, you've seen it!
You shouldn't have came here.
It was a mistake, Livia,
you will regret it
I am not an officer...
Not even an officer.
I am a drunk deserter...
disgusting and stinking...
a coward and full of vices.
But now I am here, Franz.
I'll stay with you forever.
I left everything for you!
Hold me, Franz!
I haven't washed or shaved myself
in days
I don't want you near me,
not even a graze.
You'd get dirty!
Oh! Franz!
-You are not alone?
-It's not important
She comes every night,
a couple of hours...
to accompany me.
Do you want to meet her?
Come on, no compliments!
After all...
she belongs to you...
I pay her with your money.
Clara, come!
I want to introduce you
to a great lady
Countess Livia Serpieri.
She made a long trip
As you see, she is tired
She saw soldiers coming from battle...
Men who didn't have the fortune...
I had:
a rich protector
give her something to drink.
But wash it before...
It's for a lady!
A lady doesn't drink
in a dirty goblet.
Don't you know that?
We must treat our guests kindly.
Don't you want it?
Are you sick?
What are you waiting?
Help her, you idiot!
Take her veil!
the hat, the gloves
Countess Serpieri
is a lady...
a lady with class, an important lady
Can't you see it?
-I already told you about her.
You don't remember.
You never wanted to listen to me
because you thought I was lying.
Oh, sure!
You thought I was lying...
when I told you
a real lady...
such as Countess Serpieri...
is in love with me
It's true
She told me...
that if it weren't for me,
she wouldn't know love...
For me
Why are you saying all this?
To hurt me..
or to punish yourself?
Pardon, I can't hear you...
you speak so soft.
Did you hear, Clara?
No, I didn't hear anything,
And I don't want to hear.
-I'm leaving.
-You are crazy!
you can't allow her to leave
at these hours.
Ask her to sit with us
in the table.
Tell her!
Please, stay.
Don't listen to him. He's drunk.
Can you tell me who
do you think you are?
Are you that good...
that can't sit on a table with a whore?
What's the difference between you?
I'll tell you:.
She is young
and beautiful
And men pay to be with her
On the other hand, you...
Why do you look at me like that?
I don't like that look!
Are you listening?
Do you think I'm crazy?
No, I'm not crazy!
I've never been this wise!
Listen and try to understand.
Try to see me as I am in reality..
not in the way you imagined.
This idea you made of me
is pure fantasy
You created it...
It has nothing to do with how I really am.
Who am I?
How do I live?
By wich means?
With the money I get in two ways:
the money women give me
and the money I get playing
and cheating.
I am a proffesional
in both fields!
These are my skills
And there's one more:
I am a deserter
because I am a coward...
and I don't care anymore.
I don't care if
my countrymen
won a battle today
in a place named Custoza?
I know they are going to loose the war
And not only that
Austria, in a few years
will be finished
A whole world will disappear
The world we both belong to
The new world,
the one your cousin talks about.
It's not interesting to me
It's better not to meddle in to it
and search pleasure
whenever is possible
Besides, you thinh the same way
If not, Countess, you wouldn't give me money
to pay an hour of love
-No! No!
-Stop it!
It's too late! It's over!
I am not your romantic heroe.
I don't love you anymore, Livia.
I needed money and you gave it to me
Ah, I forgot
I am also an informer
It was me who denounced your cousin.
Of course, you knew it,
but prefer to ignore it...
to save our love story
No! No!
Go! Go away, Lady!
Go! Go, whore!
Go! Fast!
Don't stop!
I come to fulfill my duty...
as a loyal subject.
Is the Countess an Austrian?
Here it is
I don't understand. Isn't this
a letter addressed to you?
Let's see. Explain yourself
It's a letter from
Franz Mahler, Third
Artillery Regiment.
The letter is very clear.
He passed as a sick person
some doctors
He is a deserter
Ah! I understand
The Lieutenant was your lover...
and you want a revenge
by getting him executed
Think it over, Countess
accussing somebody is an infamy..
and what you're doing is murder
fulfill your duty!