Sensoria (2015) Movie Script

Let the gates be opened.
Let me see and let me hear.
Let my inmost being speak.
Let my force, my hand, be filled
with strength, courage, hope.
Hear me, show me.
Your servant is calling.
Your servant is listening respectfully.
Let the gates be opened
in heaven and on earth.
I'm alright. I've been busy
with moving and things.
I've hardly had time
to think about the idiot.
I'm starting to get back on my feet
again. Yes, me too, it's been ages.
That's okay, just come when you can.
I'm on my way there now.
Yes, I won't have time to go shopping
before you come. Love you, bye!
You have one new message.
Hi, it's me. I just wanted to check
if everything's okay.
Listen, don't ever call me again!
I want nothing more to do with you.
You're not interested in knowing how
I feel, you only care about yourself!
Don't ever call again,
you're the one who left us!
- You must be the new tenant?
- Yes.
- Ullman. Elsa.
- Caroline. Menard.
- I just wanted to welcome you.
- Thank you!
That's how we do it here. Not so
many people move into this building.
- I hope you'll both enjoy living here.
- It's only me.
- Oh, I'm sorry, I just assumed...
- That's alright.
- Nice meeting you.
- Likewise!
Perhaps you should put your name on the
door. The landlord isn't very reliable.
Yes. Thank you!
Where did you get those?
- You must have left them in the lock.
- I see. Okay.
Johan Steiner.
- I live right above you.
- Okay.
That's good.
I think you should leave now.
Thank you.
- I'm terribly sorry, I didn't see.
- That's alright, I didn't see either.
But then I haven't done so
for the last two decades.
I'm Frank Mandel
and this little furry friend is Udo.
He doesn't bite, unless I ask him to.
I just moved in here.
You must be living in Vera Brandt's
old flat on the sixth floor then?
Yes, I suppose so.
- And you have a little child too?
- No. No husband, no children.
- Pardon me, I just assumed...
- That's alright.
- I have to get on here.
- Of course.
Come on, Udo!
Dammit... Ouch!
Oh, what the...
Hello! Mario's was closed
so I went with Lamberto's instead.
- Was that okay?
- Just what I need.
I bought Funghi as usual.
- Have you been crying?
- I'm just feeling a bit pathetic.
That's the last thing you are.
You're one of the strongest, toughest
women I know. If not the strongest.
- Right now I just feel so...lonely.
- But you have so many around you.
Sure, people who like, add,
hashtag and do thumbs up.
- But no-one who really cares. But you.
- That's certainly not too bad, is it?
No, you're the best.
You must be joking!
Will the furniture come later?
- No.
- That sucks. He kept it all, did he?
Can we eat out of the carton?
I'm a bit short on plates.
Sure. If you have scissors,
we can skip the cutlery too.
- For you.
- Oh... Thank you!
- I don't know if I should drink...
- Liquid courage is just what you need.
- Let's sit down in the sofa.
- You have a sofa. Congratulations!
Yes, you're probably right.
- It's been so long since I met Linda.
- Yes.
She thought we were sisters. Remember
the drawings she made in pre-school?
She drew a huge nose on me
and enormous, green, curly hair.
I know I saved that drawing,
it must be lying somewhere at home.
That's enough for me.
- Look into the camera.
- Alright.
Like this?
- Look how strange this turned out.
- That's exactly how I feel.
All blurry. It's as if
I'm breaking up from the inside.
I feel so small
and lonesome and lost that I...
What a crappy year!
First it was mum and now all this.
At least you can be glad you're rid of
Yes. Although this wasn't exactly how I
thought everything would turn out.
- But then things seldom are.
- No.
I imagine my life like a jigsaw puzzle.
Some pieces don't fit together -
- some are badly constructed
and some are missing.
Whatever I do
the puzzle is never completed.
Maybe some pieces came from another
jigsaw puzzle and ended up in your box.
- That would explain "you-know-who".
- Defective life! I want a full refund.
- And start over again?
- No, I wouldn't have the energy.
That's the worst part. I'm too old.
- Oh, stop it. Too old for what?
- For a second chance.
To start a family.
It's just important that you don't hide
in the dark and get stuck in the past.
You should try to accept
what's happened and move on.
I know that you mean well
and I love you for it, really I do.
But I can't bare to talk more about
it now. I just want to forget it all.
And that's why, on the sixth day,
God created alcohol. Cheers!
You're probably right.
Whoops! Good thing
I'm doing my laundry tomorrow.
- I need to go to the bathroom.
- The light switch is inside.
It's so nice to be here,
it's been so busy at work.
Did I tell you that we looked at a
house outside town with a pool and all?
Linda will love it,
she'll be so surprised.
It's just the kind of house
we dreamed of when we were little.
We were going to get married,
meet prince Charming and...
Have they replaced
the plumbing here yet?
Plumbing, neighbours...
All is not perfect in this building.
It'll be fine. You just moved in,
everything will work out.
I really have to get going now. Linda
has swimming practice in the morning.
That's alright.
- You know I'd have stayed if I could.
- Yes, I know.
I made a spare set of keys.
I'd feel safe if you'd keep them.
Of course I will.
And my phone. Thank you.
- Are you feeling alright now?
- Yes, I'm alright.
Sleep well. Make yourself
a cup of tea and then go to bed.
It'll get better.
- Love you! Thanks for this evening!
- Bye bye!
Oh, dammit!
You shouldn't be here.
Hello, it's Caroline. I can't answer
right now, please leave a message.
Eva from the psychiatric clinic
again. You missed your appointment -
- so please call the reception
and book a new one.
Unlucky in love,
lucky in laundry booking.
That's always something.
- Hello!
- Hello.
I'm terribly sorry.
I didn't mean to do that.
It was completely my fault.
I didn't mean to sneak up on you.
How are you getting on, dear?
Are you settling in?
I suppose so.
I don't feel quite at home yet,
but I'm sure I'll like it here.
Of course it always takes a bit getting
used to new sounds and smells...
Of course it does. Always.
Personally, I don't think I could ever
get used to a flat like yours.
- Is that so?
- Considering the tragic occurrences.
- I don't quite understand.
- Although they happened in the '80s.
Don't you worry about that, dear,
I'm just a superstitious old fool.
Well, clean the filter if you use
the dryer, and here is my set of rules.
- Of course.
- Goodbye.
- Hello!
- You startled me!
Sorry, I didn't mean to.
- I'm Caroline, I just moved in here.
- I know, I saw the sign on the door.
- It was coming off so I put it back.
- How kind. Thank you!
- My name is My. I can help you.
- Okay.
Put the clothes in the...
- You have very nice clothes!
- Do you think so?
Thank you!
- Will you live here now?
- That's the idea.
- Good!
- Yes, isn't it?
Have you built a little den?
Yes, one would imagine so.
There's the kitchen, here's the office
and there's the ice cream stand.
That's nice.
Why don't you have any children?
- It just didn't happen.
- Don't you want any?
Yes, but...
But you do have the toys.
What's this?
Is it yours? Where did you buy it?
- It was given to me by a guy.
- That was kind.
- Why don't you wear it?
- We're not together now.
- Why not?
- Because...
- Have you never been in love?
- Yes, but that was ages ago.
- I bet it was hundreds of years ago.
- Yes, actually.
I don't know if this is supposed to be
an item of clothing or something torn.
Whatever it is, it's yours,
I found it in the dryer.
However, I noticed that you
cleaned the filter. We do like that.
- That's good.
- Indeed. Goodbye.
- Why are you standing there, darling?
- I'm sorry, I thought it was her.
- Who?
- My grandma.
Can't I stay here with you
for a while longer? I can help you.
Of course you can.
But sooner or later
you have to go home. Or to Grandma.
She'll worry otherwise
and wonder where you are.
- It's as if I don't exist to her.
- Surely that's not true.
- I see you.
- I know.
Do you know what?
I have the perfect job for us.
- Where are we going?
- To the attic.
- I don't want to go there.
- Why not?
My, wait!
Come on, Udo. That's enough.
And here comes miss Menard, I believe.
Isn't that right?
- How did you know?
- That special gait.
You put your left foot down while your
right drags slightly. Very distinctive.
And, of course,
there's the perfume. I like it.
Thank you! Or I mean...
By the way, do you happen to know
whom the little girl is visiting?
- A little girl, you say? How old?
- Seven or eight, I should think.
She says she's visiting
her grandmother.
I don't believe we have any
grandmothers in the whole building.
- But we do have quite a few ghosts.
- Yes, right.
Come on, Udo, let's go!
- You've reached Emma...
- ...Pontus...
- ...and Linda.
- We can't take your call...
- ...but speak after the beep.
- Bye bye!
Hello, Emma, it's me.
I just needed someone to talk to.
I feel a bit lonely.
I know you have lots to do, but...
I don't know, but it feels as if...
Please call when you have the time.
Love you!
Does it hurt?
Where did you come from?
You can't just turn up like this.
- You have to go home now.
- But I am home.
Oh dear, whatever
is the matter with you?
Does this by any chance
happen to be your grandchild?
- I beg your pardon?
- Isn't My here your grandchild?
I have neither children
nor grandchildren.
- But...
- Are you really feeling quite well?
I think I need to
go and lie down for a while.
- My?
- Please don't be angry with me.
I'm not angry, I just need to try
to understand what's happening.
I said I live here. I've lived here all
along, since long before you moved in.
Let's take this
from the beginning, shall we?
Who are you?
My mum died when I was born,
so I had to live with Grandma.
Let me see and let me hear.
Let my inmost being speak.
Let my force, my hand -
- be filled with strength,
courage, hope.
"- Shall we go home to mum?"
"- Yes, we can have biscuits there!"
Grandma, where are you?
- Are you coming soon?
- Yes...
- I'm just going to...
- That's what Alfie Atkins said.
Let me see and let me hear.
Let my inmost being speak.
Let my force, my hand,
be filled with strength, courage...
Let my force, my hand,
be filled with strength and courage.
Your faithful...
Your faithful servant is calling you.
- Everything will be fine.
- How do you mean?
I think she blamed me
for my mum's death.
I woke up and everything
was so different.
I felt like the loneliest
person in the whole world.
Grandma couldn't
live with what she'd done.
I suppose that's why
she hanged herself.
But darling, nobody
gets happy when someone dies.
- But why me?
- You seemed sad and lonely, like me.
Don't you want to share you life with
someone? Why shouldn't we have that?
And you did say you wanted a child.
That's the worst part. I'm too old.
- Too old for what?
- A second chance. To start a family.
I'm a child and I want a real mum.
I want you.
- But this isn't for real.
- But you're real, Caroline.
That's why I need you
- so that I feel real.
You wanted a change, you said so. And
I don't want to be alone here anymore.
Nobody wants to be with me.
Nobody ever listens to me or does what
I want! I want her and I will take her!
I don't care what you want! You never
listen to me, so I won't listen to you!
I'm the one in charge down here!
She's mine! Mine, mine, mine...!
What's going on?
Wake up.
You're my mum now, for real.
It's alright, don't be afraid.
Everything's fine now.
I just had to help you
a little bit on the way.
Miss Menard?
Come on, Udo!
- Hello, Caroline?
- Hello?
Are you there? I got your message
and tried to call several times.
- Carro?
- Hello?
Hello? I'm on my way over now.
Carro...? Hello?
She can't see you.
- Emma?
- She can't hear you either.
Hello, dear.
I'm not buying anything, thanks.
Hello. No, I'm friends with
Caroline in the flat below.
Have you seen her? She's been gone
for a few days and I'm a bit worried.
What? I thought that flat
had been empty for years, dear.
Wait a second! What did you say
that you were selling? Hello?
We have each other now. Forever.
Everything will be alright.
Hello? Ms Ullman speaking.
Hello, my name is Katarina. Is the
advertised flat still available?
Yes, it's available.
You can move in straight away, dear.
Given that you meet our criteria.
- I'm a sincere, single professional.
- Lovely. I'm sure it'll go very well.
Translation: Annika Yberg