Sentinelle (2023) Movie Script

Sorry, sorry! Move! Move!
He's taken Flix Guyon Street.
Got it. I'll cut him off.
I'll block him at Frres Cazanau Street.
By the pharmacy.
Okay, I'm on my way!
Okay, I'm here.
- Where are you, Captain?
- I got the wrong pharmacy. My bad.
Victor Mac-Auliffe!
- Jean Auber Street!
- Jean Auber, got it.
He's taken Jules Olivier Street.
Jules Olivier? Well,
I'm on Jean Auber Street. I don't see you.
By Juliette Dodu Street!
If you've lost him, just say so.
I don't have all day!
Hey! Come here!
He's opened fire.
I'm at the baby store The Festi-toy shop.
It's the kids' street.
There's no store here.
Is it this pharmacy?
I'll cut him off at Labourdonnais Street.
Wait, I've got another call.
I know. I'm on my way.
- I'll be there in 15 minutes.
- Okay, but hurry.
Okay. Morisset! Let's drop it.
He's shooting into the crowd in a bar!
'Cause you're running after him.
Leave him be.
Herv, I want a panini and juice.
- We can't let him run away!
- Pick your battles.
We can't pull a muscle
every time we chase a thug.
What did he do, again?
I see
Keep the change.
There will always be murderers.
It's human nature,
the comedy of life.
With all due respect, I disagree.
Look, I don't give a shit!
I said drop it!
Come on! What is it this time, Morisset?
He got me.
- Where?
- In the leg.
The leg? That's nothing!
You can get that fixed easy. Come on.
He's on Marcel Sembat Street.
No, enough with all the street names!
I'm through.
Your leg is the priority.
Go home, get some rest.
We'll debrief tomorrow.
Damn it!
Morisset, I got the guy
you've been chasing for an hour.
I know you. You're The Kiki!
What did you call me?
This isn't police violence.
He's a criminal, he deserved it.
Okay, turn over.
- Yes?
- Where are you?
Yes, I'm coming.
I'm doing my best. Okay.
You're under arrest,
but I have something important to do,
so you're coming with me.
This isn't really protocol,
but if you shut your mouth
Come on! I won't press charges
for shooting my colleague.
- Don't do this, Captain!
- Mind your own business!
It's up to the court.
That's news to me! Who said that?
The law.
That's for criminals, not for cops.
- Morisset, are you okay? Still injured?
- I see the light.
Don't go towards the light, Morisset.
He's such a nightmare. Come on.
Okay, it's showtime.
He's here!
Okay, I'm here!
Let's do it, guys. Come on!
Franois, we're so late!
I'm sorry. I had to bust this guy.
What's this?
A criminal.
Come here. Yeah, that's the job.
Keep an eye on him.
If he tries anything,
shoot him in the leg.
- In the leg?
- Yes, like my colleague. He's fine.
Deal with it. Be independent.
Tell me everything.
- We got a problem with the surfer.
- What?
- He ditched us.
- Fuck!
But I have a plan B. This is Jean-Michel.
I'm a big fan.
- What the hell?
- You don't like him?
No. He's supposed to hit on my girl.
Sorry, but I'm much hotter than you.
There. Okay.
In the video,
you've been screwing my girlfriend.
For a good while.
I'm playing the piano,
facing the sea, feeling sad and nostalgic.
All of a sudden, you guys show up.
You look at me like,
"Yeah, I'm banging her."
She hears the lyrics, regrets everything.
"I've made a huge mistake."
She comes back to me. You're super bummed.
Got it?
Hey! Filian. Fivi? Fivan?
- Stevian.
- What?
Okay. Cline!
- It's Carole.
- Fuck all of your names!
Hide the blood and the bruises.
I'll do my own makeup.
It'll take a second!
- Cline?
- It's Carole.
If I had to do it again
I would do it again
I'd wipe those tears from your cheeks
I would tell you to come back
This time, I'd do things right
This time, I'd be happy
in the sky of your eyes
In the palm of your hands
Will I see you tomorrow?
In the sky of your eyes
In the palm of your hands
Let me know about tomorrow
Do you have regrets?
You played with me With my trust
That'll teach me to trust too much
I'm too honest
And you are not
Not at all
If I had to do it again
- Cut!
- What's going on?
- What's going on?
- What the hell?
Don't move, or I'll kill her.
Calm down. You're making a big mistake.
Let Carole go and we'll talk.
- Cline!
- Let Cline go.
It's the least you could do
after what I did for you.
I don't owe you anything!
Are you kidding?
This video is a big opportunity!
I don't care
about your fucking video, okay?
Are you insane? Shitty video?
What if I said your shitty crimes?
Give me your car keys, now!
Steve, tackle him!
- Timothe, shoot!
- No!
Shit. Throw the gun.
To me, Timothe.
To me!
On the ground, he can't aim!
- Jean-Michel!
- Shit.
No. Fuck!
That's what happens
when you don't prepare the extras.
Runion, are you ready?
Are you ready?
Runion, are you feeling good?
We're good too.
No one smokes in this car.
Almost no one.
Don't forget to destroy the old ones.
You do destroy the old phones, right?
Yes, I get rid of them.
Some are destroyed, others aren't.
You need to destroy the chip
and the processor.
Don't act like you're the boss.
- I am the boss of this operation.
- There are two bosses.
Do you have the key?
Of course. I'm not that stupid.
You have an inferiority complex.
- It's not all there.
- It is.
- Buy it.
- What's this?
My CD.
- How much?
- 40.
For a CD?
30. And stop wasting my time.
- Good night, my friend.
- Wait.
- Still ready to do it?
- No problem.
I'm a man of action.
You don't understand.
We need to completely reorganize.
I want to be in charge of the case.
I'm the only one with the information.
This is so disorganized.
Yes. Yes, hello. It's Sentinelle. Yes.
I won't take any new police cases.
The show is in ten days.
I want to be on the radio
or people won't come.
Hello, gorgeous.
- Hello.
- Maryse. I'm here to see the president.
Come in.
- Are you doing a pirate show?
- No, it's a cataract.
A cataract!
Hello, Florence.
Laurent Chakravarty
is one hell of a shot.
What a dunk.
This campaign started a long time ago.
People want to see some change.
After 12 years
with President Cazeaux-Rocher, corruption
What a little Judas.
How are you feeling?
A presidential campaign is exhausting.
He should go back to his bed of nails
for a nap.
- Florence!
- Come on! No one's around.
She can be racist in her own home.
- Sentinelle.
- Florence.
Thank you for coming.
It's no problem.
But today wasn't a good day.
You should've told me.
I did, but you forced me.
- You insulted me, threatened me.
- Yeah.
- I did that.
- Totally.
Yes, that's true.
He doesn't look so good.
- He's doing it again.
- What?
He's fingering his ass.
Get up!
Fat ass.
How long was I asleep?
Twenty years, I'd say.
That explains your wrinkles.
- How are you, Franois?
- I'm good.
Careful, Val, you tend to finger your ass
when you sleep.
Thanks for telling me.
- Sit down, Sentinelle.
- Coming.
You remember Gilles?
- I do not.
- We've seen each other a lot.
But I've never seen you.
I received this this morning.
This computer?
Lucky you.
No, the video on the screen.
I see. Yes.
I thought it was weird to call me for
Start the video, please.
Of course. Okay, let's go.
I like the font.
This message is
for President Florence Cazeaux-Rocher.
Madam President, your time has come.
Twelve years you've been stealing power
in the name of the French colonizers.
And before you,
your father did it for 24 years.
If you are reelected, 42 years is how long
this island will have only known
the control of your evil family,
whose wealth comes from slavery.
We don't trust
this rigged electoral process,
a pure parody of democracy.
That's tough.
Madam President, resign from office
or you will pay the price.
We are everywhere around you.
You have one week
to withdraw from the election
and give power back to the people.
After that, we will strike.
If you try to postpone the election,
we will strike.
If you call the police
We will strike.
No one is safe.
Not you, not your loved ones.
You have seven days.
Red Arm!
Do you know them?
No, but they're not joking around.
You should be worried.
Exactly. So deal with it.
Deal with what?
Well, put them in jail.
Okay, so the whole thing, I see.
That's kind of your job.
Sure, but it's gonna be tricky
with my schedule.
I hope you're not talking about the album.
No, not at all.
I'm talking about our service.
We're drowning.
We've got a series of murders
in the surf scene,
and a drug case, too, in
In the surf scene, too. It's going crazy
Sentinelle, these people
are trying to steal the election.
They are threatening me, my daughter,
and Valry. They're terrorists.
Terrorists, Florence? No, come on.
They're just clowns.
Look at their video, it's crap,
except for the cool font.
If I were you, I wouldn't worry at all.
You were just saying the opposite!
You know, threats, insults,
I get those every day.
Especially insults, lately.
You know what I do?
I ignore them.
That's it.
Okay, see you.
Sentinelle! Sit back down immediately.
I've asked you politely,
but I can also be much meaner.
Should I be?
No, it's fine.
Remember, I saved your job
after you shot your movie.
It was a music video, but very cinematic
I don't give a shit about your video!
Okay, Florence. I'll take care of it.
Very good.
- Please!
- Captain!
Calm down, I'll answer your questions.
The rumors are true.
I'm releasing a new album.
I'm giving this album 100%,
and I say this to everyone,
cementing my connection to jazz music.
End of discussion.
Captain, we're here about the shooting.
It wasn't a shooting. No one got hurt.
Three people were hurt.
I won't take any more questions
about the shooting.
Any questions about my album?
- No.
- No.
Philippe will see you out.
- Captain!
- Ladies and gentlemen!
Frankie, I want flyers everywhere
- Can we go, Captain?
- No.
No one is gonna show,
and I'll have to ask the guys
to force people in from the street.
- We said we wouldn't do that.
- Well, I'm trying to avoid it.
Can we just fucking get to work?
Frankie, I gotta go.
My assistant feels disrespected.
Yes, him. He doesn't know
that's his nickname.
I'll call you back.
I don't know how it works on the mainland,
but here, you don't yell
at your supervisor.
Nobody shouts here!
Okay, can we move on?
You're wasting our time
with your little tantrums.
Okay, let's get to work.
These are the men we're looking for.
But we don't have any names,
addresses, or faces.
That's probably why they wore masks.
- They're pros.
- I think they're women.
No, I think they're men.
I'm telling you, they're women.
They're muscular, like men.
Some women are muscular.
- True.
- And some women have male genitals
that they use to penetrate other men
who have genitals that
You'll show me on the Internet.
For now, we need to identify these people.
I'll go to the board. Raise your hands.
- Serpent.
- We should investigate women.
I think we got that,
but I'll write it down. "Women."
- Anyone else?
- I started
Maousse wanted to say something.
You want to participate a bit?
The guy on the side,
can we zoom in on his jacket?
- This guy?
- Yeah.
I see something.
- Morisset, zoom in.
- It won't work.
I'm not asking if it'll work,
I'm asking you to do it.
There. That wasn't so hard, was it?
Now, increase the resolution to 1,000%.
I can't increase the resolution
of an image.
I've seen it a thousand times.
Maybe in movies
Not in movies, just in real life.
We were on a case with a Swedish IT girl.
Punk but fascinating, and we were able to
It was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
Maousse, your idea sucked.
So stop it now!
- Can I talk?
- Okay. Be quick.
I've done some research
on the name Red Arm.
Actually, I just realized something.
Nobody has thought about it yet.
Where does the name Red Arm come from?
Red Arm, the arms are red
Maybe we should pay
some dermatologists a visit. Okay.
- All the dermatologists on the island.
- Totally.
Please finish your soup
and find the dermatologists.
There's no point.
What is it? Stop.
You can't leave
in the middle of brainstorming!
This is normal. We're thinking.
Brainstorming? A lead on women
who have male genitals penetrating men...
That's not what I said.
- You and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
- Great film.
That's brainstorming?
Calm down and tell us what you've found.
I've done some research
on the name Red Arm.
It's a secret society founded
200 years ago by escaped slaves
who were against the French state.
There's a Red Arm specialist,
Amandine Bgue.
She's an archaeologist
at Saint-Denis University.
Saint-Denis University.
There are young people there, right?
A lot, boss. Everywhere.
- And what do young people like?
- Drugs.
Sorry, kids.
They were impressed.
- Hey, Sentinelle!
- Yeah?
Can you do The Kiki?
The Kiki is over, guys.
There's a new album.
Come on, do The Kiki!
- The Kiki!
- No, come on.
The Kiki!
I've made nine albums since.
Check them out.
Your albums suck. End your career.
They're what? What did you say?
This is a school!
Recess is over! Go back to class!
Kids are dickheads!
If people knew how much I loved school...
I wanted to be an academic.
What did you study?
Hard to say. It's been a while,
but I know that once, I had to read
in English. In front of the class.
Here it is.
I see.
No pictures, 100% writing.
That's what I like. Here.
May I ask why you're interested?
We're investigating the Red Masks.
- Red Arm.
- Red Arm.
- Red Arm, yes.
- I mean, it's red.
They're connected
to an ongoing investigation
Morisset, what are you doing?
Are you giving out top-secret information?
Sorry, we can't talk about an active case.
I can only tell you the bare minimum,
but they've threatened
President Cazeaux-Rocher.
- Really?
- Yes.
I doubt that.
Because the Red Arm doesn't exist.
It's a Creole legend.
Do you know the history of slavery?
Of course. I've written
one or two songs about it.
Okay, because in folklore
of the 19th century,
the Red Arm represented a group of slaves
who had escaped the plantations,
and took shelter in the gully
of the Red Arm.
The legend says that they vowed
to free the slaves
and that they killed white people
in the towns.
Kill white people?
These slaves are a bit racist.
Well, in this context
In 2023, we need to stop
with all the clichs.
From my personal experience,
I only hang out with white people.
Sure, some of them are bad,
but most of them are exceptional people.
Okay. Anyway, with my team,
we searched the gully,
we read all the archives,
and we couldn't find anything.
Well that's
Great news.
No Red Arm, no case.
We've got more important things to do.
I just have a question.
You seemed intrigued
when he mentioned the president.
- Yes.
- Of course not.
I was intrigued.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Couldn't tell.
Very intrigued. Because,
in several versions of the legend,
the slaves come
from the Cazeaux plantations.
The president's family?
She hates to say it,
but her family is made of Big Whites
who got rich off sugar and slavery.
Amandine! I'm gonna leave these flyers
You don't understand
Morisset, stop interrupting me! Okay?
I have a video to finish,
a show in two weeks.
I'm not gonna waste my time
looking for masked people who don't exist.
Help me!
Wait. Go back No, forward one frame.
There. Press play.
But everything I did I would change
There. Go back three frames.
Everything I did I would change
- The shoulder move is great.
- Yeah.
That's good.
- Are you sure?
- What do you mean?
There's a woman crying in the background.
There? In the back?
She's not crying, actually.
She's laughing really hard.
- If I had to do it again
- I would do it again!
Three, four!
Franois, how are you?
- You first. How are you?
- Great.
Great. I have cancer.
You should see your face.
- It's cancer!
- And it changed my life.
For the better.
- Well congratulations, then.
- Thanks!
- Frdo, it's good to see you.
- And how are you?
Excited for the album's release.
- The album!
- No, really, I'm happy.
- No, I'm happy.
- That's great.
Me too.
- Yeah, that's great.
- That's great.
- It's gonna be good.
- It's gonna be very good.
- Honestly, that's cool.
- Okay.
- Good.
- Great.
- We did a good job.
- Great.
- It's gonna be good.
- That's great.
Can we talk about it for a minute?
- Of course!
- Great.
- Abdou, pick up from where I said.
- Okay.
- From where I said
- Pick up where I said
I can't talk right now.
If this is not important,
please call Rmi Morisset.
Franois, there are people
in my house. Pick up.
- It's good to see you.
- You too.
Why is Valry calling me?
- Great.
- I'll call him back.
I'm with my boss.
- What did you want to tell me?
- Nothing.
We can just talk.
- Of course.
- We're cool.
- I'll ask on three.
- Okay.
Okay, one
Two, three.
Are you sure
you want to release this album?
Of course I'm sure.
Why are you asking me that?
I was hoping you'd say that.
Me too, I'm so excited.
You scared me
because it's due in two weeks.
Stop worrying.
- I'm not worried.
- Stop!
I just thought it was weird,
but I'm not worried.
You should see a shrink.
I have one.
- Really? Shit.
- Great guy.
He taught me stuff about myself.
I internalize too much,
I can't tell the truth.
- I see.
- Maybe that's why I got cancer.
- But tell me
- Yeah?
You... We You don't
- What?
- You're upfront with me, right?
- Sure!
- We're good?
We're super good.
Okay, cool.
But I need to show you something.
You know me, I love seeing stuff.
This is a therapeutic item
that my shrink gave me.
But I'm telling you,
it might be unsettling.
It takes a lot to upset me.
Jesus, a puppet!
How are you, Franois?
- That's a bit unsettling.
- See?
This is me, The Truth.
- Well, nice to meet you. I'm
- Shut up.
What did he say?
Shut up! Got it?
The puppet is very rude.
No, it's just the form.
- Form is important.
- No, the content is important.
Wait, the content is coming.
I won't take offense.
I'll be straight with you.
Your album is shit, and you're fired.
So, that's the content.
Wait, what the hell?
- What?
- What is this?
No radio station wants to promote you,
your shows don't sell,
and I get why.
Your songs are shit.
You haven't had one hit since The Kiki.
And that was already crap!
Fuck, what?
Why do you think I didn't pick up?
I can't talk right now, okay?
Stop pissing me off.
What the hell? What are you doing?
I don't know.
- What do you mean?
- I don't know!
- Do you think I'm stupid?
- No!
But then again, it's easy to think so!
Calm the puppet now.
I've never hit a puppet,
but I'll kick its ass.
You're going too far. Stop.
- I want an apology.
- Apologize.
You're a has-been, Sentinelle!
I'm gonna kill you!
Too late, asshole!
I've cancelled your show!
I've stopped producing the album.
What? You didn't!
I did! It's over!
You have to face the truth.
Never. Do you hear me?
I'm gonna kill you!
Take that!
Take that! No more Truth!
Tell me you didn't cancel everything.
- Not the show, not the album.
- No!
Tell me the truth.
Yes, I did it.
- No.
- Yes.
- No, you can't.
- Yes, I can.
It's over, Franois.
It's over.
Come on, move!
It's an ambush.
Shocking news 15 days
before a very tight election.
The kidnapping occurred on Wednesday,
in Boucan Canot...
in the Cazeaux-Rocher household.
The kidnappers demand the resignation
of President Cazeaux-Rocher,
who is campaigning for reelection.
Former prefect and CEO of the biggest
construction company in Runion,
Valry Rocher had retired
from public life,
living in his wife's shadow.
Maurice Cazeaux's daughter is running
in a high-risk reelection.
Her main opponent, Laurent Chakravarty,
has condemned this barbaric act
and suspended his campaign.
Besides the resignation
of Mrs. Cazeaux-Rocher,
the kidnappers demand
an independence referendum.
The Saint-Denis police force
is leading the investigation.
What's wrong with him?
He's been like this all morning.
Slow down on the drinking.
You have to talk to the press.
Sentinelle, my husband has been kidnapped!
I told you they were dangerous!
Florence, stop shouting!
This is a nightmare.
Are you going to resign?
And then what?
Let those assholes intimidate me?
This whole story
about the Red Arm is shady.
Look into the guys
that Valry was screwing.
Madam President!
Ma'am, please!
Madam President!
- How are you feeling?
- Any comment?
This morning, politics don't matter.
Valry matters.
I don't know where he is or if he's okay.
I want to tell him that I love him.
Tell him that
- It's over.
- Excuse me.
- Move.
- Captain!
Back off!
Do you know the Red Arm?
Why do you care?
He means that we're making progress,
but the investigation is confidential.
That's not what I said.
Captain, some people are saying
that you're more interested in your music.
My music?
There's no music anymore.
Music is over. Excuse me.
Captain, please!
Can we stop now, Captain?
Just a bit longer, Morisset. Please.
It's the leg I got shot in
- If you could
- It's okay.
- It's okay.
- Captain
I know you're sad about the album,
but we have a case
I don't want to hear anything
about this case.
I'm sick of being a cop.
I'm gonna give the case
to Gonzales at the station.
No, no brash decisions!
- Stop!
- Don't make this decision.
Why not? You think I'm a bad cop.
- No.
- I've known it since day one.
I can feel your gaze.
I never thought you were a bad cop. Never.
Then say I'm a good cop.
Well, you are a cop.
Simply put, you're a cop. There.
The kind of cop that definitely needs
a big case to show off his skills.
You're not made for petty crimes.
That's not for you.
- I hate those.
- Of course.
But this is a case
that could turn you into a legend.
A legend?
A legend.
You're right, Morisset.
- That's it.
- Yes, I have to show people
what I'm made of.
- Yes.
- That I'm a great cop.
- Yes.
- That I can protect them.
- Yes.
- Regain their trust.
- Very good.
- And then,
I release the album.
First, the case
Yes, of course, the case.
But it better be exceptional.
- For sure.
- Right? Procedure, PR,
everything has to be perfect.
- PR?
- Yes, we need to work on PR.
But I've got a million ideas.
Let's do this. Let's go.
Guys, wake up!
We're gonna catch these Red Masks.
Okay, boss.
Our priority is to find Valoche ASAP.
With kidnappings,
the first 24 hours are crucial.
How long has it been?
- Twenty-two hours.
- Twenty-two hours.
We've got two hours.
That's short, but not impossible.
Maousse, the DNA tests?
I'm 12% Peruvian.
I don't care.
I'm talking about the crime scene.
You touched everything.
It's only your DNA.
And who is the last person
who spoke to Valry?
You, on the phone.
So everything leads to me, as usual?
I followed up on the women.
I followed a few. Some of them were fishy.
I have a list of 60 women
we should wiretap.
I don't know what to make of that.
- Boss.
- Jeoffray?
Someone wants to see Morisset?
- A woman?
- A woman?
A woman?
Bring her in, Jeoffray.
- Amandine?
- Is this a bad time?
Not at all. I'm delighted.
Why did you ask for Morisset?
It's the first name that came to mind.
And it was Morisset?
About the Red Arm,
I saw their demands on the Internet,
and something's wrong.
- Really?
- They're quoting my book.
"A secret society born in dark times,
"a girl raised
by the white whip of cruelty."
It's exactly the same.
I could hire you to write my songs.
Their masks are the same as in my book.
Guys, did you hear that?
It's not just a kidnapping anymore,
it's plagiarism too.
It's not really
She means that they've read her book.
And only a few copies were ever printed.
Even the publisher doesn't have any.
Only the college library does.
They do have books there.
We could check if anyone borrowed it.
I already checked.
Someone borrowed it last month.
- It's him.
- Let me see.
I want to know who he is.
- We know who he is.
- We do?
The president's assistant.
We've seen him a lot.
- Yes.
- Florence?
I know everything. It's your assistant.
- He's working with the kidnappers.
- What?
What's his name?
He's always with you.
The tall, handsome mixed-race guy.
I can't tell you right now.
Got it.
If he's next to you, say...
"He's next to me."
I can't say that either.
So, do I hang up
and let you handle this mess?
Do you want me to save your life?
If he's next to you, just nod.
- Did you do it?
- No.
- He's not there?
- Yes.
- Okay. Don't do or say anything.
- Okay.
We'll stake out tonight
and nab him tomorrow.
- Okay, Florence?
- Got it.
The nightmare is nearly over.
I have to go.
Kisses. And be careful.
- Bye.
- Okay, ciao
- Was that Sentinelle?
- Yes.
What did he want?
Nothing, as usual.
Stakeouts are boring.
I like them.
It's quiet.
I knew it would be boring.
But come on. We can't do anything.
Twenty years in the force
and you've never done this?
No. It's my first time.
- Fuck.
- Never tailed anyone, either.
Why are we here?
Maousse or Serpent could have done this.
They're working on something else.
It's confidential. Sorry.
A case?
- Yes, a big case, actually.
- Really?
Coke, to be honest.
Tonight, they're supposed
to catch a very big kingpin.
Which kingpin?
I can't tell you.
All I can say...
is that he's a son of a bitch. A traitor.
Who ditched a friend of 20 years.
Don't tell me it's your producer, Frdo?
- No.
- I hope not.
It's not.
- Yes, it's him.
- Captain.
He deserves it.
He really does deal coke.
Dealing coke? Him?
- No.
- Then what?
- But he's a heavy user.
- No.
We're just gonna give him a bit
to get him in trouble.
Are the guys planting coke in his place?
I'm protecting you, Morisset.
Tell them to stop
or I'll call Internal Affairs.
- Internal Affairs?
- Yes.
I can call people, too.
I'll call Internal Affairs.
- Internal Affairs?
- No, I'll call
Someone else.
- Who?
- The SJ The
- What?
- Wait, I have a headache.
What does that mean?
The Special French Jewish Judo School.
- Jewish Judo?
- Yes.
What, they can't do judo?
They can't have anything?
Call Serpent, tell him to stop.
I'm not corrupt. I'm not involved in this.
I'm not joking. Call him.
Fine, I'll call him.
Serpent, it's me. Stop everything.
Yes, that's what we need to do.
Exactly. Thank you.
Stop everything.
Fake call.
- What?
- Fake call.
How do you know?
You didn't pause for his answers.
- Call again.
- Okay, I'll call again.
Serpent, it's me.
And you?
I'm fine.
Okay, stop everything.
Yes, the operation.
I don't know what to tell you.
Okay, good night.
Fake call.
Shit, no! I called for real.
You waited too long.
Long pauses, no pause
Call for real. Come on.
Are you happy?
I don't know, find a way.
Where'd you get the coke?
You bought it? Then sell it.
No, they must destroy it!
Destroy coke? Are you insane?
This team is nuts.
We're at a stakeout
and you're fucking shouting!
Gilles, Gilles, Gilles
Gilles, Gilles, Gilles
Gilles, Gilles, Gilles
I'm parked in front of your place
But you can't see me
Not bad.
I'm parked in front of your place
But you can't see me
And I'm still in front of your place
Lurking in the shadows
Wait, let's do this right.
They were fucking, bro.
I love you
Like in old books
That old men used to read
I want our bodies to go wild
Zumba, zumba
Zumba, zumba
On Cuban beats
you make me dance the Java
On Broadway, I'll do the French cancan
to the right
Who's there?
The Americans
Hello, do you chew gum?
If you don't open up, I'll go
I'll blow up everything
They all think I'm a piece of shit
My God, what a session!
Here he is.
You took your time, Maousse.
- Sorry, boss.
- Yeah.
I'll take over. Nothing to report?
Nothing. It's fucking boring.
- See you tomorrow, boss.
- See you tomorrow.
- Tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m.
- Okay, boss.
Hello, this is Franois Sentinelle.
I can't talk right now.
If this is not important,
please call Rmi Morisset.
Captain, we're waiting for you
to arrest him.
You said 9:00 a.m., it's already noon.
We can't
Not bad, right?
Sorry I'm late, guys.
Get out.
- Who are they?
- The team from TV Premier.
I promised exclusivity
with a channel I like.
Let's do a briefing.
You'll see, I inspire my guys
to boost them up.
It's nice to get that on camera.
- Tell me when.
- Go.
I'll do it without the glasses. My hair?
- It's good.
- Better without the glasses.
- We can see your eyes.
- Thanks.
It's another dangerous mission.
Our suspect is Gilles Gilles something.
- Let's continue.
- Gilles Hoarau.
That's it. I'd forgotten.
Our suspect is Gilles Hoarau.
He's involved in the kidnapping
of old Valoche.
Valry Rocher.
Apparently, he's the main institutor
in this case.
Instigator in this case.
I think Gilles Hoarau wants
to take the president's place.
You know what? We will stop him!
But listen to me!
I like that.
One or two hands?
Listen to me!
Our priority today is to find Valry.
So, be careful.
No stray bullets, no mischief. Got it?
Got it, boss!
- Are we clear?
- Okay, boss!
- Turn around.
- Yes, boss!
We've been tailing our suspect
for 24 hours.
He doesn't know we're coming in.
This is what I call
"The element of surprise."
Guys, get in the Star of David formation.
As usual.
One, two
Police, nobody
Jesus, they're dead.
Fuck, Captain!
Please, don't get
the crime scene all dirty.
Come on
Who called them? It's a crime scene!
Get out! Leave!
Now, leave!
In here! Come on!
- This is a democracy!
- Shut up!
To sum up...
Nothing happened
until at least 9:00 p.m.
- Yeah.
- That's when I left.
So the team got here later.
I think there were at least three of them.
He must have killed those two
and got finished by the third guy.
I guess you didn't see anything.
Sorry, boss.
I don't care!
I told everyone
that we were gonna find Valry!
And now we have three dead bodies!
Thank you very much, Maousse!
If there was a third person,
they would've gotten the bodies,
their weapons.
There's only one CD on the shelf.
Interesting. Might be a clue.
There were only two of them.
So their car must be outside.
They never left.
Nothing. Good point.
After 20 years, I know a thing or two.
Shit, it's the president.
She's gonna yell at me again.
- Hello, Florence. How are you doing?
- Yes, Sentinelle?
Actually, we're doing really great.
The squad is great.
So, actually, your assistant is dead.
Killed by two Red Masks, who are dead too.
So, don't worry. You can relax now.
It's great news!
- What about Valry?
- No, still no trace of Valry.
Yes, that's
That's less good news. I know.
But I don't give a shit about
Yes, I know.
Are you happy, Maousse?
But, Florence, we're making progress.
We found evidence.
For example, I found
only one CD in his place.
She hung up on me. Happy, Maousse?
- No.
- I ask you one thing,
to stake out, see if people come in,
and you can't even do that.
What were you doing?
You big baby.
Were you watching cartoons?
Three days until the election,
and still no news on Valry Rocher,
president Cazeaux-Rocher's husband,
held captive for six days now.
The police claim that their investigation
led to the identification
of a key member
of the Red Arm organization.
Pull over there.
We were not supposed
to see each other, Big White.
We have a problem.
What problem?
It's not easy to talk like that.
Let's go around.
No, if you do that
It's the same.
Put the car the other way
to be next to me.
Stop! I'll get out.
- But now I'm on the wrong side.
- No shit.
Forget it.
Your friends are dead.
- What?
- I hope you weren't close.
Okay, it's over. Take your husband back.
No, it's not over. The polls are up again.
It's your cop. You said he sucked.
He does suck!
In one day, he's found your minion.
He just got lucky.
- Fuck.
- We need to act fast.
Go check with your men
that nothing can trace back to you.
Like the phones.
Wait, are you giving me orders, Big White?
Are you the master and I the servant?
Stop it with the attitude,
or I'll tell your friend to shoot you.
Will you shoot him for 50,000?
That's what I thought.
Take care of your cop, or we will.
Don't worry, I'll take care of Sentinelle.
Okay, the Cascade Project, in Bras-Panon.
Okay, on our way.
The van we found
is registered to a guy
named Jonas Terrence.
- The van that I found.
- Exactly.
Jonas Terrence has a long record
- of violence, aggravated theft
- Great.
We've got his address
in the Cascades estate.
Let's go immediately.
Bras-Panon. Let's go.
That's a bit much, isn't it?
He could be a lunatic.
Should I arrest him
with my xylophone instead?
Police, hello.
Do you want a grenade?
No, I'm good.
- Is it here?
- This one.
Did you hear that?
There's someone inside?
Okay. Who goes in first? You?
It would be better.
- It's always me.
- Then I'll go after you.
I'll take them out
with my pump-action shotgun.
- Okay?
- Okay.
On three, okay?
Wait a second. Sorry.
I'm hyperventilating.
- We're gonna be seen.
- Okay, I'm good.
We can come back tomorrow.
- I'll go.
- No, I'll go.
Okay, one, two
- Are you okay?
- I'll go.
- I'll go.
- No, I'll go.
Okay, go. One, two
Let's go. Three.
Can I come in? Is it safe?
- Stop!
- Shit!
Shoot him, Captain!
I heard that, but take care of yourself.
- Are you gonna come help me?
- Sure.
- Captain!
- Sure!
Morisset, where are you?
Are you in here?
I was, but I came out. It's too dangerous.
Are you okay?
All good.
A little girl just scared me.
- A little girl?
- Yeah.
Are you okay, Morisset?
I don't know where I'm going!
I don't know who's where!
Did what I did help you?
Not really.
Fuck, Morisset!
You're shooting all over the place!
You nearly killed me.
Okay, Morisset. I'm coming.
I can't believe it.
I can't find my way in this place.
Shit, Morisset! Morisset, are you okay?
- Not too hurt?
- It's in the vest.
I saved your life.
I could have aimed at your head.
- Watch out!
- What?
Who wants to shoot Morisset?
Don't worry, they're blank.
Fucking Open Day.
Not dirty bathwater!
So you tried to drown me?
Fat pig.
You tried to drown me?
Morisset, sorry!
I'm sorry, Morisset. I'm going after him!
Feeling better, Morisset?
I think I have broken ribs.
Ribs suck.
It sucks because there's nothing
we can do.
- Does it hurt when you breathe?
- Yes.
It'll hurt when you sleep too.
Worst part is that it heals on its own.
And in the meantime...
You have to go on with your life.
Did you catch him?
No, I couldn't.
- Really?
- But I have a new provider.
And I got a bunch of phones.
It's strange, some of them are destroyed,
others not so much.
They look like crap. It's not like mine.
One of the phones got a text
for a meeting at a show on Sunday
in Tour des Roches at 8:00 p.m.
A show?
- Everybody's looking at us.
- Well, I don't know...
We should have painted our faces black.
I knew it.
Not a great idea. That's racist.
- Really?
- Really.
Then it's a good thing we didn't do it.
This guy's really good!
Are you smoking weed, Captain?
Of course.
I don't know who gave it to me,
but thank you!
We should look for Jonas Terrence.
Go ahead, I'll follow you.
Okay, fine.
Hello. Sorry to bother you.
Do you recognize this man?
Sir, if I may
Sorry to bother you, guys.
Do you know this guy?
I don't think it's the Red Arm.
The Red Arm doesn't exist.
It's him.
Sorry. Excuse me.
It's Morisset!
Captain, wait.
Morisset, I used to hate him,
now I love him!
- Are you okay, Morisset?
- I'm fine. I saw Amandine.
- Who?
- The archaeologist.
She's the one meeting Jonas.
I can't hear everything, but great.
Should we follow her?
Yes, do that. It's great.
- Hello?
- Rayane?
This is the Saint-Denis police station.
Who is this?
Can we talk for a minute?
What are you doing here?
You were supposed to meet Jonas here.
- Who?
- Jonas Terrence.
- I don't know who that is.
- Yeah, right.
You're really fucking with me.
- Excuse me?
- Yeah.
You're with the Red Arm.
- What?
- I don't know how, but you're involved.
That's absurd.
I came to the station to help you.
Not to help us.
When we came to see you, you got scared
and you put us on Gilles Hoarau's trail.
I think we're done here. Okay?
How did you know Gilles?
I don't.
Wait. Stay here.
- Hello?
- Lieutenant?
There was a call
on one of Terrence's phones.
- What?
- I traced the call.
It came from the Tour des Roches,
where you are.
When was that?
Just now.
Sorry, I made a huge mistake. I'm sorry.
I have to go. I'll call you.
And overseas, our friends have re-elected
Florence Cazeaux-Rocher
with just 50.04%.
50,04 - 49,96
Your phone.
It's good to talk to you. Kidding.
It's not good at all.
Your supposedly idiotic cop is after me.
He came to my show.
Your show?
I'm a singer too.
What the fuck is it
with you guys and music?
Sorry. Did I scare you? I'm sorry.
Hello. I was just at your show, it was
Amazing. Really, I had never seen
anything like that.
Thank you very much.
No, thank you.
I'm a musician too
I know. You're The Kiki guy.
- No
- Yes!
No, that's embarrassing.
- No.
- When you do what you do
Thankfully, I'm not a singer anymore.
I'm focusing on my first job.
I'm a police captain.
I know, of course.
Sorry, I won't keep you.
- And keep bringing us joy.
- Thanks.
We love it. There.
Thank you.
See you. And congrats again.
Okay, I'm gonna go.
Sorry. Excuse me.
Since you're here
Do you know this guy, Jonas Terrence?
I No.
- No?
- No, I don't.
Okay, I'll let you go.
No problem.
You have exactly
the same kind of phone that he has.
- Really?
- Burner phones. Exactly the same.
And in the glove box too.
The same. Some are destroyed,
others less so.
- Really?
- Like you.
Or not.
Or yes.
Or not.
Okay, I'll let you go.
You have nothing to do with this.
Take care.
And thanks again for what you do.
Best of luck. Bye.
Did you hear that, Big White?
Don't worry, I'll handle it.
- To my cancer. Thank you!
- To your cancer.
Any news from Sentinelle?
No. We're not talking anymore.
I cancelled his album.
It's crap.
It's a shame.
It could be good. It's important to him.
You know I love Franois. But he's done.
Nobody's interested in his music.
Let me be clear.
You have to release his album.
I want you to meet someone.
What the fuck is that?
Hello, Florence.
My name is The Truth.
Remember that Frdo knows a lot
about your little schemes,
and that could send you to prison
until 2040.
If you want me to release
Sentinelle's album,
you better start writing a check.
Do you want the truth?
Let me tell you about Frdo.
His shitty little company
makes 450,000 euros.
Of which 190,000 is from subsidies.
Add 150,000 from the shows,
funded by state subsidies,
and he gets the rest
from subsidized companies too.
I'm not going to pay you. I already am.
Got it?
Put that shit away
or you're on the street.
If I tell you to promote
Sentinelle's work, you do it.
If I tell you to give me your linguine,
you do it.
That's how it works.
Give me your linguine.
Give me your linguine.
Should I order an omelette?
I don't give a shit.
The show was amazing.
Really. You should've seen that man.
Of course Morisset doesn't care
for nice things
So he was just investigating.
At least we got somewhere.
That's why I love you.
- Thank you.
- So tell us.
As you know, there was a call
to one of Terrence's phones.
It unlocked everything.
I spent the night on phone calls.
I spent the night in bed.
You think it's funny?
Are you doing stand-up comedy?
So we can laugh with you?
While you were laughing like idiots,
we've been working all night.
Continue, Morisset.
I traced all the internal communications
on the network.
The brothers were getting orders
from an unknown number
that I call Crocodile.
- That's funny.
- So, Crocodile
was taking orders directly
from Gilles Hoarau.
But on the day
that Gilles Hoarau got attacked,
a fourth, unknown number
contacted Crocodile directly.
That number is Elephant.
Let me just say,
I love the safari theme here.
Just so you know.
But keep going.
- So
- What?
Like The Lion King.
There are elephants
and crocodiles too? No.
No. A warthog, a marmoset, and horses!
Stop interrupting Morisset.
This is insane. Keep going.
So, in conclusion,
Elephant is superior
to Gilles Hoarau in this network.
So the main question is...
Who is Elephant?
Who is Elephant?
Tell him I'm busy.
That bad?
Okay, I'll be right there.
I have to go.
Sorry, Morisset.
Your little story was fascinating.
Keep going with the elephants
and the crocodiles. I'll be right back.
Don't touch my sandwich, okay?
That's great, Morisset.
My brother! Franois!
- What?
- Give me a hug.
Come on, Franois!
- Come on!
- Yes, yes.
Where's your puppet?
I burned that fucking puppet.
The Truth only got me in trouble.
Why did you come? What do you want?
I can't stop thinking
about that amazing album you made.
I was an idiot. I should've supported you.
Let's give it a second chance.
I want to release it for you.
I dreamed that you'd say this.
- Well, here it is.
- Yes.
But no.
- What? Why?
- No.
Because the album isn't good.
You were right.
Don't say that. It's beautiful.
No, I'm quitting music.
Don't say that crap.
It's a little gem. Everybody loves it.
- Do you want to know the truth?
- Tell me.
There isn't one weak track.
Track two, four, seven,
and nine, my favorite.
- Track nine?
- It's
- Virgin Mojito?
- That theme is great.
If you like cocktails.
You didn't make an album.
You made a best-of.
Cut the crap.
I'm not a real singer. That's the truth.
- You're not a singer?
- Not a real singer.
I'm a cop who had one hit,
like so many do.
No, don't say that.
Yesterday, I saw a real singer.
That guy, The Sorcerer.
You should've seen him.
- What did he do?
- The way he moved.
The way he fucking moved.
His voice, the songs
The elegance, the charisma, the essence,
he had it all.
When I saw him,
I realized I'm so far behind.
- Don't say that.
- That's the truth.
You should work with him.
What, like a featuring?
Yeah, sure, a featuring!
You know, I didn't think of that.
I'm the producer.
What if I made the album with him?
The Crooner and The Sorcerer.
- That's a good idea.
- No.
It's a genius idea, Franois.
Only a genius could come up with that.
Where do you get those ideas?
It just came to me.
That's what people want to hear.
A crooner and a sorcerer.
I thought everything was over.
In life, nothing's ever over.
Apart from life!
- You crack me up with your expressions.
- I know.
Okay, bring me your sorcerer.
We're gonna make this album. Okay?
I'm back, guys.
Sorry, Morisset. It was a tad long.
Where were we?
Elephants and crocodiles with phones
Elephant is at the top.
We're trying to identify them.
Awesome. I'm texting,
but I'm completely with you.
Okay, so...
We were wondering how Elephant
gives their orders to Gilles.
That's right.
There's no phone conversation
between Gilles and Elephant.
Come on
- Are you with me?
- Yes.
So I thought,
in that case, they must
be physically together.
- Okay?
- Yes.
But who talks to Gilles on a daily basis?
- Captain?
- Yes?
Who knew we were going to arrest him?
You're not listening.
Of course I am. It's a suggestion.
I think that Cazeaux-Rocher
is the brain behind all of it.
She ordered Valry's kidnapping, yes.
Why would she do that?
To win the election.
What election?
From last night.
She was going to lose against Chakravarty,
so she planned the kidnapping
to go up in the polls.
And she won.
My God.
Can you imagine?
The president?
Cazeaux-Rocher, the kidnapper.
That's ridiculous, Morisset.
She called me personally
to handle this case.
Since when do criminals call the police
to investigate their own crimes?
Technically, in that case
"Technically, in that case,"
that's not a thing.
Okay, it's fine. Let's move on.
I have a more important mission for you.
Find the address of the singer
from last night.
I'm not gonna do anything.
Excuse me?
I'm not gonna do anything.
I am your superior.
I give you an order, you do it.
If it's related to a police matter.
It is absolutely related
to a police matter.
Are you fucking kidding me?
What did you say?
- I know why you want The Sorcerer.
- Yeah, why?
For a featuring.
"The Crooner and The Sorcerer."
I heard everything.
- Are you spying on me?
- Yes.
You're losing it completely, Morisset.
- Do you know why Cazeaux-Rocher chose you?
- Tell me.
Because you're terrible.
There. She knows
you're not gonna solve anything.
She's using your mediocrity.
You are a bad cop.
And she knows it.
You're fired.
I officially release you from your duties.
- You can't do that.
- I do what I want!
I'm giving myself the authority to do it!
Maousse, take Morisset's spot.
Serpent, you take Maousse's.
Get the hell out.
Erase the bullshit he put on the board.
No problem.
Maousse, find The Sorcerer.
On it.
I'd like to talk to an agent
from Internal Affairs.
I'll have to go after this,
but I'll see you at 3:30.
What the hell are they doing?
Congratulations, Madam President,
on your reelection.
Where is he?
He's over there.
Is he okay? I didn't ask.
No. He's not.
He's never okay.
We have to talk about letting him go.
Of course.
We really have to talk about it.
What do you mean?
It means that I have new demands.
You and me,
we share a lot of little secrets, right?
First of all, take a step back.
Keep going.
Do you want money?
I want a job.
- A job?
- That pays big money
and comes with a big driver.
Like your white guys.
By the way, I looked it up,
and I'd be interested in
the position of Equipment Director.
You'd do a better job
than the current one.
But I'm not in charge of that position.
You'll find a way, Big White.
Tell us when it's done
and we'll set your husband free.
That's funny.
- What?
- You change the plan, I can do it too.
What do you mean?
Watch it! Shit!
Let's go. I'm presenting my party program
at 3:30 and I don't have one.
What about your husband?
The ambulance will find him.
The things you do to get elected
Mr. Sorcerer?
It's Sentinelle.
The music lover, not the cop.
Mr. Sorcerer?
No, my featuring!
Big White? What the hell? Fuck
I fired you yesterday, but I've thought
about it, and you're hired again.
Come to The Sorcerer's place.
He's dead, and the big blond guy too,
the guy who attacked me
in that filthy place.
Come quick, please.
And, Maousse is back to being third.
I'll wait here. Kisses.
Is anyone here?
Fuck, not again!
I'm surprised, Sentinelle.
Indeed! Surprise!
What are you doing?
So the main question is...
Who is Elephant?
You're Morisset's mammoth.
The kidnapping, it was you.
The Red Masks, it was you all along!
All those murders!
And the shooting in my video?
No, that wasn't me.
Yeah, right.
It's your fault if it got out of control.
You were supposed to do nothing.
Valry would've come home
and our system would've carried on.
"Our system?"
Who's been protecting you all this time?
Who's been financing your music career?
You were the perfect cop, Sentinelle.
I just had to tell Frdo
to sign your album,
and no more police.
Okay, let's drop our guns and talk.
I don't have a gun.
Well, why didn't you say that sooner?
Go to hell, witch!
You're completely...
My hip!
My hip!
I'm coming, Florence.
Florence, we need to get out of here.
My hip!
Where is Valry?
Florence! Where is Valry?
My hip.
- Valry!
- Help me!
- Are you okay?
- Help me.
Did they hurt you?
Actually, they've been very nice.
- They're all dead!
- What?
Even the nice, big blond guy?
I can't hear a thing!
The explosion shot my hearing.
I'll get you out of here.
Shit. I can't do it.
- What are you doing?
- Hold on.
I have an idea!
Let's do it old school.
- No!
- Move your fingers.
What are you doing?
It looks easy in movies,
but it's pretty hard.
- Wait. Don't move. I got it.
- No!
I took off one of your fingers.
That's okay.
Fingering your butt will be harder now.
Let's stay positive!
I'll try and shoot the lock.
- No! Stop!
- Don't move.
I beg you!
Valry, I'm sorry.
Your fingers are really taking a beating.
Wait. I'm an idiot.
I have a bolt cutter in the car.
I'll be right back.
Couldn't think of that before?
My hip.
My hip.
There they are.
Fucking Open Day!
I thought we'd end up hooking up.
Me too.
But with your head all burnt up...
I'd prefer to shove you in a pizza box
and feed you to my dogs.
Farewell, Sentinelle!
My hip!
Don't move.
Good job. You saved my life.
Thank you.
Captain Sentinelle.
- That's me.
- Lieutenant Wagner, Internal Affairs.
Nice to meet you. What?
Internal Affairs?
You are now officially suspended
and will be put in custody.
Why? What for?
For your whole career.
- What is this?
- Should I explain?
Yes, please.
Passive corruption, active corruption,
unlawful use of force,
assault and battery, embezzlement,
hiding and faking evidence,
- forgery and fraud, violating due process
- Right, that.
I get it.
Gentlemen, take him in.
You can't look me in the eye?
I can.
Left here.
Shall we go?
Let's go.
- We won't stay long?
- No.
Bring it in.
What's up, Cap
- I almost said "Captain."
- I heard that.
- You're not captain anymore.
- No.
You are, now.
What should I call you now?
You can call me Franois.
Great to see you, Franois.
No. Call me Captain.
Well, there's a little Morisset
on the way.
You're not the only ones with good news.
Come here, darling.
She's very slow.
Let me introduce you to Mrs. Sentinelle.
Yes, we just got married.
Right, my darling?
We've been trying to make a baby
for a few months,
but unfortunately,
her baby maker is completely out of order.
We went to see a dozen gynecologists
on the island and
It's always the same.
It's Maryse's fault.
I'm not mad, my darling. On the contrary.
Okay, follow me.
Captain, I hope you know
that I didn't enjoy
testifying against you
Morisset, you were right from the start.
You can't be a good singer and a good cop.
- It's impossible, trust me.
- Impossible, yes.
Thanks to you,
I came back to what's essential.
Look at this!
Isn't it nice? We open tomorrow.
Here, there's a little stage,
for the singers I produce.
- Are you a producer?
- Yes.
It's much easier.
That's the bar.
We're gonna have nice cocktails.
That's the guy who shot me.
You shot me too.
True, but I decided to forgive him.
And today, Stevian is a cornerstone here.
He handles the books.
Follow me. I'll show you the best part.
The agency.
The agency?
Come in.
What's this agency about?
I don't understand.
I started a detective agency.
What do you mean?
We handle all kinds of cases.
Common stuff like unfaithful husbands,
disappearances, reappearances,
espionage, antiterrorism,
or just terrorism, for beginners
- What?
- We handle everything.
And you want to know what's genius?
All the bartenders that you see there
are official detectives.
Do they all have guns here?
I've created an army
of bartender-detectives.
Kiki, Kiki Who saw the Kiki?
Me, me!
Kiki, Kiki Who wants the Kiki?
Me, me!
Kiki, Kiki
Who wants to say hello to the Kiki?
Me, me!
Kiki, Kiki What a naughty Kiki
Ooh la la
Come on, everybody
I want to see all your kikis
Kiki out
Kiki to the right, to the left
Come on!
Banana, banana Kiki, Kiki, Kiki
If I had to do it again
I would do it again
I'd wipe those tears from your cheeks
I would tell you to come back
This time, I'd do things right
This time, I'd be happy
in the sky of your eyes
In the palm of your hands
Will I see you tomorrow?
In the sky of your eyes
In the palm of your hands
Let me know about tomorrow
Do you have regrets?
I don't
Not at all
Do you have regrets?
I don't have any
Not one
If I had to do it again
I would do it again
And everything I did I would change
Without changing anything
I'd stay the same
But I'd be different
without changing anything
But still changing completely
without going back on who I am
But I'd still be different
I'd change completely
without going back on who I am
If you can't tomorrow
I'm free on Thursday
Do you have regrets?
You played with me With my trust
That'll teach me to trust too much
I'm too honest
And you are not
Not at all
So, do you have regrets?
'Cause I don't have any
Turn around, end this farce
And wipe your mascara
And stop your escalating
While I do
By the way, are you free Thursday?
Because I am
Really not
Not at all
Subtitle translation by: Anglique Dutt