Seoboojeonsun (2015) Movie Script

On June 25th, 1950 North Korea
attacked to start the Korean War.
They seized Seoul in 3 days
and it was taken back in 3 months
but the war continued for 3 years.
JULY, 1953
It's time to end this war.
This is a top secret
military operation plan.
It must be delivered
to the set place and time.
Don't die until it's delivered.
SEOL Kyung-gu
YEO Jin-goo
LEE Kyeong-yeong
Tank commander?
What's our goal this time?
369 Tank Force, machine gunner...
Instruct him.
To crush the Americans
and their scarecrow army...
and advance south
all the way to Busan!
That's it.
Got it?
Isn't there
a more specific strategy?
More specifically then.
Destroy the enemy
like a snowstorm...
and completely free the south.
Completely free.
I like that!
You'll break the power shift!
You broke it?
Not again, you idiot!
You always break that, fool!
Hurry up!
We'll never get to Busan like this!
You stupid idiot!
Damn it!
Hey, kid!
Have a smoke.
But I'm still a student.
Hurry up, you idiot!
He's gonna be late for school!
Damn son of a bitch.
Always breaking the people's
hard made shift!
I'll shove a grenade in your mouth!
Don't stop me!
- Calm down.
- You study!
Banging won't fix it.
Damn fool.
Comrade, give it here.
- Kid!
- Yes!
Throw it.
Yes, sir.
You start doing bad stuff
as students.
Smoking is bad for your health.
Right. Gotta be healthy in war.
We gotta eat to be healthy!
After fixing this
we'll miss meal time.
Go bring some food.
CODY that!
Can't even see them!
Who names places like
Kansas and Walker Hill?
The American naming center.
It'd be cool to name my land like that.
You don't own land.
I'll just buy some.
Got money?
No. I'll sell cows.
You don't have cows.
I'll sell off piglets
and buy one someday.
Once the war is over,
I can do anything.
Who says it'll end easily?
It'll end someday.
People can't do this forever.
Get down!
The secret document!
The secret document!
The secret document!
It's here! All clear!
All clear!
Everyone run!
Come on!
What the...
Look at me!
Wake up!
What's wrong, comrade!
I brought food!
Guard the tank.
I can't even drive it!
If you lose it, you're dead.
Come back! Please!
Don't die, sir!
Whyd you get shot!
It's okay.
You're not bleeding.
The sky is red.
Don't do this!
You must live!
- The document...
- It's fine.
- Check on it.
- Of course it's right here!
The hell?
Hold on a second.
Lift your leg.
You moron.
Find it.
If you lose it, you're dead.
You should go home.
I don't believe this!
I'll be right back.
Wait right here.
I'll be right back!
Skylark! Skylark!
Come in, Skylark!
- How long's it been?
- 3 hours.
- Let's inform headquarters.
- Shut up!
You idiot!
This is the commander!
Skylark! Come in!
Where are you fools!
Where's the top secret document?
Answer me!
Allow me, sir!
Let go!
Damn! Where is it!
Retarded fool!
Son of a...
What a roll! Great!
Damn fools!
It's been 7 hours.
We should report it.
- Don't You trust them?
- I do, sir!
Sir! It's the 317 battery commander.
Tell him I'm away!
Damn bastard!
Got shit in your ears?
How many times did I tell you
to send me cigarettes!
How dare you!
I'm your senior now!
Send 'em before
I come and smack you!
The messengers will come
by noon tomorrow!
If they don't, I'll bombard your camp!
Do it! I dare you!
Keep calling!
Tell them to get there by noon!
Yes, sir!
You're dead meat!
The hell?
Hold still!
What the?
You son of a bitch!
What the?
You'll die by my hands!
What the hell?
Where'd the fool go?
HE'S gone!
The hell? You idiot!
Damn fool!
Let go!
Let go!
Let go now!
You're dead!
Let go!
You're so dead!
Come out!
I'll rip it open!
You're not going anywhere!
I'll break it down!
Let go!
Come out now!
You're dead either way!
Open up now!
Stop it!
What the hell?
Come on!
What the?
Damn idiot!
Son of a bitch!
Let's go!
What the!
Oh shit!
You wanna fight! Come on!
Let's go!
Take stock properly!
You fools!
Don't slack off!
- Focus!
- Yes, sir!
- Grease 'em up good!
- Yes, sir!
- Sit!
- Stand!
- Don't sit!
- Don't stand!
Sit! Stand! Stand!
Damn fools! You idiots!
Keep your helmets on!
I said glue the helmets
to your heads!
If your head gets shot
who'll fight the war?
Damn it!
That son of a bitch!
Dare underestimate a tank!
It's a tank shell!
Get up!
Stop the fire!
Get up!
Die damn soldier!
They don't know how to shoot?
Damn fool!
What the hell is he doing?
You're so dead!
What's that?
Oh, shit!
Damn fools testing us?
I'm off to war tomorrow.
If I don't
they'll think I'm rebellious.
Of course.
If you don't take part
in unifying the homeland...
that's damn rebellion!
It's an honor.
Return proud.
Listen to your commander.
And stay away from danger.
Ok-boon came this morning.
She bawled because
you're leaving.
She's so bright
I didn't think she'd cry.
She said not to worry.
Come back.
You must come back.
Let's go home!
Give me the document!
If we're spotted, it's over!
If tanks come, we're dead!
We're moving out now!
Come on!
The document will come.
It won't be long.
What good is a piece of
Paper right now?
Cool your temper!
That's why you always
get demoted!
Did you join the army to fight
or get promoted?
Fine! I came to the army to move up!
All right, then?
I'll make general and live well!
You keep screwing yourself!
Why you...
We could be attacked any minute.
Stay alert and send out
search troops to find the tank!
Stop movement!
Sgt. CHOI! Go find the tank!
It's so good!
Damn that soldier!
The hell! Straighten out!
Damn that soldier!
If I see him, he's dead!
My Chinese comrade!
Are you okay?
We're on the same side.
You're Chinese
and I'm from the North.
We're brothers! Comrades!
What brother? You bastard!
You speak Korean?
Give me the document, idiot!
Is there really a tank?
Think a tank would shoot
and stay?
Just pretend to look and go back.
Fine, let's go.
Commander will like it
if we go empty-handed!
But is there really a tank?
Let's just pretend to look.
What's this?
What will you do with these, kid!
Cheeky little bastard.
That's my collection...
Why collect these! You fool!
Oh my!
Damn bastard!
Don't eat that!
Quiet, you fool!
It's so good!
Where's the document?
I'll count to three.
Tell me or die.
Kill me! You'll never find it!
Fool! Just pull the trigger!
Son of a bitch!
Hold your head up!
Get up, fool!
Don't kill me!
The document!
You'll kill me
if I give it to you!
I won't tell.
Why you!
Don't kill me!
I'm just a student.
I didn't even go to school!
Give it to me!
Please don't kill me.
I won't kill you.
I won't kill you.
Why would I?
You really won't kill me?
Of course not!
The document...
If you go out...
I'll push it out through that hole and go.
Me, go out?
You damn red commie bastard!
Think I'm stupid?
Our unit is filled with
experts at torturing.
Think you can last that?
Start driving.
Actually, I lost the document.
Tell that to my commander.
I'll get a medal for the tank.
You'll get tortured and
cough up the document.
Grab the handle!
I dropped it without knowing.
What are you looking at?
KIM Il-sung?
You son of a bitch!
Grab the handle now!
The hell?
Read this.
Tanks don't have handles.
Why you!
You wanna die!
Turn south!
This is south!
It's north! You commie fool!
No, this is south!
- Sir!
- Sir!
- Sir!
- So? Who's missing?
Messenger troops.
We should search...
Forget the search!
Send out new messengers.
Shouldn't we find their bodies?
Don't get sentimental here!
The document means more!
You know I don't have troops.
Send anyone
with two working legs!
- I can't, sir.
- What?
I defended the frontline as commanded.
Knowing my men are dying
I still defended it.
I can't send my men
who came back barely alive.
Don't want to make general?
Take your damn sunglasses off!
You came to look cool?
You young little bastard!
What the hell?
Talking to me?
No, sir.
You damn son of a bitch!
Smoking is bad for your health.
War is way worse for health.
How old are you?
Old enough to be your dad!
Oh my!
Must've been hard being exploited
by the Americans to such an old age.
You didn't study much
so you don't know.
But we came to free you!
Why thank you!
Shut up and drive!
This is a sacred war
to liberate our people.
Shut up or you're dead!
You know free give and take?
Shut up!
- They'll give you free land and house!
- I said shut up!
They'll give the poor like you
- heaven on earth and...
- You bastard!
I never asked you fools to liberate me!
I didn't even see my baby's face!
Call this heaven?
Why attack and turn things into hell!
Answer me that!
How's this paradise
with everyone dying!
What the hell?
I am ashamed.
Son of a bitch!
I'm sorry.
How could you!
Just poop why don't you!
Sorry, comrade.
That reeks!
They're here!
It's the North!
Long live the People's Republic!
Long live the People's Republic!
Long live KIM Il-sung!
Put your hands up!
Hold 'em up high!
All of you!
Who are you?
Go there!
The hell?
The streets of Seoul are gold!
- They glow with hope!
- Who are you?
Hold 'em up high!
Come and have a drink!
- S-E-O-U-L!
- S-E-O-U-L!
- Lucky Seoul!
- What the hell?
You must be starving!
So skinny.
How old are you our proud soldier?
Old enough.
I'm forty-seven.
How did you beat a tank
with your bare hands?
It's no big deal.
Men can do that in their prime.
You're just a soldier, right?
So brave for just a soldier!
In my prime...
What damn prime?
You'll get many medals
for bringing in that tank!
How dare you cut me off?
- I'm your respected husband!
- What?
Even the dogs are laughing!
- Shut that damn mouth!
- Whatever!
Hit me in front of everyone!
You're asking for a funeral!
Fine! Kill me!
Go ahead!
Kill me now!
The hell!
Listen to me!
I don't believe this!
I married him at 17
- and worked my ass off!
- Shut up!
You wanna kill each other?
Want the gun?
- Give it to me.
- No! Give it to me!
Let go!
Let go now!
- Who's that?
- Oh no!
I was delivering a baby!
I'll be right back!
- Coming!
- Come back here!
Don't go! Stay!
Sit down!
Come back!
Come back!
Where are you going?
Stay back!
Stay back!
My daughter-in-law
is having a baby.
I'm so sorry to trouble you.
My son died at war.
He didn't even get to see his baby.
The rest of us should help take care of it.
Please don't kill us.
Please don't kill us.
What is it?
It's a general!
His weenie's this big!
Let's celebrate!
Enlist now!
Sirs! Please!
I'll go after just 1 hour!
I should at least name my baby!
Dear! I'll be right back!
Don't worry!
I'll be back!
Such a good, smart looking kid...
Listen to me.
Hand over the document
and surrender.
Eat. Aren't you hungry?
Eat what your bro gives ya.
You're not my brother!
Go ahead and eat.
Say, 'ah'!
No way!
Just eat, you idiot!
They're all dead!
My two eldest brothers
got hit by cannons and died!
Why are you yelling!
Who didn't lose 1 or 2 at war?
My third and fourth brothers died too.
Three or four too!
There's no news on
the fifth and sixth for a year!
I'm the only son alive!
With my poor mom alone,
I can't surrender!
Fuck that!
Who said to attack then!
Just sleep.
They'll feed you
at the P.O.W. camp.
Just eat and sleep there.
Then go home
once the war is over.
We're happiest eating
mama's cooking.
Don't end up like your brothers.
Give me the document
and I'll let you live!
Son of a bitch!
Die! You bastard!
Son of a bitch!
Damn commie!
They're coming in!
Close the door!
Close it!
My eyes are open.
Think mine are closed?
Soon, we'll be closing
our eyes for good.
Think we'll survive
bee stings like these?
Think I'll die by mere bee stings?
Cut your idiot talk.
- Moron!
- It kills!
What are you doing!
You gotta put bean paste
on the stings or you'll die!
Lowdown enemy soldier!
Just saving yourself!
You bastard!
What's that?
You stupid red commie!
That's hot pepper paste!
Damn red-pepper paste!
Put this on.
Trust big bro and surrender.
You're not my big brother!
The hell!
Fool! I'm trying to be nice.
Don't kill me!
You gobbled it all up!
I'm sorry.
Damn! You thrifty pig!
My chocolate!
I'm sorry.
I didn't use the condom.
You son of a bitch!
- Please!
You bastard!
Stop! You bastard!
Scratch the tank, you're dead!
You stupid stonehead!
Release this and press that!
I told you to pull this and push that!
But I'm pretty good for my first try.
Call me, 'sir' or you'll get
a hole in your head!
Push this, right? Sir?
Don't go south!
Turn it around now!
This way is north!
Idiot! What are you doing!
- I'm turning it, sir!
- What the...
You son of a bitch!
Stop the turret and turn!
Stop the turret and turn!
Destroyed the house...
But only one came in and out.
Is there more than one?
I got a
baby this big.
Just keep quiet.
I got no land or money.
I thought I'd die a bachelor...
But this poor woman loved me.
She's raising the baby alone
and waiting for me.
Please let me live.
Just drive.
Son of a bitch.
Slow down!
I said, slow down!
Why you!
Press the brakes!
Idiot! You wanna die?
Take it off if you want.
It's okay, sir.
I came South to make money.
But the war cut off my way back.
I joined the army
to make it up North.
But the damn commies found out
and killed all my family.
I haven't taken off the helmet since.
To be ready to attack.
I'm so close to home.
I want to go and at least bury my family.
Saw the baby being born?
Know how parents feel?
'Did I do anything wrong?'
'Did I ever harm anyone?'
'What if something bad happens?'
People are all born painfully like that.
It's because you're losing blood.
If you're shot and cold, you'll die.
You gotta survive to live!
Don't you have a reason to live?
So what?
You're calling a truce?
Let's rest for a bit.
Take out the bullet.
Just me?
At the same time!
Let's drop our guns.
You take the tank
and I take the document.
Copy that.
Fine! Let's do it!
Take it out!
Take it out!
You take it out!
- Why aren't you taking it out?
- How can I trust you?
Trust me, you idiot!
I'll swear by my baby's name.
What's your baby's name?
I didn't get a chance to name it.
Who will you swear on?
I'll swear on Ok-boon.
How do I take this out?
I knew it! You bastard!
Don't kill me!
How do you take it out?
Pull that thing on the side!
Yes! Pull! No!
Not that one!
Press that! Don't kill me!
Press that!
Press that!
That's it!
Good god!
This is really good snake wine.
You young little bastard!
How can you drink so much?
I'm old enough to drink.
You little twerp!
Why you!
Ever slept with a girl?
You didn't, did you!
Did you ever kiss a girl?
Come on!
You must've held hands!
Come here.
So who's this Ok-boon?
Who is she? Tell me.
Who is she?
No need to know, you pig!
What happened?
I'll kill you all!
There's no fish!
Old fool! You can't fish!
Where are you going!
We can catch 'em!
Shut up!
Come back! Don't go.
Keep doing it!
Catch it! Catch it!
Catch it! Catch it!
Damn it!
Get stoned and die!
Son of a bitch!
Damn South Korean fish!
Damn commie!
He'll me!
Son of a bitch.
Damn Pig-
Damn idiots!
Why not take roads?
Let's just pretend to look!
Quiet! Be quiet!
I said, be quiet!
Be quiet.
Say your name and unit.
Say it!
We're brothers!
Brothers? Of course!
Right! Brothers!
Good to see you!
What happened to your tank?
Gather around!
Heard the orders to retreat
from the Kansas front?
Quick... Quickly!
Quickly! Quickly!
- Quickly! Quickly!
- Quickly! Quickly!
Everyone on board!
Let's go!
Why not?
Kids without dads get left out.
Like me.
What the!
What the hell?
My helmet!
Get off.
Give me the document.
About that...
Can't you give it to me?
So you can get a medal?
Don't be greedy!
That's mine!
It's not that.
Like they say, finders keepers.
Let's drop it.
How long will you keep fighting?
Get off or you'll die!
Let go!
- Get off, fool!
- Let go!
Son of a bitch!
We're on the same side!
I'm on your side!
Don't shoot!
That son of a bitch!
Damn enemy!
Die, bastard!
Stop it!
Stop! Brake!
Press the brakes!
The bridge is broken!
Oh shit!
Oh shit!
Come here! Hurry!
Get off it now!
Come here, fool!
I warned you to stay low!
Haven't you done enough!
You wanna get yourself killed?
How many more must die?
- My tank!
- Hold tight, fool!
Damn it!
Why let go?
Grab it now!
It's no use, fool!
Let go.
Please don't do this!
I can't do it alone.
You can't bring the tank up!
Help me, comrade!
Please help me!
We can do it!
Wait here.
I'll be right back.
Don't go! Help me, comrade!
I'll be right back!
Wait right here.
Don't go, comrade!
Don't go! Help me!
Come back now!
Damn bastard! Come back!
Pull together!
Work together!
Pull together!
Heigh-ho off we go!
Heigh-ho off we go!
- Heigh-ho off we go!
- Heigh-ho off we go!
- It's coming up!
- It's coming!
The document.
I'm sick of KIM Il-sung's face!
Damn cunning commies!
What's it say?
How would I know?
You don't even know
and risked your life for it?
Since when did we
risk lives knowing?
It's just the way it is.
Let's drop it.
We should go home.
We're so dead.
Why find the tank?
Forget the tank!
I lost my helmet!
Why didn't you get it!
You're dead meat!
Sir! They found the tank!
Go on, kid.
What now?
What will you name the baby?
What's it to you?
I don't know
if it's a boy or a girl.
How about 'Young-gwang'?
What's this?
Thanks for the name.
Buy chocolate with it.
Go on.
Give me a cigarette?
Fool! You're a student!
I'm a soldier!
Why you...
Thanks for the smoke.
Use it to feed your family.
Why you!
Prepare to fire!
Done at Panmunjeom, Korea, at 10 hundred
hours on the 27th clay of July 1953
in English, Korean, and Chinese...
All texts being equally authentic...
What's your name?
It's JANG Nam-bok.
I'm way older than you!
You cunning little commie, you!
Remember me!
Machine gunner of
the 369 tank unit.
KIM Young-gwang!
Take good care of your mama!
Be a good dad, brother!
Be a good dad!
Take care!
Be a good dad, brother!
Ready! Fire!
Take care, brother!
Get up!
Get up!
Get up!
Please help me!
It's a ceasefire.
What the hell?
Come here!
My homeland is past that hill!
My family's corpses are there!
They're rotting there!
It rips my heart!
This can't be!
Come here.
If you stay here, you'll die.
I can't move my legs!
Please help me.
You have to go!
Let go, you bastard!
I'll kill 'em!
Let go, fool!
Let's go just a bit more.
Don't leave me.
Help me.
Let go, you bastard!
Stop firing.
We follow orders.
Stop firing.
Hey, commie.
It's me.
Am I...
No! Of course not.
No! No!
Pull yourself together.
You gotta get home.
Why's it so cold?
You said, if you get cold at war, you die?
No way!
It really is cold.
See? It's snowing.
It's snowing...
I thought I was dying.
Look at the snow.
I know.
It's beautiful.
It's beautiful.
It's snowing a lot.
Hold Ok-boon's hand.
Go inside a warm room.
Have some baked yams.
And read books.
Live like that.
Living like that is beautiful.
Living is
Farewell Young-gwang!
Go home!