Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River (2016) Movie Script

-=During the Qing Dynasty,
Byeong Ja randomly kidnapped
and enslaved 100,000 Joseon citizens.=-
-=Some were used in battle by
the Qing army as human shields.=-
-=Northern region of China=-
I'll kill you!
Thank you.
(eldest brother)
I'm from Joseon! Joseon!
I don't even sound like I'm
Don't wipe it off!
Survival is more important.
Hurry, pretend to be dead!
I've saved my life 12 times by
doing this.
Get down!
It's falling!
Don't let them get away!
Thanks to these Joseon bastards,
we finally won the battle today.
It was our honor to provide
Very well. The Crown Prince
is waiting for us.
We should hurry.
Is that asshole the governor
from Pyongan Province?
We're like this because of that
royal ass kisser.
There are a lot of Joseon people
here like this.
But he's a Joseon official.
How is this possible?
They randomly search and
arrest anybody in Joseon.
They claim you're an escaped
slave and sell you to the Qing
As the Governor,
he doesn't bother to protect
his own people,
but instead, he sells his people
to stuff his pockets.
God has no eyes! Fucking traitor.
Let's all go back.
I think you know how to
With just a bit of courage, we
should be able to get home.
I don't want to get caught and
end up dying like an idiot.
Rather than dying here for
I'd rather die trying to escape.
What is your name?
I'm Kim In Hong.
I'm a peasant with no
family name.
Just call me Bo Won.
What about you?
I'm Gyeon.
Gyeon? Puppy?
Our Young Master Kim In Hong,
after we get back to Joseon,
do you have any idea how we're
going to eat?
I don't need any ideas.
Since I've already died here once,
the rest of my life will work
itself out.
I don't need to think too hard.
I just want to live comfortably.
Life is for living.
=A few years later...
Onyang Palace, Chungcheong-do=
With these looks, it's too bad
I have to do things like this.
Very beautiful.
I wish I could take you with me,
Just a moment.
I'm about to turn the corner,
but I had to see your face
once more.
Thief! Thief!
Thief! Stop anyone who
looks suspicious!
He's disguised as a chamberlain.
Hurry and catch him!
Catch him!
- Catch him!
- That way!
He's not in the corridors!
Search the rooms!
Your Majesty!
There's too much commotion.
Settle things down immediately.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Your Majesty.
I'd like to be alone.
Leave now.
But, Your Majesty...
a small incident has occurred
in the palace just now...
Am I the cause of this small
Of course not, Your Majesty.
Then you may leave me.
But, Your Majesty... your voice...
What about my voice?
It seems a bit different.
You hear my voice every day,
and suddenly you say it's a
bit different.
How can my Chamberlains
be so confused?
How can I be expected to put
up with this?
Your Majesty, it is your servant,
Sang Seon.
All of your servants will obey
and uphold the rules.
You don't need to be concerned.
Wait. What is he talking about?
Catch him! Catch him!
Your Majesty!
I finally caught you, you scum.
He's a criminal wanted by the
Ministry of Justice.
He has committed fraud and
theft throughout the 8 provinces.
Master of Lies.
Where are you touching?
You even dare to steal gold
from the state treasury.
You've really lost your mind.
I just wanted to be famous.
Quickly take this back to the
I'm taking him to the Ministry
of Justice for interrogation.
Let's hurry back.
Say, Chief Lieutenant.
What is it?
Do you really need to be
so rough?
I got carried away.
Aren't gold ingots supposed to
be square shaped?
These seem a bit off.
Damn it!
Hyeongnim, you're just too
short and fat.
A donkey would suit you better.
It's this horse. This horse
is too tall.
Stop there!
-=Hanyang, Ministry of Justice=-
Kim In Hong.
Alias Master of Lies.
The Master of Lies gang has
run rampant in recent years,
also the perpetrators of the
incident at Onyang Palace.
They were in disguise, but even
without a good description,
we're still quite certain.
A slender, handsome young man
and a short, fat older man.
Then why are they called
"Master of Lies?"
Hamheung in Hamgyeong.
I wonder how you managed to
catch such a rare thing?
It wasn't caught.
It was sent from Heaven.
It was... on Mount Baekdu.
There in a most dangerous place.
The crater of the volcano.
Several days ago in the night.
It suddenly appeared.
Riding a moonbeam.
It was amazing good fortune.
Fearing we might damage
even one precious feather,
we spent 3 days and 3 nights
very carefully bringing it here.
A genuine phoenix.
This. This...
Is it really... a phoenix?
Yes. It's a gift for the Qing
Dynasty emperor.
We thought we'd let you feast
your eyes as we passed by.
How much do you want for it?
With a chicken disguised
as a phoenix,
which they sold for 3000 nyang,
they began their exploits.
We're very sorry, but we
have no time to waste.
Even though it's hard to leave,
we must keep moving.
Oh no, my phoenix!
Gyeongi Province...
Namo Amitabha.
They deceived families, women,
children, grandchildren...
For 10,000 nyang, they sold the
Cheomseongdae observatory.
Naju in Jeolla Province...
Damn. This is killing my back.
Oh my heavens!
Where is your home, my lady?
This... is to show my sincerity.
I'm about to go crazy.
- My Lord.
- It's all right.
Hey, what is this?
You senile old fart!
What are you doing?
What am I doing?
What are you doing?
You are a gentleman and you
defile a decent woman?
Orabeoni, don't be like this!
[older brother]
What are you doing?
What is all of that?
This is a token of our love.
Token of your love?
Rubbish! Why are you still
standing there?
- Sweetheart!
- Sweetheart my ass!
Wait and see how your face
bursts open when I hit it!
Sir, please bless our love!
- Sweetheart!
- My Lord!
Disguised as a woman, they
blackmailed Official Pan Jeong Seok.
They escaped, taking 20,000
in silver along with them.
Sweetheart! Sweetheart!
It's not her...
Jeong Pan Seok sunk into
depression and still can't forget her.
This thief is getting more brazen.
This time he even disguised
himself as the king!
We estimate he's stolen about
30,000 nyang this time!
We cannot continue to let
him roam around any longer!
We must arrest him quickly
and bring him to justice,
to maintain the dignity of
this country's laws!
Thanks to you In Hong,
I got to be an imperial guard for
awhile, and play a general for
I could never have even
imagined this!
I could die now with no regrets.
Careful planning, secrecy,
handsome and quick-thinking,
there's no one better than
our young master.
That goes without saying.
In Hong.
When are we going to pull a
really big job?
Do you know what the
greatest thing in my life is?
What would that be?
Our next job.
Our next job always has to be
bigger and more amazing.
You must be tired.
A bit.
I really wish I could help you.
But since it's your disguise, I'll
force myself not to interfere.
Nothing but talk.
We're almost to Hanyang, so
we should come to an agreement.
Just because we have money,
we can't be extravagant.
You especially must stay away
from the gisaeng houses!
Do you hear me?
Gods of heaven and earth.
Mother of Heaven.
God of thunder.
The 12 mighty gods..
Mother of all the gods...
The god of all generals,
come to us immediately.
Let me take a look. Your son...
Is it your only son?
That's right.
Is something wrong?
Does your son's name contain
the character for "wood"?
That's right.
- Penetrate!
- Penetrate?
I see a poisonous gas that can
penetrate the wood.
If this is allowed to continue,
you will never have grandchildren.
Never have grandchildren?
No! No! It must not be!
Okay, okay.
This is not the solution.
You must calm yourself.
After the full moon,
dissolve this in water and have
him drink it.
This will ward off disaster.
Thank you! Thank you!
Are you there, Shaman?
Aigoo. General, you've come.
I hadn't heard from you in
so long,
I thought you must have
ended up in prison by now.
How could I leave my sweet
shaman alone in this world?
Aigoo. Sweet talker.
Are you sure you weren't just
missing the general's statue?
How could something like
that make me sad?
Didn't you ever think I might
run away with the money?
Run away? If you dare even
think about...
My goodness...
I trust you, Shaman.
Aigoo. I'm very touched.
You and I were both sold to
the Qing Dynasty.
We were treated worse than
dogs or pigs.
Only people who have shed tears
know how to wipe the tears of
We trust each other with
our tears.
Actually, there is one thing
that I still believe in.
What would that be?
In you, Shaman.
That one day, you will finally
open your heart to me.
Do you want this bed to
become your grave?
I knew that wouldn't work!
Why hasn't our Master of Lies
come back yet?
He's probably off drinking
somewhere to relieve boredom.
On the way here, I told him
over and over not to spend
that money recklessly.
On the way here, I told him
over and over not to spend
that money recklessly.
How can In Hong hyeong change?
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Follow me!
Stop! Stop!
Which gisaeng house shall we
all go to next?
Among the 4 directions the
wind blows, who knows
which gisaeng house has the
most difficult ladies?
Then, to the east we go!
Go, go!
East gisaeng ladies!
As the saying goes, work like a
dog, but spend like a prime
We'll take this and squander
it together!
Here you go!
Get it!
Thank you, young master.
Why bother bringing that back?
Why not waste it all?
Never mind. Next time, just
send it directly to the gisaeng house.
What's wrong?
Pursuing the fragrance of
flowers is a man's instinct.
Perfecting romance is the
nature of the Master of Lies.
As usual, our Shaman understands
the ways of the world.
Government troops! Government
troops are here! Run quickly!
Hong Pal, you bastard. I told
you not to throw money around!
Let me see. Are you okay?
Fooled you.
You scared me, you brat.
I see he cared more about
saving the General than me.
Come here, Kid. If not for you,
the shaman...
Hyeong, I even fooled you
this time, right?
Yes, you did a good job.
If I could fool him,
you all promised to let me
join the action.
You will, right?
Nunim, I guess we'll have to
get another general statue.
[nunim=older sister]
You're that happy?
Of course!
First, I will teach you a trick so
your target won't know what
you're thinking.
Really? I will pay close attention.
You're that eager to start
scamming people?
No. I just want to work
along with you.
If you're timid, they will
eat you up.
Do you see these red spots
This is the blood of Japanese
pirates my great-grandfather
Japanese pirates?
A full moon in Hansan-do.
[poem for General Lee Sun Sin]
Sitting alone on a garrison floor.
[poem for General Lee Sun Sin]
Sitting alone on a garrison floor.
[poem for General Lee Sun Sin]
His sword strapped to his waist,
grieving over the problems
afflicting the country.
Hansan-do! You mean the
great general?
Is that really...
You can't, Child.
This sword is an ancestral
treasure not to be sold.
- We should return it to....
- Father!
Are you all right?
Let's go back.
But father, your illness!
They say the days of your
life are numbered.
This sword must never be sold.
Someone could still wield
this sword.
I give you my word.
With that sword, I will become a
more powerful general than the
great general himself.
Father, buy it.
I'm happy!
Okay, how do we do good work?
Enjoy the process.
Right. Enjoy the process.
How should we spend this?
This money? I don't plan to
spend it.
Kid, money is for spending.
I'll spend it later.
How much later?
After I make enough.
I want to go to the Qing Dynasty
and buy back all of our people.
That's really great.
[a type of tobacco]
Next time, let's try dampago.
Now at the market, one pouch
is selling for 1 nyang silver.
Wow, how can they rob us
like that?
Because many people buy it.
But only one person sells it.
The person in Hanyang who
imports it is Seong Dae Ryeon.
We managed to get about
30,000 nyang from the Palace.
He has a warehouse stuffed
with dampago.
It's probably worth more than
100,000 nyang.
100,000 nyang?
It's excellent quality, to be used
as tribute to the Qing Dynasty.
Well? Isn't your mouth watering?
Once it goes to the Qing Dynasty,
it will be too late.
There's no time to lose.
Brothers, come quickly!
The phoenix soup is ready!
Okay, coming!
About Gyeon...
What about him?
Nothing. We'll talk later.
Let's go.
-=Dampago Strategy=-
Seong Jong Ik departs
every day at 6 a.m.
You've arrived, my lord.
His first stop is the tobacco shop
to inspect the tobacco being
sold that day.
After that, he stops for his
breakfast soup.
Afterward, he goes to work
at the dampago warehouse
until sundown.
Last stop is the gisaeng house
for drinks, then heads home,
is that right?
Let's check out the warehouse.
We can't.
To get into the warehouse, we
must go through a heavily
guarded entrance.
Then we'll need papers stamped
with an official seal.
Even if we have the seal,
Seong Jong Ik has no reason
to give us the seal!
So, Seong Jong Ik can't be
there when we come, right?
So, we will have to lure Seong
Jong Ik away from there.
What about the warehouse guards?
How do we get rid of them
while we empty the warehouse?
Master of Lies can't do it.
Even Grandfather of Lies couldn't.
Should we discuss it over
some drinks?
Sit down.
Why is the gate locked?
It's full of assholes.
Head lady!
What bastard is howling out
there in the middle of the night?
What the hell?
Just a tiny problem, General Lee.
What's going on here?
There is a private party here
So we must turn away our
other guests.
Take that and go play
somewhere else.
My friend there says he doesn't
want to hear another man's voice.
Why does something smell like shit?
Why that...
If you want to play, you must
know whom you're playing with.
Set up our table.
My Lord.
Raising your hand?
Say, how can you raise your
hand against a woman?
Are you really a man?
You like to do your drinking
here, is that right?
Then, let's make a wager.
A wager?
We will fight with fists.
My side will pick one person,
and your side will pick one person.
Whoever loses will pay the
winner's bill.
No hard feelings.
The loser pays for the winner?
Very generous.
Okay, come on.
Which of you is going to fight?
After the match, we'll know
who's the best.
Good luck, General Lee!
Thanks for nothing.
Hong Pal, you bastard.
General Lee?
At least now we know...
we're the losers.
Here. Give me a receipt.
Aigoo. He's so happy about
getting punched.
Next time someone has to get
a beating, just call me.
I won't complain.
If you like getting hit so much,
try winning next time.
Your poor little face.
Wow, hyeongnim!
What is this magic?
What is this grass for?
Be careful. It's poison grass.
Don't you know about this grass
from the Eastern Medicine Book?
What does it say?
Teasing me again.
Tomorrow evening,
cotton cloth is taken directly from
markets on Unjong road.
Be prepared.
It will certainly suit the tastes
of the warehouse guards.
Aigoo. You're all crooked.
A person should dress neatly so
no one can look down on them.
- Understand?
- Yes.
Gyeon, go to the fabric shop
and look for a man named Choe.
Give this to him.
Choe will handle the rest.
It's up to you now.
Okay. Then, let's get going.
We're not going tonight, are we?
It's time.
- But you just told Gyeon...
- Gyeon should not be involved.
Gyeon is too kind. He won't be
able to handle something like this.
Little things are no problem.
But this kind of thing might get
him killed.
Keeping Gyeon safe is a good
You should have told me.
I'm always the last to know.
Have a pleasant journey.
Who are you?
I've always wanted to know.
Someone who makes such
delicious rice soup,
what kind of person would
they be?
Skin as fair as the rice soup.
Such exquisite beauty.
Can you feel it?
It's boiling just like the
rice soup...
My heart.
It should be completed within
the hour.
Aigoo, you're all working so hard!
Open it!
Wait a moment.
Before we move the goods,
we wish to inspect it by
smoking a bit.
As you wish.
I learned this in the Qing Dynasty.
If you roll it in this paper and
smoke it, you can really savor
the taste.
How about it? Would some of
you like to try it?
Since you're offering, we accept
your generosity.
Young people should try a lot
of new things.
I don't smoke.
I get a lot of phlegm,
so I don't like tobacco.
You might regret it.
Watch carefully how I do it.
After you put it in like this...
Roll, roll, roll. And then...
Like this.
It's very strong.
Pretty cool, huh?
One. Two. Three.
- Why are you counting?
- Four. Five.
You must feel faint...
When offered a smoke,
you should smoke.
You make a person feel bad.
My Lord, it's about to come out.
Okay, we'll see you later!
I'm so tired my arms are
about to fall off.
I really wish I could help you.
But since it's your disguise,
I will have to bear it somehow.
So you are Gyeon.
Read this.
He asked me to give this to you.
He wants you to take this and
return to your hometown.
It should be enough to buy 500
acres and farm rice.
Who wants money?
They were my family.
Wherever my family is,
that is my hometown.
Where should I go now?
Someone emptied out the
dampago warehouse.
It's them.
It's a large quantity.
They will need an intermediary
who can deal directly with the
Qing Dynasty.
In all of Hanyang, there is
only one person.
Bright Moon, you must listen
to me today.
My baby.
He's coming.
Is the snowman ready?
It's ready.
Please inspect the goods.
He came out.
Has the snowman fallen into
the Han River?
Why are you bringing me to
the docks?
Because the snowman is
floating in the river.
Am I too late?
Where is my dampago?
Where is the snowman?
Let me see it.
Aigoo. Why are you so
anxious today?
That's good.
Oh no! My bird flew away!
I'm sorry!
At long last, we meet.
I've been anxious to meet you.
Don't get so mushy.
Someone might misunderstand
that we're in love.
It seems like he's here to
visit with you.
You two have a nice chat.
See you later.
Dwarf, stop right there!
I heard about the dampago theft.
My gut tells me you're involved.
Today, I can finally capture the
one who stole public funds and
bring Master of Lies to justice.
Master of Lies?
We're only lowly fruit merchants.
Your fence has already told us
this boat is filled with dampago.
Give yourselves up immediately!
Today, it would be better if
you went home,
if you don't want to see all this
dampago turn into smoke.
Go ahead and burn it.
Do you have any idea how
much it's worth?
It's up to you!
watch carefully.
Catch them!
It's all burning, now what?
You crazy bastard!
Catch them!
Catch them!
Split up!
This way!
Catch them!
Get them!
Dwarf, stop!
Catch him!
I'll put you down.
Hurry, catch him!
Kim In Hong!
Come on!
Where is it?
Where is it?
Where is the dampago?
Where is it?
I smoked it all.
I inhaled and exhaled.
Inhaled and exhaled.
It was great!
There a big problem, my lord!
The dampago has all burned up!
I thought we'd never lose them.
There's not a bit left.
If his excellency finds out...
are all dead men.
How is it Gyeon?
That's him.
It's that fucking traitor.
You've come, Uncle.
Is this kid him?
Well... that...
I think he's much too young.
Maybe if he stuck his beard
back on again...
Tell me clearly.
Is it him or not?
I am Kim In Hong.
I once sold a phoenix that was
really a chicken.
I stole gold from the king's
I am the brilliant and famous
Master of Lies, Kim In Hong!
Where is the rest of your group?
You want the great Master of
Lies to betray his family?
I'm not that kind of person.
We are one family.
It's too bad for those eyes.
What would you prefer?
I can't understand a dog
like you...
This is what I prefer.
That guy was not Kim In Hong.
Hyeongnim, I'll be leaving first.
Please open your eyes.
Gyeon! Gyeon!
Open your eyes.
We have to go.
Come to your senses!
-=Shenyang, Capital City of
the Qing Dynasty=-
-=Crown Prince of Qing Dynasty=-
How is Dou Ba Tai doing?
He has become my right hand.
I am grateful to the Crown
Prince for recommending such
an outstanding person.
You are the most trustworthy
among the thousands of people
in Joseon.
You are much better than the
current king.
Thus, in our royal family you
are called Yuandong-jun.
This means Prince of the
Far East.
But what to do?
Some of your behavior lately
has caused me to question
your loyalty to me.
As your subject, naturally I
would not let the royal family
suffer any loss.
Here I have provided you with
silver worth triple the amount
of the lost dampago.
In addition, next year I will offer
a tribute of 5 times the amount
of dampago.
How can you guarantee that?
Soon, the Pyeongan region will
become the center for dampago.
The crop is about to be harvested.
We're not leaving.
I have already bought this land,
so get out of here!
We won't go! Even if we die,
we won't go!
All of you, drive them out!
If we are driven out now, our
entire family will starve!
Please have mercy!
These crops are our lifeblood!
Please let us harvest them
before we go!
Help! Please spare me!
What in the world is going on
in Pyeongan-do?
Currently, there is crop failure
and famine in Jeolla-do,
and now, all the fertile land has
been purchased and planted
with dampago!
Does that make any sense?
I am about to issue a royal
decree banning tobacco!
You must not do that,
Your Majesty.
There has never been any law
regarding what type of crops
landowners may grow.
Please reconsider this matter,
Your Majesty.
Seong Dae Ryeon's support
cannot be taken lightly.
Is there really no way to
defeat him?
Scholars who passed the state
exam have come to the palace,
Your Majesty.
Your presence is awaited in
the Grand Palace Hall.
I'm happy!
Okay, how do we do good work?
Enjoy the process.
Right. Enjoy the process.
What should I do, Gyeon?
This time around,
I just can't enjoy the process.
Hong Pal!
You told me to wait 1 month.
What took you so long?
What's with the Hong Pal?
Even practice must be treated
as real combat. You have to
remember that.
Yes, young master.
Hurry and eat while it's hot.
What have you been doing all
this time in Hanyang?
Preparing. He's no fool.
What about you?
I found a suitable house
beside the river.
I've been looking for dampago
workers in the area and spread
the rumors.
This is what you ordered.
A 3-barrelled gun.
This is the Joseon 3-shot gun
modified by the Qing Dynasty.
You don't have to light this
kind of gun. One shot fires
3 bullets.
For the job this time, our
lives will be at stake.
Risking our lives seems a bit
Just kidding. Just kidding.
Gyeon gave his life in faith.
Both of us must do something
for him.
Just this once, let's fight in the
name of faith and revenge.
After that, we can begin to
enjoy life again.
It's a deal. Let's do it for the
sake of revenge.
And a cup for our Gyeon.
Our revenge begins now.
Hyeongnim, you go to the carpenter
recommended by Shaman Yun.
Excuse me!
Who might you be?
How many rooms do you need?
All of them.
All of them?
I searched plenty of taverns.
My friend, Shaman Yun,
told me to find you.
Im Seon Hui?
Right, Im Seon Hui!
She probably told you, back
when I was in the Qing Dynasty,
Im Seon Hui and I were slaves
in the same place.
We heard you are very skilled,
especially with building houses.
In the Qing Dynasty, didn't you
see the Forbidden City?
I did!
Who do you think was responsible
for the entire east wall?
It was me.
This is for you.
We need something special.
After that, start construction
What about you?
If you want to fish, first you
must prepare the bait.
Did you come from Hanyang?
But, this is my hometown.
When I had just learned to walk,
I was sent to Hanyang for my
When I had just learned to walk,
I was sent to Hanyang for my
I don't remember much here.
So that's how it is.
I was walking along the Daedong
River today,
and I heard scholars talking
about a sunflower.
They said the sunflower grew
in this gisaeng house.
They were talking about
Miss Gyu Yeong.
They said beauty like the
petals of the sunflower,
was really true.
The scholar was so enchanted
by that person, he couldn't study.
Needless to say, she must be
You just called her "Miss."
Is she possibly not a gisaeng?
There is a reason you shouldn't
ask again.
Is it possible...
I could get a glimpse of
her face?
You should forget all about it.
You might get badly burned.
Men and women meeting is
always like playing with fire.
Dreaming of a person you've
never met,
is like falling in love with the
far away moon.
Like a small child who reaches
his hand up to pluck the moon,
a pitiful scholar like me must sing
songs to a sunflower my eyes
can't see.
Begin counting, as I am now
rushing toward your lady's
Please count to 3 before you
make your decision.
After that, when we see each
other, count to 10.
If I can achieve my wish,
on the count of 20, I shall leave.
I have already counted to 10.
Stunning beauty doesn't begin
to describe you.
It is thrilling.
are completely enchanting.
Reportedly, along the
Daedong River,
the valley isn't deep and the
land is fairly level.
It's an area very suitable to
Find some time and take a
look at it.
Yes, Uncle.
Welcome, my lord.
Welcome, your excellency.
I'm very sorry.
You're not the person I'm
looking for.
Are you ready?
She has been fully prepared.
You need not worry.
Come here and pour me a drink.
She's no different than a
piece of wood.
You said I must try to be
pleasing. To others as well?
Aren't people who are so
insignificant they can be freely
sold already worthless?
Insignificant people?
Right. Just as you say.
If you cannot please the
Crown Prince,
you will not have the money
to restore your family's status.
You must keep that in mind.
You leave for the Qing Dynasty
in the middle of next month.
Get away from here!
Don't come any closer!
Just a moment!
I just want to ask you about
Get out of here!
Don't step into my river!
I didn't come to see the river,
Get far away from here!
You said panning for gold?
Yes. It's true.
Panning for gold.
There's gold in the Daedong River.
Stay away!
You bunch of bastards!
Stay out of my river!
Are you not hearing what I say?
Don't come any closer!
Stay away from here!
Let go!
Let go of my pants!
Let go of my pants!
Is there a lot of gold here?
How would I know?
My young master just told me
to guard this river.
Whether there is gold or not,
I have no idea.
If you want to know, just go
ask my young master directly.
You just said you were told to
guard the river or something.
Are you saying the river has
an owner?
Young master!
What's going on?
So, it turns out you're the
young master?
This guy.
But, for what reason do you show
up here with a small army?
We were just out walking and
enjoying the scenery.
We just ended up here.
Excuse me.
There really is gold.
With such a high degree of purity,
there must be a very large gold
vein beneath the river.
Uncle, we shouldn't wait...
Don't be so impatient.
If you eat too fast, you might
get sick.
It's nearly dawn.
Why hasn't he come yet?
The game isn't over.
Don't worry. He'll be here
before I can count to 10.
One, two....
My lord wishes to meet with you.
Let me formally introduce myself.
I am Han Gyu Won.
I am Seong Dae Ryeon.
I can't keep myself from
wondering about something.
That's why I asked you to
come here.
Then please ask me.
Earlier today, you said you were
the owner of that river.
Did I hear that wrongly?
You did indeed hear correctly.
In all my life,
this is the first time I've heard
of owning a river.
That is because my ancestor
did a good deed.
At that time, King Taejo's army
was retreating from Wihwa Island.
-=June 1388. Daedong River=-
[General Yi Seong Gye]
If we make a detour, it might
take an hour.
[General Yi Seong Gye]
If we make a detour, it might
take an hour.
Within an hour, it will all be over.
We need to get across this river!
It's too dangerous, General.
Before arriving in Kaesong,
we have to minimize the loss
of our military strength.
Look over there!
Archers, move forward!
Who are you?
Announce yourself!
Don't loose the arrows!
I have something to tell you!
I am Han Bong Su.
This one here is Ho Jang.
We will help you cross the river.
That's enough. Stop it. Stop.
That is how my 13th generation
for helping to found this country,
was given this modest
Your grace is bountiful!
Does this satisfy your curiosity?
It is satisfied.
That's a very interesting story.
Actually, it's very nice to say
that you own a river.
But it's not like the flowing water
can be gathered up and sold.
Up until now, it's been
pretty useless.
But finally, I can be grateful
to my ancestors.
It must be gratifying.
I don't want to be a scholar
I might as well settle down in
Pyeongyang and start a family,
and happily live out my life.
Maybe you know a good woman...
No... a young lady you could
introduce me to.
I need to personally verify
those historical documents.
But the room where the old
records are kept,
are prohibited to everyone except
His Majesty and the Official Scribe.
Deliver this letter to the
Right State Minister.
Yes, Uncle.
But besides that...
our Hanyang contact,
still hasn't located Kim In Hong.
You look for him.
Yes, Uncle.
There's big trouble! Big trouble!
These people are professional
sea divers from Nampo.
In just half an hour, we will
have the results.
They want to confirm whether
or not there is gold in this river.
Did you sprinkle any gold
over there?
How would I know where
they would be going?
That's true.
Where's the rest of the gold?
It's gone.
Wait! There is!
I saved this one from the
Palace job as a souvenir.
Just rocks and sand!
It's gold!
We found gold, my lord!
There's gold!
My Lord.
This isn't just panning gold.
This river must have an
extremely large gold vein!
How much would you estimate
is buried there?
The panning gold was up river.
In the river bottom here we
also found chunks of gold.
If the same vein runs upstream
from here...
and if you can find a way of
collecting it,
the value could be millions of
You must do this quickly.
August 11. King Taejo summoned...
Han Bong Su of Pyeongyang,
to reward him for meritorious
service to the country.
He was granted a branch of
the Daedong River.
That really happened?
3 months. You'll wait for me,
won't you?
You vicious girl.
That time, I had no other choice!
I'm sorry.
The guy who stabs you in the
back doesn't get to do it again.
Absolutely not! Absolutely not!
I won't stab you!
Why does this person not
understand what people say?
I want you to stab me again.
Now we enter the next stage.
Lady Gyu Yeong! Lady Gyu Yeong!
I know you have an arrangement
with Song Dae Ryeon!
What are you doing?
That day, I could not control
myself, so I rejected you!
What do you think you're doing?
But for you, I can do anything!
Lady Gyu Yeong! Let go of me!
Stop making such a scene!
Lady Gyu Yeong, I'll go away
after I see your face!
Please answer me!
Lady Gyu Yeong!
You can't do this!
You must go now!
Let go of me!
I'll wait for you tomorrow at
Yeongnyeong Temple at 6 p.m.
Go quickly!
I nearly cried watching you.
Is it possible you really...
When acting, you even have to
deceive yourself.
Isn't that a basic?
Well, never mind then.
I just didn't want you to
get hurt.
Don't worry. There's a clear line
between my work and personal life.
All of me is dedicated to Song
Dae Ryeon.
There's nothing left for
anything else.
My lord wishes to meet with you.
This time, I will welcome him.
You will be able to see it soon.
What will I see?
Something I want you to see.
Hurry, hurry!
Both of you must work in
Over there, quickly!
The weather is so nice, I thought
you should come here.
How exactly is...
It's an amazing technology.
It was built by skilled builder
who had been to Qing.
Apparently, construction should
be finished in 1 or 2 days.
He said compared to the Great
Wall, this was child's play.
They also constructed flood
gates that can open or close.
We can stop the river for about
half a day at a time.
Why did you build a dam?
I want to stop the river
to see if there is gold on the
river bottom.
And if there is, how much there is.
What if there isn't any gold?
A man should live without regrets.
If there's something you want,
you should go get it.
If you're curious, take things
into your own hands.
That's my style.
You're taking a dangerous
Isn't a bit of danger fun?
People who grow up without
tasting mother's milk are like that.
I just heard that.
Please don't take it too seriously.
You are more chaotic than
the Imjin War,
and twice as careless.
To this point, I have experienced
four wars.
When even the king had fled,
my parents bravely stepped
Before I was even weaned,
they passed away.
So just as you said,
maybe those who haven't had
their mother's milk are like that.
There's something I want
very much.
Sell the Daedong River?
Sell the river, does that make
any sense?
This is gold.
Kim In Hong discovered a vein
of gold in the Daedong River.
He plans to sell it for a very
high price to Song Dae Ryeon.
Civil law does not allow people
to mine their own gold.
Once the transaction is completed,
Kim In Hong will leave Joseon.
Sell it to me for 500,000 nyang.
What are you saying?
Even if there is gold downstream,
gold mining is not allowed.
Sell me the river.
It seems, Excellency, that you
are no ordinary person.
If it is illegal, I can get rid of
the law.
I have that kind of power.
But what about you?
In your hands, it is totally useless.
Selling it to me is the best plan.
I am offering you a fair price.
Even if I can't mine it,
I'm fine with that.
Didn't I already tell you?
I built the dam out of curiosity.
Let's be frank with each other.
If you weren't interested in
a transaction,
you wouldn't have shown me
the dam.
What the heck are you
talking about?
The breeze is nice here. You
can hear the sound of the water.
It's so very pleasant!
I mean, no matter what you say,
my ancestors have passed this
To rush to a decision so quickly
would be a bit much.
Anyway, I need to satisfy my
Please give me two days.
After that, I'll give you an
I understand. We'll do it that way.
The Daedong River has gold?
How much is in there?
If there is a gold vein in the
it is estimated to be worth
several million.
Song Dae Ryeon, that bastard.
The dampago wasn't enough.
Now he wants to privately mine
a gold vein.
This must never be allowed
to happen.
Immediately dispatch the
Imperial Guard to Pyeongyang!
Yes, Your Majesty.
Is this my chance to catch
Song Dae Ryeon?
Prepare for me to travel
After that, I'll give you an
I must make him an offer he
can't refuse.
Gyu Yeong.
Go there.
My Lady!
You came.
I just gave up.
Giving up my studies and
going to Pyeongyang,
was the best thing.
I was so fortunate to meet
Lady Gyu Yeong.
Like this, we can enjoy such a
beautiful night together.
You have such a nice smile.
That smile... May I always see it?
I am shackled to Excellency
I am a living object.
But thanks to you,
I can remember how to feel
like a person.
But it's only for today.
Thank you. I came because I
wanted to tell you that.
No matter where I go,
I won't forget about today.
My Lady.
What are you guys doing?
Where is Lady Gyu Yeong?
Bring her in!
My Lady!
From what I hear, when a
female animal is in heat,
the male animal will travel
as far as the eye can see.
The male animal in this case,
just happens to be you.
Come have some drinks with me,
and we'll play a strip off her
clothing game.
This has gone far enough!
Sell me the river for 800,000.
Take the lady out of here!
Do not disgrace this lady
any further!
I will sell it!
It's sold for 500,000 nyang.
But there is one condition.
Give Lady Gyu Yeong to me.
That dog had clawed the walls,
and would never feel anything
for her owner.
with your sincerity,
maybe things will change.
Stay here for today.
We'll complete the transaction
Where do you think you're
I'm carrying out the duties
assigned by my young master.
Why do you ask?
Your young master,
will be spending the night as a
guest in our house.
And tomorrow,
the river will be sold.
Bring the documents to the
dam at 8 a.m.
I have heard that you are a
very reliable shaman.
Help me find someone.
We must go faster!
It is finally completed!
It's magnificent!
Just look at this!
Young master!
Is it everything okay?
Yes, it's fine.
Please confirm it.
A deed equivalent to half the
land in Pyeongyang.
The current market value
is 500,000 nyang.
I will trust you.
Okay then.
Just to be completely certain,
I have checked through the
and confirmed the authenticity
of your deed to the river.
But regarding you, there is
one thing I'd like to confirm.
Please do so.
In Hanyang,
someone stole my dampago
A guy called Kim In Hong.
I heard that fellow had now
gone to Pyeongyang.
But coincidentally,
someone who knows the identity
of that bastard is here now.
Is Kim In Hong present here?
What do you think you're
doing now?
I'm just confirming.
Look closely. Is there a man
here called Kim In Hong?
Dou Ba Tai.
Please stop!
I really don't wish to see a
woman die in front of me.
I really don't wish to see a
woman die in front of me.
You must know this bitch
very well.
If you plan to remain silent
until the end, then...
Hurry and answer the question.
Tell him!
First, don't you need to
stay alive?
Quickly, go ahead and tell him.
That person...
Kim In Hong...
They're here.
Kim In Hong is here.
That man is Kim In Hong!
Get Kim In Hong! Catch him!
Capture Kim In Hong!
How could I be Kim In Hong?
Let's complete this transaction.
Wait. I can't just leave like this.
Women who are suffering,
should not be abandoned
without taking action.
That's just how Kim In Hong is.
Go after him!
Catch him!
Kim In Hong!
Kim In Hong!
Catch him!
Go faster!
Look over there!
His Majesty has arrived.
Pay your respects!
Common people are prohibited
from this part of the Daedong
Hereafter, all of the gold
unearthed from this place,
will belong to the treasury.
Quickly hand over the deed to
this river property.
What are you doing?
Didn't you hear me?
What do you think you're
Hand it over?
I am not going to be so easily
bullied by Your Majesty.
This river is mine.
If the law will not permit it,
I will change the law.
From now on, the one with the
power in this country will not
be you.
I will have the money.
The one who was able to negotiate
with the barbarians and win was
not Your Majesty.
It was me, Prince of the Far
East... Song Dae Ryeon.
Just now you said money can
control this country?
This thing, money, has no shame.
There is no shame in the world.
Because of your filthy greed,
how many more people will
have to die?
I will also not remain silent.
The people should have a king
from outside the royal lineage
instead of one who is useless.
Those words you just said...
amount to treason.
Plotting treason?
You really do know how to
gamble dangerously.
You should remember.
There's only one bullet left
in that gun.
If your treasonous plot is
a failure,
you must know the consequences
better than I.
Are you willing to die for the
sake of His Majesty?
I still had the life I earned.
It's really too bad for those eyes.
You eventually had to pull
the trigger.
The person who invited His
Majesty to come here,
was none other than me.
Scholars who passed the state
exam have come to the palace,
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty,
do you want to bring down
Song Dae Ryeon?
-=Dynasty Records=-
Please Your Majesty, switch the
historical documents.
I knew that if it were you,
I could count on you to aim at
His Majesty and pull the trigger.
All of this,
was a bullet prepared especially
for you.
We're selling the Daedong River.
Daedong River?
We just have to put out some
bait that he can't resist.
No! All of the gold!
The gold!
How is it?
This is our sister-in-law's
We will change the flow of the
You'll have to stay out.
Your Majesty, please leave
You son of a bitch!
You just need to give me my
Song Dae Ryeon!
There is really no limit to
your greed.
Since we already have a contract,
I now hand this river over
to you.
What I want is not your money,
but your devastation.
For the countless numbers of
Joseon's people who died at
your hands!
For the countless numbers of
Joseon's people who died at
your hands!
And for...
especially for Gyeon.
What are you doing? In Hong!
In Hong!
To get my revenge, I led
His Majesty into danger.
Even if I kill myself, this sin
would be unforgivable.
I don't think so.
Thanks to you, I was able to
destroy that rebel faction.
Hereafter, the land planted with
dampago will become fertile fields.
You also passed the imperial
exam, so you are capable.
So in that case,
this time I will give you an
official position.
Why not put your talents into
helping your country?
Forgive me for being bold, but
this lowly person is not suited
to be an official.
Please withdraw your order,
Your Majesty.
You really don't want to?
I'm sorry.
It can't be helped.
You passed the exam,
but won't accept an official post.
It seems from now on, you can
only become a "seondal."
[title for unappointed official]
Kim Seondal.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Let me ask you one last thing.
From now on, you will not
swindle anyone again?
Yes. I've had more than enough.
It's quite far, so don't get lost.
Watch out for bandits.
This is Gyeon's share of the
Don't worry.
I will use this money to help the
people in Gyeon's hometown.
It can probably help a thousand.
Say, In Hong. There's something
I want to ask you.
How did you pass the imperial
How else? He conned them.
Did you switch identification tags?
You stole one, right?
At the sacred imperial
how could I commit fraud?
It was, of course...
It was, of course?
Diligent studying.
It could be.
Let's go.
Where are you touching?
I'm holding my wife firmly.
Wife, whatever.
Where are you going?
Just wait to hear the news.
Pretty soon...
you'll hear about Kim Seondal.
The news will reach you.
-=Bongi-Kim Seondal=-
Who is the person most favored
by the Emperor Tai Chi?
The eldest son, Ho Gyeong, or
the fourth, Po Seo?
No. No way. Instead...
It's the one who lives in this
tent, Princess Won Gyeong.
The emperor's favorite is this
I was an official translator and
traveled frequently to Qing.
I was an official translator and
traveled frequently to Qing.
We honored her with countless
gifts and jewelry.
Just to gain the trust of the
I devoted so much effort.
Please go in.
Are you sure we haven't met
This is the first time.
Then do you have a sister?
I have 6 older brothers.
Older brother?
Go in.
Let me introduce you.
He is the Princess' uncle, the
royal Ji Yeol Cheok-wang.
Ah, a royal.
And this is the Princess' mother,
Je Gil Teukji.
Have you eaten?
And over there, is Princess
On Jang.
Oh my!
Why am I like this again?
Princess, you're such a beauty.
Where is your house?
Shall we squeeze him good
this time?
Of course.
-=Yu Seung Ho=-
-=Cho Jae Hyun=-
-=Go Chang Seok=-
-=Ra Mi Ran=-
-Special Guests-
-=Kim Min Seok. Yeon U-Jin=-
-=Jeon Seok Ho. Kim Yeong Pil.
Seo Ye Ji. Kim Jeong Hwa=-