Seoul Station (2016) Movie Script

Presented by
Next Entertainment World
A Studio DADASHOW production
in association with FINECU FINECUT and MYUNG FILMS
Executive producer
KIM Woo-taek
Co-executive producers
SUH Youngjoo, LEE Eun
World sales Finecut
A film by YEON Sangho
What we really need is
universal welfare.
I agree.
I think that old man's hurt.
Shouldn't we help?
- Check him out.
- OK.
Sir! Sir! Are you...?
What a stench!
What? What is it?
He's a homeless guy.
I was gonna help him
if he was hurt.
Hey, got any water?
Are you in the...?
Where is he?
Why's he always leaving
without telling me?
Where are you off to?
Where's the overdue rent?
It's been days!
- I'm sorry, ma'am.
- Sorry, my ass.
My friend's getting paid today,
so just until tonight, OK?
Just one day.
You've said that for days!
If you don't pay today,
you'll find your stuff in the rubbish!
So tell your boyfriend! Got it?
Yeah, I got it.
I'm sorry.
All talk...
Where's that bastard?
So young and disrespectful.
Honey, I washed myself for once.
- You did?
- I'll give it to you cheap.
- Got $3?
- No, no.
I built 80%
of the buildings in Seoul.
- What?
- I built them.
You bastard!
Asshole, I'll throw this at you!
I'll throw this!
This is a grenade!
You know shit about a tyrant's end!
What are you staring at,
you bald rat?
- Son of a bitch!
- Hey, hey!
- No, watch it.
- Don't cause a scene.
I'm not, it's that bastard!
- He's a tyrant!
- Stop it!
Go away!
Go somewhere else!
- Go! Go!
- Come on, bro...
It's too early for this.
That damn tyrant...
So annoying!
He ruined my day!
I saw that asshole today.
Why are you already lying down?
What's all this?
Is it blood?
What happened, bro?
Did something bite you?
Oh no, this is bad. Real bad.
What should I do?
- Sir, is something wrong?
- It's terrible!
My bro is really sick.
Blood, pouring blood, I mean.
Anyway, he needs help.
Where is he hurt?
Do you know?
What I'm saying is,
he's got blood here.
He's bleeding a lot
from the neck?
It's like he's been bitten
by something.
We've got a full house tonight.
Some people are feeling better,
so I'll ask them to offer their beds.
Please come inside.
Thank you, thank you so much!
My bro's saved.
It was so delicious,
nice and chunky too.
That good?
Mr Lee!
Are you feeling better?
Yeah, why?
His companion requires
medical attention.
Could you let him
take your place?
I'll fetch some medicine,
so kindly make your bed, please.
I'll get a first-aid kit for him.
Go and bring him here.
Thank you! Thank you!
- Not at all.
- I'll wait here.
- OK.
- Thank you.
So much work today...
Yo... What are you?
Are you deaf?
Well... the thing is...
my brother isn't well,
he's bleeding...
Which district are you from?
I'll be covered in dew
thanks to you!
I should've thought better.
I'm sure the meds will do him good!
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry...
- Get out of here!
Piss off!
Dim-witted idiot.
Stupid moron.
This is bad.
Real bad...
Use the magician.
- Shut the hell up.
- You need the magician.
- When did you get up?
- What are you doing?
Give me a minute,
I'm almost done.
Hey! I said I wouldn't do it!
Not so loud. We're in public.
So embarrassing...
Come outside!
I'm gonna call the police!
Hey! Hey!
I'm so fed up! You damn idiot!
Hye-sun! Hey!
- Come on, you asshole!
- I'm coming, I'm coming!
That was so embarrassing.
What's up?
The best you could do
was pimping me out?
- Seriously...
- Then what?
What about the rent?
I don't even have money
for the internet caf.
Always the internet caf and shit.
I told you, I won't do it anymore.
- Then what?
- Then what, what?
Should we sleep
under the stars then?
Then go to the station,
and ask the homeless
if you can join the family,
they'll keep you warm.
You said you were getting
a part-time job, no?
Even if I work all month,
it's never enough for the rent!
Because you're always
at the internet caf.
Hye-sun, let's just get
through this month.
Always "this month" and shit!
You don't have to screw 'em,
just steal their money
while they're taking a shower.
Then it's game over!
Stop spewing bullshit!
I'll find a decent job next month, OK?
Exactly how?
You know my friend,
the one with a big tattoo,
he works as a bouncer
down South.
The club with the dome,
you know.
- The Korea House?
- He'll use me as a solicitor.
We can be happy, Hye-sun, please!
No way!
I won't do it anymore! Not ever!
Not do what, goddammit?
Is your body so precious?
Does it wear out by screwing?
Answer me.
Don't hit me, asshole.
Fine, you're so high and mighty!
Don't bother coming home.
Don't you remember?
You fled the brothel,
and lived off the street.
Then I found you
and gave you love, hope,
and all that shit,
and now you won't help me out?
Hye-sun, you and I are really over!
What a selfish bitch...
Don't ever let me find you.
Dad... I'm sorry...
What now?
- Hello?
- Suk-kyu.
OK to talk? How are you?
Doing better?
Get to the point.
I wasn't sure if I should
tell you this or not...
I don't have time, get to the point.
I came across a girl online
who could be Hye-sun.
- What the hell?
- Is it her?
It's Hye-sun, right?
But how...
I think she's selling herself, no?
How do I contact her?
- Hey, calm down.
- Hello?
Calm down, Suk-kyu.
This is bad, really bad.
Buddy, get out!
- Get out!
- It's bad! Terrible!
It really is terrible.
Your being here is terrible!
Go away!
No, it's not that.
My bro's bleeding
so much from his neck.
If he's hurt,
go to the medical centre.
Get the hell out!
- It's for real!
- Get out now!
I'm closing up here!
Go away!
It's bad...
Hurry up!
That stupid idiot came to me,
and said,
"So high and mighty?"
Which district is he from?
Who cares? Drink.
Excuse me...
I'm closing up, go away.
I...I want to buy some painkillers.
I've got money, I really do!
- Wait a moment.
- Thank you!
I'm really sorry, but...
I'm short on cash.
Could I get just a few pills?
And a bottle of Energy D.
Hold on, bro.
This is bad, real bad...
Bro, take this first, OK?
My bro is dead!
He's dead!
The economy's terrible,
don't even touch real estate.
Sir! Sir!
My bro's dead!
He's dead
because you didn't listen!
- Let's check it out.
- OK.
- Where is he?
- There's no one here.
I'm too tired for jokes!
- Weird...
- Nothing weird here.
Where did he go?
He was here and dead
a minute ago.
Wasted our time in this heat.
Those homeless
are a pain in the arse.
- Let's get some cold noodles.
- You had some earlier.
Hello, sir!
Sorry I'm late.
You called earlier, right?
I must apologise,
she'll be a bit late,
being popular and all.
There's a motel up here,
if you could wait there...
Son of a bitch!
Where's Hye-sun?
Who... Who are you?
- I'm her father!
- Father? Daddy?
Where did you go?
Come on...
Hey, bro.
You were here?
How are you feeling?
What are you doing here?
Son of a bitch.
She's not picking up.
Why the hell not?
If you don't find her tonight,
you're dead meat.
Got it?
Since she has no money,
she'll return to the inn.
She could already be there,
she's like that.
How much further?
Almost there.
There, go into that alley.
Oh, yeah,
cars can't go any further.
We're close.
Let's walk over there.
Sir, I have to say...
What is it?
If it wasn't for me,
she'd be dead by now.
I was sort of a guardian to her...
You asshole!
That makes it right, asshole?
Be thankful that I don't snap
your neck right here!
If anything happens to my girl,
I'll break your legs, understand?
Yes, I understand, please let go!
Puny bastard.
- I almost died...
- Lead on!
Ma'am! What's wrong?
People here are like that,
don't be startled.
What the...
Stop it!
Hurry up, asshole.
Hye-sun! Hye-sun?
Not here yet.
I don't think she's back yet.
She'll be back soon.
Wanna wait inside?
She lived in this dump?
Mister, please help me!
What the hell?
What is it?
What was that?
What the...?
Is there a weapon? Anything?
No weapons...
Weapon, weapon!
Come on!
Who the hell is it?
Don't open it!
Ma'am, what's wrong with you?
Ma'am... ma'am...
Sir, you killed a person.
Sir, hurry! Hurry!
What's wrong with those two?
Those staying inside the station,
quieten down, OK?
If you continue this,
I'll call the police.
I'll say it once more.
Everyone, please be quiet!
Get away! Just run!
What is it?
Please help us! We almost died!
What's going on here?
Did you get into a fight?
No, it's not a fight.
Everyone's gone insane!
Look at you all!
What a stench!
Get the hell out!
Listen to me!
Where do you think you are?
- Kick them out!
- Yes, sir.
Out! Out!
Jin-young! Jin-young!
What... are they?
Sir, what happened to them?
What in the world?
We can't stay...
- What are they?
- Who knows, idiot?
Get your shit together
and follow me!
Come on!
Move your ass!
Kick it! Right in the face!
A bit more! Grab my hand!
What on earth...?
Call Hye-sun!
Call her mobile now!
No answer! It's turned off!
Let's get to the car first!
Get your ass up!
Over there!
Pull yourself together!
Snap out of it!
Look over there!
Get your shit together and look!
You see that car?
Get down to that roof,
and lure them away from that alley.
No, no, I can't!
Listen carefully, asshole!
Lure them by shouting.
Get them to come to you,
and I'll get the car
and go to the main street.
Then you run through that alley
and reach the street.
I'll meet you there, got it?
No, I'll get killed!
You have to, or we're both dead!
What are they?
This is Seoul Station precinct!
The homeless are attacking civilians!
Multiple casualties!
Requesting a platoon for support!
I repeat,
the homeless are on a rampage.
Multiple casualties,
multiple casualties!
Hey! We didn't cause this!
Those monsters just attacked us!
Hold still, you bastards!
Sons of bitches...
Don't move!
Sir, I'm not a homeless person!
Save me, please!
- Shit!
- Please help me!
You bitch!
Don't move!
I'll shoot you if you do!
You monsters, I'll kill you all!
Be careful! Jump!
Get going!
Get on with it, you moron!
Good, good.
Keep moving!
Watch where you're going!
You got eyes, asshole?
You owe me an apology!
Hey, buddy!
Come back here!
That stupid idiot...
Holy shit! Goddammit!
Main street! Where is it?
Get in! Hurry!
Sir, hurry! Let's move!
Are you OK?
So they can come back
from the dead?
Don't move!
Not a single step,
you bastards...
Don't come any closer!
You son of a bitch!
Die, bastard!
Give it to me!
Wait, mister,
will you let me live?
Give it to me!
Two shots, two left...
It's all over!
This is how it ends.
I'm in deep...
I'm in so deep...
What do I do?
Hey, you OK?
What were those?
If you lived on the streets,
you must've seen some shit.
Snap out of it.
Have you seen those before?
Let's find Hye-sun first, OK?
Stay focused.
It's over, all over...
It hurts...
What the hell?
Over here!
Please save us!
What's going on?
Where you coming from?
Were you just inside?
Are you hurt? Get inside!
Get in!
All right, let's go!
Sir, sir!
Are you OK?
Where are you hurt?
What happened inside?
Crazy! They're all crazy!
Those crazies, all of a sudden...
It's OK, sir, please stay calm.
Keep breathing.
Please lie down. Calm yourself.
- Over here.
- OK.
Very good.
Just relax.
Is this your blood?
Ki-woong! I'm in trouble!
Where are you?
There's trouble everywhere.
Your father came to find you!
What? My father?
Yeah, I'm with him now.
Where are you?
I'll come and pick you up.
I'm in an ambulance,
heading for the hospital.
OK, we'll head that way.
Keep your phone on, OK?
Sir, I got a call from Hye-sun!
What? Where is she now?
Just get in!
What the hell's going on?
Sick people everywhere...
Say what?
We're bombarded with calls
from bite victims.
We're in a state of emergency.
I don't even know if we can use
the ER when we arrive.
Where are all the bite victims?
They're all at the ER.
They must be busy,
I can't even reach them.
Stop! Stop the car!
Stop right now!
- What for?
- They'll turn!
Stop right here!
We can't go there!
Sir, please calm down!
- Don't get worked up!
- They all went crazy!
- Stop! Stop right now!
- Sir! Don't!
- Sir! Stay calm!
- Let me out!
- What's with you?
- It's dangerous!
- Stop this damn car!
- What's the matter?
What's wrong with him?
- Stop! Let me out!
- Let go!
- Sir, this is dangerous!
- I said stop!
Grab him! Pull him off!
We'll crash!
You son of a bitch!
Goddamn asshole!
I have to flee,
escape from here.
We have to leave this area.
We gotta go down this way.
It's down this way.
Hurry! Hurry!
Go through, hurry!
Your turn, come on!
Come on!
Quickly! Quickly!
You sickos!
So damn loud, you damn sickos!
Are you two dating?
So sick of it! Everything's sick!
World's going to shit,
no reason to live.
Die! Just die!
Mum? Where did you go?
Don't leave me alone.
What do I do, Ki-woong?
It's too quiet.
- Give her a call.
- OK.
Still not getting through.
I'll check out the ER,
so stay right here in the car, OK?
Sure, I can do that.
Too quiet...
It's deserted...
Don't do it, please.
Kill it, kill it!
Hurry! Get in!
Drive! Drive! Go!
- Sir, hurry!
- Shut the hell up!
- Call her again.
- OK.
Where the heck is she?
Your call cannot be connected...
No signal.
You're an adult, right?
We gotta get away.
Far, far away.
Sir, I want to go home.
I've only met horrible people
since I ran away.
The bar only piled up my debt...
Ki-woong, he's my boyfriend,
he and my dad are looking for me.
Must go far, far, far away...
Sir, I have to go home.
I want to go home!
I want to go home too.
But I don't have one!
I want to go home!
What happened?
Sir, how do we find her?
Let's get to a vantage point.
Which way?
I think it's this way.
Over there!
Almost there! We're close!
There'll be people there.
Must go further, much further.
Oh, no! Look at that car...
Over there!
- Hye-sun!
- Ki-woong!
Hye-sun, are you safe?
Ki-woong, help me,
come and pick me up!
Stay calm, OK?
Where are you?
I am at...
Hoehyeon Station, exit 4.
Please hurry!
- What is it? Where's Hoehyeon?
- Hoehyeon?
Please hurry!
There! Over there!
Hoehyeon Station!
Hye-sun, we're coming.
Stay where you are, OK?
How can I stay here?
It's dangerous here too!
Take shelter somewhere!
Hello? Hello? What's going on?
Hye-sun! Hye-sun!
Hey! Over here!
Run! Come on! Hurry!
Climb over!
- Son of a bitch!
- Stay back!
You bastards!
Hello? Ki-woong?
- Hello? Hye-sun!
- Please leave a message...
It went dead.
Let's get to the station,
come on!
You're participating
in an unlawful assembly.
If you do not disperse,
you'll be forced to do so.
If you do not disperse,
you'll be forced to do so.
It's all over.
It's all going to shit.
I need more troops!
Just send all you got here.
What's going on here?
We have to get to Hoehyeon.
Can't I pass through?
Go away, move back.
Please! We have to go!
Stay back!
Go away,
we're in a state of emergency!
Buddy! What's happening here?
There are uninfected people there!
It's a state of emergency!
You can't cross, so go away!
- Son of a...
- Stay back!
People over there could die.
Let us through!
So annoying! Stay back!
Why, you little...!
Hey, what's going on?
They're saying they need to get
to the Hoehyeon Station.
What is it?
Sir, my girlfriend is stuck
in the station.
I have to get her.
Please let us through, OK?
- Just us, OK?
- Do us a favour.
We have to stand by
until there's an order.
Just go back, OK?
Are you gonna kill
all the normal people?
Come on, sir,
take your boy and go away!
Send them away.
Go away, hurry!
You call yourselves cops?
Incompetent idiots!
What are you doing?
Hold still, asshole!
Let go of me!
Don't move, asshole!
- We're in a crisis!
- Are you OK?
He's got... a gun.
Hey, hey.
It's OK, put your gun down.
Listen, this isn't a normal situation.
Martial law could be declared.
Don't get involved.
Just go home and watch the news.
Go home, right now.
Stay the hell back!
Piss off!
Frigging bitch! Stay back!
You OK?
He's bitten, he'll turn soon.
It's just a scratch, I'm OK.
Yeah, it's too small a bite, right?
What do we do then?
I'm OK.
You're participating
in an unlawful assembly.
Please disperse and head home.
Why isn't it working?
Please work...
Why isn't it working?
On the double!
Sir, what's up with those soldiers?
What'll happen now?
Yes, sir...
Capital Defence Command... now in full control.
Move aside! Out of my way!
Shut the hell up!
You bastards!
I worked for my country!
I'm different from you trash!
You're all useless!
I don't know how I got myself
mixed up with you all!
It looks like the commies
are behind this!
But me?
I don't deserve to die here!
I dedicated my life to this country!
I'm a good person!
I'm a good person!
Out of my way!
I'm the same too!
I made sacrifices for this country!
So how did I end up this way?
Know why?
This country doesn't care about us!
But we worked ourselves to death,
you fools!
But the thing is, I must survive!
I want to live!
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
Don't go up there!
Get the hell away!
If I had a place to go,
I wouldn't have stayed
at Seoul Station...
Sir... sir...
Hurry! Hurry!
A bit further, hurry!
Almost there!
Hurry! Hurry!
Don't look down! Over here!
You can do it!
No! No!
That's it! Just a little bit more!
Come on!
A little faster!
Almost there!
Come on! A bit more!
Help! Please help me!
Hello? Anyone?
Is anyone here?
Please! Help!
- Hello?
- Hello ? Hye-sun ? You OK?
Ki-woong, Ki-woong,
I'm still alive.
Where are you?
I am...
Darim Apartment...
I'm inside the model house.
- It's all right.
- Ki-woong.
I'll be there straight away!
I'll come right away.
Please hurry.
Hye-sun, Hye-sun.
It's all over, it's OK.
Ki-woong, is it safe now?
Yeah, it's safe,
we can go home now.
And dad? Where is he?
Don't worry, he's OK.
We split up to look for you.
- He's really OK?
- Yeah.
- He wasn't well...
- He's very good.
That's good,
that's really good.
Look! Here he comes.
- Sir!
- Daddy!
I found her!
Hye-sun, my darling!
You were here!
Hye-sun! I finally found you!
I almost died finding you,
you fucking bitch!
He's not my dad.
He was my pimp...
If you borrowed money,
you gotta pay it back!
How could you leave me
hanging like that?
Because you ran away...
Goddamn it!
You messed me up, real good!
Please don't...
You said you were her dad!
That's right, idiot.
I'm a dad to all the girls
I pimp out!
Call me dad!
Let's go, let's get back.
Come on!
Let go!
Please don't do this, OK?
Son of a bitch!
How dare you?
You're so dead!
Come at me, asshole?
Get the hell up!
Fuck! I'll kill you.
- Boss...
- What?
- I'm begging you...
- Why are you crying?
Let me just go home, please?
I want to go home!
Sure, and you can.
After paying me back, bitch!
There's no going home
before then, you cunt!
You bitch!
Stupid whore!
- Please let me go!
- Goddamn...
So pathetic!
You bastard!
No, please!
Come here!
Where the hell?
Where is she?
Where the hell is she?
Sneaky bitch...
Where is she?
Why is this place so big?
When will I ever live
in a place like this?
Hye-sun! No thanks to runaways
with debts like you,
I'll never live in such so luxury!
Just look at this!
So much variety.
I wish I could fuck in here.
If you hadn't taken my money,
I could be living here.
Sweetie, let's go eat.
I'm starving.
Listen, you keep saying
you want to go home.
Should I let you in on something?
After you took off,
I went to your place to collect.
Your dad was really sick.
Do you know what I told him?
That you took my money and left,
so he should pay back
his kid's debt instead.
Then he asked me for just a week.
He said he needed a week.
So what do I do?
I actually waited a week.
But he didn't show after a week.
So I went back to his place.
Holy shit...
You keep saying
you want to go home,
but do you know
what I saw there?
Your sick father had fled.
That's your father!
The daughter takes off
with borrowed money,
and the father takes off
and abandons his kid.
the home that you know
is long gone.
Damn bitch!
Sneaky rat!
Stupid bitch!
What the hell?
Hey! What's wrong?
Wake up! Hey! Hye-sun?
Don't die, baby! Hye-sun!
Please don't! I'm sorry!
Hye-sun! It's all my fault!
Please don't die!
Pay me back first, you bitch!