September Babies (2024) Movie Script

My name is Bonnie.
This song...
I used to sing it to her
when she couldnt fall asleep
so shed find some peace.
This is for you,
You know what they call you?
"Nyms Monster".
What are you singing, kiddo?
It's what Bonnie used to sing to me
whenever I couldnt fall asleep.
You shouldve seen it.
Bonnie was one thing
but what we did to Bono...
God. That was disgusting.
Almost over-the-top.
Ill kill you.
Yeah? And hows that going?
And you really think I know where Prince is.
Stupid child.
Hold on.
You dont know where Prince is?
Most of us have never seen him.
Well, shit.
Great. Now everyones dead.
Yeah. We shot them.
It happens.
Its a natural supplement.
Supposed to have a calming effect. Herbs and stuff.
Im just saying.
You dont seem very calm.
One day they'll get us.
Are you listening?
We cant go on like this.
You dont have to stay.
I never asked you to.
- Bono?
- Nope.
Leave me out of this.
Shes not safe as long as Prince is alive.
What about us?
Youd throw it all away? After everything-
I can't lose her, OK?
I cant.
You know the Section. We cant protect her.
Not from him.
You were supposed to wait in the car.
I found a cactus.
Thats really ugly.
- Youre ugly.
- Hey!
You cant just walk into the Section unarmed.
Whats wrong with you?
Yeah, but...
But what?
But Felix was all alone.
OK. Thats enough.
Hey! Felix!
Zip it.
You got training tomorrow.
Well clean up, OK?
Love you guys!
Yeah, yeah. Love you too.
Shell be the end of us.
The Section wont stop, Nym.
You know him.
Thats why were training her.
What if Prince finds her?
What if he tells her the truth?
Then what?
We got out because of her.
So shed be safe.
- Theres nothing more we can do.
- This isnt about us.
Zea can put an end to this.
The Section.
- All of it.
- She's twelve.
You know what were dealing with.
Prince is a monster.
And Zea...
she proves theres a limit to his power.
The cactus...
The corpses she doesn't notice
but the cactus...
The monster?
Youre creating it.
Then its time to be scared.
You dont want to die.
Hey. Listen to me.
I dont know where he is.
- Damn it! What do you want from me?
- Silence.
Zea, Zea, Zea!
Just silence.
I dont know where he is!
Fuck. There is someone, OK?
The Bons.
Bono and Bonnie are dead.
Prince killed them.
No he didnt!
Damn it! He didnt kill them! Theyre alive!
- Why do you people always lie?
- Im not lying to you!
I have no reason to lie to you, for God's sake!
They can get you to him. OK?
Turn it off.
Turn it off!
That was close.
Are you crazy?
Where are they?
Thats fucking disturbing.
Bonnie was one thing.
But what we did to Bono.
Hey, you.
Youre covered in blood?
Is that a question?
Its a fact.
Youre an asshole.
Thats a fact.
How long has it been?
Two years.
You got old.
You think so?
Never seen you this...
old, even.
- Im glad youre here.
- Stop it.
- Zea -
- Thats not my name. Please Nym.
Can you at least pretend to have your shit together?
Theres coffee.
Im offering you coffee.
Thats what you do when you have company
and you have your shit together.
Are you serious?
Are you going to shoot me
or should I make coffee?
Did they find you?
They always do.
Once it dries, right?
Before that.
Its blood.
I need a shower.
Sucks to see me like this?
Theres fresh towels in the -
I know my way around.
Missed you too.
Where are the others?
Bonnie and Bono?
Where are they?
Bono and Bonnie are dead.
Prince killed them.
Yeah I heard you.
Was it hard?
To get coffee?
I dont like to be outside.
Cause youre antisocial.
That hasnt gotten easier without you.
Good thing Im back then.
Is it?
I thought you left because you wanted a normal life?
I did.
And your scars?
Looks more like
youre still searching for Prince.
And thats surprises you?
Fucker killed my parents.
And the Bons.
They're all dead.
Isn't that right?
I just didnt forget.
You kept her guitar.
Matches the decor.
- I like warm -
- Warm colors.
Cold isn't your thing.
- You fuck -
- No cursing -
- Fuck you.
- Why are you here?
Why did you keep her guitar?
Bonnie's dead.
I dont get what you want from me.
I want to see it in those cold eyes.
The Bons?
Where are they?
Hey, Bonnie.
Youre beautiful.
Youre too late.
Theyre all dead.
We killed them.
You and me, Boo.
Where have you been all this time?
The Section. Where else?
What did he do to you?
Did you miss me?
Of course I did.
You never looked for us.
I thought you were dead.
Silly girl. Were very much alive.
Pulse and all.
Why didnt Prince -
Kill us?
He didnt want to kill us.
Just punish.
He just punished us.
Although... that's not completely true.
He never touched me.
I got to watch.
Yeah. Thats what it was.
Im sorry Bono.
Its fine.
It was worth it.
Because here she is! Nyms great...
You shouldnt have come.
You left us.
You think I didnt want to look for you?
Of course I did.
I was twelve, Bonnie.
When they found you.
Twelve. I was just a child.
Back then? Sure.
But now youre here and all I see...
is him.
A monster. Just like him.
Thats what you are.
- I shouldve kept looking for you.
- Are you insane?
Zea is bigger than us.
Bonnie, please.
I never saw him have a weak moment.
Nym. It just never got to him.
And then you,
and its like somethings suddenly alive...
Things can be broken.
Because theres something he cares about.
- I dont hate you Zea.
- Me neither.
Were all Nym's victims.
What are you talking about?
You know whose victims we are.
Wait ...
Among others.
Is that why youre looking for him?
You think Prince killed your parents?
Can you believe that, Bono?
Sorry, Im a little lost. I just...
He never told you, did he?
God, Im overwhelmed.
Never told me what?
Prince didnt kill your parents.
Then who did?
Do you want to know?
- Should I -
- Bonnie!
Youre loosing it.
Im just saying.
You're going too far.
Leave me alone.
- Bono?
- This wont help.
Yeah... Im sort of with you.
- You lied to me.
- Hey!
- I was just protecting you.
- Who killed them?
I never understood what he saw in you.
He never saw it in me.
Even though youre nothing special.
Youre not beautiful.
I could take you if I wanted.
It was Nym.
What if Prince finds her?
What if he tells her the truth?
How could I be so fucking stupid.
Shut the fuck up, Nym.
I see you.
Did you know?
Look at me.
Did you know they were alive?
They were too far gone.
I was too late.
So its true?
Thank you.
Thats all I needed.
- Can I -
- Shut the fuck up!
Thats what you can do.
You wont kill me.
Youre already dead.
Hope youre embarrassed.
Can I -
Fuck off!
Can you please open the door?
Im serious, Nym. Stay where you are.
I didnt know about you.
Im not listening.
You just did.
I didnt realize what he'd done to me.
No. Forget it.
This isnt Prince fault. This in on you.
You alone.
I knew that back then.
Thats why I saved you.
So I should thank you?
- You wouldnt be alive without me.
- Youre still an asshole.
At least Im transparent.
- Really?
- Were you on my laptop?
Would that annoy you?
You know how powerful the Section is.
Your parents would have been killed either way,
if not by me then by some other agent.
Only the other one wouldnt have left you alive.
This cant be happening.
You asshole.
Youre not my hero, my saviour!
Youre the reason everythings so fucking broken.
Me, you.
The Bons. All of it.
Because of you. Its your fault.
And everything after that.
After that day. I did it all for you.
Don't you get it? I tried.
Doesnt make you good.
It was never about me.
I was too far gone.
But you werent.
My parents?
I can't remember the sound of my moms voice.
I dont know what it feels like
to be in the arms of my dad.
And I never will.
Because it's too late for that, Nym.
Got it?
Should I leave you alone?
You always wanted to be alone
when you were angry.
Im not angry.
Im just done.
With you. The Section. Prince. The Bons.
Youre all so fucking ugly.
You make me sick.
I thought we stood for something.
There was nothing besides the Section.
I was sixteen
when Prince sent me to kill your parents.
He never mentioned you.
I didnt know there would be a child.
You were irrelevant.
Collateral damage.
By the time I saw you it was too late.
Your parents...
I couldnt change it.
You dont stand for anything.
Bonnie and Bono. They were real.
Whatever Prince did to them...
All that was left was hate.
He took the rest.
Bonnie really loved you.
Do you know that?
I had you.
Oh, come on. Bullshit!
I know you.
Nym above all.
You wanted to prove to yourself
that youre not just a piece of shit.
But thats exactly what you are.
And without people like you,
the world would be a better place.
Then why dont you just kill me?
After all, I deserve it.
At least youre aware of that.
Youre not answering my question.
A better world...
If the world was that simple.
People wouldnt be so complex.
Fucking poet.
I do my best.
So do I.
But I wont kill you.
Live with it.
You know,
Im really glad you told her.
Really great.
Yeah. Right?
Feel better?
Can you come back now?
Give her a moment, please.
Are you done?
Shell die here Bono.
And you wont -
Fucking asshole.
You have to let me go.
Thats enough. Ive had it.
It shouldve been you, not me, I know.
Thats not my fault.
So leave me out of it.
I just got caught in the middle.
Tell me where Nym is.
OK... Thats unexpected.
His death wont change anything.
I dont care about him.
I want Prince.
Prince didnt kill your parents.
Yeah that was Nym. Ha! I remember.
This is bigger than Nym.
He can fucking die for all I care.
You dont know where Nym is.
Ill find him.
Ill send you his location.
But you have to find Prince.
- Can you do that?
- Yes.
I can do anything.
I dont trust you.
You cant watch him die.
Then kill me.
I say this with love.
Take a deep breath before you speak.
Ive been quiet long enough, Bono.
Time to fucking speak.
You havent noticed, have you?
You never apologized.
- Not even now.
- Thats what you want?
An apology?
I dont want to have this conversation anymore.
- Why not?
- Doesnt make me a better person.
So you just walk away?
Im not getting into a fight with you.
My shirts too big for you.
No, it suits me.
Can we please talk?
Fuck it.
Zea, please.
Im having a drink now.
- What?
- Im drinking.
What are you drinking?
The thing you drink
when you want to make someone bearable.
Theres no alcohol in this house.
Thats not alcohol.
- Then..?
- Ethanol.
Why is it green?
I distilled chlorophyll out of spinach.
Turns red if you hold it under the light.
I red that somewhere.
And its true.
But you shouldnt drink it.
Ethanol is still alcohol.
I wont react to that.
You just did.
Ethanol is poison.
Its not like Im not immune.
Why would you be immune to ethanol?
- What?
- Used to be so quiet in here.
Why would I be immune to fucking ethanol?
Do you know why Im immune to ethanol?
I thought you didnt want to fight?
Or does it make you a better person?
- Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck-
- No cursing.
Could I be immune to ethanol
because some bastard spent ten years of his life
poisoning me with everything under the sun?
Would that be possible?
Harmless amounts.
Those were harmless amounts.
I dont get why youre so angry.
I only poisoned you a little.
How does that sound?
Thats how you build up a tolerance to neurotoxins.
Oh my god.
Oh my fucking god.
No cursing.
Suck my dick.
Normally that would make me angry.
But, fortunately...
Youre immune to ethanol.
Just wait.
For what?
Put him down.
Or what?
Or Ill get angry.
You dont want that.
That makes you angry?
A fucking cactus?
Hes important to me.
You dont remember?
Hes alive?
I looked after him.
Hey, Felix.
I talked more to this cactus than to you.
I didnt always know what to say.
Neither did the cactus.
But I always enjoyed listening to you.
It was...
valuable, somehow.
Youre the last person I ever wanted to hurt.
I was just...
too late.
You dont get it.
Im not happy.
Then change.
You think I havent tried?
I left.
Left you.
I wanted a normal life.
But Im not like everybody else.
As much as I try to fight it,
you win.
Im exactly what you made of me.
Youre different.
Thats not a good thing!
They notice.
You know what your problem is?
You never got what life was trying to tell you.
Which is?
Dont be an asshole.
Dont look at me like that Felix.
Dont bother.
Pick that up.
Did I forget something?
What do you mean...?
Ah, Bonnie.
Im still talking.
You can hear that, right?
You good?
I just don't fully understand
why you're here.
It's like I forgot.
Our appointment.
But still, it's nice to see you.
Always a pleasure.
- Were happy too.
- Im not.
I dont blame you, Bono.
I just have a hard time with people.
I get uncomfortable.
Feel like I dont belong.
Theyre all so closed off.
Dont share anything.
But then still go and sit in the sauna together.
Next to each other.
Sweating on each other.
I dont get it.
I dont get them.
I didn't see you.
No worries.
Im just talking about Saunas.
I will
fuck off.
Oh, while I have you...
why dont you grab their guns.
Sorry for the interruption.
I know.
Im not someone you interrupt.
We just -
You really think I wouldnt notice?
But Bonnie,
isnt just authority.
is the willingness to be violent.
I can see it in your eyes.
But do you see it in mine?
Prince, please...
Where is she?
We dont know.
But well find out.
Shell give us Nyms location...
if we give her yours.
So thats the plan?
Thats the plan, yes.
And its not that dumb.
We've thought it through.
Well find them both.
Zea and Nym.
But we wont tell you how.
That's for us to know.
See, we know more than you.
And knowledge is something like power.
You cant kill us.
Bono please.
Bono please.
Bono please.
And if you find them,
youll kill them both?
That would be the general idea.
- Right?
- Well kill them.
Zea and Nym. For you.
You too, Bono?
You care about her.
I care about Bonnie.
Stay with Zea.
You dont want her to die.
Something funny?
I have this dream.
Repeats itself.
Every night.
I stand under a bridge.
Looking up.
Someones up there.
On the railing.
Looks like hes about to jump.
So I scream.
Dont jump! Don't kill yourself!
He doesn't move.
He doesn't come down.
So I start running.
I run as fast I can.
I run.
I run and run because Im scared.
Im scared hell jump.
And I dont even know why.
And then I get to the top.
And hes gone.
I think he mustve jumped.
I climb onto the railing
and look down.
There's someone standing down there.
And hes screaming something.
At first I dont understand,
but slowly I start to make it out.
Dont jump!
Dont kill yourself!
Dont kill yourself.
And that...
Is whats funny.
She knows it.
The dream of the bridge.
She doesnt have to live.
Zea and I...
Were already dreaming.
are a masterpiece.
I got Tinder.
Tinder. Its a -
Yeah I know what Tinder is.
What am I supposed to do with that?
You want to talk?
Then react to what Im saying.
I have Tinder
and I use it...
a lot.
Doesn't bother you?
Its a little risky.
I can defend myself, thanks to you.
You have to say please.
What are you doing?
I took your magazine.
Say please.
Please Zea can I have my magazine?
I dont feel like it.
Am I supposed to be impressed?
At least Im being transparent.
Are you glad?
About what?
Finally having a reason to hate me.
I wish I never found out.
It's so fucking stupid.
I wish...
you could still be you.
Like you always were.
So, no.
Im not happy.
On the contrary.
Im alone.
Because youre a murderer.
- And you?
- What about me?
How many people have you killed?
- Those were -
- Bad people?
Who had to die
to make the world a better place?
Thats what's bothering you, isnt it?
You dont fit your own ideology.
But if you ignored all that for a moment,
all your fake morals, your blind ethics,
all those romantic daydreams...
Whats left?
What are you?
What would you rather be, Zea...
a soldier in a garden,
or a gardener in a war?
Your saying.
I know what I am.
I am whats left.
Whatever you left behind.
Soldier in a garden.
Bloody hands.
War in my head.
Is that what you wanted to hear?
We grew up in the Section.
And me.
Our lives only made sense
if we took someone elses.
Thats what we were taught, at least.
I never really believed it,
but I also didnt care.
The world is evil.
So it doesnt matter what you do to it.
Never saw the point in any of this.
The world keeps spinning.
Bad people doing bad things...
And time...
erases it all.
But then you come along...
the flaw in my logic.
Shattering my understanding of the world
because it cant...
it cant all be bad
when theres someone like you.
Despite all the madness.
Thank you.
You wont kill me.
Youre already dead.
Please, Bono.
- We need to get out of here.
- What?
- I made a mistake.
- What are you talking about?
I wasnt thinking.
I was angry.
We have to get the fuck out here.
- Theyll kill you.
- Who?
The Bons.
So theyll tell me where Prince is.
Once youre dead, Ill get his location.
Are you listening to me?
The Bons are coming.
I know.
- I know you.
- Then why are you still here?
Youll die here. Got it?
- Shitty plan!
- Altruism?
Youll get killed, idiot!
Youre proof that his power has limits.
His blind spot.
So even if I die here -
You know it wont end with him!
You know the Section!
I know Prince.
And if I kill him? Then what?
You live.
You dont get it.
The problem isnt the Section. Or Prince.
The problem isnt even you.
You broke me.
You took everything.
Everything, Nym.
And then...
You gave it all back.
Im allowed to hate you.
I should hate you.
But truth is...
I cant.
No ones closer to me than you.
No one will ever be closer to me than you.
I cant escape that.
Cause thats what breaks me.
Wherever I am.
So get that into your head.
I dont hate you.
I hate myself.
For loving you.
You kept her guitar?
You really think we can do this?
Bonnie and Bono?
- The way they used to be?
- We have to try.
We owe them that much.
You got a plan?
- You dont, do you?
- I have no idea how this will turn out...
but thats the way it works.
We can only look back, see what we did wrong,
and do better this time.
Doesnt take much.
Because were shit people?
Is that what youre saying?
Were not.
We never were.
With all this shit...
the madness.
Were alright.
Not great, but...
Okay then.
Lets give it a shot.
Youre staying?
I got this.
Ill get them back.
Where did you get that?
Put it back.
I've never been to a school.
I had a look around.
Now I feel kinda sad.
Im nearly done here.
I dont belong here.
This was never our world.
Thats not true.
We got pretty close.
Zea and Nym? That was never real.
It was for me.
Keep living in your head.
Its pretty up there.
- Because you dont look at me like that.
- How do I look at you?
As if this wasnt my world.
As if you were afraid theyd notice.
What do you want from me?
Can I make a wish?
Go ahead.
I think all you do is exist.
Because its hard to live.
So if I could make a wish -
I dont live?
Of course not.
Not like Zea.
Thats not what I meant.
You think I wanted this?
How am I supposed to live with it?
Is there room for me?
Right there.
Where Ive been hiding.
Somewhere within you.
Right next to Zea.
Will you let me in
or do I not belong there?
- There you are.
- No. Bono.
Reality is standing in front of you.
That's my world.
Mine too.
Youre no better than Nym.
How can you say that?
You and Nym...
you'd let the whole world burn,
as long as Zea is safe.
And I'm breaking
under everything thats left of you.
And you...
You just watch me.
And you love her.
Look at me.
This is me!
Theres nothing more I can give you.
Any of you. Ill never be her.
Please dont do this Bonnie. Please.
Go ahead, Bono. Throw me away.
Ill kill them.
Ill kill them. Both of them.
I cant loose you again.
Not because of her.
I just cant.
Theyll die.
But why?
Part of the training.
All those small apartments.
Can't figure it out.
Entry points dont make any sense,
neither do the exits.
Its tight and open at the same time.
So we kind of loose it.
kind of stupid.
I had to order all my furniture.
Me too.
Im glad you kept it.
Her guitar.
I never really got it.
It was always kind of your thing.
Music takes you back.
Makes all the ugly go away for a few minutes.
Nothing matters.
Because music is beautiful.
And currently thats more important.
Drift off. Let go.
Letting go...
Not everything has to be war, Nym.
Good job.
Im severely unsatisfied.
Should I open the door?
We could just leave them outside.
Hey you.
OK. Interesting.
You want a drink?
No. We're killing you.
Nym has coffee.
Too bitter.
Ill put some sugar in it.
Thats enough.
Whats the plan?
Does that make it less bitter?
It adds some sweet...
stays a bit bitter.
And you? Nyms child.
Dont let me down.
May I?
Go ahead.
What now?
What did he do to you?
Please, Bono.
Sorry, kid.
Is this what you want?
We're family, Bonnie.
We dont have anything else.
You shouldnt have thrown me away.
Its not too late.
You dont have to forgive me, Bonnie.
dont forget how beautiful you can be.
How beautiful am I now?
Ill always love you Bonnie.
You wont change that.
Youll keep your promise?
Youll tell Zea where Prince is?
Will you fight?
Were family, Bono.
It's OK, Bono.
I cant do this without her.
I need her.
Im here.
No youre not.
But I can fix it.
No, Bonnie, please.
Its all good, Bono. It's all good.
What are you doing?
Stop it.
Stop it!
Im here.
Dont touch me.
You can do it.
Im lost.
Im gone, Zea.
Cant you see?
Just try, Bonnie.
My name is Bonnie.
This song...
I used to sing it to her
when she couldnt fall asleep
so shed find some peace.
This is for you, Zea.
Its okay.
Im right here.
Were all still here.
Were not killing them, are we?
No, Bono.
OK, cool.
By the way,
I really hate to interrupt you
but Im bleeding out over here.
- You good?
- Amazing. Yeah.
Really great.
Need a bandaid?
Fuck you.
Your relationship is such a mess.
- How is anyone -
- Oh my God.
Consider the mood before you speak.
What if I cant do that?
Then maybe dont say anything at all.
- And if I still say something?
- Ill slap you -
Zea! Bono!
Bonnie and Zea kissed.
Oh my God.
That was crazy. I was so overwhelmed.
I dont know what to say to that.
Then maybe dont say anything at all.
Im sorry.
As long as youre back.
Quick question.
Did anyone get what just happened here
because to me it's just...
Could just be a Bono problem.
Ill kill him.
You know where he is?
What are we waiting for?
- Lets fuck the bastard.
- Zea!
Very vulgar. Totally uncalled for.
Youre about to slap me, arent you?
Stop it, kids. Prince is long gone.
Something doesnt add up.
We saw him.
He wasnt alone, and hes always alone.
The guy at the club?
- You think hes a -
- A Jumper.
You know a Jumper?
By the way, Im still bleeding out.
You know what?
Im gonna put you back together.
No, Bono. Please dont.
Very sorry about this.
- No! Ouch!
- You got a needle?
- What?
- And thread.
You remembered...
the song.
How could I forget?
You always had such a hard time falling asleep.
Hasnt gotten easier without you.
Theres no going back.
Not for me.
Then we go forward.
Like always.
Like before.
Thanks for your help.
Looked like you had it under control.
Do you wanna get up?
Im eating.
Me too.
Very unhealthy.
Well then.
Shall we?
I was going to sing to him.
Id laugh... but someone stabbed me.
Drama Queen.
Ive never seen you laugh.
You shouldve said something.
We would have helped.
Zea... shut up.
Shell be the end of us.
Im glad you survived.
The others bored me.
You think Im your enemy?
Maybe better that way.
I gave this to your mom.
Your birthstone.
I know who you really are.
September Baby.
Are you leaving it at that?
Or do you actually have something smart to say?
You have no idea who you are? Do you?
Zea. Thats right.
The Section isnt what you think.
And youre not Zea.
September Baby.
You just dont get it.
A homeless man gave this to me.
Martin or Markus.
Something with an M.
Martin or Markus
spends every evening waiting
for the flower shops to close.
Whatevers left, he gets to take.
The next day he gets up early
and hands out the flowers.
Not for money, or food, or anything really.
He just does it.
Somehow thats enough.
And thats what you dont get.
You never understood what it means to be human.
Gardner or soldier. Its all just people.
We dont want to go to war.
Because war makes it hard to hear the birds.
And what would you prefer to be?
Gardner or soldier?
I want to be human.
But Im just Prince.
See you around.
Youre not immune to neurotoxins?
You think that does it?
You cant stop the Section.
Im just Prince.
But who is King?
I'm the fucking King.
is not always the best killer.
Sometimes you need more.
You get used to it.
Don't look at me like that.
That's not what I meant.
It's just...
you kind of get used to it.
To all this.
You try to do it differently.
Trying to be a good person.
A better person.
But somehow...
Somehow you always end up here.
And do you know why?
The ugly truth:
Blood does not stick to heroes.
Ah great.
Pretty shitty.
You are fucked.
Yes, I realise that. Thank you.
I hate these moments.