Serenity (2019) Movie Script

Do you see that, captain?
I see him.
Alright, what do you think man?
Do you think the beast is close?
What do you say, Duke?
He's done there somewhere.
Making up his damn mind.
Woohoo, yeah boy!
- Holy fuck.
- Alright.
- Duke get the fight jacket.
- Huh!
Dill, what are you doing?
The hook is set.
You're going to hand over the
rod to the paying customer.
No, Duke, it's him.
How can you possibly
know it's the same fish?
I can feel it.
You take the wheel
and hold it steady.
Okay, sir.
Can I take over the
rod now, please?
Here we go baby.
Sir, we paid you
700 bucks for this.
Dill, he's right, his hook.
Get out of the chair and
give the man the rod.
Hey, that's my
brother's fish there.
Get off the fucking chair.
You get the in hole.
Oh, man.
You sit down and
shut the fuck up.
The both of you.
Son of a bitch.
We paid you 700 bucks and gas.
- Okay, okay.
- Now!
- Okay, okay.
- Get the fuck out of here.
It looks like this
is a trophy fish guys.
Go get some beers,
enjoy the show, yeah?
Duke, take the wheel.
He's headed to open water.
Follow him.
Damn you, oh, here we go kid.
We got it.
Take the leader.
He's spent.
No, he still has
spunk in him Dill.
No, no, he's
dead in the water.
You got him?
Bring him up.
No, no, no, he's
done, bring him up.
There he is.
That's right.
Come on, Duke.
Here we go.
Nice and steady.
We got him this time.
No, no, no, no!
You think we're gonna pay
you a fucking single dollar
for this fiasco,
you're out of your fucking mind.
Lieutenant Gonzales said
without a paper contract
there's nothing that we can do.
So, the gringos don't pay,
no kingfish to sell to Lionel
because you spent
all day on tuna.
I'll pay you.
Yeah, how?
Mr. Baker Dill,
I am increasingly fond
of the way you say hello.
Jack said he heard two
fat guys in the rope,
said you pulled a knife on them.
You ever thought about taking
a course in customer relations?
And by the way,
have you seen my damn cat?
He was up at Joe's.
He gone jealous
feeding him sprites.
You made it all the
way up to the countering
before you decided to
turn around and see me.
Why'd you come Dill?
Why do you think?
Well, it's just
I heard you went
to the Mercantile
Bank this morning.
Who'd you get?
Carter, asshole.
How'd you do?
Oh, Connie seems you
know damn well how I did.
Around here everybody
knows everything.
Well I heard the bank
refused to extend your loan.
So now you can't
even afford gas.
I'm just a little
hurt that you got
all the way as far
as Joe's place
before you decided
I'm the last resort.
Baker Dill.
You're no more than a hooker.
Hooker who can't afford hooks.
How's your son?
Still pumping gas in Miami.
Well he was good
around a boat.
If he wants to quit pumping gas,
I'd take him on.
What's wrong with Duke?
I don't know, he's
gone a little crazy.
Him or you?
You know, Duke's got
a grandkid in college.
He needs work that pays.
How dare old Joe feed my cat?
I like my cats to depend on me.
My sweet kitty.
Hey Dill.
One for old Wes.
There you go, Wes.
Heard you had him
on again, Dill.
Wes wonders if it isn't
the same big old tuna
that broke his heart.
You've hooked him five
times since New Year, right?
Why don't you give him a name?
Me and the boys were saying
you should give him a name.
I already gave him a name.
His name is Justice.
Tomorrow morning, 5:30.
You got money for gas?
If I didn't,
where would we go?
So how many have we got?
Dill, how many paying customers
we taking out tomorrow?
None, Duke.
Just you and me.
We can afford to waste gas?
That was him today.
It was him.
Dear Lord, can't
you put that man
and that damn fish together?
low tide at number 25,
high tide 2100.
Set fair for a
beautiful, lovely day.
Come here, kitty cat.
Mama wants you home.
Sorry kid.
Could have sworn he was spent.
Could feel it in my hands.
- That fucking motherfucker!
- Help!
Good morning,
this is Plymouth Radio,
broadcasting to Plymouth Island
and the ocean all around.
It's another beautiful
morning here on Plymouth,
most beautiful island in
this damn, dirty world.
Temperature, mid 80s,
humidity, just perfect,
and the air smells
of sweet sugar cane.
A perfect day to go out
there on the ocean
and catch that damn fish.
Well Papa told Mama
Well Mama told Papa
Last night she heard
Last night she heard
Yeah Papa told Mama
Oh Papa told Mama
Who didn't believe a word
I wanna grab you oh
Til the break of day
Until the break
of day, oh yeah
That was Mama Told Papa.
What did Mama tell Papa?
Alright, Kali.
Just give me the damn fish, huh?
Reel him in.
We're done for the day.
I'll take the bait
to Lionel and at least
get something for it.
No Duke, we don't
deal fucking bait.
You know what, maybe
it's about fucking luck.
Maybe you're bringing
me bad luck, Duke.
Ever since your wife died
we haven't caught jack shit.
That's right.
Find yourself a
commercial boat, huh?
Alright kid.
Just you and me now.
Let me get a swizzle.
You know Dill there's
an Indian woman out by
Mason's boatyard who says
you can adjust people's luck.
She got that Argentinian
couple a baby.
I don't need a baby, Jack.
You need something, man.
Yeah, I need a drink.
Thought we established that.
Percentages are not science.
Can't tell the future from
the past, you need instinct.
I hear you just lost that.
Duke was in here about
half an hour ago.
Says he's available for
the morning shift.
Dr. Bob was in here drinking.
Said he heard about the knife.
Said maybe you should
go and see him,
talk to him about
your state of mind.
Was that before or
after his third tequila?
Now you and I joke about that
but some of the
guys are concerned.
There's money in fishing
swordfish at night.
No asshole tourists on board.
Lionel pays for grunts
and flat fish too.
I fish tuna.
You fish for one tuna, man,
and that's a tuna that's
only in your head.
I'll get that.
Good to see you, John.
I'll have a sparkling water too.
Ice and lemon?
Why not?
What do you say?
Say I'm not called
John anymore.
Fate's funny, huh?
Okay Karen.
I don't believe in coincidence.
Neither do I.
Welcome to Plymouth, ma'am.
Do you have a place here?
Maybe we can go to dinner?
Only places that are
open you're in it.
I'd like to talk to
you someplace private.
I'd like to know what
the fuck you're doing
out here on the edge of nowhere.
I came to tell
you you were right
and I was wrong.
I hear you have a boat.
You own this boat?
Well, me and the
bank, we take turns.
This is about as
private as it gets.
How did you find me
and what do you want?
Back in the real world
they got this thing
called Facebook, you
ever heard of it?
Well, when I decided
to track you down
I reached out to some
of the guys from school.
You remember Dodie,
the relentless one?
Well he put together a class
reunion a couple years ago,
only two who didn't
show were you and me.
Nobody knew where you were.
Everybody knew about
Iraq and the medals.
So little Greg had gone
fishing on this boat
on some island in the middle
of nowhere and he had caught
a fish and had his photo
taken with it and he said
that there was this
guy in the shot
who looked just like John Mason.
Only he said the guy was
calling himself Baker Dill.
Was it a big fish?
Excuse me?
He had his photo taken, it
must have been a big fish.
So we tracked down the photo.
Couldn't tell if it was you
standing there or not but
the name gave it
away, Baker Dill.
Dillon Baker was the only
teacher you respected at Morgan.
He taught math, right?
You still haven't
told me what you want.
Figured if you were
using an assumed name
you were on the run.
I'm just waiting on
some things back home
to lose their significance.
I thought you being outside
the law would be okay.
In fact it would be good.
'Cause like I say,
you were right and I was wrong.
About Frank.
He got richer and bigger
and drunker and angrier.
Hands turned to fists...
So get a divorce.
Except I guess you can't.
No, I can't.
He's even more connected than
he was, Cubans out of Miami.
I try to leave, he'd
found a hole for me
in one of his
construction sites.
That's the truth.
I didn't come here thinking
you might forgive me.
He's violent
with you, right?
Different kinds.
He's refined it lately.
And how's my son
with that, Karen?
How's my son with
this refinement?
He hides away.
- I swear to fucking god...
- Look it's not,
Daddy, it's my fault,
it's my fault!
- He gets scared when we fight.
- You fucking shut up!
I'm sorry, Daddy.
He plays games.
He has his computer.
Plays for hours and hours.
School says he's got
a unique ability
but he just seems
kinda broken down.
And take that
Don't make me come in there!
Saving Patrick is the
reason I'm here.
I need help now, John.
This could be just business.
You need money, me and
Patrick need a way out.
My husband is joining me
here the day after tomorrow.
I told him that I would charter
a boat for fishing tuna.
I want you to take him
out on your boat,
let him get drunk,
then drop him in the
ocean for the sharks.
In return I will give
you $10 million cash.
Listen before the moon goes
down I got fish to catch.
Need you the fuck off my boat.
- $10 million, John.
- Get the fuck off my boat.
- I'm at the American Hotel.
- Mr. Dill, Mr. Baker Dill!
Can I speak to you a moment?
Mr. Dill, I just need
a few minutes of your time.
Ma'am, do you know the
captain of that boat?
Hey Constance.
What are you doing up here?
Looking for my damn cat.
Uh huh.
Front pocket.
- I'm allowed inside?
- If you wipe your feet.
Thank you, ma'am.
I hear you got
lucky last night.
Sure did.
Three swordfish over
50 pound, 800 bucks,
plus I cut out the
cheeks for breakfast.
You want some?
They say she looks
like some kind of model.
Consuela said the lady said
her husband's coming
here to catch tuna.
Doesn't anyone
around here do any work
they're paid to do?
Is that
why she came to see you?
Are you going to take him out?
- Where are you going?
- Take a shower.
You fucking bitch,
you always have to go there!
Daddy, stop.
Dad, there's
something I need you to do.
- Don't you fuckin' dare!
- I have to...
There'll be no
fuckin' presents for you!
Is that you?
Frank, god!
Arrived a day early, baby.
But there were
no flights today.
I rented a Lear jet.
I had to come and get you.
Let's get this fuckin'
show on the road, huh?
I paid a fucking jet for
this so let's lose the robe.
Hey whoa whoa whoa
whoa, turn around.
Nice and slow.
Oh yeah.
What's this, huh?
Just a little scratch.
Oh, little scratch, huh?
Playing with a cat, maybe?
I don't know.
You don't know.
Man of the moment.
Your ears burning?
Come to settle up, Lois.
Well if you want my
opinion, I didn't think
she was so special.
Bring her out there on the quay
with some big hat and
shades like it's 90 degrees.
I owe you for 20 spoons,
hooks, and 1,000 yards of line,
that's $25.
And her husband, man.
Her husband arrives on a
jet decorated like a cake.
This fella says he came
early to surprise her
and gave Carlos 150 for
finding champagne at 10 am.
A dozen regular sevens
and a couple of feathers
as well, will you?
Going after swordfish again?
Mm hmm.
Guess you've gotta pay the
bills now that Duke's gone.
Poor old Duke.
He's got himself some day
work up at the boat yard.
Poor old Duke.
You shouldn't have blamed
his wife for your bad luck.
I don't, I blame
your damn hooks.
Two seeders.
- For tuna?
- What else?
Swordfish at night, tuna in
the day, when you gonna sleep?
When I've bought my
boat from the bank.
And then I'm gonna
sail away to somewhere
where nobody knows
your business.
What name are you
gonna use there?
Consuela says the
big guy beat her
with his hands and his belt.
Hour and a half.
She didn't make a sound.
Miami is some strange
place, right?
Oh and there was some
skinny guy from Fontaine
looking for you.
He left you his card.
My wife says you're
being a little difficult.
Well as I explained
to your wife last night,
I don't have a first
mate right now
and by law I'm not allowed
to take tourists out alone.
The law, huh?
Funny you should say
that 'cause I ain't see
any law around here that'd
cost more than 10 bucks
since I left Miami.
I can't afford to
lose my licence.
Well take the cock
out of your mouth.
Four years on the line,
I won the Bermuda
yellowfin tournament.
54, 70, 73, and a 56 pounds.
Your proficiency does
not alter the regulations.
My proficiency.
Jesus, he talks like a
fucking college professor.
My wife, my beautiful wife,
she arranged this trip
and she sat up on the fucking
internet night after night
typing away to find the
perfect boat to make this trip
perfect because she wants it
to be perfect, perfect for me.
Now myself, well, I'd
say a son of a bitch
runs a bucket same as any other,
and I'd fly to some other
island, but I don't got time.
I only got two days.
So, let's be here at seven.
Just me, you, and the
motherfuckin' tuna.
I already told you
it's not worth the risk.
I'm not gonna do it.
Please think about
it, Mr. Dill.
It's okay, honey.
Every man has his price.
Tomorrow at 7 a.m.
I'm gonna be here.
So should you.
Mr. Dill!
Damnit, Damnit.
Mr. Dill!
There's something wrong.
There appears to be a
20 second discrepancy
in my allotted schedule.
Two nights in a row.
That mean you change your luck?
- I'd say 110 pounds.
- Another billfish, huh?
That's $800.
Yesterday when you came
in with the swordfish,
I thought at last, Baker
Dill has seen sense.
I hear from Lois you
bought new seeders.
So even though you're
making money on night fish,
you're still going out after
that fish that's in your head.
You do know it's just
in your head, right?
Well hell yeah.
That's why I gotta
get him Outta there.
Oh and yesterday there was
some skinny guy Outta Fontaine.
Got here right after you left.
Hey hey hey hey,
what are you doing
all the way down here,
kitty cat, huh?
I'm taking you home.
Collect my reward.
This is Plymouth Radio.
Sup, what's up?
Did you get what you wanted...
In a hurry today.
I need to be on the
ocean before 10.
So tell me the truth, Dill.
You knew her before, right?
I hear she needs to be saved.
He gets drunk, beats her up.
You don't treat me badly.
We just lean on each
other a little.
I give you cash when
the fish don't bite,
and you find my cat when you do.
Catch the cat for Constance.
Okay Dill, say fate
gave you the choice.
You can get the lady or
you can catch that tuna
that's in your head.
Which one would you choose?
Another beautiful day
on Plymouth Island.
Tuna, albacore, swords
ready to catch.
Clear blue sky.
One little thing.
If you have a boat and man
of course you have a boat
maybe just maybe
that rare thing.
Storm's coming.
Dill, the rich guy
who's aboard your boat
already strap into
the king chair
drinking champagne from
a bucket of bait ice.
Yeah, well unstrap him.
You know they say he
drew 10,000 in cash
from the mercantile.
I guess you want a
piece of the action, huh?
You listen to me.
Consuela heard the
guy say to his wife
that he was going to offer
you the whole 10 grand.
That he was going to
do it to prove a point,
to prove that some little
fucking guy can't say no.
Yeah, so what?
So I need the money!
You need the money, we
take him out, let him fish,
I'll take two, you take eight.
The Serenity needs an overhaul.
My granddaughter needs
money for the next semester.
And why would I
take you out, Duke?
You're bad luck.
No, no, Constance told me
the real reason you fired me.
Pity is worse than a
fist in the face.
I'm not begging you, Baker Dill.
I'm just telling you.
When life offers you an
opportunity like this,
you have to take it.
But you stay close to me
today Duke, you hear me?
I need you to deliver
me from temptation.
What temptation?
You don't need to know.
My husband's offering $10,000.
Yeah this is Plymouth.
I already know.
You gonna take him?
I'm gonna take him
out, and that's it.
My first mate Duke will
be on board with me,
we'll fish until the sun
sets and then we'll return.
All three of us.
Then we'll go back.
And Patrick will hear
the key in the door.
And then on it goes and on.
The three of us.
I know you think about
him all the time,
I know you do, Dill.
You talk to him.
About catching a
particular fish.
He hears you through
his computer screen.
The gentleman has brought
hard liquor aboard.
That's against the rules, right?
It's okay Duke, the
rules have changed.
It's true.
He hears you every
time you talk to him.
You are connected.
Take a look, Dill.
Yeah, I saw him earlier.
He was circling right
over the harbour.
A frigate?
Frigate don't fly over land.
I know, it's the
damndest thing.
Like the son of a bitch
was coming to collect me.
Frigate don't fly
over land, Dill.
You must have been mistaken.
Some weird stuff
going on right now.
How do you guys live in a town
with only one fuckin' bar?
The Rope's not so bad.
It used to be called
the Hope and Anchor.
Then old Jack decided
there wasn't much hope
to be had in Plymouth, so
he changed hope to rope.
Lots of rope in Plymouth,
enough to hang yourself.
Isn't that right, Dill?
Is that right?
Maybe we should throw
out some bait, huh?
Come on, let's fuckin'
chum the waters.
What do you guys do
for girls in this town?
You, what do you do?
Not much.
Not much, no?
What about you, Dill?
It's kind of a small island.
Guy at the hotel says
in the poor part of town
down by the
commercial harbour,
got little girls'll
take it right
in the ass for
10 bucks a pop.
You know anything about that?
I wouldn't know
anything about that, sir.
Well I got a fuckin'
head up there tonight
and grab myself some
of that $10 ass.
You don't have kids,
do you, Mr. Zariakas?
My wife's got this son from
a previous fuck up, though.
Creepy little fuck.
Open the door.
Patrick, open the door.
Come on, I just wanna talk.
You know, I try, I
really fuckin' do.
I say come on kid,
let's go outside,
let's toss a football around,
let's play some football
like men.
But he just sits there
staring at his computer screen
like he's staring at a
window all day fuckin' long
with the curtains closed.
Get out here, have a fuckin'
talk to me like a man.
Got a maths teacher who
thinks he's a genius.
That fuckin' genius can't
even screw a bell on a bike.
God Damnit!
You open the door,
you little prick!
One I grab him, I throw
him off his chair,
I wanna see what he's doing.
You know I'm thinking whatever,
porn, ninjas, stealing cars.
You know what this little
fuckin' retard's doing?
Catching fish.
He's got this whole world.
There's this guy on a boat
and he's catching fish.
I said how the fuck can
you do the same thing
all day long and you
know what he said to me?
If I didn't catch
fish all day...
If I didn't catch
fish all day...
If I didn't catch fish all
day I'd find a way to kill you.
Swear to fuckin' god
that's what he said to me.
Creepy little fucker.
I'll find a fuckin'
hole for him one day.
Why would you son wanna
kill you, Mr. Zariakas?
How the fuck would I know?
What the fuck is it
to you, Dill, huh?
Maybe you can give me
the name of that street
those little hot
red asses are on?
Guy at the hotel said
there's only one cop in town
and he's gone away
for the weekend
so I can do whatever
the fuck I want.
Yeah, there's no law
on Plymouth right now.
Hey, give me that fuckin' rod!
- Alright.
- Come on.
- Come on, get it in.
- No no no, it's just a shark.
I don't give a fuck.
- Give the rod to me.
- No I'm gonna cut him loose
and let him ride.
It's a shark, you
said you wanted tuna.
Gimme the fuckin' rod,
come on, clip me in, come on.
Duke, get the bucket.
What are we looking at?
450 pound great white,
enough to give you
a buzz maybe, huh, that's
what you want, right?
I can do that.
Come on, plug me in, baby.
- We gotta attach the reel.
- Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.
Whoa whoa whoa oh fuck!
Whoa, whoa, hey,
Gimme a hand, man!
Jesus Christ!
Hey baby!
You see what Daddy caught?
Big fuckin' shark.
Honey I swear tomorrow I'm
gonna get you a big fat tuna.
Or some fuckin' heads
are gonna roll.
Come on, kiss for Daddy, huh?
You going out again tomorrow?
Baby I gotta, I gotta
show these boys.
We're all set up for
fuckin' sharks.
Tomorrow I show 'em
how to catch tuna.
Hey, school for you
tomorrow, Captain Dole.
You're the boss.
Fuckin' A I'm the boss.
Gonna wash my hands,
okay, you pay the guy.
Watch his eyes pop out
of his fuckin' head.
You pay me another 10,
we do the same thing
again tomorrow.
- John.
- We fish, we come back.
You've spent one day with him.
I have had 10 years.
Karen, you got the money.
Go to Europe, go anywhere,
just keep that fuckin'
animal away from my son.
And have him hunt us?
Come on.
Fuckin' blood everywhere here!
John, the 10 million
is dirty money,
it's in cash, it's yours.
Okay John you want the truth?
Your son wants you to
do it, this is his idea.
You're his father, he
needs you to do this.
He wants justice.
Baby, come on, let's
go up to the hotel
and get a cocktail.
Early to bed for you
boys, school tomorrow.
Tuna, T-U-N-A.
Talk to me about temptation.
I know you, Dill.
The way you looked at him,
the way you looked at her.
You knew her before.
Yeah, more than that.
What happened?
I went away to war.
War fucked me up.
Came back and she was with him.
Except I didn't really
ever come back.
What about that kid
he was talking about?
Yeah Duke, you remember
when I hired you
how many rules about
discussing the past?
I'm not talking
about the past.
I'm talking about
today, on deck.
I've spent so long
on boats with you
I can hear you thinking.
So that kid from previous
fuck up is yours?
And how much did she offer
you to kill her husband?
Who's crazy now, huh?
Dill, even if that
bastard deserves it,
even if Lieutenant Gonzales
won't raise a finger,
there's right and
wrong, heaven and hell.
You know Duke you
made two grand in a day.
I think it's best you go find
someplace safe to put it.
What about tomorrow?
What about tomorrow?
This will blow
over by morning.
You know it.
So, tell me about tomorrow.
Am I hired to come along,
or are you going out
with him alone?
I'll sleep on it.
I doubt you'll sleep.
There is a god, Dill.
And you're a good man.
Catch the fish in your
head, that is the rule.
Do not kill the man.
Can you
fuckin' hear me?
- Get the fuck up!
- Dad!
My poor, sweet kitty.
What are
you doing here?
He went looking around
the commercial harbour.
All these years I never
stopped thinking about you.
You put it on my
finger when I was 16.
You remember?
Outside the fix in
the parking lot?
I kept it.
It's the same one.
You took it from the
burner on the stove
of your dad's boat.
No, that's just some
old ring you found.
You said with this stupid
ring, I thee wed, baby.
I remember it word for word.
And then you left.
I kept it.
I wear it when I'm alone.
You remember that night.
We went to the bridge.
You were fishing.
Eels and jacks.
Then you said I was
finally old enough.
First time for me.
First time ever.
If we could go back to
that bridge, that night,
would you go?
What you mean no
war, no fuck up,
no body parts laying around
in the sand in my arms,
my fuckin' hands?
I loved you even
after you were gone.
Listen up.
Before this gets any
crazier, here's the deal.
I will take him out tomorrow.
He will drink.
He will fall overboard.
The sharks will get the heat
and I will get 10
million in cash.
Afterwards, I will go somewhere,
you will bring my son to me
and then we'll see what happens.
But don't you bullshit
me about love.
I'm doing this for
him, Patrick, my son.
You and me are not
part of the deal.
Okay, okay.
People don't change.
I'm still the
girl at the bridge.
We're both destroyed, right?
Both damaged.
Both damaged in
different places.
That's it.
I beat him.
I win.
Make sure you don't get him
there til noon tomorrow.
I take him out on the ebb.
When water's high, I'll do it.
Then the current will take away
what the sharks leave behind.
Your mother says you can
hear me when I talk to you.
How can that be, huh?
That makes no sense.
She never knows whether
opportunity's all around her
or it pours off her like rain.
I'm gonna do this, just
you and me, tomorrow.
Then maybe you can open
the goddamn curtain
and step outside.
Mr. Dill.
It's quite a bit
unpleasant out here.
Can we go inside?
My name is Reid Miller,
from Fontaine.
The boat and fishing
tackle suppliers.
I'm a technical representative
and head of regional sales
in the latitudes that
include Plymouth.
May I come in and talk to you?
It's 2:30 in the morning.
You're out at sea
mostly, I keep missing you.
By a bigger margin every time.
With the storm
keeping you ashore
I thought I'd take
my opportunity.
What I have in my hands
may change your life
and give you the one thing
you've always wanted.
Well that sounds great Reid
but I've got kind of
a big day tomorrow.
Yes, Mr. Dill.
I know all about your big day.
And I think you should
hear what I have to say.
Have a seat.
Can I get you something?
Bigger hands.
What's that?
Bigger hands.
Whenever I'm around fishermen
I wish I had bigger hands.
I'm listening, man.
What the fuck do you want?
Mr. Dill.
Inside this suitcase...
Don't tell me you're
gonna try and sell me
a fishing tackle.
Yes, yes I am.
At 2:30 in the morning?
As I say, you're often at sea.
The electrical storm
is my only opportunity.
Alright listen I'm a man
who can appreciate persistence
with need to fish.
With me it's you.
Here's what you're
gonna do, little man.
I'm gonna pour you a little nip,
gonna keep the cold off of you,
then you gotta get
the fuck Outta here
and go back to where
you came from.
I got an early start
in the morning.
Actually, tomorrow you
don't sail until midday.
That is to say low tide is noon
and as a rule you
sail at low tide.
You know a lot
about me, don't you?
Almost everything.
Drink up.
What's in the case?
This, Mr. Dill,
is the all new Fontaine
marine sonic fish finder.
A fish finder.
It uses subaquatic
sonar signals.
I know what the fuck
a fish finder is.
Ah, but Mr. Dill...
Let me see that card again.
Is this a joke?
The guys at the Rope
put you up to this?
It's no joke, we are prepared
to give you this model,
the Fontaine White Wave,
free of charge for one week,
a trial.
Perhaps you can try
it out tomorrow.
What's so special
about tomorrow, hmm?
Mr. Dill, all I can say
is I am a representative
of Fontaine and they really
want you to catch the fish.
And I want you to take this
piece of equipment on trial.
Just take the fish finder
and try it and it will work.
I promise you.
I am the rules.
You're the what?
Those are the rules.
You said you knew
something about tomorrow.
What do you know?
Mr. Dill.
Please just decide
to catch the fish.
Don't kill that man.
I really shouldn't drink,
I can't say any more.
I have to go.
Who the fuck are you?
You're gonna tell me what
you know about tomorrow.
And if you don't you're
not gonna see it.
Mr. Dill, if you have
to kill me, then kill me.
But I am just playing
my part in the game.
What game?
What fucking game?
This game.
Don't you get it?
Someone made the whole thing up.
You're a fuck up,
you and the fuckin' kid!
All of this.
Plymouth Island is a game.
There are lots of games
on Plymouth Island.
Catch the cat.
Count the sprats.
You get logs and frigate
birds and fish finders
and bottles of rum.
You see someone made a
world on their computer
so they could play games.
But his favourite has
always been catch the tuna.
The lighthouse.
Light, dark, one, zero.
The fundamental process.
The rule is you've got to
catch a particular fish.
That rule is your compulsion
and your compulsion
is a rule in a game.
But now it seems the fish
is no longer the point.
The new game is that
you kill a man.
I don't know who
the fuck you are
but it's time for you to leave.
Who the fuck I am
is I am the rules.
And according to the rules, on
Plymouth Island, no one dies.
It isn't meant to be
that kind of game.
So as a representative of
the existing programme,
my question is, the
big question is,
why has the creator
changed the rules?
Unless you've
been living under a rock,
I think I hardly need to
motivate machine learning
and neural networks
to the present...
Have these complex
systems of information
relay points and from that
consciousness naturally arises.
morning, this is Plymouth Radio.
Broadcasting to Plymouth
Island and the ocean.
Well the storm's blown over.
Where the hell did
that come from, right?
Anyway, I would
give you the time
but you don't care
what time it is.
This is Plymouth Island...
Alright Patrick.
I'm gonna kill a man today.
That's what you want, right?
I've just got so many
holes in my memory
I don't know what they're
from, the war, the rum.
I mean I don't even remember
how the hell I got here.
But I remember you.
When you were three years old.
We went fishing.
Who's biting, huh?
We didn't catch a damn thing.
But I remember I got so mad.
And maybe that's why you
made me like I am, huh?
Mad as hell to catch
that damn fish.
Yeah but lately I've
been having this thing
in my memory where I...
Where I see myself
laying dead in the sand.
Mr. Dill.
Remember me?
Constance's kid.
My Mom said you
had a job for me?
I quit my job pumping
gas in Miami, here I am.
Are you okay, Mr. Dill?
You did always say I was
good around the boat.
I said you were the lucky one.
The lucky kid.
I always thought if I got
you aboard I might catch him.
The beast, the big one.
I always asked the
game to bring you to me
and now look at this,
out of the blue.
Here you are.
You don't look
so good, Mr. Dill.
Had kind of a strange night.
At the old Rope, right?
You sank a few, huh?
I brought some lures I
picked up in Boca Raton.
I don't need a man
today, Sampson.
Changed the rules.
He wants me to do it,
I'm gonna do it.
That's it.
But Mr. Dill, please.
day to head out on the ocean.
Today's low tide at noon and 25.
High tide 2100.
Set fair for a beautiful
Plymouth day.
So just get out there
and catch that damn Fi...
Yeah, come on you son of
a bitch, come on, come on.
Ah, here we go.
Baker Dill.
Come on in, I got
something for you.
Yeah, what you got?
It's a surprise.
Latest thing.
Specimen tuna lures that
wriggle like a bitch.
Latest thing on the grand backs.
Never fail.
I got tired of seeing
your damn face
so disappointed all
the time so I spoke
to the representative
from Fontaine.
Skinny guy?
It's alright Dill,
I know times are hard.
You can have those
free of charge.
Kind of strange guy, right?
He gave 'em to me
for free, a free trial.
Yeah he knew a lot about me.
How do you explain that?
Explain what?
See Lois you know
how in Plymouth
they like to say everybody
knows everything?
Now wouldn't it be funny
if the truth was that
nobody knows anything?
Like where exactly
it is that we are?
Where in the world are we, Lois?
Dill well you have
yourself a good day now
and do what's right, okay?
Yeah, and what's that?
Go catch that fish, Dill.
Fontaine Boat and
Fishing Tackle Suppliers.
Hi, yes, I'm calling
about a Mr. Reid Miller,
he's a technical representative
with your company,
he tried to sell me a
fish finder last night.
I was just checking, he works
for you, right, he's real?
Yes sir, why do you ask?
And Fontaine Boat and
Fishing Tackle Suppliers,
that's what you do, you're real?
Why yes sir.
Well listen, I'd like to
leave Mr. Miller a message.
can I take your name?
Oh he'll know who I am.
Sir, there
are rules here.
My message is thank you.
I cannot leave Mr.
Miller a message unless I
take your...
Hey Dill.
Weather blew over just in time.
I got your ice and
beers ready for you.
I won't need ice and
beer today, Jack.
Just a bottle of rum.
You got customers today?
Mm hmm.
I thought you had rules
about taking strong
liquor on-board.
Well the rules have changed.
You know Dill if you
gonna catch old Justice,
maybe you should go out alone.
Tourists just get
under your feet.
Now why would you
say that, Jack?
What's that?
Do you even know?
- Know what?
- Why you say things.
Do you even know what
this is all about?
Nah, it's just me
going crazy, right?
Probably need to see Dr. Bob.
I think the island's
getting to me.
Oh yeah.
It'll do that okay.
Exactly how many years
have I been here, Jack?
What's that?
How long have I been
on Plymouth Island?
Sometimes it feels like
we've all been here
forever, right?
I'll get you that
bottle of rum.
I got a feeling
today is the day.
Yeah, today is
the day alright.
Don't you,
you come back here!
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Come back
here, you bitch!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
- I'm sorry!
- Shut the fuck up.
- I said I'm sorry.
- Shut the fuck up!
I swear to god I will find
a fucking hole for you.
No Duke, I'm going
out alone today.
Yeah, alone is right.
You will be alone
because Mr. Zariakas
won't be showing up.
I made some arrangements,
he won't be coming.
What arrangements?
What happened?
Oh, fuck, my rib!
I don't feel so good.
I used my $2,000 to pay
some Argentinian camera guy
to break his hand.
You fuckin' what?
It was fuckin' six
of them against me.
Oh fuck!
You what?
I didn't do it to save
him, I did it to save you.
No, no Duke.
No you didn't fuckin' do that.
I don't think there's
gonna be any sport for me
for a while, baby.
Deliver me from temptation,
that's what you said.
And that's what I've done.
Dill, you're not
right in your mind.
You should go see Dr. Bob.
Get the fuck off my boat.
- You should see someone.
- Get off my boat!
I quit!
Give me a bottle of rum.
I already gave you a bottle.
And I already
drank that bottle.
Now give me a goddamn bottle.
You're sitting
in ol' Wes's seat.
That's right, Jack.
Right here.
What happened?
You don't drink before
you go out, Dill.
That's 'cause I'm
not going out.
Why not?
You want something to eat?
I got ham and eggs.
Okay Dill, here's
how we all see it.
Three days ago you pull
a knife on some tourists,
yell bad things at Duke.
Joe at the carrier says
he sees you running naked
in the mornings.
Last night everybody saw
you sitting on the deck
in the rain talking to the air.
Now whether you like it or not,
I'm calling Dr. Bob, okay?
You're a part of it, Jack.
And you don't even know it.
This whole goddamn
island is a part of it.
But nobody knows it.
You wanna go call Dr. Bob?
Go do that.
Okay, this
is a message for Baker Dill
from all your friends
on Plymouth Island.
Come back, man.
You've got a fish to catch.
I'm so mad about this.
Oh I know baby, they got
what was coming to them.
I so wanted my Daddy to
catch me a big fish today.
I spent so long planning this.
Those nights on the internet.
I know.
- I know.
- I'm so sad
my dream's not gonna come true.
I know baby, I know.
I'm hurt pretty bad, baby.
I want you to pretend
that my throat...
- Oh.
- Is your big old fishing rod.
- Baby my hand is broke.
- See,
see if you can
hold it, just see.
I can't, my
hand's broke, baby.
Oh, just try, just try.
I can't.
Oh yes Daddy I feel that.
That is so strong.
I can't stop you.
Nobody can stop you.
You know, if you wanted
to go I'd come with you.
I'd help you.
- You would?
- Yeah.
How the fuck did
you know I was here?
Oh come on, on Plymouth
everybody knows everything.
Except what the
fuck is going on.
If it helps, I don't
much know either.
I just kind of know
what's supposed to happen.
Well if it helps, I
called your office.
They said you are real.
That's very kind of them.
Did you ask them
what real means?
I didn't have enough coins
to get into that conversation.
- Fuck.
- What's funny?
What's not funny, huh?
I get theory on
my own existence.
It's very interesting.
Intellectually challenging.
I mean I gotta favour the notion
that I've just been on
this island too long.
Had so much bad fuckin'
rum I lost my grease.
You're not crazy.
Well if someone invented me
how come I know who I am?
You don't.
You don't.
We are such stuff as
dreams are made of.
So in short, nobody
knows anything.
Nobody except whoever
created us, and who's that?
You know, don't you?
Know what?
Who the creator is.
This is a game?
Yeah, I guess I do.
Everything is a guess.
Every wave that
breaks is a guess.
Come on, who is it?
It's a boy.
Sitting in a dark room.
In some other part of the
house he can hear some guy
beating his mother.
So he sits in front of
his computer screen
wishing he could bring
his dad back so he could
kill the son of a
bitch, there it is.
That's it.
So that's the new game.
Your new compulsion.
Real, not real, I
don't give a fuck.
He wants me to do it, he needs
me to do it, I'm gonna do it.
It's called justice or something
like that, I'm doing it.
Well, if that's the new
rule, I should help you.
Fuck fish finders, right?
Consuela told Lois who told me
in spite of all the
obstacles that have been
thrown in her way, Karen
has persuaded Zariakas
to be on the boat at noon.
If the game is to kill him,
you don't have much time.
Here we go, come on
baby, that's right.
I'm the rules, I
am the rules, huh?
Let me show you how
it's done, son.
Just like in Iraq,
that was a game, huh?
Shoot 'em up game.
I was good at that game, huh?
That's right.
Let's put it to good use.
Call it justice, huh?
Here we go.
I gave him medication
and bandaged his hand.
He's been drinking rum,
he's been throwing up,
so let's get him on board
before he changes his mind.
This is fate, John.
He's so broken up he
can't fight back.
Stay calm, Karen, I got this.
- Does he have a gun?
- No.
I mean, yeah but I hid it.
It's fate, John.
How we
doing, boss man?
- What's that?
- Huh?
I assume you want
something cold to drink.
The tide's gonna be turning
soon, we should get on board
if we're gonna do this.
Well he's badly wounded.
Just get him on board,
he wants to fish.
You wanna fish, right?
Fuckin' show that
fuckin' Captain Dole...
There we go.
Let's do this, on
three, one, two, three.
Oh, mother fuck!
You got it, easy does it.
Have a seat right here
in the king's chair.
Get some rum in him.
All he can handle.
Here you go, Daddy.
You did it, Daddy.
You did it, that's good.
Oh creator of this
garden of Eden.
Please understand
he's a good soul
whose mind has been
disturbed by temptation.
Come back
here, you bitch!
I just...
Come back
you fucking bitch!
Mrs. Zariakas please
put the fighting jacket
on your husband.
- Hey, give me your hand.
- Huh?
- Okay, can you sit up?
- No.
- Can you sit up?
- No.
When that fuckin' fish bites,
you be sure to put that rod in
my good hand, okay Mr. Dole?
You the boss.
Oh yeah, make sure he gives
the fuckin' rod to me, yeah?
To me, yes what?
Yes, Daddy.
You fuckin' hear that, Dole?
She likes to call me Daddy.
I hear it.
How about your boy?
He call you Daddy too?
What's that?
That creepy one, Patrick.
- He call you Daddy?
- John.
Stay cool.
What'd you call him?
Alright we got
blood in the water.
Sharks are gonna come, my man.
Yeah but we're after the
fuckin' tuna though, yeah?
You goddamn right
we're going after tuna.
The time's right.
We're gonna fuckin' do it.
We're gonna do what?
Swear to fuckin' god, look
what you did to me, huh?
please, please!
You fuckin' happy now?
Catch the famous
fish, of course.
Hey, Mr. Dill.
I figured it was last
night's rum talking
when you said you
didn't need me.
I stowed away.
But I'm here to help.
Oh fuck.
I wanna show you I am lucky.
John, who the hell is this?
I just, I thought I'd
bring you some luck.
What the fuck you keep
calling him John for?
Mr. Dill, I'm
sorry, I didn't know.
I thought you'd be fine with it.
You don't have to pay me.
No it's okay Sampson,
it's okay, listen.
Want you to go up to the
wheel house, tidy up.
When you're done, fetch me
a pack of cigarettes, okay?
- Yes sir, captain.
- Okay.
Mr. Zariakas, stay in your
seat and watch the rigs.
Mrs. Zariakas, do you wanna
know where the toilet is?
- Yes.
- Follow me.
Okay, okay, okay we
offer the kid money
to keep his mouth shut, right?
No, no that's not a good idea.
I'm not doing that to the kid.
What do you propose?
I can't go back
to my life, John.
I can't go back to my life.
- Easy.
- No, no!
Fish on,
tying onto shotgun.
Gun him, gun him, gun him!
Fish on.
Look what
you fuckin' made me do!
Oh Jesus Christ, it's him.
What do you mean, it's him?
It's Justice.
Shut the fuck
up, one more fuckin'...
Sampson, it's him!
It's him?
I knew it!
I knew I'd bring you luck!
Hold her steady!
Are you fucking nuts?
Give that line to me, come on.
You're mine now.
- Hey.
- You're fuckin' mine, baby.
Are you seriously going
to catch a fish now?
He is.
This time I'm
gonna fuckin' do it.
Daddy, do you wanna
take the rod, huh?
- Yeah.
- Huh?
Yeah, Gimme that fuckin' rod.
Sampson, the paying
customer has insisted
that I transfer the rod to him.
Okay Mr. Dill.
Are you sure you can
handle this beast, huh?
You man enough?
'Cause let me tell you this
motherfucker is the beast.
Yeah, give it to me.
Put it into my left hand.
There we go, huh?
- Gimme the fuckin' rod.
- Here we go.
Clip me in.
Six feet under, you
and the fuckin' kid.
You hear me?
I will fuckin' bury you!
Oh man.
Big enough to have
his own fuckin' name.
And the question
is, do you want him?
Don't let go baby,
don't let go!
He's yours now.
And you're his.
Man overboard!
In the Pompano
Beach area of Miami last night
police responding to a 911
call arrested a 13 year old
juvenile Patrick
Zariakas on a charge
of second degree murder.
The boy's stepfather,
Frank Zariakas,
a construction worker, was
found with a single knife wound
to the chest.
Patrick's mother, Karen
Zariakas, claims she and her son
had been the victims
of domestic violence
for many years.
She claims Patrick
acted in self-defence
and to protect his mother
during a drunken assault.
Lindsay Carillo has more.
I'm outside
the Rosemont High School
and Plymouth Boulevard
where Patrick's principal,
Dillon Baker, has issued a
statement describing Patrick
as a gifted IT student living
in a troubled environment
who had withdrawn into a world
he created on his computer.
We have also learned
that Patrick Zariakas's
real father, Captain John
Mason, was killed in action
in 2006 while fighting
in Ramadi, Iraq.
He was posthumously awarded
the purple heart for gallantry.
It's done.
That was telling the truth
when I said I love you.
And Patrick loves you.
And you love him.
Somewhere you will find him.
Yeah, somewhere.
Police tell us
that Patrick will undergo
a detention risk assessment,
and due to the mitigating
circumstances, will be
released into the custody
of his mother.
We understand that so far he
has yet to speak to anyone
about what happened.
It's Patrick, is that you?
Can you hear me?
Yeah, buddy, it's
Dad, it's Dad.
Dad, I just
wanna know, are you okay?
What happened?
I don't know, I don't
know what happened,
I don't know anything, you know.
Nobody knows anything.
You know all I know is that
you and me, somewhere.
Dad, I...
I did something real bad.
I know, I know,
it's okay, it's okay,
you did the right thing.
You hear me?
Sometimes we do bad
things for good reasons.
Dad, I'm
gonna change the game.
So I can come visit
you sometime.
Is that okay?
I'm here, alright,
come see me.
Come see me, we'll
meet at the Serenity.
We can go somewhere,
anywhere we want, huh?
we'll go somewhere.
We'll go fishing.
I'll meet you at the boat, hmm?
I'm gonna
change the game.
You're real.
There's a
you and a me, somewhere.