Serpent's Egg, The (1977) Movie Script

The scene is Berlin,
the evening of Saturday,
November 3, 1923.
A pack of cigarettes
costs four billion marks,
and most everyone has lost faith
in both the future and the present.
Mr. Abel?
Your brothers already at home.
This is for both of you.
Thank you, Frau Hemse.
Thank you.
You can sit down.
So, you dont speak German at all?
Damned nuisance.
Frulein Dorst
has her Sunday ruined.
- Whats your name?
- Abel Rosenberg.
Im 35.
I was born in Philadelphia.
My folk come from Riga in Latvia.
My brother Max
and his wife Manuela,
the three of us
came to Berlin a month ago...
No, at the end of September.
Max hurt his wrist,
so we couldnt perform anymore.
We were circus artists.
We had a trapeze act.
The reason
of your brothers suicide?
Unhappy love affair?
Alcoholism? Drugs?
Nervous breakdown?
- Fed up with life generally?
- I dont know.
An unexplainable impulse,
was that it?
Well, it happens.
Did you get in touch with his wife?
I tried to last night
and this morning, but I cant find her.
You didnt live together,
all of you?
Max and Manuela
got divorced two years ago.
After the circus let us go,
Manuela went to work
in a cabaret.
I will go see her there
this afternoon.
They open at 3:00 on Sundays.
May I see your papers, please?
Youre Jewish?
- Why?
- Nothing.
I was just curious.
You may now go.
Thank you.
What are your plans?
How long will you stay in Berlin?
As you know, there is
great unemployment.
We are not going to take care
of you when your money runs out.
Yes, I know.
Good-bye, Mr. Rosenberg.
Good-bye, Inspector.
Good-bye, Frulein Dorst.
Are you going to have lunch?
So am I. Its on me. Come.
How are things, my dear Abel?
And how are Max and Manuela?
Do you think his wrist
will be better soon?
We all miss you, you know.
The circus needs you.
Youre wondering what Imm doing in Berlin
when the circus is in Amsterdam.
Im looking for new acts, my boy.
Come in, come in.
Nowadays I could get
any damned star I want.
They all know I pay in dollars.
Were playing
to full houses all the time.
I could have twice as big a tent,
and it would still be full.
Look what I read
in the paper this morning.
Ill try to translate it.
Listen to this.
TTerrible times are at hand
wwhen circumcised
anti-Christian Asiatics on all sides
aare lifting their
gory hands to strangle us.
TThe massacre of Christians
bby the Jew Isaskar Zederblum,
alias Mr. Lenin,
wwas enough to make
a Genghis Kahn blush.
AA Jewish terrorist pack,
trained to murder and assault,
iis prowling through the country,
bbutchering honest citizens
and farmers on portable gallows.
WWill you wait until you see
thousands of people
hhanging from lampposts
in your town?
DDo you want to wait
until a Bolshevik commission
sstarts its murderous work
in your town, just as in Russia?
DDo you want to stumble over
the bodies of your women and children?
Existence today
is nothing but dread.
Do you need money?
I can lend you some.
Here are some billions.
Take them. I dont need them.
Why dont you say something, Abel?
I dont believe
in all this political crap.
The Jews are
as stupid as everybody.
If a Jew gets into trouble,
its his own fault.
He gets into trouble
because he acts stupid.
Im not gonna act stupid,
so Imm not gonna get into trouble.
Now you know, Papa Hollinger.
Thanks for the soup...
and the money.
I have to meet Manuela at 4:00.
Take care.
Hello, Abel.
Whats wrong?
When I got home last night,
Max had blown his brains out.
I knew hed do that.
I... tried to keep an eye on him...
but I didnt really think he would...
He had a... sort of joke
these last few weeks.
Do you know what that was?
I would ask him sometimes.
He just said the money was good,
and he told me
to mind my own business.
Theres a letter for you.
His handwriting
is impossible to read.
I cant. Can you?
I cant make out...
poisoning going on.
TTheress poisoning going on??
I didnt see
much of him these weeks.
You lived in the same room.
We had a fight...
...a fistfight...
...over a whore.
I didnt hit him hard.
I was worried about his bad wrist.
Christ, finale!
Im not ready. Please help me.
- I didnt know you performed.
- Neither did I.
One of the girls got influenza and I said,
WWhy cantt I take her number?
Take care of Maxs money.
Theress nowhere to hide it here.
Its funny seeing everything
from the side like this.
I seem to recognize you.
Did we smoke
our first cigarette together?
But if I say Amalfi,
a summer day 26 years ago...
Our parents had cottages
next door to each other.
You had an older sister called...
let me see...
Rebecca. Right?
Do you mind letting me by?
Im in a hurry.
Why, of course... Abel Rosenberg.
So... get off the chair
and get your wet jacket off.
And Ill make you some real tea,
nice and hot.
Thatll do you good.
Its only the man
that changes the toilet cans.
He comes every
Monday morning around 4:00.
Oh, God.
We used to spend
the summers in Amalfi.
And Mama had trouble
with her lungs.
Max and I used to play
with a boy named Hans Vergerus.
His folks came from Dsseldorf.
The father was
some kind of big shot,
a Supreme Court Justice
or something.
Mama didnt like Hans.
I guess no one did.
But everyone thought
he was some kind of genius.
...we caught a cat and tied it down.
Hans cut it open.
It was still alive.
He let me see
how its heart beat.
Fast, fast...
I ran across him again
ten years ago in Heidelberg...
...when we were there
with the circus.
Yes, I remember that.
I saw him again today.
Did you see him?
He was at the cabaret.
Its morning.
The advantage
of knowing influential people
is that you can have
real coffee for breakfast.
The fire is going nicely,
but it will take a while
before it gets really hot.
Do you get firewood the same way?
I do know a woodkeeper,
as a matter of fact.
But I dont know anyone
who can get me butter,
so youll have to eat marmalade.
Its made of chemicals,
the label says.
I owe you a dollar.
I have to keep track.
Never mind.
Well, you...
You should keep this money
before I spend it all on booze.
- Do you drink so much?
- Whenever I have the money.
Youre not going back
to the circus?
What good is it without Max?
Well, well get
a new partner, of course.
- You know thats impossible.
- I know nothing of the kind.
Well make a new number
together, just you and I.
Abel, we could make
a magical act.
I know a marvelous magician.
Markus, you know, hes just retired.
We could take over his show.
I dont know.
Since this business
with Max, Im just...
Ever since I met Max,
youve been my big brother.
Were going to stick together now.
I wake up from a nightmare
and find that real life
is worse than the dream.
Abel, everything is all right.
We have everything we need.
I just cant figure it out.
Last night they were beating a man.
The police just turned their backs.
Abel, listen to me now.
Youre awfully tired.
Youve been drinking
much too much lately.
Im going to look after you now.
In a few days everything
will be much better. Youll see.
Well talk things over.
But now I must hurry.
I have to go to work.
Yeah, I have two jobs.
- This time of the morning?
- Yeah, this time of the morning.
- I cant be late.
- What sort of job?
Well, I dont know exactly.
Itss secret anyway.
- Secret?
- No, I was joking.
- Its an office. I stick stamps...
- What kind of office?
Its import and export.
Imm not really sure.
Whats the name of the company?
What the hell
is the name of the company?
Ferkel. Ferkel und Sohn.
Where is this office?
In Bayerstrasse.
Stop nagging me.
You sound like a jealous husband.
Ill be home around 2:00
and welll have dinner together.
Try and get hold of some meat
while we still have the money.
- Twenty-two bucks.
- Were rich.
- Herr Rosenberg?
- Yes?
Would you mind
coming in here for a moment?
My name is Frau Holle.
I am Manuelas landlady.
Manuela just had time
to tell me about you on her way out.
You are welcome to stay here
with me for a short time.
These sudden changes in weather
make my back ache,
so I must stay in bed all the day.
Still, its nice with a peep
of sun in November,
isnt it, Herr Rosenberg?
Would you care
for a glass of sherry?
I am very attached to Manuela.
If you forgive my saying so,
I am as fond of her
as if she were my own daughter.
Prosit, Herr Rosenberg.
She is so kind and naive.
Its as if all the terrible things going on
around us didntt concern her.
I think your sister-in-law is heading
for trouble, Herr Rosenberg.
The odd thing about Manuela
is that she doesnt defend herself.
Nothing must happen to her.
Take this new job now.
Theres something odd about it.
The Society for Church Democracy-
what is that, Herr Rosenberg?
It isnt even in the phone book.
I must go now, Frau Holle.
How much is the rent?
Should I pay in advance?
It doesnt matter.
But if you have money,
I dont mind.
You have dollars, havent you?
Shall we say $3 a month?
Or is that too much?
No, of course not.
Have you been crying?
No. Why?
It just seemed so.
Forgive me, Herr Rosenberg.
Good-bye, Frau Holle.
Good-bye, Herr Rosenberg.
We have been waiting for you.
May I ask you
where youve been all night?
I couldnt very well
sleep in that room.
- Where have you been?
- With my sister-in-law.
She lives at 35 Bergmannstrasse,
doesnt she?
- Yes, I think so.
- Think?
- I think its number 35.
- Well, now you know.
- May I pack some things?
- Not yet, Rosenberg.
I must ask you to come with us
to the morgue to identify someone.
- I have to?
- Im afraid I must insist.
Well, then, wed better get going.
Id advise you to smoke
down there. It helps.
- Do you recognize that girl?
- Yes.
- Who is she?
- Greta Hofer.
- How do you happen to know her?
- She was engaged to my brother.
- When did you see her last?
- A week ago.
- Was your brother on good terms...
- Yes, I think so.
Frulein Hofers been assaulted.
Cause of death... drowning.
Do you recognize this man?
- Are you quite sure?
- No.
Think hard, Rosenberg.
Its important.
- Hes like someone.
- Who?
Hes like my father.
- You can do better than that.
- Thats all.
Hes like my father.
My father died five years ago.
Someone stuck a very thin hypodermic
needle into this mans heart.
A liquid of some sort was injected
into the left ventricle,
a poison that must have caused him
hideous pain before he died,
which probably took several hours.
So you havent seen
this man before?
Have you seen this woman before?
Who is she?
I dont know.
- But Ive seen her.
- Where?
I think she delivered papers.
I used to meet her
at Frau Hemses boardinghouse.
Once, she helped me up the stairs
when I was too drunk
to make it on my own.
- Her name is Maria Stern.
- I didnt know her name.
She hanged herself
in the basement room
where she lived with her
husband and two children.
But she left a very strange letter.
Totally muddled.
She said she had been
frightened to death
and that the pain was unbearable.
I dont think I can take this.
Come along.
Come on!
Have you ever seen this boy?
He worked at the cabaret.
You never saw him there?
He used to stand near the entrance
working the spotlight.
You must have seen him.
Yes, its possible.
We are not certain
how he was killed.
He seems to have been
run over by a truck,
but something tells us hed been
assaulted or tortured first.
Why do you want me
to see all this?
During the last month, seven
mysterious deaths have occurred...
in your vicinity, Herr Rosenberg.
You dont suspect me?
I think we need a cup of coffee.
This cant be called coffee,
but itss something.
Not very chatty,
are you, Rosenberg?
Can you account
for the movements
on the evening
of Sunday, October 28th?
- You cant?
- I was drunk.
Ask me about October 19th.
I was drunk then, too.
Ive been drunk every night
since I left the circus.
Something doesnt add up.
If you were so well known-
good income, good reputation-
why did you start drinking?
Im an alcoholic.
Famous trapeze artist...
Maybe I didnt feel welcome
in your beautiful city.
Why do I have to stay here?
You may be able to help me
with seven unsolved deaths.
Tomorrow everythings
gonna disappear.
Why bother with a few murders?
Ill tell you, Rosenberg.
I bother for my own sake.
I know that the catastrophe
could be here in a few hours.
They say the rate of exchange
for the dollar is five billion marks.
The French have occupied the Ruhr.
We have just paid a billion
in gold to the British.
On every damned job
there are Bolshevik agitators.
In Munich, a Herr Hitler
is preparing a putsch
with thousands of starving soldiers
and madmen in uniform.
We have a government that
doesnt know which way to turn.
Everyones afraid.
So am I.
I cant sleep for fear.
Nothing works properly except fear.
On Friday I wanted to go to Stettin
to see my old mother.
Shell be 80. But there was
no timetable anymore.
There was a train that might go,
but no timetable, Rosenberg.
A Germany without timetables!
So what does Inspector Bauer do?
Inspector Bauer does his job.
He tries to create a little
patch of order and reason
in the midst of chaos.
And hes not alone, Rosenberg.
All over Germany,
millions and millions
of petty officials,
just as terrified,
are doing exactly the same.
You get drunk every day, huh?
Thats also respectable, Rosenberg.
But Id be happier if you swung
on your trapeze with your pals.
That way youd fight
your fear more effectively.
So now you know why I sit here
investigating something
I think is extremely odd,
not to say horrible.
And now I must ask you
to keep quiet for a few minutes
while I write a few lines
to Inspector Lohmann,
who is working on another case
that also seems insane.
Sit down, Herr Rosenberg.
What do you suspect me of?
- Arent I entitled to a lawyer?
- This is a chat, not interrogation.
Youre taking it out on me.
I need a cigarette.
I know why youre doing this.
Its because Imm a Jew.
I am here because I speak English.
You are allowed to smoke.
You have ten minutes.
I spoke with Inspector Bauer.
He was very kind
and understanding.
He wants to help you.
He said you went crazy.
Whats wrong, Manuela?
Im just worried.
My savings are stolen.
I suppose you dont know
where theyrre gone.
I didnt know
you had any savings.
Theyre gone anyway.
Luckily Im in charge
of Maxss money.
Thats just it.
Inspector Bauer told me
they found Maxs money on you
when they searched you.
He asked me if I knew where
Max had gotten hold of this money.
I said it was our savings,
as we were in Switzerland
with the circus
and several of the artists
changed their money into dollars
before they went
on tour to Germany.
Who do you think
stole your money?
Whatd you say?
Youre not listening.
Youre sick.
- Whats wrong?
- Shess sick.
Im all right.
I havent eaten today.
Id like to point out that you
have only a few minutes left.
- Manuela.
- Yes, Herr Rosenberg?
I am going to let you go,
Herr Rosenberg.
In spite of the way you
attacked me and my colleagues.
My God, the way you swung at us.
But then, you are a circus artist.
What are you looking at?
Im not looking, Imm wondering.
Im wondering whether I ought
to tell you what I am wondering about.
But I think not.
Frulein Dorst will show you where
you can collect your belongings.
Well keep your brotherss
dollar bills for the time being.
Well give you
a receipt, of course.
- What are you doing here?
- I dropped in to see Manuela.
I just heard
about your brothers death.
You can go to hell.
You got any cigarettes?
There are some cigarettes
on the shelf.
Who is it?
- Come in a moment, Manuela.
- Im awfully tired.
Could we talk tomorrow
when I come home for dinner?
I wish to speak to you now.
I cant sleep because of the pain.
Besides, I am worried.
Has it something to do with me?
You wouldnt have
asked that before, Manuela.
Im dead tired.
I think I have a cold.
I want to go to bed.
Its about Herr Rosenberg.
I wont have him
staying here in my house.
- But why?
- He seems unreliable and arrogant!
Besides, the authorities
dont approve
of my letting unmarried couples
share a room.
I have changed my mind!
Herr Rosenberg
must move tomorrow!
But hes paid his rent.
Theres the money.
I have changed it into marks.
Its illegal to have dollars.
You ought to know that.
If Herr Rosenberg is leaving,
Im leaving as well.
You must do as you like.
I think youre rotten!
I think you are a witch!
Well get by. Youlll see.
As long as we stick together.
Have you slept
with Hans Vergerus?
Yes, I have.
- Often?
- Dont be silly, Abel.
I want to know.
Three times, maybe four.
I dont know.
- Does he pay you?
- No.
Yes... once.
- Why did he pay you only once?
- I dont know.
- Why dont you know?
- I felt sorry for him.
Are you in love with him?
- I dont know.
- You dontt know?
I feel sorry for him... maybe me.
Maybe he needs some kindness.
Where did you go today?
I went to the office.
Then I came home
to have dinner with you.
Is it import and export
or something to do with the church
or neither? What?
I work at a whorehouse
in the morning.
Its not forbidden
as far as I know.
Its a very respectable whorehouse-
only for diplomats and managing
editors and famous actors.
Its so classy.
Be nice to me, Abel.
Please be nice to me, Abel.
Please be nice to me.
Tuesday, November 6th.
The newspapers are black
with fear, threats, and rumors.
The government seems powerless.
A bloody confrontation
between the extremist parties
appears unavoidable.
Despite all this,
people go to work,
the rain never stops,
and fear rises like vapor
from the cobblestones.
It can be sensed
like a pungent smell.
Everyone bears it
like a nerve poison,
a slowly working poison,
felt only as
a quicker or slower pulse,
or as a spasm of nausea.
Abel, Im too late.
I overslept.
Ill be home at 2:00 for dinner.
I dont know
why Imm bothering you.
My name is Manuela.
My father was a magician.
My mother was a circus rider.
Ive been living
in circuses all my life.
My husband was
a circus artist as well.
Maybe its wrong of me
to trouble you,
but I need to talk
to somebody who understands.
This last week Ive been going
to morning masses.
Im confused.
And then someone told me
that you were an American.
Its very comforting.
My German isntt very good.
My dear woman,
would you come to the point?
I have to get to another service.
I see.
Well, maybe youll come again.
All this guilt is too much for me.
I feel its my fault
that Max committed suicide.
Youre responsible for someone,
and then you fail your duties
and you stand there
empty-handed and ashamed,
wondering what you
could have been doing.
Now I feel I have to take care
of Maxs brother Abel as well,
- and thats even worse.
- Worse?
Well, hes just like Max.
He never says what hess thinking.
He just charges ahead
with all his feeling
and he looks so frightened.
And I try to tell him
that well help each other,
but thats only words for him.
And everything I say is useless.
The only real thing is fear.
And Im sick.
I dontt know whatss wrong.
Is there any forgiveness?
Would you like me
to pray for you?
- Do you think that would help?
- I dont know.
- Now?
- Yes, now.
- Is it a special prayer?
- Yes, yes. Let me think.
We... We live
so far away from God...
...that he probably doesnt hear us
when we pray for help.
we must help each other,
give each other the forgiveness
that a remote God denies us.
I... say to you...
...that you are forgiven
for your husbands death.
Youre no longer to blame.
And I beg your forgiveness...
...for my apathy...
...and my indifference.
Do you forgive me?
Yes, I forgive you.
Thats all we can do.
I must hurry.
The parish priest
becomes annoyed if Im late.
Young woman,
I have to close up, please.
What the hell does this mean?
Its a place where
werre going to live.
Its nice, isntt it?
Yesterday when you
came to the cabaret,
Id just been telling Hans Vergerus
about all our trouble.
He suggested at once
that we could move into this flat
that St. Annas Clinic has the use of.
It just became vacant.
Please say its nice.
We dont have to pay
any rent for the time being.
He also said that you could work
in the clinics archives.
We could stay here and decide
what we wanted to do.
Ill be damned if Illl live here
or accept charity from that
goddamned Hans Vergerus.
Maybe its better if we
work things out alone.
I probably wont
see you for a while.
Its best not to mix things up.
There is no point
in continuing here in Berlin.
Look around you, Mr. Rosenberg.
Sixteen people,
and what a program.
May I offer you
anything to drink? A cognac?
A cognac for Mr. Rosenberg.
What do you think, Mr. Rosenberg?
A cabaret and a brothel...
In Beirut, for example.
A totally different climate.
A totally different ambience.
Well close earlier tonight
and shorten the program.
Its useless staying open.
Ive never seen
anything like this rain.
Maybe its the flood.
Cheers, Mr. Rosenberg.
How do you like
my English accent?
I lived for some years
with a woman fakir from New Jersey.
She taught me
all the English I know.
Ive been expecting this.
Cant you sleep?
I have to be drunk
to go to sleep.
Ive half a bottle of gin in
the small suitcase out in the kitchen.
You know, actually its
quite nice to have a fever.
You can daydream.
You fall asleep
and then you wake up.
Everythings mixed up.
Suddenly youre 6 years old,
and then Imm 15.
Its all so clear.
That damn engine.
Its started up again.
- What engine?
- Dont you hear it?
I can hear something rumbling.
Yes! Its an engine.
That bathrobe youre wearing
belonged to Papa.
Its quite touching.
I can remember
sitting in the sunshine
watching Papa
practicing a new number.
It didnt work very good.
Mama came out
of the wagon and said,
YYourre not doing it right.
And she showed him how to do it.
He just stood
and looked embarrassed
with a sheepish smile on his face.
Now whats the worst thing?
People have no future.
People have lost the future.
Im getting drunk... finally.
May I introduce myself?
I am Dr. Soltermann,
and this is my colleague
Dr. Silbermann.
We are, as you
might have guessed,
in charge
of St. Anna Clinics archives,
the largest
hospital archives in Europe
and one of the largest
in the world.
We have floor space
of several thousand square meters,
and our card index includes
over 100,000 entries.
But then, the St. Anna Clinic has
been in existence for 357 years...
in various guises, of course.
May I show you
to your place, Herr Rosenberg?
Yes, thank you.
Dr. Silbermann and I are
very grateful to have an assistant.
We have been complaining
to our chief, Professor Vergerus,
for years to no avail.
So you must know you are
very welcome, Herr Rosenberg.
You are very welcome,
Herr Rosenberg.
Dont you think Dr. Soltermann
speaks very good English?
- Very good.
- Dr. Silbermann is far too kind.
I spent seven years
in England before the war.
My doctors thesis dealt
with erotic perversions
in the writings of Ben Johnson,
an interesting but limited subject.
We go here, please.
May I ask, Herr Rosenberg,
if you have had any previous
experience in archive work?
- No. Unfortunately Ive-
- I was afraid so, but never mind.
Today I can give you
a responsible task
that calls for very little
archive experience.
Im very grateful.
How do I find my way out?
At dinnertime either Dr. Silbermann
or I will come for you.
You can rely on us.
We wont forget you.
By the way,
one thing I almost forgot-
all our material
is strictly confidential.
It mustnt be taken out of here,
and you mustntt read
or try to decipher the documents
that pass through your hands.
All the files are full of reports
of inconceivable human suffering,
of the battles of science,
its victories and defeats.
This will be your place,
Herr Rosenberg.
We begin work each morning
at 8:00 and finish at 6:00.
We have dinner at 1:30.
We take turns to fetch it
from the kitchen of the clinic.
We are also entitled to take home
our supper in a special container.
These days thats
a priceless emolument.
Good morning, Herr Rosenberg.
Excuse me for asking.
What am I supposed to do?
You see these gray files here?
There are yellow files
of a cheaper kind.
Your first task will be to remove
the contents of the gray files...
...and transfer them
to the yellow files,
after which you will
number and letter them
in the same way as the gray ones.
Good luck, Herr Rosenberg.
- Hows it going?
- Itss hard work.
- Youre not well.
- No.
Did you have something
to eat today?
We have dinner
in the hospital staff dining room.
When do you knock off?
I think I get away at 7:00.
I can take supper from the kitchen.
Its part of the salary.
How are you getting on
in the archives?
I dont think I ought
to stand here any longer.
Theyre terribly strict.
You suddenly look
so thin and pale.
Im all right, Abel.
It could have been worse.
I must hurry.
- Couldnt you just say yourre sick?
- I dontt dare.
- You were nearly run over.
- Thanks.
- How do you like it here with us?
- Ive only just started.
- And Manuela?
- Ask her yourself.
Lets meet one evening,
the three of us.
Im in a hurry.
Dr. Soltermann
went home after dinner.
Hes in poor health.
Im usually alone here
in the archives nowadays.
With Dr. Soltermann away,
I can say it.
Something terrible
is going on here.
Here, at the clinic.
Do you know what these are,
Herr Rosenberg?
I dont understand German.
They are reports,
detailed reports, marked ssecret.
Reports concerning certain
experiments undertaken at the clinic
under the supervision
of Professor Vergerus.
I dont get it.
Can you guess what kind
of experiments, Herr Rosenberg?
How could I?
Very strange experiments.
Experiments with human beings,
Herr Rosenberg.
The engine is driving me wild.
I didnt notice it.
But you do hear it, dont you?
Yes, when you mention it.
- Its a trap.
- What is?
Dont be an idiot.
Werre locked in.
Dont get hysterical, Abel.
My head is splitting!
- You sure this gas isnt leaking?
- It isntt.
- How can you be sure?
- Because Ive tried it.
Then you did think
it was leaking, didnt you?
Stop raving at me
like a lunatic.
If you want to leave, go!
So you want me to get out?
I just say if you want to leave,
you can go.
Ive done everything I can
to keep us together.
I just cant go on anymore.
Do you hear what Im saying?
I cantt go on anymore!
I give a damn about your fear!
I give a damn about you!
Then you want me to leave.
I give up.
I give up.
I cant.
- Just stay close.
- No, I cant.
Lie still.
I cant stay like this.
A little while, Abel?
Go away.
Come home with me.
Its warm.
You can have it
any way you want.
You have dollars, dont you?
Go to hell!
Where do you think we are?
Come on. Come on.
Youre trying to kill me!
Yourre trying to drain me!
Youre trying to suck me!
Stella says I cant fuck!
That bitch is jiving
the whole goddamn world.
Shes got fangs in her cunt, man.
Fangs! In her cunt!
I saw them! I did!
I saw them!
Mike, tell her that you and I
have screwed seven times
in at least seven different ways.
Mikaela, you know Monroe,
and you know damned well
he can only fuck faggots.
And if you say he even
half screwed you, youre lying.
Do you remember that time?
Do you remember that time, Stella,
you had to go to the hospital because
you thought you had syphilis?
- I didnt have syphilis!
- But you thought you did.
Who was that sweet man
who laid up next to you every night,
stroking you, making you feel fine,
at the risk of catching it?
Youd like some? Itss nice.
- I didnt have syphilis!
- But you thought you had syphilis!
You looked lousy!
You are lousy.
You used to be so beautiful.
She used to be so beautiful.
But now you are the worst bitch
on the whole of Steinstrasse.
You I could screw anytime.
Its just that... that...
that big-mouth bitch
that makes me nervous!
I could screw you...
I could screw you
any amount of times.
You see, Im not a queer!
Its just a goddamn lie
Stella goes around telling everybody
because I wont
get in between her legs!
A man could die in there!
You I could screw anytime!
- Here?
- What do you mean, here?
You say you could
screw her anytime.
- Could you do it now?
- Youre like that!
Sure! Sure, I could! Sure!
If you think youre going to watch
for nothing, then yourre crazy.
Come on, Monroe, lets show him
what yourre made of.
- Im going to bet on this.
- How about it?
Youll be a rich man, Monroe.
Lets go, Monroe, before Imm down.
You can have all the money from
that guy who wont tell us his name.
Wait, wait, wait.
Quiet now.
No fair laughing.
Ill help him.
He has to do it himself.
Say it, say it.
Say it, say it, say it.
It doesnt work!
Say it!
Say, DDo it, Daddy.
Say, DDo it, Daddy!!
Say it.
Monroe, dont cry.
Dontt cry, Monroe.
We won! We won!
Stop laughing. Stop laughing!
On the morning
of Wednesday, November 7th,
there is no milk
to be had in Berlin.
Many food shops remain closed.
They have nothing to sell.
The Reichsmark has
practically ceased to exist.
The wads of bills are now
counted by weight,
and no more notice is taken
of the printed value.
When you began your employment,
I pointed out that working hours
are from 8:00 to 6:00.
Could you be so kind
as to show me to my workplace?
I cant find my way.
Of course.
Are there other people
here in the archives?
Of course.
Every day we are visited
by scientists from other institutions.
Give me the keys.
Give me the keys.
You behave most improperly
to an old man.
Its all so absurd and humiliating.
Surely you realize
I wont tell you anything,
no matter how rough you are.
Unlike you, I have a conviction.
Something unheard of is
happening down there in Munich.
A savior is born.
The delivery is taking place
in pain and blood.
A terrible time is at hand.
But what are 30 or 40 years
of suffering and death?
What do you or I matter?
What do even millions
of lives matter?
There are plenty
of human beings, Herr Rosenberg.
Kill me, Herr Rosenberg.
I wont resist.
My body is weak,
but my soul is strong and calm.
I think its better I lock the door
so that no one will disturb us.
Dr. Soltermann
warned me against you,
but I didnt believe him.
You say nothing.
Look at the screen and youll see
some interesting pictures.
They were taken
during our experiments
here at the St. Anna Clinic.
This is a resistance experiment.
This woman, 30 years old,
volunteered to look after
a four-month-old baby
with a brain injury
who screams day and night.
We wanted to see
what would happen
to this completely normal,
fairly intelligent woman
if we shut her in with a child
that never stopped screaming.
As you see, after 12 hours
she is still quite self-possessed.
Now, however,
24 hours have passed.
We can see now
that she is affected.
Her sympathy for the sick child
has been wiped out,
her feelings replaced
by a deep depression,
which in its turn
paralyzes every initiative.
She has left the child to its fate.
Here we can see quite clearly
the thought of ridding herself
of the child has developed.
But it took another six hours
before she carried out her intention,
a remarkable resistance.
Unfortunately our camera
didnt manage
to document the actual deed.
Our technique has not
been quite perfected.
You would like to see more,
wouldnt you?
For seven days, this man
was shut up in a cell so constructed
that he could not move
his arms, legs, or head.
In addition, he was
deprived of all sound
and was in total darkness.
I know what you are
going to say, Abel.
You are wondering how we
could get anyone to agree
to such an experiment voluntarily.
No trouble, I assure you.
People will do anything for
a little money and a square meal.
These pictures are not
particularly instructive
but may be
of physiognomic interest.
The subject was give an injection
of Thanatoxin,
a drug that produces
violent anguish.
What you will see is someone
subjected to unbearable agony.
Here you see him just
as hes given the injection.
You notice that he
is quite balanced
and is laughing and joking.
An unusually nice boy, incidentally.
He was a student of
political science at the university.
We are now
at the condition of dread,
which is getting worse and worse.
In a few moments
hell commit suicide.
Watch carefully. It happens
without any warning.
He picks up the revolver.
You cant see it properly.
Now you can see it.
Then he puts it in his mouth.
The gun is not loaded, of course.
That student really did
shoot himself a few days later,
although the effects of the Thanatoxin
had completely worn off.
Your brother Max...
met with the same misfortune.
By the way, he was one
of our best assistants.
He was really interested
in our experiments.
He wanted to try out
the Thanatoxin.
I advised him not to,
but he insisted.
His fiance also
helped us quite a bit.
They were very attached
to each other and lived for a time
in one of the apartments
that you, yourself...
This is one of our most recent
and interesting experiments.
The subjects are administered
carefully controlled doses
of Kapta Blue,
a virtually odorless gas.
Initially the gas plays tricks
with the behavioral centers,
throwing the entire emotional
balance out of kilter.
The subjects are stripped
of their social defenses,
lose their inhibitions,
teeter madly
between quickly changing moods
which possess them.
Their reactions are so farcical,
at times one can hardly
keep from laughing.
Of course, repeated
exposure to Kapta Blue
can cause some permanent damage.
Perhaps you are wondering
what my intentions were
with you and Manuela,
placing you in one
of our experiment rooms.
Will you believe me if I tell you
I had no intentions at all?
Except to help you.
As you saw, the building behind
your rooms had been vacated.
Some time ago we were forced
to transfer our activities
to a more out-of-the-way place.
We must take great care.
Besides, our economic
resources are limited.
We are financed entirely
by private means.
Im not a monster, Abel.
What you have seen
are the first faltering steps
of a necessary
and logical development.
I know you have told
Inspector Bauer of your experiences.
I also know that justice, represented
by the plodding inspector,
has begun to move,
slow and creaking.
Hell be here soon with his police
and his rusty guns.
But in a few moments,
Ill bite on this cyanide capsule.
I did consider
burning the archives
and destroying
the results of our work,
but it seemed too melodramatic.
The law will confiscate our results
and then file them.
In a few years, science
will ask for the documents
and will continue our experiments
on a gigantic scale.
We are ahead of our time, Abel.
We are to be sacrificed.
Its only logical.
In a day or two,
maybe even tomorrow,
the national units in South Germany
will attempt a revolt
led by an incredible scatterbrain
called Adolf Hitler.
It will be a colossal fiasco.
Herr Hitler lacks intellectual
capacity and method.
He doesnt realize
what tremendous forces
he is about to conjure up.
He will be swept away
like a withered leave
the day the storm breaks.
Look at that picture.
Look at all those people.
They are incapable
of a revolution.
They are far too humiliated,
too afraid, too downtrodden.
But in ten years...
By then...
the 10-year-olds will be 20,
the 15-year-olds will be 25.
To the hatred
inherited from their parents,
they will add their own
idealism and impatience.
Someone will step forward and put
their unspoken feelings into words.
Someone will promise a future.
Someone will make demands.
Someone will talk
of greatness and sacrifice.
The young and inexperienced will
give their courage and their faith
to the tired and the uncertain.
And then there will be a revolution,
and our world will go down
in blood and fire.
In ten years, no more,
those people will create a new society
unequalled in world history.
The old society was based
on extremely romantic ideas
of mans goodness.
It was all very complicated since
the ideas didnt match the reality.
The new society will be based
on a realistic assessment
of mans potentials
and limitations.
Man is a malformation,
a perversity of nature.
That is where
our experiments come in.
We deal with the basic
construction and reshape it.
We set the productive forces free
and control the destructive ones.
We exterminate what is inferior
and increase what is useful.
I always liked you and Manuela.
She showed an affection for me
which I hope was sincerely meant.
Against my better judgment,
I tried to help you.
Comic, isnt it, Abel?
One day you can tell all this
to anyone who is willing to listen.
No one will believe you
despite the fact that anyone
who makes the slightest effort
can see what is
waiting in the future.
Its like a serpentss egg.
Through the thin membranes,
you can clearly discern
the already perfect reptile.
You were given Veronal.
Youve slept for two days.
What day is it?
Its the morning
of November 11th.
- Can I have some water?
- Yeah.
Ive been in touch with Hollinger.
He thinks he can use you
in his circus.
The German state will pay
for a train ticket to Basel.
Thats where the circus will be
for the next two weeks.
I take it for granted that you
will accept his kind offer, no?
I think so.
It would be
the simplest way, Herr Rosenberg.
A constable will go
to the station with you.
The night train is supposed
to leave at 11:20.
Thank you.
Good-bye, Herr Rosenberg.
By the way,
Herr Hitler failed
with his Munich putsch.
The whole thing
was a colossal fiasco.
Herr Hitler and his gang
underrated the strength
of the German democracy.
Good-bye, Herr Rosenberg.
On the evening
of Sunday, November 11th,
Abel Rosenberg escaped
the police escort
which was taking him
to the railroad station.
He was never seen again.