Session 9 (2001) Movie Script

[ Water dripping ]
[ Changing radio stations ]
MAN ON RADIO: They come in here,
they're taking American jobs
from American, hard-working
MAN: Those fucking idiots
on this thing.
that another man...
MAN: Think I have something here.
[ Rock music plays ]
There you go.
Know this?
You look tired, man.
You look beat.
Your turn to feed Emma?
No, well, she still has that, umm...
...ear infection.
MAN: She's still got that?
She had that at the christening.
She's still got it? Wow.
How's Wendy holding up?
Tired. Same as me.
You need anything, Gordon,
you let me know, okay? I'm here.
Hang in there, man.
You're gonna be fine, all right?
MAN 2: Uh-huh. No.
About 15 minutes. Yeah.
Okay, all right, I'll tell him right now.
[ Hangs up car phone ]
That was, uh,
Bill Griggs on the phone.
He says he's getting off the ramp.
He'll be here in a minute.
- Okay. Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
You know what?
Can I ask you a quick question?
Yeah, sure.
When was the hospital
actually closed?
- MAN: '85.
- GUARD: Yeah.
Yeah, because you know I'm curious,
because you know they got you
and you got the -- the firearm on.
And it's not like people
are trying to get out, right?
No, no, not out, in!
You know, kids,
delinquents, homeless.
Oh, yeah, a lot of patients
ended up in the streets
when this place closed down.
And some of them, they come back.
I found a half a dozen
squatting up there last spring.
The patients come back?
Yeah, they come back.
I mean, God knows why.
Wait till you see the place.
I mean, Jesus, I'd rather sleep
in the street, personally.
- But, then, you know, I'm not nuts.
- Obviously.
[ Car horn honking ]
- Hey, there he is.
- All right.
- Good luck, fellas.
- Thanks.
- MAN: We first in line?
- GORDON: Nope.
Environmental Solutions,
American Yankees
were up here last week.
Wow. What was their bid?
Under the Yankees,
bid was fast and low.
But that's the way Griggs likes them.
He likes jobs fast, Gordon.
- I like them safe, though.
- But we cannot gamble with this.
Gordon, you want me to talk to him?
Phil, I know what I'm doing, okay?
Holy shit! Look at this.
Look at this.
MAN: 1871, that's when
she went up, gentlemen.
We called her the "Kirkbride Building",
named after Dr. Thomas Kirkbride.
Well, it's a pretty simple layout really,
you know?
If you consider a giant flying bat.
You know, the main staff building
in the middle, the bat body.
And slanting off to each side are
these, like, giant crooked bat wings.
You know, one for female patients,
the other for male, you know?
[ Making bat noises ]
A bat.
[ laughs ]
Yeah, believe it or not,
this place is listed
in the national historic register.
You know, that's why I can't
tear it down. I'd love to, you know?
Only one-tenth of it is salvageable.
But the land, the land is priceless.
You know, put up a Wal-Mart maybe,
but the town manager
wants to reclaim it, so...
Whoa! What the fuck is this?
GRIGGS: Oh, what,
are you a little scared, Phil?
[ Griggs laughs ]
This is hydrotherapy.
Used to be cutting edge.
They'd soak the nut jobs
in cold water.
I guess that was a way
to chill 'em out, I don't know.
Or they'd give 'em a lobotomy.
Yeah, yeah, the pre-frontal lobotomy
was perfected here at Danvers.
PHIL: Sounds like you've done
your homework.
GRIGGS: Well, you know, my wife
Elizabeth, she's the town historian.
She likes to keep me in the know.
Hey, there's a fantastic morgue
in the basement
where they do the post-mortem...
Bill, Bill, could you show us
the problem areas?
- Yeah. Sure, sure.
- Thank you.
[ Water dripping ]
PHIL: Feed a fucking army in here!
[ Briggs laughs ]
Well, they did.
It was a self-contained town.
Church, movie theater,
bowling alley, you know?
Oh, there's a lovely cemetery
up behind the machine shop.
No headstones, just numbers.
You really ought to check it out.
Watch your step here.
This will become the municipal
archives, my wife's department.
GRIGGS: It was a dining area.
GORDON: Is there gonna be
a lot of foot traffic?
Well, yeah, it's like a library.
All these tiles will have to go.
These are deadly.
- They're loaded with asbestos, Bill.
- GRIGGS: Really?
You know, the other bids
didn't point that out.
GORDON: Oh, they should have, man.
It's standard.
GRIGGS: All right, I'm gonna take you
to the female wing now. Ward C.
It'll become Administration,
Town Manager's office.
- Department of Public Works.
- PHIL: In other words, your office.
GRIGGS: You better believe it!
Okay, each wing
is made of four wards.
Wards A, B, C, and D.
Ward A, which I call the wing tip,
is the farthest away
from the staff building.
This is where they'd keep
the extreme patients.
What do you mean, extreme?
Well, psychotic.
Keep the most dangerous ones
furthest away, right?
Hey, you're so smart, Phil.
Whoever said you weren't smart?
You know what they called Ward A?
The snake pit.
Now, you follow these two down,
they'll take you to C.
But I wouldn't advise
walking on the floors.
- There's water damage.
- How do we get over there?
GRIGGS: Any of you guys
scared of the dark? What?
Over here.
[ Water dripping ]
[ Static noise ]
Hello, Gordon.
PHIL: Gordy? It's me, man.
Come on.
Survival rations.
GRIGGS: Yeah, duck and cover,
my friend.
Bend over
and kiss your ass good-bye.
You know, this place was used
as a fallout shelter.
To me, that is a weird idea.
GORDON: All these ducts are gonna
have to be wet-stripped. You see this?
GORDON: That breaks off,
dust gets into the east tunnels.
You're gonna pollinate
the entire building.
Oh, Jesus, I wouldn't want that.
GORDON: Believe me,
you don't want that to happen.
PHIL: No, you don't.
Gordon, let me lead.
Hold on.
PHIL: Jesus. Okay.
Yeah, this used to be a solarium.
I call it the carpet-toned room.
[ Griggs laughs ]
GRIGGS: Well, here we are,
gentlemen, Danvers Town Hall.
Reclaiming the dark past
to build a brighter future.
Something like that. Huh?
- Crocidolite.
- Crocli... what?
- Oh, Crocidolite.
- Crocidolite?
Yeah, worst kind.
This is decaying, friable.
Uh, I'd say circa 1940s.
- Really?
- Yeah.
So, what's the deal, then?
Well, if I were you, Bill, I would...
I'd seal off the whole area.
Full poly, a couple of neg air
machines, decon showers,
the whole bit.
GRIGGS: You know,
OSHA won't let me start
until you guys clean her up,
and I got to get construction crews
in here by Columbus Day. So...
You got a guesstimate on how long?
Roughly? Ballpark? What?
These rooms, game room, tunnels,
I would say...
Three weeks, minimum.
GRIGGS: Three weeks.
Two. Two weeks.
- Two weeks.
- GORDON: Two weeks.
PHIL: Yeah.
You guys Mack and Myer for Hire?
What is it? Three or two?
Two. Two weeks.
- Two weeks.
- He's the captain, right?
You better believe it.
GRIGGS: Well, I guess you guys
have seen enough, huh?
Need anything else?
- GRIGGS: All right.
- What's all this, Bill?
- Ah, they're punks.
Little motherfuckers come in,
and they get high, boot scag,
shoot guns.
- Destructive little bastards.
- Shoot guns... at what? At what?
Well, hopefully, each other.
- Hey Bill.
- GRIGGS: What?
What is this?
GRIGGS: Hey, Phil,
what, are you checking in?
Don't go in there
without your bathing suit.
Oh, yeah, this is...
this is seclusion.
That's what they called the patients'
rooms back then, seclusions.
It's some part of some therapy
that was big in the '70s.
All these cut-outs and... stuff.
You know, art therapy,
creative expression.
You know, it helped them with their...
you know, like, self-esteem.
Helped them feel good
about themselves and more at home.
It was creepy, huh?
PHIL: Shades of your childhood, huh?
GRIGGS: Yeah, there's a picture
of me at summer camp
somewhere up here.
PHIL: Huh. Wow.
What do you think was wrong
with this one?
GRIGGS: I don't know.
Watch out for the broken glass here.
Hey, you know, I got a little time.
You want to check out that cemetery?
- 750 bodies buried there. It's like...
- Gentlemen, I'm -- I'm sorry.
- What, Phil?
- I left a bag. I got to go back.
- Oh, you know where you're going?
- Yeah, middle of the bat wing, right?
You got it.
- Okay, I'll see you down here.
- PHIL: I'll be out!
- Gum?
- No, thanks, man.
Oh, you know, I don't think I ever
congratulated you and Wendy
on your new addition.
Ah, thanks man.
You know, I know how long you both...
Well, you know, we're just so happy
for you and Elizabeth.
- You wanna see her?
- Oh, yeah. Bring a picture?
- I'll show you my baby.
- Aww.
- Yeah?
- Isn't she just a doll.
- Emma.
- Oh, yeah!
Listen, I'll match Yankee's bid.
Well, this isn't how we normally do
the bidding process.
I mean, the deadline's Friday,
paperwork on my desk...
I know, I know. We'll be in on Monday,
and we'll be out the following Monday.
- I thought you said two weeks.
- One week. I'll do it in one week.
I've got four really good guys.
I'll hire another guy.
One week, we're gone.
- One week?
- One week.
- That's fast.
- Uh-huh.
I'm good for it.
You know I'm good for it.
I need the job.
I really need this job.
[ Baby crying ]
[ Dog barking ]
[ Baby continues crying ]
[ Sighs ]
WOMAN: Roses? They're lovely!
What's the occasion, Gordon?
[ Screaming ]
[ Generator running ]
[ Electrical hum ]
Genny is up and running, sir.
- Take the mask off, Hank.
- Are the ACO levels safe, sir?
Take it off, dickhead.
GORDON: Here's what I want you
to do, okay?
I want you to go down to the tunnel,
hang up those glove bags.
Tag those ducts
we looked at this morning.
Use the green slime.
You mean red, right?
Those ducts are hazards, Gordo.
- What?
- Red, right?
Yeah, red.
Hey ya, Phil.
Amy says hi.
Keep it up, dickhead.
Don't shoot the messenger, Phil.
I'm just relaying information.
She says to me this morning,
while we're laying in bed,
to say hi to you.
[ Chuckles ]
Keep it up.
Yeah, I got it.
That's the problem, right?
So dude, how long have you been
working with my Uncle Gordon?
- MAN: Five whole years.
- All right.
Was he a slave driver or what?
Well, Gordon's a very reasonable
man. I'm the slave driver.
Got a couple of rules though.
Safety first, get the job done, second.
And, uh, no drugs on the job, dude.
[ Rock music playing ]
- Woo-hoo!
- What the hell is that?
So, Mike, you gonna show me
the ropes?
- This the new guy?
- They call it Jeff.
MIKE: It's Gordon's nephew.
- Mikey didn't tell you about these?
- What?
- You can't use these.
- Why not?
Rule one, music creates
sonic vibrations.
Vibrations jiggle spooge dust
into the air.
Gets into the air,
it gets into your lungs.
This the kind of music you plan on
listening to here, buddy?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah. You trying to kill us all?
Put it away
or play something else, man.
Like Yanni or John Tesh
or something, all right?
HANK: I'll see you guys at lunch.
I'm going down deep.
MIKE: Later.
[ Turns down radio volume ]
Who's Yanni?
HANK: You know, Gordo, you finally
landed us the perfect gig.
Next time someone says
what we do is crazy,
you just say, "Yeah, well,
we work in an insane asylum."
You might actually want
to be grateful, my man.
You're about to make
some decent money.
Yeah, what?
Five bucks an hour?
- You didn't tell him?
- Oh, you tell him.
Okay. $10,000 bonus.
Gordon arranged it with the town.
What's the catch?
We got to finish by the 13th.
The 13th? As in what, this Monday?
Come on, Gordo, you know
this is at least a two-week job.
That's exactly right.
So, we're gonna work our asses off.
So, what is it? Ten G's each?
If you don't like it Henry, I'll give you
a ride to the airport right now.
Let it go, Phil.
You drive me to the airport. What about Amy?
You gonna take Amy to the airport?
She likes to travel.
- I know she likes to travel...
- GORDON: Hank!
GUARD: Hey, guys!
I got your keys for the gate.
GORDON: Thanks, man.
GUARD: So, what do you think, huh?
Fifteen years really does a number
on a place.
You know, it's hard to believe
there used to be over 2,400 patients
here at one point.
JEFF: Yeah, so why'd they
close this place down?
Nearly all these places
got closed down in the '80s.
Ya know, the budget cuts.
The Feds called it
So, they just dumped the people
on the street?
Some. Some went to, like,
homecare-type programs.
So, the loonies are outside
in the real world,
and here we are with the keys
to the loony bin, boys.
[ Chuckles ]
Well, it wasn't just the budget cuts,
you know.
What was it, then, Mike?
Patricia Willard scandal, 1984.
GUARD: Patricia Willard?
I don't recall that.
Patricia Willard, she was committed
here in the 1970s by her parents.
Manic depression, that sort of thing.
Typical adolescent crap.
But in the 1980s,
this new kind of therapy took off,
Repressed Memory Therapy.
See, the shrinks figured
that with these new techniques
they designed, they could release...
hidden memories of traumatic events
in your life: rape, incest.
So Patricia,
with the help of her doctors,
recalls that when she was 10,
her father raped her.
But not once, right?
No, he'd do it three times a week.
And he didn't just rape her.
He came into her room at night
wearing a black robe.
He'd take her and drive her
to a wooded area
where her grandparents
and her mother were.
And they'd all have black robes on.
They'd take them off,
and group orgies would ensue.
And then they bring out the newborn.
She was forced to watch,
as her mother would cut
this baby's heart out
with a stone dagger.
She'd drink the blood,
others would eat the flesh.
Her grandfather and father
would fuck her repeatedly.
She was forced to have abortions,
and they'd cook the aborted fetuses.
- Enough!
- MIKE: Huh?
- This happened here?
- Oh, yeah. Everywhere.
Satanic Ritual Abuse Syndrome
was big in the '80s.
Destroyed a lot of families.
Patricia was ready to sue hers.
It was all set to go to trial, and...
- What?
- She dropped the suit.
MIKE: Well, her parents discovered
a physical examination
she'd undergone about a year prior.
Turns out she was a virgin.
[Mike laughs]
None of it happened.
So the family countersues. They win.
That, and the budget cuts.
And... poof.
- JEFF: So, Mike, is that story true?
- MIKE: Yeah.
How do you know all that stuff, man?
My dad was a lawyer.
He was on the case.
Aw, come on, Mike,
don't be so humble.
His dad's the state attorney general,
So you better watch
your ass there, buddy.
Hank, leave it alone, will ya.
You were supposed to carry the torch
too, right? Tufts Law School?
Hank, drop it.
What were you on there again, Mike?
The one-year plan?
- Need help with that?
- No, I'm fine, thank you.
- Jesus!
- Tough weekend, boss?
No, I think I pulled a muscle
or something.
Mike and I called you Saturday night
to take you out to Molly's
for a beer over the winning bid.
Aw, cheers, man, sorry and all.
I was trying to catch up
on some sleep.
- Baby still got that ear thing?
- Oh, yeah.
So, Gordy, if we don't make Monday...
- Oh, Griggs likes jobs done fast.
- No, I understand that.
But if we lose this bonus?
We won't lose the bonus.
Listen, man,
I know where this is leading,
but, believe me, Jeff is young, okay,
but he's not as stupid as he looks.
I'm not talking about Jeff.
We ran into Craig McManus
on Saturday night.
I told him about the job,
about the bonus.
He would leave Yankee
and work for us in a second.
Now, he has more experience
than Hank, and he gives a shit.
Phil, your job here is to keep things
on track and to eliminate obstacles.
And that's what I'm trying to do,
is to eliminate an obstacle.
Jesus, man.
We're talking about Hank here.
Now, listen, if I thought he was
a liability, I'd let you sack him.
As it happens, he's not.
- And I don't agree.
- I don't care!
Now, let's finish the decon chamber.
Jesus, Phil.
[ Electrical humming ]
- All right. All right.
- Let's go, turn right, turn right.
Now, when you get it straight,
you gotta bring the nose down.
Don't look at me. Look...
What are you, a lobotomy case?
- Fuck you, man! I got it!
- MIKE: Put the nose down!
Turn around! Jesus!
- MIKE: Nice job, Jeff!
- That wasn't me, man.
- Yeah.
- JEFF: Fuck you, dude.
- MIKE: Just, just wait there.
- What?
MIKE: Just... hang on.
What the hell?
Okay, go down
and check the breaker box.
No, I can't do that.
I got nyctophobia.
- What?
- Fear of the dark.
I'll go check the breaker box.
You... just try not to break anything,
okay, mullet head?
Thanks, man.
[ Electrical humming ]
[ China breaking and screaming ]
Oh, damn!
[ Birds singing ]
- You okay?
- GORDON: Yeah, it's fine.
- Good first day, Gordo.
- Hm-mm.
Listen, Mike needs another hour.
The genny carburetor's acting up.
Okay, but listen, I don't want anyone
hanging around this place after dark.
Okay. No problem.
Good first day, guys.
It keeps up like this,
we'll all be dead by Monday.
Hey, fuck you, Phil!
[ Laughing ]
PHIL: See you in the morning.
[ Car horn honking ]
[ Nocturnal animal sounds ]
[Tape running ]
[ Tape rewinding ]
I know this is difficult, Mary.
And that's why we're
here to help, okay?
MARY: I miss Peter.
I miss him so much!
[ Mary crying ]
Mary, I want you to try to remember
what happened 22 years ago.
On Christmas night in Lowell.
MARY: That's where we grew up.
DOCTOR: Yes. Can you tell me what
happened that night in Lowell?
MARY: Nothing happened!
- Mary, something did happen.
DOCTOR: That's why
we have these sessions,
to help you remember,
so you can get better, okay?
MARY: No. No, I can't remember.
DOCTOR: File note.
Patient is showing extreme agitation.
She is putting her fingers
in her mouth.
Mary... Mary?
Will you share a doll, Mr. Doctor?
DOCTOR: Who am I speaking with?
Mary got a china doll from her mommy.
And we can't find it now.
DOCTOR: No, Princess,
I haven't seen it.
DOCTOR: Maybe Billy knows
where your china doll is.
PRINCESS: Silly Billy!
[ Princess laughs ]
Princess, tell me what happened
on Christmas
22 years ago in Lowell.
PRINCESS: We got presents.
Mary got a pretty china doll,
and Peter got a big old knife.
[ Princess chuckles ]
DOCTOR: Then what happened?
PRINCESS: Mary's mommy and daddy
went to sleep.
And then we played upstairs.
Peter turned off the lights and hid.
And Mary tried to find him.
[Children giggling ]
Who played upstairs, Princess?
PRINCESS: Mary and Peter,
and me and Billy, silly!
DOCTOR: Has Billy told you
what happened next?
PRINCESS: Billy only tells me
nice things, Mr. Doctor.
Like, that I'm pretty.
DOCTOR: Princess,
was Simon there that night?
Ooh, I don't know any Simon.
DOCTOR: Billy's never told you
about Simon?
I'm tired, Mr. Doctor.
DOCTOR: Maybe Billy
would like to talk now.
Billy's asleep, Mr. Doctor.
He's asleep.
[ Gordon groans ]
[ Generator running ]
[ Gordon breathing heavy ]
GHOSTLY VOICE: You can hear me.
[ Loud banging ]
Genny's gassed up and running, sir.
MIKE: Very good.
Make sure she stays that way.
I don't want her dying on us.
MIKE: Put your mask on, Princess.
JEFF: Fuck off.
I'm not your princess, dude.
JEFF: So, what's up
with Phil and Hank?
What's up with Phil and Hank?
Hank stole Phil's girlfriend.
It's a nightmare.
You don't want to get involved.
You especially don't want to get
on Phil's bad side.
He'll give you the grunt work, all right?
[ Hank humming ]
[ Reggae music audible
from headphones ]
[ Drops sprayer on the ground ]
1883. Fuck, yeah!
[ Scratching wall with a tool ]
Free at last! Free at last!
[ Radio clicks ]
PHIL: Yo, Henry, come back.
Hank? Come back!
Uh, yeah, yeah, Hank here.
PHIL: I want you with Jeff and Mike after lunch,
so bring your gear up.
Yeah, all right. Hank out.
[ Stuffing coins in the wall ]
[ Water slowly dripping ]
Got your wallet.
Nice grab. Okay, ladies,
time to thank Uncle Gordy for lunch.
JEFF: Thanks, Uncle Gordon!
PHIL: Your turn tomorrow, Hank.
Where's Mike?
The equipment room,
looking for those lost cartridges.
Jesus, Phil!
I told you, I didn't want anyone
wandering around here by themselves!
Okay, boss.
It won't happen again, okay?
Do you got my scratch tickets?
Yeah, I got 'em right here, Bubba.
I'm comin'.
Let's see, Hank, your scratch tickets.
There you go. There's one.
HANK: Oh, Phil, these are Jubilee.
You know I play Blackjack.
- Yeah, here's one for you, too.
- Hey, Phil... fuck you!
GORDON: Mike, come in.
MARY: I can't talk anymore.
I am too tired.
DOCTOR: It appears Miss Hobbes
is now entering a dissociative state,
rubbing her eyes, appears to be
switching to an alternate personality.
Uh, yeah, I'll be there in a minute.
- DOCTOR: Mary?
- BOY'S VOICE: Hello, sir.
DOCTOR: Well, hello, Billy.
How have you been?
BILLY: Never better, sir.
DOCTOR: Billy, where does
the Princess live?
- BILLY: In the tongue.
- DOCTOR: Why the tongue?
Because she's always talking, sir.
DOCTOR: And where do you live,
BILLY: I live in the eyes.
You know that.
DOCTOR: Remind me, though.
Why the eyes?
BILLY: Because I see everything, sir.
DOCTOR: And where does
Simon live, Billy?
Where does Simon live?
Hey, what's mortified pride?
Says here, three patients
were committed in 1889
because of mortified pride.
Let me see that.
Where'd you get this?
JEFF: Under some boxes, man.
It's fucking intense, some of the shit...
When Phil calls lunch,
it means lunch. Understood?
Sorry, no cartridges. I gotta go
pick some up at Grossman's.
Listen to this.
17 were committed
due to disappointed expectations.
Henry, they're talking about you.
They would've committed your ass
back then.
Hey, what do you have to do now
to get committed?
Mortify someone's pride?
You kill someone.
Nah, that won't get you committed.
But it'll get you in jail.
If you get caught.
John Hinkley, temporary insanity.
He's not in jail. He's in a nut house.
Right, Mike?
That defense never works.
Most people are cognizant
of their actions when they murder.
Homicide implies a motive.
Oh... God, Mike.
How did you fail law school?
You're good.
Yeah, what are you, dude?
A lobotomy case?
[ Chuckling ]
PHIL: Jeff, come on, man.
[Talking like a baby]
[Jeff giggling ]
- Hey! Hey!
- Mike!
- Mike!
- PHIL: Mike.
C'mon, I'm just fucking around, Gordo.
- PHIL: Don't hurt him!
- MIKE: It's all right.
The Ice Pick method.
Insert a thin metal pipette
into the orbital frontal cortex
and enter the soft tissue
of the frontal lobe.
A few simple smooth,
up and down jerks
to sever the lateral hypothalamus.
All resulting in a rapid reduction
of stress for our little patient here.
Total time elapsed, two minutes.
Only side effect?
Black eye.
Recommended treatment...
[ Clapping ]
Brilliant! Very good.
All right.
Let's go back to work. Come on.
I wasn't kidding back there, man.
You're smarter than this crap job.
You should be using your head, buddy.
Yeah, umm, I gotta get a part
from Gordon's van.
Make sure mullet head here
knows how to operate that thing.
Hey, Mike, come on, don't forget this.
- You know how to ride a lawn mower?
- Yeah.
Oh, then, you're golden.
Basically the same thing.
So, I don't know.
Just push it in
to that mid section there
and just start over there, all right?
I'm gonna take a smoke break.
We just had a break.
[ Soul Ecstasy by The Inner Thumb
playing ]
Hey, Jeff!
- What's up?
- You know what a whale is?
Yeah, I know what a whale is.
[ Turns down music ]
A whale is a big time gambler.
I got this buddy, right,
he deals out at Foxwoods.
12 hours,
and this whale has the house down
300 grand, right?
As this guy's leaving,
takes his car keys,
and drops them in my friend's pocket.
- HANK: You know what they're for?
- What?
Porsche 911.
It's true, man, and that was the tip.
Fucking til?!
What's your point?
Just have an exit plan, dude.
If you stick with this job too long,
it will mess you up, man.
It gets inside of you... the stress.
You see?
Already an itty bitty piece of this shit
may have gotten into your lungs, man.
It incubates in your lungs,
and tissue begins to grow around it
like a... like a pearl.
Like a time bomb.
Time you hit 30... Boom!
You're drowning in your own lung fluid.
Look at you, you're not even
wearing your mask now.
- Hey, where's your mask?
- Me? Nah...
Nah, buddy,
I've learned to sublimate my fear.
'Cause I got a fuckin' exit plan, man.
I have a way of dealing
with the stress.
You think Mikey reads
all those books for fun?
Nah, man, he's got an exit plan,
let me tell you.
If stress gets too intense
on this job, he'll bolt.
He's gonna go back, finish law school,
pass the bar,
get the big, juicy cases,
make his dad proud.
That's his exit plan.
Phil, Jesus...
Phil's got his stress reducer.
He's got his plan. I'm sure
he'll tell you about it someday.
Then there's Uncle Gordo.
Hey, did you know if he didn't get
this gig, he'd have to fold H.E.C.?
Yep. Man, he can't even
have an exit plan.
Fiber has always been his life.
It was over there. It is here.
Imagine that stress.
Hey, let me tell you something, buddy,
you better hope,
hope, you got some of Gordo's genes,
though. 'Cause Gordo...
Jesus, Gordo is
the Zen master of calm.
I've never seen old Gordo lose it.
I don't know, though, man.
The last few months, Gordo,
I'm seein' some cracks.
Ya know, I worry.
Mikey knows what I'm talking about,
right, Mikey?
He does have the new baby, ya know.
It should be the joy of his life, dude.
Hank, when you and Amy have a kid,
you'll see how hard it is.
Me and Amy? A kid with Amy?
Nah, I just fuck her to beat on Phil.
MIKE: Hey, get off your ass.
I want my bonus.
[ Turns off respirator ]
[ Sighs ]
Hi, Wendy?
I know, but we need to talk.
Because we have to.
[ Generator running ]
Would you let me finish?
Would you...? Hello?
[ Generator running ]
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Crickets chirping ]
Baby needs a new pair of shoes.
Let's do this thing.
[ Jazz music playing distantly ]
HANK: Silver.
Yeah, baby, gold, gold.
[ Hank laughing ]
Fucking eyeballs.
Jesus Christ!
They ought to be worth something.
All right.
[ Loud thump]
[ Jazz playing from headphones ]
[ High-pitched noise ]
HANK: Yeah, baby, check that out.
What the fuck is that?
[ Chuckles ]
[ Music plays from headphones ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Movement behind Hank ]
[ Hank gasping ]
[ Loud clanging ]
[ Hank gasping again ]
[ Rattling fence ]
[ Hank hits a fence ]
Fucking birds!
[ Hank continues to gasp ]
Oh, damn.
[ Hank yelps ]
[ Heavy breathing ]
[ Water dripping ]
[ Insects buzzing ]
JEFF: So what's the verdict?
GORDON: I'm getting nothing here.
He's not even left
his answering machine on.
JEFF: You a...
- JEFF: You try Amy's yet?
- GORDON: Do you know her number?
Okay, I'll try information.
No, fuck, give me the phone.
I know the number, Gordon.
Give me the phone!
PHIL: Thank you.
Hi! Hi, it's me. Yeah, uh...
Wait... Wait a second. What?
What are you talking about?
When? When?
Slow down. When did this happen?
No, no, no. No, no, no. No, no.
You hang in there.
I'll call you back.
Well, our favorite piece of shit, Hank,
went to Amy's last night,
packed his car,
told her that he found his meal ticket,
and then bolted to Miami
to Casino School.
That lucky fuck! And he probably
scored on a scratch or something.
I warned her, didn't I?
I fucking warned this bitch, didn't I?
She said that he left
without saying anything?
Gordon, it's Hank.
He's totally unreliable.
Mike, call McManus. Call Craig.
See if he's still available.
PHIL: Gordy?
Gordy, this is a blessing.
We replace this asshole,
and we move forward.
What's the problem?
Something's not right here. Some...
What's the matter?
[ Sighs ]
Who are those two guys
you were talking to yesterday?
- What guys?
- I saw ya.
- Now, what were you talking about?
- What is this?
I'm asking you a question.
What were you talking about?
- Are you questioning my performance?
- I don't know. Should I be?
- Mike, call McManus.
- Don't walk away from me!
Don't ever walk away from me!
You gonna hit me?
[ Gordon walking up stairs ]
PHIL: You think
I'm doing a bad job, Mike?
MIKE: No, you're doing fine.
This used to be a great deal.
Steady gigs, joking around,
beers after work.
Hey, look! It says here, eight were
committed for uncontrolled passion.
Then Emma came.
PHIL: Don't look at me like that, man.
You know it's why we lost
the last two gigs.
He's tired, and he overbid.
- Gordon loves being a father.
- Yeah, now he does, now he loves it.
But it was never in his heart.
This was Wendy's idea.
Look, Phil...
Just 'cause you say
you don't want something,
it doesn't mean you don't want it.
Now, six years ago I didn't want to be
a lawyer, but now I'm thinkin' I might...
Wait! Wait!
Who the fuck are you kidding?
You shuck fiber with us,
in there, okay?
That's not what I'm talking about.
I'm talking about... fatherhood
is screwing this guy's head up,
and it's fucking his job up.
At the very least, Mike, he should've
canned Hank's ass six months ago,
and you know it.
What are you looking at?
Where you going, Mike?
- MIKE: I'm gonna go take a piss.
- You got 25!
[ Birds and insects chirping ]
Hello, Wendy?
Can we talk?
[ Birds chirping ]
I wanna ask you something.
Can you forgive me?
JEFF: Uncle Gordon!
- JEFF: Sorry.
- Hey, man.
JEFF: I didn't see you on the phone.
- Sit down. Sit down.
- JEFF: Thanks.
I just... I just came to...
Thank you for giving me this job,
you know?
JEFF: I mean, I want to let you know
I'll bust my ass for you, okay?
I know that. I know that.
So, don't stress out, all right?
Things will work out.
JEFF: I'm here for you,
and I'm gonna bust my ass, all right?
- Family, man.
- Yeah.
- So, was that Aunt Wendy?
- Yeah.
- How's she doing?
- She's good.
She's, uh... tired, you know?
It's when...
- Kids tire you out sometimes.
- JEFF: Yeah, no, I know.
My dad's got the photos
back from the christening.
- Emma looks pretty pissed off.
- Yeah, she's pretty pissed.
[ Mary crying ]
Why are you crying, Mary?
MARY: I miss my family.
How come they don't visit, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Mary, can you tell me how
you got those scars on your chest?
MARY: How many times
do I have to tell you?
MARY: I fell off my bike
when I was a girl.
DOCTOR: Is that what you remember,
MARY: Yes!
DOCTOR: Now, can you tell me
who the Princess is?
- MARY: No idea.
- DOCTOR: And who Billy is?
MARY: I don't know anyone
named Billy.
- DOCTOR: Who is Simon, Mary?
- MARY: I have no idea who Simon is!
- MARY: I am sick of this!
- DOCTOR: Mary, calm down.
MARY: I just want to go back
to my room!
[ Mary gasping ]
BILLY: Mary is asleep, sir.
DOCTOR: Billy, why won't you tell me
what happened in Lowell.
I know you saw what happened.
BILLY: You know perfectly well
what happened, sir.
DOCTOR: But Mary needs to know
what happened, Billy.
- She needs to remember.
- BILLY: No!
DOCTOR: Well, then, maybe Simon
would like to tell me what happened.
- BILLY: He's asleep.
- DOCTOR: Help me wake up Simon.
- BILLY: No!
- DOCTOR: We must wake up Simon.
BILLY: I won't... scared!
Billy, we have to wake up Simon.
You should take a shower, Gordon.
You shouldn't go home
with that shit on you, man.
What's the stupidest thing
you've ever done?
You mean,
besides coming to work for you?
[ Clears throat ]
Uh... I would have to say...
I would have to say
introducing Hank to Amy.
That was pretty fucking stupid,
I wish I had that one back.
I wish I had that one back.
I hit Wendy.
It was Friday night. I wanted
to celebrate getting this job.
I had the flowers.
I had the champagne.
I went into the kitchen.
She was cooking pasta.
I wanted to kiss her.
She turned around,
and before I knew it,
there's a pot of boiling water
all over my leg.
I don't know if it was the dog barking,
I don't know if it was Emma crying,
but I slapped her.
I hit my wife.
I love my wife.
It was an accident.
But I slapped her for it.
I've tried to talk to her on the phone,
but she wouldn't listen.
Where are you staying?
A motel.
You don't tell the other
guys about this.
Oh, come on, man.
You were right about Craig.
You should give him a call.
You know, uh, they,
uh, those kids, the other day...
I had a conversation
with those fuckin' graffiti artists,
and they will not be coming back
our way again.
I spoke to 'em, I said,
"If I see you again, I'm calling Security," so...
Anyway, so, that's taken care of,
all right?
Hang in there.
Take a shower.
Get that shit off of you.
[ Nocturnal nature sounds ]
GHOSTLY VOICE: Hello, Gordon.
Do you know who I am?
Roses? They're lovely!
What's the occasion, Gordon?
[ Wendy laughing ]
WENDY: Not here, Gordon. Later.
Watch out!
[ Gordon and Wendy screaming ]
GHOSTLY VOICE: Do it, Gordon!
[ Wendy screaming ]
[ Crickets chirping ]
[Groaning ]
[ Gordon continues groaning ]
[ Owl hooting ]
[ Gordon yelling ]
[ Heavy breathing ]
[ Water dripping ]
- You're up early.
- Yeah.
Guess I wasn't the only one
who couldn't sleep.
I got, uh, I got Craig
coming in tomorrow. Okay?
You okay?
I want to go home.
I'm gonna go inside.
I gotta go.
[ Geese honking ]
It's gonna get ugly.
[ Floor scraper running ]
Ah, Jesus Christ!
- Jeff, what did you do?
- JEFF: It wasn't me, man!
I'm gonna go check the breakers.
- What?
- Take a break with me.
- I can't. I gotta go check the breakers.
- PHIL: Let the kid do it.
MIKE: Well, the kid can't.
He's got nyctophobia.
Okay, all right.
- We got a problem.
- What?
We have a problem, and I want you
to know that this is not easy for me.
Look at me. This is not easy for me,
do you understand?
All right.
- We need to talk about Gordon.
- What about him?
He needs to take some time off, Mike.
- Why?
- Because he's becoming a liability.
I.. Phil, look, I can see
why you're a little paranoid.
Can ya? Do you know
that he hit his wife?
PHIL: He hit Wendy, Mike.
Now, I've got Craig
coming over tomorrow.
If Griggs hears about this,
you understand what that means, right?
You want to lose this gig?
You want to lose the bonus?
'Cause that's what's gonna happen.
So, what do we do?
Okay, you listen to me.
You follow my lead.
You let me handle this, okay?
I don't give a shit what happens.
Fuck! I'm in charge now.
So, what did he say?
It think it might happen Saturday.
I don't...
MIKE: We were just talking
about your nephew.
And how he's coming along.
That sort of thing.
And how's he coming along?
[ Electrical humming ]
[ Jeff climbing stairs ]
Yo, dude, hello!
You're in some deep shit,
you know that?
What are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
What are you doing here?
Everyone thinks you're in Miami
at that Casino School.
Fucking Gordon and Phil
want your head, man!
So, dude, did you score
on a scratch, or what?
What are you doing here?
Listen, I forgot something.
I'll be back.
You know, um,
he just needs a little motivation.
- That's... pretty much it.
- Yeah.
What do you think, Phil?
Same, I think he's a little slow.
But, uh...
With Hank gone and Craig coming on,
we'll pick up the slack.
MIKE: I mean, I'll motivate him...
the little mullet head.
He may be party in the back, but I'll
make sure he's business in the front.
- What time is it?
- I think it's noon. About noon.
- Lunch time.
- MIKE: Yeah.
Want to place the order?
Yeah. Yeah, sure, sure.
MIKE: I think it's Phil's turn, though,
right, Phil?
- Fuck it, Mike. Let's flip for it.
- What?
- Let's flip for it.
- Where'd you get that?
PHIL: Found it. It might even be
worth something, too. You ready?
- MIKE: You found it?
- PHIL: Yep.
Call it in the air.
Heads or tails?
MIKE: Heads.
Tails. Get going, loser.
Hey, Uncle!
- JEFF: I found Hank!
- Gordon?
What do you want, Jeff?
I found Hank.
PHIL: What the fuck
are you talking about?
I just found Hank... in the stairwell.
He was just standing there.
Don't be a fucking idiot, okay?
I'm not a fucking idiot!
I swear to God, I saw him!
If he's in Miami, Jeff,
why would he be here?
How could that be possible, Jeff?
I don't know, but I saw him!
PHIL: You know what?
Go back to work, we'll bring you lunch.
Where was he, Jeff?
In the staircase,
next to the equipment room.
Wait... wait a minute.
You believe him?
You believe this punk, Gordon?
Oh, for Christ's sakes, Mike!
This is so goddamn ridiculous!
If he's in Miami,
why would he be here?
Ask him yourself, Phillie.
Right up there.
We're gonna do that, Jeff.
We're gonna do that, my man.
That's what we're doing, man.
That's where I'm taking you.
We're gonna do that.
- JEFF: I'm telling you, he's up there.
- PHIL: Where is he?
He was standing right there.
It's fucking weird, but he's right here.
I'm telling you. He's right...
Right over where, Jeff?
I swear he was. I'm not lying.
Why would I make this up?
PHIL: Nice going... Jeff.
Okay, listen to me guys, now.
You heard me on the phone with Amy.
Am I right?
She said Hank went to where?
Miami! Okay?
Now, we heard it,
we all heard it, right?
No... no, we didn't.
- I want to go to lunch.
- No, you stay where you are.
What are you saying, Gordon?
You told us that's what she said,
but we didn't hear her say it.
We saw you on the phone,
we heard you on the phone,
we didn't hear Amy.
Right, so what you're saying to me
is that it wasn't Amy on the phone?
Is that what you...?
Mike, now, come on, man.
This is what I'm talking to you about.
- Mike. Mike, give me that cell phone.
- Why?
'Cause I want to talk to Amy.
What? I spoke to Amy.
You don't need to speak to Amy.
- Give me the cell phone.
- Don't give him the fuckin' cell phone.
- Give me the cell phone.
- Mike, that's what I'm trying to tell you.
- Give me the cell phone.
- He's losing it, man.
Mike, give me the cell phone!
This is what I'm telling you.
He's losing it, man!
- Look at him! He's losing it, man!
- Give me the fuckin' cell phone!
[Walking upstairs]
- What the fuck was that?
- It's Hank!
JEFF: It's Hank!
Okay, okay.
Jeff, Mike, go downstairs.
Make sure he doesn't come around.
You, you come with me.
Hey! Fuck you!
You come with me.
Let's go.
PHIL: Come on, Jeff.
- Oh, wait, you heard him go that way.
- Take the tunnels. They're safer.
Gordo, this could be anybody.
Could be squatters, could be kids.
Come on, Phil, slow down, man.
He's not fucking down here.
Hey, Gordo, did you hear that?
I thought I heard something
down there, in the tunnels.
Did ya hear it?
No. No, it's this way.
Gordo, I'm going down in the tunnels,
all right? You follow up top.
Mike! Mike, we stick to...
Fuck this.
What the fuck, Phil?
Man, slow down.
- So fucking stupid! Why?
- Shh! Shh!
[ Electrical humming ]
- I don't hear anything.
- PHIL: Shh! Shh!
Give me your torch.
This is fucking dumb.
He's not gonna be down there.
Shut up!
I want you to stay right there.
You see or hear anything, you call me.
You understand me?
- I left my walkie in the van!
- Stay there!
- Phil, wait!
- PHIL: What, Jeff?
When I saw Hank,
I think he had blood on his hand.
Stay there.
DOCTOR: And, Billy, you understand
that you, the Princess and Simon
are all in Mary?
BILLY: Yes, sir.
DOCTOR: And if Mary is sick,
then, you are sick, too. All of you.
BILLY: Yes, sir.
DOCTOR: You want Mary
to get better, right, Billy?
DOCTOR: So, help her, Billy.
Tell me about that night
in Lowell, Billy.
BILLY: We were playing
hide n' seek, sir.
[ Kids laughing ]
BILLY: Mary was looking at her new doll,
and she was looking for Peter.
It was real dark.
BILLY: No, I won't tell!
Mary's a good girl!
She doesn't need to know!
- DOCTOR: What?
- BILLY: What Simon did!
DOCTOR: To who, Billy?
To who?
[ Billy crying ]
BILLY: To Peter!
DOCTOR: What did Simon do
to Peter, Billy?
BILLY: I won't do it!
DOCTOR: Tell me,
so that we can make Mary...
[ Fast forwarding tape ]
JEFF: Fuck!
[ Jazz music playing in the distance ]
[ Electrical humming ]
[ Birds chirping ]
MAN: What are you doing here?
MAN: What are you doing here?
Billy, I need to talk to Simon.
BILLY: He made me do it.
It was awful.
- DOCTOR: Billy, wait.
- BILLY: It was awful. No!
[ Ghostly voice laughing ]
MAN: What are you doing here?
[ Generator winding down ]
DOCTOR: We need...
We need to wake up Simon.
BILLY: No, it's too awful!
DOCTOR: Wake up Simon.
MAN: What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
[ Radio clicks ]
GORDON: Phil. Phil,
I think I found Hank.
[ Gasping ]
HANK: What are you doing here?
[ Radio clicks ]
PHIL: Gordon, come back.
Gordon, come back.
- Yeah.
- PHIL: Where are you?
- Ward A. Third floor.
- PHIL: I'm coming.
[ Generator kicks back on ]
GHOSTLY VOICE: Hello, doc.
DOCTOR: Simon?
SIMON: You know who I am?
DOCTOR: Billy has told me
a lot about you.
SIMON: Billy is a smart boy.
DOCTOR: What happened
on Christmas night in Lowell?
SIMON: Use your imagination.
DOCTOR: I'd rather you tell me,
SIMON: Peter was naughty, doc.
DOCTOR: What did Peter do?
SIMON: He shouldn't
have done it, doc.
DOCTOR: Tell me, Simon.
SIMON: He scared Mary, doc.
[ Mary screaming ]
SIMON: He crept up behind her
in the dark.
And he scared her.
[ Mary screaming ]
SIMON: Mary fell down, doc.
[ China breaking and Mary screaming ]
SIMON: She fell on her doll.
It cut her up, doc.
It cut her up real bad.
She needed someone to help her.
So I introduced myself.
Hello, Mary.
And I told her to cut up Peter, doc.
Do it, Mary.
[ Simon laughing ]
SIMON: To cut him up real bad.
[ Peter crying ]
SIMON: Good thing his knife
was brand-new.
[ Simon laughing ]
SIMON: Real sharp.
[ Simon continues laughing ]
SIMON: And then, just so her mommy
and daddy wouldn't get mad...
[ Simon chuckles ]
...I told her to cut them up, too.
Do it.
[ Mary's parents screaming ]
There was a lot of blood, doc.
So much blood.
But Mary wanted to do it.
Do it, Mary!
So she did it.
[ Jeff screaming ]
Gordon, come back, please.
[ Insects buzzing ]
GORDON: Who is that?
Gordon, it's Jeff.
I'm by the van.
[ Radio clicks off ]
I'm sorry, man. I was freaking out.
The lights went out.
I got these in the van.
Is that okay?
[ Birds singing ]
PHIL: Come back.
Come back.
This is Gordon.
PHIL: We found the one...
The one responsible.
[ Drops radio ]
[ Water dripping ]
You've got to be kidding me.
Freaking beautiful.
Hello? Hello? Hello?
McManus is here.
Where are you guys?
I mean... I mean...
He was a liability.
Who did this?
[ Sighs ]
I mean...
He brought it on himself.
Didn't he? I mean, it's typical...
Typical Henry.
Wrong place at the wrong time.
You did this.
PHIL: Gordon.
I need you to wake up...
...and take... a really...
...good look at him.
Oh, Jesus.
What are you doing here?
GORDON: It's okay, Hank.
Hank, it's okay, it's me.
You hang in there, brother.
You hang in there.
We'll try and get you
some help, okay?
You know what I wouldn't do?
I wouldn't tell anybody about this.
Because if they find out about Hank,
they're gonna find out
about the others.
You did this.
What are you...?
What are you doing here? Huh?
You got those guys, didn't ya?
You hired those guys to do this?
Gordy, you are asleep.
- You hired those guys to kill him.
- You're asleep.
- Where are the others?
- Open your eyes.
- Where are they?
- You've got to wake up.
- You tell me where they are.
- Would you wake up?
- Tell me.
- Would you wake up?
I am fucking awake!
CRAIG: Hey! Gordon!
Who you talking to, man?
I'm a little confused here, man.
What's, uh...
Hey, what is it?
Hey, Gordon!
[ Craig yells ]
[ Hank groaning ]
SIMON: Do it, Gordon!
What are you doing here?
[ Carnival-like music plays ]
DOCTOR: Why did you do it, Simon?
SIMON: Because Mary let me, doc.
They always do.
[ Carnival-like music continues ]
What are you doing here?
[ Hank screaming ]
SIMON: They always do.
[ Simon laughing ]
PHIL: You know what I wouldn't do?
I wouldn't mention this
to anyone, Gordy.
PHIL: I wouldn't tell anybody
about this.
Because if they find out about Hank,
they're gonna find out
about the others.
I found Hank, Gordy.
He's hurt, and he said
you did it to him. Is that true?
Gordy? Gordy!
[ Phil yelling ]
[ Simon laughing ]
GORDON: Who did this?
PHIL: Well...
He brought it on himself.
Didn't he?
Wrong place at the wrong time.
[ Mike screaming ]
[ Simon laughing ]
GORDON: Where are the others?
PHIL: Gordy, you are asleep.
Uncle Gordon!
PHIL: Wake up!
The lights went out.
I'm sorry, man.
I was freaking out.
I got these in your van.
Is that okay?
[ Jeff yells ]
[ Insects buzzing ]
PHIL: Gordy.
I need you to open your eyes now.
Wake up.
And remember.
Roses? They're lovely!
What's the occasion, Gordon?
[ Wendy laughs ]
WENDY: Not here, Gordon. Later.
Watch out! Gordon!
[ Gordon and Wendy screaming ]
WENDY: Oh, my God, Gordon...
No, stop, Gordon! No!
SIMON: Do it, Gordon.
[ Wendy screaming ]
[ Dog barking ]
[ Baby crying ]
[ Dog yelping ]
[ Baby's crying continues ]
SIMON: Do it, Gordon.
[ Strained crying ]
SIMON: Do it now.
[ Water dripping ]
[ Gordon sniffling ]
GORDON: Wendy. Wendy, it's me.
Please don't hang up. Please.
I just want to say how sorry I am
for what's happened.
I am so sorry.
I am so lonely here.
[ Crying ]
I want to come home.
I want to hold you.
I want to hold my baby.
Can you forgive me?
Can you forgive me?
DOCTOR: And where do you live,
SIMON: I live in the weak
and the wounded...
[ Choke Chain by Lou Barlow plays ]