Sessiz Ciglik (2023) Movie Script

-Oh, life.
-My heart.
-Oh, life.
-My heart.
My Allah.
I'm burning. I'm burning.
Oh, my heart.
My heart.
My dear Allah, I'm burning.
Hearts can find peace only by praising Allah.
Who are you? What are you doing here?
I'm director, Muhammed Tanrsever.
Are you kidding me, I'm Muhammed Tanrsever.
And I'm you.
You don't know me.
But I know you very well.
I know your past. For instance, right now you're unhappy.
You're feeling lonely?
That's right, they call me crazy.
They call me the insane director. Or they ignore me.
You just continue to work hard, just keep going.
Sometimes, you find yourself in this great loneliness.
Yes, I do.
It is not the critics who deserve praise.
Not those who find fault or blame,
but he who is in the arena, covered in blood and sweat
fighting bravely, making mistakes, failing
but never giving up the fight.
Continue straight ahead in your path.
Will all this pass?
Will they appreciate me one day?
That's unimportant. What's important is to carry water
like an ant to brahim's fire.
Those who consume themselves for a higher purpose
cannot be replaced by cowardly souls who have never seen
defeat and victory.
Sir, set is ready.
I'm coming.
You get up too.
Those who find excuses to put things off.
Those who live off someone else's back.
Those who lie without shame.
Those who lie, I speak to you,
How is your life?
Do you like it?
Are you happy?
Can a man without a mission ever be happy?
You fooled me. You're a whore. You have no honor.
You'll pay for this.
Stop, don't!
I'm not drinking for pleasure! I'll go crazy
if I don't drink, I'll die. I'm going to lose it.
I can only suppress my inner scream.
Father, I met him on social media.
I made a mistake. I was fooled.
This is the last time. It won't happen again. I repent.
Get up from behind that laptop.
You haven't eaten or drunk anything all day.
You've lost your head, where has it gone?
That cripto or coin or whatever. You've lost all my money.
The reason for your depressions and bouts of
isolation is that you haven't amounted to anything.
How much longer do we have to take care of you?
With what would I get married, father?
Life is expensive. What I make is hardly enough for me.
In addition, those who get married, divorce within a year.
I'm afraid, father, I'm afraid.
There's Allah.
The rest is just superstition.
I'm not going to pray anymore.
I've become a deist. I've no fear left. I'm freer this way.
You see what a struggle and
challenge it is to live this life.
There's laughter and there's tears.
Our challenge in this life is to make our lives better
and more meaningful.
Everyone has their own struggle. I chose faith and art.
Anyway, they're inseparable. The most amazing works of art
have been created in the name of religion.
There are artists without religion,
but there's no art without religion.
Mevlana the great of Konya was constantly
performing the sema.
One day, while walking in the bazaar
the sounds of the tradesmen hammering iron,
caused him to go into a trance; dancing and whirling.
In realms like Mevlana music and dance
express man's propulsion to action
through his love for his creator.
It represents a gravitation towards Allah.
The genre of type of music doesn't matter.
It's the persons intention, their will. What do they hear?
How does it resonate in his heart that the pleasure
causes a trans.
Sir, there are these too.
These could be the ones we're looking for.
Contact them, invite them for an interview.
Yes, sir.
How do you like this, sir?
We have alternatives.
No, no, it's fine, it's very nice.
Let me see what she's going to wear at the final.
It's here.
Alright, it works.
-Thank you, sir.
-Thank you, sir.
How dare you, man?
You frightened me.
For Allah's sake.
I apologize, I wasn't thinking.
I brought these for you to choose from.
Alright, I was startled.
You're shoving the knives in my face.
Is this how you present?
What kind of art is this? What kind of artist are you?
Alright, show me.
-This one, no need for the big one.
-Yes, sir.
Sir, this is the actress for the part of Ms. Ulviye;
Ms. Mnevver.
Please, welcome, my lady.
-How are you?
-Thank you, how are you? Welcome.
I'm fine, thanks.
-How old are you?
Thank you for coming, I'm pleased to meet you.
Please have some tea and something to eat.
We will get in touch with you. Please.
Thank you very much. Thanks.
Didn't we agree on 65?
Why did you bring such an old woman?
And she's overweight too.
Sir, she looked younger in her photos.
Do you go just by the photos?
Don't you review their information when you choose?
I'm sorry, sir.
Sir, the sound guy arrived. He has brought some tracks.
He's waiting upstairs.
Alright, you go ahead, I'm on my way.
What were you going to say?
Sir, the screenwriter isn't coming. What should we do?
Why isn't he coming?
He has womb syndrome, he can't leave the house.
What, womb syndrome? What's that?
He has a panic attack when he leaves the house.
Allah Allah.
Diseases such as depression, panic attack,
emotional thought disorder
have surrounded the country.
Go visit him at home. Talk with him.
See what we can to in order to treat him.
Yes, sir.
Where's Barbaros?
Havent you dressed him yet?
We're here.
Brother, it's not Barbaros, it's Lodos.
I can't seem to remember this guy's name.
By the way, my real name isn't Lodos.
-What is it?
-Muhammed, brother.
But, I thought it wouldn't be appropriate
for my profession so I made it Lodos.
I mean, I figured they'd say it's too religious.
Actually, I am a religious person.
But I had to hide my faith from this film and art community.
Did you change the name Muhammed?
You've changed the most honorable,
most credible name in the world.
My name is Muhammed.
Look. I'm proud of my name.
From now on, I'll call you whatever name
I think of at the moment.
For me you have no name any longer.
I'm sorry, sir.
This isn't my job.
This isn't my job. I won't do it.
I don't have to do it.
Why isn't the video recording?
Where's Durmu?
Durmu, what are you doing?
What're you doing? What're you doing?
-Its not my job, I cant do it.
-What is it, what happened?
I wanted you to learn a second profession and
earn double your salary.
Who do you think needs this more, me or you?
It is a pity for my country, a pity for our people.
Why have we become lazy?
Why have we become cowardly?
How did we get to this point?
Talk to him, Ramazan, talk.
Yes, sir.
You're being shameful, Durmu.
Look how many jobs the boss does around here.
Producer, director, screenwriter, editor.
He does everything himself.
As is that's not enough,
he cooks for us with his own hands.
He gives us morale and motivation seminars.
He speaks with those who need psychological support.
Plus, he works in the garden.
He does the landscaping himself. Shall I go on?
You can do all this too, but send positive signals
to your brain, say "I can do it".
Only then will Allah help you.
You will succeed with the help of Allah. Come on.
C'mon, you can do it.
In this age of iron
science science has come a long way in this civilization
of mathematics.
Money has become a deity.
Everyone is pursuing a career.
They've forgotten God.
Reason is stalled.
God first takes reason from those He wants to destroy.
And they're usually people who considered themselves
privileged and became Pharaoh-like.
Me, me, me.
That's society's problem.
I'm not convinced. You said there were other alternatives.
Let's take a look at them.
Sir, that location is a bit far.
Well, then why did you say there were alternatives?
Sir, I'm sorry, I went to see it.
Why do you do your job so senselessly?
I'm sorry, sir.
Brother Refik.
Sir, just give me a moment.
Brother Refik, we're filming a movie.
Is your house available? Can we take a look?
I let it to film companies before, they destroyed my house.
I would want some guarantees. Like a deposit.
In addition, I would have to research you.
We will give you all the guarantees. Don't you worry.
Well, then.
Hear that?
What they've done to the sector.
They embarrass us, they bring shame.
No weed grows where film makers thread.
That's what they say.
Brother, should we look for other alternatives?
Brother Refik, is your house available?
Can we take a quick look?
Let's quickly look inside. I have thing to do at the studio.
Then I have a meeting. I have to go.
Alright, brother.
-Move your damn car!
-You move your damn car.
Dudes, break it up.
Who do you think you are, dude!
Why are we in this condition, brother?
We still are.
We haven't changed. We are falling behind in finding
the straight path of civilization.
If we managed to find the right path,
if we awakened our sleeping hearts,
Allah would take us by the hand.
He would open our way, refresh our hearts.
All this insanity would end.
Our hearts would fill with peace.
That's why I'm making these movies.
I want us to become enlightened.
But, first, you have to want this,
you have to be in pursuit of it.
We need more patience, more effort, and more faith.
For this ideal of culture and art. Culture and art ideal.
To God's light.
With honestly and truthfulness.
On judgement day we will place an open book
in front of humans.
So they see what they've done.
Or bad?
They want to play the sound track from the last movie
for you, sir. Are you free?
-Bayram, you come too, let's listen together.
-Yes, sir.
You've lost your mother.
-I've never had a daughter.
-My work took priority, that's why.
-What's this. What kind of sound is this?
Even the sound we heard in the first edit weren't like this.
Isn't that right, Bayram?
-Yes, sir.
-Show them, Bayram.
-Excuse me.
I've starred in dozens of plays, tv series, movies.
-It's as if my whole life...
-Do you see that? See.
How can the edited sound be like this
when the sound is like this in the first edit?
Now, let's hear the one that you did.
You've lost your mother. I've never had a daughter.
My work took priority, that's why.
Is this what you worked on for 15 days?
My assistants did it, sir.
Aren't you who is responsible?
Turn on the lights, turn them on.
Why are you shouting? Calm down.
Why are you barking orders?
I'm sorry, sir.
Now, what's this?
No explanation, no information.
Is he offended?
What's happening to these people?
They're sick, sick.
Whether it's mood disorder, manic attack,
depression, whatever you want.
May Allah help them.
The purpose of all religions is Allah.
Art cannot be lacking of Allah.
If it is, it can't be understood.
All living things, from the smallest creature
to human beings, work to protect their unity.
Unity; it means harmony, it is morality.
It's justice.
It's brotherhood.
It's comprehensible. Chaos is unjust.
It's tyranny.
It's enmity.
It's fragmentation.
It's incomprehensible.
In this chaotic, depressed time,
there are hardly any artists,
film directors,
movie producers
or screenwriters,
be it Christian, Muslim or Jewish,
working for unity,
working for Allah.
We aren't able to relay God's sufficiently.
If there were movies
which embody Godly love,
and give holy messages,
would humankind be in this situation today?
3, 2, 1, action.
Love, affection and inspiration
clear minds are not pure hearts.
There noise in that room.
Can't you hear it, that sound?
There's some sound in that room.
Like the sound of a motor.
Sir, we can take care of that problem in the close ups.
Alright, from the beginning.
-3, 2, 1, action.
What's that sound?
This is not a normal sound.
You can't take care of it in the close ups.
Go take a look inside, see where it's coming from.
Sounds like a motor.
Guys, can you take a look? What's the problem?
Why don't you go yourself?
Sir, the sound is coming from the camera's fans, the motor.
No, it can't be the fans.
They stop when recording, the fans stop.
Gkhan, they stop when recording, right? When recording?
-They stop when recording, brother.
Go on, man, what're you waiting for?
Ramazan, hasn't he gone yet?
-We keep doing the same thing, I don't get it.
-Alright, we're going to take a look.
-Alright, c'mon.
-Would you like some tea?
This is no time for tea. What tea?
The sound is continuing. Come, have you spoken?
Come, what was it?
-We spoke, brother.
-What was it, what was causing the sound?
-Brother, it was coming from the air conditioner's motor.
-So why did you say that? Now, you said it was the camera.
Sir, I may have gotten it wrong.
Why don't you go check it out yourself,
but send your assistant instead?
-Ramazan, go talk in that meeting room.
-Alright, brother.
-Come, bro.
-Don't be so impulsive.
What's he saying? The impudence!
What's he saying?
-Ramazan, come here.
-We're here, brother.
-Come here, come.
-What did you talk about?
Alright, brother, we've talked.
-What's he saying, he was mumbling something.
-No, brother.
-He continues now.
-You were right, I was wrong.
So , then, why don't you obey orders?
Call the lawyer tomorrow.
-Yes, brother.
-I'm going to take his statement.
-Alright, brother.
-Make sure he finishes filming today.
-Alright, brother.
-Also tell him not to be impudent.
Alright, brother.
Why did you do that? Ask him, why did he do that?
-Sir, I misunderstood.
-Go and talk, he's still talking about misunderstanding.
-I don't understand how it's going to work, bro.
-He is still saying it's a misunderstanding.
-Alright, c'mon, it's enough, you've spoken enough.
-Alright, brother.
-Come along.
-Yes, tell me.
-Alright, sir, I'm sorry.
-He misunderstood, bro.
He misunderstood what?
He's misunderstanding, we're misrepresenting.
Go talk again.
I really don't understand.
I mean, how far can it go? I don't get it.
Look at this. The set has stopped.
Look at what we're going through right now.
The things we have to withstand
because of the arrogance, ego and
devil-like selfishness of one man.
He's being unfair to everyone here.
-Ramazan, come. Haven't you spoken already?
-We're here, brother.
-What are you doing, are you having tea over there?
-No, brother, we talked.
-Sir, I apologize, please forgive me.
Let's carry on.
-You've got to finish our work today, brother.
-He will, brother.
See, the sound is clean, very nice. Yes, record.
3, 2, 1, action.
-Would you like some tea?
-We would.
So there it is, Muhammed.
We're trying to do something beneficial for humankind.
Of course, social responsibility in every area.
We know that you are also a very charitable person.
We look forward to your support in this regard.
Is this the extent of your social responsibility?
Whatever we can manage, I wish we could do more.
You support people;
young people and students in need.
That's good, nice.
But I am working to meet a much greater need.
To respond to a more fundamental, larger need.
What is that, Mr. Muhammed?
Why do you think I make movies?
This is the last thing to do in order to make money.
As you know, I make my money in different sectors.
From industry, from commerce and from energy.
All these buildings and factories will crumble one day.
these movies that I am making will last
until the end of time.
By making people contemplate
it will bring them closer to Allah.
It will be a means of worship like mosques.
But I am alone in this endeavor.
I am also looking for support.
I wish people like you
would support my culture and art services.
The screenwriter has arrived, sir.
Let him wait.
I congratulate you, Mr. Muhammed.
You're really doing a holy job.
There's nobody else like you. Therefore I applaud you.
Thank you, sir, thanks.
Mr. Muhammed, I thank you too.
You are fulfilling a hold duty, congratulations.
May your path be clear.
Why didn't you go in? Come on.
Excuse me sir, I need to leave at 8,
I wanted to let you know.
You were expecting you in the morning, you came in
the afternoon. Now you want to leave in a couple of hours.
-What kind of business is this?
-I have to take my mother to the doctor.
Isn't tomorrow Sunday? What doctor?
I have to take her on Monday but
I need to go get her from Edirne.
Aren't there any doctors in Edirne?
She has a special illness,
that's why I have to bring her here.
It's best if you go now.
Ms. Glin and I are going to work on the script all night.
If you are so uninterested in your own story,
I don't want your input. Come on, go.
Hello, Mr. Nurettin?
What have done, have you completed the screenplay?
I couldn't, sir. I got stuck on the synopsis.
I couldn't wrap my head around it.
Wrap your head around it?
Go, bang your head on the wall, then you'll be able to.
Excuse me, I don't understand?
I said,
bang your head on the wall so the blockage is cleared.
So that blood flows to your brain and it works.
Bang it, c'mon, bang.
Alright, sir.
-Bang it, let me hear you, bang, bang harder.
-Yes, sir.
I'm banging.
Alright, that's better.
Call me when the screenplay is finished.
Alright, sir, I will.
What are you doing? What's that?
Don't even ask what befell me?
What happened, what happened to you?
Now I'm going to look at the screenplay for Tracker.
If I see anything that doesn't fit my vision,
I'll cancel the shoot.
I've made a lot of movies this year, I'm tired.
Oh no, there goes our weekly wages.
Sir, it's up to you but this screenplay is in line
with your philosophy.
The story starts with words that tell about your philosophy.
It emphasizes the main problems of society through
the writer character in the story.
Muhammed, who has broken up with the girl
he loves because of his concerns,
goes through a transformation after getting to know Hasan.
Hasan who was able to resist many pains
thanks to the Quran he recited,
advises Muhammed;
"take care of your loved ones, never leave them alone".
In this way Hasan also transforms.
Well, we'll see.
Read, Ms. Glin.
I'm Muhammed Yrekli.
Why do I have to deal with this?
We told him to come at 10 am, he came at 2 pm.
His excuse, I had no money, I couldn't find a bus.
A bunch of lies.
You know, we gave him 1,500 TL as an advance.
We sent him to be treated for panic attack.
Come, my brother, we'll give you a salary and
you can work here full time writing screenplays.
We make four movies a year, you'll make money.
What did he do?
His mother is sick, he needs to go to Edirne.
He went to Edirne. Man, isn't there anyone else
that can take your mother to the hospital! Lies.
He took the 1500
and went to drink raki.
He's addicted.
He's even considered suicide.
We spoke about all this, so many times.
He'll do whatever he has to
to set his raki table tonight and finish all his money.
Tomorrow he's broke again.
He'll amount to nothing. Keep reading, Ms. Glin.
I'm Muhammed Yrekli, photographer and writer.
When I was trying to build a studio here,
state-of-the-art system.
I called him. We had been doing business for years.
He kept saying, that won't work, you can't do that.
We need to get this computer. That's too expensive.
It was as if he was trying to stop the studio from
He's going to lose his advantage,
constantly excuses, excuses.
I said, come and be a consultant for us,
you'll still make money, no.
It's his loss.
Read, Ms. Glin.
I'm Muhammed Yrekli.
Bring some tea. Four teas, hurry.
Read, Ms. Glin.
I'm Muhammed Yrekli, photographer and writer.
The other studio owner is a scammer too.
His son came over... Bro, we're going to this
and we're going to that. He's scamming.
Dude, we're building a studio here, right?
Just give me the number. Who builds this studio?
Give me the address. No.
What happened? Now, we're building a studio.
One that's much better. For half the price they gave me.
My dear Allah.
Would I do business with these guys?
Bring some bananas, and some cookies. Hurry.
Yes, sir.
Read, Ms. Glin.
I've been trying to write this love story for a long time.
These guys are sick, they're sick. Ms. Glin, you stop.
I don't need any of them.
It's up to me whether I make this movie or not.
I can stop filming if necessary and continue
whenever I feel like it.
Do I need them?
I make these movies for my ideals.
Do I make money from them?
I'm constantly spending money out of my pocket.
Nobody but Allah can harm me.
If necessary, I will bring people from abroad
and finish the movie. Who the hell are they?
Read, Ms. Glin.
From the beginning. Read from the beginning.
-You know that drunk bastard
has gone to drink again tonight.
He's got to take his mother to Edirne.
He's got to take her to the hospital...
Dude, don't you have any other relatives there?
Why don't they take her to Edirne?
Aren't there any hospitals in Edirne? All lies!
He took the money and ran.
Drunk, pathetic.
-Say it, say pathetic, pathetic.
Pathetic, it's his loss.
Drunk, pathetic.
Read, Ms. Glin.
I'm Muhammed Yrekli, photographer and writer.
I have been trying to write this love story for a long time.
My financial difficulties, the grief and pain
caused by lack of money always prevented it.
My life has passed in misery and despair.
Just like the lives of many of us.
Like most of us.
How can I write in this environment?
How can I write under these conditions?
Passion, love.
Inspiration comes to clean minds
and hearts.
Wherever I look, I see depravity.
Wherever I look,
I see depravity.
Depression, faithlessness.
My brain cells are full...
My brain cells are full
of worry, fear and
A complete mess of Chaos. Complete.
Oh world.
Oh my country.
Is this what was meant to be?
Isn't there anything better?
The love story I'm going to tell you about in this story
has waited for many years.
Maybe I had to wait for myself in order to write it.
This is the story of how I tracked that love story.
I ask you.
Could that drunk have written these words?
-Not possible.
-It's not possible, sir.
We worked on this story about nine months ago.
I've forgotten some parts of it but
we've obviously had an effect on it.
When he brought this story it was taking place in
it was a bit convoluted.
I said, what for, it can take place in Trakya.
They can be mine workers,
there's a lot of drama there. A lot of struggle.
The hardships that people have endured.
There is no greater pain than when a person is forced
to leave the land where he was born and raised.
It was a time when the sun rose everyday
but nobody was warmed by it.
We were all neighbors, close friends, relatives.
They tore us apart, into tatters.
Alright, then.
We've written a great introduction, Ms. Glin.
It's very good.
Read of from the scene where he runs into Hasan.
Alright, sir.
Uncle Hasan takes out a photograph
from his pocket that's above his heart.
It's a photo of him and his wife.
Who are they?
Me and my wife Binnaz.
The photo is black and white but it has wrinkled
and turned yellow over the years.
-How are you going to produce this photo?
-Sir, we spoke about that with brother Recep.
The girl is going to come here tomorrow,
we're going to put her in costume.
Ms. Asl knows about it.
I'm going to take the photo against a beautiful backdrop.
Then we'll load it on to a computer.
We'll take care of the rest digitally.
Does the girl know? Who is going to pick her up?
I told Servet, he spoke with her.
-Yes, sir?
-What are you waiting for? Put down the bananas.
Alright, sir.
Who's going to bring the girl here tomorrow?
Sir, I called her, she has school tomorrow anyway.
We're in touch.
When she enters Beylikdz she's going to let us know.
We said we'd speak tonight.
It's getting late, why haven't you spoken yet?
Sorry, sir.
Shame on you! Where's your head at?
I'm sorry, sir.
Didn't I say the girl is to be picked up at home
and brought back home when the work is completed.
We spoke about it in front of her family.
We told them their daughter is entrusted to us.
Now you've made liars of us.
Damn you.
I'm sorry, sir.
What kind of man are you?
Because of your lack of plan and program,
you've lost your father's five apartments.
And so many were left homeless.
I'm sorry, sir.
And you!
Why don't you follow up on your work?
What kind of organization are you doing?
How am I to entrust work to you now?
-Sir, I...
-Don't talk back.
Follow up your work!
Do I have to tell you everything!
Bow your head, don't look at me.
Alright, sir, I'm sorry, sir.
Alright, sir, I'm sorry, sir, alright, sir, I'm sorry sir.
Okay, that's enough, three is enough,
no need to repeat a fourth time.
Follow up your work, if you don't
I'll fire you just like I fired the one before you.
For me work is like religion,
for me, it comes right after religion.
I'm obsessed with my work. I see those
who neglect their work as work murderers.
-Is that understood?
-It is, sir.
That's why successful people
in certain countries in the world
worked hard enough to fry their minds.
Some of them even lost it.
For example in the past great thinker Socrates,
Physician Tesla, Edison,
or even Steve Jobs and Bill Gates in current times...
Am I not right? Even great artists such as Van Gogh,
Da Vinci, Mozart, weren't they all deemed crazy?
Read their biographies and you'll see.
Furthermore, didn't they even call our master
the Prophet insane?
Didn't they also try to crucify Jesus by saying he is crazy?
I'm trying to be crazy like them, as much as them.
I'm trying to do my job well and beautifully.
Allah blessed them with success
for their insane efforts,
and hopefully he will bless me too.
Ms. Glin, are you sleeping?
No, sir, but I can't see anything.
-Turn on the light.
-No, it's not the light.
What is it then, are the glasses insufficient?
No, the light inside my head is gone.
-What time is it?
-04.00 am. It's 04.00, sir.
Alright, let's go to bed then.
We'll get up and continue tomorrow,
we'll start in the morning and complete it.
The two of you are downstairs and Ms. Glin you can
sleep in the room upstairs.
-You go on home.
-Yes, sir.
Well, then, let's not forget work discipline.
The greatest ethic
is work ethic.
-The greatest ethic is...
-Work ethic.
Actually, I've got a lot of energy.
I could keep going all night. But, you're not fit for that.
Oh thank goodness.
Hopefully everything will be better in the morning.
-Let's not forget, the greatest ethic is work ethic...
-Work ethic.
Ego, arrogance, devil, temptation.
I'm telling you, no matter what you do,
I'm going to succeed.
I'll work hard, I'll read.
I'll think a lot and research thoroughly.
Dear Allah, please help me.
I seek refuge in You, my Lord, from
human and jinn devils and their traps.
I ask for your protection dear Allah. Amen.
Who are you?
We are chosen world powers.
We make the world go round.
Is that so.
Allah rules the world and the universe.
Don't you know that we rule the world?
I do.
I see what condition humankind is in.
If you're aware then why don't you join us?
Why do you keep struggling alone?
For you, all kinds of pleasure and satisfaction,
fun, glory, money, money, money.
We'll give you whatever you want.
Just as long as you join us.
Why do you disturb our peace?
Everyone has submitted to us,
they live in fun and joy. Child, what are you after?
We can't allow the smallest crack in this system.
Anywhere without the name of Allah
is garbage, nothing.
You're putting hearts to sleep.
How can life exist in hearts that sleep?
They would eat, drink and sleep like animals.
In my movies, I strive to awaken hearts.
I try to tell humankind about the truths of the world
and the universe.
If Allah wills it,
I'm going to destroy your deceptive traps.
I'm going to tell people the truths.
We get it.
We haven't managed to put you to sleep.
In that case we have some heavy artillery for you.
You may have cannons, rifles, heavy weapons.
A weapon powerful enough to shake a well-founded,
enlightened soul cannot be made in the world.
-It has no effect on me.
-Don't you understand?
Currently, we rule the world. We sit on the throne.
You'll be crushed under that throne.
The reign collapses.
You're not stronger than faith.
Faith is light, it's strength.
Those who have true faith challenge the universe,
all by themselves.
You can't harm him who has faith.
Evil people are not a danger for the good
but rather for themselves.
You shoot yourselves in the foot.
You gimp devils! Shame on you, shame, shame.
Allah is great. Allah is great.
Allah makes everything good.
-Allah makes everything beautiful.
Allah makes everything good.
Allah makes everything beautiful.
Allah is great. Allah is great.
Allah is great.
Allah is great.
In the name of Allah. In the name of Allah.
In the name of Allah.
I seek refuge in Allah from the evil of the expelled Satan.
In the Name of Allah, the most compassionate and merciful
In the Name of Allah, the most compassionate and merciful.
I seek refuge in You, my Lord, from human and jinn devils.
Dear Allah, protect me,
my country,
all of the world,
and all the good people.
Guide those who are evil.
-Good morning, friends.
We're starting a new day.
What's the best way to exist in the new world?
Work, work, work.
-I wish you ease.
Dear Allah, give me power and strength,
make me firm on your path.
Send me material and spiritual helpers.
Clear my path of mines and thorns.
I'm working for the common welfare and peace of humanity.
Render the evils I face helpless.
Dear Allah, make me undefeatable.
-Hello friends.
Congratulations on our new movie.
Allah provides such a representation.
There was a townspeople.
They lived on in safety and peace.
Their sustenance came from everywhere,
in abundance and easily.
Then they became ungrateful for Allah's blessings,
and they sinned and rebelled.
They forgot Allah.
They deviated.
For the crimes and sins committed by those people
Allah made that city, that country taste hunger and fear.
Hunger and fear covered their whole bodies like clothes.
So, all the pain and sorrow we've been through
is penance for our sins.
We have to do our work well and satisfactory.
We must learn from developed and civilized countries.
-Where is he?
-Has something bad happened to him?
What's happening over there?
Why are you talking among yourselves?
Go and take care of the problem right away.
Last night I was excited.
I prepared my outfit for today.
Took my shower early in the morning.
And came to the set singing.
That's what someone who loves his job does.
He gets joy and pleasure from it. But some among us
have spent the night drinking in a tavern,
then gotten involved in a fight and ended up in jail.
I want
the best that you can do from all of you.
If this movie doesn't turn out like I want it,
I won't hesitate, I'll throw it out.
This movie has to be of a higher caliber
than the movies we've shot before.
We've raised our bar, and we're going to raise it further.
Now, I have some good news for you.
The movies we've made so far
have won exactly 250 awards at international festivals.
Some of the awards belong to our team and our actors.
Best male actor; zgr.
-Thank you.
Best director of photography; Gkhan.
Best make up, Semra.
Best supporting female actor; Hlya.
Best costume; Asl.
-Thank you.
And finally.
Best female actor.
Ms. Nesrin.
-Thank you. Thank you very much.
Thank you so much for giving me this award.
We thank you.
-We're here with the Saudis. During Zikir...
-Good morning, sir.
You've applied too much lipstick to the lady's lips.
It's over-the-top.
The arms are too long, it looks like it's borrowed.
Can't you see?
I'll shorten it right away, sir, I'm sorry.
Stop, stop, stop.
Let me take a look at your mustache, come here.
It's no good.
Go call me the barber. Tell him to bring his scissors.
-Isn't that better?
-Yes, sir.
Then why didn't you cut it like this?
Go on.
Alright, c'mon, rehearsal.
Humans are the highest of beings.
On earth they're Allah's
-He who denies his guilt...
-He who denies his guilt...
-also insults death
-also insults death.
His head is gone, he has no memory.
Ahmet, what's this?
It's a saddlebag, sir.
What's it doing there? Remove it.
But, sir, it will look empty.
What is he saying, Ramazan?
Ahmet, what are you saying?
-Go talk over there, not here.
-Alright, brother.
Brother Ramazan, he asked what it is,
I told him it's a saddlebag.
He said to remove it from there.
I told him it would leave the frame empty.
If he says to remove it, you do it. Why do you keep talking.
What shall we do now?
Now, we'll go, you'll say "alright, sir, I'm sorry".
You're not going to say anything else.
Let's go.
What is he saying, Ramazan?
-Sir, he wasn't paying attention, he's sorry.
-Alright, sir, I'm sorry, sir.
Don't forget that I am the boss here. Is that clear?
Alright, sir, I'm sorry, sir.
See how nice.
Your apologizing for a mistake will clean you.
It will scrub clean your heart, your mind, your soul.
A penalty of 100 TL and repeat 10 times to defeat your ego.
Alright, sir, I'm sorry, sir.
-Call Abdlkadir. Make him stand by the door saying,
"alright, sir, I'm sorry, sir."
Repeating it over and over "alright, sir, I'm sorry, sir."
-This is a dervish lodge where the insane are treated.
- Alright, sir, I'm sorry, sir.
Alright, sir, I'm sorry, sir.
Alright, sir.
I'm sorry.
Alright, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
Alright, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
-Did you see that?
-Alright, sir.
-I'm sorry, sir.
-Alright, sir.
-Yes, sir?
Give him 300 TL as a prize. He inspired such a great scene.
Alright, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
-Alright, sir, I'm sorry, sir.
-May Allah bless you, sir.
-That's it, if you defeat your ego, you won't have problems.
-Alright, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
Alright, sir.
I'm sorry sir.
Alright, sir.
Come along, gather around me.
Now, what are we trying to say in this scene?
Did you understand?
Yes, sir.
Now, this man has an inflated ego.
He drove himself worrying about everything.
What if he said okay?
If he apologized after he makes a mistake,
life would be easier.
There wouldn't be any stress or anything else.
That's what this scene is all about.
Yes, sir, I learned about it when I was in America.
There's a wisdom school called "Ho'oponopono."
It originated in Hawaii.
I'm sorry, I love you, thank you.
They speak these words repeatedly.
Thus, they purge their negative energy
and turn to positive energy.
It purifies and heals you.
Right, it's right.
God's light reaches everywhere.
These are judgments from God
through the angels of inspiration.
So this is how a therapist heals his patients over there.
You used the same method without knowing.
Praise be to Allah.
Angels of inspiration inspire knowledge
in pure-hearted people all over the world,
to those who work in the way of Allah.
They too will be guided.
This information is for use in the society
n the way of good morals.
For example, even our master the prophet
would repent and apologize
a 100 times a day.
He would purge all the dirt and rust of the world,
and find clean energy.
Alright, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
Alright, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
Alright, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
Alright, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
Alright, sir.
I wish you ease.
Thanks, boss. How are you, are you well?
I am, how are you?
Thanks, brother. Welcome.
-How is business?
-Terrible, brother, terrible.
Oh, really, why is that?
There are no workers.
Feed prices, weed prices have gotten out of control.
I can't keep up with it.
Come sit here.
Let's have a heart to heart.
Come along.
Kebabs, are there kebabs?
The kebabs are burned, boss.
Burned how?
Looking after the animals.
Which should I care for, the sheep, the calf or the cow?
I forgot them in the oven, the kebabs were burned.
-Oh really!
-So what are you going to give me?
-There's nothing for you today.
So what am I going to eat? I came all this way.
I'm tired of the hustle and bustle of the city,
I'm worn out.
I came here to the country to rest.
I can give you something grilled.
I'll give you lamp chops.
I can have lamb chops everywhere.
I came here to eat kid for a nostalgic meal.
When I eat kid here it makes me miss my village.
You're right, brother.
But you say there's none.
Then, I'll be on my way.
What did I say?
Did I talk too much?
The man came here to relax, I went on and on.
I just shared by concerns, he ran away.
I wonder if I'm sick too.
Sir, sir, sir, good news.
I saw a vineyard in arky. 5 acres.
Table grapes. We could do business together.
Bro, is this any time for table grapes or business?
We're filming a movie here, we're having a meeting.
Why did you do that?
You're so sneaky.
Go, go to your place, go.
I'm sorry, sir.
Ramazan, go talk with him, Ramazan.
Yes, sir.
Come on guys, you didn't set up the scene.
Hurry up, work a little faster.
amil, bring the camera.
Recep, count to 20.
20, 19, 18.
-How are you counting?
Are we launching Apollo to space?
Start counting from one.
Alright, sir.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
-Ready, sir.
-C'mon, record.
In an autumn frost
We are together my rose, never forget
I miss your smiles
Always me
Do not be afraid my heart, hold on of course
These days will pass too
-What's your name?
-Esin, yours?
What are you doing here?
I'm from the village below.
I'm selling cherries to earn my allowance.
Good for you.
How much for a basket?
100 lira.
-In that case give me those two baskets, alright?
-But, place them in the trunk.
The cloud that says I will never forget
Be a butterfly the wind
Such is life.
Some sell cherries, some make movies.
-Here you are, young lady.
-This is too much.
Take it, take it, come on, take it.
You can make it your allowance for school.
May Allah bless you, brother. Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
I wish you good business.
-Good bye.
Those smiles of yours
Always me
Do not be afraid my heart, hold on of course
These days will pass too, patience
As long as you believe
These compulsions are all lies
Bon Appetite Sir.
There is still great work to be done.
The script of the fourth movie
we will shoot is about to be finished.
On the one hand, our energy investments continue.
Our research continues for our renewable energy investments.
Allah willing, sir.
We can never stop our cultural and economic investments.
Everything must be done on time,
the system must work smoothly.
Call that assistant,
tell her to come early tomorrow morning, and start work.
Sir, she says she is coming from a long way.
She asks if it's okay if she comes around 10:00.
It's not an excuse.
We are doing business here.
Tell her not to come.
Consider the other options right away.
Alright, sir.
He who loves his job does not take refuge in excuses.
There are people who commute here every day
from two-hours away.
There are also those who come from four-hours away, sir.
Is it your turn now?
Why did you feel the need to say such a thing?
I was joking, sir.
Don't talk.
I deal with dozens of things here every day.
I think about everything, down to your food.
Am I supposed to be upset that you have a four-hour
commute one day a week?
No dear, I didn't mean it like that.
It's like that.
Can't you imagine how I could be affected
by these negative thoughts?
Can this company do so much business with negative thinking?
Negative thought is my enemy.
Don't come to me with negativity.
Now all of you, get out.
Wash your hands and face.
Have your snacks, gather your positive energy
and come back. We'll continue the meeting then.
-Alright, sir.
Allah give me patience.
Allah the beautiful.
Allah the merciful.
Allah the motivator.
Allah the beloved.
Allah the compassionate.
Allah the loving.
Allah the famous.
Allah the graceful.
My trial is very difficult, dear Allah.
War is very difficult, very tiring.
Sometimes you have to let go of everything.
Agree without speaking.
Listening to the sound of nature.
Needs to be silently commemorated.
Your beauty, your greatness is felt and
understood much more deeply here,
far away from the chaos of the city
and the struggle for life.
Call that girl to see me.
What happened? Why are you sad?
Sir, somebody harassed her.
Close the door.
Why are you bothering this girl?
Are you harassing her?
Sir, I didn't harass anyone.
Tell me, what have I done?
Don't lie.
Confess the truth.
We have evidence, messages.
Come on, now, talk.
She was crying when she got in the car last night.
After dropping of brother Ahmet at home,
I stopped by the market and got a couple of beers.
Then together we went to the shore.
Why did you get beer?
She was very sad.
I was getting one for myself, I asked her if she wanted one.
When she said yes, I got her one too.
Why did you go drinking beer with him?
I wanted to go home.
Why did you buy beers and take her to the shore
instead of taking her home?
I thought it would clear her mind.
Yes, I was wrong about that, brother.
Don't bother me.
You can't clear a mind by drinking,
it can only convolute a mind!
Then you can't remember what you did.
Why did you put your hand on my shoulder at the beach.
I told you I wanted to go home.
But you put your hand on my shoulder.
I was only trying to console you.
I wasn't trying to harass you.
I have a daughter your age.
When you wanted to go home, I took you.
Do you console by placing your hand on the shoulder?
Don't act like Meri now.
Is that how you console someone?
Then why did you send a text later?
Sir, when she wouldn't say hello the next day,
I asked her what I had done.
Does she have to say hello to you? Who the hell are you?
Am I your girlfriend that you rebuked me.
You said you're cross with me and that
you won't call or write to me again.
You took advantage of my weakness
and tried to play with my feelings.
Call the lawyer, talk to him.
Then take him to the police station.
Turn on the speaker.
He was cunning. But it's obvious there's something.
So, what's the sentence for this? What result can we expect?
Sir, it depends on the judge's evaluation
and the girls statement.
But he'll get at least two, three years.
My heart feels constricted.
Please, give me a glass of water.
No water for you.
Just water.
I'm not well.
Sir, can I beat him?
Don't, don't. That's the responsibility
of the justice system, not ours.
Please give me water.
I'm not well.
A bit of water.
Let him go, give him water. Go give him water.
Sir, please don't let this issue get back to my family.
But this is a very sensitive issue.
Your private life is none of my business but I can't allow
something like this to happen in my work place.
Sir, I'm sure he has received his lesson.
Sir, I swear, I didn't have any bad intentions.
There are two paths ahead of you.
If you're telling the truth,
you'll place your hand on the Qur'an and swear.
Otherwise, we'll take you to the police station.
I will swear on the Qur'an.
Bring the Qur'an.
We're going to entrust this issue to Allah.
Place your hand on the Qur'an.
Now, repeat what I say.
If I have done all this with bad intentions may Allah
damn me.
If I have done all this with bad intentions may Allah damn
Give the Qur'an.
Now to save her honor apologize, apologize.
Show your good will.
If I have offended you,
made you uncomfortable with my words, please forgive me.
I am sorry.
This is between Allah and you now.
The judge of all judges is Allah.
Brother, give me your hand and let me kiss it.
Not at all, not at all.
You were very merciful and just.
Sir, if you allow it, I want to continue my work.
No. Doubt has crept in.
You go on your own way.
Don't be rough towards him, alright!
Alright, sir.
I'm quite surprised.
If this was left to the police stations, the judges and
prosecutors, it would have taken years.
Great pains would have been suffered.
You solved the issue so practically
under the presence of Allah.
I worked as a village guard for the state for years.
I've never seen anything like this, sir.
Not at all.
Allah makes everything good, and beautiful.
You're right, sir.
Allah makes everything good, and beautiful.
Sir, you reasoned very well. May Allah be pleased with you.
-May Allah keep you at our head.
In the Name of Allah, the most compassionate and merciful.
Allah is most great.
-All right, sir.
-Okay, okay, deal with it.
What is your condition?
My wife got very sick again.
She didn't let me sleep until the morning.
We spent the whole night in the hospital.
You know, she has psychological problems.
Her obsessions started again.
May Allah give your patience.
How many times have I told you.
Find your wife a job, open her a shop.
Let the family work together.
I told you she'd get better if she keeps her head
busy with something.
Yes, sir.
Give the signatures.
Sir, your hand is shaking again.
You should see the doctor.
You're right but...
My hand shaking is related to my high energy.
Sometimes, my mind works so hard,
I can't control my hands from shaking.
But you should call Servet anyway.
I'm here, sir.
I told you something last month.
Have you done research on hand tremors on the internet?
I researched it, sir.
There could be many reasons.
Do I need to do a blood test or something?
What if we went to a doctor and did a thorough examination?
I've got work to do.
I can't deal with all this amidst all this work.
If I go to the doctor, and he says something negative,
it'll annoy and upsets me.
Then it'll interfere with my work.
Now, you go to the hospital in my stead.
Find chief physician Mr. Atilla.
-Yes, sir.
-He will direct you to a specialist.
Show the doctor how your hands are shaking.
Find out what the reason for it is.
Yes, of course, you.
Alright, sir?
This is nothing.
I don't give it any thought.
I cure my illnesses in my mind.
Yes, sir.
Bring some cherries and bananas for the crew,
to raise our energy.
Yes, sir.
Yes, okay, ready for rehearsal. Rehearsal.
Sir, your eyebrows are very nice.
Why do you get them done?
Why do you die your eyebrows?
To look beautiful.
Let me give you an example.
Our master the Prophet used to wear liner on his eyes.
He oiled his hair.
He wore beautiful perfumes.
I want to follow his path.
I want to look beautiful like our prophet.
Here, sir. Enjoy.
Where is your assistant, Cevat?
He hasn't arrived yet, sir.
Why hasn't Cevat arrived?
I called him, he overslept, he has just left the house.
We said breakfast is at 12 pm.
Look, they're collecting breakfast.
Why is this man sleeping, is he lazy?
Allah Allah! If you become the slave of your work...
Your work has to be your slave, not you the slave of work.
Yes, sir.
You must be brave, brave, brave.
Call Cevat, tell him to come right away.
Make him wait in the shed at the entrance, don't let him in.
We are going to get his written statement.
Why has he arrived late?
Yes, sir.
Let's apply some pressure.
How could this be?
Society is sleeping, laying around at home lazily.
Then they ask why they're unhappy?
Slave to happiness.
Why are you late?
Write your report.
Be smart, be smart.
Don't be lazy.
-What happened?
-Don't ask, I overslept. I'm a bit ill.
I'm in a depression.
I'm depressed.
What's this red thing.
It's an object, sir.
We placed it there to fill the frame.
-Remove it.
-Yes, sir.
-What's this? Is it a clock?
-Yes, sir.
Why did you place it there?
I thought maybe it's related to time...
-Remove it.
-Yes, sir.
Why is the chair askew? Fix it.
Isn't there a carpet in front of the chair.
-Sir, we didn't place it.
-I mean...
-Don't you have a carpet in your home?
-I do.
-Add it.
Yes, sir.
Friends, Mahmut has committed suicide!
Sir. Sir, one of the lighting guys has committed suicide.
-Hurry, call an ambulance.
What and how did it happen?
Sir, he was already taking sedatives.
He took all the pills at once.
But why? What was troubling him?
The bank foreclosed his house.
His wife took their children and left him.
Why don't I know about any of this?
Sir, he took a loan from the bank and
couldn't make his payments on time.
But why don't I know about it?
If I had known, I would have helped him.
You go take a look.
Hello, Mr. Muhammed, good day. How are you?
Nice day to you too, Mr. Atilla.
Your double came to see me, Mr. Muhammed. Shame on you.
You can use your double to replace you in movies
but not when your health is the subject.
If you can't come here,
I'll send someone to come take your blood sample.
I don't think it's anything important, Mr. Atilla.
Don't be cross with Servet, he played his role well,
but I figured it out.
Alright, Mr. Atilla, thank you. Have a nice day.
Glorified be Allah
The most beneficent, my Almighty Allah
With your forgiveness save us from hell
Glorified be Allah
The most beneficent, my Almighty Allah
With your forgiveness save us from hell
Glorified be Allah
The most honorable, my King
With your forgiveness save us from hell
Sir, would you accept me in the name of Allah?
Why do you leave the dervish lodge of our brothers
and come to join us?
Mr. Muhammed, with your permission I need to leave.
Where to?
The movie just started.
My sister has come to erkezky, my nephew awaits me.
I'm presenting high art for you to watch
but you're choosing the art of conversation.
At least finish watching the movie.
You're supposed to be an artist.
But they're expecting me.
Alright, leave.
Let high art wait.
It waits in patience.
High art may wait but they will not. Thanks.
There is no persuasion in the way of righteousness.
There's patience on this path.
No vengeance.
Your words...
Hello there, sir.
Hello, Muhammed. Welcome.
Well received, how are you? Where have you been for so long?
I came for a breath of fresh air and pleasant conversation.
You did will, you did well.
-I missed you.
-I've missed you too.
Sir, don't you get bored of living here alone?
I try to console and distract myself with nature.
What can I do?
I was cut off from production, I had to give up my art.
I couldn't find a way to deal with the difficulties.
There is always a way.
I ran away, I'm living a retirement life.
Do you know the 10th verse of the Friday Surah?
-I do.
Of course, I do.
Why are you hanging around here?
-Are you gossiping over here?
-God forbid.
Doesn't the verse say to scatter on the earth,
search for your share of Allah's grace?
Why are you idling around over here?
Why don't you keep busy with work?
Allah Allah! What's this all about?
Go, work, find something to do.
Does it suit a Muslim to sit around idly.
Knit socks, plant trees, do science.
Be beneficial to your families.
Get up.
Come on, c'mon, disperse.
Come on, disperse, get up. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.
-Allah Allah!
-For Allah's sake!
Maybe there are stories you've written.
I could buy them.
I thought I could make them into movies.
I wish, my brother.
My sources of inspiration have all dried out.
Of course, they will, if you don't work.
Allah gives inspiration to those who work and study.
Fishing here, living such a solitary life,
will not benefit oneself or anyone else.
You've entered your coffin before you died.
Drink it, it'll warm you up.
may you be as clear as milk.
Thank you.
What page are we on Ms. Glin?
21, sir.
Still 21?
Add that meeting scene.
I had already written it. I'll add it now.
How many pages now?
21, sir.
Still 21?
Because we were at the start of page 21, now we're at the
It's a short scene.
You seem a little down today?
How could I not be?
I've no joy in my life.
I haven't had a vacation in years.
I have dedicated myself to this business.
I'm trying to make films with a civic consciousness
and a love of country.
I am doing this job, with money out of my pocket
and no expectations of return, for the sake of Allah.
The number of movies that tell about the way of
Allah is almost non-existent.
What there is, is weak.
Somehow they ignore us.
I have friends.
I have no support.
No one writes about me.
Besides my teammates, I have no admirers or admirers.
I'm only human.
After all, I get tired too.
I have no energy.
I get like this sometimes.
I go up and down.
My head hurts, can you massage it?
Yes, sir.
Sir, please don't think like that.
You're being unfair to yourself.
There are people who have watched your movies
and decided not to commit suicide.
There are those who say that the meaning of
their life has changed.
In video chats
thousands of people have followed you.
They see you as an idol, sir, please.
No, no, Ahmet, it's not like that.
Since our establishment, they have always excluded us.
Once upon a time, we couldn't find a movie
theater to play our movies.
national channels are taking a diversionary and
noncommittal stance against us.
Come, go, come, go.
Loss of time.
What did George Washington, the founder of America, say?
We took notes, Ms. Glin, can you read?
Yes, right away.
While those who are tools of foreign intrigues,
deceive people whose trust they have earned,
to hand over their interests and their futures to others,
true patriots who stand against them can
be made suspect and damned.
See. That's right.
Come on, let's keep working.
What page are we on, Ms. Glin?
-21, sir?
-Enjoy, sir.
In order to know Allah
even though the secrets of the universe are clearly shown
majority of people cannot see.
Do you know Surah An-Naba?
It speaks of the self-control of our prophet, who grasped
the greatness of the news, of the message in his hand.
How he squirmed with the responsibility
of getting it to people.
Scholars and artists who contemplate
and pursue real knowledge
are in a similar situation.
Unfortunately, I could not bear this heavy responsibility.
But you're not like that.
You have a problem, you have a mission.
You are an idealist.
I'm proud of you.
As a result of this pain and high responsibility,
you will find what you are looking for, by Allah's leave.
Patience is needed.
As the fields wait for spring you wait for birth.
Every movie is a birth for you.
Every night has a morning.
It's not easy, brother.
You know, I'm not just a director.
The price of being an independent filmmaker is also
very heavy.
You have to earn money.
The things I endure in my business life.
You've become successful in industry too.
God has opened your way.
Otherwise you'd be a recluse like me.
Movies aren't made for free.
I went to so many businessmen at the time.
I couldn't get them to adopt this mission.
Only you did, Muhammed.
I could not explain how the art of cinema transforms people,
affects them and leads them worship like thousands of
reaches millions of people with a movie
and performs millions of good deeds.
There is no one who shares our mission.
There is only you.
And you're all on your own.
There's no money either.
However, you managed to both earn money and make movies.
You are different, different.
You are the brave hero.
You provided your financial strength by using your mind.
Your material power combined with the love inside you.
Thus, you can make these movies.
So happy for you.
Yes, I managed to protect my positive
energy despite everything.
I'm working.
Allah willing, I'm going to continue making movies.
Life goes on, working is beautiful.
Life goes on, working is beautiful.
Life goes on, working is beautiful.
Life goes on, working is beautiful.
May it be easy, friends.
-Join us, c'mon. We're walking for sport.
Life goes on, working is beautiful.
Live goes on.
Working is beautiful.
Life goes on, working is beautiful.
Life goes on, working is beautiful.
If we work, everything will be beautiful.
Life becomes easier.
You can purge all evil thoughts by working.
You wash everything, make it pristine.
The whole country will be taintless.
Cities, mountains, stones smile.
Factory chimneys expel clean smoke.
Until now, our people have been given
wrong information.
They were told to retire, to relax.
You look at retirees, most retirees are lazy.
They suffer from boredom and sickness.
However, if retirees work...
First, they would heal,
and then they would contribute to the country.
Look, at our company, we have retirees working.
They all make a second salary.
-Yes, sir, Allah's grace.
-Yes, let's get down to business.
Speak, Ramazan, what is it?
Sir, you know the situation with the tenants.
-Mr. zzet is here about that.
-Okay. Okay. They're lying.
Nothing is going to be solved.
Let's clean it up, all over.
They won't use any filters.
Mr. zzet, give instructions.
File an eviction lawsuit, let's vacate them.
I don't need their money.
-Alright, sir.
-Anything else?
-Anything else...
Real-estate agent Mr. eref is here, sir.
-Mr. eref, welcome.
-Hello. Thank you.
-He wants to make an offer for your flat.
-You how much it cost us.
-Yes, of course I know.
-Okay, do your calculations accordingly.
All the offers are here.
They're all profitable sir, the decision is yours.
-Alright. If there is profitability, sell it.
Use the money to finance our new films.
Let it be a resource.
Let's utilize it this way.
-Let there be motion, motion means abundance.
-Hopefully, sir.
If we do good, if we produce good and acceptable work,
Allah will increase our earnings.
-It increases our motion and our abundance.
Hopefully. Life goes on.
Working is beautiful.
Life goes on, working is beautiful.
Life goes on, working is beautiful.
Life goes on.
Sir, the set is ready.
-You go 10 more laps.
-Yes, sir.
Brother, can't we do it the day after.
I want it for tomorrow, my friend.
No, no, brother, it will be the best.
The director didn't like this toilet trailer.
I want it now.
Whatever you do, set it up, brother.
Or I will lose my job.
Not my problem, okay? Okay, my dear brother.
Alright, I'm waiting to hear from you.
Good bye.
Sir, I didn't know you were here.
I'm here.
Are you bargaining on the toilet?
Couldn't you find a more suitable place, brother?
Do you greet people in the toilet?
What kind of culture is this?
What's your hurry?
Finish your thing, then do your job.
It was urgent, when they called
I had to answer. I'm sorry, sir.
What did you do? Did you arrange for the caravans?
I did, with Allah's blessing.
What's this?
Why is it so dirty here?
Isn't this the front of your trailer?
Or is it your souls that are dirty?
What a mess!
Garbage everywhere!
We're talking about cleanliness here.
We're talking about order.
Are you going to have it cleaned when I tell you?
Sir, we have completed our preparations.
We are awaiting your command.
Brother, you say command, don't you see the mess?
How are you an artist?
Is your approach
"I'll prepare the scene, doesn't matter if it's dirty"?
Aren't you responsible of this area?
Doesn't this filth bother your soul?
Allah Allah!
Have your souls become dirty, friends?
Don't you see it either?
Do I need to always tell you to clean it?
Why? Why is this happening?
I'm sorry, sir.
Don't let it happen again.
Brother Halit? Brother Halit, what is this, bro?
I am the art director, not the janitor?
-Allah Allah, why am I getting into trouble!
-I didn't see him coming.
-It's not my business!
I'll do it from now on, hopefully.
I will be more careful from now on.
You will be very careful! No more admonishment!
It's completely organic.
These are the mushrooms I picked from the forest.
It'll be healing for you.
Just like mushrooms, there's evil knowledge
and healing knowledge, Muhammad.
So how do we separate them from each other?
It is exactly how we examine the signs of the shape
and color of the mushroom.
With contemplation.
By thinking a lot about beings, events, people.
If anyone can summarize this scene for me in one word
I will give a reward of 1.000 TL.
Now that all hope is lost, he sees suicide as a last resort.
Come on, man, is that a single word?
Let's call it despair then.
I also agree with him, sir.
A person who has lost hope can think and
do anything at that moment.
Sir, may I answer too?
-Go ahead, Ahmet.
Well done, you got it.
Fate. This scene is about fate.
-Ramazan, give 1,000 TL.
-Yes, sir.
Well done Ahmet. You prepared the place very well.
You are an artist, an artist.
-Ramazan, give another 500 TL.
-Yes, sir.
I'm proud of you.
Tell your wife to be proud too.
Go out for a nice meal.
Thank you very much sir. Allah bless you.
-Take it easy.
-Mr. Nurettin, welcome.
Thank you sir.
What is this, what up?
Sir, I followed your advice.
I finished the script.
"Execution Halil", please.
-Good for you.
-Thank you, sir.
-I will read it as soon as possible.
-Thank you, sir.
Ahmet, is the place ready?
Ready, teacher.
Come on, let's go to the set.
Here you go, master.
What is this? Didn't you have this place cleaned?
I had it cleaned, sir.
-I think it was overlooked.
-Quick, quick, quick. Clean it now.
-Brother Hseyin.
-I told you.
Didn't you say that you would make the place sparkling
and you would get a handle on the set hands?
Why didn't you clean it?
We had no idea, sir.
Brother Hseyin, how don't you know?
I told you...
Okay, don't argue, don't argue, clean up.
Lazy guys.
Ramazan, charge him 500 TL as penalty.
Yes, sir.
What is it? You are happy to receive the money. But you're
sad when you have to give it back due to your mistake.
Look over there, it's filthy.
He swept it under and hid the filth.
Ramazan, deduct another 500 TL from him.
Yes, sir.
Give, give, give. Give it all, give it all, give it all.
Tell your wife, okay?
Tell her, I lost 1,500 TL today.
Cleanliness is by faith.
The lion can be identified by his den.
Ahmet, do you know how to play tambourine?
-I know, sir.
-Play it.
Do you know how we met with Ahmet?
Sir, everybody already knows.
I don't know, sir.
Look, there are those who don't know.
Let me tell you and listen.
Now this Ahmet... Wait a minute.
Now this Ahmet came...
Wait a minute bro, wait a minute.
Now Ahmet came to us.
Listen bro, let me tell it, you will play again.
Ahmet came to us.
Just in the evening, it's time for Isha prayer.
Night. Then...
Hello there, brother.
Hello to you too.
This is Ahmet, whom we're considering for art director,
I told you about him before.
Here, sit across from me.
Welcome, Ahmet, where are you from?
I'm from Mersin, sir.
Really, are you nomad?
I am, my grandparents are nomads.
Looks like we're townsmen, huh?
I am also from Taurus mountains, I am from Bozkr.
Obviously, you are a beautiful person.
You've worked with Ycel akmakl.
Which project did you work on?
That's right, sir.
I worked on a TV series for TRT.
And on an unfinished movie.
"The Man Who Knows Himself".
That movie.
They came to me, too, asking me to finish
their project but I couldn't approach it.
Sir, the cameras are here, can we leave?
-That way, brother.
-Excuse me.
-Sir, the azan is being recited, can I go to pray?
-Sit down.
What's this all about now?
The azan is not over yet.
Also you can execute your night prayer until the morning.
Tell me, how many cycles is the night prayer?
13, sir.
How many cycles of Sunnah, how many rakats of fard?
Four fard, nine Sunnah, sir.
Why did you suddenly get up to pray?
We pray too. What's the hurry?
He doesn't get it, you guys go and talk.
Yes, sir.
I've got to go to the toilet, brother Recep.
Since I already have ablution, I was going to
perform the fard and go to the bathroom from there.
What shall we say now?
Say, ah, that I wanted to pray while I had my ablution.
Oh my Allah, my Lord, you are great.
What are we going to say now, man?
What do I know, I don't get it either.
You breathe.
Say yes to everything he says, apologize, alright?
Brother Recep, what have I done to apologize for?
Just say yes to whatever he says, apologize.
Alright? Don't talk.
Handle the situation. Alright?
Come in.
There was a worker in my factory.
A bearded man.
He used to sleep under the tree in the garden.
When I entered the factory grounds he would wake up
and pretend to be praying.
He was trying to show me that he prays, false-faced!
You go talk once again. Go on.
Yes, sir.
Dear Allah, what am I going to say now?
Just don't sulk.
Constantly smile, alright? Okay?
Got it?
Alright, come on. Once again.
What did you do? Did you talk?
We did, sir.
Why did you suddenly get up to pray?
For example, if you went to work somewhere,
like a business meeting in Mecidiyeky,
would you get up suddenly like that in order to pray?
Recep, go talk again.
Yes, sir.
Dude, apologize!
He'll keep sending us to go and talk until you apologize.
Come on, apologize.
Come on.
Did you speak?
We did, sir.
He wanted to pray while he had an ablution.
What does that have to do with it?
You have time to pray until morning.
What is the need, we are talking here, we are in a meeting.
Why are you being dishonest?
Sir, I'm so sorry.
It was not my intention to do such a thing.
You are absolutely right.
I'm sorry, sir.
Let your friends drop you off at the metrobus.
I'm going to think about you.
Ramazan will inform you.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Muammer, you can drop him off at the metrobus.
Yes, sir.
This is society now. Two-faced, show-off, liars.
May Allah save them.
In the beginning, the Pharaoh was just, merciful,
and honest with his people.
Allah rewarded him and showered blessings on him
from the earth and sky.
But then the Pharaoh boasted of the love of his people
and the blessings of God.
He started to brag and blow his own horn, he was spoiled.
He became arrogant enough to say,
"Haman, build me a tower so that I can see Allah".
Allah didn't like this.
He called Moses before him.
Moses said to Pharaoh, "Don't be rude,
there is Allah, prostrate yourself."
These words hurt his pride and increased his hatred.
Allah delivered Moses to safety.
And he made the Pharaoh prostrate in the sea.
In the sea.
Thus, the Pharaoh became a victim of his ego and arrogance.
Wherever there is a Pharaoh, now or always,
a Moses will certainly appear before him.
To make him prostrate.
Whether in water,
in fire.
You know what I remember now?
Once again, you had come to visit our movie set.
There were a lot of problems on set.
We talked about praying for repentance in order to
get rid of the evil and darkness within us.
I remember.
We need total repentance, Muhammed.
We must all come together to pray for repentance.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Here you go.
We're all going on a trip together.
Get in the cars and follow me.
Yes, friends, now ladies form a circle in the front
men form a second circle in the back. Here we go.
All of us, sir, the actors too?
-Yes, yes.
-All together?
-What are we doing?
-What about the movie?
-What are we going to do?
-Be quiet.
Who will shoot the scene?
Surely someone will do it.
Yes, now repeat exactly what I say.
Glorified be Allah
The most beneficent, my Almighty Allah
With your forgiveness save us from hell
Glorified be the most merciful
The most honorable, my Almighty Allah
With your forgiveness save us from hell
Glorified be the most Holy
The most beneficent, my peace and safety
With your forgiveness save us from hell
Glorified be Allah
The most beneficent, my Almighty Allah
With your forgiveness save us from hell
Glorified be Allah
The most beneficent, my Almighty Allah
With your forgiveness save us from hell
Glorified be the most merciful
The most honorable, my Almighty Allah
With your forgiveness save us from hell
-Glorified be the most merciful
-Tark! Tark, come here!
The most honorable, my Almighty Allah
Son, everybody come. Let the others come.
Like, make a circle around me.
The director is sincere. My audience is absurd.
How did it turn out?
It's a bit absurd. The audience will be surprised,
who is this man, who is that man?
I want everyone to be confused.
But congratulations. You all acted well.
We are racing against time.
What was the name of the movie?
-Silent Scream.
-Silent Scream.
Silent Scream.
I couldn't make my voice heard to any of you.
Finally I said; "Let God hear my voice".
One of the main purposes of the movie is prayer.
Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray.
Yes, life goes on.
Working is beautiful.
Hear us dear Allah.
Allah, awaken our hearts.
The chief director here, the chief director is
He's hidden. Hidden.
It's a secret, someone who came from beyond,
a secret person.
He has come from the metaphysical,
from the spiritual.
I went back to the past.
I'm watching here.
Now, friends, we are shooting a movie here.
Whatever it is we're representing realistically.
I'm also trying to do some comedy.
We're doing surrealist stuff.
Beyond reality, I don't know what...
It's a little crazy, but whatever.
The most important thing, is not to lie.
And to be fair.
The rest doesn't matter.
What do I have to be ashamed for?
Do I lie? No.
Am I just? I am.
Let the dishonorable be ashamed for justice.
Yes, ok.
Ok, see you tomorrow.
Yes, sir.
What are these? They've dried up!
Don't you see them?
Whoever is responsible for these, you
will deduct it from their pay.
Yes, sir.
Look, I'm going to ask you a question, if you know the
answer I'll give you an award, but I'm not telling you now.
-I haven't decided what yet.
-Okay, sir.
-Are you ready?
-I'm ready, sir.
40 mules or...
40 mules.
Whoops, wrong.
And you're supposed to be a director.
How will you be a director?
How will you be an artist?
directing is the most difficult profession in the world.
directing is the most difficult profession in the world.
It's full of stress.
-This is crazy stuff.
-It's crazy work.
-You would go crazy.
You would go crazy.
I will hit you.
I'm going to hit you!
3, 2, 1 come on.
It turned out nice.