Seththumaan (2021) Movie Script

Western Tamil Nadu, INDIA
Summer - 2016.
Why are we living alone,
so far away from the village?
Grandpa, walk faster.
My teacher will scold me if I
turn up late on the first day of school.
We will reach in time.
The suffering of staying away
from the village shall end with me.
You don't need that.
You must learn everything at school.
Be a bright student
and outsmart the teacher.
If he asks to write on a slate,
you must write on note.
I will learn, Grandpa.
Shall I then become a teacher?
No, you must become an officer.
Officers will be given a car, bungalow
and servant maids to help.
You shouldn't have to bend down
to pick anything.
A maid will come running.
You should get one such job.
If they give me a car,
I shall take you for a ride.
Sure, dear!
Make sure you don't stain your shirt.
When people look at you,
you need to appear neat, right?
Grandpa and grandson are in a
deep discussion?
Which fort are you planning to capture?
We have no man-power nor wealth.
All we can do is chase crows and sparrows!
What else can we do?
You always go on about that
Landlord Vellayan...
heard there was a problem at
his farm this morning.
A family feud, by the looks of it.
You usually shadow him all day.
You didn't go today?
When I came to this village with my infant grandson,
and had nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep...
Vellayappan was the one
who provided shelter and food.
It is out of gratitude
that I go for his call.
I heard it was something about a tree.
Good for us as long as we're not involved.
The village leaders were
spotted at the farm.
I think the village council
will hold an arbitration today.
You will be invited.
Yeah, right!
It's not like they are inviting
me for a big feast.
Just an invitation to just stand
with folded arms in a corner.
Why do you complain?
This is how you made a living
all these years.
But is it good to go on
living that way, Kanthaya?
I thought about my grandson's future.
And I couldn't help but let out a sigh.
Anyway a poor man's sigh
doesn't last longer than a second.
If you go near our home,
take care of my baby goat.
I shall, Kumaresan.
please be careful.
When there is a family dispute,
the family members will be unharmed.
Only the people around them suffer.
We have no give or take with them.
We are just going to stand by and watch.
Okay, it is getting late
for Kumaresan's school.
We shall take leave.
Yes, you take care.
Mere talk won't feed the cattle.
The teacher is here.
Bye, Grandpa.
- Bye!
Greetings, sir.
You take such good care of your grandson.
Will he take care of you
in your old age?
He will surely take good care of me, sir.
He will make it
if people like you guide him.
He doesn't have parents.
Please teach him well, sir.
People like you are ordering us
around these days?
What next? You will teach me
how to teach?
No, sir.
You are like a God to us.
So I just asked you for a blessing.
Poochiyappa, asking him for a blessing?
Who knows which God he prayed to,
to get his temporary job confirmed...
You are praying to him?
Must be a great Lord, from the
smeared ash on his forehead!
Sure, mine is a temporary job.
But remember, your daughter is in my class.
You must also remember that she
comes to study, not to run errands.
Greetings, sir.
- Good morning, sir.
Rangan, heated argument
first thing in the morning?
It's nothing, sir.
I just told him not to send students
to buy him tea and snacks...
someone might click a picture
and share it on WhatsApp.
Why, man?
Anyway, it's prayer time.
Assemble the kids.
Stand in the first row.
Look at them running away!
Won't you keep quiet?
We must talk, Poochiyappa!
They will turn deaf ears
no matter how loud we talk.
Forget it.
Come, I'll give you a ride.
Where are you going
with the basket, Poochiyappa?
Vellayan's wife asked for it.
You should demand a fair price.
You have big dreams
for your grandson's education.
It costs money, doesn't it?
Don't just nod your head here
and take whatever they pay you.
See you.
Open the gate.
I've been asking for the basket for days,
and you finally remembered today, Poochi?
Wait, I am coming.
Hurry up, boy.
Don't just stand and watch.
Clean the other car.
The boss is going out.
- Okay, madam.
Bye, Mummy.
- Bye.
Is this a good one?
Not a single basket I weaved
has gone to waste.
You can pick one
with your eyes closed.
Yeah, right.
Look at this...
If I fill this with dung,
it will pour out from all sides.
I can fit my hand through this hole.
Our baskets are worn out too.
Give us one too, Poochi.
Poochi has brought it for me!
You can choose from what's left
after I've had my pick.
Sure, you take the gold.
We will take some
second-rate item, won't we?
Let Vijayalakshmi take everything.
We will just watch.
Poochi, you will charge us
to look at it?
I brought it because she asked.
You take a look, too.
I can make some money
only if I sell a few.
Come get the money on Wednesday.
Pay me today.
Or my grandson and I
will come here for our meals.
And if you come,
won't I feed you?
How much is it?
- Take it.
This costs 150 rupees and that one 100.
- Name your best price.
Give me 10 rupees less.
I will bring a bigger basket
next week. Take it.
Come get the money tomorrow.
- Okay, I shall.
It is the basket business?
One costs 200 rupees.
I am selling it at 100
only for you.
You have taken two.
Right! You think I'm going to pay
500 rupees for baskets?
This won't even cover
the price of bamboo!
There is my labour cost, too.
Take it, Poochi.
Don't refuse the Goddess of Wealth
in the morning.
It is okay, you keep it for free.
You are so adamant, Poochi.
Where is Vellayan Uncle?
He wants a formal invitation?
Why? You want to get married again?
What's the invitation for?
People have come for you.
Are you not ready yet?
Stand by the gate and talk nonsense.
You don't even have the common sense
to serve water and give a hand-towel
before the man of the house
sets out for the day.
Yeah, right!
My husband needs me
by his side for everything.
Come out...
The relatives are standing by the gate.
Who are the relatives?
Durai and Kothandam?
They are just a couple of
So why did you tell us to come?
You wanted some work done from us.
Get inside the car.
Okay, sir.
I got into a fight with that wretch,
Now I must go around
forming a team of allies.
He is supposed to be my cousin!
Listen, don't go there
and engage in a verbal duel with him.
He is nasty!
He might do something
and our family will suffer.
Mind your words.
It is just a tree.
The tree is my honour.
You know nothing!
Let's go!
Everyone else has such good cousins.
The kind who would cough up
their meal for the sake of family.
Look at the kind of cousin I've got!
He will loot every last piece
of clothing left in my body.
He was still crawling
when I took my first steps.
It happens sometimes.
Forget it, Uncle.
We will sort him out
at the arbitration today.
Yeah, you say that now.
But you won't utter a word there.
Or you will speak against me.
How could you be so two-faced?
Why are you blaming me, Uncle?
Then what?
I am seeing you since
when you were born.
When have you ever talked sense?
I will be fine as long as
Kothandam speaks up for me.
I must say that Subramani brought
the log of neem to make plough.
That is enough, right?
That is enough!
Poochi, will you say, "I saw him
cutting a branch off the tree at night"?
Forget him, Uncle.
No one will even help him
if he gets beaten for being our witness.
He stays alone in your farm.
Why? Won't we stand by him
when at a time of need?
We will.
But what's the point of going there
when he's dead and buried?
Okay, let's see.
The Goddess will be by my side.
It is true that he chopped the tree,
also true that he gave it to make a plough.
There is no falsehood in my statement.
I am glad that you are at least
coming to stand by my side.
Look, Vellayan and Subramani...
Listen up!
You both have come to
the village council.
I will conduct a fair investigation
and give my judgement.
You must abide by it
and act accordingly.
Or if you would then decide to
take it up at the court...
feel free to leave now.
What say?
We came here because
we trust your judgement.
I will abide by your words.
Ask the other side too.
Are we loafers then?
Calm down!
We agree, too.
You go ahead.
The leader is here,
let's talk it out.
Sit down.
Don't lose your temper.
Let's talk it out.
Vellayan, what is your problem?
Tell us.
You know very well.
I am ashamed to call him my cousin.
There is a huge neem tree in the furrow
that is common to both of us.
We don't cut it, because it's been there
since the time of our ancestors.
Since we share the tree...
even if we need to trim the branches,
we discuss and decide.
But out of nowhere, this shameless dog,
- What?
You dare call me a dog?
Listen to me.
You sit down!
Are they really having an
arbitration for chopping off a tree?
They would have killed the guy
if he had cut the tree.
The arbitration is for
chopping off its branch.
If either of them
heard you speaking rubbish like this...
the cousins will team up
to kill you.
You only came to
watch the show, didn't you?
Shut up and watch!
Why are you stopping me?
- Vellayan, sit down.
This isn't the way
to speak at an arbitration.
Sit down!
Tell him to mind his words.
We don't need a scumbag
to award us any titles.
Was the swearing uncalled for?
You expect me to address you with love,
after what you did?
Okay, let's move on.
Without consulting me or informing me,
he chopped off the biggest branch
and gave it for making a plough.
Ask him how that is fair?
It is on a barren land's furrow.
Any thief could have come
and chopped it off.
How would I know who did it?
If I had seen it first, I would have
filed a complaint against him.
Even now, I say he did it
and is pinning the blame on me.
You can investigate.
What are you saying, Vellayan?
The chopped branch
is in Kothandam's carpentry workshop.
Subramani's fencing is tied
with neem twigs.
What else do you need for proof?
What Vellayan says is true?
Don't be scared,
just tell the truth.
The neem log he brought for making
a plough is still in my workshop.
It's been ages since we
switched to tractors!
Only a fool will want a plough now.
What did my cousin buy you?
What a blatant lie!
he was the one who said,
"A plough is better suited than a tractor
for these 4-5 acres of narrow land."
"Take this and make me a plough
once it gets dry."
When Vellayan came and asked me,
I told him.
How would I know
how he sourced the log?
I work for the village.
I don't take sides!
What will become of my living
if I don't speak the truth?
If we stick the log into the
wounded branch, it will fit right there.
We can check it right now.
Sure, take it using a vehicle!
There are many men here.
Each of you can give a hand.
Subramani, it's obvious from your talk
that you are at fault.
Fine, how did you get the neem
twigs for your fencing?
Why are you twisting it, Leader?
I cut it because
I have a right to the tree.
Not at night,
I cut it during the day.
I cut it because my farm land
was getting shadowed.
He can cut the branches
on his side.
What's wrong in me
cutting my branch?
He can cut his branch, okay?
Why did he cut it off
without consulting me?
Why must I consult you
to cut my side of the tree?
The leader is here and
you keep yelling at each other!
Sit down!
Don't be angry.
Vellaya, sit down.
Subramani, you too.
Listen to the leader.
Sit down, don't get angry.
during the investigation,
you have confessed to cutting the branch.
So, pay a fine of thousand rupees
to Vellayan.
And a thousand more to the temple.
Next time, you inform us
before you cut the tree.
This is not right!
Why must I pay two thousand?
I agree to give money
to the temple.
I'll pay him if he begs for it.
I am not a mongrel
to beg for alms.
Let him pay the fine he owes me
to the temple.
Touching his money
will only bring me ill-fortune.
Vellayan has refused
to take your money.
Just pay thousand rupees
fine to the temple.
I should have never trusted you.
Fair judgement, my foot!
How can you just walk away?
Don't you have any respect?
'The crane is flying...
The crane is flying...'
'Looking this way and that...
Looking this way and that...'
'The crane is flying...
The crane is flying...'
'The eagle is flying...
The eagle is flying...'
'To devour it's feast...
To devour it's feast...'
'The eagle is flying...
The eagle is flying...'
What else did the teacher
teach you today?
The teacher asked me...
"What meat do you eat?"
I said I eat all meat.
The teacher kept laughing at me.
Is it wrong to eat meat, Grandpa?
Those who laugh,
eat it discreetly.
Is this all he said?
He didn't teach you anything?
He did teach.
One fives are five.
Two fives are ten.
Three fives are fifteen.
Four fives are twenty.
Five fives are twenty five.
Six fives are thirty.
Seven fives are thirty five.
Eight fives are forty.
Nine fives are forty five.
Ten fives are fifty.
Eleven fives are fifty five.
Twelve fives are sixty.
[KOTHANDAM]: He had a field day
at the arbitration.
Did Duraisamy say anything?
My foot!
If only he opened his mouth to speak.
He just sat there like a rock.
We know that's how he is.
Why don't you put up
a bright LED light here?
Yeah, right!
My wife is already asking me
why do I even need a light in the shed.
This light is enough for him.
He will sharpen his eyesight.
I am finally feeling
happy today, after ages.
The trouble he put me through
all these years!
I would have just sowed something...
and he would bring a hen
with some twenty chickens.
The crop would have grown knee length...
and he would bring a tribe of goats
and make them feed on it.
Every time he ploughs,
he ploughed an extra bit.
The struggles he put me through...
it pales in comparison with the struggles
God was put through.
He finally learned a lesson today.
How could a man keep going back
on his word this way?
A death by hanging is better
than such a shameless life.
How can any man live
if we were to hang for such things?
Such things happen in families.
Even if you hang out with us,
you are still on his side.
Is he giving away everything for you?
Who will give away everything
for someone, Uncle?
Just trying to be supportive
to each other.
You both are cousins.
You will get together in times
of celebration and loss.
Where will we go then?
Consider every angle
before you speak, Uncle.
Oh, forget it.
He is throwing a party
after snubbing his kin.
You can't drink his liquor
and speak against him.
Let's talk tomorrow.
You didn't come to support me...
but you come here for
the booze and meat.
If I come with you,
who will take care of the class?
Even when I am present some people
have the audacity to question me.
Just a broiler hen?
You could have
hunted a country hen.
This doesn't taste as good.
There are good juicy hens
that roam around my shed...
but my wife keeps count.
Even if one goes missing,
she will gouge my eyes out.
Is it a big deal to manage the women?
"I think it was a cat in the night."
"I heard some noise."
Can't you cook up a story
to account for the missing hen?
So scared of the wife!
You are a teacher!
You can cook up stories easily.
We can't do that!
You could have at least asked Poochi
to catch and cook a quail or a francolin.
We didn't have the time.
Let's do that some other day.
Some other day,
we can do it in my grove.
Come and clean up
the place for us someday.
Forget quails and francolins.
Poochi, get a squirrel and cook it
to perfection at Duraisamy's grove.
The squirrel meat is so rich.
You could just keep eating it!
Squirrel meat is nothing...
you have to see Poochi cooking fried
'Seththumaan' meat with split chillies.
He turns the skin meat to a gooey dessert.
You can gulp down a full bottle liquor.
Shall we hunt down
a 'Seththumaan' next week?
As you wish, sir.
The priest has granted the wish.
Can the God be quiet?
We will gather people
for the portions today.
How many portions for the teacher?
One or two?
let me think about it.
Wife doesn't like 'Seththumaan' much.
You aren't going to
give it to her, are you?
We will cook it here
and finish eating it here.
Your stories don't work at home?
The man who preaches all over town
fails at his own home!
Teacher, none of the wives
like 'Seththumaan' meat anyway.
Chicken heats up your body.
Try eating a portion of
'Seththumaan' meat...
your body will stay cool
for months together.
Fair enough.
But they sell it in every
nook and corner in the market.
They cook it right there.
You place your order and by the time
you finish shopping...
they will have it ready for you.
You can eat it
to your heart's desire.
Instead, why would you want the women
to yell at us as we share it here?
This guy!
You are so dumb!
In the market, they mix the meat
with old meat and leftover scraps.
It's full of chilli powder.
Who would want to eat that?
I am quite disgusted
by the idea of that meat.
Let's see...
I am not fine now.
I need to go to sleep now
to wake up on time for school tomorrow.
Let's see.
what about the Seththumaan meat?
I will let you know.
He runs off just upon hearing
the word 'Seththumaan'.
And he calls himself a man!
To each his own.
Tell me.
How about a portion for you?
It is just me in my home.
No one else even touches it.
Let me think about it.
He says you don't need
to take it home.
It's not that...
If we bring it, the entire village
will know about it.
You think my wife will remain quiet?
She will curse me,
call me a "pig-eating scoundrel".
It is too risky.
Why do you get agitated
like you were force-fed shit?
Don't you know
the worth of 'Seththumaan' meat?
Put a plateful out in the open, and
the crows will wipe it clean in moments.
I need to go back in the dark.
If I had left with the teacher,
I could have gotten dropped at home.
I shall take leave.
This Kothandam...
he's like a dog that licks everything.
He licked the vessel clean.
Now acts like he doesn't know a thing.
That's how they behave.
He was a witness, right?
Tell him you will give a portion for free
and he will tail you till he gets it.
I already served him today.
Not enough?
Need more?
It's very convenient for you...
you can just crash right here.
I need to get going.
Siva, let's leave.
You don't need a portion either?
I will ask my men...
and get back to you.
Let's go.
I can't go home now.
Drop me off at my Travels.
Why are you still standing here?
I don't need anybody.
I can do it on my own.
[RADIO]: The tenure of the current Indian President,
Pranab Mukherjee comes to an end on the 24th of July.
Kanthaya? [RADIO]: The election
commission has announced...
[RADIO] ...the elections for the 14th President
of India will be held on the 17th of July.
Kanthaya, Poochiyappan is here.
Bring the child out.
I am coming, Poochiyappan.
How will you go now?
It is pitch dark, Poochiyappan.
You should have told your landlord
your grandson is alone, and left earlier.
Only my eyes can see the light
in the dark, Kanthaya.
I am a night owl.
You keep talking like that.
Poor Kumaresan!
He kept asking when Grandpa will return.
Did he eat something?
Yes, he did.
Not sure if he liked our food.
Didn't say a word when eating.
You go safe.
My dear isn't awake yet?
My little one...
Come on, wake up.
Look! Dawn is setting away,
upset that you didn't step out.
Come, dear.
You have to go open the school.
Poor school must have suffocated all night.
Come, dear.
Why did you wake me up so soon, Grandpa?
Look there...
The birds woke up much earlier.
They asked for you,
I told them you were sleeping.
They teased you playfully
saying, "Lazy boy!"
Am I lazy?
I didn't say it.
The crow said it,
the sparrow said it.
Wake up before the birds tomorrow
and tell them they are the lazy ones.
I can brush by myself.
For me?
We must honour the gravestone
of your son and daughter-in-law.
Yes, I do remember.
How could I forget?
It's not just a stone.
It was the stone
that shattered my heart.
It was an incident that turned
our village upside down!
Those two lives didn't depart
of natural causes.
What sin did they ever commit?
Four cows died on consecutive days
in the village.
We couldn't find out the cause
or what the disease was.
Demanding a price for skin,
they asked us to take it for meat.
We were consuming the meat all week.
It's not like we enjoyed it.
But then...
they suspected us of killing
the cows for the meat...
and the whole village came after us
armed with sticks and clubs.
We didn't know who beat whom
in the dark.
It was no small log!
Every man came armed with
logs to match his size.
I ran and hid inside
the thorny bushes.
Your son was fighting them.
He could have ran for safety too.
Who knew such a thing would happen?
My son was caught...
and they beat him to death in a fury.
My daughter-in-law kept
grieving his death...
and died after giving birth
to this boy.
I can't imagine the suffering
they must have endured...
and what was on their minds
when they took their last breath.
Wait, dear.
Look there.
We can go home and play
once Grandpa and Cousin Kumaresan come.
Don't be adamant.
Let's go for the street play tonight.
Look there...
Your brother is coming
with a baby goat, look there.
Look there!
Uncle, why do you have
to struggle raising this kid?
We are here to support you.
You'd sleep anywhere
at this age.
But why should this kid suffer?
Let Kumaresan be with us,
playing along with our kids.
You think we can't feed another kid?
We will take care of him.
You come and visit him when you can,
with snacks and candies.
Kumaresan, will you stay with us
and your little brothers?
Uncle, wait.
Let me stay with you, Grandpa.
Don't give me to them.
I will listen to everything you say.
I will study well.
I won't give you away, dear.
No, you will give me to them.
You are thinking about it.
How could I be alone without you?
I felt bad when they asked.
That's why I left.
You are lying!
Otherwise we would have
watched 'koothu' before leaving.
Why did we leave right away?
My little one wants to watch 'koothu'?
I'll be right back.
My dear...
'Here I come, the brave Madurai Veeran!'
'With my glowing hair.'
'O Little Prince!
Won't you hear this song I sing?'
'O Little Prince!
Won't you watch this dance of mine?'
'Like the blue of the sky;
Is proved by the white clouds.'
'All the love in this world;
Is our guide to the promised land.'
'O Little Prince!
Won't you hear this song I sing?'
'Even vampires turn serene;
All you need to do is show some affection.'
'Like a scent that diffuses in the breeze;
We shall live as one people in peace.'
'If there is moisture in tip of the root;
Trees won't go barren, but bear fruit'
'If there is love deep in our hearts;
Our dreams will come true without prayers.'
'O Little Prince!
Won't you hear this song I sing?'
'I am your whole life, Little Prince;
And you are my God, Little Prince.'
Where is my grandson?
- He must be somewhere in the market.
I shouldn't have trusted you
to look after him!
Did you see my grandson?
- No.
Did you see my grandson?
- I didn't, Poochi.
Did you see a little boy
go this way?
Did my grandson come this way?
He is a little boy.
Why did you just leave
without telling anyone?
Your grandpa got worried.
'The plains or the great mountains;
The sun doesn't discriminate, it shines.'
'The shack or the palace;
The moonlight will equally embrace.'
'In this life...
I own nothing to hold on to.'
'The raindrops from the heaven...
Must eventually land on earth.'
'In this life...
I own nothing to hold on to.'
'The raindrops from the heaven...
Must eventually land on earth.'
'O Little Prince! My Little Prince!
Won't you hear this song I sing?'
'O Little Prince! I'm a Prince, too!
Won't you watch this dance of mine?'
'I am your whole life, Little Prince;
And you are my God, Little Prince.'
'I am your whole life, Little Prince;
And you are my God, Little Prince.'
How much is the basket?
What do you want?
Want a basket?
The best of the baskets.
Take your pick.
I need a wedding basket.
Here, is it for your
daughter's wedding?
Get wedding basket from me, you will be
blessed with a grandson in ten months.
Go on, take it.
How much is it?
300 rupees.
That's a lot!
Don't bargain with me.
You are getting it for wedding,
and it will end well.
Okay, I'll take that.
Goddess, bless them.
They are buying my basket
for their wedding.
Bless them with a boy baby
next year, Goddess.
They said it was 100 rupees.
No, this one is 150 rupees.
This one is 100.
The other shopkeeper sells this for 100.
Poochiyappa, teach your grandson
to make baskets too.
It is not easy to educate our children.
Only rich people can get
education these days.
When elephants get banyan forests,
won't rabbits find little thorn shrubs?
My grandson will make it big
despite learning from a public school.
Sure, let him become a collector
or a doctor.
I will be happy.
Come, let's discuss this over tea.
I can't leave the shop.
Are crowds swarming your shop,
like the government run liquor store?
Come on.
He is hesitating to
leave his grandson behind.
Take care of him.
You go, Poochi.
I will take care of your grandson.
Watch, he will not serve
us tea in glasses.
Glasses are only for upper caste people.
We only get paper cups.
I will sort him out today.
Here's your tea.
Serve us tea in the glass.
Why should we pay for tea
and drink out of this rubbish?
The cup is shiny and clean.
You don't like it?
People in towns insist on these.
If you don't serve me in a glass,
there will be no shop here next week.
They are looking to pick a fight!
[PAPER NEWS]: Breaking news - BJP nominates Bihar's
Governor, Ramnath Kovind as Presidential candidate.
[PAPER NEWS]: Judge questions Tamil Nadu
Government's decision on public schools.
the headmaster stopped by
to buy meat.
Apparently there aren't
enough students in the school.
So they are going to
shut it down.
So where will we send our kids?
Not sure...
They will send for us next week.
Come without fail.
Forget it.
Don't stress over it.
Let's see what they say.
Drink your tea.
You never drop by
my pigsty anymore.
You don't bring customers either.
Vellayan was talking about pigs.
Is there an adult pig in the pigsty?
Sure, I have good ones.
Bring me some customers.
I will give you a cut too.
Here after, you should also
demand for tea in a glass.
I wonder if I should
share glasses with them.
Okay, then.
My grandson is alone,
I must leave.
Are you moving to some
faraway land with your grandson?
A wanderer has no land.
The land that feeds him is his land.
Bye, sister.
We need to explain it to them
in a way they would understand.
I will talk to them.
Anyone else yet to come?
Two more people have to come.
They are daily wagers.
If they come here,
they will lose out on wages.
We will pass on the message.
It's no big deal.
A few years back, there were many students
studying in this school.
But the strength has dropped
these past two years.
So we have received a government order to
transfer the kids from here to a nearby school.
You are closing the school fearing that
our kids will become well educated, right?
Getting drunk and causing trouble here?
Sure, come here
and let me show you.
Anyone who stands up
for his rights is a drunkard?
Keep quiet, Ranga.
Sir, forget about those who left.
Please try to run the school
for the kids who are still here.
We are not telling you to leave
right away. We have time.
That is the biggest school in
the district. It has the best facilities.
Sir, forget me...
It is really tough for
people like Poochiyappan.
He comes from the other end of the village
carrying his grandson on his shoulders.
If you move the school few more miles away,
what will they do?
Sir, you are higher officials...
Please talk to the government
and try to run the school here.
I understand, Poochi...
In any case your grandson must
go to that school from 6th grade.
Forget it, Poochiyappan.
Even if we say it loud,
they will still hear it as a murmur.
They aren't asking our opinion.
They are telling us their decision.
Let's think about our next step.
Grandpa, I want to pee.
Grandpa, wake up.
Okay, okay...
I won't do it again.
Be patient, Poochi.
A 10 acre land near Pavitiram
has come for sale.
I will somehow buy it.
I will enrol your grandson
in the nearby school.
You can live there and take care
of the land and cattle.
Forget the basket weaving.
You should try to settle down
in one place at this age.
This constipation is just killing me.
If I don't get it treated,
it will get worse, Uncle.
In those days, one bowl
of palm wine did the trick.
It would magically
remove body heat.
The liquor they sell at the shops
only sets the stomach on fire.
Tell me a remedy, Uncle.
The only remedy I know of
is Seththumaan's meat.
Shall we hunt down one?
You are always going on
about Seththumaan's meat.
My wife will scold me.
If I eat it and try to go near her,
she would say I smell like shit.
I can't even look at her
for the next couple of months.
Why would you let your
wife's words bother you?
You should turn a deaf ear.
I suffer the same as you.
Sometimes, I only shit blood.
I will add more of the skin meat.
Eat it and just see how your
bowel movements change for good.
It will flow smooth as a sail.
It won't work, Uncle.
No thank you,
it will only make things worse.
We toil under the hot sun,
and our bodies get heated.
Body heat is the reason
for most of the illnesses.
Pork is the only remedy.
The meat sold in market
isn't that good.
They serve us shit eating pigs.
You even get to see goats
feeding on shit sometimes, right?
You know Rangan, right?
I do know him.
He is a trouble maker.
His pigs don't even know
the smell of shit.
We will get a pig well fed
with rice and rice water.
Many people drain cooked rice
into waste pots.
Rangan collects it from each house by
paying money and feeds his 'Seththumaan'.
They feed on it
and grow like goats!
We must buy a few of them
and ask Poochi to cook it...
it tastes amazing.
Our women know nothing
about these benefits.
today for Presidential Elections.
Brother, shall I add a portion for you?
Shall I add a portion for you?
Do you want a portion?
Come join for a portion, Uncle!
Come join for a portion!
You want a portion too?
Want a portion?
I am talking to you,
and you are just walking away?
I am just going to pee.
I will come back!
You want me to take a portion is it?
Fine, I will.
Why don't you just say that?
I am asking and you are just reading?
Okay, brother.
Come get the money tomorrow.
It will not work, Vellayan.
Okay, I will take a portion.
Okay, Uncle.
Since you insist so much,
count me in for a portion.
Make it two portions.
It's not enough if you just say it,
show me the money.
[TV NEWS]: Ramnath Kovind has been elected
as the 14th President of India.
[TV NEWS]... defeating his opponent,
Meira Kumar, by 334,730 votes.
Keep your shit eating habit to yourself.
Looks like you will pull everybody
down to your caste.
Can't behave?
They asked for it...
How can you blame me?
When did I have the right to decide?
He never had this habit
before you came here.
Instead you can hang yourself to death.
Eating shit and eating the one
that feeds on shit is all the same.
Like you saw!
Then you must not eat rice
or any vegetables.
The world knows human excreta
is the best manure.
Even Mahatma Gandhi said so.
Wise words!
Give up this habit,
or don't step into the house again.
I will be happy
in the farmlands!
When will this Poochi just disappear?
And when will this man
get over this habit?
Welcome, Poochiyappan.
Do you have a young piglet
which can sum up for 10 portions?
One which doesn't eat shit.
See, all our pigs are good and clean.
The thing is...
our wives scold us for
consuming shit eating pigs.
I ask because you would have
fed them rice and porridge.
Is there a pig that doesn't
feed on shit?
It anyway eats only human shit.
Careful with your words.
Come here only if you trust me.
Don't come here and talk nonsense.
Since everyone is used to eating pork now,
you are creating a scene.
If we had ignored you,
you wouldn't stand so tall.
Now you raise voice?
Buy if you want to!
Stop talking random things.
Poochi, let's leave.
He thinks only he has pigs?
Grass grows wherever
the rain falls!
What did you just do?
Leave, Poochiyappan.
'Don't care how late it gets;
Let's go as far as it takes '
'In search of it!'
' It's a journey seeking the good;
We go to the usual places'
'In search of it!'
'A precious gem by the sewers;
A little heavy, but let's get to business'
'In search of it!'
'Black sandal runs through the alleys;
We follow them to the bushes'
'In search of it!'
'A delicious nectar amidst the filth;
Let's not waste a single drop and go forth'
'In search of it!'
'One can call this a deer in the mud;
It's worth every penny, go ahead'
'In search of it!'
'One can call this a deer in the mud;
It's worth every penny, go ahead'
'In search of it!'
Even a buffalo that plays in mud
cleans itself against a tree.
Which drainage did you step into?
If you step in just like that,
I won't stay in the house anymore.
Why are you creating a scene?
There are men out there who get drunk
and beat up their wives.
Those women obey
their husband's orders.
Am I doing things like that?
You have plans to commit such atrocities?
It won't work with me.
What do you want me to do?
I have kept water
in the backyard...
Take a shower and rinse your clothes
before entering the house.
Is that all?
Why did you yell at me for that?
Is the hot water ready?
It's boiling hot, feel free
to scald yourself to death.
Please come!
Baskets for sale.
Come see for yourself.
The best of baskets.
Prayer baskets.
Wedding baskets.
Come and see.
Come see for yourself.
The best of the baskets.
Please come.
All you gained was a hoarse throat.
If you weave such good baskets,
they will last for years.
Look at the plastic baskets
they sell these days.
It gets worn out in a month.
Drop it once and it is gone.
Weave such a basket for sale.
I don't know such tricks.
We can do only what we know.
You brought that Vellayan along
with you right?
Did he find a pig?
Speak with respect.
Even walls have ears.
He has set a trap for you.
He knows if he mentions
your grandson's education...
you would do the work of ten men.
He doesn't deserve any respect.
Did sir he get a pig?
He is still looking for one.
I got furious since you
addressed him by name.
Give some respect.
One who has his own business doesn't need
to fold hands in front of anyone else.
He spoke without respect
so I responded in the same manner.
The wealthy can speak as they please,
can the poor afford to?
We must adjust.
If they speak disrespectfully to the poor,
we must give it back to them.
Fine, I will bring him.
Be careful with your words.
Fine. We will figure it out.
See if we find a good one here.
Ask him to come in and see too.
Come and see for yourself.
That's too small.
This one?
Why does this stink so much, Poochi?
We will bathe it in turmeric.
That one will yield
about 15 portions.
It sums to 15 portions.
I don't need that much.
10 would do.
Then look at that one.
How much would this yield?
10 portions.
This would yield 10 portions.
Okay, I'll take that one.
It's a young one.
You have chosen my King.
Say 500 rupees for a portion...
It will yield 10 generous portions.
Pay me 5000 rupees.
It is not worth 5000 rupees.
It will sum up to just 7 or 8 portions.
If we split to 10, the meat will just
dissolve in the soup.
It will definitely yield 10 portions
after we set aside a part for fried pork.
I guarantee it!
Give me 5000 rupees.
I was angry that day because
I had an argument with my wife.
Come and help me with it.
Give it to him.
Come finish the job
and get the balance.
Come, Poochi.
Rangappan, we will come at dawn,
don't leave the pigsty open.
[RADIO NEWS]: Ramnath Kovind will be
sworn in as the next President tomorrow.
Eat, Poochiyappan!
No, we both just ate!
You have come with your grandson
so late, what's it?
Got some work at Vellayan's farm tomorrow,
might take half a day to return.
You make Kumaresan eat
and drop him at school.
You are going to help for them to eat pork?
Why do you get involved
in such things, Poochiyappan?
Am I doing it whole-heartedly?
If Kumaresan gets educated
and makes it...
we won't need anyone's help.
Your son and daughter-in-law
have given birth to a gem of a boy.
You have nothing to worry.
Are you leaving him now?
I'll bring him when he is
sound asleep early morning.
Only then he will be quiet.
Please take care of him.
You needn't mention it!
Bring him, I will take care.
I shall take leave.
Bye, sister!
- Bye!
A 10 acre land has come for sale
near Pavithiram.
I will somehow buy it.
I will enrol your grandson
in the nearby school.
Take care of the land,
the cattle and stay there.
He is setting a trap for
you knowing fully well that...
you will do ten men's work
for your grandson's education.
You are going to help out
for them to eat pork?
Why do you get involved
in such things, Poochiyappan?
Where are you taking me, Grandpa?
You eat at Aunt Kanthaya's place
and go to school.
I will come home by evening.
Can I come too?
Your teacher will scold you
if you take leave, right?
I will take you some other day.
I will take just this one day off.
They slaughter pigs there.
You won't be able
to bear watching it.
I can bear it.
They will shout at me
for bringing kids.
They won't.
I will work too.
You want to come to work
instead of going to school?
I want to come too, Grandpa.
Won't you listen?
How will I stay alone away from you?
You told me you will not
leave me with anyone.
I don't mind carrying you,
but should I carry your goat too?
But you are not carrying it!
I'm the one carrying it, right?
Looks like my little one
is still upset.
Wait, I will come.
He was very adamant
that he will come along.
You would bring him in the dark?
Tell him to go sleep on the bench.
You can take him after dawn.
He won't stay.
I will make sure
he doesn't mess around.
Okay, fine!
Pork beckons you in the
middle of the night?
Feast on it and come home...
I will thrash you with the broomstick.
Ignore her.
Hop on.
Make it quick.
Somehow I managed to get people
to pool in for the portions, Poochi.
How could people not join
after you have spoken?
I still haven't been paid
for two portions yet.
When they come...
I will tell them to pay the money
and take the meat.
Must we cook fried pork
for everyone who wants a share?
That won't work.
Can't afford to give everyone.
It is only for those who step forward
and get involved in the work.
Stand near the bike.
I will be right here.
Don't let the piglet circle
around you all the time.
Some day, it must leave the pigsty.
He is a bird.
He will grow big wings, fly far away
and lead a happy life.
Wake him up.
He is still sleeping!
Ranga, wake up!
He is here already.
Wake up.
He is still high.
Wonder what he drank!
Wake up!
Where will we go in search of
that pig after dawn?
They are my darlings,
they will respond to my call.
Don't worry, landlord.
You boast a lot!
Go get it.
Don't get a different one.
If I do that,
I'd be the one suffering a loss.
That is the smallest pig
in my pigsty.
Also, his name is King.
He always walks with that majesty.
You think I can't identify my own kids?
Wake up.
They are waiting here.
Come on.
Let's go and get my King.
Don't let go.
Get that twine.
Twist the leg.
Hold it tight.
Pull, pull, pull...
Pull harder.
Pull, pull, pull...
Move away, he is getting scared.
Get the rope.
You are teaching me
how to catch a pig?
Bring a mini truck.
We can take it.
I could hardly get the people
to pitch in for the portions!
I can't afford to pay 500 rupees
for a mini truck.
Tie it to your vehicle
and bring it to my farm.
My vehicle won't run
in your farm, Landlord.
Give me your vehicle.
I will load it onto it.
If I load the pig on my bike...
my wife will run me over with the bike.
Why can't Poochi and you carry it?
I used to carry a 100 kg millet sac
on my own when I was young.
This is nothing!
Yeah, right!
You carried such big sacks...
Everyone knows about it!
Are you ridiculing me?
So backward you are!
Poochiyappa, get that log.
My King is going to be carried
in a palanquin.
Sure, and your King is also
going to be bathed in turmeric.
Everyone will be bathed in it someday.
It is the same for you and us.
Landlords and swineherds are all the same.
Just a corpse.
He thinks this is new wisdom!
Tie it properly and carry it.
If it runs loose,
I'll suffer a loss.
Fine, you get your bike started.
We will come with the palanquin.
Poochi, I'll get the vessels
from the driver's house.
Bring it carefully.
Where are you going?
To throw the tail hair, Poochiyappa.
It grew here, right?
It is a ritual for healthy mating.
Poochiyappa, hold this.
Lower it.
My shoulder plate is gone!
Your landlord made us carry the load.
We must demand some of the fried pork and
a bottle of booze just for lugging this.
Little one, you shouldn't go there.
Come here.
This is why I didn't
want to bring you along.
Go, tie up your goat.
Careful, boy...
They might slaughter the goat
if the pork is insufficient.
I was just kidding!
That's enough.
Get down!
Don't do such things, Rangan.
The landlord might come any moment.
Why are you scared?
We carried it all the way.
Won't we feel thirsty?
If he questions us,
I'll deal with him.
You stay quiet.
Get a sickle.
That's enough, boy.
We don't need these many leaves.
Are we going to
burn a corpse here?
Won't a couple of these
be enough to burn my King?
It is enough!
Pile it up in one place.
If landlord sees this,
he will scold us.
Keep it there.
The sun is out already,
and you are still watching it?
We need your orders, right?
Say the word, and I will gently
send my King to the heavens.
Do it first.
The knot has loosened.
Tie it properly.
Those days we used to lay the pig
and hit on its head with a hammer.
The way it squeals as it dies...
it would even scare us!
Now, even this kid can kill a pig.
You inject something
and it dies on spot.
These are days when the killing
is done without much pain.
I can go meet the other ministers
only after sending off my King.
Okay, finish the job
and you can leave.
Poochi is anyway here
to take care of the business.
He has a helper too!
I don't know these.
Do it yourself.
How could I kill my own King?
Won't you do this for me?
I will tell you how, just do it.
Just inject it near the throat.
The needle will pierce smoothly.
You shouldn't be watching this.
Go there!
Inject it.
Ranga, did you bring a knife?
I have a couple of them here.
Will that be enough?
I would have brought it
if you had told me to.
But if I bring the cutting tools,
you got to pay me for that.
I paid you what you demanded anyway.
Oh yes...
You paid a ransom!
Rangappa, stay quiet.
Every time you utter a word,
a trouble occurs.
Leave him, Poochi.
I've known him for several years.
Let him talk.
They have all learned to talk.
This is his time.
Can we even talk against you, Landlord?
Okay, start preparing it.
I will go bring our people
and gather all the knives I can.
Pour some water.
That's enough.
I refused to bring you along
because you shouldn't be seeing this.
Why are you staring at it?
Move away, boy.
You must listen!
Add some to the legs.
Please listen to me.
Should your hands be doing this?
You shouldn't come
this side anymore.
If you do, they will
make you run errands.
And then you will have to forget school.
Who will make me run errands, Grandpa?
The landlord and his wife.
Such clarity in your speech!
What's cooking?
We are going to move
next to my niece's house.
I am planning to enrol Kumaresan
in the school nearby.
If I stay here, they expect me
to be their slave forever.
You finally understand...
if you have your own business, you don't
need to fold hands in front of anyone else.
If you need some money,
feel free to ask me.
Yes, Senthil?
Two people have come to the pigsty.
- Is it?
One of them wants a kilo for 100 rupees,
and the the other for 80.
Are you coming or
should I talk to them?
Wait, I will come.
Come soon, they might leave.
I am coming.
Okay, brother.
The owner is coming.
Poochiyappa, I have customers.
You take care, I am leaving.
Of course, go ahead.
You have a business to run!
Buddy, after we eat here
to our heart's content...
we should take our portion
to our land and cook it there.
You pass out after
getting drunk.
When have I ever passed out?
You are just all talk!
I'll be okay.
Look at Poochi's face.
Like he drank castor oil or something!
Don't be scared, Poochi.
They are kins, after all.
They quarrel one day
and join hands the next.
I mentioned pork meat,
and he wanted some too.
So I have reserved a portion for him.
Why should I be scared?
Just felt a small jerk inside, is all.
He is that mongrel's left hand.
He cleans his shit.
That's why he was shocked
to see me.
Even the slaves are looking down at me?
Mind your words!
I came here only because
Vellayan wanted me.
If my presence bothers you,
I will leave right now.
Stop, Poochi.
Stop, Poochi.
Buddy, shut up!
If Poochi leaves,
Uncle will give me an earful.
Where is he?
Apply turmeric before he comes.
You don't talk.
Come aside.
Kothandam, look at the teacher.
He has turned up like a priest,
with the sacred ash on his forehead!
Some random dog has entered my land.
Won't you throw a stone
and chase it away?
Uncle, this is a common task.
Mind your words.
What is a common task?
I have put in so much effort.
It is in my responsibility.
How will it fall under common?
You kept pleading with people
to take portions of the meat...
Isn't it common?
If you enter my land without asking me,
I will butcher you.
Tell him not to think
that I am taking it easy.
Tell him to leave immediately.
Uncle, why are you shouting?
I got him because we needed someone
to pitch in for a portion.
He agreed and wanted
some of the fried pork too...
so I brought him along.
Just treat him like some random stranger
and continue with your work.
You don't have to talk to him.
I will handle him.
I should have suspected it
when you asked for two portions.
Why do you do this?
They are fighting like cats and dogs,
why would you bring him here?
He was insistent.
How could I say 'no'?
Why are you pleading?
I have paid 500 rupees for a portion.
No one can refuse me my share.
I will throw that filthy money now...
Ask him to take and run!
These dogs catch the scent of meat
and come sniffing with their tongues out.
Oh God!
I don't want your meat.
I just want to go home.
Wait, I am coming too.
Took the day off to eat meat
and here comes a problem.
My teacher is on leave too,
he will not scold me!
No one has to leave.
I won't talk.
Ask him to not talk too.
You think I'm interested
in striking a conversation now?
No one needs to talk.
Quit it, let's get into the job.
You are just watching us talk.
Mind your job, Poochi!
It is already sunny.
Work is done?
- Yes, sir.
Get it.
Kothandam, go give him a hand.
Nagendra, lay out those dry leaves.
Keep it here.
[NEWS HEADLINES]: Ramnath Kovind
to take oath as Indian President today.
How long will you peel this garlic?
Poochi, build a stove here.
Hey, little one.
Go and bring dry twigs
that will burn longer.
If you give the fox an arbitration,
it feeds on both the sides and leaves.
Someone has to do it anyway.
Let him do it!
You shouldn't have been allowed
on board at all.
Next time, even if we don't have
enough men, I'm not taking you in.
Meanwhile, the two families
would have made peace.
Don't talk and get distracted.
There must be an equal share of the
skin meat in all the portions.
There should be no room
for talk of disparity later.
Yeah, that's right.
Distribute the cuts evenly
in all portions.
The crowd for the fried pork
is bigger than usual.
We must get at least
four pieces each.
There are just five of us.
Won't we get a handful?
Poochi and his grandson
need a share too.
The grandson gets a share too?
He is here since morning.
Collecting twigs...
Working on the meat...
He will outsmart Poochi.
Youngsters have this in their blood.
The boy is smart.
At studies as well.
- Sir?
Come here.
Don't tell anyone
you saw me here.
I will give you first rank
in the quarterly exams.
I am already scoring first rank
in all the exams, sir.
Go and mind your job.
You managed to get some fried pork
for the little boy by bringing him along.
But the shareholder doesn't get a piece?
He can't tell apart a rice bowl
from a toilet bowl.
He would eat anything!
Why are you starting a fight, Uncle?
Did he start it?
Ask him to stand by his word
and keep his mouth shut.
I just brought him because he insisted.
Never thought this will happen.
Uncle, you don't have to
be favourable to me.
I just want my fair share.
Tell me.
So, he has come for a share too?
Don't you have any honour?
You must team up with him
to eat pork, is it?
Don't talk without knowing
what really happened.
Let me know from now on.
How can you let someone who took us
to arbitration to step on our land?
Are you spineless?
Instead of taking his filthy money,
throw the meat on the roof...
at least crows will feed on it.
Why would you invite the devil
into our house?
Let it cook well.
Stir well, don't let it get burnt.
I will handle it.
Let go.
Has your urge to eat pork blinded you
to the fact that he will wait to strike?
You find pork meat that tasty, do you?
Hang up, woman!
Stir it well.
Salt and spice must be perfect.
Stir well.
It shouldn't get burnt.
Poochi, it is steaming up.
It won't taste good
if it is over cooked.
Let's check how well it is cooked.
Wonder how it tastes this good
with just salt and chillies.
Needs to cook a little more.
It's a little rubbery.
If you eat away all the meat
in the name of tasting it...
those who worked for it
will have nothing left.
Can't you stay quiet for a while?
Let's finish it off
and leave without any trouble.
What did I do now?
How will you know if it is good
if you don't taste?
We need to check if it's cooked.
There are men to check it...
You should know to shut it.
Am I standing naked here?
Am I begging to you?
Bloody pauper sure has a lot to say.
This is becoming annoying now.
Take your fight elsewhere.
If this repeats again,
we will all leave.
Careful with the serving.
I am serving two scoops
per person.
If we have any left,
we will figure it out later.
See who gets the first share!
Keeps the trash on a tower,
while dumping the treasure on a trashcan.
What a sorry affair!
The whole town knows
who's trash and who's treasure.
Instead of serving the man
who worked so hard...
you expect us to first serve
the guy who did nothing but prance around?
What kind of life is it
when you bend over to a beggar?
Duraisamy, ask him to mind his words.
Ask around in the village...
who got thrashed for knocking on doors
in the middle of the night?
Everyone has a filthy side.
Fried pork smells so good!
It will go really well with liquor.
Let's get started.
Dead tongue nasty man.
Looks like he has
never tasted fried pork before.
He has come lusting
after the remaining meat.
Take your share.
Am I stopping you?
I split the portions.
How can you take it
without asking me?
Who made you the lord?
Should we come to you asking for alms?
There is a norm.
What is it?
You came here for the
free liquor, didn't you?
Stop with being his slave.
Don't you dare talk to me.
We came only because
you invited us.
Your cousin's words are inappropriate.
If I stick around...
I'll lose all my self respect.
Kothandam, wait!
Hey, wait! It was me
who invited you, right?
Why are you doing this?
If this isn't enough, we still
have our portions left.
We can cook it in your farm.
We can eat as much
as we want at night.
If we make some gravy
we can have it with rice too.
If we save some
we can eat the next morning too.
Don't you know that?
Is it right to violate basic manners?
What would he know about manners?
Or he wouldn't have chopped the tree,
or come for the meat.
You disgraced me
in front of all the villagers.
What else do you want?
You keep bringing about the tree.
Did I come here for free?
I just helped myself
to a few pieces.
Here, you can eat that too.
If you have so much self respect,
leave my farm right now.
I too had a share on this land,
and the tree.
The tree again!
Always speaking about the tree...
What would you know?
If the tree is gone, so is my honour.
Come back.
Don't fight, Landlord.
Come away.
Uncle, don't do it.
Let him go.
Grandpa, don't go.
- Let me go.
Your Grandpa will be back.
Listen to me, boy!
Grandpa, don't leave me!
Don't go away from me.
'Dear son;
Don't be scared'
'Dear son Don't be scared'
'Heart is filled with will'
'Don't feel broken with grief
It will distance itself'
'It will appear light
and turn to a storm'
'You will be ferocious'
'Dear son Don't be scared'
'The times he carried you on his shoulders
Won't disappear from this land'
'Grief is cloud'
'With all the wounds from greedy deed'
'Live bearing all the cruelty
Like the mother earth'
'Oh fish that swam to the shore'
'Don't weep, the day will come
when you will reunite with the ocean'
'Don't mourn Dear fish'
'Though dark surrounds
It won't last another day'
'What if thunder strikes hard?'
'Will the star even fall?'
'It will only shine there bright as ever'
'The path will keep extending'
'Have courage in heart'
'You will be your light'
'This will keep happening'
'Don't melt Dear light'
'One day when the world witnesses'
'Dear spark
You will become the light'
'Dear son Don't be scared'