Setta, La (1991) Movie Script

The Sect
South California 1970
Dont go too far!
Mark, would you go see what's wrong with Jimmy?
Hey Mark! go see what's wrong with Jimmy!
What's wrong honey?
What's wrong?
Where are you from? there is nothing
from miles around here.
I'm being in the road a long time.
And I'm hungry, and I'm thirsty...
And I have traveled for some water.
My name is Damon, glad to see you, maybe
you know my name but what is confusing you...
is the purpose of my game.
"glad to see you, maybe you know my name"
"what is confusing you is the purpose of my game"
Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil.
Dont you guy's get it?
Would you like to eat with us?
is a little something I throw together.
Is some kind of stew.
I guess you like the Rolling Stones, dont you?
Their music is only for a few, if you are
into their songs then you know there is something
profund about it and awareness that
goes beyond.
Watch Lucifer, Watch!
this is for you!
Flame to burning, burning everything in his way
Burning the path to truth!
Tell them in the old continent that we are an army.
In every city, the faceless ones.
In the name of Satan tell our brothers we are ready
we get results, you have seen.
Yes, you have done well Damon, but you have
to be patient. Is not yet the time.
When? When?
Maybe not for years.
No! Please Oh please dont hurt me!
I didnt see anything!
You didnt see anything? you missed
a great show.
It was beautiful, we sacrificed your kids,
your friends,
And now we are gonna sacrifice you.
-Scream! scream your fucking head of!
Frankfurt Germany 1991
I will go buy some milk
-but dont be too late!
Why did you disobey Mary?
I didnt do it!
I didnt...
That's a human heart!
821 I have a 479 going to the southern exit.
Stop right there buddy!
Is not my fault! is them!
They wanted me to do it.
Sure, sure!
Is right! is right to kill traitors isnt it?
I'm a prisoner, a peon, I had to do it
Dont you see?
It is time. At last it is time.
The latest killing take place in one of
Frankfurt most populated areas.
The victim, Mary Crain, age 24 have being working
in a local supermarket for only a few months.
She was literaly butchered by Martin Rumen,
a man that commited suicide as the cops arrested him.
According to his neighboors he was a quiet
family man, and highly respected.
Then why this sudden homicidal passion?
Madness perhaps?
But the case is now in the hands of
Justice official Jonathan Ford.
The man that has being waging war on Satan
worshiping sects around the country.
So there may be more about this. Let's ask him.
The elements in this case leads us to believe the
murder is the work of a bloodthisty demonic sect.
This sects have nothing to do with folklore
or fairy tales like many people would like to believe.
They are a frightening reality and must be stoped.
Many of the unsolved murders of the last years could very well
be blamed on barbaric rites performed by some of this sects.
They spread the terror around the world.
From New York to London, from Turn to Milan to Prague.
They seek power, wealth and immortality
by worshiping the devil.
Unfortunaly many of this rites include sacrificing
of inocent victims.
Usually young women, sometimes even children.
What's wrong? dont you feel well?
NO! dont touch it, leave me alone.
- Sorry!
I can look after myself.
Dont touch him!
- Somebody call an ambulance!
Stay back, give him room to breath!
I dont hear a heartbeat.
I didnt hit him, I'm sure!
I wanst going that fast!
He is moving! Thank god!
My package, were is my package!
Where is it? dont touch me!
You better stay lay down.
I will be better if I stand.
I'm alright, really. If you all stop staring at me.
The hospital is not far. I can take you.
My package! there is my package!
Forget the hospital, I have being in a long journey,
I need to rest, that's all.
If you are busy.
- No, no, I was just on my way home.
You live nearby?
- A few miles outside town.
I only work mornings, right now I have nothing to do.
Do you want to rest in my place?
Is no trouble really.
Very kind.
I was so scared!
For a second I though I was gonna hit you.
You didnt Miriam?
-I missed you by inches. Inches!
How did you knew my name?
I dont remember telling you.
You didn't.
Oh right! that remind me not to run into people.
You were ten when that picture was taken?
Right, have I change much?
You learn to smile.
Please excuse the mess.
Im not much of a house keeper.
I keep telling me I will catch up tomorrow.
Tomorrow I will clean the house, tomorrow I will do the laundry...
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.
After all this time how strange.
You have being here before?
All this country houses are all alike.
They even smell the same.
I used to live in a house like this.
It brings back a lot of memories.
We are all that's left. They are our bread.
Our poison...
No dont, dont let the sun...
Sit down. I call doctor Permat, if she is not in the
hospital she will be at home which is not far from here.
Doctors tired me, I just need to rest.
I have come a long way and still have a long way to go.
How about a nice cup of tea?
I will go to make it.
You behave yourself. You never gives up,
wants to make me believe you are not real.
You dont live alone?
Just him, and my fish. Cut little thing isnt it?
But he is a rascal. Hey Rabbit! he is a friend.
You have it a long time... what is his name?
He doesnt have one. That way our relationship is equal.
He cant call me by my name and I cant call him by his.
Dont you like rabbits?
Dont worry, he will be leaving soon.
Your children love you very much.
I dont have any children.
Oh those. I teach.
You are not sure about your pupils feelings.
You give them an essay: My teacher.
If you have being sure of yourself you would
have chosen another topic.
You are not ready. You are psychologically unstable
to begin with. You should not drive.
You maybe are right. I dont know. Maybe
because I grew up in a boarding school.
You didnt live with your parents?
I never met them.
Oh! The Rolling Stones!
Their music was considered so profund! esoteric!
A long time ago.
You are into music.
- No, religion you may say.
Oh, that's interesting. Religion helps you live better.
Helps you die. You are not scared of dying.
I dont know, I dont think about it. Maybe
I'm scared of living.
What do you want from life, Miriam!
Nothing in particular, I already have a life.
Wrong! you have to shoot for the moon
just to claim your birth right!
Otherwise you get nothing!
Do you have everything you want?
I'm close! that is why I dont want to die, yet.
I dont longer feel safe here. The house faces east.
NO! dont touch me! I dont need any help.
Houses facing north are the houses of life.
Houses facing south are houses of death.
You can take me to the bus stop.
Yes, of course. Just a second.
Hello, hi Catherine. I cant talk now
Someone is here. I talk to you later.
No, he isnt prince charming. I cant make it tonight.
I will tell you everything tomorrow at school. Bye Catherine!.
We can leave now if you are ready.
You dont like the old man dont you.
Neither do I. Sure he is ok, but you never know.
Bed time rabbits! sleeping with a human
doesnt bother you, does it?
I know, I know, you are right, you never know.
How did you get out?
What's wrong?
I will get help!
Oh my god! Help me! Help me, you must
help me!
Can you hear me? nod your head, I'm going
for the doctor.
Try to hang on, please! you are freezing!
But you cant die yet! remember you cant die yet!
Doctor Format! doctor Format! Please wake up!
this is an emergency!
Please hurry!
- Shhh! would you stop shouting!
She is not here, she had to go to the hospital for an emergency.
I got an emergency, there is an old man
in my house who is dying.
Are you serious?
- No, I'm kidding.
Hey wait! I'm a doctor too!
Great! he is in here...
But he was lying right here in the floor!
That's a good sign, maybe he went for
his evening walk.
You have a rabbit.
-So what?
I hate rabbits.
Nobody hates rabbits.
I'm alergic to them.
What's that light?
Is the rabbit.
-There is nothing wrong with my rabbit.
That's what he wants you to think!
I didnt knew this was here.
I though you lived here.
I only move in eight months ago.
Oh my god!
Dont touch him, let me handle this.
He is dead, I'm sorry.
He told me he didnt wanted to die.
I would not be so sure, look at this.
I would say he tried to kill himself
at least once in the past months.
Only he didnt finish the job.
Was he a relative?
No, I didnt even knew his name.
What are you doing?
He must have some identification.
No, no wallet, no money.
Only this.
-Well, he said he was going on a long trip.
Not that long.
He was coming here?
Well, he is not going anywere else.
No! dont do that, I dont want to see his face.
Close your eyes then.
Hey wait for me.
What do we do now?
Call an ambulance.
They will be here in no time.
That was quick!
Were is the patient?
In the basement. He is dead.
I'm doctor Permat's nephew, I will
ride back to the hospital with you.
Alright doc.
Who called them?
The old man called them.
He must have find strenght to get to the phone.
But what was he doing in the basement?
He was trying to get away from the rabbit.
Very funny.
Miriam, if you want I can stay and keep you company.
No, no, thank you but no.
Ok I will go and take care of the death certificate.
Take this.
In case you cant sleep.
Thank you.
Do you mind if I call you in the morning?
I dont know.
What I meant to say is,
would you mind if I call you?
I'm new in town too.
That's sweet of you.
Nothing... bye.
Good night fish.
Good night rabbit.
Hey rabbit!
C'mon Rabbit! C'mon!
C'mon, dont you leave me too!
C'mon rabbit, I had enough for one night.
Stop! what are you doing here?
Who are you? how did you get here?
(Something in a laguage I dont understand)
Me no bet! Me go! Me hungry!
What do you have there!
Me go. You listen I must!
Let go!
- No!
Give it to me!
- No! no bige
Stop! Wait!
Stop! Wait!
Wait! was inspired by one of the country's most eminent
scholars on esoterisism and satanism.
Kelley who misteriously disapear in 1979.
An enquest was held in which it was discovered
that his name was in a pasagers list...
...of a DC9 that crashed on their way to London.
But many people swear they saw him later in Europe.
Now you all finish your masks, I want you all to tell me
what animals you are drawing and what sounds they make.
What sound does the cat make?
- Meow.
Very good!
Who cut out Peter Porcupine?
-She did!
Now let's continue our animal sounds.
The Lion?
- Roar!
The Mouse?
- Cuicuicui.
The snake?
- SSSsssss
Samantha? your mom is here.
What kind of animal is this?
Did you invented it?
No, my mommy does it all the time.
After what you went throu last night is no wonder
you have a headache.
You dont get a total stranger into your house
an less he is good looking,
Sexy, rich, inteligent and with serious intentions of
marrying you.
I almost run him down. Anyway
I felt sorry for him.
It was almost like I knew him.
If he was any younger I would not
have taken home with me.
You have it backwards.
I was just like you when I was your age
Dreaming about prince charming.
But ending up with all the ugly ducklings.
I was always saying No...
...and now I dont even have a duck to
share my life with.
Oh c'mon Catherine, no man is ever
good enough for you.
Is it my fault the world run out of kind... sofisticated..
Here is your teacher.
- Samantha, what's wrong?
My mommy is not here.
But I saw her.
She smiled at me.
Miriam we called the child's home
Her mother did came to pick her up.
Yes, I know, I saw her.
She comes everyday.
There there, is alright, maybe she went shopping
I will take you home, ok?
Has someone called her father?
Yes, we spoke to his secretary.
Daddy! Daddy!
Samantha! come to daddy!
Now with my name that line would be perfect.
Stoped it Catherine.
Mr. Henry
I called everywere, no one has seen her.
I saw here five minutes before the
bell rings.
I saw her too! my name is...
I'm calling the police.
He is being in the phone for 15 minutes
what is he saying to the police?
He should have waited for a couple of hours
Dont you think you are all overreacting?
Psss, psss, Come on.
And... fine, is the children's hour.
Come on!
Your mommy did this?
Claire is researching artic fosils
that insect is one of her later discoveries.
And I complain about cockroaches,
if I found one of those in my house...
You wount, they have being extinct for over
10.000 years.
They have profund religious significance.
They symbolies fertility and evil.
Claire have not published her article yet,
have you being talking to her?
Bring some water!
Drink this, that is good. Is ok.
You went on about those insects,
just like they were old friends of yours.
And you really dont know anything about them.
I take a look at Mrs Henry's notes,
Did you know were those little devils lie their eggs?
Inside a woman's brain.
And when the eggs hatch the woman
dies, you know why?
because the babies eat her brains
for nourishment.
You will pack some things and stay with me, it would do you
a world of good to get away from this place for a while.
I need a hot bath.
A hot bath would do me good.
You cant compare this place to my place.
for one thing, is not so isolated.
Besides you need company Miriam, and so do I,
I'm tired of watching tv alone.
Are you listening to me?
Rabbits Catherine... what sound does rabbits make?
Your fridge looks like a cemetery for dead food.
You are suposed to throw it away when it dies,
not embalm it.
When you stay with me I can give you
some lessons of home economics.
I will make you an ideal housewife.
They must have give you a scrub by
force for years in that orphanage.
That is why you hate the idea of keeping a
neat house.
My God, what's this on the floor?
Are you listening to me?
Who feed them?
We must take the rabbit!
if we can find him.
Have you seen him anywere?
What are you doing?
No, you are making it worse, let me!
I will get you some water!
Catherine! Where are you going?
Dont you want me to come with you?
Maybe, maybe, you see, we got it all!
We got it all, you know what I mean?
We got it all!
She open those legs and I pumped,
Pump! Pump! Pump!
Hey Jack! were are you going?
When you have to you, you have to go!
Yeah! ha ha ha!
You lose this?
Step right into my office darling.
Not bad he?
Are you stoned or something?
Jack! Son of a bitch!
Selfish bastard!
Fallen in love? hey!
Dont forget your friends!
What have you done!
It was her! I did what she wanted!
And then her face was burning! burning!
I... I... Dont believe this!
Leave your name and number after the beep
I will call you as soon as I can.
Miriam in my hurry to leave I'm afraid I left my
diary in your house...
Miriam in my hurry to leave I'm afraid I left my
diary in your house.
Kindly put it on a safe place I will drive pass
soon to pick it up.
Bye Miriam.
- Yes, how did you know?
Something terrible has happened!
So you heard.
- What?
Look, you should go to the hospital, she
wants to talk to you and she does not have very long.
What are you talking about?
Who wants to talk to me?
We did everything posible Miriam.
Have you told her?
-Yes I told her.
She kept repeating your name during the operation
She was lucid briefly.
She wanted to see you.
Then her heart...
- Could I see her for a moment?
We had to make time to...
-I want to see her!
Damn you!
No Catherine! No!
I die for you Miriam!
It can happen, maybe a case of Catalepsy.
A burst of adrenaline that bring her back to life.
It would not be the first time.
Excuse me but I'm very tired.
Thanks, I see you later.
-Of course.
So it could happen to the old man too.
No, not that many hours after death.
What about the message in my answering machine?
A joke maybe.
It was his voice, his voice.
Why did Catherine said those things to me
I had nothing to do with her death.
I didnt even knew the men who...
Are you listening to me?
I'm serious, I'm scared!
What's happening to me?
Why the old man called me?
Listen to me, the old man didnt called you,
he couldnt have.
He is dead, his body is here, in the mortuary.
If you dont believe me I show you.
No, I could not.
You stay here, I will be back in five minutes.
No way!
If you see anybody just cover for me.
If they catch me I can kiss my medical
carrear goodbye.
I have being here for a year but
this is the first time that I...
Frank please!
Ok, ok.
Please take me out of here Frank,
I'm so scared, I want to go home.
It was there, I swear it was!
Well is not there now.
I know you dont believe me but maybe the police will.
And what are you gonna tell them?
That a message and a white cloth disappeared?
An old man died in your house, the only
mistery is what happened with his body.
Was he a friend or relative?
No, so drop it.
What about Catherine?
They got the man who did it.
Miriam what you need is some rest.
If we find the diary, maybe then
would you believe me?
I believe you now.
You do?
Too late for this... too early for that.
Rabbit disappeared too!
No he didnt, he is hidden.
he knows I hate him.
Take this.
No! dont go, I dont want to be alone.
Who is leaving?
Is all my fault.
Everything is my fault.
Get some rest.
Things will seem different in the morning.
That's very profesional of you doctor.
Is it?
I will sleep in the couch.
I bring you greetings from our american brothers.
They are ready and waiting.
The waiting is over Damon.
I heard about Moebius, is it true?
Did you bring them with you.
I heard a lot about them, but never seen them before.
They are beautiful!
We were waiting until you get here.
Meet Mrs. Henry, her husband is one of us.
They suffer more when they are not drugged.
Hello? this is Frank Permat.
I know what time it is.
Look, that unidentified old man...
Check the book and see,
who order him to be moved without an autopsy.
I wait, I cant sleep anyway.
Well? yeah? ok, that is fine.
Sorry I got you out of bed, bye.
Something is off, we have to measure again.
If you dont hold her head straight we will
be here all night.
There, now they are perfectly simetric.
You may proceed.
Shub-Niggurath! I summon you!
Great black goat of the woods!
I make the sign! I proclame the words!
Come! I turn the key!
Together again at last master!
Miriam he is alive!
Frank! oh my God...
What's wrong?
Frank, are you alright?
I know your secret.
What are you talking about?
I will save you!...
You are psychologically unstable.
You are not ready. I did warned you Miriam.
You are psychologically unstable.
I'm sorry about Catherine and Frank,
but they got in the way.
Dont be afraid. We are your family.
You though you were all alone in this world,
didnt you?
Well you were wrong, we have being always
taking care of you.
We put you in boarding school, and colledge.
We find you the teaching job and this house!
You owe everything to us.
Your life has being planed for today...
For this moment.
This moment of... of indescribable joy.
Who are you? what do you want from me?
I told you, we are your family.
Dont move Miriam, lie still.
I'm cleaning your wound.
What are you doing to me?
I dont want to die.
You are not here to die.
You are here to give life.
You could not understand before.
You may have ruin everything.
You wont feel any pain.
It wont last long.
Nine months will be like nine seconds.
I have comeback for you Miriam,
to give you everything your heart desires.
You have being chosen, you are not
just any human being.
I have come to give you a
greater life!
Please! please let me go!
I beg you! let me go!
Is usless fighting destiny Miriam.
When He, who has no name, plunged us
into the bowels of the earth...
He created hell for us, and this,
this is one of it's doors.
No! Please no!
The time has come when the son of the rebel
will become flesh and blood and will abandon God.
All men will abandon God!
For a million centuries!
That is why I came to open the gate.
Why the sacred scarab inseminated you!
I gave you life!
You always wanted a father and a son,
now you will have both.
At the same moment!
No, that is not true!
I dont want that!
It is true Miriam!
Yes Miriam!
I Am your Father!
He is yours, a present for you.
Dont worry, dont worry, breath deeply...
Breath deeply...
That's it push!
That's it Push!
Is born!
is born!
You were wonderful, is over now.
This is the start of a new life for you.
Here it is, our revenge against God.
For the first time in your life
I'm offering you the chance to choose.
You may raise him if you choose.
This is your great chance.
Think about it.
Think about it.
Think about it.
Let's go away before the police arrives.
Dont worry, no one can hurts us now.
Dont look so upset, I know is difficult.
But one day you will understand.
And remember this day, with pride.
Maybe you are right.
Welcome to the family... Miriam.
No! Miriam! Miriam! Stop her!
Miriam, he is your son, you have a family now.
No! you are not my family!
- And you are not my father!
Did you say I could chose for myself?
Alright... I chose!
No! Miriam!
He protected me from the flames.
He saved me.
Because he loved me.
Because he was my son.