Seven Blood-Stained Orchids (1972) Movie Script

Well, what are you going to do with him,
looking like that?
Hey wait your turn darling
Bitch! That's not fair.
Come on baby..
Marcella what?
- We don't know her last name yet.
But, nickname's La Tuscana.
Strange. Tuscans generally
aren't the superstitious kind.
As a matter of fact, she was Southern.
Sicilian or Calabrian.
Well, see if you can find out
why they call her La Tuscana.
Yes, Sir.
I'll get on it right away.
Look. Let me get rid of this, at least.
I mean, we've got to be reasonable, dear.
Or you'll look like a piece of fruit cake!
- You're telling me! I want to get married
in white with orange blossoms.
- Well then, insist on it.
That's too dangerous.
You know how stubborn Mario is.
He might cancel the wedding.
Yes, she is. I think she's free.
I'll ask. Just a moment.
Giulia? It's a call for you.
- Thank you.
Hello? Hello?
Boutique Jolie? Oh boy! Hello?
Cut off. It happens often at this hour.
They'll probably call back in a minute.
All I can say is,
faced with that dress,
I'd rather give up marriage!
- But you're selling my stuff.
Can I help it if people
go for nutty designers these days?
Ciao, Mario.
- What'd you take away the scarf for?
So you're the culprit. Wanda!
Take this away,
and you'd ruin the whole design.
It'd make her look
like some sort of call girl!
- I beg your pardon!
Wanda, just carry out my designs.
Haven't you gotten rich on them?
Here. Have the cutters start on these.
It's the winter line for St. Moritz.
Yes, Master.
- Mario?
Did you tell anyone that I had
an appointment here? -Why?
Someone phoned. He asked for me, but
there was no one there when I answered.
That happens to pretty girls!
Uh, listen. Are you coming
to that opening with me tonight?
- No. You should enjoy your last
free hours as a bachelor by yourself.
- Sure! With a bunch of abstract painters!
Good evening? La Nuova Pea Gallery.
Yes, we're having a show opening tonight.
I'll see it I can locate her for you.
Could I have that name again, please?
Kathy Adams? Hold on.
Hello? Hello, who is this?
Well? Hello!
Ciao, Kathy. Ciao!
Tomorrow at ten. Don't forget!
I won't, Lariana. Cheerio!
Oh, poor kittens! Yes.
You have a very bad Mummy!
I hope you're not going to denounce me
to... How do you call it in Italy?
Yes! Yes, yes, yes!
I'll give it to you.
There we go!
That's it!
Oh, you're angry! Of course. That's right!
My poor kitties...
I forgot to open the door for...
Who's there?
You really think it's only a coincidence?
It's like that everywhere nowadays.
It's the latest fashion.
Let's make an hypothesis.
Two dead girls and a single killer.
Now, did the girls know each other?
And what could they have had in common?
They were both found half naked.
- The English girl was in her apartment
and getting ready for bed.
- Was she... -Yes, all alone.
Okay. But, take a...
Right now, the main thing
is to identify the Tuscana.
Oh please, darling, the window.
You laugh, huh? Yeah, it's a riot.
- Call the conductor.
While I'm at it, you want a coffee?
- No thanks.
Well, I'm gonna go for a sandwich, okay?
- Okay
Ah, go on, Mario!
Lady, are you alright? Oh, my God!
That's Sylvio, a designer. Sylvio Gragert.
He works with me.
Giorgio Romani.
Just a friend, of both of ours.
That's Bruno Belli.
He used to be in love with Giulia.
He's married now.
His wife had twins a couple of weeks ago.
That's Giovanni Nepal,
the janitor from my old apartment.
Who's he? That one, I don't know at all.
- No, I shouldn't think you would.
That's Police. Lieutenant Renzi.
Very clever.
A distant relative.
Kid who works in our office.
In other words, all friends.
Not a stranger in the lot.
Yeah. Looks like it.
Looks like we scored a big, fat zero.
Do you read the news at all?
The police always score big, fat zeros.
If it weren't for inside info
here and there. Only, in these cases
there's never anyone to come up with it.
When did you first meet your wife?
- Three years ago.
Vino Betello,
her father owned the hotel there.
After her father died, Giulia sold out
and then came on down to Rome.
Then, out of the blue, we met again.
- So, for a while there,
she might have been doing anything.
- You're not still trying to find
a connection with the two other killings?
- How come you're so sure there's none?
Impossible! What in the world would Giulia
have in common with those two girls?
Huh! That's the question!
- And, a psychopathic killer like him
would also have left his trademark
with Giulia. This pin, or whatever it is.
The arrival
of the conductor prevented it.
Some mail came for your wife
at her old address this morning.
Well, how's our victim? You had a
very nice funeral. Lots of flowers.
What an awful pity I wasn't there.
- Whoever your attacker was,
for the time being, it's best
that he believes that you were there.
Let's hope it's not going
to be for long, Inspector.
You sure this means nothing to you?
Think very hard.
No. Nothing.
And you're sure you've never met
this woman before?
No. I thought all night long, but...
I'm not much good at remembering faces.
Just have no memory for them.
Because of your shock I've held this
one back until now. - Inez! I'm sure!
She worked at our hotel.
- Are you positive it's her?
Absolutely! She was a very good girl.
She wasn't a very good maid.
But she tried awfully hard.
She came from some village in Calabria..
But she was known as La Tuscana.
- The hotel's in Tuscany, though.
Did you ever run in to her here?
No. Never.
- Can you think of anyone
who might have had a grudge against
this girl, Inez? And against you, too?
Mario, do you remember Rau?
- Rau? No. No, I don't.
Of course. You never met him.
Giovanni Rau. Sort of an unpleasant guy.
He was more or less engaged to Inez.
But then he stole and was arrested.
In fact, I denounced him.
And Inez was for it.
And, why do you say she was for it?
- He took advantage of her job
to commit robbery.
And, when she found out,
she felt humiliated.
She was very proud of her honesty.
Now, come on, Rau, confess!
- Admit it, Rau, you're the murderer!
Never met no Kathy Adams.
- Inez Tambourini, you knew her.
Giulia Gerosa, you knew her.
- Yes, but it wasn't me that...
Let's say the conductor recognized you.
- He couldn't have. I wasn't there.
Where the hell were you Tuesday night?
- I'm innocent, I swear it.
I want to talk to my lawyer.
where you were! Go on! Confess, Rau!
- On Tuesday... I forget, Lieutenant.
You killed the English woman
that night, didn't you? - No!
Tuesday night!
- I'm not... I'm not sure.
I know Rau.
He's a louse and a petty thief.
But, I doubt that he's capable of murder.
- You agree then with Inspector Vismara?
If Rau is innocent, the real killer
is still free to murder at will.
In which case you're much safer here.
- No. I've had enough of this place.
We'll let everyone believe
that I'm dead for the moment.
And when we come back, we'll see
about taking a decision with the police.
I'd be the happiest guy in the world
if it was all cleared up when we get back.
It's from Vismara.
A little souvenir.
With this, your case is closed.
Let's put it all down to a maniac.
Who runs around killing and presents
trinkets to all of his girlfriends.
Wait! Now I recognize it. Seeing it
on a key-ring, it looks different.
Two years ago there was an American
who had one just like it.
He left it on his table in the restaurant
at our hotel one day.
Yes, I'm sure. He was an American.
He was tall, young...
Only, his face escapes me.
- Do you remember his name by any chance?
No. I never knew it.
He wasn't a client of ours.
Just came to the hotel to eat.
He lived in a resident's hotel.
Yes, that's right. The River Del Sole.
- We'll drive on up to the hotel,
and we'll see if anyone there
can recall him. - Okay.
Poor Signora Gerosa.
Unfortunately, I never actually met her.
When I bought the hotel
it was all done through our lawyers.
But, when I saw her name in the paper,
I recognized it immediately.
What a monster to knife a girl like that.
Are you the police?
No. I was just hired to investigate...
- I see, a private detective.
I'm sorry, but your trip was for nothing.
Our personnel changed completely.
The former barkeeper was still here.
But then, he left for Switzerland
a month ago. So there's...
- Nobody.
Police are searching for the killer,
who last Thursday stabbed a young woman
to death in her sleeping compartment
on the Rome-Paris Express.
Although there are no further clues
regarding the killer's identity...
Why are we going back to the hotel?
- To have a look at the old registers.
Bylaw, you have to keep them
for five years. Let's try to trace
some of the guests. Maybe there's someone
who has a better memory for faces than I.
But, are you certain it was in September?
- It was the end of the season.
There's one page missing.
The one for September 29, 1969. See?
Yeah. It was ripped out.
Listen, has anyone else asked
to see this register?
- Not that I know of, no.
Oh! Now that you asked me...
One day my wife went in and found
the books in disorder. If you'll wait,
I'll go and go and check with her.
Well, let's assume the page is missing.
Have a look and see if there
are any changes from the 28th to the 80th.
- What changes?
Compare the names. Whoever was in the
hotel on the 28th or the 30th
No. That wouldn't have happened
in September.
Luciano Augusto, the 28th...
Augusto, the 30th.
Ferri, Raffaele and Ferri, Anita,
the 28th and the 30th.
Kathy Adams!
How could I have remembered Miss Adams?
She was only here tour days,
from September 27th until the 30th.
If someone ripped out the page because
he wanted to make her name disappear,
he'd have ripped out four pages,
wouldn't he?
Obviously that wasn't it.
He wanted the list of guests on the 29th
who were all here on the 28th and 30th.
I've got them all listed here.
- Let me see something.
Anita Ferri, Kathy Adams, Elena Marchi!
I remember her. And also the teacher,
Concetta de Rosa. Four women.
Oh, no, there's another woman,
Anna Sartori. That makes five.
And then, there's poor Inez. And myself.
- Well, that's seven. So?
Well, a man who likes to run around,
giving silver half moons to women.
What if he only bore a grudge
against these women?
The American with the key-ring.
Three out of seven. And all women.
He killed Inez, Kathy Adams...
And then he tried to murder you.
Sure, it's a good theory. But...
if what we think is true, then the other
four women might also be in danger.
You can relax now, Mr. Gerosa.
Nothing to worry about. He's confessed.
I say Rau confessed. Giovanni Rau.
We'll give you the whole story
when you get back. You're on your
honeymoon now, so enjoy it! Enjoy it!
Wait! I'm not through yet. Listen!
- He cut me off right in mid-sentence.
Mario, after all, they're the policemen.
- Since when are you so damn sure
that the police can do no wrong?
Can I see your Home phonebook, please?
- Rome phonebook? Sure.
Here we go.
Here, they're always trying
to force things down your throat.
I'm not as loony as they think,
that's for sure.
Just waiting her chance.
It's not the first time
she's tried to kill me, Franca.
Franca, you've got to help me!
I don't want to be killed!
Of course not, Marchi.
Now, try to calm down.
Go on! You'll be alright.
- She's playing very innocent,
isn't she? But she'll kill me
the first chance she gets.
She wishes me in hell.
That woman's a devil!
She's not a devil at all. Now, calm down!
She is. You don't believe me, Franca.
You must, though. Please. You must.
No one wants to hurt you, Signora Marchi.
Come, lie down for a while. You're tired.
Go look! Under that pillow.
You know what's under that pillow, Franca?
She's got a knife hidden under there.
Yes, I saw her hide it there.
It's a thermometer.
See? It's just a thermometer.
It was a knife, though.
She's a devil. She changed it.
There was a knife there.
Yes. No, you have the correct ward.
Hold on a minute, Sir.
Signorina Marchi has a phone call.
- Do you hear that? It's for you.
You don't want to talk?
Tell them to call back later. Come on.
Could you poss... Hello?
Did you get the wrong number?
- No. She doesn't live there anymore.
Have we tried all of them now?
- No. Conchetta de Rosa is in Palermo.
Anita Ferri is dead a year, natural cause.
Anna Sartori married Palmieri,
and they're touring Australia.
So Elena Marchi is most likely the next.
We must find her.
Look, tomorrow I'll find Vismara
and tell him the whole story. - No!
Come on! He's not gonna get her tonight.
- Just the same, that woman's in danger.
Alright, alright. We'll do what you want.
I just hope we manage to find her.
The Signora became real bad.
The owner of the house had her move out.
And I think she went to her sister's
in Via Castellini. No, wait a minute...
I'm not sure.
It could have been Via Castellino?
Via Castellino?
That's all the way across the city!
Either Via Castellino or Via Castellini.
If I recall correctly,
she said a building with an iron gate.
I see no iron gate.
I guess it's Via Castellini.
Listen, how about letting
Via Castellino go until tomorrow?
Yes, it would be
the most reasonable thing to do.
That one.
Now, get yourself a good nights sleep.
And don't think about those
awful things anymore. You promise me?
Take your pills.
Go to sleep now. Good night.
Wait! Listen, Franca.
Please stay here a while. I'm afraid.
There's no reason to be.
Come on. Go to sleep now.
There's an iron gate.
She's in the hospital, like I told you.
- Yes. But which hospital?
One of those loony people's hospitals.
- Maybe we find a phone number.
Let me in a sec...
- I don't let anyone in at this hour!
I'm not gonna hurt you! Open up!
Franca, help!
Open the door! Let me out!
It's the Marchi lady. I've had it
with that persecution complex of hers.
Didn't she take the tranquilizer? -Yes.
Give it a while, then. She'll calm down.
Help! Franca!
Franca! Help!
Open the door! Open the door, please!
Franca! Open the door!
Franca, open the door!
Open the door! Open...
Wait here, okay?
Look! It's a matter of life or death!
- Didn't you call a few minutes ago?
Would you let me talk to Signora Marchi?
- Sir, it's after visiting hours.
And anyway, you'll have to get
permission from the director.
Then what?
- I never got a look at his face.
The lights went out all of a sudden
and I was terrified.
Right. You can go back to work.
- Where's Palumbo?
He's out trying to get information
on those other women from the hotel
and the American, Gerosa mentioned to you.
- Ah, are you still here?
What are you waiting for? The press?
- Do you mean to say,
you think I did this for publicity's sake?
- I don't think anything.
All I know is you were
at the right place at the right time.
You might say your alibi's almost perfect.
- Just have you got against us?
Your rashness. Now,
why don't you take your wife on home.
After all,
we're still responsible for her safety.
You? For her? Let's drop it, man. Huh?
You know what I say?
You police can go to hell with
your methods. I'll look after her myself.
Listen, Mario... - Let's go.
- Nevertheless, for the moment,
your wife stays dead. Fienzi?
I want two men outside their house.
Why didn't you tell me he called?
Just then we'd torn Rau's alibi to shreds.
He confessed everything...
You gave him the third degree for
2 nights. if that ever gets to the press,
our careers are blown.
When's the one in Australia due back?
- Their mate said, the next week, or so.
How many days? How many hours?
- I did the best I could, Sir.
Let's hope you did a little better
with the other one. What's her name?
De Rosa! Concetta de Rosa.
Her permanent residence is in Palermo,
where her family is. The last four years,
she taught in Perugia, Todi and Urpino.
How could our murderer find out
she lives here in Spoleto.
- The same way as you...
by calling the Department of Education.
I'm going to Rome. You understand?
I was...
to Rome.
Signorina de Rosa? -Yes?
The director would like to speak to you.
Be quiet for a moment.
You'll be under police surveillance.
You're not to go anywhere on your own.
We'll be listening to all calls on
your phone and any calls for you here.
And, it you ever think of anything...
if you could help any investigation...
A tall, fellow American.
But, I'd remember him if I'd met him.
You see, I do remember Signora Marchi,
the maid,
and poor Signorina Torresi.
Two more guardian angels.
They came for the changing of the guard.
The world thinks you're dead forever.
I've had our place in Parioli closed.
And I used a fake name when I rented
this pad. So relax, will you?
I'll never feel safe until they get him.
- Are you absolutely sure there's nothing
else you can recall about that American?
- Oh, please. Don't start that again!
Let me see. You said the only time
he came to the hotel was to eat.
Isn't that right?
- Yes.
Doesn't it seem a little strange to you
that someone living in one hotel
would eat in another?
That's illogical.
Nothing makes any sense in this story.
And now, three women have been killed.
Could make sense if our friend had some
special reason of his own for going there.
Well, our food was good.
Score one for the good guys.
Ah, if we could just put a face
on his damn ghost!
Did you keep the list of addresses
from the hotel register? -Yes. Why?
That's enough, boys!
Stop it! Quiet down! Quiet!
I'm looking for a certain Signore Ferri.
A Raffaele Ferri.
You've found him.
Not like that. The lips are much thinner.
I've got a photographic memory.
I forgot his name, but his face will
always be on file on my brain.
So, show me what you've got.
Yes. Yes, that's him alright.
Tell me, did you ever talk to the man
there at the hotel?
You know how it is when you're on holiday.
One night, we talked about this and that.
And, you know why he remained so impressed
on my mind? Because of a contradiction.
The man was a protestant.
Yet, he went to mass every single Sunday.
He was a fanatic for Gregorian chants.
You're sure he wasn't catholic?
Well, goodbye, Sir. And thanks.
- You're welcome.
I don't know. I can't say.
It's a completely unfamiliar face.
He's American, you say? -Yes.
I draw a complete blank, I'm afraid.
In other words, you can't help me?
- No. I'm awfully sorry.
No harm in trying. Thanks all the same.
- You're welcome.
Good morning.
- Goodbye
I'm one of the oldest and most deciduous
members here.
He doesn't belong to our church.
I've never seen him. Well, I'm sorry.
Certainly not around here. But, one should
try where the artists hang out.
You know, painters, hippies, vagabonds...
Thanks for the advice.
Hey man, you got a little something
for a nicotine freak? You got a match?
Oh, sure.
Hey man, I know this cad.
He's a friend of Barrett's.
- You got a 1,000 more for a candy freak?
Yeah, a friend of Barrett's. Thanks.
Uh, where's Barrett?
- Screwing, dear!
Who's Barrett?
What do you want?
You know that queen, Jack?
- Yes. But I don't know
where to find him right now.
- And why should I know?
July '69 was the last time I saw him.
Sure got hung up on some chick, I heard.
You mean, Frank had a girl?
- Hold still, damn it!
You were saying, Frank had a girl.
- Yes. And I haven't seen him since then.
I got back from the States a month ago,
anyhow. So I can't help you. So long.
Wait a moment! Just who was this girl?
- What's the matter? You jealous?
Now, you listen to me and listen good!
I don't feel like kidding around,
and I haven't got the time to smash
your face in! So answer me straight!
Alright. You asked for it.
I never met the bitch,
and I couldn't give a shit!
That door's open all the time.
Did this belong to Frank?
- I think so. Where did you get it?
Someone had the bright idea of sending it
to my wife in the mail one day.
Uh, what's his name again? Frank...
- Saunders.
If you know something about
Frank Saunders, call 3072200
I'll be right outside.
Good afternoon.
- Afternoon.
Anything new?
- Nothing. Just a telephone call.
Who was it?
- The parish priest, wanting to know
why she didn't go to mass yesterday.
- Better she'd stay at home today, too.
As a matter of fact, she is going, Sir.
I sent Salvi and Garozzo with her.
When did she leave, Lieutenant?
- About twenty minutes ago.
Let's hear the tape of that phone call.
She's in the confessional.
I'm sorry, Father Annbale,
but I just couldn't get there yesterday.
Yes. But that's not
the only reason I called.
It's about the new religion text book
for the High School.
I'd be very interested
in your opinion of it.
Of course.
Any time after four, I'll be here.
Alright, Father.
Thank you, Concetta. Goodbye.
Ah, excuse me.
I'm sorry to bother you.
I was looking for Signorina de Rosa,
who is going to come to see me.
But, unfortunately, I received a call
to attend a dying man.
When I got there, he was fine.
Well, now that I'm here,
I'd like to leave these books,
so she needn't bother to come.
What are you doing out here?
- Salvi's inside...
Where is she?
- She's confessing, Sir.
Which one?
- That one.
Concetta de Rosa, a teacher,
was found murdered a few hours ago.
The police is stating the killer
is once again the 'Half Moon Maniac',
making this his fifth murder.
The fact that the victim was strangled
in a local church has brought a special
bizarreness to this incredible case.
Hello, Mario? Where are you? What...
Technically, down at the Daily America.
Yes. I heard about it. Look,
please Giulia, stay calm. Yes, yes.
I'll get home as soon as possible, okay?
Yes, I promise you. Ciao. Ciao. Ciao.
Awfully sorry to have kept you waiting.
Mr. Saunders is not listed
as taking delivery.
Oh well, I guess I'm just unlucky.
- You're not, you're very lucky.
I looked in the archives. Delivery to him
was stopped two years ago.
Via Casal Bruciato 8.
Miss, you're a genius! Thanks very much.
What did he want?
- The address of a subscriber.
Someone called Saunders.
Is there anyone here?
Are you looking for Frank Saunders?
Are you?
That's right.
Go to the Via Caio Cestio number 6.
Have you got that?
Via Caio Cestio number 6.
But, who am I speaking to? Hello?
Hey there! Looking for someone?
- Yes. For an American.
What's the name?
- Frank Saunders.
Signore, over here!
I believe I've found him.
You did say Frank Saunders, didn't you?
- Dead.
Well, what'd you think?
You were gonna find him alive here?
Strange. Orchids stained with red.
- Not the kind of flowers for a grave.
Seven orchids and seven women.
Who brought them?
Poor fellow. This is the first respects
anyone paid him.
There's been no flowers,
no visitors, nothing.
And what a sad funeral it was. The kind
that hospitals give to poor people.
You mean, that's where he died?
- Yep. The American Hospital.
The American Hospital.
Finally! Couldn't wait to get home.
- That goes for me, too.
Is this your wife here?
Anna Sartori? -Yes. Why?
Please come with us.
It's only a formality.
It's ridiculous! It's absurd!
My husband hasn't even smuggled
in a carton of cigarettes. Imagine drugs!
You see, whenever we get these calls...
- Then check it before bothering people!
I'm sorry, Ma'am.
I'm just following orders.
It sounds so unreal.
- There are four dead women to prove it.
Correction, five women.
Five victims, Signore Palmieri.
And we want to prevent your wife
from becoming the sixth. -Yes.
But, what worries me is...
- We've already taken into account
her emotional balance, which, according
to your mother-in-law, is a bit fragile.
She suffered a shock a while back.
And she's never completely recovered.
Well, God only knows how she'll react.
- We'll use a drug bid as our excuse.
That way, we should be able to protect her
without her suspecting anything.
Frank Saunders.
Yes, I remember him very well.
He died as the result of a car accident.
But, in my opinion, he was murdered.
- Not in the scripted sense of the word,
but just as cold blooded
leaving the scene of an accident.
The driver was a woman. Why she ran off
and left him to bleed to death,
I have no idea. Perhaps she lost her head,
or didn't want to face the responsibility.
Or else, she could have had something
she wanted to hide.
One thing I do know, though...
If he'd been brought here an hour sooner,
I could have saved Saunders.
- And, wasn't this woman ever found?
I don't think so.
Where'd they have the accident?
- Just outside Rome.
And the car belonged to Saunders?
- Yes, but she was at the wheel.
The one I consider the murderer.
I put that in the report
that I wrote out for the Consulate.
And, if your police,
for some reason or other, acted on it.
It's no fault of mine.
They never did, huh?
Is there any way I could see it?
- Certainly. Anyone can see it.
Just ask. They'll show it to you.
Signore Gerosa?
Roma F47704.
And I've only seen it once.
Of course, photographic memory.
- I recall everything about our friend.
To start with,
he was an evangelical baptist.
And his name is Fred Saunders.
- Frank Saunders.
Now, wait a second. If I say Fred...
- Then you just made a rare mistake.
It's Frank Saunders, that is... it was.
Because he was murdered two years ago.
- What was that?
Two years ago last fall.
Just about the time the two of you met.
Mind if I ask how old your wife is?
My wife, when she died,
was only twenty-seven.
Mind telling me your reason for asking?
- Oh, no reason. Just asking.
Why don't you tell Vismara
the whole story and leave it all to him?
Tell what? That you're American's been
dead and buried for two years now?
He wasn't my American! I wasn't the woman
who left him to die on the highway!
But, what if Vismara doesn't believe you?
Look, if the police got Rau to confess,
they have no trouble convincing you.
And since Frank is dead and buried,
he couldn't be the killer anyhow.
- What about the man who phoned you?
Have you any idea who he could be?
- Yeah. Someone who took it upon himself
to tell me that Saunders was dead.
- He could be an accomplice.
Sure he could.
- Or he might be the murderer.
Of course! He was afraid that in looking
for Saunders, you would discover
something about him! Don't you see?
There's a link between the murderer
and Saunders.
- So, he had me find Saunders
because he was dead. And therefore,
must have nothing to do with this story.
He's actually trying to make me think
I'm following a false trail.
How could he know
that you were looking for Saunders?
I left a message in Barrett's house.
And I sure wouldn't give Barrett
any prizes for honesty.
I want to speak to your friend, Barrett.
- Sorry. He isn't in.
Hey, wait a minute! I said he wasn't here!
Look! You just can't come busting
into people's houses like this!
Morphine? Answer, kid!
Is it morphine he's on?
Heroin, kid!
Can you hear me, Barrett?
- Can't you see the lousy trip he's on?
Stay out of this, kid.
Or you'll only make things worse.
Frank is dead.
What the hell do I care, for Pete's sake?
- Frank Saunders was murdered, Barrett.
I don't give a shit.
Now, get the hell out of here!
You who called me up at Frank's old house,
didn't you? You couldn't stand the idea
that Frank had fallen in love with a girl.
So you set up a clever little accident.
Why did you get rid of that message
I'd written on the poster?
Alright! You've had your fun! Now...
- I said, stay out of this!
Okay, Barrett. What have you got to say?
You never went back to the States,
Barrett, did you?
- Look, leave me alone! Go away!
You'd better call a doctor. And fast!
Wait! Give me a shot!
I have pursued mine enemies
and overtaken them.
Neither did I turn again
until they were consumed.
I have wounded them
that they were not able to rise.
They are fallen under my feet.
- Thou hast also given me
the next of mine enemies.
Long live, and blessed be my rock.
Let the God of my salvation be exalted.
For thou hast guarded me with strength
unto the battle. Thou hast...
I'm sorry. Excuse me.
Good morning, Father.
- Good morning. Have a seat.
Thank you. I'm sorry
to barge in on you like this,
but it's about that American again.
Do you remember? - Of course.
Did you manage to find him?
His name is Frank Saunders.
And he's in the cemetery
in Via Caio Cestio.
I'm sorry. How can I help you,
if I may ask?
Well, the circumstances which surrounded
Frank's death are somewhat unusual.
Then, I would imagine that the police
would be more help than I.
Frank belonged to this church.
Who officiated at his funeral?
Perhaps I could ask him if he remembers
any of Frank's friends that came.
Why, surely. It's no problem at all.
What year was it?
- 1969. He died September 30th.
Let's have a look.
Here we are. F. A. Saunders.
Ah, yes. It's Father Barnaby's signature.
- Could you give me his address?
Yes. It's 8990 Mount Street, Melbourne.
He was transferred there four months ago.
I'd be glad to write him a letter.
He's a very nice man.
I'm sure he'll answer right away.
- Thank you.
It's one's duty to help one's fellow
Christian. I'll get off a note today
and as soon as I have a reply I'll be sure
to let... I'd better take your address.
Don't bother, it's too complicated.
- Why don't you write him directly?
I could give you a letter of introduction.
- It's not important. I just wanted
to talk to him if he was around.
- Oh, Mister. Just a moment.
I'd be pleased if you'd accept
this offering from our church.
If you care to attend one of our services,
well, you'll be more than welcome.
You see, today, even those
representing God must rely on advertising.
Ancient Greece, nine letters...
How about Acropolis?
No, no. It can't be Acropolis.
Second letter's gotta be a "c".
You spell Acropolis with a "c".
The drink's over here.
The ice is in the kitchen.
And don't throw the ash on the floor
until the maid comes tomorrow.
Where are you planning on going?
- I'll pick up my child from the school.
Could you ask your husband to do that?
- But I don't know where to find him.
Unfortunately, we have orders
not to let you go out.
Isn't there anyone else you might ask?
A relative? Maybe a friend?
Palmieri, come here!
Here's your mother. You ready?
- That's not her. That's my Aunt Maria.
They're twins? How do you tell them apart?
- Easy. You can tell by their car.
My Mother's got a Fulvia Coup,
and Aunt Maria has a Mini.
- Ciao, Maria!
I forgot to by newspapers for Mommy.
Go on upstairs! - Okay.
Thank you.
Oh, no! I'm going out of my mind
just thinking about it.
That you're the only one left?
You're wrong.
Anna Sartori's alive and well.
- She's alive?
Yes. He killed her twin sister, Maria.
Easy to get confused, they're so alike.
But they wrote that Anna had been killed.
- To protect her.
How did you get to know all this?
- I talked to Vismara this morning.
Did you tell him
what you found out about Saunders?
Why? You and Anna aren't safe
until the killer's been put away.
I'm tired of pretending
to be a live corpse!
Maybe there's a way
to finish this thing once and for all.
It's risky. But it's the only way.
Oh boy! What a scoop!
- Yeah! This is gonna be a scoop!
Let's just hope
that information I got was right.
Here he comes!
- Wait a minute!
Go on!
It came out today that Giulia Gerosa,
the supposed third victim of the killer
known as The Half Moon Maniac, is alive.
Apparently, Mrs. Gerosa was only wounded
and has since completely recovered.
Now she'll sleep until morning.
By then, the shock will have subsided.
Damned! I broke the window.
That's what made her faint.
Well, these things...
- Well?
Nothing. We've been over the whole area
thoroughly and didn't find a thing.
I'm afraid that we got there too late.
The same with Marchi and de Rosa.
Well, apart from a scare, nothing very
serious happened to your wife.
That, I agree. But the trap failed
and the murderer got away again.
Even with the whole place surrounded
he had no trouble at all evading us.
It wasn't worth taking the risk.
I think you're wrong.
Have a look at this.
Our little plan didn't fail completely.
This time he made a fundamental error.
Line's connected.
- He blocked the line, hoping to prevent
your wife calling for help.
But we have a tap in this telephone.
I can find out
where he made his call from.
You know the murderer's phone number?
- Yes, we have the name and address.
It corresponds with what you told me.
Come along.
It's on the first floor, Inspector.
But no one answers. And the door's locked.
Alright. Break it down!
- What? Without a search warrant, Sir?
Yes. I'll get one tomorrow. Hurry up!
That's where I wrote the message.
On the poster, there.
Police Headquarters.
But you hold on a second.
You got any idea how much longer he'll be?
- The district attorney is very picky.
We might not finish until midnight.
You'll just have to have a little patience.
Oh yeah. Patience. It's more than just
a virtue in a police station.
Ah, here he is!
The case is closed. Here's a photo stat
of Doctor Harris's report.
And this here confirms the report.
It's the hotel my wife owned.
September 29th.
The place is right and the date is right.
What's this? "I've found real love here.
Goodbye, Frank."
And it's addressed to New York.
- Good point.
Barrett goes back to Italy
this year in January and finds out
that Saunders is dead. He reads the date
and Cause of Death in Dr Harris's report:
willful negligence.
- So, that's why Harris said
the girl killed Saunders.
- Already a girl that he had it in for,
because she'd stolen Frank. From now on,
in his eyes, she was a killer.
Barrett must have been out of his mind.
- That's one thing
you can always be sure of.
All criminals are out of their minds.
The girl was an unknown quantity
for Barrett. The only thing he knew,
was at the hotel that Frank met her.
He goes up there and he talks to someone.
He learns about the proprietor's daughter
and the maid, Tambourini,
who was then employed there.
And there was the page in the register
for September 29th. The proprietress,
the maid and the client.
The girl he was after was one of those 6.
7, actually. But one of them was dead.
So he decided to do in all of them.
- And then he committed suicide.
Bravo, Palumbo.
- Inspector?
What I still find incomprehensible is,
what were the half moons for?
A maniac's fetish.
- My impression is that they were
some sort of trade mark. And I don't
understand this: Barrett took drugs.
How could anyone, in this condition,
prepare and then commit
all those murders the way he did?
- He wasn't under the influence of drugs.
Don't think about it anymore.
His suicide was his confession.
Inspector Vismara?
- Ah, good morning. How are you?
This is Signore Palmieri,
Anna's husband. Gerosa.
Is it really over? Can we relax now?
- Yes. The whole thing's finished.
Thank God. After the death of her sister
my wife had a nervous breakdown.
And after two years of trying to help her,
God only knows what I'm going to do now.
Good evening.
- Signore Palmieri isn't in.
I'd like to speak to Signora, if I may.
- Signora isn't receiving. - Police.
Don't you policemen ever go home to bed?
Signora, there's a policeman here for you.
- Come on up!
What is it this time?
Can't you ever leave me in peace?
This is rather important and could
very well be beneficial to us both.
So, you're not from the police?
- I'm married to Giulia Torresi,
the proprietor of the hotel
where you stayed two years ago.
Do you remember?
- Yes, but I don't understand.
My wife was on that murderer's list.
Just the same as you were on it.
But, it's all over now.
That man committed suicide, didn't he?
Sure. If that guy really was the murderer.
What do you mean?
- Oh, nothing.
You were in a car accident
two years ago, right?
I don't have to answer.
- You remember Frank Saunders?
He died in a car crash.
The same car crash that you were in.
You must be mad. I don't know
any Frank Saunders. Get out of here!
How about this? Do you recognize it?
A perfect twin of the one
that belonged to Frank Saunders. You used
it on the morning of the accident.
You were at the wheel.
And afterwards you got scared and split,
while he lay there, bleeding to death.
Right? You ran!
Stop it, will you? It wasn't my fault!
I didn't want him to die!
He loved me. He wanted to take me
to the States. But how could I?
I'm a married woman with a child.
And that's why you ran off
and abandoned him.
My husband didn't know anything.
I had to leave Frank, to forget him.
Please don't tell anything to the police!
I'll do anything you want!
I'll give you money!
- Look. Calm down, please.
I've got no intention of turning you in.
And I'm not interested in money.
I just want you to please help me.
- Help you? How can I?
By answering my questions.
Four days ago, did you take
seven orchids to Frank's grave?
- No, I... I certainly didn't. Why?
The solution to the problem lies here,
in this one small medallion.
There has to be a reason why the killer
left one with each woman, right?
I don't understand. What do you mean?
- This trinket could represent a bond
between Frank and the killer. Can you
recall if it was a gift from Barrett?
Barrett? No, I don't think so.
It was a gift from someone,
I'm sure of that. But, I don't remember who.
Give it a try. Think! it might hit you.
Are Frank's parents alive?
No. He only had an older brother.
- Well, do you know where he is?
I think he's in America.
Yes, of course, now I remember.
It was his brother
who gave him the key-ring.
Did you know him at all?
- No. But I saw photos of them together.
Can you recall how he looked like?
- Yes. They were a lot different.
You said the brother was older?
- A couple of years, yes.
Go on. Please, it's very important.
His brother looked more serious.
He had a high forehead.
He and Frank were about the same size.
But, what really struck me was his face.
He had a kind face. He was almost bald.
He had a thing... a cleft in his chin.
And he looked short-sighted,
like he might need glasses.
Mario, I know you're here.
Put on the record again.
I don't know
which one of you was driving that car.
It may have been one of the others,
but then, of course, it may have been you!
So you, like the others, you must die.
So that Frank may rest in peace!
- Barrett!
I needed to keep you all off my trail.
That's why Barrett had to die!