Seven Days (2022) Movie Script

["Melodic Sea" by Mossy playing]
[heavy breathing]
-[man] Street cleaning.
-[engine starting]
-[Trump on the radio] My plan
will embrace the truth,
and we'll tap into the
incredible, unrealized
of our workers and their
[phone ringing]
[man] Riverdale Elementary.
Hi, I'm calling to check
on an application I submitted.
Let me see, last name?
Hickey, H-I-C-K-E-Y.
Alright, I think it's
been filled, but I'll check.
[ambient melody]
Are you new?
-[nervous chuckle] What?
-In class?
Um, no,
I was just messing around.
-Oh, you're not? Okay.
-[nervous chuckle]
[utensils clanking]
-Hi. You're so early.
I know, I'm sorry.
I just-- I went to a Pilates
class right down the street,
and I was wondering if
-I could just get ready here.
-Oh, um, yeah, yeah.
-Is that-- if it's weird...
-Come in, come in.
-...I can just run home.
-No, no, no, it's fine,
honestly. I've got a salted
caramel going, so I've got to
-watch this thing like a hawk.
You know where
the bathroom is, yeah?
Um... sorry, remind me?
There's a shower here,
and then there's one upstairs.
Mine's upstairs if you want to
use my shampoos and conditioners
-and all that stuff. Okay?
-Thanks, girl.
-Yeah, no worries.
[light chuckle]
[distant indistinct chatter,
[indie rock music playing]
[indistinct conversation]
How was yoga?
-Oh, what?
Oh, um, it was good.

[indistinct conversation]
[woman] She came?
Yeah, she's been here a while.
She came for yoga or something.
-I've been texting her all
summer about my friend's
class and drinks and brunch.
-My birthday.
-Yeah, no shit.
What's wrong?
She's a dyke.
She's probably dating a butch,
she doesn't want us to meet.
-Stop, guys.
Why don't we just ask her?
-[woman 1] Hi.
-How are you?
-I'm good.
-I'm so sorry. I forgot
-your present at home.
-It's fine.
-I'll have to bring it by later.
-No, it's fine.
How are you?
We haven't seen you in forever.
I know. I-- I suck.
Sorry, I just--
I work all the time.
-[woman 2] You went to yoga.
-Uh, yeah. No, Pilates.
Or yoga.
Is work good? Are you...?
-[Missy] Yeah, yeah, it's good.
-Are you seeing anyone?
I'm-- you know, I'm actually--
I'm thinking about
trying women for a while.
[nervous chuckle]
Have you ever tried it?
No. [chuckling]
I'm looking for a change,
-[woman 2] To women?
-[woman 1] Stop.
No, like with work.
Different school or grade.
If you hear anything,
let me know.
-[woman 1]
-You know Janelle's friend, Liz?
-Oh, she works at a
private school in Burbank,
and she's not going
back after maternity.
-She's, like, seven months.
-We're seeing her later.
Janelle? I think she...
-[Janelle] Yeah?
-...teaches fourth grade.
-Fourth grade?
-[woman 1] Yeah.
Are my ladies well libated?
-[woman 1] Yes, thank you.
Um, hey, you know,
Melissa's looking for a
new school,
and we were thinking about Liz.
[exclaims] Oh, yeah.
Oh, my God.
She essentially told
them that she's not coming back.
She's not coming today,
she's going to be
hanging out with us later.
You should come.
You could talk to her.
She's, like, really nice.
You guys would get along.
Can we have some mimosas
before we do gifts, please?
-[woman 1] Yes.
I need help, I need hands.
Not you, you sit down, relax.
Sorry about the lesbian thing.
I'm just kidding.
-[woman 1 indistinct]
[light chuckle]
[indistinct chatter]
-Missy! I thought it was you.
-[woman 3] How are you?
-I'm good.
-Are you guys going out later?
-Probably. Are you?
[Missy] I'm gonna talk to Liz,
might be able to--
I'm switching schools
and she-- Um...
Sorry, one second.
[Janelle] There's two bottles
in there but we need more.
Melissa, do you think
you could grab us like, um...
-Like four?
Yeah. Four more
bottles of champagne?
-There's a store, like,
right at the corner here,
it's like three blocks that way.
Um, yeah.
At the corner?
Yeah. Just...
I think this was, like,
twenty-two a bottle, if you
just grab four more of these?
-Is that okay?
-Yeah. That's okay.
-Thank you!
You're the bestest.
Uh... Yeah. Okay. I'll go.
Melissa's going
to get us some more,
so let's drink this
before she gets back.
Janelle, where did you
get these flowers?
[Janelle] Thank you, honey!
All right.
[indistinct chatter,
She's going to get more of them.
[melancholic melody]

[birds singing]
[door squeaking]
[locking click]
[engine starting]
[inquisitive melody]
[coffee flowing]
[deep sighing]

[sucking lips pensively]
[soft grunt]
[sharp inhale]
[thudding, ripping]
[doorbell rings]
[shaky breathing]
Hi-- Hi. Um...
Are you...
Ma-- uh, Maggie Paulson?
Um, no.
Okay, uh,
does she live here, or...?
Um, no.
Okay. Um...
Okay, yeah, thanks.
Sorry-- Sorry for bothering you.
Um, wait.
[light chuckle]
Are you
selling something, or...?
No, no, no.
No, nothing like that.
I'm, uh...
Just catching up with
members of the congregation.
Staying in touch.
-Oh, religious stuff.
-Uh... Yeah, yeah.
Uh, go ahead.
Keep it.
-Have a good day.
He-- Hey.
Do you want to come inside?
-Yeah, come on.
Ok-- Oh, okay.
Are you in-- interested?
You-- You belong to a church,
No. [light chuckle]
I don't believe in God.
-Oh, okay.
-Just come on in.
Do you want something to drink?
-Come on.
-Uh, okay.
-I've got wine and beer.
Ice water would be great,
thank you.
[water flowing]
Forty-six. Okay.
[sighing] Okay.
Oh, thank you.
-[man] So, you--
-You know, you look like my dad.
-Oh, yeah?
These old pictures
of him that I have, yeah.
People often think I
look like somebody they know.
-You're one of those people.
Um... So you have a, um...
Um... So you...
You don't belong to-- Did you
ever belong to a church, or...?
No. No, definitely not.
Um, but... I was into
Buddhism for a while.
Like, um...
Mindfulness, meditation,
that kind of thing.
-But I...
I don't know, I can't
really concentrate enough.
Well, we're very
open to multiple practices.
Um, and actually,
from what I've understood,
meditation and so
forth can be quite helpful.
-If you can do it.
-Yeah, right.
If you can do it.
Of course,
we kind of expect your spiritual
allegiance to be Jesus Christ
and Lord God, but, um...
-I don't believe in God.
-You don't believe in God.
Faith is sort of the
thing that keeps the wheels
going around, so...
[clears throat]
You don't see why
I wouldn't believe?
well, yeah, I understand that in
modern life, it's become
increasingly difficult to...
-Well, to keep your faith.
-Right, yeah.
It just doesn't
really make any sense.
Well, it doe-- it does...
it does actually, um.
If you give it a chance,
you might actually be
surprised how
much sense it made.
Christ can really, uh...
Christ can help you, and--
It's-- You almost can't believe
how much He can help you.
[clears throat]
-Can I show you something?
-Uh, yeah, sure.
Okay, come with me.
-In here? Oh, okay.
-This way. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Yeah, I'll just leave my...
-You can bring your water,
-but leave your stuff.
-Um, okay.
Okay. Let's go through here.
Oh, wow.
[woman] This.
Um, okay. Is this, uh...
Is it a finished painting?
[laughing] I don't know.
I don't know,
it was more of an accident.
Or like an incident
or something.
Oh, okay. That's...
-Same paint color.
-What do you mean?
The... The paint.
Do I-- Oh! [laughing]
Why didn't you tell me I've
had it there the whole time!
-I thought...
That was stupid.
I'm not really--
-That's embarrassing.
-No, I'm not--
I'm not an authority on art.
-I didn't really...
-Oh, no-- [chuckling]
I don't even-- You know,
I don't know if it's
-good or bad or-- you know.
-Oh, no.
Well, what do you--
What do you think?
I... Um...
Gosh, I don't know.
I just-- I see a broken
-I don't know.
Yeah, I don't know.
It's all right.
-It's nice. I mean...
-[chuckling] Thanks.
Are you allowed to, um,
get married and stuff?
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I have a serious
girlfriend and...
Uh, and a daughter.
That's nice.
What are you do-- Whoa,
what are you doing?
[chuckling] What?
This is-- What's going on?
-I-- [laughing]
-Are you...
Oh, okay.
I'm sorry. I'm gonna...
-Dang it.
I don't know
how to get out, I--
Listen, good luck, all right?
-I wish you good luck.
What the fuck am I doing?
[breathing heavily]
[inquisitive melody]

[children's song plays
on the radio]
I hope it's a fun day
T is for Tuesday
I'll take a snooze today
Whoop! Poo.
Emma, wear your belt right.
If we crash,
you're gonna break your neck.
F is for Friday
And it won't
beat the crowd today
Where are we going?
To see Grandma Margaret.
I feel like fainting.
Did you take your lunch pills?
-I don't know.
-Emma, are you hot?
-Does your head hurt?
-Okay, do the trumpet.
[sighing] Jesus Christ.
M is for Monday,
T is for...
She needs to see the
nurse at lunch every day.
[Emma mumbles]
Does she-- Does she
not have a schedule?
[soft melody]
Look, I don't
know what I need to do.
Do I need to put her in
a school closer to my work
so I can do it myself
every day? I mean--
No, she can't be the only
kid with a schedule.
You must have diabetics.
[indistinct announcement
over PA]
Okay, get your pills out.

What day is it?
Did you make sure?
One, two. White. Blue.
Okay, good girl.
You do your workbook.
[medical machine beeping]
[hospital din]
-What's going on?
-Oh, hi, honey.
Oh, God.
Your grandmother was
refusing to get out of bed.
It was-- Oh, God.
It was a real scene.
Mom, I skipped class.
You said it was an emergency.
It kind of was. Anyway, I
thought you were working today.
-How is that better?
-I don't know.
Why don't you sit
down now that you're here?
How is school?
Oh, my God,
your hair is great.
I mean, your natural curls
are always so gorgeous.
You barely need to do anything.
You don't like my hair.
I do.
You're so creative.
I just-- I just-- I'm saying
you're beautiful
-no matter what.
-I am not creative.
You are.
You're so creative.
And now with this whole,
this whole makeover thing,
I mean, if you want me to
babysit those nights
-that you, you know.
-Ew, Mom.
What? What? You're young.
Danny would be all over this.
Oh, God, yeah, that's--
That's all I need.
-What? I liked him.
-Yeah, I know.
I distinctly remember
you saying, "He's different,
not only in it
for that one thing,
-trust me, I know."
Get a new man. You're young.
Can we just not
talk about it here?
Why not? I mean,
this place could use it.
This place is horrible.
They should just let
them all fuck like rabbits.
Hi. Can we get
two nurses for Margaret?
So what, Grandma hasn't
been out of bed all day?
Well, I'm just gonna
let her sleep if that's
-what she wants to do.
-You can't do that.
You gotta get her brain working.
Do those puzzles--
I hate puzzles.
[lip trumpet]
[vocalizing, laughing]
Hey, Bugaboo, how are you?
-Aww, what you doin'?
-Hi, Ma. It's Allie.
-[Emma] I'm doing my workbook.
It's time to get up,
okay, we're gonna get some food.
-[Margaret] What?
-Are you hungry?
-[Margaret] What's to eat?
-What do you want?
-[Margaret] Poppy seed bread.
-Poppy seed bread sounds good.
Okay, come on.
-Her name is Frankie.
-You have so many names.
-Let's get her out of bed.
-[nurse] Okay.
-Thank you.
One second.
No running, Margaret.
No running.
Not so fast.
How are you doing
today, Margaret?
-I'm sore.
God, you're getting so blonde.
Hey Emma,
say goodbye to Grandma.
-Can't she stay?
-I'll see you at home.
Okay, do me a favor.
Only one favor today
for your mother before you go.
Okay? [clears throat]
[soft melody]
Tell me something
that I can change.
-I'm-- I'm just,
I'm reading this book.
-And there's this...
No, there's a step where you
change something about yourself,
and I'd really like to know,
I'd like to know
what you'd like me to change.
Look, we live
under the same roof and
you haven't spoken to me
for two weeks except to say...
Well, to call me,
to ask me to watch Emma.
It's fine. I'm just stressed
with work and everything.
Just-- We're good.
Throw the book away.
Okay, say goodbye to Grandma.
Is Grandma Stacy your mom?
You know she is.
You don't have to ask.
Are you fighting?
-Kind of.
Um... Come here.
You know
when I'm firm with you?
And I tell you when you're
older, you'll understand why?
Well, Grandma Stacy was
never firm with me
and she just thinks
life is a big fun ride,
and now I am paying the price.
I forgot my animal.
-What toy?
Inside? Why did you bring
a sleeping toy, honey?
-I bring it to school.
-Okay, come here. Let's go.
Um, I'm gonna go get it,
and I'll be right back.
Don't-- no! I don't know!
[nurse] What's wrong?
Nobody move! Nobody move it!
Just let me down! Stop! Stop!
Who are these people?
Let go of her.
Get your hands off my mother.
-[Margaret] No!
-[Stacy] Get off my mother, now!
Get off. Go away.
Come here. Come here.
No, no, no, no, no.
[Margaret] I don't know.
I don't know.
[Stacy] Come here,
come here.
I saw mommy kissing
Santa Claus
the mistletoe last night
She didn't hear me creep
Downstairs to have a peep
She thought that I was tucked
up in my bedroom fast asleep
Then I saw Mommy
tickle Santa Claus
Underneath his
beard so snowy white
Oh, what a laugh
it would have been
If Daddy had only seen
Mommy kissing Santa Claus
last night
We're okay.
I love you, Mama.
[car door opens]
-[pretend screaming]
-[chuckling] God.
Hey, Em?
What's, um,
something you would
like to change about me?
I don't understand.
Um, like...
how could I change
for you to love me more?
I will love you more if...
hmm... if we're gonna have cake!
[laughing] Um, no.
like, is there something
that I do that you don't like?
Talking too loud on the phone.
[chuckling] Okay.
I guess, uh...
let's go get some cake, then.
-[engine starting]
-[children's music continues]
And we'll do it again
[upbeat rock melody]
If you're wondering
how I shower, Donny,
I AC Slater that shit.
[dramatic playful instrumental]
Camera is rolling.
Oh, shit.
Hello, everyone.
Are we rolling?
Can you see me?
Can I-- Can I ask you
for your generosity
and your time?
Who's live at 7:00 AM?
[heavy rock music playing]
Okay, so I'm not really
working on anything today.
I got a lot going on
outside of the homestead.
Um, but for those of you
who are gonna be outside
of LA on Friday,
or you just can't make it,
or you can't swing the dollars,
which I understand, respect,
I just wanted to
preview one thing
that I'll be showing there.
Um, but this is important.
It's an entire trash
bin full of Jell-O boxes.
Failed experiment.
Okay, um,
but this is the main collection!
It is a series of beautiful,
unmasked women of all ages.
That's mine.
And I promise,
it's the least interesting
of the series,
so do not miss it.
La la la la
La la la la
-Let's do this. Hi, Katie.
-Hi, Erin.
So, Katie is a really good
friend of mine from way back
when who's a new mother
of a lovely new baby girl.
And I wanted to have Katie on
the show to talk to any mothers
and mothers-to-be about
what often isn't discussed,
which is real physical
changes post-childbirth.
-It's a nightmare.
-Do you want to talk about
a little bit what
you went through?
Yeah, it's just like
everything's destroyed.
It's pretty much the over-under.
Uh, it feels like it's
all been, um, rearranged.
That's kind of the
best way to describe it.
To the point where I really,
I was scared that something was
seriously wrong because
no one...
-No one talks about it.
-No, including my doctor,
did not talk about this region.
And it's not
everyone's experience,
but it is for enough
women to talk about it.
And the best way to
describe it is an uncomfortable
lack of control.
And I'm not just
talking about when you pee,
although that was
definitely a thing.
Like, I stood up, I peed.
I thought about
something, I peed.
-I listened to Oprah, I peed.
Definitely peed when I laughed,
although motherhood is
not full of laughter.
-So, then I called you,
uh, totally composed and not
at all hysterically crying.
-No, very calm.
-And you were so very kind
to me and knowledgeable and told
me about a thing that
is real called the pelvic floor.
And you can exercise
it to regain a sense of
control over your life, really.
And you gave me a
lot of different options,
but the thing that I
like the best are the, um...
Do you know,
I thought it was Kegel,
but I guess it could be...
-Keg-- Kegel.
My grandmother's noodle kugel.
-I just put my grandmother's
noodle kugel
inside of my vagina.
[laughing] Oh my god.
And now I have no more problems.
-So thank you, Erin,
for your amazing
legitimacy in science.
You're welcome, you're welcome.
-Seriously, thank you.
-You're welcome.
So yes, there are a plethora
of Kegel, Kugel devices,
and the ones that we
currently are holding in
our vaginas, surprise,
are the ever-popular Yoni eggs.
[Katie] Mm-hmm.
-How does yours feel?
-Like a spring breeze.
Oh. I'm exercising sitting down.
-Are you doing it?
-I am,
but it kind of
feels like nothing.
I mean, I'm just so
strong at this point.
-Wait, like, look,
when I first...
I'm sure, like, a lock jaw.
I don't mean to rub it in.
-But look! It's staying in.
It doesn't drop out.
Did you use to lay eggs when
you tried to stand up before?
Oh, yeah. You know there's
something on YouTube
-called Kegel Bowling?
-[laughing] Sto--
-Oh, my God.
-We should start a league.
I want to read
a long, hand-spirited comment.
Already left a little livestream
I literally just walked out of.
Which was the longest
livestream I've ever done.
We talked for almost an hour,
which was apparently
watched by a Tony Zutz.
Tony-Zutz, excuse me. Um...
Is that a last name?
I don't know, uh,
but Tony has to say,
"This woman who wants to show
porn to kids teaching
it healthy to stretch out
your cunt to bang
as many guys as you can.
Probably many at the same time.
I am afraid for my kids with
peeps like you in the world."
Very relevant use of
the word "peeps", Tony.
Uh, but other than that,
I am not going to justify
this post,
which is a lot longer.
But just, like,
ask a general question
to all of my right-wing,
racist, sexist, homophobic,
transphobic followers, um...
where did the miscommunication
begin that I was
somehow working for you?
That I'm trying to change your
mind or influence your children?
I am a million miles left of
center of modern sex activists.
Do I really need to explain that
my messaging is not for you?
[sighing] And just for
the millionth time,
I taught responsible
porn viewership
to high school age
young adults,
which included not
viewing pornography until having
experienced a healthy sexual
relationship for themselves.
I serve sexual adults, okay?
And parents and teachers
of future sexual adults who live
with empathy and compassion
and a desire to understand their
own nature to live
their best life possible.
That's what my audience needs.
Like, you need
alternative reality and
alternative facts to fucking
feel comfortable in your world?
This is what we need
to feel good in ours.
Okay? So seriously,
fuck you.
[upbeat funky melody]
Thank you for tuning in
to The Garage Cast.
Today, we have the
incredible Miss Erin Tracy.
She is an artist,
writer, sex educator,
and advocate
for sex education reform.
Miss Erin,
it is an absolute pleasure.
Oh, thank you.
Also with us,
Dom Duran, CEO of BevRage.
Hot off a lawsuit over
their Balcony Beer Bong product.
You, uh, you seemed like you
sighed a little bit before
you gave me my introduction.
-I know I'm no Erin Tracy,
but we, uh, we're okay.
We're okay. We're okay.
This is a fascinating
programming choice, by the way.
You, uh, having trouble
with the Christian right?
We're fine
with the Christian right.
Any of the Christians,
the church,
church is in
the business of love.
We're in the business of love.
You're in the business of love.
-Yeah, we're down with G-O-D.
That's our guy.
That's our guy.
Or girl. I don't know.
Erin, you made your
first waves a few years
back coming off a
lawsuit yourself, right?
-That's the connection.
-I see.
[laughing] Get it?
Yes, I did.
Well, you want to
tell our listeners a little
bit about that story
and how you ended up the
social media
phenom you are today?
I don't know
how much of a phenom I am.
Um, sounds better than
I want to show you my
most favorite thing that
I've ever made.
Ever. Uh.
But it's not going to
be in the show on Friday
because it just doesn't fit in.
Look at it!
Isn't this amazing?
[pretend sobbing]
The next show I do
is going to be organized
entirely around this little guy.
Aren't you? Aren't
you going to be this star?
But, uh, yeah, basically
I've always been an artist.
Studied in college,
but it ended up a dead end,
really, as it does
for most young artists.
I won't get into that, uh,
but I have always
been passionate about
how we present sex to youth.
And adults, for that matter.
So, I went back to school
for education in psychology and
ended up at a public school
teaching a health class where
I got myself
into trouble the first year for
teaching responsible porn
viewership in this time when
access to technology
is seriously disrupting
healthy sexual
outlooks and relationships.
Uh, but long story short,
I was fired.
Settled a lawsuit out of court.
And, uh, you know,
then in the past few years
I saw the internet as
a better opportunity to
reach people without
fighting bureaucracy.
You know,
you could say it's kind of
dancing with the devil,
but I don't know,
what better place to teach
people than in the place where
teaching and parenting
is most disrupted, you know?
Time to answer
some fan questions!
"Anal hurts,
but my boyfriend likes it.
What to do?"
So he's trying to speak
Greek without knowing the first
thing about how to
make up the guest bed?
Tell him if he wants
access to the Hershey Hole
he needs to do a
little more research, okay?
With you,
to see if it's even possible
for you to be pleasured
or else he can pack up his
pole because there'll be
no more fishing for brown trout.
You know what I mean?
Sex, including anal,
is always mutual, okay?
There's no taking
one for the team. Ever.
Okay, our next caller
is Jane from Wisconsin.
Jane has an
unusual story about how her
15-year-old daughter
introduced her to Erin.
-Is that right?
-[Jane] Yeah, Samantha.
Cool. You want to
tell us about that?
[Jane] My daughter,
she had her first boyfriend,
and I needed to
have that kind of talk,
and what came out
of my daughter's mouth,
I just couldn't believe.
Sorry. One second.
-[Sam] Oh, my God! Hi, Erin!
[laughing] I'm sorry, I'm Sam,
and sorry my mom's
being a freak.
-[Jane] I am not!
-[Sam] Okay, anyway,
so what happened was my mom
sat me down to have that,
like, super awkward talk.
Well, actually,
she was the awkward one
about it.
I was kind of down,
but anyways, she was asking me,
like, if I thought I
was ready for sex and,
like, how I
would get protection.
And I told her-- Oh,
wait, she also did find
some porn on my computer.
[laughing] Um, anyways,
okay, so I just
told her the truth.
Like, I watched it
'cause I was curious,
but, like,
I'm not in that place right
Like, I do know some
people who are trying stuff
but for me,
I'm just beginning to
my body and my sexuality,
and I need to spend,
like, a lot more time being
comfortable with myself
before I invite someone else
And, yeah,
it was totally Erin's
post that helped me learn a
lot and not to pressure myself.
[Jane] You see what
I'm freaking talking about?
I-- I just have never heard
of a kid talking like this,
and I'm just-- I have
never been so proud in my life.
I really wanted to thank you,
Erin, and just say,
as a parent who thought
she was too young to be
thinking about this stuff,
that's just not the case,
and thank you.
Really, you're just
doing something really super,
I think, and never stop.
Thank you, Jane.
Thank you, Sam.
[Sam] You rock!
[hang up tone]
You-- You showed kids porn.
No, I-- that's not the deal.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, DJ.
I encourage them
to not watch porn until
experiencing a healthy
relationship themselves.
Oh, that's fair, that's fair.
-That's fair.
We just need to address
it with them, essentially.
Yeah, you hit it--
you hit it head on.
You mentioned earlier
that part of the reason you
got into activism
was at a young age,
you mentioned that
you were a victim of abuse.
Yeah, uh, I mean,
I wasn't that young.
I was 15,
but that's part of it, for sure.
Was that it?
I don't feel the need
to elaborate on it because
the only thing that
matters is that it happened.
Don't you think your
fans and the listeners
deserve to know a bit
of your personal story?
I mean, you broadcast
everything else, right?
Let's be real, most women
are the victims of sexual abuse,
but I would like to leave it
to them to fill in the blank and
put their own story into
the things that I'm saying.
I don't think it's
important to share the
specifics of-- of my past
with this kind of thing.
Maybe we all just get
together, take a breath,
and let's drop a
bong after that shit.
-Then maybe we open up,
all right? Come on, you're
in the business of getting
-people to answer questions.
-Yeah, maybe I need a beer.
[classical music]
So this is-- this is
actually happening.
Dom Duran is
doing this beer bong.
-In the morning... need to finish this!
[indistinct chatter]
[DJ] I was going to do a
countdown, but...
-[laughing, cheering]
-Oh, God.
I won't describe
what's happening right now.
I'll describe
what's happening right now.
It is a revolution.
If you want to learn more
about the Balcony Beer Bong,
come on down to the
Beveridge stage tonight
at the LA Full Moon Fest.
We go ahead and your
children are welcome,
families are welcome.
We're showing the
right of passage, baby!
[Reporter on radio] ...four
details and the Deborah Ramirez
case was brought against
Supreme Court Justice
Brett Kavanaugh for sexual
misconduct in the early 1980s.
These initial allegations were
made during Kavanaugh's Senate
confirmation hearings,
where Christine Blasey Gore's
of Kavanaugh included
attempted rape,
and a harrowing testimony that
inspired many women
across the country to come
forward with their own
experiences of sexual assault.
the report alleges the FBI
neglected to interview
any of the 25 individuals who
may have corroborated
evidence in Ramirez's case.
President Donald Trump
gave his two cents once
again via Twitter...
[woman] Preparing for
a winter, another species
commences their
season of courtship.
The lanky praying mantis.
The female
mantis will not regard
gleaming objects
as a permissible gift,
but rather the male's
head on her dinner plate.
[glass shattering]
Siri, call 911.
[Siri] Are you sure you
want to call emergency ser-?
[phone rings]
Emergency operator 247.
Uh, yeah, hi. Um,
my name is Erin Tracy.
There's an
attacker outside of my home.
They just threw
something through my window.
Your address, please?
Uh, yes, it's, uh,
1037 Dewey Avenue, Koreatown.
[dispatcher] Okay,
I'm contacting dispatch.
Uh, yeah, can you
contact Officer Laurie Goetz?
She knows me.
Do you need paramedics?
No, I'm okay, thank you.
[woman] Was a reproductive
strategy by females to enhance
fertilization while
obtaining sustenance.
Males have been seen
to approach hungry females
with more fortune
and were shown to remain-
We've got
nothing left to hide
We'll bring it back to life
Can you tell me
second sight
I know you try to
understand it
But our love
is the strongest magnet
Share it on
the open passion
And I get high off this shit

But don't forget about me
Don't forget about me, baby
You can look,
you can touch
Just as long
as our love's never fading
Does she like it rough?
[dramatic piano music]
Yeah, I just got back.
I did get that, thank
you so much for sending it.
Um, I looked over it,
but could you send it to Steve?
I just wanted to get his
eyes on it before we go further.
Okay, thank you.
I'm signing off for the weekend.
Okay, bye-bye.
You're back!
Jacob's just cleaning up.
We- I wish we would have known.
We would have waited for you.
It's okay.
It's okay, McKenzie.
Uh, I am going to
be right back, okay?
[rap melody
playing in background]
Hey, babe.
How was it?
Well, you know, work events.
It was depressing.
McKenzie came
with to Todd's party.
I did bridge
a relationship with S.E.
Johnson out of Wisconsin-
Dude, I forgot to tell you.
Todd and Katty split.
She's staying with that guy.
Uh, babe,
can I get a second here?
But it was cool,
though, having McKenzie,
you know, hanging
with her friends and stuff.
Oh, do you need a shower?
Do you want to go to bed?
I need to take a shit.
Please leave.
-Shit away.
I love you.
-Love you, too.

Good morning.
Are you ready to have
some fucking fun tonight?
What are you talking about?
We have Jagger's party.
Baby, I'm dead.
I cannot do it.
No, come on.
Jagger's thing.
He has that couple
that he wants us to meet.
Why don't you take McKenzie?
Oh, come on.
you need to be a part of this.
We're the nucleus. We
talked about this, remember?
Yeah, but you took
her to the other party.
Yeah, but you were in New York,
and we didn't even meet anybody.
Come on.
We need each other.
We need each other.
Okay, okay,
okay, okay, okay, okay.
You have 13 missed
messages from Daniel.
Who's Daniel?
Who's Daniel?
Do I get to meet him?
-Do I get to meet him?
Honey, can I get up?
I need to take a shower.
Should we bring McKenzie?
Uh, yeah.
Why not?
[rap music]
Welcome back, hello!
-So good to see you.
-Good to see you.
God, you look beautiful.
Welcome, welcome.
Okay, you guys,
these are for you.
The tools of the night.
Go around, if you
see somebody you dig,
give them a little pin, wait
for them to pin you back maybe.
That would be pretty cool.
As for you, you can
stick with these two or just
be a little butterfly,
you can go rogue if you want.
My house is your playground.
Have fun.
I'm so happy to fucking see you.
This is so fucking amazing.
Hey, who's this
couple you want us to meet?
You want to meet them right now?
I'm gonna be right back.
All right, this couple.
Oof, marrone.
Let's go.
Let's take a walk.
You wanna come with us?
Let's go.

[indistinct chatter]
We've been together
six years now,
and we've been poly for four.
I mean, we've
been through some pretty
big challenges that
I don't think we would
have made it through
if we were monogamous.
I mean, yeah, there's just
this power to the relationship.
Just this level of trust.
I have those friends
that say they could never do it.
I could never do that again.
-But I feel bad for them.
Jealousy and possession are
nature that you can overcome.
And there's this nirvana,
not to use a Buddhist phrase,
but honestly, Buddhism is
a huge part of my development.
But when you get to that
point where you can honestly be
happy for your partners,
being pleasured by another,
you're living
this higher existence.
We should pity the weak.
[muffled conversations]

We all love to be touched.
So much touch.
So, why limit
yourself when there's
so much touch you can share?
More people
to touch and be touched by.
More parts of
yourself to give to be touched.
Each touch is
deeper and more meaningful
-than the one before it.
-Say that slower.
It's like a
first kiss every time.
Oh, yeah?
Who's going to be
touching me tonight?
Probably me.
Is it you?
Is it you?
Is it all of you?
I mean, it's about not
being selfish, bottom line.
You have to get giving of
all those individual emotions.
Every partner is different,
wants something different.
You get to learn that and give
them exactly what they want.
I mean, like, every desire,
every compulsion, every need.
You have to love that.
It's not about you.
I think someday we'll
look back when no one is
monogamous and we
will probably laugh.
Like we laugh when we
think about our parents
awkwardly courting each
other for months, maybe years.
All leading
up to one little moment.
I mean-
[whooshing noise]
I think sometimes you just...
have to rip your clothes off.
You know?
Rip the curtains off the walls.
Live better.
Be courageous.
[slow piano melody]

Oh my God.
-I'm sorry.
Come here.
Why are you avoiding me?
I have been back for
half a day and I have a
hundred missed messages-
So answer one.
Jacob is my boyfriend.
You're supposed
to be open about this.
Then introduce me to him.
Okay? Look, I know he's
out there. Let's go. Let's go.
We already have a girlfriend.
It's too much.
You don't want me
to meet him, do you?
Are you trying to ruin the fun?
I'm so done with that shit.
Come on.
[upbeat melody
playing in distance]
Stop this, please.
Stop wasting time.
[phone ringing]
Who is it?
It's Jacob.
Okay. I have to go.
-No. I am leaving.
I will
talk to you later, okay?
Good night.
Don't touch me. Come on.

[melancholic melody]

[Jacob] Alex.
-Please (???).
I miss you.
Come on, I'm out here.
I met your friend Daniel.
He's cute.
Is he in there with you?

Love of my life.
Jesus Christ, baby!
What the fuck?
Where are you?
[arrow landing]

[reporter] The second
survey was released from
The Association of
American Universities
detailing the
pervasiveness of sexual
violence against women
at well known institutions.
It documents
universities reporting nearly
identical patterns of
violence from the survey
issued in 2015,
a year earmarked by
the criminal case
against Brock Turner.
Oh, God.
Turner was indicted with
five counts of sexual
misconduct against a young
woman while passed
out under the influence...
[phone ringing]
Turner was charged with
three counts
of felony sexual assault and
sentenced to
just six months in jail.
Hey, this is Nadia.
What's your name?
[Kevin] Kevin.
What's your name?
[Kevin] Kevin.
Do you work for or
have any affiliation
with any law enforcement agency?
[Kevin] No.
How long do
you want to stay, baby?
[Kevin] What's the donation?
How many roses?
It's 300 for the
hour, 200 for half my time.
[Kevin] Okay, half.
Where are you located?
Where are you, babe?
[Kevin] Glendale.
Phoenix or LA?
[Kevin] Phoenix.
Oh, I already left there.
[Kevin] Oh, I thought I...
[reporter] Accusing Ramirez and
his legal team
of false accusations.
The president expressed
his belief that the department
of justice
should come to his rescue,
and then Kavanaugh
should start suing people.

[phone ringing]
Hey, this is Nadia.
What's your name?
[Jake] This is Jake.
Do you work for or
have any affiliation
with any law enforcement agency?
[Jake] No, ma'am.
Yeah, what time?
just call when you get here.
Yeah, can you bring
me a pack of cigarettes?
Yeah, cigarettes.
Newport menthols, 100's.
Okay, call when you
get to Vineland and Victory.
Yeah, just the cigarettes.

Come on.
Thank you.
Do you work for or
have any affiliation
with any law enforcement agency?
Show me your dick.
It's a law enforcement check.
Yeah. You can
delete it when you leave.
Wait, you're
not gonna see my face?
Your face will be in it, yeah.
You can put
the money on the bed.
[opens drawer]
[closes drawer]
Thank you.
-Uh, half hour?
Thank you.
You're real, real pretty.
Well, thank you.
I don't have to go
if you don't want me to.
It's 200 for another half hour.
I thought it
was 300 for an hour.
It's the second block.
Well, um, I mean,
I can help you with
money, but
maybe you just want to...
Let's go.
Maybe I can
just take you for food?
No, thank you.
What's your name again?
What's your real name?
Okay, come on.
Nadia and Mark.
You're so young.
Yeah, right, well...
Seriously, I can help you.
I know.
I gotta work.
I can stay.
It's okay.
Thanks for coming by.
-I had fun.
[Mark] It's me, I just, um...
I just wanted
to talk to someone.
Um... It's another 200.
[Mark] Okay.
It's fine.
I'm not letting you in
unless I see you got it.
I have it. I just,
I just want to talk.
Just talking.
I have it.
I've got it.
I just want to talk.
That's all I want.
Go, or I'm
gonna call the front desk.
Yeah, but...
Okay, okay. Um...
Okay, well, I'll call the cops.
I'll call the cops.
Oh, fuck.
Look, I didn't want to do this.
No, get the
fuck out without a warrant.
No, fucking-
Jesus, fuck.
You brought that on yourself.
Jesus, fuck,
I just wanted to talk.
I'm a nice-I'm a nice guy,
and other people
aren't gonna be nice.
Okay? People
are gonna hurt you.
And the next time this happens,
it's not gonna be a nice guy,
so think about the time
that I said I could help you.
Have a shower or
something because you stink,
and the whole room stinks.
It really stinks.
Just... I don't know.
Get the fuck out!
Fine, fuck you, whore.
[door closes]
There's a prostitute next door.
There's a prostitute next door.
[melancholy music]
[breathing heavily]

[phone rings]
[phone clatters]


-[car starts]
Oh, my God.
200 bucks.
For the extra half hour.
Really sorry about
the stuff I said up there.
You wanna go upstairs?
No, you're a cop.
I'm leaving.
I'm not gonna do anything.
I can-I can help you. I
can- You don't have to do this.
What, you and your
wife gonna adopt me?
No, she's dead.
I can't help you.
Can I go?
[phone ringing]
[Dad] Hello?
-[Dad] Hey, honey.
[Dad] What's up?
What's up with you?
How are you?
-[Dad] I'm great.
[Dad] Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
Brenda came to the
bowling league tonight.
That was a really nice thing.
[Dad] I was gonna
call you earlier, actually.
Cause we were, we were playing
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
That video game.
[Dad] And they do- Yeah, yeah.
They do the call a
friend thingy that you do
and then you can
actually call somebody.
[Dad] Yeah,
I was gonna, I was gonna
ask you a question,
but you're working, are you?
Yeah, but what was the question?
[Dad] Oh, something
about a dolphin movie or,
-I don't remember.
[Dad] I didn't know it, but.
Well, you should just call.
-[Dad] Yeah?
[Dad] Yeah?
Where are you?
I'm just leaving Los Angeles,
going to Bakersfield.
-[Dad] You're leaving now?
[Dad] Something happen?
No, no.
I'm just mixing it up.
I'm good.
[Dad] Oh. Okay.
Well, how many weekends is
that gonna be from Omaha? Four?
Yeah, four or five, depending
on if I do two in Vegas.
[Dad] Okay.
Well, you know,
I look forward to seeing you.
Yeah, me too.
-[Dad] Okay.
[Dad] Well,
you better get to driving.
I gotta take
these damn dogs out.
[Dad] Just take care.
Be safe about everything,
[Dad] I always say that.
I know.
I know, Dad.
I love you.
[Dad] Love you too.
-I miss you.
-[Dad] Miss you.
I miss you.
-[Dad] Okay.
[Dad] Alright.
-Okay, bye.
[Dad] Okay.
Bye, Dad.
[Dad] Bye-bye.
[soft mellow music]
No, we're too complacent.
We give them breaks and
write things off and just say,
like, let's just tell
Minard or whatever.
I think women
do the most harm to women.
We expect change,
but we're complacent,
and ignorant,
and dullards, and guilty.
I hate to say it.
Most of the guys I
hang out with, they're cool.
I don't really hang
out with people like that.
Yeah, but you know women who do.
Friends that hurt themselves
by continuing to put themselves
in the same situations
and not doing anything about it.
Yeah, but that kind of sounds
like victim blaming there.

You know,
women need to be fucked.
That's the inherent problem.
Women need to
be fucked, and men need to
fuck, and that
seems unfair to me.
-Save that for dinner.
Yeah, what'll your dad say?
You think you know
something about the world?
You ain't even old
enough to wipe your ass, right?
Hey, dookie.
I told you.
You embarrassed yet?
Get them hands up.
Wah, wah, whoa! Oh!
My girl.
Oh, baby.
Hey, Mama, how you doing?
-Hey, baby. How are you ?
-I'm good.
I'm Mara, it's so
great to finally meet you.
-I'm Darryl.
And this is my wife, Lisa.
-Nice to meet you.
-You too.
-Yeah, wow.
-Let's go.
Yeah, I'll take that.
Oh, thanks.
-All right.
You got it?
All right.
-Hey, Mara?
[Darryl] Mara,
do you, you got a career?
[Mara] Yeah, a public defender.
Oh, right, right, right.
Dookie was
telling us about that.
-Oh, well, I'm sorry.
Maybe you could help
Shannon here pick a major so
we don't end up paying
for six years of college.
I chose.
Well, this is Shannon's room.
And there are two
twin beds in that room.
-I hope that's okay.
Oh, wow.
You know, I didn't
expect you to come so tall.
Oh, yeah, it's okay.
Anything is fine.
I am just happy to be here.
We are staying in the same room.
No, it's okay. If it's
house rules or anything, it's...
-Non, whatever.
-No, don't be ridiculous.
Dad, we're staying in
the same room. Thank you.
I guess I forgot she's
not daddy's little girl anymore.
-After you.
-All right.
-We will see you downstairs.
All right.
Thanks for doing this.
It's brave
to bring somebody home.
Especially somebody older.
God, you are so...
[door opens]
Oh, don't worry about it.
That's easy for you to say.
Oh, whatever.
[door closes]
Okay, let's go inside.
[Darryl] Psychology of what?
I mean, what's it
kind of pertaining to?
[Shannon] What my
advisor was saying was that
a good base
for everything, so...
[Darryl] Mm-hmm.
If I want to go into
science, if I want to go
into medicine,
I have the option to do that.
May I help with anything?
Oh, no.
Just enjoy yourself.
That's what this house is for.
Not too much fun, though.
-I'm going to go shower.
Yeah, we were
beginning to wonder.
-[Shannon] Nobody can hear you.
So, Mara,
would you like a drink?
Beer? Wine? Cocktail?
Beer sounds good.
Right this way.
Thank you.
My trusty beer fridge.
[Mara] Oh, thank you.
There we go.
Thank you.
So... I guess we
should have our little talk.
You know what I'm going to ask?
My intentions.
You got it.
Shannon talks
about you all the time.
I just really could
wait to meet you and Lisa.
Got to come better than that.
How old are you?
I just turned 30.
You know, when you
were her age, she hadn't
even had her period yet.
She didn't
know how to do algebra.
Hell, she didn't even know
how to spell algebra.
You know?
I understand.
But Shannon, she's an adult now.
And what she
does down in LA, well,
I got the luxury of ignoring.
But you see, you...
you done brought it home.
What you doing here?
Shannon is a remarkable woman.
It's really a simple-
No, no, no, no. You
got to come better than that.
Try again.
I love your daughter.
Keep playing.
You're an amazing father.
I'm not sure that
there is anything I can say-
I don't think
it makes any sense.
Which I expect from her,
but not from a now 30-year-old.
She brings you home.
It means it's serious.
It means something.
It means you love each other.
It means you
think you'll get married.
And if you were a teenager,
too, I'd smile. I really would.
I'd smile, and I'd
call it dumb love, but...
Girl, we got
another situation here.
I think you underestimate her.
I do ?
With all due respect,
Shannon and I have talked
about all of this.
We know our relationship
is inconvenient and that there's
no real chance
of a future, but...
believe it or not,
we have a real bond
and are both becoming
better women together, so...
age aside,
we decided to play it out,
take advantage,
treat it as a gift,
and then eventually be
mature enough to let it end so
that she can continue being
young and I can continue doing
whatever we do.
[Darryl] Hmm.
Whatever we do.
[clinking bottles]
[television playing in distance]
Are we getting
ready for family dinner?
I have no idea
why I'm doing this.
Well, I just got my talk.
What talk?
From your dad.
What'd he say?
Like, standard,
what are my intentions stuff.
Well, how'd it go?
Not good.
Dad, what the fuck?
What'd you say?
You need to lower
your voice, baby girl-
What did you say?
Anything I need to
say in my house, baby girl.
No, to hell with that!
You have no right!
Girl, have you lost your mind?
I have every right
to protect my baby girl!
I'm not your baby girl!
You are when
you are in this house!
Oh, yeah?
You're such a big man!
You're embarrassing yourself
in front of your friend.
We're not friends.
Deal with it.
-Stop your shit.
-No, this your shit!
I'm not Mom!
Don't try to come
into my life and fuck it up!

[utensil clanking]

How about we
all go around the table,
everybody say out loud
what it is they're thinking
in their heads I might
say to embarrass everyone.
-Darryl, come on.
-No, I'm serious.
I know
that's what you're all thinking.
Look, we had
our fight, but it's not
first, and it
definitely won't be our last.
What are we, shy now?
Come on.
Lisa, baby.
This ham is about as luscious
as those beautiful lips.
There you go.
There you go.
And Mama,
she's right about this ham.
You know, Mara,
I've got this buddy
out in Tea Kettle Junction.
Greatest public
defender who ever lived.
I don't even
know any public defenders.
Well, that's a first.
Okay, okay.
everybody knows you've
already gotten my earful.
What do you think?
[chuckling nervously]
You think you're old
enough to bring this woman home?
You ain't old enough
to wipe your ass right.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
-She tell you that?
-I ain't even said that!
-Yes, you did.
Yes, you did.
It's true.
-I didn't even say that.
-You did.
I never said that.
I think you did.
I need that public defender now.
Yes, you do.
Well, I would
be happy to represent you.
That was good, Mara.
That was good.
Come on, come on.
Thank you.
The way we do.

My dad likes you.
-I can tell.
That's why I
was being so extra with you.
Oh, yeah?
It would
be easier if I sucked.
Well, definitely.
But you don't suck.

Go stand against that dresser.
["Who Am I To You?"
by Laura Jean Anderson playing]
I see you look at me
Imagining all the sins
that I hold deep
I hear you
count them just like sheep
One too many
Can't seem to fall asleep
So who am I to you?
I see you fall in love
With everyone love
leave behind
Guess it seems nice
from time to time
But I know
I can't live that lie
So who am I to you?
Tell me, tell me
Tell me I ain't a fool
Then who
Who am I to you?

Oh, oh, oh
Tell me, baby
Tell me, baby, no, no
Tell me if I am a fool
Then who
Who am I to you?