Seven Dials Mystery (1981) Movie Script

[upbeat music]
[clock ticking]
[wind howling]
[footsteps pattering]
[clock ticking]
[keys clanking]
[bell rings]
[soft music]
[water splashing]
[birds chirping]
[bell rings]
[clock ticking]
[footsteps pattering]
Sorry, I say Tredwell, am I the last down?
No sir, Mr. Wade, has
not come down yet, sir.
Lazy blitter
Fresh coffee, sir.
Well done, Tredwell.
I'm afraid I'm a bit
late, Lady Coote, what?
Sir Oswald says, "There's
nothing for a young man
"getting on in the world,
but punctual habits."
Well, he should know, shouldn't he?
I mean, still king of Europe.
Knighted to the New Year's honours List.
He must have been very
punctual in his habits.
Oh, he still is,
but for all that we haven't
got a home of our own
just rented accommodation.
Oh, the home of the Marquis of Caterhan
is hardly rented
accommodation, Lady Coote.
Chimneys is one of the most
beautiful houses in Sussex,
simply oozing with history.
Oh it has so much about the history,
but there's a lot of damp about.
Oh, I know.
I'm a very lucky woman.
It's nice to have somewhere
to invite people to.
My goddaughter and her friends.
- [sighs]
- Gets lonely being a lady.
My husband and I never had any
children of our own you see.
Well, if you can manage without me,
I'll just go and pick
some roses for his desk.
It's the only thing the
gardener here will let me do.
[cutlery clanking]
I'm glad you are here, Mr...
Must make a nice change
from the Foreign Office.
Oh, actually I'm not
at the Foreign Office.
The others are.
Gerry, Ronny and Bill but not me.
Oh, What do you do then?
Nothing actually.
I'm a sort of man about turn, I suppose.
Oh, that'd be why you don't have
to get up in the morning. [laughs]
One can follows another to ring the bell.
Oh, good morning, Pongo old-chap
turn that incredible mind
of yours to 10 across.
Do as you use that
ridiculous name down here.
I'm not a guest.
I'm Mr. Oswald's private secretary
and in that capacity My
name is Rupert Bateman.
The fact that we had the misfortune
to be at school together is not one
that should subject me to ridicule.
Apologies old-chap.
If you could persuade your friend Mr. Wade
to appear for breakfast before noon,
it would considerably enhance
the domestic harmony of the household.
And another thing, could you kindly leave
Sir Oswald's copy of the times alone.
I think I'll got make myself agreeable
to those bastered girls.
Do you know where they are?
Judging from the noise
coming from the lake,
I would say they were attempting,
without much success to punt.
- [Man] Jimmy!
- Jimmy
[Man] Where's Gerry?
You don't mean to say he's not up yet?
[Oars clanking]
If he's not careful,
he'll miss breakfast all together one day
or his lunch, or tea,
and his rose down.
It's very, very moody of him.
Why, he's got to be okay
We'll get him out of bed for you.
We'll pull him out.
Come on Jimmy.
Here's some champagne.
Come on Gerry, champagne.
Beat you there.
No, I got a much better idea.
[bottles clinking]
[champagne popping]
We'll do something
tomorrow morning you know?
Get him at 7:00 crack of dawn.
Oh, that's when dawn
cracks, I've often wondered.
[all laughing]
So how do you suggest
we achieve this miracle?
Oh, cold water judiciously applied.
Oh, you don't know Gerry, if Niagara Falls
would land flat on his face
he'd only he turn over
and go back to sleep.
[all laughing]
Oh, you must think of something
subtler than cold water.
Who's got any brains?
[birds chirping]
Oh Lord. [laughs]
Pongo, Pongo!
Pongo was always the one for brains.
Been his misfortune from his youth.
Look at him, just like the white rabbit.
He hasn't got any whiskers.
I say Pongo, old-chap.
- [All] Pongo!
- Pongo.
- Pongo.
- [All] Pongo.
I really...
I really am in the
greatest possible hurry.
I have to take some papers
up to town for Sir Oswald
[Gerry] It is Saturday.
[chuckles] We can't all
work at the Foreign Office.
We'll only keep you a moment.
Now you have brains.
[water splashes]
We need them.
What exactly is the problem?
My friend, Gerry Wade.
[bells ringing]
[cutlery clanking]
Any sign of him yet?
No, my lady.
It's very late.
Yes, my lady.
I suppose he will come
down sometime, Tredwell.
Oh, undoubtedly, my lady.
It was 11:30 yesterday morning
when Mr. Wade came down.
Now it's quarter to twelve.
Yes, my lady.
That is a very odd look on you, Tredwell.
[cutlery clinking]
I am accustomed to the ways
of young gentlemen, my lady.
But it is not right, Tredwell.
Having to clear away
and then get lunch on the table by 1:00.
I don't know how they do
it these young people.
Hardly give themselves time
to work up an appetite.
I don't know what the answer is, I'm sure.
An alarm clock.
[birds chirping]
Now, if you'd excuse me.
One alarm clock.
It would take about a dozen
to disturb Gerry Wade,
Oh, why not?
We'll all go into market base
and then buy one alarm clock each.
[all laughing]
Who said we hadn't got any rent?
[glasses clinking]
- [car honking]
- [engine revving]
Come on.
Come on.
[engine revving drowns out the speaker]
[engine revving]
Come on.
[bell tolling]
Morning, Mrs...
Lady Coote.
- Where are the others?
- Punting.
- Mmh?
- On the lake, I believe.
It's rather early in the
morning for punting, isn't it?
Not so very early in the morning.
I'm afraid I was a bit
late in coming down.
It is extraordinary that
wherever I happen to be standing,
I'm always the last one down.
Very extraordinary.
I don't know why it is.
I can't think I'm sure.
Why didn't you just get up?
[car engine revving]
[tyres screeching]
[birds chirping]
[door opening]
Vera, you hide these in your room.
I got next an extra one for Lady Coote.
She suffered-
Looks like Pongo's brilliant idea.
[Vera] How many is that altogether?
- Eight?
- [alarm clock ringing]
[All] Shh.
[birds chirping]
Well that ought to wake him.
Come on.
10 across.
One camp follows another to ring the bell.
Not now Jimmy there's a good chap.
[soft music]
Four tricks and a rubber.
I think I was very lucky
to get four tricks there.
Well played, Parker, jolly well-played.
Oh, no really it's just
that I'm lucky at the game.
You'd have to be lucky
playing the way you do.
[Gerry laughing]
Got no card sense at all.
I know dear you're always telling me
and you owe me, Mr. Wade,
eight pounds and ten shillings
Do I?
1700 that's 18 pounds, that's
correct, isn't it Mr Wade?
Perfectly correct, Lady Coote
Well, I don't know about you lot
But after that, I need a drink.
Oh, whiskey and splash,
thirsty work, dancing sir.
- Wade?
- That goes for me.
I have you ever played
Solo Whist Mr. Wade?
Now that's a real game
And god mama is compromise ruthless
when she plays it you Mr. Wade.
She once won Ms Air with
three aces in her hand.
Very subtle.
Don't be cheeky Vera.
Good news from Swansea, sir.
The tests are conclusive, it works.
I always thought it would.
Bennett will bring the formula back to you
personally on Monday.
Say he goes to bed about 12,
how long do you think were
to give him, about an hour?
No, no, no, no
Single sentences one, glorious whatnot
to govern intervals?
Oh, five minute intervals,
starting at half past six.
I suppose this is a good idea.
Mustn't weaken.
Come on, let's not look suspicious.
[Woman] Cheers.
[soft music]
I thought he'd never out his light out,
but I put my head on the door
and he's sound off, how about it?
- Where's Bill?
- Getting the girls.
- Clocks?
- [clock ticking]
Here, master.
They're all set?
All those little knobs it took me hours.
Well done.
Whose going to do the deed?
Pongo, of course, walks like a cat,
would you notice, ready to bill.
Pongo, is best
because if Gerry should happen to wake up
Pongo will think of
some rotten silly thing
to relay his suspicions.
Something subtle?
Guys, I have to be up at 5:30.
[All] Shhh!
Sorrows won't believes
for two hours work daily before breakfast
including Sundays is worth
2% on the annual turnover
What a depressing thought.
Now then, the soon as he gets it over with
the sooner you get back to bed.
Ronny, open the door.
one, two,
Buckle my shoe.
[All laughing]
In you go.
[clocks ticking]
Three, four.
Knock at the door.
[all laughing]
[clock ticking]
[clock ticking]
Five, six,
Pick up sticks.
I'd say all those clock's ticking away
make a definite row,
hope he doesn't wake up.
Even old Gerry as he is coming
failed to miss it surely,
I have sometimes thought
that even Gerry can be quite
the ass he makes himself out to be.
Oh don't they be all subtle.
Seven, eight.
[clock ticking]
Can I go back to get back to bed?
I think we all better get back to bed.
And remember to be up early everyone,
you don't want to miss the fun.
Hello, sorry.
[bells tolling]
I'd say this is beyond anything,
I don't understand it,
the first one woke me.
What a jokes this has gone too far.
[speaking over each other]
It's not like old Gerry, is it?
Excuse me sir.
[Bill] What's up, Treadwell?
Mr. Wade not having come down, sir.
I took the liberty of sending John,
up to his room.
- [Bill laughing]
- Yes.
I'm afraid sir, the poor young gentlemen
must have died in his sleep.
No that is impossible.
That fool John has made a mistake.
He's asleep, that's all, just asleep.
No, sir john made no mistake.
Dr. Cartwright is here.
He would like to see
you in the drawing room
if you'd be so good sir.
Go, we'll look after the the girls.
I understand that you were
a great friend of Mr. Wade.
His greatest friend.
Do you know if he's in the habit
of drinking stuff to make him sleep.
No, he always slept like a top.
You never heard him
complain of sleeplessness?
There will have to be
an inquest, I'm afraid.
Well, how did he die?
I should say an overdose of chloral.
Stuff is by the bed.
And the bottle, and the glass.
Any question of foul play?
Any cause to suspect it?
None whatsoever.
And suicide?
Certainly not.
No troubles that you know
of, money troubles, a woman.
Now about relations.
Well he only has a sister.
A half sister, rather,
she lives at Dean Manor
about 25 miles from here.
[car approaching]
Supposed you're about the
best pal I have right now.
But something I want to tell you
something I think you should know.
How, about Gerry?
Yes, the thing is,
I don't know whether I ought to.
Well, perhaps you're better not.
Well, I'm bound by a
kind of promise, you see.
Why don't you just get it off your chest.
It's no good Jimmy, I can't.
Just as you'd like.
[car engine revving]
What is she like?
This girl, Gerry's sister.
[dog barking]
Mr. Thesiger what a lovely surprise.
You mustn't mind Lady,
she's just had some puppies
and she's very suspicious.
This is Ronny Devereux, Miss Wade.
You're Ronny, Gerry talks about you a lot.
You're all over at Chimneys, aren't you.
Why hasn't he come with you?
I'm afraid we have some bad news for you.
He's dead.
Last night.
It seems he uh...
It must have been an accident.
He seems to have taken
an overdose of chloral
A sleeping drug, Gerry?
I can't believe it either.
Look here, would you
like to come with us now?
If you'd rather not...
Of course I must come.
Only I need to be alone, a little first.
I have my own car I'll
follow in half an hour.
It was very kind of you to come.
Can't have been easy.
I've been in to see him.
Are you going in?
Oh, I don't think so.
I think all his friends should.
It's a sign of respect.
Very well.
[door opening]
[clocks ticking]
[melancholic music]
Did you notice the clocks?
Yes I did.
Who do you think arrange them like that?
All in a row.
One of the servants tidying up I suppose.
The funny thing here is that
there are seven of them not eight.
One of them is missing.
Inconsiderate that's what I call it
distinctly inconsiderate.
People have to die somewhere
But they don't need to die in my house.
Lots of people have.
Masses of stuffy old great
grandfathers and grandmothers.
That's quite different.
Of course I expect family to die here.
But I do object to strangers.
You know, I appreciate
getting back to Tredwell
more than I can say that man studies
my comfort in the most marvellous manner.
I met Gerry Wade once.
He was a friend of Bills.
You'd have liked him father.
No, I shouldn't.
I Don't like anyone who dies in my house
on purpose to annoy me. [scofs]
What happened to the inquest, you know?
Death by misadventure.
Oh they had to show some consideration
for the sisters feelings, I suppose.
Was there a sister?
Yeah, half sister I believe.
She was much younger.
Old way ran away with their mother.
He was always doing that sort of thing.
No woman ever appealed to him
unless she belonged to some other man.
Well I'm glad that's one
bad habit you haven't got.
By the way not nervous, are you?
A fella died in your bed you know.
My bed?
Why did have to die in my bed?
Because what I said.
Damned inconsiderate.
Everyone damned inconsiderate nowadays.
Well not that I mind.
Why should I?
I should mind very much.
I should dream of things you know?
Yeah, spackle hands and clinking chains.
Well Great Aunt Louisa died in your bed
and when you don't see her
spook hovering over you.
I do sometimes, especially after lobster
Well thank heavens I'm not superstitious.
[door squeaking]
[clock winding]
[door opening and closing]
[eerie music]
September the 21st.
Oh surely that was...
Dear Lorraine, I will
be down on Wednesday.
[Gerry] I'm feeling awful fit,
and rather pleased with myself all round.
Be heavenly to see you.
Look here, do forget what I
said about the Seven Dials
I thought it was going to
be more or less of a joke
but it isn't anything bad.
I'm sorry I ever said anything about it.
It's not the kind of
business kids like you
ought to be mixed up in.
Something else I also
meant to tell you but
I'm so sleepy, I can't
seem to keep my eyes open.
[eerie music]
All I'm saying is please be careful
Me, why?
Look there was something worrying Gerry,
not the kind of thing that
would make him want to...
It was to do with the
department, so I can't really...
Talk about it, no, I understand.
Sometimes Gerry would come back here
from the Foreign Office, quiet, tired.
Not at all the kind of person
he went around pretending to be.
He couldn't talk either.
He'd walk the dogs.
In the evening, we'd read, play music.
He'd go back to London feeling better.
You were very close weren't you?
We'd both of us had rotten childhoods,
it brought us together I suppose.
Lorraine, I know this is not the time
not after what you've been
through in the past few days.
But I'm not going to rest
until I find the devils that killed Gerry.
Killed him?
And when I've done that,
may I come back?
Yes, of course.
Good night Ronny.
Father, I'm going up town I the Delage.
Can't stand the monotony
down here any longer.
We only came home yesterday.
Well yeah, seems more like 100 years.
I'd forgotten how dull
the country could be.
I don't agree with you.
It's peaceful that's what it is.
Peaceful and extremely comfortable.
I don't want comfort, I want excitement.
In my experience people who go around
looking for trouble usually find it.
[car wheels crunching]
[car engine revving]
[birds chirping]
[tyres screeching]
Seven Dials.
Who, tell who?
Jimmy Thesiger.
How could he have been?
I don't know how he could
have been but he was.
We really shouldn't go about
shooting people you know.
They don't like it.
I dare say some of them richly deserve it.
But it only leads to trouble in the end.
Father you haven't been
listening to a word I said,
I did not shoot him.
Well, if you didn't, who did?
Nobody knows.
But that's nonsense.
A man can't be run over and
shot without anyone doing it.
He wasn't running over.
I thought you said he was?
I said I thought I had.
Well, who was he this man?
Anyone we know?
Police found papers in his wallet,
his name was Ronny Devereux,
he worked in the Foreign Office.
Oh, well, that explains it.
What was it you said he
said just before you died?
Seven Dials, tell Jimmy Thesiger.
Very few last words.
Your grandfather said pass the mustard
and off we went just like that.
You don't know Jimmy Thesiger do you?
Thesiger, Thesiger?
One of the Yorkshire Thesiger?
That's what I'm asking you.
Do pay attention father
this is very important.
Ahh, Your great aunt
Selina married a Thesiger.
What do you says that to me?
It wasn't much used to
her if I remember rightly.
You are impossible I
should have to ask Bill.
He knows everybody.
Wish I could remember exactly
what Gerry Wade said in that letter.
Something about a joke.
A seven dhows business wasn't a joke?
Oh God, I heard someone
mentioned Seven Dials recently.
Me Father 30 seconds ago.
Oh, I knew I'd heard it before.
I sent a letter on to her.
It was it puzzling sort of letter.
Not the kind of brother
usually writes to a sister.
What sister, half sister.
No blood relation at all.
Very pretty girl so they tell me.
That would explain it.
That's Funny.
In The Times?
There's no mention of Ronny Devereux.
It's not a word about a shooting
or an accident or anything
you think that'd be something?
[clock bells ringing]
Got it.
Got what?
Seven Dials.
Knew it sounded familiar.
George Lomax.
George Lomax?
Called in here yesterday
when you were out running that chap over.
Seemed very worried.
Seems he does some sort
of political shindig
in his place next week.
And he got a warning letter,
What sort of warning letter.
Oh, beware, trouble ahead
that sort of nonsense.
Written from Seven Dials.
Said he was off to London to
consult Scotland Yard about it.
You would.
You're not off again?
Things to do father, things to do.
Father, what did you say the
name of that team policeman
friend of yours was?
[Bundle murmurs]
[car engine revving]
A young lady sir has called to see you.
Don't be a fool Stevens its
the middle of the night.
No sir, it is 11:30 o'clock in the morning
and a young lady has called to see you.
Do you know why Stevens?
I couldn't say sir.
I suppose you couldn't.
I don't think I want to
get up and see this lady.
Yes, I suppose I better.
She, she didn't give her name?
No sir.
What is she like Stevens?
The young lady is most undoctordy.
Strictly calm, ill, furl if
I may use the expression.
You may use it Stevens.
Your friends pronunciation
if I may say so,
is extremely good.
Much better than mine.
And gratified to hear sir.
I have lately been taking a
correspondence course in French.
Have you really Stevens.
You're a remarkable chap.
Oh run my bath would you,
and see the young lady has a pot of tea
and the morning paper.
If you will a wait in here miss.
[Jimmy] Another one?
She declines to give her name sir,
but says her business is important.
This is odd Stevens.
I mean two girls turning up, damned odd.
What was I up to last night?
I mean, what time did I come home?
Just upon five o'clock sir nothing more.
Well, I suppose I better
go and face the pheromones.
If I might suggest, sir,
Not in our stocking feet.
How rarely Stevens.
I really just thought,
are you by any chance Lorraine Wade?
How clever of you to know.
I really just realised you're in mourning,
I'm terribly sorry, I'm Bundle Brent.
You sent me Gerry's letter.
That's what I've come to see Jimmy about.
I tried to get hold of Ronny Devereux,
he was Gerry's best friend you know,
but they say he isn't there.
He's dead.
I'm terribly sorry.
[Jimmy] Dead?
He was shot, I'm afraid, yesterday.
That's why I've come to see you.
Old Ronny.
Just before he died he
tried to say something.
It was a message to you.
He said, "Seven Dials.
"Tell Jimmy Thesiger."
Seven Dials?
It was in that letter.
Bundle found it in her desk.
She kindly sent it on to me.
Lady Eileen Brent, Jimmy Thesiger.
That's what my friends call me, sorry.
Bill Eversleigh, they
gave me your address.
Oh yes, of course.
It's that bit there.
"Do forget what I said about
the Seven Dials business."
What was it he wanted you to forget?
I had opened a letter of his by mistake.
It had some address at the
Seven Dials at the head of it.
I realised it wasn't for me.
So I put it back in the
envelope without reading it.
Gerry didn't seem to mind much he laughed.
He asked me if I'd ever
heard of the Mafia.
And then said, "Wouldn't it be queer
"if a society like that
started here in England?"
I'm beginning to see.
The Seven Dials must be the headquarters
of some sort of secret society.
Gerry knew that if that society
suspected you had any
knowledge of its activity,
you'd be in danger.
That's why he was so anxious,
you should forget what he told you.
And he was quite right.
Now look here,
you've done your bit.
You've delivered Ronny's message.
It's different for me I was Ronny's pal,
but for God sake, you keep
out of it, you and Bundle.
Do you think for one
minute I'd keep out of it?
Someone killed my brother.
Killed, you think it was murder?
Ronny did, he was sure of it.
When did he tell you this?
[Lorraine] The night before last,
he took me out to dinner.
And yesterday somebody shot him.
Now will you please understand.
Why should anyone want to kill Gerry Wade?
Well, I could make a shrewd guess.
Gerry spoke excellent German, didn't he?
I think in reality
Gerry was pretty high up
in the Secret Service.
After all, he was at the Foreign Office.
And I remember saying at Chimneys
he couldn't be quite the ass
he made himself out to be.
He wasn't.
And if you're right?
Then the thing's bigger than we thought.
This Seven Dials business
isn't barely criminal,
it's international.
- Cootes.
- What?
I knew there was something
I'd forgotten, Cootes.
George Lomax.
His Majesty's UnderSecretary
of State for Foreign Affairs.
- Ronny's boss.
- And Bill Eversleigh's.
Well Cootes,
is having some sort of
political shindig next week
and he's had a warning letter
from Seven Dials too,
now what do you think that points to?
Something's going to happen there?
Well, that's what I think so.
- Someone's got to go.
- Agreed.
Do you think I could work it through Bill?
He's bound to be there has
he's Cootes right hand man.
Rich young man interested in politics
anxious to save a parliament you mean,
that sort of thing might work.
Hmmn, too bad you can't do be there.
Don't be too sure.
What about me?
Oh, you're not in on this act.
I'm just to go and wait.
I knew you would understand.
Three of us forcing our way in
might look rather suspicious.
You do see that, don't you?
I suppose so.
Then it's settled, you do nothing.
[Bundle] Superintendent Battle.
[Bundle] Could you give me
a list of secret societies
that had the headquarters in Seven Dials?
Strictly speaking lady,
I hear there's no such place
as Seven Dials nowadays.
Most of it was pulled down or rebuilt.
Lets say, I should
pretty much like to know
what put that neighbourhood
into your head?
A man was shot yesterday.
I thought I'd run over him,
Sir Ronny Devereux.
[Bundle] Oh you know about it.
Why was there nothing
about it in the papers?
It will be in the papers tomorrow.
Playing for time are you?
It will be in the papers tomorrow.
When he was dying, he
mentioned the Seven Dials.
Thank you, I'll make a note of that.
Leave it all to you.
We are the professionals.
And I'm only an amateur.
Well, I may not have your
professional skill and knowledge,
but I have one advantage over you.
I can work in the dark.
Of course, if you won't give me a list
of your secret societies.
Oh, calm down lady, I, I never said that.
You should have a list of a whole lot.
The Brothers of St.
Sebastian, The Wolfhounds,
The Comrades of Peace,
The Friends of Oppression,
Children of Moscow, The Herrings,
Comrades of The Foreign,
half a dozen more.
You're giving me this
because you know it's not
of the slightest use to me.
You want me to leave
the whole thing alone?
I should prefer it.
[phone ringing]
I said just now
that an amateur could do
things a professional couldn't.
You didn't contradict me.
That's because you're an honest
man Superintendent Battle.
You knew I was right.
Please, if it's a chance for
an amateur, let me have it.
What you propose is dangerous.
And when I say dangerous I mean dangerous.
I grasp that I'm not a fool.
I'll give you one little clue.
I think Mr. Bill Eversleigh
will be able to tell you
all you want to know about Seven Dials.
I'll tell you Bundle
nobody goes there anymore.
It was boring really.
And my God, you can't
get tired of fried fish.
Fried fish?
What are you talking about?
Seven Dial's Club of course.
What are you talking about?
It used to be semi sort of District.
It's all cleaned up now
but Seven Dials Club
keeps the old atmosphere,
fried fish and chips.
General squad, overly handy
to get that after a show.
Good, we are going there tonight.
[car engine revving]
What I want to know is
why you're so unwilling.
Painfully so, what's the guilty secret?
There's no guilty secret.
It's just it's such an
awfully mixed bunch.
Artists, you know, all sorts of odd women.
I tell you Bundle it's played out.
Odd women?
[upbeat music and crowd chatting]
Nobody comes here now.
Is that it?
Told you So.
[crowd chattering indistinctively]
See what I mean?
We could had a good chips,
I'd much rather go up
to the Ritz, come on.
I'd much rather go upstairs.
You said there was a backrow room.
It might be raided.
Father will bail me out.
[crowd chatting indistinctively]
Ah, good evening.
It's Alfred, isn't it?
Used to be a foot man at Chimneys?
Yes ma'am.
Well how are you Alfred?
Nice and thank you your ladyship.
[Bundle] When did you leave, Alfred?
About a month ago, my lady.
Chance for bettering myself,
seemed fit enough for me to take it.
Quite right Alfred, quite right.
Bundle, come on.
Thank you.
[crowd chattering]
I hope you're not going
to regret this Bundle.
I told you, you wouldn't like it.
It's not quite what I expected that's all.
Has Jimmy Thesiger been in touch with you?
About going down to
Wyvern Abbey next weekend?
- He has.
- [champangne pop]
Long rigmarole he wants me to stuff Cootes
with about wanting to
see the political light,
or some such rubbish.
[Bundle chuckles]
Have you got him an invitation?
I told Cootes, he was
richer than Rothschild.
And if there's one thing
Cootes is dedicated to
it's party funds.
This meeting a Cootes
place, anything special?
Usual sort of mark.
People who have to be
impressed that sort of thing.
The Air Minister and
the Secretary, O'Rourke,
Sir Oswald and Lady Coote,
and the mysterious Countess.
Young, beautiful and Hungarian.
What is old Cootes up to
we, all ask ourselves,
Nothing very interesting if
he's running through to form.
[both chuckle]
Now I'm going to thank you
for an interesting evening
and throw you out.
Wait, it isn't late?
I know but I've got a long
day ahead of me tomorrow.
What are you going to do?
That depends,
but I can tell you this Bill.
I'm not going to let the
grass grow under my feet.
Never does.
Some of those clocks have
always given me the shivers.
I dream of them sometimes.
Silly, isn't it?
Seven clocks unreal.
Not seven clocks, Seven Dials.
Don't you see there's a pattern to it.
I think your friend Ronny was on to it.
He was trying to tell you.
"Seven Dials.
"Tell Jimmy Thesiger."
Bundle, are you sure that's all he said?
Quite sure.
Death concentrates the
mind most wonderfully.
It's the inquest tomorrow, I'm a witness.
Well may I come with you?
Last respects and all that.
I'll be glad of the company.
Gerry Wade,
Makes you wonder who's going to be next?
I suppose you know what you're doing here
is dead against the law.
We've only been raided twice, my lady...
I'm not talking about gambling,
there's more than that.
Probably a great deal more than you know.
I'm going to ask you a
discrete question Alfred,
and I should like the truth please.
How much were you paid
for leaving Chimneys?
It was like this, my lady.
The Russian gentleman, Mr. Mosgorovsky
who owns this club would
come down at Chimneys
on one of our open days and
it seems he liked the way
I showed people around the house.
He offered me 100 pounds to
leave that instant moment
and come here and look after this club,
and three times the wages I
earned as a footman, my lady.
Well I do see how it
was difficult to refuse.
But did he say who was to
take your place at Chimneys?
Mr. Mosgorovsky knew of a
young chap when in good service
and ready to come in minutes
so I mentioned his name,
to Mr. Treadwell and everything
was settled pleasantly.
You don't want to be
sent to penal servitude,
do you Alfred?
Oh no my lady you don't mean it.
I want to help you Alfred.
And if things go wrong, well, I'll
- put in a good word for you.
- Anything I can do my lady
- I should be only too pleased.
- Right.
I mean, I would anyway.
I want to go over this
place from top to bottom.
[eerie music]
What's through there?
What's in here?
That's used as a getaway, your ladyhip.
There's a room through there
with a door on the same stairs
that comes out on next street.
So where the Gentry goes
when there's a raid.
Don't the police know about it?
It's a kind door, you see my lady.
Just looks like a cupboard that's all.
- Take me in there.
- I can't.
Mr. Mosgorovsky...
Mr. Mosgorovsky he has the key.
There are other keys Alfred.
Shouldn't have to tell a footman that.
[eerie music]
That's the escape room my lady.
It's locked.
There's only one key
unlocks that door, truly.
Highly ingenius that is.
Looks all right when it's open shelves,
ledgers in there.
Nobody would ever suspect,
but you touch a right spot
and the old thing swings open.
Sound proofed?
I wouldn't know my lady.
You won't find no dirt.
Not to speak of.
Mr. Mosgorovsky, he ordered
the place to be swept out
this morning and I did it while he waited.
This morning?
That means it's going to be used tonight.
Alfred, you've got to find
me a place in here to hide.
That's impossible my lady.
Look, you'll get me into
trouble and I lose my job.
You lose your job anyway
if you go to prison.
But my lady there ain't no place to hide.
- What's in there?
- It's not a place.
Stuff we don't use.
Look, you can save yourself.
There's no place in there
as a cat could hide.
Alfred, get a large tray
and carry all this lot downstairs.
Quickly, there's no
time to lose whether you
But my lady you can't it's getting late,
the cooks will be here any minute.
Then don't waste time talking.
You need a large tray and a brazen bit.
And two dry martinis.
What for?
[soft piano music playing]
Shouldn't you be doing your homework?
A chap can only concentrate for so long.
Besides I bet Bundles burning
up politics enough for two.
Confusion to our enemies
It's a bit of a tight fit.
Alfred, shut the door,
let me see what I can see.
I suppose that will have to do.
Now you take that and give me that.
Now shut the door.
But my lady, they'll find
you if they open the door.
They won't open the door
because you're going to lock
in and take away the key.
And if by chance Mr. Mosgorovsky
should ask for the key?
Tell him it's lost.
But my lady, you'll be
taken bad you'll faint.
I never faint.
Now lock me in.
[eerie music]
I've had much difficulty
in getting away tonight.
I'm not like Number
Four here my own master.
One o'clock being a great success.
I congratulate you on taking the risk.
Unless one takes risks.
Where is the mysterious Number Seven then?
Aren't we gooing to
meet him tonight either?
I'm beginning to believe
there's no such person.
I should not advice you
to think that my friend.
I agree Number One,
where is our president?
He who called us into being,
why do we never see him?
Number Seven has his own ways of working.
So you always say.
And I will say more.
I pity the man or woman
who comes up against him.
Now shall we get down with our business?
The Seven Dials.
First, to our absent comrade Number Two,
I wish he could have been with us tonight.
There is danger.
Grave danger.
Number Three, you have
the plans of Wyvern Abbey?
Here Sir.
And the list of guests?
Just an ATP.
Mr. Terence O'Rourke, Sir
Oswald and Lady Coote,
Mr. Bateman, Countess Radzsky,
Mr. Eversleigh, Mr. James Thesiger.
Who is Mr James Thesiger?
The usual complete young ass.
I see, I suppose there is no doubt
whatsoever of the value
of Eberhard invention.
None whatever.
Commercially it should be worth millions.
And internationally,
well, one knows only too
well the greed of nations,
veritable gold mine.
Well worth a few lives.
You have all seen the plans.
We've all agreed to the original scheme.
By the way, I hear something
about a letter of Gerald Wade's
that has been found.
A letter that mentions this organisation.
Who found it?
Lord Caterham's daughter,
Lady Eileen Brent.
Bauer, I should be known to that.
It was very careless of him.
Who was the letter written to?
His sister, I believe.
Unfortunate, but cannot be helped now.
There's just one last thing to be said.
A message from Number Seven.
"My friend and he may be our last chance.
"If we do not achieve our object there,
"the opportunity may not repeat itself."
So comrades, I must ask you
to pledge yourselves, your
skills and if necessary,
your lives to that which
Number Seven has asked of us.
Too poor Alfred nearly I'll figure out.
Cramp was the worst time.
Bundle this just isn't
the sort of business
for a girl to get mixed up in.
But look what I found out.
Yeah and it wouldn't have
done you much good, would it?
If they find you out.
The absent Number Two is obviously Bauer.
Our footman.
You're probably be
unfrocked or unclocked or
whatever it is you call it,
for not spotting that letter.
Very careless of him.
I shouldn't be at all
surprised if he wasn't the one
that murdered poor old Gerry Wade.
I wonder if they'll ever find out.
The German inventors name was, Eberhart?
Eberhard, yes, why?
No it's just coming back to me.
Eberhard had a patent
process as applied to steel.
Some of the toughens of wire
so much there becomes a
strong as a steel bar.
His idea was that the
weight of an aeroplane
would be so enormously reduced,
that the cost of flying
would be revolutionised.
[Bundle whistling]
He offered his invention
to the German government
but they didn't believe it would work
so they turned him down.
So now he's offering it to our government.
They are taking Sir Oswald
Coote expert opinion on it.
That's what this meeting is all about.
Nothing to do with politics at all.
That's just a cover.
They're going to discuss
Eberhard plans or process or
- whatever it is...
- Formula, I think formula
- is a good word myself.
- And Eberhard formula
will be at Wyvern Abbey
and The Seven Dials are out to steal it.
The Russians said it
will be worth millions.
I suppose it would be.
Well worth a few lives.
That's what the other man said.
And you say they knew
about my being there?
The American said not to worry.
You were only the usual kind of ass.
Uh, I'm glad you tell me that.
Gives me what you might
call a personal interest
in the case.
[car engine revving]
[piano music playing]
[gentle knock on the door]
I say Stevens wants to go
out and buy a new pistol?
Pistol sir?
What kind of pistol would
you be requiring sir?
The kind where you put
your finger on the trigger
and it goes bang and goes on going bang
until you take it off?
An automatic Sir?
If you say so Stevens, an automatic.
Oh, and I would like it
to be a blue nosed one.
In American fiction,
the hero always takes
his blue nosed automatic
from his hip pocket.
If you say so sir.
[car engine roaring]
[George] My dear Eileen, I can't tell you
how pleased I am
to welcome into Wyvern Abbey.
I was both surprised and
delighted when you're aunt
tell me about your interest in politics.
Well, I wanted to come very much.
Do you know Thesiger?
Quite a young fella
But a remarkable grasp for foreign policy.
I knew, Mr Thesiger.
- Good afternoon.
- Mr Secretary,
the Air Minister, just
turned into the driveway.
Do excuse me for one moment, won't you.
Bill, Bill!
Look here, you mustn't be angry,
but I've just told Bill
about how little stunt.
Well, Bill was one of the lads, you know,
Gerry was a pal of his and he was Ronny.
Well I knew that.
Oh but you think it's a pity?
It's not that, it's that...
He's all right,
but Bill is a born blunderer.
Not mentally very agile.
But you forget one thing,
Bill has got a very hefty fist
which might come in handy.
- [chuckles]
- Oh well,
perhaps you're right.
How did he take it?
Oh He clutched his head a lot.
I mean, the facts took some driving home,
but by repeating the thing
in words of one syllable
I eventually got through.
And now he's with us to the death,
as you might say.
Lady Eileen, I may I present,
the Air Minister, Sir Stanley Digby.
Sir Stanley, Lady Eileen Brent.
Delighted to meet you Lady Eileen.
How do you do.
That is Mr. Terence O'Rourke,
Sir Stanley's personal assistant.
How do you do, Mr. O'Rourke.
And Mr. James Thesiger.
How do you do.
[bells ringing]
Superintendent Battle.
That's right Lady Eileen.
What are you doing here?
Keep an eye on things.
That warning letter you know,
fairly put the wind at Mr. Lomax.
Nothing would do for him that
I should come down myself.
Don't you think you might be...
You think I might be recognised?
Well, I did think so, yes.
Put them on there guard, ei,
well lady Eileen, why not?
Why not?
We don't want any unpleasantness, do we?
Don't want to be too clever.
Just show any light finger gentry
that might be about the place
we'll just show them somebody
on the spot so to speak.
It's great mistake to be too clever.
The great thing is not to have
any unpleasantness this weekend.
[Indistinctive group chatting]
Hallo Bundle, I've seen you before
but haven't kept my nose to the grindstone
the whole blessed afternoon.
Cares of state heavy tonight?
Oh, you don't know what
you all fellows like
it's a good natured little chap,
but Cootes this is absolutely impossible.
Drive drive drive from morning to night.
Everything you do is wrong
and everything you haven't
done you ought to have done.
Quite like a quotation
from the prayer book.
Nobody knows what I have to put up with.
Oh entertaining the countess eh?
Oh poor bill that must
have been a sad stream
to a misogynist like yourself.
What's this, what's this.
After tea contess asked Bill
to show her around the
interesting old place.
Ah yes, the contess, where is she?
By any judgement of a woman
just waiting for the very last moment
before she makes her entrance.
I thought the Irishmen were supposed
to be better judges of horses.
It depends which you studied Lady Eileen.
Where exactly is she anyway?
Hungarian youth party, a
widow and very, very rich.
I suppose why Cootes is cultivating
[speaking foreign language]
I think you'll be interested
I've found a map of the Abbey,
in the 14th century.
How very clever of you Mr. Bateman.
Monsiour Lomax, I have fallen in love
with your beautiful house.
[speaking a foreign language.]
[speaking a foreign language]
How do you do.
See what I mean?
In my country, my party had
money with no organisation.
That is why I have come to your country
to study the way in which things are done.
Well, my husband says nothing can be done
without regular hours.
He declares you would never have gotten
anywhere without them.
Doesn't so Mr. Bateman.
Yeah now, if you ladies will
be kind enough to excuse us,
we have something important
to discuss in my study.
O'Rourke, I shall need you.
On the left.
Bundle I've got to talk to you.
I just can't believe
what Jimmy just told me.
You and that Seven Dial was better.
I knew you're the most fightful sport
but wierdly, I think that's...
I'll tell you later.
Mr. Oswald.
I think if you would be kind
enough to take the chair.
Sorry sir.
Here we are gentlemen,
that's what it's all about.
The Eberhard formula.
- It works.
- It most definitely works.
That piece of paper is
worth a fortune to somebody.
[erie music]
So who has the formula now?
O'Rourke for safekeeping.
He and the minister
taking a backup to London
in the morning.
Ahh, then one things quite clear,
any funny business is going
to be will be tonight.
We've got to be on the alert.
We'll divide the night into two watches.
Right you are, who will take first duty?
Shall we spin for it?
- That's well?
- All right, it here goes.
Head you first, I
second, tails vice versa.
- Tails.
- Oh damn!
You get in first watch
and probably all the fun that's going.
Oh you never know criminals
are very uncertain.
Where are their rooms, do we know.
West Wing, almost self contained.
Right What time should I wake you?
3:30, that's about fair i think.
What about me?
Nothing doing, you go to bed and sleep.
Thank you very much.
Goodnight bundle.
Thought we might have trouble with her.
You know how keen she
is to be in everything.
I thought she took it wonderfully.
Yeah, so did I, it stuggered me.
[eerie music]
Don't forget, 3:30.
If you still alive that is.
I may have been ass
but I'm not nearly as
much of an ass as I look.
I thought you said about
Gerry Wade, do you remember?
That very night.
Oh shut up you fool.
You haven't got any tact.
Of course I've got tact.
I'm a budding diplomat,
all diplomats have tact.
You must be still up at the larvae stage.
Look here, you will be
all right, you know.
It's all very Well ragging,
When I think of poor old Gerry and
then poor old Ronny,
I can see I shall have
to show you Leopold.
A real genuine blue nosed automatic.
No is it really?
Yes, Steven, my man got him for me.
You just press the button
and Leopold does the rest.
Oh do be careful, and don't...
Don't go shooting it off
at, the wrong person.
I'll deep be walking asleep or anything.
That would be most unfortunate.
[eerie music]
[car starting and engine revving]
[clock bells ringing]
[window squeaking]
Eileen, can I give you a hand?
Superintendent Battle,
What are you doing here?
I could ask you the same thing.
Well I asked you first.
Just seeing that nobody's
about, who shouldn't be.
Like you for instance, Lady Eileen.
Well, you're not going
to send me back are you?
I'm rather sick about that because
I wanted to go out to the West Wing.
Perhaps you're not the only one
who would be wanting to do that.
Now if you'll excuse me, Lady Eileen,
I think it's about time you
are getting back to bed.
Same way?
Same way.
[car engine revving]
[eerie music]
[clock chiming]
[clock ticking]
[dramatic music]
[church bell ringing]
[dramatic music]
[Bells chiming]
[dramatic music]
Bill where are you?
Quick, quick, they are killing each other.
Oh do be quick!
[gun shot]
[dramatic music]
He's dead.
What on earth!
I was fast asleep that row woke me up.
- [bang]
- Good God!
Excuse me sir I better
see to what's happening.
- Bill, where have you been?
- [bang]
I'm not sure but I think I'm frightened.
- Bill.
- Sir.
See what's happening.
The damn thing is locked.
Could somebody kindly
tell me What's going on?
Its after two in the morning.
Quiet down Lady Coote.
Lady Coote we'll soon have
the situation under control.
Let us in, do you hear?
Bill, bang on the door.
It's all right, he's been
shot in the right arm,
but it isn't a loss of
blood that knocked him out,
he must have cracked his
head against the floor
as he fell.
[Lomax] Who is in there,
open this door at once.
I suppose we should have to.
Okay open the door.
- what's going on?
- Oh Jimmy!
- What is all this?
- Good God, oh Jimmy.
Oh poor, poor boy.
Lady, do you think you could help me down?
Battle, what has happened?
- Did you get him?
- Who?
The man who climbed on the IV.
I was standing by the door there,
grabbed him and we had a set two.
Probably some nasty murderous cat burglar.
Oh, I'm afraid we made
rather a mess of things.
Where is Leopold, the pride
of the blue nosed automatics?
Now this?
Oh, that's him.
How many shots have been fired?
One shot.
I'm disappointed Leopold.
I couldn't press the button properly,
otherwise it would gone on...
Who shot first?
Well, I did, I'm afraid.
You see, he twisted
himself out of my grasp
but was heading for the window.
So I closed my finger down on
Leopold and let him have it.
That's when he turned and fired at me.
After that, I suppose I
must have taken the cut
My God Lomax,
you don't think they've got away with it?
I'm afraid they have sir.
When the disturbances began down here
I ran straight to O'Rourke's room.
- It was locked.
- Yours wasn't sir,
there's a communicating door.
He's heavily drugged
and the formula is gone.
Battle I left all the arrangements to you.
If those papers fall into the wrong hands
In pointing fact, sir, they fell straight
into this young lady's
hands if you'd excuse me.
Sir Stanley, I think
you will find everything
you want there.
My dear young lady, we are
infinitely obliged to you.
Yes, indeed, I'm afraid
I don't know who you are.
Oh, this is Miss Wade, Mr. Lomax,
Gerald Wades sister.
Superintendent, wouldn't it
be wise to send for a doctor?
That's very thoughtful of you Pongo.
Mr. O'Rourke is unconscious.
Phone for Dr. Hansen.
Bill let's go see if we
can do anything for him
until the doctor gets here.
Perhaps I could do something.
That's a very motherly
woman, very motherly woman.
I wonder...
Don't stop there Superintendent.
I wondering, where Sir
Oswald Coote might be.
Picking up rubbish from the log.
Now what's been happening?
[Battle] Attempted robbery, sir.
You mean the formula's safe?
Well, then this must have been thrown down
by one of the thieves
as he took to his heels.
I've handled it very carefully.
Thought you might want to
examine it to fingerprint.
You think of everything, sure.
What I can't understand is
why nobody pursued this thief.
It wasn't until we heard
Mr. Thesiger's story
that we knew there was anyone to pursue.
He must have left for it as
soon as he fired the short.
Then why wasn't a search organised?
My men were told to hold anyone
attempting to leave the grounds.
And yet they haven't done so.
And yet they haven't done so.
Are you telling me all that
you know Superintendent?
All that I know, Mr. Oswald,
what I think is another matter.
And what do you think Superintendent?
For one thing sir, I think
there's far too much IV about this place.
Excuse me surely got a
bit in your coat here.
Far too much IV, it complicates things.
Excuse me, Superintendent.
Oh, there you are, Sir Oswald.
Lady Coote just discovered
that you're missing
she's terribly upset.
She thinks you've been
murdered by the thieves.
My wife is an incredibly stupid woman.
That's extremely competent young man.
What's his name, Bateman?
Rupert Bateman, commonly known as Pongo.
I was at school with him.
Bold left arm, deadly
seriousness, no sense of humour.
That's a pity, gentleman
who have no sense of humour
get to taking themselves too seriously,
and that leads to mischief.
Superintendent Battle.
Yes Eileen.
Don't you think very odd that Sir Oswald
was wondering about in
the middle of the night
in the garden, without explaining himself.
Sir Oswald is a great man
a great man always knows
better than to explain unless
an explanation is demanded.
But, what I should like to know
is just how Miss Wade happened
to arrive on the scene so pat.
Very convinient.
Hhhmm she ought to be ashamed of herself
hoodwinking us all as she did.
Why should I be kept out of it?
I never meant to be.
And when when you rang up and
said there might be danger
I was more determined than ever.
So I just came over here
to see what was going on.
And I was looking around me when
plop, something suddenly
fell right at my feet.
A packet, Miss Wade I
think was deliberately
thrown down to you, or so I believe.
- To me?
- Well to the person
the thief thought you were.
This is getting very involved.
One moment please lady Eileen.
When you came into the room
did you turn the light on sir?
- Yes.
- Superintendent.
If you please lady Eileen.
Was anyone in the room?
No one at all.
Well, there is now.
I say.
I have water.
One moment Lady Eileen,
let me handle this.
What on earth happened?
Obviously, is what I'm trying to find out.
Is it the Countess?
It's all right, it's really all right.
Don't try to talk it's bad for you
just just just lie still.
Don't say anything till you
feel quite all right again.
Just just just lie still
and close your eyes
you'll feel quite alright
again in a minute.
Hasn't brandy that's not anything Bundle,
some brandy will be a good idea?
You are crazy Bill leave her
alone she'll be all right.
I'm here.
Take your time.
Don't say anything, till
you're quite all right again.
It is coming back to me.
Yes, it is coming back.
Have some water.
A little brandy perhaps.
Tell me please, what has happened?
Hoping you might be able to tell us.
I could not sleep.
So I think to myself,
perhaps I come downstairs
to find a magazine.
The house is very still.
I come down the stairs quietly.
And I come in here.
Having, of course, switched on the light?
No, no no, no, I did
not switch on the light.
I had you see, my little
electric torch with me.
Suddenly I hear something, footstep.
So I switch out my torch and
I hide behind the screen.
Then the door opens.
The light is switched on.
And the man, the burglar.
He is in the room with me.
- I say...
- I nearly died of fright,
I try not to breathe.
The man stands for a moment listening.
Then crosses the room to the window.
Then I hear him come back again.
And he switches out the
light and locks the door.
Oh dear, I think I'm locked
in the room with a monster!
Then again, I hear him go to the window.
And I think I hope perhaps
he's gone out that way.
[speaking in a foreign language]
It all begins.
- What does?
- Oh never
I shall never forget it.
It was horrible.
Two men trying to murder each other.
Furniture crashing falling about the room.
It was horrible.
The criminal, he had an evil voice.
The other one was cultured
English a gentleman I think.
He was sweating a lot.
Clearly a gentleman.
And then a flash and the shot
and the bullet must have
hit the bookcase beside me.
I suppose I must have fainted.
You poor dear, how rotten for you.
Silly idiot.
I'm so glad I've got a
cultured English voice.
Your arm., it is all tied up.
Was it you then?
Hhhmm, oh but I can assure
you I would never have dreamed
of using the language I did.
I've had any suspicion
there was a lady present.
It wasn't a bullet countess,
it was a shell of a cartridge.
But we should find a
bullet somewhere tomorrow.
It is absurd, I know but I
still feel extremely faint.
Let me help you to your room.
Bundle will come with you.
Thank you very much Lady Eileen.
So that I should prefer to be alone.
I'm really quite all right.
Perhaps you would be so kind
as to help me up the stairs.
Sure you don't want any help?
I'm sure Mr. Eversleigh
will be able to give me
whatever help I may require.
[dramatic music]
Oh, countess, are you all right?
I'm looking after her.
Dr. Hudson says nothing seriously wrong
with O'Rourke, Superintendent.
Says he'll see you now.
Come on, hold my hand nurse.
Witness a strong man's
agony, you know the stunt.
Lady Eileen, whatever's the matter?
You look as if you've seen a ghost.
Not a ghost Superintendent, a mole.
A what?
A mole.
A mole isn't much to go upon Lady Eileen.
And two women might easily
have an identical mole.
And the Countess is very
well known around country.
Then this isn't the real countess.
Look at tonight, look
at the way we found her.
I didn't believe she fainted at all.
I tell you, superintendent,
it's the same woman
that I saw at the meeting
of The Seven Dials Club.
Well, all right she was wearing a wig then
or she's wearing one now.
It's the same woman I'm sure of it.
Lady Eileen, I know to trust you.
The countesses conduct is
suspiciously suspicious,
I know that as well as you too
but we've got to make sure.
And if you were sure?
You've heard the expression
respect to catch a macro.
Don't bother about what
I mean Lady Eileen,
but remember this,
I know all about the Countess.
And I want her left alone.
I want the man at the top.
[bell ringing.]
[car engine revving]
[eerie music]
Here we have the two bullets,
the larger, fired from Mr.
Thesiger's Colt Automatic
embedded itself in the sofa here.
Now this little fella
fired from the Mauser 7.65
after passing through Mr. Thesiger's arm.
Grazed the door there
and I found it embedded
in the trunk of a cider tree.
Now, as for the pistol itself...
Any fingerprint?
The man who handled it wore gloves, sir.
- [Oswald] Pity.
- A man who knew
his business would wear gloves sir.
Am I right in thinking Mr.
Oswald that you found this pistol
just about 10 yards from
the top of the steps
leading up to the terrace.
Almost exactly, I'd say.
It would have been wiser, sir,
if you'd left it exactly where it was.
I'm sorry.
What is your theory of
the pistol being there?
I presumed it had been dropped
by the thief as he ran.
Not dropped Sir Oswald.
There's only one set of footprints
crossing the lawn there,
your own.
But can you be sure that Battle?
Quite sure sir, this pistol was thrown
with some force made a dent in the ground.
Everything points to this
pistol having been thrown
from the terrace.
Does it really matters, superintendent?
We like to get things right you know.
I wonder if one of you
gender would be so kind
as to take this pistol and throw it.
Sir Oswald?
That's very kind.
Would you care to come out here sir?
Now if you would be good enough sir
to throw the gun as far as you
can out onto the lawn there.
Thank you Sir Oswald.
What's he up to now I wonder?
I must say it was a stroke
of luck You're being there
at the right moment.
Right moment?
[Thesiger] To find the
gun, and in the dark too.
I stumbled on it.
I didn't sleep very well last night...
That's it just the same sort of mark.
Although By the way,
you threw it a good 10 yards further.
But then you're a very
powerfully built man,
aren't you, Sir Oswald?
I remember I had insomnia
one's terrible experience.
I don't suffer from insomnia.
As a rule, I'm an excellent sleeper.
Just last night, I felt
unusually restless.
I thought the night air might do me good.
Well indeed it all seems
clear enough to me Battle,
the man fires a shot,
disabling Mr. Thesiger,
flings away the weapon
then runs along the terrace
and down the gravel path.
Where he ought to have
been caught by my men.
Your men, if I may say so Battle,
seem to have been singularly remiss.
If they failed to seem
Miss Wade coming in.
They could miss seeing her coming in.
They could just easily
miss the thief going out.
You can't have it both ways Battle.
I mean, either he ran across the lawn,
which you say he didn't
or he went down the path.
Damage all done where
else could he have gone?
Up the IV again sir.
Oh nonsense, if man was trying to escape
he wouldn't bolt back into the house.
Safest place for him sir.
I say what's this?
Exhibit Z, the last of our little lot.
It is or rather it once was a glove.
Where did you find that?
In the great, nearly burned but not quite.
Looks as if it had been chewed by a dog.
[phone ringing]
I wonder if, would you be so kind as to.
Telephone call for you Superintendent.
Will you attach any importance
to this discovery superintendent?
You never know Sir Oswald,
what's going to be
important and what isn't.
Well, if you'd excuse me gentlemen.
Well, even if you're right
about the Countess, Bundle,
she couldn't have nearly stolen
the formula all by herself.
She was behind the screen all the time.
She said she was behind
the screen all the time.
It was the man who claimed on the IV
- and took a shot at me.
- Number Seven!
All right, who is Number Seven?
I thought of coming to see you you know.
After all, we had a lot in common.
You'd lost Gerry, who was my friend,
and Ronny, was getting
rather fond of you, you know.
I thought perhaps together
we might have found some reason why.
What happened happened?
What do you think happened to them Bill?
I discovered something.
Connected with the Foreign Office?
More complicated than that.
But surely if they had they
would have shared it with you.
They trusted you.
Ronny got nearest to it.
If only he hadn't.
Someone really evil behind this Lorraine.
I know it.
But you don't know who.
Pity my man Stevens isn't Number Seven,
he's got the brain for it.
Don't be silly Jimmy.
Sorry, to tell you the truth,
there's only one person
I'm sure it isn't Cootes.
Oh, now look what you've done.
I've had a few words with Lady Coote.
What with my wound my
charming conversation,
I have made a complete conquest there.
What are you up to?
What do we know about Number Seven?
He's determined, he's
used to being obeyed,
he has some sort of position
which places him above suspicion,
and he's ruthless.
There's only one person that
matches that description.
Sir Oswald.
I'm gonna find out more about him.
My dear Eileen and you
don't have to leave as well.
Well, I seemed to be the centre
of some very curious goings on lately.
My father's very worried about me.
I think I better go and hold his hand.
This little hand will
indeed be comforting.
Oh, my dear Eileen, in
these days of changed
and unsettled conditions when
family life is at a premium
when the old standards are falling.
It becomes our class to set an example
by showing that dignity,
modesty and filial respect
do still mean something.
Now I will confess my
child, my dear dear, child.
Now have in the past been
somewhat disappointed
by your liberty.
I now perceive the honest beauty
of your mind the butterfly
emerging from the chrysalis
it would be a great delight to me if I may
to help form that budding mind.
I have a very interesting new
work on political economy.
I look it out now and you can take it back
to Chimneys with you.
Excuse me.
When you've finished it,
we can discuss it together.
Look here, what the hell was Cootes
holding your hand for?
It wasn't my hand, it was my budding mind.
Don't be an ass Bundle.
We are going to discuss
political economy together.
You're sure that's all?
That's very definitely all.
Lady Coote.
You know that was an
awfully jolly Bree can
we had with your Chimneys.
Well, it would have been awfully jolly
if it hadn't been poor old
Gerry, kicking the bucket
like that.
Jolly nice girls.
I find girls very perplexing nowadays.
We're not at all romantic you know.
Why, I embroided
handkerchiefs for Sir Oswald
with my own hair when we were engaged.
Did you?
How marvellous.
But I suppose girls don't
have long enough hair
to do that nowadays.
Excuse me.
Sir Oswald has sent me
to tell you Lady Coote
that there's been a change of plan.
Mr Lomax has very kindly
offered to let us stay on
at the Abbey until the palace is ready.
He's going to his club.
Thank you, Mr. Bateman.
It'd be nice to settle in
for a few weeks atleast.
And the Abbey is a topping place.
Don't you think so Pongo?
Abbeys, palaces.
Sometimes I wonder when
it's all going to end.
You should have seen this last
we had in Yorkshire Mr.Thesiger.
Mr. Oswald was playing Mr. Coot.
Such a nice lag all, and a
pretty little drawing room
with an England oak.
But now nothing will suit
him but the very best.
He's got on and he's got on
till he can't stop getting on.
He is one of the richest
men in England now
but does that satisfy him, no.
Still he wants more.
He wants to be,
well, I don't know what he wants to be.
I can tell you, it frightens
me a little sometimes.
Well, now we better make the most of it.
I thought you were getting on rather well
with that god daughter of mine.
Oh, she's a panic.
Are you doing anything this weekend?
Nothing I can't cancel.
Oh, well then I'll invite her down.
And you can come too.
A skeleton key sir?
All I want to know Stevens,
is where one buys them.
I regret to say say sir,
but for once your inquiry
is beyond my cognizance,
Very good Stevens.
One might venture or comments sir?
Venture away.
When I came into your service sir,
it was as a gentleman's gentleman
not as a gentleman burglars gentlemen.
There has been no confusion
of intent has there sir?
None at all.
Dammit Stevens if I
were a gentlemen burglar
I wouldn't be asking you where
I might buy a skeleton key
would I?
I'd have one.
I take your point, sir.
There is a gentleman of my fraternity
who dropped into the
mulberry bush of an evening.
In a household of Lord Mount Vernon sir.
Answers occasionally
near to the Appalachian
Southport Pete.
He might be able to help.
I would be most grateful
Stevens if on my behalf
you would approach Southport Pete
as a matter of some urgency.
Very good sir.
I need it this weekend.
[car engine revving]
[eerie music playing]
Well played Parker.
Oh, I'm so sorry, it's
the most confounded news
since I have to do
everything with my left hand.
Every child should be
taught to ambidextrous.
Like seals you mean?
I think that's amphibious.
Ambidextrous means using
either hand equally well.
It came up in the times last
week as a matter of fact,
eight across, double dealing.
That was a clue, rather clever I thought.
Are you god Pa?
Am I what?
What Jimmy said, double dealing?
[Vera] That's it.
Certainly I can write with either hand.
[Vera] But not with both at once.
Would hardly be practical.
Yeah, I suppose that'd
be a bit too subtle.
You'll never make a good player Maria.
I know dear you always say so,
and that's another pound
you owe Mr. Thesiger.
I Check those figures
we need for Monday sir.
I'm afraid you're right.
It's an error at the pre assessment stage.
Which means we'll have to go through
the whole damn report.
Where is it?
Well, papers in the study sir.
In that case, I'd better say good night.
This could take till well after midnight.
That's all right dear,
the young ones will keep me company.
Thank you sir.
Now, what about a lovely
game of German wits.
Good night all.
Good night sir.
Mr Thesiger, Would you
kindly close the doors?
Very draughty these old hardboards.
My pleasure Lady Coote.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music]
My goodness Pongo, you
did give me a start,
slinking about like that in the dark.
Heard a noise, thought
burglars have got in.
Came down to see.
You think of everything
Pongo, even a lethal weapon.
It is as well to be armed.
You never know who you're gonna meet.
Well I'm glad you didn't shoot.
I'm rather tired of being shot at.
I might easily have done so.
What did you come down for?
I was hungry, I rather
fancied a dry biscuit.
There are some biscuits
on tin by your bed.
Oh no that's where this staff
work has gone wrong old boy,
you see there this, a tin with biscuits
for starving visitors on it
but when the starving visitor
opened it, nothing inside,
So I just toddled down
here to find something
and now I think I'll
just toddle back to bed.
Good night, Pongo.
[dramatic music]
I've been thinking.
Extraordinary thing about this biscuits.
Do you mind if I just...
Help yourself, old boy
Very remise, good night.
[eerie music]
So, nothing?
Nothing at all.
Apart from the most frightful attack
of indigestion brought
on by too many biscuits.
I must say you do seem to
have been awfully clever
where Pongo was concerned.
There's only one word for him.
Last week's crossword 10 letters
meaning everywhere at once.
But we are nowhere near
Number Seven are we?
Not yet, no.
Mr. Eversleighs here My lady.
- Well...
- Hope you don't mind
I had to clear Coote's
letters from the Abbey.
-I thought I should look in
-You couldn't have chosen
a better moment, were
having a council of war.
Yes Jimmy spent a thoroughly
unprofitable weekend
with the Cootes.
Mr Oswald is Number Seven?
There's not a shred of proof of it.
You think he is?
Have you got a better suggestion?
-Ooh I Know,
-Know what?
Something I meant to ask
you, I nearly forgot.
Do you remember that glove the
superintendent Battle found
the half burnt one?
It had been thrown on the fire.
Do you remember he asked
you to try it on your hand?
What was left of it why?
AnD Sir George and Sir Oswald
were there two, weren't they?
- Yes.
- He could have asked either
of them to try it on.
- Yes ofcourse.
- But he didn't and chose you.
Don't you see what that means?
Your right hand was in a sling.
Quite true, it was rather odd,
now I come to think of it,
it being a left handed glove.
I mean Battle never said anything.
He didn't want to draw attention to it
but don't you see what it means?
The man who shot it you held
the pistol in his left hand.
And so Oswald is ambidextrous.
We were talking about it last
night while playing Bridge.
Now all you understand that
the Oswald is Number Seven.
Oh, but why stage all
that comment at the Abbey
when he had the formula
before then at his own works?
Simple, suspicion had
to be diverted from him
and placed it in another Coote.
And he's very good at diverting suspicion.
He doesn't have to bother.
He walked him through that window,
two o'clock in the morning,
wearing his dinner jacket,
saying he'd been for a walk.
What's more, Battle believed him.
I wonder.
Don't despair my dear child.
Took me years to perfect me game.
I did try this.
Yes, yes I know you did my dear.
It was a very laudable effort.
Mind you, I've always thought
if God made Women to play golf.
He'd have made them differently.
Croquet, Now that's a woman's game,
but it criticised a young
woman playing croquet
that beguiling tilt to the
head that graceful curve
of the spine,
ruin the game when those short
skirts came into fashion.
What one misses is the
provocative into the ankle.
[Tredwell clear throws]
Mr Lomax is here my Lord.
Well tell him I'm not.
I'm afraid he saw your lordship
practising as he came up the drive.
Oh really Tredwell
Well, where did you put him?
In the drawing room, my Lord.
My dear fellow, my dear, dear fellow.
I am delighted to see
you, absolutely delighted.
I won't beat about the bush.
I wanted to see you're
particularly, very particularly.
About about Eileen.
Yeah, Eileen.
I think if I may say so Caterham,
you hardly appreciate the fact that
she is no longer a child.
Oh, you mean Bundle.
She is a woman and what's
more a very charming
and talented one.
I dare say but she's
very restless, you know.
Never content to be in the same place
for two minutes together.
You mean she's not contented to stagnate.
She interests herself in
the questions of the day
and brings her fresh and
lively young intellect
to bear upon.
Now, perhaps my decade
from you begin to get some
inkling of my purpose in
visiting you this morning.
But, dear fellow, you
can't want to marry Bundle,
oh I really shouldn't
do that If I were you.
Just go home and think about it.
There's a good fella can't
20 that sort of thing.
Always a pity to go out,
proposing and making a fool of yourself.
Dare say I mean your advice
kindly Caterham but I must confess you do,
put it's somewhat strangely, however,
I have decided to put
my fourtune to the tests
have I owe permission to speak to Eileene?
It's nothing to do with me my dear chap.
Eileen manages her own affairs.
If you were to come to me tomorrow
and tell me she was
getting mad at a chauffeur.
I shouldn't make the least objection.
Where should I find her?
Well, I don't really know,
she might be anywhere.
As I told you, she's
never in the same place
for two minutes together.
No repos, no repos at all.
Not much good for a
politician's wife, you know.
A politician ought to
know where his wife is
beside him wearing the right hat, smiling,
leading the applause,
not tearing around the
country in motorcars
knocking people down and shooting them
might lose you an awful lot of votes.
I beg you my dear fellow
enjoy your parliamentary
career to reconsider.
I never reconsider.
Eileen's brain and accute political sense
cannot help but further my
career to our mutual advantage.
Well, who knows with her at my side
I might even get to Downing Street.
Mr. Lomax would like a word
with you in the house My Lady.
Thanks Tredwell.
Mr Eversleigh my Lord.
Oh Bill my dear chap,
looking for poor old
George Lomax, I suppose.
But if you want to really do a good turn,
just pop into the dining room
and tell him the cabinet's
called an immediate meeting.
It's really not fair to let the poor chap
makes it an ass himself.
I have not come Cootes,
its Bundle I want to see.
Well you can't see her
either, not just now, anyway.
George is in there with her.
Splattering horribly at this very moment.
What he's saying?
Oh some damn nonsense I suppose.
Never speak too much, that's my motto.
Just grab the girl's hand
let events take their course.
[bill laughs]
What course?
Shh, he's proposing.
Proposing, proposing what?
Marriage to Bundle, can't think why.
It seems to me that he's
reached his second childhood.
Second time run too, can't
explain it any other way.
Proposing to Bundle the
dirty swine, at his age?
He says he's in the prime of life.
But he's decrypted, he's senile.
Well, he's just five
years younger than I am.
[car revving]
Hello Bill.
I say what's the matter?
You don't look your
usual bright little self.
I'm worried.
I was worried anyway,
but something turned
up for give me a jolt.
There's anything very
extraordinary happened William?
Something damned odd.
I can't make head or tail of it.
Seven Dial's business?
The Seven Dial's business I am...
I got a letter this morning.
What sort of a letter?
A letter from Ronny Devereux executives,
it seems he left instructions if...
If he was to die suddenly,
a certain sealed envelope
was to be sent to me
exactly a fortnight after his death.
And they've sent it to you?
And you've opened it?
[Jimmy chuckles]
Well what did it say?
Oh come on old chap,
pull yourself together
it seems to have knocked the
wind out of you whatever it is.
Uh, have a drink.
It's what's in the letter.
Simply can't believe it, that's all.
[Jimmy laughs]
You must get into the habit of believing
six impossible things before breakfast.
Like the White Queen and
Alice, I do it regularly.
Wait a minute.
[Steven singing in foreign language]
I say Stevens.
Yes Sir?
Pop out and get me some
cigarettes, would you?
100 sir?
Thank you Stevens.
I've sent Stevens out so
we can talk undisturbed.
Now then Bill,
let's hear all about it.
It's incredible.
Oh, thank goodness I've caught you.
Look, I haven't got time
to explain everything
but bill is just run to see
me with the most amazing story
you've ever heard.
[Bundle] Bill?
Yes, now listen, this is
what you'll have to do.
Come up to town at once,
go straight to the Seven Dials Club
and get rid of that footman fella.
Alfred, you leave that to me,
Then watch out for me and Bill.
Don't show yourself at the windows,
but as soon as we drive
up let us in at once.
Wish I knew what it was all about?
I'll explain when we meet.
And I'll tell you this much.
We're going to get ready
to hell of a surprise
for Number Seven.
Alfred I've come to warn you,
the police are looking for you.
There's a warrant out for Mr. Mosgorovsky,
and the best thing you can do is clear out
as quick as you can.
Here's ten pounds to help you get away.
I should say you about
exactly three minutes.
Oh my lady.
[car engine revving]
However do I thank you my lady?
One good turn deserves another.
Well I would have arranged that All right.
Was it necessary to be
well quite so drastic?
I don't know what Jimmy and Bill are up to
and we don't want Alfred
coming back in the middle of it
and wrecking everything.
Oh they've wasted no time, they are here!
I'll open the door for them.
Stop there a moment Bill.
Blow the horn if you think
anyone's watching the place.
There you are you two.
Now then, where's the key of the room
you got into last time?
I think its through here.
This looks like the one.
All right.
There's no time to lose.
It's through here.
[dramatic music]
This is the getaway door.
So, this must be the
cupboard you hid in Bundle.
[Bundle] That's the one.
We shall have to shift all this stuff.
Run down and get Bill wiggling around.
There's no need for him to
keep watching any longer.
What are you going to do?
Wait till Bill comes you
shall hear the whole story.
This is his staff work, a jolly creditable
bit of work it is too.
I say, it must have been
a bit of a squeeze in here wasn't it?
Certainly wasn't an
experience I get to repeat.
Bundle, it Bill, its Bill!
- What about Bill?
- Ms Lorraine, what happened?
He's in the car still but
he doesn't move or speak.
I think he's dead.
In Gods name!
[upbeat music]
I don't understand it.
But he's not dead.
Look here we've got to get him inside.
Goodness, no policeman comes along.
He was alright when I left him.
I suppose we should have realised
we couldn't turn up on their doorstep,
without something happening.
Look, I'm going to go Doctor.
You stay here and look after him.
Don't be scared, either of you.
But I better leave you, Leopold.
Just in case.
I'll be back as soon as I possibly can.
I wish I could do
something, this is awful.
I wonder why Jimmy left us the revolver,
they can't really be danger.
If they go get Bill.
I know but we're in the house.
Nobody can get in
without our hearing them.
I wish I knew what to do.
Hot Coffee, you give them that sometimes.
I got some smelling salts
in my bag and some brandy.
I must have left in the room upstairs.
You stay here I'll get it.
Try patting his face, gently.
[dramatic music]
Darling Bundle.
She's dead, I know she's dead.
Oh my darling Bundle, I do love you so.
Bundle, Oh my darling one.
Oh my own dearest, sweetest little Bundle.
What shall I do, Oh God what shall I do,
I've killed her, I've killed her.
No, you haven't you silly idiot.
Bundle, you're alive.
Of course I'm alive.
For how long have you been?
I mean, when did you come to?
About five minutes ago.
Why didn't you open your
eyes or say something?
I didn't want to, I was enjoying myself.
Enjoying yourself.
Listening to all those nice
things you were saying.
You'll never say them so nicely again,
you'll be to beastly self conscious.
You really didn't mind?
You know, I do love you so.
I have done for ages, I
never dare tell you so.
You silly jugghead, just lie.
I thought you'd only laugh at me.
Bundle, seriously, could you ever?
Could you ever bring yourself to?
Could I ever bring myself to what?
Change your mind and marry me
instead of that fatuos ass Cootes.
You think I'd marry a fool like that.
You mean, you haven't?
You don't?
I haven't and I don't.
Then please marry me
my own darling Bundle.
I know I'm awfully thick headed
but I do love you so.
Oh Bill!
[both exclaim]
Do lets be sensible I got a rocking head
and I've been nearly
squeezed to death by you.
I want to get the hang of things now.
Where are we and what's happened?
We are locked in the upper
room at the Seven Dials
and you are not going to
believe what's happened.
If you do believe it,
you're certainly not going to like it.
Why, what has happened?
I better just tell you.
[soft music]
I have sent Stevens out so
we can talk undisturbed.
Now then Bill, let's hear all about it.
It's incredible.
Well then it should be true.
In this letter, Ronny said
that he was almost certain
that he discovered the
identity of the person
who had been selling
this country's secrets
to the highest bidder.
He said that if anything happened to him
and his lawyers forwarded
the letter to me,
I would know for sure
that his suspicions were correct
his death
would prove it.
When we all went down the
Chimneys that weekend,
Gerry Wade told Ronny
that he was almost sure
he knew it was but he,
he didn't name the person.
And Gerry was murdered.
Ronny was sure he'd been murdered,
by a member of the house party.
That's why he fixed up that trick
with the seven clocks on the mantelpiece.
He got us all in there one by one,
and Ronny was murdered.
Ronny also said that he was on the point
of confiding in you, but
something held him back.
In the letter,
he names the person he suspected.
I see about Jeff.
That's why, I've come to you.
I want you to tell me it isn't true.
I've said Bill, you must learn to believe
six impossible things before breakfast.
why Ronny's last words were, "Seven Dials.
"Tell Jimmy Thesiger."
Exactly like that.
Getting sleepy?
It Won't be long before
you're all together again.
and Gerry.
And good old Bill.
You should be dead, why aren't you dead?
I only look an ass.
I pulled the drink away
while he was out of the room.
He's out there now doing what?
Planning what?
He thinks you're dead,
and I'm nearly died.
He won't stop there.
He'll get what he wants.
Not if I can help it darling.
[eerie music]
[Lorraine] Are you sure it's all right?
Oh yes, I hit her pretty hard.
- Are they...
- Well on the way.
But holding Bill upstairs
has done my wounded arm,
not good at all.
He's such a dead weight, as you might say.
Come on help me.
What are you going to do?
-Open the cupboard door
10 down, seven letters,
walled-in for good, answer?
I don't know.
Immured, hold him steady.
It was, clever of you to cock on.
I knew you'd left the
gun in case I needed it.
And when you slammed the front door
I knew you had left the house.
Don't I always know when you're near.
That should make a charming
surprise for The Seven Dials.
Pity, I liked bundle.
Oh I liked her too until
she started snooping.
Too much initiative.
Not good for a girl.
[Lorraine] I liked Bill too.
More than me?
No one more than you,
Well now all we have to do,
is watch this house and wait.
I don't care how long it takes.
But someday the Seven
Dials will meet again.
And I shall find out at last
the real identity of Number Seven.
I should hate to keep you
waiting, Mr. Thesiger.
[eerie music]
One move, any of you,
this is trained on your
precious Number Seven.
And I will use it.
Oh he will use it
but not until his curiosity
has been satisfied.
If you have been waiting
for me, Mr. Thesiger,
I for my part have been waiting for you.
A man who kills as likely
and ruthlessly as you do.
And for what reason?
Isn't that your motive too?
But your kind of profit Mr. Thesiger,
[Jimmy laughs]
Oh, you don't think I did
it just for money, do you?
Although I must admit it made
life a lot more pleasant.
[soft music]
I did it,
for pleasure.
Something to make the blood tingle.
Everyone thinking what a
jolly, nice, young man.
What an ass.
What I really enjoyed, what I loved,
was manipulating everybody.
Making events fall into patterns,
my patterns and always getting my own way.
And now, I'm going to get
my own way, once again.
I'm going to rip that mask
off your face Number Seven,
and then I'm going to you can kill you.
You can't kill us all.
Only you, the rest of them can wait.
Come here Number Seven.
Come here!
Who are you?
Who do you work for?
What do you want?
That's something you will never know.
[upbeat music]
I always said you were a fool.
But not as you hoped and drugged fool,
you really should have thought
of something a little different this time.
But it took a long time
for you to work it out,
didn't it? [laughs]
Oh and you, never even
began to suspects did you?
All right.
So they've got me,
but one thing still gives
me enormous pleasure.
The Seven Dials have got you too.
Take him away.
What are you going to do to him?
An eye for an eye.
[eerie music]
Lady Eileen Brent,
you've been summoned to emergency meeting
of The Seven Dials, approach the table.
I should do as they say if I were you.
Lady Eileen, you have been present
and asked at the secret
councils of this society.
It is therefore necessary
that you identify yourself
with our aims and ambitions.
The place two o'clock
you may notice is vacant.
It is that place that is offered you now.
I'd rather die.
I think you should not
answer precipitately.
You do not know as yet
what you're refusing.
I can make a pretty good guess
I doubt it.
You'll have to get rid of
one or two preconceived ideas
of yours, I'm afraid,
about this Society for instance.
You're just as evil as James Thesiger.
You merely have different methods
of achieving the same goal.
No Lady Eileen, you're wrong.
I shall now introduce you
to a very creditable band of amateurs
who have done work, that
nobody else could have done.
They've been willing to face real danger.
Danger, the very worst kind.
And they've done it for one reason,
an honest wish to serve their country.
First of all, there is Mr. Mosgorovsky
who as you know runs this club.
He is the most valuable antibody
service agent in England.
Number Five is Count Andras
of the Hungarian embassy
and a dear friend of the late Gerald Wade.
Four, Mr. Howard Phelps,
an American journalist
whose nose for scenting
news is remarkable.
Number three I think, you already know.
Number two, can only show an empty place.
It is the place belonging
to Mr. Ronny Devereux.
A very gallant young man,
who died for his country.
Number one.
Well, number one,
was Mr. Gerald Wade who
made the same sacrifice.
His place has been taken by a lady
who has proved her fitness to have it.
I don't think lady Eileen recognises me.
Bundle, may I introduce
Miss Barbara Simpmore.
Ronny's cousin,
and one of our most
talented young actresses.
I was right about that mole.
I should have to remember that next time.
You can change your skin
your voice your hair,
but a mole never.
It's no good, I'm completely bewildered.
I suppose they all know who you are?
No, Mr. Mosgorovsky is my left hand,
he's known all along.
The others have taken
their orders from him.
[soft music]
Do I want to know who you are?
Hope you do, lady Eileen.
Superintendent Battle!
[chattering indistinctively]
It was Gerry Wade who first
suggested to me the idea
of a band of amateurs.
Remember what you said
yourself, lady Eileen.
"People who could go, where
the professionals couldn't."
I warned him it would be dangerous,
but he didn't care nor
did any of his friends.
And that's how it began.
But the fact that the Seven
Dials finally caught up
with a one man they
wanted most in the world
is entirely due to the
courage of Mr. Eversleigh.
He went to see Mr. Thesiger this afternoon
knowing full well
that he might never return
from that interview alive.
What made you suspect him?
Little things as far as
the built up gradually.
He's angling for an invitation
at the Abbey started it.
It was actually the Lorraine,
that maybe certain I was that
I was on the right track.
But when I went to talk to her she,
she listened so carefully
to what I had to say
but never, never actually
said anything herself.
And that made me think of Gerry and Ronny.
They had confided in her too.
Then when I saw the three of you
that day Chimneys,
I saw Jimmy wandering around
with his arm in his sling,
I started just voted
that left handed glove.
Suppose he'd been the
person wearing it all along.
But it all started
with Ronny Devereux last words.
Seven Dials,
Who, tell who?
Tell Jimmy Thesiger.
Naturally you took that to mean
that Mr. Devereaux was
trying to send word to
Mr Thesiger.
That the Seven Dials had killed him.
But of course,
I knew that couldn't be so.
No, its the Seven Dials that
Mr. Devereaux wanted told,
and what he wanted them told
was something about Mr. Thesiger.
That Jimmy Thesiger killed Gerry wade.
He slipped the poison
into a whiskey and soda,
which Mr. Wade had downstairs
before retiring to bed.
[Battle] That's why he
was already feeling sleepy
when he wrote that letter.
Later when everyone was asleep
and the alarm clocks were in position,
same Thesiger pressed the unconscious
Gerry Wade's fingers round a glass,
and an empty choral bottle,
and left them by his bed.
The result.
Death by misadventure.
[Battle] Then Ronny Devereaux
made the fatal mistake.
He confided in the one person
who had already given Gerry Wade away.
Lorraine, devoted body and
soul to James Thesiger,
she was prepared to
sacrifice her half brother.
And later, Ronny Devereux.
So, when are going to arrest Sir Oswald?
Sir Oswald?
Well Jimmy Thesiger couldn't have tried
to steal the formula.
Number Seven didn't try
to steal the formula.
That leaves only one person
who could have tried to steal the formula.
I knew it was him when he came in
from the garden that night.
Sir Oswald of course.
[Battle] No, Lady Eileen
it wasn't Sir Oswald.
Who was it then?
Tell me what you saw, what you heard.
Well, I went to look for Jimmy,
when I saw the door knob turn,
[dramatic music]
So, I ran to Bill, and
then the fire broke out.
[Battle] Bill Eversleigh.
Miss Moore and I decided to
keep watching between us.
She was stationed in the drawing room
and like Bundle I heard
the fighting came running.
Miss Simpmore.
I was hiding behind the screen
when James Thesiger came in.
I thought he'd gone
when the fight started,
I was in the garden under some trees.
When Miss Wade ran straight into my arms.
We heard the fight,
we heard two shots.
We all had that.
Because that's what we were meant to hear.
I didn't understand
You will.
Miss Simpmore, how many
people were fighting?
- How do know that?
- Well, I heard them.
Did you see them?
- No.
- No.
Now listen and I'll tell you
how in the end I
reconstructed the whole story.
To begin with Miss Wade and Mr. Thesiger
were in this together.
Have a rendezvous for
the precise time, 2 AM.
So let's go back 10 minutes before that.
Miss Wade arrives in her
car, parks in the lane
and makes her way across the
garden towards the West Wing.
[soft music]
She was seen by one of my men,
but he had orders not to
stop anyone coming in,
only going out.
And so Miss Wade makes
her way towards the house.
Now we come, to Mr. Thesiger.
After the lights were turned
out Miss Simpmore said
that when James Thesiger
went over to the window,
he was so still,
she thought he must have left the room
Suppose then that Mr.Thesiger,
had gone outside.
[dramatic music]
Where next?
Up the IV,
into Mr. O'Rourke's room.
O'Rourke, heaviley drugged
before he went to bed.
Miss Wade near the house
Lady Eileen in the West Wing,
and me,
in the garden.
[bell ringing]
Mr. Thesiger, has the formula.
He throws it down to a Miss Wade.
She picks it up
and starts running back to her car.
While upstairs, Lady Eileen
sees the door handle turn.
Mr. Thesiger is turn it, trying
to find the easy way out.
But the key is under O'Rourke pillow.
[dramatic music]
James Thesiger comes back down the IV.
Lady Eileen is desperate
to find Bill Eversleigh,
Miss Wade is running away from the house.
But who does she meet?
At that moment the game changes
it is no longer attack but defence.
Miss Wade tells her story,
she's very clever.
Her stories perfectly
true, perfectly sensible,
and it gives Mr Thesiger time
to get back into the house.
[soft music]
Where he proceeds to fight himself,
You see he has to establish an enemy.
His own Automtic, bought the day before,
is fired at an imaginary assailant.
The Countess knows to what
effect, you all heard it?
Then Thesiger plays his masterstroke.
With this gloved left
hand he takes the Mauser
and shoots himself in the right arm
I heard the shots, Miss Wade heard them,
we ran to the house.
James Thesiger now only has a few seconds.
He frames the pistol from the terrace,
Tears off the glove with his teeth,
and throws it in the fire.
When we arrived he was lying
on the floor, in a faint.
So that's how he did it.
And I thought it was poor lid Sir Oswald.
I never really suspected him.
But I must say I did
have my suspicions about
that young chap his secretary,
particularly when I heard
he was left handed too.
That gun had to be thrown left
handed to land where it did.
Not as silly ass like old Pongo,
not a solemn card like him.
Oh, Pongo, as you call him
is a very efficient young man
and one that could put anything
through the mind to it.
In fact, I think we
should bear him in mind
in case there's ever another vacancy.
Unless of of course,
there is one now.
Count me in.
I'm ready for anything
I say, should you be drinking?
Let I'll let him die after
what happened to your head?
Very good for the head champagne
Perhaps you should put
slowly all over myself.
You shouldn't go around
letting people hit you
over the head you know
Bundle you really shouldn't
it's very bad for the brain.
[Bundle] It was Bill who
hit her the second time
And why did you hit her?
Usually all you have to
do is to speak to her.
She's perfectly amenable
Yes, why did you hit me?
There was no time to explain
I couldn't of run the risk of your
not being able to keep quiet
it might have been the end of both of us.
It hasn't made you
change your mind has it?
[soft music]
Sir, I know this gonna
come a bit of a shock,
and I'm simply rotten golfer, but
may I marry your daughter.
My child I welcome you with open arms.
Anything to keep her out of the clutches
of that damn fool George Lomax.
[all laugh]
This calls for a toast.
What's your name again?
Bill Sir
You're not the one she ran over.
Bundle, Bill to your future.
[soft music]
Sir, there's only one thing,
something it's always puzzled me.
Why she called Bundle?
You will find out my dear boy,
you will find out.
[soft bright music]