Seven Girlfriends (1999) Movie Script

(truck horn honks)
- Step, step, okay straight, here we go.
It's almost present time, okay, ready?
Put your hands where mine are.
Ready, okay, don't peak.
- [Woman] Alright.
(woman gasps)
Oh, my God, Jesse, this is amazing!
I can't believe it, no
one's ever done anything
like this for me before.
- No, no, no, no.
This is my cousin's car,
he had to leave it here
'cause he went to that.
(comical music)
Happy two years.
- Oh, wow, this is great.
(clocks chiming)
- This Merlot is gonna
be great with the lamb.
(phone rings)
(man groans)
- You should answer that.
It's Roman.
He wants you to pick up
something for tomorrow.
Pick it up, say hi, Roman,
it'll freak him out.
Go on.
- Hi, Roman.
- Hi, it's me.
- Anabeth.
- Hey, five years and you
still recognize my voice right
away, that's a good sign.
- Yeah.
- [Anabeth] Are you alone?
- Uh, no, no, no.
- [Anabeth] With a woman?
- Uh, yeah.
- Not such a good sign.
She gonna be okay with me calling you?
- Uh, no, no I think not.
- You know that joke, Descartes
goes into a fast food place
orders a burger, waitress
asks him if he wants fries.
He says, "I think not",
then he disappears.
Get it, I think therefore, never mind.
- Anabeth, what are you talking about?
- I'm getting married.
- Oh.
- And, I'm feeling kinda, kinda rushed.
Edwardo, that's his name.
I don't know if I love him
enough and I'm pretty sure
that I still love you.
Do you still wanna marry me?
If you tell me to leave Edwardo I will.
Jesse, are you still there?
- [Jesse] Yeah.
- [Anabeth] I know it's
crazy after all this time,
but the closer I get to
actually going through with this
the more I keep thinking about you and me
and what happened and (gasps).
- Anabeth?
- Hey!
- Hannah.
- You still can't sleep?
Oh, babe, I'm sorry about--
- Marry me.
- What?
- [Voiceover] Hannah, I can't do this,
Jesse's the goddamn chef, I make salad.
- [Voiceover] Were out of olive oil.
- [Woman] Gimme that knife.
- [Voiceover] Gees (mumbles)
- [Voiceover] Yeah, yeah.
- I'm dying here.
- [Hannah] Manny!
Do we have any salt left from last night?
- No.
- Shit.
Hey, hey, ah-ah-ah, slow down.
Hey, is there anyone out there yet?
- Careful!
Bread sticks on three please.
- Any word?
- Not yet.
Where can I be most useful?
Jesse must be devastated it's
a good thing you were there.
- Not so good, we split up last night.
(answering machine beeps)
(gentle music)
- Hey, Jess, it's me again.
I really wanna know if you're okay.
(sighs) I can't believe Anabeth is gone.
Look, I love you, just
want you to know that--
(machine beeps)
Hey, Jess, ignore the
previous two ramblings
don't even think about
coming in today, in fact,
if I so much as see you on the,
(doors opens)
ignore this message as well.
- Yeah.
- I'm, I'm so sorry.
- Oh, thank God you're here.
Okay, we've got five orders already.
- Hey, we're okay, right?
- No, I'm sorry, we are not
okay, I know this is like
the definition of bad
timing and everything
but you have absolutely no clue
what is going on between us.
After two years, none.
- Yes I do, I do, I--
- Listen, you have no idea
how to have a relationship.
You need to figure it out.
- You're right.
- Not now!
Jesse, Jesse where are you going?
- To the funeral.
- Yeah, but it's Wednesday,
the funeral is on Sunday.
Besides, there not gonna want you there.
- I know.
Love can make you weep
Can make you run for cover
Roots that spread so deep
Bring life to frozen ground
Something so strong
Could carry us away
Something so strong
Could carry us today
Turning in my sleep
Love can leave you cold
A taste of jealousy
Is like a lust for gold
Something so strong
Could carry us away
Something so strong
Could carry us today
Something so strong
Something so strong
Something so strong
Something, something so strong
- Hi.
I went to school here a
long time ago and I'm trying
to find someone that went here too.
- You're the one who called earlier?
I'm the one who told you no.
- I thought that if I
could show you some ID
to prove that I went here.
- I'm sorry, I can't do that.
- Or, what I thought we could
do is, you could call her
with me here and ask her
if she wants to talk to me.
You know, like they do in hotels.
- Do you see a bellboy?
Do you see a gift shop?
Do you see anything
here that remotely
- [Jesse] Look,
- reminds you of a hotel?
- I can tell that you are
basically a good person.
- How can you tell that?
- Your eyes, they're very kind.
- Does that ever work for you?
- Yeah, actually.
(school bell rings)
Mrs. Hargrove?
I'm sure you don't remember me.
- Jesse Campbell.
- That's right.
- I remember you very well.
- I can't believe I'm running into you.
You were, out of all,
- Caplan, hallpass!
- [Caplan] Got it Mrs. Hargrove.
- Out of all the teachers I ever had
you were one of the best.
You didn't just teach me stuff
you taught me how to learn.
Well, not that I've learned
anything really useful yet.
- Do you still think Jell-O is funny?
- Sometimes.
- Have you got a job?
- Yeah.
- You pay taxes?
- Yeah.
- Ever plant trees?
- No.
- Ever go to jail?
- Not yet.
- Sounds to me like
you're doing just fine.
So why am I sensing something different?
(people talking in the background)
- [Mrs. Hargrove] Thanks Angela.
- Oh, thank you.
- Plant some trees.
Thanks for the compliment.
Everywhere you go, always
take the weather with you
Everywhere you go,
always take the weather
Everywhere you go, always
take the weather with you
Everywhere you go,
always take the weather,
Take the weather, the weather with you
(doorbell rings)
- Yeah?
- Is your mother here?
- She's asleep.
- Can I help you?
- Marie, it's Jesse Campbell.
- Jesse?
- Hi.
- Oh, my God, I haven't
seen you in 18 years?
- Why didn't things work out between us?
- What?
Oh, what's the matter?
Jesse, what's the matter?
You can go back to bed.
- You're sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
- Holler if you need me.
- [Marie] Okay.
(sighs) Now what is going on?
- Someone I love very much died.
I'm on my way to the funeral.
- God, I'm so sorry.
- And there's something else.
I'm in trouble.
I can't get a relationship to work.
- Jesus, Jesse I thought you had a
hit-man after you or something.
- No, no, no it's much worse.
- Jesse.
- Now, look, I'm 36 years old,
I've been trying for what, 17, 18 years
and I'm so fucking bad at it.
- Calm down, okay, just relax.
Now, I don't want you to
take this the wrong way,
if you need help I will,
well, of course I'll help you.
But why exactly did you come here?
- You were the first, my
first real girlfriend.
- That was forever ago.
- It'd be a start.
- (scoffs) We were teenagers.
- Yeah, but if you could think back.
- What are you gonna do,
ask every girlfriend you've
ever had why things didn't work out?
- Uh, huh.
- Jesse, you can't do that.
Trouble sleeping honey?
- Yeah, a little.
- I'm sorry.
- It's alright.
- I was her age.
- She looks exactly, I
mean, I have a picture.
She's you.
- And about about as mature.
I mean do you remember what I was like?
Do you remember what a
16-year-old girl is like?
I mean she can't concentrate
on one thing for more than
two minutes at the same time, that was me.
I don't even know what you saw in me.
Did you finish the application?
- No, I'm gonna finish it in the morning.
- Hey, you told me it was almost done.
Did you set an alarm?
- Yes.
(playful jazz music)
- Queen of clubs.
But it's a club.
- [Bartender] Chocolate egg cream?
- Yeah.
- So, you and Jesse?
It's for real this time?
- Oh, yeah, absolutely,
are you kidding me?
It is.
- I'm sorry.
- You know sometimes I think you have
the right idea about all of this.
Doesn't it get lonely?
- Yeah, it does.
- [Hannah] I mean, it's been two years.
- Three years.
When Heather left I just thought if I
was gonna be the kinda
father that I wanted to be
and run a restaurant
then I needed to focus.
So, no women, no sex of any kind.
- [Marie] Oh, you found it.
- [Jesse] Oh, my God.
Oh, this took 20 minutes.
- [Voiceover] Come on Marie, big wave.
- So, what went wrong?
- Jesse.
- Come on, there's gotta be at
least one thing you remember.
- Alright, one thing?
There was one thing, when
we were driving you used to
sing along to the radio
in this really high voice,
and, it kinda drove me crazy.
- I was singing harmony, that was it?
You shoulda just said something.
- No it was more than that.
I mean there were some
other things, the gifts.
- The gifts?
- You gave terrible gifts.
- No.
- I don't remember all
of them, but I remember
the three month anniversary.
- Wait a minute, I remember that.
We bought each other the same thing.
We bought each other
that Miles Davis album.
- Exactly.
- I thought that meant we were
both on the same wavelength.
- No, that meant we both
bought what you wanted.
I didn't listen to that stuff.
- Oh.
- [Voiceover] Okay kids, have fun.
- And there was, I mean
I'm sorry these things
are just coming to me.
- No, no, no, no, no.
This is good.
- There was the sex.
- What?
- It wasn't.
You know, the greatest.
- What do you mean?
It was a little rushed.
- But frequent.
I was 17 years old.
- Don't get upset.
- You were the first,
I was, it was practice.
- I'm not saying that
you didn't get better.
You wanted to know why back then
and I just wanted it
to be a little slower,
a little gentler.
I'm sure you're much better now.
- I am.
- I'm sure you are. (laughs)
Jesse, this isn't gonna work.
- [Jesse] Why not?
- Why a relationship didn't work?
That's not a question you
can get people to answer.
- (laughs) You don't seem to be having
too much trouble.
- No, I'm a very honest person.
But usually the reasons a person tells you
they broke up with you are
never the real reasons.
Honey you are my shining star
Don't you go away
- Okay, I'm gonna go to bed.
But first, come here.
- What?
- Come here and let me hug you.
The worst thing about getting dumped
is right when you need someone to hold you
there isn't anyone.
- This isn't weird, is it?
- No.
Is it?
- No.
It's nice.
- You know, I think at some
level I designed my whole life
so I would never have
to be up at this hour.
- Jesse does this every morning.
- Well then I'll give him a raise.
If I don't fire him first.
- Michael!
Stay close.
- Salmon.
Supposed to smell like cantaloupe.
- [Man] Seriously?
- That's what Jesse says.
- Yeah.
- [Hannah] Yeah?
- We'll take this one.
- We'll take it.
Okay, now I'm gonna do everything I can
to not think about Jesse at all.
At all.
So you can help me by keeping me occupied.
- Well, who's doing this tomorrow?
You or me?
We could do it together again.
- [Hannah] No!
- And then I could take
you out to breakfast.
- Oh forget it.
- Or maybe I should take
you out to dinner tonight.
- Dinner, dinner?
- Morning Joe.
- Morning.
- Morning.
(Marie sighs)
- [Marie] Is Daphne up yet?
- Yep.
- [Marie] Is she working
on her applications?
- I don't know.
- [Marie] Well she should be.
- Oh give it a fucking rest Marie.
- Hey this is important.
- Then I'm sure she'll get it done.
- You don't know that.
- She's a responsible girl.
- Yeah, she's a responsible
girl because I'm the one
who made her responsible.
- Well then you should trust--
- [Jesse] Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
- Let's talk about what's
really going on here.
This isn't about Daphne's
application, alright?
It's a simple stupid misunderstanding.
We were talking.
And we fell asleep.
- No Jesse.
It is about Daphne's application.
- [Daphne] Which I finished.
- Good girl.
Save us all a lot of shouting.
Did you proofread?
- Of course.
Come on, let's go take a shower.
- At least I know where she is at night.
And I know she's using protection.
It's not perfect, but it works for now.
- You know it's sorta horrifies me
that I spent all night with you
and I didn't get that you're divorced.
- Yeah, you might wanna
add that to the list.
- [Jesse] It's great to see you.
- Yeah, you too.
(upbeat music)
- Thanks.
Yes, she's rare,
precious and she's gone
- Hey.
- [Marie] Hey.
She was soft in your hands,
now she's shattered your plans
I'm sympathetic but
you gotta understand
- Hey, it's a voice from your past
It's Jesse.
Listen, I'm gonna be in your neighborhood
on Friday or Saturday and, I'd
like to stop in and see you.
If that's not okay for any reason,
gimme a call at 801-555-0133.
Otherwise, I'll see ya then.
I, hear you don't have a,
man in your life at the moment.
(pensive music)
What do you think?
- Perfect.
- Shit.
(laughs) Oh my!
- [Man In Beret] Who is that?
- [Jesse] I have no idea.
- She's beautiful.
- You're married.
- Oh thanks, I forgot.
I'm glad you're here to remind me.
- [Jesse] Hi.
- Hi.
- [Jesse] You scared us.
- I'm sorry.
I was just passing by and I noticed
you were writing on the wall, I.
- We're having a party.
Come on in, come on in.
My ex-girlfriend sent me this coal.
We're trying to think of
something constructive
to do with it.
- Hmm, did you deserve it?
- Um, yeah.
- Definitely.
I'm just gonna get those streamers, I was.
- Did you think about burning it or?
- Asshole landlord won't
let me use the fireplace.
- I'm Jesse.
- Anabeth.
Asshole landlord's daughter.
- Uh hmm, you don't look like him.
- No, thank God.
- Uh this will come right off.
- You know what, it doesn't matter.
But maybe you should close the blinds.
My father will have a heart attack.
- Sure enough.
- Alright well, I better get going.
It's nice meeting you.
- You too.
Will you marry me?
- Asshole landlord wouldn't approve.
But, maybe I'll come to your party.
- [Man In Beret] Happy new year!
Need me show me that you love me
And when I'm feeling blue and I want you
There's just one
thing that you should do
Just gimme some kind
of sign girl oh my baby
To show that you're mine girl oh right
Just gimme some kind of
sign girl oh my darling
To show that you're
mine girl, all right
- [Voiceover] Stepping on my line.
(multiple muffled conversations)
- [Voiceover] We're naked.
I didn't say you couldn't come in.
Hey yummy.
I thought I saw you back there.
What, did you split up again?
- That's not funny.
- What'd you think of the play?
- An important performance
by a major artist
at the height of her powers.
You were good too.
- Oh, thanks.
- Zo, this is Jesse.
He doesn't like O'Neil.
- Really?
- Oh don't get him started.
- Not even Long Day's Journey?
- No.
It's the worst one.
Bunch of alcoholic men
ragging on their mother
for being a morphine addict?
- Jesse only comes to see
me when he's on the rebound.
- Boing.
- Oh yeah, but tonight's
not gonna work sweetie.
I have a script to read for an audition
and I have to get up early for my trainer.
- I was thinking Griffith Park.
- Tonight?
No way.
- I'll cook.
- Oh please.
Please get some food going, huh?
- I already did.
- [Woman] What?
- Ah, ah, ah, stand back, stand back.
(woman laughing)
And tonight's entree...
Is carbecued beef.
- Umm, this is fabulous.
- So, you and me.
Just out of curiousity, how was the sex?
- Good.
- Good?
- [Woman] Um hmm.
- Not great?
- It was Graterman great.
I was eating.
This is an awfully indirect seduction.
- It's not a seduction.
Unless you want it to be.
- You bring up sex, you
get us talking about it,
it gets more and more specific.
It shouldn't be this big a deal.
You should just be able to say,
do you wanna have sex with me?
And I should be able to say, yes or no.
Like you were asking me out to dinner.
- Just ask?
- Yeah.
- Just suggest we do it.
One more time.
Get it out of our system.
- Yeah.
- That was fun.
- Walk you to your door?
- Sure.
- Okay.
Well, evening's winding down.
Hannah looks beautiful.
This is the awkward moment.
Don't wanna be too forward,
but at the same time you
really wanna kiss her.
So, don't blow it, just
move in nice and slow and.
- Next time.
- [Man] Okay, right.
- [Hannah] Yeah.
'Cause I--
- I had a great time tonight.
- I had a great time.
- I would really like to kiss you once.
(gentle music)
(playful music)
(man grunting)
- Um.
Oh, did I, did you just?
Oh my god, um.
- I apologize.
- How can you apologize
for something like that?
I mean it happens to everyone.
- That, that, that happens to everyone?
- Well, not that.
I mean that was pretty premature.
(Hannah laughing)
Did I just have sex with you?
(laughs sheepishly)
- Well.
Another sexual first we get to share.
- No fooling?
That was the first time?
- No fooling.
Although, I'd say that no matter what.
- Well you're not
worried about it are you?
- No.
Kind of enjoyed it.
Looking forward to many more of the same.
- Shh.
I think it makes perfect sense.
You know what this is, don't you?
You're saying you don't
wanna fuck around anymore.
Your body is catching up with your mind.
Of course that's what it is.
(jazzy dance music)
- Come on Anabeth, let's go.
- [Anabeth] Be one minute.
I feel like I'm forgetting something.
- Well we can come back if we need to.
- Alright, sorry.
All set.
- All ready, are ya?
- Yeah.
Yes sir.
- Nothing missing?
- [Anabeth] Nope.
Got my gloves, like to
put 'em on my chair.
- Alright then.
- Okay.
- [Jesse] Let's go.
- Alright, after you.
- No, no, you first.
- No you first.
- No, please.
- No, come here, I had an idea.
Come here. (giggles)
Okay, put your hand here.
- [Jesse] Oh sorry.
Is that better?
- [Anabeth] Oh, much better.
(both laughing)
- [Jesse] Nothing.
Hey mom, here's our vacation pictures.
- Jesse.
- Uh huh.
- Everyone who's gonna be
at my funeral hates you.
(music turns dissonant and stops)
(bright music)
- Hey there.
There's something on my
mind that I wanna ask you.
If you could think about
it, it'd mean a lot to me.
Why did you break up with me?
- Thank you.
- Hi, I'm Jesse Campbell,
for Lisa Schwartz.
- Do you have an appointment?
- No, I'm an old friend of hers.
- Well, I'll.
She's finishing up a meeting.
I'll let her know you're here.
- Thanks.
- Jesse?
- Hi Laura.
Gees, it's been forever.
How are you?
- Does she know you're coming?
- No.
- Is that smart?
- She's not still angry?
- You shoulda warned her.
I'd get outta here if I were you.
- You're kidding, right?
- No.
Is she still in the conference room?
- This is Jesse, the Jesse?
This should be good.
- [Voiceover] Thanks gentlemen.
(dramatic gunfight music)
- Hi Lisa.
- What can we do for you?
- I came here to apologize to you.
- It's about six years too late for that.
- I'd like to try.
Is there someplace we can talk?
- This is a place.
- It's a little bit private.
- Right here's fine.
- Okay, fair enough.
I owe you that.
I, you wanna hear this?
You guys wanna gather 'round?
Um, I came here because
you deserve better.
You deserve--
- [Lisa] Stop.
Look where you're standing.
It's because you think I'm gonna hurt you.
- No I don't.
- You don't trust me.
- Sure I do.
- So come here.
(onlookers murmer)
- Are you serious?
- Dead serious.
You think I'd hit you in public?
Do you think I'd physically hurt you?
Show me that you trust me.
- I'm not gonna do that.
- Then this discussion--
- Okay please, can we talk
for a minute like adults?
- You wanna talk?
This is my condition.
- Fine.
- Teuscher, your favorite.
- Okay fine.
Bad start, bad gift.
- [Lisa] Go away
- [Jesse] Can we just talk for a minute?
- [Lisa] No.
- Will you just listen to me?
- [Lisa] Get out.
- Please?
- Lisa--
- [Lisa] You stay
outta this.
- I come in peace.
- Go away!
- Hey.
You might as well keep these.
- I wasn't ready for that.
- What'd you expect?
You just pick up a $20 box of chocolate
and everything'd be fixed?
- No, but come on.
It's not like I left her at the altar.
- No, it's worse.
A guy leaves you at the
altar you know he snapped,
he couldn't handle the pressure.
Your way you just stopped
returning her phone calls
after two years.
I mean come on.
- I know, I know.
- Can I?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
So, why didn't you at least talk to her?
- I don't know.
I panicked.
We were looking at furniture
and going to open houses.
I didn't know what to do.
- You blew it.
- So, 30 minute?
- That's right.
Trick is to take it off automatic,
whatever you do don't use the rinse cycle.
- I'm starting to think
this is not a good idea.
- Of course, he's gonna love it.
Golly, it smells so good in here.
- Daddy!
- Hello.
- [Girl] Dad.
- Hey!
- Arlene, show Daddy your picture.
- Oh kiddo, that is beautiful.
- Arlie said she didn't
think you'd know who it was
but I said of course you would.
- [Arlene's Dad] Well
how could I not know.
- Who is it?
- Well that's so obvious.
I mean why are you even asking me?
- [Arlene] Who?
- Oh who, who?
- Ben and Grandma.
- Well that's Grandma and
her special friend, Ben.
- Right.
- Arlie, show the picture
to Daddy's friend.
- That's awesome.
- So glad we got to see
it before you had to go.
- Uh, Jesse's been cooking
and I thought it might not
be a bad idea if we all sat
down and shared a meal together.
- Can I talk to you privately?
- Yeah, you could but I think
somebody's probably hungry,
aren't ya?
- [Arlene] Yes, yes, yes!
- Alright then.
Time for some dishwasher fish.
- [All] Oooo!
- Hey, look at that.
(classical music)
Well this is delicious.
- Salt please.
- Okay.
- So, I don't mean to
put you two on the spot,
but Laura's been telling me
what a wonderful marriage you have.
- Yes we do and it's none
of your fucking business.
- [Arlene] Mom!
- Sorry.
- Well I don't know that
I'm the best person to ask.
- Why not?
You have a terrific marriage.
- Well I do, we do.
But, well you know, it's my 5th.
- That is so great.
- Thank you.
- No, I mean it.
That you would keep trying.
That's wonderful.
Lisa, look.
The reason I'm here, like I said,
is I want to apologize.
I feel like this was a mistake.
One of the mistakes that
until I clear it up,
I probably don't deserve to find anyone.
I'm sorry.
- That's it?
- That's all I had planned.
- That's chicken shit.
- [Jesse] What?
- Apologizing years later.
How easy is that?
- How else do I do it?
- The problem was what?
You didn't love me, right?
- Yeah.
- So why didn't you just say that?
You didn't think I could handle that?
That is so arrogant.
- Well I don't love you,
that's pretty harsh.
- So you just say we're
not right together.
If you're not brave enough.
Instead I just have to
figure it out, what?
Two weeks, two months?
When was I supposed to know?
I'm mad at myself.
I used to have this daydream
that I'd run into you
at some public place.
And I'd pretend not to remember your name.
(laughs) I forgot to do that.
You know what?
I'm still mad at you, but
I'm gonna forgive you.
- Thank you.
- It's not for you.
It's for me.
Being mad at you gets in my way.
Sometimes I find myself grinding my teeth
and it's because I'm thinking of you.
- You still wanna hit me?
- [Lisa] Of course I do.
- Well go ahead.
- [Lisa] Yeah.
- I'm serious.
If it'd make you feel better.
- Right.
- Come on, hit me.
- I'm not gonna hit you.
(impact thuds)
Oh I'm sorry.
I was going for the chest.
- That's okay.
We're even.
- That felt good.
- [Laura] Has it stopped bleeding yet?
- Yeah, I think so.
I shoulda been ready for it.
You know after I left, she
gave me this for Christmas.
- No, she didn't.
- Yes she did.
- Nope.
- You?
- I can't believe you hung onto that.
- You sent me coal?
- You deserved it.
- I was gonna show this to Lisa.
I can't believe you sent me coal.
- You know if you need to
you can spend the night at my place.
I'll drop you off.
- Where are you gonna be?
Or is that none of my business?
- I can't sleep, so I drive.
- You just drive around the city?
- Pretty much.
First I'm gonna check on a project.
- Can I go with you?
- I'm sorry I couldn't show you inside,
but we don't have any electrical yet.
This is what it's going to look like.
- Cool.
Amazing, wow.
It's gonna be a great house.
- Yeah.
- Master bedroom?
- Uh huh.
Ridiculously huge, but I figure
that's what's nice about a spec house.
I can do whatever I want.
Isn't this part gonna be really expensive?
Climate control.
- Oh.
Excuse me.
What I wouldn't give for
one good night's sleep.
It's not like I can even use this time.
There's nothing open.
- Yeah there is.
- [Laura] Wow, this place is great.
- [Jesse] It's cheap too.
I'm gonna get a buncha these.
- [Laura] Those are pretty.
- And some of these.
- How much you gonna spend?
- $3.
- $3?
- Pretty amazing huh?
- Well I'm gonna get a bunch too.
- [Hannah] The printer
guy just dropped them off.
They look great.
I took Jesse's name off.
Okay, thanks Manny.
- What card do I have in my hand?
- No.
I don't want to.
- What card do I have in my hand?
- Seven of diamonds.
- [Laura] So, why didn't things work out
with that Hannah woman?
- Well the big problem is,
about a year ago she was
having these headaches.
And they couldn't figure out what it was
so they gave her a CT scan.
- [Laura] Hmm.
- Anyway, they never did
find out what it was.
The headaches went away.
But in the meantime, she
says that the CT scan
destroyed her psychic power.
She had ESP and now she
doesn't have it anymore.
The fact that I don't
take any of this seriously
is the big problem with us.
(Laura laughing)
You still play?
- Uh huh.
That's one of the good
things about insomnia.
I have lots of practice time.
- Hey, you write your own stuff, huh?
- Yeah.
- Lemme hear something.
- No.
- Come on, I'm a great audience.
- (laughs) No.
- Come on, just play me something.
Look, I will react however you want me to.
I'll sit here quietly,
I'll applaud like crazy.
Come on, sit.
Play for me.
(Laura sighs)
- Okay.
(gentle piano music)
It needs a lotta work, okay?
It's not even finished, so.
Too bad, no storm in my tea cup
It's so sad, my
stockings they have no runs
Look up, smoke in the chimney
By the lamplight I promise this room
Anywhere the wind blows
Anywhere the sea breaks
Anywhere the Earth quakes
Let this world explode
But take me to a new place
Got nothing in my suitcase
I'll go
Anywhere the wind blows
I stand
No perfume, no makeup
It's me, so what if my face is bare
Dressed up, in my father's old sweater
Well I slam the door
and run down the stairs
Anywhere the wind blows
Anywhere the wind blows
Anywhere the sea breaks
Da da da da
Anywhere the Earth quakes
Let this world explode
But take me to a new place
Got nothing in my suitcase
And I'll go
Anywhere the wind blows
Na, na, na, na
Na, na, na, na
Na, na
That's all I've got so far.
- It's great.
- Nice voice.
- Thanks.
You too.
(sighs) Alright.
I think I can sleep now.
(bright dance music)
- [Jesse] Bless you.
- This is so incredible.
I can't believe I'm sick.
- It doesn't matter.
Oh, bless you.
- Where did you get this?
- [Jesse] Ah, I got connections.
- This is from Rochelle,
who likes you, by the way.
- [Jesse] Um, I like her too.
Tell her thank you very much.
One whole year.
- This is the nicest thing
anyone has ever planned for me.
Ah, I don't want you to get my cold.
This sucks.
I wanted to look bewitching.
- Bewitching?
- You heard me.
- You do, you look beautiful.
(blows nose)
And I love you.
- He actually says it.
My cold.
- [Jesse] Hey.
I'll risk it.
- [Anabeth] (sighs) Sorry.
- Laura?
Hey, it's me.
I guess I missed you again.
Um, it's Saturday, you're
not at work are you?
Oh well.
Uh, I'm thinking about you.
And it's morning, so I'm thinking
about you in the morning.
And, uh, I should stop.
I'm really gonna get
myself in trouble here.
But, I can't stop thinking
about things, you know?
Like that little ooo
sound you used to make
when I roll over and let my fingertips
brush the top of your ass.
Or the look on your face when
I'd roll over on top of you
and just slide ride in.
Ah, shit, Jesus Christ you scared me.
- Morning.
- Your car wasn't here.
- Actually it is, it's
just hard to see from here.
- I can explain.
- Oh no.
Don't explain.
It's none of my business.
- No, it's not what it
sounded like, really.
- No?
- No.
Well it is.
A little bit it is.
You have to know that is not me.
I am nothing, normally, nothing like that.
I, I'm, I think I should go.
Thank you.
(jazzy dance music)
- [Anabeth] Where are you going?
- I'm gonna take the Sunset Highway.
- [Anabeth] Why?
- Something I want you to see.
- What are you talking
about, we don't have time.
- We got time.
- [Anabeth] No, no, I don't wanna be late.
- It's not gonna take that long.
- Jesse, just turn around.
- [Jesse] Just relax.
- No, it's my mother.
You know how she gets when we're late.
- Trust me.
- Jesse, just go back.
- [Jesse] Just calm down, calm down.
- I'm not the one being unreasonable here.
- Calm down.
- What?
Don't screw up my funeral.
- How would I do that?
- [Anabeth] (scoffs) You're the expert.
(doorbell rings)
- [Jesse] Hi.
I'm here for Martha.
She knows I'm coming.
My name's Jesse.
- Jesse?
You're Jesse?
Well come on in.
- [Voiceover] Oh, baby's gonna love these.
- Hey everybody.
This is Jesse.
(all laughing)
- Oh my God.
I can't believe you're here.
You look like shit.
Doesn't he look like shit?
- [Voiceover] The elevation's better.
- Tape, go get the tapes.
- [Ladies] Tape, tape, tape, tape, tape.
- [Jesse] Hey, it's a
voice from your past.
It's Jesse.
Listen, um, I'm gonna
be in your neighborhood
on Friday or Saturday.
And uh, I'd like to stop in and see you.
If that's not okay for any reason,
gimme a call at 801-555-0133.
Otherwise, I'll see ya then.
Oh, um--
- Oh, this is classic.
- [Jesse] I hear you don't have any um,
man in your life.
(women laughing)
- [Voiceover] You heard right.
(women cheering and applauding)
- [Voiceover] Whoo hoo!
- Do you wanna stay? (laughs)
- Sure.
Yeah, I'll just stand in the corner
and light myself on fire.
- Oh come on.
Come on.
Stay, enjoy the party.
It'll keep us from talking about you
- Oh, no it won't.
Hi, I'm Naomi.
We uh, we weren't expecting
you 'til tomorrow.
- [Jesse] I'm thinking about you.
- Well, you better sit down.
- [Jesse] And um,
it's morning, so I'm thinking about
you in the morning.
And uh, I should stop.
I'm really gonna get
myself in trouble here,
but uh, I can't stop thinking
about things, you know?
Like, that little ooo sound
- [Ladies] Joan! Joan!
- [Jesse] you used to make
- [Ladies] Joan! Joan!
- [Jesse] when I roll over
- [Ladies] Joan! Joan!
and let my fingertips
brush the top of your ass.
- [All] Oh!
- [Jesse] The look on your
face when I'd roll over
on top of you and just slide right in
Ah, shit Jesus.
God you scared me.
- [Laura] Morning.
- [Jesse] Uh your car wasn't here.
- [Laura] Well actually it is.
Just hard to see from here.
(ladies laughing)
- [Jesse] Uh, I can explain.
I didn't turn off the phone.
- [Laura] Oh no,
don't explain, it's none of my business.
- [Jesse] No, it's really
not what it sounded like.
- [Women] No?
- [Jesse] No, well it is.
A little bit is.
But you need to know,
- [Jesse And Women] that is not me.
I am nothing, normally, nothing like that.
I'm, I should go.
(laughing and applauding)
- [Roman] This is wrong.
- [Hannah] I'm only taking what's mine.
- Let's see, we began this afternoon
with the words, Roman
let's do anything today
but talk about Jesse.
- [Hannah] Dammit.
- And what better place
to not talk about Jesse,
but Jesse's house.
- I am perfectly within my rights.
- In many fascist countries, yes.
(alarm beeps)
- Yes!
(playful Italian inspired music)
- Somebody had a bad night.
- Start with this.
- (exclaims) I gave him that frame.
- [Hannah] I don't want the frame.
- Thank you.
So, anything new in your life?
- Oh (laughs) same old stuff.
- I was so in love with you.
- I know.
- You broke my heart in a million pieces.
- Sorry about that.
- Ah, what is this?
What is this food?
Didn't I teach you anything?
- What?
Hey everybody!
Jesse doesn't like the way lesbians cook.
- [Women] What?
- That is not what I said.
- So, he's going to cook for us.
- [Women] Alright!
- Alright, I can handle this.
- But, you are not
allowed to use the oven.
(women laughing)
- I worship you.
- [Martha] You're welcome.
- Alright.
Anybody here have any
dietary restrictions?
- Oh me!
- Right here.
- No dairy.
(gentle music)
- (chuckles) Unbelievable.
Ship captain.
- Umm, it's too bad he can't use the oven.
I still have all these really great
pots and pans that he gave me.
- That I gave you?
Did I give bad gifts?
- You gave me cooking equipment.
Which one of us cooks for a living?
- Which one of us owns a
restaurant for a living?
- Would you leave that alone please?
- He cooks, she owns a restaurant.
It sounds like a good match.
So what's the problem?
- I don't know.
I mean, you know how hard
it is to be a couple.
Moonlight is shining
I want to call you
Then so we could
- Jesse.
Go walking
- Forget about Hannah.
- [Roman] For your thoughts.
- He never let go of her.
- Objects in the rear view mirror
may appear closer than they actually are.
How 'bout a chance to redeem myself?
(cell phone rings)
- Hello?
- Hey, it's me.
- Jess?
(playful music)
Are you alright?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Where are you, I called you at home.
- Um, I'm at Macy's.
Where are you?
- I'm at a lesbian baby shower.
(Hannah laughs)
Yeah, I'm in Boise.
Martha and Naomi are having a baby.
- [Hannah] Oh, who's the father?
- They are.
- I miss you.
- I miss you.
- I miss you too.
(cuckoo clock chimes)
- Where are you?
- Macy's, they're having
an all night clock sale
and I thought I'd buy one.
- Uh, Hannah listen.
About the proposal.
You were right.
I managed to turn something
that's supposed to be special
and happy into something selfish.
- One more time.
I think I lost the connection.
- Where are you?
What I'm trying to say
is, I behaved like a jerk.
And I wish you were here so
I could tell you in person.
Hannah, I'm sorry.
- Jesse, I don't think I realized
how important Anabeth was to you.
I'm sorry too.
- Uh, listen there are
people waiting for the phone.
I'll call you soon, okay?
- Uh, bye.
- Bye.
(women exclaim)
(upbeat music)
- Gotta go.
- Wait!
- No, I don't think so.
I think coming here was a mistake.
- He's never gonna know we were here.
- That's not what I meant.
I got a funeral to get to.
But you never see the end of the road
While you're traveling with me
Hey now, hey now
Don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us
We know that they won't win
Don't let them win
Hey now, hey now
(knocking at door)
- [Laura] Who is it?
- [Hannah] A friend of Jesse's.
Lisa gave me your address.
- [Laura] Hi.
- Hi.
I'm sorry about the time.
- Oh, it's alright, I was up.
- He's here, isn't he?
- He was.
Why don't you come in?
- I can't stay.
- I wasn't actually offering,
but would you like something to drink?
- You just made some coffee, didn't you?
But you spilled it on your shoes.
- You must be Hannah.
- Uh huh.
- I didn't make any coffee, but I could.
- Careful, don't spill that.
- I won't.
- Thank you.
(scoffs) I was so sure he was still here.
I feel it, I feel like he's still here.
You're sure he's not here.
- I'm sure.
- You're not lying to me?
- No.
- Jesse!
- He's not here.
(gentle pop music)
The moon up there
Father moon, father sun
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one
The bad times run slowly
And the good times run oh mother moon
And father sun
Look what your boy has done
I was all alone
And alone I wondered
(knocking at door)
- I'm so sorry about your daughter.
- What are you doing here?
- Mrs. Phillips, please.
- Alright.
You can clean up upstairs.
(jazzy dance music)
- [Roman] Jesse, you are a saint.
- [Jesse] Yeah well-
- [Roman] This is not my
idea of a bachelor's party.
- [Both] It's not a bachelor party.
- You should slow down.
- I'm fine.
You are more than fine.
You are the finest.
- Hey you guys.
- [Jesse] Hey Rochelle.
- Hey roomie.
- [Jesse] Steve, how ya doin'?
Hey, what's up?
- They want a toast.
(bottles clinking)
- Hey right here.
- [Roman] Over here.
- Everybody.
Your attention please.
I would like to propose a toast
to my beautiful bride to be
and let her know that I
don't mind in the least
that she's going off to Mexico without me
and leaving me here to do
all the last minute work.
Not at all, that's fine.
(crowd laughing)
I um, never expected to find
myself in this position.
I never expected to be
so in love with someone
that, every night I go to bed thinking
my life can't get any better.
And then every morning I wake up wrong,
because she's there.
And my life is better.
And as long as you're with me,
I hope to be wrong every night.
(crowd exclaims)
- A toast!
- [Voiceover] Here here.
(crowd cheers)
- Hey Rochelle.
- Hey.
(laughing) Is he gonna be alright?
- He always is.
- Good.
Last opportunity as a single man.
- [Voiceover] Hey, hasta
luego, going to bed, huh?
- [Voiceover] We'll see you guys later.
- [Voiceover] Bye guys.
Have a good trip.
- Don't work too hard.
- Never do.
Hey, bring me some of that
tequila with the worm in it.
- Oh, that is the last thing you need.
I love you.
- [Jesse] I love you too.
- [Voiceover] Bye.
Have fun.
- [Voiceover] Don't worry.
- Uh hey, hey.
Hey, no.
I don't think so.
I gotta be getting home.
(knocking at door)
- Hey, guess whose flight got canceled?
- [Jesse] Shit.
- [Anabeth] Hey, I'm at the airport.
Our flight got cancelled.
Where are you?
Oh, you must have the ringer off.
Oh well.
I've got a 7:30 am flight,
so I guess I won't see you
'til I get back.
I love you.
I love you. (giggles)
(doorbell rings)
- Listen to me.
Last night was an unbelievable mistake.
I am so sorry.
I love you.
And if you can forgive me,
I promise you it will never happen again.
Eh, I, it was incredibly immature.
I was drunk.
But I was thinking.
Doesn't it freak you out
just a little bit, the idea
that you'll never make love
with anyone else, ever again?
After a life of having
sex with whoever you want.
Doesn't that scare you?
Just a little bit.
And not just the sex, the whole idea that
one person becomes your life.
Doesn't that freak you
out just a little bit?
- That was you?
- What do you mean?
- I thought it was Rochelle and Steve.
- No.
Shit, shit, shit.
We can get past this.
- [Anabeth] No, we can't.
- What do you want me to say?
Please, just would you talk to me?
Don't do this.
- It's over.
(sad music)
- [Roman] Jesse, it's Roman.
- [Jesse] Hey.
(both exhale)
- God, it's weird being
back in this house.
- Let's get outta here.
Let's drive straight down to Seaside,
skip this whole thing.
- Come on, we're gonna be late.
(quiet organ music)
- You see who walked in here?
- [Voiceover] It's Jesse.
(crowd murmers)
- It's a particularly
difficult job I have today.
We're gathered here to pay
our respects to someone
taken from us long before
her promise was fulfilled.
And it's almost impossible to reconcile
how we thought of Anabeth a week ago
with how we see her today.
One of the hardest things I
find myself having to explain
is why things like this
are allowed to happen.
(crowd murmers)
Why our young people,
people so full of potential
taken from us, with no warning.
- [Jesse] Keep going.
- There'll be private
time after the service.
- I said I was sorry.
- Sir, I need you to sit down.
- [Roman] Jesse.
- Leave me alone.
- I loved you.
I would have made our marriage work.
- That is such bullshit.
- It's not!
I love you.
- Now.
You love me now.
We'd have a great relationship
if I'd pulled an Isadora
Duncan every month.
You picture us having dinner in a balloon,
romantic music.
- We did have dinner in a balloon.
- There was no music.
You added the music.
You're only remembering the good stuff.
You know we had huge, horrible fights too.
- That doesn't matter.
You were the one.
- What is this one?
There is no such thing as the one.
There are people who are more right
and people who are less right.
You choose someone who is more right
and you work at it.
- I know that.
- It doesn't seem like it.
It seems like you've been
pretending that I'm the one.
So you won't have to try with anyone else.
- [Priest] All rise please.
- Okay?
- Excuse me.
Do you know who that is?
- That's Eduardo.
Anabeth's fiance.
- I should talk to him later.
- No, don't.
He doesn't like you very much.
- He's not the only one.
(energetic music)
- [Jesse] You ever been to a wake before?
- No, you?
- Where'd she meet this charmer?
Mrs. Phillips.
There was a picture of me and Anabeth
and I think it's up in her room.
It was from one of our first dates,
a little French restaurant.
- Hi.
- [Hannah] Hi.
- What are you?
You look good in black.
- Oh thanks.
(jazzy music)
- I'm very sorry.
(Eduardo scoffs)
- Could you go away please?
- Um, I'm doing something here.
I'll just be a minute.
- Get out of here.
- Hey.
I don't have a problem with you.
- I have a problem with you.
- Yeah?
- [Eduardo] Yeah.
I have a problem 'cause
Anabeth had a problem.
She hated you.
- No she didn't.
- Yeah.
Did she stay in touch?
Did she ever call you even one time?
Just get out of here.
You know what?
You stay.
Look at this.
- I don't want to.
- Look at it.
What's so funny?
- Nothing.
- (scoffs) She took this the first night
that we were together.
- Anabeth liked pictures.
(upbeat dance music)
(muffled yelling)
What is the matter with you?
- Excuse me.
I'll come back.
- This one.
- No, no, no, this one, this one.
(both exclaim)
- Oh my God.
You know him?
- No.
- Wow.
- You know this guy?
- No.
(Eduardo exclaims)
- This one's empty.
- Jesse?
- [Jesse] Shit.
Put 'em up here.
I'll do this.
- [Mrs. Phillips] Jesse.
(Eduardo mutters in foreign language)
- Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry up.
- Is everything alright?
- Yes, (chuckles) yes, yes.
- Did you boys find your pictures?
- We're all set.
- Good.
(Eduardo exhales)
(Eduardo laughs)
(Jesse exhales)
- [Jesse] Whoa!
- Hey, hey, hey.
(crowd exclaims)
- [Voiceover] Oh my god!
- Umm.
- Pictures.
You're gonna hate whatever
it is I have to say.
(gentle music)
somehow I thought that this,
saying goodbye, whatever
it is we're doing here,
would make it all better.
But, hey.
One last surprise Anabeth.
It hurts.
It hurts and it hurts.
Which makes me think.
I'm starting to.
I think, to know how much
you can really love someone,
anyone, you have to let yourself feel
how much it hurts to lose them.
Um, no that it's, that's it.
(sighs) Well, I still have some time.
Maybe I can find a, I
don't know, a christening
or a bar mitzvah to ruin.
(door creaks)
The pictures, the pictures.
(upbeat dance music)
- Um, so.
- Yes.
- Yes what?
- Yes, I'll marry you.
I know that we've got stuff to work out
and chop and heat up and all that,
but that's what you do, right?
- Right.
Oh Hannah.
I can't do this anymore.
We get together, we break up,
we get together, break up.
- How do you know it won't work?
- Because I don't.
We're not right together.
- Oh.
- I'm sorry.
- You know what?
I knew that.
(laughs) My gift must be coming back.
Good news, right?
We're better off as chef/owner anyway.
- We're great at that.
- Yeah.
- Hey guys.
Uh look, I gotta.
My flight's in.
You wanna share a cab to the airport?
- I drove.
- Oh, okay.
Well, I'll see you guys later.
- Do you wanna drive back with me?
- Yeah.
Yeah, that'd be good.
- Okay.
Gimme a second.
- [Roman] Sure.
- I been having this dream about you.
And I know you don't believe this stuff,
but I just thought--
- No, no, no, tell me.
- Somebody gives you a lump of coal.
And you squeeze it and you squeeze it.
And then you turn it into a diamond.
And then you give the
diamond back to the person
who gave you the coal.
(gentle music)
- [Voiceover] She's in there.
Hey boss!
- Yeah?
- Hey.
- Hi.
- I brought ya something.
- Thank you.
I didn't think I'd see you again.
- This place is coming along.
- Yeah.
We just got our certificate of occupancy.
Now all we need's a buyer.
So we're hoping that.
What are you doing here?
Thank you.
I mean I think I got all
the information that I need.
Sorta pass that on to the contractor.
What did you bring me?
For Laura.
One good night's sleep.
- Which we can warm up.
- Of course.
- The Iceman Cometh.
- You won't get past page four.
- And?
- Pajamas.
With feet.
- This is very sweet Jesse.
Unfortunately I have
tried all those things.
Uh, except those.
- But you haven't tried them all together.
And you haven't tried them in.
Okay, what's the time in your
life when you slept the best?
- Jesse, this worked when
I was nine years old,
coming home from trips.
- So pretend you're nine.
- Okay, but I am not wearing these.
I don't think this is gonna work.
- Come on.
What's the worst that can happen?
I keep driving, you stay awake and,
we'll get to know each other a little bit.
Have love, well baby now, will travel
Say I
Have love, yeah, will travel
And I say if you need
loving, man, will travel
Say I, I travel from Maine to Mexico
Trying to find a little
girl who loves me so
No matter where I go,
no matter where I'll be
I just can't find a girl to satisfy me
Now have love, well
baby now, will travel
Say I, I have love, yeah will travel
And baby if you need a loving man
Will travel
Say I'm traveling light, not heavy baby
So look for me to come past your way
I got all full of loving,
awaiting just for you
I even got a suitcase full of kisses too
Now have love, well will travel
Say I, I have love
I stand no perfume, no makeup
It's me, so what if my face is bare
Dressed up in my father's old sweater
When I slam the door
and run down the stairs
Anywhere the wind blows,
anywhere the sea breaks
Anywhere the Earth quakes,
let this world explode
- Why are we doing this again?
Take me to a new place
- Just dig.
With nothing in my suitcase
I'll go, anywhere the wind blows
The rain, it straightens out my hair
There's people pouring everywhere
And buses, taxis, phones and faxes
But I'm already there
Anywhere the wind blows
Anywhere the wind blows
By the lamplight I promise this room
Anywhere the wind blows,
anywhere the sea breaks
Anywhere the Earth quakes,
let this world explode
Take me to a new place,
got nothing in my suitcase
I'll go, anywhere the wind blows
Anywhere the wind blows,
anywhere the wind blows
Anywhere the wind blows,
anywhere the sea breaks
Anywhere the Earth quakes,
let this world explode
Anywhere the wind blows,
anywhere the sea breaks
Anywhere the Earth quakes,
let this world explode
Anywhere the wind blows,
I'll go, I'll go and I'll go
Anywhere the Earth quakes,
let this world explode
Anywhere the wind blows,
I'll go, I'll go and I'll go