Seven Keys to Baldpate (1929) Movie Script

It's a lot of money.
- Yes, it is.
But I'm prepared to risk that
amount to prove my point.
If you had all the solitude in the
world I don't believe you can do it.
And what's the lonesome-est
spot on earth?
A summer resort in the winter.
I've got just the place
and I dare you to go.
Alright. I'll take the dare.
- Then it's a bet?
It's a bet. 5,000 bucks.
You're on.
- Ha.
I've made a lot of easy money, Hal.
But never 5,000 dollars in 24 hours.
Yes. But you haven't
made it yet, my lad.
There's still a ten-thousand-word story
to be written between midnight tonight.
And midnight tomorrow.
Writing the story doesn't bother me.
It's getting to this...
Lonesome-est spot on earth.
Where is it?
Baldpate Inn. About six
hours from New York.
It's closed for the winter.
And I can wire my caretaker
to meet you and let you in.
Give me a key and I'll let myself in.
- I haven't got one.
Elijah has the only key there is.
Elijah Quimby. He's the caretaker.
He'll just let you in and
leave you to your solitude.
Great. I'll be glad to get out from New
York. You know, I'm fed up with it.
Plowing around here in the snow, and...
When do we leave?
You'll have to catch the
4:55 out of Grand Central.
Here's your call, Mr Magee.
- Thank you.
Yes, Hewitt, I'm leaving town.
Pack my things. You know what I need.
By the way, see if that portable
typewriter is behind the bookcase.
Now, I win the bet...
If my story is handed to your caretaker
Quimby by midnight tomorrow night, huh?
Yes... if.
Yes, Hewitt?
Alright, pack it.
And meet me at the
Grand Central at 4:45.
Well I hope you write something
worthy of yourself this time, Mack.
A dignified, thoughtful book.
- Yeah, in 24 hours.
At least get away from the wild
thrilling stuff of shots in the night...
Chases after fortune and cupid shooting
arrows all over the place and whatnot.
I write books to make money.
Please, I beg of you. Do me one favor.
Don't have your hero and
heroine fall in love at first sight.
You don't believe
in love at first sight?
I most certainly do not.
Do you?
Me believe in love at first sight?
Why, of course not. Don't be silly.
But it makes swell fiction.
Mary, I'm so sorry to have
kept you waiting, dear.
Why, hello Irene.
Hello, Hal.
How are you?
- Splendid, thank you.
You know my fortune teller told me I'd
meet a rich, handsome bachelor today.
You don't have to look any further.
Let me present my friend,
William Halliwell Magee.
Mrs Rhodes.
Oh, the William Halliwell Magee?
It's the same, in the flesh.
- How exciting.
Mary, this is Mr Bentley - Miss Norton.
How do you do, Miss.
- Hello.
May I present Mr Magee, who writes
the books with the purple covers.
How do you, Miss Norton?
William Halliwell Magee?
Do you know, I read every
book you ever wrote.
Have you really?
- And loved every one of them.
You're wonderful.
I mean, that's wonderful.
Miss Norton is a writer too, Mr Magee.
Yes. I'm a newspaper woman.
Will you excuse me, Miss Norton?
- Certainly.
I must send the telegram
off to the caretaker, Mack.
I'll go with you, Harold.
- Fine.
Sit down?
- Thank you.
You... live in New York, Miss Norton?
No. This is my vacation.
I'm just spending a week here
at the club with Mrs Rhodes.
You'll be around here for a whole week?
- Yes.
Will you be here too?
You bet. I haven't a thing to do.
The newspaper game, huh?
- Just a little syndicate stuff.
Do you do your writing here, Mr Magee?
Yes. I love it up here.
It's helpful to plow around in the snow.
Do you play golf?
Not in the winter.
Of course not. We'll play next summer.
I say young fellow, if you're going to
catch the 4:55, you'd better shove off.
You know, I've got a lot of things
I want to talk to you... uh...
Will you excuse me?
- Certainly.
Hal, I've thought it over and
I've decided to stay here.
What about our bet?
You trying to back out?
The bet? I can win it next week.
No, you can't win it next week.
It's tonight or never.
I know, but Miss Norton.
I must show her the sights of New York.
Grant's Tomb, Brooklyn Bridge etc.
Yes. I'll show Miss Norton the sights.
You're going to be very busy
for a couple of evenings.
Run along. I'm awfully
glad to have met you.
I'll be back at the
crack of dawn, Thursday.
How about a little dinner
engagement Thursday night?
Or lunch?
- Well...
How about breakfast?
- Breakfast is a date.
Yes, for breakfast.
Excuse us, Miss Norton.
Come along, young fellow.
Well... until Thursday?
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
My car is waiting for you outside.
Hasn't she the most wonderful eyes?
What do you suppose anybody wants
to be doing in a summer hotel...
On the top of a mountain
in the dead of winter?
How do I know?
This whole thing is
very mysterious to me.
Of course it's mysterious.
Let me see that telegram.
'Make him comfortable.
He has important work to do'.
'Be back tomorrow night at midnight'.
'To get his finished book'.
'Ask no questions. Hal Bentley'.
Sounds awful queer to me.
Whatever it is, it's
none of our business.
You'd better fix up a place
for him to sleep, mother.
And light a fire up there.
- Why, of course. Yes, yes.
Maybe the fellow has committed
some crime or other?
I can't figure it out.
[ Door knocks ]
[ Door knocks ]
Mother... mother.
Did you call me, Elijah?
What's the matter?
I think it's him.
The telegram. I mean... the man.
Well, let him in.
Just a minute. Just a minute.
What's the matter, young fellow?
Are you cold?
Am I cold?
I feel pretty rocky.
But I must laugh at that one.
You're Mr Magee, ain't you?
What's left of me is still Magee.
You were expecting me, of course?
- Oh yes.
And my name is Quimby.
- I thought so.
And my wife... Mrs Quimby.
Delighted, Mrs Quimby.
- Glad to meet you, Mr Magee.
An uncommon cold night tonight.
So this is Baldpate, huh?
We was nearly scared to death getting
a telegram in the middle of the night.
Sorry to bring you out on a night
like this but it can't be helped.
This is certainly
John In Seclusion himself.
What... what happened?
Don't be alarmed Mrs Quimby. Mr Bentley
has probably had the power turned on.
We understand you're
going to write a book.
Try to... and in 24 hours.
Up here... all alone?
Yes. I find I concentrate
better from midnight on.
I must have absolute solitude.
Perhaps you're right.
Mr Bentley said you'd give
me the key to this place.
The only key in existence, he said.
Yes, the only key I know of.
- There ain't no other key.
I can swear to that.
- Good. Then I won't be interrupted.
Did you hear that?
- Ghosts.
That thing has been out
of commission all winter.
Let's get out of here, Eli.
- It's alright, alright, Mrs Quimby.
Mr Bentley probably had
the service renewed.
He wanted to find out if
I've arrived... excuse me.
Oh, hello Hal.
Yeah. A few minutes ago.
I'm half frozen, thank you.
It's everything you said it was.
The lonesome-est spot on earth.
And your opinion will cost
you 5,000 dollars, old man.
Oh, by the way, Hal.
I want you to give my very best
to the charming Miss Norton.
Oh no, no.
Nothing like that.
Alright, fine.
You bet.
You understand you're to be
back at midnight tomorrow?
Yes. To get the book you'll write.
Oh... now you're quite sure
I won't be disturbed?
The only other time I remember
anybody coming here in the winter...
Was when the Reformers got
after a lot of crooked politicians.
And they broke in here
in the middle of the night.
And hid a lot of graft
money in the office safe.
The Reformers had money in the safe?
No, the politicians.
Reformers never have any money.
Splendid. Splendid.
What are you laughing at?
- Nothing.
Crooked politicians... hidden money.
That sounds like a bestseller.
Is there anything more we
can do for you, Mr Magee?
Oh no, nothing at all. Oh yes,
you have forgotten something.
The key.
- Oh yes, the key.
Now, you're absolutely certain
this is the only key to Baldpate?
Yes, I'm sure.
- I can swear to it.
What will you do? Lock yourself in?
- Exactly.
I should think you'd
be afraid of ghosts.
Yes, they've been seen here.
There's an old fellow up in the
mountains here by the name of Peters.
He's a hermit.
A hermit?
- Yes.
He's one of them fellows that's
been disappointed in love.
His wife ran off with a traveling man.
All the summer, boaters buy
picture postcards from him.
He's the fellow that's
been frightening people.
By waving a lantern with a
white sheet wrapped around it.
No-one ever proved it was him.
- Well...
Who else can it be?
There ain't no such thing as ghosts.
Is there, Mr Magee?
Ghosts and hermits.
Not bad at all.
Well come along, mother.
Goodnight. I see you tomorrow
night at 12 o'clock sharp.
I'll be on the minute.
I'll come to see if you're still alive.
I should think you'd be scared to death.
I don't envy your trip.
- Goodnight.
The only key, huh.
[ Banging noises ]
2875 West. Hurry it along, sister.
Hello. Is that you Andy? This is Brand.
Yes. Yes, Baldpate.
Oh it's terrible. Why, it's
like Napoleon's tomb.
Say, I thought you told me Mayor
Cargan was going to meet me here.
Oh, I'm not going to wait here
all night. Why, I'd go mad.
Now listen.
I'm going to hide the money
here in the office safe.
And Mayor Cargan knows the combination.
Why, it's the safest
place on earth to hide it.
How could they get in?
There's only one key.
And I've got it.
Alright. Goodbye.
Good evening.
Perhaps I should say good morning.
- Who are you?
I was about to ask you.
You followed me up the mountain?
- I was here before.
How'd you get in?
- The door.
There's only one key
and it's in my pocket.
My dear sir, until a moment ago I
labored under the same impression.
But as long as your key fits the
lock and my key fits the lock...
There's evidently two keys to
Baldpate instead of one. See?
You mean that's the key to Baldpate?
- Yeah.
I heard you call your friend just now to
say yours is the only key in existence.
Sort-of gave me a laugh.
You heard what I said on the phone?
- Every word.
You don't think you'll to
live to tell it, do you?
Well I'm no tattletale.
I'd like to have you
answer me one question.
Where did you get your key to Baldpate?
- None of your business.
Get me?
Yes. I got you.
Who gave you that key?
Honestly, it's none of your business.
- What?
That's the answer you gave me.
Hey. You've a nerve talking to me
like that with a gun in your face.
Guns don't bother me.
I've never experience the
thing in real life before.
You know, I've written so much
of this melodramatic stuff.
And it sort-of amuses me to find out
that the so-called literary trash...
Is the real thing after all.
Really old man, I've written
you over and over again.
Hey... I killed a man
once for laughing at me.
Say, that's my line.
I used it in Walt's Limousine.
400,000 copies. I bet you read that one.
- What are you doing here anyway?
To tell you the truth, I'm trying to win
a bet by completing a novel in 24 hours.
You must think I'm an awful
sap to fall for talk like that.
If you don't believe me, go upstairs.
You'll find a letter from the owner of
this inn, proving I'm telling the truth.
I'll get it for you.
Come back here.
- What's the matter?
I have been double-crossed
before, young fellah.
If the letter is up there, I'll find it.
If you don't believe me,
look for yourself.
You know.
I meant to speak to you
about that, old man. Really.
I'm terribly, terribly ticklish.
And I've never carried a gun in my life.
- No?
But you have one up in that room, huh?
If you don't believe me, take a look.
- That's just what I'm going to do.
Only I think I'll let you lead the way.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
You're a little bit too anxious.
I'll go in there first.
Open this door. Open this door.
Open this door.
Open this door I tell you.
I'll kill you when I
get out of this room.
Central? Get me Asquewan
Police Headquarters.
Police Headquarters.
Don't you understand?
Hello... hello?
What the deuce...?
Somebody trying to get
Police Headquarters?
Well, try and get them back.
And what do you want?
Don't shoot. Don't. It's alright.
Why, what are you doing here?
I'll explain. I want to call my friend.
- Wait a minute.
How did you get in that door?
I unlocked it with a key of course.
With a key, of course. With a key.
[ Female scream ]
[ Female scream! ]
Lock the door. Lock the door.
- What's wrong? What's happened?
A man.
- A man?
What man?
- With a revolver.
He jumped out and ran
down the mountainside.
Just a minute.
- Is anything wrong?
Oh no, everything is alright.
Oh dear, why did you come here, Mary?
Don't get excited. Now, it's alright.
Well, the bird has flown.
But he forgot this.
What is it?
- A cute little thing, isn't it.
Oh, put it away.
Will someone please explain...
How anything as wonderful as you
being here can ever happen to me.
I know how busy you are.
I'll explain it in just a few words.
You see, I work for a
newspaper syndicate and...
Why do you stare at me so?
Do you believe in love at first sight?
What do you mean?
You know I've written about
it a great many times.
But I never believed in it before.
It's really remarkable.
Are you going to
explain your visit here?
Oh well, yes.
To begin with you see, I...
[ Telephone ]
Will you be good and answer the phone?
- Certainly.
Hello... what's that?
Well hold the phone. I'll see.
Did you want to speak
to Police Headquarters?
Oh yeah.
Why... no. Just say they
must have made a mistake.
Hello? No. No such call from here.
Must be a mistake.
That's alright.
Thank you.
Hello? Hello, Central?
This is Chief Kennedy.
Police Headquarters.
You got me a wrong connection.
That call didn't come from Bowlby.
Now get busy and find out
where it did come from.
Something mysterious about that.
Then you did call police headquarters?
- I did.
Perhaps you'll be good enough
to answer me one question.
I'll answer you a hundred.
How did you get in
here without this key?
Yours is the only key to Baldpate
in existence, I suppose?
So I understand.
- I see.
If it's news to you there's more keys to
Baldpate than you find in a grand piano.
Then he lied.
Who lied?
Remember your promise, Mary.
I can't tell you his name, but he's the
man who sent me here to get this story.
What... what story?
- Your 5,000-dollar wager.
Remember your promise, Mary.
You've made a lot of promises,
haven't you, Mary.
All I say is, after the wager was
made at the club this afternoon...
A certain someone gave me what I
believed to be the only key to Baldpate.
And I hurried here to let you in.
To get the story of your
wager for my newspaper.
May I stay?
May you? Will you?
But please tell me
where you got that key.
Remember your promise, Mary.
I wish you hadn't brought her with you.
- What?
Oh. Excuse me, excuse me.
No offense, Mrs Rhodes.
Of course I understand Mary is
a very promising young woman.
Why, I continually
remind her of the fact.
Pardon me. It's just my little joke.
You know.
Then we have your permission to stay?
- I'd love to have you.
Of course you understand I've a lot of
work to do in the next twenty-odd hours.
By the way, who was
the man with the gun?
And why did he jump out of the window?
You may also ask me why he placed
a package of money in the safe.
And why he phoned the fact to someone
who relayed the message to Mayor Cargan.
Mayor Cargan?
- Yes, what's the matter?
Why Mrs Rhodes is to become
Mrs Cargan next Sunday morning.
Oh, indeed?
Congratulations, Mrs Rhodes.
And apologize for any
mistake I may have made.
I assure you a more honest man
than Jim Cargan never lived.
I sincerely trust you're right.
I hope your story proves a knock-out.
Oh, thank you.
I wish.
What do you wish?
I'm just thinking about a wedding.
- A wedding?
Mrs Rhodes and Mayor Cargan
on Sunday morning.
Mary. You know that's the
sweetest name in the world.
Thank you.
I still wish you hadn't
brought her with you.
So... goodnight.
- Goodnight.
You don't believe Jim Cargan
guilty of treachery, do you Mary?
I don't know.
I told you the suburban bribe
story we got last night.
But I sincerely hope the name of Cargan
stays clean for both your sakes.
I know but...
'Money in that safe', he said.
Yes, I know.
That dovetails with the
suburban bribe story.
Say, I came down here to do a special.
But I may get two sweeps with one broom.
Wouldn't that be wonderful?
Good heavens, Mary. Look.
- What is it?
[ Female screams ]
What's wrong down there?
A ghost... a ghost.
I bet you four dollars that's the fellow
whose wife ran off with a traveling man.
[ Wheezing sounds ]
It has asthma.
I beg your pardon, but have you any idea
how many keys there are to this flat?
What are these women doing here?
Well they happen to be...
- I don't like women.
It's alright ladies, it's alright. He's
not a regular ghost. I know about him.
He's in the picture postcard business.
Just a moment now, Bosco.
Ladies, would you mind going
upstairs in my room for a moment?
I want to tell him a
little bedtime story.
[ Grunt ]
That's the second time you've grunted
at me. Now don't do it again, you hear?
Oh, so you're the ghost
of Baldpate, huh?
How did you people get in here?
You're not pulling that 'only key in
existence' speech on me, are you?
The others are imitations.
Mine is the real key.
The old man gave it to me
the day before he died.
What old man?
- You know who I mean.
The father of a young scamp who
wastes his time in New York clubs.
So you're not particularly fond of
the present owner of Baldpate, huh?
I hate him and all his men friends.
You don't like women either?
I despise them.
How do little boys and girls strike you?
[ Grunt ]
You know, I understand your wife. Anyone
preferred to you. Even a traveling man.
Don't mention my wife's
name again or I'll break...
Now, wait a minute. Don't you
make any more swipes at me...
Or I take the white sheet from you.
And put you right out
of the ghost business.
Say, why don't you cut out this
ghost stuff and be a regular hermit?
[ Grunt ]
[ Female screams ]
What's happened? Is someone hurt?
A woman in white.
A woman in white.
They thought it was the ghost.
They thought it was the ghost...
A woman. Get back, get back.
Another key.
I thought I'd give you a little more
light so you can work faster.
Come on out here please.
I didn't think they
did this sort of thing...
Outside of melodrama
and popular novels. But...
You know, you're the most
attractive burglar I've ever seen.
That is, if you are a burglar.
Are you?
Are you one of the Cargan crowd?
Or do you represent the
Reuton Railway people?
No, I'm just an ordinary
man trying to win a bet.
Would you mind telling me who you are?
I will if you'll answer me one question.
I'll answer that before you ask it.
A friend of mine gave it to me.
And you thought you had
the only one is existence.
But he lied to you.
Oh, I have a cute little key of my own.
There are keys and keys, but I
love my little key best of all. See?
Oh, I can't understand it all.
You haven't anything on me.
My husband is president of
the Reuton Railway Company.
He's agreed to pay a large amount
of money for an important franchise.
Ah bribery, huh?
- Oh, I'm afraid it is.
My husband is being cheated and
Mayor Cargan is at the bottom of it all.
I don't know who you
are but you're a man.
Aren't you?
- Yeah.
You'll help me, won't you?
What do you want me to do?
In that safe is a package
containing 200,000 dollars.
200,000 dollars?
A Mr Brand was to bring it at midnight.
Cargan was to follow and find it here.
Cargan is coming here?
- So they planned it.
I must have the money out
of there before he arrives.
You'll help me, won't you?
Don't you understand.
My husband is being cheated.
Tricked, robbed. Probably ruined.
But I don't know the combination.
- There must be something we can do.
Please, please.
For the sake of my
children, help me. Please.
Who are these women?
What are they doing here?
Oh, ladies. May I present Mrs...
- Please, please don't.
Will you pardon me for a moment?
Oh please. Please don't
tell them who I am.
My husband would kill me if he learned
I'd been here on such an errand.
You may trust me. I sympathize
with you very deeply, madam.
I'll get the money out of the safe.
My word of honor.
Ladies, I want you to meet an old
schoolmate of mine. Miss Brown.
Miss Brown?
Now I have a lot of work
to do, but I'll catch up.
I'll catch up if there aren't 3 or 4
hundred more keys to the front door.
Ha-ha. Ha-ha.
Might I see you a moment... alone?
Why, I'd be delighted.
You'll pardon me.
Just go along and make yourself at home.
Be good enough to show her
the room, Mrs Rhodes.
Come right along, Miss Brown.
That woman lied.
She lied?
She claims to be the wife of Tom Hayden,
the President of the Suburban Railway.
She lied, I say.
I've known Mrs Hayden all my life.
I went to school with her daughters.
Somebody is playing a desperate game.
And it costs me 5,000 dollars.
I can see that right now.
But what do I care? I've met you.
Will you give the money to that woman?
- Not if she lied.
But you believe me, don't you?
- Believe you?
Listen little girl, when you came in the
door tonight and I laid eyes on you...
I knew that... well...
I can write those pretty speeches
but I can't say them when I mean it.
There's just nothing
I wouldn't do for you.
Try me.
- Very well, I will.
You get me the money out of the safe
before Cargan comes here to steal it.
If that money is proof of the deal,
I'll wipe out the Streetcar Trust...
And the Cargan crowd in
tomorrow's edition of The Star.
Furthermore, I'll save Mrs Rhodes
from marrying a thief.
You'll do this for me.
Won't you, please?
- Yes.
What do you want me to do?
- We must hurry.
Can't you think of some
way to open the safe?
Well, I...
What was that?
Somebody is hiding in this room.
Goodnight, Miss Norton.
- Goodnight.
Get away from that safe.
Put up your hands.
It's you, is it?
Come out here.
Throw him in the cellar, Max.
- Come on, hurry up. Get down there.
Cargan, I hate you.
Get out.
By gad, another minute
and he'd have had it, sure.
Is it all there?
- I don't know. I'll see.
You're surprised I find the money here.
- What do you mean, surprised?
I'll tell you something, Max.
I didn't trust you.
- What do you mean?
I thought you were going
to double-cross me.
I thought you'd beat me to this bankroll
through the Thornhill woman.
Myra Thornhill?
- Yes, Myra Thornhill.
Ah now, don't play dead.
I know every move you made.
I've had you watched.
I'd made up my mind to kill you,
Max, if this money had been gone.
But it isn't gone, boss. You've got it.
I'm shot.
Oh not you're not.
Come on, toss the package
of money over here.
Hurry up. I mean business.
Jim Cargan.
Max. Max, are you hurt?
- No, I'm alright.
Myra Thornhill.
So you did try to
double-cross me, you...
One moment.
No, no, gentlemen.
I must insist on orderly conduct.
Young man, be good enough to
put that gun of yours on the desk.
Hurry now.
That's fine. Now just remove the
gun from Mr Cargan's pocket.
I'm sure he has one. Hurry please.
That's fine. Now, step
away from the arsenal.
Mrs Rhodes, please ask the Streetcar
president's wife to go back in her room.
Then lock the door and remove the key.
Miss Norton, take those guns
and put them in the safe.
Then, turn the combination.
That's fine.
Now gentlemen, I must urge you to go up
to the room on the balcony on the left.
Mrs Rhodes, be good enough to lock the
door when the gentlemen are inside.
I shan't keep you here long, gentlemen.
I'll release you after I've transacted
some vital business with the young lady.
Lively now, gentlemen. Lively.
That's it. Now to your left.
That's it.
Now, right in.
Now lock the door Mrs Rhodes,
and bring me the key.
What do you think of my work?
Some roundup, huh?
Ah, that's the ticket.
I'm awfully sorry about this
for your sake, Mrs Rhodes.
It's best she should
know. Isn't it, dear?
It's alright.
Now here's your graft money.
We've got to work fast. Now what?
I have it all planned. What's the time?
It's one-thirty. You can't get
a train out of here until five.
But I'll find a way.
Are you staying here?
You bet I am. I'll keep this gang until
you phone me you're out of danger.
But your work?
- I can write a novel any time.
I can lose this bet and still
be repaid a million times over.
I have met you. Hmm.
Well goodnight, Mrs Rhodes.
- Goodnight.
An adventuress. Crooked politicians.
Safe fraud. And love at first sight.
I wanted to get away from melodrama.
And still they come.
I beg your pardon, but who are you?
I'm Mayor Cargan's butler.
Mayor Cargan?
- Yep. He's here.
You wish to see him?
- Yeah.
Tell him Mr Hayden of the
Reuton Suburban Road calls.
I see. You're the President of the Road?
I most certainly am, sir.
- Your wife is here.
- Upstairs. Locked in that room.
Ha-ha. Just a moment.
Just a minute, now. I'll tell the Mayor
that the President has arrived, huh?
Are you a crazy man, sir?
That's what the critics say.
You know, I wouldn't argue
the point with them tonight.
Won't you sit down, Mr Hayden.
I'll tell the boys you're here.
Come on. Come on, boys.
Come on, the President is here.
Oops, watch your step
now. Watch your step.
Go down boys, one at a time. Easy.
Now, I'll walk a little behind.
Hello, Hayden.
- What is all this, Cargan?
I don't know. Ask him.
- Who is he?
I don't know or care.
We're nailed... that's all I know.
No, you have to come back.
Sit down and join us for a minute.
Oh, go on.
I'd very much like to know the reason
for such strange actions, young man.
Your wife will be down soon.
She'll tell you all about it.
Confound it, sir.
My wife is home... in... bed.
Yeah? That's what you think.
You're not the first fellow
that's been fooled, you know.
Hermy. Take this key and go up
and unlock the balcony door.
Tell Mrs Hayden her husband wishes
to see her down here right away.
Hurry along now, that's a good ghost.
Go on.
Go on.
Better make yourselves comfortable,
boys. We're apt to have quite a wait.
I'll be running along.
Stick around, Mr Hayden.
I'll have your wife meet you.
I don't think she's ever
had the pleasure.
[ Door knocks ]
A novelty at last. A man without a key.
I have a key. I'll let him in.
No, no. Don't bother. I have a dandy
little key of my own. I'll let him in.
What the devil sort of a man is this?
What's the matter, Guvnor?
- Don't know.
That's him. The man I told you about.
The one who locked me in the room.
Hello, hello. You back again?
Did you get it?
- No. He's got it.
What? Give me that money.
I killed a man once for hollering at me.
Mr Hayden, I think you're
getting the best of it.
This young lady claims to be your wife.
You claim what?
Go on. Holler your head off, Grandpa.
I love to hear an old guy squawk.
What will you do with the money?
- I haven't got the money.
- It's on its way to Reuton.
Where Miss Norton will see it's placed
in the hands of the proper authorities.
At the Reuton Daily Star.
Daily Star? We're done...
Sit down there.
Sit down.
You too, Hermy.
Go on, be a good ghost.
Oh go on.
You too, Mr Hayden. Sit down.
I don't care to sit down.
Go on now and be a nice
little President, and sit...
Confound it. Do you know I'm President
of the Reuton Suburban Railway Company?
I wouldn't care if you were President
of the National League. Now, sit down.
We stay right here until
that phone rings.
And Miss Norton tells me she's
safe and sound in Reuton.
It may be three hours. It may be six.
So get comfortable and
sit as easy as you can.
So you did try to double-cross me.
The chances are, I'd kill you for this.
Afraid I made a mistake
to bring you here, Guvnor.
You're always making mistakes
your dumb, blockheaded fool.
I'm sorry I got you into this, Myra.
Shut up you fathead.
I hope you're all sent
to prison for life.
It's going to be a nice, pleasant
little party. I can see it right now.
My dear... it's cold.
Oh may I telephone, please?
- Certainly, Miss.
Will you hold this for me, dear.
- Sure.
Reuton 498.
Yes please.
Please hurry at Central.
It's very important.
But they will answer.
It's the Daily Star newspaper office.
Hello? Hello, Mr Clive?
This is Mary Norton.
I have a marvelous story for you.
And some important
evidence to back it up.
It will be frontpage stuff so hold
everything until I get there.
No, I can't tell you over the phone.
But the evidence is in my
purse and it's perfectly safe.
I'm leaving right away.
Two hours of this nonsense.
I refuse to sit here another minute.
Stick around Mr Hayden.
We like to look at you.
That's it.
Let's see. What can we talk
about to keep things lively?
I have it.
Let's all tell how we got
our keys to Baldpate.
Big secrets, huh?
Bland, where did you get your key?
None of your business. Get me?
Perhaps the young is good enough
to tell us where she got her key.
I've no objection.
- Myra, please.
He gave the key to me.
Where'd you get a key to Baldpate?
- I swore not to tell.
I suppose he also gave you
the safe's combination?
He did.
- Myra.
Ah, shut up you cry-baby.
You got me into this mess.
I'll tell you the whole layout. I was to
come here and make off with the package.
Cargan was to follow and find it gone.
We were to meet tomorrow
to divide the money.
You rat. I'll kill you for this.
- Cargan.
You said you can't get in here
unless I unlocked the door.
I can explain that.
He was to meet you here
in the morning at 9 o'clock.
Am I right?
- You're right.
The plan was for me to steal
in here to take the money.
He was to keep his appointment
with you tomorrow morning.
And appear just as surprised
as you'd have been...
When you discover the safe
empty and the money gone.
He was going to cross you and Hayden and
everyone else connected with the bribe.
He tried to cross you.
And you Max, tried to double-cross him.
Yeah. And if I hadn't been
interrupted by our friend here...
I'd have got the money and
triple-crossed the whole outfit.
Why not?
Scruples are a joke when
dealing with crooks.
Who's a crook?
Now, Mr Cargan.
I'm the schoolteacher here.
Now be a good little Mayor and sit.
So you did try to cross me, huh?
Why shouldn't I? You've been around
crossing everybody, ain't you?
You're a great big bluff, Cargan.
And you're never going to kill anybody.
You haven't got the nerve.
But I have.
And the next bluff you make
at me will be your last.
You didn't think you'd get that
franchise for $200,000, did you Hayden?
Why this man will have bled you for half
a million before the bill went through.
And I dare him to call me a liar.
Is that true, Cargan?
Yes. That's what I was
going to do. Rob you.
You're trying to rob
the city, aren't you?
Why, you're as big a thief as I am.
Let me tell you this, Hayden.
If I go up for this, you'll go with me.
Rob you? Ha...
You've got a lot of gall to yell
about being robbed, you have.
I hope the prison catches fire
and you're all burned to a crisp.
This woman who took
the money. Who is she?
She's a newspaper
reporter on the Daily Star.
The Daily Star.
The paper that's hounded me
ever since I've been in office.
They've got me this time, sure.
Nah, nah.
Answer the phone, Miss Thornhill.
Hello? Yeah.
Baldpate Inn. Yeah.
Just a moment.
Someone wants to talk to you.
Get the name.
Who is this please?
Miss Norton.
Tell her to give you the message.
You repeat it to me as you get it.
He says he can't come to the phone
and wants you to give me the message.
You are talking from
the Commercial House.
You missed the package
of money five minutes ago.
The money lost.
That settles it.
There goes their evidence.
Tell him you're nearly crazy.
And should you notify the police?
Well, what shall I say?
Whoever heard of losing $200,000?
She's holding out.
You're a quick thinker, Miss Thornhill.
But I don't believe you
got that message at all.
Come here, Hermy.
My name isn't Hermy. My name is Peter.
Whatever it is, come here.
You don't like anybody in
this room any more than me.
Take this gun until I get the message.
Guard the door and kill
anyone who makes a move.
You understand?
I'd like to kill them all.
But don't shoot unless you have to.
Now Cargan, I've got you at last.
What happened? I mean,
you really lost the money?
Now get up.
We'll show you, young fellow.
Put them in the linen closet
up there and lock the door.
What's this, Cargan?
Go on. I'm schoolteacher now.
Do as you're told.
Miss Thornhill.
Get on the phone over there and tell
that woman not to notify the police.
Tell her she's to return here at
once, and see what she says.
The message is to not notify the
police, but to return here at once.
As quick as she can get here, she said.
You harm a hair of the girl's head...
I'll get you if it's the
last act of my life.
Yeah? I read that kind of talk in books.
Yeah, well I write books of that
kind, but I'm talking real talk now.
Go on, get in there.
Come on, you too.
What are you going to do with the
money if you find it on her, Cargan?
Keep it, of course.
Say Hermy, if I can get
you out of this room.
Will you keep Miss Norton
from returning here?
I tell you that's my money, Cargan.
Our agreement still holds.
You people will get the
franchise. Don't worry.
You openly declared you were
going to rob me of the money.
That's because I was mad clean through.
Wasn't I being accused right and left?
I... I didn't mean a
word I said, Hayden.
I don't remember now what I did say.
But I haven't forgotten what
you said to me, Mr Max.
I don't want you to forget it. I want
you to remember it all your life.
You're nothing but a
cheap coward, Cargan.
So, you tried to double-cross me, eh?
Why, certainly. Who are you?
Why you double-crossing snake,
I'll choke the life out of you.
Hey, cut it out.
You can't pull that kind
of stuff when I'm around.
Gentlemen, gentlemen. Please...
Now madam, what do you mean
by claiming to be my wife?
Listen old man, don't annoy me
because I've got a nasty temper.
Go on now. Get away before I lose it.
Get away from the safe.
What you doing there?
You needn't be afraid.
I ain't going to do anything.
Only I...
Max, have you gone crazy?
I couldn't help it. It was an accident.
I didn't mean it, I tell you.
Put out the lights.
You're a good shot, Max.
You got her alright.
- I didn't mean it, I tell you.
It was an accident.
- I saw you take aim.
And me.
Before heaven.
I swear it was an accident.
Open this door.
Give me a hand. We'll move her upstairs.
I didn't mean it I tell you.
I never did.
Why, I wouldn't harm a fly.
- Keep quiet, you poor fool.
You'll keep out of this young fellow
if you know what's good for you.
Who fired the pistol shot?
- It was an accident.
I didn't mean to kill her.
It was an accident.
So we have a murder
case on our hands, huh?
That's it. She killed herself.
She killed herself.
No. It was murder. Murder in the first
degree and there's the murderer.
And I'll make you pay the penalty.
I'm afraid you're in the
wrong, young fellow.
She's dead.
You killed her alright.
Better plead insanity, old man.
It's the only chance you've got.
A bad business, this carrying guns.
Who was the woman? Your wife?
No, no. You can't get away with it.
You forget I've a witness
in Peters the hermit.
Yeah, get him. Bring him down.
He's gone.
- Gone? Gone where?
He must have found a way.
He knows the place better than we do.
I saw you when you fired.
You shot to kill.
I tried my best to knock
the gun out of your hand.
But I was too late.
A good thing I grabbed
you before you got away.
But you shouldn't have choked her.
That was the brutal part.
Why you...
[ Door knocks ]
Open this door in the name of the law.
The police.
- Keep quiet.
I'll open it.
- No you don't.
Here, wait a minute.
I'll take that key.
I'll take the gun I saw you
stick in your pocket too.
What authority have you?
- Close your trap.
Everything's alright, chief.
He's alright.
Turn on some light here.
Why... hello Mr Mayor.
What are you doing here?
I can explain all that.
I'm glad you got here, Chief.
Who are you?
I'll tell you at the
right time and place.
Better get on the job quick, Chief.
What you trying to do,
run the police department?
Thousands of dollars are involved and
a crime has been committed besides.
I advise placing every man in
this room under arrest immediately.
Don't be afraid. I've got men outside.
Nobody will get away.
Good old Max, eh?
Quite a crowd of celebrities.
What, Mr Hayden?
- Hello.
Well, this is a real
highbrow affair, ain't it.
Well come on. Somebody open up.
You got anything more to say young man?
I prefer to tell my story in
the presence of witnesses.
Don't mind him, Chief. He's a madman.
Who was it called police HQ two hours
ago and then said it was a mistake?
I did.
How come it's a woman's
voice on the wire then?
I'll not say another word
until I'm under oath.
I charge these men with
conspiracy and murder.
What's this, Cargan?
The poor devil has gone mad, I think.
He shot and killed a woman
a few minutes ago...
And he's accused every
man here of the crime.
Murder, eh?
Who was the woman you shot?
- Don't let them get away with this.
I can prove my innocence.
There's the real murderer. Right there.
The men who are accusing me are
trying to save their own necks.
I can prove why I'm here tonight.
Ask them their reasons for being here.
He's raved on that way for
the past ten minutes, Chief.
What's your reason for being here?
- I came here to write a book.
You're right.
He's a lunatic alright.
Who was the woman who was killed?
- Her name is Thornhill.
Where is she?
- In one of those rooms up there.
Well, I'll just look the ground
over before I send for the coroner.
What room is she in?
- I'll show you, Chief.
Take my tip young fellow
and don't try to get away.
One of those cops outside will
blow your head off if you do.
Don't be afraid. I'll stay here and
see to it the other men do too.
They generally go out of
their minds after they shoot.
I carried the body from that room...
Through the secret
passage to the cellar.
I heard them accuse you of the crime.
They'll never find the secret passage.
And they'll never find the body.
What did you do that for?
You darned fool.
Hey... what are you guys trying to do?
String me?
You know what. I was born and
brought up in New York City.
Even if I do live in Asquewan Falls.
He was there ten minutes ago, Chief.
- I'm going insane.
Hey, what the devil is
the meaning of all this?
If you people think you can make
a joke out of me, you're mistaken.
No joke. I tell you a murder
was committed here.
So where's the victim?
- In the cellar.
Say... what are you trying
to do? Trap me in the cellar?
I say the victim is
in the cellar, Chief.
Judge for yourself whether
I'm crazy or not.
[ Whistle ]
Search the cellar of this place and
report to me here what you find.
Hurry up, now.
Now, if this...
If this is a practical joke
you'll all land in jail for it.
I ain't going to be made the
laughing stock of Asquewan Falls.
I tell you that right now.
Miss Norton.
- Hello. Who's this?
What's the police doing here?
Who is this woman?
- A thief.
She stole a packet of money.
- Whose money?
My money.
- No, my money.
Where's the money?
- The money's been lost.
Hey, what are you people
trying to do to me anyway?
Where did you lose the money?
- I don't know. Between here and Reuton.
I searched every inch of the
mountain from bottom to top.
Where's Mrs Rhodes?
- I left her at the Commercial House.
How much money was it?
- 200,000 dollars.
Come on now, cut out this kidding stuff.
How much was it?
- That exact amount, Chief.
Where'd you get the money?
- I gave it to her.
And you?
Where'd you get it, Cargan?
- From the safe.
How'd you open it?
- I didn't.
Who did?
- Peters, the hermit.
Who put the money in the safe?
- Man on your right.
Where'd you get it?
- From Mr Hayden.
Is this true, Mr Hayden?
- I refuse. I may incriminate myself.
Here. Hayden gave the money to Bland.
Bland put the money in the safe.
Peters opened the safe. Cargan
took the money from Peters.
This man took the money from Cargan
and gave it to a newspaper reporter.
She loses the money on the mountain.
And somebody kills a woman...
And the corpse got up and walked away.
And you expect me to
believe this bunk, do you?
This is all we can find
down there, Chief.
Oh for the love of Mike,
get out and over there.
Come on, you fellows.
Question anybody who passes
up or down the mountain.
You'll have to step up there, Miss.
Who is the woman this girl says
she left at the Commercial House?
Mrs Rhodes. She's alright.
- How do we know she is?
Maybe they work together?
- That's enough, Bland.
I'll call up the Commercial
House and see if she's there.
Give me 3.5. Central. Quick.
Well... call me when you get it.
What's her name again?
- Mrs Rhodes.
[ Female screams ]
Someone killed her.
There's a woman in that room.
This is terrible.
What did you do?
Bring her back to that room?
Isn't that what you told me to do?
Oh no, you blithering idiot.
What are you people trying to do to me?
Don't touch that phone.
[ Telephone ]
Yes. I called you.
This is Chief Kennedy talking.
Is there a woman there
by the name of Rhodes?
How long ago?
She asked you to take care of
a package until she got back?
Where have you got it?
In the safe?
Now listen, Charlie.
Call up to headquarters right
away and get a man over there.
Give him that package.
And tell him to bring it up to Baldpate
Inn as quick as he can. Understand?
Then send the Coroner up here.
Never mind now. Do as I tell you.
You take orders from me.
Now get busy and keep your mouth shut.
She left the hotel a quarter hour ago.
She put the package in
the safe before she went.
How do you account for it?
- She must have stole the money from me.
[ Whistle ]
They got somebody.
What is it?
- Chief, we got a woman.
Shoot her in.
Is there any trace of the money?
Will these women be searched, Chief?
- No.
We wait until we find what's in the
packet she left at Commercial House.
No you don't.
Nobody is going to get away from here
until I get this thing all settled up.
And find out who killed the woman.
Killed a woman?
What does he mean?
You stole that money
from me, didn't you?
I'll never trust another
woman as long as I live.
Yes, I did steal the money.
But I did it for you, Jim Cargan.
I knew the package was the
evidence to convict you.
And you stand there
ready to turn against me.
Very well. Now, I'll turn.
No, I...
These men have vowed
to cheat the city of Reuton.
And I demand their arrest on
the charge of conspiracy.
It's a lie.
- It's the truth, Chief.
What have you got to
say to this, Cargan?
Nothing at all.
I'm through.
- So am I.
I can't stand it any longer.
I'm going mad.
I'll tell you the truth.
I killed that woman upstairs.
I'll confess. I'll turn State's
evidence. Anything, only...
Don't let them kill me.
Don't let them kill me.
Ah, get up.
Can you ever forgive me?
I didn't understand. But I do now.
So, you came here to
write a book, did you?
That was my original idea.
Do you know I...
I don't know yet whether you
people are kidding me or not.
[ Whistle ]
They got somebody.
A package from Commercial House, Chief.
Before I open this thing,
I want to tell you something.
If this turns out to be a
bunch of cigar coupons...
I'm going to smash somebody, sure.
I don't intend to be strung.
Even if I am a small-town cop.
Great Scott.
It's the real thing.
The $200,000 belongs to me.
- No, it's mine.
That's my money.
- No.
Give it to me...
- Give me.
Get away!
Don't tell me what to do.
I know my business.
Give me 1.3. Central. Quick.
Hello? Hello, is that you Betty?
Now listen Betty, get this clear.
Get some bits together, get the children
and get the 5 o'clock train to New York.
Never mind. Now, listen.
Then take the first and quickest
train going to Montreal.
I'll be there waiting.
Now do as I tell you.
Why? We're going to live there.
I don't know.
Hey, how do you spell Montreal?
Go to Canada.
Any part of it. I'll find you.
Hey, what are you going to do?
- You heard what I said. I go to Canada.
Canada? I hope you freeze to death.
You mean you'll steal the money?
Why can't I steal from a
gang of crooks like this?
I'm going to have one glorious
time for the rest of my life.
And send my two boys to college.
You can't get away with it.
Give me that money.
No, don't do it.
Now let me see you try to get it. Ha-ha.
Watch the rotten stuff burn.
What have you done now?
- Where's the money?
A fortune.
- Good Lord.
I'll have my men in here and I'll
shoot you down like a pack of hounds.
[ 2x gunshots! ]
They shot somebody.
Oh no.
A ghost... a ghost. A real ghost.
Take it away. I didn't mean
to kill her. Take it away.
Let me out of here. It's a graveyard.
A seventh key.
Who are you?
- I'm the owner of Baldpate Inn.
Two policemen refused to allow me
to pass, so I shot them both dead.
What? Why, this can't
be true. It isn't true.
I'm a raving maniac.
Hello Mack, I've just arrived.
Who are all these people? Have
they interrupted you in your work?
Great heavens, man.
What kind of place is this?
Nothing but crooks,
murderers, policemen.
Dead people walking all over the place.
Hundreds of thousands of
dollars and keys, keys, keys.
You win. I lose.
No, Mack.
I'm not holding you to your wager.
I just want you to know it isn't real.
For heaven's sake, what's it all about?
I just wanted to prove to you...
How improbable the stories you write
would seem, if they'd really happened.
Now, I arrived at Reuton
tonight at 9 o'clock.
Went directly to The Empire Theater.
Told the manager of our bet
and framed the whole plan.
Now I'd like you to meet the members
of our local Scout Company.
- How are you?
You mean these people are
all actors in a Scout Company?
Well, I...
That certainly is a clever idea.
Come on, darling. Let's go.
- Yes.
You know him quite well, then?
Oh yes, Mr Bland and I are married.
And it was love at first sight.
Come along. It's getting late.
Remember, rehearsal in the morning.
Yeah and a Matine this afternoon.
Goodnight, Mr Magee.
Goodnight, Mrs Bland.
You must be awfully tired, sweetheart.
- Oh no, darling.
[ Door knocks ]
Come right in, folks.
You're right on time.
- Did you finish your book?
I just made it.
Were you disturbed at all?
Nary a sound, Mrs Quimby.
An ideal spot to come, to
be absolutely alone alright.
No ghosts?
Nary a ghost. Except the one
that handed in the manuscript.
Some wild and woolly scenes were enacted
in this room since you left last night.
What happened?
Nothing really.
In my story, this hotel has been filled
with the craziest people you ever saw.
I brought you some nice
sandwiches and some hot tea.
Really? Awfully kind, Mrs Quimby.
But if I'm to catch the first
train, I'll have to step on it.
I have a very important
breakfast engagement.
[ Door knocks ]
What's that?
I don't know.
Hello Quimby.
Good morning, Mr Bentley.
- This is Miss Norton.
How do you do?
How are you, Mack?
- Well.
Hello Mrs Quimby. How are you?
- Very well, thank you sir.
How have you been since yesterday?
- Fine. Did you finish on time?
Just made it.
- Good.
But I wrote you both in the story.
- Really?
Oh yes, you're my heroine.
And a newspaperwoman, too.
You mean to say you've
completed a novel in 24 hours?
Just made it.
You asked me to write something
worthy of myself. Read that.
Well I never...
I've decided to build a
cellar under this place.
I'll show you where it will be.
Wait. Isn't there a cellar under it now?
No. There never has been.
- I slipped up on that one.
I wrote one in with
ghosts and dead bodies.
And love at first sight I suppose, huh?
Come on, Elijah.
What did you call your story?
Seven keys to Baldpate.
What a strange title.
- Uhuh.
It has a strange ending, too.
Why, how did it end?
I left the hero standing there.
Looking into the fireplace... thinking.
- Thinking.
Of the girl he loves.
I've been thinking about a breakfast
engagement I have this morning.
But I've been thinking about it too.
I think we should do something
about it, don't you?
By the way.
You're not... married?
Oh no. Of course not.
And you're not engaged?
Wouldn't you like to be?
Are you proposing to me?
Even if I did propose.
Would you... accept?
I might.
Mary, dear.
I'm hungry... aren't you?
Hmm... hmm.