Seven Sundays (2017) Movie Script

Good morning, love!
Later, kids!
You startled me.
Thank you, Jun!
You're looking extra cheerful today.
Of course! It's my birthday.
You don't seem excited, Uncle.
-Oh, is that Bry?
Happy birthday, Dad!
Bryan! What happened to you?
-Such a joker!
-Just kidding!
Dad, happy birthday!
Thank you, son!
Are you in Singapore again?
Yes, look!
I have a conference here.
So you can't make it?
Dad, I'm really sorry...
My flight's at midnight...
Thank you!
-Cap! Happy birthday, sir!
Thank you!
How much is this? May I see?
Say hi to Grandpa. Hurry!
Say hi to your grandpa.
Happy birthday, Daddy Grandpa!
The bus is here! Hurry!
You don't want to be late.
-See, I told you. Hurry!
Cha, what time are you coming?
Dad, I'm sorry. I can't make it.
I have an on-site meeting.
-Take care!
Bye. Dad, I'm really sorry,
but it's an important client.
Is that so?
OK, then. Bye.
-Is this it?
-Yes, sir.
Sir, can I at least have last month's pay?
Yes, of course!
But I have an emergency, Mario.
I've got your back. I'll take care of you.
Daddy Grandpa!
-My grandkids.
-Happy birthday!
-Happy birthday!
-Thank you.
-How are you?
Thank you, son.
-Sorry, Bechay had spotting today.
-What? Why?
After I bring the kids to school
we'll go straight to the hospital.
I'm really sorry, I might not make it
to your birthday later.
-Don't worry about it. Go!
-We'll leave first.
-Let's go!
-Drive safely.
So, let's give thanks to God
for our family,
and thank our own families, too.
Like our brother who, though he's
no longer our community captain,
we will continue to love.
I, George Clooney, would like to greet
our very own Richard Gere.
-May you live long and well!
-Thank you.
Happy birthday!
Thank you.
-How are you?
-We're doing well!
-Happy birthday, Captain!
-Thank you.
-Happy birthday, Cap.
-You really didn't have to.
This looks good. Thank you.
And this is a gift from our community.
You know what, love?
The community council gave me cake
and noodles.
Every year they try to make it
like your stir-fry noodles recipe.
But yours is still the best, love.
Maybe that's why
our kids don't come home anymore.
Your stir-fry noodles aren't there.
Don't put those away yet!
My birthday isn't over.
Someone will still come.
You're right. Sorry.
What did I tell you?
-Is it Dex?
-It's Doc.
You made it in time for my birthday.
But you don't look happy.
Baby, please read it for me.
You have a message. From your dad.
My dad?
Cha! Did you read Dad's text?
Check your phone.
Ma, let me do it.
Marc! Son of a...
You're late again!
I told you to stay home with your sisters!
You left them alone?
-They're girls!
-Dad, your phone!
Cha has been trying to call you.
-Dad texted.
Allan, did you receive Dad's message?
Hey! We're not done talking yet!
-Hold on.
Cha! Is this true?
Cha, he's probably kidding.
What if he isn't?
It's fun when you're in hiding, Dex!
What was that?
But what if he isn't joking?
It's true. I'm not kidding.
In about two months, maybe...
your mom and I will be reunited.
Dad! You can't be dying!
But I am.
Is this payback
'cause we missed your birthday yesterday?
Sorry, Dad.
Come on. Uncle's used to it.
It happens every year.
Dad, we need to get a second opinion.
We'll get a good doctor from Manila.
What for?
That's just a waste of time and money.
it's just a misdiagnosis.
What if it's not?
If we need to do chemotherapy,
-We'll do everything to get you better.
I don't want to do chemo.
I don't want to be in and out
of the hospital.
And what? Lose my hair?
Your mom will be turned off
when she sees me.
Dad, be serious!
Cha, I am.
I want...
to still look good
when I go to the other side.
Right, son?
Don't you want to get better?
That's enough.
Why don't we just leave Dad be?
-You mean just let him die?
-That's not what I meant--
Dad is in his right mind.
Why don't we just let him do
what he wants?
Oh, really?
Let's vote on it!
Just vote for your choice...
Good idea!
Who wants me to get a second opinion?
Now, who wants to respect what I want?
-It's a tie.
-And me.
Your vote doesn't count, cousin.
Him! He counts.
if you had gotten here earlier.
You got the message, right?
We're trying to decide now
if Dad should get a second opinion.
Cha and I believe he should,
but Allan and Dad don't.
So what's your vote?
I'm looking at you, aren't I?
His life, his choice.
Now, I really don't want any treatments.
This is all I want.
For all of us to be together.
When your Mom died, it was so sudden.
We weren't prepared.
We weren't able to properly say goodbye.
But now, I'd like for us to be together
before I meet with St. Peter.
After all, it's just seven weeks.
What are you going to do?
We need to find a way.
Is that possible? You're all so busy.
Hey! What are you doing?
Why don't you ask Mario for help?
Sir, he quit.
He said he'll be back
for the three paychecks you owe him.
What was that about?
So what are you planning to do for Dad?
We'll just do what he wants
and come together every Sunday.
You really can't convince him
to see another oncologist?
-Not yet.
-Well, I hope you can.
You look sadder than me.
Are you his child too?
He's my future father-in-law!
I already compiled the list.
Make sure you do.
And don't forget the catering, OK?
For the surprise
belated birthday celebration.
I want the food to be healthy, OK?
For a long and healthy life!
And for a delayed funeral.
Aside from my love,
what else do you need for Sunday?
You're going to make the decorations, OK?
Stop crying!
We need to show Daddy Grandpa we're happy.
So he'll be happy too, OK?
And we'll visit him every Sunday.
We'll be having an outing every Sunday.
-You're not coming.
-Why not?
My brothers are sharp.
They might notice something.
Wow. They still hate me, huh?
Especially when they find out
you've been fooling around!
That again? I'm changing. I've changed.
Yes! You've changed your mistresses.
-Really? Seriously?
Kids, your dad and I are just arguing
because we don't know
who'll watch over Grandpa.
Mommy has work.
Maybe we should skip school.
I feel ashamed.
I live the closest...
but I can't even watch over Dad every day.
Dad, don't worry about us.
After school,
the kids can be here with me.
And you can leave Mario
in charge of the store, right?
Mario quit.
-Do you have any free days?
None. I'm only free on Sundays.
Isn't Dex free?
I need to hide.
-You were followed here?
Let me in.
I'm taking a dump!
Dex! Hide!
His foot!
Is Dex there?
We don't know where he is.
He's not there.
He's here! See? It's locked!
-Oh, hi! Hi, sir.
Tell him next time,
it'll be the police
who'll come looking for him.
He has no conscience.
He took money from naive kids!
Bro, they already know you live here.
We're not asking you to leave.
But it's dangerous for you to stay here.
You might need to look for
another hideout.
Baby D!
Wow, Baby D!
Are you gonna live here again?
You should've told me.
I would've cleaned your room.
-Jun, come on!
-No need.
I'm good here. I won't be staying long.
So, you're only staying until the funeral?
You can stay in your old room.
It hasn't been used since you left.
Jun! What the... You know my condition.
Oops, sorry!
You can choose if you want
the top or bottom bunk.
You're taller than Allan already.
It's been a while. You were so small then.
There's been no one to measure me since.
Well, if you want,
you can stay here in Cha's room.
I'll stay here.
Jun, get some sheets and pillows.
-OK, Uncle.
I put away your things
so they wouldn't get dusty.
Here are yours and Bryan's.
This isn't mine.
Oh, this got mixed up.
I'm not the one who likes posters.
Sorry, I was the one who organized those.
I'll just ask Allan who they belong to.
Yes, they're coming tomorrow.
-Jun! We have much to do.
-Yes, Uncle!
Bring out the sheets
and pillowcases already.
Yes, Uncle.
Dex, do you remember...
Dad, I need to add credit to my phone.
It's you! It's a miracle!
-You guys startled me.
-Uh-huh! Where are you off to?
-To buy credit for my phone.
Isn't your brother's store over there?
Aren't you buying it there?
Come on, I'll go with you.
Why the hurry? Aren't you happy to see me?
I haven't seen you in almost a decade!
You're exaggerating.
I said almost.
And you haven't been posting on Instagram.
It's been two weeks since your last tweet.
The invite for that event...
I deactivated my accounts.
Got tired curating my feed.
But you're keeping yourself updated
regarding my accounts.
Don't flatter yourself. I'm over you.
I just wanted to see how you were doing.
I haven't heard from you since college,
and you don't come home anymore.
What's new with you?
It's a secret.
Sir, are we closing already?
What makes you think that?
Jaring, we'll make it through this.
I will take care of you.
We will not close the store.
But, sir, it's already late.
Aren't we going to close?
Let's close already.
Sir, it's Mr. Kim.
Jaring, never mind. Just leave us.
What is it now, Mr. Kim?
I'm still not selling my store.
Allan, face it. You're bankrupt.
Don't waste your property.
I've bought all the other property here.
before I get this too.
you should sell now.
Is that how you treat your customers?
Maybe that's why they're all gone.
Oh, I have no change.
Allan! Think it through. I'll be back.
Have you been here long?
Who was that?
No one. Mr. Kim.
He owns the new store
being built across the street.
Does Dad need anything?
He's here to buy some phone credit.
I just came with him.
Hey, switch it to silent.
That part's over.
Been repeating it...
Oh, no!
Cha, what took you so long?
Mass is about to end!
Sorry! The kids went overboard
with their drawings.
Uncle, wanna go to the market?
We still have food at home.
Uncle, how about a perm?
Isn't that enough?
Not for me. For you.
Are you messing with me?
-What's wrong?
-What is happening to you?
-Call of nature, Uncle.
Do it at home. We're almost there.
Just come with me, Uncle. Please.
-To the nearest house possible.
Allan, hurry!
Mass is over, they'll be here soon.
-Please help Bechay.
Come on.
-Lend a hand.
-Come inside.
Uncle Bry!
-What's up?
-Nice wheels.
I like this style.
Maybe when you turn 18.
-We'll see.
Nice car.
Here, Marc.
What happened to the shoes I gave you?
I outgrew them.
I'll buy you new ones.
Allan, don't bother. There's catering.
-You took so long!
-Thank you.
-Did your intestines come out too?
-I ate a lot, Uncle.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome, Cap!
-Thank you.
-Let's go!
Uncle, not too fast.
What now?
Hold on! I need to go again.
-Yes, just a minute!
You're unbelievable.
Guys, we gotta rush!
Jun is running out of excuses.
Hurry. Double-time.
-Let's go!
Where's the cake?
-Let me.
-No way, you might drop it.
-What? Am I a child?
Look at your shirt.
You didn't even bother to dress up.
It's my style!
Aw, your shirt is holey!
Stop, you'll make Baby D cry!
It's not in the bag?
Let's check in the car.
-Mommy! Number two!
-Number two?
-Your iPad can wait.
I'll take care of your sisters first.
Cha, don't worry. My kids will help.
Where's Jerry?
At work.
Yes, out of the country.
What a show-off!
At least, right?
Over there.
Uncle, let's buy some medicine.
No, Uncle.
I meant let's buy it together.
You can manage.
Uncle, it's better if we both go.
Please, come with me!
Are you a little child?
Go by yourself!
Jun texted! They're almost here!
Dex, what's up?
What's going on?
-Just come here!
Looks like everyone's here.
I know,
that's why I told them to hide already.
What do you mean?
Oh, nothing, Uncle. Um...
Jun, you've been acting weird all day.
Don't play tricks on me!
No, Uncle. It's not that.
Jun, tell me the truth.
They're throwing you
a surprise birthday party.
So it's no longer a surprise, eh?
But Uncle, please, don't tell them.
They might get upset with me.
Can you at least pretend to be surprised?
Oh my God! You...
-What a surprise!
-Let's go to Daddy Grandpa.
-Your acting was good, Uncle.
-Of course.
Happy birthday, Daddy Grandpa!
Thank you, my grandkids.
Happy birthday, Daddy Grandpa!
Happy birthday, Dad.
The cake! Let's get the cake.
-Let's sing!
-Allan, let's have that later.
Let's have that later.
It's OK. Everyone's getting emotional.
Let's go.
OK, let's eat!
Let's eat!
-Oh. All veggies?
-Maybe there's spaghetti over there!
Roast pig!
Pork knuckles!
My goodness! Delicious!
Hey, not those.
-Why not?
-Healthy foods only. Like salad.
Research says
vegetables and fish are good for him.
Not those.
Dad, fruits? You want some?
Dad, fruits?
Well. If I had it my way, I'd eat this.
See? He wants to eat this!
Wow. Am I the only one who cares for Dad?
It's like you want him dead already.
I'm already dying.
There's no need to fuss.
I can enjoy my remaining time on earth.
And this is Dad's favorite.
Then I shouldn't have hired a caterer.
Who told you to get a caterer?
Next time, you should ask first.
-He can have half and half, right?
-Dex, don't butt in.
No. I'll eat them both.
-There you go. Problem solved.
-Give me that, Bry.
I'll get some.
Pa, where's the ice cream?
On the way. Have some water.
-It's so hot.
-What's going on here?
It's so fun.
It looks boring to me.
What can we do?
Dex? Can you put on some music?
Low battery.
I know! How about we play a game?
A game? What game?
Ma, Pa, can I go play basketball now?
Marc, it's your grandpa's birthday.
why not play basketball here instead?
Is it still here?
I never had it removed.
There it is.
It's been a while since anyone played.
It's rusty now.
Well, their ball skills are also rusty.
Says who?
Mine aren't, I don't know about the rest.
Don't challenge me.
Don't be fooled by my tummy.
Let's play. Come on.
OK, game!
-Uncle Bry, I'm on your team.
You'll play center.
That leaves you and me, Allan.
What about Dex?
Wherever you want me.
You can join them.
They need all the help they can get.
Am I right, Dex?
Thank goodness!
Here, Jaring's on my team.
Game! Let's play!
-My God! Miss!
-Pass it here! Here!
I'm with the winner!
Nice. Nice one.
Screen! Go!
Big Birds!
What ball?
I got a bruise!
It's a foul!
Go Big Birds!
Allan, here!
You got lucky!
-Nice shot, Uncle!
Oh! Gimme five, Dad!
Hey! You're traveling.
-You walked inside.
I was still pointing.
-No, you stepped there.
-No, this is inbound.
-He was there a while ago.
-Here we go.
It's fine. Let's play.
-This is it, let's end this!
Shoot it, bro.
Bry! Bryan!
Uncle, Bry!
You should've passed the ball!
-Yeah, right.
-He was open!
Go Big Birds!
Here! Pass it here!
You hit me real hard!
-You were charging.
-You too?
If you had given me the ball,
the game would've been over!
What if you miss it? Same thing.
What? I was so open!
But you're always right. Right?
Yeah. 'Cause he's the boss!
Me? No, you are!
Why me? It's you.
Who always gets his way?
Who decided what Dad would eat?
-He did!
-You encouraged him.
-It wasn't just me! Cha did too.
-Hey, why bring me into it?
That's enough.
You're getting on each other's nerves--
And the cake, you took it out
when it wasn't even time yet.
-Because you always have to be the star.
-Me? A star?
You're the one who had to get a caterer!
So you can rub your money in our faces?
That's not true.
I'm just sharing what I have.
But, whatever I do, you're still the star.
You always get your way.
Where is this coming from?
Stop it, don't even go there.
No, he's insinuating something!
This isn't about basketball or cake,
is it?
Spit it out!
-Never mind.
-No, come on!
We haven't seen each other in a while.
This can't be a new issue.
I'm sure of it.
It's about the store, right?
That has always been your issue!
That's not an issue
because I decided to leave.
Precisely! You left.
-I didn't make you leave.
-You didn't have to.
After you came back from Japan,
I was forced out of the picture.
So I was right,
you do have an issue with me!
I said enough!
Stop acting like children
who don't listen!
Wow! Says the one who knows how to listen!
-Leave me out of this!
Why don't you just kill each other?
If you're gonna come here
just to fight with each other,
then don't bother at all!
You don't even act like you're siblings.
Uncle, are you OK?
Don't be angry anymore.
It'll ruin your good looks.
I'm not angry.
Just worried.
Will I leave my children like this?
They can't even get along
while I'm still alive.
How will things be when I'm gone?
Oh, Marie.
I wish it was you who were here now.
I'm sure you'd know what to do.
How's Dad?
He's OK.
Can we talk to him?
He wants to be alone for now
so he can rest.
What's gonna happen?
Looks like he's gonna die all alone.
Sorry. Did I offend you?
I thought you wouldn't mind.
-Of course we mind.
-I see.
Would it be too difficult for you
to set aside your differences for him?
After all, he only has seven,
no, six Sundays left.
Maybe you can at least fake getting along.
I can do it.
Good morning, love.
Ma, Marc's so annoying!
Give me that! Catch me if you can!
-Kids, play fair!
Oh! Dad.
You're up early, Dad.
So are you.
We should've eaten dried fish instead.
Good morning, Uncle!
-Good morning, Dad!
-What do you mean Dad's favorite?
-You should've hired a caterer again.
-It takes five hours to cook.
We should've cooked many dishes by now.
Maybe it's better for us to use
the plastic utensils, right?
I'm gonna get the plastic ones
from the kitchen.
Looks delicious, Allan.
Dad! Try Allan's cooking.
-Good morning, Dad.
Nothing. Dad, try the soup. It's good!
Dex, can you call the kids?
Dad, we wanna make it up to you
and say sorry
for what happened last Sunday.
Dad, today's Sunday.
You're in charge. Let's do what you want.
And go where you want to go.
Let's go.
Come with me, it'll be more comfortable.
You can also ride with me.
Ride with me instead.
I got this.
-We'll all fit in my car.
-No, we'll take mine.
Why would we drive separately?
Let's just ride in one car together.
Mine is more comfortable.
It's a seven-seater.
We'll have enough space.
No, let's take the jeep. We can fit.
We haven't been together in this car
in years.
Don't you miss it?
OK. Provided you don't drive.
-No problem!
-OK, I'll drive then.
-Let's go.
-Not you.
I'll do it. You can't handle that.
I can too. Give me the keys.
-No, you can't--
-Why don't I drive?
-No way!
-You'd just get us into an accident!
Come on, let me.
I'll drive, OK?
Get in.
You're all so stubborn!
You look cute there!
Which is better?
Or blue?
But that's nice, too!
What do you think?
That one, right?
You're not yet dead.
What I want...
is for us to talk about this now.
I worry that when the time comes
and I'm no longer here,
you'll argue about these things.
Is that OK with everyone?
-OK. Sure. That's fine.
-I'll have that.
-Let's reserve that one, sir.
Oh, and...
I want a eulogy.
Dad, that's already a given.
No, what I mean is,
I want a eulogy now, while I'm alive.
So I can hear it.
What's the point of a eulogy
when I'm gone?
And one more thing. The wake.
Let's have it at home, so it's cheaper.
Dad, there you go again about money.
Don't you want it at a funeral home?
Yeah, Dad.
No. I was thinking
it's easier for our neighbors to visit
at home.
You know, they're my constituents.
The funeral home is near our house,
and they'll have more space.
You have a lot of friends, right?
I was thinking...
that my final moments...
will be spent at home with you.
Precisely, Dad!
We want us to be together at home
while you're alive.
Not for a wake.
This is the first time
we've agreed on anything.
Maybe you can let us have our way?
Yes. OK.
You have a point.
All right. OK. That's settled.
I want this music, OK?
For a happy mood.
Not some sappy song.
That'd be too sad, right?
There should be dancing!
I want it to be happy.
Tell your mom I'll be home soon.
Take care!
-Good night, Auntie.
-Bye, Aunt!
-Are they asleep?
-Yes, Dad.
-Let me, Cha.
-Thank you.
Bryan, coffee?
Of all of us, you're the only one
who inherited Mom's gift.
In music.
-Just in music?
I got her beauty, too. Isn't it obvious?
-No way...
-I'm the spitting image of her.
Let me see.
Give me that.
-Not even close! Look.
And who looks like Mom? You?
Stop arguing.
-I'm the one who got her looks, see--
-No way!
It's very clear!
Fine, you win.
-Why are you two like that?
Why? You used to be so sweet before.
You were always hugging!
-What happened?
-Let's see a hug!
Let me see you both hug again.
-Go on, Allan!
-Hug him!
Go on, hug!
Come on. Hug each other.
Wait. Check this out instead.
Our store. The lone store back then.
That's what's classic... not the hug.
-And it's still alive.
Wow. Come on.
Look at this. The douche.
Oh, you're so clever!
-Dex, come here!
-Come here, Dex.
What are you doing there?
There are no pictures of me there.
What do you mean?
-Don't you have a photo here?
-You do!
-That one.
Yes! There!
-This one?
You're that bald baby.
-There. Right!
-It's Baby D!
I remember this, we were missing Dad here.
He was still in Bahrain.
Bahrain, right?
No, he wasn't in Bahrain. He was in Guam.
This is when he was in Bahrain.
That was the time we got circumcised.
-Oh. You're right.
You have the same circum-versary.
-Yeah, we do.
And Dex too!
There you go.
I'm overwhelmed.
-I'm so happy.
-Because of what?
-Dex was circumcised.
You look happy, Uncle.
I like seeing them like this.
All together...
and getting along.
You know what?
I dream that...
they'll always be like this.
Yes, you all have the same circum-versary.
Your phone's ringing.
My first diagnosis was incorrect.
You don't have cancer.
What are you trying to say?
I sent your lab samples
to Manila for retesting.
Are you telling me...
I don't have cancer?
Exactly. It's just TB infection.
But don't worry...
It's easy to cure.
And it's not contagious.
I'm sorry for making you worry.
But at least you don't have
only two to six months to live.
You have more time
to spend with your family.
You'll need a new prescription.
Again, I'm sorry.
I see. Thank you, Doc.
Uncle? You don't have cancer?
You're not dying, Uncle.
-I'm not.
That's great news!
Come on, let's tell them now.
I'm scared.
if I tell them...
they might not come back home.
Who was that?
It was my doctor.
Why'd he call?
No reason.
Just checking up on me.
And reminding me about my meds.
Have you taken your meds?
-I'll go ahead.
-Bye, Dad.
-My wife and kids are waiting for me.
-OK. Thank you!
-Bye, Bry!
-Take care!
-Bye, Jun!
-Bye, Cha!
-Hey, bye! Bye!
-I live here.
Keep your cool on the road.
Never mind the reckless drivers.
Seems like you made the right choice,
What? Oh, yes.
Which is why we need to make sure
that the rest of these Sundays are fun.
On the next one...
I wonder what we could do?
They agreed on something.
We're going to the beach next Sunday.
What will we do there?
Swim, of course!
Jun, you've known me so long.
Do I know how to swim?
Let's play games then.
There isn't one game
where they don't end up fighting.
I wonder...
My love,
do you have a suggestion?
Oh, no.
My phone fell.
The kids might message me.
Great idea, love.
No! Over there!
How are the preparations?
-Is everything ready, Baby?
Hi, Dad! How are you?
I'm well! And you?
Love triangle?
This is Baby.
My executive assistant.
She arranged everything for us.
Shall we?
Let's go! Dad, let's go!
-Come on!
-Dad, let me help.
It's a secret.
For our game later. Come!
Pass it around!
-Dad is full of energy, look!
-That's great!
It's like he isn't sick.
You're right. He's too energetic.
-The water's salty!
You're too excited, Uncle.
Of course, I'm with my grandkids!
You're forgetting.
You're supposed to be sick.
They're watching you.
There, sis!
Dad, careful!
There you go. Dex!
I was gonna tell you to bring that.
Go on.
You're very good too.
That's the first time
I've heard you give him a compliment.
You should do it more often.
He really did a good job.
-Pork knuckles, for a happy life!
-Veggies, for long life!
-I realized you were right.
-I realized you were right.
I will have half and half.
Right, Dex?
That looks delicious.
I know that smell.
-Mom's stir-fried noodles.
Is that you?
This is why your husband stays with you.
What about you,
when are you getting married?
-Yeah, Bryan.
Will you ever give me grandkids?
And very much willing, Dad.
Bryan isn't ready. But I am.
-For you.
Dad, you should ask Dex instead.
You know, you look good with...
-Camille, Dad.
Why don't you ask her out, Uncle Dex?
She's not the girl your Uncle Dex likes.
He likes Aira.
-Baby D was crazy for her.
-Not just crazy. Insanely crazy.
He used up the thesis money I gave him
to follow that girl to Macau, remember?
Hey. Keep it positive.
You had it a while ago.
Thanks, sis.
Dex, plate?
Thanks, Bry.
-Is that done yet?
-No, sorry.
I'm hungry!
-That's why you're--
-Hey, hey!
Don't say it!
-You guys hungry?
I have the perfect solution.
Baby D!
Bryan and Allan.
-What about you?
Well, I'm the princess.
I have my own.
-Will that be long?
-Yes, Dad, sorry.
-His fault.
Don't worry. That's OK.
Let's play games first.
Let's play!
Count us in!
-Dad? You kept that?
-Of course!
What is it, Daddy Grandpa?
Those are letters for your Daddy Grandpa.
When he was still working overseas,
we'd write down
everything that happened to us.
Then we'd collect them in that can
so Dad could read them when he came home.
Daddy Grandpa, how does the game work?
We'll fish out a letter.
Then we'll read it.
And guess who wrote it.
OK, let's do it!
That thing is ancient.
Let's read it...
We're reading...
-Let me, Uncle. I'll do it.
"Dear Dad,
I helped Mom out at the store today.
We made PHP 1,532--"
Well, I was best in Math!
There's so many.
-How about this one?
-I'll read it.
"Dear Dad,
Dad, I hope I can find my Prince Charming
and fall in love the way you and Mom did."
-She chose Mr. Wrong.
He's a good father.
Like Dad.
-Right, kids?
-And good husband?
Next letter.
Somebody read this.
"Dear Dad,
I wanna eat ice cream
because it's my birthday.
But there's no one here with me.
None of my siblings are here."
-"I wish you were here."
Uncle, how old were you then?
Eight or nine?
How sad!
Neither one of you was there?
I think your Mama and I...
-We were in Japan then, right?
-Yes, Pa.
Probably at school.
Me? I was also at school, studying!
Yeah, right!
But where was Daddy Grandpa?
I think I was at the community center.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry, Dex.
On your birthday,
we'll have an ice cream party.
Really? That's a promise, OK?
Next, Dad.
"Dear Dad,
We won the dance contest today.
We kicked ass!"
-It's Uncle Bry!
-No! That's not me.
-Then who?
-Your Dad.
He was so popular then.
Not only as a dancer,
but at basketball, too.
He taught us all.
Marc, if you only knew.
Your Dad always taught us new moves.
We'd all dance in front
of the store but...
he got all the compliments!
That's how I fell in love
with my best friend!
I saw him dancing in the ship.
You're obviously
still very much in love with me.
Here's the proof.
This one...
I can manage.
"Dear Dad,
-That's me!
-I think it's me.
No, me! It's me!
That's me!
It's me! I also missed Dad!
-No, it's me!
-No, me!
-I was the one who always missed...
It's your mom.
I miss you too, love.
You know what? This calls for a famfie!
-Come on!
Let's take a famfie!
Let's go.
Move closer!
Like it?
It's lovely.
They developed it fast, too!
-Going somewhere, Dad?
I wanted to take my youngest out
for some ice cream.
If he'll let me.
I thought you were a demon.
Where's Allan?
He went home to get something.
I see.
-We're buying ice cream.
-Go ahead.
Go on, take your pick.
So many flavors...
This one.
-I'll take these.
Thank you, Dad.
-It's Mr. Kim, right?
Allan isn't here right now.
Come back some other day.
His brother.
Son. Who is this?
I happen to own the store
that's being built across from yours.
to turn it into a parking lot
for my superstore.
But your son is so stubborn.
And be more agreeable.
-What is it now, Mr. Kim?
We're not interested.
Because by the time my superstore opens,
Kim Stupid Punk?
King-Sized Pimple?
Get off our property.
When did this start?
Dad, the store's not bankrupt.
It's just that
with all the new convenience stores...
we don't make as much sometimes.
Why didn't you tell us?
We're your family.
Bryan can help you.
No, Dad. Please.
I can handle this.
I haven't even paid off
the last lot of money he lent me.
But now I'm going to ask for another loan?
Are you sure?
It would be a pity if...
What I mean is...
let's not lose what your Mom and I built.
This is for all of you.
Don't worry, Dad. I'll take care of this.
We won't lose the store.
Are you all right?
My treat this time.
I'll make sure Mr. Kim isn't there.
Miss, excuse me.
Do you know some--
Hold on.
It's important.
-Hello! Why are you even calling?
-Tell them you don't know me.
Tell them that you don't know me.
Miss. Just a question.
Do you know a DJ Dex?
Huh? Why?
They're looking for me.
Dexter Bonifacio.
They say he lives here.
I don't know him.
Too bad. He's cute.
They said he's here.
-Mislead them.
Don't mislead her.
He's shy.
Did you check in Tondo?
Lots of Bonifacios there.
Relatives of Andres.
OK. Thank you.
Thank you, miss.
That Dexter is a slippery one.
They're leaving.
Oh, he's gone.
Thank you.
Why don't you repay me now?
What's going on? Who were they?
What's going on?
-It's nothing.
-What do you mean it's nothing?
Let me.
I can't afford this place.
I got it.
-Thank you.
-So, tell me.
Who were those people?
Some of the guys
who were chasing after me in Manila.
They're blaming me
for the Sand & Sound Music Festival.
That epic fail of an event in Bantayan?
The one you helped promote?
And now they're chasing after you!
They said they bought tickets
because I promoted it.
Turns out, it was a scam!
The event was a bust.
But that's the producer's fault,
not yours.
We're all victims here.
Thing is, they can't find the producer.
So they came after me.
How are you going to get out of this?
Do your siblings know? Does Cap?
No need to tell them.
That'll just make things worse.
If I only had money...
-I'll figure it out.
-Look! Your sister's car.
-Oh, it just looks like her car.
-My sister?
You even used your wife's car.
It was my gift to her anyway.
-Well, that's my gift for you.
-Come on!
You asshole! Cheater!
-You're married?
-Wait! Let me explain!
And there's a new post from Juliana Smith.
Click "like".
How painful!
It hurts!
Dad, how are you?
I'm OK, son.
Are you busy?
-Boss B, for your signature.
-No, it's OK.
I'm not busy.
Has Allan talked to you yet?
No. About what?
Because... the store is bankrupt.
You know how competition
is popping up everywhere.
We wanted to ask for your help.
If you have something to spare.
Wouldn't it be better to sell the store?
I know...
you and Allan have your differences.
Dad, it's not that.
Please, son.
You know...
your mom and I worked hard
to put up this store
for our family.
When I'm reunited with her in heaven,
I don't want to give her bad news.
Ugh. Damn caller.
People are sleeping.
How'd you get that?
Bumped my head.
-Thank you.
-It's hot.
I just told him to wait for you here.
What brings you here?
I wanted to talk with you, Allan...
...about the store.
I'll leave you two alone.
I know the store is in trouble.
So we can save ABC.
Uncle Bry!
Why are you late?
Sorry, our project took us a while.
Your sister has your new shoes.
Thank you, Uncle!
You're the best!
-Thank you, Uncle.
Take good care of those.
-Thank you, Uncle!
Allan, do you get upset
That's not it.
It's more like...
Of course I get a bit jealous.
He seems closer to you than me.
I'm sorry.
It's just because I see my son in him.
You have a son?
With Juliana?
I had just started
managing the store then.
You were on a cruise ship in Japan.
I was still studying.
And not at all ready.
She got angry.
Then... they moved to the US.
I wasn't a father to him.
It's not too late, Bryan.
No matter how you look at it,
you're his dad.
Biologically, yes.
But on paper and in his heart...
I'm not.
So you're OK
with him not knowing you're his father?
Of course not.
-They're actually in the country now.
But for sure he's angry with me.
For sure!
But Bryan...
A sincere apology can mend a broken heart.
Look at it this way, Bry.
You'll never know if you don't try.
Don't you want to introduce him to Dad
before he dies?
It'll be OK.
You can do it!
Message him.
Yes, do it now.
There you go!
-You're done, ma'am.
-Thank you.
Told you we'd make it.
Good thing we did the bank first.
Oh! Uncle!
Bechay! Allan.
-You look like you're due soon.
-Very soon.
-OK, well, I'll go ahead.
-Where to?
I just visited a patient here.
How is your Dad?
Still coughing?
Not at all.
He's actually doing well.
We even went to the beach last Sunday.
I did tell him that it's easy to treat TB.
I told him that last week.
I'm tired. Go get my medicine.
Yes, Uncle.
Why didn't you tell us?
I talked with Uncle.
Which uncle?
Why didn't you want us to know?
I got scared.
I thought things might go back
to the way they were...
That if I told you the truth,
you might not come see me anymore.
I'm sorry that you feel this way.
But it's unfair to us too.
We've been so worried about you.
That's why you need to tell the truth.
I'm really sorry.
I was going to tell the truth eventually.
On Saturday, everyone's sleeping over.
-I know.
-You should tell them then.
-Hey! You're too noisy.
Bryan! I've already re-stocked
our store inventory.
-For your back.
-Thank you.
Thank you, Pa.
And I've brought the bank loans current
as well.
-Next, we'll work on the renovations.
It's nothing.
-What is it?
-Baby's kicking!
Here it is. Where is...
He keeps moving.
Calm down.
You're making Mom uncomfortable.
Wow. That's your fourth already.
How do you manage? Isn't it difficult?
It is.
-But it's fulfilling.
Absolutely right.
What now?
-It's pressing down on my bladder.
-She needs to go.
Kath! Help your mother.
She needs to go to the bathroom.
Go on.
At least we've got helping hands.
-Your favorite!
-Chicken soup!
-Dad, let me!
You shouldn't strain yourself!
Dad, something's different about you.
It seems like, lately,
you're so full of life.
Is it 'cause you're happy?
Of course, because I'm with my family.
That's good.
But you should be resting.
It's not a big deal.
What else do you need?
-I got it.
-I'll go with you.
I'm just going to the kitchen.
Daddy Grandpa!
Dad! Hello!
-Hi, Cha.
Too bad.
-We would be complete,
if only your husband were here.
When is he returning?
So we can all get together.
His employer extended his contract.
-So it'll be a while.
-He's still abroad?
Are you sure?
Yes, why?
Mommy, where's my pillow?
I'll get it from the car.
Where is Jerry?
I told you, he's abroad.
Why? Is there a problem?
Which country?
United States of...
He went home with a black eye, right?
I was the one who did that.
He was with a college girl.
He even used your car.
Please don't tell Dad.
You're not surprised?
-You're used to it? It's happened before?
-They might hear you--
-Well they should!
No, Dex!
He's a good father to our kids.
I'll just talk to him.
He has no love or respect for you!
Leave him already!
Or have you lost all love and respect
for yourself too?
Uncle! Auntie! It's dinner time.
Where's Marc? Asleep?
To get out of doing chores.
Go upstairs to bed, kids.
We might need more pillows.
Dad went upstairs to get some.
Dex, you do it.
OK. Wait. I'll do that.
Your kids are getting along well now.
-That's true.
-They look really happy.
-I have a suggestion.
Why don't you just
tell them the truth now?
That you aren't dying.
I'm trying to find the courage to do it.
I'm still scared.
-Of what?
if I tell them...
they'll get mad at me.
They won't, Uncle.
Hey, Louie.
His child was scammed at a music festival.
the accused has the same name
as your brother.
He's a social media influencer now?
What's the charge?
A lot.
How did it happen?
but the event didn't push through.
-Talk to your brother immediately.
-All right, thanks.
Come here.
He said you scammed the son of our boss.
What have I been telling you, Dex?
And of all people,
you had to con the son of my boss?
Bryan, I didn't steal anything.
I was conned too--
So why are you in hiding?
-Because they're hunting me down--
-Of course!
I shouldn't have to pay for it.
I was just the promoter, not the producer.
Didn't you at least verify
if the event was legitimate?
I had no idea the event was a scam.
OK, fine. I'm stupid.
You've always been this way.
Here we go again!
Don't worry, Bry.
I'll pay back what I owe you.
I won't forget it.
-What's going on here?
-You keep track of everything!
This isn't about that money--
-Then what?
-This is about your recklessness!
You've wasted so many opportunities!
If you'd finished your thesis,
you would've graduated from college.
Then you would've gotten a nice job.
But what did you do? Who did you choose?
-A girl?
-She's not just any girl.
-She was my family!
-Then what do you call us?
Aren't we your family?
What family?
You all left me.
Ever since Mom died...
it's like you all died with her.
-Dad had the community council.
-Allan and Cha got married.
And you?
You're married to your job.
And me?
I was just a kid.
You all forgot about me.
And Aira...
she was my only family.
So where is she now?
Where's Aira? Where?
-Don't talk back!
-Your potty-mouth, Dex!
-It's your fault!
-My potty-mouth's the problem.
-Stop it.
-Your lives are all so perfect, right?
Right, Cha?
Why don't we talk about how perfect
your womanizing husband is?
-Don't make this about me--
We'll talk about it.
So they'll know
I'm not the only loser here.
Her husband?
He's not working abroad!
He's in the Philippines?
And I caught him with another woman.
Your husband is here?
-Pa, stop it!
-He can't do that to you!
-He can!
She lets him get away with it.
Cha, what the hell?
We told you many times
that that guy was a jerk!
You're so stubborn!
That's why I didn't want to tell you.
Because it's my fault.
I got myself into this.
I have to see it through.
Even if he keeps making a fool out of you?
That's nonsense!
Why do you put up with it?
For my children.
Because I don't want them
to lose their father!
And I didn't tell you
because I didn't want Dad to worry.
Because he's sick.
No, he's not!
He's not sick!
I overheard him and Jun talking earlier.
Isn't that right, Dad?
Is that why
you didn't want to get a second opinion?
-Bry, you don't understand--
-No, wait.
You knew about this?
-You were making fools out of us?
-It's not like that, Bry.
Dad doesn't have cancer.
The initial findings were wrong.
Then why didn't you tell us right away?
Were you ever going to tell us?
It doesn't look like it!
It really doesn't!
-Dad and I talked--
-Oh, so you discussed this?
Just between you?
Or just you?
Dad, when you called
to ask for help for the store,
did you already know
you didn't have cancer?
So you used it as an excuse
to make me help Allan.
And you took advantage of it.
What the hell. Bry!
I didn't ask Dad to ask you for money.
Dad. Didn't I tell you not to?
No, I...
I only wanted to help the store.
I want you and your siblings
to help each other out.
Do you know what it feels like
to be a charity case?
You didn't leave me the slightest shred
of dignity!
I wish you'd believed me
when I said that I could handle it.
The store wouldn't have ended up that way
if you had managed it properly.
You are so full of yourself!
You are so arrogant, and I am so stupid
because I believed
you sincerely wanted to help out.
I am trying to help,
yet I'm still the arrogant one. Wow!
You think that all anybody wants from you
is your money!
You only help us to rub it in our faces
that we didn't amount to anything.
But you did. You're perfect, right?
that I've achieved something in life?
That unlike you and Allan,
I chose to stay and study?
to get what I have?
No, right?
Because not one of you
asked me if I was OK.
You, Allan...
When you worked abroad
to pursue your dream of becoming a dancer,
you didn't hear any complaints from me
when I had to assume your responsibility
for the store.
I set aside my own dreams, no problem.
Why? Because otherwise no one
would have been there to run the store.
You and Dad were both gone.
But when you returned,
it was like nothing had happened.
You were still the favored one.
But that was OK, because it was
my decision to leave the store.
You know why?
Because Dad told me that
you needed the store more
because you had a wife and kid.
Because you had a family.
I don't.
You, all of you,
you are all that I have.
You are my only family.
Uncle, you should rest.
I wish I really did have cancer.
Don't leave anything here
and then try to come back for it.
-Don't even try!
-You can't survive without me.
Yes, I can!
And the attorney's asking
when you'll get back to him.
Pa. What are you staring at?
All this time,
and I have yet to finish our house.
I can't even get it painted.
Sometimes, I wonder...
would I have been a better father
if I'd left you here
and worked abroad again?
Maybe you could have had a better life.
But if I had left...
then I wouldn't have seen you grow up.
I'm glad you chose to stay.
But that meant...
not being able to give you
the sneakers you want,
or other nice things.
We don't need those, Pa.
But you idolize your Uncle Bryan.
I just admire him.
I just look up to Uncle Bryan.
But you're my father.
I love you.
You know, I really love you.
I will never abandon you.
Promise, Pa?
Of course.
I don't want to grow up alone
like Uncle Dex.
If I had been a better big brother
to my brothers and sister,
maybe we wouldn't be like this.
You can still make up for it, right?
Of course.
Of course.
Pork knuckles.
I know this isn't healthy,
but it'll make you happy.
It can shorten your life...
But it can also mend sibling strife.
I'm sorry.
It's nothing.
We really shouldn't talk to each other
when we're angry.
We only end up saying hurtful things.
I'm guilty of that.
But still, I apologize.
Not just for what I said,
or what I did,
but I'm sorry
for all the things I didn't do.
And for what you lost because of me.
That's not your fault.
I couldn't be a dad to Gian
because I wasn't ready.
You are my standard,
my idol.
You didn't just catch up to me.
You surpassed me.
Not because of
what you've achieved in life,
but because...
you were more of a big brother
than I ever was.
Big brother!
I really want to make it up to you.
I want to be a big brother to you again.
Big brother.
Hey! Why is there a man in your room?
This is your room. And he's your tenant.
-This is my room?
Where's my kitchen?
I'm just gonna buy something.
Don't leave! Stay put.
-You can't leave.
-Just stay here.
But why? I'll be quick.
That can wait. I'll go with you.
-Why should I wait?
-If I can go now--
-Just stay, OK?
-Just stay.
-All right. You stay.
They miss you already.
You've made up?
He apologized.
And he forgave me.
We hope you can forgive us too.
Aren't we a team?
He'll pass the ball to you next time.
I don't want to drag you into this.
But that's how it works.
We're family. We have your back.
-Come on!
-We still have a lot of things to do.
Sir, please call me when...
What's wrong with this?
Jerry's the one who takes care of that.
But Daddy never made me finish it.
Mommy, can you help me draw?
Wait, baby.
Daddy's the one who can draw well.
Your Daddy's gone!
Can we apply?
Look, there's three of us!
We're your true Prince Charmings.
Aw, Baby Girl?
When we're done helping you here,
will you come with us?
You can do it!
My love,
you'll be so pleased.
Cha has mastered
your stir-fried noodle recipe.
It's delicious!
Problem is,
I might not get to try it again.
It's my fault.
I lied to them.
I know I failed them in so many ways...
I always fail them.
This is on you.
You left me too early.
Too soon.
You didn't even teach me...
how to be a good parent to them.
Look at what happened!
I failed.
Love, please just come and get me.
Don't do it, Mom.
His children still need him.
His grandkids still need him.
And we still need to make it up to him.
Not at all...
I have so many shortcomings as a father.
I wasn't there while you were growing up.
This is your eulogy.
You shouldn't be talking. Just sit down.
-Is that so?
-Yes! Sit already.
I'm just going to listen?
I know the sacrifice you made
every time you had to leave.
No parent would find it easy
to leave their child behind.
So if...
we missed you...
I know you missed us even more.
-But I still lied to you.
Dad, about that lie...
I understand why you did it.
We were difficult.
And that's good news, Dad!
We'll have more time together.
We can really make it up to you.
Me, in particular.
Ever since Mom died...
I forgot that
it was difficult for you too.
I just really missed you, Dad.
But, instead of reaching out to you,
I pushed you away.
Sorry, Dad.
We're all guilty of that, Dad.
We all got busy trying to fix
our own lives.
We forgot that we had left you all alone.
So, Dad, we're all sorry.
My turn?
It's my turn now.
In spite of all my wrongs,
you are...
what's right in my life.
That's why...
I will die happy.
I know that you'll be all right.
My love,
go ahead.
-You can now take me to heaven.
-Dad, no!
Love, we're OK!
All good!
Here you go! That's for you!
For you! Thank you!
Thank you for coming! Good mark!
What's going on?
-These are my grandkids!
ABCD! Yay!
-Go, Dad.
-Excuse me!
What's going on?
You're so noisy!
This needs to stop!
Look across the street!
I have a groundbreaking event.
Well, we're having a relaunching here.
Besides, who are you?
I am Mr. Kim.
The very good-looking Mr. Kim.
So who was the other one?
The ugly Kim?
He's my brother.
I am the owner of KSP.
And I will buy this ABC.
It's now ABCD!
Excuse me too!
Even if this were ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP,
I still wouldn't care!
What matters is...
you still have no chance against KSP!
KSP: Korean Super Pink!
KSP: Korean So Punchable!
Just because you have mouths
doesn't mean you can talk to me like that.
I'm really offended!
What about you?
Kan't Survive Poverty!
Did he say we Kan't Survive Poverty?
Bryan, show him!
Well, you're a... Korean Scumbag Punk!
A Korean Scumbag Punk?
Well you are ABCD...
A Bunch-o Crappy Dancers! Say what?
-What's that?
Abnormal Babbling Cranky Dimwit!
All right Better Come Dance!
Dance showdown!
Make room!
Boo! Loser!
Go home!
You really have no chance against ABCD
because you are truly KSP.
KSP: Kinless. Sad. Pitiful.
-He doesn't have what we have.
The Bonifacio family!
Let's dance!
You're so great, Totoy Bibo. I love you.