Sever (2018) Movie Script

Come on, Martha.
Last call for bathroom.
Let's go.
Don't touch me!
Hi, I wasn't sure I'd
catch you before you leave.
What are you doing here?
Isn't today your day off?
I was on my way to church
but I couldn't
resist stopping in
to see if you have the
ultrasound and pictures of baby.
You got 'em I hope?
- Mindy has 'em.
- All right, thanks.
This is a surprise.
I just had to drop by to
see pictures of my baby.
Your baby?
Well I'm the one's gonna
be taking care of her.
And you couldn't
wait until Monday?
- Um, no, I couldn't.
- All right.
Okay, so that is the
head and that's the body.
Gosh, you know what?
Sort of looks like
a girl, doesn't it?
You know, that's exactly
what Cord's dad said
when I showed it to him.
When you're packing
make sure you take
a lot of extra warm clothes.
I heard it's gonna rain
in the mountains tonight.
Can't have anything happening
to our baby, can we?
You know, I was beginning
to think that you were
worried about me.
- Oh, yeah a little.
- All right.
Do you think you could take
this out to my siblings?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
Hey, Cord, I've got Mindy's
bags by the door for you here.
- Awesome, thank you.
- Sure, no problem.
Remaining few institutions
for the criminally
insane in Colorado
where three employees
have been brutally murdered.
The victims have
not been identified
pending notifications
to their family.
Hey, you guys
be careful, okay?
- Okay, we will.
- All right.
Be careful,
drive carefully.
Will do.
You have everything?
- Bye, Stella.
- Bye.
With me is Sheriff Brand.
Sheriff, do you have any
leads on last night's
triple murder?
It's been almost 12 hours.
Yeah, we have several leads.
We believe we'll apprehend
the suspect currently.
We were informed that
the dogs lost her trail
one block from the asylum.
Could this mean that the suspect
has somebody on the
outside assisting her?
Not necessarily.
She could've stolen the vehicle
or kidnapped somebody
in the process.
Any advice for the public?
Stay inside, lock your doors.
She's considered armed
and extremely dangerous.
Do not attempt to contact
her and call the sheriff
if you see her.
And there you have it.
This is Veronica Desky
reporting to you live
from the Providence Asylum.
Hey, Gord.
Y'all back for another weekend?
Not sure how many
more there'll be.
We've actually decided
to sell the property.
You must've talked about
that for a long time.
This place meant
everything to your dad.
I know.
It was just too much
of a hassle to upkeep.
How long did you
guys talk about that?
I bet that was a tough decision.
That place meant
everything to your dad.
He effectively built it
with his own two hands.
I remember when he took
you hunting with us.
You started at
what, about seven?
Yeah, something like that.
You know, I got
a buck last week.
I was starting to dig
into it and cook it.
If I can I'll bring
you guys a leg later.
No problem.
We can actually pick
it up on the way back
into town tomorrow.
Maybe I'll swing
by you and I'll have
a drink or two with you two
just 'cause you got that
really good scotch that I like.
always welcome.
We gotta do some
repairs before we invite
buyers to take a look.
Yeah, I understand.
You always have
to do that, Cord.
But you guys do
what you have to do
and I hope you get
a good price for it.
See you, Joel.
I'm Johnny Black.
Lonely Heart.
I'm coming, I'm coming.
I'm coming, I'm coming.
My car went off the road.
I was wondering
if I could just...
Here, come in, come in.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I was walking for
nearly half an hour.
I didn't see a house or a car.
Here, I'll take your coat.
Have a seat.
- I'll get you a blanket.
- I appreciate it.
I'm gonna turn up the heat
so it's nice and toasty.
That would be nice.
I tried to call
for a tow truck but
- I couldn't get a signal.
- Here you go.
Yeah, it's like that out here.
We don't get any reception.
We don't have a landline.
Would it be too much to
ask for a ride into town?
That was I can call for
a truck and get a hotel?
This is my wife Mindy.
I was just about to tell her
that she could stay the night
and I'll take her to
town in the morning.
Is that all right for you?
Sorry to impose.
It's just that I
was in an accident.
Can you come here for a sec?
How could you invite
a complete stranger
to spend the night
without asking me first?
She's freezing and she's tired
and I honestly don't feel like
going all the way into town
and having to drive
all the way back.
I should go.
You don't have to.
I don't wanna impose.
I insist, it's fine.
What's your name?
Martha Cunningham.
Just make yourself
at home, Martha,
and I'll go make you some soup.
We have a guest bedroom.
Whenever you're ready for
bed, you're welcome to it.
You must be a Christian.
I used to be.
I haven't been to
church in a while.
But you believe in God?
Oh yeah, of course.
The Bible?
There are some parts
I'm not so sure about.
I believe in all of it.
And I try to follow
of its teachings.
I'm sure that makes
you a very good person.
I try.
Are you a Christian, Mindy?
Not really.
I think the churches
become corporations
that put on miracles for money.
I suppose you're right
about that aspect of it.
But it's way more
complex than that.
Do you have any children?
Not yet.
But you're expecting.
- How did you...
- Just a guess.
Am I right?
You have a certain
glow about you.
What about you?
Any kids?
I had a daughter.
You had?
She died.
I'm so sorry.
Was it an accident?
A bad man killed her.
Did they ever catch him?
And I don't think
they ever will.
But I'm sure he'll
pay for what he did.
How can you be sure of that?
Because I believe in the Bible
and it says "an eye for an
eye and a tooth for a tooth".
I think that also means
a life for a life.
He'll pay.
Thank you.
Do you mind if I say grace?
No, not at all.
Heavenly Father,
thank you for this nourishment
I'm about to receive
and bless the hands
that prepared it.
Bless this kind family
who took me from the cold.
And I also pray that
you take my daughter
into the light of
everlasting life
and punish however
You may see fit
that evil man who
snuffed out her life.
In Jesus' name I pray.
The Bible says ask
and you shall receive.
This is something I've
wanted more than anything.
This is very good, Mindy.
What are you
doing in the dark?
I couldn't sleep.
It's like that most nights.
I took a cup of your milk.
Sometimes warm milk helps.
Not a problem.
You have a very
handsome husband.
Yeah, I do.
You must have trouble
keeping other women away.
I trust him.
What about your husband?
Is he handsome too?
He was.
But he had a very
lustful disposition.
Would you have
some milk with me?
It's not a bad idea.
I like the way you
keep this kitchen.
It's very neat.
Everything in its right place.
Do you plan on having
other children?
We wanna have one more,
maybe two later down the line.
That's good.
Being an only child is no fun.
Were you an only child?
I was lucky I had a sister.
We were very close.
We still are.
- Are you finished?
- Mm-hmm.
I'm so sorry.
It's fine.
It's just a glass.
I'm really clumsy.
It's fine, I got it.
- Keep calling.
- Cord!
What the hell is going on?
Do you see this?
That's her carotid artery.
If I slice it, she'll die
in less than a minute.
I swear to God,
if you hurt her
I'll kill you.
Put them on.
- If you think...
- I'm gonna count to three
and then I slice.
What is it you want, money?
I'll write you a check, just
tell me how much you want.
Why are you doing this?
What did we do to you?
Take the car.
Take them!
Do it, Cord!
Jesus Christ, take it, Cord!
This has gone far enough.
If you think that
I'm gonna put...
You don't have a choice, Cord.
You're not gonna make it.
You'll lose two
lives instead of one.
Do what the fuck
she says, Cord!
Now put one of 'em
on your left wrist.
Now the other one to
the pipe under the sink.
Now we're gonna
play a little game
and this is how we're gonna
get to know each other.
Is that what this is about?
A game?
It's a very simple game.
We're gonna ask each other
questions and tell the truth.
How the hell
are you gonna know
if we're telling the truth?
I'll know.
What do you mean you'll know?
It was my job for years.
I would learn to tell if
someone was lying to me
by watching them.
Looking in their eyes,
watching their body language,
their breathing pattern.
And I was never wrong, not once.
What happens when
the game is over?
Will you let us go?
That depends.
I'll go first.
My parents, they were
in a car accident
and then left me and
my sister all alone.
So we went to live with
my aunt and my uncle,
and he was a deacon.
And so he made us read the
Bible every single night.
But she went off to college
and I married my boyfriend.
Got pregnant.
Got divorced two years later.
But I,
I got custody of my daughter.
Uncuff from the pipe.
Do it!
Now cuff it behind your back.
Get behind the counter
or I'll slice her throat.
You are gonna go see
who's in the door,
and if you say anything,
I will slice his throat!
Howdy, Mindy.
Hi, Sheriff.
What's going on?
You guys hear about
the manhunt going on?
We had a female patient
escape Providence Asylum,
Martha Cunningham.
She killed three people.
The asylum?
Yeah, the asylum.
It's been on the news all day.
We haven't had a chance
to see the news today.
You guys see anything
suspicious out here?
Okay, all right.
Well lock your doors
and your windows.
Call us if you have
any trouble, all right?
Okay, I will.
Say hi to Cord for me.
- I will.
- Night.
Get back on the ground.
You had better
not said anything.
I didn't, I didn't.
Yes, that was
my in the asylum.
I couldn't deal with
my daughter's death.
And they treated me like
a fucking dog in there.
My daughter was such
a wonderful child.
So innocent.
Absolutely everything
I could ask for.
Your turn, Cord.
Why did you marry Mindy?
Because I love her.
Do you still love her?
More than ever.
Were you ever
unfaithful to your wife?
Of course not.
- The truth, Cord!
- No.
I'm gonna give you one last
chance to tell the truth.
Were you ever
unfaithful to your wife?
Were you ever
unfaithful to your wife?
No, leave her alone.
You crazy bitch, I'm
telling the truth.
There was never anybody else.
He's telling the truth.
We have a great sex life.
Were you ever
unfaithful to your wife?
If you really love her,
you'll tell the truth.
Okay, yes.
Is that what you wanna hear?
How old was she?
18, that's it.
That's pretty young.
That's pretty young, Cord.
Did you tell her
you were married?
Did you tell her you
were married, Cord?
Did you tell her that you
were gonna leave your wife?
Did you, Cord?
Okay, yes.
Is that what you wanna hear?
Don't you feel better, Cord?
The Bible was right again.
The truth will set you free.
It's what she wants to hear.
Why didn't you
leave your wife, Cord?
And I'll know if you're
telling the truth.
Because I love her.
You mean everything to
me, you and the baby.
Do you seriously
think I would ever do
something like that to you?
Who was she?
There is no she!
What's her name?
We'll talk about this,
just not under
these circumstances.
Through our lawyers.
My daughter and I...
We were so close.
My daughter and I...
We were so close.
She used to tell me
all her little secrets.
Her fear of spiders.
The first boy she
had a crush on.
And then the first
boy who kissed her.
She was so young.
So innocent.
And then...
I'm cumming, I'm cumming.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
I had some work to finish.
Work, is that
what you call that?
Excuse me?
Have you no shame?
No decency?
What are you talking about?
I am talking about
you riding around
like a slut up in that office.
Are you spying on me,
is that what you're doing?
You grew up in a
Christian home, Melanie.
You grew up with a Bible.
I don't even believe
in the Bible anymore.
It's all bullshit.
You need to repent
for those words
and you need to repent for
your sin with that man.
He isn't just a man.
His name is Cord Lawrence
and we're getting married.
That will not wipe
away your sin.
When's the wedding?
In a couple of months once
this divorce goes through.
Are you saying he's married?
They are the only
people that get divorced.
Melanie, the Bible
clearly states...
I could care less
what the Bible states.
We love each other and
we're getting married
and the baby...
What baby?
The one I'm carrying.
Cord's and mine.
You'll love him.
He's handsome and educated
and rich and sweet.
And married!
He doesn't love her anymore,
he's told me a dozen times.
- And you believe him?
- Of course I believe him.
Oh, men lie, Melanie.
They lie all the time.
They will say anything it takes
just to get in between
the legs of innocent
gullible girls.
They will tell you anything
just to stick their tools
of Satan inside of you.
He will never
marry you, Melanie.
You're wrong.
You don't know
what's in the heart...
I don't wanna talk
about this anymore.
So should we go or do
I need to walk home
as punishment for my sins?
He won't divorce his wife.
Then you must get rid of
the seed of this abomination
or we will be the
entire laughingstock
of the whole church!
I don't care what
anyone at church says.
I'm not killing my child.
If thy right eye offend
thee then pluck it out.
God, would you shut
up with the stupid
fucking Bible verses!
They are the words of God.
Just get out.
You must get rid of the
spawn of your sinful life.
Leave me the fuck alone!
No, Melanie.
Wake up.
Melanie, wake up.
Cord Lawrence, you
did this to her!
Cord Lawrence, you will pay!
You killed my child.
You killed my Melanie.
I don't know
anyone named Melanie.
This is all a big mistake.
A mistake?
Your name is Cord
Lawrence, isn't it?
I'm telling you!
I don't know anyone
named Melanie.
You took advantage
of her, Cord.
She'd never even
been in love before.
It was so easy to
make her believe
that you loved her
when you told her,
to make her think that you were
gonna leave your wife for her!
What do I have to say
to make you believe me?
I don't know a Melanie!
You took my child, now
I'm gonna take yours.
That's what the good book
says, an eye for an eye.
You'll what?
Just the child, Mindy.
Just his child.
She's my child, too.
An innocent, unborn baby.
Your daughter, she
was a grown woman.
She knew what she
was getting into
when she started an
affair with a married man.
I don't know what
I have to tell you
to make you believe me.
I don't know a Melanie.
You're not a good liar, Cord.
If you believe that
I did it, then kill me.
Just don't hurt my
wife or my baby.
That'll be way too easy.
You need to watch
your child die,
just like I watched mine.
That way she'll get peace.
And I can sleep at night.
We could do this the hard way
or a more civilized way.
Your choice.
This one your take by mouth.
It softens the cervix.
Increases uterine contractions,
allows the fetus to pass.
This one, you can take by mouth
or I can insert it
into your vagina
and that completes
the abortion process.
You're crazy!
You sick bitch.
She's a baby.
An innocent baby!
Open your mouth.
Open your mouth, Mindy!
You're sick!
You crazy bitch!
Shut up, Cord.
You caused it.
You fucking caused it!
All of this is
your fucking fault!
Get off of her!
Get the fuck off of her!
You caused it.
You fucking caused
it, all of this!
It's your fucking fault.
Open up.
Let me see.
Good girl.
I'm sorry, honey.
I'm so sorry.
Take it.
Now cut yourself.
Let the warm blood flow
so you may be
cleansed of your sin.
Are you out of
your fucking mind?
Cut yourself.
Down to the shin bone so you
may be cleaned of your sin!
This is bullshit.
If you think that I'm going to...
Cut and you will feel
the pain that I felt, Cord.
Cut and you will be saved.
It's the cleanser of the soul.
And without cleansing
there is no absolution.
And without absolution,
there is no salvation!
Cleanse your soul, Cord.
This is your last
chance for salvation!
- You need help.
- Shut up!
- One.
- Okay!
I'll do it.
Are you satisfied?
You sick cunt!
Are you satisfied?
For now.
Come in.
It's cold as hell out there.
From what I understand,
hell ain't cold.
Hi, I'm Jerry Lawson,
Deputy Head of Security
from Providence Asylum.
The higher ups thought that
I could be of some assistance
in bringing in Martha.
They want her caught
but not killed.
It's nice to meet you, Jerry.
We want the same thing.
I have a file right
here on my computer.
I thought we could
look at it together
just in case we miss something.
Sounds good.
Bring it over the desk.
This is her when she was
brought in 12 years ago.
Since then she's gotten
more and more confused,
especially with time.
She totally lost it
when Melanie died.
Who's Melanie?
It's her baby sister.
She consistently refer
to her as her daughter.
I told you to get out.
You have offended
the almighty God
with your adultery.
Shut the fuck up and get out.
God has instructed me
to ask you to repent.
God spoke to you?
He did.
And He wants you to
ask for forgiveness.
Well I'm not sorry
for a damn thing.
Cord and I will marry and
he will divorce his wife,
he just needs tome.
God destroyed
Sodom and Gomorrah
because they did not repent
for their wicked ways
and he will destroy you too.
Fuck you and your bullshit.
God has anointed me
to be His instrument.
His instrument to do what?
To destroy you and the
seed of your transgression
so that your souls may be saved.
You crazy bitch.
No, no, no!
You will be washed with blood!
Your salvation will
come with blood.
You will be cleansed with blood
and brought into the light.
Before me stood the darkness
from whence came the light.
I once knew.
Only to find pain.
Only to find suffering.
So I looked to the
Lord and I asked
why is there so much pain?
And He spoke to me
and said though
which was born of the blood
shall be lifted from the
darkness into the light.
And he took
the beautiful precious
child out of the darkness
and into the light.
Now it's time
to take the seed of the evil one
with his deceit and his lies
out and into the light!
Leave her alone, you sick fuck!
I'll cut myself again
as deep as you want.
Just leave my innocent
wife and child out of this.
That's not how it works, Cord.
For years, innocent
have been shedding blood
for the guilty.
Open your mouth, Mindy.
I'll take the razor.
Let my blood pay for my sins.
I said open your mouth, Mindy!
May I say a prayer first?
A prayer?
A prayer for the baby.
A short one.
Will you pray with me?
Heavenly Father,
I commend the soul
of my innocent child
into Your care.
I pray.
I pray that you will...
Get the keys!
Mindy, get the keys!
I don't know how much
longer I can hold her.
You run, I can't
hold her much longer!
Not yet, Cord.
Cord, wake up.
Cord, it's me.
It's okay.
- Where is she?
- She's outside.
Hold on a second.
Okay, we've gotta
get you to a hospital
before you bleed to death.
Don't believe in
anything she says.
We are not talking
about this right now.
We have to.
No, we don't.
The only reason I'm doing
this is to save my baby.
Our baby.
I swear to God.
Get up, get up.
Come on.
Stella, get back in the car.
Stella, get back!
Stella, get in the car.
What the hell are you doing?
- Get inside.
- What is wrong?
What is going on?
What's with the machete?
Stella, there is a
crazy lady outside.
She stabbed Cord and she's
trying to hurt the baby.
Did you call the police?
We don't have any reception.
You need to see a doctor.
We couldn't get a signal.
You really
need to see a doctor.
She disabled the car.
Stella, why are you here?
I had this really bad dream
that you guys were in danger.
I tried calling, I
couldn't get through,
I thought I'd come out
and make sure you're okay.
We just need your keys.
Sure, yeah, yeah.
The hood is up.
She got the car.
Okay, look, let's get
him away from the window.
What are we gonna do now?
- We wait.
- For what?
For her to make her next move
or for someone to come get us.
Okay, look, look.
I'm gonna go get you
some bandages, okay?
I'll be right back.
This is fucked up.
Yeah, no shit.
Do you see anything?
You've been a bad girl, Mindy.
Put down the machete.
I'm really quite accurate
with this contraption,
if I don't say so myself.
I said drop the machete.
I don't wanna shoot but
if you don't put
it down, I will.
You let her in?
She's my sister.
Did you think it was by chance
I came looking for the
housekeeper position?
I had to find out everything
I could about you,
so we can make you pay
for what you did
to my beautiful,
my precious niece.
I didn't do anything to her.
I don't even know who
you're talking about.
I tried to tell her that
but she just wouldn't...
You're such a pathetic liar!
You're to blame too, Mindy.
She's to blame too.
You should've known he
was having an affair.
I didn't.
I wasn't looking for anything.
Then you're a bigger
fool than I thought.
Men lie and cheat all the time.
It's in their DNA.
Killing our baby won't
bring your niece back.
Well, maybe not.
But it'll make us feel
a whole lot better.
And you, you don't
deserve the easy way out.
This time, Mindy, there
will be no praying!
Handcuff her and hold ler legs.
Let's finish this.
Yes, sister dear.
Don't kill him.
Not yet.
She didn't go far.
Joel, it's Mindy, let me in.
Joel, let me in, it's Mindy!
- What's going on?
- I don't know.
This crazy lady, she's trying
to kill me and the baby.
Where's Cord?
He's back at the house.
She hurt him really bad.
All right, call the sheriff.
I'll go out front.
this is Sheriff Brand.
Yeah, it's Mindy Lawrence.
Yeah, that crazy lady Martha,
yeah and her sister Stella.
Yeah, they're coming
after and my baby.
No I'm at Joel's
house right now.
Stay down.
Cord's at the house,
he's really hurt.
I'll be right over
there, all right?
We'll send an
ambulance to get Cord.
We'll be there in a few minutes.
Hang tight.
He'll be here in 10 minutes.
What's going on?
Martha and her sister Stella.
Stella isn't
related to Martha.
She was Martha's best
friend at the asylum.
The doctors thought
she was well enough
to be discharged six months ago.
Apparently they were wrong.
Dispatch, this is Sheriff Brand.
I need an ambulance sent
to the Cord Lawrence
residence immediately.
Cord Lawrence?
Yeah, you know him?
Yeah, he was the guy
who knocked up Melanie
12 years ago.
That's impossible.
Cord would've been 10
years old at the time.
Cord is named after
his father, Cord Sr.
Yeah, come on.
Let's go.
How far away are we?
Five, maybe four minutes.
Can't you make it three?
I have a bad feeling about this.
You fucker!
Oh no no no no.
No, no.
No, stop!
I have been waiting for
this moment for years!
Can't you feel it?
I can.
The end of your life is coming.
The end of the whore!
You're so fucking weak!
Can you smell it?
I can, whore!
You killed my Stella!
My sweet, sweet Stella!
Fuck you.
Convictions of the whore
bearing the seed of evil.
You will burn in
hell for this, Mindy.
Yeah, I may be a whore
but so was Melanie.
What did you say?
What the fuck did you just say?
Dumb bitch.
She fucks a married
man, gets pregnant,
and then kills herself?
I am going to
fucking kill you!
How does it feel, whore?
How does it feel?
You, Cord and the little
baby, are all gonna die.
- It's okay, Mindy!
- No.
No, Stop!
It's okay.
Let the cold steel
slip into your body!
Let it cleanse your blood
through this sacrifice.
It's time, Mindy.
Now you and your baby
will die and join Cord!
Move and you die!
Drop it.
Get the hell off of her.
Will the whore kill the saint?
Do it, Mindy!
Martha, shut up!
She's not gonna stop.
She won't stop.
Mindy, you don't want this
kind of blood on your hands.
- Do it.
- Don't do it.
Martha, shut up!
She won't stop.
Spill the blood of the lamb.
I have to do this.
You'll live with this
for the rest of your life.
I will find you and
that little devil spawn.
- Martha, shut up!
- Do it!
Martha, shut up.
Mindy, think of Cord.
Think of the baby.
Spill the blood of the lamb.
It's God's will.
Think of the baby.
I will find you
and that little baby
and Cord too.
Martha, shut up.
Martha, shut the hell up.
- Do it.
- Don't do it.
Do it.
Martha, shut the hell up.
Sheriff, you have no
idea what she's done!
You don't want this kind
of blood on your hands.
- Mindy.
- That's right.
I won't.
Martha, shut the hell up.
You don't know!
Martha, shut up.
Mindy, think of Cord,
think of the baby.
That's it, we got it.
Put it down.
Put it down.
Put it down.
Put it down.
You don't want this
on your conscience.
Don't move.
Don't move.
You're under arrest.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say
can and will be used against you
in a court of law.
You have the right
to an attorney.
If you cannot
afford an attorney,
one will be presented to you.
You understand these rights?
You all right?
The ambulance
should be here soon.
Come on.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Chopper will be here
in a few minutes.
Why didn't you
let me kill her?
It's not how we do
things around here.
The paramedics are
taking Cord to the ER.
Hopefully he'll pull through.
Yeah, copy.
Joel, we'll miss you.