Sex Drive (2003) Movie Script

He smells so manly.
My friends always ask me why I never gave give in?
Is it because I am scared of getting pregnant?
Or am overly religious?
The truth is
I am afraid of experiencing the pain.
The real pain.
Excruciating pain.
The physical pain of intercourse.
I frequently think of the feeling often wonder how would it feel.
Going inside of you slowly.
A burning feeling and like something being torn.
In and out of your body, painful.
It is so hard to take invite you out on overnights.
And on out of towns.
I cant understand your mother.
She thinks I am a maniac.
But you are one.
I dont think we will get along.
You always listen to that.
Its very irritating.
And you keep picking your nose.
Like the dirt in there will never be finished
you might ran out of boogers
So now what?
You find me gross?
I only pick my nose in your car!
Dont you think people see you?
My car has no tint.
It such a turn off you know.
I have to move on.
How are you?
Shiela darling dont you have a shoot today?
Did you forget dear?
I am not in the mood. Get someone else.
Whats with you?!
This is not basketball where you can get a substitute.
Get dressed
And I will pick you up in thirty minutes ok?
Oh please.
Shiela what do you want me to get you from my trip?
Anyway Aunt Rosita will pass by every now and then.
To check if you are ok.
And your mobile have it with you so you can be contacted easily.
And remember even if it is work, no overnights.
Dad I have to get the laptop from the repair shop.
Thats fine.
I need the money to pay for it.
Thats fine.
Mommy, daddy is so hard to talk to.
Its frustrating cant relate.
I dont understand it that.
Thats just fine. Does this suit me? Will I tuck it in?
What is that tramp doing here?
Shes Applying for Jessie Gonzales. Dont mind her.
Hi Mel!
Ok Shiela, another pose!
Good! Good! Nice! There you are!
How is your mom?
Shes ok.
You know, if you dont want to talk to me just say so.
Whats this?
You are the problem. Get away from me.
Shiela! Just get in!
Shiela! Get in you are all alone. Get in here dont go alone.
Sheila get in, you're all alone.
Shiela what's your problem?
So he gave you the break up list again?
Yes. He is that good for nothing.
So who told you I still had sex with him?
Nobody. I was paranoid because
when you two meet up youre both still so sweet,
what else should I be thinking?
You know Troy, when Troy he breaks up with you
he already has a replacement.
So what youre thinking of is quite unlikely impossible.
Sorry what?
A little birdie told me that lately,
Troys the latest victim of Troy is Vivian.
The sister of Rodney who is the brother of Rolan the boyfriend of
Just a minute hold it, hold it...
you mean to tell me that he was two-timing me?
Exactly! Like what he did with to you while we were together.
Im sure he didnt tell you that we were still together.He will never admit it to you.
He will never admit it to you.
Now you know Shiela.
I am sure what Troy is telling you about the trip
to Sagada with the mountaineers.
Up mountaineers my ass noh, He is with Vivian.
fuck He cant do that this to me.
you know, You will only know find out when he comes back.
When hes back?
But I am not going to sit down here and wait.
Wait I think that is not a good idea.
Sagada is no joke,
its so far.
Hello Mel!
- Where's Shiela?
Im sorry she went to Sagada.
What? Oh no!
She is crazy Manny!
When did she leave?
Actually she just left
Ok thank you.
Manny I am going to Sagada ok.
Where is that?
Its very far.
Its important when Aunt Rosie comes dont let her in.
What will I say?
Say I am sick or I have a shoot.
Its up to you just do something.
What will I do?
Manny I will be back in five days.
Now let's swap cell phones
so when Mommy calls tell her I left my cell phone in the house so you answered the phone.
Dont say I went to Sagada
- Ok
Just take care here.
Wow yummy!
Yes mallows.
You know its my favorite.
No stupid, I mean meant the guy not the mallows.
He is so cute.
Lets hurry so we can catch up with him.
Lets go.
Did you tell your mommy?
They're in the states.
What if she calls?
Manny will take charge of it.
Don't worry so now we are carefree
without anyone worrying about us.
Its up to you, Remember if she calls me
I will deny everything to death everything.
You know we will be passing through
Nueva Ecija and Nueva Vizcaya.
Our trip looks like a long one.
How long do you think it will be?
Maybe 16 hours with no stops.
Maybe two days if all goes well.
Two days?
But what is in Sagada?
Beaches? Gardens?
Hash! Its the marijuana capital of the Philippines.
Have you tried it Shiela?
It is fantastic!
We must go now before night falls.
till have to find for a place to stay. Lets go.
What is the problem.
What are you looking at?
Nothing just curious.
I know where I got this beautiful outfit of mine?
No if Troy had sex with you?
Gaga I am not like you.
Shit! I knew you would never change.
Friend, thats all Troy wanted.
Thats why he left you.
I know, I thought he changed.
From the start of our relationship
he knew that is our my problem.
There really is no problem,
your thing isnt closed,
just your mind.
I told you it hurts only in the beginning.
After a time its like you are in heaven.
Hay! I suddenly miss him.
Dont touch me there
I am ticklish there. That tickles!
Hello popsy come to mommy!
Come on? Stop!
So where did he go?
Lets back up the jeep and check.
Mister did you see the man on the motorcycle?
Hey! Move away!
Poor fellow.
Is he still alive?
Dont move him we might injure him more.
I think its our fault he had an accident.
Dont get up just lie down. We will call an ambulance.
But there is no ambulance here.
Does 911 exist here?
Or lets put him in the car and bring him to the hospital.
How will we bring him? He is so heavy.
Shiela, go over there. Hurry.
No way.
It's game time.
1, 2, 3, smile!
The golden beatle, the golden.
Enough! It hurts!
The golden beatle.
Lets just take him to the inn?
He looks ok. He is singing already, look.
Miss, one room please?
We picked him up dead drunk. He is too cute to leave.
Do you feel anything?
I do.
How many is this?
You are full of nonsense.
What is your name?
I am..
I am..
My name is...
What's my name?
Where are you even going?
Just a minute.
I cant remember.
Lets do this.
Count from one to ten.
Ok, now sing the national anthem.
Land of the morning, pearl of the pacific...
Shit! He has amnesia.
But when we picked him up, he only had his briefs on.
No identification.
Wait, I thought of something.
You know...
I dont think I will like it.
This will benefit everyone.
Just promise you will go along with it me, ok?
- Ok.
Your name is Winston.
You had an accident
You slipped in a public comfort room.
You were in your briefs when we saw you,
and the worst thing is you have amnesia.
But this is only temporary.
I am Mel, your friend,
and this is Shiela, your girlfriend.
What if he is just taking us for a ride?
And if he has amnesia, why can he still talk and count?
I am sure he is sick.
I know, I had a boyfriend who is a neuro surgeon and he told me about these things.
There are a lot of cases of amnesia.
Because of shock and trauma from an accident.
But this is temporary.
He cannot remember the personal details,
the fundamentals they have learned earlier.
Only a little bit, this is called retrograde amnesia,
but it's only temporary.
You might just get lucky since his thing looks big.
You know, you are so gross.
If Troy didnt get anywhere, how can he do any better?
If you dont want to, then just enjoy the ride.
He seems nice.
Ok, he seems nice.
What if he is a serial killer?
You dont even know where he is from.
I dont know give up. Its Your loss.
Wow, dude! The motor's beautiful and stainless.
Yes, truly something else.
I sex-fucked her for one week and this was my prize.
Are you ok, Winston?
Whats wrong?
I am just holding you.
Its like you arent his girlfriend.
Winston! Winston!
What is my family name?
- Angeles!
Angeles Fernandez you have two family names. Thats how rich kids are.
Where do I live?
At the renaissance tower in Meralco Avenue unit 1022.
Do I have parents?
They might be looking for me.
Why will they look for you when they know you are with us?
You know what? Quit asking questions. Your memory will all go back in no time.
Anyway, did you know that you are a good singer?
You are just like a tenor in an opera. Try it?
Hello? Excuse me!
Here, Pavarotti, use them for now.
Lets just buy clothes on the way.
What happened here?
Any witnesses?
Joey, can you give me the plastic?
We are on the right track,
this is the third.
He keeps on leaving us souvenirs.
The animal! We will get to you.
She is not even answering.
Hi dear!
Just dropped by. I wont go inside anymore. I am in a hurry, ok? Bye!
Shiela, are you ok?
It seems you didn't sleep well last night.
Where are we going?
we will pass through Nueva Ecija then Nueva Vizcaya,
then the jump off point to Solano.
Then Banawe, then Bondoc.
What are we going to do there?
We will score some Hash. Its your favorite.
So hurry, lets go.
Shit. I forgot the way to the highway.
Ask the man over there.
Excuse me, sir!
You seemlost.
Where are you headed?
We want to exit the highway.
You are a long way from here.
Turn back then turn right on the seventh corner
that will lead you to the exit.
On that corner, there is a bakery,
look for Mang Miong
and he can give you the directions.
You know in our place here, there are many roads. That is why it is very confusing.
Many wanted to build houses here so they built the roads.
Ok sir, thank you for the help.
Be careful now.
We will, thank you.
I will drive until Baguio,
I will drive until Bicol,
I will drive till Batangas,
then I will swim at the beach
I will bring my boyfriend,
and anyone who wants to come along.
Even if they bring a dog,
as long as he brings his bone.
I saw many nice places in Sagada in a documentary I saw.
Hey, where do you think Troy set up his sex den with Vivian?
The big cave?
The underground river?
Big lagoon? or rice terraces?
Its strange.
I remember Sagada.
The elders told me that,
since Sagada is so high up in the mountains, the suns light is strongest.
That is why the air is clean,
and the sun is so clear.
Because of the pure white light.
Thats why if you have problems,
you should go there
and you will see things more clearly.
It looks like your head has been hit harder than I thought.
The car broke down.
How will we get to Sagada now?
Winston, come here!
Do you know how to fix this?
No, I don't.
What kind of a guy are you?
You should know something.
Maybe before, but I forgot.
Where are you going?
Is that Mel?
It look like Mel?
- Let's go!
How about the Wrangler?
Remember the Wrangler?
Lets get it later.
Let's go!
Where did you find this guy?
He suddenly appeared while I was walking by the road.
Hey Miss!
Did your car break down?
Maybe I can fix it. Hop in!
His timing was just too perfect.
Maybe he likes you so he stopped.
So Piere, how long have you been staying here?
Ive been in Manila for 5 years now.
You speak good Tagalog.
How about Ilocano?
This is my dog.
His name is Dogma.
And my pussy,
is called Copy Cat.
Hi Dogma.
Hi p-- Copy Cat.
Come with me inside.
There, inside.
It is refreshing here at your place.
So what do you do?
I write for National Geographic.
1,2,3. Ok, one more time but change places. 1,2,3 ok.
What is he doing?
I thought he will fix the Wrangler?
I dont know.
He said he will pray over it first.
Lets gO inside. It might rain.
Piere! Piere!
Stop it! Come on.
Hello, are you sure about that?
Thank you. My source said its confirmed.
The groups of the Beatle are at war.
Now they are after one of the members.
To finish them.
Okay... Im hungry, lets eat first.
Bro, take your order.
Waiter. Waiter.
Yes, sir?
Is there any food here?
It depends, sir.
Depends on what?
We have tall ones, sexy,
dark-skinned, fair-skinned.
Depending on the price.
Fool! I was talking about food.
Just give us beer, then.
Hey, wake up! There's a customer!
Wake up! Faster!
What the hell? Faster!
Boss... Chicks?
Hello, sir.
I noticed you were avoiding me.
Arent we lovers?
I'm not in the mood.
This place is very romantic.
Imagine we are in the field...
And mountains, right?
Isnt it cold?
Just a minute.
We have never done it, ok?
Why is that?
Why? It's because I am scared of the pain, Okay?.
I think the fan belt is broken.
I think my extra can fit.
What? What can fit?
Fan belt.
I'm scared.
Trust me.
I won't hurt you, okay?.
Wait! wait!
Damn, bro.
It was a comedy.
The girls were even half asleep in that place.
Bro, its not funny.
It is a symbol of the hard life,
and exploitation of the girls.
Sorry. I forgot you have a girlfriend from a club.
This place looks good. Lets stop here.
Boss, do you want some girls? I have some.
No thanks. We just want to eat first.
Dont worry.
Just eat first and I'll go.
Where is he going?
Heres the food.
You know, bro,
I've been thinking about this Beetle.
He already done all the crime except rape.
Maybe he is fed up with sex?
If you are that kind of a criminal
you have tried all kinds of girls.
Even this sick thing with the Beetle.
Here, look at this.
What the hell. What are you doing there?
Having sex. Want to join?
Do you think the repair for car is free?
Of couse, I want to inspire him.
And I also wanted to be watered.
Yuck! He is your type?
He looks like he does not shower.
That's more tasty.
Did you see his hairy chest?
So delicious.
You know? His so good at pumping.
Enough. I heard nothing.
No! No! I wont hear it.
La, la, la, la! I'm not hearing anything!
I don't hear anything.
Who do you think he is after?
And where is he headed?
I dont know. Lets just wait for the next victim.
Take a deep breath so you wont feel the pain.
Take a deep breath so you wont feel the pain.
Take a deep breath so you wont feel the pain.
Thank you.
Winston do you have a problem?
No. Im just a bit confused.
I dont feel right.
Its like Shiela does not really love me.
Dont worry about it.
Girls seem like that sometimes,
when it comes to love.
Its a good thing I found a way.
If not we'd still be stuck at that field.
Yeah, right.
What's your problem?
You're so annoying.
You have been like that for some time now.
I am losing my patience.
I am just like that.
You two are confusing me.
I took a wrong turn because of you two.
I should turn left earlier.
I dont know the way back.
Its too far to find the way already.
Where are you going? why did you turn here?
I'm gonna ask somebody. I'm tired already.
Let's take a stop over here.
I feel that we're not gonna make it to Sagada.
Uhmm, excuse me?
One room for us three.
Make it two. I'm on my own.
Why are there so many people here? What's going on?
There is a flower parade tomorrow. Want to see it?
Where is a good place to eat here?
Try the duplex two blocks away. It's easy to find.
Winston, a favor please.
There's no towel, can you borrow a towel from Mel?
From Mel?
Winston, wheres the towel?
Do you have a towel? Sheila doesn't have one.
Okay here this one, take this, use this one
Okay, thank you.
Copy Cat!
Come on!
I don't want. No.
You two are crazy. Its like you aren't lovers.
Is that so?
I will go now. I dont want to be in the way.
Thank you.
A foreigner owns this hut.
That's where those three went.
I think the Beetle is after them.
Did you understand what the old one said?
No. I saw a polaroid outside.
Are you sure they were headed for Sagada?
I am sure.
Then pack because we are going to find my niece.
You better pray we find the place in Sagada.
I have a question. How do you use your mouth to...
You know?
Oh, is that what you meant? It's easy.
You should make it reach your throat.
Thats why they call it deepthroat. Like this,
give me your hand.
You are so gross, you even wanted to suck on my hand.
Good morning.
You are gross. You even want to suck on your hand.
Good morning.
Good morning.
By the way. I put our things in the car already.
Thank you.
Whats for breakfast? It looks good.
I'm gonna sit.
Hold it. Can you move over there?
We are having a sensitive talk.
So I will just take this with me.
Sure, go ahead.
Thank you.
What if it pops out of the mouth?
Are you serious?
Then you'll have to swallow it.
Can't I just spit it out?
That's what make the guys happy.
You look happy. Why is the Beetle after you?
Who's Beetle? What is your problem?
Winston! Do you know these two?
Please leave us alone, we dont know you.
How about this one? Do know this?
A killer called the Beetle is after you.
What did you do to him and maybe we can help you?
He's gonna catch up and he will kill you one by one.
You bastard.
We were just fooling you. Your name isn't Winston.
We just picked you up at the road side unconscious
with amnesia. Do you know this Beetle?
I dont know him.
But I always see him in my dreams,
like I know him very well.
But I dont remember.
I dont know.
I'm sorry we lied to you.
I already noticed it.
But I enjoyed being with both of you.
I enjoyed being with the both of you.
So I just let you. Dont leave me, okay?
I am scared.
Why do you have those itchy rashes?
I dont know, its quite itchy.
Its the shrimps.
What else? He has amnesia, he cant remember.
Finally! Its so hard to get here.
I know right?
So you guys wait here
while I ask what hotel we can stay in, okay?
Okay, be careful.
Excuse me?
Miss, is there an available room?
No more, ma'am.
Did you see anyone check in here called Troy?
they said no Troy Sevilla checked in that hotel.
Lets try Mapiao Inn.
Lets go.
Come on.
Winston lets go now.
We're going.
They said Troy left with his girl.
The receptionist said
they will be back tomorrow,
because they brought a lot of things.
Let's go out instead.
You know? I am so horny.
You go ahead, I will just have a hump with Winston.
No way, I want to join too.
Yeah, yeah.
You're taking too long.
It's empty.
Look at that.
You really feel that?
Shiela! I will go to the inn.
You know who might be there.
Who are you waiting for?
Huh? No one.
The guy we will get the hash from.
Its your favorite. Stay here, okay?
Hash? My favorite? I will just stay here?
Mel, just wait for me.
Hurry up.
Its tiring.
It's really tiring.
I'm really getting cold.
What's happening, Lord?
The view is so beautiful here.
You're right.
Go here. I will take your picture.
Just pose a beautiful one, okay?
I hope it's beautiful.
Of course yes, it's because I took it.
You are the best photographer.
Of course.
You are the best photographer.
Of course.
Shiela, I want to tell you something
and please dont get mad.
I am starting to like Winston.
This is the only time I felt a gentle lovemaking.
I don't understand but Im falling in love.
Dont worry, Mel, I am not in love with him.
The sex part is all I want.
That's it, that's it.
You are so different now.
Because of you.
It's Troy.
Babe, I am tired.
Okay, lets go up and rest a bit.
My gosh, Mel, I am so angry. I dont know what to do.
Come on, just take it easy.
Just knock and open the door first.
Later. We're busy!
I said later!
That's yours now.
What are you doing here? Shiela!
Why did you leave me?
You good for nothing!
You have no shame!
After I dressed you up
and this is what you do to me?
Son of a bitch!
One more time, babe?
Im okay, babe.
Hey! You two! Where are you going?
Sorry, honey babe.
I got amnesia.
I was on my way to the province,
then I got into an accident,
and I could not remember anything.
Now everything is coming back to me.
Please believe me.
Why did you do this, honey babe?
Why are you laughing?
You two are a couple?
I will never forget what happened in Sagada.
We were surprised when the Beetle came,
along with his intentions.
Its a good thing Piere got there on time.
He was so angry when he lost Dogma and Copy Cat.
So the Beetle ended up with broken bones.
And Troy was so scared to come near me,
thinking that I would beat him for real.
Maybe he was surprised with the new me.
He deserves it.
Whats funny is, Phillip is his real name,
and glad he did not get mad at us.
He said what happened was actually a good thing.
He wanted to avoid the Beetle for a long time,
but he didnt want to let him go.
He and Mel had a heart to heart talk.
But he said he was not ready for a heterosexual relationship.
But he said that he'd think about it
since he enjoyed the experience.
He said, he will never forget us along with Sagada.