Sex express coffee (2010) Movie Script

Oh, Saint Sebastian.
You bring out
such low passions.
To think you're a saint.
Morning, sir!
Mr. Rey?
Something stinks.
Like old sex.
Morning, Sebastian.
How unlike him
to leave early.
Mr. Antonio Suarez?
Mr. Antonio Suarez?
We thought
you'd bury us all.
Check mate!
Life is cruel.
What do you mean?
I may know someone
who can do something.
- Hello.
- Hi, how are you?
I like your photos.
Thank you.
What brings you
to this chat room?
I want to meet people.
I'm so stupid.
I should've said sex.
I must've scared him off.
You look nice.
No, no, no!
Surely everyone
tells him that.
Would you like to come
to my house ?
What do I say?
What you doing, Antonio?
Hold on,
I got a good bite.
Glued to a chat, as always.
Sure, I'd love to!
- You're going?
- You think I'd miss it?
We'll have a great time.
I'll treat you like a king!
Look at him.
Oh, boy.
We could propose
a threesome, right?
Yeah, right!
This one is mine!
I know we will.
Give me your address
and I'll head out.
He gave me his address!
I know where it is!
It's a joke.
He must be stocky,
hairy and bald...
...and that photo is fake
or it's dangerous.
You're just jealous
you don't have any action.
I'm on my way now!
See you in half an hour.
Okay, buddy, I'm off!
I'll tell you about it
tomorrow, okay?
Be careful!
Don't stay up to late!
Good start.
Who is it?
Hey, I'm Antonio!
We met...
- Hi.
- Antonio.
You're cuter
than I imagined.
- You are...
- Hey, none of that.
Come on in.
That's it, handsome.
'Hey. Tono!
- What's up?
Why'd you leave school
just like that?
What about your classes?
I only came to do an exam.
Hey, why all the mystery?
You said you'd tell me
about the chat guy.
Later, okay?
He hit you!
It was nothing.
But he hit you?
Treat me to coffee,
why don't you?
It's nothing serious...
...but that bastard
went too far.
I told you it was
too good to be true.
It was true.
He was so hot...
-...but very crazy.
- A punch is nothing...
...but having sex
without a condom...
I couldn't do anything.
I got to his place...
...and he started saying
such beautiful things.
He gave me martinis
or something...
...and before I knew it,
it was all over.
He made me bleed.
That bastard
really hurt me.
Man, what can I say?
Go to the police
and say you were raped?
No, I just want time
to pass by and forget it.
I promise I'll never leave
with a stranger again.
That's what they all say.
As soon as they forget...
Don't be a pain!
You've done it too.
Yes, but I've never
gotten hurt.
Will you get
a blood test again?
Yeah, but you know
how this is.
I have to wait three months
to get an accurate result.
He infected me.
That son of a bitch
infected me.
I'm sorry, I'll give you
some forms to fill out...
...and you can begin
treatment immediately.
What will you do?
- I can't kill myself.
- No, of course not!
I don't know what to say.
Don't say anything.
It wouldn't help anyway.
I'm just trying
to make you feel better.
I'm your friend.
I don't want you to...
I know, I know.
I don't need anyone's pity.
I don't feel pity for you!
We'll talk later.
Do I know you?
There will come a day
in which humanity...
...will have withered
like a flower...
...and the old sun
in outer space...
will only be charcoal.
There will come a day
in which the cold world...
...will be a morbid silence.
A great shadow
will surround the sphere...
...where there won't be
any more springs.
The dead Earth,
like a blind eye...
...will always keep blinking,
but in the dark...
...alone, in silence,
without a prayer...
...lonely, with its
favorite creatures...
asleep and tired
in its bosom.
A mother who marches
with the poison...
...of her dead children
within her.
Not one city stands.
Ruins and debris will be
held over one's shoulders.
From up above,
the mountain is black...
...and will be seen
with a withered expression.
Won't the sea be
but a hard block of ice?
And so, anguished
with its hardness...
...alone it will dream
of its ships and waves.
It will spend years
looking for a boat...
...that will ripple
its surface.
And there,
where it meets land...'ll dream of a beach
under the moonlight...
...and it will only be
but that wish...
...for the moon will be
another mausoleum.
In vain, it'll try to move
to swallow man and rocks...
...or hear the unnerving
scream of a shipwreck.
Nothing will be left.
From pole to pole...
...In one blow,
the wind will sweep it all.
Voluptuous housings
and miserable shacks...
...dark caves and
refined cathedrals.
Blacks, yellows and browns.
Whites and half-bloods.
They will meet underground
and ask forgiveness...
...for all their wars.
And holding hands...
...they'll go around
the Earth once...
...and they will cry
an echo of lament...
...for so much
unnecessary suffering.
The Earth was a garden
full of roses and cities...
some next to rivers,
others near forests.
Between them,
fine rails were placed...
...that were supposed
to represent hope.
The country flourished.
Everything was merry
and fresh as a meadow.
Instead of understanding...
...that we were fighting,
brother against brother...
...women were slandering
each other...
...and entrepreneurs
were populating the world.
We were all against
he who was good...
...we soiled him
and filled him with poison.
Now, white bones,
we surround the Earth...
...and humanity's ame,
at its feet...
...has finally gone out.
Listen to that song.
It says something real.
The time most people
invest idealizing the past...
...hoping for it to return...
...wastes their lives.
Or it returns and they see
it isn't what they expected.
People are never happy
with what they have.
They always want
things to change.
Everyone is in their
own little world.
They wait and wait,
Penelope. I can't
understand the name.
What would be
her nickname?
It's a beautiful name.
It's an old story.
But it is very true.
It is, listen.
You're so sensitive.
You're like those women
who watch soap operas.
"Oh, the poor leading lady!"
Who knew?
When my boyfriend and I
listen to this song...
- We like it a lot.
- Really?
Yes, when my boyfriend
and I listen to it... turns us on.
- What boyfriend?
My boyfriend!
What did you think?
Nothing, just forget it.
That's him.
Excuse me,
can I bum a smoke?
I've been craving one
for several blocks...
...but no one was selling.
Just my brand!
Sorry, I'd quit smoking.
This fucking anti-smoking law.
You can't smoke anywhere.
You have really pretty eyes.
How much for the smoke?
Just one question.
I'm a photographer.
What do you think
of this photo?
Would you mind
telling me who took it?
What do you want?
I just want to know
who took the photo.
I barely know him.
He asked me to pose
and that's it.
Don't get feisty.
Calm down.
Why don't you come
with me to my office?
We can talk about this.
Why don't you ask me here?
This isn't the best place
to discuss a dead friend.
He wasn't my friend!
I just told you
a man died!
A man you knew!
You're not surprised?
You knew, didn't you?
Let's go.
Stop! Stop, Antonio!
Stop or I'll shoot!
Calm down!
I just want to talk!
If you just want to talk,
why do you have a gun?
Are you going to kill me?
We can do this
the hard way...
...or the easy way.
I won't be punished
for someone...
...who deserved to die!
Calm down!
Calm down!
Let's make a deal!
I'll put the gun away!
You come with me
to my office, okay?
I'm putting it away!
Hey. stop!
All good, Rey?
It's under control.
- Hi.
- Hi, Emilio.
I'm glad you came.
Nowadays, finding
someone interesting...
...intelligent and cute
in a chat room is hard.
I'd seen you
in the chat before...
...but I didn't dare
talk to you.
I thought
you wouldn't talk to me.
I'm glad you did.
Besides, you're cuter
than I expected.
You can't see your face
in the photo.
I'm not that cute but thanks
for the compliment.
I'll get you a drink.
I'm having a martini.
Maybe it's a bit strong
for you.
I don't drink much
but one is okay.
- Do you like this music?
- Yes, it's great.
It's my fascination.
- Who is he?
- Saint Sebastian.
Don't you recognize him?
I'm not very religious.
My fascination isn't
a religious matter.
- Is it the art?
-It's the beauty...
...fortitude and capacity
to withstand pain.
Well, let's drink.
To you and for introducing
you to Saint Sebastian.
He was a Roman soldier
who decided...
...not to persecute Christians.
Long story short...
...this situation brought him
a lot of trouble and enemies.
He was captured.
They tied him up
and shot arrows at him...
...until they thought
he was dead.
He took it
without complaining.
A woman found him
and cured him.
Once he was healed...
...he went back to what
he thought was just...
...until he was caught
and finally killed.
What a story.
Do you see him suffering
in any painting?
Of course not.
You have to know how.
Suffering is an art.
The art of suffering.
I know, suffering isn't
anyone's favorite topic.
Only mine.
Everyone freaks out
when I say that.
I didn't freak out.
Just an ice breaker.
I feel more relaxed.
You'll feel even better.
You'll see.
- I'm taking your picture.
- Okay.
How about one together
over here?
Don't be stupid.
I want your photo.
Try posing like him.
It'll be fun!
Your web site showed
your great body...
...and you have
an angel's face.
I feel embarrassed.
Come on, you'll be
my Saint Sebastian.
I'll be naked and
you'll be clothed?
If it makes you feel better,
I'll take mine off.
Don't laugh!
You're too far away,
come here.
Like that one.
It's like you're
a professional model.
Are you
a professional photographer?
No, it's just another hobby.
There are good ones here.
Let me see!
I'll think about it.
Come on, if I was so good
I deserve to see them...
...and get a copy of each.
You're asking for a lot.
I earned it, didn't I?
Not yet.
What else
do I have to do?
For now,
have another martini.
No, I can't.
I've had three already.
You've had three,
I've had six.
Are you trying
to get me drunk?
No, I just want you
to have a good time.
I'm having a great time.
Where's the camera?
I haven't seen the photos.
I left it in the kitchen.
I'll go get it.
Rey, you're not like others.
You're special.
Why do you say that?
I don't know, it's just
the way you behave.
I'm not this way
with everyone...
...only with whom
I'm interested in.
You'll make me fall
for you.
You think I'd have
let you in?
You didn't know me
and you invited me!
Because I get a read
on people's vibes.
You think if I hadn't seen
something good in you...
...I'd have let you in or
introduced St. Sebastian?
You were chosen, Emilio.
You'll make me fall
in love with you.
Let me put on
something to dance.
What are you doing?
We're going to dance.
I can't dance.
This isn't about dancing.
I think I'm drunk.
Let's go to my bed.
Rey, I like you a lot.
I know.
I said stop!
Enjoy your pain!
More coffee?
No, thank you.
I met him
about a year ago.
I haven't seen him since.
Why did you call me
to talk about him?
I'll be honest with you.
This guy, Rey,
was murdered...
...more than two days ago.
He was torn to pieces.
So what?
You don't think
I'm involved, do you?
- Should I?
- Of course not!
Look, we found
on Ray's computer...
...a lot of guys' photos
posing as St. Sebastian.
I think he collected them.
We could only find two
through school records.
You are one of them.
I don't want to ask you
uncomfortable questions... tell me everything
you know about Rey.
I didn't know he died.
I only saw him that time.
Suffer, you faggot!
He made me do
many things...
...but the worse part
was sex without a condom.
He gave me HIV.
Me and who knows
how many others.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Look, I'm not happy
that he's dead...
...but he wasn't a saint.
How is your health?
I'm infected and
I'll live with it all my life.
I have it controlled
with my treatment.
AIDS hasn't done
with me yet.
His prints don't match
the ones from the house.
Yeah, it's pretty clear
he wasn't involved.
From what he told me...
...many have reasons
to get back at him.
- The photos were great!
- I'm glad.
I'll sing you a song.
Stop it. Why are
you tying me up?
Calm down.
Oh, and you sing.
Do you like the song?
It sounds funny.
I heard it as a boy.
What's all this?
Does it turn you on?
I'll show you out!
Dear Arturo,
I loved you so much...
...and I always will.
The damage you caused
with your parting...
...will never go away,
By showing the world
how to enjoy pain...
...I can numb what I feel,
but it always comes back.
The world will suffer.
This reminder of you
inside of me, Arturo... being inserted
into little angels...
...who visit me
more often now.
Life will regret
having done this to me.
I was told you were here.
What news do you bring?
They I.D.'d two boys
from the photos...
...thanks to school records.
Two?! There are
over 200 photos!
It's hard without names.
They're working on it.
Let's go look for them.
- Good evening.
- Come in.
What a great house.
It's so exact.
- Exact?
- Yes. Ideal.
Thank you.
Saint Sebastian.
This Jose Rivera is marvelous.
You know the artists?
Just some.
In many ways...
...St. Sebastian has been
my fascination for years.
Your collection is amazing.
Come in.
Look at this one.
Mama Preti, fight'?
Yes, that's right.
Despite the pain
of the arrows...
...St. Sebastian seems
to enjoy it.
He's always beautiful.
You're trying to impress me.
No, not at all.
Sometimes I seem smug
but I don't mean to be.
Seeing these works
excites me.
You can get as excited
as you want.
I like it.
Nobody really likes suffering.
However, my fascination
with St. Sebastian is related.
Someone who went
through a great ordeal...
...but in none
of the paintings...
Does he show pain.
- He either enjoys pain...
- Or learned to live with it.
Suffering extols he
who knows how to live it.
It's like I'm hearing myself.
Nothing, you're saying
what I think.
How odd.
It's rare to find someone
who thinks this way.
You're generally seen
as a mad person.
That happens to me.
Suffering is
an underrated feeling.
It's usually cast
as negative...
...when it's really the most
beautiful in creation.
You see, men and women
are born suffering.
They grow suffering.
They learn, live, grow old
and finally die suffering.
What matters is to use
your suffering in your favor.
You end up enjoying it.
And so, suffering
becomes pleasure.
That's right.
The true alchemy.
To turn heavy lead
into valuable gold.
We're going really deep
and we only just met.
Yes, but it's like
we talked about it before.
You say it very naturally.
I think about it
all the time...
...but I rarely speak of it.
It's hot.
I feel thirsty.
And I haven't
offered you a drink.
It's not your fault.
I haven't stopped talking.
My mouth went dry.
- What can I get you?
- A martini.
We're a match there too.
What a coincidence,
I got news.
It's about time.
They found the victim's
head, hands and feet.
- Confirmed with prints.
- Where?
A dumpster close
to his house.
It was all inside bags
but gnawed by rats.
A coroner is checking him.
Let's go see him.
Get some news.
Wait, hold on.
How dare you use
the photo you took... hit on me after
what you did to me?
You 're a real son
of a bitch!
"Hello. I'm sorry
for what I did to you.
I'd like to see you..."
So you can see
how sorry I am.
Okay, okay.
"So you can see
how sorry I am."
-"I don't want to hurt you.
- Fuck you!
I just want to help you
and make up for this."
Shit, he logged off.
Let's see his profile.
It must have information.
It's empty.
There's no way to track him.
Stay logged on
in case he writes back.
Okay, let's go see
the coroner.
I hope he's got
something good.
I must confess
I'm a little ahead of you.
I must confess
I'm a little ahead of you.
I drank a couple
before you arrived.
Sorry to disappoint you,
but you're not ahead.
I'd also had
a few drinks.
Well, to St. Sebastian.
Do you like this music
or something else?
Do you have something
to dance to?
I can tell you like to dance.
I'm not good at it
but I like music.
Something electronic?
Anything special?
Surprise me.
I think you'll like this.
That was great.
You're trying to impress me.
Aren't you?
You know how to play.
I've had the best teachers...
...but I don't intend
to impress anyone...
...nor save face,
I just do as I please.
I've only felt so comfortable
in few places.
To think this is
a chat pickup.
That's what it's about,
you feeling good.
- I hope it goes further.
- Than what?
Than a simple pickup.
You never know.
Maybe today is the last day
we see each other...
...or maybe we'll never
stop seeing each other.
It'd be worse to scar
each other for life.
I have an idea.
I'll take some photos of you.
I didn't know
you're a photographer.
It's a hobby, actually.
I'm not very photogenic.
Don't worry,
you'll look amazing...
...posing as St. Sebastian.
- You think?
- You'll love it.
You don't expect me to be
a clothed St. Sebastian, right?
Not at all.
We'll do it here,
at the foot of the stairs.
Hands like they were bound.
That's it.
Lift your arm up more.
You look beautiful.
Aren't your pants
getting in the way?
Well, let's play
with our clothes.
There must be satisfaction
above suffering.
Maybe an arrow here.
Another one here.
The most painful one
goes here.
And the killer, here.
No arrow can kill
St. Sebastian.
No pain is enough
to finish him off.
Don't move.
We need another martini.
I'll get them now.
The gin is...
Don't worry!
I got it under control.
There are really good ones.
I don't know.
I'm not photogenic.
You won't say that
when you see them.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
It's your turn.
I'll take pictures
of you now.
I don't think
that's a good idea.
- Come on.
- No, really.
Okay, just a few photos.
Drink this liquid courage.
I don't think alcohol is
necessary in this case.
Maybe not,
but maybe it is.
Tell me, which one
is the most beautiful?
That's a tough one.
Remember your own
Pleasure above pain.
I'm an expert
in enjoying pain.
Why do you say that?
No reason.
Life taught me.
Do you really enjoy it
or do you fake it like now?
I'm not even faking now.
Does that mean
I'm making you suffer?
Not you.
It's not the time.
In fact,
it's everything out there.
I'm shaking.
What's going on?
No, Rey, suffering
is about to begin.
Thank you.
Thank you for seeing me.
I know you're a busy man.
Don't worry,
I'm at your service.
I imagine you know
about Rey Lucio's death?
You're one
of the few contacts...
...we have to identify him.
We found you
in his address book...
...on his computer
and on his cell phone.
I know your relationship
was strictly professional.
I hope I can help
in your investigation...
...but as you say,
my relationship...
...and my company's
with Rey was commercial.
I didn't even know him.
What else can you tell me
about Mr. Rey?
When it came to web design...
...he was a genius!
He did many jobs for us
and for some clients...
...and about five years ago,
Rey had the idea...
...of creating
Sex Express Coffee.
It was amazing.
In less than a year...
...the chat became one
of the most visited.
Nowadays, it's operational
in several Latin countries.
As you can see, it was
very lucrative for Rey...
...and, why not say it?
For us, too.
We get a percentage
of the subscriptions...
...directly from the bank,
it's paid with credit card.
I do know about this.
Do you know this chat's
main objective?
Of course.
Though let me say,
it's completely legal.
We have reasons to believe
Mr. Rey's murder... linked to his personal
relationships in the chat.
Miss, in matters
of his personal life...
...I can't help you.
We have hundreds of clients
and we don't have...
...a personal relationship
with any of them.
Very well,
thank you for your time.
I'm at your service.
If you think
of anything else...
...would you call me?
This is my card.
I don't know what
that would be...
...but if anything happened,
I will call you.
- Thank you very much.
- No problem.
Excuse me, officer?
One question.
What'll happen
to Sex Express Coffee?
Is anyone operating it?
Unfortunately, Mr. Rey
didn't have relatives...
...nor friends,
or any kind of heir.
All his assets will be
public property...
...until they are auctioned.
As for the web site...
...I don't know. No one
can give it maintenance.
We may be interested
in purchasing it if possible.
Why don't you call me
next week...
...and I'll tell you where
you can apply for it?
you'll have to be patient.
You know how these things go
in our beloved bureaucracy.
- Well, thank you.
- No, thank you.
Stop it.
I don't feel well.
Just a few more photos, Rey!
I feel really bad.
Like Saint Sebastian.
Hold on.
You're so delicate...
...for one who says
he enjoys suffering.
You're disappointing me, Rey.
He graduated from college...
...with a masters in IT.
He's a successful
web page designer...
...and owner
of Sex Express Coffee.
You've visited several times,
haven't you?
He had two bank accounts.
One was very big.
Yeah, just look at his house.
It's clear he had money.
No next of kin or friends...
...only colleagues.
- Coffee?
- Yes, please.
Of all the prints found
at the house...
...only two were identified.
Ray's and the maid's,
the one who called us.
I spoke to the coroner.
He did have AIDS.
He was undergoing treatment
but lately... seems to have
gotten out of control.
Oh, God.
He tried to infect the boys
and look at the irony now.
He infected himself
several times.
So, what do you think?
A simple crime of passion?
Sex, death and revenge.
What a nice combo.
The flash hurt your eyes.
What do you want?
What do I want?
Well, I must confess...
...I thought you'd be
I slipped something
in your drink.
It's so common in Europe.
I'm really glad, actually...
...that you're back with me.
I need you wide awake.
You fucking bastard!
You like to teach
about suffering, huh?
Well, today you'll learn
a lot more about it!
What the fuck
do you want?!
You want to rob me?
Take it all,
I don't care!
Take the T.V.,
the laptop...
...there's a lot of money
in my closet, take it!
You truly are desperate.
Tell me something.
Do you really think
that's what I want?
No, Rey.
That's not what I want.
I want you dead,
you bastard!
Let me go.
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go, okay?!
Help! Help!
Don't get upset, Rey.
Honestly, I'd save
my energy...
...because I doubt anyone
will hear you here.
You made sure you were
isolated in this mansion.
Was it so your victims' cries
went unheard?
You remember, don't you?
Don't you?
I don't know what you mean.
You don't know what I mean.
What a bad memory.
You don't remember them.
Of course not,
why would you?
How strange.
How many were they?
Fifty? A hundred?
A hundred and fifty?
Two hundred?
How many were they?
How many?!
You're crazy!
I don't know
what you're talking about!
Let me go!
Yeah, I can see
that you forget faces.
Like mine.
It's been two years but
I don't think I've changed.
Have I?
After what you did to me.
No, no.
It's one thing to abuse...
...but the infection?
You went too far.
I didn't deserve it, Rey.
I was only 22 years old.
- Hello, I'm...
- I know.
Come in.
- So you can relax.
- What is it?
A martini.
I've never had one.
-It's really strong.
- You'll get used to it.
I see you liked
my collection.
Who is it?
St. Sebastian, St. Sebastian.
It was so easy to have me
naked at your feet, huh?
The story of a saint,
and martinis.
He suffered his martyrdom
very little.
They shot him with arrows
thinking he was dead...
...but look at him.
Does he look in pain?
Do you understand
what I'm talking about?
You have no idea.
I'll show you.
Lesson 1, pain is
the best teaching...
...and I know you like it!
You learned something today.
I hope you don't forget.
Saint Sebastian.
Look what I found.
All this photos
were taken here.
Most of them, at least.
It's the living room.
And they're
in chronological order.
This photo was taken
five days ago.
October 10th.
Let's copy these files
and find these boys.
- I can do it alone.
- All right.
Come on, baby...
...don't complain.
We had a good time,
didn't we?
Too bad we'll never
see each other again.
- Let me go, stupid!
- Shut the fuck up!
You want to be
like St. Sebastian, right?
How about like this?!
What kind of lesson
were you trying to teach me?
Tell me, imbecile!
The plague?!
Proving St. Sebastian
can't fight this plague?
You're a low-life.
I, Rey.
I will live infected,
for the rest of my life.
And let me tell you,
it's not just me.
I know what you did
all these years.
A lot of us were scarred...
"by you!
Maybe you'll be happy
to see them.
Well, I couldn't find
many of them... fact, one already died.
But others did want
to see you again!
I'll be right back.
I hope you do
remember them, Rey.
It wasn't easy to put
this party together.
It took a lot of preparation,
but, you know?
I think it'll be worth...
...the effort and the wait.
October 11th, 2009.
I'm very satisfied
with tonight's visit.
You think there's nothing
more to learn...
...but Si. Sebastian
inspired me so much today.
I saw levels of pain
on this angel face...
...that hadn't satisfied me
so much for a long time.
This reminder of you
inside of me, Arturo... being inserted
into little angels...
...who visit me
more often now.
Life will regret
having done this to me.
We'll obviously skip
everyone's story.
In the end, you weren't
as original as each of us...
...believed at one time.
You repeated so much...
...the same story
of saints and suffering.
The same dances,
the same photos...
...the same angel faces!
You're a piece of work, Rey,
but tell me one thing.
How many times
did you play the same act?
More than a thousand,
Tell me something else.
Do you really think...
...we learned
to enjoy suffering?
That was your idea, right?
Your mission?
Or am I mistaken?
Oh, Rey.
I don't think
we learned that lesson.
No one knows how to enjoy
their own suffering.
Not even St. Sebastian!
Those angel faces...
...are only the artist's
But you know how
to enjoy suffering...
...others suffering.
Now that I think it,
we did learn something.
Of course we learned
something from you.
We learned how to hate!
Here you have him, boys.
He doesn't look so attractive
as before, does he?
We're only eight here.
I couldn't find more.
It's crazy, huh?
Out of so many
you put through this...
...not one of us dared
do anything.
Not one of us...
...dared raise his voice to Rey.
As I said,
one already died.
He died with the virus.
That virus you put in us...
...and that poisoned us.
Stop! What the fuck
are we doing here?!
This isn't fun anymore!
Don't punish yourself.
The mistake was made... make him pay for it.
How's it going?
There are prints everywhere.
My partner will take you
to the station... you can give
your statement.
Hey, it's okay.
You have nothing
to worry about.
Don't show up again
without a jacket, got it?
- What happened?
- This is the last bit.
His whole body is there...
...except the head,
hands and feet.
As soon as the lab results
come back... me immediately.
All right, I will.
Excuse us.
We'll live with this
the rest of our lives...
...but I think this is
the end of the line for you.
...In the kitchen.
- Where is it?
- In the kitchen.
Oh, Saint Sebastian.
You bring out
such low passions.
To think you're a saint.