Sexmission (1984) Movie Script

"Tomorrow is today, except tomorrow"
Sawomir Mroek '81
All unauthorised persons are asked to
leave Security Zone 1. I repeat.
All unauthorised persons are asked to
leave Security Zone 1.
We're going in.
You can remove the cover.
It's a bad sign.
No, it's, you know...
It does that sometimes.
Internal pressure or something.
In the glass.
Let's go before they blame us for it.
Ladies and gentlemen, a new day has
just begun - 9th August 1991.
Remember this date. It is going to be
a profound one in our history.
Now, greet the man who
invented immortality.
Nobel Prize winner,
Professor Wiktor Kuppelweiser.
- Welcome to our studio, Professor.
- Immortality is an overstatement.
I have only been able to put
a human being in a state of anabiosis.
- Or hibernation.
- Exactly.
I should add that the most recent
experiment of the Professor's team...
Freezing a chimpanzee for six months,
was a complete success.
Excuse me. It was unfreezing.
Allow me to introduce Mr. Albert Starski
and Mr. Maksymilian...
- Paradys.
- Paradys, yes.
These two handsome, brave, outstanding
men are about to be placed
in containers which could be called
21st century sarcophagi.
Excuse me. They are hibernators,
not sarcophagi. Coco!
Exactly. In three years they will awaken
as - hopefully - living proof
of the human thought's victory
over force of nature.
What caused you to make this
par excellence bone-chilling decision?
Allow me to be brief.
A humble biologist like me has
an opportunity to be useful to mankind.
Grand words,
but it's what I think.
Consider that thanks to hibernation
many incurably ill people
will be able to relocate to times
when the cure is already available.
Our son is a man of importance now.
Like Gagarin...
Or others.
I always liked risk, all kinds of
unfamiliar matters.
The intense life.
Hibernation has been
an interest of mine...
Just admit that it's about money.
Leaving us alone like that.
- I've been waiting for a chance...
- Look at that rascal. He's your daddy.
Remember him well.
When I learned they're looking
for volunteers I applied. They chose me.
Thank you. Would you like
to add anything?
I want to salute to all hibernation
enthusiasts around the world.
The final question, ladies and
gentlemen. Aren't you afraid?
- Of what?
- Exactly.
After all, the method is tested,
Coco is here with us.
Just to be fully clear, there is,
of course, a certain risk.
Pardon me?
Experiments on animals are inconclusive
as to the influence of hibernation
on the human mind.
We don't know how
the pituitary gland will react.
The experiment might be
followed by hallucinations.
Let us move on to this cavern of
knowledge, which, like in 1001 Nights,
will swallow our heroes and release
them in three years,
hopefully safe and sound,
on the call "Open Sesame."
Let me remind you that in three days
we are meeting
at the worldwide convent
of the Women's League.
You may smile, you can frown,
the League will never let you down.
Thank you, and goodbye.
I can't see!
It's to be expected after hibernation.
- Is it over?
- Yes, it's over.
Thank you.
Thank you. I can't see.
- I think it went well.
- It did.
Yeah, like I said. Done and dusted.
Darkness. I see darkness.
I see darkness!
I'm sweating terribly. Are you?
The body is releasing it all.
Perfectly normal.
You're right.
A typical post-hibernation reaction.
Good morning.
Such nice personnel. Breakfast!
Thank you very much.
My last meal was three years ago.
Rolls, eggs...
How nice.
Excuse me.
It's stale.
Of course!
Clever thing.
Thank you.
My sense of taste is gone.
It has... no taste at all.
You are to respect the
adaptation food regimen.
Oh, I see.
I'm feeling kind of sick.
If I don't get a smoke...
Wait, wait.
Got it!
- You are unbelievable.
- Sorry, no pack.
You can't smoke here.
There are no ashtrays.
We could have missed that.
And nobody's watching.
- Just for the company.
- There you go.
I actually don't smoke, you know.
It's bad for me.
Now, after that... food...
We don't have a lighter.
It works!
That's good.
Just what I needed.
- It's a good cigarette.
- Cigarette!
I think it's overrated, the harmfulness.
- I can still taste the plastic.
- Too much of that pink stuff.
Maybe we shouldn't be smoking
during the quarantine.
See what happens in a couple of days.
Visiting workplaces.
You'll get sick of it.
Pardon me. Here, help yourself.
Hey, what the...
It would seem smoking is forbidden here.
- Professor Kuppelweiser?
- Yes.
- Winner of the so-called Nobel Prize?
- Yeah.
- Doesn't exist.
- Yeah... What?
Come again?
What is going on here?
The experiment was a success, right?
We're heroes, right?
I was sprayed with foam, right?
What the hell is the point of all this?
Let us speak to your superior.
You should be happy that you were
de-hibernated at all.
Why wouldn't we be? The experiment...
would be pointless.
There were more important matters
during the war than experiments.
What war?
Politics wasn't supposed to matter.
What do I care about your wars?
- It was your war. We don't have wars.
- You've got some nerve.
Who won?
- Won what?
- The war, obviously!
It doesn't matter who won.
What matters is who survived.
Ma'am, where is Professor Kuppelweiser?
Doctor Lamia told you.
That he doesn't exist?
What do you mean, doesn't exist?
- He had another accident?
- Like everyone else.
We would like to see the director
of this facility.
- I would rather talk to a man.
- They don't understand, Sister.
Contacting a specimen
of your sex is... unrealizable.
- You are the only males in existence.
- Men are extinct.
Extinct? They weren't mammoths!
It turns out they were. In a sense.
- I'm sorry, what day is it?
- 8th March.
You have been asleep longer
than was anticipated.
Longer than three years?
- Five?
- No.
I've seen her somewhere.
I'm sorry.
Doctor, I don't care.
My contract was for three years.
You'll be paying for overtime.
- What year is it?
- '44.
There are no men?
Why are there no windows here?
Why are there no doorknobs?
We've been asleep for 53 years?
It's probably the hallucinations.
This is a lovely chat, but...
Excuse us. We have to be going.
We're running late. Goodbye.
Say goodbye to the ladies, Mr. Starski.
- Sister, should I stay with you?
- No, I prefer to work alone.
There's a breakdown at 3,
I'll fix it tomorrow.
Electrocuting us?
What's going on here?
We need to get our muscles going.
Get them going.
What is this about?
It was supposed to be great. Interviews.
What's going on? Damn, it hurts.
Don't say anything.
Electric shocks can be very
beneficial... for the organism.
This has to be a second stage of the
experiment. Testing the subject's
- resistance to psychological shock.
- What are you getting at?
What am I, a guinea pig?
A world without men?
I wonder how they'd... reproduce.
Don't worry. It was always
the woman who gave birth to life.
Yeah, but we helped a wee bit!
And not without pleasu...
Do you know of
artificial parthenogenesis?
I protest against eavesdropping
on private conversations!
- Thanks to it we are self-sufficient.
- Parthe-what?
Asexual reproduction.
- If it has come to this...
- To what?
- If it's...
- What?
- Well, what happened?
- Time to sleep.
- What is this parthenogenesis?
- It's better if you don't ask.
If you remember it well,
you might dream about it.
Dreams are very important.
I hope we haven't woken up yet,
Mr. Paradys.
But... what do you mean?
- Goodnight.
- Don't turn off the light!
Hello? Hello!
Can I make a call to
the city from here?
I asked you a question!
My wife must be worried!
Aren't you Genetix girls taking it
too far with the unexpected visits?
Good evening. I'm not intruding, am I?
It's a private visit. I was passing by
and I came in to see you.
You must have so much interesting
work since you're staying the night.
- Everything will be in the bulletin.
- Of course.
Except information about special
operations doesn't go in the bulletin.
Naturally. It's confidential.
Oh, I've got something for you here.
- What's the occasion?
- I hear you've dug something up.
- Don't let the gossip fool you.
- One, you've been called in from leave.
The sector where you were digging
was locked off, that's two.
One and two is three, and three means
a secret. I'm just looking at the facts.
Can you look at them somewhere else?
I'd like to go to bed.
I know. Secrets can be exhausting.
It's a pity that you left us, Lamia.
You'd have a career at Genetix.
I'm doing alright at Archeo too,
touch wood.
Archeo. Digging up old sentiments.
Bye, honey.
Still, it would be better if you
handed them over to us.
Who indeed?
Mr. Paradys!
Where are you?
Good morning.
Is something the matter?
No, it's nothing. Morning.
Turn that down!
What are you doing?
What are you looking for?
It's pointless.
- You won't find anything.
- Enough!
Permanent invigilation!
I can't take this!
Parthenogenesis is a form of asexual
reproduction. It is a mechanical...
Did you order a TV?
Come on, Mr. Paradys.
...another female cell.
When was parthenogenesis
first conducted?
Artificial parthenogenesis was first
conducted 130 years ago...
- Children made in test-tubes.
- Really?
In 1910...
They do look alike.
...Eugenia Battalion caused
parthenogenesis in a frog
by puncturing unfertilized eggs
with a glass blade.
In the year 1939 Gilda Pinkus
caused parthenogenesis...
- Our method of procreation is perfect.
- You should be ashamed!
Teaching kids horrible things like that!
Our great scholar,
doctor Ossi Bani, was able...
Puncturing unfertilized eggs...
in the womb?
Egg against egg?
I'm eating here, for the love of God.
They know. Tekla was here yesterday.
As expected. Genetix has
their women everywhere.
- Do they want to take them from us?
- No.
Relics and excavations are our turf.
Tekla knows this.
But I'm afraid that...
- How are your tests going?
- Well, thank you.
The thesis that men are the missing link
between us and monkeys can be probed.
Are they absorbingly aggressive?
No. The bigger one is docile,
the smaller one is a bad influence.
Remember. The risk of contracting
atavisms is still present.
Keep any contact to
the necessary minimum.
- Thank you, Sister.
- Take care of yourself.
Albert, we have to think of some way
of communicating safely.
- Do you know any foreign languages?
- Well...
No, no. They could have a translator.
Here's what I think.
If I take two spoons of
this pink stuff...
That means "get down".
If I take off my shirt,
that means "to me".
- You suggest a signalling code?
- Something like that.
Mr. Paradys...
Irrespective of the frame of reference.
We'll never communicate
anything that way.
Mr. Starski!
You're up too?
- It's cold.
- Exactly.
They've turned on some damn fans.
- Mr. Paradys?
- Yeah?
Get over here. We'll be warmer.
Like in the army.
Mr. Starski?
Tell me honestly, as a scientist.
Is it possible for women to just
reproduce on their own?
Absolutely possible.
Even in our times, it was.
But not on this scale.
Jesus Christ.
53 years.
We slept through the best
years of our lives.
We lost our families...
I was going to get a flat in 1998!
I'm never getting frozen again.
- You wouldn't have a sip left?
- Forgive me.
Here you go.
Mr. Starski!
What's wrong? No, don't do that!
Tough luck, we'll have to live here.
A man can get used to anything.
I just thought that...
- We could call each other by name?
- I didn't dare suggest it. Here.
Thank you.
The last chance for Team Archeo!
Genetix would be happy with a draw!
Less than a minute remaining!
Maybe now! Yes! Yes!
There it is, Sisters!
- Beautifully done.
- The Archeo Center scores!
1-0! 1-0!
They won't have time to retaliate.
Yes, the game is over!
Now, the traditional
exchanging of T-shirts.
- What's going on? What's this? Look!
- Once again, 1-0 for Team Archeo!
Look, Albert! Look!
It's worth noting that it was
Essa Rom who scored.
- This show is fantastic.
- Her sixth goal this spring.
Thank you for staying with us.
You're staring at that screen all day.
It's what they want.
The quarterback is rather well-built.
Replay! Replay!
Eh, they didn't give a replay of that.
If we play our cards right...
This could be a paradise for us.
- What?
- Paradise!
Women everywhere. Unmarried women.
The two of us.
Practically no contenders.
Nature can't be fooled.
- Do you prefer brunettes or blondes?
- Really?
Our civilisation was annihilated,
and all you can think about is pussy?
There's our blonde. Let's try this.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
This is day 5 of quarantine.
Try to assess your mood
on a scale from 1 to 10.
1 to 10, well... Since you're here, 7.
For now.
Let me out.
Let me out, that would be...
The food?
Thank you, it has improved.
The pink stuff is particularly good.
A 5, even 6.
I'm not eating, and I won't.
We will have to administer
food intravenously.
Physical fitness?
That's a 10.
Any other requests?
Could we go for a walk together?
Dance a bit?
- Who gave you the right to touch me?
- The eternal Nature itself, sweetheart.
That was highly unhygienic!
I will incapacitate you if I have to.
I should warn you,
I was a boxing champion.
Get some music in here!
- Will you dance with me?
- Stay away!
I'm not aggressive.
My aggressiveness rating is 1.
Don't do that again.
Or we'll have to put you down.
You alive?
It's working.
What's wrong, Sister?
Can we help you?
Are you unwell?
I'm fine. Get back to work.
- Who let her in?
- She has special authorisation.
You should be careful.
They're unique specimens.
What a girl. Throwing a guy like that!
My name is Emma Dax.
We'll be working together.
These two play a vital role in
the Genetix programme.
I'm responsible for the security
of this sector.
- Inevitably, you take orders from me.
- I don't care about your orders.
I answer only to Dr. Berna.
Looks like I have to tell her
about your visit.
You will have the chance.
Dr. Berna is seeing Her Excellency,
who wants to see these males.
I came here... to accompany you.
My friend wants to go for a walk!
Put these on, please.
Shirt tucked in.
A woman telling me what to do!
Oh, come on!
Don't make us into faggots!
It's necessary if you
want to leave here.
So this isn't where
Kuppelweiser's clinic was?
Wait, wait, wait.
Hold up. Where are you taking me?
- Follow me.
- Hi.
- Where are you taking me and why?
- Follow me!
I'm going, ma'am, I'm going.
Airlock 3.
Airlock 3.
Open up.
Tell me, where is your daddy?
What's a daddy?
Poor child.
Oh, my sweet!
- Me too, me too!
- My lovely girls!
You don't know what "daddy" means?
What have they done?
- Sister, take the children away! Now!
- But...
- Juniors, follow me!
- Let's go!
- They have no parents. Poor kids.
- Follow me!
Max, they don't know what a father is!
Emma Dax, to see Her Excellency.
Radiation mutants.
What has the world come to?
Hey, Max!
Look. Apples.
Exactly two.
They're here.
Hibernation... is the future.
If we could lower our body temperature
by 2 degrees, we'd live twice as long.
But here are our brave girls with the
males. I cannot wait, let's see them.
They have... a peculiar smell.
They are sweating. It's an
after-effect of hibernation.
How old are they?
86, but their biological exhaustion
is at 40,5%.
- What shall we do with them?
- You're some kind of big deal here?
- My friend and I have a few questions.
- You address her as "Your Excellency".
Allow me.
- I'm Paradys...
- Protect Her Excellency! He's armed!
Let him go!
- He didn't mean to!
- Let him go.
Stop biting me!
My friend was only trying
to introduce himself.
Highness, I only wanted to ask...
What happened to men?
Yeah. What did you do to all the men?
It wasn't us.
- It was your friend, Kuppelweiser.
- The Professor?
During the war he invented a chemical
that temporarily paralysed male genes.
But something went wrong. The M-Bomb,
instead of paralysing,
erased the male genes once and for all.
If that's what happened...
Maybe we could be
of some service to you?
As re... reproducers.
I mean, for the restoration of men-kind.
Within reason, of course.
It's true that it wouldn't be
our first time sacrificing
- ourselves in service of humanity.
- Right.
The fee can wait.
After the whole cycle, together with
the due payment for the hibernation.
No, money isn't that important.
- What are they talking about?
- They want things to be like before.
Like before.
A world with men in it.
- It's only logical.
- A typically male point of view.
This is our sacred apple tree,
planted by the Arch Mother.
A male took an apple from it back in
Paradise and seduced a woman with it.
And we lost our Paradise forever.
That's why today...
Where are the sacred apples?
They defiled the nature reserve.
They devoured our sacred apples.
Sacred? Those sad, dry things?
The little apples!
Who will give them back to me?
- What a disaster!
- Geez.
We really didn't think those apples
were so important...
We didn't know they were legendary,
and they were sour!
Dear Berna, I'm afraid you have
dug up...
- some kind of Pandora's Box.
- What?
I'm not a box, okay?
Take them away!
- They are to stay in confinement!
- Hold on!
Let me out of here, I'll buy
you new holy apples!
What? Don't touch me!
A woman is beating me up!
I give up!
Just leave me alone, all of you!
- You're one to talk! Get up.
- No! I'm staying like this.
- We have to get out of here now.
- And go where?
You saw what it looks like.
There's nowhere to go.
- It's our duty to escape.
- Where?
The door's wired, there's
a lamp in the floor.
It's all fucked up!
Leave me alone.
Don't think like that!
There has to be a different,
a better world out there somewhere!
A vacuum cleaner.
Looks like I've got an idea.
No way.
Take your pill!
Take your pill!
We've been here eight days.
And nothing?
I get it.
You're on duty.
Hey, you. Come back here.
Where are you going? Come to daddy.
Such a good boy.
Such a pretty mummy he has.
Except she's so serious and all.
Why is she so serious?
Eh, Buddy?
You like dust?
Eat up.
If you don't eat, your mummy will
lock you up in a hole, like us.
Now the air conditioning is gone.
Be a good vacuum cleaner.
Your authorisation, Sister.
Lamia Reno.
- Special Mission Archeo.
- Alright.
Purpose of visit?
I would like to see the oldest Elder.
See which one is the oldest.
Yes, Sister.
It changes every day.
They're dropping like flies.
It won't be long now, anyway.
Julia Novack, 74. Room 114.
You have thirty minutes.
Merry Christmas!
Mary had a little lamb...
Whose fleece was white as snow.
I feel wonderful.
I am glad to be in the
Harbour of Deserved Retirement.
I want to reach the end of my days
in warmth and peace.
It's broken again.
Look what gear we have to work with.
Don't torment me, Officer.
I don't remember anything. Sclerosis.
Don't worry, they can't hear us.
I'm not worried. I have nothing to hide.
What's this?
Have mercy, my girl! Don't!
This is forbidden.
Don't take it from me.
I was so happy when it finally grew!
What is it?
It's a potato.
Real starch, not some
synthetic replacement.
I've got something better here.
Strawberry jam?
You'll get the whole jar
if you tell me something.
Can I try it? See if it tastes right?
A bit sour. Good.
What happened?
- Short circuit, Sister.
- It's a fuse.
What's going on? Watch those two.
Watch them. I'll get the torchlights.
- What's wrong with the light?
- Get the back-up lights on.
Don't move!
- Get that out of my face!
- Stay where you are!
What purpose did men serve?
Men? What...
Well, they were mostly used
for work. I don't remember.
How come? They were even
out in daylight back in your day.
In daylight, and at night too.
- What about the jam?
- All yours.
I'll tell you a secret.
- We dug up two of them. Alive.
- Alive?
I'm writing a dissertation on them.
Hibernated in 1991.
Mille neuf cent quatre-vingt-onze...
What a year!
Is the light back?
- Nothing.
- Get it back on!
It's the same everywhere!
Maybe it's on in 5.
They were here just a moment ago.
Maybe they're hiding in the toilet.
Do you need help?
They're gone.
In the hole! Hide!
In the hole?
Watch the lift!
Oh, sweet Jesus!
Just like my Jzu.
You said "Jesus". What's that?
Jzu, I said Jzu.
That was my fianc's name.
What's a fianc?
What can you New Generation women
do with your femininity?
It's not worth being a woman
when there are no men.
What did you need them for?
Entertainment. That is, I mean...
- In a sense.
- Entertainment? TV is for that.
There's something about them
that doesn't let you focus.
It's fascinating, somehow.
I dreamed of them tonight.
My girl, aren't you perhaps in love
with one of them?
What are you going to do with them?
- We're filing for naturalization.
- You want to make them into women?
That's worse than death for them!
It's a chance for everything
to go back to normal.
If I were younger, I would do everything
in my power to save them!
You're not like the rest of them.
What's your name?
- And?
- They're not there.
The lift is empty too.
I don't know.
How did this get here?
- I'll check again. You stay here!
- Okay!
Essa! Essa!
This tool was used for dealing
incised wounds.
Essa! Essa!
That's how the males tortured women.
A male is your enemy!
A male is your enemy!
What was this used for, Sisters?
It's self-explanatory.
The Special Branch is always loyal!
After this demonstration, Sisters,
you will understand why our grandmothers
created the League!
The League rules the world around!
The League will never let you down!
- We didn't mean to.
- We're very sorry. Please continue.
No, the idea was very good.
We should have gone left, though.
I'm starting to enjoy this.
We'll run away tomorrow too!
Even though you have gravely
offended Her Excellency,
and damaged our electric network
with your reckless behaviour,
we want to give you one last chance.
What would we have to do?
Just file this application.
To the Supreme Commission
of Species Purity.
I hereby announce that I was born
a man against my will.
I ask that my actions up to this moment
be considered null and void,
since I was besotted by
the then-dominant male civilisation.
I also agree with the truth that there
were no men, nor are there, nor need be.
Can you read it for me again?
I would advise you treat this seriously.
And sign it.
And if we don't?
Sign it.
An assembly will decide your fate.
A tribunal of chicks!
Thank you, I'm not going anywhere.
Your move. Sit down.
Any kind of negotiations will have to
wait until you let us out of here.
We might as well have signed it.
Any attorney would win this case.
What about principles?
Your move.
Interesting opening.
What the... Hide!
The door!
The toilet!
Barricade the door!
Hold it!
Now! Damn, that's rubbish.
I protest! I protest
in the name of science!
I'm not leaving! I'm not... Ow!
It hurts! It hurts!
First of all, I apologise for being
late, dear Sisters. My watch stopped.
I remind you.
The course and conclusion of today's
proceedings are strictly confidential.
We have two items on the timetable.
They are both sitting down there.
Serious business.
It's some kind of organisation.
Dear Dr. Berna, you have the floor.
We have gathered here to decide
the fate of two individuals.
Individuals of the other kind, who,
instead of perishing in evolution
due to a strange twist of fate
are here, among us.
I would like to present the stance
of the Archeo Group at the end.
We have the most data on them.
Who wants to speak?
I think there is nothing
to deliberate over.
Our great-grandmothers showed us
the way we have been following.
We will not allow the return of a world
in which the woman is a waitress
on the banquet of life
where the males feast.
- Never again!
- The male is your enemy!
Right now all of us are firmly standing
our ground against the plague,
the calamity that is called a man.
A plague to which we are all immune.
This is a bit overkill. If not for men,
the world wouldn't have moved forward.
The history of progress is that of men.
You cannot deny that!
All the great scholars, the fathers of
progress, inventors were men!
- Like who?
- Names!
- Copernicus!
- Lies! Copernicus was a woman!
What? Einstein, then!
Einstein was a woman too!
Maybe Curie-Skodowska too?
- Not the best example.
- They got me confused. Sorry.
These phallocrats speak
of male inventions.
What is it that they invented?
Let's start with the beginning.
A male named Cain invented murder,
and tested it on his sister Abela.
Another one invented prostitution.
Another one, slavery.
Cowardice. Sloth.
Briefly speaking, we owe
all the world's evils to you.
From religious wars to cervical cancer.
Sure! The only things that
aren't our fault
are hailstorms, earthquakes
and whooping cough!
- Insolence!
- Provocation!
Our world is better than
the one they remember.
Why do they keep criticising it?
Are you feeling well?
You've been having doubts.
A healthy organism lives and acts.
Only a sick one questions itself.
Clearly we have been doing
wonderfully without them.
We live in a regulated, safe world.
Without hunger, wars, STDs
and other male inventions.
Do you have anything in your defence?
- What now?
- You have to speak.
Coincidence gives you, in the two of us,
the opportunity to return to normal.
For 50 years you've been toiling
in the labs, unaware of what you lost.
In our world you were elevated.
We would compete for your favours.
We loved you. Showered you with flowers.
You were the inspiration of poets.
A symbol of higher ideals! Of beauty!
By erasing the male half of the world,
you have erased half of yourselves!
Do not violate the laws of Nature!
Hearing more is pointless.
It's a provocation.
I know! You all flipped your shit
because you haven't had a man so long!
You all need to get laid!
I can sit down on my own!
Nature would not tolerate them any more.
What does it mean, to get laid?
He probably means having manservants.
Very popular in the 20th century.
If this is all they have to say,
lead them out.
They shall await the verdict outside.
Amazing speech.
Turns out you can't go easy on them
I feel like I've been expelled from
the bloody Boy Scouts.
Take your pill!
On behalf of the Archeo Group
I motion for naturalization.
As chief of Genetix, it is my duty
to warn you about the repercussions
of Dr. Berna's humanitarian whim.
Under no circumstances should they
be introduced into our society.
Both specimens should be exterminated.
Before that, they should be handed over
to Genetix for some...
interesting biomedical experiments.
My excellent colleague is purposely
demonising the two males.
So as to raise
the prestige of her work
and get more funding for her
suspicious experiments.
I protest! Those are
slanderous insinuations!
Genetics is the most important science,
whether you like it or not!
- Interesting!
- Sisters, cease this now!
Heed the dignity of this assembly.
We have two projects to vote on.
Are you for the naturalization of
the males, or extermination? Vote now.
What are you doing?
Watch out.
Leg it!
What's going on?
Code red! They're getting away!
Help! Help...
Damn it!
Take it off!
- My leg!
- To the lift!
- What floor?
- Ground floor.
But 1 is up here.
There we go. It's moving.
- Alright.
- Nicely done, Max.
- Don't mention it.
- Nicely done.
- We need them. No matter what.
- Archeo wins.
Naturalization: 155 votes, against 154.
Bring in the subjects.
I think something's burning.
- Fire!
- Help...
- The males have escaped!
- What?
They pulled out the gas valve!
The males are on the loose!
Why are they running? It all ended well.
I told you so.
I told you they're dangerous!
We're gonna suffocate!
Genetix Prime to Special Branch.
Alarm for the north-east sector.
Alarm for the north-east sector.
Give us their code. Over.
JS 18427.
OL 70946. Copy that.
- 100!
- No impulse.
No impulse.
No impulse.
I'm reading weak impulses.
Up or down?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Maybe I should leave.
What are you staring at, Sisters?
I'm 2 kilos overweight.
Where are you going?
Come back!
Max, we're running!
Have you forgotten where we are?
Max, come on!
- Max!
- What is this?
At the pool with your
clothes on, Sisters?
I'm very sorry. We got lost.
Take them off in the lift!
In a lift with a naked woman,
and I can't...
Does this nightmare of
a building never end?
- We have impulses.
- Zoom in.
- Clear impulses!
- We've got them.
They're on level 3.
Genetix Prime calling the Branch.
They're on level 3.
Excuse me, where is
the Hotel Intercontinental?
We don't know. We're not from here.
Yes, Sister. Yes.
I've been getting this feeling, Sister,
that the girls from Genetix...
- The breeding room?
- They reproduce here.
It's what I've said.
PURSUI Is anyone there?
- A lift.
- Come on.
It's going.
Ground floor?
I think it's getting colder.
That's nice.
What's this?
This way. Quick.
Fresh air.
- We're close to the exit.
- No. It's some bloody mine.
My earring's beeping.
I feel impulses. Ow!
Roll out!
Look alive!
You have 15 metres of tunnel
to dig through today!
You'll forget all about decadence.
Get a move on!
What are you doing here?
We didn't call in anyone from Archeo.
Nothing has been dug up.
We thought... I mean,
we were told to come here.
No. It must be a misunderstanding.
A misunderstanding? Well, then...
You've done a number on us, Sisters.
You think we've got
nothing better to do?
You've done that yourselves.
I'm seeing a hell of a mess here!
What did you say?
If anything, your Archeo is a mess.
- Whoa there!
- You're all one big excavation!
It's a dead end.
It's just a welly.
Our boys were here!
Our Professor!
A paper from 1993!
The UN disbanded because of
Chinese protests?
USA in debt... Alaska resold to...
Jesus Christ!
The M-Bomb in mass production.
What's this? Hello? Who's there?
Fall back! I'm covering you!
Fall back!
- Two, in corridor 42. Cut them off.
- Stop!
Get in!
- I'm falling!
- I've got you!
This must be a different country.
This is nice.
Oh my God...
- Come on.
- No.
We have to be careful.
It's all women down there too.
- Spying on us, are you?
- Sisters from Archeo!
They're... different.
We are...
Let's go!
It's some new lair of decadents.
We destroy one and another
appears in its place.
What is their problem?
Watch out! There's a child!
Leave it!
We've run into a lair of decadents.
Requesting backup.
- Long live cake!
- No more earrings!
You can't get all of us!
Come on!
Come on!
We're leaving!
Where are you?
Albert! Why have you done this to me?
My man!
- What's she doing here?
- You wanted to go outside.
That's where we're going.
- I don't believe you.
- Please. We have to trust her.
I will show you to the exit.
I really want what's best for you.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Lamia Reno, 6364 Archeo.
- Where are we?
- In Blockhouse C.
- What is this?
- Earth. It's where you wanted to go.
How could this be allowed to happen?
So we've been underground all this time?
365 metres below ground level.
I knew it. I had a feeling
from the start.
Can we go outside, just for a moment?
- Today it's over 300 units out there.
- Units?
Units of what?
Kuppelweiser radiation.
A side effect of the M-Bomb.
It's why our ancestresses had to go
down into the mines.
They expanded the city-station
to what it is today.
That means... we'll never
be able to go outside?
To live there? Never.
Naturalization is your only chance.
There has to be a safe
way to get out of here.
Even you have to go outside,
to fix the devices!
There are special suits,
but they last an hour.
- Where are they?
- You'll die out there in 12 days.
Better than living here like a mole.
- You'll get used to it.
- Never. Where's the exit? Let's go.
You didn't think I would
help you escape?
I am a loyal state official.
You could have been such
a great girl, Lamia.
There is no other way.
- Take them!
- Shit, we're surrounded!
Let go!
I'll never forgive you, Lamia!
I'll never forgive you!
I'll be back and I'll have
my revenge, you'll see!
Good job, my dear. You had a splendid
idea. You've earned a promotion.
You deserve it.
Thank you.
I nearly forgot. Hand over all the data
on the males to Emma.
Why is that?
Together with Dr. Tekla I will continue
the work you began.
They are dangerous.
We will take care of them.
Don't worry. You will have access
to the conclusions of our tests.
Conclusions? I have
a dissertation on them!
Of course. We'll be using that too.
I wouldn't smile so much if I were you.
You're getting wrinkles.
What are they going to do to us?
You can call me "my sweet girl"
after this. For what sins?
I'd rather die than be a woman!
We had the same impression.
You prefer death to naturalization.
You said you'd happily sacrifice
yourselves for science.
We will arrange that for you.
Some Sisters with important jobs
are a bit old and tired.
Your fresh, healthy, strong organs
will allow them to be young again.
Call Dr. Ossa, dear. The kidney
will be ready today.
No, no, no!
We'll try to synthesise a nutritional
substance from what's left.
Food rich in proteins is
getting hard to come by.
Maybe cremating our dead is
unnecessary extravagance?
This experiment, possible thanks to you,
will be of vital importance to
our food regimen.
It's cannibalism!
I hope you choke on us!
Best of luck.
See you later.
And farewell to you, since
I won't see you again.
What do you mean?
Impossible! Impossible!
Killing us? For what?
This violates every convention!
It's inhumane! I protest!
I protest!
- Albert, don't leave me alone!
- Max, thank you for everything!
- Thank you, my friend! Farewell!
- Don't leave me!
Albercik, don't leave me here alone!
- Be brave!
- Albert!
Long live men, Max! Long live men!
No, no, no!
Stop screaming, Mr. Paradys.
Or I'll gag you.
And how do you know my name,
you man-eater?
Who abandoned his wife with a child
in August 1991?
- How do you know that?
- Because I'm the child.
My Jadwinia?
I have nothing to do with you.
I changed my name.
You do look a bit like your mum.
Don't you dare speak my mother's name!
She was a helpless victim of
your male atrocities!
Even you, daughter, against your dad?
I carried you on my shoulders.
I patted you on your little bum.
You owe to me the happiest
moments of your childhood!
A childhood I never had!
Because you decided to get hibernated
instead of staying with me and mum!
There are no fathers now!
And we'll see to it that they never
come back, understand?
Jadwinia! Untie your dad now
and apologise!
- Doctor, the patient is in position.
- I'm coming.
And you... I'm leaving for dessert.
No, no, no, this can't be true!
Someone pinch me!
Will I be a woman after this?
Anaesthesia! Great.
I'll count for you, ladies.
Keep an eye on him, Sister.
One, two, buckle my shoe.
Three, four, knock at the door.
Five... six... Pick... up... sticks.
- What? Someone took my scalpel!
- Get the backup light on!
It's dirty.
Oh, well. Whatever.
- What happened?
- What is this?
- Light!
- This is your punishment, daughter.
- Light!
- Dr. Yanda has fainted!
The male is gone!
- The door is blocked!
- Water!
- I want to be a woman!
- To the lift! Now!
- Albert, please. Get in the lift!
- I want to be a woman!
Be a man! Snap out of it!
Woman, woman, woman....
- What are you doing to him?
- Do you want him to wake up!
The experiment is over.
So it worked.
Worked like a charm! Even better.
- You have no idea what a dream I had.
- Oh, but the dreams I had!
What dream was it?
I dreamed... we woke up in a world...
without any men!
Only women?
They reproduced in test tubes!
- How do you know?
- Well, it's the dream I had!
They wanted to, pardon my French,
castrate us.
What does science say about such a
dream coincidence?
It's fascinating, but... impossible.
I'm so happy it was just a dream!
He's woken up!
- I had a beautiful dream!
- Now, now.
Come on now, Albercik.
Pull yourself together!
Albert, stop crying!
- Why is she here? She betrayed us!
- Now she's helping us escape.
Why are you doing this?
They took away you and my work.
They're getting nothing.
What if they... catch us again?
They won't take us alive.
We need to get rid of this.
They're identifiers.
It's going to hurt a bit.
We got them. The impulses
are coming from this lift.
The impulses are coming from this.
Such a disgrace. To let the males
escape from the operating table.
Dr. Tekla will have our heads.
Maybe it's time to consider
the Harbour, Sister.
Someone must have helped them.
Locate Lamia Reno.
- Shouldn't you be working?
- Look at this!
- You again, Lamia? What do you want?
- I think I left my transmitter there.
- Just be quick. No one can see you.
- I just need a moment.
What? What are you doing?
- Watch out, Sister!
- You'll blow us up!
I will. That is, if you don't help me.
Take off your clothes. Now.
Lamia, what the hell?
- It's going to blow!
- Get undressed.
- Face the wall!
- Turn around!
We're reading impulses.
Lamia Reno-Blockhouse C.
So my gut was right.
- Take us to Blockhouse C.
- Yes, Sister.
One moment. Okay.
Now, the suits. Quick!
We need Her Excellency's proxy!
It's 300 units out there!
- I'm counting to three. One.
- Lamia, don't!
- Two.
- But...
Open the door. We know you're in there.
The laser.
Lamia, hand over the males.
Think who you're helping!
If we go in, it will be too late.
- Hurry up, Lamia.
- Lamia!
Lamia, can you hear me?
It's about to be too late.
Why isn't it going down?
What's wrong? Why isn't it moving?
A malfunction?
- What is it?
- It must be the wrong key.
- Why isn't it working?
- You need the acoustic password!
- What password?
- We don't know!
- Only Her Excellency knows it!
- You're lying to buy time! Tell me!
You have five seconds! The password!
Don't blow us up!
- We don't know!
- One! Two!
Lamia, think about what you're doing.
They are men!
Why won't they... let us out?
We could die out there in peace.
It's over.
Fucking cunt!
It worked.
- They knew the password!
- What does it mean?
It's here.
- We made it.
- Let's do it, Albert. Let's go!
- Go now!
- We will die free.
Thank you, Lamia.
Now, outside.
- Come with us.
- I belong here.
And I want to see their faces.
You're a sweet girl, Lamia.
Thanks for that.
Two weeks!
Think who you're helping!
If we go in, it will be too late.
Don't move.
Lamia, can you hear me?
Come on, together! Three!
- We couldn't stop them!
- She threatened to blow us up!
Who let them in, eh?
We'll talk later.
Now, suit up. They must be close.
Bravo! You made up your mind!
The first manly decision of your life.
- What now?
- The wasteland.
The wasteland.
The wasteland.
Okay, team. We're moving east.
There has to be some civilisation there.
- Is something wrong?
- That's it. I don't know.
Are you okay, Max?
Enough of this underground
blind man's buff!
Holy shit!
Look out!
- Max, you alive?
- I'm not sure.
It must be some kind of...
protective filter.
What a mystification.
Why would they go that far?
I think I've been here before.
Is this outer space?
Watch out! It could be contaminated!
What are you standing there for?
There are no more suits!
So be it.
I'm following them.
I will be in touch.
If you find more suits, follow me.
Yes, Sister!
I have discovered
something very strange.
I see them!
- A forest! A green forest!
- Watch out!
It could be fake! Lamia!
With me!
Slow down!
Does it matter where we die?
The oxygen will last us
two more minutes.
So beautiful. It was worth it.
He's lost his mind!
- Max, face your death like a man!
- We're saved!
- We are saved!
- With dignity!
A stork! Look, a stork!
If he's fine, we'll be fine too!
A stork!
Take that off!
Lamia, take it off! There has to be
a nest! Let's go!
- No! No, no, no!
- Come on, take it off!
- You're safe!
- Take it off, you'll suffocate!
He's right!
- You'll suffocate! Trust me!
- Leave me alone!
Stop being hysterical!
They are insane.
They're suicidal. They've taken off
their suits. I'm going after them!
How could you live in all this draught?
- What is this?
- Is this some station of yours?
I don't know.
Give me a boost.
You got it?
Holy moley.
I can't believe it.
- What the hell is up there?
- See for yourselves!
It must be a Blockhouse.
A Blockhouse?
Who's there?
We've just travelled in time again.
My God. It must be a mirage.
Hey, we're home free!
Is this a home from your time?
Precisely. The second half
of the 20th century!
It's real!
It's all real!
Base, come in. Please.
Do you copy?
Here we go.
Breakfast is ready.
- Join us at the table.
- Maybe it's just a museum?
And all of these are just exhibits?
Museum? Exhibits? It's all fresh.
Miss Lamia, help yourself.
Here you are.
The baby's all dirty.
Here. You just take off the shell.
- It jumped out!
- Right.
Never mind. It's all dirty.
Take off the gloves.
Coffee is coming too.
I didn't know eating
could be so pleasant!
You will learn many more
pleasant things, my child.
Hands in the air!
You're under arrest in the name of...
Her Excellency...
She's out of oxygen.
So, as to eggs. I, for example,
like them nice and soft.
She's taken it all too far.
Now, the salt.
The most important part is to cut off
this bit. They do that in Vienna.
Like so.
Go for it, Albercik. Mouth-to-mouth!
We can throw this away.
And there's the yolk.
You need a good bed for that!
- I'm just helping her!
- Sure! Who is this man?
Still waters!
Apologies. Once the butter is all
melted in there, it's delicious.
- I'm just helping!
- Of course you are!
Where am I?
Where is my suit?
Why are you undressing me?
I'm going back to base.
They will save us!
Maybe you. Besides...
There is no radiation.
What do you mean, no radiation?
Our instruments are infallible!
Die if you want to. I'm leaving!
Stay! You've been lied to!
There is no radiation!
- Leave me alone!
- The animals! The flowers, birds!
Heroically given their lives for
the motherland. Emma Dax of Genetix.
- Lamia Reno of Archeo.
- They wrote us off?
No, this is... Impossible.
See? They abandoned you too.
...unprecedented operation. Rumours
about two hibernated specimens
- from the end of the 20th century.
- It can't be!
Indeed, both males were excavated
and de-hibernated.
But all danger was quickly
done away with.
This morning, in the Archeo clinic,
a naturalization surgery was conducted.
These creatures were enabled
to find their place in our society.
- Here they are.
- What?
- I'm happy to be able to partake...
- They're lying!
...which was not possible before the
surgery, since, as an inferior being,
I could have been a danger to others.
I am also feeling well.
I would like to thank the team of
surgeons right now
for fixing me so quickly
and so effectively.
- Why are they lying?
- For the ideals.
- But this is awful!
- Why bother the society?
They can't do this!
- No, no!
- You don't want me to touch you?
Yes! No... I don't know.
Come on. Let's see the other floor.
- Touching or no touching?
- Yes. No.
Yes or no?
Who lives here?
What do I care anyway?
- Touching or no touching?
- Let's go.
Yes or not?
I don't know! There's too much air here!
I want to go back to base!
Calm down or I'm taking the belt
and smacking our ass!
I don't know what's happening to me.
Beautiful. Late rococo.
It's so hot today.
Yes, it is.
It's so nice and cool.
Due to the nature of the situation...
Since we are here...
As representatives of the two sexes...
Any way you look at it...
As a humanist...
I would like to suggest a return to...
To the more traditional method...
of contact between two specimens...
of the opposing sexes.
What are you doing?
I am an officer.
You're not an officer now.
You are a woman.
What are you doing?
Step by step, we are approaching
the great mystery of Nature.
You're making big steps.
The last step will be just a small
step for man, and for mankind...
it could be a huge leap.
I wanted to...
To propose...
I want to suggest intimate intercourse.
- Which means?
- You really know nothing about life.
- I have three degrees!
- To hell with your degrees.
You have your test tubes, right?
I'm thinking about a different...
A more direct method. Like...
How do I... Like, you know, two animals.
I love you very much.
Love is a kind of intoxication that
the man would use to possess...
Just get over here!
- What's this?
- Life.
- What's so funny in there?
- This is the beginning of a new world.
What if we get girls?
Don't even talk like that.
A boy every nine months.
Or two, if we get twins!
It's not bloody enough!
Leave it. That world is beyond saving.
This place is lovely.
Max, we have to work on a mass scale!
A sexplosion!
- We'll beat them with their own weapon.
- Which is?
What's that?
A lift.
How did a lift get here?
- I heard a lift.
- Where?
Rocky, Sunny, Lucky!
Mummy is going to feed you.
You're getting some too, Aphrodite.
Someone has used my glass!
Someone's been sitting on my couch.
Hi. Is Jolka home?
- Get her!
- Freeze!
- Gentlemen! Gentlemen!
- What is this?
I beg you!
I'll do anything!
Just don't tell them!
What an Excellency you are!
They almost castrated us, and you...
You're wearing a pair of tits?
Gentlemen, I couldn't, believe me,
I had to be more ruthless than them!
- Otherwise they would suspect me!
- How did you survive, anyway?
It's a long story.
Right after the war...
when the League took over...
I was four years old.
The few boys who survived
were naturalized, made into girls.
My mum hid me away.
So I grew up.
Disguised as a girl.
I started being active in the League.
Ten years ago they elected me
as Her Excellency.
Finally, I could sleep at night.
And settle in my mum's old house.
There are thousands of women down there.
They don't know there's no radiation!
It wasn't as strong as anticipated.
There was panic at first, but...
Since they started living underground,
there was no point in telling them.
It's easier to control them
when they're down there.
What happened to sexual desire?
The League saw to everything.
A special pill that transforms desire
into career ambition.
You kept all this to yourself instead of
restoring order with some girl?
Even if I wanted to...
It wouldn't work.
- Why?
- It's the greatest tragedy of my life.
I never had a way with women.
They just scare me.
What do we do with him?
He's a bloke.
I don't think we should
hand him to those witches.
Okay. We'll cut you a deal.
We don't rat you out,
you let us live here.
Deal, boys! I'm so happy!
Make yourselves at home.
You sure did a number on the girls!
Let me show you something.
- This is my command centre.
- Pretty thing!
From here we can govern, command...
We can take turns.
Who's in there?
There are two girls with us,
but they stay too.
- Two?
- Just two.
This is Her Excellency.
No work tomorrow.
I pronounce a national holiday.
An invention.
Well... Let's get to work.
Once a legion of you is born...
No one will be able to stop it.
Sleep tight, boys.
You're the world's only hope.
See you in nine months.
Mother Nature is on our side.
Take care, chaps.
The natural laws have to prevail.
It's just a matter of time. Take care.
I dedicate the role of Her Excellency
to Erwin Axer - Wiesaw Michnikowski