Sexy Teacher (2004) Movie Script

Hi, Minori
Why are you panting?
I've been walking for
quite a while
You're not that old right?
Gonna start job searching
I'm sure you'll get a job
Same for you
Hope so
I and Saya knew each other
when we were in year 3
She lives nearby
We chat about all kinds
of things
I trust her a lot
After graduation
We can still be good friends
You're right
You came very early?
Nope, just arrived
Let's go
I've got to wake up
early tomorrow
Let's have dinner
I'll date you
Early celebration for
a nice job
I never forget to
What would you like
to eat?
Anything is okay
I'll call you
I'll lock the door
I'll wait for your call
I've known Kenichi
for a year
And we started going out
He works in a news agency
He's hardworking
I don't like boys at my age
since I was in high school
I'm always scolded by dad
If Kenichi isn't rich
that's no good
But I love him
It's him again
This time
This train
This way of touching
It must be
His fleshly attitude
He's a pervert
I want to scream for help
Then give them all to me
Hello... hello?
This is Imanishi
Are you free?
The thing we talked about
last time
Is it alright?
Is it?
Wait for your good news
See you
Let's have dinner
this weekend
Bye... almost
You want to repeat something?
In fact you don't?
You didn't make it
for the job?
You'll have to look for
part-time jobs
Yes, I must find a job
I've put up notices at school
You want a private
tutor job?
Yes, it doesn't take so much time
and won't make you busy
Dad told me to look for
a private tutor
Your father?
But whom to teach... you?
What are you saying?
He's just doing it for
someone else
His friend
He's a high school student
And it's a nice job
Okay I'll do it...
The job seems nice
But am I able to do it?
As a private tutor?
Maybe he hasn't found
suitable ones
And my dad is the referee
So you can try
Just go and see
You can make it
It sounds attractive
I need a job despite
the scholarship
The job Saya talked about
is really attractive
He's a sexual harasser!
3 years ago I seized
a sexual harasser
He stroked my hips
I'm sure
Later the police charged him
He didn't admit it
so an eye witness was needed
After a year he got rid of it
I'm not taking him wrong
He's the harasser
I'm sure
This is still a trauma for me
The harasser killed himself
I didn't do him an injustice
He got divorced
But it's like I've killed him
Is this my fault?
Of course not
I'm correct in doing so
You didn't go there today?
Minori, can you hear me?
You should go for an
interview on this Saturday
Oh the job last time... Okay
I've told dad
It's okay
Minori, are you alright?
You're not listening to me
I'm troubled by something
Sorry, I'm thinking too much
Are you hungry?
There's a famous restaurant
Let's eat there
Okay, but you've got to treat me
I have no money now
As referral fee
I know you must get
the job
I'm still thinking about it
Don't worry
Have you finished working?
No, I'm leaving for
an interview
Oh really, see you then
Minori, sorry
We may have to cancel
it this week
I'm so sorry
I'll call you when I'm done
I'm leaving
Call you later
I have something to discuss
with you
I don't want to see bad
dreams again
Am I making a mistake?
Am I wrong?
Don't be like this
Have a seat
Let me see
Where's your dad?
He passed away when
I was in high school
I see
So you stay with your mother?
How about school fees?
My mom paid it when
I studied abroad
And the insurance payment
from my dad
The rest is from
scholarships and part-time
So will you
further your studies overseas?
No, I'll stay here and find a job
because mom needs me
I've decided to stay
Oh really
Were you schoolmates with Saya?
We are best friends since Year one
I'll talk about the job first
I'm working in the accounting industry
Takeshi is my only son
My wife passed away 5 years ago
So I want you to help him
do his revision
His results are not satisfactory
He's hardworking
But nobody is teaching him
It's your job to do so
What? You mean...
Please start tomorrow
I'll introduce you to him
It's me
He's my son, Takeshi
Nice to meet you, I'm Minori
Takeshi, what are you doing?
Say hello to her!
It just happened by chance
I can forget about the
train scandal
I'll never forgive the harassers
But you have to promise not to
do this again
You don't want to tell
dad about it?
You can tell him
I'm used to being scolded
It's just you may lose the job
I'm doing it for you
Aren't you working for money?
Though I don't know
how're you paid
My father keeps telling me
to work for him
Of course money matters
I have to make a living
So I need a job
And mutual trust is important
I can forget about what happened
I will try hard
Still half a year to go
I really don't know
what to do
It's a big problem
He's just 19,don't worry
Try your best
I know
I got the job from you, Saya
So I'll try hard
See you
The line is busy, please call later
You weren't there when
I want to see you
Takeshi has a complicated life
Since his mom left him
when he was small
He's a bit weird
Why did your wife?
It was cervical cancer
It's only curable for
early discovery
How's your friend?
Similar... what?
I said you guys are alike
No confirmed plans yet
Everything seems going fine
The only problem is time
You don't have a plan yet?
Nope I have it
But it takes time
Let's stop this
We should enjoy it
Isn't it that you love Minori?
You want her, right?
What? She's your friend
Friend? Give me a break
She took everything away
from me
Her boyfriend
was with me at first
But she took him away
What is that in her that makes
her better?
You've got to be careful
She's sneaky
I'm afraid she's going to
take you away from me
No way
Really? Alright then
She won't get this through easily
You know the reason
Almost there
Whoo I came
I came
Takeshi's hardworking
He's made a lot of improvements
He must be able to enter
the top class
Luck matters too
The University entrance exam
will be held in October
I must help him
Alright, alright
You've got it
Then the next
What are you doing?
You know it
I have no idea
Don't pretend
I know you've been waiting
I don't think you know it
Don't you like love touches?
And don't you like
making love?
I love you?
For what?
You have never
thought about people around
You never thought if I can be
your boyfriend
You're only concerned about work
Why you keep talking about this?
I'm just telling the truth
You love perverts' strokes
don't you?
You think it's wrong?
Don't say dumb words
Who's gonna like that?
If you don't like it you
can tell my dad
What the heck
You've caressed other girls too?
I haven't met somebody I love
I'm never bounded to anyone
I want to love someone
Because dad is always scolding me
He keeps telling me the
problem is on mom
So I...
Sorry, I don't understand
You don't have to know
what I mean
Just ask yourself
I'm going to the toilet
He's nonsense
Help yourself
Try it
The student has a strange
He's just 19 but he's a weirdo
And all he knows would
be erotic
Don't know what's he up to
What should I do?
Quite the job
But money is an issue
It'd be nice if I can help you
I'm really crappy
Don't say that
It's my problem
I don't want to bother you
You make me uncomfortable
saying that
Stop it
Just drink off our asses!
Sorry, I shouldn't have told you
I'll keep on doing it
I finally told him
About the bad dreams
I'm really afraid
I'm always seeing the dream
How long can our relationship
last for?
I love him
But nobody can guarantee the future
What's happening?
It's already a month
I've been considering
Just start it
I want to see how would
Minori become
Oh, you haven't got
a long -term job?
But she's had interviews at
banks and trading companies
Yes, I'd prefer her working
at a bank
I can make use of that
To torture her
But this is not enough
But it serves as a bit of punishment
What are you going to do then?
I'll take some nude shots of her
And send them to the company
But how?
Yes, would be better with your help
And what if she knows
your relationship with him?
Try to take the pictures
This isn't me
I shouldn't feel so excited
to be stroked by a pervert
It's raining cats and dogs
Get in and take a shower
Dry your clothes too
Treat this as your home
Come in
Thanks so much
You're pretty
How's Takeshi?
He's very smart
I'm preparing him for
the entrance exam
He should do well in
next month's exam
Oh is it?
It's my best decision to have you
If he can make it
Then he will be the next
CEO of my company
He must enter university
He shall pursue tertiary studies
I'm glad you can get it
Since his mom passed away
Hmm I should say we
don't talk often
I want to make his dream
come true
I think he actually wants
to talk to you
Because I love my dad
My father talks to me a lot
I envy you
If Takeshi understands me as
you do...
Please take time no matter
how busy you are
I guess he'll understand
You're just like my daughter
I start being long-winded
Never mind
I don't have much time to talk to
him since I became the CEO
So I seldom stay with him
I didn't realize the problem
I have
Thanks for your suggestion
I'll think about it
I just keep thinking
Sorry for disturbing
Not at all
Nice talking to you
I got all wet in the rain
Seems you're in a good mood
Can you hear me?
That's good
He's not as nice as you think
Does it matter?
Don't make wild guesses
He flirted around when mom
was alive
There's nothing she could do
He murdered her!
I don't want to be like him
You get it?
Leave him
But you don't have the ability
So you shouldn't say anything
Trust me
I'll enter the university next year
But I don't want to study
Could you promise me?
I'll quit school
I don't want to work for him
Then what we've done would be
I really want a pass
I must make it
What are you doing?
Stop it!
That was a joke
A joke?
How dare you
But I don't want a start
like this
I was a harasser when
I first met you
No it won't work
It's been long since we
went out last time
What are you talking about?
We were just busy with
our own stuff
But it's like a century since we
met each other last time
Now I can finally see you
I'm a bit afraid
I don't want to start
a relationship like this
Be careful
No that's bad
I though you said
we haven't did it for ages
You wanna go?
But... Minori...
She doesn't matter
Just forget about her
I'm Minori
fresh graduate this year
I just got a letter from you
Sorry for keeping you waiting
This is human resources
Hello, my name is Minori
I've just got the letter from you
Did you cancel my application?
It was decided by HR
I'm sorry
Why's it like this?
I've checked that for you
It was HR's decision
The bank may employ you
It isn't the end of the world
I'll ask for you tomorrow
Don't worry
Really? It's sent?
Yeah, the company
turned down her application
She must be hurt now
She's got what she deserves
You're satisfied at that?
You still remember how
dad suffered?
Of course not
I must take revenge
for my brother
She accused him of
sexual harassment
which made him lost
his job and life
So she must pay it back
Time is needed
I won't forgive her
I want to see her killing herself
I don't believe it
She isn't that kind of person
She's a patient
And enduring person
She's like this
It would be a tough task
So we must be careful
Can't wait to see her suffer
Are you sure?
Did you investigate thoroughly?
He said the HR decided to
put me off
So there's nothing I can do
Are you doing well with
your job?
I owe Takeshi
But I'm just not in the mood
Do you still remember
the sexual harassment?
The pervert
Why suddenly...
And he committed suicide
Stop this
I don't want to hear it
Are you sure?
Maybe it's better for you to recall
Still remember the guy's name?
Of course
I can't forget it
His family name's Imanishi?
And Imanishi employed you?
Saya, what are you talking about?
This is no coincidence
Imanishi spent a year to investigate
He's taking revenge for his
dead brother
Would it be?
Saya, you knew it?
I introduced you to the job
Imanishi planned his revenge
for long time
You mean the tutor job is also...
He arranged it on purpose
so as to approach you
What for?
Why you know everything, Saya?
Did you ever think for me?
Minori you know you're
a piece of crap
Are you more talented?
Are you prettier than me?
Or are you richer?
You just get higher marks
then I am
But people only know about you
Do you know how I feel?
And same for Kenichi
He was with me at first
But you took him away
You mustn't have known it
because you're so dumb
You never knew you're hurting people
Please stop it
I want Kenichi back
Something more
Your application was rejected
That's because I sent nude pictures
with Kenichi to them
Now everyone knows it
See for yourself
This is outrageous
Is it?
Was she like that?
My application was rejected
as you wish
Are you satisfied?
Now you talk about satisfaction?
My brother committed suicide
You think I can let you go?
I feel sorry about it
I don't think I've made any mistakes
Because... but he was convicted
He was convicted by the judge
My brother isn't a harasser
He's lost his family
and job
You may think of him as asshole
But he's the best to me
He's the best man in the world
I don't believe he'd
ever harass someone
Saya is the same
She told me about everything
What are you saying?
Alright, everything is over
And do I need to be punished?
It means nothing
Do you still remember
one thing?
You've took everything away
from him
That's true
But I never thought I made
any mistakes
You make me sick
I'll pay you
Keep it
I won't use it
I won't use the money
from you
You're too over
You understand nothing
I don't want to
There's no humanity in you
Takeshi, stop!
You've got to learn a lesson
Am I wrong?
It's a complicated family
He's the sexual harasser
No... no
I take the train every morning
And came across harassers
I've lost all my friends
and my boyfriend
So I need a new job
I think I'll stop seeing bad dreams
It's all about me
You can't deny it
But I think I can get rid of it
Since I'm now all alone