SGT. Will Gardner (2019) Movie Script

As I
pondered in silence,
returning upon my poems,
considering, lingering long,
a phantom arose before me
with distrustful aspect,
in beauty, age--
--and power.
Looks like the
guy is a squatter.
Bathroom is locked.
No key.
Seems likely.
Open the door.
Come out slowly,
with your hands up.
Open the door.
Buddy, you can't stay in there.
- I
- should be telling
this with a sigh, somewhere
ages and ages hence.
If you
don't open the door, sir,
I'm going to have
to break it down.
Two roads
diverged in a wood.
me find me something
to knock this door down.
And I, I took
the one less traveled by.
And that has made
all the difference.
You're going
to have to open the door.
Go, go, go.
Contact right!
us, Lord, when
we are too well
pleased with ourselves,
when our dreams have come
true, because we have dreamed
too little, when we
arrive safely because we
sailed too close to the shore.
Do you see that
guy loading his RPG?
Got him.
I'm going in!
FRAG out
Is he dead?
West side target building.
Morley's dead!
Get in the fucking fight.
God, it was too fucking
You good?
I'm good.
I'm good.
I owe you.
You owe me shit.
Hey, Sammy.
Listen, listen.
Are we clear?
Let's move.
You fucking crazy?
They got him turned around, man.
No, Ghost.
We wait here, man.
They baitin' us.
What are you doing?
I'm going to loan you a
pair of men's underwear.
You stain them, you own them.
You keep them.
Let me know.
I got it.
I've got it, Ghost.
I've got it.
There you go.
Bring it.
There you go.
This is the the last
motherfucker I'd thought I'd be
slung over my shoulder.
I said I'm not
feeling it, Ghost.
Well, you can tell
everybody you led the way.
I'm the First Sergeant.
I say we stay the fuck here.
Atta boy.
Stack up!
You're an ass.
On three!
Let me go!
Put the cuffs.
Get him up.
Don't do this!
Don't do this!
I need a medic!
I need a medic!
Believe this guy?
Something else.
All right, buddy.
Let's see.
You've got anything
shoved in your pockets?
Anything going to prick me?
to me, directing
like flame, its eyes
with finger pointing
to many immortal songs.
Take a break.
A menacing voice,
what singest thou, it said.
Knowest thou not there is but
one theme forever enduring
And that is the theme of war.
The fortune of battles.
The making of perfect soldiers.
Hey, Tony!
What you doing?
Let me get that for you.
He's got it.
Looks like they knew you
That's funny.
Who tagged it?
I don't know.
Locals, gang bangers, who knows?
Who's the kid?
He's Pete.
You got any paying work?
And none coming down
the line either.
Sorry about that, bud.
You said Venice
Boulevard moved out.
Extended their lease.
How about that
building you just bought?
It's in escrow.
All right.
Did you get a new bike?
You mind if we settle up on
the last little bit of work?
Pete, take five.
You want to settle up?
Of course.
Come here.
There you go.
Actually it comes
to a whole lot more.
That's it.
We're settled.
I'm not clear.
You're not clear.
Well, you want me to
explain it to you?
You spent the two
weeks that you were
meant to be working doing
pull ups off the side
of that building in the alley.
And I caught you
reading more than once.
During my breaks.
What breaks?
What are you, union?
There's no breaks.
You're working four
to five hours a day.
If it falls on your
lunch, that's fine.
But there's no breaks.
The VA docs says to exercise
to keep my heart rate up
so I get oxygen to my brain.
I don't want to get into it.
And they told me to read to
take my mind off other things.
So can-- can you just pay me
the rest of what you owe me?
Look, I'm going to make
this plain and simple for you.
I am not paying you to get fit.
You want to fuck around,
there's plenty other assholes
you can work for.
Not like you.
You're just like all
of them, looking for a handout.
My injury's real, bro.
Your injury's real?
Then you should do
what your doctor said.
He told you to read, bro?
Then get a job as a librarian.
You know what?
You built the house.
Own it.
Pay me what you owe me.
You enjoy living in a
country where you can mouth off
to whoever, whenever?
You're welcome.
Thank you for that.
Thank you for your service.
Now get off my fucking premises.
Walk away, Will.
Pete, get back to it.
You were the bigger man.
Yeah, I mean it.
You did the right thing.
You walked away.
I wanted to beat his ass.
Well, it's good
to know I still
got a little fight left in me.
I was ready to go, man.
I bet.
And he was a big
How big?
6'4 or 6'5.
You know I ain't a lover.
Yeah, I know.
Hell no.
Hell no.
He was a bad ass.
You know, Ghost, you
could cage fight.
Well, you know I'm
younger than I look.
Hey, come on, man.
You look great.
You mean that?
I mean that.
Fuck, yeah, I mean it.
You could model, probably.
Look at this face.
You could model.
Great way to meet girls.
I bet this guy
meets a lot of girls.
Hell, yeah, he does.
All right.
Now they say that
you ain't drunk
if you can lay on the
ground without holding on.
And who's "they"?
The experts.
Let's see.
I'm sober.
All right.
Hands down on the board
beside your shoulders.
Palms down, like you're
going to do a push-up.
All right.
And you thrust your
upper body up in the sky--
You look like you're
fucking a crab hole.
--and you sweep your
legs underneath you, and--
I hope you can swim.
Because you ain't even
on the board, Ghost.
Give me a second.
Hey, hey.
Ghost, don't go over here.
Now those are friends of mine.
I see them down
here all the time.
What are you talking about?
Why would you say that?
Listen to me.
You're not looking for him.
So you leave him alone.
I mean it.
You'll be all right.
You-- you forgot--
you forgot your kiss!
His lips must
be getting tired.
I ain't going to
watch a soldier beg.
Pisses me off.
Let's pass him.
Moving, on the right.
Spare some change.
A comedian.
Aw, man!
I'm just screwing with you.
Yo, smile!
It's a celebration.
What we celebrating?
That we're rich.
Did not God choose the poor of
this world to be rich in faith,
and heirs to the
kingdom which he
promised to those who love him?
The who and the what?
The what?
Are you military?
Is that boonie
part of your uniform?
So what's all that crap on it?
Shit I've collected.
Well, can you clean it up
and show a little respect?
You do that?
What, you don't agree?
This going to take long?
I got a 2 o'clock
tee-time and 18 hole--
Go ahead.
Hey, is this thing
in park, Ghost?
Bless you, brother.
It enrages me and
it breaks my heart
to see people that serve this
country standing on the streets
begging for scraps.
You with me?
I know that you know
how to wear this.
But just in case you forgot.
You wear any piece
of this uniform,
you stand tall proud, hooah?
You fought for this country.
I did indeed.
Remember that.
You take care of yourself.
Thanks, babe.
How is it?
Rocky fucking road.
It's like Run DMC, shit
never gets old, man.
Peter Piper picked
peppers, but Run rapped rhymes.
Hey, read me this.
For me.
Come on, Ghost, can I just
sit and eat my ice cream?
Come on.
It'll take my mind
off the calories.
I ain't your book bitch, man.
No, but you could be.
Why don't you just get a
book on tape or some shit?
Today, across
our fathers graves,
the astonished years reveal the
remnant of that desperate host
which cleansed our
East with steel.
Troop's had contact.
Reinforce to Bravo checkpoint.
I'm gonna pull off.
God damn!
Clarence Miller's been shot!
They're moving left.
Get him up against the tire.
He's shot in the neck.
My neck!
Put pressure on that wound.
Hail and farewell!
We greet you here, with
tears that none will scorn--
O keepers of the House of
old, or ever we were born!
I want my money.
What do you mean
you want your money?
I told you to get
off my property!
You owe me $145!
Get off my property!
I worked for you!
You owe me money.
I told you to get
off my premises.
Now get out of here.
That's assault!
If you can
force your heart and nerve
and sinew to serve your turn
long after they are gone,
and so hold on when there is
nothing in you except the Will
which says to them: "Hold on!"
I am going to call the police.
You rip
me off all the time.
That is assault, Buddy.
You're going to jail.
I'm calling the police.
That's assault. Police!
You're going to jail!
All right, move
your hand, brother.
Let's go.
Move, move.
service more we dare to ask,
pray for us heroes.
Pray that when fate
lays on us our task,
we do not shame the day.
We got a vehicle inbound.
It's not slowing.
Light them up.
Stay on them.
Go, go, go, go, go, go
Hey, asshole.
We're even.
Son of a bitch!
That is not the way you
answer the phone in this office.
Well, then get it
yourself nimrod.
I don't know what's
happening to you lately,
but you're becoming
completely unreliable.
You know what?
I quit.
You quit.
Um, yeah.
I do.
I quit.
I quit.
I'll be so sorry
to see you go.
Sorry to see me go?
No, no.
You are not sorry to see me go.
I work harder than a hound
dog at a flea convention,
and you make me feel more
useless than a kickstarter
on a commode.
I ain't an asskisser, Mr.
Boss Man, and I sure as hell
ain't about to take
any more this--
this horse shit.
It's been real.
Mary-Anne, wait.
Emmers, you text me.
Hell, yeah.
Hell, yeah.
My highway,
the yellow lines
that disappeared
from time to time,
and half wound up on the
wrong side of the road.
My highway, I've
gone too fast, afraid
that I might finish last,
I hugged a curve too hard,
and lost control.
I never know which
way it's going to go.
But what a feeling,
chasing a sun
and living my life
like a shot from a gun,
laughing a little bit
more with every mouth.
O what a freedom,
racing the wind,
dying to know what's
around the next bend,
smiling as I watch
the years roll by.
I'm learning how to take it
day by day, on my highway.
Yeah, yeah, what a freedom,
like sailing the wind,
not looking back,
not forgetting where
I been, smiling as I
watch the years roll back.
And I'm moving on
from my mistakes.
And I'm learning how to take
it day by day on my highway.
That's disgusting.
Wait, how do I know that guy?
t's that actor.
That it for you?
This and a bottle
of Silver Coyote.
You having a party?
I sure hope you're not
drinking that and getting
on that bike.
Don't drink and ride.
Reginald Anthony Millhouse.
It's a family name.
Robert, that's a good one.
Don't hate me
cause you ain't me.
Paper bag?
Save a tree.
Thank you.
I wrote this sitting
on a tarmac in Iraq,
for Private Woody Farnsworth,
waiting on a bird.
I mean that ain't the
name of the song, that's
just what I was doing.
Anyway, remember Woody?
Helmet for a pillow.
Ground is our bed.
I watch your six, and
you'll watch mine,
so we don't wake up dead.
We're miles away from all we
love, brothers side by side.
We all know why we're here,
why we bleed and died.
We fight for freedom,
for the mini and youth,
lay down our lives, feel the
rain, standing for the truth.
So don't you ever worry,
sleep easy and sleep tight,
'cause we are here, protecting
you, keeping watch till night.
We're simple soldiers,
doing what we do.
Just simple
soldiers, yeah, yeah.
We would did for you.
We would die for you.
That was him.
roll my windows down,
and cruise down a back road--
Bryan Cranston, that actor.
You lie.
And he rode right by me,
I swear it was him.
Bryan Cranston, the
"Breaking Bad" guy.
Shuts up.
My god, he's one
hunk of a redheaded man.
Why didn't you pull him over?
Yeah, that's a great idea.
Like I'm going to pull
over Bryan Cranston.
Why not?
I would have.
I love me some ginger.
You still there?
Sweetheart, are you OK?
I am, I really--
I needed this, Emmers.
I did.
I hated that frickin' job.
And that dingleberry
I had to answer to.
My life for so long it's
just been so dang boring.
You just need a man.
Well, men don't like me.
Men like you.
Men like strippers,
they like pole grinders,
girls who twerk for a living.
It's brutal.
Look, Emmers, I know, I
know, it was impulsive of me.
To just storm out
like that, but I --
I just had to, I had
to had a break away,
free myself from all the shit.
You know?
And it feels good.
'Cause it's
dangerous, I like it.
I like it.
Feels like I'm just
living on the edge.
I just hope that running away
was the right thing, you know?
well, it is, I know it is.
know what you should do?
Something you never do.
You should just--
You ready?
Yeah, I'm ready.
Let your hair down.
Yeah, no, I should.
Can you imagine?
I'll just let it down.
I don't wear it down,
I wear it up, and I--
and I like it up, so--.
This is
the new you, Mary-Anne.
You want to live dangerously?
Do you?
Then grab danger by
the balls, and do it.
Do it.
Jeez Louise.
Good Lord, I
don't know about that.
No, I don't think so.
So where are you at now?
Fixing to pass Las Cruces.
Florida, here I come.
It's going to be fun.
What on earth was that?
That's him, that's him!
That's him!
That's Bryan Cranston!
He must be going
100 miles an hour.
So hot.
and stay with him.
I'm trying.
I'm trying, he's too fast.
My god, Mary-Anne,
don't let him get away.
Bryan, wait!
Are you kidding me right now?
Come on.
Hi, um, just $12, please.
You sure are pretty.
What's that?
Thank you, that's, um--
thank you.
You're-- you're so creative.
What is that you're whittling?
A spearhead.
Coming along very nicely.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I
don't have time to chat.
I'm really-- I'm trying
to catch somebody.
Would you like some candy?
That's ew.
Excuse me?
Excuse me, Mr. Cranston?
All right, you OK?
You all right there?
I was coming in pretty quick.
Shit, I might've
clipped its hind leg.
Your beard is amazing.
It's kind of like carrying
a porcupine on your chin.
It must be for a role.
You think the dog was hurt, or?
Well, it's hard to tell.
Took off running so damned fast.
At least
you kept straight.
Better the dog than you.
That is the upside.
So are you--
you working on anything new, or?
What, no, I'm just
being fan, a silly fan.
Come here, boy!
Come here, boy!
That was just me.
Come here, boy.
Come here, boy.
Come on.
I sure do you like your scooter.
You know bikes?
Well, I'm a Texas girl.
It's either real
horses, or steel horses.
No choice.
Got to ride one or the other.
No shit.
It's hot, in the car.
Sure you don't want one?
Ice cold.
I'm all good, thanks.
Let's see, where are we?
We should be somewhere
right around there.
It was pretty easy
to get turned around
on these country roads.
I'm Mary-Anne Mackey.
People call me Ghost.
People call you Ghost?
That's amazing.
Low profile, I like it.
Well, I got it because
nobody ever sees me coming.
They'd sure hear you, though.
Because of the scooter.
You be careful out
there, Mary-Anne Mackey.
I should be at work right now.
Playing hooky?
I up and quit.
Tell you something, Mr. Ghost.
Five days a week
I woke up at 6:00
AM sharp to classic iPhone
Marimba ringtone number one.
I make it 1,870 hours
a year sitting in an 8
by 12 cubicle turning
some son of a bitch rich.
Only thing I had to look forward
to was Monday through Friday,
somewhere between 3:25 and
3:30 Cleve the office boy,
he'd make a Starbucks
run, bring me back
a venti, two pump, caramel
macchiato, extra hot.
I'm a single, hard working,
professional woman,
who ate a lot of horse shit.
And I just--
I woke up a couple mornings
ago, and I said to myself,
gosh darn it, I need some
excitement in my life.
Disney World.
where I'm headed.
For excitement.
I guess I misunderstood.
I've never done
anything that before.
Have you?
When I was 17.
Well, I won't leak
this, I promise.
Probably best you don't.
You know what I want?
I'd be guessing,
but a little cuddle.
To be you.
Just for a flash.
Just to know what it feels like.
You ever want what I have?
All the time.
Albuquerque Crowne Plaza.
See you down the road, stud.
St. Louis like Louis
D, Miles, and Larry Hughes.
And the Young Dude done
paid young dudes' dues dude.
But yo, what da hook gon' be?
Yo, see I don't need no
fucking hook on this beat.
All I need is the track
in the background.
My headphones loud, keep
the blunt going around.
And I'm-a rip.
Yo, yo, wat da hook gon' be?
See I don't need no
fucking hook on this beat.
All I need is the track in the
background, my headphones loud.
Keep the blunt going round.
And the sun will
come out tomorrow,
and I will never have to borrow.
Got my first car when I turned--
I'm sorry.
It's declined.
You don't ride, do you?
Troopin', troopin',
troopin' to the sea.
'Ere September come again,
the six year men are free.
Leave the dead behind us,
for they cannot come away,
to where the ship's a-coalin'
up that takes us home today.
We're going home, we're going
home, a ship is at the shore.
And you must pack
your 'aversack,
for we won't come back no more.
Don't you grieve for
me my lovely Mary-Anne.
For I'll marry you
yet, on a fourp'ny bed,
as a time-expired man.
Man, don't fill your
head with that shit.
I think it's beautiful.
It's useless.
Doesn't serve you.
But it does.
Man, I'm telling
you it's the energy
you need to put into
something bigger.
Such as?
Got a lot of work to do.
Wasting your time.
Only thing real
you got is time.
Just because you didn't
take a bullet over there,
doesn't mean the mission's over.
The mission?
Life, brother.
Look here, man.
The books, the poems,
you're lost in them,
come back to us, OK?
Those are other people's
dreams, they're not yours.
You just holding onto
them because you've
given up on your own.
Heal the fucking
wounds and move on.
I said heal them, Will.
Not open them up.
Silence is the killer.
Silence is the killer.
I'm giving you an ear, brother.
Use it.
It's just you and
me here, brother.
Now, remember when we were
kids, we were in school?
We would have share days.
Those RPG hits to our convoy.
You want to take a
stroll down memory lane?
We lit those
fucking vehicles up.
We powed out of the back.
I was there, I
know what happened.
I don't care to be
thinking about this shit.
And I watched
that kid jump out
of the forward Humvee, Will.
One big flame.
He's flailing around,
screaming my name.
And I looked at him.
I did, I looked at
him, and I remember
thinking, how messed
up, how disfigured he'd
be if he shipped back home.
And I was happy
that it wasn't me.
I condemn myself
for that thought.
There ain't no
compassion in that.
It's your turn, brother.
You gotta talk.
I don't.
You sure about this?
$200 seems like an awfully good
deal for this kind of watch.
We're all set.
Well, if that's all
you'll take for it,
I'm going to throw
in your drinks, too.
If you don't mind.
Sure do appreciate it.
Refill, please.
I'm going to take it to go.
You got it.
Powdered Creamer?
A touch, thanks.
Here you go.
And another round
for my friend, here.
Well, I got him
covered, but here you are.
Compliments of the
young service member.
Mighty nice of you, thank you.
And I'll thank you in return.
How's that?
I see you there.
Saw your memorial bracelet.
Yeah, well.
It was a body.
Sorry to hear.
Wearing that, you must miss him.
Actually I can't
get rid of him.
Thanks for serving, my friend.
I was 1st battalion,
8th Marines.
Got out after the
Beirut bombing, 1983.
Islamic jihad took
241 Americans,
but they didn't take me.
Bad day.
I was a younger man,
I'd still be fighting.
To the warriors.
You ready young lady?
Here you go.
Who is she talking to?
Your guess is as good as mine.
You ready for this?
She broke my 16-year-old
heart, she did.
Can you believe it?
I would.
Boy boy.
I could tell you some stories.
She was my first love.
I took her to the
high school prom.
She was a hell of
a looker back then.
Is that so?
Yeah, but then she let
the guys get all over her,
and that done changed her.
She ain't the girl she used
to be, that's for sure.
You took her to your prom?
I did.
In a big old shiny limousine.
Can she dance?
Let me think about that.
I believe so.
Why don't I turn up the music,
and you could get on out there
and see what she's got.
All right.
She's just an old
bird, looking for more.
Doesn't know how to
go about getting it.
You with me?
I gotcha.
Young lady?
Never seen you before.
The fuck is that?
It's my hand.
Well I know it's
your hand, dummy.
Well, it's an invitation.
Where are you going to take me?
Well, I was going to take
you out to the dance floor.
Where I really
want to go is France.
Well, that could be tough.
You for real want to dance?
I'll bet you could teach
me a couple of things.
I am a little bit older.
I shit, I'm not much
of a mover anymore.
You know back in the day I could
have showed you a real mean
Cotton Eye Joe.
Don't make me beg, now.
All right.
Let's see if I remember
how the fuck to do this.
Whoop, got you.
All right.
You may want to
hold onto my shoulders,
and just shake your hips
and walk around real slow,
ain't much to it.
That's all got to do?
All you got to do.
I can do that.
Hey, Larry?
Don't get jealous, now.
I can cut in whenever
you're ready, darling.
I feel so bad.
I got a worried mind.
I'm so lonesome all the time.
Something like this?
Something like that.
Leave my
baby behind on Blue Bayou.
Save a nickle, save a dime,
work until the sun don't shine.
Looking forward to happy
time on Blue Bayou.
I'm going back some day,
come what may, to Blue Bayou.
Where the--
Bum, bum,
budum bum, bum bum.
I wouldn't do that.
You're shit faced.
You are underestimating
me, First Sergeant.
I am sober.
Get on over here, you old
see through son of a bitch.
I gotta tell you something.
OK, tell me.
All right, but you gotta
promise you won't take it
the wrong way.
I promise.
Scout's honor.
I'm going to tell you.
Tell me.
You are sexy as
shit for a dead guy.
Get out of here.
That shit ain't worked for
me since I crossed over,
but I gave you a heads
up on it, though.
You're so lucky, man.
Why am I lucky, Ghost?
Because for you, it ain't
about fucking anymore, is it?
Who told you that?
It's obvious, dead
dudes don't fuck.
Where'd you hear that from?
I researched it.
But it ain't about fucking
at all, is it really?
Here, there?
I mean what we
need to be doing is
teaching people what you know.
I wouldn't argue on that.
I wouldn't recommend it.
Look, people gotta
learn how to love, man.
Who are you it's?
It's what's in here, not
here, that's what it's about.
And you know what?
Where's my friend?
Where is Ghost?
I want to find Ghost.
You probably spend
about 20 of your 30
some odd years here
on earth and about 90%
of those 20 years
looking for poontang.
Now, I'm a bit of a philosopher.
I think a little
outside the box.
Just a little bit?
It occurred to me, since
dead dudes don't fuck,
then clearly poontang is not of
importance in your dimensions.
Why do we think we need
it so bad here, man?
I mean break it down,
its primary function
is to provide by a porthole
from one side to the.
An entryway, if you will.
With hair on.
Soft type, but you know
that's how I like it, Buddy.
I like a big old bush.
You like it so much
it's on your fucking face.
I get lost in it.
I need to know
the point, Ghost.
What's the point?
Hold up.
Am I following you, 'cause I--
I thought it was you.
Man, I was following you.
Let me see that.
Left foot, right foot.
All right.
Sammy, I made a
decision that I'm going
to regret the rest of my life.
What's that?
I put my best friend in the
enemy's skull, and I lost him.
I made the decision on my
own to break cover, Will.
I was careless.
Look at me.
You were brave.
You trusted me.
I'd take a bullet
to bring you back.
What do I--
What do I do?
It's perfect, thank you.
Just use the bed right there.
Here you go.
It's a beautiful day.
Is that you?
Looks like you're
a pretty good shot.
I think I may know
where you get that from.
You know who I am?
Yes, sir.
You sure?
Yes, sir.
Can I approach you?
Yes sir.
It's all right, buddy.
I brought you this
monster truck.
I don't know if you're
into these things,
but it seemed kind of cool.
I like it.
Boy, it's been so long
I hardly recognize you.
Yes, sir.
You got big.
My momma told me that you
got sick during the war.
She said you had to go away.
Your momma said that?
Is it true?
Yeah, it is.
Did you get injured?
I did.
What happened?
I got caught a
couple of explosions.
They injured my brain.
They call it TBI.
What's TBI?
Traumatic brain injury.
And I-- I lost a
friend over there, too,
and that hurt me pretty bad.
I lost a lot, actually.
I lost your momma, I lost you.
Are you better now?
Son, right this
second I sure am.
Get away from my son.
What's wrong?
Don't be alarmed.
William's father
showed up here today.
I told him that I needed
to speak to you first,
that it wasn't an appropriate
time to visit, but he insisted.
I'm sorry, Buddy.
I had to put dinner
on, he's still here.
Where is he?
He's here right now?
He want to see William.
And that's a
decision he made when?
He's in Will's room.
I couldn't refuse him.
Well, he just going
to have to leave.
It's that simple.
All right, I'll leave.
No, stay, God dammit.
Please don't do this to me.
This is called
a wedge formation.
Why do they use it?
Well, you got all your
firepower here at the front,
and see your flanks this
whole sector is covered.
Are you out of the Army now?
Do you miss it?
Every day.
Why don't you go back?
Because I got things
to do here, now.
Were you a ground pounder?
You know about
ground pounders?
My friend's brother
is in the Air Force.
That's what he calls army guys.
I want to be in the military.
Little man, I fought
so you wouldn't have to.
I just don't think I
can handle civilian life.
What makes you think you
can handle military life?
What makes you think I can't?
You love your country?
Yes, sir.
Well, that's the
only requirement.
I think the army would
be happy to have you.
The Navy.
The what?
I want to be a Seal.
A Seal?
What, about like
Delta or something?
No, a Seal.
Let's say we'll
talk about that later.
Will has his player
evaluations coming up
for the new season.
It's an exciting afternoon.
There's barbecuing and
games for the kids, music.
Be nice if you could come, Will.
When is that?
Its next
week, I have to--
I'd have to look.
So what are your plans, Will?
I'm not sure.
So you're missing work?
I don't really
have a set schedule.
Mom, can I have more pasta?
Yeah, of course.
I'm glad you like it.
California, right?
You said that's where you live.
So what are you doing
in Cali that you can just
pick up and go?
Bud, you want
an extra helping?
No, thank you, sweetheart.
I'm fine, thanks.
No, thank you.
I'm a painter.
So am I.
You paint?
I do.
Come on.
That's awesome.
That's wonderful, Will.
That's surprising.
Does your work sell?
It's public.
Site specific?
Sure would love to see your
portfolio sometime, Will.
One would think that us country
folk out here don't appreciate
the fine arts, but I assure
you, that is just not the case.
What is it, exactly,
that you country folk
appreciate about it?
Mom, may I be excused to go
finish setting up my soldiers?
That's fine, but you need
to ask somebody else, too.
Thank you.
I apologize, I know
that was uncomfortable.
It was all just so
sudden, that's all.
Hey, I'm happy for you.
He's a good man.
It's what you always wanted.
Nice to finally meet you.
Thank you for
your hospitality.
So you came here
for your son, right?
Put me at ease, right now.
At ease.
The angels
are stooping above your bed.
They are weary of trooping
with the whimpering dead.
God's laughing in heaven
to see you so good,
the sailing seven are
gay with this mood.
I sigh and I kiss you, for I
must own that I shall miss you
when you have grown.
Mary-Anne Mackey?
Hello, invisible man.
I knew that was you.
Come on up.
You need to be alone?
Tell me.
We don't talk
about him so much, hon.
He's not at all what I expected.
Which was?
I don't know.
Just taking it all in.
You still love him.
Why would you ask that?
It's not a question.
I love you.
You are so beautiful.
You are so talented.
I don't know
what you're saying,
but I'm going to take those
kind words and run with them.
Your work.
I love your work.
More, please.
Who's Ghost?
Hi, darling.
How are you?
What happened?
What happened what?
You sound different.
No, I can't lie to you.
Spill it.
I really like her.
Is it love?
I don't know, I
guess it could be.
What base you
at, you old perv.
You know, first, second.
I hit a homer
first time at bat.
My brother, you disappoint me.
What happened to it's in here.
I know.
Not in here.
I know.
You're working backwards.
Hold off on introducing
yourself to her.
You don't want to
freak the girl out.
Met this guy.
No shit.
And, I--
You what?
I want to take
him home with me.
What was that?
That's fantastic.
So tell me about him.
So this is the master
plan, but it's all good.
You feel it?
Feels right.
This last phase of your
life, where you landed,
it was just supposed
to be a layover.
You just missed your connecting
flight, but you know what?
Someone up there must
like you, because there's
another one boarding right now.
And if you run, you
might just catch it.
Will my baggage make it?
Let's hope the hell not.
You know, man, 11 years ago
my wife delivered by c-section.
The doctor reached into
the hole in her stomach,
and with blue rubber gloved
hand pulls out my son,
and holds him under
this white operating
light, long waxy umbilical
cord dangling below.
And I have forgotten
everything prior
to that moment, 'cause
the experience of meeting
my son for the first time
trumped everything in my life.
And then I walked away, put
on my gear, went to war.
And boy, I thought I
was going to come back
with stories to tell him
about how brave I was, how I
put myself in the line of fire.
In harm's way for our
country, his future.
Now the fighting is over, but
it's like I never came home,
because it's all I think about.
I've been this guy trying
to survive his own war
stories for so
long, I can't hardly
remember who I'm
really supposed to be.
It'll come back to you.
Just give it time.
Hope so.
Know so.
Different how?
Well he's kind of
rough around the edges.
Well, that
can be a good thing, sometimes.
Yeah, I just--
I hope he doesn't think
I'm one of his groupies.
Whoa, stop right there.
No, I'm hanging up.
I'm hanging up.
Hanging up.
Hanging up.
No, wait.
Mary-Anne, are you
sleeping with Bryan--
It's the adrenaline.
Not having it one
day you're running,
you're gunning,
next your standing
on a street corner in your
hometown, nothing but time.
To remember.
I had a purpose over there.
You got one here, too.
You know, once you sort through
all this shit and own it,
is gold, baby.
There's hundreds of
thousands of veterans
out there, just like you Ghost.
You can help them, they need it.
That's your purpose,
and you mean it.
But you have to be a survivor.
You've got to have the answers,
Ghost, or they won't listen.
I understand.
Love to help.
Well, that's
your purpose, here.
I mean it.
I suppose.
You know, I have been
thinking about what you
were saying about me modeling.
So you just want to be rich.
Well, wouldn't you?
I wrote a new song.
Another thing I want to talk
to you about is the lotto.
But that's illegal.
To get the winning
numbers from the other side?
I just can't give them to you.
Do you know them?
Well who's going to--
You want to hear
the new song, or what?
I don't have my guitar.
I got you.
All right.
You follow?
Clear as a bell.
When the night's too
dark, and the day's too cold,
and you can't find a single
thing to rest your weary soul,
at the end of every tunnel,
there's a light to guide you
home, and you don't
have to worry,
'cause you'll never be alone.
I will always be there for you.
Said I will always
be there for you.
Hey, Dad.
No matter
what you're going through.
Let's see what you got.
Let's see what you got.
I will
always be there for you.
Mom, I'm going to
go play on Dad's bike.
OK, we're coming.
Watch me, though.
Hard to believe.
I can't leave here.
I know that.
But if I could, I
would, I would follow you.
I've never seen him so happy.
I've never seen you this happy.
This is who I fell in love with.
I watched the fighting on TV
from our living room, Will.
Babe, you don't have to.
And I was scared that you
were never going to come home,
and that I was going to be
a widow, that our son wasn't
going to have a father.
I panicked.
There was this woman who
moved down the street when you
were gone, her name was Arlene.
She was seven months pregnant.
I was putting William
in the car seat
when a gray army van pulled
up in front of her house.
Those men weren't
even out the vehicle
before she started screaming.
I just ran to her, and I
left William in the car,
I mean we didn't
even know each other,
but I held her in my
arms while they told her
that her husband had
been killed in action.
I just couldn't bear it.
I wasn't that strong.
And I was lonely.
And I'm still lonely.
And I am so damn happy
that you're alive.
Now, go be with your son.
I love you.
God damn, this guy stinks.
Jesus Christ.
Fuck, man.
Give me that.
Come on.
Get your bag.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
Get it, boy.
All right.
Just like that, bro.
You dance like a
fucking Weeble-Wobble.
Hey, now, you ain't gotta
understand how I do, yeah?
You definitely don't
understand how I do.
I got the patent
on that shit, man.
I'm gonna call it
the one-legged jam.
Hey, shit, what
are we drinking to?
What are we drinking?
No more, motherfucker.
What do you mean,
no motherfucker?
I mean no more of the
fuckin' war, motherfucker.
I'm drunk.
I forgot.
She's a marine.
Let me tuck you in.
I'm tucked, I'm tucked.
You tucked?
Yeah, you are
tucked the fucking--
and you're drinking.
Hold this shit.
Did you just pour a
fucking beer on my leg?
Hey, you got a name?
What do you go by?
McGill Charles Burroughs, baby.
Lance Corporal
Charles Burroughs.
Just Charlie, though.
Just Charlie.
Charlie Burroughs.
You know why Marines have holes
in their forehead, Charlie
Why is that?
Because they try teach
him how to eat with a fork
during basic training.
Look, I know that's an old
one, but it's a classic.
I couldn't fit my head
in a jar, so I went Army.
My daddy was Army, man.
Shit, he told me in the Marines
were the first to fight.
You know my daddy, man.
My daddy died overseas.
Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Transport his remains all the
way up Arlington National, man.
See, I ain't never been.
You know, I never even had a
chance to say goodbye, either.
My mama wouldn't take me.
She says she wanted me to
remember his smiling face,
not his burial place.
How old was he?
38 years young.
I enlisted right after
they put him on the ground.
Went to basic, out of
basic, straight to combat.
Made E3, then lost
my fucking leg.
Man, I shipped right back home.
I was a Marine for about a--
a minute.
Hey, you know they could
hook you up with a better
piece than this old can opener.
You know, it took
about a year just
to get into the system, brother.
And then after like two years,
I still hadn't gotten anything,
you know what I'm saying?
So I quit.
That's the temp leg
lag they gave me
when I first got stateside.
Look, man.
The military, man, they
gave my dad an education,
put food on the table.
So I ain't going to talk
shit about the military.
But the VA, the VA's a
fucking shit show, man.
No lie.
I'm gonna take a nap, brother.
Here for the party.
Come on in.
Get you a drink?
What's with the leg?
It's a bit of a story.
Who's that?
That's my new friend,
Charlie Burroughs.
What's he doing in my bed?
He's a little drunk.
Listen, he's a great kid.
He's homeless, I offered
to let him get cleaned up,
but that never happened,
because we got into the tequila.
And then he taught
me a couple dance
moves that I'd like to show you
later, and the rest is history.
I want him out of my bed.
Right now.
Out, out!
Come on.
I'm sorry, man.
It's cool, it's cool.
I get it.
Can you send someone up to
change the sheets in my room?
Thank you.
You know what?
I want you both out.
Both of you, out.
Let's move, come on.
I'm moving.
Now you move.
Don't talk to me like that.
You are in my hotel
room, may I remind you.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa!
I told you to
back the fuck up.
He's pointing a gun at me.
Keep your voice down.
Put the took gun down.
How do you want this to go?
How dare you.
Think I'm going to let some
bitch talk to me like that?
Come on, friend.
Come on.
I helped you back there,
why are you doing this?
Say that to me, man.
We're brothers.
Mary-Anne, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
Listen to me.
Wait, please.
We're both drunk.
This is going to seem really
fucking stupid in the morning.
I promise you.
We're the same, bro.
I served, I'm a fucking vet too,
I got the scars to prove it.
And this ain't how we act.
And I'm homeless.
I'm tired, man.
I'm tired.
Isn't that yours, that bag?
He's so drunk, he doesn't
even realize it ain't his.
Look, this is empty.
The barrels plugged,
it's for show.
I don't know if I
heard you right or not.
I'm going to ask you this
one time, one time only, OK?
I want the god damn
truth, you hear me?
I do.
Are you, or are you not?
Are you?
Are you Bryan Cranston?
Not that I'm aware of.
Get out.
Get out!
Mom, look.
I put the drawing in
here with the letter.
Your dad's at the same spot.
What time is it?
He's late.
15 minutes.
Go wait by the door, and
run out and greet him
when he gets here.
Get off!
I'm sorry.
You did this?
I don't know.
Give me that.
I'm a walking target
with this leg, man.
That gun, it's just
for protection.
Here rests in honor,
glory an American soldier
known but to God.
Tomb of the Unknowns.
You familiar with it?
My daddy's laying close by.
Tomb's guarded by soldiers
of the Army's 3rd infantry.
This badge belonged
to a friend of mine.
Best friend.
It was an honor.
After the astronaut
badge, this is
the second least awarded
qualification badge
of the United States Army.
He'd want you have it.
It goes here.
Wear it proudly.
It's hard-earned.
I missed you so
much, little man.
Don't go.
Please, Dad.
I'll be back.
You have my word, I promise.
I promise.
I love you.
I love you too, boy.
Go, go.
Let's go.
Where to?
It's a surprise.
Get on.
It's like a storm
that cuts a path it breaks
your will, it feels like that.
You think you're lost, but
you're not lost on your own,
you're not alone I
will stand by you,
I will help you through, when
you've done all you can do,
and you can't cope,
I will dry your eyes,
I will fight your fight,
I will hold you tight,
and I won't let you fall.
Don't be afraid to fall.
I'm right here to catch
you, I won't let you down.
He won't get you down,
you're going to make it,
yeah I know you can make it,
because I will stand by you,
I will help you through, when
you've done all you can do,
and you can't cope.
And I will dry your eyes,
I will fight your fights,
I will hold you tight,
and I won't let go.
It's beautiful, man.
Ain't it?
Tell me what's up?
I made a promise to a friend.
You know, brother, not all
military casualties of war
end up in hospitals and
national cemeteries.
Some make it back, others make
it back, never make it home.
I want to bring those vets home.
Trained to save lives, Charlie.
Suppose we need to
be doing just that.
He's here, man.
I can feel it.
First Sergeant
Samuel Gallegos,
the 3rd infantry division's
first armored brigade combat
I great friend, a great soldier.
American through and through.
And you.
Sergeant, First Class Will--
William Gardner.
You too are a friend
at the highest order.
A valiant soldier.
Your service, your bravery,
your strength of character
represents what
America stands for.
I salute you, and
it's a real honor
to be able to thank you
for protecting our country.
The land of the free,
the home of the brave.
And your service to
which I will never forget
And I thank you for yours.
Much time spent in harm's way.
Together, brother.
Together, brother.
Well, this is it, man.
I hate goodbyes.
They're the worst.
But you're on the road to
reclaiming what's yours, Will.
And that's a beautiful thing.
Don't go soft on me.
You helping those
returning soldiers.
It's good for the heart.
You know what else
would feed the heart?
Tell me.
You clocking
time with your son.
I intend on it.
Good, because I demand it.
That an order?
If it was, would you take it?
Well, this one, I might.
Be a first.
You need them?
Bite me.
Atta boy.
this kiss upon the brow,
and in parting from you
now, thus much let me avow.
That you are not
wrong who deign,
that my days have been a drain.
Yet if hope has flown away, in
a night or in a day, in a vision
or in none, is it
therefore the less gone?
All that we see, or seem is
but a dream within a dream.
Thank you, brother.
California license
plate, 16, Juliet, 0100.
California license
plate, 16, Juliet, 0100.
I stand amid
the roar of a surf tormented
shore, and I hold within my
hand grains of a golden sand.
Ma'am, could you
spare anything?
I'm trying to get to New
Mexico to see my son.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me, sir could you
spare a couple dollars?
I'm sorry, not today, pal.
How few, yet how
they creep through my fingers
to the deep while I weep.
While I weep.
You got a letter, bro.
God, can I not save one
from the pitiless wave.
Is all that we see or seem
but a dream within a dream?