Shaadi Se Pehle (2006) Movie Script

Hi, I'm Ashish.
Ashish Khanna.
Son of late R.L. Khanna.
And late Jyoti Khanna.
And of course,
younger brother to Devika Khanna.
Oh, sorry, now Devika Chauhan.
Hi, sis.
Friends, you must've read,
heard and even written
lots of romantic stories
In fact, you must also be
having your own love story
like everyone does.
Mine is also
a story exactly like that,
juicy, spicy and interesting.
The only difference is,
there was a sudden twist
in my love story
And that is, today, in public,
in my full senses
on the record,
I'm going to proclaim that
after having
dearly loved my girlfriend,
I'm going to
break off our engagement.
"Before the wedding..."
"Before the wedding..."
"Before the wedding..."
"Before the wedding..."
"Hey, everybody,
now that you're here,"
"why don't you lie back, relax,
take it easy in the chair cause"
"we're gonna tell you
a juicy little story."
"It's nothing like
you've ever seen before, yeah."
"Whatever happens,
it doesn't happen everyday."
"It's a crazy little story about
what happens before a wedding."
"Before the wedding..."
"Before the wedding..."
You must be wondering
why this climax in my love story
which has just begun.
I'll explain.
Five years back...
I, the hero of this love story,
and the heroine,
to say the least
a blossom, fragrance,
crazy, like the monsoon...
Our first meeting
was rather cold.
Mineral water, please.
- Sorry, out of stock.
Want some?
- You drank from it?
No. It's chilled.
- No, thanks.
I'm offering you
a cold-drink and
you're giving me a cold shoulder.
Good humour.
Put some sense into it,
and it'll become sense of humour.
I hope you got some cold-drink.
- Yes.
Is your father a terrorist?
- You are a bomb.
I'm Rani, hi.
- I'm Ashish.
- Khanna.
Oh, right.
Rani became my girlfriend.
But there was another character
in college. Rohit.
Loveable, admirable, a dog,
a scoundrel, my best friend.
I liked everything about Rohit,
except one thing.
He always liked
the girl I liked.
What can you do for me in love?
I can pluck the stars for you.
For you,
I'll go to the market.
Anything for you.
Hand in hand, I'll take you
across the seven seas.
I'll help you cross the roads
in the torrential Mumbai rains.
I'll take you
for a drive in imported cars
like Ferrari and Mercedes.
I'll show you around Mumbai
in trains, buses and autorickshaws.
I'll get you
America's green card.
I'll get you
a rationing card in Mumbai.
- Swear.
I'll love you dearly, all my life.
He will, he said!
But I already love you.
And I shall always love you.
Oh, Ashish.
Well done, Ashish.
Well done, very good.
Hey director...
I wanted Ashish's role.
Rohit wouldn't understand.
I was the hero,
so the girl was mine.
And she belonged to me.
My friends also congratulated me.
But right then,
all kinds of tensions gripped me.
Adam and Eve
were quite a happy couple.
Know why?
Because Adam had no father-in-law.
I had one.
And he was a real
mountain of troubles.
So you are Ashish?
You love Rani, eh? Do you even know
the meaning of love?
Mr. Mountain!
Daddy! Ours is no ordinary love
like Romeo and Juliet's.
They died like losers in the end.
We want to be happening
and successful lovers.
Know what? What you earn
is what we spend on dog biscuits.
Why don't you try
and eat normal biscuits, sir?
Shut up!
You want to marry her, eh?
What will you feed my daughter?
Do you have a bank balance,
a bungalow or a car?
Not even a mother.
But I got a sister, in America.
Earn millions,
buy a house, a car,
then come and talk of marriage.
- Ashish!
Glory to the Goddess.
What the hell!
Don't worry, I'm here.
If you want, I can send
a couple of millions with Rani.
No. I have messed with love,
so I will earn the money myself.
What the hell, man!
Bloody what the hell! Come on.
If Romeo and his likes had to work,
they'd have known that it is easy
to love, but hard to find jobs.
Don't ask me
where I went looking for a job.
I tried every possible thing.
I got a manager's job
at a reputed women's poppadum
factory. I shed my integrity,
and I used to get
5000 poppadums done daily.
I even worked
at the highest levels.
I love you, Rani!
I love you.
In my eagerness
to win Rani's heart, I grew tense.
Slowly, I started taking drugs.
Not opium or cocaine,
I mean medication.
For tummyache,
I took medicines for headache.
For headache,
I took medicines for tummyache,
eyes and nose pain.
I was my own doctor.
In medical terms,
I was psychologically sick,
an established hypochondriac.
Ladies and gentlemen,
here's a tablet
only for 50 bucks.
You can hardly buy anything
for 50 bucks.
But you can buy this medicine.
Try these
and get the body of a wrestler.
I want to look like a wrestler.
Give me two bottles.
I could sell anything to anyone.
A famous personality
from an ad agency saw my talent.
Amazing guy!
How smart he's at lying!
Employ him today itself.
And I landed a job at an ad agency.
I met the great poet Kanpuri.
I loved you,
your father thrashed me.
I loved you,
your father thrashed me.
For mental and physical strength,
drink Bournvita.
How's that?
Pulling a saree
is as hard as it comes...
Pulling a saree
is as hard as it comes,
and the greatest of all sarees
is Parag Saree.
Great! Well done!
Mind blowing. You are a genius.
From now on, you are
our new creative director. - Yes.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Making cheap
and silly advertisements,
I bought an expensive car
a spacious house,
and saved about 1.5-2 million.
Now I had all the rights
to tell Rani's father.
It's five years!
Not even a government holds ground
for five years.
But my love stood!
Let me marry Rani.
- What the hell!
Seeking Rani, eh?
I want to respect you.
- Are you a father? Or a snake?
He has done what you told him to.
Will you take his life now?
Agree now.
- Okay.
I agree to this marriage.
- As soon as we embraced,
we sang a duet,
like in Hindi movies.
"Why do I feel..."
"That you are an obsessed flirt?"
"If you meet me,
I'll show you, sweetheart,"
"how much love
my heart holds for you."
"If you meet me,
I'll show you, sweetheart,"
"how much love
my heart holds for you."
"I feel lonely in a gathering."
"I find you in my journeys,
in my goals."
"I'm bewitched by you."
"You are my shadow,
my reflection."
"My body and soul, for you.
My world, for you."
"If you meet me,
I'll show you, sweetheart,"
"how much love
my heart holds for you."
"Your picture lingers in my eyes."
"You merge with my breath."
"I have
given up everything for you."
"I breathe to fulfill your desires."
"I'm made for you."
"Everything I do,
I do it for you."
"If you meet me,
I'll show you, sweetheart,"
"how much love
my heart holds for you."
"If you meet me,
I'll show you, sweetheart,"
"how much love
my heart holds for you."
'When you see the hero and the
heroine singing romantic duets'
'and walking away in a long-shot,'
'imagine that the story is over.
'The End.'
'And here begins the
first chapter of life. Engagement.'
I'm so happy.
My best compliments to you.
Why don't you congratulate me too?
I'm also ecstatic.
Please dance like Govinda for us.
I can't dance.
We know you travel by local trains.
- I can't dance.
"I was walking on the street."
"I was eating 'Bhel puri'"
"I was walking on the street."
Now dance like Hritik Roshan.
- No way! I can't.
"Tell me you love me."
"Tell me you love me."
'Turmeric, henna, curd, sugar,
round and round...'
'This engagement thing
set my head reeling.'
'So, without Rani's knowledge,
I got all my medical checkups done.'
Hey bridegroom.
How are you feeling?
Feeling good.
Not feeling very well.
- What happened?
I have a cold
and my back still hurts.
Due to the engagement ring, eh?
The engagement exercise.
It was a complete circus.
- Okay.
Rani looked very pretty today.
And what about you?
- Handsome, as usual.
I miss you, sis.
- I miss you too, baby.
I couldn't attend your engagement,
but I'll certainly be there
for your wedding.
I'll see you later, okay.
This is Maria from Dr Rustom's clinic.
Yes Maria, tell me.
Your reports are here.
Is everything okay, Maria?
Yes, everything is all right.
What's wrong with your voice?
What does the report say, Maria?
I can't tell you anything.
Please come tomorrow.
Why did she hang up?
Maria, is the doctor inside?
Connect me to Dr Patel, please.
I sent you my patient's report,
did you check it?
Oh God!
Oh no!
I'll call you later.
A medical representative is here.
Ask him to jump off the Himalayas,
I'm quite tense right now.
- Nothing.
You are just stressed out.
These drugs
have nothing to do with you.
But what's wrong with me?
Please let me see the report.
What for?
Is it a medal
that you want to treasure?
Think positive, live life.
Doctor, I felt dizzy yesterday.
Of course
you will feel dizzy
if you keep doing
the rounds of my clinic.
Oh no, doctor. I was blinded
yesterday at my engagement party.
It happens with men.
They black out
on their engagement day.
And on their wedding day,
lights off.
Ever since,
my lights haven't switched on.
Last stage of cancer.
Do all the scans if you want.
You have nothing,
you're just paranoid.
Two things in life are incurable.
Paranoia and cancer.
Tell me something.
Do sparrows ever have tonsils?
Do monkeys suffer from depression?
Do snakes suffer from slip discs?
Know why?
Because they take life as it comes.
They don't fight with nature.
They don't take drugs like you
for every little thing.
Hypochondriac fool!
So there's no drug for me?
Go home, will you?
Take two swills in the night
and just sleep tight.
And go for a walk in the morning.
Think positive, live life.
Okay, doctor,
you know better, but
now that I'm here, at least give me
some medicines, for consolation.
Don't touch it, all right?
You mad fellow.
I'd rather have it for you!
No, please don't, I'll leave.
My glasses.
Dr Patel, I told him to
think positive and hid the truth.
He's so young. How can I tell him
that he has cancer?
He'll be out in a year?
Anyone would go cold on hearing that?
I had doubts when I checked him.
That's why I took your opinion,
because you are a cancer specialist.
If he calls up, please don't tell him.
He's a very sweet boy.
I'll break the news
in my own style.
Be brave, Maria.
No one can go against God's will.
I have a cold,
why is he getting emotional?
Did Dr Patel confirm it?
- Blood cancer.
Second stage.
You mean he has only a year?
Poor Robin.
What a bright young man!
A software engineer.
Who'll believe
he's going to die?
'I had doubts
when I checked him.'
'That's why I took your opinion,'
'because you are a cancer specialist.'
"I wonder if there's a tomorrow."
when the sun goes down..."
"Twilight eludes me."
'Flash news. Health Minister
Mr. C. K. Lalwani is no more.'
'Doctors say
that he was suffering from cancer.'
'Lalwani has left behind
two daughters and one son.'
'Tell me, why do you like me?'
I don't like you,
I'm just having fun.
How mean! I'm going!
- Okay.
I like you because,
whenever I'm with you
I feel like I'm the most
handsome man in the world.
You are.
You love me for what I am.
Yes. Because I have a contract
of seven lifetimes with you.
This could be
the seventh and the last.
Both of us will be free forever.
Never say that, Ashu.
See what a cruel joke
life has played on me.
I wanted to be Rani's husband.
Now I'm going to be
among the stars.
Had I known
my lifeline would break midway,
let alone Rani,
I'd never have shown
any girl dreams of love
and marriage.
I don't know
how I'm going to tell Rani
to forget me.
What did you say?
Drop you? But why?
I'm going to die, Rani.
I'm suffering from cancer.
- What?
You have cancer?
And you want me to leave you?
How could you
even think like that?
I'll never leave you, Ashish,
I love you.
Be practical, don't be insane.
You're being insane.
Would I leave you if you found out
about the cancer after our wedding?
I can't leave you, no way.
I love you.
'I love you.'
- Rani.
I hope you know now
why I want to break off
my engagement with my love.
Like the ruthless Censor Board,
cancer is going to
clip my love story.
I'm going.
- Enough.
Stop it, Ashish.
I can't take it anymore.
Don't leave me alone, Ashish.
Be brave, Kanpuri.
My friend
is suffering from cancer.
I don't know
how to describe it.
Don't suppress your words.
Whatever it is, speak it out.
The earth is weeping,
the sky is rent. - Kanpuri.
The earth is weeping,
the sky is rent.
And? - Nonsense!
What the hell is happening?
You will certainly
become a poet before I die.
No! We'll consult some good doctor.
I mean, a second opinion.
We won't lose hope.
Why must we accept defeat
before the outcome?
The world hasn't won,
you aren't dead yet.
Let's go abroad.
I'll go with you.
New York, Disneyland,
Las Vegas casino...
We'll go there if we find time.
We'll first go for your treatment.
It's all a waste of money.
I'll go away from my country
but I can't run away from death.
- You are right.
I'm out of my mind.
I feel like having a 'jaam'.
I'm dying, and you want
to have bread with jam, eh?
I mean, liquor.
All right, make a drink for me too.
- Sure.
Whiskey with...
Half water, half aqua.
It's okay. I can understand.
All of a sudden
I'm laden with responsibilities.
How could this happen?
What harm
have you done to anyone?
I feel like getting drunk
and screaming my lungs out
at the one above.
Why are you doing this to me?
He can't help it.
The guy upstairs is retired.
I'm talking about God.
Don't mention God.
I have no faith in him anymore.
How will I live after your death?
Who will buy me Chinese food?
Who will take me to the movies?
Who will lend me money?
What will become of me?
Don't weep, buddy.
- Why not?
Your wealth,
this grand apartment, this property
how will I manage them?
How did you imagine that it'll
all belong to you after my death?
I have a sister, I have Rani.
Oh my God!
What will she go through?
Have you told Rani about it?
I know,
she won't be able to bear it.
You're right.
She was inconsolable last year,
when she heard
about your dog's death.
I know she loves me
and she can't tell me how much,
and she won't get over me
after my death.
I fear, she might
destroy her life for my sake.
What did you say, idiot?
How could you even think that?
A girl like Rani
would destroy her life for a rogue,
a drunkard like you?
You're raving!
Why would she destroy her life
for a hungry wolf like you?
Do I look like that?
You aren't!
Become one.
Turn so evil that,
at the sight of you,
decent women
must shut their doors
and indecent women
must open theirs.
Put on jazzy clothes
that will put
even the designers to shame,
so that Rani
leaves you forever
and hates you.
Only then will she
be able to forget you.
I'll kill my love.
Let go of my neck!
- Great idea, Kanpuri.
Take this. In two swills,
you'll be over the top.
I can't do this.
It'll be too much.
It's just acting.
I wish you good luck.
Praise the God of liquor.
Win the girl over.
Turn around.
May your engagement break off.
Holy Mother!
You fell down, son?
You think a lowly man
can stand up on his feet?
Praise the Goddess. - Mom-in-law,
you look very beautiful.
Praise the Goddess.
- My mom-in-law was once a bride!
- Yes?
Praise the Goddess!
Praise the Goddess!
Holy Mother!
Nice fragrance.
Which perfume?
A fun-filled perfume.
- Glory to the Goddess.
Here, have some elixir.
- I just had it.
I can't have anymore, mom-in-law.
The Goddess be praised.
Are you drunk?
Yes, I'm drunk.
What will you do?
You'll break off the engagement, right?
Go on, do it.
No way, son.
Come on and have some food.
The food you cook? Darn,
you're such a bad cook.
- Glory to the Goddess.
And the oil... As if you have
an oil well underground.
Or, you might be having
an affair with some Arab. -
Glory to the Goddess.
What the hell!
Haven't I told you not to disturb
me before I guzzle four pegs?
Then what are you screaming for?
Goddess, help.
Hey! You look quite colourful.
- You too?
I have four drinks.
This is my third.
What's in that flask?
You didn't tell me you drink.
I'd respect you more.
Let's go and have some more.
Goddess, help!
- Glory to the Goddess.
To us, liquor has been
handed down since generations.
Here you are. French Wine,
Russian Vodka, British beer,
country liquor, we have everything.
You name it, and we have it.
We have grown up on gripe water
and wine.
You have no idea, your alliance
is with a great family.
Drink to your fill.
Why have you brought me
to a cemetery? - Buddy,
you will organize your own funeral.
- What?
Yes. And you'll be
the first man on earth to do that.
Hello, sir.
- Hello.
He's Mr Dalal.
No, sir. D Lal.
- Okay.
Last rites, funeral, rituals,
we offer everything.
Here's my card.
We're the best in the business.
I'm poet Kanpuri.
- Okay.
We had spoken over the phone.
- Okay.
In memory of a dying man
we need a small monument.
- Why small?
If you are building it,
make it big.
One doesn't come here daily.
What would it cost?
20,000 per square feet.
If you want 50 square feet,
it'll cost about a million.
One million?
- Yes.
I need a memorial, not a house.
Look at its close proximity to the
railway station and the main road.
It could give way for a multiplex
or a shopping complex
in the near future.
You have no idea,
the rates would skyrocket then.
It's the best investment.
The dead man will be
really fortunate. - You are right.
But I must consider my budget too.
- Right.
Build one of 25 square feet.
No, sir. The dead man
won't enjoy square feet.
It'll be suffocating.
- Yes.
I need my space.
You need it for yourself?
- Who else? Not for him.
I still have time.
- And yes.
I'll design my own memorial.
- Okay.
I don't want tensions after death.
Leakages and renovations.
As you wish, sir.
I'll give you the words
that are to be engraved.
As you wish, sir.
So the memorial is organised.
Tell me something.
Is this wood fine for the pyre?
- Of course. What would you like?
Ordinary wood? Or sandalwood?
- Sandalwood, of course.
One earns to spend.
What's the rate of sandalwood?
- 500 rupees per kilo.
500 rupees per kilo?
Will you kill me? - You come here
only after death, sir.
After the Veerapan died,
it's been hard
to find genuine sandalwood.
But I hope you have genuine stuff?
- Yes, sir.
We haven't received any complaint
from the dead.
And butter?
- Clarified butter.
We use it to make sweets at home.
Want to taste some? - It's okay.
Die without fear, sir.
We'll make your final journey
absolutely peaceful.
Truth is God.
How much wood will be used?
Depends on your weight, sir.
What's your weight?
I haven't measured it.
No problem, we have a scale.
Sit on it.
Go on,
we'll measure it right away.
Hey boy, put the wood.
Come on.
I'm dead!
- Not yet! We're organizing it.
Uncle is here.
Put me down.
- Uncle!
Get down...
What the hell!
What are you doing on the scale?
Uncle... Weight...
- I was focusing on my vision.
We're creative guys.
Like the dead,
even the ad folks come here.
I'm doing an advertisement
on life insurance next week.
I just came to
check out the location. - Okay.
Rani's distant uncle has died.
There'll be a ritual
tomorrow evening. Come over.
- Idiot.
The soul and the body
are the two aspects of life.
If the soul is beautiful,
the body too is beautiful.
And for a beautiful soul,
you need a beautiful heart.
The heart has to be beautiful.
The body is destructible.
Here today, gone tomorrow.
No matter how the soul is,
there's nothing like the body.
Some are really naughty.
The closer the body gets,
the higher the soul rises...
Which the body dislikes.
it kicks the soul and says...
'The body is indeed beautiful,
but control your heart.'
Holy Mother.
My deepest condolences.
Thank you.
What was his age?
I'm glad to hear that.
- What do you mean?
At least he hit a century.
- So sweet.
What was he suffering from?
- Cancer.
Who's that girl?
You don't know?
She's Rosy, my new secretary.
Great body.
Can't she be my secretary?
I'm a creative director, after all.
I'm at the top right now.
You have no idea what facilities
a man enjoys at the top level.
- What the hell!
Touch uncle's feet, Rosy.
Bless you.
Put some clothes on.
I've seen her somewhere.
She used to work in a dance bar.
You've visited a dance bar!
- Dad, please.
Your secretary is a bar girl!
So what?
Isn't she a human being?
Rosy, I've had enough.
I'll drop you home.
A bar girl?
She works for a bar?
Your secretary?
I am proud of you.
You have honoured womankind
by employing a bar girl.
Son, the government
snatched their livelihood,
but you gave her a job.
Bless you.
You've set a contemporary example
of compassion and courage, son.
'Oh my God!
It didn't work.'
'I'm trying
to become an ideal villain'
'but Rani's family is all out
to make an ideal hero out of me.'
Hi, Rani
- Hi, Rohit.
What's wrong?
You look upset.
You know...
Ashish has been behaving
quite funny of late.
Well, he was always funny.
I was around, yet you chose him.
How unromantic!
I know you are an ardent fan
of romantic movies, Rohit Chopra.
That doesn't mean
you must draw a love-triangle.
Know what? Ashish came drunk
for the first time, to my place.
To your place? Well,
I've seen him drunk many times.
Once, he was so drunk at Juhu beach
that he was found in Goa
the next day.
What? He was drunk?
And you want to marry him?
I'm so upset.
He even brought home a bar girl.
He brought home a bar girl?
How 'choosical'!
I mean, how musical!
Shut up.
Just imagine.
What if something goes wrong?
To avoid it, walk back.
- What?
Let's shadow him
and see what he's up to.
But where?
I know where to find him.
Great, he's having
rum and Coke with a straw.
I've seen many people
drink in a bar.
But I've never seen one
with a straw.
One in a million. Cheers!
You are a small baby.
Hi. I'm Sania.
I'm Ashish.
- I'm Kanpuri.
Hot. Very hot.
Forget me not.
Do you know who she is?
International model Sania.
She shone on the cover page
of Times magazine.
Your luck is about to shine too.
Shook you up, didn't she?
She did.
"Oh, baby..."
"Come closer now."
"Yes, my darling."
"Oh, baby..."
"Shook my heart up..."
"She shook my heart up."
"Shook my heart up..."
"She shook my heart up."
"Shook my heart up..."
"She shook my heart up."
"She seduced me with her eyes."
"She seduced me with her eyes."
"Shook my heart up..."
"She spurred me on with love.
She abandoned the entire world."
"She speaks to me without a word.
She evokes the desire in me."
"Shook me up..."
"She shook my heart up."
"She seduced me with her eyes."
"She seduced me with her eyes."
"I'm obsessed with love.
I've forsaken the world."
"I'm obsessed with love.
I've forsaken the world."
"Shook me up..."
"She shook my heart up.
She seduced me with her eyes."
"She seduced me with her eyes."
"Oh, baby..."
"Come closer now."
"Kiss me, darling."
"She seduced me with her eyes."
"She seduced me with her eyes."
"Let me feel the ecstasy
for a few moments."
"Come, let me kiss your lips."
"Some ecstasy,
some intoxication..."
"Have some fun."
"She smiled at me with her eyes."
"I'm mesmerized,
I'm out of control."
"She wounded me."
"She seduced me with her eyes."
"These few days of life"
"are hard to pass
without a beloved."
"I'm ruined."
"I'm dead."
"My obsession did me in."
"He gestured to me slyly,
silently called me over."
"He killed me with his charm,
I gave up everything for him."
"She drove me crazy."
"She seduced me with her eyes."
"She seduced me with her eyes."
"I'm obsessed with love.
I've forsaken the world."
"She speaks to me without a word.
She evokes the desire in me."
"She shook my heart up..."
"She seduced me with her eyes."
"She seduced me with her eyes."
"She seduced me with her eyes."
"She seduced me with her eyes."
What happened?
Who's that girl?
- Sania,
my ex-girlfriend.
We had an affair for three years.
- You're behaving really cheap.
You can leave me.
I never said I'm honest.
I'm like any other guy.
Let's leave from here.
Yeah, let's leave.
What am I up to?
I've stooped so low.
I've been hurting Rani,
but she keeps on forgiving me.
I'm so upset with myself.
- I'll break everything!
Control, bro.
What control?
What do I do?
What is it?
Who are you?
What are you staring at?
Let them go.
They are not our game.
Who the hell are you?
- Anna.
Alert round the clock.
- Yes. So?
It's my car, but it's your life.
Shall I shoot you?
Shall I?
Glory to India,
glory to Maharashtra.
1, 2, 3, 4.
for one mistake of mine,
you killed so many people?
Don't dance
in a stranger's wedding,
don't lose your life in a shootout.
Alert round the clock. Go.
Alert Anna!
Strange man. He said his couplet,
but he didn't listen to mine.
Listen to my couplet, gunman.
Hear this.
I only started,
and he dropped dead.
Are you dancing here?
Ashish is romancing out there.
And what a girl she was!
Great figure.
I mean, great courage!
No wonder he was glued to her.
I know that,
while dancing one's hands go awry.
But if things go awry,
the matter could get out of hand.
Not every man is decent like me.
Girls are dying for me.
They are tugging at me
in the bedroom,
but I'm as steady
as the Himalayas.
But Ashish
doesn't seem to be steady,
he's so unsteady.
I'm so upset.
I don't like to interfere but...
I just can't stand
these one-night stands.
Do you understand?
Where are you going?
Rohit. You have opened my eyes.
Now watch what I do.
Go, Rani, go.
Excuse me, sir.
Sir, we have no new ideas
for Rupa Underwear.
Then sell them old stuff.
'Children, youth, oldies
wear Rupa Underwear.'
If everyone wears Rupa's underwear,
what will she wear?
Banana leaves? Think up
something new, or get lost.
Hi, Rani.
- Hi.
Good morning, Rani.
- Good morning.
Come, I'll show you...
Ashish, I need to talk to you,
it's urgent.
Excuse me for five minutes.
Know what?
I couldn't sleep all night,
thinking about the two of us.
Don't you think you're changing,
Yes, I've changed.
You think only you are changing?
The entire world is changing.
Gone are the days
when women used to drown in tears.
If you think I'm weak like them,
it's your misconception.
Cool it, Rani.
Wipe your sweat.
Whether you like it or not, you are
not my fianc anymore. Enough.
You mean the relationship
between us is over?
Yes. It's over.
You are not my boyfriend anymore,
because you are going to be
my husband.
- Yes, Ashish.
You were so honest about your past.
Men usually
keep their wives in the dark.
Thank God, you are not like them.
Honesty is the base of a marriage.
You are such a nice chap!
You are cent percent husband stuff.
I love you.
Our body contains 70% water.
The water keeps our body
moist and fresh.
So how wet do you want to get?
'Velvet', wet body lotion.
You write good ad films.
- Thank you.
But you are a very bad dancer.
But, I like the way you .
You got a raw .
In fact I'm far too ripe.
- What?
I mean we've met twice in a week.
It's a small world, really.
- Life is short.
And if you want to spend
a really long night,
here's my card.
The darker the night,
the better the meeting.
Bye, sweetheart.
She asked me to call her up.
I thought, 'What do I mean to her?'
She even gave me her card.
- Not an ordinary card,
it's a Master Card.
- What?
If Rani is fast,
this one is superfast.
Cling on to her, forget Rani,
and you will go places.
Hi, Sania.
- Hi.
Because you're here for the
first time, I'm in a formal attire
else I would've
worn something comfortable.
Can you swim?
- No.
Never mind.
I'll teach you.
Great. Carefree thoughts,
like your tresses.
Do you believe in love?
No, in lust.
That's not good.
When I'm good, I'm good.
When I'm bad, I'm better.
It shows.
May I sit?
- Please.
What's your sun sign?
Let's drop the subject.
What's your idea about marriage?
Love, cortship, dating,
and the likes is all right.
I don't like to be bound
in a relationship.
Besides, marriage
is the cancer of the society.
Can't you converse
without the word 'cancer'?
Do we need to talk?
The world of love will crumble
when this MMS
reaches every household.
Where are you?
'Hey, chocolate boy.
Haven't you heard my message yet?'
'Call me back. I'm waiting.'
'Hey, Ashish,
where are you handsome?'
'I've bought a new string bikini.
Do you want to check it out?'
'Call me, I miss you.'
Hi, Sania.
You smell so good. I love you.
- Ashish.
How come?
You should've called first.
What's wrong with you, Ashish?
Why are you behaving like this?
What do you want?
- Space. I need my space.
If you leave me alone
for some time,
you'll be doing me
a great favour.
You need space?
For how long?
A couple of months,
maybe ten years, I don't know.
Why are you questioning me?
Is this some quiz show?
Excuse me, it's my phone.
Hello. Hi, Sania.
How are you, honey?
Where have you been?
What? Oh come on! Do you need
my permission to come over?
After all this is your house too.
Don't be formal with me.
Okay, bye Sania.
What the hell, dear?
Is it your final decision,
my child?
Yes, uncle.
"Loneliness stings!
I'm miserable."
"Loneliness stings!
I'm miserable."
"Your love is electric."
"Your love is electric."
Hey, Sania, where are you?
Everybody is waiting for you.
Your video album is a big hit.
What happened?
Who stopped the music?
What's going on, Rani?
Why are you spoiling the party?
Sorry, friends. Sorry.
You heard him?
I spoilt his fun for a while,
and he's badly hurt.
But he has ruined a girl's life,
and he doesn't care at all.
Rani, let me tell you, there's nothing...
- Wait a minute, Ashish!
Before you even imagine
that you are breaking off
let me tell you,
I'm not giving you that right.
That's solely my right.
If I can love you
for five years,
I can also bid you goodbye forever
in five days.
I say this in public!
You are out of my heart
and out of my life.
Yes, I'm breaking up with you.
Because I hate you.
Here goes your stupid engagement.
I missed you.
I miss you, Rani.
I brought a fake flower for you.
Know why?
Because it won't wither away
like a real one does.
I'll die,
but my love shall never die.
I mean it.
- Hello, sis? Ashish here.
How are you?
- How are you?
Alive, sis.
Tell you something.
- What?
Love never fades.
Just that our hopes rise.
What are you saying?
- Sis,
it must be 2 pm in America,
but it's midnight here.
Your clock is right, so is mine.
Everything is right,
yet we perceive differently.
Is this what you called me for?
Are you all right?
I love you, sis.
- I love you too.
The celebration of life
will never fade away,
of course, I won't be there.
Almost, I won't be there.
At the most, I won't be there.
Where have you been?
I had gone to book an auditorium
for the prayers after your death.
- What?
After your death, I'm going
to pay you a memorable homage.
You will be ecstatic
to hear about it.
How will I hear about it
after I die?
I knew you'd ask
such an illogical question.
That's why I've prepared a draft
for you to hear in advance.
Hello, mike testing.
Can you hear at the back?
Friends, Ashish Khanna
was a great personality.
How about that?
The society
will remember him for centuries.
- Centuries is too much.
Hang on.
Shall I say century?
- All right.
Ashish Khanna
had been to jail several times.
What rubbish!
Have I been to jail?
What I mean is, 'had' been to jail
during the freedom struggle.
I wasn't even born then.
Those who were alive then,
did you see them? No!
They're not
coming down to check.
Hold this.
For the last seven years,
I've been travelling ticketless in trains,
in the name of
the revolutionary Tatya tope.
Some ticket checkers
even touch my feet.
Nobody seems to care.
Just let the homage be paid.
I have also written
a couplet for you.
the soul has flown away
leaving behind an old body.
The soul has flown away
leaving behind an old body.
O sis, your brother-in-law is a flirt,
he goes on flitting about.
Rani, I never even imagined
Ashish would do this to you.
I'm a star, yet I'm not vain.
How could he do a volte face?
I can understand
that it's quite common in the life
of a celebrity like me.
You let one go for another,
then replace her with another.
Affairs, link-ups, break-ups keep
happening with Page 3 guys like me,
but not in the lives
of people like you. I'm so upset.
Please Rohit! You think
I can't live without Ashish?
No, Mr Rohit. We girls
are emotional, but not weak.
I will stay away
from all the things and persons
who remind me of Ashish.
All right. Relax, smile.
I'm with you.
I'll call Ashish.
Right now he's my friend.
Just watch how I make him
apologise to you. I'll do it.
Rohit, please.
Oh, no.
- It's me.
- It's me.
Ashish, has your voice changed?
Get your ears fixed.
I'm Kanpuri here.
I see. Then eat this!
Give the phone to Ashish.
Tell him
Rohit wants to speak to him.
Watch your tongue, okay?
If you want to meet Ashish,
go to Malaysia.
He's there with Sania.
'Sis was right. No one can fight
against time and destiny.'
'Let things take their own course.'
'My boss sent me to Malaysia
on an international assignment
with the same model.'
'In fact
I wanted to go far away from Rani.'
'I also wanted Rani to forget me
and marry someone else. That's it.'
'Sania lived in Malaysia,
and that was news to me.'
Why did you stop?
- I'm thirsty.
Thirsty? But we won't find
any cold-drink here.
Why are you always cold?
I wanted to tell you something.
I can't last long with you.
Give it a try.
You could discover
your hidden strength.
Are you shy?
- Yes.
I have never kissed anyone.
But I have.
Kissing is harmless.
I can teach
the whole of India to kiss.
I don't want to play with a simple
and innocent girl like you.
I'm not giving you my heart.
Why don't you understand?
Maybe, I'm not able
to reason with you.
I'll disintegrate someday,
and you can't help it.
That's why,
please stay away from me.
You can play a piano too?
Just casually...
- Please teach me.
I need to
tell you something, Sania.
I have hidden something from you.
Me too. I had several affairs
before meeting you.
It's not that...
- Then what?
You're not a virgin?
It's okay, I don't care.
Do you think of anything
other than affairs, dating and sex?
I do.
- What?
That this world will be
a weird place without all that.
Sania, please.
- Relax. Just kidding.
You look so cute
when you're angry.
I've fallen for this cuteness.
I love you, Ashish.
- Sania.
I can't stay with you for long.
That's why
I need to talk to you.
Look, I'm not the type
who'd betray someone.
I know,
you are a very serious type.
That's why
I've spoken to brother already.
- Brother!
He had said
that when I loved someone truly,
when I found Mr Right
he'd like to meet him.
I don't want to meet him.
Don't worry.
He's so sweet, you can't imagine.
But I don't want to meet him.
Do you understand?
Okay. Okay!
Don't meet my brother.
I was wrong, I made a mistake.
I always found men of the
wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am type,
who broke my heart.
For the first time
I thought you were different.
That's why
I fell in love with you.
Now, how do I face my brother?
I don't want to live!
I want to kill myself!
- What are you doing?
I want to kill myself!
- Don't be crazy!
Let go of me!
- Sania, please!
I love you, Ashish.
I love you.
Don't ever leave me.
Hey, Sania.
The blossoms,
the stars they all say that
my sister is one in a million.
I missed you.
What's up?
You've lost weight.
- What?
Who's that?
- My boyfriend?
Full and final?
- Almost.
Hey brother-in-law to-be!
Won't you check me out?
Sissy, you?
Remember me?
Me Anna. Alert round the clock.
- Wait there.
Sania told me,
she wants to marry you.
Why are you scared?
Relax. You are family.
Come, I'll show you my business.
The underworld's corporate world.
Kukreja, send 3 million over.
Else, I'll strip your daughter.
My special men...
Recovery department.
I trained them.
They are on the phone
round the clock,
threatening rich men
in different tongues.
I want to pee. May I?
Sure, don't hold it.
Go, the door on the left.
What's wrong?
Corpse! Murder.
- Not murder, he was frozen.
Business didn't work out with him.
So I had him frozen.
I hate betrayal, cheating...
Listen to me.
Master, Godfather...
- Go on.
The truth is,
Sania and I are very good friends.
As for love...
Now speak.
I love her dearly.
You aren't speaking
under pressure, are you?
What are you saying?
One is never under pressure,
in true love.
I have brought my sister up
with great affection.
I'll do anything for her.
Swear that
you'll never cheat her.
Swear, I say!
Brother! What are you doing?
Leave him alone.
He loves me.
- Don't you like him too?
I want exactly his type for you.
A novice, handsome, civilised.
If it's okay with you,
can the two of us talk?
In private?
Go on.
I'm very open-minded.
Go on.
Why didn't you tell me
that your brother was a don?
A brother is a don, in any case.
- A don.
A notorious one at that.
- Actually, it's my upbringing.
Make no show of power and money.
Don't worry,
he is very good at heart.
Just that our government
fails to understand him.
Have the lovebirds
finished talking? - Yes.
So, is this relationship sealed?
He's shy.
Holy Mother!
My sister is in love.
So today our company enjoys a holiday.
No contract killings,
no kidnappings, no hassles.
Just enjoy.
"God help!"
"Hey guy,"
"come to me."
"Hey guy, come to me."
"Hey guy, come to me."
"Take my heart away."
"Hey guy, come to me."
"Take my heart away."
"Meet my gaze."
"Let's carry on
from where we left."
"Meet my gaze."
"Let's carry on
from where we left."
"What are you thinking of?"
"Hey guy, come to me."
"Take my heart away."
"Hey guy, come to me."
"Take my heart away."
"God help!"
"You are in my thoughts."
"You are in my eyes."
"You are in my euphoric embrace."
"God help!"
"It is you
I desire every moment."
"These distances
are compelling now."
"Bridge the distances,
steal the tenderness of my lips."
"What are you thinking of?"
"Hey guy, come to me."
"Take my heart away."
"Hey guy, come to me."
"Take my heart away."
"Hey guy, come to me."
"Hey guy, come to me."
"Hey guy, come to me."
"Take my heart away."
"Hey guy, come to me."
"Take my heart away."
"God help!"
Where are you taking me
Boss said,
now that you are family,
the first thing we got to do
is put the family business
into your head.
- As in?
It implies that you are
undergoing training from now on.
Boss said we are to first teach you
how to split a melon.
Amazing. How did he find out
that I can't cut a melon?
Boss and God know everything.
Life is not simple, bro-in-law.
So don't ask
too many questions. Hold this.
Good God!
Do you cut a melon with a gun?
We're teaching you to shoot.
- What?
Relax, bro-in-law.
It's quite awful to begin with, but
it's a menace to the public later.
What are you doing?
- You are a son-in-law
to the underworld in Malaysia.
Hold this, c'mon.
Nice grip.
Isn't it sexy?
How do you feel now?
I feel as if
I'm taking an offering.
What do you mean how I feel?
I am cracking!
- Watch your tongue.
I mean, a nervous breakdown.
All right.
Let's begin lesson one.
This is a horse.
I don't want to
learn about animals.
Please leave me alone.
Relax, don't be afraid.
You will learn.
Like Gandhi said...
No job is inferior.
- Yes.
Shame on you, rogues!
Are you teaching me
to shoot in the name of Gandhi?
Boss said
no food till you learn to shoot.
To hell with food!
I won't eat.
Not you, we won't get food.
Come on.
Please cooperate
and press the trigger.
Before learning something new
I always pray.
Great going, man.
Quite sensitive.
We need blessings
in our business too.
You guys also have to
shut your eyes and pray with me.
Shall we?
- Sure.
- God,
grant me enough strength...
- Grant me enough strength...
To finish off my enemies
at one go.
To finish off my enemies
at one go.
- God.
Make me a great marksman...
- Make me a great marksman...
Like Arjun...
- Like Arjun...
and Yudishtir.
- And Yudishtir.
Alert round the clock.
That was one quick lesson learnt.
I will learn it, Anna.
It takes some time.
This is a new domain for me.
New domain, of course.
The first murder
is always memorable.
Do you know
when I committed my first murder?
When Sania was seven.
Sania is a killer?
No, I'm talking about myself.
I began killing
when Sania was seven.
Know what?
- No.
Sania was having a lollipop.
And suddenly our neighbour Pappu
snatched it away from her.
Sania cried.
I couldn't take it.
I went and bought lollipops,
shoved them all into Pappu's mouth
and killed him.
Murder for a lollipop?
Very uncommon.
Boss, he's trying to overtake us.
Here too.
What's your problem, bro?
Luca good, Luca bad!
Luca, not ugly.
Luca never forgets the past.
Strange. He's standing on the car.
Why doesn't he sit?
We'll make him sit.
Look! They are coming
from the wrong side.
Is a shoot going on?
- Not yet.
Shooting is about to begin.
Luca is mad!
What's going on?
Do you have traffic sense or not?
And what are you up to?
- Bro-in-law.
I'll handle it.
You are the ones who spoil
India's name. - Back off!
Back off, buddy.
This is none of your business.
Who the hell are they?
- Relax. They are enemies.
Last time
I knocked off his son-in-law.
Now he's here
to take it out on you.
I see. What?
- Luca angry!
Hey smarty, where are you going?
Well, it's between the two of them.
I'm only a guest.
From Mumbai, India. Peace?
Okay. Bye.
Ciao. God keep you.
Luca kill.
Anna, Luca kills.
Luca will seek his revenge.
Luca seeks revenge.
Let's go.
Luca good!
Luca bad!
Luca, not ugly.
Luca never forgets the past.
Luca will seek revenge
for his brother-in-law's death.
I almost got killed,
but thanks to your hero...
Thank you.
- I'm supposed to thank you.
Anna gave filth to the world, and
you gave him a new lease of life.
You've picked up a daredevil, sis.
He doesn't even fear death.
I told you,
my brother is very sweet.
Well, bro-in-law?
I must tell you...
- Nothing. Just listen.
Why don't you settle down
here in Malaysia?
What will I do in Malaysia?
- What do you do in Mumbai?
He makes ad films, brother.
- What does that mean?
For Coca Cola,
cold-drinks, motorbikes, cosmetics,
he's very creative.
You mean the speed breakers
during a cricket match?
He does them?
- Exactly.
You mess our brains.
Sourav Ganguly drops a catch
and it starts, 'Eat a chocolate'.
Sachin Tendulkar goes for a duck
and it starts, 'Have a cold-drink'.
Why? Is your father marrying?
I feel like breaking the TV!
- Relax, brother.
You promised
not to bother him anymore. - Sorry.
Why don't you quit selling oil and
soaps and get into our business?
You'll be my...
What do they call it?
Rightful heir!
- Right. Heir.
From now on, you are
the heir to my business. Okay?
I need to tell you something.
- No, nothing. Just be happy.
Your luck is shining.
I'm off.
- Enjoy.
Welcome to the family. C'mon.
Ashish darling,
why are you so gloomy?
These dons are very good at heart.
Hi, Sania.
- Hi.
Sorry, darling.
Special bulletin.
According to news just received,
a handsome model saved a girl's
life during a shoot in Mumbai.
Kab Tak's team
shot this entire episode live.
What are you doing on a horse?
According to sources,
the brakes
of Rani Bhalla's car failed,
she lost control and...
- Horse-rider, help!
Near the shoot...
Horse-rider, hurry up!
Help me, please!
The brakes are jammed!
Do something.
It's a ravine!
- Rani, I saved you.
I won't let you be harmed.
Tell us about the situation there.
- Situation of the horse?
No. The girl's.
The girl is fine,
but the horse is quite nervous.
It's very interesting
that we covered it all.
They appear to be old friends.
Perhaps they'll renew their ties.
How romantic!
You know what?
That girl will never leave the boy.
Girls love macho guys.
- Are you mad?
What has he got?
He'll ruin her life.
How do you know?
- I've known him since grade six.
I mean, it's my sixth sense.
This I can't take!
it's a joyous occasion.
Stop trembling
like a fish out of water.
I'm missing Rani.
- Rani, who?
I mean, I'm nostalgic.
They were showing Khandala,
which reminds me of Mumbai.
I want to go back to Mumbai.
Let me go, please.
I miss my Mumbai.
You brought it up, man!
I'm missing Mumbai too.
Mumbai is fantastic.
Our Mumbai.
'vada-pav' with 'chutney',
Mahim's 'phirni',
jostling crowds in the trains,
the eunuchs at signals,
traffic, trash, autorickshaws,
taxis, the fisherwomen's fights,
the junk food,
places like
Wadala, Chakala, Bandra,
girls like Sakubai and Sandra,
aunty's liquor joint,
and the potholes on the main roads
whatever it is...
Oh, God! - Our Mumbai
is our Mumbai, after all.
I miss it.
- Brother...
If not
for the few slip-up killings,
I'd have been in Mumbai right now.
I'd have been living it up.
But I haven't killed anyone.
I hope you understand my feelings.
Please let me go.
My sis is coming from America.
Your sister is my sister,
my sister is your sister.
Sorry, mistake.
If you want to go, leave.
Go on.
But get this.
You must come back.
I'll even take on the government,
come to Mumbai and knock you off.
You know me, don't you?
I'm Anna.
Alert round the clock.
Excuse me, sir.
- I have nothing to declare.
Sir, you're boss's heir,
it's declared.
You don't need to
declare anything. Allow me.
Good morning, madam.
Darling, this car
is a gift to you from my brother.
Proof of his love.
Sure, but I hope it is bulletproof.
- Of course, darling.
Ashish, welcome to Mumbai.
Come here.
Rani is in hospital.
What? Which one?
Which one?
There's only one Rani.
I mean the hospital.
Bombay Hospital,
third floor, fourth room.
Who is in Bombay Hospital?
- His sister-in-law.
I'm sorry.
And your brother?
He's suffering from cancer.
I'm so sorry.
- Sorry to you too.
I heard on TV that,
the cops consider your brother
to be the cancer of the society.
My brother too
is suffering from cancer.
We are birds of the same flock.
Please don't weep. Be brave.
Don't cry, Kanpuri.
Go home, Sania.
I'll go to the hospital. - Okay.
Take care.
- One moment.
Come, let's hug and cry.
Be brave, everything will be fine.
Wait, this is fun.
Rani, I made this soup.
Have it.
I don't want it.
I'm telling you. I am.
You are so caring.
Only caring? Not loving?
Okay, loving also.
- I know.
Rani! How could this happen?
I hope you are all right.
I'm perfectly all right, Ashish.
Stop worrying about me.
I have learnt
to come to terms with myself.
this wound is insignificant
compared to the wound
you left me with.
Please don't...
- Enough, Ashish.
Don't fake sympathy,
you will aggravate my pain.
Leave me alone.
Thank God, Rohit was with me.
there's a twist in the story.
Rani is with me now.
I saved her life.
You could consider it
my karma or destiny.
In fact, I tell you,
go back to Malaysia.
Please don't disturb us.
Rani and I have decided...
I'm taking her to a hill station,
tomorrow for relaxation.
Don't worry, she is in safe hands.
Take care, have a good trip
and please don't come back.
"It won't break off...
This tie."
"It won't leave me...
The colour of love."
"It won't leave me...
The colour of love."
"It ignites, burns my heart,"
"every moment the season..."
"It won't break off...
This tie."
"It won't leave me...
The colour of love."
"When I reminisce the moments
gone by a strange pain grips me."
"You are in my thoughts,
in my dreams."
"In loneliness,
I have found only you beside me."
"It ignites, burns my heart,"
"every moment the season..."
"It won't break off...
This tie."
"It won't leave me...
The colour of love."
"It won't leave me...
The colour of love."
No, Rohit.
I have got over Ashish.
He is my past, you are my future.
He was a paper boat,
you are the Titanic.
He was a disease,
you are a tonic.
Now I'll do everything
I used to do with Ashish everyday.
I won't let this wedding
take place! Never.
Whose wedding?
Rohit and my...
This is not correct.
Are you marrying some Rohit?
I had doubts,
when you used to stay away from me.
Just a second.
Are you gay? Are you?
Are you out of your mind?
Rohit is marrying my friend.
The poor girl's life
will be ruined.
Forget it. What have you thought
about marriage?
Whose marriage?
Our marriage.
What? But you never
believed in marriage.
But my brother does.
So let him marry,
I don't mind at all.
But he wants us to get married
first, at the soonest.
Look Sania, enough of this game.
Now get this clear.
I can't marry you.
You can't? Why not?
Don't you love me?
- No! I don't love you.
In fact, I can't love any girl.
I loved you because I wanted
my girlfriend to hate me.
In fact,
I just pretended to love you.
You get it?
I can't explain more.
Are you in your senses, Ashish?
Do you know what my brother
will do to you if he finds out?
What will he do?
He will kill me, right?
I'm dying anyway.
I'm suffering from cancer.
Yes, Sania. Last stage.
I'll drop dead anytime.
I don't believe you.
You are lying.
Believe me.
I tried telling you,
but you wouldn't listen.
I don't believe it.
You are cheating me.
You want to leave me, right?
I'll go away from you.
I'll go away from you.
Sania, please!
- I'll go far away.
- Far away!
I don't want to live!
I want to kill myself!
Boss, I have extracted
all the sedatives.
May I leave now?
Sania is out of danger now.
Sania is out of danger
and you are in danger.
Boss, please!
I really have cancer.
Don't kid me, bro-in-law.
You can ask Dr Rustom if you want.
Antenna, pick up Dr Rustom
in his own ambulance.
- Yes, boss!
You guys have made a huge mistake
by kidnapping me.
You think your guns
will give me the jitters, eh?
You haven't seen blood
like I have seen in my life.
What are you staring at?
Blood oozes out during surgery.
Take the blindfold off, hurry up!
My God!
So many men in black.
Don't you find other colours?
That's a good colour.
Okay, I want to make
one thing very clear.
I always charge double
from gangsters.
- Yes.
Last time, I went to Dubai's don.
I administered him a shot
and left him like that.
I took the syringe out
only after he paid me.
Is that okay with you?
Hey doctor, do you know that boy?
Don't touch me, I'll hit you!
Don't touch me!
Who are you?
I am Anna.
- Anna...
Alert round the clock.
Alert round the clock?
What do you do?
Are you a chemist?
Do you know that chap?
Tell me quietly.
Answer me. - I replied quietly,
didn't you hear?
If I stay quiet,
how will I answer?
He is Ashish.
Blood pressure normal,
sugar normal,
but his mind is abnormal.
Have you joined the underworld?
- No, doctor.
Doctor, your patient says he has
top level cancer. Really? - He...
- What are you saying, doctor?
Don't be scared,
tell him the truth, doctor.
If they can take a life, you have
the ability to give him life.
Tell them the truth
that I have cancer.
I'm not scared of these jerks.
You don't have cancer, I mean it.
Don't force me
to put cancer inside you.
But you did tell me.
When did I tell you?
When I came to see you,
you were talking to Dr Patel
over the phone.
Do you forget?
It wasn't about you.
It was about Robin Singh,
the software engineer.
He has cancer, you are normal.
Taking unwanted medicines
has driven you out of your mind.
Now get shot!
So bro-in-law doesn't have cancer?
- How many times will I repeat?
Come closer, take off the goggles.
- What?
Take the sunglasses off.
Darling, staying alert
round the clock is not good.
You must sleep
for at least 6 hours.
Else, in trying to bump him off
you will drop dead.
Get rid of the goggles
before you go down a ditch.
I don't have cancer.
I'm saved.
I'm not dying.
- Hang on. Where to?
To Sania.
I must give her the good news.
Sure. Go on.
Listen guys, my bro-in-law
is going to romance in private.
No one will disturb them.
And no one will disturb me
from now on either.
I'll sleep for 6 hours.
From now on,
I'm Anna alert only 18 hours.
Sorry, Sania.
"Before the wedding..."
"Before the wedding..."
"Before the wedding..."
Hey Kanpuri!
Still alive?
When are you dying?
I'm not dying. The good news is,
I don't have cancer, I'm fine.
In fact, there was nothing
wrong with me. I was just mistaken.
But this is not fair.
You have to die.
I've been drinking myself sick in
your grief, and you're not dying?
I've been drinking so much
that people are calling me names.
You are saved, but I'm going to die
of a rotten liver!
No, you have to die! Period!
- Come to your senses.
It's not funny,
I have very little time.
Yes, very little time.
Go to the airport. Your sister
is arriving by the 3:40 flight.
She called four times.
- Oh my God!
Why don't you
go and receive her
and tell her everything?
I'll go and meet Rani
before it's too late. - Okay.
When will you die?
"Come and dance."
"Come and dance, my love."
"Come and dance."
"Come and dance, my love."
"You talk of falling in love."
"You talk of the world."
"You talk of falling in love."
"You talk of the world."
"I'm a true lover."
"God, all I wish for
is to find true love."
"God, all I wish for
is to find true love."
"True love."
"Come and dance."
"Come and dance, my love."
"Come and dance."
"Come and dance, my love."
"It's easy
to give your heart away to girls."
"But it's hard to find love."
"It's easy
to give your heart away to girls."
"But it's hard to find love."
"We have to solve this problem."
"I want to live and die
in my beloved's care."
"I wouldn't care
for the world's taunts."
"I'm a true lover."
"God, all I wish for
is to find true love."
"Love drives one crazy."
"It's hard to even pass a moment
without love."
"Love drives one crazy."
"It's hard to even pass a moment
without love."
"Life is a waste without love."
"It is love that makes legends,
my love."
"If you believe it or not,
I do believe it."
"I'm a true lover."
"God, all I wish for
is to find true love."
"True love."
"I'm a true lover."
"God, all I wish for
is to find true love."
"Come and dance."
"Come and dance, my love."
"Come and dance."
"Come and dance, my love."
"Come and dance."
"Come and dance, my love."
"Come and dance."
"Come and dance, my love."
"Come and dance."
"Come and dance, my love."
"Come and dance."
"Come and dance, my love."
What the hell!
Take it from me, go away.
Please listen to me.
I was mistaken that I had cancer,
that's why
I distanced Rani from myself.
I beg of you, don't create a scene.
Go away.
If you hear me out, you will know
that I did all that
for Rani's good.
I have heard everything, no more.
Mr Thermometer,
if not him, you'll listen to us.
He's right.
He was under the wrong impression
that he had cancer.
It was a mistake.
You hear that?
They bear witness.
You can even confirm it
with Dr Rustom.
I put on an act
just to make Rani hate me.
But this drama
is taking an interesting turn now.
Ashish is going to marry
Anna's sister.
Holy Mother!
- What did you say?
Uncle, please!
Please don't listen to him,
listen to him.
That was only half the truth...
Not another word. What the hell?
Get out of here.
I won't!
Shoot me if you want.
I'll shoot you!
Come on, boss wants you.
What the...
- C'mon!
Fraud! He even turned out
to be a criminal.
He's marrying
a gangster's sister.
I'm Anna!
Alert round the clock.
I'll give good news now.
I'm getting my sister
married to Ashish.
Just hear.
Until my sister marries,
there'll be no use
of daggers and... - Guns.
Boss, listen to me once, please.
Darling, one does get nervous
before one's wedding.
Boss, Sania is here.
Hey Sania.
You look so beautiful.
She looks very sexy
in Indian outfits.
- Brother!
Sania's wedding will be
an international affair.
A low profile wedding in Mumbai
and a grand reception in Malaysia.
You are my business partner
from now on.
But what will your name be
in business?
What's his full name?
- Ashish Khanna.
Khanna? Amazing!
I'm Anna don,
you are Khanna don.
I give you
the whole of Goa as a gift.
Goa is mine?
- Yes.
When did the government
sell off Goa?
Nothing of that sort. I mean
the territory of Goa is yours.
You will handle all the affairs.
Listen to me, boss...
Wonderful, sis. You look great.
Like an AK47 adorned with RDX.
Ward off the evil eye.
I'm taping this
so that after my death
everyone knows that
my love was not a pretence.
I couldn't make Rani a widow
and ruin her life.
You see that?
Ashish wasn't lying.
He taped all this because
he wanted all of you to know
that he wasn't bad.
He didn't cheat anyone.
We don't believe all this.
- Come on, Mr. Bhalla.
You know
the boys of this generation...
One-night stands
and temporary relationships.
However, Ashish, for the sake
of his girlfriend's future
deliberately proved himself evil.
Look, Ms Devika whatever it is,
it's too late now.
Priest, it's my wedding.
Why are you scared?
Your in-laws kidnapped me!
- Me too.
Take your own time,
I'm not in a hurry.
Priest, stop wasting time.
Get on with the ceremony, quick.
Is this a wedding?
Or a TV serial?
Doesn't seem to end.
Bro-in-law, smile.
You are going to
step into real life.
What I mean is,
smile, laugh, walk carefully.
Ashish! Don't worry, boy.
Finally, Mangal Pratap Bhalla
found you.
What the hell!
Another twist in the story?
I'll be back in a moment.
Priest, take a small break.
First you and then your sister
brought us to tears.
And now you are
marrying someone else?
I don't respect you anymore.
Boss, who is this?
Looks like a cop,
in designer clothes.
Actually, I'm not marrying.
What the hell!
Am I marrying then?
It's not a normal wedding.
- You aren't normal either.
Please listen to me. Wait.
- Wait and dance in your wedding?
Here you are.
I curse you! You can't
be happy after hurting Rani.
Stop this melodrama.
Don is here.
What the hell!
Luca good, Luca bad.
Luca not ugly,
Luca never forgets the past.
To each his own bullet.
Anna, your brother-in-law
is a goner.
Luca kill.
No one shoots.
Look Luca, do whatever
you want to me, but let him go.
No, Luca.
Shoot! Kill me.
Is the wedding driving you crazy?
- Yes, I'm crazy.
I might be the first man on earth
who doesn't have cancer
yet wishes to die.
What will I do if I'm alive anyway?
My phobias have ruined me.
Uncle, trust me.
Not only Rani,
I loved your entire family.
You had become a part of my life.
Just one misconception
put all my relationships at stake.
I hurt you quite badly.
I lied to you, faked love,
still you love me.
I'm not worthy of you.
I'm not worthy of anyone's love.
Neither Rani's nor yours.
Kill me.
Luca, what are you waiting for?
Kill me.
Hats off to you, son!
I want to respect you again.
You have won this lion's heart.
What the hell!
You are going to be my son-in-law.
Old fossil!
- Who the hell?
What son-in-law?
He's my brother-in-law!
He's my son-in-law.
Your staff is up against my AK47s.
I have the power of 1947!
He's my brother-in-law.
- My son-in-law!
My brother-in-law
- My son-in-law!
My brother-in-law.
- Mine!
- Mine!
My son-in-law!
- My brother-in-law!
- Mine!
Luca confused!
Decide quickly who he is.
Don't waste my time.
I have to kill more people!
Will you listen to me or him, Luca?
Luca will listen
to either of you.
I will listen to him.
Who is this old man?
- Whose uncle?
- Rani, who?
Her Highness.
- Who is Rani?
Rani is the girl Ashish loves.
But Sania loves Ashish.
- Like Rohit loves Rani.
Now who is Rohit?
- One who loves Rani.
What do you want?
- The best, for everyone.
Anna wants Ashish to marry Sania.
- In that case, I begin.
Luca mad.
Come on.
Let's go, Ashish.
- Where?
Out of here.
We're in danger.
Life plays such jokes sometimes.
What joke
do you want to play on me now?
Ashish has got a new lease of life
and my life is over. Right?
Please try to understand.
That's where I went wrong.
In college, when you chose Ashish
instead of me,
I accepted your decision
with a smile.
It showed my character.
And your character?
You know what?
I won't let this happen.
Can you do me a favour?
Can we go out and decide on this?
We've come far too ahead.
Nobody is behind us.
- I know.
Then where are we going?
- To get married.
Why are you driving
out of the city, Rohit?
We could've discussed it
at the restaurant.
No, Rani. I like the
speedy gusts of breeze! I like it.
I like it!
Won't you tell me
where we are going?
To heaven!
Haven't I told you, Sania?
I can't marry you.
Now why this gun?
I told you when I'm good, I'm good.
When I'm bad, I'm better.
Don't be crazy, Sania.
You're scaring me, stop the car.
Stop, please.
It won't stop, Rani.
Your love has become
my passion, my obsession.
This car will stop where the
road ends, or where my life ends.
What are you doing, Rohit?
What are you up to?
I told you, I can't marry you.
This wedding will take place.
Please stop, Rohit!
Rohit, please stop the car.
Now the car will stop
where our lives end.
We'll die together,
before the wedding.
- Ashish!
Yes, Sania?
- I like you, Rohit. You know why?
- Because, as per our plans
you played the villain
to perfection.
Oh no, I played the hero. I did.
The hero is with me, Rohit.
The poor guy is quite nervous.
Our mobile phone
has helped two lovers unite.
Connecting people!
I never knew you'd turn out
to be such a great actor.
Thank you so much, Rohit.
I must thank you, I'm saved.
Else, you'd have been my wife,
and you'd be dreaming about him.
You must also thank the cellphone.
Had Ashish not dropped it,
I wouldn't have found it.
I wouldn't have spoken to Sania.
She wouldn't have
understood either,
how deep the love
between you and Ashish is.
I reasoned.
What is this, Sania?
You once asked me
if I believed in love,
and I said no.
Now I realise what love is.
You are so unpredictable.
I love to be.
That's what
makes life so interesting.
You are a funny girl.
- Now look!
If you don't get off
in ten seconds and embrace Rani,
I'll take you back
to my brother.
'I'm Anna!
Alert round the clock.'
Thank you, Sania.
- Three seconds over.
- Four, five, six.
Please go.
Go now!
- Go.
- I love you, Rani!
I love you, Ashish!
Love you!
Hi, handsome.
Do you believe in love?
- No.
Then follow me.
I'm the right girl for you.
"Before the wedding..."
"Before the wedding..."
Mr Jackass! Ashish.
This is the "The End"
before the wedding.
I'll brief you about
what happens after the wedding.
'The more doubts
you have about life,'
'the more life will torment you.'
'Life is happy and joyous.'
'We invite troubles ourselves.
Our mind is the root cause'
'of all our problems.'
'So live and smile happily!'
"God, this loneliness"
"has made my life miserable."
"God, this loneliness
has made my life miserable."
"God, this loneliness
has made my life miserable."
"The lightning of your love
struck me."
"The lightning of your love
struck me."
"The lightning of your love
struck me."
"The lightning of your love
struck me."
"The lightning of your love
struck me."
"Here comes your beloved."
"Here comes your beloved."
"Here comes your beloved."
"Here comes your beloved."
"I'm feeling
a sense of restlessness."
"A strange emotion
runs through me."
"I want you
to take me in your arms."
"I want to lose myself to you."
"Your moves drive me crazy."
"Your body is like a flame."
"I've lost my heart to you."
"God, this loneliness"
"has made my life miserable."
"The lightning of your love
struck me."
"The lightning of your love
struck me."